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SCHEME 'of'a Lottffy authorized tty an afi entit
led " an aft to enable tlie Prefideiit and Managers
of the Schuylkiil and S'tifqueferrtia Navigation, aud the
Prefidcnt an J '•1.-.nagin! d'f tKf Delaware and Schuyl
kill Canal Navigation; toraife by way of Luttiry, the
sum of four hin'iti thoul'and dollars, for the pur
pose of compViiiie ili'e works iii their a£U of incorpo
ration mentioned.'" " .
I Prize of 50,000 dollars is
I 30,000
5 i 3,000 to lw paid, to the'poffefTori of
the tickets of tfie" five Lift drawn numltcra, ioo,ooo
i s,ooo to be paid to the poffeilbr of
fte tiJ.iet of the first drawn number,
16,687 Prizes,-
3.1,313 Biatlii,'
50,000 tickets at 15 dailars each,
.All Prizes shall be paid ten davs after the-drawing
is finifhed, upon the demand of the polleflbr of a foi -
runate Ticket, liibjtcl to' the di;Ju\s\iou of fifteen per
Such prizes as are not demanded in iz months after
thp drawing is finifhed, of which public notice will be
given, flnll be coiifidered as relinquifhcd lor the ufc of
the Canal, and allied accordingly.
jit a meeting of the i'rtjident and Manager} of the
Schuylkill and Sv/juebanna Canal navigation- —and
the t'r Jident and Managers of the Dela ware Had
Scuuylkill Gautil, IVcdwjUaj, M.y 13, 1795.
That David Rit'enhoufe, Joseph Ball, John Stein
rnetz, Standifh Furdt, and Francis Weft, be a Commit
tee to arrange and dire& the mrxle of difpoling of the
Tickets j which Committedfflall depolit the Money in
Bank, to be c.rried to the credit of an account to be
opened for the Lottery.
Extrj<ft fn'm the Minutes,
ft MATLACK, Sec'ry.
to the joint meeting of die two Fcards
(PT The drawi ig of this Lottery will pM.tively
commence on the firft day of September lie*: :
Tickets may be had at the Company's Office near the
Bank of the United Stales, and of either of the sub
Jun: 2.
The Giiinnjar School formerly attached to this
College, Having gradually declined through the
incrcafing infirmities of the la'e Piefident for foine
time before his death, it is proposed by the fubfenber
immediately to revive it,' and to put it under tne moil
csreful ir.lrudliun and government. The Latin,
Greek, and French Languages (ball be taught in it, to
jf Ther with tile principles cf EngHlh
Geography, arid praJiical Geometry. Parents, Ike
wile, who do not iiufe that their children Ihould go
through the intiic couife <ff studies in the College,
may now have tlieirV inflrutftcd in any particular
branches in the iamc manner, oh the fame terms, and
to the fame extent as ia tl.e College—particularly in
the antiquities and mythology of Rome, in Geogra
phy, in th* Ma'.hematicS, 111 Natural Philosophy and
Astronomy, in' Moral Ph'lof phy .aid the Principles
of Civv Gu/frmjient, in Eloquence, and ill the Ele
ments of liiftory. They may addrefa their childien
to any of the Mailers in thi College,' or to
N. B. The ycnir.g gentlemen ihail be under the
f»ine rules of moral dilcipline as the other fiudents—
ihall be lubjedled to puolic examinations, and, at leav
ing the College, lhall be entitled to pubiic te.limorials
of the braricliestiK-y havtf studied, and of their pfoS
cieacy in tlijeni,'
'July z
A very valuable ESTATE,
Called TirtTTKNHAM.
Q2TUAT.E in 9ft knut/hig cf Upper Derby, ar. 4 county of
O J I-i miles from Philadelphia, and half a milt
from She rh*w IVghfn road: containing- 330 acres of excilUnt
Lundy 45 (f which aire good -watered Ivieadow, yo of prime
Wood Land, and the reft Arabic of the' frji qualify. There ate
in the prcn.'fes a good .'buhSory Brick Houfe y ' with 4 rooms on
a floor, and Cellarer undtr the uihole, with a -Pump V* r ell of' ex
ce!lent IVater in front -, a large frame Bern, Stables, and other \
convenient buildings; a Smole-Ht,ife andjlJne Spring House ; two
good ApploOrchcrds, and one of ' The Fields are all in 1
Clover, cxcept thsfe immediately under tillage, and are so laid
out as to h'ttve the advantage of IValer in each of them t which \
rertders it peculiarly for Grazing.
'The Situation is pie.ifant and healthy t and from the hlrh culti
vation if the Land, tlx good neighborhood, and the vicinity to the ci- ]
fV, H it very fuila 'olc for a Gentleman s Country Seat.
9he foregoing is part of .he Efaie of Jacob Hat man t deceafed i |
and ojfercd fjr j'ale ly
June 4.
AVERY convenient Hjuic, neatly finilhed, in Fift'x-
Sueet, between Market and Arch-Street. The
front is feci, a.nd the depth" ef the Lot 100 feet,
including a' Yard and- Garden. for terms apply to
tile Printer.
July is
PURSUANT to an a<sl of Congiefs authorising the
JtafctWUl of toft Certificates, notice is hereby given,
that the i-jllowirrjf-cumticat. of fix per cent stock, was
remitted by the ship Kenfmgton, izzh Marcir, 1794, but
never arrived at us dettmatioii:
No. 105;!2,'dated January, 1.4, 1794, in favor of Wil
liam Poltsneyvof Loiuioft,Kf<}. for dollars 14974, j ccnts.
June »3r X'7Qjr'.-
And to te iisd at P>. DA FIES'r Bwk-Stortt'
No. 63 Higb-flrect,
Del Pino's Sp'anijh; Grsmrftar r
To which is added, an EngliJh, for the use of
Spaniards. At the fame place may be had, a few copies »f
Bayer's French iy EngliJh Dictionary.
London Edition.
Juflß S>
MAY 16, 1795
Svrvnin? Executor.
S A L E,
I'.'ijyEßT MORRIS.
PHILADELPHIA, Printed by JOHN FENNO t N°* Xl 9 C'tefuut Street.—Price Six Dollars Per Annum.
For carrying the MAILS of the United State: en
the following Pofl Roads, -will' be received at
• the General Pofl'Office until the firfl day of
oSober next. See Note Jti. »
1. From Paflimaquoddy by Machias, Goldflrurouglj,
SuiHvan, Trenton, and Bluehill to Penobfcot.
Kieeive the Mail at PaiTamaquoddy every other Sa
turday by 8 o'clock in ftle morning, and deliver it at
Penobftot the next Friday by 6in the' evening. Return
ing. ICeceive the Mail at Penobfcot every other Satur
day'by 10 o'clock forenoon, and deliver it at PaiTama
quoddy the next Friday afternoon by 5 o'clock.
a. From Hallowell by Vallalborough,' Winflow,
(Fort Halifax ) Fairfield and Canaan, to Norridgeworth.
Leave IJallowellevery other Wednesday by noon, and
arrive at Noiridgeworth the next Thursday by 6 P.M.
Returning. Leave Norndgeworth on Friday by 10 A.M.
and arrive at Hallowt 11 the next Saturday by 4 P. M. x
3. From Welles by Waterbury courthouse, Sanford,
D nty's falls and Berwick, to Dover in New Hampshire.
Leave Welles ever 7 Friday by 8 A. M. and arrive at
Dover the next day by 3 P. M. Returning Leave
Dover every Wednesday by a P. M. and arrive at
Welles the next Thurf'ay by 4 R. M.
4. From Portsmouth by Dover. Rochefterand Moul
tonboi ough to Plymouth, returning by New-Hampton,
Meredith, Gilmantown, Nottingham and Durham, to
Leave Portsmouth every Wednesday morning by S
o'clock, and arrive at Dover by noon, every other Wed
nesday, and ?t Plymouth the next Friday by 6 P- M.
Returning. Leave Plymouth on Saturday by 8 A. M.
and return to Portsmouth the next Tuesday by 4 P. M.
Note. " The port is to go and return on this route
alternately," and the mail is to be carried but once in
two weeks from November ill to May lit.
v In NEW .YORK State.
5. From Conajohary by Chsrryvalley, Cooper's
town, Butternuts and Oxford academy, to Union (at
the mouth of the Chenango) once in two weeks.
Leave Conajohary every other Wednesday by S A.M.
arrive at Cooper's-town by 2 P. M. and at Union the
next Saturday by 10 A. M. Returning. Leave Union
every other Saturday by 3 P. M. and arrive at Conajo
hary the next Tuefdiy by 6 P. M.
6. From Filhkill by Newburg and New Windsor to
The mail to leave Filhkill on Wednesday by 7 A M,
and arrive at Gofheh by 5 p M. Returning. Leave Go
ihen on Tuel'day by f A m, and arrive at Fiihkill by 5
p M.
7. From Bethlehem to Wilkelbarre.
Leave Hethlehem every Thursday by I p M, and ar
rive at Wilkelbarre on Saturday by 1 v M. Returning.
Leave Wilkelbarre every Tuefuiy by 8 A M, and arrive
at Bethlehem Thursday by 10 A M.
8. From Piper's tavern in Bedminfterfon the post-road
from Philadelphia to Bethlehem) by Alexandria, to
Pittfton in New Jersey.
Leave Piper's" every Thursday by 6 AM, and arrive
at Pittfton by noon. Stay at Pittfton two hours, and
return to Piper's by 8 P m, or on Friday by 8 a'm.
9. From Reading Uy Sunbury and Northumberland,
to Lewiiburg.
Leave Reading every Friday by 4 A M, arrive at Sun
bury on Saturday by 6 P M, and at Lewifburg by Sun
day noon. Returning. Leave Lewiiburg on Monday
by 7 AM, and arrive at Reading the next Wednesday
10. From Yorktown by Abbot'stown and Gettis
burgh to Hagerstown and Williamlport in Maryland,
to Martinlburg in Virginia.
Leave Yorktown every Monday by 6 A M, arrive at
Hagerstown onTuefday noon, and at Martinlburg by
7 P M. Returning. Leave Martinfcurg on Saturday
by 6 am, arrive at Hagerstown by noon, and at York
town-on Sunday evening by 7 o'clock.
11. From Bearrfstown in Kentucky to Nashville,
South Western Territorv.
Leave Beardstown every other Tuesday by 10 A M,
and arrive at Nafbville the next Sunday by 5 r M. Re
turning. Leave Nashville the next Monday noon, and
arrive at Beardstown the next Saturday by 7 p M.
li. From Annapolis by Lower Marlborough and
Calvert cjiict house to St. Leonard's creek.
Leave Annapolis every Tuesday by 7 A M, arrive at
Lower Marlborough by 3 f M, at Calvert courthouse
by 7 PM, and at St. Leonard's creek on Wednesday by
ro AM. Returning, Ljave St. Leon >rd's Creek on
Friday by 3 p m, arrive at Calvert courthouse bj 7 p m,
at Lower Marlborough on Saturday by 9 a m, and at
Annapolis by 7 PM.
13. From Bladenfburgby Upper Marlborough and
Nottingham to Bennedi^l
Leave Biadenlburg on Saturday by 6 A. M. arrive
at Upper Marlborough by 11 A, M. leave Upper
Marlborough iu two hours, and arrive at Bennedifl on
Sunday noon. Returning. Leave Bennedidl on Mon
day by 6 a; m. arrive at U ppcr Marlborough by 4
P. M. and at Bladtnfburg on Tuesday by 9 A. m.
14. From Wincheftcc by Romney to Moorfields.
Leave Winchester every Monday by 10 a. m. arrive
at Romucy on Tuesday noon, and at Moorfields on
Wednesday by 9a. m. Returning. L ave Moorfields
on Tuesday by » p. m. arrive at Romney on Thurs
day by 8 a. m. and at Winchester on Friday by 4 p. m.
1;. From Charlottesville by Warren, Warminfter,
New Market, Amheril, Cibell&urg and Madil'on, to
Leave Charlottesville every Tfiurfday by 8, x. M.
arid arrive at Lynchburg the next Saturday by 4, t. «.
iinturning. Leave Lynchburg on Monday by 9, a. m.
and arrive at Charlottesville the next Wednesday by
S, t. m'.
16. From Powhatan courthouse to Cartersville.
Leave Powhatan court honfe every Tuesday by 7 A
m, and arrive at Cartersville Return
ing. Leave Cartersville every and arrive at
No information of the length of tKis road is yet re
ceived : perlons making proposals are desired to state
liich times of arrival and departure at and fromjCatters
ville, as shall be convenient to then.
17. From Yorktown in Virginia to Glouccfter couit
Leave Yorktown every Monday by 7 a m, and ar
rive at Gloucester court house by 11 a m. Returning,
Leave Glouceller court houle by j p m, and arrive at
Yorkrown by 5 P m.
18. From Camden S. Carolina, by Lancaster to
Charlotte and Lincolntoii i« North Carolina.
Leave Camden every other Monday by 7 a m, arrive
at Charlote the next by 9 a m, and at
Lincolnton on Thursday by 9 a m.
Returning. Leave Lincolnton every ether Thursday at
noon, arrive at Charlotte on Friday byyioon, and at
Camden on Sunday evening.
19. From Columbia by Winnlborough, Chtfter,
Fisckney, ami isparun court houses to Greenville conn
Leave Columbia every other Tburfday hy 6 a m, ar
rive at Pinckney on Friday by 6 p m, and at Greenville
court house the next Sunday lioon. Retwn'mv. Leave
Greertville cpurt house oh Monday by 6 a m, arrive at
Pincksey ceart house on Tuesday by 3 r u, and at Co
lumbia the next Thursday by 3 r m.
%a. From Columbia by Newburv to Green
ville, Walhington anil Pendleton court houft».
Leave Columbia every other Thursday by noon, and
arrive at .Greenville court house on Suuday by 10 a m,
and at Pendleton court house by 7 r m. Returning.
Leave Pendleton court house o» Monday by 8 a M, ar
rive at Greenville court house by 3 ru, and at Colum
bia the next Thursday by neon.
si. From Savannah by Newport bridge and St
Savilla to St. Mary's.
Leave Savannah every other Monday by 7 A.-M.
arrive at Newport bridge by 3 P. M. and at St. Mary's
the next Thursday by noon.—Returning. Leave St.
Mary's on Friday by 5 A. M. Arrive at Newport
bridge on Sunday by a P. M. and at Savannah by 7
Nate 1. The Post Matter General may alter the
times of arrival and departure at any time during the
continuance of the contrails, he psevioufly ftipulatirtg
an idequate campenfation for any ejetra expence that
may be occaGoned thereby.
Note x. Half an hour lhall be allowed for opening
and closing the mail at all offices where no particular
time is fpecified.
Note 3. For every hour's delay (unavoidable acci
dents excepted) in arriving after the times prefcribid
in any contrail, the coatraflor (hall forfeit one dollar;
and if the delay continue until the departure of any
depending mail whereby the mails deftintd for such
depending mail lose a trio, an additional forfeiture of
five dollars lhall be incurred.
Note 4. Newspapers as well as letters are to he sent
in the mails ; and if any person making proposals de
li res to carry newspapers other than thofc conveyed in
the mail for his Own emolument, he jnuft state in his
proposals for what sum he will carry k with that emo
lument and for what sum without that emolument.
Aote 5. The contrails for the Mail* Number 1,
I 9» 10, and 11, are to be in operation on the firft day
of Oilober next, and all the others on the firft A*/ of
November next.—The contarils for the fourteen firft
numbered roadt are to continue in force until the ift
of October 1797 ; the contrail* for the road No. 11,
is to continue until the ift cf October 1796, and the
Contraih for the roadt No. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and
»o, are to continue until the ift of April 1798.
Noti, 6. Should any person making proposals desire
an alteration of the times of arrival and departure
above fpecified, he must state in his proposals fucli al
terations and the difference they will make in the
terms of his contrail.
Note 7. Proprfals for the Road No. t, will be re
ceived by the Pod Matter at Penobfcot; for the Road
No. it, by Mr. Walter Beal, at Beardllown ; for the
Roads No. 19 and 10, by Dr. S. Green, Post Master
at Columbia : and for the Road No. »i, by General
James Jackson, at Savannah ; proposals for the other
Roads must be sent to this office. No proposals Tor
the Roads No. i, 19, »o and ai, will be received after
the 20th of September next.
Note i. Contrailors may receive their pay ouar
General Post Office,
Philad. July 6, 179 J.
Scheme of a Lottery,
Toraifc 39,900 Dollar/, on a 6 Dollars 15
per Cent, from the Priitt—Thts Lottery conjijls of 38,00 c
Tickets f in which there are 14,539 Prize}, and *3,461
iilanks, about one and an haij blanks to a firtze.
THE Dncitwrsof The Society toreltabiifh Ufeful Ma
nufa&ures, having ret'olved to crett LQ TTEiUfcS toi
railing Oni Hundred Thousand Dollars, agiceably
loan Atk of the Lcgidaiure of tUe State ot New-Jersey,
hbve appointed the following per Cons to fupcrintend and
diredWhe drawing of the lame, viz. Nicholas Low, Rntus
King, Herman Lc Roy, James Watfou, Richard Har«
rifon, Abijah Hammond, ana Cornelius Hay, of the city of
Nrw-York—Thomas Willing, Joseph Bali, Matthew M'»
Connel and Andrew Bayard, of the city of Philadelphia
—His Excellency Richard Howell, Lfq. Elias Boudtnot,
General Elias Dayton, James Parker, John Bayard, Do&
or Lewis Donham, Samuel W. Stockton, Joihua M . Wal
lace, Joseph Bloomfield, and Eli(ha Boudmot, of N<"w-
Jersey, who offer the following Schcmc of a Lottery,
and pledge themfclves to the public, that they wilitakr
every and precaution iu their power to have the
Monies paid by the Managers from lime to time, asreceiy
ed, into the Banks at New-York and Philadelphia, to
remain for the purpose of paying Pna 1 wlneh Ota I i b c
immediately difeharged by a check one of the Banks.
I Priaeof
,90© 0
*4»539 Prize*,
33,461 Blanks.
38000 Tickets at 7 Dollars etch is
The drawing will commence, under the iofpeflion ot
a Committee ot the Superintendents, as soon as the Tick
ets are fold, ot which timely notice wiil be given.
The Superintendents have appointed John N. Cammisg
of Newark, Jacob R. Hardcnbt-ig, ot New-Brunfwick,
and Jonathan Rhea, of Trenton, as immediate Manager!
thereof, who trave given ample fccurity tor dtfeharging
the trust reposed in them.
£3T In order toiecure the punflual payment of the
Prizes, the Superintcndants of the Lottery have <iire£led
that the Managers (hall each enter into bonds in 40,000
dollars, with four futficientfecuritics, 10 perform their in
ftru&ions, the fuMtance of whtch i«
I. That whenever either olthe Managers (hall receive
thefum ps Three Hundred Dollar*, he (hall imiud ately
pfacethe one of the Banks of New-York or Phi
ladelphia, to ffie cieduot the Governor of the Society,
and f«ch of the Superintendents as 'ive in the city where
the monies are placed, to remain there until the Lottery
is dr»wn, for the payment of the Prizes.
H. The Managers to take fufficient feeurity for any
Tickets they »naytruft,otherwife to be refponuble for them.
HI. To keep regular books of Tickets fold, Mo
nies received and paid int» the Bank, ah draft* of which
'.hail be Tent, monthly, to the Governor of the Society.
Paterfon, January l, 1794.
On application to either of the above gentlemen, infor
mation will be given where tickets mav be hed. tudttf
A SPECIAL Meeting of the Philadelphia Society
for the Information and Afliftance of Persons
emigrating from Foreign Countries, will be held at the
College, in Fourth-Street, on Wednesday Evening, the
twenty second Truant, at Seven o'Clock.
William Young Birch,
Chairman of the Committee.
Poll Master General.
a#,oo© Dollars it
a 0,00 c
First drawn number, a,ooo
Laildrawn number, 2,00©
266,00 c
City of
Scheme of the Lottery, No. 2 s
Vor the Improremeat of
i A magnificent > 20,0e0 Dollirs, and
dwelling houte, 5 cath 3»,ooo are
1 ditt» 15,000 &cath 25,000
1 ditto 15,000 & cash 15,000
1 ditto *0,000 & calh 10,000
1 ditto s>ooo 6t ea(h 5,000
1 ditto 5,000 Sc. calii 5,000
1 Calb prize ot
a ditto 5,60® each, are
10 ditto 1,000
ao ditto 500
100 ditto 100
aoo ditto 50
400 ditto
1,000 dittrf
§5,000 ditto io>
• 6,739
33,461 BUnk|
50,00 o Ticket* at B*dol!ars
Tim tottery will alTord an elegant fpecimm of the
private buildings to t>e t rettid tn the Ctty of WalhingtOfi
—Two feeauiifuj defigni are already felt £iiJ for the entire
troma on two of the public square* ; !rom these draw,
ingl, it is piopofed to erect twu centre and t«ur corner
buildiugj, a> foOH aa polEble akcr thij Lomry u fold, 2«d
to convey tliem whei. compleie, tothe fortunate
er«, in the manner defciibod in the Icheme tor the Hoiel
Lottery. A nctt deduflion ot five pc/ cent, will be m<iCe
to defray the neceffaiy txpences of priming, A c . and
the fmplus will be made a part of the fund intend, d lor the
National Univcrl'ny, to be eietted within the City of'
63* The drawing will commence as soon as the Tickets
•re sol.l off. The money prir.ea will be payable
in thirty days alter it is finilhed, and an T pr.rcs for whicii
fortunate numbers arc not produced within twelve months
alter the drawing i» doled arete be conlideud as given
towards the fund for the Unirrrfny, it Iving determin
ed to fettle the whole buhnefs in a year from the ending
of the drawing and to lake up the bonds given at secu
The real (Wurities ,;iven for the payment of th« Prizes
are. held by the Prefidens and two of the Bank
of Columbia, and are rained at more than half the amount
of the Lottery.
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment of
the late Commillioners alfiiled in the management ®f the
Hotel Lottery'are requested to undertake chi»arduous taflc
a fee on d time on behalf of the public ; a fufficient num
ber of thefc having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the
friends to a National Uoiverlity and th« other federal ob
jeifts may continue to faxor the design. The fyaopiis of
one of the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
Institution, is already in the press, and will be fp?*iilf
publifoed, together with its conltnution. r
A compleat Plan of the whols of this Important
Institution, compiled from a fe'.e-fliort of the bdl materi
als, ancient and modern, will be fubrakted to the public
whenever the fame may have gone through such reviGoui
as may be ncceiTary to eftabiiih the perfect confidence and
general approbation, so eiTential to its present rife and fu
ture exiftcnce for the gtinerai good of America,
By accounts received from the different parts ©f the
Continent as well as from Europe, where the ticket*
have been sent for file, the public are allured that the
drawing will fp«Jily commence, and tlau the care aid
caution unavoidably *cceffary to influx a fafe difpolkl o£
the tickets, has rendered the lV.oti fufpeoiion indiipcjii-ble.
February 34, 179 J.
Tickets msy be h«4 at the Bank o; Columbia;
of Jainea Weft & Co. Bohunoie 01 (»idedft DcmJorij
Savannah, of Peier Gilman, Boston; of John Hopkint
Richmond : tad of Richard Weils, Cooper * I* r
Aug 3c
Notice is hereby given that an at
tachment Wit issued out of the inferior court of Common
Pleas in and for ths county of Cumberland, in the state of
New Jersey, returnable on the twenty-fifth day of Febru
ary last, against tjic goods and chattels, rights and credits,
lauds and tenements of Ceorgc Hutz (not being a refidsnt
at that time within the state of New Jeifcy) at the suit of
Jonathan Balliriger, indorfse of Job Buuher, which was
levied by the sheriff of the county of Cumberland " on
a certain (loop or shallop called the Fly of Philadelphia"
With its appurtenances, as by the return of the said sheriff
will more particularly appear—and notice is also hereby
further given, agreeably 10 the direction of an a<ft of the
Lcgillature of the state of in I'uch cafe ide
and provided, that unless the said George Hut* fcaii ap
pear and give special bail to aefwer the suit lb as afore
faid instituted against him by til- said Jonathan Balliug/r,
within such time as is prescribed by law, " that then and in
that cafe judgment fha.ll be entered" igainft the said George
Huta " by default, and that the said lloop or shallop so at
aforefaid seized on the said attachment" will be fold for
the fatisfaction of all " creditors who fhalt appear to be
justly entitled to any demand thereon, and ihall apply for
that pucpofe."
Dated at Salem, in the ceunty of Salem, In the said
state, the thirty first day of March A. D. 1795.
Lucius Horatio Stockton, ">
Attorney for the Plff. J
Apr il l
A Lot, containing about fcventeen
acres, eii the WHTahickon road, 4 miies. from the city, and
direfily opposite to the house of Mr. Isaac Wharton.
A Lot, containing 10 acres, in Islington Lane, on said
road, near the estate of Jaf ( er Moylan, Ef^.
A Lot, containing 10 acres in Turner's Lape, on said
road, and diredly opposite to the estate of Mr. Ternanu
Enquire of Joioph Redman, Woodstock corner of Tur
ner's Lane.
April 6
HAVE removed their INSURANCE OFFICE, mi
STORE to Ne Hi South Float
* Where they have for Half,
Old Bill Madeira Wise
Souchong 'l ea
Sail Canvas &c. ,
Julj- IJ
James M'Alb®n,
1 A Y L 0 R,
N°. 3 South Fourth Street,
RETURNS his grateful acknowledgement! t, hi, Fritndt and tic
Public fir ibeir liberal encouragement, an,/beg, leave to J'alicit
j. continuance of tbeir Jautts.
At bis Shop gentlemen mry be ftimfhed -with the bel materials „
and have them made up and fnified in the mojl fajtionable manner,
He will thankfully receive any oracrt and fay a prompt and'
~iunHualattention to thei*. 0(2, 15
1 C,Of ©
10, coo
*5 ,<*«•