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    tabhfhes the inviolability :oT the Citizens. 1 move
■ that in cafe the order of the day be a- t
dopted, acompanied by the declaration
I mentioned ; this'is the only means to do justice to e
all."- .. • I
Baudia —" The seCtion of Lepelletier cannot be
< ignorant of the fact, Ihat a number of those, whom e
it now desounces, are already on trial, there is a >
fhatpeful want of candour in this Petition.''—(A j
violent agitation appeared in one parrt of the As
fembly Henry Lariviere, Thibaudeau, and others 1
asked leave to speak, Tallien and Legendre claim
ed the famu privilege.) H i
Bourdon (of Oife) —"No body can without be
lying his oonfcience, vote otherwise than for the I
order of theday accompanied by the declaration pro- '•
posed by Lanjuinais."— (Murmurs in the Meun- I
Baudin-—" Pache, and Bouchotte are on their ]
trial ; ss tt> Raiffon, he has been acquitted.—T)ie i
Committee of General Security is calumniated— <
For upwards of three decades part, we have neither
ifftied an orc'.«rof arrcft, nor an order for liberating
any body." (This is falfe exclaimed several
Baudin then read an Arrete issued fix weeks be
fore, which perfectly agreed with the opinion of
" Well," exclaimed some members, we only
defend the execution of that Arrete."
Thibaudea'u —" 1 move the order of the day,but
from' quite different motives , I acknowledge in no
Primary afttmbly the light of declaring itftlf per
manent, n«jr of treating objeCts foreign from the
purpose fur which it was convened. But to return
to the queflian 1 declare that the Government has
lately bees a little too forward in letting persons at
liberty. —The great eft villains are fecn running a
bout the streets and threatning the good citir.ens.
The mod horrid tyranny has oppressed France—
but what accomplice of those nsonllers h;s been pu
nifhsd the 9th Thernwdor ?—Have Heron,
and so many o'.hers, whole crimes are written every
where in fetters of blood, been punished ? Why
ihis fatiA—indnlgenco ? I detcll Lipyalum As much
as any body but no dangers with which they could
frighten me, would make me embrace the infamous
Terroritts whom we have subdued ; If I were des
tined to jfaH a victim to the enemies of the republic,
1 (hould prefer having my throat cut to becoming a
cutthroat, or to associate with the executioners of
Country, and become a partner in their crimes.
" I thought it necessary to make this declaration,
that whatever may happen my Fellow Citizens rosy
know, that 1 will have nothing to do with assassins;
Let us equally punifli all excefles—Let us prnteCt
110 guilty person, and confidence will revive: and
then the Republic will tri'.rtiph, alike victorious c
■vtrthe horrois of terrorism and the cor.fpiraciesuf
royalifm.—l move, that aft er leaving a free course
to justice and the Tribunals against all persons ac
cuicd of revolutionary crimes, you pass to the order
of the day, accompanied by a declaration, that no
Primary Aflembly has a right either to declateit
felf, or to interfere with any subjeCt
which does not relate to the Conilitution."
The fpetch of Thibaudeau was often interrupt
ed by load applauses from a large party of the mem
bers of the Convention/and from the frcall galleries.
The galiew'es peopled accqrding to cuilom
with Jacobins, observed during the whole fitting a
dead filerice.
Beurdon of Oife moved, that all citizens should
be authorized to prosecute perfoiss known to have
committed Revolutionary excefles, notwiihflanding
• their having been set at liberty by the Ceihmittee
of General Security— Negatived.
Jean De Brie voted for the order of the day, ac
companied by the declaration moved by Lanjuinas
and Thibaudeau. The Convention passed to the
•rder of the day.
" It is of great importance to us, that the Bel
gians and the people of Liege fncnld be free, and
also that they (hould be Frenchmen, in order to
f '' counteract the plots which the il! intentioned might
attempt, as they did at the beginning of the revo
lution, to detacb from France the Departments of
the North and of the Pas de Calais ; lafliy, it
is ncceffary that we increafc the feeurity of our
Affignats immense eftatei belonging to
the clergy and emigrants, which we shall find in
ihofe countries, as ioon as the union with France
fhall,have been pronourred ; and which amount to
at lea It two-thirds of the' value of oui" affignats.
These observations are also applicable to other
Countries which have been conquered by our tri
umphant armies.*
" There would be as much baseness as impru
dence in delivering them up to our enemies. A
thousand times have you loaded with applatjfes ihofe
whose declared, that the Rhine was the natural
barrier of the republic ; tinle are the principles of
your committee, and we may already declare our!
will with respect to the conquered "countries.— j
i here is nothiug contained in oitr treaties with the I
King of Prufiia and the Landgrav- of HefleCaffcl
contrary to our principles.
" The public intercity and the of de
priving tile emperor of all hopes oi making a peace j
i't the eispenfv of Be'.gia ; the wiili of extending
the Empire of Liberty ; nl! invite you to come
ar immediate dficihon upon this threat Queflion.
Merlin then read his proportions, which were
long, but of which 1 Ihe following were the j
principal Articles :
J. The decrees formerly passed for uniting to
France the department of Gemappe, AuUtian !
Flanders, Brabant, the country of Liege, &c. shall '
be enforced without delay. , I
2. Ail the other countriespoffeffed by the,
Hoiife of Auili ia at the commencement of the war, j
on this fidi of the Rhine, such as Limbuvgh, 1
Luxemburgh, See. ate all incorporated with
France, as well as thoie countries which are fpeei
fieJ in the treaty of peace concluded between
the French and Batavian Republics
3. The French republic also accedes to the wi!h
«s«cpre(Tedby tlie.inhabitant? for the Union of the
cities of the Yp. es, Namur, Tour nay, Glient, and
Mons, to France.
4. All the inhabitants of ibefe different, cgitn
tties, drall enjoy the privileges of French Citizens,
as. Ipecified i.r lite Conftitutiunal Code.
5,. Th« of the people shall divide te
these countries into departments and Cantons. "Ci
6. The countries which have been already unit
ed to France, (hall immediately ptocced to (heap- ra
pointment of their public functionaries. w
7. In these countries which are about to be writ- in
ed to France, the public functionaries 0)all be pro- e<
viiionally named by the Representatives of the 01
people. " at
8. The Legislative body shall fix the number of fii
Representatives to be eledted by these countries. b!
" The Quejlian ! the Qurjlion! exclaimed a vv
great number of members. ei
Lefage, of Eure and Loire—" I move that q
these propositions be printed, and the difcuflion g
adjourned for three days ; the decrees, the execu- e
tion of which is proposed, were the decrees of en- p
thuliafm ; tnofe which you are now called upon to J
pass, ought to be maturely Investigated; certai»ly
no body can think of restoring Belgia to her anei- p
ent tyrants ; but are there not other means of giv- j<
ing her liberty ? Must we unite her with France ?
Would not that be the means of retarding the
hour of peace ? This is what we ought to exa
mine calmly, and to weigh maturely. I therefore ti
move, that the diicufiion of the question be ad- d
journed for three days. t
Some members moved to adopt as a principle, si
the incorporation of the conquered countries with fl
the republic. li
Lanjuinais eppofed it. He declared tkat the
intereit of the republic and the dignity of the Na
tional Convention required, that they (hculd, on a
question of such delicacy, avoid all precipitate f
liberation. r
The Convention passed the motion of adjjura- t
menu t
Quhot, in tire nam? of the Committee of Get
neral Security, moved, that those citizens of Par ia 1
who had been arretted from a motive of feounty, 3
(hould be carried before the Jiil\ice of Peace
for the district in which they lived. Decreed.
September 23.
A deputation from the feftion of the North be- ;
ing ad-mitt ed to the bar, 'the speaker declar ed, ! '
that that fe&iou considered as objects of hatre I to j '
every Frenchman, and as traitors to their cotm-.j '
try, all conttituted autliarities, or individuals, who j 1
attempt to make any change in the conlijtNtion by j '
other means than rhofe pointed out by t.-<it eonfti- j ]
tution. ' | ;
Periitij (des Vosgcs) " The principles which •
dictated ibis petition are engraven on our beans ; ' 1
I move that it be inserted in the Bjl!e:ii>.—De-' !
creed. | 1
In the name of the committees bf decrees aftd i \
Proces Verhiux, Gommaii e gave an nccraurit
result of the certificates of the proceedings of the '
primary affeniblies : . : !
" Almolt the whole nation (f::id he) b' ;v 'e ac
fccpted the decrees of the sth and 1 jfh ■ FruftfJqr.
Notwithllanding rhe intrigues of i!:e fa'Ctiohs, the
French peoplj tonfident oi their llrength, place a
firm reliance un their representatives : t'.i conlli
tution is no longer yours } it belongs to ll.t people
of France.
■*S« The meeting of the primary affcrr.blies was
the epoch fixed on by the lor the ie-eitu
blifhmcnt of their tyranny, and for e>;citi:ig a ge
neral conflagration. But the Genius or Francs has
saved her from deflrudtioi). An immense majority
of the whole nation has accepted the conftimtiou,
with loud applause, and with tfanfpnrts of joy :
some few communes have indeed rejeftcd it ; but
not one has declared in favour of tyranny.
*' You were of opinion that those men who had
defended liberty against tytanny ; tljat tbofe who
had made the conilitution, were the most interefl
ed in maintaining it ; you therefore passed the de
crees of the sth and 13th FruCtidor; aad these
decrees have been accepted by a majority of the
French. <_
" Though several of tjie primary assemblies
have not declared their approbation of them in more
express terms, the perusal of their proceedings will
be fufficient to prove that they conbdcred them as
inseparable from the conilitution. Your commit
tees, however, have only included in their report,
such of the primary affcrr.blies as adapted them in
a manner both clear and precise. The moment
then is come when all hatred (houkLbe forgotten',
all diffentiofis 'laid aside. Let us deliver up crime
to thefword of justice, but let error be forgiven.
People of France, be a people of brothers. - :
" The certificates of the proceedings of 6,337
primary afferablies, include 558,226 on the cooftw
ttitutien alone, of whom 914,853 have accepted,
and 41,892 r<jefted it.
" The number of voters on the decrees of the
sth and 13th of FruCtidur, is 270,338 —of whom
167,758 have accepted the decrees, and 95,373
have rcjeCted them. The majority in favor of the
'! decrees, is 72,385." (Loud applause.)
1 He then proposed the two following decrees :
I i. The Convention declares, in the name of the ;
French people, that the Conltitu'ion is accepted,
and that it becomes fundanWntal Jaw of the
t e public.
2. The National Convention declares, in the (
name ofthe French people, that the decrees of the !
rill and 13th FruCtidor, are laws of the republic,
1 and that the electoral sfl'emblies (hall be bou'.-.d to
co.nfoimto them.
, Both these decrees were unatrimoufly adopted in
j the miaft of the most enthtifiaftic acclamations of
"joy. But when they were declared by the Preli
! dent to have passed, the most majeflic trar quility
! prevail'.d in the aflembly; y'h'l e the representatives
'of the people, and the citizens in the galleries,
( pulled off their hats in a refpeftful manner, to hear
I the will of the sovereign people proclaimed. The
i roof was then made to refonnd with exclamations
of " Vive la Republiqite ! Vive 1j Cunvention 1
Vive la Conilitution 1"
The decrees were ordered to be sent to the dif
ferent departnrients and to the armies.
Letourueur (of La Manche) in the name of the
Committee of Public Welfare, moved ; that the
committee be authorized to put in a Hate of reqtn
filion for the public, such citizens compris
ed in the decree of the picccding day, or priests
arid the relations of pmigraats, as (liall deferye their
confidence ; '.his disposition, however, iu»t to ex
tend to ptrfons uifchaipirg Admimfliativf, Muni- ;
cipal ani Judicial functions. Deerecd.
DaunoH, in tlie name of the committee of the ,
marine, made a report on the necessity of preliing. , .
willi the greatefl activity tlie worksgoing forward
in the different port". "It is easily to be concciv- A,
ed (said lie) that die present is the time when we eu
ought To prepare, in our arsenals and dock yards,
arms against tiie mod formidable and the molt per
fidious of our enemies, against proud England, j
blinded by an ephemeiaj prosperity ; and who, not
withllanriing her momentary fplendouf, mult, loon f e ,
er or later, fall before the nation which has con- lie
quered the reft of Europe." He declared that the
government was determined to ftra'n every nerve,in Wl
order to restore to the navy all the llrcngth and
power which is wanted. He read fever al plans of
J'ecrees refpe&ing various improvements that were
oe adopted, The Convention ordered the re
port to Ije printed, and the deliberation to be ad- be
journed. dc
TQULON, Sept. 13.
Yesterday the Englilh fquadran had the audacity
to '_-ome within tlie rcaeh of our batteries. Sixty
discharges from the cannon of Sablettes obliged
them to {facer off. The £ nglifh fleet consists of 23 a c
fad. Previously to the appearance of the Englilh es
fleet,a division of fix fail had been got leady to ' c
leave the harbour the firft fair wind.
DUBLIN, Sept. 19. m
The defenders are numerous in and around Y'
■ > place; but it is hoped, by the exertions of govern
men! and the judicious arrangement of the troops f
thefs unhappy and deluded people will be brought 111
to a proper ici)fe of duty. Their numbers in this l '
kingdom, are said to amount to twenty two thou- a '
; land men, and, tjicy are endeavouring to. get hold of 01
, arms and ammunition.
AMSTERDAM, Sept. 22.
A letter has been received at- Cologne, dated the
. 16th in ft,.- containing the following particulars,:— ®
j " Ac,cprding.JU> advices from he:;** quarters of
, ; Cliampieniiet* the division that forms.the right ''
_ ! wing of the French army upon the right bank.of 5'
, the Rhine',had taken ycfterday evening at lr
, | Dentz. -It has this day coutijued its march to
jj Neuweid, where it wiii be joined by the divilions of P
j BernadoUe a«nd Chapfal, which are to cross 11
, ; Rhine tomorrow. The .enetr.v are negligent in l)
. ! covering their retreat r.!ov;g the Rhine, and confine n
_ j their whole (-(Forts to the left u ing -Under the cum
; mandof Gc'o. Lefevrc : nct'ertheltfs, their efforts to 1
j ' check the victorious career of the republicans, will D
„ ; he as in*t!e£hial as their attempt "to save their artih 1
S T!*:*re. is not a day pasTes without the cap- 1
! tore offoine cannon." a
' , , 'd
Philadelphia, , £
L . t:\ i-XING, NOVEMBER 25, 1795. [-
(i:i Ll(ird*s -flay eVeniny, the 1 :th infl.
e by the l!< v. Tw.v?, IT stick, Mr. JOHN ALLEN,
to Mi is IVI WARE, both of this c itv. >
F., tit 'J - TTE of tU UNITED ST- ifES. ■
.'•> r
6 '»I,T was bvii«#4 tV that tlie Intemperate fpirituf a wri-
T icr.iji yjtir ,3«p..r cf the 14th inlt, under the filature j
, of V. on Mr. Randolph's-refignation and i;iidit»ti<Sn , j
1 would f.#vc het-n the b'.ii commc-nt 011 the motives 1
t which diiftati'd the publication. As, however, an uri- a
due imprcfiioa has been attcmpttd to be made, by
, mcsi.i it£. : thii mrc»iitrad«ited fia[«n:cr.t, on the minds r
of those whofc information floes not th>m to de- 1
J te<£l the faliehobda Contained-in it, it may be advife'a- 1
- able to.ftite, and you will accordingly (Lite, that Mr.
- Randolph has "not entertained, rior does he now enter- '
£ tain, any intention of deriving emolument from the
L . publicatioh of his viudication. With regard to other a
imputations on tbe character and cf Mr.
Randolph, the writer of this piece fays not a word.
s His sole objeit is, to niunifeft that on one point, the
c anthO|i-, iir.;Lr?iic ligni'.ure of Y, has fubfiituted falfe-
I hood for truth. '
~ - e
' (
:i ~
t . r ARRIVED. t
Schooner Nancy, Dunton, York-River r
Virginia, Tupman, Vnginia
e Sloop '1 hern, Green, Kingston, 53 days
The brig Harmony, from Bourdeaux—the Friend
fliiu, from Qui'leftoa, and another bng, are in the
7 Ha'y.
e NEW-BRUNSWICK, (n. t.) Nov. 2;,.
n On Thurf.lay 'aft, General White and Suite left
] this place to attend the annual meeting of tlie Cavalry
t Ofiicers of Nexvrjerfey, .who met at Llizabeth-'l own
the fame day agreeable to adjournment. Wc are in
formed that the meeting was very refpfiftable ; tint
mutual fentimentsol harmony cr.d iriendfliip prevailed, .
e and that they adjourned to meet at New Bruui'wick '
, on the firft Tu fday'in October next. f
e We also hear that a ref,.e£tablc committee is ap
pointed from the Cavalry to wait upon the Legislature
e in February next, to petition for a redrels of grievar.-
1 ces, vhic'n have for feme time existed in 1
e j oceafioned bv the' p'refcut militia law. *1 he commit
> tee is as, viz. Majors Wiiliamfon, Leddie,
u Bailey, Dunham, Quay, Meeker, D'An'erroches,
Ten Broeck ; Captains Covenhoveft, HanleV,' Van
n derveer, Stelh, Bufkark, Ford, Shafer, Carl:, ICroc
f fers, Stockton, Ward, Schuyler, Shute and his Lieu
tenant ; Lieutenant M'Donald and Adj. Corahs.
The following Toasts were drank after dinner :
1. The Prrfident of the United States—may his
8 name be venerated till gratitude and tame (hall moulder
ittthc fepsfjchreiof creation. Three times three •
r : - s. The rirtufcus members i.f the two houses Of Cou
e grels, w lio purine the true iiltereft. sis their country,
without heixming the tools ijf any European nation.
I TLrce cheers.
5. The promoters of penije and order in America
may Heaven rev.'ard their l ibour-. 'Three cheers.
. tJnior) and mutual confidence to the Officers,of
the Fideral Government; confution and disgrace to
t their em irues. Three cheers.
c 5. Tlie Commander in Chief of New-Jersey. Three
6. T!.e-Legii!aturs of New-jersey—may wisdom,
jcftice, and liberality, direct their council*. Three
. cheers
,r 7. Difappoiiitmet.t and a speedy downfall to the e
t- netaies of tint ijh)rio..j Conltltution. Three cheers.
8. f-J-.y pretenders and demagogues never impofi: ,
thcno&ivivs'vn tbe «can.try for pm-riots. Three cheers. ./ *
9. Frederick Frelinghi.vfcn a"d lolin Rut!»erfu;d,
Jenators of New-Jerfcy-—may. they, as they ever have, dvf.rve. veil of tlieir country. Thi>- rheeij.
10. Alexander Hamilton, tried patriots of
Amtrira—may the grat'tiide of America add to the
enjoyment of their well earned laurels. 7*. ree cheers.
11. May every true American Patriot (npp i t tbe
Constituted Authority of their country. Three cheers.
12. General Lee, and our brother soldiers of the
late militia army. Three cheers.
13. Our brother soldiers of the militia of New-Jer
sey—may they be the fir!t in the field to meet a rebel
lious or foreign foe-. Three cheers.
14. Peace, rational and fubftaiitiai libertT to all the
world. 7 hree cheers.
15; The fair daughters of New-Jersey—may they
- be coy to such of her sons as (hall flmn the duties of a
citizen soldier. Three cheers.
fol.-i/ateer frnm the Chair.
May every individual of the Jvew-jerfey Cavalry
- be ready at all times to support and defend the Presi
dent, the Constitution and the laws, and have it in
his power to chastise the wretch who dare inftilt either.
Mr. Hopkins,
IT is really dilireding to all true Americans to
i submit to the virulent abuje which is daily levelled
, against the President of the United States. How.
, ever contemptible be the authors, and however
( Icuriilous is the Printer, and ho.wevjr certain it is
tbat the character abused shines with incteafing
lv it re upon examination, and is more ar.d
more dear to the great body of h>s fel!ow,citijens;
s yet nations and individuals, Grangers to us and thefs?
fa£ts, will begin to suspect his virtue, or our profcfT
s ed attachment. The cause of liberty too will fuffer,
1 in hearing that, a Washington has aberrated from
s that heart cheeringgoddefs; & Mankind will lelign
all hopes of the poilibility of finding a genuine patri
f ot. TJie happiness of the American people must
he at an end, it the government cannot progress
without interruption, when the Man of the Peoplt
directs the helm ; for'who can be so sanguine as to
» hope for it, when any other Character fills the pre
sidential thair ?
f Short-lived, then, is our government, blasted our
t happiness ; for dii'iinion among the states will fue
c ceed to union—-different nations formed, different
, interests prevail, and the United .States become tri
, butary to France and Great-Britaiu ; obeying their
£ policy v cultivating their friendfhips and their ha
e treds, and arraying themselves in the field of batile
0 under their councils and theii leaders. What a ter
e rible change from our present happiness! Why
then do not all good men unite in time and arrest
5 the courie of the vicious and nifguided ? The a-
I] bnfeagainil government is poured forth from acer
. tain press with every mark of indecorum and con
tempt of truth : whether this may be attributed to
a venal connexion, as is fuggelfed, or to the proper
difappoiflt'rrtetVf of fosre of his relatives in their ap
plications fur high offices, is very immaterial; the
efle£t on the national tttr.per and charatter is the
fame, and his licentioufntls ought to be checked in
Philadelphia Directory.
THE copy right of the Philadelphia Directory io
. reef to the iuhferiter, only, Ly the late legal pro
pjietcc Mr. Hardie—therefore, any attempt of Edmund
n llogan to re-publifli thiiv/ork, tho' under a Difgtufe Title,
's lubje&s'hixn to tlic penalty of the law, and the censure of
i- all good citizens.
y Hogan was paid by the fubferibe* to furnifti new infor-
Is matioti refpc&ing changes of residence, Src. this makes
> hit conduit more blumeable than it otherwik mjght le
i- view'd, by T. STEPHENS.
r# N. <D. My Directory is nearly printed ; it shall be de
r. livered to the Public, corredl; no money will be received
ie 'till the work is delivered; nor shall the fubferibers be li
,r able to the purchafc again# inclination.
r November 25. eod6t.
J; Canal Lottery-Office
Near the BANK of the UNITED STATES.
TICKETS to be had at this Office, and at the City
Half, for Eleven Dollars and Fifty Cents each
every Day, except during the Hours if Drawing;
where Check Books are kept for examination at a
Cents each Number, or Regiilered at 12 Cents. Ap
proved Notes payable on or before the 20th day of
January 1796, will be taken in payment for Ten
Tickets and upwards.
William Blacklurn, Agent.
J- ■ Statement of the IVheel.
Ie I Prize of - 30,000 dalls.
S of 20,000 100,®qo
2 of 10,000 ao,oeo
4 of 2,50 a ' io,oco
7 of 2,000 14,000
14 of I,OCO 14,000
f t 31 of S co
, v 73 • °f j°° 7.300
n o
besides the 12 Dollar Prizes.
] Note. 25,000 Dollars ought to be added to the
'' ahove, on account of the Five Stationary Tickets,
worth One Hundred Thouftnd Dollars, that must be
the last drawn.
Nov. 14. dtf.
r.- Notice is hereby given that an at
f 1 tachment was iflued out of the inferior court of Common
t- I'leas in andfor the county of Cumberland, in the Hate of
e, New Jersey, returnable on the twenty-fifth day of Febru
•s, ary lalt, against the goods and chattels, rights and credits,
11- tends and tenements of George Hutz (not being a resident
c- at that time within the state of New Jersey) at the suit of
U- Jonathan Ballinger, iadorfee of Job Butcher, which was
levied by the sheriff of the county of Cumberland " on
a certain sloop pr shallop called the Fly of Philadelphia''
ri s with its appurtenances, as by the return of the said sheriif
er will more particularly appear—and notice is also hereby
t further given, agreeably to the direition of an aft of the
u Legiilature of the state of New-Jersey in such cafe made
. and provided, that unlcfs the said Georgr Hutz shall ap
pear and give ipecial bail to answer the fu:t so as afore
i'aid instituted against him by the said Jonathan Ballinger,
. within such time as is prescribed by law," that then and in
hat cafe judgment fliall be entered" againfl the said George
Hutz " by default, and that the said sloop or shall«p so as
c - aforefaid seized on the said attachment" will be fold for
t0 tbe fatisfaction of all " creditors who shall appear to be
justly entitled to any demand therson, and shall apply for
that purpose."
Dated at Salem, in the county of Salem, in the said
m, state, the thirty first day of Mtnh A. D. 1795.
r - f ' GILES, Clerk.
Lytiuj litralio Sfcciton, ")
e- Attorney for tbe I'lff. y
April I siawtf