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of the late treaty proposed to be made with Great I
Britain. Yet, notwithflanding those difcontentg, 1
we express our confidence ill the executive depart- J
ment of the general government, in whom the pow- (
cr of making treaties is constitutionally veiled. All ]
attempts, therefore, to inflame or agitate the minds
of the people against the officers of government, ]
and particularly our 'beloved President, merit our -
highest disapprobation.
We have hitherto lived happy under the laws of '
the United States of America. We have sworn (
ta support the eonftitution thereof, and we pro
nounce the men whom we have intrnfted with the
administration of the laws, to be under our protec
tion and guardianlhip.
We likewise announct our utmofl abhorrence ■'
and detestation against the writer of a threatening
anonymous letter, dated March 13th, 1795, and (
directed to the honorable judge Campbell-—We ,
exhort and direst the citizens of this Territory not <
to be guilty of any offence of the like nature. We
consider all attempts of redress for any injuries,
elpecially supposed injuries, Thort of legal or con
stitutional measures, is beneath the character ihat
ought to dignify a citizen of the United States.
These expressions of tfur minds, and the charge
delivered by Judge Campbell, we desire may be in
serted in the Knoxville Gazette.
Reply from thr Grand Jury for the dijlrict of Ha
milton, at Oflober term, 1795, '» the charge deli
vered to them by the Hon. 'Judge Campbell.
WITH pleasure have we attended to the charge
delivered by you, at the commencement of the pre
sent session.
The true principle of government ought to be .
r well understood by every citizen, ai d deeply im
prcfTed #tp every mind. Tsat all freemen in a re
publican government, have a rigliL to remonftraie
in a conilitutional manner, againit grievances.
We highly reprobate all riots, burning cf effi
gies* or any other unlawful step taken to throw the
minds of the people into :t lernient. We like wife (
disapprove of inve&ives being thrown out against
offi' trs of government in high Ration, especially \
the illustrious Washington, We also feel the high- j
&ft sensations of sjr-utitude for those citizens, who
in a j atriotic and conilitutional manner opposed
those parts of the late treaty Britain,
which to us appear inimical to the rights and li
berties of the free and independent Hates of Ame
We dcclare, that though we have found Dur
felvei happy und r the patronage of Congids, in
our temporary government, nevertbtlcfs, v.e prefer
a full voice in the federal councils of the United
likewise pronounce the anonymous letter J
directed thfclhonorabjf Judge Campbell, and
through him to thTdTh^rJoTlgts, £0 b® ii.tli_g.uant
to our laws, the author to be an enemy to our go
vern menr; afid we exhort all good citizens to feel
themselves freemen, and know it to be their duty,
not only to discountenance but endeavour to sup
press all fucb.enornskies.
y It is the request of the jury that this reply be in
serted in the Knoxville Gazette.
Unanimously agreed t0,,,
RICHMOND, November 2 1.
Leoisiature of Virginia.
A motion was made that the house do come to
the following refolntion :
Rcfohrrd, That the motives which influenced the
President of the United States (o ratify the treity
lately negotiated with Great Britain meet the en
tire approbation of this house and that the Presi
dent of the United States for his great vt-if
. dom and integrity merits and pofiefies the unlimit
ed confidence of his country.
And said resolution being again read, and a moti
on made to amend the fame by linking out from
the word resolved to the end and infecting, in lieu
thereof the following words.
That he Hor.fe do entertain the highefl sense
of the integrityard patriotism of the President of
the United States and that while they approve the
vote of the Senators of this state inthe Congress of
the United States relative to the treaty with Great
Britain they in no wife mean to censure the motives
which influedeed him ia liis-condnfl thereupon.
It passed in the affirmative.
The liegiflature of this Commonwealth will convene
to-morrow in the State-Houfe.
One day lafl week an honest Fellow-Citizen, enquir
ing for work, was dire<fled to the Office of the Hol
low-Ware Company—He acccrt-dingiy applied to the
Chief Forger for the office of Bellows-Elov. er.
Whether any articles had recently been discovered
to be cracked thro' carelelTnefs of the workmen, is
not yet known ; It is however certain, that the Chief
Forger was in a moll violent rage, and, urged there
by, kicked his Fellow-Citizen down flairs—Equality
and Democracy to the contrary uotwitbftanding.
days. e
Shirt Caroline, Hilton Cadiz 77 h
Sch'r Dorothy, Dye Frederickfburg S a
Kitty, Ugene do. 5
— > iShtppard N. Carolina ''
Lovely Lift, Tice Little York a
. Sloop Sally, Potter Richmond S
Salem, Elkms , Alexandria I
Wary, Griffin Amboy b
cleared. f,
lsbe > Ga y . Falmouth r.
- ■ becca, Davine Bourdeaux
tfcy, White Kail-indies j 1
nevsrance, Ri r har» Madeira h
acy, c.ator Hifpaniola
ling arrived the fliip Caroline, Capt. Ililton,
at Cadiz; OSuber 31ft, l a t. 39, 30,'fyoke S
V • ,
the bng; Harriot, Morris, from Bremen Uynd to f
Charleston, out three rriosths, difmaftcd aits. (hort of f
, provifiors ; Clpt.H. fapp'ied him with a ba*r*t of
bread—Capt. M. informed him that his crew had mu- (
tmed three diiTerent times, and threatened to tiirjw
1 him overboard. <■
1 Nov. 7th, lat. 37, 47, long. 66, spoke the brig Dol- *
p phin, Gallivay, of and from Philadelphia bound to :
• Liverpool, out 6 days, all well—Nov. i3 r lat. 38, 30, I
spoke the (hip Ocean, Vredenbiirgh, of and from Phi- ,
: ladelphia bound to Havre-de-Grace, out 24 hours, all 1
well, who supplied Capt. 11. with provisions—lest at
Cadiz, the brigs Smith, Philadelphia j Garland, Boston. 1
FROM the firft of December next, the annual fubferip- '
tion for this Gazette will be EIGHT DOLLARS. «
■ Subscribers out of the City will pay One Dollar a year in ]
, addition,, for inclofurg and dire<fting their Papers. • [
Remote fubfciiber» are requested to pay up arrearages
to the above period ; alia the hall year's advance from J
; that time—those who do not, will be considered as de- '
; dining a continuance of their fuWcription. t
; Advertisements ot a square, or less, are publilhed in this
Gazette once, for half a dollar ; and continued at one
' quarter or a dollar for each fubfetjuent infeition.
The Editor acknowledges, with gratitude, the favors
:of his advertising assures them, that the en- 1
creased, and encreafing number of his'fubfcribers, is eon- I
. tinually extending the circulation in the city—lts difhnt (
circulation is now equal to that of any other publicatioa.
Philadelphia, November 3, 1795.
In a late pitper we publifhe'd a letter under the '
Hudson head from Georgia, giving an account of
the minder of five Indians by lome white person :
■ We find in the Augtifta Chronicle, (ince received,
' a number of affidavits, relative to the business : (
The following is a simple of the whole : :
: Slate of Georgia, Montgomery County. '
PERSONALLY appeared before me, David '
Blackfhear, Capt. Edward Blackfiiear, and Capt. 1
; Bcrjamin Harrifon, and being duly sworn, on their
. eaths do fey, That on Sunday morning last an a- '
. larrn took place, that an Indian painted in a war- '
: like manner, was near the house of said Hanifon, i
which drew a number of the inhabitants together, '
. who flarted in search of Indians, and going a few *
: j miles up the river fell in with a party supposed to 1
;| be eight in number, at which time an engagement 1
; ensued ; the party killed seven dead on the ground, '
r j and loft ona mad killed and five wounjed, two of
. | which were supposed to be mortal, but since appear '
i to be en the recovery. '
B. HARRISON, wounded.
Sworn to before me this Sthdayof o£t. 1795.
James Lawfon, Solomon Moifit, and Daniel '
! Cu'rrie declare upon oalb, that the above affidavit
1- is ju(l and true.
r DANIEL CURRIE, wounded.
1 Sworn to before me this 23d day of Oil. 1795.
~ TT7c Uxifrrnamr-J fcrfotii were also prefeut at the above
, Samuel Sparks, Charles Sparks, James Httll,
. Thomas Harvey, Andrew llempliill, Michael
GiifHn, Jof. Blackfaire, Win. Wall, William Bu(h,
. wounded, John Bulb, Moses Tcifon, John Hcmo
hill, wounded, George Muie, Robcit Spurock,
Afhlay CVood, Samuel Smith.
William M'Kiflack killed dead on the ground.
Jofiah Sparks mortally wounded, since dead of
his wounds.
Done before ipe this 23d o£lober 1795.
BOSTON, November 20.
We hear that the late amti treaty petition
ers petitioning the fsk&men to call a
town meeting, to corilider the propriety of peti
tion in g the president to withhold his approbation
;of the treaty said to be concluded between the
emperor of Morocco and James Simpfon, esq. agent
for the United States : also the treaty between
£ the United States and the regency of Algiers, and
= that they intend burning in effigy Simpfon and
Donatdfon together with captain Obrien ; the forro
t er for negociating and the hitter ft - being the bear
er of those vile un,read mftruments.
Vive la Lantern ! Ca Ira !
The following vessels are advertised in the Li
verpool papers of Odlober 5, to fail at vai i»us pe
riods in October, viz.
The Jofcph, Stone; Apollo, Hilman ; Indus
try, Fletcher; Catlieiine, Cazneau ; Friendftiip,
Moulton ; and Adraflus, Jamefon, for Bolton.—
Hope, RufTell ; Commerce, Banden ; and Willi-
am, Wifwall, for New-York.—Thomas, Holland ;
and Pomona, for Philadelphia Commerce, Brick
head ; Hampton, Allen ; and Republican, Simp
- son, for Baltimore.
Latest European Intelligence,
[To October 5, received by Captain Weeks, who ar
t ived here yejlerday from Liverpool, [Eng.~\
Approaching important Crifts at Paris.
PARIS, September 26.
The decrees for teele&ing two thirds of the Con
vention, were yeflerday proclaimed in the fteeets
of Paris, as being adapted by the majority of the
people. The utmost pomp and ceremony attend
ed the event : but many of the Primary Affcm- «
blies, exprefled their indignation on the occasion,
and fume of them considered the proclamation as 1
a calumny upon the people, as contrary to truth, 1
and, consequently, as not binding on any one. j
In fadt, it is a moll incredible lnflauce of pre- I
uimption, to impose the will of 160,000 (t!u? num
ber of voters who have accepted the decrees) per- i
sons, as a law of 25,000,000 of men. The Parti- f
fans of the Convention, thus, donot exceed 160,000, <
and amongthefe mufl be reckoned the terroritls who v
have been lately fst at liberty. c
GONESSE, (10 miles from Paris.) September 22. .1
"In several communes of the department of the
Seine and Oife, a placard has beefl jtill paded up, r
fliewing to what danger liberty has been xpofed
for some days pail. It is pofiriifely fcated, '•
certain viftJiclive, and ambitious men, had pr* .
fed to transfer the lent of the Co vention, to fur.n place ;to declare Paris in a state 'tof rebellion
and to prevent it from receiving ; arid
that the molt faithful leprefcKt'atives of the people,
such at Boiffy d'Atiglas, Henrie Lanviere, Eer
mnnd, Lanjuinais, Lefage, Raba'uif, Puinmier,
I'elet, Duflault, &e. were to* be profeiibed, and
the hideous Empire of Terror reeftal lifted.
" Phis is a fuißeient explanation of the meafurcs
pursued in our neighbourhood ; . this is the reafi
Lyons Iras been wi.h troops, and Nantes
, and Rouen /' livered Up to the Terrorifls ; that
picquets of cavalry have been flattened for fotne
days on the roads leading to Pflrij, that the Poll
waiter# reifeivfrd orderaiioc to.let any body have
liorfes ; that so many troops have beencollected in:
the cnviiVns of Paris, and that the terrbnils and
Brigands have been set at liberty."
According to this paper it appear), that (hey in
tend, in cafe it fhouhl be found n.eccffary, to em
ploy the troops again ft the inhabitants of Paris;
leveral men in power, fa id, that with ten squa
drons they would rrduce the letHons to obedience,
and that so many heads Jhould be taken off, that
those who remained fuould not dare to make any
, further ' 1
LONDON, September 30.
( Jnft as this paper was putting to prafs, we re
ceived, by exprcfa, the Paris Journals of the 26th
a«d 27th in ft. ; 'the intelligence they contain, is ex
tremely important, but the lateness of the hour
I precludes the pofiibility of giving any 'thing more
than a mere outline in this day's paper.
I he accounts brought by the vefTel arrived from
. Calais, mention, that Paris is in aft ate of extreme
. confufion and disorder. In the tumults which ap
pear to have taken place, several lives are Bated to
have been loft ; and the Convention, feeing the de
■ termined requisition of .the 1 i(flioi)ft tbe at
| tempts foi perpe-uating their power, aTe-prcparing j
to quit the me'.ropolis. j
( \ October 3.
; Yesterday, Mr. Marfli, was sent to open a pre- !
. i.mth&ry conference with M. M. Moneron, and
oternveit, the Comfßifiiocers'fent to this Country
by the National Convent;on.
It may be relied upon, that the Regency of
It move., have, by this time, concluded a PEACE
with I'; in coufeqUence of which the Britilh
troops! upon the Continent, "will probably return
I home.
Yesterday morning., Mr. Hammond, late his
Majesty's min. .Hot, to the Spates of America, sir
iwed in town from Philadelphia. He has bought
over with him .the ratification ofihe Luctreafy, with
the txeeptirtn of one article of it, which 1 chains o
pen lor future difcufiion.
: The corftents of ih. papers wbi>.h we Jiave re
ceived, r. arrant us i" f yi;'.g, tiara Civil", [ it .
1 Rflwlly h• k( out In ! !
1 jt® 11 <Vilarfd UfHfjn- a j
llsfc of uifiirve-tii'Jii acquit the Convention.
The Sovereign frct'ot) ( » ftthd in'a Con- .
, ve«iti''j>njil_ J.hi. jiai—l .vpfll.-t e J has proclaimed .
wit h gpt Fwl<- t: nit j-—1 hit it condemns its Civi
Com .hi Hey, obeyed the decree whiol
f ordered the Proclamation of the acceptance cf th:
Cotiftuutiop, unci the Dccrees ot die rth an<i
13: h Fiu&idor, by the Frerfch peop! ■. Th: s"
and prbceflion we're numerous; auu «;r
ter this proJpfcftion again!! the Convention,.the
air rvfoUndio with the cry of " A las let Deux
1 Urs —Do-vm with the Two Thirds !
I" the evening fitting of the 3d Vendtmaire
(Sept/25) Dclaimy (d'Angera) Reportei to the
Committee of Genera! Welfare, informed the Con
- vention, that several soldiers had been infnhed by
a individuals, and the armed force ; three
- pistols had been discharged its the garden of equ?-
n lity, where Bertefc, a ftrjeant of tlje grenadiers of
: the Convention, was (lightly wounded. The cry
1 of To arms! ' Was heard in different partis of the
1 metropolis. The' exclamation of " Down with
'* tL't Tw 'Tkirdt was' atfogeneral.
' In several of - thi gropps collected in different
■ ; laces, people übferved, that the Convention ought
■ to.Lie driven from Paris, otherwne there would be
a famine; and that the presence of the Comte d'
Aihiis and the Prince de Lambefq, was neceaary
- for the reftocaiion Q.f ordtr.
Lefage (d'fane et Loire) read an address ta the
Partfians, the purport of which was, to render the
. citizens of Paris, responsible for the fafety of the
, Convention ;to declare that, if any attempts weie
- made on the perfoni of the Deputies, the Legisla
tive Body would meet Chalon-fur Marne ; and
; to order the Republican tr.>ops to piegare them
- selves for defending the Representatives of the
- People.
The address wa6 adopted, and was orderded to
be pafled up immediately, in form of a proclama
tion, in every pait of the city, and lo be forwarded
to the departments, and ta the armies.
In the fitting of the 4th Vendemaiie (Sept. 26)
Larevelliers-Lepaux, in tire name of the Commit
tee of Public Welfare, informed tbe Convention,
that the agints of the Sections had pulled down
all the proclamations which had been pasted up by
• order of the' Convention during the night. It was
therefore decreed, that the Adminitlratois of the
department of the Seine, should immediately pub
lift, in Paris, the proclamation and the declaration
adopted by the Convention, on the preceding night.
Talien proposed the eflabliftraent of an extraor
dinary commilfion of sixteen members of the Con
vention, to superintend the police This
proportion gave rife to a long debate, and was at
length referred to the Committees.
The Prefiderit of the session of the Temple, hav
ing put in requintion the commander of the armed
force of that diftriifl, the Convention annulled the
order lie had iflued, and decreed, that all persons
who fnould call out the armed force without an
order from the Representatives of the People, fhoilld
be deemed traitors to their country, and profeeutcd
as such.
It was alio decreed, on the motion of Latour
neur (de la Manche) that the AdminillrativeCom
nn'ttefs or Par (hot:'J take carc that all the young
.Tien of die fir I reqailiriot;, fcouM immediately
j in their refjK-c'live corps ; and that every pevfon
of thai description, wlio Pnoiild be found in any
group or a'flemblrigeof die people, fhotild, without
any further proof, be deemed a ttbel, £iid treated
as fash. i?
Oftoher 3.
Y-flerday an officer who landed at Falmouth,on
\Vednefday reached town, with dispatches from
Sir John Warten. Ey-tlitfe it appears, that Sir
T jhn Varren, with a fquadion of frigates, gnu
boats, &f. having •he Cuiiite d'Artois onboard,
had tailed on the 2J-1 'i)t. for the I fie of Noirmoti
jicr, andi''*t <Jti he F i:kv following, a heavy can
nonade wa* heard frcnvlhat <]tiafter.
1 ellcrday foicnoqn an c<prefr> was recei.jreJ by a
refp»claijie hi t:fe city, Jiatirg that'the Bar
rieis of Paris, were (hut, at. tl that an embargo had
been 1. id Upvn all vefiels at Cr.lais. These violefit
rtieafure* are supposed to proceed from (ome frefh
commotio; v r,i p.iris. It seems more than proba
ble that the feflions will oblige the Convention
either to fly, or io revoke the uiijull and tyrannic
al decrees for Ihe rc-ele&io.i of the two thirds.
Admiral Hotham, we are sorry to learn, comes
home chit fly on the score of bad health. The coun
try thus lofcs tke fen'ices of one of its belt and a
bkft officers.
From the J,ondnn Gazette.
Admira'ty Office, Oft. 3.
Copy of a letter from Capt. H. Nelson, to Admi
ral Hot iam, dated Agamemnon, Vado Bay,
Aug. 27, 1755.
Having received information from Gen. Ie Vias,
that a convoy «f provisions' and ammunition, was
arrived at Akiffio, a place in the po(Teffion of the
Frenchmen, I yeflerdny proceeded, with the fiiips
named in the margin, to that place, where, wi'hin
art hour, we took the vcflfeis named ip the inclofcil
liit; there was but a very feeble opposition from
some of the enemies cavalry, who fired on our boats
when boarding the veflels near the (bore, but I
have the pleatrtre to fay, no man was killed or
wounded. Ihe enemy had 2000 horse and foot
soldiers 111 the town, u ■ h prevented my burning
and deflroying their magazines of provisions and
I sent Capt. I'remantie, of the Incoirftant, with
the l aVtar, to Langueliu, a town on the weft fide
of the bay of A .ffio, w;.ere he executed my or
der? in a molt officer like manner; and I am in
debted to eveiycaptain and officer "in tlie fquadion,
tor their mfti. ity, bui nioft paiticularly so to Lieut.
George Andrews, lil jLient. of the Agamemnon,
' ho by his spirited and i liicer like conduit, saved
the French corvette fiom giving on there. I have
the honor to be, Sir, with the highelt relpeCt,your
moll i/Lcditiit fvrvaiit,
[iXj" The prizes are nifie in number, armed brigs
gailioti, and,gun boa:<s, laden with tiav/dcr, and
• : s'r a 1 col, 0.-.t. 5.
ttr a-: -J.jrom Portlmnuth, we learn,
ft' ;v*- .. who engaged tliemfclves
. i on board licCon.meice
die.i f.iip in good health
' ' pi.ii eel to the Wcil
■'* . t* i xclufive of warlike (lores,
t of - o,coo, are carried
; ' purp K ten fail of the line, one
■t . te, '..i.e gun y and three or four 74's,
together a lver or armed Eafl Indiamer, ate
engaged. Ad.n. Pole, in the Colours, and Adm.
Chriltian, 11: the Prince George, are included in
the expedition. „
The Commerce de Marseilles is dated in the
different prints to caniy l2oguns, but the t rut ft is
that (he mounts 136 gijns. Naval gentlemen, who
have looked narrowly into her merits, declare, that
in the main articles of speed, defenfe, and internal
accommodation, this snip by far fur pallet all that
Europe ever had to boait of.
IF a scribbler who calls himfelf «< A true Rennbli.
can," irs yo'.r paper of Friday, had ever read the ldlf
tory of Ancient Rome he would have feea that the
greatest Republic on earth poiTeiTed Slaves, and a No.
■Miry, waote care to oreferve. the purity of Patrician
b.ood wa« only equaled by their, exertions either in the
fie.., or in the Senate, to maintain that individual dir.
mty and honour, which they ever considered as infe
parab.e from that of their nation. Contrast such con
dua a .that of the noble Brutus, of Regulus, and of
penus Mus, with tlm of Plebeian Patriots, and then
fay if Nobility, by descent, is not more conducive to
virtue and to patriotism than any principle which can
be mftilled into the mind of a creature of yesterday—
one who is »ot sure of ever having had a grandfather.
Will any one pretend that a frefli-imported Pedlar,
or grovelling Mechanic, can fill the priencipal Offices
of State with equal dignity, when compared with a
Barren, a Carter, a Randolph, or a Lee, or with an
individual of either of the befi Patrician faraihes of
Virginia, surely no one in his lenses would answer in
the a>m mative. Ihe only quefiion that can now exist
« whether it be better that the mrift honorable blood
of \ ii ginia shall become polluted, Tind the dignitv of
the ancient dominion, which is inseparably conne'&ed
therewith, be thereby diflblved, "and like the baseless
fabric of a vision leave not a wreck behind;" or that
law which protests the present Patrician estates anel
honours from falling a prey to creatures that nobody
tr.ows, mcre.y to/at.sfy a paltry demand for a little
.)tay-Tape and Buckram, or some other foolifh foreien
or eastern article, which the family had better
without, *
Shall we fee a parcel of groveling Yanky Jonathans
with their attachment to Banks, Funding systems
Commerce, and mechanics purchase the estates and
attempt to fill the places of those E reat and noble
fp.rits, who like the ancient Romans, despise every
other pfofefTioivexcept the gown and the sword ' for
bid it virtue, forbid it honor, forbid it my country
A Stated meeting of the Philadelphia S 9 cietv for the
XA. information and afliftanee of perform em.Vratin e
rem Foreign Csuntnc, will be held at the ColW, i„
Fourtl -street, on Wednesday, the id of December! at 7
0 clock in the evening. 1
, , r r r PHILLIPS, Sccrrtarv.
As bufinels Is to be trar,failed' ihe
memoer. are ren 4 ueft?a tohepuaaualin their attendance.