Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, August 17, 1795, Image 1

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    Number 917.]
. j-. Captain Samvkl Cijipp,
Will r «« ive (part ut " wsl ' ,e . h
KPrjr^'ie engaged) for Hamburgh, and it
*&S£3yss*«fca2 to fail u soon as fl»e is difeharged,
and car. be loaded.
Pafiengers that purpose to go to England, are to be
)and«d it Deal or Dover, the Ship having good ac
commodations, being lately enlarged for this purpose
in Lonfan. For freight or paflage enquire ot
Ralph Mather,
No. 71, Race-Street.
£>1y 14
jar FREIGHI, Cll AIITKR or Sa Lb,,
■ Jit Mr. N'-xon's Wharf,
r-j -iHF, snip will take a Freight to any of the Wind wan
J_ ISands or Europe, if one offers loon, as jhe is nov,
leadyto take in. She is in complete older, and has good
accomaioda;io»s for tor particulars apply to
Jehu Hollingfv/orth 5c Co.
A Few Punch cons of Excellent Rum,
By the above skip, one of which is old.
Tuly 17
r i e t nd°s h i p,
BURX'iliiM thirty five tons ; built in North Carolina,
of Live OA and Cedar, seven years old and pretty
■wtill found. Fer terms apply to
Jofepb Anthony C3 5 Son.
yiauuft 6
Fcr Sale or charter,
Tit Ship
tl V A NI A,
BURTHEN 340Q Ebls. Flour— compleatly found, and
■nay be sent to tea at a small cxpence. r
For terms apply to GURNET SMITH.
who have for balk,
A Quantity of Excellent Boiardeaux Claret in casks and
Brandy in Pipes and Butts.
July 16 . $
Bittyamim Ftir Knap, Majlcr,
Four years old, will carry about 19=0 barrels, now
lies in the ftrearo, nearly opposite to Vine-Street wharf.
Apply to the Captain on hoard, or to
Samuel Coates,
No. Si South iiront-Street.
August 15.
300 Hhds. Maryland and Virginia
OF afijperior quality, pirtof which i« Kitcfoot, ini!
particularly adapted for the manufacturers, of for tin
Holland or Hamburgh markot.
JOO Hcgfocads ready to be delivered on l.oarJ a vessel in
Cfrcfapeake Fay, for faie Hy
George Sibbald,
f?o. 170 South FrontJlreet.
July 24
Now Landing,
THE cargoes ox" the brig# Vv eft-luuian aau Betfey&Pol
ly from Jamaica, :
Coffee in hhrfs and barrels
Sugar ;nhhcis
Rurn, high pfoof, and
36 bags Pimento.
A Quantity of Coffee in Hhds. Barrels and Bagi
S.gar in Hhu* > por £x rta . lon
Pißiwto m Bags j
Erandy, ift and 4th proof
Sherry Wine, &c
July 31
AN American built vessel, burthen about ",co bbls. of
Flour, wid well faund—For terms apply to the cap
taia on board at the fubferiber's wharf, or to
"Joseph Sims.
Who has fir Sale, imported in fald S. burner,
St. Croix Rum and Sugar, in Hhds.
and barrels, Coffee, &c.
Augitfi 10
FROM on board the brig Eagle, C2pt. t>ewar, and
Sloop George, Caj*. Chapman, from Port au I'rmce,
»t Hamilton's wharf,
Mufeovulo SUGAR, in
Au%tiji 5
A Lot, containing about seventeen
acres, en the Wiifohiskon road, 4 mil", trom the city,and
direiSly oppr-fite to the licufe of Mr.lfaie —ton.
A Lot, containing 10 acres, in Iflrngton Lane, on laid
road, near t!ic estate of Jasper Moylan, E. 4.
/v Los containing 10 acres in Turner s Lane, on said
road, -asl direfliy Bfr.oP.te to the estate of Mr, Ternant.
£1 ijiiirs of Jolijil; Redman, Woodstock corner 0- I ur-
Apt!! 6.
For faje by
Peter Blight.
C hoglheatU,
J tierces, &
( barrels.
(' hoglhsads,
\ tierces,
"S barrels, &
(_ bags.
} bales", 6c
( packet.,
For sale by
George Sibbald,
No. 170 South FrontJlreet.
, In Bath County, Yirginia*
450 Acres of Good Land.
WHEREON are toe Hot Springs, ivbicb are from IO to
110 degrees of beat. Tkere is on the said land a hand-
Pome and commodious bouse twojlories high, 60 by 30 f*et y with a
portico the full length of the bouse, and extending to the upper fory,
and otber ncceffary hoifes ft for a Public Houfe,for which they
were intended; good hoafa are over several of the baths, with
sweating rooms. There are adjacent thereto, two remarkable cold
fyrings of well tafled lime-done water, These baihs are a fpK'fe
for the mofl obfiinate rheumatic and all other originating frotn
I colds or obJlruSled perspirations, and gives great relief in thegout;
they have :ffe6led wonderful cures in various diseases incident to the
ladies ; they have this faring made a pcrfeil cure of a dtfeafe on a
IVejl-Indian resembling the Uprofy, and are remarkable fur the
cure of white fwellingSy contra Sled nerves, and many other difeaf
are tuo obfiinate to be effeSled by medicine.
There Is near the said Baths ,
A new Saw-Mill ere&ed, and a Race
dug from thence, to build a Man ufa£lu ring Mill, wbicb reclaims
about 30 acres of as rich Meadow Land as any upon the Continent,
and may be watered every nighty and the bay made thereon fells as
weii as any t/jat is made n*ar any city or town vmthin tlx; United
The proprietors of the above property will treat for the fame on
tht promt fa, at any time betwem the lOtb of Auguji ami the loth
of September ; they willalfo fell Valuable Land for two or three
Farms near the said and i f the saidf aid Land and Houses at
the are not fold> they will he rented.
N. $ k Good accommodations are provided at.the above springs
for ladies and gentlemen this season, which from experience it found
befl to commence in fune t mid end th e frfl of 0 fitler,
July 14
No. 70, South Heconi-Jlreet, near the City Tirvtrn,
TT AS jtift opined and for Sale, an AiTortnient of La
li dies' and Gentlemen's
Faftiionable H A T S,
from London. Alio a variety of Children's Hat* of differ
ent Coiours.
N. B. A Man or two zt faiifhers in the above business,
well recommended, will meet with oonflant employ and
good encouragement.
Tune 6. d
LANDING) from on board ibe Ship Charlotte*
Captt joncL 80-wen 9 from BottrJcau.x,
30 Pipes Brandy
20 Tons Claret
No. 321 Sonth Front, near Pine ftrcct.
IVfro has aljO,
4>oo cases of 30 3c 50 bo:tis<> Choice Old Claret
600 hog iV: ads ditto
A Quantity of Annifeeil
Noyaax Liqueurs a.ii
CamLl icki.
FOR SALE by the Subscribers, at their Store cr.
Walnut ftrcet IVharf,
jf. Hhds.. ■)
3*l liarivls and lately aniVcd
S4O Bug.
Who ta-je aJo on hand,
Red Port "Wine, in Pipes and Hogfiicads
Mountain V* ine Wine, in Qr. calks
so Ton 6 Brimdone
Nails aflorttd
Sail Casvas, N°. I a 7 and
A few gentlemen's handfcme Saddles
Philip Nicklin & Co.
Uy >4
A.nerican Landscapes.
Twenty -FOUR VIE W S,
SELECTED from the most fhiking and mtrrefting
Profpe&t in the United States ; each as which
Views, will be accompanied with a deferiptive account
of its Local, Historical, and other iHcidental Peculiarities
Autb'jr *f tbt 14 JUtnaJltc Remains and Ancient CafllM in Great
Britain* 1
I. That the work fnall he publilhed by Subfcrlption; and
that cach Subscriber ftiall enjage to take the whole set
of Views, and fliall pay for each engraving, if blaii or
bp«wn, a Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
U. That the dimensions of each engraving lhallbe 14 by 17
inches, ixecutcd in aquatinta, and publilhed upon paper
of a superior quality 1 The publication to commence im
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub
scribers, on the firft Monday of each succeeding month,
until th>; proposed series shall be finally completed.
Til. That with the -last View of the series, fhallbe deli
vered an engraved title-page an elejant oharaflemftic
vignette: a map of the route, connected r.'ith the prof
peile exhibited in the the eourfe of the Work; and an
Alphabetical lift of the Subfcribors.
Subfcriptior.s are received by Mr. Marrifon, at his Print
(hop, Maidrnlane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-fell
er. No. 118, Alarketftreet, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-feller* in the Unitsd States.
February 2?. <*•.
Fraunces's Tavern.
A r a. 59 South Water Street.
$ lot
TIE Subfcriberrcfpeflfujly begs leave to inform his
friends and the public in general, that lie has remov
ed from No. 166 south id Street, to that large, omrao
diour, House in NVaterStreet, between Chefnut and Walnut
Streets, lately occupied by Mr. Ifmac HuzUhurJ!, and, on
which he has fparti no pains orcxpenfe, to make it con
venient and agreeable for the receptio.. of gentlemen. The
Koufe being situated on the fame spot where the noted Beef
Steak and Punch house formerly stood, has the advantage
of the best water in this city, known long sinCe by the name
of the Green Tnc Water. As there are several elegant
Rooms, fulheiently large to accommodate any Society or
company of gentlemen, and from his well known abilities
topleafe in the line of hisbufinefs, he flatters himfelf with
a continuance of that p itror.age which he has experienced
since he firft opened a Public House in this City, and, for
which he begs leave to make a public acknowledgment.
For the accommodation of Small Parties,- the Large
Coffee Room ©a the ground floor is conveniently fitted
u;i w ; t h a number of Boxes, conftrufted in such a man
ner as to admit Gentlemen to be as private as they please—
Where may be had, at any hour, Soups, Eeef-Suaks,
Relishes, &c. &c. - .
He has on hand, and wfflkeep a constants upply of Spi
rituous and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities.
Breakfasts provided—Also Dinners and Suppers cook
ed in the most approved manner, at a feort notice, andHaf
try of all forts, made to order, in the House, or to fend
""lie tasVevcral well furnifhed Bed Chambers, for Board
ers and Lodcers, by the Week, month, er year.
June a.
For falc by
In the Press, and in a "few dayi will be fmblijhed,
By Mat hew Carey, Ixß Market Jlreet,
No. 1
Of a Series of papers refpe&ing Mr.
Jay's Treaty.
CONTAINING— Speech of Mr. Pinekney to the citi
zens of Charleston. Speech of Mr, Thompson at a
meeting of the citizens of Pcteriburg. Speeck of John
Dickillfon, at the meeting- held in Wilmington. Camilla's
Defence of the Treaty—aicribed to the late Secretary of
the Treasury—With fuadry other papers wn this ail-im
portant fubje«£V
BEL V 1 D h R. ft.
THE Subscriber returns his grateffll acknowledgments
to his friends and the public for the favors he has al
ready received, and refpeiftfully inarms them that his
House continues open for their reception. Public and pri
vate partifcs are accommodated at any hour. An extensive
suite of Rooms for those ipcltnod to quit the city during
the hot ftinrimer months, and excellent ftablicg and clover
pailure for horses.
The beautiful pr6fpe<fl of this plate licing known
needs no description. VI in. PURVIS.
4ugujl 15 ?_
Few Pipes
Of a Superior Quality,
Now landing at Pine-Stitit Wharf,
For sale by
William & Samuel Keith,
No. Z79, South Front-Street.
July 14.
From on hoard th: brig Join from Gcriaivcs, al
Clifford's wharf —
60,000 weight of COFFEE, iiilihds, and bags,
14,000 lb. COTTON,
Some Sugar, Mol.CVs, and Salt. For Sale by
John Claxtcn, or
John Clerk.
•jji 11
Landing at South Jtreet wharf,
The Cargo of the Brig Fly, captain Hjmer, from G
braltaf and Teneriffe. k
Brandy, ill and 4sh Proof,
Teiieiilfe Wine, in pipes, hhds. and quarter casks,
Benecalo ditto,
Hazlenuts in Sacks,
cargo of the brig Ooed Hop*, capt. Hubbsr, from
Sugar in Hogsheads,
Coffee in ditto,
High proof Spirit, Logwood, Hides, &c. For sale by
July 16
Augijl 11
THE following Certificates of the Funded Debt of
the United States, iffaed fiom the Office of the
Regiitrr of the Treasury of the said United States,
intl.e name of Patrick Htatly of London , to wit.
No. 8819,8810, and 8831, dated 7th July, 1794,
for Four Tnoufand Dollars sacb, of the Funded three
per Cent. Debt, have been loft at Sea, and applicatiou
is intended to be made for the Renewal of the laid
Certificates at the Office of the Treasury of the said
United States, of which all psrfons concerned are dc
fired to take notice.
ROBERT GILMOR. e/ Baltimore.
Anguft 14 $6w »
By FRANCIS M ROBERT BAILEY, and to be fold at
their Bookstore, No. I' 6 High ftrect, and by the prin
cipal Printers asd Bookseller, throughout the United
States, m
A Revealed Knowledge of the Prophecies
Particularly of the prefect time, the prefer.! war, and
the prophecy now fulfilling. Containing, with other great
and remarkable things rtot revealed to any othtr pcrfoh on
Earth, the fuddtu and perpetual fail of the turkisb, eit*-
mak and Russian emji i*-s. Wrote under the direction
of the Lord God, and published by his sacred command ;
it being a fecood sign of warning for the benefit of all na
tions : by the man that will be revealed to theHcbre-vs as
their Prmce and Prophet. The year of the World 5 81 3.
FROM tht following Extnßi the Public aiiU be enabled to form t
judyintn: of thu work. .
" A man that lias been an officer in the Navy, whose im
mediate aneeftors have been feparatcd from the Jews for
such a considerable length of tirfie as to make them forget
they ever belonged to the name, such a man declaring lum
felf openly to the world a prophet of Gad, the revealed
princc allotted to order the sudden return as the Hebrews
from all nations, and govern them m the land of Israel, will,
with some reason 1 allow, excite both aftorifhment and
doubt; but from the multiplied recorded teftimoriies I
produce, which no other on earth can, it ought not to pre
vail with any person as a just cbjeSUn agamft b=lu.v:n S
what I write."
" The propliet Daniel, chapter 8, verse 8. And Uur
E r at bealts came up from the fca, different from one ano
ther 4. The firft was like a Lion, ann it had Eagle's
wings: 1 beheld 'till the wings were pluekcd, when it
was'uftid up on the Earth, and made to fland on the feet
as a man : aud a man's heart was given to it.
" The Lion means George the Third, the present K.r.g
of Fjieland : plucking the wings of the Lion, means tak
ing away the power of tfc« king : made to Hand c.n the
feet as a man, with a man's heart, means his rcdu*.ion to
the condition of other men, aud poffeflifig similar thoti S hti.
" The Spanish Monarch* will cease by th» war, ar.a
the STADTUOLD*RSHIP of HOLLAND will b C CUt off dole
to the ground ; according to the viiions of god to mei ß
I7ai, and which I communicated at that time, by his sa
cred command, to the King and Queen of F.nglano.
" The Dutch will acknowledge the French Republic,
and make a hatly peace with it; the Portuguese and
Prussians will do the fame.
" The United States of America will fake war
againfl England ; but before they do, France will lose all
her Weft India Islands; and ittet they do, Jamaica will be
the last in the possession of the En~hln,
Avguji 11 >
The Earthen-Ware Manufactory,
In Front street, above Pool's Bridge,
TS continued in the most extensive manner A large as-
I fortment of the baft ware is on hand ready aflorted m
Hoorfheadi. and Crates.
A tonftant and regular supply may be dependtd on, at
the (hortfft notice.
Orders are received at the Manufaflory, 9 r at No. 15
Arch street. ■ J«'7 » «3 m
Peter Blight.
§lwX§§X lm
and Times,
City of Wafiiington.
Scheme of the Lottery, No 2,
For the Improvement of
1 A / 20,000 Dollars, d «id
dwelling haufe, JvCalh 3&,64q..ate
• .ditto ij,ooo&ca!>i 25,006
I dtt'.O »siO(>Q <it calh 15.000
I dutu 10,000 & calh 10,000
i dit»> 5,?oo II v*tt\ 5,006
i ditto s,°°o 4 cofli ,5,009
i CalH prize ot
I! ditt" s>obi each, *tc
jo 1,000
d JU
40 ditto
ICO ciitto
SOQ ditto
ss,ooo ditio
>6,739 P"«"
50,000 Tickeis at 8 dollars
This Lottery will afford an elegant fpecirtien of the
private buildla*;* to bcere&ed in the Ciiv <»f Walhingtou
—Two i*tuuti{ui are alreadv felc ttcd for the entire
fronts on two or. the public ttjuares ; fiom these draw
ings, it is propoled to erect two cent ft and t«ur corner
buildings, as fbon as polhble atter tfcit Lottery is fold, anil
to convey tbcm wlien complete, to tht fortunate advtutur
rrs, in the manner described in the fctieme toi the Hoiel
Louery. A neu deduction ol five pti cent, will be made
to defray the ixcefiaiy cKpeneet «>f piling, &.c. and
the (utplus will be made a part of th fund intended for the
National Un»vti(iiy< to be eit&cd wuhiu the City of
(£3" The drawing will Commence as soon as the Ticket®
are fold off. - ' ■-i nc money ptue* will be payao e
t in thirty days alter it is Hnilhed, and arty p» ires for which
fortunate numbers are not ptodutetl wuhio twelve month*
after the drawing is doled are o be confidcud as g ven
the fund fbi the UnivcfJity, it bang determine
cd to fettle the whole business in a year from the ending
of the drawing <md to lake up the bonus £»veo a*' fccui
The teal fcctfiities given for the paynicotof *he Prize*
are held byihe Prefidcni and two Dtrc&ors ot the B<iuk.
of Colurrtoia, and a»e valued at more than hall ih. ainount
of the Lottery.
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment of
the late Ccmmifiioners ailiiled :n the managemen: of the
Hotel pottery ate requested to undertake thU arduojj* tusk
a fecorfd time on behalf of the public ; a fufacient num
ber of tiieie having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the
frieilds to a National University and the other federal ob
jects may continue to favor the design. The synopsis of
one of the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
InfUtution, is already in the press, and will be fpevdily
pabliihed, together with its conftituMou
A compleat PiAN of the whola of this Important
lnftitution, compiled from a fele&ion of the best materi
als, ancient attd modern, will be submitted to the public
whenever the lame may have gone through such revisions
as may be ncceffary to cflablifh the pcrfe& confidence and
general approbation, so essential to its pfefent rife and fu
ture exiftencefor the general good of Ameri«u
By accounts received from the diflerent parts of the
Continent as well as from Europe, where the tickets
have been sent for sale, the public are affared that the
drawing will speedily commence, and that the care and
caution unavoidably necessary to insure a fafe disposal of
the tickets has rendered the liior: suspension indilpeniable
February 24, 1795
* # * Tickets may be had at the tifuk ot Columbia;
of J.ime* Welt ic Co. Bal'imorc or Gideon DcnHon,
oJ Peter Oilman, Button; ot John Hopkiu*
Richmond : fad of Richaid Welts, Cooper't fei» *.
Auk 30
Ne. Co South Second Jlreet,
The Curious Prophecies of
CONTAINING £ ;reat 3nd remarkabk things,not rcvcil
ed to any other p>*fon on earth.
This work is to every ©nc
Augvjl 14
Is now in the Press,
Anil will be fublifhed with a)! foffible exfeditisn
Such uerfont as are Sill in poflcfjion of
Papers for the above Work, are vcfpeci/U.iy r<?qneik<i
to forward tbenv to Neal and Kammerer, juar. --'o.
North Third-Street.
tVbo have on hand,
A Colle&Scn of valuable Book, or the liteit and hit':-
Editions j aifu, a variety of Childr*us Books, Prime;-,
& the Groft,.DoTen or Sin jit.
August 14. ;i'..
Cavern cf Moral!'ale
Juji Publiflied —Prue 50 Cents,
Jid for fate at WILLIAM IV. K'OODIVARjr.-
Offer, No. 16, Green uj l
Hi-ad, C.te/vut Strct.
HAVING removed to the place tru.'n
No, 36. Booksellers can be fuppiied wi;ha
of New Publications on the rnoft reasonable terms.
jujl P.ccc.jcd. price 80 c:r';,
Relative to the government cf moral agents, particuL:-
ly dii'playert in future rewards and pumfhmenn; tr»sflals.-l
fror* the French of Ferdinand Oliver Petitpisrre, iftrir-a
iy minister of Cuaux dc Fond.
W, W Woodward hat 011 hasd a neat aiTurtin-ent c:'
The Public are refpedtfully hil'uriimd that the excellent
work of BURKITT on the NEil' 3*F.STAM2HT; 11'.
Number, will soon be publifted. Eslch nunib« 1-4 dol
lar—to be 2j numbers, one every 3 weeks.
«*« - A - good iont of fecontl h:;nd Small Pica, i/5 per -b
for slle. Aug. 5 tSt IW
The highest price in Cash, will be give:: for
A preference will be given to Claret Bottles.—Apply t<
No. 187, south Third-Jdreet.
Afrit 10,
ic,o r oo
io»o« o
a 0,030
15 ,000