Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, January 14, 1796, Image 1

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    Number 1045. J
liave for Sals at their STORES, on IVahiut-Jlreet
45 Tons of Pig Lead ;
40 Pipes heft quality TcnerifFe Wine ;
30 Pipes of M~d in Wine, comprising each quality,
and contained in pipes, hogihead*, and quarter
3 Pipes ana 3 hoglheads old Port ;
150 quarter cases Mountain ;
50 cwt. of Sugar C mdy»in boxes of 80 to cadi;
lbs. Jalap in powder, m 3 cases;
1100 lbs. of Camphor, in a calks;
2 cases of Copperas;
En'glifh Sail Cloth, No. lay;
30 bbls. of Connecticut Beef;
and'a quantity of Mahogany,
A L S O,
V I N D U S T R It y
*r~-: ■"' " r, EURIHEN seventy tons, is a gooa
vcffel, and will be fold at a rcafonable rate, and on a libe
ral credit. November 27. * tu,th&s
Little Mary, J. Rentiers,
nsafter ' and ,lle A»>P Fame, E.
Jones, matter.
-iijSSWeii h ui ] t ve nels, fail faf>, and arc
In complete order to receive cargoes immediate! v. For
terms apply to the matter on bo*rd said veflels, laying
at the fuuferiber's wharf, or to
Denmlfr 2 T
For M A D E I R A,
Captain Salter,.
TOlail iii all this mr th. ; or freight or paffiige apr , / _ r
pty to. the Capi ;in at South street wha-f, or 01 *_/ AHFO lS ?
Pt7<?r Blight. Tut sa "
. . _§_ Vr ODD DROP SIMS,
or CHARTER, commander,
> Vy orii, is a uout Jive oak and cedar built vessel, just copper-
Vf .The Ship CATHERINE, sd, and fail* remarkably fad 5 will leave this port tlie iarfl
Now lying at Mr. Huddcll's wharf in of Febri,:lr y- For fright out, or home, apply to
SeutAAv rk ; burthen 203 tons: she is new in rradinefs ijOjCph Sims.
to receive a cargo, andean he f nt to sea at a small ex- WANTED TO PURCHASE,
pence, a? ihr was i'upplied last voyage ih London with A small Quantity of GINSENG, of the f.rft quulity
many new fails and rigging. . apply as above. Dec. z. §
November 23
The terms o£ sale will be reasonable, and time of pay
ment made eaf). Enquire of
"John Craig,
No. 12, Dock-facet.
Who Lets for Sale,
Sherry Wine, Dowlas, Irish Linens,
Segars, Beli'aft Canvass, Spanifli Cordage, and Bristol
Window Glass—and the HOUSE and STORES he now
Jan. 6. dtf
Copper YVare-Bouie,
No. 2. North Fourth Street
TTAVE just received by the late veflels fromLoftdon,
A A Liverpool and Briitol, and which they are felling
at the nsoit reduced prices for cash, or a ihort credit,
a very large and extensive afibrtment of Iheet Copper
and Bottoms, cornprifing ilicets from 5 to ioclb. and
bottoms from 16 inches to 5 feet—Alfo a handsome as
sortment of the mofl approved fneathing Coppen \» ith
nails, and bolts, Tin in boxes 1 Block-tin, Spelber in
casks, Spelter fodder, pig lead, &c. &c.
Jan. 2
Jamaica Kum.
The Cargo of the brig Peace, Capra'm Gray, from d-.e
-7 Tbonias Dobfou, the Stone howle, No. 41, foutfy fe
cond flreet,
Domeitic Aicclicin? ;
Or a IVeatde on the Pr.-iir/ition and Curat' Dis
eases by Regrvr : : and Si:: I? ,]l: 'J:ri b wi th ? n \m
pend-.::, containing a Difpenfatorv for the use of pri
vate Practitioners.
•*"!■ v/ *■ 9 Revifcdaad adapted pp tlic CJhnate and D-lftafes of the
sizes, from 32 lb to Grape, United States.
Canabooies, Pots, and other callings executed at the Samuel Povvfll Griffits, M. D.
fhorteli notice, ' Profeflor of Materia Medica in the University of
-Jail rods, from tod to spike, Pennsylvania.
rioop Iron, of all sizes, for calks or cutting into nr«ls, from In one very large -volume oSavo.
a brad to tzd nails, (Price two dollars and a half.)
Anchors, from I 7 loolb. The merit of Dr. Buchan's Domeftio medicine is
ar "«I,_ too well known to need any eßCominm ; indeed the
AQiumityof James River.'Tobacco, cry extensive sale of the original work speaks its
Herring inWrf. worth abundantly. But however well calculated foi
Kiln-dried corn rnell in Hhds. and Bbls. !?* 'J"!* 1 . 6 iJ . rita,fl ' {oT . which il J™ originally de-
Rye floor See. to be fold by n g ß " d > lf is obvious that it was not fnfticiently adaptee
r ■ j, r .1 o to the climate and diseases of America.
* Levi Holhnjy worth tff S'.tl. The design ef this improved edition was to remedi
this deficiency, and to render this valuable and popu
lar work more intelligible and more ufeful to theciti
zens of the United States, and th? improvement
being the refalt of experience and observation, it i
hoped will render this work more truly valuable anc
Dec. 17.
north fidj of Jamaica,
'I'HI be landtd to-morrow mottling at Soulhjlreel wharf,
High Proof RUM, ' >
November p.
F©i* SALE, by the Subscribers,
'The fvlloiving articles of the lafl importation from China,
160 Quarter Cnefts Hyson Tea,
120 Quarter Chests Souchong Tea,
400 Boxes China, containing Tea Setts,
4500 Pieccs Nankeens.'r I *
Knives and Forks,
A good aflbrtrnent of table and desert Knives and Forks,
with or without cases, for fair by
Rowland Parry 9
No. 36, Chefnut-ftreet.
Plated and Japanned Ware,
Jewellerv, fine Cutlery, he. &c. &e. as usual.
Plated work, Gold Riiigs and Lockets, and every thin£
in the Gold and Silver line done at the ihorteft notice,
?iiiu iu the b'.fh manner,
. . sr 0 L E~N,
From the entry of House No. 92, Soiuh Front-street,
7 fterday evening,
ONE of faperfine forreft cloath, double breasted, co
vered buttons, very light e£rab colour, little worse.
for the wear. One of a second YorTcfhire cloath, doub'
breasted, dark mixed grey color, motfr eaten and much
A generons reward will be given to the per fan who
/hall apprehend t e Thief and recover the goods.
iA mo. Oth, 1796. sawftw
of fH|e fjttttlrt fete
Peter Blight.
Willings ?if Francis.
For Charleflon, (S. C.)
The new Schooner
* w 'n» fflwl (►''-•'tr
•«-.»«'■• !* Robert Butler, matter,
NOW lying ill Smith's Dock, -he second above Race-street;
is ready to take in goods; and hiving been built for a
i acket, has excellent accommodations for pafifengers, and
will iail in a few days. For freight or paSag- apply to
>-><i board, or JOHN SHIELDS,
No. 22,Chefnut-flreet.
or Sab or Charter,
The new /hip. SUCCESS,
Robert xVclfh, master ; lying" at Stam
per waarf; a Itroiig, faithful built \ieifej, fails extreme
ly well, and is ?lfo well found; burthen 159 tons.
For terms apply to
Joseph Anthony & Son.
Who have received bv fa id veflel,
A few cases Madeira Wine, mould
and dipt Candles, and belt Boften Chocolate.
December 29
yujl Arrivdd p<sr the S7IOIV Boston, j'tl>nc,r K.irkpcttr}ck,
Majler, from Liverpool,
113 Crates well-alTorted Queen's Ware,
4000 bufliels best iloved fine Salt,
& to l>e fold at No. 1, Pme-ftreet, by
yamcs Campbell.
Also, a few boxes well-aHorted Irlfh Linens.
>—N. B.
Said Snow for Freight or Char
ter > either to the Weft-Indies or
Enquire as above.
JlH\iuft 18. §
Nutmegs and Mace.
Jr.'" come to b-iid, a f., )it Jl [.n'oi-e of M.ict .md
N-Itmenr.i!;.-.vif.- on h.mH,
Sper'np.cot.x Candles and
A General Afibrtment of Groceries,
Whick will be 'old low, for cafli at No. 06
Chdhut-ftrect, burner of Third-street: fr"
JL r $T COME TV 11 1 7A7->,
By the Ihip from London, a very
assortment of
Gentlemen's Dress Waijlcvating ;
Such as Sartins, tambor'd Canity's Hair, MoitficiiH,
Caffimers, &c.
With a very elegant nfWtmcnt of
BcH London fuperjine Cloths Sc Caffimers
January 6
And for sale by THOMAS DOBSON,
At the Stone Hou/e, No 41, South Second Street.
In one handsome volume, printed with a good type, on
fine paper, price one dollar,
A narrative of the Britilh Embajfy to China,
In the year 1792, 179.?, and 1794, containing tlie
various circumllances of the F.mball'y, with accounts
of the cuftorns and manwers ef the Chinese, with a des
cription of the country, towns, cities, &t.
An Euibafly to China is an event which naturally ex
cites general cuHofitv, from the ignorance which pre
vails i-el'pedlir.g the interior parts of that Empire, whose
jealous laws forbid the intrusion ef any othfcr people.
The npvc'ty of an authentic deicription of it must at
tract the attention of an enlightened people.
The author has accurately related every circumstance
which came under his own obfervatioo, with ranch in
formstiom drawn fntm tiittjiieftinnable sources calcula
ted to gratify reasonable curiosity and enlarge, theknow
ed»e r.f a country so little known io the elher nations
_ Dec. io
F 0 R S A L £,
A FOUNT of BREVIER, 1 half worn ; four hun
/ i. drcd weight. Enquire at the Office of the Gazette
of the United States, No. 119, Chefnut-flrcst,
December §
No. 66 Chefnut-fUcct
4W?a w
Just Arrived,
Per the Brigs.E'iza* M'Lcod, and Theodcrfia, Captain
Andfyr fate by the Suhfcribens,
Prime Coffee,
In Hogihifcds, barrels, and bags, and some
C 0 C O'A.
4 liICH. & J. POTTER.
, ll'bo b'lve llkejy'ifc*
A few Pipes of Lift iAQJtiVJNR, for Snle.
J» n - <• « i
Will be landed to-morrow morning'
>t Philip Care's wharf,
I he of tfc*: brig Scfanoa, J. Frankfort], mailer,
from H,tvanna,
It! Higflieads, and 7 ... „
12 Tierces J Fust l ull,t y Jamaica Sugars.
51 Bales of Cottori,
12 Puncheons Jamaica Rum,
15, Tons of Logwood and f attic,
708 Salted Hides,
40 Boxes Segars,
for sale by
Dec. 3
53' Hogiheads, "J>
.459 Barrels, £ Coffee, above 'ooo.ooolb.
224 Bags, J
115 Hogfhoads of choice Jamaica Sugar.
21 r Bales of St.Domingo Cotton,
Will be landed Monday morning, 26th inft. at South-
ftrcct v/iuiri,
Being the entire of Snow H:'j.
Brig Polly, and ImUitlry, t'rom jcrenjic,
IC R 0 ■ L E i;
O&ober 2 2
, li\4 G N"l- R,
Woolen Draper and Mens' Merccr,
■fit A.-. 35, Jlrci-l,
|_T -.S, in addition, to !.is a'k.rtment of fuperfine Clot!.:
jl X and R;c..iv:d by the Factor iioml.:).,
very 'f". :r:r;ii w nt of Gentlemens' vV
luci: as Saitin, Silk jCsi.fltUi, C;-i:i.ner, aiici
'•'«» wliich will be inl J at their joSt prices.
January 9.
$io Barrels of !'■ t if) New-Enrland jßert,
ii Carrels of Cider,
2900 Pair i>f Shots,
icco Yards '1 «>
20 SllcMS • t'
12 1C gs \ ;■
Co Wool Mais
'<!. iind
Samuel Coates,
No. &z, South Front-Street,
J=MUiary 9
rot Sa!e $f
No. 4, S'oiil'K Water-Street.
Dec. 12. (1.
William Sheaff,
No. iS2,
has for late, wholesale and
Madeira Wines of the Vintage 1788 to 17-931
, Sh-rry, '
IMb on,
' e '
\l ; cant, f
Capt, and
Frentiniac, J
Claret, ny liox or dazca. .
ilt an 1 4th Cot;niac'Brandy
Old Jamaica Spirits.
Wine Bitters.
A I. S 0,
A few barrels of prime Mess and Caijo BEEF.
Decetnber 10. *2aw3\v
Imported, and for S.ale,
One Hundred Quarter-Caiks of
do. 5, S Water-firm.
litb Month, 29, 1795
o-morrow wilt be Landed,
At Hodge's wharf, from on board the Ihip Hanry, from
MolafTes, Sugar, Coffee, Cotton,
And a small pared of Cocoa. For falc by
Conyngbam, Nejbit, Sc Co.
Or, Nalbro £5° John Frazier.
December 29. d^- v
At Market-flreet wharf, from the fchooncr Dlfjiatch
Captain £tutfon, from Surinam, a quantity of
Molasses, Cotton, and Coffee.
Apply to
No. 5, S. Water-street.
ift Month, ift, 1796,
Asjheton and "James Humphrey?,
HAVING conne<ft-*d themselves in bulmcft, at their
Office No.-63, South Third Street,-next door liut
one to the corner of Dock Street. Draw at a moderate
charge, deeds, bonds, mortgages, contrails agreements
memorials, petitions, &c. otc.
They likewifo buy and fell Real Estates upon commif
flon, and procure monsy upon loan on good security.
The bnfinefy of an .-.ttorney at and Notary Pub
lic is also tranfacled at iJie said Office by the fubferiber.
Jan. 4
DREDS to the proprietors in the agency cfWinthrop
Sargent, are denofitcd with TfiOrtiate M'Eueia. No.
78, Chdnut-flreet, Philadelphia, and ready to be deliver
ed when -called ior. A second dividend of die Funds has
been declared, which proprietors may receive by a draft
upon the treasurer of the company.
N.B. Eight dollars are dwe upon each fliare, for ex
pences of the agency.
December 29
George Stbbald,
No. 170 fo»uth Front-street
from Jamaica;
Peter Blight.
6t eod*
Of the fir ft quality.
No. 8, Fro '.Jlrae
Printed Caiico and Mufiia
Hnvfjujl recc'ved a foperb ajfjriment f the folhteing arid let,
•which tbey offer for ftde.
PRINTED calicoes I Gen'i . ncn*s neck handkfs.
4-4 wd. book mwCins Kfiitv fafrionable shawls
6-4 wd. £ug ... i Madras nan H-rchiel*
(llilY hs
CofTiei (fc * 8-c
And .-■?■■ ;it and frcih aflort
mcnt of ribbands anjd
Cotton ftockibgs
Worik-d ditto
Pocket ditto
Colored, bordered, muslin
V *ry ncr f?rcy ditto
Eieganr tambor • mufllns
Colored rvork ditto
Laced ditto
Brocaded ditto
Ladies plaid 6
And a variety of othci
Many of the above goods
for the Weft-JndU market.
Dicc. nber 2 }
James Tiffin,
No. 70, south* Sccond llreet. near ths City Tavern,
HAS just received By tlie late arrivals from London
and Bristol, a Urg.: and elegant ailortment of Ladies
and fafhionalle HATS.—AIfo, a variety of
Childreus HATS of different colours, whick will bt fold
on the lowest terms for cash.
AT. B Ladies Hats trim'd in the rieweft fafliion from
r omlon. . 0(9. li.
A Printing-office, complete:
t'Al> iNti two Prc/Tes, two Founts of LongPri
rser, one do S<nall Pica, one do. Pica, one do. En
fflifh, one do. Double Pjc.V, b*nc do. Double ons
do. Script, one do. French Can-n »>i. t!tree Alphabets of
four line P.. f'vr, Alphabets of seven line Fica, Flow
ers, Cur.s, &c. All the Founts are very large. The a
bov Odice will be fold with the benefit of several Ap
prenr cea : an:l a well Newfpapef, in a very
ficurifhing town, about 50 miles fou'hw.,rd of Baltimore.
Ihe -ppicntiires have from ten 111 nths to five years to
lirve, computing from 36th September last.
2he price of the Printing apparatus, Apprentices*
... NcwfpaperEftabiilHnreMt, is One Thouland
ounds, Pennfyhrania currency—one-third to be paid
- l,w > ***£ lemamder n gc.d negotiable notes, payable
one h:tlt in 3 months, the other half in fix Foe
r iiTj£her information apply to the Officc of the Gazette of
theUni'e . States.
rime a,
J .etters (poll paid) will be , tended to.
December 14.
N°. 64 f foutb Secondjlrcet,
ANAL Tickets syr la!c, and ca(h or tickets given for
Si j'.'.y prizes that may be drawn.
Sept. 26.
This Day is published,
By EENJAMIN DAVIES, at No. 63, High-JtrcH,
fir I*7^6*
A ccftnpleat Calendar for
the year.
Lifts of the executive, legis
lative and judicial offic rs
of the federal government
of the miniflers and
consuls to and from the
United States.
A reg'fter of the lard and
sea forces of do.
Rates of p oft age, and times
of receiving & ciofiuc; the
mails at Phihd-1; hiu.
A 15(• of the poll-towns, with
t'a liftaftces of each, on
the aidin line, as well as
crol's roads.
— of the fieral courts.
- of the supervisors of the
The mint, and monies of the
U S and the currency of
: uh state.
A lift of the oommiiiioners
of loans.
A table, (hewing th® propor
tion of i'roe perfofis to
(Laves, and of males to fe-
males, &c. in the U.S.
Militia of the United States,
with the proportion of
each. State of the air, and a diary
Au alphabetical lift of duties of the winds and weather
agreeably to the last ac£t in Philadelphia, during# %
ot Congress. months, ending ill Sept,
Amount ofimpoft and tonn- 1795-
age of one year. Bills of mortality in Philad.
Custom-house fees, &c. of one year.
Tnis little volume will contain a much greater compa r «,
as well as variety of matter, than that of the pi-ceding
year, and will be embellilhed with an engraved frontis
piece, title age, and a vignette faced wkh a head orna
ment, to each month The scenes depidcd in the vig
nettes, alhu c chipfly to the rural labours oi the year. The
engravings are new, and executed with an excellence that
aoes credit to the American fine art 9.
At the fume place may be had.
Plans of tne city of Philadelphia, and its environs, accu
rately engraved from & late funiey.
Maps of tne United States, and of each Hate feyrately.
A valuable calle&itn of modern Booh, and a aflort
ment of Stationary Wares.
Ao/f.—Tfeofe who desire it, may have the above-menti
ontdMaps, or any other, coloured, "id varniih
ed, &n4 pat up in any manner that may be moil conveni
ent, by applying at dirciled above.
oa. 1795
.fcive Dollars Reward.
LOST, i* the flreet, a Piain GOLD LOCKET, con
taining a small lock of Hair—of little confrquence
to any perfan but the owner, to whom it is invaluable.
Any person delivering said Locket, with the contents, at
No. 7, South Fourth-street, fliall receive the above re
ward, with many thanks.
January 8
A Dry Good Store, near the centre of business, on or
before the ift of March next. Enquire of Mr. KIDD,
No. 192, Market-Street.
January 6
WA NT J£ L),
Several Apprentices to the Printing
3ufinefs. Apply at the Office of the Gazette of the
United States, No. 119, Chcfnut-ftreet. $
[Volume IX.
r articles, just opened.
is are particularly calculated
S A L E,
Rules for reducing tne cur
rencies of the feveralftatcs.
Table of pounds, See. redu
ced into dollars & cents.
Summary of the oxport6 in
4 fuccefiivc rears.
Amount of the unredeemed
debt, annual revenue and
A vit v of the linking fund.
An eilhnate of the imports
o.t the United States, in
ttvo several years.
Domettie clitics or excites.
Drawoacks and bounties.
Banks, with .rules of con
duclin;- kulinefs. *
Officers of the civil govern
mcnt of Pennsylvania.
Estimate of expences of do.
in one year.
Officers of-ijvil government
of New-York.
Sovereign princes and re
publics of Europe.
Lift of the navy of Great-
Britain, corre&ed agree
able to the latest informa-
D 6. of the navy of France,