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    be lufEcient to vlrulicate them against the obje&-
ions to which they have been expofed.—lt is how
everthought advifeable to takenotice of such of thelc
ebje£lions as are likely to have any influence on the
public opinion—This will be done in a subsequent
Foreign Intellig;ence.
LONDON, Aug. 22.
Humane Society. Since the commencement of
this philanthropic society, in London (not quite 20
years) 1169 persons have been restored from appa
rent death, to their* families their friends, and to fo
oicty—Bsß have been rescued from drowning by
drags, &c. and 179 infuccefsful cases—Total 2906.
Inhumane Society.—Since the re commence
irent of this society, somewhat moie thaniivo years,
on the continental part of Europe, little left than
three millions of human being! have been destroyed,
in cold blood, to promote good order, and to re
ftme royalty and religion in France !
The Oporto fleet has brought home upwards of
24,000 pipes of port wine, the duty on which will
amount to more than 700,000!.
About three o'clock 0:1 Friday morning a mod
melancholy accident happened in Lothbury. A
young man, between 18 and 19 yaars of age,addict
ed to walk in his (leep, went in that unguarded slate
to the fummii oi the house, fell, and was nearly
dashed to pieces.
The young gentleman, who 101 l his life in cor/se
quence of the above accident,was fort to Mr. Pearce
one of the bank dire&ors. The brother of the de
ceased, on being made acquainted with the melan
choly cataflnphe, was so extremely fliccked, that
he instantly jumped out of bed, ar.d hurried down
Hairs, without waiting ta put on a fi:igle article of
cloatlis, and in that ttate ran fiirioufly through the
flreetsto fetch a fuigeon, when, by a violent f:illon j
the pavement, he broke a blood veflel, and was 1
shortly after Carried home with very little hopes of
Sept. 26.
,The redudlion of the French marine ever our
chief object in all our wars, is attempted to be held
out as indemnification for the pall, and security for
the future, \This war has colt us above 100 mil
lions sterling, a sum for which, without shedding one
drop of blood, we might have built and maintained
in perpetuity, three times the number of the French
As the avowed objedl of the present glori
ous war is the relloration of the old monarchy of
France, it may perhaps afford our readers some a
musement to call to thrir rccolle&ion the following
paflage in the celebrated proclamation published in
V 1779 by the Earl of Carlisle, Sir Henry Clinton,
William Eden, and George Johnllone, Efqrs. cam
miflioners appointed by his majelty for " quieting
the disorders in America." In this proclamation,
after recommending to the Americans a union with
England rather than with their ally the French, the
commifiioners fay j •' You will judge whether such
an union with Great Britain will be prefeialle to
the alliance «f the French monarchy, which ever
has been, and in its confliiruion ever tmrft he, an en
emy to all Freedom of Laws and Religion. In
tbefe exprefiions we wifli to preserve the reipedt that
is due to the persons of Princes, without being the
dupes of their policy : and we mult, without dif
putingeither the greatness or the goodriefsof his
moll Chriltian Maje(ly,ftill iufift, that the policy of
France, on the present occasion, has been iniiuinus,
' and not morehollile to Grast Britain, than in its
tendency pernicious to the people of America ;
however it may be flattering to the ambitiorvof
some, and favourable to the private interelt of oth
ers." And yet., lliange inconfiltency ! such a
monarchy, at enmi'y with freedom, with laws, and
religion, we are now labouring to reitorc I 1
An officer, some time hnce, convicted a fellow of
picking his pocket, foi which lie was sentenced to
itanfportation. "Thank you Sir," Laid the fellow,
•' I have the advantage in this business, as it saves
me from being a soldier, and probably perifliing a
long with you of the yellow fever in the Welt In
The following conjectures or. the pro ablecon
fequencts either of Peace and or War, are extraift
fiotn Freron's French journal "L'Oiatenrdu Peu
ple." "I am far fiom pretending to fay, that eve- I
ry thing at present is conducted in France exadly as
it ought. But it isobvious to obferve,that through
out all Europe the old system of government is
wholly abandoned, and,that its different Cabinets
exhibit nothing but the (hew of puppets in convul
.vhofe ludicrous moiions ire dirt'tied by some
lavifiWe hand. It is Liberty alone that can (hield
and fecurc 3 government from difTolution ; for it is
Liberty alone that can itand unfhakrn amidlls the
Ihpcks of violent commotions. We do .not there
fore kefitate to predict that, whatever may be the
eireiit, whether pc;uc or war, Europe is doomed to
experience far more extiaordinary revolutions than
aay it has hitherto vvitnefled. Peace imy gradual ■
ly«!i2V:fethe sunshine of Liberty, but war r.mft fud
deniy draw down its Hoi me and its thunder. What
«TOr be the form,the attack may aflame, whether
Slcat or sap, or open force, certain it is that des
potic governments must tumble to the groujid, and
cnaii under their ruins the foolsor the madmen who
dcreft: their machines "
On abufh in Mr. Pripfhn v's garden, at Ipfvvieh,
there arc goofebcrries which measure four inches
cwrurnierence. Some plucked from it have weigh
ed 12 penny weights S grains each. The bush was S
ratted from feed by Mr. Ripflvaw himfelf. The
£rai«, to appearance, nearly reftmbles the common
apsieet plumb in lize.
l¥hctics*-~Jame& Howell, Esq. in his political
pamphlet, written eariy in the lali century, and ad
drefiefi to Philip Eail of Berkeley, fays. " A most
uuntrsoss number of witches have lwarmed since
tic deailr of the king, more I dare fay than have
l»een iu fhrsifland since the devil tefnpted Eve ; foi
ia two counties only, viz. Suffolk and Effcx, there
t»ace hceri upwards of three hundred arraigned, &.
eigktac-iv executed, as I have it from the clerks of
•kejtate u s the two counties."
Impreffcd with the liveliest sense of the rmponant aitVl diT
interelted Services rendered to Ins country by the Preiident of
the United States, convinced tin*, the Profpcriiy of every
free government is promoted by theexiflence of rational con
fidence between the prople and their Tmftees, and is injj-ett
by mifjilaced suspicion and ill-founded jcaloufy, confideting
that public vinue receives i;t best: reward in the approving
voice of a grateful people, and that when this reward i« de
nied to it, the noblest Incentive to great and honorable ac
tions, to (.enrroiM zeal and magnanimous perfevcrance is des
troyed, obfervlng with deep concern a series of efforts by in
direct infinuitiaiis or open invrftine to detach from the hrlf
Magittrate of the Union the well earned Confidencrof his
Fellow citizens, think it their duty 10 declare, and they now
hereby declare, their unabated reliance on the integrity, judg
ment, and patriotism of the Prcfidentof the Uaitcd Suies.
N«vember 25, 179;.
By the House of Delegates— unajiimoufly affentcd to.
By tiis Senate—read a tint titnand ordered to lie on
the table Read a second time by a special order, and
ur.animoufljr aflented to.
FROM the firfc of December next, the annual fubferin
tion for this Gazette will be EIGHT DOLLARS.
Subscribers outof the City will pay One Dollar a year in
addition, for incloQng and directing their Papers.
Remote fabferibors are requ -ftstT to pay up arrearages
to the above period; also the half year's advance from
that time—rhofe who do not, will be considered as de
clining a continuance of their fubfeription,
Advertifemeiits of afquare, or less, are publilhed in this
Gazette once, for half a dollar ; and continued at one
qtJARTtR of a dollar for each subsequent infertiun.
The EJitor acknowledges, with gratitude, the favors
of his advertifmg patrons—He afiures them, that the en
creafed, and encreafmg number of his subscribers, is con
tinually extending the circulation in the city—lts di.lant
circulation is now equal to that of any other publication.
Philadelphia, November 3, 1795. »
(C> The Merchams, Traders, and Underwrit- I
ers, of this City, who are fufferers by the depre
j dations of the British, are requested to meet at
j the CofFee-Houfe on Monday next, the 30th ir.ft,
at 12 o'clock.
Sloop Sally, Potter, , Richmond
NEW-YORK, Nov. 27.
Yclterday was truly a solemn day, and every
heart feeaied replete with THANKSGIVING j
and praise for the experienced mercy of our com
mon Father—business totally subsided for the day,
and the churches were mare thronged than usual
After the public celebration of tl.e 25th of Novem
ber, the evacuation of the city by the British, the
Company of New-York Hungers, commanded by Cap
tain G. H. Remfcn, retired to an elegant dinner pre
pared for them, at Mr. Little's, where, while joy
and harmony prclided, the following TOASTS were
I. The Prefidsnt and Yice-Prefider.t of the United
1 States.
2- The feverd Departments in our general Govern
3. The Governor and L'eutenant-Governor of this
4. The Legislature of the State, may their delibe
rations be always attended with unanimity, with limi
ne is, and with true patrioiifm.
?. The militia of the state, let these who wish to be
truly great, always remember to connefl the civil with
the military character.
6. May the exertions of the French nation be crown
ed witli I'ucli a government as will secure the true liber
ty of the citizen, and protefl him equally from the
tyranny of aristocracy, and from the anarchy of de
7. Commerce, agriculture, and the mechanic arts,
may they be refpeifled as the basis of oiir national
8- Iri all political governments we ought to keen in
mind that virtue is neceflary for the establishment and
obfervanee of the laws, when that fails recourse mutt
he had to force and art.
9. To the memory of those fiatefmen, legiflatprs,
and warriors, who were the source, strength, ui.U true
spirit of our exifiiug government.
Ic. May the day which is how m'anifefted, he ever
apparent on the recolle£lion of whatever has advanced
the mtereft and honour of our country.
11. Peace to all the world, and may charity and
good will ex Ift between the nations of the earth.
12. Obedience to the laws.
13. May the abnfe and clamcur which designing
men have railed agaitift ourbeft and truest patriots, be
viewed by every good citizen as the rancorous com
plaints of the fallen angel, damnable enough to be re
garded with detestation, yet too impotent to merit se
rious attention.
14. The lovely daughters of America—may they
condinS in such a manner, that while they contribute
to the ornament of society, they may add to the dig
nity of the human charafler.
15. The (lay —may pofierity, as we do now, feel
with gratitude and joy the blciTings which it has be
itowed in freeing us from foreign oppression.
Arrived at this port.
Skip Severn, , Bristol
BALTIMORE, November 26.
ThnrfJay, November 17, 1795'.
A motion was made that the house dj come to
the following resolution :
Rejoined, That this house do approve of the
conduct of Henry Tazewell and Stephens Thomp
fjbn Mason, Efqrs. senators from this ilafe in Ccn
grefs of the United States, in voting againlt the rat
ification of the treaty lately r.egociated between the
United States and Great Britain.
And the said re foi in ion being read, a motion was
made toamt'nd the fame, in the following words, to
wit :
" Whereas the powers granted by the people to
she continental government, and to the Ita'te govern
nients, arc and Ihould remain feparafe and diftinil,
so that ncisher exercile what is granted to the other,
and this general affcrnbly have full confidence iu the
public servants in each branch cf the genital gavcrn
" Rejoined, That the Jifcuffiun of thv fate treaty
between the United Str/tes and Great Britain, as
ratified by the Frefident and Senate, is unneccfTary
in the house of delegates, and ought to fcs ayoided,
and mat without a full difcuflion and .isjyciligaiicr:
thereof, tlrs houfc cannot be prepared > ;
any mature opinion- ujwu.the t««.
to; s f oin Virginia touching that iu'.jsft.''
And the faidu-Lliinon and amendmentbeing a
gain read, were on motion made,oidered to be com
mitted to a comrniitce of the whole lioufe to mor
A'motion was made, that leave be given to bring
in a bill, to fubjefi lands to be fold under execution
for the payment of debts.
And on the queltton being put thereupon,
It passed in the negative :—Ayes 59 —Noes 80.
Q;i a motion made by Mr. Lee, (of Fairfax}
seconded by Mr. Marfhail.
Ordered, 1 hat the names of the ayes and noes
on the foregoing question be infeitcd in the joui
The names of those who voted in the affiimative
are, Mr. Evans( Accomack )Mr. Bowyer,ofAugu!ta
Mr. Andfrfon; Mr. White, Mr. Poage, Mr. Boyd,
Mr. Baylor, Mr. Madison, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Rootes, '
Mr. Warren, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Lee of Fairf-ix,
Mr. G. B. Horner, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Magil!, Mr.
Page of Frederick, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Catlett, Mr.
M'Kehznr, Mr. Tinfley, Mr. [ftiymond, Mr. Arm
(lrong, Mr. Fisher, Mr.-Mayo, Mr. Gregory, Mr.
Stuart, Mr. Wnugh, Mr. E;y.ey, Mr. Taylor, (of
Loudon) Mr. Hudgins, Mr. Smith, Mr Bci-le,
(of Madison} Mr. Hill, (of Madilun) Mr. Foiter, ,
Mr. Qnarles, (of Norfolk count)) ML Stratum,
Mr. Wells, (of Ch1o) Mr. Council, Mr, Mofely, !
(ot Powhatan) Mr. Pope, Mr. Brooke, (of Prince
William) Mr. Hancock, (of Prineefs Anne) Mr. (
Hull, (of Pendleton) Mr. Conrcd, Mr. Greene,
Mr. Bogard, Mr. Btale,- (of Richmond) Mr. M'
Dowel!, mr. Kirt'ley, mr. Price, jtifc, mr. Price, fen.
mr. Bu. hanan, mr. Tate, mt. Perkins, 1111. Griffin,
! mr. Shield, mr. Andrews, and mr. Marfhail.
And the names of those who voted in the nega- !
tive are—Mr. W. C. Nicholas, M.. Eggleflon,
Mr. ChaEin, Mr. Cabell, jun. Mr. Burrus, Mr.
Saunders, Mr. Hancock, (of Bedford) Mr. Wash
ington, Mr. Ruffin, Mr. Mofely, (of Buc!,:ng
ham) Mr. Allen, Mr. Clarke, (ot Campbell) Mr.
Scott, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Chetham, Mr. Hatcher,
Mr. Cocke, (of Cumberland) Mr. Williams, Mr.
Jones, (of DinwidJie) Mr. M'Rae, Mr. King,
' Mr. W . M. Cary, Mr. Brooke, (of Essex) Mr.
1 Gatewbod, Mr. Hayden, Mr. Quarles, (of Flu- 1
| vamiia) Mr. Hale, (of Franklin) Mr. Miller, Mr.
' Guerrant, Mr. Cavcndifh, Mr. Hutchefon, Mr.
t GuoJwyn, (of Greer,fvillc) Mr. Wilkins, Mr.
jJo us, (of Giayfon) Mr. Roberts, Mr. Gar
land, Mr. Martin, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Wills,
(of Isle of Wight) Mr. Goodrich, Mr. Pierce,
Mr. Browne, (of JameS City) Mr. D.ibney,
Mr. Sbackleford, Mr. B-ax'. n, Mr. R. W.
D.iwiißvan, Mr. Sir. ai man, Mr. Meriwether, Mr.
Cailis, Mr. Garland, (of Lunenburg) Mr. Stt
venfon, Mr.CHaJwell, Mr. Cocke, (of Lee)' Mr. j
Browne, (of Mecklenburg) Mr. Deloney, Mr.
Sega:-, Mr. Craig, Mr. Birnctt, Mr. Chamber,
layne, Mr. Dupttr. iun, Mr. h'owlkes, Mr. Davis,
Mr. Wright, Mr. Culeman, Mr. Payne, Mr. Wade
Mr. Taylo'i (of Prince George) Mr. Cureton,
Mr. Per.n, (ot i'atricK) M: of P-rtjick)
Mr. Tumh-s, • Mr. Wilfcinfoo; Mr. Goodwyn,, («>t
S*su:hamj) op) Mr; Faulcon, Mr. p>«ycc, Mr.
Maifeubur-.;, Mr. M .fji:, Mr. Luuhoi'ne, and Mr.
Carter, (of Wythe. )
Ayes, 52 —Noes, So.
Thus ha 3 nifc of AfTemWy of Vi'-ginia
negnti\ed the prtn.ciple, that lands ought to be
fubjeil to the payme.t of debts. The minority,
however, by calling for the yeas and nays, have ,
difcWed to their coni'.itueiits thus: who are adverse
to the measure. They mean to rnak; another ef
fort, by asking leave to bring in a bill to make
lands fubjeft to the payment of debts contia&ed
after the tft day of December next, which will
do away the obje&ions of many. 1
Extract of a letter from Richmond,datedNovtmltr 20. <
" The house ot AfTembly have been debating 3 t
days on the Conftiiutionality, and general policy of 1
the treaty —l oo much cannot be fatd, concerning
the dignity and decorum observed in tiic debate. ,
Mr. Marfhali has diitinguifhed himfelf in a remark
able manner, and no language can do jnfliceto his 1
able remarks in favot of the treaty, and execu:ive—
But all would not do—this day the qu.-ftion was
determined. The firfi was put 011 Mr. Charles Lee's
amendment to the irfolution of thanks to the fena
tbrs from Virginia.— a majority of
y8 1052 —the xjueflion of thanks was then carri
ed by 100 a,;ainft 50— A motion Mas-then made
approving of the President's geneial conduit, which
will be debated to morrow."
ALEXANDRIA, November 24.
Our lower haute having declared against the' j
principle of making lands f..l>je£t to the payment of :
debts, it is expected hereifter that those who have ;
supported the measure will not be surprised if they ,
should lose their intcr:f..
From another. .
The Reprefeutativcs of ihe CSmtionwealth, ;
down flairs, who thwarted the attempt to iutro- j
duces Bill making lands,liable for debt were iittu- ;
ated by principle as well as iuterejl; for at it ap
pears not to be their intcrejl .so pay the principal,
so it has ever been a principle not to pay the in
Mr. Price—lt is easy to-difcovcr from a piece
figUed Y. which was re-ptibhihed in your paper of
yellerday, from the GaZctie of the United States,
that its author, who is certainly an accomplice in
the flanders on Mr. Randolph, has not ceased to
invent and propSgnte them. It is a falfehood that
Mr. R. is to n ceive a farthing from the sale of his
pamphlet. That parr.phle: will lav the whole fub
jedt bet ore the public ; but knowing that feme
time would be spent before it could he completed,
Mr. R. deemed it expedient to counteract, by a rr
prtfcilia:ion to his friends, the calumnies which
were daily wiitten from certain ptrfons in Philadel
phia, to every town of consequence in the Union.
Alexandria, Nov' 20, '95.
Ricksiti New Amphitheatre,
In UT-STT7 £.£ t .
28th November,
Feats of Uorfemanfhip,
By Mr. Ricictts, Mr. F. RjpkftU, Mailer Lv,rr, and
Mr. SMir
For the ft .. i time ir, rr-erica,
Will ride ou
In full speed.
Equefirian Exertions,
Wkh a variety of Entertaitim-frts and Performances,
which Mr. BLicketts declines particularizing.
N. B. Several Stoves are placed in different parts of
the Amphitheatre to render it warm.
Gentlemen in the Pit are reque,Ud-pot to throw glafles
or bottles in die ring, being attended with dangerous
TICKETS and Places for the Boxes io be taken at
£he Box-Oflice, at the Amphitheatre.
%* Boxes, cne dollar—Pit, half a dollar.
I*4- Doors to be opened at ha.f past FIVE, and the
Entertainment to begin at halrpaft SIX.
N. 3. No money taken at the.doors, nor any admitt
ance behind the fceries.
Nights of performance—lt Ijml ays, IVednefdays, Tburf*
days and Saturdays
A most excellent Chair HORSE.
lie is a deep black, and goes tolerably easy under the
saddle. Enqu'r; at Robert M'Adams Livery Stable*
in South-Alley, between Market and Arch-flreet.
November 28. / §iw.
tub lie iSotice is hereby given,
TO the Stockholders in the Delaware and Schuylkill
Canal Company, that the annual ele&ion of Presi
dent, Managers and other Officers of the Company, will
be held at the Company's Office, n,car the Bank of the
United States, in Philadelphia, on the firlt Monday in
January next, at ten o'clock in t&e forenoon.
IVilliam Moore Smith, Secretary.
November 27. w&stimj
Public Notice is hereby given,
TO the Stockholders in the Philadelphia and Lancaster
Turnpike Company,that annual election of Pie-
Cder.t, Managers and other Offices of the said Company,
will be held at the Company's Office, near the Bank of
the United States, on the second Monday in January next,
at ten o'clock in the forenoon.
IVilliam Moore Smith, Secretary.
November a 3. w&stimj.
For Charleston, (S. C,)
Mm# u § S E L L,
Daniel Reed, master,
w poiicively fail onThurfday next, and take freight on
moderate, terms; for which, or pafTage, apply to the
Captain on board, at Walnut-street wharf, or to
Joseph AntLwiy & Son.
November 28. §iot.
For King (lon, (Jamaica)
f al ' m Un dj y s ~\
——«,✓ George Irwin, mailer,
> »r pjfl»ge only, apply tojhc matter on board, tt P«n
"ufe'i wharf, or to
MRp, Cramond iff Co.
November 28. §
£jT The ship Sedgley, (to fail in a few days for
London) has removed to Hamilton's wharf, where file
is taking goods on board on freight.
- v- T7STE P H ENS;
No. 60 Second-Street, PHILADELPHIA,
RESPECTFULLY informs the public, that at his Store
they may be supplied with most of the modern Eu
ropean and other publications of merit, on Politics, Divini
ty, Law, the Belles Lettres, &c. &c. Also a great vari
ety of Ei.EGANT PRINTS and Paintings, and every ar
ticle in the Stationary bufmefs; which he continues, as
usual, to dispose of at the lowest prices.
Gentlemen's Libraries furniflied or purchased ; and the
utmost value, in exchange or cash, given for any quan
tity of second hand Books.
Wholefnte Dealers fuppiiea at the above Store on v«rf
moderate terms.
May 2. »tf.
To be Sold,
handsome feat near Princeton, the property of
the late Rev. Do&o?John Witherfpoon, known by
*..e name of Tt/SCULI/*Jlf. It conuft s of a neat well
mifhed (lone House, two stories high, with lour rooms
on each floor, and a cellar under the whole. There are
attached to it one hundred and fifty acres of Land, more
or less, and chiefly inclosed with good and durable flone
fences. Of these about eight acres are natural meadow,
fix acres artificial fawn with red clover, and from twenty
to thiity acres woodland. On the prcmil'es there is 3
valuable orchard of yonng and thrifty apple trees, a fra
med barn and fables, two corn houses, a grain loft, and
carriage house quite new, a new flone milk house, and
; near it a well, and a cor.slant spring of water. For
• terms apply to Thomas V. Johnston, Kfq, or the Rev.
I Samuel S. Smith, in Princeton ; or to the fubferiber at
I Tufculum,
Ann Witherfpmi.
Ttifcuhim, Nov IT. *d4w»
j Notice is hereby given that an at
; tachment was IfTued out of the inferior court of Common
I Pleat in and for the county of Cumberland, in the state of
New Jersey, returnable on the twenty-fifth day of Febru
ary iafl, against the goods and chattels, rights and credits,
lands and tenements of George Hutz (not being a resident
at that time within the state of New Jersey) at the suit of
Jonathan Ballinger, indorsee of Job Butcher, which was
levied by the sheriff of the county of Cumberland " on.
a certain sloop or shallop callcd the Fly of Philadelphia"
with its appurtenances, as by the return of the said sheriff
will more particularly appear—and notice is also hereby
further given, agreeably to the dire&ioil of an a<sl of thrj
LegifHture of the state of New-Jersey in such cafe reads
and provided, that unless the said George Hutz fliall ap
pear and give fpeci»! bail-to answer the suit so as afore*
laid instituted against him by th: said Jonathan Ballinger,
within such time as is prescribed by law, " that then and in
hat cafe judgment shall be entered" again 11 thefaid George
Hutz " by default, and that the said sloop or* allop so as
aforefaid seized on the said attachmsnt" will be fold for
:he fatisfaction of all " creditors who fhafl appear to be
justly entitled to any demand thereon, and fflall apply far
that purpose."
Dated at Salem, in the county cf Salem, in the said
state, the thirty first day of Mtirch A. D. 1795.
GILiLB, Clni.
Lucius Horatio Stockton,
Attorney fcr the PlfF. j