Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, November 03, 1795, Image 4

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frWe by OLIVER EVANS, at hit Fadtory, in the oH
wind-mill in Elmfley't alky,
WSovtb Sec'irU-Brtiti m Utile belovt DteiJlrut,
HERE thole who apply may htfupplied with stones
of such quality at will fait their purpofee. Alb,
{tones for gudgeons to run on, and Plaifter of Paris.
He keeps for SALE,
v Athii dwelling No. 215 north Second-street, a little above
- Vine ilreet,
Boulting Cloths,
A complete «fii»rtiiient of both imported and America®
Inanufa&ured for merchant and country work, which he
warrant good.
The Voting Millwright's and Miller's GUIDI.
Containing a fyftcm of Mechanics and hydraulics as thffy
apply to water mills with the whole process of, and all the
late improvements on thfe art of inaimf.u'tunny, Hour &c'
intended to be ul'efnl to all concerned in building or using
water-mill*, which book is fold by Matthew Carey and
Robert Campbell, boo Hellers.
Sep'. 25. jtdtawtf.
The Par. or am a.
MR. SAVAGE rcfpe&fally informs the Ladies and
OejttJcmeti «>f Philadelphia that the PANORAMA
it now opened in Hiyh-fcrect, between loth and i ith
streets. The 8»i jje<ffc is p view of the C itiet 9f London
and WeCminfter, comprehending the three bridges,South
wark, 1 Surrey, and ,St. George's Fields in the Borough,
trith every other obje# which appears from the top of the
Albion mill*, at the end of Blackfriars Bridge, opposite
the city of Londos, from whence this view was taken,
I hi? painting contains nearly 3,000 square feet of canvas.
£<:wigina circle g'ves every objoA its proper bearing, and
•xhibits it in its true point of compass, appearing .is large
and in every refpe-51 thefawie as the reality.
Price of admiflion half a dollai Tickets for cka Season
Panorama open every day from ten o'clock in the
A PiIINT of the PRESWENT tf the U. S.
18 inches by 14 ; only a few choice impressions lett: the
companion is a print of Dr. Franklin. A variety of choiee
prints nvay be had at the Panorama.
Avruft ,\f. m^f.
Scheme of a Lottery,
Ttraifc 39,900 Mlafi, eit *66,c00 . Dtllars Ociu(lin% 15
p ' Cent, from [lu Vtins—lh:> ctnfifL of 38,00 c
Tiihh, iv fc&ich there are 14,3.19 rrizes, and *3,461
t, "; ciout une aid an haij hhnki tea prize
*"l "H * 1 Intel juot 1 he Society tor ettablilhing Ufelul Mi-
J. iii,(ac!ur.<, having resolved toereft LOTTERIEStor
Ost Hundheb Thousand Dollars, agreeably
iil'Stt Ai'l of the Legifliture ol the State ol New- Jersey,
»lv apf."limed the following perlons to fuperiiitend and
CMTCIt.i. drawing of the fame, vi z . Nicholas Low, Ruf u »
King, Hciman Le Roy, Jairiei Watfou, Richard Hiri
rifon, Abijah Hammond, and Cornelius Ray. of the city of
Nt-w-Ynili—Thomai Willing, jolcph Half, Matthew M'.
Conhei .nit) Andrew Bayard, i>t the city of Philadelphia
-Hll 1 xcellcncy Richard Howell, fcfq. Klias Houdinot,
General Elias Dayten, James Pa.ker, John Bavard, Do&.
or Le* is Donham,-Samuel W. Siockton, JolhuaM. Was-
Ince, Joleph Bloomfield, and i.lii Via iloudinot, of New
Jersey. who offer the following Scheme •! a Lottery,
and pledge theinfelvcs to the publie, that they will take
every alfurance and precaution in their power 10 have the
Monies paid by the Managers fiui'n time to time, lireceiv
ed, into the Uanks at New.y o ,k and Philadelphia, to
remain for the psirpofe of paying Prix s which (hall be
immediately discharged by a check upon one of the flauks
. S C H E M E:
Prise of 20,000 Dollar* 13 2«,©00
t io,oeo io,ooo i
a 5,000 10,000
$ a,coo 10,000
to i,coo 10,000
100 <00 10,000
$3# 50 i^<ooo
so ao,ooc
200® I g 30,000
,vooa 12 36,000
8100 10 18,00®
Pn*e«. «6e,00c
*3,461 Blanks. number, a,OOO
Laftdrawn number, a ( ooo
jSooo Tickets at 7 Dollars each is 366,000 <
The drawing will commence, under ti»e irifpe&xm ot
a Committee of the Supefmteodams, as soon as the Tick
ets are fold, ol which trmely notict wiil be given.
The Superinteadants have appointed John N. Cutnnvng J
of Newark, Jacob R. Hjrdenberg, ot New'-Rrunfwick,
end Jonathan Rhea, of Trenton, as immediate Managers,
thereof, who have given ample fccurity lor discharging
the truJ> repo r ed in them.
IP" lorder tc lecure the punfitual payment of the •*
Prizes, the Superiiftcndants oi '.he Lottery have directed
that the Managers lhail each enter into bondft in 4C,oc>o
dollars, with t<)ur (uM* lent fccuriii- s, to perforin tkeir in
firuAtoiftj the fubilance of whicli is
I. Thai whenever cither olihe Managers shall receivc -
the sum of Three Hundred Doilm?, lainidlately he shall
place the'farfie in 011 cot the Baukfc of Xew-Y6rk or Phi-
to the ciedii ot the Governor 61 the Society,
and such ot the Superimcndants a* ive in Ih'e city where
the monies are placed, to remain there until the Lotteiy A
is drawn, for the payment of the Prizes.
11. Ihe Managers to take fufticent lecurity for any
Tickets they may truft,other wife to be refponiible for ilvem.
HI. To keep regular books of Tickets fold, Mo
nies received and paid int*the Hank, abftra&s of which
be sent, -noiuhly, to the Governor of the Society.
Paterfnn, January i, *
On application to either of the above gentlemen, infor
ination will' be giypn Where t.ckrtx nuy he bed. tu&ff
DEED'S to the proprietors in the agency of
Winthrtop Sargent, are deposited with Thomss '
M'Euen, No. 78, Chefnut-flreet, Philadelphia, and <
ready to be delirered when called for. A second divi
dend of the Funds has been declared, which proprietors j
ttixy receive by a draught upon the treafu-er of the '
company j
N. B. Eight dollars ire due apon each fhwt, for ex- 1
pences of the ageney. ,
September ipth, 17,;. tawtw 1
Andover Iron Works
r arc situate in the couuties of Sussex and Morris
1 in the State of New-Jersey : l'he ore ltes within a'
mile of the Furnace, is eftecmed of the firft quality of any
in America, and particularly adapted for making Steel.
The Furnace and Forge,-to which belong bctwccn°n and"
*1,000 acres of Land, will he fold together, or lemed ei- 1
ther feparatel7 or together: they are' distant about seven '
miles from each other, and are an objeS well worth the
attention of Iron Masters. The buildings, &c. are in eve
ry refp ct commodious For further particulars apply to
Benj Jhin Chew, or John Lardner, Philadelphia.
*• jiaw
ALL perrons indebted to the Eltate of SAMUEL
VRACJNCES, late of this city> Innkeeper, de
tea.'ed, are detired to make payment'to the fuiifcriber •
and all thole who haye any dtniands Jgaii.ft the said
Eltate, are requested to bring in their accounts proper
ly Utefted.
SAMUEL M. FRAUNCES, A«ing Executor.
South Water-ftrcct, No. n.
Oiflober 18, 1795. ' ""
5 H O T,
' f~ i7*ll Asm, from 3% lb to Grape,
•w Csmhooies, Pott, and other castings exe«MM «t the
(horteft notice,
* Nail rods, from tod 10 spike,
> Hoop Iron, of all files, for cak» or AUt-aidg i»to nails, from
a brad »o l id nails, ,
Anchors, from 17 Cwt. to loolb.
e Bar Iron,
A Quantity of Jamies Rivor Tobacco,
Carolina Tork.
n Herrings in birrels,
e Kiln-dried cor» meal in Hhds. and Bbli.
Ry* fleur See. to he fold by
Levi Hollingjkvortb $5® Son. '
4 iaii
y ■
* Notice.
g A Llip«rfo*s indebted to the late partnarfliip of Web"
d f' r -> Attgafe, & White, are desired to make payment
to Peter W. Gallavdet, No. (#3, Chefnut-ftrcet, who
is autkorifed to receive the fame. Those who have claims
— on the said Firm will prcfent them to him.
Demands on the cftate oT the latc Pelatiab Webjler, de
ceased, are to be exhibited to the fu'.fcriber—and those
indebted to the said estate, are requested to make pay-
ment to RUTH PERIT, Executrix,
Oftoher 20. dim, Nb. 47 south W'a^er-ftreet.
n '
>" ALL persons having any demands on the Estate of
'• -l \ Mary Hewson,late ofßucks county,deceafed,are
'desired to apply to Wiluam Hewson, near Bristol, in
:e the county aforefaid, for immediate f.-ttlement. And all
3 > persons indebted to said Ellate are requested to make pay
•• ment to the said William Hewfon, who is hertby authe-
rifed to receive the fame.
Elizabeth Hewson, Rxuvtri*.
Jonathan Williams,> _
Bcllemcadc, near Brijiol,
e OA.a6, 1795* *2tw3«/.
e American Landscapes.
T wenti-Four VIEWS,
5 Q ELECTED from the mo ft striking and mterefting
c PrrtfpeAs in the Wnited States ; each of which
> Views, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of itsLo<;al, Historical, and other Incidental Peculiarities
y Author tf tUe " Monaf is Rttnaini aad Ancient CrUlct in Great
, Britain.'*
> I. That the work shall be publilhed by Subscription; and
■ that each Subscriber lhu.ll engage to take the whdlc set
of Views, and lhall pay for each engraving, if bla<i or
brown, i Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
® I. That the dimenfioni of each engraving (hall be 24 by 17
J inches, executed in aquatinta, and publilhed upon paper
of a superior quality. The publication to commence im
" mediately; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub
fcrihers, on the firft Monday of each succeeding month,
! until the propofod series lhall be finally completed,
i HI. That with the last View of the series, (hall be deli
rered an engraved title-p4ge; an elejjant charaileriftic
j rignette; a map of the route, connected with the prof
c peds exhibited in the the course ot the Work; and an
Alphabetical lift of the Subscribers.
SubfcriptioHs are received by Mr. Harrifon, at hjs Print
scop, Maiden lane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-l'ell
er. No. 118, Market ftreetj Philadelphia, and by all the
pri»cipal Book-lellcr» in the United .States.
February aS. J
And fpeedfly w*l be publilhed, by BENJAMIN DAVIES,
At 68, Higb-Jlreet,
American Repository, for 1796;
A eompleat Calendar for Rules for reducing the eur
th; year. rencies of the fcveral dates-
Lifts of the executive, legif- Table of pounds, &c. redu
lative a fid judicial officers ced into dollars & cents,
of the federal government Summary of the exports in
——— of the miniilers nnd 4 successive years.
consuls to and ffom the Amount of the unredeemed
United States. debt, annual revenue and
A rcgifter of the land and expenditures.
sea forces of do. A view of the finking fund.
Rates of portage, and times An eftiraate of the imports
of receiving ic closing the of the United Statßs, in
mails at Philadelphia. twofcreral years.
Alitl o! the poll-towns,with Domcllic d*ties or excises.
the distances ol c*ch, on Drawbacks and bounties,
the main line, as well as Banks, with rules of con
trols roads. j dusting hufinefs.
— of the federal courts. Officers of the civil govern
—of the fuperrifors of the ment of Pennsylvania.
revenue, Estimate of ezpences of do.
The mint, and monies of the in one year.
U.S and the currency of Officers of civil government
each state. of New-York.
A lift of the commHßoneri Sovereign princes and re
of loans. p*blics of Europe.
A table, lhawing the propor- Lift of the navy of Great
tion of troe persons to Britain, corrccfted agree
fiaves, and of males to fe- able to the laiell informa
males, &c. inthe U.S. tion.
Militia of the United States, Do. of the navy of France,
with the proportion of do.
ea ch. State of the air, and a diary
An alphabetical lift of duties of the winds and weather
agreeably to the last aft inPhiladelphia,duringfla
ot Congress. months, ending 111 Sept.
Amount oi impost and tonn- 1795.
age of one year. Bills of mortality in Philad.
Custom-house fees, Icc. of one year.
This little volume will contain a much greater compa r e,
as well as variety of matter, than that of the preceding
year, and will be embelli(hed with an engraved frontis
piece, title page, and •?. vignette faced with a head orna
ment, to each month/ The scenes depiiled in the vig
nettes, allude chietly to the rural labours ol the year. The
engravings are new, and executed with an excellence that
ooes credit to the American fine arts.
At the fame flace may be bad,
Plan* of the city 01 Philadelphia, and its environs, accu
rately engraved from a late survey.
Maps of the United States, and of each state fejjarattly.
A valuable collection of modern Booht, and a general allort
ment of Stationary Wares.
Nate.—Thofe who dejire it, may haws the above-mesni
onod M<ps, or any other, coloured, can vailed, and vanish
ed, and put up in any manner that may be *ioft conveni
ent, by applying at dire&ed above..
Q-*' law.
AT a Meeting of the Stockholders jn
the Comfany of the fiatc of Pemtfyltania, on the
ajth May last, convened for the purpol'e of fixing the
time of payment of tne remaining part of the Capital
Stock of sard Company,
Rejoined, that the remaining sum of two hundred
do!lts per (bare, he paid on the 6th day of Novem
ber next, under'the penalties annexed to default fey the
a<St of Incorporation.
Publilhed by order of the Meeti»^,
J ane *7 !iN§6
IhlLADELPliidf r«?i»T» »y JOMX FENM, N°- u 9 CfcW%/^p„ C! Six Doiuss Pn Amhuh.
. V i • t \ •• • .. '
BOOKS, Printed for ama
, publtlhcd by MATHEW CAkEY,
(Price Sixteen Dollart.)
1 4 New Syfiem of Modern Geography :
Or, a Geographical, flijhirital and Commercial Grammar ;
and prtfent Jiatc of the Nations of the World,
The figures, motions, and culisr to each eouatry.
diflanctt of the Planets, ac VII. ObfervatioUs on the fyl- changes that havs been any
tent, and the latall oblerva- where observed upon the face
tions of nature finee the moil ear
-11. A general view of the; ly periods of history.
Earth considered as a planet i VIII. History and origin
with fcveral ufeful definitions of nations; their forms of go
and problems. vernment, resignation, laws,
111. Grand divifiens of the revenues, taxes, naval and
Globe into land and water, military strength.
| continents and islands. IX. Genius, nanner.°,'cMf
tJituation aad' extent of em- toms and habits of the people,
pires, kingdoms, states, pro- X. Their language, learn
vihees and celonioe. ing, arts, sciences, manufac-
V. Their climates,air, foil, ,tures and commerce,
vegetables, produ&ions, me- XI. Chief cities, ftruAurw
tals, minerals, natnral curie- ruins, and artificial curiosities.
fities, fcas, rivers, bays, pro- Xfl. Latitude, longitude,
montoriesand L?kes. bearingsenddiftaneesofprin-
VI. Birds and Beasts pe- cipalplacesfromPhHadelpWa
I. A Geographical Index, with the names and places a pha
betically arranged.
11. A Table of the Coins of all nations, and their value in
dollars and cents. ,
111. A Chronological Table of remarkable events, from
the Creation to the present time.
The Astronomical part by Janm Perrvftm, F. R. 8.
CorreAed by Dr. David Ritts.vhoose.
To which are added,
the late Difcovones of Dr. Herfchell,. and otii*r eminent
The first American edition, corre&ed, improved, and
greatly enlarged. Containing the foHowiqg
Maps and Plates.
X Map of the World Hindoftan
» Chart of the World 24 Africa'
3 Europe 2J United States
4*CountriesroundtheN»rth 16 British Dominiens in A-
Pole. mcrica
5 Sweden, Denmark, Nor- 17 W Indies
way and Finland. »B*Province of Maine
6 Russia 29* New Harapfhire
7 Scotland jo'Maffaclmfetu
8 England and Wales jl»Conneifticut
9 Ireland j»*Rhode IQand
!• France ~3l*Vermost
11 "Seat of War 3 4'New York
12 Seven United Provinces 35"New Jersey
' 13 Austrian, Frenefa and 36'Pennfylvani*
Dutch Netherlands 37 'Demr/are
14 Germany 38' Maryland
15 SwitEerland 39*Virginla
j 16 Poland 40* Kentucky
I 17 Spain and Portugal 4l*North Carolina
| 18 Italy 42*Teneffse government
19 Turkey in Hurope 43 "South Carolina
: 20 Alia 44*Geargiu
»l*Difcovcries made by cap- 45 Copernican fyfter*
tains Cooke and Clerke. 46 Arraillary sphere
22 China ;
The Maps marked with (tars are added to this edition, 1
exclyfive of those in the lift London edition.
The United States Register for 1795, i
Price 50 Cents. C O N T £ N T S. 1
Calendar, with the neceflary Boundaries of the United 1
tables, &e. &c. States. Population
Supreme Executive Lift of the Officers :
Lcgiilature Statement ot Exports
Judiciary Public Debt 1
Department ef State Pay, 4cc. of the army !
Department of theTreefury Mint Establishment '
Commissioners of Loans Rules for reducing the sur-
Officers of the Cuftoois rencies of the different ' 1
Revenue Cutters states to a par with each ®
Light Heufes other <
Ofhcers of the Excise Tables of the number of '
Duties and Dutiable articles ecnts and decimal parts 1
Exsmp s from duties in any number of (hillings
Duties on tonnage and pence less than a dol
—on domestic obje&s lar in the currencies of
Drawbacks, See. and regu the different states
lations to be ol'erved in Table* (hewing the value of <
obtaining them dollars in _ the currencies S
General Abftradl from the ol ditto ]
revenue laws, relating to Poft-office eftabliihment
the duty of mailers of Lift of Post-Towns, See.
vessels, of the owners, Latitude and Longitude of
&c. ef goods, and the the principal tawns in the
officers of the customs; United State*
to the payment of duties, Banks I
and the importation of Literary Institutions [
goods National Manufactory] f
Expeaces of Government Seflions of the Courts r
for 1794 Western Territory j
Department of War t
State Governments.
New Hamplhire South-Caroline <
Vermont Georgia t
Maffachufette Order of time is which the r
Connecticut several States adopted the ;
New-York federal Conftitutioß j
New-Jersey Table of the Snn's rising
Pennlylvmii* and setting
Delaware Abftra& of goods, wares,
Maryland and merchandize export- .
Virginia ed from the United States
Kentucky from the xft of O&ober
North-Carolina '90, to 30th Sept. 1791-
Charlotte a tale of truth—by Mrs. f 'iwfon, ef the
new Theatre, Philadelphia. Second Amei lean edition—
Price 75 cents. [The rapid sale of the firft edition of this
enterefting novel, 111 a few months is the best criterion of
its merit.]
extract from the critical review, april 1791, p. 468.
" It may be a tale of truth, for it is not unnatural, and
it is a. talc of real diftrefs—Charlo te, by the aatifice of a
eacher, recommended to a school, from humanity ra-
Wr than a coiivi<£i»ii of her integrity, or the regularity,
jf her former conduit, is enticed from her governess, and
accompanies a young officer to America—the marriage
ceremony, if not forgotten, is postponed, and Charlotte
dies a martyr to the inconltancy of her lover and treach
try <.i his friend.
The situations arc artless and aflfeiting—the description ,
natural and pathcrie ;we should feel for Charlotte if fueh a
person ever exiftcd, who for one error,. perhaps
deserved so severe a punifhinent. If it is a fid ion, poetic
juilice is not, v e think, properly distributed."
I. The Inqaifitor—by Mr-. Rowfon. Second Philadel
phia edition. 87 1 2 cents.
y. Adventures of Roderic Random. 2 vols. 1 dollar and
jo cents, coarj'e paper—l dollar and 75 cents fine.
3. Notes on tha Hate of Virginia—by Thomas jeiferfon.
Pricp neatly bound, one dollar and a half.
4. History of the Frtnch Revolution, from its com
mend ntent to the denth 01 the Ciueeß and the execution
of Brilfot. 1 'ollurs. I I
5. Piowdai'i History of the Briciih Empire, from May
1792, to December 179 ( dollar and a quarter
[This is an interesting,and vaiuablc publication as has ]
appeared for nir ; years.
6. iteattie's Moral Science, ivola. One dol
lar and three quarters. eod. j
- -
1, s ' 'ttl
' T A TL O R,
N°. 3 South Fourth Street,
RETURN? bis grateful acknowledgements tt bit Friends aid tie
Public fer their liberal encouragement, and begs leaveto hlicit
m continuance of their favtrs. »
At bis Shop gentlemen may it furnijbcd -with the bell materials,
mi have them made ¥ p and fnijled in the mtj! fajhienable manner.
He-will thankfully receive any orders and pay a prompt anil
punctual attention to them. 0&. IJ 3*W
>r 7 ; —* 1
" City of Wafiiington.
; n SGHEME of the LOTTERY, Ne.lfj
£ I A magnificent J 20,000 Dollars, and
p dwelling house, J calh 3®,000 ate
1. 50,000
1 ditto 15,000 iceaih 25,000 40,000
1 ditto 15,000 &ca(h 14,000 30,000
14 t ditto »•, 000 & c»(h 10,000 io,ooo
** 1 ditto St 000 & " lh 5,000 io'ooqj
c * 1 ditto 5,000 & caih 5,000
" 1 Cash piiie ol 10,000
1 » ditto 5,00* each, ara j 0,000
lO ditt» IjOOO 10.900
go ditto 500 10,000
100 ditto 100 10,000
n »oo ditto jo 10,000
400 ditts «si 10,000
0 1,000 ditto to to,octf
15,000 ditto i* ijt,,c®9
16,739 ' r ** e *
33,161 Blanks
jo,ooo Ticket* «t 8 doKar* 400,000
This Lottery will afford an ejegant fpecirnen of the
private buildings to beere&ed in the City of Washington
—Two beautiful deligns are already felt fled fer the entire
from* on two of the public fq'uares ; from these draw
ings, it is proposed to erect two centre and l»ur corner
buildiags, at soon as poftible atter this Lottery is fold, ind
to convey them when complete, 10 Ihe fortunate adventur
er», in the manner described in the'feheme for the HoreJ
Lottery. A nett drdiifilion of five per cent, will be made
to defray the n«ccff»rj- exoencfs 01' printing, &c. and
the forplus will be made i part oTffirfunl IflreHSSO forTbe
National University, to be erc&ed within the City of
sis* The drawing will commence as f-ion as the Ticket*
are fold off.—;: —The money ptinet will be payable,
in thirty day alter it is fintftied, apd any prizes for which
fortunate auiabers art not produced within twelve mouth*
after the drawing is doled art* to be conlideied as give*
towards the fund fm the University, it ing determin
cd to fettle the whole business in a year from the ending
of . the drawing and to take up the bonds given as secu
The real (Vcaritfes given the paymesii of the Pri*e
are bs'd by the President' and two DirtSort'of the ft«ik
of Columbia, and atc valued at more than hall the Amount
ol the Lottery,
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment oF
the late Commilfioners ailifted :n the management of th«
Hotel Lottery are requested to undertake this arduous talk
a second time on behalf of the public ; a futile it'll t y nuti
t ber of these having kindly accepted, it it hoped that th«
friend* to a National University and the other federal ob
jects may continue to favor the design. The fynopfi* of
one of the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
Institution, is already in the press, and will be speedily
1 published, together with it* constitution.
A compleat Plan of the wholt of this Impehant
lnftitution, compiled from a fele&ion of the bed materi
als, ancient and modern, will be submitted to the public
whenever tiie.fatne.jTiay havg gone through ittch rcvilion*
at may be nccelTary to eftablilh the perfedfc confidence and
general approbation, so eiTential to its present rife and fm
ture exiftencefor the general good of America.
By accounts received from the diflcrent partt of the
Continent as well a* from Europe, where the ticket#
have been sent for Me, the public are allured that the
drawing will speedily commen«e, and that the tare ami
caution unavoidably necessary to insure a fafe disposal of
, the tickets, hat rendered the nort fufpenfioit indispensable.
; February 14, 179 J.
Aug jo e »drf
V Ticket! wity be had at the Bank ol Columbia j
of Jame> iVttk &c Co. Baltimore or Gideon Dernfon,
S?vannah, of Peter Gilmsn, Boflon ; ol John Hopkins
Richmond : and of R,ichard Wells, Cooper'l icrfv.
We are informed that the gentleman who drew, the
15,000 dollar prize, in the Canal Lottery, was the
proprietor of only a Angle Ticket—This instance of
good fortune, lhews that it is well to be ;n Fortune's
road ; and i> the more pleafirig, as the owner of the
prize it a very worthy, though not a very affluent ci
tizen. t
The Scheme of the Canal Lottery is certainly on«
of the bell whkh has appeared—for, independent ;<
the ufeful objefls to which its proceeds are to be ap»
plied, the foheme is so calculated as to continually en
hance the value of the Tickets remaining in the wheel;
because, while the drawing progress, the chance of
a capital prize growing greater, mull increase the va
lue of the undrawn Ticket.
The Prizes drawn to the close of the drawing «»
last Wednesday Evening, were
I of 15,000
t of - a,OOO
5 of - - l,oo«
4 of - 500
, 11 of . xo«
1700 of - 1%
And there then remained in the whael
1 of 50,000 fcj
I 1 «f - 30,009
1 * of 10,000
6 of t - - 3,500
9 of - . - *,000
ii ' ol - - i,oo«
36 of - - JOO
89 of - Ipo
14800 of - . Ia
And ? stationary prizes of dollars each ; by
and the nature of those 5 stationary prizes,
which are to belosg to the five last drawn tickets, it
will he found, that an undrawn ticlcet was yeiterday
morning, worth nearly 11 1-2 dollars, which, at
the beginning, was worth no more than 10 dollars—
and so the undrawn tickets mult continue to increase
I in value, as fall as the drawing proceeds: And this
circumstance will account for the number of Offices
. which are opened for the sale of Tickets, as the pro
fits mull be daily intreafine;; and in a few days a $
■ Ticket now felling at 11 dollars, will no doubt com
-1 mand 15 dolljis, and mull continue to get higher, at
the drawing approximates to the five stationary pri?et
r of 20,000 dollars each.
A good Ccok,
- Will meet with constant employment, and receive gene
rous wages. Apply to the Printer. OA. 13.°