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    Number 906.]
The Ship
BURTHEN 3400 Bbls. Flour—compleatly found, and
may beifent to tea at a small expence.
. For terms apply to " GURNET & SMITH.
A Quantity of Excellent Bourdeaux Claret in calks and
Brandy in Pipes and Butts.
July 16 $
JL—- The Ship ADRIANA,
1/Captain Samuel Clapp,
Will receive Freight, (part of which
is engaged) for Hamburgh, and is
to fail as soon as iht is discharged,
and can be loaded.
Paflengers that purpose to go to England, are to be
landed it Deal or Dover, toe Ship having good ac
commodations, being lately enlarged for this purpose
in London. For freight or paflage enquire of
Ralph Mather,
July 14.
The Ship
At Mr. Nixon's IVbarf,
r I (hip will take a Freight to any of the Windward
J_ Islands or Europe, if one offers loon, as Ihe is now
ready to take in. She is in complete order, and has good
accommodations for passengers. For particulars apply to
Jehu Hollingfworth & Co.
A Few Puncheons of Excellent Rum,
By the above fltip, one of which ih old,
July 27
300 Hhds. Maryland and Virginia
OF a Cup 'rior quality, part of which it Kitefoot, and
particularly adapted for the manufacturers, »r for the
Holland or Hamburgh market.
joo Hogsheads ready to be delivered on beard a veflel in
Chclapeake Bay, for sale by
George Sibbald,
No. 170 South FrontJireet.
July 74
Tht Subscriber
Has Removed his Counti»g-Houfe to No,
18, Penn-ftreet, next door to his Neiv Stores.
July, 29, 1795. diw
joooo lb nf Virfl Quality Green Coffee
WILL be Landed on Monday, the aoth win. on Tvitii,
Willings and Francis's Wharf, from, on board the
Schooner Delight, Ayre9 Stokely, Master, from St. Do
mingo, for sale by > LEVINUS CLARKSON
July 18 §
for Sale,
WARRANTED found, suitable for Chair or Saddle,
can be well recommended for strength and bottom.
Apply at No: 18 Pine street
July 27
From on board the inofW Mercury, Hidings Cowper-
th-vjuit, majter, from Ha-var.nah,
215 Hogsheads of Molasses ;
FINDfNG myfelf unable from tedious ir.difpefitiiin, to
eflfetft a fettlcment of my affairs, 1 hi/ve appointed Jfc
lert Mcnderfon my true and lawful attorney, to adjust and
finally fettle all matters where 1 am interested, to pay all
debt! duo by me, and to receive all monies due to me, ei
ther by bond, uote or otherwif;.
Jun* 15 §6w
Now Landing,
-O '
THE cargoes of the brigs Weft-Indian and Betfey&Pol
ly from Jamaica :
Coffee in hhds and barrel*
Sugar in hhds
Rum, high proof, and
36 bags Pimento.
A Quantity of Coffee in Hhds. Barrels and Bags
$sgar in Hhds *) c- c t
Vt . h t „ > For Exportation
Pimento in Bags J 1
Brandy, ift and 4th proof
Sherry Wine, &c,
July il
Insurance Company of the State of
A Dividend of Ten Dollars on each half (hare will be
paid to the Stockholders, or their legal repr.fenU
tivei, on or after the-ioth instant
Bf Order of the Direßors,
SAMUEL W. FISHER, Secretary.
y 10
Augujl i
Thomas Noble,
Monei, LANBytf Commission Broker,
Ko. 149 Cbefnut fireet,
RETURNS grateful acknowledgements to his friends
and the public for the encouragement he has received
since he commenced business.
Continues sales and purchases of real eilates and public fe
eurities:—tranfa&s every species of money negociations
discounts approved nfctes t© any amount, &c. &c.
" Tickets in the Canal and other lotteries, may be had
at the abpvc office.
The Washington Lottery being now on the eve 01
drawing, a uumericalbook will be kept ; from which the
public will have the advantage of examining the fate of
tickets, three days earlier than by the ul'ual communication
of incorred printed flips, irregularly lent by post, and
which arrive* twic« a week owly.
June 24
No. 71, Race-Street.
Si w
For file by
Peter Blight.
No. •jo, South SeconJ-Jtreet, near the City Tavern,
HAS just op«n«d and for Sale, an Affortraent of La
dies' and Gentlemen's
Fashionable HATS,
from London. Also a variety of Children's Hats ©f differ
ent Colours.
N. B. A Man or two as finifhers in the above bufinefjs,
well recommended, will me«t with constant employ and
jood encourajement.
June 6. i
American Landscapes.
Twenty-Four VIEWS,
SELECTED from the moil flriking and intereftng
Profpefts in the ETnited States ; each «f wlich
Views, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of its Local, Historical, and other Incidental Peculiarities
Author of the " Monajl'ic Remain* and Ancient Ca files in Great
I. That the work (hali be publilhed by Subfcriptroß; and
that each Subscriber {hall engage to take the whole set
of Views, and lhall pay for each engraving, if blac.k or
brown, 2 Dollars ; and if coloured 5 DolUrs.
11. That the dimenfion.s of each engraving (half be 34 by 17
inches, executed in aquatinta, and publilhed upon paper
of a superior quality. The publication to commence im
mediately; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub-
feribers, on the firft Monday of each succeeding month,
until the proposed series (halt be finally completed.
111. That with the last View of the series, (hall be deli
vered an engraved tifcle-page; an elegant ohara&ei iftic
vignette; a map of the route, coune&ed with the prof
pe&s exhibited in the the course of the Work; and an
Alphabetical lift of the Subfcnbers,
Subscriptions arc received by Mr. Harrifon, at his Print
(hop, Maid* nlane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-fell
er, No. 118, Market street, Philadelphia, and by aU Ac
principal Book-foller» in the United itatus.
February 28.
FOR SALE by the Sub/cribers, at their St<e on
WalnutJlreet Wharf,
26 Hhds. }
3.} Barrels and £ Hifpaniola COFFEE, .Vely arrived
540 Bags 3
Who have also on handy
Red Port Wine, in Pipes and HogfVeads
Mountain Wine Wine, in Qr. cafi»
20 Tons Brimstone
Naife alTorted
Sail Canvas, N°. lay and
A few gentlemen's handfontf Saddles
Philip Nicklin & Co.
■'y 2 4
Frauncks's Tavern.
No. 59 South Water Street.
npHE Subscriber rcfpe&fully begs leave to inform hi®
X friends and the public in general, that he has rcmov
iHi a SJL\ c °? , -2r
Streets, lately »ccupied by Mr. Isaac llaaleburjl, and, on
which he has spared no pains orcxpenfe, to make it con
venient and agreeable for the receptio.. of gentlemen. The
House being situated on the fame spot where the noted Beef
Steak and Punch honfe formerly stood, has the advantage
of the bsft water in this city, known long finee by the name
of the Crrrn Tree IVater. As there are several elegant
Rooms, fufficiently large to accommodate any Society or
company of gentlemen, and from his well known abilities
topleafein the line of hisbufinefs, he flatters himfelf with
a continuance of that patronage which he has experienced
fipce he fir 11 opened a Public House in this City, amd, for
\yhich he begs leave to make a public acknowledgment.
For the aec»mmodation of Small Parties, the Large
C<Vffee Room en the ground floor is conveniently fitted
up with * number of Boxes, eonftrn&cd in such a n»an
ner a« to admit Gentlemen to be as private a 6 they please—
Where may be had, at ally hour, Soups, Beef-Steaks,
Rcliihes, &c. &c.
He has on hand, and will keep a confcantf upply of Spi
ritucms and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities.
Breakfafts provided—Also Dinners and Suppers cook
ed in thc-moft approved manner, at a short notice, andPaf
try of all forts, made to order, in the House, or to fend
out at any hour,
He has several well furnifhed Bed Chambers, for Board
ers and Lodgers, by the Week, month, «r year.
'unt a,
la Bath County, Virginia,
4<o Acres of Good Land.
WHEREON are the Hot Springs, •which are from JO to
110 degrees of beat. Tkere is on the fa'td land a hand
fume and commodious house tivojlorieshigh, 60 by 30 feet y -with a
Portico the full length of the boufe> and extending to the upper Jlory,
and other ncceffary houses ft for a Public House, for ivhich ibey
toere intended; good houses are over several of the baths, ivitk
fzveating rooms. There are adjacent thereto, tivo remarkable told
springs of tvell tafled lime-Hone ivater % These baths are a fpecifc
for the moji obstinate rheumatic and all other difcqfes originating from
< olds or objlruftcd perforations, and gives great relief m tbegout;
they have ejfeSled tuonderful cures in various diseases incident to the
ladies i they have this spring made a perfeSl cure of a dlfeafe on a
Weft-Indian refembllng the leprosy, and are remarkable for the
cure of -white fivellings, contra bled nerves > and many other difeetf
are too objlinatt' to be cjjeflcdby medico:9,
There is near the said Baths ,
A new Saw-Mill eredted, and a Race
dug from thence, to build a Manufacturing Mill, -which reclaims
about 30 acres of aj rich Meadmo Land as any upon the Continent,
and may br -.entered every night, and the bay made thereon fells as
•well as any that is made near any city or town within the United
The proprietors of the above properly will treat for the fame on
the prmiji't "t ahy time bet-ween the 10th of Augujl and the 10tb
of September ; they ■willafo fell Valuable Land Jor two or three
Farm near the said Springs, and if the faidLand and Houfss at
tie firings are not fold, they tvill be rented.
JV. B. Good accommodations are provided at the above springs
fir ladies and gentlemen this season, ■which from experience is fntud
j bef to commence in June, and end the firjl of OBtoar,
J«!y m
LANDING, from on board the Ship Charlottt
Capt. Jona. Bowers, from Bourdcaux,
30 Pipes Brandy
ao Tons Claret
No. ail South Front, near Pine ftruet.
Who has alje,
ajoo cases of 30 & 50 bottles, Choice Old Claret
600 hviglheids ditto
A Quantity of Annifeed
Noyaux Liqueur* aßd
Cambric ks.
BROKE oot of the picture -of John De Grulhe, the
corner of Eleventh and Spruce StPeets, about the!
Bth instant, two Mares; one an iron-grey., about 14 m l
3*4 hands high, the legs of whidh have been much in
jured by the flies. The other 1 small Bay, low in flaih,
about 14 hands high j legs also injured by the flies.—
Whoever has taken up the said fylares, and will return
them as above, (hall be rewarded and all reafonaole
charges paid.
PRIZE TicWt» in the above Lottery are paid at a fair
dilcount or exchanged for tiefcets in the Canal, Wajh
ington and Paterfm Lotteries, at the Office .No: 14 i Cli. f
nut Street
Where approved Notes to any amount are also discounted.
I'ine 24 §
A few hundred barrels «f Prims Herrings fit for Expor.?
tat ion
70,000 rb. Gre«« Coffee in hhds. barrels aad bags
Port Wine in pipes
Madeira in do. hhds. and quarter calk*
TYnerifll- in Ditto
Malaga in quarter calks
Jamaica Spirits in Mids.
New England Rum ua ditto
Holland G'in
Hy.'oii ~\
H)fon Gomee f
Souchong and f
Bthea J
T-irk's Island and
Sveet Oil in Quart Bottles, and Cases of 30 bottle*
Clayed Sogers in hhds. entitled to Drawback
:000 Bujhels bejl Liverpool blond Salt
now atfoat, will be Sold cheap from on board the velTel.
Levinus Clarkfon,
_ South Water ftreet.|
A preference will be given to Claret Bottles.—Apply to
No. 187, south Third-ltreet.
April! 10.
Horse Academy ;
' | ""*■ and Gentlemen of Philadelphia and its yi
cuiity are reiji C flf u lly informed, that a Building of
t e aoove dufcription is intended to be immediately ereAcd,
under the sole oircv-L.un , . 4; _'
and Gentlemen will be inftru&ed in Riding and managing
the Horse according to the established rules of art, and
Horfet will be properly broke for every purpefe. But as
the fitting up such buildings will be attended with a heavy
expence, he has publiflied proposals, soliciting a fubferip
tion to forward this ufeful Seminary, particulars of which
may be feenat Mr. Ormrod's Printing Office Chefnut
street; he will he happy to waitapon any lady or gentle
man inclined to honour him with their support and folly
exp.ain himfelf on this fubje&, aline addrefs'd to him at
No. 63, South Third street will be duly attended to.
Thafc gentlemen &c. who may have horses labour
ing vrith difcafes either sick or lame he willattend on them
if dclircd and immediately explain tke nature of the com
plaint and what can be done to help and relieve them—he
also engages t« cure and make found horses which have
the following complaints, viz. canker'd feet, contra&ed
hoofs, sand cracks, quittors, fplents, wind galls, curbs and
spavins, either bog or boney, if in their firll ftagea.
He performs a eurioas manual operation which takes
away the cause of blindnifs from Horses that have bad and
weak eyes. The above he has experienced on mare than
fix hundred Horses, with Angular success.
Letters addrefltd to biip or addresses left at Majtr Pan
cake's, the sign of General Miffim, north Fourth ilreet,
will bt duly attended to.
N. B. Any Lady or Gentleman who hive Horses
that hare been ill brok», and very aukward and un
handy to ride, he will engage t> give them iix suppling
leflons in his temporary manage, at the small expense
of only five Dollari, by which their Mouths and anions
(hall be more altered for the better than is possible to be
conceived by those who are unacquainted with the art.
The Ledlurcs on Horfemanlhip published by T. Sirann
are to be had at Mr. Ormrod's, Chefaut-ftn et; where
in is contained more concise and genuine inftru<f\ions
on which the art is founded, than are to be had in any
publication, eornprifed in so small a compass, now ex
ALL Persons indebted to the Estate
of Alexander Ritchie, deceased, are requested to make im
mediate payment to the fubferibers ; and those who have
demands againftfaid estate, are requested t» bring in their
accounts and receive payment.
Called TrriTTRNHAM.
SITUATE in the toivnjbip * of Upper Derby, and county of
Delaware, 7 I-l from Philadelphia, and half a mile
from the new IVeflern road: containing 230 at ret of excellent
LanJ t .*5 of which are good -watered IVleadoiv, 90 tf prime
Wood Land) and the reft Arable of the frfi quality. There are
on the premises a good tvxjQory Brick House, with 4 rooms on
a floor, and Cellars under the whole, -with a Pump Well of ex
cellent Water in front ; a large frame Barn, Stables, and other
convenient buildings; a Smole-Noufe andflonr Spring Huufe ; t~:#n
good Appie- Orchards, and one of Peach s. ' The Fields are all in
I Clover, except ihofe immediately under tillage, and are so laid
j out as to have the advantage of Water in each of them, which
renders it peculiarly convenient for Grazing.
The Jituation is pleasant and healthy, and from thr high culti
vation of the Land, the good neighborhood, and the vicinity to the ci
ty , it is very faitable for a Gentleman ; Country Seat.
Ihe fo> egoiug is part of the Estate of "facob Mar man, deccafed,
and offered for [ale by
ordecai lewis
Surviving Executor,
For sale by
June 4, 17QS •
5 July 16,
July 21.
Na w-Castle Pikr Lott*rt.
For Sale by the Subjcriber,
TEAS, in whols and half chtftt
price in Calh, will be given for
Few Pipes Port
Of a Superior Quality,
Novr landing at Pine-Stre«t Wharf,
For sal~e by <
William & Samuel Keith,
No. 179, Soath Frant-Strtct,
July 14
ROBERT SMITH, i Executocs
'uly *1, 1795
A very valuable ESTATE,
From the MINERVA."
At igejieral Meeting of Diforganizers, in the Uni
ted States, at CIuH-FTaIL
Citizen FACTION in the Chair.
This meeting taking into confederation the wo
fill ftstc ot affairs in France, where diforgaai.
7.ers have become odious and deieftable ; where the
friends of law and order raise their heads, and Jaco
bimfm frequently falls under the axe of the" law •
and anxiou* for the fate of the glorious cause of Club
Government,have corrse to the following resolutions.
Refolded, that as trie fate of popular meeting*
and nightly club government is very doubtful in
1 ranpe, it is the sense of this meeting, that in cafe
disorder and tumult should be ultimately crafted in
prance, they ought to find a refuge in the United
states, and be received with a fraternal emhrcce, by
all good diforganizers.
Reloived, 1 hat the rallying watch words (hall be,
Liberty, Equality, and itepublicanifm ; and th?.t
noi.e of our friends who arc ineapnble of reading
and understanding-, may be ignorant of the true spirit
of these words, it is heieby declarer,, that the word
LIBERTY figiiifies, the right of throwing tto iies and
hilEng at thole who try to argue with us; equality
me?Bs the right of people to do themfclvcs ; wh?t
the laws fay (hall be done by their Jleprefentative? ;
and republicanism is the privilege of being of
our party.
Resolved, That in our opinion, the Constitution
oi the United Slates it very wrong in vesting the
powerof making treaties in the President and Senate ;
and therefore we do not agree to it ; but we deter
mine hereafter that all Treaties fjiall be ratified
in t©wn meetings, in any irregular way that any one
diforganizer fliall fee fit to propose.
tP catr y our Pur
dopted and pursued, until better can be devised.
ift. When any Treaty is ratified by the Senate,
we will contrive to get hold of ir, and if we do not
like it, we will take all pofiiole pains to prejudice
the public mind againlt it. We will publilh part
of it firft, fele£ting the moil odious parts, as belt a
dapted to our purpose. We will let this go into the
world, and fpiead it over the United States, to pre
occupy the ground, and then publish a true copy.
2d. To make sure ofoUrwoik' we will fend ex
presses and letters to every quaiter, to excite a fer
ment —we will condemn the Treaty in the whole,
have town meetings called before the Treaty is pub
lifhcd, and the whole Treaty damned before it U
read. If any body is old-fafhioned enough to doubt
the propriety of such halte, in such a serious affair,
and demand time to read the Treaty and think of
it, we will always have feme noisy fellows ready to
urge the danger of delay, and that the seal may be
set to the Treaty, when it will be too late for the
people to object. In this way we will hurry it on,
and if we enlist ihepiifi ns of people, what matter
is it for thri' •-'nCnti ?
x u iceurc a majority ot the people «i imric
meetings, we will spread a number of misrepresent
ations to alarm them ; always taking care to adapt
our lies to the class of men who are to be deceived.
Thus to frighten the (hip carpenters, we will fend
a runner t» tell them, if the treaty should become
law, there can never be built in America any veflels
larger than 70 tons burthen. If we want to triuf
ter journeymen carpenters, masons and apprentice
boys, we will tell them the Treaty will lower wa
ges to three (hillingsa day. And thei'e lies ar« to
be fpiead but a little time before the meeting, other
wise these deluded, but honest people, will i'ufpect
the trick, and wont come to bawl and vote.
4th. The better to make the plan work, we will
set up the cry of Wbiggifm for ourselves and Toryism
for our oppofers. And if here and there a Nuva
Scotia Refugee, should intermix with the crowd,
and men who have not been in America 6 months,
{hould join, we will call them all '76 r«eu, and swear
to it.
sth. To enable the meetingj to be fully attend
ed, and that laboring men may not lose their wage*
by being called off in hurrying seasons to r3itfy or
disapprove of Treaties, the hour of meet lag kiiii
b« 12 o'clock. And if any body offers to difcuf#
the Treaty, we willltonc him or his* him down.
We can do this much better than vv« can argue and
reason, and befules it will not takr l»lf the time to
decide questions by stones, that it will b? argument)!.
Resolved, That whenever any of our fooiety think
a Treaty a bad one, it shall be burnt by the hand*
of the common hangman ; and in cafe a hangman
cannot be procured, that offiee may be performed
by any Gentleman of our party.
RefoWed, That the Canada article of Lord
Grenville's Treaty, ii a bad one ; btcatje it per
mits British fubjeds to carry on trade to the Unti
ed States, which they could do brfore —and admit*
our Citizen* to a free trade to Canada, which they
had not iff ore.
Resolved, That it is ivuhed and uncrial to afofr
tain our ioffes of property in the fame ivuy f'«at B, i
ti(h lofles ate afcertaiacd. It ia it-rl more tinjnlt t«
be compelled to pay Biitifti «fr!>»s th;it . ■ e froi\ff
tern to thirty yean oil, , u form as Gre> ! IV.ix.ut is
obliged to pay f.r illegal fmur«« made the /jl ar.
Our losses ought to he paid tiy, J,m as; to JJri
■jifh debts, v e ought to take our u,\r> time to p
, *
j . ,
* *
Resolved, That the detention of the WVfttrn
Potts is a breach of Treaty; and therefore the Br
tifh nati >n are a faithlefs nttion. But to make old
horses nd depreciated paper a tender for Bmifh
debts, i» no violation of cofitraft, and therefore wc K
arc not so far a faithlefs people.
Refolved,That we have an r'xectia're Committee,
conGftmg of men without property; a few of whom
have been fevenly lix mrii, whether diltingbi/hed
for fighting, running away, or furrtndering, is nat
Relolved, *8 the lenfe of all true diforgamVers
That men who nay neither bufiuefs nor proper yj
make the best patriot* y because, having nothing'
.1) .
Volume VIIIJ