Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, August 14, 1795, Image 4

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    BOOKS, Printed for and
Publijhed by MATHEW CAREY,
(Price Sixteen Dollars.)
New Syfhm of Modern Geography:
Or, a Geographical, Hiflorisal and Commercial Grammar ;
andprefentjidte of the federal Nations of the World, ,
The figwres, motions, and ciiliar to each country,
diflances of the Planets, ac- VII. Ottfervations on the
cording to the Newtonian fyl- chaagcii that have been aay
n the iatcft febferva- where oVferved the face
©f nature jftnee the mod car-
tions t
II A general View of the ly peri ,ds of hiitory.
Earth considered is a planit; Vfll. History and origin
with several ul'eful definitions of nations; theirformsot go
and problems. vernmtnt.refignation, laws,
111. Grand divifi®ns of the revenues, taxes, naval ar.d
Globe into land and water, military ftrcn°rh.
continents and ifiands. IX. Genius, aianners, cuf-
Situation and'extent of em- toms and liabit. of the people,
pires, kingdoms, ft&es, pro- X. [It ir language, learn
viiKcs and colonics. irg, arts, sciences, manufac-
V. Their climates,air, foil, tures and Commerce,
vegetables, productions, m- XI. Chief cities, ftruflures
tal6, minerals, natural em it.- ruins, and artificial cUriofities.
iities, leas, riverj, bays, pro- XII. Latitude, longitude,
moHtorie<and Lake's. bearingsanddiftancesof prin-
VI. Birds and Bc?.:!s pe- cipalplacesfromPhiladeipliia.
1. A Geographical Indux, with the names and places a pha
reticaHy arranged.
51. A Table of the Coins of all nations, and their value in
dollars and cents.
Tts. A Chronological' Table of remarkable events, from
the Creation to the prefcnt time. "
The Astronomical part by Jams Fergufon, F. R. S.
Corrected byPy. David Rittenhouse.
To ruhiob are added,
thi late Discoveries of Or. herfchell, and other eminent
The riRST am.'.rtcan edition, corre&ed, improved, arid
gteatly enlarged. Containing the following
Mips and Plates.
X Map of the World S3 Hindoftaa
4 Chart of the World 14 Africa
3 Europe S5 United States
4*Co«Etrksroua<ltlKNorth 26 Eritifh Dominions in A-
Pole. morica
5 Sweden, Denmark, Nor- 27 Indies
• .way and Finland." zß*Province of Maine
6 RuiTia 2p*Nev Hampihre
■ ■ 7 Scotland jo'Ma.Tachufetts
• o England and Wales 3 f'CoiHieSicut
9 Ireland 3J»Rfeode Ifiand
10 France 33*Vermost
11 'Seat of War 34*Ne\VYork
II Seven United Provinces 35' New Jersey
13 Austrian, French and 36*Pennfylvania
-Dutch Netherlands 37*Bela\vafe
14 Germany 38' Maryland
j/ Switzerland 39* Virginia
1$ Poland 40* Kentucky
17 Spain and Portugal 41 "North Carolina
18 Italy 4 j'TenefTee government
r$ Turkey in Europe 43 »South Carolina
13 Afii 44* Georgia
ii'JDifcoveries made by cap- 45 Copcrnican fyflem
tains CoOKe and Clerke. 46 ArmiUarr sphere
22 China I
The Maps marked with stars are added to this edition,
«iclufive of thole in the lift London edition.
The United States Register for 1795,
Price <0 Cents. C 0 N T E N T S.
Calendar, with the neccfory Boundaries of the United
tables, &c. 3cc» States. Population
Lift of the Officers
Legiilature Statement o! Exports
judiciary Public Debt
Department ef State Pay, &c. of the army
Department of theTreafury Mint Eflabliftment
CommTffiooori of Loans Rules for reducing the cur-
Oificers of the CUftcms rencies of the different
Ret enue Cutters states to a par with each
Light Hsufes otheh
Officers of the Excise IVtvlcs of the number of
Duties and Dutiable articles cants and decimal parts
Exemp s from duties in any number of fhillingg
Duties on tonnage and pence less than a del
on abmeilic obje&s lar in the currencies o{
Drawbacks, &c. and regu the different iUtes
lations to be olerved in Tables Clewing the value of
obtaining them dollars in the currencies
General Abflraet from the ol ditto
revenue laws relating to Poll-office e'flablifhmcnt
the duty of i-nafters of Lift of Post-Towns, &c.
vessels, of the owners, Latitude and Longitude of
icc, ef goods, and the the principal towns in the
officers of the cuftoins; United States
to the payment of duties, Banks
and the importation of Literary Inftitutio.u
goods National, IWanufa&ory
txpences of Government Sessions of the Courts
for 1794 Wefterß Territory
Department of War
2 uprem~ Executive
State Governments.
New Hampfliire South-Carolina
Vermont i . Georgia
Mafla'chufctts r Order of tinie in which the
Cunne&icut feverai States adopted the
New-York federal Coaftitutlon
New-Jersey Table ot the Sun's rifiiig
renafylvania and fitting
Delaware AbftrnSk of goods, wares,
Maryland a*d merchandize export-
Virginpa ed from the United States
Kentucky , from the ift of Oifobcr
North-Carolina >90, to 30th Sept. IJQI.
Charlotte a tale of truth—by Mrs. Rowfrin,. of the
new Theatre, Philadelphia. Second Apatrican edition
Vrice 75 cents. [ The rapid sale of the firfl edition of this
enterefting novel, in a few months is the best criterion of
its merit.]
<« It may be a tale of truth, for it is not unnatural, and
it is a tale of real diferefe—C%rl6tte, by the ajtifice ot a
teacher, resommended to a school, from humanity ra
ther than a convi&ion of her integrity, or the regularity,
of her former conduct, is enticed from her govefnefs, and
accompanies a young officer to America—the marriage
ceremony, if not forgotten, is poftponcd, and Charlotte
dies a martyr to the inconilancy of her lover and treach
ery of his friend.
The liquations are artless and aifeifving—the defcrip+ion
naturil and palhetii 5 we Ihould feel for Charlotte if such a
pcrfon ever exilted, who for one error, fcarcejy, perhaps
deserved so severe i If it is a fi&ion, poetic
justice is not, v e thijik, properly distributed,"
I. The Inquifitor—6y Mrs t Rowfon., Second Philadel
phia edition. 87 1 2 cents.
a. Adventures of Rodenc Random. 2 vols. 1 dollar and
JO cents, coarl'c paper—l dollar and 75 cents fine.
3. Notes Oil the Sate of Virginia—by Thomas Jefferfon.
Price neatly bound, one dollar and a half.
4. Ilistbry of the French Revolution, from its com
rrencMuentto the death of the Queen and the cxccution
of Briffot. 2 ollars.
.$ Plowden'i History, of the Brilifh Empire, from May
I79*> December J 7?3.* * dollar and a quarter-.
JThis is an interesting and valuable publication as ha
appealed for?many ye«.rs.
O. Beattie's Elements of Moral Scicr.cs. avals. One dol
lar and three quarters.
SCHEME of a Lottery authorized by an a£t entit
led " an a& to enable the President and Managers
of the Schuylkill and Sufquehanna Navigation, and the
President and Managers of the Delaware and Schuyl
kill Canal Navigation, to riife by .way of Lottery, the
sum of four hundred thousand dollars, for the pur
pose of completing the works in their a&s of incorpo
ration mentioned.
t Prize of 50,60© dollars is
1 33,600
J 20,000 to b* paid to the pofTetfora of
the tickets of the five latt drawn numbers, 100,000
I l.?jOoo . Is>ooo
10,0 c o are - 20,c00
I 2,000 to be paid to the poflclfor of
the ticket of the fir» t drawn number, i,oo£'
16,G87 Prizes ,
33>3»J Blanks,,
53,000 tickets at 10 dollars each,
All Prizes fnall be paid ten days after the drawing
is finished, upon the demand of the pofioflor of a for
tanate Ticket, lubjedl to the d«du<3ion of fifteen per
Such prizes as, are not demanded in iz months after
thf drawing is fmiihed, of which public notice will be
given, foall be considered as relinquilhed for the use of
the Canal, and applied accordingly.
At a meeting of the r'refident and Manager 4 of the
Schuylkill ana Sufyuehawa Canal navigation—and
the Prefulent and Manager! of the Delaware aud
Schuylkill Canal, IVednejilay, May 13, 1795.
That David Rittenhoufe, Joseph Ball. Jolm Stein
metz, Slaiididi Forde, and Francis Weft, be a Commit
tee to arrange and direct the mode of disposing of the
Tickets ; which Com.nittee :ha!i deposit the Money m
Bank, to be c irried to ihe credit of an acsount to be
opened for the Lottery.
Extract from the Minutes,
r. MATLACK, Sec'ry.
to the joint meeting of Jie two Poards
The drawi.ig of this Lottery wiii p> tiveiy
commence nn the lirft day of September rit* : r
Tickets may be had at the Company's Office near the
Bank of the United States, and of either of the sub
FXAXCt-i .T£.yr.
bcheme ot a Lottery,
To ruife 39,900 Dollars, on 366,000 Dollars\Dctfu3in% 15
per Cent, from iht frizes—l his Lottery cvtijtfts of 38,000
lu'kcls, in which iherc arc 14,539 I'rizes, anli 23,4b!
li-a*ks t fining about vie and an hoi/ blanks to a Prize.
nHHE Dire&oisof ine Society toi eftabiifnmg Ufelul Ma»
-A- nu failures, having resolved to erect LOI i fcKIEStor
railing One Hu#d red Thousand Dot la*.s, agreeably
to ao Ad of the Legislature ot the State ot New-Jersey,
have appointed the toilowing pcrton* to superintend and
dire&the drawing o'. the lame, viz. Nicholas Low, Rutus
King, Herman Lc Roy, James Watlwi, Richard Har
mon* Abijah Hammond, and Cornelius Ray, of the city ot
New-York—Thomas Willing, Joleph Ball, Matthew M'*
Connei and Andrew Bayard, ot the city ot Philadelphia
— Hts Excellency.Richard Howell, E(q. Elias Boudtnot,
General Elias Dayten, James Parker, John Hayarri, Do&
or Lewis Donham, Samuel W. Stockton, Joshua \ A . Wal
lace, Jofcph Bloomfieid, and EliOta lioudmot, of New.
Jerley, who otter the fallowing Scheme el a Lottery,
and pledge themiclvcs to the public, that they will take
every aUur oce and precaution in then power ;o have the
Monies paid by the Managers from time to time, aareceiv*
cd, into t|>e Hanks at New-York and Pmiadelphia, to
remain tor the purpolc ot paying Priz a which ihali be
immediately discharged by acLeek upon one ot the Banks.
1 Piizeof
1 4'539 P'iits.
23,461 Blanks.
38000 Tickets at 7 Dollars each is 266,000
The drawing wtif commence, under the infpef.b n of
a Committee ol the Superiniendants, as loon as the Tick
ets art* fold, of which timeiy notice wtil be given.
The Supeiinteadants have appointed John N. Camming
of Newark, Jacob R. Hardenucrg, New-Brunfwick 9
and Jonathan Rhea, of Trenton, as immediate Manager
thereof, who fjavc given ample lecuruy lor difelisrgi g
the truJt rcpofed in tnem.
(£3" in order to secure the punttual payment of .th
Prizes, the Superintendams of the Lottery have di<rc£ieu
that the fh'all each enter iUio bonds in
dollars, with fobr (uliicicntfi cuTiii s, to perfoiro their >n»
(ttu6lions, the 1 tuSUance ot which is
I. That whenever either of the Managers shall receivc
thrfuin of Three Hundred Dollars, he (hall lmmduteU
place the fame in one of the Banks of New-York or Phi
ladelphia, 10 tire ciedit ot the .Governor of the Society,,
and f&ch of the Superintendents as ive in the city where
the monies are placed, to remain there until the Lotftry
is drawn, for the payment of th? Prizes.
11. The Managers to take fulficient security for
Ticket#, tliey may truft,othcrwife to be responsible for them.
111. To keep regular hooks of Tickets fold, Mo
nies received and p«nd int* the Bank, ahftra&s of which
{hall be Tent, nonthly, to the Governor oi the Society.
Pateffon, January i, 1794.
On application to either oi the above gen-.lemen, infor
mation will be ®iyen. where ticiy-ts.»)UV be hud, tu&t j
AT a Meeting of the Stockholders
in the InfuraHce Company of the flale of Penrtfylva
nia y on the 25th May lall, convened for the purpose of
fixing the time of payment of tne remaining part of the
Capital Stock of said Company
Refolded, that the remaining futn of two hnndflH
dollars per lharc, he paid on the 6th day of Novem
ber next, under the penalties annexed to default by the
a& of Incorporation.
Published by order of tlae Meetings
Jane 17
In one volume odtavo, price one dollar and an half,
The Federal Politician.
To be fold by the following principal Boofcfellers in this
city—F. & R. Bailey, Matthew Carey, John Qrmred,
Thomas Stephens, William Woodhoufe, and at th? offiec
«f the Aurora. 8 4-§t3'
'HILaDELPHU, P*i nt* n m .JOHN FENNO, N # * 119 chf f nut Streti — Pr,cs s,x -
5 so
a-3,0c0 Dollars i« 20,000
I 0,000
» 00
X 52"
562,00 c
Firfl drawn number,
Laltdrawn numbtr, 2,00©
jit bis HOSIERY STORE) No. 48 Chefnut ftreety
RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the PuMic in
general, that he has just received by the Ihip Liberty
from Liverpool, a further supply of
Men's & Women's Silk and Cotton
Alneng which are a very exienfive afiortment ©f Gentlc
a*en's plain white, fancy, and pat«nt Silk, fuperSne iancy
plated silk and cotton, fine whit", plain, and ribV] cot
ton—a very large afiortment of fancy Patent and fine ran
dom fancy cotton, &c. which he will fell upon the most
reafonahle terms by the dozen or single pair.
1 jf L S Of
A flor»ment of every other article of DRT
GOODS, newly imported.
Thofc gentle-mil who please to favorß. C. with their
commands, vail meet with, at his store, a moll elegant,
extensive, and wefl chosen alFortraent of every description
*f Hosiery* Also. a great Variety of
Revenue OJJice, /lpr'il 27, 179?
PROPOSALS toill be rcceiwd at the Office of the Com
MissioNTiß. of the Revenue for building
on the head land of Caj>e Hattrras on the coajl of North Carole
/?<J, of the following materials, dipieffjiont t ami defer ipiion.
THE form istobco&agonal.— he foundation is to be of
ftonc, to be funk thirteen feet below the bottom of
the water table or the furface of the earth, and to be
commenced of the diameter of twenty nine feet.—From
such commencement to the height of four feet the foun
dation is to be laid solidly and from thence to the bottom
of the water table, the foundation wall is to be nine feet
high and nine feet thick.
The diameter of the base from the bottom of the water
table to the top thereof (where the o&agonal pyramid is
to commence) is to be twenty eight feet four inches and the
wall is there to be fcven feet thick—the wall of the octagon
al pyramid 13 to be fix feet thick at the base thereof, on
the fop of the water table.
The height of the building from the bottom of thp wa
tef-table, and from the furface of the earth, to be nine
ty feet to the top of the flone work, under the floor of the
lantern ; where the diameter is to be sixteen and one half
feet and the wall three feet.—the whole of the walls is to
bebuilt of.ftone : the water table is to be capt with sawed
flone, at least eight inches wide and fioped st the top to
turn off the water. The outside of the walls is to be fac
ed with hewn or hanim«r drafted stone, laving four win
dows in the north call and five windows in the south weft:
The sashes are to be hung with hinges, and each fafti is
to have twelve panes of glass, eight by ten inches
} Managers,
; On the top of the {lone work is to be a framed tier Q f
I joifla,, beded therein, planked over with oak plank, exten
ding two feet beyond the wall thereby formingan eave which
i is to be fmilhed with a corpice, the whole having a de
j scent from the ccutre fufiicieat to throw off the wafer, and
to be covered with copper. A complete and fufficient iron
j lantern in the o&agoi*al form is to reft, thereon. The eight
corner pieces or flanchions of which, arc to be built in the
wall to the dejfch of ten feet. These stanchions to be
nearly three inches fqtmra in the lowter ten feet, and 3 1-2
inches by 1 1-2 inches above. The lantern is to be ten feet
and nine inches in diameter, it is also to be ten feet high
• from the floor to the bottom of die dome or roof and to
have a dome or roof of five feet and nine inches in height.
The whole space between the potts or upright pieces at the
angles is to <>e occupied by the sashes, which re to be mould
ed on the inside and struck solid. Eachfafti is to have twen
ty eight panes of glass, fourteen by twelve inchc6. A part
of the sash on the southwest fide is to- be hung with hin
ges for a convenient door to go ©at on the platform. The
rafters of the lantern are to be framed into an ire a hoop,
over which is to be a copper fuilneJ,thro' which the smoke
may pass into a large copper ventilator in the form of a
man's head, capableof containing one hundred gallons.
ThTsheadis to be turned by a large vane ; so that the
hole for venting the smoke, may be always to leeward.
Eight dormant ventilators are to be fixed in the roof, a large
curved air pip; is to be pafifcd through the floor, and a close
fl©ve is to be provided and fixed in the lantern. There
are to be eight pairs of stairs to ascend to the lantcin, the
entrance to which is to be by a trap door covered with
copper. The building is to be furnifhed with two com
plete electrical condu<slors, or rods with points. The floors
are to be laid with plank, of at least one inch and one
-half in thicknefe.' The entrance to the light house is to
be well secured by a 9trong door hung uponhinges with
a strong Lock and latch complete.
Also a frame House to be thirty four feet in front and
sixteen feet deep with a cellar under it. The cellar walls
to be eighteen inches thick and seven feet high.
The firft story of the house is to be eight feet, and the
second, seven feet and fix inches high. The floors ar« to
be laid in whole lengths, nailed through. The flack of
chimnies is to be finifhed with two plain fire places on each
floor, one of them large for a kitchen Two windows below
and three above in. front nd rear, cach fafti to have eightaen
pants of glass ten byjtweh# inches. The doors are to be |
hung and furnifhed completely.
The ciehngs and fides of the House arc to be plaifler
ed with two coats ; all the wood work inside and out is to
be well painted and the wKole to be finiflied in a plain de
«ent manner.
An Oil vault is to be built twenty feet by twelve feet in
the clcar, Arched over and covered with earth or /and over
which a Ihed is to be built— It is to be furnifticd with nine
strong Cedar Citterns with covers, each capablc of contain*
ing two hundred gallons.
The entrance to the vault is to be secured by a strong
door. "A well is to be funk at a convenient diilance, and
furnifhedwith a curb, buekct and rope completely.
The builder to find for all the materia s, labor,
workmanship, proviflons, and objects of cost, charge
or expence, for a sum tp be agreed upon, and to execute
the before described work.and evary part thereof in a
good and workman-like manner.
Convenient payments or advances, on ltecurity will be
April 17,
/\LL Perions indebted to the iiltate
of Alexander Ritchie, deceased, are requested to make im
mediate payment to the iubferibers; and th«fe who have
dtmands against said eliat*:, are requeftedto bring in their
accounts and receive payment.
ROBERT SMITH, £ Executors"
Philadelphia, July »7. >795
~ . , y • •
Del Pino's Spanijh Grammar,
To which is added, an Enghfh Grammar, for the uie of
Spaniards. At the fame place may be had, a few copies of
' Boyer's French & Engljb Didiona y
New Hosiery.
Gentlemen's Out-fizes.
Treasury Department,
A Light House
Has for sale, at his fore on Walnut-street wharf,
St. Croix Rum and Sugar of superior quality.
St. Domingo Indigo.
Laguira and St. Domingo Hides.
100 Pockets of fine Cotton.
Lsilr.LT fUlirLlStiJiU,
And to he had at JJ. DA FIES't Bcvk-Stort,
_ No. 68- Higb-Jlreet,^
OF all (izes, from 3 i lb to Grape,
Cimboolts, Pots, and other callings executed at the
fharteft notice,
Nail rods, from rod to spike,
Hoop Iron, of allfizes, forcaflcS or cutting into nails, from
a brad to 1 zd nails,
Anchors, from 17 Cwt. to loolb.
Bar Iron,
A (Quantity of James JUver Tobacco,
Carolina Pork.
Herrings in barrels,
Rife-dried corn meal in Hlids. anil BMs.
Rye flour &c. toie-foldbf
Levi fef Son.
Au uft 4
r ~V y HY',l'uhfcribir offin fir file, a FARM, cmtaimng about
A 300 dcrei :' dtjlunt from the City as I#ajlinp vn- and George-
Toum between# nr <}'mU ( . A •PUi B fihir£.*n„ i„ the ban*
tf Mr.Ptltr CafMaverf. G«rg<*Tmin, Uevifi »f Mr. 7U.
maj Fitxftmont, in PhiimJelpbia, and Mr. Rtirrt IVM, in Bill
Tie I.anf wilt be finvn to ajty person, iy applying- to "J tin.
Lydjm,n-ba livesajjoinlty. It lay; in a mo/ihealtu'y mmtry, and
a good neighborboid. There are cn it a common country dwelling*
hcmfi, a targe tobacco-ioufe, and an orchard of good frlit, a conjiuat
Bream with a great fall rum tiro' it, and between 30 or 4S acres,
tj good mea-hnu may be easily male. The lines of tie above in duett
about 40 acres of ivoodLnd. Convenient credits will be affords#
to tiepur chafer if defircd.
Montgomery County, Jutft J, 1755.
■dj Thil.vid lies betnueen two merchant n,ill: f one dsJiaKt
bout a mile, tie other eltnoft adjoining. June 15.
THE Grammar School formerly attached to this
.Co lege, having gradually declined through the
incceafingj infirmities of the late PreSdent for fame
time before his death, it ts prop'ofed Uy the fubfenber
immediately to revive it, and to put it under tne moll
careful initrutfion and government. The Latin,
Greek, and French Languages shall be taught in it, to
gether with the principles of Englifli Grammar, of
Geography, and practical Geometry. Parente, I ke
wifc, who do not chufe that their children fhrmld go
through the intire course of (tudies in t!:» Collepe,
may now have them inftruaed in any 'particular
branches in the fame manner,' on the fame terms, arid
to the fame extent as it< the College—particularly in'
the antiquities and mythology of Rome, in Geogra
phy, in the Mathematics, m'Natural Philosophy and (
Aftronomv, in Moral Philofiphy and the Principles'
of Civil Government, in EK.qiience, and in the Ele
ments of History. They may address their children :
to any of the Mailers in the College, or to
N. B. The young gentlemen fcal! be under the
fame rulrs of moral difciplin? as, the other fltKkrnts-*
jhall be I'ubjefled to pu die examinations, and, at lw,~•
ing the Col.cge, lhall be entitled to public teOimoruMs
of the bran ehes they have fludied, and of their profi
ciency in them.
P. 8. The School is already opened, and under the
direction of Mr. Scott.
EuilfMcr and Stationer, cirner 0/ Cirfaut a<d id Strert, Nn. 52,
Has jufi received a Urge and excellent »fitment of Stationary i
Writinc, Drawing,
Superfine Imperial,
Ditto do. wove,
Ditto do. flat
Ditto i\o. common
Supsrniie super foyal
. Ditto do. wove
Ditto do. flat wove
Ditto Ho. common
Superfine royal
Ditto do. wove
Ditto do. flat do.
Ditto do. common %y *
Super&ne medium
Ditto do. wove
Ditto do. flat do.
Ditto do. commoi *
Superfine demy
Ditto do. wove
Ditto do. flat do.
Common and fine glazed waters in b \:t?. from 2 tun tea
to 10 pounds <?ach, fuperfine i dling vai, commoj, do,
500 Reams K.oyai Printing Paper,
London brown afiort&i, log-book paper, hatter's papir,
ftaincr s paper, common brown, patent Awaiting p.iper,
bonnet boards, biijdcr'sboartfo.
Alio, a variety -jf Wcdgcwood, afrd cut and plain rlafi
philosophical kik-ftanJa, wcli afTorted; pewtcf ink-cnefts
of various fixes j 'round pewter ink'-[lauds, pwer, bsafs,
and polilhed leather ink-stands, for the socket. Shitting
sand and f.i iid-boxe., rouncc and pounce taxes, ink ilfd ink
powder, biacK leather and red morocco pocket books, with
and without iuftruinents. « {fces Countiilg-hoiife
and pocket pen-hnives 'of the be£ quality, afs-ficin° tartlet"
memorandum bocks.
Quills, from half a dollar, to three dollars per hundred,
Black bad penc Is, math •matical iijiftramcnis, ftc.
All iorts of blank books ready made or made to ojdet,
Ea.ik ch. cts, blank bills of eiontnge, and notes of hariX
executed i« copper-plates, iomkins copper-plate copies,
s ' a<^'n g> manifests, fearnen's articles and ioaraah,
&c . &c. 1 ?
A well felcAcJ colk'ftion of law books. Also, of
Greek, Latin, andEngliih clafliics, are how in use in the
colleges and schools of the United States.
June 30,
English Cheese.
JUST imported, and .in, excellent order, 3 •• of
lajc or by the angle chcefe, by GIJLI* & HENSHAW,
JVe* 128 SoUib Wafer J} reel*
a l so,
Bottle Porter/for exportation, taverns, fa.mll
Port \* iiie, in cases of one doi. each
Branny, Ruin, Gin, <Sct,
Augitfl 1
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Nb. 60 South Second Street.
I 'HE Whoiefale and Retail Store far books, STATION,'. fr-
and Fancy articles.
For the greater convenience of mulaßing Lis bufmefs M ,v v
Im rmntJJhm No. 57, tcNo. 60 South Second Str a :~,cr. A
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oj Nrui Mujtc, s curious Caricatures, Privi; Oil Fa'--1-
,ng,, Drawing Book, tfV. Hfo. all wbub he will Jill, as iifita',
for a small proft. J *
T. S. embraces this opjxrtnmty to acknowledge the liberal e~-
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Uau for dcgtnt and ujlfnl literature, 1
June 2J,
may 16, I7oc.
William Young,
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and Printing Paper's, v/z,
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Superfine fo|io pofl
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Ditto do. flat aril wove
Superfine thick
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Ditto do. vilt J
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Supsrfi.ntf/aialj jjoft, folio &
Common & Yfve, gilt and
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coarse papers.
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