Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, August 12, 1795, Image 1

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    Number 913.]
At Mr. N:xon's Wharf,
(hip will take a Freight to any of the Windward
-1 Iflar.ds or £urope, if one offers loon, as (he is bow
ready to She is in complete order, arid has good
ac&omuiQdiUoiis lor passengers. For particulars apply to
Jehu Hollingfworth & Co.
A Few Puncheons of Excellent Ram,
By the above skip, one of which is old.
July 2*7 $
I< R I E T ND°S H I P,
BURTHtN flurry live tons < built in North Carolina,
o! L:ve Oak and f viii years old and pretty
ioimd. Fcr terms appiv to
'Joseph Anthony Son.
The S h 1 1-
MgSs£ P£ **KS TL VA NIA,
BURTHEN 3400 Bbls. Flomt—ccinplsatly found, and
may bj fcnt to fra at a final! cxpcticf.
For term;, apply to GUIt to El
A Quantity of Bordeaux Claret in calks and
Brandj- so Pipes and Butts.
Tulv t6 si
The Ship ADRtANA,
Captain Samo-rl Ci.jrp,
W'H receive Freight, (part ut whieh
'* cngagcl) for Karab'jrgh, is
to 4$ ioon as foe is difchirgcd, can be loaded.
PafTc'iigers that purpose to go to England, are be
lan-led at Deal or Dover, the Ship having good ac
commodations, bcmg lately ejiUrgtd for this purpolt
bl Lenten. For freight c palfage enquire of
Ralph Mather,
Mo. 71, Race-Street.
III!" T4,
300 Hbds. Maryland, and Virginia
OF a superior quality part of which is Kircfoet, and
particularly adapted for the manufa&urcrs, or for the
Hollaed or Hamburgh mirkct.
500 Hogflieads ready to he delivered oft *-oerd a vessel in
Chcfapeake Eay, for sale by
George Sibbald,
Nc.. 170 Scuth FrontJlreet,
July 24
50000 lb. offrirj} Quality Green Coffee
WILL be Landed on Mond iy, the 20th inft. on MelT.
Willings and Francis's Wharf, from on board the
Schooner Delight, Ayres Stokely, Master, from ?t. Do
mingo, for sale by LEVIN US CLARKSON
~j*!j 18 §
Now Landing,
cargoes of the brigs Well-Indian ar.d Betfey&Pol-
A ly from Jamaica :
Coffee in dihds and barrels
Sugar in hhds
Rum, high proof, and
36 bags Pimento.
A Quantity of Coffee in Hhds. Barrels and Sags
S*g;ar 111 Hhtls 7r, ■
Pimento in Cap j lor ts f°rt«ion
Brandy, id an«l 4th proof
Sherry Wine, &c,
"J' j h .11
tor SALE,
1 he Sciiooni
AN American built veflVl, burthen sbcut 300 bbls. of
riotir, and well found—For terms apj-iy to tbc cap
tain »n board at tlic fublcriber's wharf, or to
J'osEP j SIMS.
Jt'ho has for Salt, imported in J'aid i bower,
St. Croix Rum and Sugar, ia Hhds.
and barrels, Coffee, &c.
Auguji 10
Came to the Stable of the Sub/criber,
lAi>r evening, a Blaek Maie, with a liriile white on
_j her «ff hind foot, a»d the head flail of a bridle on
lif r head. Whoever owns the said mar? ftiali have h<*r by
paying for this advertiienient. GEORGE GR£I&N,
Ani. 'O
Hal for sale, at Ms f*ore on Walnut-street wharf*
- ht. Croix i-lum tnd Sugar of fupwrior quality.
St. Domingo Indigo.
l,aguira and St. Domir<ro Hides.
ico Pockets of fire Goaoii.
ALL Persons having any deimnds
on the MJnlftercf Gri-at Britain,- are defir*d to (-nd
their accounts for j. ajment to his house No. 276
ftrcot, before Saturd?f next, the Bth of tliis month.
" A:iguft 4 ... lS
FROM on board the, bng E-gk, Capt. Dewar, nnd
SUmp George, Caut. Chapman, hoi* Port am Trintt,
Kt Hamilton'» wharf,
C hcgftmf'",
Muiiovaito SUGAR, in •< xierctii, £4-
( barrels.
(' luigfjacallsj
\ tierces,
"j barrels, &
■. X. l>B g«*
J bait-?, &
; l .packet,,
. Tor Jul
George Sib* •
'As.l"~U South Fl .■■
CO TON, ia
* -.v
■* C J* #<■<
The Shi?
ir" SMITH.
For sale by
Peter Blight.
No. 123 Pi;>eJtrcet
FOR SALE by the Subscribers, at their Sttfe on
IValnut Jlreet Wharf,
26 Hhds.
33 Barrels and £ Hifpaniola COFFEE, lately arrived
543 Bigs J
Who have also On hand,
Red Port Wine, in Pijes and Hogsheads
Mountain M ine Wine, in Qr. calks
aa Tons Brimflone
Nails assorted
Sail CaiiVus, N°. lij and
A few gentlemen's haudfome Saddles
July s'4
Nn. 70, South Second-Jireet, hear tlx City Tavern,
HAS just opened and for Sale, an Aflortment of La
dies' and Gentlemen's
Faihionable HATS,
from London. Alio a -variety of CJ»ildri.*n'4 Hits of differ
ent Colours.
N. B. A Man or two a? finifhcrs in the above buftnefs,
wett recomaftcndeji, will meet with co'nftant eifipJoy and
good encouragement.
June 6
Antrican LunJfcapts.
Twe nt \-Four VIE VV S,
SELECTED from the molt fir iking and interesting
Ptofpe&s in the United States ; each as which
Views, will be accompanied with a deferiptive account
tof its Local, Hiftoricai, and other Incidental Peculiarities
Author cf tie M li/ltncjlic Xsjj&int and Ancient Ca files in Great
I. That the work (haU be published by Subfcriptlon; and
that each Subfcrib r lhall engage to take the whole set
Views, and shall pay for each engraving if lda<.k or
brown, 2 Dolierg ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
11. That the dimensions of each engraving (hall be 24 by 17
luchcft, ciccuted in acjuaiihta, and published upon paper
of a superior quality. Tile publication to commence im
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub
scribers, on the firfl Monday of cach fuccceding month,
unfil the proposed series shall be finally completed.
111. That with the last View of the fefits, {hall be deli
vered an engraved title-page; an elegant charase;iftic
vignette; a map of the route, connected with the prof
.pe&s exhibited in the the course of the Work; and an
Alphabetical lid of thfe Subfcribc^i.
Sabicri jit ions arc received by Mr. HarrHon, at his Print
(hop, Ma id ?T; lane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-feli-
No. 118, Market (treet, Philadelphia, and fey aid the
principal Bool;-fellcrs in the United States.
February 28.
FaauncKs'sTav e r. n .
No. 59 South Water Strtet,
THE Subferiber rcfpe&fully begs leave to inform hit
friends and the" public in general, that he has remov
ed from No. 166 south id Street, to that large, commo
dious, Hotife in WaterStrcet, between Chefnutand Walnut
Streets, lately occupicd by Mr. Ifta; llazttlurjl, and, <*1
which he has fparcd no TMIUS or cxp.'llfc, to make it con
venient and agreeable-for the receptio.. of gentlemen. 'J'he
Ksufe being fitoafed on the farftefpot where the noted Beef
Sce<ik 3nd ranch honfe formerly stood, has the advantage
of the best water in thii city, known long fmce by the name
of the Oi Till IViter. As there are several elegant
Rooms, fuiliciently large to accommodatc any Society or
company of gentlemen, and from hie well known abilities
topkafe in the line of hisbufinefs, he flatters himfclf with
a continuance of that p itiofiage which he has experienced
fmce he fir ft opened a Public House in this City, and, for
which he beg; leare to make a public acknowledgment.
For the accommodation of Small Parties, the Larpe
Coffee Room »n the ground floor is conveniently fitted
up with a number of Boies, eonftriided in such a man
ner as to admit to be as private as they please
Where may be had, at iiiy hour, Soups, Beef-Steaks,
Reldhes, &c. &c.
He has on hand, and willkeep a constants upply of Spi
rituous and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities.
Breukfafts provi J -J—Alfo Dinners and Suppers cook
ed in thirrioft approved inanner, it a short notice, andPaf
try of all forts, made to order, in thi Koufe, or to fend
out at any hour.
He has several weJl furnifhed Bed Chanfbers, for Board
ers and Lodgers, by the Week, month," er year.
June 2.
In Bath County, Virginia,
Acres of Good Land.
W HEP-EON are the Mot Sp rings, iuhich are from 7b to'
110 degrees of btat. There is on the said land a ban 1-
some and commodious house t?uo jiorhs high, 60 by 30 feet, with a
portico thi, f ull length of the house, and extending to the upper flory,
and oiLer naceffary houses ft for a Public House, for ivhich they
ivere intended'; good houses are over several of the baths, ivith
fweatir.g rooms. There are adjacent thereto, two remarkable cold
springs (if well tajli d littte+fio/le ibater, These baths are a fpocifc
for the mop obflinate rheumatic and all other difenfes originating from
cclds or objiruftect perfpiratiws, and gives great relief in tbegOut;
they have ejfeclsd wonderful cures in various diseases incident to the
ladies ; they have this fpr'fhg made a perfect cure of a difeafc on a
IVeft-Indian refemlAing the leprosy, and are remarkable for the
cure of white five!lings, contradict nerves, and many other difeaf*
are t*Q obf.i/uit* to be efefied by medicine.
T-hcte is near the faiJ Baths ,
A. new Saw-Mill erected, and a Race
Ha>rfr»m thence, to build a ivh-ch rccla'vn~
ab~rt 3c acres of as rich M?jdr~v Lindas any ujwn the
and .Tray be 'watered i*very ziisht, and the bay made thereon fells as
i»e:l as any that is made uoar any city or tjivn ivitbin the United
T'b? brcSrictnrs of the *bWcflypirty ißill treat so* the fame on
.r ; i : will alj6 fell f r a: tab ' c Lam! for t r .co or three
I'jc .«' Sp? a;t:! ;j lie fiii Lm;d and Hojfes at
i, re :?t r oln\ they ivfil re rente!.
Ji'. "■ Good accom:/w'd-itions are provided at the above firings
fc, \t . '.iidgantlf in this '.ftSftfrs ivhich froth experience is found
*c) ci > vhee ir f 'fune> and end the frfl of Oflwber.
if &
V 14
•VG, jrotu en board the Ship Charlotte.
Jattn. Bowers,-from Beurdraux,
iO Pipes Brauuy
20 Tons Claret
For sale by
No. sit Sonth Front, n:ar I'M:ilrset.
J'f DO Jl'lli al/Oy
i "oo cat f3O & ,50 bottles, Choice Old Giaret
,< i ... .. - .
■ ,cju-i<rs a>iJ
Ctinsrk fee.
Philip Nicklin & Co.
$ July 16
For Sale by the Subscriber,
A few hundred barrels ©f Prime Herrings fit for Exp or
i 70,000 fb. Green Coffee in hhds. barrels and bags
Port Wine in pipes f
Madeira in do. hhds. and quarter casks
Terrcriffe in Ditto
Malaga in tjaarter calks
Jamaica Spirits in hh&s.
New England Rum in ditto
Holland Gin
Hyson "V
Hvfon Gomee ( _ _ . „
Soochon" and ( TEA' •ln whol « »nd half chests
Bohca )
Turk's Island and 7
Sweet Oil fh Quart Bottles, aind Cases of 30 bottles
Clayed in hhds. entitled, to Drawback
2000 Buflaels best Liverpool blond Salt
now afloat t will be Sold cheat* from 011 hoard the vciTcL
Leviuus Clarkfon,
Job' i
The highest price k Calh, will be given for
A preference will be given' to Clsret Bottles.—Apply to
No. 187, fodth Third-itreet.
A few Pipes Port
Of a Sup.ricr Quality,
Now landing at Pme-Stre.t Wharf,
1' 01 L ' E v
William & Samuel Keith,
No. South Fro*u-3t-*et.
July 14
BROKE out of the pasture of John De Grufhe, the
.corner of Eleventh arid Sprues Streets, about the
3th instant, two Marts; one an iron-grey., about 14 and
3-4 hands high, the legs of wh£sjh have been much in
jured by the flies. The other t> small 3ay, low In itaft,
about 14 hands high ; legs a!fo injured by the flie6.—
Whoever his taken up thefaid Mares, and will return
them as above, (hall be regarded and a?l reaforlable
charges paid.
July 21
New-Castle Pier Lottery.
PRIZE Tickets in the aoov-- I.ottery are it a fair
aiiccum or exchanged l"*r tickets in the Canal, IVa/b-
Hgton and sou Lotteries, at the O.Tice No: 14? Chef
nut Street
approved Nates to any amount are alio discounted
Ju!._ 24
A Lot, containing about seventeen
acrcs, on the Wiflahiekon road, 4 miles, from the city, and
dire&Jy oppefite to the houfc of Mi-.l&jlc Wharton.
A Lot,containing 10 acres, in Iflinjton Lane, on said
road, near the estate of Jasper Moylan, Esq.
A Lot, containing 10 acre* in Turner's Lane, on said
road, and dirc&ly ©ppofite te the estate of Mr. Tcrnant.
Enquire of Joseph Redman, Woodstock corner of Tur
ner's Lane.
April 6
Fresh T E A S,
Of Superior Quality, viz.
Imperial, or Gunpowder
Hyson Gomee,
lit quality Hyson,
. id. do. uo.
Young Hyion,
Hylon Skin, and
A fe<w Bsxcs of each, f»r fait at
No. 19, Third Street, South.
Dec fc.
Cavern of Death—AMoralTalc.
Jufi PulUflj&d—Price 59 Cents,
And for /ale at WILLIAM W. WOODWARD'S
Printing OJf.c;, No-16, Green Jign oj Franklin'*
Head, Chefnut Street.
HAVING removed to the above-mentioned place from
No. 36. Bookfcllers can be supplied with a number
of New Publications on the raofl: reasonable terms.
JuJl Received, price 80 cents,
Relative to the government of moral agents, particular
ly displayed in future rewards and punilhments; translated
from the French of Ferdinand Oliver Pctitpierre, former
ly miniver of Chaux de Fond.
W, W. Woodward has on hand a neat alTortment of
The Public are refpeOlfully informed that the excellent
work of BURKITT on the NEIV TESTAMENT, ift
Number, will soon be publiflied. Each number 1-4 dol
lar'—'to bi 25 numbers, one every 3 week?.
*** A g ot> d font of second hand Small Pica, if& per lb.
for Sale. Aug. J ISflw
June 23. 3UW4W
Notice is hereby given that an at
tachmcnt was iflfued out of the inferior court of Common
Pleas in and for the county of Cumberland, in the state of
Jersey, returnable o?i the twenty-fifth day of Febru
ary lalt, against the goods and chattels, rights and credits,
lane's and tenements of George Hutz (not being a resident
at that time within the state of New Jersey) at the luit of
Jonathan Ballingcr, in dor fee of job Butcher, which was.
levied by the sheriff of the cowtity of Cumberland " on
a certain sloop or shallop called the Fly of Philadelphia"
with its appurtenances, as by the return of the faidsherifl
wilt more particularly appear—and notice is alio hereby
further given, agreeably to the direction of an a«St of the
Legislature of the state of New-Jersey ia such cafe made
and provided, that unless the laid George Hutz lhall ap
pear and give special bail to answer the suit so as afore*
laid instituted against him by th said Jonathan Batiinger,
wltliirt such time as is preicribed by law, " that then and in
tlmt cafe judgment be entered" against the said George
Hutz " by default, and that the said Hoop or shallop so a*
aforefaid seized on the said attachment" will be lold for
the fatisfaction of all " creditors who shall appear to be
jtistly entitled to any demand thereon, and {hail apply for
that purpofc."
L'ated at Salem, in the county of Salem, in the said
state, the thirty first day*of March A. D. 179 J.
GILES, Clerk.
L::dus Horatio Stockton y ")
Attorney for the Flff. 3
AfrU i
No. ai.6 South Water flreet.
7 e bi fold at Private Sale,
j I ' w ° nevv tJl "e ftol 7 fcffck houses, neatly fimfhed; on
X on the fouthfide of Filbert, above ninth street; each
house has the privilegc oi' a three feet alley, and the lots
run back to a 30 feet wide street.
i w o ' 4 r large t " rce fLor >' brick tnilding, thirty fix and an
hall iset front. ,m the louth fijc of Filbert, abcye Ejghth
street. This lot ejffr nds izo feet in depth and has the pri
vilege of a nine feet alley from Filbert ftrett the whole
length or the lot, and of a 30 feet fijuare court for carrn
g: j iq turn in.
This hft is not finished in the inside, and may
be msdt cither into one or two will for
apy large manufa&ory. The whole clear of ground rent
or any incumbrance
For terms apply at No. in Cliefnut street,
James iyTAlpin,
1 A r L 0 R t
N°. 3 South Fourth Street,
E TURNS bis grateful aei/mvledgements f bis Friends and the
Public for their liberal encouragement, and begs leave to solicit
a continuance of ibeir favort.
-it bis Shop -gnthUKH may he farnijhed with lie b<A materials,
and have the,n made up and fimJhM im At majl fifibnahle manner.
M luill thanlfuily receive any orders and pay a prompt and
punctual attention to them. Oft. ij '
City of Walniiigcon.
Scheme of the Lottery, No
¥gt the Improvement of
I A magnificent / 20,000 Dollars, and
dweiiin* hoote, J cEfti 35,000 arc
1 dit*© is>oeo&caot 25,000
1 ditto 15,000 6l cdlH 15,000
J ci 1, i.J lw,'-0: "V C.,[h iC,COO
1 ditto 5, •*oo 3c cj;h $,000
i .lino 5.000 dt $,joo
' 1 Cath pnzcot
* .000
2 ditto
10 ditto
20 tll'.to
ico ditto
200 ui'to
<JOO (ill to
i,oco duto
15,0 00 ditto
16,739 Pn»r>
33,161 biai«n
50,000 Tickets at 8 dol'irs
This Lottery will afford on eicgant fpecimeii oI the
piivatc buildings to bierefted in the City of Walhington
—Two beautiful dctigni »>rc already fcic fted for the ciitire
fruoit on two us the public Iriuaret t ham thefc draw
ings, it is proposed to erccl two centre and tcur cdrner
buildings, as soon as pollible alter this Lottery is fold, and
u> convey them when complete, to the fortunate adventur
ers, in the manner defenbed in the (theme lor the hotel
Lottery. A ueti U<,«iudiou of five pei cent, w ill be niade
10 dehay tne risceffiiy expeners of priating, &c. ami
~ e f"' p'" B will be made a part at tUrfunii wireiulcd for>' '
National L'mvcifity, to be eiefied with«i the City V
{fST The drawing will commence as form as the Ticfcew
are fold off. ~P' e money prices Will be payable
in thirty days alter il is finilheo,and any prizes for which
lortunate numbers are not produced within twelve month*
alter the drawing is closed are to he cohfidcied as giveiV
towards the fund foi the Univerfny, it bring Aeicn-iA'*
ed to fettle the whole bufiueis in a year troni the er.cnj*
of the drawing ?nd to take up the boiida given «s fceii-
The real securities given for the payment of the Prizet
are held by the President and two Directors oT the Bulk
of Columbia, and are valued at more than hall the am.iunt
•f the Lottery.
The twenty tour gentlemen who by appointment of
the late Commiflioners affiiWd m the managemea: »f the
Hotel Lottery are reqneftedto undertake thi, arduoui talk
a second time on behalf of the public ; a fuftici'-nt num
ber of these having kindly is hoped that the
friends to a National iJniverfity and the other federal ob-
continue to favor the design. The fyrwpfrs of
on *. of 'he Colleges, to form a branch of the National
lnftitution, is already' in the press, and will be fpcWily
publiftied, together with its conftitujion.
A compleat I J i an of the whola of -this Important
Institution, compiled from a fele&icn of the bed materi
als, ancient and modern, will be fubinitted to the public
whenever the fame may have gone through ftich rovifioft*
as may be neceffaryto eftablift the perfect confidence and
general approbation, so essential to its present rife and f»-
ture exiftencefor the general good of Ameriea.
Ly accounts received from the different parts of the
Continerit as well as from Europe, where the ticket*
have bevn sent for sale, the public arc assured that the
drawing will fpecdily commence, and that the care ajiti
caution "unavoidably neceftary to insure a fafe of
the ticket's, has rendered the than fufpeafion iadifpcnl'able.'
February 24, 1795.
t Tickets m>y be had at liic Bank o; Columbia)
of James Weft & Co. Baltimore or G'irieon Dcni'oii
Savannah, ol Pcn-r Gi!mai>, Button; of !oh« Hopkia.
Richmond ; and of Riciuro Wells, CdSpoi , lc,r ..
Ladies and Gentlemju, ,\rc refped.
iiiliy informed,
the.'iiibicrii)tt keeps an TO < Ciacu--: to 1,--...
a :/ rcalonable, which he Onv«s huiWclf aUfr,/
. t " e e °' !nt Co »<*. aire withovt'l.o-i".,
ether o- v,h, ; h :nav be , lia dwcDir-g, Mo
Arch fticet, jstween .Seventh and .Eiifhrh iiroets '«£ i.;,
Stable m highth n-::,r Market ftrert, orat his ufua! {~U.
the oerncr of Market and Fourth ftrt^rs
He rctur*? h«s finccre thanks to .His fricuis, and J, o ac« •<>
merit a continuance of their favors. '
July 16
; o B E SOLD,
' ar £ e grazing FAKM, now in the tenure '/
Mr. John Piflant; containing Lfcout.4.7l acres m- -
than aoo of wliith are meadow i f the W."
remainder confitaof ;.-dar ami mauie i -ami, i/ol id' •
outfidc marsh, mo'ily fit. to lie tr.'<cn >». r '
the river Ddamrr, with a con:?.odious aV'. t
anding, direst y eppofste to Chvlisrj : p* .
pa and Racoon crocks, in GMoKteftcr county • from whVh
■ creeks public market boa;..-; go every w« e k to the cty
This Farm may be conveaimly divided into two leaving
two dwellings in good Ctaatious; has bsrfcs „nd ibhluit
for feeding U head pit cattle; and, frosa its manv ad
vantages, must b an objed for aujr one <•- tci<"~eW in
the grazing or dairy way For tarns or more particular
information, apply to Richard Whitehead
June jc.
f;r ,-jM
[Fslvme VIII.
10, COO
each, art
IC, or 0
J o,oo©
1 o,(?co
s o,©co
20,000 '
c >tt((
ii §*-•»>