Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, August 28, 1795, Image 4

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    BOOKS, Printed for a-rid
jPulliJhed by MATHEW CAREY,
( Price Sixteen Dollars.)
J New System of Modern Geography :
Or, a Geographical, Historical ami Commercial Grammar ;
andprefer.',flats of the fueral Nations of the IVurlJ,
The figww, motions, and ciiliar to <-ach country.
dlllancv'B of the Planets, ac- VII. Observations on the
cordir.gtothcNewtomanfyl- changes that have been any
tem, aed the iateil obferva- wherc'obferved upon the face
of nature since the mo ft
li. A «-neral vifrw'of the ly periods of hittory.
"E.'.rth co?.fi.U"r«d as a planet; • ' VII!. History and origin
v\ Hk f jvtral "ufefai dcfinitioit of nations; tneir forms of go
ansfc problems. vernmcnt, laws,
111. Grand dictions of the revenues. taxes naval anJ
Globe into land »nd water, nii'>ary flffngth
cO '-Ciil-istS ?. : A\
Srtuation and." ext it of era- terns aad habits of the people,
pirns, kLg'cW©, X. Their language, learr
vhrces and colonics. jng, arts, faiences, manufac-
V.. Thir climates,air, foil, tures and commerce,
produ&ions, me- XI. Chief cities, ftruiftures
tais, minerals, p.ataral curie- ruins, and artificial curiofitie?.
fttirs, it:as, rivers, bays, pro- Xil. Latitude, longitude,
montcrles and Lakes. bcarings and difiances of priir-
Vi. Birds and Beads ps- cipal places fromPhila,delphia.
I. A Har:x, with the names and pkiccs a pha
betic.iUy ax; onc^-.i.
11. A Table of the Coins of -11 nations, and their value in
dollars and jCfiits.
111. A Chronological Table of remarkable events, from
the Creation to the prcfent time.
The Agronomical part by yames Fergufon y F. R. S.
Corrected- by Dr.
of Dr. Herfchell, and other eminent
the late Discover-
Ths first amcrtcan edition, corre&ed, improved, and
greatly enlarged. Containing the following
Mavs alid Platks.
f Mat) of the Vorlrt 23 Hindotfcan
2 Chart of the World 24 Africa'
3. Europe 25 United States
4 *Corotriesr6iindth&N9rth 26 Britifti Dominions in A-
X , olc» mcftca
5 Sweden,,, Denmark, iter- 27 Wist Indies
way and Fiulatad.
& England-and Wales
9 Ireland
TG' France
11 *Seat of War 3 f*Ne\v York
12 Seven United Provinces 35* New J<-rfcy
"13 Austrian, French and j6*Pennfylvania
14 Germany
15 Switzer'.a
16 Poland
I 7 Spain and Portugal
i'l Italy
19 Turkey in Europe
20 Ana
z »*DifcoverrM made by cap
tains Cooke and Gierke.
2,1 China
The Maps marked with arc added to this edition,
ic hi five of thole in the lad London cditioa.
The Ignited Slates Regilter for 1795,
Price Vo Cents. —-—C O N T E N T S.
Ctddodar, M 'th tie nectflary Boundaries ef the United
S/o«'nu T. r.'ive
ii-'partmcnt <•>' StJt-."'
ilcnt of tv
Ccftii}iiliiori£rs of Loans
Ofiiccrs of the C
Revenue Cv
la'frht Hfjufc
:cers of the E:
and Euri-
!j .u iw.
'.XJutits'on tonn ic.
—- —on domestic objects kr in the currencies of
Drawbacks, Sid. and regu the different states
lition* to be oferved in Tables {hewing the value of
obtaining them dollars in the currencies
o "
general AtttuttuSt irom the
revenUe laws, relating to F;>ft>oflicc establishment
the duty of masters of Lift of Pofi-Towns, &c.
v-lTels, of the owners, Latitude and Llngituds of
&c. ©f goo Is, ! and the the principal towns in the
officers of the customs; United States
tty the; payment of duties, Banks
■arid the importation 'of Literary Institutions
National Maku factory
'C sof Government Scflions of the Courts
W c-it ci"a Tcri i tory
IHjpitvr.ent rf Wsr
State Cover. 1
N:\v-Y or k
New-Terfc y
>cltt warj
r land
V r/o'inki
Charlotte a tuk of truth—by Mrs. Rnwfm:, of the
v : «w Theatre, Philadelphia. Second American edition—
price 75 cento. [The r.'fid sale of the firft edition of this
eiitereftim r novel, ill afew mouths is the best criterion of
its merit.}
" It mar be a tale of truth, for it is not unnatural, and
it is a tale of teal diftrefs—Charlo te, by the ajtifiee of'a
teacher, recommended to a fehool, from humanity ra
ther than a conviction. of her integrity, or the .regularity,
ef her former conduit, is enticed from her orovernefs, and
accompanies a young officer to America—the marriage
eorcmony, il not .forgotten, is potlponed, and Charlotte
dies a martyr to tfic iiiconllancy of her lover and treach
ery of his friend.
The situation; are wtlefs and affe.?ling—thejdefcription
n-ftral and pathctic ; we should feel for Charlrfte if such a
perfou ever cxifted, who for one error, scarcely, perhaps
deferred fofjivere a punishment. If it is a fi&ion, poetic
j ifticc is not, vc think, prope-rly uillributed."
i. The Inquisitor—by Mrs. Rowl'cm. Second Philadel
phia edition. 87 1 a cents.
a. Adventures of Roderic Random. 1 "O'ls. I dollar and
rr> cents, coarse paper—l dollar and 75 cents fine.
». f.'ot«s on the Sate of Virginia—by Thomas jefferfon.
X-rice neatly bound, one dollar and a half.
Histary of the Trench Revolution,* from Its com
menewnent to the death 01 the Queen and the execution
of Briffot. 1 dollars.
- 'i'iowden's History of die BritilTi Empire, from May
1751, to December 1793' X dollar and a (Juarter ,
JThis is an interesting and valaable publication as has
-.inpeared for many years.
Beattie's Elements of Moral Science. 2 vols. One aol
r and three quarters. ,
IX. Genius, manners ,'cuf-
David &itt-£Nhouse.
bleb ore added,
22 Province of ATaine
29 *New HampiK re
30 * M aifachafet ts
32*Rkode Iffand
33 "Vermont
38* Maryland
39* Virginia
41 *North Carolina
42*Teneflee government
43' f South Carolina
44* Georgia
45 Copcrnican fyftcm
46 Arraiilary sphere
■Lift of the Off
.L c;
"jj-c [,<■
Fay, &c. of the army
Mint Eftafclifhmcnt
Rules for reducing the cur
rencies of t]ie different
slates to a par with each
Les of the number of
and decimal pa
in -any number of
and pence less than a dol-
ol -Jit:?
;feNT -S,
Order oi time in which the
fcveral States adopted the
federal Constitution
.Tabi? of the Sui*s rising
and setting
Abftraft of goods, wares,
and merchandize export
ed from the United States
from the lit of Q.&obcr
'90, to 30th Sept. J7QI*
English Cheese. 1
rTST imported, and in excellent order, a Qoantity of
sale or by the single cheese, by GILL & HENSHAW,
fJo. liß South Water Jlreet-
Bottle Porter, far exportation, taverns, or family use
Port Wine, in cases of one doz. each
: Bran.iy, Rim Gin, &c,
[ I
Grammar School Formerly attached to this
I having gradually declined through the
increasing infirmities of the Tare President for some
time before his death, it is proposed by the fubfenher
immediately to revive it, and to put it undei tne moil
careful k'trutiion and government. The Latin,
Cireek, and French Languages (hill be taught in it, to
gether with the principles of Englilh Grammar, oi
Geography, and practical Geometry. Parents, lie
wife, who do not cffiife their children ftiould go
thrqugk the intire course of studies in College,
may now have them inftrudled in any particular
branches in the fame manner, on the lame terms, and
to the lame extent as is the College—particularly in
the antiquities and mythology of Rome, in Geogra
phy, in the Mathematics, in Natural Philosophy and
Astronomy, in Moral Philosophy and the Principles
of Civil Government, in Eloquence, and in the Ele
ments of Hiitory. They may address their children
to any of the Misters in the College, or to
N. B. The young gentlemen shall be under the
fame rules of moral cufcipline as the other ftudeHtS
shall beXubjedled to puolic examinations, and, at leav
ing the College, shall be entitled to public teftimomals
of the branches they have studied, and of their profi-
<£eftcy in them.
P. S., The School Is already opened, and under the
dlreaion of Mr. SGOTT. _j
HPHE following Certificates of the Funded Debt of
i. the United St"'. s, ilTued fiom the Office of th«
Regiller of the Treaftirv of th<* said United States,
inthe name of Patrick Heatly of London, to wit.
No. 8819, SB2O, and 88ai, dated 7th July, 17941
for Four Tnoufand DolUrs each, of the Funded three
per Cent. Debt, have been loft at Sea, and application
is intcuied to be made for the Renewal of the saul
Certificates at the Office of the Tresfury of the said
United States, of which all pcrfons concerned are d:-
fired to take notice.
ROBERT GILMOR, of Baltimore. \
August 14
James M'ALPIN,
7 A T L 0 R,
N°. 3 South Fourth Street, \!
RETURNS bis grateful aclrurwlcdgemcntsU bis Friend, andth.j
Public for their libera! encouragement, and begs
a continuance of their fawrs. \
At his Sijop gentlemen may be furnijhed ivith the bet materials,
and have them made up and jmified ir. tie mojl faJhionaUe manner.
Me -.cill t'i.tnifuily receive any order; mid fray a prompt and
punctual attention to them. 0 • 15
Scheme of a Lottery,
Ttrtitt qq.qoo Dalian, an e66,000 Dollars'l>edut}i*g 15
the Prizes —This Lottery cf 38^00
Tiihets, '•> wnich there are 14,539 Prizes, or.i 23i4 5l
Blanks, b:in% about fine and an halj blanks te a prize.
' I 1K Direttersof tbe Society for eftablifiiini; ITfeiu! Mi-
X nrifafturea, having refolvei toeirft LO iTEKIt-S lor
railing 0«i Huindred lixjuiand Dollars, agreeably
to an Aft of the Lcgiilnurc of the Stau of New-Jersey,
have appointed the following persons to fupri intend and
direfilhr drawing of the fame, viz.. Nicholas Low, Rulus
King, Herman Le Roy, James Waifou, Rieh.od Har
rifon, Aoijati Hammond, and Cornehus Ray, of the city of
New-York—Thomas Willing, Joseph Ball, Matthtw M'-
Connel and Andrew Bayard, of the city of Philadelphia
—His Excellency Richard Howell, Esq. Kiias Bnndinoi,
General Dayten, Jaines Patk""er, John Bayard, Dott
ir Lew 1.1 jjonhain, Samuel W. Stockton, Jolliua M. IVal-
Ifileph Bloomhrxl, and Klifha Boudinot, of N-w
fjitcr r!> Schcpr-- <-'t a Ln<cf\,
and pledge themfelyet to the public, that they will take
every a'Jur nee and precaution in their power to have the
Monies pud i»y the Manners Irom time to time, asrecetv-
I< • ,
! c i if
R.i into the »ianks at Nc.v-Yoik and Philadelphia, to
ri-*main for the put pole ol paying Piiz s which lhall be
iin mediately tit fc ha rged »y » cWeek upon »ne ijt thf JJaiiks.
1 Prize ot
1 -CO
1 4>539 P'izfS'
38000 Tickets at 7 Dollars each is
The driving will commence, under the infpeffcion o.
a Committee of the Suoerinicndants, as soon as the
ets arc fold, o{ which timely notice wnil be given.
The Supcrinteadants have appointed Jnhn N. C ,
of Newark, Jacob R. Harderorrg, ot Nrw-Brunfwick,
and Jonathan Rhea, of Trenton, as immediate Managers
thjereof, who have gvven ample (ecuiity tor dilcliarging
the trust reposed in them.
§3" In order tofecure the punctual payment of the I
Prizes, the Superintendents'ot :he Lottery have directed
that the Managers (Viall each enter into bonds in
dollars, with tour fufi&cicni fecuritiri, toperfoim their in
trusions, the fubltance of which is
I. That whenever either of the Managers fball receive
the fujn of Three Hundred Dollars, imnidiately he lhall
place the fame in one of the Banks of New-York. or Phi
ladelphia, to the cierfit of the Governor of tne societv,
•old luch ot the ive in the city whcr<
tie monies are placed, to remain there until the Lottery
isdrawn, for the payment ot ih<* Prizes.
11. Tiie Manager's to take lufficient (ecurity for any
Ticket* they in ay trust, other wife to be rel poniible for them.
111. Tv ' keep regular books of Tickets fold, Mo
nies received and paid iota the Bank, abfttafhs of which
thall be sent, monthly, to thcGovrriior ol the Society.
Paterfon, January l, 1794*
On application to' either of the above gentlemen, infor
■*"l) he r-vrn where tickets may be hed. tu&ll.
A Lot, containing about seventeen
acres, on the Wiffahickon road, 4 miles, from the city, and
dire&ly opposite to tiie house of Mr. Isaac
A Lot, containing 10 acres, in Islington Lane, on said
road, near the estate of Jafcier Moylan, Esq.
A Lot, containing 10 acres in Turner's Lane, on said
road, and dircitly opposite to the estate of Mr. Ternant
Enquire of Joseph Redman, Woodstock corner of Tur
ner's Lar.e.
April 6
PHILADELPHIA, Printed by JOHN FENNO, N°« 119 Ghefnut Stmt.—Price Sis Dollars Per Ankum.
MAY 26, 1795
20,000 Dollars is
J 0,000
5, ooi>
i 0,000
1 o,coo
5 00
1 00
J 5,000
i "i
20,00 c
Firftdrawn number, 2,000
Last drawn number, 2,000
THE SubfcribSer returns bis grateful acknowledgments
to his friends and the public for the favors he has al
ready received, and refpe&fully informs them that his
House continues open for their reception. Public and pri
vate parties are accommodated at any hour. An extensive
suite of Rooms for those inclined to quit the city during
the hot summer months, and excellent {tabling and clover
pafturcfor horses.
The beautiful profpe& of this place being so well known
neecis no description. Wm. PURVIS.
| 15 §
LadieS and Gentleman, are relpc£t
fully informed,
THAT the Subscriber keeps an Elegant Coachce to hire,
at a re tfonable rate, which he drives himfelf as uftial.
He also keeps an elegant Coach, to hire without horses,
either o which may be engaged at his dwelling, No. 174
Arch llreet, between Seventh arid Eighth lireets, at his
Stable in Eighth neur Market street, or at his usual ft and,
the corner of Markot and Fourth streets.
He returns his iincere thanks to his friends, and hopes t»o
fnerit a continuance of their favors.
Tuly 16
THAT large Grazing FARM, notv in the tenure of
Mr, John Piffant; containing about 471 acres, more
than soo of which are meadow of the best quality ; the
remainder confitts of cedar and mapfe swamp, upland, and
outfidc marflj, mostly fit to be taken in. It is situate en
the river Delaware, with a commodious and excellent
anding, direit y opposite to Chester, and between Reyau
pa and Racoon creeks, in Gloucester county ; from which
creeks public market boats go every week to the city.
This Farm may be conveniently divided into two, leaving
two dwellings in gaod Situations ; has barns and stabling
for feeding 6t head of cuttle; and, from its many ad
vantages, mud b a<i objed for any one eitenfively in
the grazing or dairy way. For terms or more particular
information, apply to Richard Whitehead,
June 30.
Treasury Department,
Rev»nue-o£lc,/tfril 2J, 179 "J
PROPOSALS ivill Ife received at the Office of the Com
MissioNEßof the Revenue for building
A Light House
on the head land of Cape Hatter as on the coaji of North Caroli
na, of the following materials, dimenftons y and description.
form istobeo&agonal.— he to be of
_L ftonc, to be funk thirteen feet below the bottom of
the water table or the furface of the earth, and to be
commenced of the diameter of twenty nine feet.— From
such commencement to the height of four feet the foun
dation is to be kid solidly and from thence to the bottom
of the water table, the foundation wall is to be nine leet
high and nine feet thick.
The diameter of the base from the bottom of the water
table to the top thereof (where the o&agonal pyramid is
1 to commence) is to be twenty eight feet four inches and the.
I wall is there to be fcven feet thick—the wall of the o&agon
\al pyramid is to be»fix feet thick at the base thereof, on
the top of the water table,
1 The height of the building from the bottom of the wa
ter-table, and from the furface of the earth, is to be nine
ty to the top of the floue work, under the floor of the
t lantern ; where the diameter is to be sixteen and one half
i fret and the wall three feet.—the whole of the walls is to
1 feebuik of Hone : the water table is to be eapt with sawed
I stone, 4t least eight incites wide and sloped st the top to
j turn off the water. Theoutfide of the walls is to be fae
l c-.i wim hewn or hammer dressed flone, having four win
! dow/inthe north eafl and five windows in the south weft:
| Thqfafoes are to be hung With hinges, and each sash is
! to hive twelve panes of glass, eight by ten inches
Qj the top of the stone work is to be a framed tier of
joist, beded therein, planked over with oak plank, exten
ding two feet beyond the wall therebyformingaß eave which
is Obe finifhed with a cornice, the whole hawing a de
fc?it from theceutre fuflicient to throw off the water, and
to ie covered with copper. A complete and fufficient iron
lantern in the o&agonal form is to reft thereon. The eight
corner pieces or flanchions of which, are to be built in the
wall to the depth of ten feet. These flanchions to be
nearly three inches square in the lower ten feet, and 3 1-2
ijches by 2 1-2 inches above. The lantern is to be ten feet
aid nine inches in diameter, it is also to be tan feet high
Tom the floor to the bottom of the dome or roof and to
{ave a dome or roof of five feet and nine inches in height. I
'he wfcoleYpace between the polls or upright pieces at the j
ingles is to be occupied by the sashes, which tre t-o be mould
ed on the inside and flruck solid. Each sash is to have twen- j
fy eight panes of glass, fourtesn by twelve inches. A part (
*f the sash on the south weft fide is to be hung with hin
ges for a convenient door to go out on the platform. Ihe
afters of the lantern are to be framed into an ircn hoop, ,
«ver whieh is to be a copper fumiel,thro' which the fmdke
may pass into a large copper ventilator in the form of a
Aian's head, capableof c©ntaining one hundred gallons.
This head is to be turned by a large vane ; so that the
hole for venting the fmeke, may be always to leeward.
Eight dormant ventilators are to be fixed in the roof, a large
curved air pipe is to be passed through the floor, aiid a close
stove Is to be provided and fixed in the lantern. There
are to be eight pairs of flairs to ascend to the lantern, the
entrance to which is to be by a trap door covere# with
copper. The building is to be furnlfaed with two com
plete ele Arical conductors, «r rods with points. The floors
are to be laid with piank, of at least one inch 'and one
half i* thicknefc. The entrance to she tight house is to
1 be well fecurcd by a strong door hung uponhinget with
a strong Lock and latch complete.
Alfo'a frame House to be thirty four feet in front and
sixteen feet deep with a cellar under it. The cellar walls
to be eighteen inches thick and seven feet high.
The fir (I story of the house is to be eight feet, and the
second, seven feet and fix inches high. The floors are to
be laid in whole lengths, nailed through. The flack of 1
chimnies is to be finifhed with two plain fire places on each
floor, one of t-hem large for a kitehen Two windows below
and three above in front nd rear, each sash to have eighteen
panes of giafs ten by twelve inches. The doors are to be
hung and furnifhed completely.
The ciehngs and fides of the House are to be plaifter
ed with two coats ; all the wood work inside and out is to
be well painted and the whole to be finifhed in a plain de
j cent manner.
An Oil vault is to be built twenty feet by twelve feet in
the clear, arched over and cohered with earth or sand over
which a shed isto be built—lt is to be furnifhed with nine
strong Cedar Cisterns with covers, each capable of contain- |
ing two hundred gallons.
The entrance to the vault is to be secured by a flrong
door. A well is be funk at a convenient distance, and
furnifhedwith a curb, bucket and rope completely.
The builder to find and pay for all the materia s, labor,
and other objeds o£coft, charge
or expence, for a sum to be agreed upon, and to execute
the before deferibed work and every part thereof in a
good and workman-like manner.
Convenient f>ayments or advances, on feenrity will be
April 27.
inc lugiicit price hi Catfi, will ue given. ior
A preference will be given to Claret Bottles.—Apply to
No. 187, louth Third-ltreet.
Aprii I®.
No. 62, Vins-Srect.
m si th tf
SCHEME of a Lottery authorized by an a& entit
led " an a& to enable the President and Managers
of the Schuylkill and Sufquehanna Navigation, and the
President and Managers of the Delaware and Schuyl
kill Canal Navigation, toraiiebyway of Lottery, the
ftira of four hundred thousand dollars, for the pur
pose of completing the works ill their a&s of incorpo-J
ration mentioned "
I Prize of 50,000 dollars is
' j 5t0,0c0 to bv paid to the of
the tickets of the live last drawn numbers, 100,000,
1 is>ooo
2 10,000
6 2>s°° k i.;, 500
I ■ 2,000 to be paid to the pofleffor cjf,
the ticket of the firft drawn number, ;,Goi
10 2,000
i6 3 68 7 Prizes ,
33>3'3 Blanks,
50,000 tickets at 10 dollars each,
All Prizes shall he paid ten days after the drawing
is finithed, upon the demand of the polfeilor ot a for
tunate Ticket, fufejecfV to the deduction ot fifteen per
Such prizes as are not demanded in 12 months after
the drawing is finiihed, of which public notice w it be
given, fliall be confldered as relintjuiihcd lor the ul'e of
th.e Canal, and applied accordingly.
At a meeting of the Prejident and Managers of tf:t
Schuylkill and Sufaiubanntt Canal navigation —and
the Prejident and Managers of the Dela ware awl
Schuylkill Canal, W'ednejday, May 13, 1.7J5-
That David Rittenhoufe, Joseph Bill. John Ste n
raetz, Stand-lh Forde, and Francis Weft, be a C«mtnst
tee to arrange and the mode of difpofinp: of the
Tickets ; which Committee shall depolit the Money ;n
Bank, to be c rried to the credit of an account to be
opened for the Lattery.
Extras from the Minutes,
r. MATLACK, Sec'l7.
to the joint meeting of ihe two oardsj
The dra-M'i Jg of this Lottery v. ill pj tn-rly
commence on the fir ft day of September tiex :
Tickets may be had at the Cmr.p ny's Office nej
B.vV «f th?- United States, ainl of eitVer ot the
City of Waimngton.
Scheme of the Lottery, No
For the Improvement of
i A magnificent t 20,000 D«»i
<1 weiiing hout'e, ) calli 36,000 aie
i t :'-o i
,0t 0 & call]
, ,i. I; o
1 d«ito »fc,o©
o &. c
J o't" o J, -
, dstx.** ti*. caih Si c 9°
t CalW jpnteot
2 dit 'O
5,002 each, arc
1 q ditto
20 d UtO,
2 00
doo ditto
t,ooo di<tr»
16,7.39 Pr " c *
33,261 B tan K s
50,00-j I ickcu a*B rt-Vi'ir*
This Lottery wili <*lv>rrf <'r? e
pi iv/arc buildings to be created in t
— I wo fcr.\\ur.fu» dcfior.S A\
fronts on two ot i.'ne rru.n. 1 ■:»; -1 1- •• ;
itt'gS it is proposed to crectiwo,
buildings, as soon as aher this L
u> coi.vry their. <.vu:ti r.i.r ).k :c, .riuu.Hf mJ- ruur
i'.ii, ,11 ttic it'jur..r u> iht i" ojr lliff
L'Utcrv. A :i.u ■it t l .' '/' (><!'. v. ill }•; m.tiU-
to d'ef«ay the ntrCcTltry expeiicc, of printing, &c. ami
the futplus made a part ol th fund 1 o»r : »e
National University, to be eretled wiUiirt the Cny of
lie drawing «*UI commence as form as f tie Tiv kcfca
fMe j."! ACS vviil l»r- p^y• «c
hi (liny days attcf Uis fuuthea*and any pti?es for w.hiotj
fortunate numbers arc not produced within tweive months
alter the drawing »s ciofed are ;o be c.onfidetcd as giveri
towards thr funi 1 tor the Univerfu.y, u Lumg dctetmiu
ed to fettle the whole hufinefs in a ye*r from the ending
of' the drawing and 10 take up ihe bonds given us fc<?u*
are *01-»
The real U';iics L'iven for the p?«-pien? of the Pn?es
aic- iu-Ui Prehde;»r and tw« D;r».-tto?a of the P'uk.
of ColnmUia. a-id are valued at more '.Inn h?ll the amount
Of LolU rv
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment of
the late CommiiTioiterfc aflifted in the management «f the
Hotel Lottery are requeued to undertake this arduous talk
a second time on behalf of the public ; a fufficient num
ber of these having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the
friends to a National University and the other federal ob
jects may continue to favor the design. The lynopfis of
one ps the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
Institution, is already in the press, and will bfc fpeadiiy
published, together with its conftitufcion*
A compleat Plan of the whola of this Important
Institution, compiled from a fele&idn of the best materi
als, ancient and modern, wild be fubmkted to the pubfic
whenever the lame may have gone through fiach revision*
as may be necwffaryto eflablifh the perfect confidence ?.r<i
general approbation, so eflential to its present rife and In*,
tare exiftencefor the general good of America,
By accounts received from the different parts of t* ?
Corltineiit as well as from Europe, where the ticket*
have been sent for sale, the public are allured that the
drawing will speedily commence, and that the care ami
caution unavoidably necessary to insure a fafe difpoi'ai of
the tickets, has rendered the ttior suspension indilpenlable.
February 24, 1795.
Tickets may be had »< ihe Bank ot Columbia;
of james Weft & Co. Baltimore or Gidcau Deui'tm,
S-tvaunah, ©f Peter Gilman, Boflon; of John Hopkins
Richmond : and ot Richaid Wells. Cooper's fcrrv
Aug 30
THE «f a likely, heal hy, NEGRO LAD,
i'evemeen years of age, who has three years and :'i
half to fcrve j is an excellent waiter, and ac(l\iaiimc
with all kinds of house work.—Apply at No. ioi, Pi: -
ftrect near Fourth-street.
AufiH T^.
50,DO o.
20, CO®
20,00 a
10,00 a
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> Mwngers.
5 0,q00
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