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    Xickctti New Amphitheatre,
in Chksnwt-street.
/ 4th November, iuftant.
WiU beprefe.ited, never performed iil jtmtrila, t!U4 fit
As performed,, with uniyerfaj appjsufs at SSadlcrs" Wells.
f 3 conduit* with femcral
New Peats 01 Lofty Tumbling,
By Mr. Sully, Mjfter Sully, Senior Reano, ait. Mr. F.
Clowe, for the firl time, Mr.Spinacnta.
Equefirian Performances.
By desire, Mr. Ricketts's favourite Horf« will dirt thr.'
A Blazing Sun,
With ftlr. Ricketts on his back.
For tb- lift fivtt nuill be r <>rt[rn*.?ds thr
Or, Th* art of magic.
Vf.-King fcvsral ftirpriQng Metamurphofci
•— X*':th various other Feats not mentioned in the Bills.
N. B. The performance opens with the C.»incfe Shades.
The vej7 numerous Feats in this Kxhibi.ion would ex
cecid the lift its of air advertif?ment to rScrpjtoiat*.
Mr. EIQKBTTS refpeflfulljr hi» liberal '
buaeiaSors. thi: h- will spare no tspmat to procitre per- I
fanseraoj the firft •tninenci, and introduce" that novelty (
which he u,ttt;rs hiimelf willpleafe (he public in general. <
BILLS and nCKS I'S t» be had at the Bux-OflSce t
adjoining the Amphitheatre, where places for tlie b.xes
may b'e taken tram 10 in the rasrniiig till 3 in the »f
---twnoon --V- BNo money taken at the doors, *-r v
any admittance behind the fcencs.
V Boies, one dollar —Pit} half a dalkr. •
■**+ Do °" '0 be opene lat SIX, and the Entertain- 'J
meat to begin at "'EVEN. c
f v'jrm-r the Gem] men of the Bar, that a part of hit "
ilrgc fail imporiarious ii arrive;!, w
Per thr Ann, CaptSM Talbot, from Dublin, rt
I ae< remainder he hourly expeas per the Glasgow. p.
, on J * opened, Catalogues will be prepared and a.
ff- 1 vered grans, of which ijoti.x will be riven. q
ngbjr*t,iio.uuNov.a. 3 __ 6
James Tiffin, ° i
Y v a :'7°: ( OBth ficc " nJ 1>r eet, near the City Tavern, C 1
Is A / e f"f d l,y thc Uts "rival-, from Loudon l,n
n' 1 to1 ' a , Ur * e 18,1 «l'gant affortmsnt of Ladict, kr
andgentlemen, fe&iojjyMe HATS—AI*. a variety of an
fiATS of different colours, which will be fold l v .
©u tne ioweft terms for cast.
• AT, S. Ladies Hats trim'd in the newest fafljion from .
Undnn, OA. u. s ins
AOn or before die firft of December next. P'-i
Furn,filed ROOM, on th, firft or feco«d floor, on a 1 »P|
northern.or western view, fttusted betwe-r. 1 the
betwixt Walnut and Matter-'! DO ,
Ty-itreets, for which a liberal price will be given Btie ' r
ftirniture required only tabfes and cl,a&. ?rid chimney of
apparatus, as it ismtcftdefi for Vliniatur«-Painun- «f» 1 attl
Apply to me Limn,, »t No. 13, north Fourth-street. ' thi.
Novtmbcr 2, r, ,
—: t' - ; \ and
A Stated meeting of the Philadelphia Society for wi ''
J. X information sad affi.lance of Pcrfons emigrating the.
(Rom F resgn, will be held at the College, in l lav
yourth-llreet 0,. Wednesday, the 4 th of Noremcfr at I
? 6 fleck in the evening. * ' ow
N. PHILLIPS, Secretary. Ji " ;
from thc Conftitu ion- not
6ier, g. Any perfot, by luSftribmg to thc Conflituti- lar
ta, asd paying tne ium ,f One Dollar, fcall become . „ t h<
tnemoer :he ,i>, i contribute, aunaally. One Dollar, in L n «
-Halt yeirly payhients, towards the necetfa: - expences of f
'"S bociety. oa. zi) t4f( fd t
Thc highefl. price in Cacti, will be given lor
empty bottles, r
A pr«ference given to Claret Bottles.—Apply to T
No. 187, iouth Third-street. I mcnt
A rr>°-, , fuci 1
Canal Lottery. | con«f
U '' /ir ' e J' he,wern F °w>h;f Fifth.Jlrau. T
I ILK£I S examined grot:,, in d every information «v m, "S
tLZ'SSg.*" and 2:;,
Bartholomew ConoilT" ua'
T~> ESPECTPin f l > 'Y 4B 'r Ch<: \ Ut " ftl ' eet ' ' c!ria »
bri - tiiul h ofiery£fuchi P"blic
°fl fT n V' me pl " ed "tt.n- I iou. si
fcs afual low terms, together with every ocaer arti-Tdr l'"
dry gocdi, fmtalile to tkefeafon. A
«iff l2 C = ft"ktgs" nP ° rUj 1 -f gentlemen-. P«< «
8 »4- eoini. bouiltt
tov ium r, l c * Jy ' 4 '1 U '°
Corner of Front and Wahiut fliv-ts " ' ma "S"
AN ESSAY ' lakc c
thc Miaa<st ' at the Breed of HORSES i
»n America. ' lands id
THTR fPrice, One Quarter ~f, Djlej.] MaflacJ
Putilifher B7LI the hood ol
the engagement of all +£^
seitcd in the fubjeA. w mtc * perienci
•w/'n"i :h "' tl0 f n ,°. f tke a pablifcd « the farae
fitce, and is to be foij at thc fame price. light or
Octoher 33. , , ' n ,,
* eod-jt, — I liej
_ A COMPLIrf Wis r
PRIN Ti N G-Q FFI C E lim <"
... e >"OU SAL £, what di
«m Pr"f, ° f '? 00lli - of Jvp.. wci, I)%rtei , ; onfe . £ _ Jni|irfhi
£int rrels, a«id every othci 1 article fuitaM/. »" t
Unlive bufineft. It Jill be '° V
note, at a, 4, and 6 m*mh, will be taken 7
For particular, apply to the Editor. f<e/h wji
and tht
University of Pennfyivania,
D H CAL L^TURESw^ c ;t;enc V /;j
-L firft Monday m next. eaufc, th
Canal Lottery TieCu
f 0 R S A L £ ;•
At Nu. CUfnu: W T™ y
Tided. Sei t. s7. * , fsconven
X S tie. I-,
1,1 ■" - caufcs of the d'feafe wiil enable the gover':«e*t of
, our Rates and cities to make such regulations as to
our commercial towns from a repetition of the
ew-Y(>rk, calamities they have once fuffered. If the disease
en, iias been imported, more efle&ual mcafore* rtitift be
taken to prevent its introduction—if generated in
summers OUr L *" a ' ,tr s r « ■' ' e abfolutcly nece/fary for our po
■d Stares P u ' oU3 town to fuffer most decifcve amendments, in
>ur"fellow lhrirdoc l £ *» houses, Urcets, 4c.
-ommerce r ' al ' tu^es are tke fame as thofeof many coun
jortant tt; Alia, \vhe-e tlie plague rages } and perkaps
m can dr-, <mr c '" n:i ** 1 > which formerly "refilled the progress of
. pronreb fatsl ssaffimilatihg itfelf annuail) lo that
ca! Biitv Sl, *7 rr,irtnd Conlbwtinoph.
irt of tlie * tar.not but hope, gentlemen, that you will be
i the hap- "P'" 1011 'hat 'bis fubjeft is of great and univer
:y of the f ""' concer " to t,lr United States : and that you will
-orilVnt to aid a plan which has the health of our
ibufincfs Wiow Cl'MenS. and the happfoeft and profptrity of
points— our countl ) foc »« ° b je&-
•mmonly 1 am - geiitlemeß,
domellie * our fi -' l,ow
r may be r , . NOAH WEBSTER, jun.
is an ep- fevers - printers in the United States are re
:ilic con- Q to publish this letter. I
ure both ——— '
the sac- _ '
imong o- Nemo mortahuni oranitns horis fapit.
opinion, !,.»■, [
a differ- Ever >' man 1,39 h " Hobby Horse. Some sre vici- '
nture of ? ut ' and orrie ot herwgys. Mine is not of the firft,
no effec- inasmuch as lie is not pcrjtnal nor local. Whe- 1
the pie- ther he be of the last species, candor, be thou 1
his judge. a
the yel- THUS thro' the mercy of our Gsd, that great '
; and it blefiing, public peace, wis molt happily reltorcd ; "
i the U. —And upon such terms, as flattered us with' „
ifarnJh the delightful profpeft of a continuance of th« 1
ividlion, blefling. ! °
i offered The great Eternal, who speaks, and the heavens ! t
and the earth are fliaken, looked down from his •
»ke the heaven of heavens, and beheld the diit.effes of the !■
nittees, fonsofmen. And beholding, he pitied ; and'was *
notice, gracionlly pleased to fay to the deftroyine Avard ,
at the it »j- enough. ' " ' °-
ication, A? Jo An as ihofe joyful words had pafled his b<
United hallowed lips, the fto.m of horrors ceased ; grm
and rWul ww ftopd effericelrfs. No mure was "
interefi heard the fhnll found of the trumpet ; and n„ j on w
r pnn- per didthe din of aim, diflurh the peaceful manfi. "
Jits of oi- of doineftic enjoyment. All was happiness and' V
lenwill joy, Under his fig-tree, or under his vine fat ere- "
•nts of ry man in (afety and pi-ace. co
places, ■ Great was the blessing.. Pcece . liher , and 8<
rmraon faftiy I Ihe completion «f all our wishes. The f
, ohj.a of al! our toils. Ours was all the happiness ; r
obtain bqt allitbe glory and all the praifc was due to bea-
ven ihe d»bt is iromenfc, and never, can never •
Jcflive r 's
:s firfl But in return for this infinite goodness. what h ,''
nsand hath been our co„d«a ? acknowledge the ,
t pro- debt ? Did we conftfs an obli C ation ? Faithfully ],
ptotni to acknowledge is all that we can do : And the beit P
sheen and the most acceptable acknowledgment is a life r ,
>of»of of obe.nencc; that u a life «f piety a „d A
flrcets reverential, and grateful love of the deity and
jTal— bpnevolt'ice, or a general good will to all'man- T
i, and I Kred. the
ilaints This reverenc and gratitude for the Deity, can 9 1
e yel- .ivc only in mrek and lowly minds. But ihfteaci of i '
icor- being engrossed therewiih, as we ought, di J we or not fuffer fuccef* to intoxicate and puff „ g up „ ;,h
hm.- raiu conceits ? Independent of ail carthiv po»ei« 1
d,d V ' f at independence of him, who,' Pcl
fever unconnoulable, ruleth over all > Hapuy it h/ flcJ
trac *J w ' e l'«.t doll, not for these thing* condemn Wil
le to I f U)Y ,
your I.i our rage f t>r trans-atlantic b.-tiblet, we iro- Klvt
re& ported a lai ;? e assortment cf »//„?,/ J,fun :„f
which many took copious draughts with i;re<dir;c-f s .
bovt Inlonruch, that they laid aside the bible for the' l ' sc
rnilh dogmas of.4e^1 t -al writers, who, wife in the.', ow;', ,i " U:
have conceits, impioufiy attempted to bind the Om.iipo- Gau
tent down to the rules of thei, philosophy, or ink- and
IVii Irngs of their undei standing ! ' dress
i, of I o thofc hive been added the dreams of uz<
iof a man, K»ofc the multitude U P ai Altho t.afe dreams are given to the public as the hav ' r
ary- opinions of a youth of only feren <sr eight veais t:
tan- o.d ; yet they aie read, by numbers, with fndi a- own
wns v;tity, as to ernfe from their minds all refpett ft '^ Clu
f' for thofe,, important truths,
" "*ti «'• pC ' lkC eveilaJJing peace <,/ all in
the telieilual creation. pth, ]
b.l- That opinion, which makes a man's own mind Citiz,
and his own church, makes it his liar too. That is
fed «t efcohfte. the will of capricious m,n, into IM.
I tern *,<i code Jor a Cra J dircAory in all ,
pi t I rpmtUal and | t •
r V m.?" ? us *"y ,csl uf <-. rod cemvi!
" j • K f «"her, and bring i, no s ub . wards
but'p" U ". l !° 1 P rinci pies of all virtue; place ,
8 this 7 K 'mV ° f 8,1 f—-But Culfea
tar thi» iu« is too blifphemous to be purfucd. and >S.
- 'hi. abolition of fyftcms, and the i»C he,
ed idelt anaicoy mult eofue. Every man will be It i
in tenacious of his own opiriian, grid dignify k with Peth.o
fe" £.ce m w'T]'' t'w r T ra , lfaCUl,) '~ W ' here;,s con- ward v
x cate L f ,r b ° la,d af)dc i ai,d d ""g-'
J Z ZihZ; P^° nS ' r ,U fomepleafc, and co,
T it (hould "b opinion or will; even altlio' ble fici
Or i.Lt VU T'n' Srerr#r, ' n the «trcmc.- combe
rh 2 , "° rd ' S Rsj >so N , which ftould Le Li be
" aZ": t ; ~ n ch,cf ' wiu df * rad < ,w wii ,r
j -eJiSSsj2ss%'lilSi2 r, -' re ' v;i —
I- W, of * ur I J r,fo ,ua ?'«t'on tothe affiitanc
r i to remember their Cr' cMd 1
, youth, ' days »f their tie I 1,.
s to vegetate • or u, a, ' e Offered Collear,
■ ranee, as haJdlv to knoTvThere gS"' R
Tl -
. I:
of I thought au tiy iviji, anJ lurtt-i my feet iiKfo
ow as to thy tejimtmtj ; was the language, and the clmfo-'.
ion of the lation of a p.-nitent kin,/ of Xfracl.
ic disease Let u« go, and do likewise, And be it engra
r rtwft be ven upon y»ur hearts forever—that Riyhtewiluefe
lerated in exalteth a nation j but iin is a reproach lu any peo
r our po- pie : It it the great dejpoiler.
Iments, in HOR,
""p'Zp"; foreign-' Inteiligence.
ogress of —-
ly to that PARIS, September 6.
Tiiis capital enjoys the molt perfect tranquility
u will be The f cw wretches who endeavour to gfve a fallc"
d univer- direction to the public opinion are contemned, cifif
: you will piled, hooted in ike primary aflerablies. The re
of our publican hrinnefs, displayed x>n thi'9 occasion by
perity of the mass of the people, has reduced the difsffVcted
to Alence. The royalitta, also, are at last coit*U.c->
ed, that there is no longer any. chance left to ic
trogode ; they fay it is neceffay to accept the Con
, jun. ftitution; but affuroi «; a little aficr the tone of
s are re- '"fallible arbitrators, they maintain, that for the
fake of liberty and the Republic, i.ot a (ingle man-
ber of the Convention ought to be re-ele&cd.
The republic has no other enemies but vile fpe
csJatori, the bloodsuckers of tlir nation j the joui J
nalifts of Pitt, the hypocrite?, the sots and all those
rich brigands, who fatten on the spoils of the pnb
srcvici- he fortune.
lie firft, 1I" foreftallers and stockjobbers demand the li-
Whe- ber, y of commerce ; the little Cbouans, the liber
be thou ty. of dress ; the fanatics the liberty of worfliio,
and never have the Ariflocrats spoke so much of
it ereat tl,e ri S hts °f man as at the prefect decisive mo
j ment.
is with ,• Amon S ,h <" numerou. cenfurcs on the new Coh
of the wl " th wcr ~ ''anfmitted to the' Committee
of hxveu ; there was a humourous one, dedicated
heaven. J? ? tiz . en amUr of the pamphlet,
rom his ~ Wl,at 18 tne of .795 ?" among o- '
of the rv' m ° re W,t,y t!,an f " ! ' d rcm a'ks appeared the- '
md'wa. t° low,n g i V Why did the Committee cf
sword, / J 6 " eftabll ' h an Executive Diredory composed
oi nvc members and fwc miaiiieis?" It is, fays he
(Ted his five and fix makes eleven.
; rr'im , A ,P a ™P hlet " political afTaffinatiorr
ir. was a ", P iunJeri ' or , Proscriptions and ccmfifcations,"
no ion- , fCCmS W,th tke K'oTcli invetftives again!: the
manfi.' propofc, not king ] c f 6 tban the '
rfs and lias hucn pubiifhed un- .
set ere ,j'f " a ' n ' '!■ 'c' dev!l " t Ravnai. Wc
con e hardly perfnade ourfelres that advi'ccs so dan
• -d h - r efl of th F French people, and
The f" f ° a "Z°r r 'r y ° f . man Amild haye from
>inefg; f pe " Ct |l,am , 1,1 Ray: a', wj.o retired
0 hea- ,h T,P? ,im ' 9l ,hfßtrc ' pe«*at& at M«m>. _
never «he vicm.ty of Pa.
n». Informed of th- use the difafTccW make of
Wktt k ZTX\\ u"1 L *»■' foleninly de
gethe ' ,' hat !' e had not been concerned, neiti cr in
hfuKy ! ','® et PU Cdt, ° n north « c oßipuiiiion of that pam
'aWe ,T,e c ° nf pirat6r. cease to hide tl.em-
Uves behind a celebvaied name in order to influ
and C lhe 7 <du ' ou ? al!d ts,e ?An .light- \
"man. ? pejple viTlHfs a " <J difefaim 1
the error, and pun,Hi the crimes of celebrated men
' ca " k\v' I"*.' « 3 t ( me P e °P k - French eflcem
.h/X;,™ """ ld ' ih °'
with 8u7,0t, Barbarous, and Petion
«us, Jntflt w s »K.jng„f j, ine , 793> the D ; .
SX'm I""'' f a ' b " , ' nlx ' and Guadcr,
, J)e> from lons and joined the troops under I'elix
lemn ;» tnc depa,tment of Calvados ; the io.
Wfeu m their tavuu , Iveing 4 , ici!eU
■ lrn " IITJ "it * ' J m 'B ,2tcd the we {{era
luf J ■*" k> *' r <*occ. !o the der-k'tmcnt <->f i j
nefj. Ul,d a fl'chet in the commune of St. Vmilio,,^
,he vic.n.ty V f Bourdcaux; after hve m„„ t !.' "
own " m,a «|8 u,fl » ftclulioji from society, Ballet ."ud
'P°* a ° n 7. itl verV^fcoveUd
r> «lio had grji.ted a,, afvlum to Peti. on
,ps Busot and Ba%roux, was at the fame tirre t,k n
. — upas lti.pedted, and the three ur.hap r ,je"'"i"es
t!l , having now no choice left, but to iurSdSSt
, au eives to their implacable enerries or die fc- t-' v
' " T. Wl ° ,iUt a " tlld their
,?n :
in .
- ? r. national CGNvSnSJ^
:lr. Citizen RrvrfJetttatPues.
cemli!; T y ' an,iy ofthe D
,b- wards him. lam a H St'TT **
re; place which witnessed the rß d If . I'°"' 8
tu Colleagues, Guadet, Buzot P. thf ' "".-'"l W
| and Salles, «o had take,, refuse h"' %*»!»•"»
he I ing been ou:-!;, wed. 0 a ' tcr hav
be It is I, u!„, has hid and nourished Bnr!
,h lethio:, ..nd fiiiiut, during five mo.rhs m""'
n- wa.d was to be d.agged about m ,hc* | 'm"
"> dungeons, in which [ lam.uifluri R 1 " ,blc
■ -7S
b mand me to apply to >oi) \ lm P criull % "m,
e affiitancc f.J & °' dcr ta '« '
' W^£ j
1 Colleagues, Z ,7 1 u.,.a, K ».
• J caught i„ prison. <r< " OVU '° m tl " ; llcJ:ud » 1
I , , G " i%en H*#»*tive H
app., a ju( r W $" m r " a,! ° w - me what wifi
from aiiefl, which I eiKh''"""""'" — / |
Mr r -.. i . li h™' 1 p ?
(y«d) B.\P'l IS 1 u.
*. Amd^ t It M&S.rfJ 30) m
rpi . ' * 'tHCb J\rf)Nf'tr.
-he toilowiu lu . . ,i , •
.. . .. _ 6 K.W l-.l f!ic tUtte
tu V.-1C uum.wu.i'.atcj da.