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    </ity of Wafhingtan.
SCHEME of the LOTTERY, No. 11, 'j®
1 A magnificent ) 20,000 Dollars, and Albi
\ dwelling houfc, J calh 39,000 are t j, e
50,000 The
„ 1 ditto 15,000 & caih 95,000 40,000 B-; n
1 ditto 15,000 & calh 15,000 30,000 exhi
1 ditto >9,000 U calh 10,000 20,000
» ditto 5,000 & calh 5,000 10,000 p
1 ditlo 5,000 St calh 5,000 ,0,000 tljrc
j Ca'h ol jo,ooo p
, ditto 5,00® each, are ,o,oc o
,o ditto io,eoo
< 2 o ditto SOO 10,003 f
,00 ditto too 10,000 16
-09 ditto 5° l °> oo ° cora
.00 ditto *5 l0 ' 00:> P rui
1,000 ditto *°> oo °
,5,000 dmo "> M'.ooo
16,739 Pr,,e "
33,261 BlanV-l
50,000 Tickets »t 8 dol'aia > 400,000
Chia Lottery will afford an elegant specimen of the
private buildings to be er«de<l in the Cuy of Wsfhington V J
-Two beautiful designs are already fe!e ded for the entire
Vonuon two of ihe public (Squares ; from these draw. Vie
iiigs, it is proposed to erect two centre and tour comer ofil
holdings, as soon as poflible alter this Lottery is fold, and
to convey them whfn complete, 10 the fortunate adventur
ers, in the manner described in the scheme for the Hotel
Lottery. A nett dedudion of five per cent, will be made
to defray the neccffary expenccs of printing, 4c. and
the fui plus will be made a pait ot the fund intended tor the I. 1
National Univetfity.'to be erettcd within the City of t
Wafoington. c
The drawing will commence as soon as the Tickets fc
are fold off. —The money prires will be payable I.
in thirty days after it is finifbed, and any prizes for which i:
fortunate numbers are not produced within twelve months c
after the drawing is closed *rr;o be conudeicd as given r
towards the fund for the Umverfity, it being determin- f
ed to fettle the whole bufiriefs in a >ear from the ending
of the drawing and to take up the bonds given as fecu
The real securities given for the payment of the Prize
.are held by the President and two of the Bank
of Columbia, and arc valued at more than half the amount '
of the L«tte«y. c
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment of L
the late Commiflioners aflilt.ed in tht. management of the 0
Hotel Lottery are requeued to undertake this arduous talk er> .
a second time on behalf of the public ; a fufficicnt num- P* 1
bet of thefc having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the <- _
frkpds to a National University and the other federal ab
jeSs may continue to favor the dffign. The fynopPs of
one of "the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
Institution, is already in the press, and will be speedily
publiftied, together with its constitution. .
A compleat Plan of the % whol« of this Important
lnftitution, compiled from a feledfcion of the bed materi
al'-, ancient and modern, will be submitted to the public
whenever the fame may have gone through fach revisions
as may be ncceffary to eftablifb the perfe<st confidence and
general approbation, so efTential to its present rife and fu
ture exiftcnce for the general good of America,
By accounts received from the different parts of the
Continent as well as from Europe, where the tickets F"
have been sent for sale, the public are assured that the
drawing will speedily coftimenae, and that the care and
caution unavoidably necefFary to insure a fafe disposal of
the tickets, has rendered the tnor: fafpenlion indispensable.
February 24, 1795- ' In
Aug 30 eodlf
• # * Tickets may be had at the BaK ;• M
of James Weft 8c Co.
Savannah, of Peter Gilman, y e
Richmond : and of Richard
N 9 . 64ifoutb Second-Jlreet,
CANAL Tickets for sale, and calh or tickets given for v ; ;
any prizes that may be drawn.
Information given refpe&ing Washington lottery, and
eafh or Canal tickets given for prizes that may be drawn.
Both lotteries commence drawing September asth.
BOOKS will be kept of ach day's drawing in l?oth lot- •
teries, and open gratis to the enquiries of the poffcfibrs of ,
Tickets purchased at the OFFICE.
•g? Halves, quarters, and eighths of Tickets may be
haa at the above Office. Sept. 26. §
Canal Lottery-Office
Near the BANK of the UNITED STATES.
TICKETS to be had at this Office, and at the City
Hall, for_ Eleven Dollars and Fifty Cents each
every Day, except during the Hours of Drawing;
where Cfteck Books are kapt for examination at i g.
Cents each Number, or Regiflered at ia Cents. Ap
proved Notes payable on or before the ioth day of ; r
January 1796, will be taken m payment for Ten
Tickets and upwards. p
William Blackhurn, Agent. Y
Statement of thj: li'heel.
1 Prize of - - 30,000 dolls
j of 10,000 103,000
4 of 10,000 10,0CV3
4 of 2,500 10,000
7 of 1,000 14,000
14 of 1,000 *4,000
it o£ 500 litSOo J
73 of I jo 7,300
110, goo
beftdes the It Dollar Prizes. 1
Note. 25,000 Dollars aught to be added to the 1
abovfc, on account of the Five Stationary Tickets, c
worth One Hundred Tboufand Dollars, that mull be 2
the last dra-wn. I
Nov. 24. dtf.
A very valuable ESTATE,
SITUATE in the totvnfbip of Upper Derby, and county cj \
Delaware, 7 1-2 miles frton a&tbalf a Afi% ■
from tbs n<rw Wcflcrn road: containing 230 acres tf exctlYcrit \
Land, 45 of itsbich are good -watered Meadoiv, 90 (f prufte <
Wood Land, and the reQ Arable of the fitjl quality. There are
on tie prewifes a 'good t-woftgr'y -Brick House, rcitb 4 rooms cr> '
a floor, and Cellars under the obole, with a Pump IVell of ex
celUnt Water in front; a large frame Barn, Stabhs, and other
convenient bu'klin*s; a Smok-Houfe andftor.e Spring Hcjfe ; two
good Apple-Qrchai tli, and one cf Peacbrs. The Fields are all i n
Clover, except th<f i;nt,ud'iaicly under' til'qge, and are so , a iii
out as to have the advantage of Water in each of them, which
• renders it peculiarly conve/iicnt for Grazing.
The fituaticn is pleafa'nt ar.d he altby, andfrom the bhh culti
vatiori of the Land, the good r.eigbbcrhood y and the vicinity to fa ci
ty, it is vety suitable for a Gentleman s Country Seat.
The foregoing is part'cf the Eflatc of Jcscb lljt deccerfed
and offered for sale by jVI ORDLC AI LEWIS
Surviving Ex'rcvtrrr. ,
0a.9, 1795 eci f
/ . -< •
' * * '• I
The Panorama.
SAVAGE refpeflfally informs the Ladie3 and
XVjL Gentlemen of Philadelphia that PANORAMA
is now opened in High-ltreet, between loth and lith
streets. The SubjeA is a view of the Cities of London
and WeAmipfter, comprehending the three bridges, Sout- no^
wark, Surrey, and St. George's Fields in the Borough, w 1
with every other object which appears from the top of the
Albion mills, at the end of Blackfriars Bridge, opposite {
the city .of London, from whence this taken, f uc |
Tfie painting contains nearly 3,000 square feet of canvas, ch:
Being in a circle gives every objetS its proper bearing, and n if
exhibits it ia its true poibt of corapafs, appearing as large s U p
and in every refbeei the fame as the fpn
Price of half a dollai Tickets for tho Sealon (
three dolian; • • . t ly!
Panorama open every day from ten o'clock in the \
morning. tioi
A PRINT of the PRESIDENT of the U. S. fire
18 inches by 14 ; only a few choice imprisffions leit: the ciei
companion is a print of Dr. Frznkliu. A variety of choice ]
prints may be had at the Panorama. cor
Augujl 31. m hill
American Landfcap-eu a ;
•- ria
for publishing in aquatint a
Twenty-Four VIE WS,
SELECTED from the most striking and mterefting (A-.
Profpefls in the United States; each ef which
Views, will he accompanied with a e'efcriptive account
of its LocaL Historical, and other Incidental Peculiarities A
Author of tie " Menajlic Remaint and Ancimt CaftltJ in Great
Britain P
: I. That the work Ihall be publilhed by SuVcription; and
thft each Sirbfcriber fliall engage to take the whole set
of Viaws, and shall pay for each engraving, if black or
I brown', a Dollars j and if coloured 5 Dollars, ma
- I. That the dimensions of each engraving lhall be I4by 17 wa
1 incites, executed in aquatinta, and publifltedupon paper
s of a superior quality. The publication to commence im-
I mediately; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub-
feribers, on the firft Monday of each fuocceding mooth,
? until the proposed series (hall be finally completed. |
" 111. That with the last View of the ferles, fhaflbedeli- ;m
vered an engraved title-page; an elegant chara&eriftic
vignette; a map of the route, connected with the prof- ! R J
c pecti exhibited in the the course of the Work; and an
' Alphabetical lift of the Subscribers.
f Subscriptions are received by Mr. Harrifon, at his Print
. fliop, Maidcnlane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-fell
t er, No. 113, Market street, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-fellers in the United States.
e February aB.
;- f Sale of valuable Property.
II To be Sold, by Public Audi on, //
y On Thursday, the ioth day of December, 1795,
A'the Tontine Coffee-Houfe ill New-York, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, all the right, title, and intcreft of the
| s In the following valuabje TRACTS of LAND, viz.
, I. \LL that trad of land comaining ahout 2500 acres,
jLjL situate in the county of Orange, being part of the
mountain lots No. 12 and «3, in the patent of Cheefecock, '
formerly laid out by Charlies Clinton, Esq. dec-al'ed, and K
' e purchased by the Agept ot the American Iron Company of
William Smith, Efj. on the Bth day of November, 1766.
J This trad contains some plough Und and fwanip; also G
,f Potuckeit Pond and the outkts thereof L
2. All that tra6t of land fituatfl on the weft fid- of H,ud- A
son's river, detaining 1000 acres. Q
In this trad there is said to be a valuable mine, some good -J
fwamp-and timber land. g'
3. A'l thole two trads fitunte on th« north fide of j.
:• Mohawk riv«r, being part of the Manor of Colby, pur- jy
'» chafcd by the Agent of the American Iron Company in the j
-1,5 years 1765 and 1767, of Oliver Esq. the one con- g
taining B94oacres,, the other 3815 acres.
4. All that trad of land fltuate on the north fiae of the
Mohawk river, near the German Flats ; adjoining part of
Coftty's manor, and bounded on ths east by Canada creek.
This trad will be divided, and fold in the following Lots,
° r v?2 > , AS
Acres. Acres, a
ld Lot T containing 96$ Lot 14 containing 1000
n. 2 qaj , I s 1000
3 844 16
it- • 4 806 17 411
of i 5 762 18 1160
6 Boj 19 xooo
be 7 % 9fo 40 1000 I
8 iooo 100 a
_ 9 1000 W 390 (
10 iooo 23 75°
11 iooo S4 93°
12 1000
13 1000
'y The trad on No. 4is chiefly beach, maple, bass and elm.
c The purchase money to be paid by the following in!M- -
5> mcnts, viz. one-fourth on the day offale; on'e-fourthon the
1 firft Tucfday in April next; one-fourth on the firltTuefday f
•P* inOdobcr, 1796; and the remainder on the iirit VucfJay .
°f in April, 1797. when deeds willt>« given to the purchaser.
e>> Plans of. the different tra&s of land may be seen by ap
plying to Mr. Peter Go;Id, one of th« trustees, in Nevv-
York; or to Mr. KMvard EJivar 'i, in Philadelphia.
■November 4. m&t.
lis N°. 116. " (
DijlriS of Pennfyhania, to wit: t
, , T) Eit remembered, that on the ninth day j
Cseall' of November, in the twentieth year of t
J the Independertco of the United States of A
-1 ' merica, Samuel Harrifon Smith, of the said ■
Djftrid, Itath deposited in this Office the title of a ,
book, the right whereof he Claims as Proprietor, in |
the words following, to wit:
" A Vindication of Mr. Randolph's Relignation,"
in ccnforniity to the Ad of the Congress of tlie Uiii- ,
t j, e ted States, intituled, "An atSl for'the encouragement
;ts of leartringi by secUring the copies of maps and charts
j, e J and books to the authors and proprietors of such co
pies, daring the times therein mentioned."
SAM, CALDWELL, Clerk of the
Nov. 11, ( law;ui) Oyirict cf fennfyl-vania.
A PLANTATION about twelve miles Trem this city, in
Montgomery iountv, containing 70 acres; On which
y °J there is a new stone Houle, two stories high, two rooms on
m 'lc a floor, fire places iu each room; ftorw Xltrhen, and stone
tllcnt Spring-House over a never failing fpririg of water; a Barn,
rine Sheds, Barracks, &c. a large Apple Orchard, and a
• are variety of other Fruit Trees; about 12 acres of good Mca
ts on dow, and to of Wood Land. Poficffton will be given the
ex 6rft of April, or fooncr it" wanted, when the purchaser will
other ave £^e opportunity of buying the Stock on the Place, and
two Coin in the ground. For furiHei'particulars apply'at'No.
Arch-street. Nov. *iaw. 3W.
It Kor
Or to be LET for a term of years,
"ft'" \ N elegant Kcnfe with about forty-two acres of Land
<•- ii and Meadow, The Stn»tipn is very eonvenicnt for
a Country Seat, or for a pericn Sncljned. to attend the
"fed markets. There is an excellent Kitchen Garden, Icc-houfe,
S and a variety of Fruit—the distance about five miles from
r. the city. For further information apply to the Printer.
f November 14. lawtf.
PHILADELPHIA, Printed by JOHN FENNO, N°* 119 Chefnui-Strcei.—Y&izz Six Dollars Pes. Akhum.
George Briaghurft,
RESPECTFULLY informs hi . friend", and the public, A
that hp has removed from Arch-street, to li in T'
north Eifth-ftreet, adjoining th; Epifcoj>i»l Bmial Ground, A
where he continues tlte butinel. ox ' vc I
Coach making in all its Branches.
He makes all kinds of crane neck and perch Carriages, p|,s
such 1* Coaches, Chariots, I'H." lulls, ahd Coachees ; also,
Chaits," Kittereens, Gigs, Sulkejrs ; and all kinds of Hart
nifs, with plated or brass mounting. Ha hath a good bro(J
supply of the best materials, and a Itock of the best sea- oj , &
foned wood. good
Otders from any part of the United States will be du- A
ly attended to with the greataft punctuality and dispatch. j, eal j
His long experience in bulinefs, his care io the cxecu- A
tion of his work, and an unremitted attention to tha de- tnak
fires of his employers, he flutters tiiipfplf will prsvc fu)S- endb
cieut recoaunendations. of hi
He has several fecond-hapd for sale, viz. a moll
compleat Coachpe, with a coachman's feat and Venetian (j:
blinds all rpuni; a Phston; a Chair ; and a Sulkey with the r
a falling top. "'Si
AH kinds of Carriages fold on CommitHon, apd Car- (tree
riagos taken in to (land by the month er year.
■gf Apprentices wanted to the JJufimefs. ,ect
'Philadelphia, November ai. t,t,&s3OT.iawd(J. le S^
Made by OLIVER EVANS, at his Factory, in the old • n
yinnd-mill in Elmfley's alley.
South Secani-frtet, a little I 'elo-w Duel Jlreet,
WHERE those who apply may be supplied with stones 3.
of such quality as will suit their pijrpofes. Also,
, stones for gudgeons to run on, and Plaifcer ps JParis. A (
He keeps for S ALE, tl
At his dwelling No. us north Second-ftr?et, a Jfttlc above Lift
Vine.flreet, la
Boulting Cloths,
A complete assortment of both imported and American c)
manufactured for merchant and country «vor)c, which'he
warrants good. a r<
The Young Millwright's and Miller's GUIDE. Ra[
" Containing a system of mechanics and hydraulics as they o
' apply to water mills with the whole process of, and all the n
late improvements on the art of manufacturing flour &c.
' ' intended to be ufeful to all concerned In building or using
}! water-mills, which book is fold by Matthew Carey and t]
Robert Campbell, booWellers. c
Sept. aj. 3tdj>awtf. _,
[ New Publications. r
John M'Cullocb, e
no. i, North third-street, A 1
1. Incidents of the InsurreCtion in the Western 0
parts of Pennsylvania, in the year 1794. By Hugh At;
H. Brackenridge■ *
2. A cpncife History of the United States, from the i
1 discovery of America, until the year 1795. «
3. House and Pocket Almanacs for the ye»r *796. Mi.
J. M'Culloch has alfa for sale, e
Robertfon's History of America, 3 vols, with maps An
'' Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, a vols a
1 Gazetteer of France, 3 vols c
d Kincaid's Geographical Grammar, with new Maps, An
£ and Plates, exhibiting the dress of the various nati- ,
I. ors of the earth, a vols
i) Guthrie's Geography
Literary Magazine, 11 vols, with elegant plates as 1
1- A collection of Voyages, 6 vols, with many plates yea
' Goldsmith's Works P ie
d Thorafon'a Works
Spedtator, 8 vols. •
4 Hervev's Works, 6 vols. '
Mofhoims's Ecclefialtical History, 6 vols.
e Doddridge's Family Expositor, 6 vols. ,
" Brown's Family Bible, t vols. London Edition.
Walker's Sermons, 3 vols. M .
t Goldsmith's Animated Nature, plates, 8 vols: A
' Blackftdne's Commcnianes, 4 vols.
J Hamilton's Introduction to Merchandise
' Family, School, and Pocket B.bles on
s SpellinK Books, Grammars, other School Books, &c. Ed
Nov 16 en
1 Now ? übliflied, —
\ fro. 60,fiuth Second-Jlreet, <-1
The curious Prophecies of J
> p ONTAINING great and remarkable things, not reveal- •*£
> e( Jto any other person on earth. f 0!
> This work is interesting to every one. c 0
> Augujl 14 SWJ'f so
a. Auguji iith, 1755. _
1- XTOTICE is kcreby given to all pc'rfons v/ho are or M
\ e JN may be Creditors of the United States, for any m
'■'/ films of the Funded Debt, or Stock, bearing a present L;
ly interest of Jtx per centum per_antiutn, :
:r " ift, Tljatpurfuant toaiiA«St Of Congress, paffed-on £|
the third day of March, 1795> intitule 1, "An Act q
making further provision for the support of Public an
Credit, and for the redemption ot the Public Debt, lh
- there will be reimbursed and redeemed, on the firft day dl
of January ensuing, the rate or proportion of two per pc
eentum of the principal of tbe debt or jlock, 1
ay in the Certificates issue.d to tl)e fnid Creditors rrfpec- g
of tively. ■
A- jj The f a ;d reimbursements will be made at the
li(1 Treasury of the United States, or at the Loan Offices -
f a where the said Stock may stand credited, at the close of
■ n the present year.
3d, The said reimtinrfements will be to the _
. ' said Creditors in person, or to their Attormes duly
«>- sonftituted 1 but the powers of attorney which may be m
:nt produced mull contain an authority to receive the said jr
rts reimkurfemcnt of principal, other wife no mpre thm the T
:o * usual dividend of interest will bp P?"J ; and ajfhoygh ,
the two per centum °f principallo be redeemed, (hould
r not be demanded", yet. the interest thereon will cease „
from tlie said ftrlt diy of January next. a
~ 4th, Te prevent the great trouble and expence which r
would attend a renewal of the Certificates, in confe- J!
,in quenee of the said reimbursement ol Principal, it has
ich been determined that no renewal ftxall be made: And
011 further, that the Certificates which may be rffued dur
one ing the. year One thoafand seven hundred and ninery
fix, in consequence of any transfers of the said fix per 1
cent. Stock, (hall notwithstanding the rcimburfpivieiu
["J of two per centum, as aforementioned, be ex pre tied .
vili for the respeCtive fi|ms of the original Capital Stock
and All pcrfons who may negociate the Funded fix per cent.
No. Stock of the United States, bearing a present interest,
are therefore cautioned to bbfervc, that during the .
One thogfind seven hundred and ninety-fix, the value
or krue amount of Principal unredeemed of ftid Debt ]
or Stock, will be ninety-eight per centum of the l'ums
and the Certificates 1
for Given under a) 7 handj at Philadelphia, the day
the and year beforcmentione'd, purfuhnt to cb
ufc reCtions of the Secretary .of the Treal'ury,
r . Trtajurcr of the United Sui'et. I,
f. Aug. 24- iawtji
George Hunter,
At Ins Laboratory, AV. 114, south Second flrtu
INFORMS his former cultomm ~nd lUc ou'jlic
he has begun the DRUG buftnefs juno„
five plan.
He ha» fpr.fale a general iffortment of
; cines.
I Likewifc, p»inters'calour9,dryanu ground in oil .
brushes, window and coach glass, dye fluffs, <>;'■
oil ot turpentine, coual oil and japa-., w dl , , '
Allum, copperas, madder, ground rcdweodby:!i t
head or fmaliir quantity.
Ashe imports the (implf > from the Oert maifeet ■, a..
" makes the compofuionj «iid preparations him/el! '
• enabled to vouch for and warrant every atjt.cle
of his Laboratory, and likewileto dispose bftfirrh ; t .
most rcafonable raui.
' (f3" He wtfhes to fell a LOT of \
1 the north-east corner of High and tlevcntlj-Iticeii.. „ lt \. '
iiig'7B (eet front on 200 feci on El«v eilt »
street', opposite Mr. Leiper's new Buildings—Anrf dII , JU .'
LOT on the north fide of High street, near the jU,,, vr "'.l
feet front, and 200 feet deep, gotb lots have t(ic *
legeof a go teet alley in the rear.
Der - '3
, A-nd fpeadily will be publilhed, by L
At 68, Hivh-Jlrect, '
» American Repository, for 1796;
'' containing:
A compleat Calendar sos Rules for reducing the cur
the year. resides of the
e Lifts of tfee executive, legif- Table of pounds, &c. redu
lative and judicial officers ced into dollars & cents,
of the federal government Summary of the export, in
t of the ministers and 4 fucceflive year?.
consuls to and from the Amount of the unredeemed
United States. debt, .annual, revenue and
A register of the land and expenditures.
sea force? of do. A view of the finking fund.
Rates of postage, and times An estimate of the imports
' e of receiving & closing the of the United States, in
mails at Philadelphia. two several years,
* Ali'.l of the pod-towns, with Domestic duties or escifes.
I the distances of each, on Drawbacks and bounties.
the main line, as well as Banks, with rules of con
crofs roads. duifting bufinrfs.
—of the federal courts. Officers of the civil govern *
—of the supervisors of the ment of Pfennfylvinia.
revenue. Estimate of expenccn of do.
The mint, and monies of the hi one year.
U.S. and the currency of Officers of civil government
eachftate. of New-York.
A lift of the commifiionerj Sovereign princes and re
n of loans. publics of Europe.
b A (hewing the proper- Lift of the navy of Great
tion of froe persons to Britain, correifted agree -
ie slaves, and of naales to fe- able to the latest inferma
males, &c. in the U.S. tion. 1
Militia of the United States, Do. of the navy of Fratire,
with the proportion of do.
each. State of the air, an<J a diary
An alphabetical lift of duties of the winds and w - tier
agreeably to the last aift in Philadelphia, durjJßtti
of Congrefi. months, ending iiSiept.
®» Amount of impost and tonn- T-9
i- age-»f-onc Bills oT mortality in Philad.
Cuftom-houfc fees, &c. of one year.
This little volume will contain a much greater coinpM,
as well as variety of matter, than that of the preceding
year, and will be embellished with an engraved fron.iv
piece, title page, and a vig-rtts faced with a head ot-la
ment, to-each month. The scenes iepi&ed in the vij
oettes, allude chiefly to the rural labours ol the year. Tit.
engravings are new, and executed with an excellence tip:
does credit to the American fine arts.
At the fame place may be had,
Plans of the city of Philadelphia, and its environs, acc
urately engraved from a late survey.
Maps of the United States, and of each flats Separately.
A valuable cslleilion of modern Books, and a general affur
ment of Stationary Wares.
Note.—Those Who desire it, may have the above-merit.-
onedMaps, or any other, coloured, canvafied, and vamit! 1 -
" c " ed, and put up in any manner that may he moll convei
eot, by applying at dir.eiled above.
For Sale,
THAT valuable and well known PL A NTATIOM for
merly owned by John £van>, at prefect by Samuel £-
vans; situate in London Britain townft>*p, Cfjefter cojiuty,
al- ccmta ' n * n S about four hundred and lixty acres —There arc oil
said Plantation two dwelling Houles, one (lone and brak,
forty feet by twenty-ftve, two ilories high, with a large an
f commodious Kitchen; the other a good loqg Houfc,
' for a tenant; two large and convenient ijarns; a iloneS*... t
j House; a good Merchant Mill, with between 12 and 13 fee
>> head and tall, on a never failing ft;eam the Whiteclay 'creel
—There are on said Plantation about 80 acres of exceTlen
or Meadow, a large proportion of which is well watered, and
,ny more can conveniently be made; about 180 acres is arabl
' en s Land, cleared, the residue is Wood Land. The Land, i
general, is of the firft quality in tbat end of the county. T
otJ Plantation is 10 miles from Newport, 11 from the Hea<
» a £ik, G tuna Cross Roads, and s.from Ne
Garden Meeting Houle, on the nearest road from Lane
„ and on the direS one from Peach Bottom Ferry to Newp«.
the situation ef the Mill is suitable for either the Elk or Mi
lay dl : town trade, which renders it an important ltand. Ai
per person desirous of purchasing will, upon applying to A
fed BENJ AMIN CHAMBERS, within one mile of the plat
ec . be fk,ewed the fame, and know the terms of sale from th^
fubferiber hereof, in county,
November 19, 17 55. aawtf.
Andover Iron Works
. ' I HEY are situate in the couuties of SulTcx and Morris,
U , J. in the State of New-]erfey : 'Die ore lies within 5
' • ? mile of the Furnace, is esteemed of the firJt quality.of ai;
a '' in America, and particularly adapted for making Ste.
® The Furnace and Fsrge, to which belone between iiai
-'o'j i j,ooo aeres of Land, will be fold tcget.'ief, or Lafed
- ther separately or together: they are distant auout f
nnles from each other, and are an object \vell worth
attcntiqn of Iron Masters. The" buildings, &c. are in s
lich ry reflect c.pfnroodiaus. Fer further particulars aj.ply to
nle- Benjamin Chew, or Jol.nLirdncr, Philadelphia,
has Oil. 2. 3 taw !
nd \LL persons indebted to the Estate of SAMUi
A FRAUNCES, late of this city, Innkeeper, «•
L \ ceased, are dellred to make payment to the fubferiber ;
j and all those who have any demands., agaiaft tbf
l s'\ Ehate, are requs.lled to bring in their accoyr.t« pfP er "
ly attested. '
3Ck- SAMUEL M. FRAUNCES* A6H?g Exeeutor.
ent - P-ue-fturel, No. !».
r *79*-.
alue To be tlifpofed of at private
Jebt! Pursuant to the last Will aadTeflament oft
umi deceased,
TWO two flory brick Messuages and Lot
viz. No. ioo, nprth Second, near Ra
o di- 1 74, aorth Eifth, neir Vinc-ftrcct —both gp
V, bulinefs, particularly tht former. For tern
J I Nrsemker Xl, 1795 -
r— —— • "