Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, September 26, 1795, Image 4

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No. 129 Mu.'berry-Jlretty
H»- for Sale,
ONE hasdretf juid &&y boxes »f white Wiadov.
Giafs of u iuperior quality ; eonfifling of 10 by
12, 8 by is, 7 by 9, and 6 by 8.
100 Boxes of Castile Soap. <
Ofnaburg artd Ticklcnburg, in bales.
100 Boxes Sweet Oil, containing 13 bottles each.
Tne abo-ve are entitled to a drawback.
Dowtafles—Table Cloths, 1-1, 3-4, & 1 yards wide.
Muslins—Oil Cloth—Travelling Cases.
Dutch Griat Coats.
September 7
S H O T,
OF all lizcs, from 32 lh to Grape,
Gambonie*, Pot 9, and other rafting® executed at the
fhort&i nofice,
Kail rod*, from .tc-d tt> fpifce,
Iron, of forcafiks or cutting iat® nalli,' from
a brad to 12d nails,
Anchors, from 17 Cwtj to loolb.
Bar Iron,
A Quantity of James River Tobacco,
Carolina Porlr.,
Herjriigs in barrels,
Kiln-dried corii meal in Hhtis. and Bbls.
Rye flour &c. to be ibid by
Levi Hollingjworth & San.
Mcvfi 4
Fkaunces's Tavern.
A r o. 59 South Water Street.
i tZx. Subfcrfrer refpe&fttjlj begs leave to inform Jm
friends and the public in general, tb^thc ha* remov
ed from N9l' if 6 fout-h ad Street, to that lar&e, commo
dious, House in Water Street, between Chefnnt and Walnut
i> treats, lately occupied by ?vlr. Iptae Hazleiurj} y and, on
which he has fp&red no paiits or cspenfe, to make it con
venient and agreeable for the receptio.. of gentlemen. Th< being on r!u fume spot where the noted Bee
Ste-uk ?nd Pane-; Ivjiue formerly f.ood, sea"3 the advantsgi
o. the Left this city, known long since by the nam
ef the Grew %rei Wait)-. As there are leveral elegam
7 large to accommodate any Society or fW.
company of gentlemen, and iron! hi* well known abilities The re,l feruritifa siven for ti»e payment of the Prize •
topJenfeih the line of hisHi'ftnefs, he flattershimfelf with Bre ' *•*!<! by the President and two Dirc£lors of the B*nk
a continuance of that patronage which he has experienced of Columbia, and aie valued at more (han half the amount
fincc he firil opened a Public House in this City, and, for *be L*xtery.
which he begs leave to make a public acknowledgment. The twenty four gentlemen who by appointmsnt of
For the accommodation of Small Parties, the Large Relate Commiffioiiers a/lifted in the management of the
Coffee Roam on the ground floor is conveniently fitted , Hotel are requeued to undertake thi® arduous tafit
u]> with a number of Boxes, conftra&ed in such a man- : 3 cc ®"d time on behalf of the public ; a fufficieitt num
ner as to admit Gentlemen to be as private as please— ' these having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the
Where may bs had, at any hour, Scups, Beef-Steaks, I fiends to a National University and the other federal ob-
Reiiihas, &.c. &c. 1 je&s may continue to favor the design. The fyuopfis of
He ha,* on hand, and w93 keep a eonftantf upply ofSSp- °ne of the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
rituotts and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities. I fnftitution,- is already in the press, and will be speedily
Breakfafts provided—Also Dineers and Suppers cook- ( P u together with its constitution.
eJ in the mofc approved manner, at a ftiort notice, andPaf- i A compleat Plan of the whole of this Important
sry of artl forts, made to order, in the House, or to fend Institution, compiled from a fele&ion of the best materi
out at any • als, ancient and modern, will be submitted to the public j
■ the fame may hare gone through such revisions
is may be ncceilary te establish the perfect confidence and |
He hasTeveral v, r cll fiirmihed B?d Chambers, fcr.Board
ers and Lodgers, by the Week, month, ®r year.
Jane z
T HE Grammar School formerly attached to this
College, having gradually declined through the
wtcreafing inflrmitifes of the late President for some
time before his death, it is propoled by the fubferiber
inVtnediatel\*to revive it, and to put it ur.der tnc mofl
careful in'trudliun and government. The Latin,
Grtek, antl French <l»rliv, c w,
gether with the principles of English Grammar, of
Geography, and practical Geometry. Parents, l:ke-
who do not 'ehufe that their children fhoufd go
througk the intire course of fhilits in the College,
may now hava them inftruitcd in any particular
branches in the sam« manner, oil the fame terms, and
to the fame extent as in the College—particularly in
the antiquities and mythology of Rome, ill Geogra
jrfiy, in the Mathematics, in Natural Philosophy and
Aftror.omv, in Moral Philosophy and the Principles
us Civit government, in E'rquenee, and jn the Ele
ments of History. -They may address their children
to any of th: Matters in the College, or to
N. B. The young gentlemen iball be under the
fame rules of mora! discipline as the other students —
shall be fubjecled to pu'tlic examinations, and, at leav
ing the College, (hall be entitled to public teflimonials
of the branches they have studied, and of their profi
ciency in them.
P. S. The School is already opened, and under the
iircAion of Mr. SeoTT.
George Hunter,
At his Labvra.'oiy, i\'e. 114, south Steohd Jlrtet.
his '-uj'.Kitfri jnd ihj that
he has ?Hr oaV' G bu-.uiefs g? i n jm ?u ex'tn-
five plan,
Ie ha* for sale a of
r < \
I.ikewifey piir#TrfsVolotirs. dry and ground j n oil, paint
btulhcs, window and conch dye fluffs, linieeel oil,
oil of turpcritujc, cop.ii oil varnilb and jap'**, warranted
z^o< 4 >
" A'Jlnm. ccip'ocras, madder, ground red hogs-
hp?d or invt 1
r quant -^y
Ashe itnpons the i.mpl t from the Deft rear and
the cp ; «Uf>ofit]oos ud preparations himfeU, he is
enabled to vouch lor and warrant evcr> article (old out
of his Laboratory, and likewifcto dispose of them at the
moA reasonable r3Ctes. I
He wjfhes to fcM a large LOT of GROUND,
the north-east corner of and Eleventh-streets, contain
ing 78 feet front on High-Ureet, and aon feet on Eleventh
ftreer, oppofrte Mr. Leiper's new buildings—And another
LOT on the north fideof High ftrcet, near the above, »3
feet front, and aoo leet deep. Both low have the pnvi
legeof a 30 feel alley m the /ear.
Dec. 13
AT a Meeting of the Stockholders in
tlje Insurance Gcmpamy cf tb• fid!; if Pdmfyivaiiix, on the
ajth May last, convened for the purjiofo of fixing the
time of payment of the remaining part of the Capital
Stock of laid Con-.pany,
Reftl+ti, that the;j ium of two hundred
dollars per {hare, he paid cn the 6th day of Novem
ber &ext, under tlie'perultics annexed to default by the
acl of Irotrpotation.
publiihed bv order of tiie Meetinj-,
Jnnc i;
r T~'HE time of a mulatto girl, ot'about 16 years old, wim
X has between five and fix years to frrve,' and who is
capable of the duties o£ a chambermaid or a plain coc.k.
Enquire of the Print** *• ■i 1 • At%.6
MAY 26, 1795
Ckjp of Wailiington.
SCHEME of the LOTTERY, Ne. 2,
for. '-nil i.\ym r v.i£\r of the
federal city.
1 A rnjioilicciu f 20,090 ljojlms, a „j
dwelling Itoafei ) cath 3«.0i0 ire
i ditto 15,000 Sc caili 25,000
4 ditto i£,Ov>o 6c cash 15,000
1 rfiiio 10, coo Sc cdlh 10^000
t ditto
5,000 6c cam 5,000
j 'liifu 5,c00 A: cafb s,cet»
t C.ilh prize o*
s»oca each, are
1 o tint >
16,739 P r ' ff '
50,600 Ticket at 8 dol'irs
This Lottery will ailord an elc-gact specimen of the
private buildings to be ereefced in the Ciiy of Washington
—1 wo beautiful deiigns are already fele&ed for the eniuc
fronli (in two of the public squares ; froin ttafe draw.
i»g«, it i« j>ropoled to ereel two centre and tour cornet
building, as soon as poilible after this Lottety is fold, and
to convey them when complete, to Ihe fortunate adventur.
ers, in the manner defenbed in the fehejne for the Hotel
l ottery. A nett dedufilion of five per cent, will be Vnadt
l t> dehay the ritfceffary expences of printing, See. and
the furpins wilt be made a pan r>f the fund intended for the
National Uniyerlity, to be eit£led within the City of
(fT The drawing will commence as soon ai the Tickets
are fold off. - ■■■■■The money will be payable
in thirty days after it is finiihed,and any prixes fur which
fortunate numbers are not produced wiihin twelve month*
after the drawing is closed are 10 be confideted a? given
towards the fund for the University, it being determin
ed to fettle the whole business' in a year liora the ending
of the drawing and to take up the bonds given as (ecu*
general approbation, so effl-ntial to its prefcnt rife and fa-
turc exiftcnce for the general good of America.
By accounts received from the difterent parts of tta
Continent as wtH as from Europe, where the ticket*
have been sent for Pale, the public are allured that the
drawing will speedily commence, and that the care and
caution unavdidably necefTary to insure a fafe disposal of
the tickets, has rendered tho ftaqr: fufpenHon indiipenl'able.
February 14, j 795 .
AlJ£ 3O "
%* Tickets may be hart at the Bank ol Cplutrtbia.
of Jamr* Weft & O. Bal* * more or Demlon^
c u 1». i»;».— ,i» .v-.-, »( JoKit Hopkins
Richmond : and of Richard Wflli, Cooper't fcrfVm
FOR Ss.!e v on private contrA&, five undivided fSxths
part* of that valuable merchant-mill, called Old
Penny pack Mill, with two dwelling houses, ftablrs, coop
er's shop, cask house, and other convenient buildings,
witk about 10 acres of good land, the grcateft part thereof
is excellent watered meadow, the remain per garden, orch
ard, and wood land; lituate ten miles from Philadelphia,
near the Wafliington Tavern, part y on the post-road lead
ing to New-York, and partly on the River road; a re
markably healthy country, and an excellent neighbour
hood. This mill being on Pennypack creek, a heavy
stream of water, with about 15 feet head and fall, and
the tide flowing about 6 feet, will admit a VefTel carrying
1350 bulhcls of wheat to lay along fide, and unload into
the mill with Evans's elevator in about three hours. The
mill house is large and b*tilt of Jlone, founded on a rock,
the walls uncommonly thick and strong, (fuph a piece of
mason work is rarely to be found) contain* five floors, two
water wheels, and three pair of th« best French burr ilones
all running, double geared, with three boulting reels and
cloths of the firft quality, rolling screen, cylinder, and
fans for cleaning wheat in the befl manner, and passing it
afterwards by ar\ elevator into a hanging garner; also,
conveyers, elevators, and hopper boy, all in compleat or
der. There are two large frame buildings adjoining* the
mill, which are convenient for storing flour, fhorti, calks,
&c. A corn-kiln is ere&ed within the building, with
boulting, reei cloth, and other ncceffary fixtures for manuj
faJturing large quantities of kiln-dried corn meal. The
ftreim of water is so constant that upwards of 60,000 bulh
els of wheat have frequently been manufa&ured at this
mill, annually. The tumbling dam was built of flone and
frame about 30 years ago, but the late extraordinary frefhes.
have made a breach therein, it cair'eafily be repaired alto
gether with flone, the greatefl part of which is already at
hand, and the remainder can be quarried near the dam, as
there are fcveral good quarries of excellent flone on the
premises, and adjacent to the creek; the contiguity of
this very valuable estate to Philadelphia, and the easy na
vigation for shallops, with the above-mentioned great ad
vantages, and many others not here m ntioned, mull be
obvious to any person who may view the premises.
An indisputable title, clear of all incumbrances, will be
made to the purchaser on paying part of the money, and
giving fatisfa&ory security for the refnainder, payable
with interest in lnllalments at such times as may be agreed
on. For further particulars enquire on the premises of
Frances Lewis, Executrix to the eflate of Robert Lewis,
deceased; John Swift, near Buflell-Town ;or Natha
niel Lewis, or David Lewis, in Philadelphia.
IMPORTED and for SALE, by
No. 39, North Front Street.
A LARGE and General of the various
articles in the Ironmongery, Cutlery, and.Sadlery
line, also, Copper in sheets and bottoms, tin plates in
bsxei, London and Briflol pewterin calks, cases of hats
sorted, patent ard common shot and bar lead, crown
window glass from 18 inches by 12 to 9 inches by 7
inches > crates of earthen and flint giafs'ware, crates of
white and green vials and of half pint pocket bottle",
boxes of long and fcort pipes, hampers ol'ihalf gallon
and gallon bottles, bottled aie and porter in calks of
about ten dozen, Briflol grind/tones, a box of plated
ware sorted consisting chiefly of eanrifefticks, and upon
very low terms a quantity of Bull's eye window glali
sorted (i7es, v;i*y fit for Iky lights, warchoufes, &c.
Augtijl i;, 1794 ' tu&fim
>jRD£LPHIA t Printed by JOHN FE}fNO, N°« 119 CkefitutS.'rat.—Puc? Six 3olvabs Pbk Annvk.
30, C:-0
1 o,roo
C, 0.00-
' V-' :-o
io,ooo v
New Hosiery.
At bis HOSIERY STORa, iVo. 48 Chefnut flreety
RESPECTFULLY informs his Frieadt and the Public in
general, that he has just received by the ship Liberty
Prom Liverpool, a farther ftipply of
Men's & Women's Silk and Cotton
Arnone which arc a very ex.enfive-nfTortment of Gentle
men & plain white, fancy, and patent Silk, fuperfine fancy
plated silk and co'tan, fine white, plain, and ribb'd cot
ton—n very large assortment of fancy Patent and fine ran
dom fancy Cotton, &c. which he will fell upon the moil
reiifonabje tqvm* by the dozen or Angle pair.
A General A/TortWKnt of a-v«ry oAer article of DRY
GOODS, newly imported.
Those gentlemen who please to fa*orß. C. with their
commands, -will tnett with, at hi» store, a moil elegant,
extensive, and well chosen afTortment of every description
"f Hosiery Also, a great Variety of
J one
American Landscapes.
Twenty-Four VIE WS,
SELECTED from the m®ft {hiking and niterefting
ProfpeiSa in the United States j each »f which
Views, will be acccwnpanied with a descriptive account
of its Local, Historical, and other Incidental Peculiarities
Authtr of tic " MonjJtic Remain, and Aniitnl 6UMn in Greet
I. That the work shall be published by Subscription; and
that each Subscriber (hall engage to take the whole Ut
of Visws, and shall pay for each engraving, if bla&k or
brown, a Dollari ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
11. That the dimensions of each engraving shaH be 14 by 17
inches, executed io nquatinta, and published upon paper
of a superior quality. The publication to commence im
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub
fcrifcers, on the firft Monday of each fuccoeding month,
until the proposed series shall be finally completed.
HI. That with the lad View of the series, shall be deli
vered an engraved titl®-page ; an elegant chara&erillic
vign .tte; a map of the route, conuected with the pr»f
pc&s exhibited in the th« course of the Work ; and an
Alphabetical lift of the Subscribers.
Subscriptions are received by Mr. Harrifo'n, at his Print
shop, Maidrnlane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-fell
er, No. 118, Market flreet, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-feller* in the United Skitas.
February aS.
No. 60 South 'Second-Street, PHILADELPHIA,
RESPECTFULLY informs the public, that at hii Store
they may be supplied with m'oft of the modern Eu
ropean and other publication! of merit, on Politic*, Divini
ty, Law, the Belles, Lettres, &c. Sec. Also a great vari
ety of ELEGANT PRINT'S and Paintings, and every ar
ticle in the Stationary hufinefs; which he continues, as
usual, to dispose of at the lowetl prices.
Gentlemen's Libraries furnifhed or purchased ; and the
rfSiS'StaSP or clfh > « iTen for quao-
Wholesale Dealers fuppli«d at the above Store on Very
moderate terms.
May %,
No. 60 South Second Street.
THE IVbolefale and Retail Store for BOOKS, STATIONARY,
attd Fancy articles.
For the greater conveni-nct of coidufling bis huftnefs extenjtvely,
has rem wed from Ao. 57, bo No. 60 South Second Street, on the
iveflfide —uthere he has received by the lafl arrivals, an cxtenft-vc
•etit&ion of ufeful Books, and tie be [I Stationary. Also, a variety
of Neve Mvfic, Bunbury s curious Caricatures, Prints, Oil Paint'
ings, Drawing Books, l&o. lift, all wbicb be will fell, as usual,
for a small profit.
T. S. embraces this opportnnity to acknowledge the liberal en
couragement be bus always experiencedfrom the citizens of Phila
delphia—-returns bis mofi Jtnee're tbanks, and pledges bimfelf to
eonjlant exertions to merit continual favor, and to have bisfore tbe
bliue for elegant and ufefnl liter a hire.
June 2J,
The Earthen-Ware Manyfa&ory,
In Frer.tfiretit above PooPs Bridge,
IS continued in the most extensive manner. A large as
sortment of the baft ware is on hand ready assorted in
Hogiheads and Crates.
A constant and regular fnpply may b< «p#nded o«, at
the ftiortefl notice.
Orders are received at the Man»fa&ory, or at No.
Arch street. July 8 »jm
Notice is hereby given that an at
tachment was issued out of the inferior eourt of Common
Pleas in and for the county of Cumberland, in the state of
New Jersey, returnable on the twenty-fifth day of Febru
ary last, against the goods and chattels, rights and credits,
lands and tenements of George Huts (not being a resident
at that time within the state of New J«rfey) at the suit of
Jonathan Ballinger, indorsee of Job Butcher, which was
levied by the sheriff of the county of Cumberland " on
a certain floopor shallop called the Fly of Philadelphia"
with its appurtenances, as by the return of the said sheriff
will more particularly appear—and notiae is also hereby
further given, agreeably to the direction of an ad of the
Lcgillature of the state of Ne'w-Jerfey in such cafe made
and provided, that unkfs the said George Hut* (hall ap
pear and give special bail to anlwer the suit so a* afore
laid instituted against him by th said Jonathan Ballinger,
within such time as is prescribed by law, " that then and in
that cafe judgment fhafl be entered" against the laid George
Hutz " by default, and that the said sloop or shallop so as
aforefaid seized on the said attachment" will be fold for
the fati'sfaction of all M creditors whp shall appear to be
justly entitled to any demand thereon, and (hall apply for
that purpose.V
Cated at Salem, m t(»e county of Salem, in the f?»kl
ttate, t4ic thirty first day of March A. D. 1795.
tTLiiS, Cieri.
Lucius Horatio 3t'..>
Attorney f®r the Plff. j
April I
Now üblifhed,
By T.
An. 6Otfauib Seco:yl-jlreet,
The carious Prophecies of
/CONTAINING and rtfuarkaMc things, not rcvcal
cd to any other period on earth.
This work is interefti hg to every one.
Aupu'7 14.
J I so,
r awstf
and other PROPER I f,
ATriiS containing 90} acres of lan J, with a mcr:han
mill and saw mill thereon, situate on ?. branch o
Rappahannock river, in Culpepper county, Virgioi'., neat
Chester's Gap of the Blue Ridge. The mill houi, is about
41 by 52 feet, has two water wheel* 18 by 19 feet
ftvat, and 30 feet head and fall, a pair of Burr fsoaes a
bout 4 feet 6 or 8 inches, and a jfair of excellent csuntrjr
stones; the stream it full capable of working three pair of
Hones nearly the whole year. The whole stream whl h
is large and the moll coullant of any in that part of ; j
country, may be conducted to the wheels, if delired, witll
a very trifling "xpetice, no part of she works can voilToly'
beaffe<sed by the most violent floods. The other improve
ments are a stone home with a cellar well walled, twj
rooms with a brick chimney and fire ea'eh, and two
lodging room* above, a kitchen and fmoak house. all new.
and well built, with ihingle roofs, a good paisd garden,
two other dwelling houses, a stable, spring houl'e, and a
new log hoyfa—there are be fides the above improvements
a small apple orchard of bearing trees and above 2$ acrcj
of the land cleared: there is likewise on thin trail, and
on the Cams llream, another mill feat equal if not iiipajorj.
as it has the advantage as another stream which can, with
little exponce be united to the other at the forebay. rhia
mill has the advantage of commanding a moll eittnfive
euftom and purchase of wheat, there being no merchant
mill to the northward nearer than those on Shenandoah,
the opposite fide of the Blue Ridge, and but one t« the
fouthwardin Ij miles; no part of Virginia excels in point
of quality the wheat raised in this neighbourhood: the
works of the mill are in good order and almoll new, and
the cloths are good. About one-half the purchase money
will be required in haad, and an extirfive credit given 0:1
the balanoe, by feeuring the payment of iool. annually.
The whole ilockin a Tan Yard at Front Royal,in Fre
derick county, it miles from the town of \Vincheftcr
confining of leather, hides, bark, working toais, &c.
There ate about it vatts of leather nearly tanned, and a
bout 60 or 70 eords of bark in the yard, mostly one year
old and well saved. The person who may purelsafe the
ftoek may have a lease for 10 or 11 years oi the yard which
has 31 vatts, including handlers, latches, bate-*, See. toge
ther with a large dwelling house adjacent to tie yard * 3
barn, gardon, and an indofed lot of about 4 or 5 acr s.
This (land is furpariVd by none in the ftste of Vim-iris
°utx>f a fca-po. t to", 'i, as its fituatioi) in a small improv
ing village at the of frw® capital roads acrojs tha
Blue Ridge, and an eiteofivo country unfupplied with tan
yards, gives it the advantage of a mi exe'snfive cuflom.
A confiderabk part of the amount will b* required ba
hand, and a credit will be given on the belanci. To a
parson desirous of eftablflhing himfalf or son in this buu
nefs, to advantage, cannot but be an objedl ot importance.
300 acres of land about five miles from the town ot Fror.c
Royal, on which are two itxemeats, aod upwards ot 109
acres cleared.
384 acres ditto, about the fame diflancefroin the fa id to Wr
with two (mall improvements upon ujco bearing
apple rrees. 6
304 acres within two hundred hid town, near.
1; all clear, which wall be foia altogether, or in lots of ai to
3 acres.
I^°.* crc ® ditto tra&s adjrwiinjr, on which are two
fmjlKeitlcmcntr-Wlh lo£ souses, and about 25 a;re#clearcd
and under good fcrwe, halt a mile from the lali meatioaed
, place, i- JT
Ha!, <*!Ta tract of 200 acre# of land one mile from thfc
(aid town of lront Royal, wherecu i» a large liiil houfc
with four ftiUa, near 100 head of hogs, abcit 10 head of
:ow» and feme younj c»ttle, a vnry Sue team of line «orfe»
and ag»od road waggon and geers, and about 30 acres of
corn growing the half of which will be fold with half of
the Und. Thu diitillory is never flopped far the vi:iffi
tudes of weather, being supplied with water from nB rs
™-f nt f P ri "g:- On this traA it a capital <« t oa
Paflage creek.
200 acrea Unci all in wood adjoining the !aft mentioned,
facially large" pines, which would tfc
the purohafcr of the adjoining tra<s.
Alio, faycral lots in the town of Front Royal, aad twa
at Bath, one of which is fituato near the public square and
spring. The other is an elegant and mofl improveableii
tuawon on the fine of the mountain, possessing the advan*
tage of a profpeffc and an almost aontinual circulation of
air, in th< sultry and calm season which renders lower situ*
ations so extremely diftrcffiiig during that time.
For the above lands and property a/part will be reqne/U
ed to be paid down and time will be/given for the balanes.
Any person defiroos of purchasing may know the term*
by applying to M#'. John Hxckm.vo,living at Front Roy
al who will skew ihe lands—or to the iubicrxbtr at A
Septtmbfr 3, t
Sale of valviable Property.
On Tuesday, the 13th day of Odober, 1795,
At the Tontine Coffee-H»ufe in New-York, at 11 o'ljack
in the forenoon, all the right, title, and inter»ft of the
In the following valuable TRACTS of LAND, vir.
I. A LL that tract of land containing about 2500 acrw,
i l situate in the county of Orange, being part of the
mountain lots. Ne. 32 ar.«i *3, in the patent of" Cheefecoex,
formerly laid out by Charles Clinton, Sfq. deceased, and
purchased by the Ag. ot the American Iron Company of
William Smith, Esq. on the Bth day of November, 1766.
This trad contains some plough land and swamp; also
Pottickeit Pond and the outlets thereof.
2. All that trad of land iituatc 011 the weft fide of Hud
son's river, near Buttermilk Falls; containing 1003 acres.
In this trad there is said to be a valuable mine, fomu good
swamp and timber land.
3. AH thole two traits situate on the north fid- of r na
Mohawk river, being part of the Manor of Colby, par
chafed by the Agent of the American Iron Company in the
years 1765 and X 767, of Oliver Dslan'cy,Elq. the one con
taining 9940 acres, the other 3815 acres. jS'K
4. All that trad of land situate on the north fide as 'h.-«
Mohawk river, near the German Fiats ; adjoining part of »
Cofby's.manor, and bounded on the east by Canada creek.
This trad wili be divided, and fold in the 1 olio wing Lots,
t ;containing
8 og
Tile trail on No. 4 it chiefly beach, n»apU> b*ft ud elm.
The purchase money to be paid by the following inftal
iients, viz. o:i-'-iourth on the day of file: oae-foarth on the
firft TueMay in A pril nc*i; one-fourth on chs firu Tuesday
inOftober, 1796; and the remainder <bn the firft Tuesday
in April, 1797. when be to the purchaser.
Plant of the diffatwt tradb of laas! may bs seen by ap
plying to Mr. P*tf fie «jf th» trvOfe*, in New-..
York; of to Mr. in P-'iiadslpUi:.
September ty.
William Hickman.
Lot 14 containing 1000
15 Xooa
16 S z 9
11 4I»
lS Il6*
19 loco
9 jo
4 5