Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, February 15, 1796, Image 4

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    N ± <>r Sale at this Office.
The Conliitution of the United States,. price
20 cents.
Last repoft of the late Secretary ot the Trea
furyt containing a Plan for the further fupportof
Public Credit, 75 cents.
Germanic us 20.
Proceedings of the Executive refpe&ing the In
surgents; farming an ihteiefting Hillory of the
late lnfui ftftion in the four Western Counties of
Interesting summary of the events which have
taken place in the Republic of GeneAi—written
by M. de Niv«rnois, 12 1-2 cents.
/ >venty (ix letters ; on the moll interesting fub
jcels, refpe&ing the American Revolution, con
tainwio much information not generally knewvn to
•the Citizens of the United States, written in the
year 1780, 2; cents. \
AWo a few copies of the Accounts of tlie Re«
ceipts and Expenditures of the United States, du
ring the year 1794. —price one Dollar and jo cents.
December 20th, 1795.
The Panorama.
MR. SAVAGE refpedfnlly informs the Ladies and
Gentlemen of Philadelphia that the PAIvORAAfA
is now opened in High-street, between ioth and iith
ilreets. The Subjed is a view of the Cities of London
and Wefcminfter, comprehending the three bridges, Sou th
wark, Surrey, and St. George's Fields in the Borough,
with every other objed which appears from top of the
Albion mills, at the end of Blackfriars opposite
the city of London, from whence this view was taken,
The painting contains nearly 3,000 square feet of canvas.
Being in a circle gives every objedrits proper bearing, and
exhibits it in its true point of compass, appearing as large
•rid in every refped the fame as the reality.
Price of admiflioa half a dollai Tickets for tho Sealon
thre2 dollars. . .
Panorama open every day from ten o clock in the
morning. _ . _
A PRINT of the PRESIDENT of the U. S.
18 nches by 14 ; only a few choice impreffious left: the
companion is a print of *Dr. Franklin. A variety of choice
prints may be had at the Panorama.
AuguJl 3 1
Mr. Walter Robertfon
BEGS leave to acquaint tV Gentlemen, fubferibers to
the print Portrait of 0■: fge Wafbington, Prefid«nt
of the United Statesof An* vka, engraved by Mr. Field,
from an original picture ptf /.ted by W. Robertfon, that
the Proofs are ready for delivery to the several fubferib
ers at John James Barralet't, No. 19 north Ninth-street ;
er at J. Ormred's, bookleller, No. 4'> L-hefnut-ilreet,
where the fubfci ibers are requefled to fend their address.
O&ober 27 . cod -
City cf Washington.
SCHEME of the LOTTERY, \o. 11,
A magnificent ") 20 t OOO dollars, & )
dwclling-houfe, 3 3 0 *° 00 > are 5
I ditto 15,000 & ca(h 25,000
I ditto 15,000 & cash 15,000
1 ditto 10,000 8c ca(h 10,000
1 ditto 5,c00 & cacti 5,000
1 ditto 5;,000 & calh 5,000
I cash prize of
1 do. 5,000 each, are»
10 do. 1,000
20 do.
100 do.
200 do.
400 do.
1,000 do.
5,000 do.
i6,7.?9 Prizes.
33,161 BlankJ.
50,000 Tickets, at Eight Dollars,
This Lottery will afford an elegant specimen of the
ivate buildings to beerefted in the City of Washington
-Two beautifdl designs are already felled for the enure
ronis on two of the public squares ; from the(c draw
ngs, it is proposed to cre£k two ccntre and lour corner
buildings, a:f Don as possible after this Lottery is fold, and
to convey them when complete, to the fortunate adventur
ers, in the manner described in the fchemc fdr the Hotel
Lottery. A nctt dcdufti'in of five per cent, will be made
to defray the neceffarv expences of printing, &c. and
the fur plus will be made a part of the fund intended for the
National Uftiverfity, to be erected within the City of
The drawing will commence as soon as the Tickets
are fold oitV The money will be payable
in thirty days after it is finifhed, and any prites for which
fortunate numbers are not produced within twelve months
after the drawing is closed are to be confideird as giver,
towards the fund for the Univerfiiy, it being determin
ed "to fettle the who'e bufiriefs in a year from the ending
of the drawing and to take up the bonds given as fecu
The real feeurities given for the payment of the Prize
are held bvhe President and two Dire&ors of the
of Coliffiibii, and are valued at more than half the amount
of the Lottery.
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment of
the late CommifTioncrs assisted ;n the managemen: of the
Hotel Lottery are requested to undertake thio arduous tafjc
a second time on behalf of the public ; a fufficient num
ber of thefc having kindly accepted, it is hoped that th-t
friends to a National University and the other .federal ob
jeds may continue to favor the design. The jTynopfis of
one of the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
Institution, is already in the press, and will be speedily
published, together with its cortftitution.
A comjUat Plan of the whole of this Important
nftitutior.j compiled from a fele&ion of the best materi
als, ancieii: lad modern, will be fubmittcd to th« public
whenever :he fame may have gone through such revisions
as may be nccefTary to establish the perfe<sfc confidence and
general approbation, so essential to its present rife and fu
ture exiftcnce for the general good of America.
By accounts received from the different parts of the
Continent as well as from Europe, where the ti«kots
have been sent for sale, the public a»e allured that the
drawing will speedily commence, and that the carc and
caution unavoidably necessary to insure a fafe disposal of
the ticket*, has rendered the in or: suspension indifpcnfable.
February 14, 1795. _
Aug 30 cod if
* # * lickets may be haH at the Bank of Columbia;
of J mes W<-ft &' Co. Baltimore or Gideon Dcnifon,
Savannah, of Peter C.ilman, Bo A on; of John Hopkins
Richmond : and nf Richard WrH>. Conner's ferrv.
O to bt LET for I terra of yearn,
AN elegi .t Hcufe with about forty-two acres j( Land
and A titw Thf situation is very convenient for
a Countryi: it, or for a pcrfon inclined to attend the
mai&ets. Th re isarvexcellent Kitchen Garden, Icc-houfe,
&nd a variety of Kruit- —'he distance about five mile» from
lie cit). Fot further information apply to the Primer.
November 14. sawtf.
From the peace of 1783, to the termination of tiie pre-
Jint SelHon of Congrrfs.
[. This work will be comprifsd in two or throe odavo
volumes, each about 400 pages.
11. The pricc to l"ubfcriber3 will be two dollars per vo
lume, handsomely hound.
[11. No money will be required till the volun&es are de
IV. Should any of the fubferibers disapprove of the
work when complete, they may decline receivi»g it.
V. It is expeded to be ready for in the spring of
VI. As soon after the abfcve time, as one thousand copies
are fufefcribeJ for, the printing shall commence, and
shall be finifhed asfpeedily as poflible.
VII. Subscriptions received by the Author, No. iiS,
Market-street, and by the chief Bookfcliers through
out-the United States.
THE objed of the prepofed work, is, to present to
public view a connected series oi the chief events of a
period of .American hiflory, that does not yield, in im
portance, to any period of equal length, in the peaceful
annals of any country in the world.
Defiling to excite no expectations but such as he shall
endeavour to fa i*fy, the writer is thus early in announ
cing, that the body aad confidence-of a regular hilfcory,
is not to be looked for in this work : neither his talents
nor his avocations allow him to hope for this. Hi 3 hum
bler talk shall be to sketch out the most prominent fea
tures. It shall be his study to colled and arrange the
most interefling materials—to smooth the rugged path—
for abler hands, who, by such mean?, will find their la
bours abridged, and their progress accelerated.
His chief view will be, to give the Hiilory or the Uni
ted States as a confederated Republic. Nevertheless, no
tice will be taken of the most remarkably circumstances in
the hiflory of the individual States, as far as they can be
colleded. This information shall be classed under sepa
rate appendixes.
The Author solicits the affiftnee of such Gentlemen
as may be polTefl'ed of documents calculated to promote
the execution of his plan. They shall fee received with
due gratitude —carefully preserved—and fafely returned.
February 9. iavvl2t
American Landscapes.
Twenty-Four V lEWS,
SELECTED from'the mod striking and mierefting
Profpe<sts in the United Stat*-! ; each •*' which
Views, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of its Local, Historical, and .ther Incidental Peculiarities
Author y tie " Monajlic Xerxains and Ancient Cafths in Great
[. That the work shall be publiftied by Subscription; and
that each Strbfcriber fliall engage to take the whole set
of Views, and shall pay for each engraving, if bla<Jc or
brown., 2 Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
I. That the dimensions of each engraving (hall be 24 by 1.7
inchcs, executed in aquatinta, and published upon paper
of a superior quality. The publication to commence im
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub
scribers, 011 the firft Monday of each succeeding m<j«th,
until the proposed series ftiall be finally completed.
111. That with the last View of the series, lhall be deli
vered an engraved title-page ; an elegant chara&et iftic
vignette; a map of the route, conne&ed with the prof
pe<sts exhibited in the the course o£ the Work; fcfld an
Alphabetical lift of the Subscribers.
Subscriptions are received by Mr. Harrifon, at his Print
fliop, Maiden lane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-fell
er, No. li 3, Market street, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-fellers in the United 3tates.
February 28. d
X 0,000
J 5 0,000
THE President and Managers of the Company for c
redling a Bridge over the river Delaware, at the Bo
rough of-Eafton,
Give this Public Notice,
That they will, until the firft day of February next, re
ceive proposals of suitable plans or models for the said
Bridge; as also for the ere&ion thereof, and the delivery
of materials. The length of the Bridge will be at the
lead 600 feet, and mult not be composed of more thar
three arche?.
Any pcrfon inclined to engage in the above nnaertak
ing, will please to direct their plans and proposals to th
Secretary of the Company 4t Eafton.
By order of th: P reft dent and Managers,
mi 1 ».t aii iiivr —
. . . V.- JOHN ARNDT, Secretary.
Eajlon, Pennfylvania,Nov. ii.
That Han'fame SEAT near Princeton, the property
of the late Rev. Doclor John Witherfpoon, known
by the name of TXJSCULUM.
IT confifb of a neat ivell finifhed stone house, two fto
ries high, with four rooms on each floor, and a cellar
under the whole. There are attached to it one hundred
and fifty acres of land, more or less, and chiefly encloied
good and durable stone fences: Of thele about eight
acres are natural meadow, fix acres artificial, fowu with
red clever, and from twenty to thirty acres woodland.—
On the prcmifes there is a valuable orchard of young and
thrifty apple-trees, a framed barn and stables, two corn
houses, a grain loft, and carriage houfc new, a new
stone milk house, and near it a well and a conflant spring
of water. For terms apply to Thomas V. Johnfton, Esq.
or the Rev. Samuel S. Smith, in Princeton ; of Mr. Mar
shall, No. n8 Spruce-street, Philadelphia—or to the fub
fcribcr at Tufculum.
Tufculum, Dtctmber 20.
A very valuable ESTATE,
Called Ti?ittf.nham.
SITUATE in the tvwnjlof Upper Derby, am/
Delaware, f 1-2 miles from Philadelphia, tfW " m, l e
from the neiv IVcflern road: containing 2so acres of excellcrft
Land, 45 of which are good -watered Meadow, 90 of prime
iVood Land, and the rel Arable of the frfl quality. There are
on titc premifet a good two.lory Brick House, with rooms en
a floor, and Cellars under the whole, w//£ a Pump Well of ex
cellent JVater in front; a large frame Barn, Stables, and other
convenient buildings; a Smoke-Htuft andflone Spring House ; two
good Applet Orchards, cjtd one of Peac#es. The fields are all in
Clover, except those immediately under tillage, and are so taid
tut as U have the advantage of IVater in each of them, which
renders it peculiarly convenient fcr Grazing.
The fttuation is pleasant and healthy, and from the high culti
vation of the Land, the gold neighborhood, and the vicinity to the ci
ty, it is very suitable for a Gent'cman s Country Seat.
7he forevoinp is fart of the Mate of Jacob Hatmai, s deccafei
tnd offered for [ale ly Ii'iOKDECAI LEWIS
Surviving Exccvtor.
OA. 9J79S "'J
or THE
Delaware Bridge.
Ann Witherfpoon.
No. 46, North Front Strict.
THE co partnerfiiip ol KnOX «?c lifnDERSOM ex
pires this day by limitation. The ouftnep. in fu
ture will be carried on by David James tiender
fon & William Deas, under the firm of
Knox, Henderfon, Ss 5 Company.
All those indebted to the former concern# will please
close their accounts as soon as possible.
Have just received per tne Ihip Fadlor from London,
the gleanings of 1 their fall importation, confuting of
,a beautiful afiortnientof cambrics, cambric mucins,
inuflinets, corded dimities,- printed handkerchiefs,
calicoes, chintzes, &c. &c.
Alloa few boxes ounce threads, with a small aflort
ment of fancy waiftcoating, &c
insurance rrom L-ois oy file.
Infurancc Company of North-America, to ac-
L commodate the Public, throughout the United
States, with refpevSt to assurances from Fire on buildings
of every defer iption, hereby publish, that rcfoliitions to
this effe<st have pafifed their lioard; and that hereafter
they lhall be ready to make such aiTurauces on terms to
be fixed by their President and Committee, agreeably to
circum/tances. Those who arc anxious to efFedl aJjuran -
ces, will find their advantage in fending the molt particu
lar statement of their buildings, and the relative circura
ftancss. Perfonsnot having a correspondent in this city,
or who prefer doing this business with the Oflics dire&ly,
by means of Letters,poflpaid mud not fail to enclose a
builder's d.l'cription of the dimensions, condition, materi
als and ft tu at ion of the building proposed to be insured,
especially with refpeii. to its contiguity to other buildings,
and whether those building* be of wood, or brick, or
stone. It must l»e particularly fta*.ed, whether the build
ing itfe?F, or those in its neighbourhood, be occupied as
dwellings, or used as magazines or manufactories, and
for what particular purpose; and to obviate all obje&ion,
it is expected that this builder's statement, and the repre
sentation annexed, {hall be severally signed by the parties,
and accompanied by a magistrate's certificate, that they
are persons of good repute. For tho government ®f the
Public, they deem it expedient to notice, that although
the premium must be fixed according to the dygree of ha
zard in the estimation of the President and Comrtiittee
of the week, yet it will probably not be more than
from about half to one per cent, annually, except where
a house or store is not only itfelf built of wood, but situ
s .2d next other buildings of the fame material. On such
rilks not more than four thousand dollars will be written
On one policy. Houses and stores built of brick or stone,
and situated in open street* in any of the principal towns
or cities where fire engines and fire companies are eftab
lilhed, and not containing articles particulalry combufli
ble, will be confidcred rilks entitled^to alTurance at the
lowest of these rates. On single hazard®, even of the
best kind, where from remoteness those advantages cannot
be enpyed, the Company will not aflure more than fix
thoufund dollars. No policy will be signed 'till the pre
mium be paid.
Any pcrfon insuring for fevcn years, will be charged
only the amount of fix annual premium®; and for three
years, a deduction of one-third of a year's premium will
be made. By order of the Board, ,
EBEN. HAZARD, Secretary.
Office of InJtrance Company ef N. A. ) law
Philadelphia, 26, 1796. )
For Sale, or to be Let on Lease,
And ir ay be entered on the firft day of April next,
The following valuable Property,
At the Port of Little Harbour, in the State of New-
No. i.HT'HAT valuable and noted island, called Tuck-
X er's Island, situated on the south of, and bound
ed by Esittle Egg-Harbour inlet and the Atlantic : This
Island is about ten miles in length, and contains about
1000 acres; om which is a large convenient house, store
house, and other outbuildings, and is a noted good stand
for a tavern, it being at the elbow of the harbour, mhere
all the inw. rd and outward bound v«ffels belonging to,
and trading in tht port aforefaid, lay to wait for winds,
tides, &c. and where sea vessels load and unload; and at
which place numbers of people resort for the convenience
of bathing, fifliing, fowling, See There is on the place,
meadow fufficient to keep 40 head of cattle, and is situat
ed about 6 miles from the town of Tuckcrton—the well
known pleasantness, healthiness, and natural advantages of
this place need no comment.
No. 2.—The island called Foxborough Island, contain
ing about 100 acres, chiefly meadow; whereon is a new
frame house 26 feet square, situate about a miles distant
from the firft deforibed place, and is a tolerable good Hand
for a tavern.
No. 3. —That valuable and noted Tavern-House and
lot, containing 2 acres in the town ofTuckcrton; this house
is pleafantiy situated on a beautiful eminence in the heart
of the town aforefaid; and commands a pl«afing profpedl
of the islands, bays, rivers, and the Atlantic oeea-., as well
as the country farms around; the house is large and con
venient, with a good cellar under the whole—! here are
on the preniifes a well of good water, a large barn and
llabliag to accommodate 40 horses ? a hatter's foop, and
other out buildings; also an excellent apple orchard, a good
garden paled in with cedar paling, about 50 acres of wood
lahd, and the fame quantity of meadow.
No. 4. —Is that large, plcafant, valuable Farm, known
by the name of Tncker's Farm, which is bounded for 3
miles by navigable water, leading from the firfl described
island to the town aforefaid A coniiderable part of said
farm lies in the center of the town aforefaid, and may be
fold off, or let on ground rent for buildiug-lotts, to great
advantage—There are on the rremifes two frame tene
ments besides the farm house, which is new and conveni
ent, with an excellent barn and other buildings; also a
good apple and peach orchard. Said farm contains about
1000 acres, on which are several good landings; about
one half of which is meadow aud cleared land, all in good
cedar fence.
Nq. 5. Is a fpacions, elegant well-finiihed new House,
50 feet front, two stories high, with an Office adjoining
the fame, and oftc Store adjoining the house 30 feet by 20,
and a back Store 26 feet square, with good cellars under
under the whole, and a well of good water at the door ;
also an excellent garden, paled in \vith the best of red cedar
posts, atid white cedar paling; also a spacious and beautiful
door-yard paled in as above, enclosing several beautiful
lhady trees. The haofe, stores, gaiden and door-palings
are handsomely painted. There is also on the premises a
good barn, {tabling, and carriage house; the lot contains
about 5 acres, isfituate in the center of the town aforefaid,
is contiguous to a good landing, saw and grill mills, and
several churches ol different denominations.
No. 6 —Is a Frame House, 16 f«t square, and lot of 5
acres, in good cedar fencing, feme good fruit trees,
in the town aforefaid.
No. 7.—lsaLot containing 4 a res, whereon is ahoufe
about 25 feet square, and a good apple orchard in good ce
dar fence, in the town aforefaid.
No. 8 - -Is a good Saw-Mill, 3 miles from the town afore
faid, with which is about 400 acres of woodland, 100 acres
of cedar swamp, several ore mines, and a filhery. Any
pctfon inclining to purchafc all or any part of the afore
faid described premiss will find the terms of payment ca
(y, the prices low, and indisputable titles given ; or, if
rented, the rents moderate —by applying to the fubferiber
proprietor of the premises, at Tuckerton, in the State
aforclaid. EBEN- TUCKER.
Tuckbrton, Jan. 18. 2awtFiß.
N. B. If the Tavern and premises No. 3 be not previr
oufly disposed of, they will be fold at public Auction, on
, i'hur/day, the 18th day of February next, at 6 o'clock in
the evening, at the Merchants Coßee-Houfe iu Second
ftrdrt, ia tfc; of Philtdelphw.
THE present publication (hall, by additions to the small
Treadle publifticd in Britain in 1787, be augmented
to the size of two volumes royal o6ia-jo t confuting ©I at ieaft
600 pages each, 011 a small pica type.
It had been suggested to the compiler, by many persons
converl'ant in the law and pra&ice of Infurar»ce, that a
complete compilation of the authorities 011 this fubjctl
would be of great utility ; to which persons particularly
interested in this one branch of law might have recourf J ,
instead of being under the neccllity of purchafmg a*id
turning over a variety of voluminous p blicaiions To
answer this end o; conveniency, it is proposed to destine the
firlt volume of the present work to the reception of a very
full collection of auiuorlties; not in a sLate of abridgment, as
was the cafe in the former edition; and which couid never
supersede recouife to the originals; but to be inferted'y<?>-
batim from the moil approved original compilations, and
arranged in the mode whicL appears eafieA for coniuka-
d lot —wsim
tion. »
This Firii Volume, or Di<ffconary of Authorities, will
lit The ancient Marine Ordinances of the foreign states
of Europe: which form the common Liiu of Infurafice. At
present it is uniortunate that a collection of these is scarce
ly to be found any where clfe than in that fcaice and dear
book, MagcnV EfTay, in tw« volumes, 4CO
2u. The Statute Law of Great-Britain in regard to In
surances. TJie American legislatures have hithcrto*doue
nothing upon this fubje£t.
3d. A very full colle&ion of the reports of adjudged
cafe* in t *e courts of England and Scotland, and «f those
of the States of America so far as they can be obtained.—
This will form by far the greatest as well as the nioft im
portant part of the firft vo uaie. By means of his friends
at the Engiifh bar» the compiler hopes to bring forward
a number of reports of adjudged cfes never before pub
liflied, so a$ to make the series on this fubje«sl more com
plete than any now extant.
The second volume will consist of an Institute, or Ele
mentary Treatise, on a plan foinething iimilar to that of
the former edition ; but with a great addition of new mat
ter; so as to extend this part of the work to about double
the former size. A more prattical arrangement will aif#
be studied.
The whole will be attended with very full Indexes of
the different parts.
Price to fubferibers fix dollars and one half for the two
volumes in boards.
The work will be put to the press whenever a fufficient
nnmber of subscriptions have been obtained to indemnify
the pubiiiher for the a&ualexpence of publication.
Subfcripttons nvill be received by ' Thomas DobJ"on y and
all tie Booksellers in Piiiladjpbia,
January 19,
At his Laboratory, Np. 114, south Second Jlreet.
INFORMS his lonner < uftomrrs and tbe public, t iat
he has begun the DRUG bufiucfs again on an cxten ,
live plan.
Likewifc, painters' colours, d>y and ground in oil, paint
brulhts, window and c»ach glass, clye (luffs, iinfeed ojj,
oil of turpentine, copal eil varnish and japa*, wariaaied
Allum, copperas, madder, ground redwwodbythe hog •
head or fmallcr quantity.
As he imports the fimpl s from the oeft markets, and
makes the compofuions and preparations himfelf, he is
enabled to vouch for and warrant ever) articlc fold out
of his Laboratory, and likewifeto dWpofe of them at the
mod reafonatie rates.
He wifhcs to fell a targe LOT of GROUND,
the north-east corner of High and Eleventh-fleets, contain
ing7B feet front on High-flreet, and 200 feet on Eleventh
ftiect, opposite Mr. Lei per'* new buildings—And another
LOT 00 the norih fide of High street, n«arthe above, 28
iect front, and 200 feet deep. Both lot* have the privi
legeof a 30 feet alley in the rear.
Dec. 13
Of the Receipts and Expenditures
For the Tear 1794.
Printed by order of the House of Reprefentativw.
Statements of the duties 011 merchandize & tonnage
Duties on Hills and spirits distilled.
Revenue arising on poltage of letters.
Monies received into th» Treafuiy in the
year 1794.
Payments to the Executive,
Judiciary, Treasury,
Department of War, State, aud the Mint,
Government of the Western Territories,
Commiflioners of Loans,
■ Pensions, Annuities, and Grants,
Army of the United States,
Naval Depaatment,
For fortifications of gorts and hnibours,
For maintaining intercourse witli foreign
nations, light-houses, beacons, &c. for
interell on domestic debt, for domestic
loans, for reduction of domaftic debt,
French and Dutch debts, relief of in-
Statements of balances of appropriations
of monies arising fcom foreign loans transferred to
the United States of appropriations and expendi
tures, of receipts and expenditures. Appendix,
containing an account of tiie foreign and domestic
debt to the close of the year 1794..
A FOUNT of BREVIER, half worn ; about four
dred w< ight. Enquire at the Office of the Gazette
of the United 'States, No. 119, Chefnut-ftreet.
December . §
George Hunter,
He ha? far Tale a general aflortment of
Ami to be fold by the Editol,
Of the United States,
habitants of St. Domingo.
Bills of Exchange, &c. &c. See
—No. 119 —
[Pricc Eight Dollars per]