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    Number 895.]
The Ship
BURTHEN 3400 Bbls. Flour—compleatly found, and
may be feat to fta at a small expcnce.
For terms apply to GUH NET t2 SMITH.
A Q-!T.rltv of Ex ellent Boyrdeaux Claret in caflcs and
fcramly in fojics aild Butts.
July 16 §
m 0 S T 0 N,
. The Sloop
<dhios QazmaN) Master,
WILL foil in a fevr clays, for freight or paltage apply
to the captain on board, or to
IVbo have for fain, received by said Vifftl,
Bemerara Sugar, in hliJs.
Coffee in Bags and
A few Bales excellent Cotton.
Jn'y ! 5
M' :n £ whur', this vsfTel-is
Ready tu uk- in a cargo, and is well found in ringing
and f-ils. Her burthen abr>ut 650 Barrels- Apply to
SAMUEL BRECK, Jun. Rofs's wharf.
J d
June 20
A Note of Hfind, dated the 7th July, 179.", drawn'by
"Danici M'Cormick, payable to thu Subscriber 60
days after date, for five thousand dollars ; as the payment
is flopped, anyperfon leaving it at No. 13 Courtland flreet
will be paid for their trouble. IVm. S. SMITH.
New York,
July 14
25 Dollars Reward.
T OST, 0:1 the Road between Princeton and Trenton,
.*■ .J a Red Morocco Pocket Book, containing a Bill of
Exchange for 533 Dollars 33-100. drawn by J. Price & Co%
on Comfort Sands Elq. New York—-dated Charleston, S.C.
at 60 days fight, accepted 2zd IvTay in favor of M.'firs.
John J. Waldo & Co. and indorsed by Samuel Breck Jun.
per power o<" attorney from Meifrs. Waldo and Cfc the pay
ment of is llopt* Like wife 90 Dollars in Bank
Notes, and other papers of no confluence but to the own -
«r. Whoever finds and returns totfye Printer hereof, the
fafd Pocket Bock with its contents, shall reccive the above
July 14
Insurance Company of North America,
July 14, 179 5>
THE Dividend for the last half year is declared by the
pFcfider.t and Director* to be one dollar an J seventy
five cents on each Cure o; Stock in this Company ; which
■will be paid to th . S;ockholders, or their legal representa
tives, in ten days from this date, agreeably to charter.
By Order !-f the Prejidcnt and Director!,
Wanted to Rent,
ONr or two good sized Rooms on the Ground
in a central part of ihe C*ty» * or aCompting House.
Applv at the office of this Gazette.
July 17
iioo Barrels Tar.
750 Molafies {hooks,
St Domingo MoUiftO jjogsheads.
and byr*p, J b
Pimento, in lcrroons,
No, 170 South Front Street.
June 27
For Sale by the Subscriber,
A few hundred barrels ef Prime Herrings fit for Eitpor-
tat ion
70,c0c lb. Green Co3ree in hhds. barrels and bags
Port \V ine in pipek
ra in do. hhds. and quarter calks
Ttncriffe in Ditto
Mnia'ga in quarter casks
Jamaica Spirits in hhds.
New England Rum in ditto
Holland Gin
Hyion -\
">Ud"n°Td ( TEAS » snwho!e andchcfts
Bohea )
Turk'* Island and
Liverpool J
Sweet Oil in Quart Bottles, arid Cases of 30 bottled
Chyed Sugars m hhd>. entitled to Drawback
2000 Bujbels bcjlLiverpool blond Salt
now afloat, will be Sold cheap from oh board the vcffel.
Levinus Clarkfon,
Philip Ivicklin & Go. v
Are now Landing from the Ship Libert/, Capt. Van-
L.iVfinyif, from Liverpool,
100 casks of Nails aflorted in 41i, bJ, Brf, 10J, and lod.
J lily 14
And from the schooner Favorite, from Virginia,
Si Hogflieads prime Tobacco, and
Ijoowt. Virginia Hams.
They have also on hand,
2.2 Tons Pig Lead-
Rich Mountain Wine in Quarter Casks,
fine Old Port Wine in Pipes and Hogiheads,
Sp-iniih Liquorice Bail, in boxes of Z cwt. each
Brimlionc, crude and refined,
Lnghfh fail Canvas afmrted
Crown Window (Jlals 8 by 10,
Ivi en's Lugiilh fad dies, and
A Quantity of Mahogany.
3 i
A's. 70, South Secord-Jireet, near the City Tavern,
HAS just opened and for Sale, an Assortment of La
dies' ana Gentlemen's
. Jbalhionable HATS,
ftffin London. Alio a variety of Children's Hats of differ
ent Colour*. ' .
M. ii. A Mati cr.two as finifliers in the above bufincfs,
we*l .ecouimetidtd, wiil tat it with cooft«uit employ and
jjooii cncoufug-jiicnt»
June t. <i
. 7t
No. 116 South Water ft'reet,
Slaftife iplnito #'
Captain Samuel Clapp,
T > r i!l receive Freight, (part of which
' s engaged) for Hamburgh, and is.
to fail as soon as fee is difcliarged,
and can be loaded.
PafTengersthat purpose to go to England, are to be
landed at Deal or Dover, the Ship having good ac
commodations, being lately' enlarged for this purpose
in Lonaon. For freight or pailage enquire of
Ralph Mather,
No. 71, Race-Street.
July 14.
' The SHIP
iPffiK'' amiable,
' Danhl TiUinghurJij KKaJisr
Aconftant trader—a ftauueh, flout, Cedar and Live
Oak (Kip, with good accommodations for paflengers,
lails remarkably faff, and now beginning to take in her
cargo, and is expelled to be ready to depart by the firft of
next month, Fctt Freight or Pa/Tags £pply to the mailer
The Amiable is intended to remain In Liverpool 21
days, and no longer; weather permitting, and to return im
mediately to this port.
For SALE, A Quantity of
Fine Liverpool Stored Salt.
The highe.t price in Cafli, will be given for
A preference will be given to Claret Bottle*,—Apply to
No. 187, l'outh Third-ltreet.
si/ft.' 10.
New-Castle Pilr. Lottery,
Y)R!2E Tickets in the above Lottery are paid at a fair
X difcou;i£,or exchanged f« tickets in the Canal, tVJh
ington and Pj'.crfi.* Lotteries, at the Office No: 14y Chef-
nr.t Street
Where approved Notes to any amaun: are also discounted
June 24
Fraunces's Tavern.
h r o. 59 South [Fata' Street.
T-JE Subscriber refpcftfully begs leave to inform hi.
friends and the public in general, that he has remov
ed from No. 166 south ad Street, to that large, commo
dious, House in WatcrStreet, between Chefcut andjW-luut
Streets, lately occupied by Mr. Ifnac aud, on
which he lias spAred no pains oresp;nfe, to make it con
venient and agreeable for the receptio.. of gentlemen. The
House being fitnated on the fame fpnt where the noted Beef
Steak and Punch house formeily stood, has the advantage
of the heft water in this city, known long fmce by the name
of the Gran Tree IVater. As there are several elegant
Rooms, fulficiently large to accommodate any Society or
company of gentlemen, and from his well kr.ivvn abilities
topleafeiu the Tine of hitbufmefs, he flatter. Jiuufdf with
a continuance of that patronage which he has experienced
(Vnce h: 6rft opened a Public House in this City, and, for
which he begs leave to make a public acknowledgment.
For the accommodation of Small Parties, the Large
Colfee Room oa the ground floor is-conveniently fittid
up with a number of Boxes, conftrafled in such a man
ner as to admit Gentlemen to be as private as they plcafe—
Where may be had, at any hour, Soups, Beef-Steaks,
Relifnes, occ. &c.
He has on hand, and willkeep a constant supply of Spi
rituous and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities.
Br-eakf.fts provided—Also Dinners and Suppers cook
ed in the most approved manner, at a ftiort notice, andPaf
try of all forts, made to order, in the House, or to scad
out at any hour.
He has fevsral well ftirnilhed Bed Chambers, for Board
ers and Lodgers, by the Week, month, or year.
Jun 4
At the STOKES of
, Jesse & Robert Waln,
PORT WINE in pipe'., lihds. and quai tei calks
LISBON do.ii* pipes and quartet calks
Snucliongaird I'.ongo "I E AS, i n quartet chests
A quantity of l.ilbonaiid CadizSALT
Soft (helleci ALMONDSin bales
Velvet CORKS, in do.
Ruflia MATTS.
May z J
In Bath County, Virginia,
4 Acres of Good Land.
VT are the Hot Springs, nvbicb are from 'JO to
X V lIQ 'degrees of beat. There is on toe said land a band
fime and iomfnodious bovfe tiooJiories high, 6© by $ofect s • with a
portico *tbe full length of the bouse, and extending to the upper flory,
and o&tY necessary bouses ft for a Public House, for nvbicb they
nvijfe intended; good bouses are over fever al *f the baths, ivitb
five siting founts. There are adjacent thereto, tzvo remarkable cold
firings of ni> el I tafed lime-Rone nvater, Tbefe baths are a fpccif-c
for the mofl obflinate rheumatic and all other diseases originating from
colds or cbfirufted perforations y and gives great relief in thegout ;
they bank effcSed nvonderfal cures in various dfemfes incident to the
ladies ; they have this spring ninde a perfeSl cure of a disease on a
IVefl- Indian refambling the leprosy, and are remarkable for the
cure of nubile fnvcllings., controlled nerves, and many other difeaf
ure tjo obflinate to be effe6led by medicine.
There is near the said Baths ,
A new Saw-Mill erected, and a Race
dug from theme to build a Manufi&uring Mill, ivh/cb reclaims
about 30 acres of as rich Meadow Land as any upon the Continent,
and may be watered every night» and the bay made thereon fMs as
ivell as any that is made near any city or toubn ibithin the United
Tit pnptieton of the above property '.f ill tttat for the fame en
the premifei, at any time between the 20th of Augujl and the loth
of September ; they will also fell Valuable Land for two or three
Farms near the J 'aid Springs, and if the f*id Land and Houjts at
the firings arc not fold, they will be rented*
N. B. Good accommodation' art provided at the aboiie fpringt
for ladies and gentlemen this feafin, which from experience is found
kef to commence Juke, and end the firj! of OClobir.
7 ul y *4
Few Pipes Port
Of a Superior Quality,
Now landing at Pine-Street Wharf,
For sale By
William & Samuel Keith,
No. #79, South Pront-St-'et.
Jylv a-
NOW laying at Mr John Wilcock's
Wharf. The Ch.ii'Jotte is an excel
lent,' Well built New-England Shin, five and one half
years old, 104 tons tier iegift-i, and is udl found and
fitted in every refpe '+. Apply tu
Nalbro' & John Frizier,
A r o. 9«T fiwtb rr%nt-jirrei. (f\Ot
7"b 11,
Wanted to Charier,
F° r a port in Europe,
* " which will carry about * hun-
V?' Hogsheads of tobacco.
Enquire of E. DUTII.H'& WIcM
SMUTH, SouthSecouJ-ftreet, No. 164.
June 29, 5
Thomas Noble;,
Monet, Land, f<f Commission BsoxKk,
No. 149 Chtfnut jlrtet,
RETURNS gra'.efui acknowledgments to his friunj,
and'the public for' the cacouragetocjit lie liu rut-uvei)
since he commenced bu&acf*.
C'outinus fates and purchafesof real estates and public fe
curities:—trar.fa-fts every. Specie* of nu..ey. negotiations-
difcouati appiuvcd notes to aay amount, J;e. <vc.
I icket* in the Canal otiiti --OLteli. s, may be had
at the above office.
The Washington Lottery being itow un the eve ol
drawing, a numerical book will be k-pt ; from which the
public will hate the advantage of examining tl,„ f,;te of
tickets, three days earlier than by the ul'ual communication
of incorreil printed ilio», irregularly fait by pcit, a;.d
which arrives twice a week only.
June 24
A merican Landfcabes.
Twenti-Fou r VI EW S,
SELECTED from the molt fluking and interefling
Profpedts ill the United States ; cach .ef which
Views, will be accompanied with a defcriplive account
of its Local, Historical, and other Incidental Peculiarities
Aiutbor of tie u &lunaf:ic Remaint a d An;':eht Ca/Ua in Great
Britain. 1
I. Hiat the work shall be publuhed hy Subfcrivtion
that each Subscriber shall engage to take the -.vhole fat
of Views, and shall pay for ealh engraving,' if U.i.Jc or
brown, i Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
11. That tht diminCous of each engraving shall be 14 by 17
inches, executed in aquatinta, and ptibiifhed upon paper
of a superior quality,. The publication to commence im-
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to.the Sub.
fcribers, 011 the firft Morday of each fuccjcding month,
until the proposed series Cull be finally completed.
111. That with the l.ifl View of the series, shall be deli
vered an engraved title-page ; an decant oharailei iflic
vignette: a map of the route, connected with the prel
peefs exhibited in the the course qf the Work; ar.d an
Alphabetical lift of the Subscribers,
Subfcriptioßs arc- received by Mr. Harrifon, a: his Print
lhop, rvhidcnlane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, lit.oli-f.-li
er, No. 118, Market ilrcet, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-fcllcr* in the United Status.
February iS,
FINDING mvfelf unable from tedicUa indijpofition, to
effect a fettlcment of my affairs, 1 have appointed Rs
hrl Hen.,'erfan my true and lawful attorney, to adjust and
finally fettle all matters v. here I am interfiled, to p -V all
debts dus by mc, and to receive all monies due to me, ci
ther by bond, note or otherwise.
June 15
To be Sold tit Public Vendue,
ON Seventh Day, a;th July, at .■ o'clock ir. the
noon, at the f;gu of the Blue Bell on Cobb's creek,
One Acre of .Land, on the weft fide of said creek, and
adjoining land of Hugh LoydEfq. Dr. Pafclull, aud othen.
Attendance will be given at the place of sale.
July 18 §
50000 lb. of Virjt Quality Green Coffee
WILL He Landed on Monday, thr aoth inft. on Mess.
Willings and Francis's Wharf, from on board the
Schooner Delight, Ayici Stokeiy, Mailer, from St. Do
mingo, far sale by LEVINUi CLARKSON
Jul}' 18 j
HAS removed his Office irom No. 1? south Fourth to
No. 3 ; Walnut ftrtct.
June 4
New Hosiery.
Jt bis HOSIERY STORE, No. 48 Che/nut lh cct,
RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public in
general, that he hasjull received l>y the {hip Liberty
from Liverpool, a further i'upply of
Men's & Women's Silk and Cotton
Among which are a very ex.enfive assortment of Gentle
men's j>lain white,, fancy, and patent Silk, fuperfme fancy
pliUed silk and cotton, fine white, plain, and ribb'd cot
ton—a very large assortment of fancy Patent and fine ran
dom fancy cotton, &c. which he will fell upon the most
reasonable terms by the dozen or pair.
A General Assortment of every other article of DRY
GOODS, newly imported.
Thoi'e gentlemen who pK-afe to favor B. C. with their
commands, will meet with, at hit store, a moft< elegant,
extenlive, and well chosen aflortment of every dei'cription
of Hofury. Alio, a great Variety of
Gentlemen's Out-fixes.
Has for l'ale, at his llore on Walniilt-ftrect wharf,
St. Croix Rum ;.nd Sugnr of superior quality.
St. Dooiingo Indigo.
I.aguira and St. Domingo Hides.
106 Pockcls of fine Cotton.
Jtue 13
drawn by Benjamin K. in
of the Subfcrilwr, dated May 16, 1795, at 60
for four hundred twenty-five dollars 66 cents.
Payment being flopped, it will be of no use but t
Ally porfca hivingfound tlitt fame, is requrdf,! t0 li
it|at No. 55 North Water llriet, iuidtlicy "ir.alh be tha
.fylv j 8
Arhtmntt d'infutKe.- ft, um!t et ,t prl!* tn pvfral, fu'il a
ow.-i t-,. Emm public, A,-, Statc.-«rc<>t/ -RiHtn.
*/*&* "i ?•*« <3* Hnfi i iihjtmrfutovmmu.
■./'/* ' <"V t.-gmr, at (j«w«, /■ vMcnt., m'<mt,
*«(?•/'«*.» ■■! x, y.v; 'Muiimt Ht» i'lx.l.l inr Jt Itur ctnjianct.
- t iff Cjiixr i:'u fl,r hurt intertft
ct put ta ijl.l ftr'i.a w'e-nt;, &<„ f* .-mJ:ke it rcxdrc digne de
it*, cotfmna &
! ivf - Li J^jfaires ji*+ Cwtijjion t dc quebjue nature > queUm
jaieni, feronttbn&UcUerxenC tl tULiicaimtnt extt.ites.
•■y -. J
» 3
FiiEsn Fruits fee.
\ ' c 0* Tillioiii be Landed,
AtStamper's wharf, from on 6oar<! the fchoo
ncr £.liaa, P. Arnold, mailer, direct from Malaga.
300 Qr. Ca&s old Mountain Wine,
of fupcrior cjuaiity..
joo Qr- barrels B'.ooir. Raifim.
100 Boxe» Lemoui,.
- 2 3oxcs muscatel Raifiiis.
191 fare ditto ditto.
4'J tO
a Kegs F.
T3ROKE out of the piflure of Jolin De Grulhe, the
J.) corner or Eleventh and Spruce Streets, about the
Bth m Slant, two Mures ; one an iron-grev, about 14 and
3-4 hands high, the legs of whi.h have'been much in
jured by the Hies. The other 1 smalt Bay, low in flefh,
about 14 hands high j legs also injured by the flies.—
Whoever hjs taken up the said Mares, and will return
them as above, Shall be rewarded and all reafunable
charges paid.
July 21
At Air. O ELLERS's Concsrt-Room, Chefnut'
beprefented, (by way of an Evening Lou *ge)
* V a fpecics of Entertainment, (in three acts) partly
new, and partly compiled, called
Confiftingof various recitations, Humerpus Descriptions.
Com:c Songs, £cc, to be delivered by MR. jßA'T£§*
Between the parts of the Ent-rtainmciit, several
Part I.
As ALTERED mi MODERNIZED front the cMratci G. A,
Stevens s 4 Ltftirre on Heads '*
t< 'tth witch tuil be introduced the folluuing Portraits—
OVtetandcr the G:\_ai—«ith obfervationson the ambition
of Kind's—-Ah Indian Chief of the Creek Nation—A
c£i> jrated Quack l>o«5lor— A Coran'o, wl.o poekete hi»
deface—A pum Head, ui Oic Statu .of Nature- A
L*wy.r\a« dignified by art, (with tiie intereftiiie caul'e
of " iullu.u veih.» Boatum") —A London goine
to keep it up—A Courtezan in d-ftrd's—A marrwe Eucif
ait r he !.a» it lap —After which the Trump of I<«_ *
by iylrs. Warrcli.
Or, IVhbiJicai Strictures on A&mg*
A* originally delivered; b\ the Author upwaids of 100
ijhts ir. London.]
With Satvric Obfervttions and latfghabU Incidents of
the Quixottes and Qmck Solvers of the Drama—prefa
ced by aa Introductory Song of thfc Bru!h, —The Strik
ing A£or, or a Story of Jack Sly and John Bull—Spout
ers and Spouting Clubs displayed—An Audience liken
by Surprize, or the Prince of Denmark find a Scotch
Pedlar—A Butcher of Blank Vc'rfc Cutting up King
Lear—Monetonizing aai Lisping, difplaycd by Bajazct
and Tamerlane—Serious Rcfieflions on ' 'J he Inability
of Popularity,' exemplified by the Fate of the Roman
General Beliifariui—with Portrait and Song. And the
Comic EaLad of, I Cant for I'm in Haifce, by Airs. War-
I till.
Part the Third.
" Sketches ,of Characters."
The Monk's Convert] >n of the Jew, a tomic Tile.
The Laughing and Crying Phiiolophei >, with Dibdin'*
Sou d or '• Let's aii br unhappy together."
Provincial Dn'rckj, or an Collier's f\: it trip to Churchy
Couitthip and Matrimony contrasted, or " Jtha lyves J.aa
and Jean loves John,
The favorite tong of "Sweet Echp,*' by Mrs. YVarrcll.
The whole to conclude with an Addict to the Aud cnce.
N. B. Ihe Po. tuitsaad Scenery eutirily nevf, and paint*
ed by eminent art lis in this Ciiy.
The Room to be opened at 7 o'ctock, and the Perform,
auce to coiu.'nericeat halt in hour after.
Tick.- sto be had of Mcffn. Rice und Carey, aud at th
bar of trie Hotel.
Ladies and Gentleman, are refpedt
fully informed^
THAT the Sublcriber Keeps an E.'rgJ-it Caacha to hire
at a mtfouablc rate, which he dnvsj him!" If as usual!
He alio keeps an elegant Coach, to hire * itfcout horfc»,
either o wbicii may be engaged at hi# dwelimg, No. 174
Arch fircet, Ir. twein Seventh and Ei ; rht!« streets at hi*
Stable in Eighth near Market ftrett, orat his u&ui iiand,
the csrnercif Market and Fourth (lrc;t»
He, returns lus finecrc thanks to his friendr, and hope» to
merit a of their fnvors,
July 16
LANDING, from onboard tht i,hip> CuAKLOtrg,
' Capt. fona'. B'ikvers, frem' BoUrJtaux,
' 30 i'ipesßr:uidy
20 'i ons Ciavet
3 ta *4 w
Volume VL
•-ihelPd Almond!
'2 s > «-•
Far Sale bj
Part the Sccond.
For sale by >
t.' Ci>J>J>lNG£&,
Ko. 221 Soflth Front, ncarPias ftrcet.
Who has alfb.
2T,00 cases of 30 & 50 bcKtbs, Choice Old Claret
600 hogfheitds ditto -
A Quantity of Annifeafl
No'ylit* I-iqueurs and
"John Clark.
J (it —mivlf"
$ July 16