Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, November 05, 1795, Image 2

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    JT 'keifs' Nc ft A ntfhi theatre,
o sth November, infUnt.
mil be '-tfenUdy (fennj tint i* Am trim J
A% performed virh univcrfal applause at Sadlers' Will*
Wb•{■ b cnnrlv4?s tufth frvetvv'
Mew '/eats gf Lofty Tumbling,
Mr Matter Sully, Signior Reaao, aad Mr; F.
z Rickert*.
Clown, Mr. Sniancira.
Equefirian Performance.:.
By Signior R jno.
Bt hi- ■catnn I'ftr't,
The PONKY \i AC' S ;
Or, Th' Spixi. of Nsir M.tKKST. n.iccwill be introduced tK.- Jocltey,
1/ Sir'. Snl!/, Mr. Spinacr.i, Mr. «. R:rketts, MrT
RCvinO, an i Mr. RiqkeCtt
Exertions of HoHemanlhip,
By Mr. Hicfci-tts.
With y.irio?.-> other furpr ziag Feats net infi-rted in the
• $HC ' •
fjT Mr. B JCKEI' i s r rf?e«lfß!> inform-, hi* liWal j
ritAors, th u?\s will spare no per-,
forrjr'--of tht 6rlt Jiv./ieticc. a-u4 inti\>d-.!;e that novelty '
v.'. :„-h hiflattsr-. li|m{e!f willplcafe the public in gcn»u.'. ,
£'{* 3li,Li an/1 I'iCKSTSto be hi J at .hi Box-OiTie? \ !
adjoining the Amphitheatre, w1.% n puce* Mr the boxen '
«h-7 be taa«a from 10 in die m.irninjj fill 3in the -f- ( 1
tern ion. No mon-y taken at the down, aqr i
i.«y iKlmittince behind-the fee X...
4 Boxes, une dollar—l-jr, half 1 delkr.
W Doors to be opene i at SIX, and the Intertafci- i
to begin at SS.VEN. , '
City Dancing Aflembly. -
TRR Aff-mhl'es .'ill fcr the Season, on
j-.^d-j ir.'vtfnitij/, th; lyth-inft. |
Sam. SrK'Kt.TT, £ Managers.
Tho. IV. Francis, j
\ 4. Hit9th.
A meeting of the !'vhtlslphia 30-iety for. the ?'
-i V in'armation ard afJilt.inctL of Perfoni emigrating '■
iron F .reigii eor.ntrics, will bs held at the in n
Foei-li-lrt-et. on \V».|«etday,'the 4th of Nov'r.ther, at p
f n'cteck in the evening.
N. Pllit.UPS, Secretary. T
EstraA from the Contlitu i»». 3
F»cr, 8. Any ptr'oii by fuhfcriHiuj; to thn r »iiiH'att- a
en. jni p.-ying the lam of «,i : - Dollar, (hall htcome a y
m .T,\ber : he fha l enn'rihute, mnaally, One Dollar, in tl
hi!, r ; ;arly payments, towar-ls the rtcccffhry expences of
V - Soe'-iiy. OA., If t*y. 0
A pcrfuns ii-iiebttj to tfca h -iteoi Doctor JOHN
-e \H, Ij-IBBON.S, late o! i" , nl.'..i,'lphia, deceased, are '
tiquelled to mak<; payment; and tnofe who have a*y
.'ajanils -gainit fa . 1 HJlate, a. c desired to bring in their ci
tceoufits duly attefted.for settlement, to
Attorney io faifl for Mary Gikbons, adminillratrii
to "he said de?ra ed's Eft ate.
_ Arrh-itreet.No. ;C7, Nov. 4. t*io6t 'f
\N' t . Ladies and 11 n-er., who are deftrous of har-- ;tl 1
mg their I ikenefles tikca,.may have tliem done by j n
an- lying to the Painter, at A'o. 11?,, corner of Union and ,
Fourth Orerts, wh.-re they can he •- r r^--
4><flubcr "zyT" ~ " pt
Dahcing School. !'
\ M'DOvJO ALL h.v< opened his fcho.ot for the
♦ prefsnt season, at the'eUganf bail room in liar* } C
*«y-fir«tt, leading from lliiril to Fourth, between
i'.itfnut and Wainac-i&rc«t?. w-l
Hnnrs of attendance,-troiit"tsn to twelve o'clock, on
Monday, WcdnePttny, and Friday morning#, tor young la- D(
and from si* to nil«e on the cvtrnig of the sum« (
4iys, lor yvung j
addition to the Frrrtch and EngtilH dances ! of
utu dly ta ight, he mean to introduce a variety of Scotch I Jo
at preientfo much at'.rnirod in Europe. j
I'he weekly praclifuigs will coaimence on Tuesday e- | r.
vewing, the aoth infi. and to !>e continued every i 1
d ti iny the feaiion. October io. tn,th,s. rf.
——— -r- • <-n - .
• James ! i\nn y h»
No. 70, south Sccond llfsec, near chd City Tavern, thi
HAS j -ft ro* he:i J >y the kre ;.rri /ili from Loudon tar
and Bristol, a large and affortnuiit of Ladies ma
and faf.i-a.nable tiAl'S.—Alfo, a variety of
Childrciit. HATS v of different celours, which will be fold t " fR
N the loweil terms for calh. ths
bf. B i.adies flats trim'd hi the newWl fafcion from arc
tendon,- Q<a. ii. 5 f oll
~!P A iV 7 is JJ t ftc
■00 *" before the of December next, lay
\t r urnifh%d ROOM, on the or fccond lloor, on a
northern or weftem vjfw, an.: situated between i p
Yront ani Fif'h-Iwcts, and betw'-xt Walnut and Mulbn--
>y-lheets, for wnich a liberal price will be given. Tlw ar *^
furniture required sre only tabi. s and chaii*s. and chimney or
appnratas, as it is intended for Mini.iture-Puintirig bu£nefs. *sou
-ipply to tlie No. 13, north Fourth-llrect. f ix:
November 2. r 4t .
Lc Breton,. mei
SURGEQ A'- D /•' A r ' r I v -r, . ; n f,
fufil of fit cJJrr.i Mr. l)ui it, late Di/HfJI M th/ Km* m:ii (j e ]j
Ktyal FSmiiy ef Frmtr, mrthr if tl; Cillegt and Aca- .1 -
demy of Surgeons at Paris,
"Keeps a complete jflortmßit of every thing neeeffary to >c "
be tsfed for the i
Prefervaiisn of the Mouth and Teeth. to f
Putent mineral Teeth, and human and ivory Teath; Den- ar) J
trißce in powder Opiate; excellent' Elixir for fweetetiißg mer
thj hiont.i, and ihe tcttli. He also furnifliee p ro ,
Brushes and foft Sponges. ..
"Jj" He lives in Chclhii -street, No. 115, above Four.h- ■
»re«t. Sell, n). e„d. '
The highest price in Cash, will be for i '
A praf —net will he yiven to Chret Bottler—Apply t« (no.
No. 187, south ThiwJ-ftreet. I our
Atru ,o. d ingle
Canal Lottery. P'l*
Ko. 149, Chsf }it-lire:!, Fifth Jlretts. °
r l ""KJKETb examined ?rJt : t,_ind every information giv- Cr,t '
L c« laid i,ott,-xy. Alio, Walhiugtoa -anij Eng
Paterfon ljOtteries. OSt. li. | 1-ith
Canal J.ottery Tickets c °f
*'■ -N"- r '*j CH. Irut Street. for <•
• ' nno*. s-r- 5 with
A favourite new SONG.
Sanj at VtnxhaH Qardtns by Mr. Dictum
Written by iVlilrs Peter Andrews, ETq.
Cempofed by Mr. Hook. ; ,
! AM a ehecrful fellow, altho' a married man,
And n this age of fnlly, purftte i saving plan ;
fl Tho' wivas are thought exjrtnfivc, yet who can live
alone ?
Tlitn fin e the* are dear creatures, 'tis bffi to Uuve
but one :
My choice difcoven clearly my prudence and my taste,
I've a very little wife, with a very little waifi.
Marrying is a draught we take for better orlWwcrfe,
iiad witc 1* iic w luj can prevent the draft flpon hit
nee, . P l "' lc :
r< 13..t evi's arc naach leflen'd, wken wivet ar« well in
clin'd, ' •
For if tncy come aciol's u«, they Jhafe thcru to our ;
j m ii.d: t
r " 1 V. he. 1 matters a;e well nianag'd, no need to be 11 rait- 1
lae'd, - . r
er ,j 011 n,a y with little danger,- increase the little wjift. '
ner- *
,i, T ' 1 no' Ipouie'a to dii'creet, ftili each fafhion lhc'll dif- v
u'. I piay,
"lie; ! Her Lcl'om, Hfav'n blc/s her! is open as the day j P
MCt • ' 7 ' b
:;f. ; g ai ">ent (may I venture a fimiie to beg < j j
*c?r Han S » locfely from her fhouldo, like a t t> W u upon a c
P C S i ' ,1
lfn Yet ' {e * riul of e*pen««s, fiie thortens them, tho' small,
And if (he goes 011 tbortaning, there'll bt no waltc at 0
all 1, a
-—1 '
on From tht Virginia Cwtinf.l, vv
Printed at VVinentuer. a
Addrafs to the Prcftdeni »f tlif United Stales. r(
Siw, et
Having lately undtrllood that a dumber of per- ft
iont within iliiicoinrauimealllt have expieiied ttteir tc
ing hijjjti ililptwiui cat the treaty you ot-crU tube ot
in mjnie witii Great Briiaiu, ami which th c innate ap- tv
»t pruvcii of and advilcd you to ratuy ; and,that le- ft
rerai tumuhuou» <ile«inj/i have been held thereupon, ol
as well within thut ltaie «t ellcH-atre, with a vieiv,
iti- 33 would le?m io intimidate you in the excrtile ui ' w
e a your coiutiiutiooal lut.etioiu ; we flfttu-r ouifelves 'cl
111 that you will excufc bur you muOd Io ; n
0 Critical anoccahon.
HT . Variotn motives have instigated ccrtain dcfciip. f li
tre l ' l ' ,s , mt " 10 the piclcul agitation, and given a]
.a y uucummon acrimony to their to.ivcliauon anii'pro- hi
cir cttdirgi.
Some, 'tis laid, dor.'t like Mr. Jay, btcaufe of ut
rit ' ' Upen ° r UkulS a,iJ p-nc-uaiioa, and qt
he may one day or oitnu lUnd io somebody's way, j as
_ iif they can't get him knocked dowa. Otheis, jm
j again, don t iike him, becaulc, when at Rich- j ft.
j mor.d, he laid it was right tha; hot.ett men fUuld ian
■v.- ; not be prevented by acts of Affemuiy Horn p Jy - Mei
iid , ' ie " debis; and becaule, a. another uinr. I
be laid tu..' 1 hi 11 ion- i»f . .-.liiiT "vCith jiu
propriety call upon a foreign nation lu co«piy wiih ; v»<
— I.s engagements to us, we (hould !>e ccr' lU i H wc |an
( had ruiaiied out ciigagenjents 10 it. Men who'! an
tcii ihe people the plain truth in icpublii!., feidom j K#
B> llaud a better chance stir their favouis than tbofe jfu
who venture to give -honed advice to t tyrant, :t • wt
,n lfjft bal ' e aud a flatterers ■mver omii iucli op" |th
portuuities to put the people or the pruitfe out of
humour with luch men,, and t.y that mcan , flu
c. j often (upplant num. Other',, fr ( , m tlii ; ; thi
h j lo.c of hot water, w tU ih they call repwhiicanilm uu
. hate those vnw ha.e lnd any hand in keeping us ms
,y from ;,'ef ting loaded ; ab«VQ ,11 they hate yourfelf ' vc
,f. tor not t.eing put out oi your way., and for flick- ,l "
- mg so long t() the fluff Others, t» whom you rh<
have refuTed the loaves aift hfnes, or to whom you
have no; offend enough in tiieir own opinion, take us
this opportunity 10 give you a hint of .Jieir impof- tri<
n taiice ; mong the people, and at what ptt'ce von we
» may in tuture eotuit upon their patriotism. Oth 'vc
a ers, soured by the adoption of the Comlfttr lon, so "
that root of bttternrfs, and boiling with ambition]
» are glad to feiie every occasion to render unpopular we
some one of its branches, with a^view, at wonU- iM
seem to'the ccmpafling i;s overthrow «« Csefer " J u "
lap a i-sltbrati'd Eiiglifh lawyer, " ehenflied' a ma '
» spirit of lie utlous popularity against the senate ; J
. Cii.lnwc!! clieiiCied the fame spirit against Ciown' ,ha
e and .Senate ; Both let up a government of their li *' T
f r,wn ft'bverhre of true liberty, whichever mult he "*•
• f lUrjdc.f in law and proteded by it." Lalily, a J
lixth dais, Made up of a good natured kiin'o? to !
folks, wha. having ntither the opportunity, the
means, nor ip.elinatirtn to examine into the truth of m ' tJ
miintia'ions aga-nft governmcKt or its minilhrs, '
' believe, or seem to believe in whatever the other "
claflVs tell them, except in the necclfity of" mfur- tua!
, reftioJi. the
Are ftich men in a temper of mind or jfittjation " ml
to form an unprejudiced opinion on the treat* 0(
. and what ought to be the cool deliberate ju'dg- ,or! F
ment of tfie public with refpeft to some of tlirit S
• proceedings and how their children b\nth, P''°!
should ciri urt.lfaneescome to be'knrrwn, which the of *
i bereft of your country may, at this moment, Im
j perioii.iy ioibid you to ?
As to the filii hve defcriptlons of ptrfon, wl o
Itile themfelvec the true/iiends of their country,
(none of n-hom, happily, are to be found in this
county) we learn, that it is to them tlmt We arc '1
indebted ror -,he publications that have ft|k-4 OMr t , n ., 1
pipers, flic wing that the I'tench people ought to toil
be offended at our takirtg care of onrf'elvts at a verv
mtiea! corj;:n<3,,rc, and fettling an old dlfpute with bus.i
tngl.ind before they had fully idjufled their own. a m:
this pr.triotilm ? Does thin (hew a love of their Uler
count' y !
„ ' v.-riti
Fo t our own part, wc th- time chosen was auth
fl that has offered for thefetcn year,,
for coming to a good tind.'rlland'ng with Enfflati/ fr • 1
w.thout cttintny .0 blows ; and. we do.i't tike r'lj S!
S? <!1 ' }>i ♦f-sfe pst-iot» 'ni trwe cf tlietr
countries peace and welfare, t» < e putting fuel,
wiij notiuns witothe heads of the FrencV ; nor do
we gire them atty credit wlta . vrrr I'of running a
baut as th*y do fiom houi.? ta'houfe, and f:r,m
i ottn y t>> county, making speeches, and (praying
that France m'.y brittle up, and threaten us, for
havi-g fxcrci.ld the rights and privileges of an in
dependent nation. -r
Wc do Jiflureyou, Sir, that we like the French.
p >pl? vry v'*ll, and (incerelv hev« that they
, ft viiliuccced #11 their enemies ; bo: tho'our
hrart has gos.i? with theni in their caultj .aid ean
n«t uthcrwjfc than go with them,*that is no rea
k'e ion why we '.hould iiin our heads into a hornets
r»ef[ :« fertrch of honey ; or for Jubmitting our
flc, affairs to their direction ; or that we (hould not
hold it to be very prcpofterous iu them wei t they to
atlrr.ipr to didatc to us what we ought or ought
■fc, »ot to,do in our own con cerns, or whe« or with
his w h"m we nay or may not make a treaty.
We are told that you have cheerfully, fully, 4c
frafennbly dilcharged those pecuniary obligations i
,n " which our count ly Wert under to France ; and that I
in whatever vo:i could ierve them further, without
iur a violation of the jiniverfally acknowledged duties !
of a neutral nation, yoB have done it. We are j i
it- t°W» ah"> that our government have inviolably ; i
conformed to the treaty with them, whilit they, | (
regardleis of oiir right* nrihug under it', have de- c
creed its violation by two folcmn adts of their Coh c
if. vent ion. . e
After all this good fai'h on our part, and wait f
of it on theirs, is it proper that government should t
be twitted, abuied and calumniated t«jr not haying n
done more when more was riot required us it, by ii
a either moral or political obligations, and when one t
Hep Further might have involved us in a war.
11, On tins Aitjedt, some fay that it is the interest si
M of France to krep us in ho' water with England, ei
and the interest of England to keep us in hot wa- w
_ ter with France: for eurfelves. believing it to be n
~ our interest to be ifi hot water with neither ration, ft
we feel happy that yeu have not fuffered us to take fc
a part with either. _ 0]
A* to the Treaty which has given rife to these
reflefhors we formally declare pleSr- »l
ed, that by mians of your pruJcnce, forefight and m
r- /kill, we are to have the western pnlts delivered up t::
ir to us without bleodfhed, a fequcitration of cebts, ! d
ic or fnfpenfioa of trade, any one of which measures, J o
>- o'ice so lightly talked o' mutt harp given a terrible | fe
c* shock to our commerce, and afftcled «very source ■ ar
• , of our prosperity. - tli
j As to the articles of a commercial nature, and as
ii I whatevei in the treaty refpe&s particularly the mer- *i
:s j chants, having it from good authority that these w
0 , gentlemen ap; rave thereof, we do not think that
; >vc who are fanners, {hould set om selves up for bet
l- j tir judges ol iiu ir mtei ell than tltemfelves, efptci
u al'y as theie aie not wanting ill-natured people who
i- have laid that fern.' amonj them had a strong itch
tyr p ivateeting, and that othets had a hawk's eye
if ! upon certain comwiiffions, cxp?6tfd frwn a certain
t j quarter, upon eer;ain cargoes, let the v»yage go
, i aii it would ; circumllances, that had these gentle- ha
i, i men poflefTed 1.-fs p.j i iotifir,, might well be fuppo- fu
i- j fed to have given a wuFerent turn to their opinions, de
1 i and made litem the irrigators ef town-meetings and Si
- j lca4ers of oppofi;ion. ju!
. ! Xr •; ii—viu I*—i fltut np Thfe'TrrfTrta v>F Tp
ii | ju£l/ct, T« far as to fcreeu those of our wh«) de
j were in «ieot to English merchants Prom bcirtg sued, ral
c j and by that the ext/avagant annovg- thtm an
» an opportunity to spend their eftateg, we think it oa
i hut re-ifonaMe that the British creditors, who would ev<
" fuffet by their baiikiuptcy, iVould be paid ; thu' lib
l we civifefs, attlie tame lime, we had much rather >Ft
. that the courts had Seen left open, than that we by
f he oMigcd to pay debts which we had uu on
r in contiacting. For the fame rcafon, wc fell
think it right that Great-Britain has agreed to pay ot
our merchants the amount of all illegal raptures, no;
, made under color of her commiflions, end are verj tin
i well fatisfied to hud if a part of the treaty, ahho' am
. j *^ e people ot England, whn have divided none of!
! the prize money, may justly complaiii. 1 rcf;
As to the articles which Ere intended to keep der
us honelt, and make the people of the two coun- tivi
tries good obliging to each ot!h r the
we really 'htnk they were much wanted, what tho
eve muy be the opinion of the people us Nor- er
A« to there being no article about our negroes, exp
we are truly firry fdt it ; but We do not conceive It
- i^ ;U 'heir value ws»of fufficient magnitude to have afc
ju i tied a breaking o{F the treaty, # or vou to have ling
made it an - bfolntfr condition to negociatiun. pur
As to the treaty, ttygeneral, wc do not think pen
that are are such aUfaiitte matters of the as to is ir
have tiuitled us t® h ve carved for both them and I
u '" Wa
A« to the grnfVjni.i who brought it prematurely rak
to light, ttioiigh he muy he well enough as a Ma- I
/iff, we by no means ihiuk him qualified for a pub
midwife. _ "j
As so ynurjelf, si who have had so a hand fes
in all rinse m-,!r.rtthut tr < which have men- rnuc
tuateJ in our jvefr.t p ~ferity, so unparalellcd in I
the liiftory of natiotis ; wc sckuimle ge ouif. Kcs Cha
binder great.obligations to you, aid fervently pray pagi
God tolr:>«;!ien your days, and that yo>} may long i;n'pi
long be our President. v " E
Signed in behalf of a numerous meeting of the Teg ;
people of G'eerbrier county, convened the 20th and
of September, i;oj. Tjrl( t
A. L. Chairman, ney,
Fur the Fi.tMta's \V situ Mv«fcCM. ~
4 " There is a Lvn in the S'.rr-'r"
1 lll r S !' IT!.-, my ira.i-r!, th-tl there will be Li
onjiin yout Itoufc if ytm too cretiukjuO' ;; (
to iitdvlenc'ir and iear. to t j,
Enterjirize and a. k h>t! '•■■•he i!3u»ws ol rn fhat
bultuef.T, j-nd in har 'The vnhte trf c '^ n h
a man« ;to be rfltmai- u l. ? lire polßßion -,f A<
talentf,hut by thc.r..i!.. He, who can (peak, or
v/nte, or Is&or, ritU.ib 'n.:!ur oiatw, 'not an si
author, oor r h;:f! , i ju'v t r( , n) p, v |" ol j ,of Hi
und regret, lat thoujj!. he :i ¥ s, yet ib r,- r ■'
fr-tJ of ti:t Liviu. ■ f^>Ml
S!.t: i's i e «ftiie trr*flt»mj'! or fonagc* T krr-vi
's ' I
l ) e?r
Htwiks at five.',,. " ,f '~ s
" f l! ° but though Duty commands .on'wT "
ing a- wnifpers, " there is a Lie, i fl ,h e || Vt . t[s n
:nm Maay lots of my acquaintance would I,- , sober than my Deacon, were they t ,
s, for dram, bysharfh creditors and fcoldi.J w ,v cl r
.» .«.- di'ots that infrft upon pay, aild
clamorous tongues, are undoubtedly ugly arul
reneb Img Lions. ' | row '
'hey Spleen, or as fhc i's now generally called W
can- the very nam, of Lions. fo BC old womei
rea- who Are afraid that they may be rh ut , brqgui,
rnets loaded, opleeo, if that there was no 1 j 4 ,
our exi fling, but in the defarts of Africa— would bc'p,
not litivc that Ihe heard one growl in ;be streets.
*y to 1 know a nul , llc holy man, who turn, ?a le If «„
ught ly a flock »f ha.mlelß fhrep KWf.-tW
with door ; his terrified fancy change* them into Lions
inherits from healthy inccfturi a robufi con ft
u & tut ion, eats roafl beef with a relish and empties I
tions daily decanter; but apprebenf oUs of the gout a,
that apoplexy confUi.tly haunt hiat in the ftapc <
hout Lions.
utics ! Many honest people, who are unreasonably .
are ; verse to wild beasts, are afraid that the wo.ld tl.
ably ; inhabit will not continue a week. About ahu
hey, ! dred years ago, tbofc, who are '« full „f notions '
: de- declared that the globe would be burnt, by an it
Con cei,diary comet : They even felt themlelves lcotci
- ed by its tail ; nnd many a white handkerchief w.
vant foiled, by wiping sweat from a«xi*ns bp>ws P
mild the globe ft ill rolls merrily round, neither roa/h:
ring nor btoiled by ac< met's fire; and we toy laugf
by mgly declare that the comet gaxers fcw a Lion i
one the iky, as well as in the (trecrs.
lm the midc V of July, tired of comoofitw m
■reft sermons, I walked into the meadows, and fea'rch
ind, ed -.nxioufly for shade. I few a labourer with
wa- wooden bottle at his mouth, and but jittle ha
.be made at Lis fide ; his uieltis icythe hung danglim
.on,- from the branch of a:i elm—He could not mow
ake for his arms were relaxed by rum, and hcUaw.^Li
on in the grass,
,cfe I at), or think myfelfan invalid, an 1 havr-a Wtiln
a ~K*. fulls ar
ind more favorable to composition than others, f ha,
up t:iken it into my head that this week was too clou
Ms, jdy to write with cl aruel's, and meant, like, f„m
es, o d.Mned.Parfons, to vamp an old lerrrou. But
ble felt fhrmc)bufy, with herred pent il, at rny-cherk
re* and became per foamed that there was no Lion in th
streets, which led 16 the office 'of my Printer,
tnd applied ga ly to my talk ; and endeavored to con.
er- vince my eadcrt. that i hey may work iVahy season,
efe without injury from the I <irv ' *
ci- From the Ntiv T'rl p4til v Itt-vr. 'iter.
he J f
ch To Citizen CALM OBSERVER,
'ye tuttriNd,
«B S I R,
go I regret with a heartfelt forrew, that 1 fttou'd
le- have addressed myfelfto the Secretary of the Trea
io- fury, on the fubjeft in which you and l are io
ns, deeply interested ; before 1 addreflVd myielf to y»u, • ;
nd Sir, on another, equally impor'-ynt, ahich
iuftlvj)£— one a ;riJe
•oTTpirlt of patri»!if», and a desire of r rn .
h<» dering ones felr uletul to the peoplt, genetally obKte
;d, rates every sneaking, puny attti tion to pi'!ioo ;
tm and not unfrequcntly incites the mind with
it natipn and outrage. It is no leisceitain, that vyh^ll
il ' ever the heart of a man puts on the ■ night cap of
io' liberty ; reason thinks it high time to go to bed.—
icr #For instance, 1 once intended to do a public goc-. ! ,
ive by complimenting a late ftau-fman, with a thump
nu on the head with a (tone, but unfortunately the fione
VC fell upon the pale of a tfewly imported Eifh Patri
ay ot ; and to the eternal /lifgrace of Murruck O Mo
:s, nogan, the ballard tan yelping away. Another
ry tims—but I crave yom* pardon for these dig, eflions,
c and now for more important matter.
wf The c'lfquifition* you and I nave entered into,
refpefting the illegal made to the Prefi
:p dent is a shining pjroof of the liberality of 'our mo
n- tivcs, as well as the openness of our patristifm : but
— the manner in fcvhich he expends the Twenty-five
t thousand dollars a year, is fnrcly a fubjeift of great- f
r- er moment.
A committee of imreftij-n'on fnt» lifs^Totrfehold
s, expenditures might fare the public much..
,'t It is a t'aft well and refpeftably afcerrained, that
re a fcrvant of the Prelident was seen to give two fhil.
r e lings a doxen for eggs, when they might have been
purchafcd early in the mon:i /lg f or one ami ten
k pence. The number of puddings made in that houf«
0 is incredible. .
d I also learn from nndouhted authority, that Mrs
| Wafbington gives Giin-Powder tea, and plumb
j j ( ak- every Friday evening at her levee.
i- Eohia and Breid and Butter, might save the
* public iti»ch.
The Prefidewt drives, his carriage and fourlior
r* 'es—A'fulky and a mule might save the Public I
- much.
r. It has been whjfpered that the Prefldent drinkg
s Champagne at dinner, Gracing heaven ! Cham- '
y pagne—'This can't be tn, e> or he had surely been
j impeached.
But as to eggs, pudding., ph,»b cakes, and hor,
• !>B , ; X A s/ arc fads ; h,gh emus
1 . nd' mildcmeanors ; tinconflifuttonal and illegal
prac.icesj and an embezzlement of the public mo.
ney, for which be ought te lose bis office, and bis
hcjo - lambkin.
F'™ S f-Werip. *
?, n or Gazette Will he EIGHT DO LI ark
. M. r, mth • City will ?ay One y^ r T„
add'.ion, for in. fefing and dircAing their Papers. '
Remote f.l-fcnbfrs ate reqtiefted to tuv up arrearage.
to the above period; alfi, the haff year's adva ,c'"rom
, t.ut time tiiol" who do txe.t, vvili be ccnKdcred as de
f c!inin S a eontmtia'nce of -their faVcrtM}».,.
f r , ui • fquarej or !ef * lin hi*
Qazerteoncr i„ r HAtr a; aßl j ct ,Vi r , yc 4 at
T.' r " °T L *\ '° 7
~ lit h.htoracauf.wde.igc, wit h th. favoso
; of h.s advmißng .. .. .„.
fc ifed, and of fg. {■ be jj,
tinurfly -xtendmg th? J, th.y
tlVoi «y otfc-r' p.blicail
' . }'<> •'