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    Jacob johnlon'and Co.
147 MtrMftrin, PfiUa&p&idi
\A Vcr y general &Hbrtiucnt of
x BOOKS & SI AllO NA R r,
Which they ofifsr on the ioweil terms.
Tltey bj-vc alfn Sa'; y
A large quantity of Demy and Crown PRINT
- -A- liberal dci .Siofi will Be Country Store
W'-'-. orders will be thankfully receiv.d.'
?th mo. -afth, i 7?5 . iawt-v. 1
— ___
T. is puuiiihed, j .
Corner of Front and Wilnut flrieu,
On tU: Manner b£ improving th Breed of HORSES,
in America. 1
fPric*, Or.: of a DJlau.]
THT3 work is calculttjd for g-ner;U ntiiitj, aa| A:
Pu -liher .utteM himfelf that: c :;ue' fajl to meet with • 1
'-•" • iceuiag ■ "lent ot all tfcgfe who are in :he'lca.i i«te- : !
reitcd the fuijie SL
-A- 1 * v ' Edition 01 the Work .5 at the fame 1
fl-.:~, late uj ibid at the fiuce r.. ice. t *
3c>or.. r jo. ' » Js od4t. t
a l*tf i-
PO R SALE,: il
Co"uG.»» of i?®:U>.of Type, wc.'i afnYt,cd; <U>e tie- v
gant Prefi, »ij*d every other an citiiiuaHle tor an ex.- :i
teniivj bufiiiefs. It \.i,i h ibid together. 'Approved '■
noti ja. 2, 4, and 6 m"m(is . : hi yken in payment. ,
For particulars ap r ly to the Ediur.
- ° ' oh 'T fS-" ' ".WJ-
Le-Bieroi!, I
SURGEON-l) .",Y r \y r
Pupil lie teltbraUd Mr. Dui is, latf Of! ■' to ii: Kmv arj ~
Roya! Party <f Prenle. mM,r i'CA!:,- W Ac a
cfifrry of ? rvif,
Ke«ps E complete afforih»en- cv j thisgneeeliry to
be uftd ,er , I p
Prefervat'nn ef the and Tfeeth* r' 1
Pa- at mineral Teeth; and h i r.4.~ 1 ivory T;>tK ; Den- - )
fi-ifiee i . ;«wr; -Opiate; an sir oi-(Wcete«m-t
alj'i pr: the cc.rh. H* alfc lurmthcs *'
BraftJja ii gi . j<
*f lit litfe, ai dii '«tm - r ir jt. No I y,above' w 6ar;T.- J.
fl . reat - ■. . >.■■ !
y\ TAiliejand who are fhiv-
JT\. it)g t e.- . ';:cif.s si have :■ .n Hone by £ '
applying.ta ti.e ;-i-.ater, « No. lii corner of Union a a d 1
Fourth ttvettj, wfcre they ear, be n; rred to faeciffler.--. ! bi
. >■>. • ■ , 0
James i iffin,
. •;.'7J9ts.s. RET'xiz lurirx, t l
No. -o, south Second street, li.-ar the City 'J ivert, 1
HAS just received !iy the la:e arrival; fro.ll Loado* ' L
?.mi Bi iftol, a 1 ~-ge aal elejim aiTor'meot o! Ladie«
i-i«l • Jeatlciiiens faiJuoiubU IjA i'3;—Alfo, a variety" of 'in
Q'aldn-ns HATS of di<Trrent colours, -.vliica fold fn
on the lawelt teuns far ca3i. . :
jV. B. Ladies Hats triraM in the ncweft Talh ion from
ion. oa. 11. j ot
AJj f"E ii'/ ISEMh 1\ r. ; ! U
FROM the firfc of Oeeeiut r next, the an;;uii fubferip- " r
tion for this Gazette will be EIGHT DOLLARS. ' IJ
Subfrribers out 0/ the City will pay O.k Dollar a year in 'fan
a Wiaon. for in.loflng and dircftiivj their Pan-rs." ra '
Kj;note fitSfcribers are to pav up arrearage? r '
to the above period-; also the hitf,yearV advance from
that tira —thole who do not, wll be cenld-rcH as de- Cu
coning a cominuinee 0." theirfubferiptioS. ar>
A ' .-.'fti*j:ii_".its ot a fqaaie, or ltf-', afe pulliflifcd in ihls tin
G.ieet'te onc>, for haij oollvk; and continue lat onj ■ /J■)
KiULKT-* or \ 03LiA*iar eidi iifvrti^a/
ii at >r, with gra-:ituae,,the favors
of Lj! aav IJ patroai—He tffiire^.th;iy..: the en- mr
ereaf: i, anisacreafing r.iunS-r of- hi* fubfenbers, :« con- We
eat ending the circulation in the teity-4t«^ittkib? d:i
cijrcalat"in .- to that f any itkbr {Hiblxitios. is, Nov. mbcr 5, 1755.
Gky Dancing ArTembly. -
THE AflemVi •sAvifl commence for the Se,if»n, on
, Tbarl'day Eteaing, tlie in.L
JoS. RfDM.IN, ~) '- 1
S.iu Stekkstt, I Maaag«is.
4 THO. JV. Fkakcis, j i
November 4. dt 19th. ]
W ANT E D, - „ la
On or be'ore -he arft of December next, J! 1 ,,
AFurnilheil ROO •!, on :ht firft or feccnd flior, on a
notth-rn cr w .t .ra view, 111.J fi'tjtted between ' T
Front and Fifth-ftr-jets, and betv/ix: '.V'alnut "and Mulb r-,' :
ry-ttrests,for whiih a liberal price will begiTen. Fhe kit
furniture required air only table* and-chairs. lid chimney in t
apparatus, as it is iuten Jed for Miniatare-Paiatingibuilaefs. t } lu
Apply to the Limn : at No. 13, nurth Fourth-Street. r
Nevemlicr 2. •Sut.
Or to take oil a of about 3 years, to commence [ tho
oa or about lfl of April orxt,
A fmali, Farm,
FROM jo to 60 aeres, witii fu!scient.builiing for farai- Q thi
ing the fame, and a decent hbule for a genie 1 family lei
an equal prop»rtion of keado.v, arable, and woodland, !- U>
and a ihort distance from' P/iiliuelphia, Trenton, or Wii
tnington, will be ths more dJirAbb. Apply to No. IS7, cru l
iouth i'hiid-itreet. Nov. i. §<t. ' hui
ALL perlons indebted to the late partnerlhip of IV4*
(er\ AJgjte, & '.Vbiie, are di-fired to make,payment
to Pei e» \V. Gallaodet, No. 63, CitfSat-lireet, who ,n "
i# atltkorifed to receive the fame. Tiiofe wao have claims 'hoi
on the said Firm will present them to him. spec
Demands on the eilate of the late Pr'atiai lVMir, de- j s l e
eeafed, are to be exhibited ta the fubferiber—aud those
indebted to the said cftate, are requested to mate pay- rn ".'
ir(enf to I RUTH i'ERI f, Executi ix, P ol:
Oe?»>.-T 10. aim. No. 47 south Wafcer-fti -t. aila l
Canal Lottery. t;on
No. 149, Ch:fnut-(lrcet,hitman FourthlyTltlii jlreets. 1
r "|" I ICKETi and every iafortaitiou.giv- . U "'
Xcm refpeelingfaid Lottsry. .ilf«, WaKngtor. «ud
Paterfon Lotteries. OA. 10. " f in b
For Sale, at Auction,
At the HORSE MARKRXy or. WEDNESDAY next. *-~
A pair oi targe, w ell-matched . ' I
frown HOKS hS, -so a
Will trot fail. Tkay ntay be fe nat Bld.vell's Aa'iles,
corner of Clufmit ar.d irointii-flreets, at any between
this and the day of iifc. Nov. 7. dfn.
Canal LotterV Tickets l -
POPS A L £, :
At No. 153, Chidiiat Street.
PhilaJ. Sept. 27. J 5_ .nd d
A good C<.ok ;
Will meet with conft»st employ:-., r. id rcceive gent- Ev
rousweges. pply to the Printer. OCi % lj. every
The fm'! wing ariiciiv^QJh-ui u>ha\ bajt Mtempes
are rsu .lc to Jeceivr and impo/t upon the public :
IY~ Prum ihe Kentiifk) Gazette, dated Sept. 26,
Mr. 'Bradford,
I have been crediMr i'-iformed, that the very no-,
lauie at L?x*i igfon 5111 jq hof Ausjuil,
coufiiled of but five men wh > lisve .v pc«teofionf
tor " to inf(irrr)a;i6n, not to fay, refpeii, v, and that"
■». tl'Cy wef no; u iwni 1113, as wz; riut. 1 have
not yet he rd what was '«» 1 u-rah.. v/itf rcce >• - t
and voted tile to the Prehecftl'—p >Hr.!'ly
the fame. It Wf;.;' : S--■ th'le sos
Tiivvu M el. : t j a;c , ' ' J, r{ •; y uroul 'ie
quirr >mt ne -nricy In th -n ; for we cou rtry peo
? lc lln " ol: -■ " s tao/' imp ! upon, as ivel'. 1
on a--*-L»ur.E >.-f t''-ir . amlicrs, ut ! jy their afTer'iixis.
I Ae|j —Many coneurri m .-rut m<y- «T/ l't JSTiJJ.'rt ; ,
with - Stat tU<- fufrho f a »ew> are 'ai <n •** eontempti
"».e- | (>.Now -V r , tnsjvy ,jf as tii the country take
• ay(f ; r " l f polices iruwi I pray you do not de
ceiye He a';y mote in ' 'icfe majtrrt, left you fnuii'.! '
beTFie a .fc (t!.!,■ 1 loceat one) of
■ leading us 'iuw fttaf k-s. T!;eftf town peo-
E. 'P ici mi '- e f'.much floife I,.if ye;', fp'ojte io big, and |
_ .jpe fij many cotrefpo .dencies, tiiat maay of tit
e!e- e Uroll r.eady to jom our h't' h a
ei. :n Ihe ijtiier parts of the Unitei.l" S 1 a es,
tyed '7 'fwfc ift M..a jjigaSela, A. -j I verily believe if l
Iht Uriit«r Slates army not been mi relied u
ver the-mnUiitain, wlter. it was, that many of us I 1
have been dr ,vn compleatly into the J,crape If.
1 tnention these thingsto ihow you how much mis- j v
ehici ,tuy be done by rf»iircprei"entatioti, calculated
" ■ to di lurb our peace, iafl ime our pafTions, and mis
lead our J'jdgm.-n's. I'll rcfore 1 hope, fir, that
rto ' ol ' nt " --, ' n reprefciit a metjtng of five or fix
j peifons, as a general meeting sfthe citizens from
* he iflfcreut parts of the Rate, without giving us I n
en- ' ) 9 <t authoi. tl
"-!■ , A RXADER. il
' j —: I
From lL VirgMa Hcralcl. ! ,
I. 1 __ - Jj
J. Mr. Olsri, —
A gentleman on his way from Carolina, fame
>,J time ago", wasrcmtrfctig in his tour through this
ad '• aie » alarming consequences which might pre- j
bably ensue from the indulgences that are gta.lted 1 .
' tofiavej, in tfieir M-htly cabals, reveiings, and as- J r
ficiat/ons, in di.Terent parts of Virginia. He,in- g
f )rin<*d me of the frrioUs apprelienhons which | •
they had for Rime time,-and ftili partly labour tin- '
' tier, from the I'rrpdHiijoii of several free blacks 1
i.s 'fnd mulatt,o«fiom the French Wert India lflands,
of iulpiring the creatures with the notions ot
dd f eed.>jh, and the poflibie success of an infurrec
lion ; yet, from the fp«. irf(Texcrr?shs and vigilance -
oi the civil officers in fap|>refEig that attempt in | |i
- its infancy, and a ftiiflt p-ohibition to the -further ■' tQ '
importation of pcnplc of that colour, the danger i j°.
IS, ' ia 'l "early fublidcd. What would that gentleman j 3
in fay, fh iul lhe fee here refpedable farmers encou- ' . t ; X l l
raging Inch meetings of on day* set a part
'?* f r3Wl business, and permitting them having barba- j™'
te. cue *». haerangumg each oth.'r p-ibii.-'v, exerciling, J*
•jipoiuting tiieir offi ers, and in refpetl get
11s ting fofuetlisig-Tifoli# Impifrtinr.flioHTd '
'* ppport'nnity oflei : L .- • .!•/ b.ifinefs of V? y matter, tl. p- ivcnt his nggrpg auei.di.ig Tuch C '
«wn as p. >ffi ir , ."a-ui. the, iiij:fpenfi
u- !>lc<i »}' o»" cs to suppress and puni(h such P#l
it' da and dcteltabie practices.
- ; Th
± rom the laticilon, (s. c.) Cii~) Gazette. (
MJfrs. Freneau £3* Paine, J
i he fiUjcdof IGNITION may"please some of
your rea..'era, wlierefoe you are requeued te ]
pubiiQi tiie fallowing in the G zetie.
IGN I - 'ON, or the kind is ac- afTt
tnated by the never ceasing atti attion and repel- «!,'
'"'g, (equal to drawing and blowing of breath, P ro
irn mfeiie.l tiiiougiioiit the whole creation) and Bti'
• i'.i iking light's universal acid againrt.acids, tnani my
,e feiti g itfeit in three diffeien: fpccifi.ations, J
y in the aii, in the water, and in tlie earth. They, rati
s - thus ignited, are rendered f « rfu], a:id difpofi. . w>s
for piopajtaii nof their own eflence and fubllance, '-' vc
—m.idilitd to their different depaitments, continue ni^e
fuhjeet to the aclivily of light's universal aciii, quit
e though with yraduated velocity, (twe t
the air. the lefTer in the water, and t|>c lealt in the a "d
eanh.) T his 'miter's inclination to accompany the v^r y
other two, fpecified in their vclocjfy, incrcafesj"e- aR d
lutluantly its retardatKm 4 this concenters its ef- 4te l]
lence in its substance, and gives impetuoiity to its
eru pfion.' It> condud to beings in i* a vicinity
hurts with equal, though flower impreflion, at that
- of lightening, (two fpcciSc acids in contact)
wit,, the difference, that the latter leaves fcircc Co
' room foi auxiliary application, which the former
, in meafufable degrees admits ; is mod favorable to
, those, with whon it meets with the lead of its own S:
species deposited in their pcrfonal atmosphere ;and New
is lead favorable, where such depositions are volu- n ' lls i
! minous in the person's atmosphere. These de- O
polilion, originate from the (teamsof arfciiical.&c.
aualyfes, ahd prove mortal to chymids. Next, with
from great ma(Te» of aggregate matter. kep> in' «
fermentation and maceration, until all a
■ humui particles are evaporated, then become sub- on e <
jected to the universal kindling, when they =
in iieaVy, yet loyifible clouds, luver no' fix feet A
perpendicular above the eatth's furface, are apt to cruif
Stve mortal infection to ail near and in it, unhf, capt,
dillipited by winds, extir ?11 ifhed Ky win,, or wide
f»nably incorporated, with the as mar-ure. Colb
J. G. W. DE B Yi
LOW DON, September 10. " fau,
fly'.TJ ii OF P-.tRIS. A
■ , know h».iory,norev«nmen, in burg
>rd.-r to oe aftoiiifheu at Hie p.citjre which Par is i.os. , r .. r '
exhibits. s-I**1 **
There are merchants who fell as dear as' they can -
-n 1 ; wta c-y as-Mui! as they cjtoofc ' 4,chr
Every oody complaminj; of milfry, and ev.-rv bodv
w ling 0 t,, j •, h .ii!-. • v
Every body waybills of the evils of tyranny • but
everybody fpciicj wah unbridled liccauoufitifs. '
ITT-- T! - 0 -* a lv:1 war are 40 leaene; rrorn us;
but th"S plraft;r.jf < of ih« illaad ot Cal; pto .ire in the
em P es Ini' rior -f the to vm
*■' Alarms ire ringing ii> all minds; and careleunefs
,(■ in al! hearts.
ill things are exposed to astonishing alterations and
movcrpents; .but .cai.nneis is ©lifervcd in everytace.
y no- Events of the g/eateit-imp°rtancc, and intrigues of
l;:u n valets eijft at thcfame time.
,7 Ceremonial dintiffs are given, which seem to reunite ,
ill tiie chiefs; but c'andcftine iuppers likewile, in
1,1 which proscriptions are fignad.
. vr The meeting of Pnrtlary~Aflembli s are approach- J
M' • i,m£ and with them the molt profound ignorance
*<r.!'.ly with regard to their r'ghls and their occupations. (
it', of Si* years ,revolution —that is to fay, the - ateft t
re '.Ton poftible for the human race, seem to be loft upon j
>e Frciic ii, who are accustomed to live, to ling, to dif- r
_ i! pvte, to fight-r-but wgt to think. t
. In the ,-jiidft .of a of men, of whom some are
ion*, dying, -others the leaders of J'aris and the
» r ht ; different faction?, m«re agree with refpeel to
npti- .heir vie -vs hau with refpedt to their mtans, art easily 1
take dift:Birn«fted. I
t de- 1 lie leaders in general hare no monay, and (till left £
Odd talents. _ ]
. j. 'Alnong all the leaguers of the hill, there is neither
' 1 Duke of Guis , a Cffifar, sr a CrO'uweil.
peo- Jfhe Duke of Orleans is dead, and the inheritors of '
and his ambition have not inherited his fortune. j a
if in Thefuburbs are difsrmed ; and the Eng!i(h guineas
-nts, are not exhauiled, it]
u ] ar . Small intrigues of contemptible women, fmalljour-' ] s
vc jj- nils to be read in kitchens, and litile epigrams, are not ; jj
_ . fufficient to rouse a great pyipie, hatraffed, disarmed, j .
. u panting for tranquillity, and after a government.
; lls j A gove niuent canu t l>e the object of the different 8
"tip? j failions; for they wri die a violent death 011 tire day l '
mis- j when a govern*, uit will arifrout of the cbaon. cl
ated What ten -do they demand in their desperate ad- 1,-
jjj.-f dresses, pronounced by- their oratois, bursting with J,
that bo,nbaft
r fix PARIS, loth Fru&idor—Sept. 6. y<
rom Every day we fee new tills Itm knp at the cor- ttl
us nero! the theets, which aie the vph eles c'oien by <y«
the different parties ,'or conveying their •fen irrier.ts, re
their .accuh;:i . :s, and their abtife *f each other.— to
It leema T' lai this kind of converfatioH wi h the oj
publi gra'ifi-.s with greatei expedition ar.d mure
ejjgjt, .'*n M^ r crerj ti, j re
to every , ody, The t;ie,,ter part of them appear on
tobe printed on the fame kind of paper which the dr
ihis n:: K a , / ,'" fiipply for Liiurc'spaiu.
Lrntint!. rhe goverutneitt mult needs have i.s ,
fas we.! n» its journals. The former are, ehief
aj- If, f'y>'ed by thcpretcuded patriots of 1789. Ev
a ery butiy r.ptfted to fee tiie name* of Trflej
j.j Beajihveiz, Moajtefquiou, and all the Hue patriots £,
| at ''' ''ottom, and were very much a
-1 hpiiilhed, oulv to h H those of the patriot* of *92,
j* . ari ! 'ven some of the 2d of Sept. We alfo'de
ieried the names of lev.-ral weil known IVrroiilis
0 who have recently escaped from prison. Even the 10
" , prudeat Daumale appears on the lilt, who might,
" propriety, have called himfelf one of
ler errt 's parties : he now prefutres to preach f u j
to his !• e'.low Citizens, though giatitude (liould c ;i,
an 3Ye tau^'lt un to ' 3e fileut, that he might not c( j
m - "P" fe . e mifcondud of the Committee, in fit- lht .
~t ! htm at liberty. But al! this quaekey, all this j n „
a . 'mpndence, are. now out of the season ; the piib „ p ,
iio will diltinguilh m giving their votes, as they the
k' have -already done in bellowing their esteem, he- 3 rK j
iid tween w h(> really piomoted the Revoht- it ;
if I tIon * that impure herd of affiflins and pluu- {he
. dcrers, who became patriots tbe moment mnrder as s
and pillage were confidcred as the l>elt proofs of s up
.' h P itr '°tifm. St 3
— TTI 'Ml —I on
COLUMBIA, Ottober 23. ' anc
The Prcjideui's answer t i the addrejs i,f the c of Re
the United Stares, this town on the 4th 1 mei
of -dugujl l"Ji, rrfpefling the treaty -with Great j gen
Britain. „ | are
United Slates, 14th Sept. I 7QC. !ly 1
SIR, . ! one
I received the a-Jdrefs of a number of citiiens, ' for
inhabitant* ofCambtlen and Orangeburgh diftrifts, bon
: . affrmbled at Columbia, on the 4th of Aujiuft, 'J
!- v )' h you transmitted. They express their difap- ferv
>, probation ol the treaty lately negociated with G. Tht
() Brit Kin, and their belief that it would not receive Stat
j my .ifTent. ble i
My lenfe of the treaty has been manifefted by its* perf
', ratification. The principles on which my fan&ion any
j w-j given, have been made public. I regret the II
*, ''jverfity of opiniun. But whatever qttalitits ma the
c nifefted in a long nd arduons public life, have ac- 1:
i, quitedfor me ti»e confidence of my fellow citizens, rlors
1 ie-t til-m be afiured that they remain unchanged; ner 1
c and that they " will continue to be exerted one- oft!
e very oeealion in which rhe honor, the happinefi be e
. ar.d welfare of our common country are immedi cliiei
". ately involved." ,I IC ,
s With due rtfpeft, p^in
I am. Sir, < 2(
t Ydlir obedient, to b
) Go. WASHINGTON. ment
Col. Thomas Taylor,
' CHARLESTON, Oftoher 26. Govi
' v a,nvc ! t ' l - li'p Columbus, Lothrop, with
J New London, jj day*; fn«w Resolution, Rette whic
■ °™«» 75 Ways.
- On his jpa:Tage, Capt. Lothrop fell in witn a have
. lchooner fiom Fort-i>auphin, bound to Befton, Prefn
, with only »ne living man, the captain, on board ; Bate
, the other men, si ein m.mier, al! died of a fever 4 t!
1 afe« days after 1-aWr.g port. Capt. Lothrop put timid
. one of h own men on board the fchaoner, and left icalot
' a,?** tn " "M&V ' <:r thk port. 'void
A !o arrived the fe-hooner Carmagnole, from a a'.teti
, crude; beside* ner prizes which have arrived, (he Comi
' a loaded with iadigo, State
which was (hortjy after recaptured by two Guarda- oughi
\ efterday arrive,! the f.-Honner Savannah Packet, Fcdei
: iTN.v?™4'..' mw-
A (h:p li arrived in Savano>H river, from H»m- t-'e'j
Wg. with »nc hoiidrtd a d fifty Germa, F affen point,
* T}
835? r - Ar t C ' al dars ncgoc
V Aux-Caves, ,8 well ,
Gonaiv-s, 20 Creel
Wil'.am, New Voik, iz I t
Hazard, A tlx ParM »*Q I
V >>- * ■ if^il
ill the Sir, »ft*.**..
efTnefs YOUR fortitude excite* our admiration, ro u
v.rue our esteem, and your attention to our irM
«» d • s.^'^o W bß, iolI jE
ace. federal senate to the ratification of the titdtv
uesof signed at Londoa on the 19th Novembc ' t-ol'l
our fuUeft approbation, *iero, our wariest *Jj
fe, in P A • a " d , firmeft fl TP 6rt - We, fir, have
rained it wulvcare, and anxiously fooght thatteci.i
-oach- P™'T which .. so ait fully held u P at thefcafiso*
irance f««ndfh»p , hut. to our great fu. prize, o-ly 0•] !2
• . cautiously worded, and wonderfully calcuUd' ,3
nateft deceive the good citizen* of ihtk- kates by ho! V
."Sr. ■*7
, f :: w s "iw
,e are «»»«'* » i.lufory, as ,0
id the " y . C ' ,f ' ble 0r tiiaj C a n rf £ oJt tu . ])e
eel to United States as 1 government, or th-.-iV,.
eaiiiy thereof as individuals. We are forrv to fey , !
in this treaty we behold om c nlti ution violated
r;r:r artmdkiy - our.ii.wJ:
nther I 9 ftrU . ft ,re "Wolves.made the sport
of caprice and Britilh politics. We think the
«of Ut *7 a together nugatory as to the ,„j propofe(i
i" d *««««• y »• sovereign flafes
meas V V a fament there were no more, vet w- „• '■ l£
I .her, «,c so „„ y , i, ,hi (, „i '4JJ
jw-. language and afled the will of the peopl, , 1 This is
: out a ,«">te d.e t» patriotism, and w, rejoin, fir
ed '|to pay Hto you. While native, forge/ the
er£nt XT. and fe 'L" me , nti ° f thc fr - *>°™ citizens of
. these Hates, what Jo we behold ! A man bv
chance of b.rrt, an Amencan, but one by r , a /on and
«S 7 ' " m ° re ?" ached <he fe
deral government, and the dignity thereof than
even its indigenous sons. OnrW fi r ; a ,■
,o„ ~,1l Ihnd fart in virtue, .« & .rf
cor- the rights of the people: then will we not fail „ do
'h Y '?«><. you puss thro' life; no. shall hist rT
nts, tefftrtl those n.tuous aits bur with edat, a .id fay
j to polierity, This man, thisfinntar, deftrved W M
the j oj bis country,
lore ! _ liy virtue of a refold- of the citizens of Lau
;ng j reus county, met at the court-Kuufe of the f £mc
'Z dayof A ir"' '7W. pnaread'.
; le f "' , y° ur mott ohedicn. arid teiy hum
iraiafl Committee v r
Lv _i.
1 AUGI'STA, Odober 15.
h Ex * raa of a lm < r f'-om tl e of War to
His i.xcehenry George Mathews, Esq. Govern.
L: or J cor « ia ' datt<i War 2 9j :795 .,
'tl to YOLJ R r '. e:ter °, f lh / ' 6th ° f A P r;i ' ! » »»f«r -
, , ""7 °f' he 20th of March, relative a n .
» % u " 'he Creek ludiani, was duly received
ich f , n ' ev,l 7 " have since been taken .f the
, a "r lht 'formation receivedoi a more pa .
Z p P °f l r" atß °: g l , he Cre ' ks ' h "- det^a.
ot d tbe President m the United States to a s) to
R, people of Georgia, by i.nthori,.
,ng a ,rt3iy ,o bt ' hcid ' tu lo your {tale, an
al ?d bet ween th Altamaha and St. Mar/'s. But
it is to be undvrllood, tnat neitfcer this adcßt, nor
the tieaty which may be made, are to beconfidered
Jer as affeding any qucltion which may arifc upon thc
ot fuppkmei.tary ad, pafi"cd,by the Legifla.urc cf the
StaPe of Georgia, on the 7th of January lafl, up
— on which enquiries have beet, instituted in puifu
ance of a Rvlolutiou of the Senate and Hotlfe of
of - Rcprefentatives ; and that any relirtquiflj.
\th ment of the Indian claims, are to be made in the
"" , gen'tial terms of the 'l'teaty of New York ;
v | a. e contemplated as the form proper to fee gCnsral
. i) ui d on fnch occalions, and on conditions, thai
j one half bf the cxpelice of thc of proviiions
is, for the Indians alTemblrd a the Treat)-, a.e to be 1
Is, borne by the State of Geo:gia.
si, I,he Prclident also conceives it nccefiary to ob
p- serve pe. uliar caution in conducting the Treaty.*
j. The jnhice, honor, and interell of the United
ve States, demand, that the Indians who may afTem
? ble a: the place of Treaty be feenred, not only from
ts personal insult, and lujuiy but againA surprize, ot
>n any unfair management,in the negotiation.
le It is proposed therefore to hold the treaty on
a the following principles.
•ft- Thc invitation to the Creek chiefs bh'fr war
s, riors to attend the ireaty will be given in the man
; ner molt likely to a complete reprefcniation
L-. ot the Nation, and every object of the treaty will
fa be explicitly mentioned in the invitation 7 ) th?t ihe
i chiefs may come prepared to the mind of
thena ion aid haven;, grounds afterwards to com
p.ain of deception orfurptize.
2d. Ihe negotiation on the part of Georgia is
to be confined to the two trafls of land before
3d ihe Treaty will be held, conducted and
concluded, agreeably to the aft of the General
Government, for regulating trade and intercourse
» ith the Indian tubes, confequeutly any agreement
which shall be made with the Creeks by your Com
miffioncrs, will become, part of a Treaty which will
a hare no validity m.til ap iroved, and reified by the
, :'refident, with thc advice and consent of the Se
; Bate of the United States.
r 4th. Every civcumflanee which will tend to in*
timidatethe Indians when aiTembled, to excite tbeir
t jealousy, or to produce quarrels, mtift be carefully
»voided, for this reason no more citizens (Itould
1 ! .. tend the T.caty tban the cor.ienjejice
C <mmiffioners of the Uflittd/Sfifte? and of the
, State «f Georgia fhnll require, the whole number
- <'tight nrft to exceed fifty ; iriclu tJaofe who
t i itig supplies of provifiaus, *nd ejtclufive of the
.1 1 ederal Tioops. And excepting th fe Troops
i no citizens are to ajjpear in While the Com-
I miflioiinrs of the United Stutes will be attentive to
■ I t'.e obfervaace ofall those articles, they will have
pointed inltruftions as to this.
ri.efc Rnles heing calculated to produce a foir
■ negociatlon, which alone can secure your state, as
'■•ell as the Union from futur« qdirrela with the
Creeks, cannot fail of meeting ytur approbation.
It is proposed to have h.- * commence.
about tbe last cf Odlobcr, at or r-:., 'fort Fidius,
Mr. SeajtoYf, the of th; Uaftsd States,