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Number 894.]
The S h 1 r
wi£Bf&kr TLVA Nljl >
BURTHEN J460 Bbts. Flour—-compleatly found, and
may be sent to sea at a small expence.
For terms apply to OtfRNET 53* SMITH.
A Qjintity of Excellent Bourd«aux Claret In calks and
Brandy i B Pipes and Butts. •
July 16 §
/ For BOST ON,
p H I X,
-4MM Oakman, Majler,
WILL fail in a few days, for freight or' paflage apply
to the captain on board, or t»
Who have for /ale, receive J by said Vtjfel,
Demerara Sugar, in hhus.
Coffee in Bags and 4
A few Bales excellent Cotton,
July i S
at Latimer's wharf, this veflel is
Ready to take in a cargo, and is well
and foils. Her burthen about 650 BarrcEs Apply to
SAMUEL BRECK, Jun. Rofs's wharf.
June 29
• .LOST.
nT.tfaxU Jat«i tb» ?«J» J«ly. JwwWy
J. ii JUaiuei M'CwrwiLiL, payable to tiki Sutfcriber 60
days after date, for five thousand dollars ; as the payment
isftoppad, any person leaving it at No. 18 Courtland (Ireet
toll be paid for their trouble. IVm. S. SMITH.
New York. July 14 - §IW
25 Dollars Reward.
LOST, on the Road between Princeton and Trenton,
a Red Morocco Pocket Book, coataiaing a Bill of
Exchange for 533 Dollars 33-100. drawn by J. Price fr Co.
onComfprt Sands Esq. New Ycrk—dated Churl ?fton, S.C.
at 60 days fight, accepted May iu favor of MeflW.
John J. Waldo & Co. and flidorfed i>y Samuel Breck Jun.
per power of attorney from MefTrs. Waldo and Co the pay
ment of which •is ftopt. Likewise 90 Dollars in Bank
Notes, anif other papers of no consequence bvt to the own •
or. Whoever finds and returns to the Printer hereof, the
<aid Pocket Book with its contents, foall receive the above
Infurancs Company of North America,
July 14, I79S>
THE Dividend for the la ft half year is declared by the
J*rilldeiit and Directors to be one dollar and seventy
five cents on each fliare of Stock in this Company; which
will b« paid to th« Stockholders, or their legal reprefenta.
tives, in ten days from this date, agreeably to chatter.
By Order of the Prcjiilc.
EBF.\'ZZER HAZARD, Secretary.
THE time of a Stout NEGRO LAD, who has upwards
of fix years to fcrve. Enquire of the Printer.
Jua d
1100 Barrels Tar.
750 MolafTes fhooks,
Molair "'] fa Hotheads.
SPimente, in fcrroons,
No, 170 South Front Street,
June a;
For Sale by ihe Subscriber,
A few hundred barrels ©f Prime Hearings lit forExpor*
70.000 lb. Green Coffee in hhds. barrels and bags
Vcrx Wrnt-in pip^ft
Madeira in dp. hhfls. and quarter calks
Teneriffe in Ditto
Malaga in quarter .casks
Jam lica Spirits in hlids.
N<w England Rum in ditto
Holland Gin
Hyson Gomee /
Souchong and f
Turk's Island and
Liverpool J
Sweet Oil in Quart Bottle*, andCifesof 30 bottles
Clayed Sug rs in hhds. entitled to Drawback
2000 Biijhels bejl Liverpool blond Salt
now-afloat, "will be Sold cheap from on board the veiled
TEAS, la whole an J half cfafii
Levinus Clarkfon,
No. ai6 South Water street.
July 14
Philip Nicklin Co.
Arc. now Landing from the Ship Liberty, Capt, Van-
Luvenigh, from Liverpool,
lop caflcs of Nails aborted in 41i, bd, ZJ, 10J, and tod.
And from the schooner Favorite, from Virginia,
n\ Hoglheads prime Tobacco, and
Ijoowt. Virginia Hams.
They have also oo hand,
11 Tons Pig Lead
Kich Mountain Wine in Quarter Calks,
fine Old Fort Wine in Pipes and Hoglheads,
&v>aHt(h Liquorice Ball, in boxes of 1 cwt. aaeh
fcf iimlkoioe, crude and refined,
linghlh fail Canvas assorted
tr.jwu Window Giafs 8 by 10,
Men's English saddles, and
A (Quantity of Mahogany.
Ju«e i
Np. -jo, Bomb. Second-Jlreet, near the City Tavern,
HA3 jull opnncd and for Sale, an Assortment of hz
dies'and <sen jemen's
Fafliipnable HATS,
from Loriden. Also a variety of Children's Hats of differ
ent Colours. -*
h.. B. A Man fir two as fmifters in the above business,
/■ell recommended, Mill meat with conttant employ and
good encouragmient.
Juntf 6.
July 14
and Direflcrs,
The Ship >IDRIANA,
Captain Samuel Clatt,
\ Will r«eive Freight, (part ot' which
i» engaged) for Hamburgh,"ami U
to fail as soon as (he is
and can be loaded.
P2flengeri that purpose to go to England, ire to be
landed at Deal or Dover, the Ship having good ac
commodations, being lately enlarged for this purvefr
iu London. For freight or passage v-nqWire of
Juljc 14.
The highest price in Cash, will be given fer
A preference will be given to Claret Bottles.—Apply to
No. 187, south Third-ffcreet.
Ap'ii 10,
.Nbw-Castle Pier Lottery.
PtU ZE Tickets in the above Lottery are paid at a fair
discount.or exchangedfar tickets in the Canal, IVajty
ington and faitr/bn Lottxries, at the Office Na: 149 Chef
nut Street
Where approved Notes to any amount are alf»difcount«d.
June 24 J
Fraunces's Tavern.
No. 59 South Water Street.
Subfcrflier rcfpeflfully begi leave to inform his
X friends and the public in general, thai he has remov
ed from No. 166 south id Street, to that large, commo
dious, House in WatarStrret, betweon Chefnuf an4)Walnut
lately occ*pi-d fay Mr. Tf\a; MazM 1~ .nd ;
which he has fporcd no ptiins orcxp;nfe, to ma'*t it cw>-
and agreeable for the »f gentlemen. The
Heufe being fituatej on the famefpot where the noted Beef
Steak and Punch house formerly stood, has the advantage
of thebeft water in this city, known lomrfince by the name
of the Green Tree i-yaier. As there are. feveral'elegant
Rooms, fafftciently Urge to accommodate any Society or
company of gentlemen, and from hi# wejl known abilities
topleafein the iine of hisbufinefs, he flatters himfelf with
1 continuance of that patronage which he has experienced
since he firft opened a Public House in this City, and, for
which he begs leave to make a public" acknowledgment.
For the accommodation of Small Parties, the Large
Coffee P-oom ©n the ground floor is conveniently fitted
up with a number of Boxes, conftrudled in such a man
ner as to admit Gentlemen to be as private as they please
Where may,-be had, at any hour, Soup 6, Becf-Stnakj,
Relishes, &c. &c.
He hasoa hand, and will keep a constant fapply of Spi
rituous and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities.
Breakrafts provided—Also Dinners and Suppers cook
ed in the molt approved manner, at a short notice, andl'af
try of all forts, made to order, in. th« House, or to fend
out at any hour.
He has several well furnilhcd Bed Chambers, for Board
ers and Lodgers, by the Week, month, or year.
June i,
Few Pipes Port
Of a Superior Quality,
Now landing at Pine-Stre«t VVharf,
For sale by
.William & Samuel Keith,
No. 279, South From-St""«et.
J"V 14
At the STORES of
Jesse & Robert Waln,
PORT WINE in pipe, hlids. and qaal ter calks
LISBON do.irj pipes apd quarter ca&s
Soucliongand Congo IEA 3, in quarts] ctieftsj
A quantity of I.ifljonand CadizSALT
Sol* fltelled ALMONDSin baie?
Velvet CORKS, in do.
R.iffia MATTS.
May 9 4
4<o Acres of Good Land.
WHJLREON are tlx Hot Springs % which are fnm 70 to
110 degrees of beat. Tien is on the said land a hand-
C >/ne and commodious house twojlories high, 6® by with a
portico the full length of the house, and extending to the upper Jlory,
and other nficeffixry honfes ft for a Public House, for ivbich they
were intended; good houses are-over several of the baths, with
J 'veating rooms. There are adjacent thereto, two remarkable cold
springs of well tajled lime-ft on; water, These baths are a fpecifc
for the mof ob/HsaU rheumatic and all other diseases originating from
colds or obfirutt'J perspirations, and gives great relief in tbegout;
i 'jy havf eff-Sltsi wonderful cures in various difemfes incident to the
ladies ; they have this fpr'tng made a perfect cure of a disease on a
IVeJI- Indian rfembliug th e lepro/y, and arc remarkable for the
ture of white fwcllings, controlled nerves, and many ether difeaf
are too obfinatc to be ejftSled by medicine.
In Bath County, Virginia,
Torre ij near the said Baths ,
A new Saw-Mill erected, and a Raca
dug ft om thence 1 to build a Manufa&uring Mill, which reclaims
clout 30 acres of as rich Meadow Land as any upon the Continent,
and may be watered every night, and the bay made thereon fells as
well as any that is made near any city or town within the United
The proprietors of the above property will treat for the fame on
thepremife*, at any time between the lOth of Augujl and the 20tb
of September ; they will also fell Viluable Land for tivo or thru
Farms near t/je said Springs, and if the said Land and Houses at
the fpriitgs are not fold, they will be rented.
[N. B. Good accommodations are provided at the above springs
far ladies and gentlemen'this season, which from experience is found
btfl to commence in June, and end the firfl of OSiober•
July 14
HAS removed his Office from No. 19 south Fourth to
No. 30 Walnut I
June 4
LANDING, from on board the Ship Charlotte.
Capt. Jena. Bowers, from Banrdcaux,
30 Pipes
40 Tons Claret
For sale by
No. a»i South Front, near Pins-street.
Who has also,
3300 cases of 30 & jQ bottlo, Choice Old Clirtt
600 hogflieads ditto
A Quantity of Annifeel
Noyaux Liqueurs *md
Ralph Mather,
No. 71, Race-Street.
$ July 16
JULY 21, 1795.'
laying it Mr. John Wilcock'
Wharf. The Charlotte is an excel
lent, welt builC New-England Ship, fiye and one half
yfcar* old, 404 tons per regiftet, and 13 wctl found and
fitted in every refpe*. Apply to
Nalbro* & John Frazier,
No. 95 foulh fr'/r.tjbed. dl t
Juh 11.
Wanted to Charter,
jJM£SSS>£~ For a port in Europe, j
vc """' w^'c ' l will carry abott 2 hun
Hogfhcads of tobaccb.
F.nquneof E. DUTILH & \V<YCH
SMUTH, South Second-it; eet, No. 164.
June 29, r
Thomas Nobi.e,
Monei, f"f CoftMissioir Broker
Ko. 149 C.htfnut Jlreet>
RETURNS grateful acknowledgement* to his friwrids
and the public-for tiie encouragement he has rcWifed
finee he tommeneod bufineft.
Continues sales and purchases of real and public; f«-
eurities:—tranfafls every fpeciet of money fleeociatious
discounts approved notes to any amount, Brx. «c.
Tickets in the Canal and other Lotteries, may be had
at the above office.
The WASHidtVt-oN Lottery beipg now on the eft ot
drawing, a numerical book will be kept ; £runj which the
public will have the advantage of eiamining the. fate of
tickets, three day» aarlicr than by the tommonication
of incorreiit printed flips, irregularly feat by ppfl, and
which arrives twice a week only,
Jiioe 14
American Landscapes.
SELECTED from the moil /hiking and interesting
Profpe£s in the United States ; each »f which
Views, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of in Local, HiftoricJ, and other Incid*ntal Peculiarities
Author of tic " I.UnsJIU St-nairn and Ancimt Cattlct in Great
I. That the work {hall he publifhcd by Subferintion; and
that each Sufefcrib.r lhaiUngage to take the whole set
of Views, and shall pay for each engraving, if blai.k or
brown, a Dollars ; and if coloured r Dollars.
11. That th# dimensions of each engraving (hall {>e 14 by 17
uaches, executed in aquatinta, and puldifhed «pon paper
ctf a sUperior quality, publication to commence im
mediately ; and o»e engraving to be delivered to the Sub
scribers, on the Srft Monday of each succeeding month,
until the propofod series shall be finally completed.
111. That with the Uft View of the series, (hall he drli,
vered an engraved titit-pagc ; an elegant iftic
vignette: a map of the route, conne<3ed with the pref
peds exhibited in the the course of the Work; and an
Alphabetical lift us the Subscribers.
Subscriptions are received by Mr. Harrifon, at his Print
stop, Maiden lane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Bo«fe-fell
er. No. 118, Market street, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-fellers in the United itites.
February aS. .J.
FINDING mylelf unable from tedious indifpofiticn, to
effeA a fetflcment of my affairs, I have appointed
bert HntJcrfon my true and lawfa! attorney, to'adjuft and
finally fettle all matters where I am interested, to pay all
debts dua by mc, and to reccive all monies due to uu, ci
ther by bond, nqte orotherwife.
June 15
To be Sold at Public Vendue,
ON Seventh Day, 25th July, at 3 o'clock in the after
noon, at the sign of the Blue Bell on Cobb'j creek.
One Acre of Land, on the weft fide ef fail cretk, and
adjoining land of Hugh toydEfq. Dr. PafcMl, aad others.
Attendance will be given at the olaceof (an.
July 18 f
50000 lb. of Fuji £>//allty Green Coffee
WILL Landed en J :«nd»y the zoth inft. on MefT.
Willing* and Franti.'s V/jurf, on board the
ScVooncr Delight, Ayr;; Stohely, Maft-r. from St. Do
mingo, /or file by 'LUVIfJUS CLARKSON
July 18 ' £
Wantcd'to Rent,
ONE or two Roomi on the Ground Floor,
in a c'::<r il ri" 'it the City, for a Comprint House!
Apply at the Office of this Gazette.
J U V 1 7
New Hosiery.
M bis HOSIERY STORE, N«. 48 fife/aw riLti
REJECT FULLY informs his Friends and the Pubiic in
general, that hehasjuft received by the /hip Liberty
from Liverpool, a lurther supply of
Men's & Women's Silk
Amo.-ij which are a very extenfivc affoi tment of Gent S
emen's plain white, fancy, and patent Siik, fnperiiiie fancy
plated iillc and cotton, fine white, plain, *nd ribb'd cot
ton—a very large Miprtraent of fapcy Patent andYuie ran
dom fancy cotton, &c. which he will fell upoj, me moH
reasonable terms by th~c dozen or Angle pair.
A i. I O,
A General Afiortmcnt of every other article' of V3Y
GOODS, newly imported.
Those gentlemen who n]iafe to favor B. C. with their
commands, wilTmeet with, at hip store, a m»ft eleeaat,
extensive, and well chosen assortment of every deicrjption
of Hoflery. Also, a great Variety of
Has for lale, at his store on Walnut-street whar f ,
St. Qroix Ruro tnd Sugar of fupcrior quality.
St. Domingo Indigo.
I aguiraand St. Domingo Hides,
jOO Pockets of fine Cotton.
and Cotton
from Cjjlcutta,
A>id for sale in thj.Patkage, by ,
John Miller, jun.
, "A Capital Aflbrtiuent of
OF Qualities peculiarly well adapted to this market,
and for Exportation,
Among jl thtm pre a orefit Variety of
Printing-Cloths, Coflaes,
Calicoes, Patna Handfs,
Checks, ,■ Mulmulsi
Gurrajis, Taffafies.
The above wll fee fold on rery moderate terms, lor
Notes at j and 4 months.
30,000 lb. PEPPER.
Three Brothers,,
*'ifi likewise he SolJ,
® le '* 8 yw* old—ncwljr coppered—
fcSw* * ftrorg vct^l ' bu,then "bout »«o WBK
Junfii. . §re>t§f
Fresh T*E A 8,
Of Hvftitox Quality, vis.
imperial, or Gunpowdar
Hy&n Gemce,
t ft quality Hjrfon.
id." <10. 00.
Young Hy'ion,
Hylou Sltin, and
Souchong. , ,
A few Boxes of each, fur sale at
No. 19, Third Street, South.
Dec ro.
Bourdeaux Claret in Casks,
Ditto Brandy in Pipes,
And Grrman
Oznaburgs If Tick Unburns in Cases,
For Sale bi
RU\'D: E & mjR.GATS.OYD,
No. II Walnut Stregt.
July 9
riding-SC HO O L,
Horse Academy;
TIE I.adies and Cattlemen 5f Philadelphia and its vi
cinity are refpt&fully informed, that a Building of
the above dcfcrtption is intended to he immediately erected,
under the sole direfiion of T. SWANN, where Ladies
and Gentlemen will be intruded in Riding and managing
the Horse according to the eftablilhed rules of art, and
Horl'es will be properly broke for every purpose. But a«
the fitting upfuch buildings will be attended with a heavy
expfcnee, he has pyblilhed proposals, soliciting a fubferip
tion to forward this ufeful Seminary, particulars of which
may be seen at Mr. Ormrod's Printing Office Chefnut,
ftrc- t ; he will be happy to wait upon any lady ur gentle
man inclined to honour him with their support aca folly
exp'uin hiinfclf on this fubjedl, a line addrefs'd to him at
Ne. 63, South Third ikteet will be duly attended to.
'Xhofe gcmlcmen &c. who max havs horses labour
ing witlulifeafes either lick or lamehe will attend on them
if detired and immediately explain th; nature of the com
plaint and what can be done to help and relieve them he
aifo engages to cure and make found horses which have
the following complaints, viz. canker'd feet, contradted
hoofs, find cracks, quittors, fplents, wind galls, curbs and
spavins, either bog or boney, if in their firil stages.
He performs a' eurious manaaloperation which takes
awLiy the cause of blin L-.eis fioip Horses that have bad and
weak eyes. T,he above !>r has experienced on more tha»
fix hundred Horfet, with singular success*
Letters addrelTtd, to- bim oraddrefles left atMajar Pan
cake's, the sign of .Guieral Mifflin, north Fourth, fir est,
will be duly attended to.
N. B. Any Lady or Gentleman who have Horses
that have been ill brok», and very aukward and un
handy to ride, he will engage to give them fix fupplir.g
lellbns in hit temporary manage, at the small expence
of only five Hollars, by which their Mouths and a<£lions
shall be more altered for the betfer than is poflible to be
conceived by those who ire unacquainted with the art.
The Lefhires on Horll'manfhippublifhed by T.Swann
are to be at Mr. Ormr6d's, Cheimit-ftreet; where
in is contained more conciie and genuine icftruftiona
on which the i' t i« founaed, than are to be had in any
publication, nomprifed in fu fsnalla compufb, now cx<
July 6,
T7OUR valuable Lots of Land, communicating with
X each other, and well calculated for capital Dwelling*
Houfts, with all ncceflary appendages of Stabling and
Coach Houfcs. Two of trasin front on Third Street, op
p.ofite to Mr. Cramond's New Building ; other two
on Spruce ftrest between Second and Third.
There are two good brick buildings on the premises.
For further particulars apply to £. BONSALL & Co.
or to the Subscriber at 118 Spruce Ikreet.
Jifly i.i
GEORGE DAV is refpcdfuliy- informs the gentlemen
of theprofeilion through tilt, United State?, that hjj
laic general importation is now arranged, aiid ready lor
faie at the fame moderate prkes is h'iv# hitherto
fively recommended them.
High Street,No; 313-
A NOTE, drawn by Beujamin F. Gairiguea in favor
of ills Subscriber, dated May ib, 1795, at 60 day 1,
for four hundred twenty live dollars 66 cents.
Payment beinj; lloppcd, it will be of 110 life but to the
Any person having found the fame, is requefled to leave
it at Mo', ss Nor til Water i\r£et, and they ihall be tliauk
fully rewarded.'
John Clark. <
July 18
Volume VIII.]
4nr&3 ta, wtf
Jane 19 tu3cf4w