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    Canal Lottery-Office
Near the BANK ot the UNITED STA-TIS,
September 2%tb t 1795.
ATTENDANCE Will be gmu at this Qthce from
eight to one o'tlocfe every day (cxcept Sunday) for
the i'-le of Tickets:
The priee will be ®lese4 Dollars tili tlie farther order
•f the Company—-and fpr all iums exceeding one hundrad, approved notes payaale on dr'before the 10th day
fcf December aext trill be taken in payment. ,
William Blaciburn, Agent.
Canal Lottery.
r j "PI j Public ar.* refps&fuliy informed, that a eorreA
i, Numerical Book of each day's drawing 1 will be kept
at the OFFICE, No. 149 Chefr.ut-ilreet, b«tw«en Fourth
ana Fitth-t'ireets, where tickets may be regiilered and ex
amined.—Also, prize tickets bought, *or exchanged lor
6Uitrs warranted umiraivn during the continuance.
• A Numerical Baok is also opened of Waflimgton
Lottery, which ccmmenccs in a few d^ya.
N. B. New-Castle prjje-tickcts pur chafed at the above
Office. Sept 28. f
Made by OLIVER EVANS, at his Fa&ory, in th« old
wind-mill in Elmfiey's ajley,
S -uth S?e<jr.d-jl. t.ty a little bilrm Dtch
WHERE thofc who apply may be supplied with ftonei
of such quality as will fu?t their purposes. Also,
Itones foV gudgeons to run on, and Plaifcer of Paris.
Tit k '-eps so- S-4/.F,
At hit dwelling No. 215 north Second-ftraet, a littt* above
Vine street,
Bsulting Cloths,
A complete affortmeH: of bcth imported and American
SianiffaAured for merchant and country w*rk, whithhe
warrants good.
A L S 0,
The Young MilWriglit's and Miller's GUIDE
Containing a system of mechanics and hydraulics as they
apply to water mills with the whole proeefs of, and all the
fc»:e improvements on the art of manufacturing flour &c
intended to bt ufefili to all concerned in building or using
•water-mill-, which book ii folvi by Matthew Carey and
kobert CampbtUjbooifcllers.
Sept. 25
Le Breton,
SVRjKOV dentist,
fiupllof t}.e te'ebrdted Mr. , late Dent Hto ike Ki n g andßiy
al family of Fiance mcmbc T of tk'c-C.-lltge and Academy
■* * J
Keeps a complete aiiortmait of every thing ncceffary to
be used for the
Trefervation of the Mouth and Teeth.
Patent mineral Teeth, and human and ivory Tetth; Den
tr'sSce in powder; Opiate; e\celient Elirir <or sweetening
tin maurh, and preserving the teeth.—He also furmlhct
Btufbes and foft Sponges.
0* He lives in No. 135, above Fourth
street, Sept. 19. eod.
For approved Notes at futy alayi,
tf Pipeis genuine Madura WINK, bt it London purticular;
i6o.piects light and dark ground CHINTZES oi an exacl
lent quality. Apply t* '
&4-h Scyt. 17?$
AX.muler from Pari- refpefifully informs the public,
th3t hep:iints Likeaeffes in Miniature, in l'ueli link
ing and pK-afrng a manner, a» will', he hopes, fatisfy those
who may employ hm. His LikenciTss are warranted, his
Cttinjrs (hort, and his terms e?./y.
His room is at "No. 13, north Fourth ftrco*, a f«w Joori
from ivi.irkef-!>!'.'-t opjvjfite the Cri-f»-Keyf,
StfUmitr 7, 1/95
P. S. As he fhonl? intendi re»tir*ing t« Fran**, he
invites filch Ladies and Gkhtlemcn as may he dcfirous of
h?.V : ng their Poriruiti drawn, to t?.k< advanUjfc of ihr
prefjnt time.
ANY Ladies and tantiemes, who are desirous of ha
ving their LikeneiTcs taken, nw» have them done
by applying to the Painter, at No. il», corner of Union
an i fourth-fttei'ts, where they can be referred to fpe-
Sept. 19
r T S| HE- following Certificates of the Funded Debt of
-L the United States,imied fiom the Office of the
R%i!trr of the Treasury of th.? laid United States,
inthe name of Patrick Heatly of London , to w'it.
No,. 88io, And 8821, dated ?th July, 1794,
for F.eur Dollars each, of the lundsd thrPe
per Cent. Debt, have bten loft at Sea, and application
is intended to be made for the Renewal of ihe said
Certificates at the Qiticc of the Treasury of the laid
Urn ted States, of winch all persons concerned are de
fined to take notice.
ROBERT GILMOR, «/ Baltimore.
Angled 14 " d(j6w
r T^liK Governors of the States of Pennsylvania and
.L Ncw-Jerfey having refpe&ivety issued Letters Patent,
agreeably to the di teCiion? of a&s of the refpe&ive Legis
latures, to incorporate a Company for ere&ing a Bridge
over the river Djaw-re, at the borough of Eallon, by the
name and stile of ' c The President, Managers and Com
•Tpiny for ere&ing \ Bridge over the river Delaware, at
" the borough of Ealtonthe undersigned, being the
fix persons lint named in ihe faidl-ettes Patent, do here
by, conformably to. the provitions of the said a&s,
That they have appointed Saturday, the thirty-firft day
of October next, for the fubfer fliers to the flock of the said
Company to meet at the County-house, in the borough oi,
Eallon, at ten o'clock, A. K! then and thrre t» proceed to
organize the faitl Corporation—at which time and place
ht.c fubferibers aforefaid fha 1 choose, by a majority of Votes
Wv ballot, to be delivered in person or by proxy duly au
tfiwifed, one Prefidertt, fix Managers,-one Tr'ca'furr'r, and
such other Officers as they (hall thi::* nte.efT.i'y to conduct
*he bufitiefs 01 the said Cump.uiy fer pne year, and uiftil
other Officers fcallbe chpfen; an,d may make such by-laws
rules, orders and regulations, 8M iivcenfiftent with the
laws 01 the said SratKs, as shall be neceflarv fr:the well
ordering the..a.fEwrs .of-th* said Company—" ■fmidaTel
" ways, That no perfois shall have rtiOre th?i: ao votes, at
. v any cle<sfion,°ov in determining any qneftion arising at
such meeting, SjihaiWer n«jni';.r of liiates he rjm-v be
" entitled to; and that each person shall be entitled to a
il vote for every share by hip,' kjld under' that number."
■ yon:, m. Taylor,
■J AMES Hi'ivDSHAl*',
s,:.S«p.t.-44, ''TT9S." >*» • • -« 4 w.
a-N., B A few Sharts.of.-T:h<rSt6ck of the fiid Company
ma\ yet be ftibfcribed for at the Cisnpting;»H(j«Te of I*vi
Sci, 3d wha"rf below the Bridge in.Phila
delphia- if the fubf'crijjtion shall not be'iullby the feth
e;<.Qflnbcr will than b: to Sa
gitgrcuytttEaftwfc \
Footman & Co,
TATtVES of the United States of Amenta, in
CongTefs ajjemb'.ed.
The Reprkskmtation and Petition of
the Subscribers, members of the Democratic
Societies, cflahlifhed at Frederickfburgh in
Virginia, and cllfwherc in the United States— SBEWETH,
THAT viewing with a deep and patriotic foli
citudcthe pre'feit awful crilis of owraftairs, verging
from bad so worse ; and influenced with an equal
concern for the preservation of our own influence,
and the de'lrurtion of the peace aud government of
our country, fynonimes inseparable one fr»m the
other ; we exercifc the right of petitioning for
ourselves, and, if you will pltafe to ;ji»e to
oiir affumptiori, for all the commercial, agricultu
ral and manufacturing older* of society.
The trtat y of amity, commerce and navigation,
between theUnitid States ar.d Great Britain, late
ly ratified by the President and two third* of the
Senate, who had full conftitu'ioual authority, with
out consulting us, to do the fame, has nevertheless
nndergone our difoiflion, and received our ui.qua
lified disapprobation. Notwithstanding it is clear
that the President and Senate had authority to art
at they have done, as they have be:n Wanting in
that deference which is due to our fecieties, we
look up to your body as the great and dernier re
sort j not doabting, that as you participate in the
intcrefts and feelings of the peiople, which we fuf
pcrt they do not, you will receive our communica
tions with more attention and fefpert. Altho' we
cannot believe, that so long as you-regard the con
stitution as a sacred and inviolable depolit, you will
dare openly to attack the privilege and power of
the other two branches, yet we flatter ourfelvcs
that our unwearied arts, united with the artivity
and discontent of individuals in your henourable
honfe, will produce such discord in the general le
gislature, as will effectually render void the inten
tion of that detcltable contrart. We cherish an
hope indeed, that, if we can pit you one agaigft
the other, we fha'l be able so completely to shake
the conllitution and laws, that one more bold cxci
tion will lay the whole fabric proltraie at our feet:
and that, in the ifTue, we shall be able to maaige
and govern the people without you, or through
you at least, a» our inftriimentiL Such, wekiiow,
were the arts of the Jacobins in France, and bfull
aud com; le'.e was their fußi ess, that the Convection
became a' hill i o more than mere puppets, agitated
by those date jugglers, the ctula of Paris.
With the rruft lively apprehensions we regtrd all
t!ie stipulations in the said tieaty at inimical, ijvhich
are designed to counteract the intrigues of a cer
tain European na ion, who have long labourrd to
destroy our independence, and render us the mere
iiillrumcntt of their convenience. And as their
cause is a viituous struggle for the rights of man,
altho' they hav# hitherto managed it rather awk
wardly, and as some of ut have the krongaft
private teas-ms to aid and abet their meafnres, eve
ry thing which they disapprove, demand*, our turn
ed oppofi'ion. Their success in the present war,
which no J >nger appiars doubtful, is fupcrior in
weight to evoy xonhdera'ion of our own intetetl,
foreign and domeftie. Bcfides, when we remem
ber the important aids that we received from Louis
the i6tfi, in the revolutionary war of America,
and recolle£t, that s (hort time before his decapita
tion he t|snisferred the merit of all his to
the Nationil-Convention, it mull be acknowledges
there arc no Sacrifices that we can make, which will
he too gteaf.
But far be it from you to luppofe, tliat because
the intcreft of.your illuflrioui, triumphant and mag
nanimous allies, has obtaiped the firft place in our
eonlideration, we have been indifferent to your
conftituiiorial privileges, ot the chartered right* of
tlie people No! We a'e equally apprelienfive tH
tliefe two important refpedU ; and, although they
are neither so much endangered by the tieaty, not
so mterelling to ourselves as the cause of our allies,
we shall endeavour to point out the enemy to you,
where he lie* in petto ; for without some futther
information it will be rather difficult to discover
First. then, This treaty of amity, commerce,
and navigation, seems calculated purposely, aliho'
not solely, to adjull and regulate our commerce
with a foreign nation ; which no treaty of thr kind
ever did before ! And it has some relation lik wife
to our trade with the Indian iri'ies, we fnp
pose the negociatois thought was a branch of com
merce that required regulation also !
Secondly. It has established * fair and equal mode
of determining certain disputed boundary-lines be
tween the United States, md the American terri
tories of Great-Britain, which had been fettled
by the treaty of 1783, but not defined with fuffi
cient clearncfs and precision.
Thirdly. It comprises a summary rule for reci
procating the duties and impofta of both countries,
as they relate one to the other. Who ever heard
of f'ich a thing in a treaty c[f commerce !
Fourthly. It authorizes a man to hold an eftatf,
which he had a right to do without it, agreeable
with the treaty of peace : and it grants him a pri
vilege of option for a certain time, cither to be
come a citizen of the Uui:ed States, or to conti
nue an alien : and the benefiii of both these arti
cles are not equal to the privileges planted to
Frenchmen, by the treaty with Louis the 16th J
but this treaty was coutra&ed before the inftitti
tion of Democratic Societies.
Fifthly. It declares that a fubjeft of citiz/n,
why ffuill wage war againlt either people contrary
to the law* of nations and thelawsot his Sovereign,
is a pyrate and tViight to be hanged, without any
further ceremony than is commonly exeroifed to
wards such vermin ; who are the common foes of
all countries.
Sixthly. It obliges certain patriotic citizens of
the fouthcrn Suites to pay their bona Jide debt? ;
which, having neither the fear of God, nor the
devil before their eyes, thev hud n-folved not to
do ; and in cafe they are Hill ined to aft
like villains, 'he Unite.' States !tre bound to make
compcnfstion,. or to be branded as a nation of vii-
LjtUy. ~*"Vs fetffame treaty is like the Grecian
horse, and is tilled with these and ten thousand
other potent enemies, aimed for our deltru&ioft,
but so concealed that no man living can fee them :
bu! they i.rc there ; and if we ever admit the crea
ture within our walls, it wiil be more fatal to us
and our posterity than its proto type was to the
citizens of Troy.
" Wheiefore, foltpinly protesting against the
exercise of power by the Prrfident and Senate, in
anj of the foregoing cases," although the consti
tution hath entrusted them alone with that power;
We your petitioners mod earneltly pray that llit
representatives of the people in Congrcfs a'i< nv
hled, who hare not the leall fliadow of authority
to interfere in this bulmefs, would so far give youi
felves up to a spirit of difcerd and delusion, as tc.
attempt to set the treaty aside. Or if this cannot
be done ill toto, as we really wi(h, that they will
at lealt adopt such measures refpeiting the obnox
ious parts, as will remove of good
democrats. As w«Avellknow that if youlay your
hands o<i a Angle particle of it, the whole and the l
conllitution of the United States together with
it, will tumble into ruins. A finale pin, taken
out "of the mach rie, will disunite all it's compo
nent parts.—Ever since the arrival of Citizen Ge
net, when were fir (I inllituted, we have la
boured faithfully to thwart the govemmert of our
country, and to rath inro a war with Great-Bri
tain. By inflammatory efTays, refolvcs and speeches,
we excited an infur.edlion in the Wettern Counties
of Pennsylvania. By the means we have
raised mobs in all the principal sea ports of t le
Union to condemn the treaty difiufiion.
We have burnt the effigies of the negociators. We
have abused 'he PresidenT, and all the moll viVii
otis public c!'«ra£icrs of our country. But all has
hitherto been infufficicnt to raise such a ferment
3 nr.ntr tSic people "• is necefTary to destroy the
conftiuition and remove the conftitutcd authorities
from their feats. The citizens of America are
fueh a phlegmatic rational set of beings, tVat it is
impoflible with all our arts to work them to such a
pitch of fiemy as would be proper for the grand
revolution we have in view. Pardon us therefore;
if to yon, as the fheet-anehor of our hopes, we sub
mit our almost desperate catife ; as we are fully
convinced that unless you assist in your lrgiflame
capacity, to introduce anarchy, confufion and war
into your country, we (hall be obliged to f bmit
with the reft of our fellow citizens, to partake of
the common benefits of fubordit.ctif ti and pcace.
foreign Advices.
Contiauatiaa of Intelligence hy the fcip Montezuma,
arrived at Baltimore.
LONDON, July 21
We this morni. t» iecei»ed a Pari* Journal of the
18th, which is so fill" intrrcftirp, vx i: contains a,
kind of jitUMial from V antics, of the proceedings on
the coalt of Briui.ry.
It pppeart by a dispatch read jn the eonrentiun,
that the war is vigori ully carried on on the hoard
ers of Italy, and that the Auttrian*ate in superior
force; nntu ithAandii g « Sirh the French, M their
usual way, report the advantajjtito be generally oh
their tide.
PARIS, July 18
Litt'e is said in thc'C invention about thedefcent
in Britany, but it doi'» uoi the less occupy the
minds of tlie people. Thei e are many i i this capi
tal who with their belt willies tavour its fuccels.
) Tlie following is an official account of the pro
ceedings upon tke coast >>1 Motbihan, which hi w
ever has r.ot been produced in the Convention. Its
authenvici'y, notwithffaiuiing m<iy be relied upon.
VANNES 1 b Meffitloi — July 10.
The reports, which t >e ill ait. nti..neci had spread
with refpett to the conduct of the (Lips which, in
the beginning of the prrfent month fell into the
hands of the Enplifh, now to, dilappear : the
veil is broker.; it now appears that the three (hips,
the Alexander, the Formidable, and the Tigre,
fought with all the energy poflible ; Le Peuple, of
120 jjui'S, alfn di'l every thing which was phyfr al
ly pofllhk-; to prevent this,as well ;» to procti tlie
letreat aftei the battle. The reputation of 011-er
flvips is rot so favourable, but we are not yet fuffi
cirntlv infotmed to deride on thfm.
The troops arrived here yerterday under the
-crr.msnd of general Jomet, set out lali night on
their return to Auiay.
An alteration h;'ssju(l tnken place with refpef* to
the fecrecv with which our • peranoi.s are caitied
on ; formtrly evety intiridcd expedi'ion was known
a e'ay before it was undertaken ; I tit ?t prcfent a
number of troot>s are seen to pass through this
plai e, and the only tiling we know of their dona
tion is, tVial they .ne'mar. hing to Auray. In j üb
lic, thfe poti'iori of the eflemy is only talked ®t'as
if they had bei n 15c leagues off.
I2'h MtfTidor, July j.
Yeftetday at' noon and lafl night, troops have
conflantlj paffed-tl tongl out ibistown. A column
arrived intwodavs from Rbnnr, which is 25 leagues
diftancc hence. QVt'ersl Dint yrfterday took the
command of them. They have with them eight
'pieces of cannon and '.hvee howi'.rers They
marched at eight this morning to Auray, accora
panied'by Hoche, rraf genera! in chief.
A detachment sent to Ntfde, tp pnitfft the cut
ting and loading f< nu- upon about jo wag
guns, fonnd in a rattle an aflcnablage of Chouans,
who, alifiough font to one in number, had the
kiird'iefs to take flight, leaving our brethren the
I (hall not make lone details upon the attach
ment of cur Kavt troups to the cause ; I mult on
ly fav, that h If of them at lea'ft arc without (hots,
and art-in want of every thing, on accoun| jof the
price of wlii h amounts to a cypher; but
no mittmuriiiß is h? n 'd ; they fly to the field of ho
nor hs if they had no other, wants but to'do thei>
I is?fierted this evening that the emigrants art
polled "ear the commune of Carnat, in the advan
tageous position known under the name of Ckbti)
The eontinve ip iheir tlation in the ba;
of Qjaiberon, where are #l(ip *t anchor th« tr»«l-
parts which vomited th% Emigrant* o« ear coafUs
but whos 1 hope, are come to find their gr*ve.
15/ A Mcjjidor—July 3.
A cannonading continued all lalt night, and till t
this morning ; but it appear* it «as the attack of Qui
beroon, which is continued. Nothing happened yes
terday except the continued paiTage of troops marching
all to the fame point-.
At fix m the evening a part of our army reconnoit
red under the very cannon of the enemy ; but retreated
as 'focn as they saw the superiority of the eacmy is
point of number.
The arrival of the troop* aid the artillery has bee*
retarded by a measure taken by the traitors of the inte
rior, who cut down all the bridges on the roads which
ed thither, but many of them have already been rt-i
The troops are passing continually. '1 litre wai
a report, which is now confiimed, that the emi
grant* has uken the town of Landcrant, half way
between Auray and Huaeband. Thiee of our
rohimns have attacked them in three point 6. Our
column of the centre and the general-in-chicf hav«-
done the most mifchief to the enemy s they thieyr
thtm into confuiion : they were forced to leate be
hind them a considerable convoy, confiding of 3
waggon* laden with firelocks and fine gunpowder,
together with some waggons of Englith faddlcs and
bridles, red CaramagnoleS, and other articles of
cloathing, without reckoning a number of sabres,
and one hundred pair of pistols, which remained on
the field of battle, or were thrown away during the
We are also Infoimed that they have 700 ca»alry A
Nothing new is mentioned during the whole day*
Citizen Cotta is much prß(fed for being the firft
who threw himfelf yefferday inio the entiencf merit*,
of the enemy, ciying out " Let the wi o!e column
follow me !'* which was executed with great impe
Six in the evening.—A report prevails of f m»
movements down the rivet, but 110 particulan art
yet known
Ten o'clock.—An «nira>(rm'"»t of pofi hat
just taken plate, and turned out entirely tu our ad-
Five in the morning.— Four Englilh corvette*
and tw» English gun-boats, enteied the liver la ft
A French corvette, two cutters, and two small
er armed veflels, weie stationed at Pert Navallo
when the English approached : the firft wss set on
fire, the two next were funk, ar.d the two otheia
re-ascended the liver towards Vannee.
Eight o'clock in the morning The Englifli are
at the island of Aux-Momus, a league aid a half
from Vanned.
Nine o'clock.—Nine hundred men returned front
Eleven o'clock.—The fhij i entered fearful of
the movements perceived by land, have taken ad
vantage of the wind and left the liver.
Nothing hai taken place during the remainder of
the day.
BAYEIJX, July 6.
On the evening of the 3d inff. a detachment of
Dragoons, accompanied by a magiftiate of Caen,
proceeded to opprehend General Wimpfen, by vir
tue of a raam'ate of the Commit'ce of Geneia), Se
curity. Not being able to find him, the magiftrat*
placed the seals on his effcCU.
CALAIS, 2iMcflidor, Julv 29.
By a letter fnim lDunkirkof the 19th, we leam
that thebtig La Fraternity, ef 18 gum, command
ed by citizen .Slcmes, -hasjuft arrived in the filter
barber. This gallant officer captured on the Dog
ger bank. off the 1 exel, three vessels, oneof which
mounted several gu:i», ihe other two were laden wi h
hemp and iron. He afterward* fell in with an Eng
hfh frigate of 36 guns, which he engagad fix _
hours. He cuntiived t>y manoeuvijHg, to j»-t(erv»
his three prizes, which were earned into Holland,
f he only drawback on the gratification which citi
zen Alcmes would other wife feel on ti is oceafton,
is, that he has loit four ot his gallnnt sailors, *h<>
had contributed not a little to the lucci.fl us La Fra*.
PARIS, July ij.
A letter from Port Brieux, of the j-iiMefiidor,
fays, " We^begin,to breathe ag-in here rm, the
outrages of the Chouant. Dcfcrters aie continual
ly coming in with their arms, and we have reason
to brieve that, before theexpitation of tj days,
the department of the Cote du-Mavd will be entire
ly freed ftom the Chouaoi, and restored to tran
By letters from Havre we learn, that Englilh
frigates and cutters block up their harbour, and
prevent every vrffel from entering it. Our filher- .
men have been kindly treated by the Englifti (hiss,
which give them plenty ofbiicuit for their Sib, and
piomifed them abti&dance, if they would
Royal party, which had proclaimed Louis XVIII.
King. t
It is no longer doubtful, but that the E- glifti art
again matters of Grenada, fro* which tkfFrench
have been driven.
•Monsieur, now called Louis XVI fl it gone
trom Verona t« 1 urin, while the rebels are fighting
his cause in Butanny. J
T he Committee cf Public Safety has just nonina*
ted M. Noel to be the Frentfi mimfteri;. Holland.
M, Caillai d is to go in the iSme capacity to Stack
holm, and M. Le Hoc t4 Berlin.
We have just received aletter firm Renneiofthe
23d Mcflidor, July jl. Itflontains the following
derails : The road from Afencon to Rennes is {till
it ftfted #ith Brigand*. Four escorts accompanied
us fucrt ffively. The two fir'J con fitted of s co and
the third of I 200 men. Tifty attacked the dili
gence and pillaged itbut thanks to the valor of
the troops who pronged the deputies, they arrived
in fafety with the 25 million* for the payment of the
■ oops. The Chouans furroind the city in foch a
manner that no person can haveit without ah escort.
Letters from ia Hcgue state, tfut thebav is blocked
.pby three frigatc'i, two large harks,' three brigs, and
utter, 10 that the convoy lent from Havre a fort
night ago cannot get into Cherbourg.
One of the frigate* and a boat approachod th:
uaibpr, and fired upon tlx cOrvctte Ja Vigilante
16th Meffidor —July 4.
I 8,-A MJFJor—July 6.
15 ih M' —J.
cd i