Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, August 20, 1795, Image 1

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    Number 920.]
The Ship ADR.IA.NA,
Captain Samuel Claft,
Will receive Freight, (part of whieh
' s engaged) for Harab'jrgh, and ii
to fail as ftoa as flw is discharged,
and can be loaded.
Paflengers that purpose to go to F,ngland, are to be
landed it Deal or Dover, the Ship having good ac
coinmodatioM, being lately enlarged for this purpose
in For freight orpalTage enquire of
Ralph Mather,
.My T4
At Mr. N xon'j Wharf,
r 'PHE ship wffl take a Freight to any of the Windward
JL lijands or Europe, if one offers fooa, as flic is now
ready to take in. She is in compieta. order, and has good
accommodations for paffena^rs.' For particulars apply to
Jehu Hollingfworth Sc Co.
A Few Puncheons of Excellent Rum,
By the above skip, one of which is old.
_ July »7 ***'
j—-- For SALE or CHARTER,
Tit 'Tn • p
ENNS Vifc&ti-j*
BURTHEN 34C0 Bbls. Flour —eompl'**lT-f«i«<l. ir
may be ferit to Tea at a final! expence.
For teims apply to GURNEI 13* * n..
A Quantity of Excellent Bordeaux Claret in cuia.s ana
Brandy in and Butts.
July 16
i-iyfK For SALE or CHARTER,
The Soovv MEH[TABLE,
Benjamin Fflt Knap, Majler,
four yeirs old, will carry about 1900 barrels, now
liSs irt the stream, nearly opposite to Vine-Street wturr.
Apply to the Ca;itain on board, or to
Samuel Coates,
Ausruft i?
'JiLjl Arrived per the Snu-~v Bojlon t Jatner Kirkjmtruk,
Majler, jrom Liverpool,
113 Crites well-aflorted Queen's Ware,
4000 bulhels bell (loved fine Salt,
& to be fold at No. 1, Pme-ftreet,by
James Campbell.
Alio, a few boxes wtll-alForted Irilh Linens.
N. B.
, Said Snow for Freight or Char
,er ' eit ' ier to t^ie ° r
Enquire as above.
AujuJl 18
The CARGO of the Ship Arcthufa, from Bengal,
Confining an cxtcnfive AfTortment of Goods, weL
adapted to this market and for Exportation
slmong them are a variety of
Printing clotlis, Handkerchiefs,
Gurrahs, Taffaties,
Baftas, Humhujns,
CofTacs, Nankeens.
Al'fo—A quantity of Tlvfnn, Souchorg 2nd Bohea
. - The Ship
Is for Sale. She is compered, five
is old. Durthcn about 150 tons. —
<£-<■> - \pply t 0
JOHN ir.n. or
$1432w tf
August 19
For Alexandria & George-Town,
The SLOO P •
. _ John Pattfv, M>H«r.
"" Now loading at Hamilton's wharf; wilifail inafew
9 . —For Freight or Paflage apply to th= Captain on
board, or
Aupr.ft 19
300 tibds. Maryland and Virginia
OF a fijperior quality , part of which i< Kittfoot, aiid
particularly adapted for the manufacturers, or for the
Holland or Hamburgh market.
joo Hogsheads ready to be delivered on bsariVa vessel in
CJicfapealce Bay, for sale by
George Sibbald,
No. 170 South Frontjireet.
Now Landing,
""[""HE cargoes of the brigs Weft-Indian and BetftyscP»l-
J. ly from Jamaica :
Cfcifee in hhds and barrels
Sugar in hhds
Rum, high proof, and
36 bags Pimento.
A Quantity of Coffee in Hhds. Barrel's and Bags'
lingar in HhJs 7 For Exportation
Pimento in Bags j
Brandy, Ift and 4th proof
Sherry XVhrc, &c. For file by
Peter Blight.
J/'b' 3*
The hieheft price in Caih, v.'ill be given for
A preference w ill be given to Claret Battles — Apply to
No. 187, Youth Third-street.
No. 71, Race-Street,
y The Shi?
No. '62 South Front-Street,
d <t.
No. ijCi South Front-street.
*. ' ' * * •? " :
No. 7O) South Hecotid-Jireet, near the City Tavern,
HAS just opened and for Sale, an Assortment of Li
dies' and GentWman's
Fashionable HATS,
from London. Also a variety of Children's Hats »f difTtr
ent Colours.
N. B. A Mail of two as finiftirrs in the above bufines,
well recommeaded, will ntut with oonftant employ »»d
good encouragement. %
Jung 6. '
I from on board the Shift Charlotte
Capt. Jona. Bourn's, from Bourdeaux,
30 Pi;** Brandy
10 Tons OlarJC
For fa)toy
No. m Sonth Front, near Pine ftrsct.
Who has al/o,
2300 cases of 30 3c 50 bottles, Cboics Old Claret
600 hoglhcads ditto
A Quantity of Annifeod
Noyaui Liqueurs and
Cambric ks. § July 16
FOR SALE by the Suifcriberi, at their Store on
WalnutJlrcel Wharf,
;6 Hhds. }
33 Barrels and > HiipanioiiiCOFflLE, lately arrived
54 o Bags 3
Who have also on hand,
Red Port Wine, in Pijes and Hogfhcads *
Mountain V? ine Wine, in Qr. calks
20 Ton* Briniilone
Naih» aiTorted
Sail Canvas, N°. I a 7 and
A few gentlemen's liandfome Saddles
Philip ¥icklin & Co.
American Laud/capes.
T wenty-Four VIZ W S,
SELECTED from the most striking and mterefting
Profputts in the United States ; each ef which
Views, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of its Local, Historical, and other Incidental Peculiarities
Author of the " Jlfonajlic Svmaim and Aiuieri Catllcs in Great
Britain "
I. That the work {hall be publilhed by Subfcriptlon ; and ]
that each Subfcribcr Ihall engage to take the whole set
of Views, and shall pay lor each engraving, if blade or
brown, a Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
11. That the dimenQons of each engraving shall be 14 by 17
inches, ixeeflted in aquatinta, and published upon paper
of a fiiperior quality. The publication to commence im
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub
scribers, on the fir ft Monday of each fucc«eding month,
until the proposed series (hall be finally comple^d.
111. That wiih the lafl View of the series, shall lie (kli
rered an engraved title-page ; an elegant ohara&epUlic
vignette; a 'Ttfip of the route, connected with the prof
pefls eihibited in the the cotirfe of the Work; and an
Alphabetical lift of the Subfcribars.
Subscriptions are received by Mr. Harrifon, at his Print
fiicp, 'Maidmlaae, New-York, by.Mr. fcarey, Book-fell
er, No. 118, Market Greet, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-fellera in the Cnited uataa.
February iS. d«.
Fraunces's Tavern.
No. 59 South Wattr Street.
Subscriber nefpe<af»Jly begs leave to inform his
X friends and the public in general, that he has remov
ed from No. 166 south 3d Street, to that large, commo
dious, House iii Water Street, between Chelhut and Walnut
Streets, lately occupied by Mr. !/«•< Hazltburji, and, on
which he has fpered no pains or cxp:nfc, t» make it con
venient and agreeable for the receptio.. of gentlemen. The
House being situated an the fame spot vrksre the noted Beef
Steak and Punch house formerly stood, has the advantage
of the test water ill this city, known long since by the name
of tire Gray» Tree Water. As there ire several elegant
Rooms, fulficiently large to accommodatc any Society or
company of gentlemen, aixl from his well known abilities
to pleaft in the line of hisbufinefs, he flatters hirafelf with
a continuance of that patronage which h« has experienced
since he firft opened a Public Hoafe in this City , and, for
which be beg? leave to make a public acknowledgment.
For the accommodation of Small Parties, the Large
Coffee Room »■ the ground floor is conveniently fitted
up with a number of Boxes, eonftraded in such a man
ner as to admit Gentlemen to be as private as thiy please—
Where may be had, at any hour, Sosps, Beef-Swaks,
Relishes, &c. &c.
He has on hand, and will keep « constants upply of Sp«-
rituous and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities.
Breakfafts provided—Also Dinners and Suppers cook
ed in the most approved manner, at a ftiort notice, andPaf
try of all forts, made to order, in the House, or to fend
out at aay honr.
He has several well furnifhed Bed Chambers, for Board
ers and Lodgers, by the Week, month, »r year.
fune %
FROM on board the brig Eagle, Opt. De-war, and
Sloop George, Capt. Chapman, fron» Port an Prince,
at Hamilton's wharf,
r hogfhsads,
Mufaovldo SUGAR, in J tierces, &
(_ barrels.
( hogfheldt,
\ tierces,
"J barrels, &
C bags
-3 bales, &
£ packet*,
For fakhj
George Sibbald,
No. z j.o South FrontJireet.
Augufl s
The Subfcrtbtn hate for Sale t th* falkivi*z
GOODS, viz.
Coarse East-India Muslins, j fc the Bale>
Very fine do- >
< A bale ef Muslin Shirts, j
Bandannoe Handkerchiefs, 7 by the Trunk.
TafFeties, _ V'
A package of Siltfii TiUc Cloths,
Ditto, of German Linens,
700 bigs Benares Sugar,
Bourdeaux Brandy, in pipes,
Old red Port Wine,
M?lag* Wine, in quarter cafki,
Good Hyson Tea,
Subscriber returns his graceful acknowledgments
JL to his fncads and the public for the favor« lie.nas al
ready received, and refpedtfuUy informs theili that his
House continues open for their reception. Public and pri
vate parties are accommodated at any hour. A.i extensive
suite of Rooms for those ind nod to quit the city during
the hotfuniraer mouths, and excellent ftabliag and Clover
failure for horses.
'Che brautiful profpefl of this being so well kHOwa
needs no dcfcription. Wm. PURVIS.
Auz«J} 15 § .
Few Pipes
Of a Superior Quality,
Now landing at Pine-Stre«t Wharf,
For sale by
William & Samuel Keith,
No. 279, South Front-Sffet.
July 14
From on hoard tbs brig from Gonaivts, at
Clifford's wharf- —
00.000 weight of COFFEE, iiihhds, and br.'jjs,
14,000 lb. COTTON,
SomeSug jr, Molafics, arid Sate. For Sale by
"John Claxton, or
Jvbn Clark.
Aufrvft I I
Landing at South Jircet wharf,,
The Cargo of the Brig Flj-, captain Homer, fram Gi
braltar and Tcucriffe.
Brandy, ifl and 4ill Pro»f,
Tcneriife Wine, in pjprs, hbds. and quarter calks,
Benocalo ditto,
in Sacks,
Alio, cargo of the brig Oo©d lUpe, capt. Hubber, from
Sugar in Hogftieads,
Coffee in ditto,
High proof Spirit, Logwood', Hides, 4cc. For sale by
Augujt 1 a
'T'HE following Certificates of the Funded Debt of
JL the .United Slates, iflued fiom the Office of the
Regilter of the Treasury of the f2id United States,
lathe name of Patrick Heady of Loudon , to wit.
No. 8819,88 m, and 83il, dated 7th July, 1794>
for Frflir Thousand Dollars each, of the Funded thrive
per Cent. Debt, have been loft at Sea, arid application
is intended to be made for the Kenewal of the laid
Certificates at the Office of the Treal'ury of the laid
United States, of which all parsons concerned ire de
sired to take notice.
ROBERT GILMOR, of Baltimore.
Augufl 14
THE Time «f a likely, healthy, NEGRO LAD,
icventeen years of age, who has three yejrs aud an
half to serve ; is an excellent waiter, and acquainted
with all kinds of house work. —Apply at No. 101, Pinc
llreet near Fourth-street.
August 18. dtf
Imported in the Jhip Arcthufc, from Calcutta and
Madrafs, a variety cf
To be Sold by tlie Package, for approved notes at
:hree and four months, by
August 18 {icrH-t-
New Hosiery.
4t bis HOSIERY STORE, No. 48 Cbefnut street,
RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public in
general, that he haajufl received by the (hip Liberty
from Liverpool, a further supply of
Men's & Women's Silk and Cotton
Among which are a very exienfive assortment »f Gentle
men's plain white, fancy, and patent Silk fr.perfine fancy
plated silk and cotton, fine white, plain, and ribb'J cot
ton a very large assortment of fancy Patent and fine ran
dom fancy cotton, &c. which he will fell upon the moil
seasonable terms by the dozen or single pair.
A General AfTortment of every other artide of DRY
GOODS, newly imported.
Those gentlemen who pltafe to favorß. C. with their
commands, ivili meet with, at his Itore, a moil elegant,
exteniive, and well chosen aflbrtment of every defeription
»f Hosiery; Also, a great Variety of
Gentlemen's Out-Jizes.
A very valuable ESTATE,
SITUATE in the tvwnpip of Upper Derby, and county of
DeUvtart, 7 l-Z miles f"*» Philadelphia, and half a >aHe
from the nrtv WeJlern road: containing 230 acres of excellent
j Land, 45 of -which are gted ■watered Meadow, 90 of pHme
Wood Land, and tie ret Araile of the frjl quality. There are
on tie premises a good twoiory Mrick House, -with 4 rooms on
a floor, and Cellars under the -whole, with a Pump Well of ex
(client Water in frtmt; a large framt Barn, Stables, and other
convenient buildings; a Smote-ffoufe andJ!one Spring House ; t-.uo
'good Apple-Orchards, and one of Peaches. The Fields are all in
Clever, except thofi immediately under tillage, and are so laid
■out at to have the advantage cf Water , in ejth of them, •which
renders it petuUarU/ tontunienl for Grinning.
Who fttuation if and btdthy, andfrtm. the high culti
vation of the Zand, thi good neighborliooi, and tin vicinity to the ci
h, it is fuiHble for'' Gentleman's Country Seat.
Ike foregoing is part of the SJate tfjtuoh Hnma,. s diccafed,
and offered for fule by
7«» 4, »??
Peter Blight.
§l-U/% §§X tm
No. 41 Dock Street, or
A L f 0,
/'. <at s
Ao. 41 South Sicond SYrtct,
Volume XIV. 4l
CONTAtKING, antPSg a.variety of' other articles, P,if
fions, Paftuue, Palhire, Patagonia* Patriarch, Puul,
Pearl, Pegu; Pekin, Pclcv/-]flanU«s, Pendulum, Pennfyl
vauia, Pergamus % ,P£riia, .Peripe&iye, Petrifaction,
Syft*cu of Pharmacy, I*hii&<tcl'phia, Philip, Philology,
Phildfophy, Phoenicia, Phyllcs, Phyfiojrno
my, Physiology, Picis, Piia, Planet, &c. iiluftratcd with
fixtiien copperplates.
.Xhe fifteenth vulume is in the prcf*-,
Such Subfcriberias have ~ot completed their sets up so
the prelent time, arc very particularly requeued to t ike
away and pay for thevoiumos now ready, which they h|vj
not'received. ' . •* '
T. Dob Son, has on hand a few copies o£.*.his va' nble
work, to be Uifpofwd of, at ore hundred and ten dollar*,
rue let of 18 volumes, the whole money to he paid c.i dc
livcringthe volumes now-ready, and the remainder <if the
work to he fumiilicd to the order of the pui chafer, wbeo
ready, without further charge.
The sale wilt continue for three morrth* on tnefe ttf'ms,
if any copies Hiodld then remain unfold, Xbmi price wjll be
en created \cn da liars.
TO be sold:,
ti«eef a'hrtliatto girl, «f about 16 years o'.d, who
has-bctween five find fix years to fcrVd, and wfco is
capable of the oi a. chambermaid or a plain cook.
Enquire of 'tki Prater. 4*2 6 -4§iP vs .
'The folio luas tranflat-d J,rem Paris
J-u/Kri, r'eccFvt J iy- the Jhif> Ariel, Captain jjecatur,
48 days front Bourdstiux.
al contention.
14 i'rairialfiith June.)
The citizens of Grenoble write to the Convention ;
" Keprefecttatives of the People, speak, and immedi
ately the interval Which separates us from the rebeis
will be terminated, we I'wear not to quit our arms da
til the inajelty of the pejplc Hull be avenged: Lei
the factious know, that the inhabitants of Paris' are
only a lection of the French pecple ; that tke naco
reprefcntitwn belongs to the entire Republic ; that *
every Department, tvery city, every individual will
defend, to his last breath, the fecurjty of the Liberty
of your deliberation.—Applauded.
An address at the citizens of the commune of Mou
lins, denounced the tteprelentative of the People
Fouihe,' of Nantes; it acculed hini of having com
pared the popular corriniiffion of Lyon of individuals
whom he knew to be wicked ; of having produced
liefore this commiflion, »j unhappy citizens of Mou
lins, of being glutted as much in the departments of
La Nievre, as i* those of l'Allier, with individual and
national riches.—Sent to the committee of legislation.
Vernier announced, that to-morrow, or the dav al
ter to-moriow, at latest, the conimifiion e'f finances
will make its report 011 the law concerning the isle of
national goods.
A member. " When you have created affignats,
you hawc not power t« add to the evils, which rcfuit
from their number, thofc of' their agiota- e and of ttecir
monopoly. It was thought, by the Constituent As»
fenibiy, that afiignais of j.coo livres uas more than
chough for the necellitics of commerce. Prelled, no
doubt, by important conliderations, you hav* created
atTignats of 10,000 livrcs. Thefc allignats lose two
cests by the exchange. To repress this feandalous
agiotage, i demand that these who shall have the fu-n*
to receive, cannot refufc allignats, if the sum te render
exceed not the lam of 300 livres.* Sent 10 the Com
mittee of c-.s.
Latouche, in tiic name of the committee of agricul
ture, made a report on the law which commands the
drying up ef pouds j he developped the motives o:
nature —the neceffitiej o< animal* and of men, the pros
perity of agriculture itUlt, which IheWcd the necelf;:y
of at least moderating a law, which, in its generality,
is much more deltruclive than ufei'ul. He ad led w>
these general conSderations, tbofe of particular l<x-al
ities ; he made it appear that the fituaticn of Pcland,
for example, wfeich :s covered with poiida, proves the
necclfity of their preservation, became, If ijiey were
fupprelftd, countries would fail, not only of water for
animals, bat for men; the ardour of the tin would
dry up all the grass, aijd the vapours which would
rife from the earth, during two-thirds of the year,
would be more mortal than those which elcipt from
the waters j>f ponds. In fine, laid the repqrter, be
fore the revolution, particular interests caufej a »un»-
ber of ponds to be dried up, the fcitea of which be
came meadows or arable ground. The fupvj, effion of
the monriftic pr.lcrs has since encreafed. the drying tip
of ponds ; but it is not for a general law that we coiti
; mand'thc #gric|jl:ufal interest : it is not a general
' measure which' can make dried ponds fruitful. The
! nature of groustl ar.d local liruat.ons, may alone de
termine those waters arc nuisances. One ihould
not confound marikes with ponds ; the firft can never
produce, and can only be liu.fauces, and mufljurnifc
all the means of dellru<slion ; and remark, that the
law which shall osder the reduction of lirge ponds to
small ones, will make so many uuiianccj more dan
gerous tkan large ihcets of water. Beetles, this law,
in ordering the drying up of ponds, has excepted,
from necelfity, those ponds which fcrVe to maintain
canals: but there are an infinite number of ponds
which, without hiving a direiSl influence in support
ing canals, have oftentimes a very cor-fiderable part of
their communication with ponds reserved. —After ma
ny other refieftioiu, supported by fails, the reporter
presented the projeif, ol a decree, in rune articles,
which retrained the dispositions of the law of tise
14th Frimaire, to those ponds alone acknowledged to
be deflruflive of the health of man.
Seveftre, in the name ef the committee of general
surety, proposed to decree, that no committee known
under the name of the revolutionary committee, csa
any more be designated by that name, but that it he di
fignated under the name of Committee ofbifpeition."
Lehardy, cnilfcd it to be decreed, ae an additional
dilpofition,, tHat all rhe emblems of Liberty (hill be
confined to" three colourr, so tf»»t vvc \ :y lcr.ow no
more, said he, the red bonnet, which nas reddened
with blood all the Republic.
Bourfault. For a long .time we'have read on aji
our edifices, a device which recalls to- relation* the
vi<flims of tyranny, the misfortunes of th ir fathers,
of their brothers, of their friends, and to ail citizens,
the wicked eutrags of cruel Decemvirs. J demand
that orders be given to all the agents of public works,
to caule to difippear from the tops of all edifices,
these words, Li Mori, |~Dcath.]
Seveftre wished that we fhouhl overturn all the Pe
destals, which, said lie, on. the public places, announce
not only bad taste, but th>- expeiSUtion of a new tyrant.
ITh'eK fevcral propj fitions were fijK to the conim;:-
tee of pu'jiic work;.