Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, February 15, 1796, Image 1

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    Number 1072. J
For Freight, or Charter,
General Washington,
IVilliam Perry, majler,
BURTHEN 2600 barrels; now in the Carpenter's
hands, and will be ready to receive a cargo in two or
three days. Her accommodations for pafiengers are
txcrllent. For terms of which, or freight, apply to the
Captain, or KEAttNY WHAR TON.
Feb. 9. ?<»t.
ABOUT 257 tons burthen; is now in
complete order to receive a cargo on board, and lays the
second wharf below Pine-street. Enquire of
Jehu. Hollingsworth & Co.
February 8
For Sale, or Charter,
John Dankins,
BURTHEN about 800 barrels flour, in complete or
der to receive a cargo immediately. For terms apply
to the Captain on board, at the subscriber's whar£ —
Who has for Sale, just imported in faidjloop,
Coffee, of an excellent quality, in hhds. and tierces,
Sugar, ditto in hhds. and barrels.
February iz. §
For Falmouth, and a Market,
IffiL* roebuck.
Will begin to wkc in in a few days, and is in-
tended to fail with all expedition. For freight
or passage, apply to
Thomas & n Clifford,
Who have Imported in/aid Vejfel, and have for Sale.
Besides their ufualjaffortihent of Ironmongery, Cutlery,&c.
A few crates of Flint Glass Ware, crates of Phials,
crates of cream colour* d Ware, boxes of Long and short
Bipes, cases of mens, womens and childrens Hats assorted,
London and Britkol pewter, best Englilh crown Glass of
the different sizes from 8 by Jt to 9 by ? inches, bull's-eye
Glass, boxes of Tin Plates, Bar Lead ?ad Shot, and a
quantity of Copper in Iheets and bottoms.
They have likrwife received,
An affortmentof Ga'rnett & Company's patent systems for
Blocks for ships use, and other-purposes, Which arc found
from several years experience, to be a very considerable
saving of labour, as well asfavingin the wear of cordage,
and are now generally used for the principal blocks in new
veifyla .
Also, a few Pipes of Old Madeira WINE.
January 14. 2aw '
Excellent Cliret in Casks,
j'ofeph Anthony & Son.
February 13.
Np 319 Pearl-flreet, lare Queen-Street,
INTENDING to retire from bulinels.will dispose of his
whole flock of Medicines together with a complete
Ihop furnifhed, which are of the latest imported and bell
quality. ... ,
Any persons inclining to pur chafe the whole will be
only charged a small advance on the original coll and the
terras of payment rendered easy. The purchaser will
have the advantage (if he chooses) of taking immediate
possession of the shop and cellar as the houfc is engaged
for another year, and on the firft: of May next he may have
possession of the whole which is an excellent stand for bu
siness and no medical (lore better ellablilhed nor more ex
tensively in trade on the continent.
Perfmis not inclining to purchase the whole may be
accommodated with any quantity at very reduced prices.
Those persons who are indebted to the co-partncrftiip
of Peter and Joseph Huggeford, will b: pieafed to pay the
fame to Joseph Huggeford, on or before the ljthday of
April next, as after that time all outstanding debts will be
put into the hands of an attorney
New-York Feb. 6,
And for sale by THOMAS DOBSON,
At the Stone House, No 4 1, South Second Street.
In one handsome volume, printed with a goed type, on
fine paper, price one dollar,
A narrative of the Briti/h KtnbaJJy to China,
In the year 1791, 1793. and 1794, containing the
various circumftanccs of the Enibafly, with accounts
of the customs and manners of the Chinese, with a def
criptioii of the country, towns, cities, &c.
An Embafly to Chiiiais an event which naturally ex
cites general curiofitv, from the ignorance which pre
vails refpefting the interior parts of that Empire, whole
jealous laws forbid the intrusion of any other people.
The novelty of an authentic description of it mult at
tract the attention of an enlightened people.
The author has accurately related every circumltance
which came under his ewn observation, with muck in
formation drawn from unquestionable sources calcula
ted to gratify reasonable curlofity and enlarge the know
' d»e of a country so little known to thi other nations
f the Globe. Dec. 29. 4 wsaW.
00 K SI UKt,
No. 313 High-ftrset.
IN addition to his general colleilion of Books, on hand,
has received by late arrivals at New-York, Baltimore,
and this port, from Dublin, a further large A>pply—
Among which are Bacon's Abridgement, 5 vols. Comyns's
Digest, 6 vols. Loft's edition of Gilbert's Law of Evi
dencc; Tremiine's Picas of the Crown, » vols, and
Fitzherbert's Natuia Breviutn. These, with all other
publications that he offers for sale, are of the latest edi
tions ; and Gentlemen niijr depend upon being fufmilled
with every Book wanting to form a moll extcnuve Law
Library, at the fame moderate prices which for several
year! pad have so dniverfaU- difl-inguilhed them, and
which his ready sales enable him to continue.
Orders from any part of the U»ited States pun&ually
January 1
ANY Ladies and Gentlemen, who are desirous of hav
ing their Likenesses takes, may have them done by
r applying to the Painter, at NJ. Hi, earner of tTni; n and
Fourth streets, where they can be referred to specimens.
<$a.jene of tit tDnitrt) & fates
Boarding School for Young Ladles.
MRS. GROOMBRIDGE having removed from Lodge
Alley, to the corner of Eleventh and Spruce-ftreeti,
for tke advantage of a large, convenient House, in a dry,
kealthy situation; hopes for the continuance of the encou
ragement ftie has hitherto so highly exparienced ; and for
which she returns her sincere acknowledgment.
Mrs. Groombridce is affilled by Masters of the
firft ability; and the ufeful, as well as ornamental branches
of education are particularly attended to.
February 8,
OFill sizes, from 32 lb to Grape,
Cambooles, Pots, and other castings executed at the
Ihorteft notice,
Nail rods, from lod to spike,
Hoop Iron, of all sizes, for caflcs or cutting into nails, from
a brad to I2d nails,
Afichor3, from 17 Cwt. to ioolb.
Bar Iron,
A Quantity of Jimes River Tobacco,
Carolina Pork.
Herrfngs in barrels,
Kiln-dried corn meal iri Hhds. and Bbls.
Rye flour &c. to be fold by
Levi Hollingjhvorth & Son.
An-TVft 4
Copper Ware-Houle,
No. 2. North Fourtli Street.
T T AVE just received by the late vessels fi;om London,
ilLiverpool and Bristol, and whieh they are felling
at the molt reduced prices for cash, or a Ihort credit,
a very large and extensive afTortment offtieet Copper
and Bottoms, comprising (heets fron, 5 to ioclb. and
bottoms from 16 inches to 5 feet—Alfo a handsome as
sortment of the rfioft approved sheathing Copper with
nails, and bolts, Tin in boxes, Block-tin, Spelter in
calks, Spelter fodder, pig lead, &c. &c.
Jan. 2
George Bringhurft,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends,and the public,
that he has removed fr«m Arch-street, to No. 23 in
north Fifth-ftreet, adjoining the Episcopal Burial Ground,
where he continues the buiinefs of
Coach making in all its Branches.
He makes all kinds of crane neck and perch Carriages
such as Coaches, Chariots, Phxtons, and Coachees ; also*
Chairs, ICittereens, Gigs, Sulkeys ; $nd all kinds of Har
ness, with plated or brass mounting. He hath a good
supply of the best materials, and a stock of the best sea
soned wood.
Orders from any part of the United States will be du
ly attended to with the greateil pun&uality and dispatch.
His long cxpericnce in buiinefs, his care in the execu
tion of his work, and an unremitted attention to the de
sires of his employers, he flatters himfelf will prove futfi
cicnt recommendations.
He has several second-hand Carri.ges for sale, viz. a
compleat Coachee, with a coachman's feat and Venetian
blinds all round; a Phxton ; a Chair; and a Sulkey with
a falling; top.
All kinds of Carriages fold on Commiflion, and Car
riages taken in to stand by the month or year.
Apprcnticeswanted tQ the Butinefs
Philadelphia, November 21
Philadelphia and Lancajlcr Turnpike
January 13th, 1796.
Notice is hereby given,
THAT agreeable to a bye Law of tli<; Stock Hold
ers, Subferiptions will be opened at the Compa
ny's Office in Philadelphia, on Wednef lay the 10th
day of February next, for one hundred additional
(hares of Capital Stock in said Company —Thefum to
be demanded for each (hare will be three hundred Dol
lars with Jntereft at 6 per cent, on the different instal
ments, from the time they were federally called for to
be paid by the original Stooli Holders, one hundred
Dollars thereof to be paid at the time of fubferibing,
and the remainder in three equal payments at 30, 60
and 90 days.
No person to be permitted to fubferibe more than
one (hare on the fame clay.
By order of the board,
WM. GOVETT, Secretary.
§3 W -
Jap.. it
By Thomas Dobfon, at the Stone house, No. 41, south fe
Domestic Medicine ;
Or a Treat ife on the Prevention and Cure of Dis
eases by Regimen and Simple Medicines, with an Ap
pendix, containing a Difpenfatory'for the use of pri
vate Pra<fiitione{"s.
Revifedawd adapted to the Climate and Diseases oftfhe
United States.
By Samuel Powell Griffits, M. D.
Profeflor of Materia Mcdica the University of
In one very large volume octavo.
(Price two dollars and a half.)
The merit of Dr. Buchan 3 s Domestic medicine is
too well known to need any ; indeed the
very extensive sale of the original work speaks its
worth abundantly. But however well calculated for
the climate of Britain, for which it was originally de
signed, it is obvious that it was not fnfliciently adapted
to the climate and diseases of America.
The design of this improved edition was to remedy
this deficiency, and to render this valuable and popu
lar work more intelligible and more ufefulto the citi
zens of the United States, and the improvements
being the result ®f experience and observation, it is
hoped will render this work more truly valuable and
ufcful. Dec. 17. m&th6w
W A N T E I),
ON Loan, for two or three years—2ooo Dollars, for
which a mortgage on Land will be given asfecurity.
The land is clear of every incumbrance.
Jan. 9. | d.
In the Insurance Company of North-
America, are deftred to meet at their Office, on Wcdnef •
day, the 17th February next, at it o'clock, a. m.
By order of the Directors,
January 28,
WAn re n, t
Several Apprentices to the Printfng-
Business. Apply at the Office of the GaVcitt rf thf
cood street,
EBEN. HAZARD, Secretary.
m&tFf 7
P Xf B L I S H E D,
Price Three-Fourths of a Dollar,
No. 60,
Philadelphia Directory,
FOII I 7 96.
City of Philadelphia.
Jar.liary i?»
No. 147, Markct-Jlreety Philadelphia,
DODD's reflections on Death, price So ce:its.
Hervey's Meditations, 80
Thompson's Seasons, with an elegant engraving 75
The Columbiad, a Poem, on the American war 18
The American Farmer's Guide, a new and ex
cellent Treatise on Agriculture 20
DII worth's Book-Keeping 83
Hiltory of the Pelew lflands 25
J. Johufon & Co. will publish in a few days,
The Flowers of Ancient and Modern Hijlory—2 VOI9 *1
February 1. 3faw2m
ByMATHEWCAREY, No. 1 iß,Market-flreet,
[Price 25 cents]
To the House of Representatives of the United
February 1,
No. 38, foutb Second freely
Has jufl received a capital Affortmcnt of
CapVi and Jewel'd Watches,
A variety of elegant CHAI ?IS;
And many other article; in the line of Watch-Making,
which he will fell low for cash.
Work of every kind done at usual.
January 23.
Woolen Draper and Mens' Mercer,
At No. 25, South Secondjireei,
HAS, in addition, to hisafTortmcnt offuperfine Cloths
and Caflimers, by the Fadtor from Lon
don, a very elegant aTfortment of Gentlcmens* Waistcoat
Patterns; such as Sattjn, Silk Molcflcin, Caflimer, and
Merfeilles, which will be fold at their just prices.
January 9. d.
For Sale by
No. 4, South Water-Street.
De\ 1 ?
30 Pipes Cogniac Brandy,
Cofkß, in bales, and
Holland Gin, in pipes,
For Sale by
Benjamin W. Morris.
December 31,
Asjhelon and James Humphrey s,
HAVING conne&xl themselves in bufincfs, at their
Officc No. 63, South Third Street, next door but
one to the corner of Dock Street. Draw at a moderate
charge, deeds, bonds, mortgages, contracts agreements
memorials, petitions, &c. See. '»
They likewise buy and fell Real EftatCs upon conamif
fion, and procure monsy upon loan on good {ecurity.
The business of ai? Attprney at Law and Notary Pub
lic is also tranfa&ed at the said Office by the fubfenber.
DEEDS to the proprietors in the agency of Winthrop
Sargent, are deposited with Thomas M'Eue q, No.
78, Chefnut-ftreet,Philadelphia, and ready to be deliver
ed when called for. A second dividend of the Funds has
been declared, which proprietors may receive by a draft
upon the treasurer of the company.
N. B. Eight dollars arc due upon each {hare, for ex
pences of the agency.
December Z9.
Paterfon Manufactory.
A I' a special Meeting of the Board of Directors for
xJL establishing ufeful Manufactures, held at Paulus-
Hook, January 25th, 1796. "The Board taking into
Consideration the general affairs of the Society, think it
tteceffary that 3 meeting of the be
called as soon as the Law will permit; it is therefore re
solved, that the Stockholders be called to meet on the firft
Tuesday in March next, at Egerley's Hotel, at Paterfon,
by ten of the clock of the forenoon of the fame day, then
and there to take into serious consideration, affairs of the
utmost importance to the said Society; and that every
Stockholdei be earnestly requested to attepd either in
person or by proxy."
A true extract of Minutes,
P. COLT, Superintendent.
New-York, January 36, 1*96. §titM
An elegant Iloufe for Sale.
ner ?.nd of th« best materials; it is 31 feet front and 53
rooms. The Lot is 32 feet front by 13a feet deep, sub-
Earthen Ware, in crates, well affofted ;
Madeira Wine, in pipes, and quarter calks;
Red Port Wine, of excellent quality, in Pipes an 4
Old Mountain Wine, in quarter casks ;
S.u*ar Candy, in boxes of 80 to 901b each ;
Jalap in powder;
Refined Camphor J
English Sail Canvas, No. lay;
A quantity of Mahogany ••
A parcel of good grestt Coffee, in bags.
February 8.
ANY Person may be supplied with Rum, Gin, C«r*
dials, and other Spirits, upon application to the
at |i<s Distillery, No. itj Story, or New
ftreet» between Third and Fourth streets.
N. 13. Whiflcey and MolafTes will be purchafcd upon
application as above;
130 quarter Chefls frefli Hylon Tea;
100 ditto do. frefli Souchong Tea;
300 Boxes China, contaiaing small tea setts of 4%
400 pieces Bandanoei!;
4 Bales English Sail Cativafs, No. 4, 5, and 6 ;
January 30
No. 8, North Front-flrcet.
Printed Calico and Muslin
Hiwe j/Ji received a Cypcrb ajfirtment of the folio-wing artcikx >
•which they offer fcr sale.
PRINTED calicoes I Gentlemen's neck handkfs.
4-4 wd. book muflißs I New fafhionable shawls
6-4 wd. ditto ditto j Madras handkerchiefs
Book muslin handkerchiefs
Pocket ditto
Colored, bordered, muslin
Very new fancy ditto
Elegant tambore muslins
Colored work ditto
Laced figured ditto
Brocaded ditto
Ladies plaids
And a variety of othei
£fany of the above good:
for the Weft-India market.
December 1%
No. 70, louth Sccond street, near the City Tavern,
HAS just received by the late arrival? from London
and Bristol, a large and elegant assortment of Ladies
and Oentlemens fafhionabte HATS.—AIio, a variety of
Children! HATS of different colours, which will be fold
on lowest terms for cash.
N. B. Ladies Hats trlmM in the newefi,fafhion from
London. o<st. 14.
A Commodious Frame Hpufe,
Situated in North Sccoud-ftrect, No. 145, lately occupied
by Leonard Jacoby,confuting of a good three story frame,
twenty-five feet in front; a two story Brick building
jehind, with a Kitchen and offices; also, a Garden plot,
>ne hundred feet deep, a (table and wash house, which
las a communication to Race-street, four years of the
I-eafe is unexpired on the firft day of January next,
These premises are in good repairs, and the pur chafer
may have immediate pofleiHor. For particulars enquire
of Robert Coe, No, 46, south Second-street.
December I
!\TION, in the town of Woodbury, coun
ty of'Gloucefter, and state of New-Jersey, contain
ing about one hundred and fifty acres; a suitable propor
tion of which is woodland and improved meadow. A
great part of th : arable land is in a high state of cultiva
tion, and very natural to the produ&ion of red clover.
On said plantation there is a genteel two story brick
house with four rooms on a floor, and a good dry cellar
under the whole; together with a barn, corn-cribs, and
The garden is large, and contains a good
colle&ion of the best kinds of grafted and inoculatcd
fruit trees; the orchard consists of about three hundred
grafted apple trees. Any person inclined to purchase
said premises, may be informed of the terms, by apply-
ing to
February 8.
Notice is hereby given that an at
tacjimcnt was ifiued out of the inferior court of Common
Pleas in and for the county of Cumberland, in the state of
New Jerley, returnable on the twenty-fifth day of Febru
ary last, against the goods and chattels, rights and credits,
lands and tenements of George Hutz (not being a resident
at that time within the state of New Jersey) at the suit of
Jonathan Ballinger, indorsee of Job Butcher, which was
levied by the sheriff of the county of Cumberland " on
a certain (loop or shallop called the Fly of Philadelphia"
with its appurtenances, as by the return of the said sheriff
will more particularly appear—and notice is also hereby
further given, agreeably to the dire&ion of an a6t of the
Legislature of the state of New-Jersey in such cafe made
and provided, that unless the said George Hutz shall ap
pear and give special bail to answer the suit so as afore
said instituted against him by the said Jonathan Ballinger,
within such time as is prescribed by law, " that then and in
1 hat cafe judgment (hall be entered" against the said George
Hutz " by default, and that the said sloop or shallop so as
aforefaid seized on the said attachment" will be fold for
the fatisfaction of all " creditor? who shall appear to be
justly entitled to any demand thereon, andfliall apply for
tiiat purpof'e."
Dated at Salem, in the county of Salem, in the fai
state, the thirty first day of March A. D. 1795.
GILES, Clerk.
Lucius Horatio Stockton, ">
Attorney for the PUT. J
Apr I I
Delaware and Schuylkill Canal.
holders will be held at the Company's office
on Saturday, the 12th day of March next, at 1©
o'clock, A. M. As the bu fine It of the meeting
is of very great importance, not only to the Com
pany in particular, but to the citizens in general,
it is earneflly requested and expe&tud that the at
tendance will be pun£Uiai and numerous.
By order of the Board of Managers,
< WM. MOORE SMITH* Scc'ry.
i ( bc let oi> ground rent*
Willing f & Francis.
Tambour'd muslins
Coflaes &c &c
All elegant and frefli aflfort-
ment of ribbands and
Cotton {lockings
W«rfted ditto
:r articles, juA. opened.
Is are particularly calculated
James Tiffin,