Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, July 14, 1795, Image 1

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    Number 888. J
Lyirtg atL»timer'» wharf, this vessel it
R.«tdy to iai m 3 cargfi, and is wqll found in rigging
aaJ f-iils. Her burthen about 650 Burrells Apply to
SAMUEL BRECK, J -a- Kofi's wharf.
June 20
■ L The New Cedar and Live Oak Ship
. BurthNt about three hundred Tons,
("*)■-• ' /?' Philadelphia built, She is * fubftan'iai
well Veffsl and will be fitted in
the bed manner, will be r.ady tc rcc:ivea Cargo ma few
days, and is expend to fail in three weeks. For freight
or paffaee apt>:y tc the captain oil board, or
Convenient ftoiet. for receiving goods to be kt on the rw
ycr fide. June *9 t§}l
J j- —- Wanted to Charter,
For a port in Europe,
A veffcl which will carry about % hun
drod Hogsheads of tobacco.
Enquire of E. DUTILH & W 4.CH
fcMUTH, SouthS:cond-ftrect, No 164.
June ij,
from Calcutta,
And Jvi fa!e the Package, by
John Miller, jun.
A Capital Aflortment of
OF Oualities peculiarly well adapted to this market
an J for Exportation,
Amnngft them are a Great Variety of
Printing Cloths, Coffaes,
Calicoes, Patna Handfs,
Checks, Mulmuls,
Ourrahs, i ailaties.
■Baft as,
T«c above w'l! be fold on very moderate terms, for
Nctes at 3 and 4 months.
30,020 !b. PEPPER.
* Three Brothers,
- V will llkewile be Sold.
She is 8 years old—newly eopp«red—
•C. a strong v;ffel, burthen about 450 tons.
June aj §i°W
NOW laying it Mr. John Wilcock's
J Wharf. The Charlotte is in excel
lent, well built New-England Ship, five and one half
year 6 old, 204 tons per regiffet, and is well found and
fitted in every refpeA. Apply to
Nalbro' & John Frazier,
July 11, No 95 fmth Frinlftrrct. rfiol
1100 Barrels Tar.
$750 Molafles {hooks,
St. Domingo In Ho „ hel< j v
»odSyr»p, j
; Pimaute, ill lerroons,
No. Tone Street*
Jvnc 17
Bourdeaux Claret In
Ditto Brandy in Pipes,
And German
Oznaburgs & Ticklenburgs in Cases.,
For Sale by
No. ii Walast tcrc-e*.
J"'y 9
At the STOKES of
Jksse & Robert Waln,
p.)R T WIME in pipe i, .t'ld*. Hnd Tiial ter calks
LJ.IBON nianei cctf!:s
S;>uchong;and 1 EAB, i n quarrel chcftt
A ciuantit\ of l.iiboiia i<l CadizSALT
Soft tHeMci A I.MONOSto bales
VeU etCORK 1 -, in do.
May *
*\ r n. yo, South Sccond-firett, near the City Tauem*
HAS }Uft opneed and for Sale, an Alfortraent of La-,
die»' and Gentlemen's
Fadiionable HATS,
•from London. Also a variety of Children's Hats of differ-.
ent Colours.
N. E- A Man or two a« finifhets in the above hnfuiefs,
veil recommended, will meet with Cor.ft-nt employ aed
Jun; 6. '
Philip Nicklin Co.
/ire rtzrw Landing fi'om the Ship Liberty, Capt. Van-
Luvetiigh, from Liverpool,
.j&& cafkft of Nails aborted in <W, &</, iod, and *0/.
And from the fchconer Favorite, from Virginia,
2.1 Hogfhcad* prime Tobacc#, and
i<COwt. Virginia Hau».
They have also on hand,
11 Tons Lead
Rich Mountain Wine in Quarter Calks,^
Kmc Olu Port Wine m and Hogfneads
franifh Liquorice Ball, in boxes of icwt. each
13 rim Hone, crude and refined)
Erig'iifh lail Canvas rfforted
Crrrvrr: Window Ohfs H by IC#
« hng'lifh fuddles, and
A Quantity of Mahogany.
' ''' '' 1
Tk« bigheft price in Calh, will be given foC
A preference will be giren to CUret Bottles —Apply
No. 187, loiith Third-ltreet.
Afrit 10.
At Cvthbert*t Wharf from on board the S&ifi
Bourdeauxßrandy, & Claret in calkj.
7-hr, 1795
A nerican Landscapes.
SELECTED from'the molt ftrilcing and intfr*(ling
Profpecb in the United States ; each «f which
Views, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of it« Local, HiHorical, and other lin idtiital Peculiarities
Author as the M Monadic Remains and Ancient Caftlu in Great
That the work (hall he published by Subscription; and
that each Sobfcriber (hall engage to take the wliole set
of Viewj, and Ihall pay for each engraving, if bUi or
brown, a Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
. That th* dimeniions of each engraving fl.all be 14 by 17
inches, executed in aquatinta, and pubHliiedupon pipei
of afuperiorqnality. The publication to commence im
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to the Sub
fcribers, on the firft Moi.djr of each succeeding month,
until the proposed series fhail be finally completed.
11. That with the last Vi<* of the series, ftiallb® dili-
Tered an engraved title-page ; in elegant
vign.tte: a map of the route, conned.ed with the prof
ped» exhibited in the the course qf the Work; and an
Alphabetical lift of the Subscriber s.
•Subferiptioß* are received by Mr. Harrifon, at hi* Print
hop, Maidrnlane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-fell
:r. No. I jB, Market street, Philadelphia, and by all the
principal Book-fellers in the United kates.
February iS,
City of Wamington.
Scheme of the Lottery, No. 2,
For the Improvement of
1 A magnificent / 20,000 Dollars, and
dwcuUig house, ) calh 36,000 aie
i d'«* ij.oooioli ajieoo
t dm" »S>o®o & cash >3,000
i d'H" i®,300 & calh 10,000
j duto 3,000 & c»IVi 5,000
1 diu» 6.°°o & C><l > S> 00 °
1 C»ft pure ol
1 ditto {.00* cich, aft
,o ditto t,oo<t
a o <liuo
jOO ditto
*oo ditto
400 diuo
i.ooQ ditto
I£,ooo &IW>
16,739 Prise*
£C,ooo Tickcii at 8 dol'crs
This Lottery will alTord an elegant specimen of die
privite l.uildingsto be erect. d in the Cilv of Wafhiiigton
- Too fcr«utif«tl designs arc already frleflrd fur the entire
fronts on two of thr public squires ; from these draw,
■tig!, it is proposed locrcfttwo cemre and t»ur corner
buildings, »s soon as poflible after this Lottery is fold, and
to convey them when complete, to the fortimare adventur-
IS, in the manner defcribad in the scheme for thr Hotel
Lottery. A nett drdu&ion of five per ccnt. will be made
to defray thr neecflVy expences of printing, &c. and
the furolas will be made a part of the fund intended f..r the
National University, to b« eiefted within the City ol
The drawing will commence as soon as the Ticket!
ire fold off. The money prices will be payable
•1 thirty day< alter it is ftn:lhcd,»nd an, prizes for which
fort inair numbers are noi produced within twelve months
,tier th« drawing is clo'ert are t» be confidcied as given
towards the fu*d for the Univ.rfi'y, 11 beinfj determin
ed to fettle the whole bufuiefs in a vear (torn the endnig
of the drawing and to take up the bonds given is fecu-
rity. '
The real fecunties given for the navmentof the Prizes
irr he'd b* the P'ef.rlp'ii and two Dire£lor» of the Bank
of Cilumbii, and are valued stmorcilun half tn? amou .
0< hf Lotleiy*
The twenty four gentleman who by appointment of
the late Commissioners assisted in the minajremen: of the
Hotel Lottery are requested to undertake thi» arduous talk
a second time on behalf of the public ; a fulficiunt num
ber of thefc having kindly accepted, it '» hoped that the
friends to a National Univerftty and the other federal oh
jedU may continue to favor the design. The fynoplis of.
one of the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
Institution, is already in the press, and will be speedily
publifiied, together with its constitution
A eompleat Plak of the wholi of tbis Important
Inflitution, compiled from a fele&ion of the best materi
als, ancient and modern, will be fubrakted to the public
whenever the fame may have gone through such revisions
as may'be necessary to establish the perfeA confidence and
general approbation, so essential to its present rife and fu
t«r» exiftencefor the general good of America.
Br accounts received frotn the dish-rent parts of the
Continent a* well as from. Europe, where the tickets
have been Cent for sale, the public that the
drawing will speedily commence, and that th« care and
caution unavoidably necelTary to mfure a fafe difpo al of
the tickets has remderedthe short fufpeofion mddpenlable.
rehruary >4, SAMUEL BLODGET.
• * Tickets may be had at the Bank ot Co'-umbial
of Umes Weft & Co. Baltimoie or Gideon De.iilon,
Savannah, of Gilman, Bottoni of John Hopkins
; Richmond : and of Richard Wells, Cooper's fer-v.
. ioatt
Au« 30 .
A Lot, containing about fcventeen
acres, on the Wiffahickon road, 4 mil" *rom the city,and opposite to the houft of Mr.lftae Whafton.
A Lot, containing 10 acre., in Iflmgton Lane, on said,
read, new the estate of JaC. er Moylan, Esq.
A Lot, containing 10 acres in Turner .Lane, on fa>d
road, and direflly oppofitc to the estate of Mr. Tenant
Enquire of Jofefh corner of T»r
ner's Lane.
April *
Gurney & Smith.
10 000
iC.O o
*0 ,000
9 Del\iyare BRiiidE.
IN Purfiianccof an ad o f the General Alfem of thi?
Commonwealth, entitled " Aa aofc to authorize the;
" Governor of this Commonwealth to incorporate a
•' Company for erecting a Bridge t>vcr the river Dela
" ware, at the boruugh of Kailon, in the County of
*' Northampton and aifo of the Legislature of the liate
of New Jerley, entitled " An ad: to empower th; Go
%t vernor of this Jlate to incorporate a Compauy for
" ere&ing a Bridge over the liver Delaware, at the
" township of Greenwich, in the Caunty oi SuiTcx, op
-44 polite the borough of lotion"
Notice is hereby given,
That Books will he opened to receiVe Sti ifcriptien* for
the Stock of the said Company, at 4he tiniej and places
following, to wit :
In the City of Philadelphia, -it the Counting House of
Levi Hollingfworth, on Monday, tuc«.,ah day of July
next, and on the tw# succeeding days—
In the Borough of J&iilon, at die iioufe of Conrad Ihrie,
fen. on thefaiue three day*; »
And, in the State of New Jcr <*y t at the Houfeof Tho
mas Bullmao, in thetownfnip of Greenwich, and County
of SuiTex, on the sixth and eighth day. of July next; and
at the store of i'homas Paul, at lietyidere, in Oxford town
ship, and SuiTex County aforefli.d, on the fcvoitii Jay of
July aforefaid
At which Places the I>oolls vrill be kept open from
o'clock until twelve in the forenoon, aadfroai two o'clock
until five iu the afternoon, of cack day, pruatii tTii fu'b
fcription. (hall be diUd -The Capital Stoclcol tke laid
Company will eoniifl of two liuadred and -fifty thares, at
one hundred dollars tach, whereof ten dollars be
paid on each (hare at the time ofiubfcriblng.
L:vi Holli igf-WQ rib ,1
Vcfc IVuL,
John AicL'ol/bn,
yciui Aruili,
li'tlluiM Henry,
Job ft ti.ilter,
"Jauul ilyndjbavj,
T' omas Paul,
Thomas B:Jlman.
Mai *8
No. 59 South Water Street.
THE Subscriber rcfpudfwlly Legs loavt to inform his
frien is .mil ths public in general, that he has remov
ed from No. 166 south ad Street, to that large, commo
dious, House in WaterStrect, between Chefr.ut and Walnut
Streets, lately occupied by Mr. Ifaoc and, on
which he has fp«red no pain? orcxp nl's. to make it con
venient and agreeable for the reeeptio.. of gcutlcm&a. TLv
Hbufe being situated on th- fame spot who»e the noitfd ISrot
Steak and Punch house formerly ltood, h»i the advantage
of the belt water in this city, known long since by tke name
of the Green Trie IVuler. As there are several elegant
Rooms, fufliciently large to accommodatc any Society or
company of gentlemen, and from his weli known abilities
topleafein the line of hit bufir.cfs, he flatters himfelf with
a continuance of that patronage which he has experienced
since he firlt opened a Public House in this City, and, for
which he begs leave to make a public acknowledgment.
For the accommodation of Small Parties, the L :rge
Coffee Room on the ground floor is con ,-eaiaatiy httad
up with a number of Boxes, conftrmftud in such a man
ner as to admit Gentlemen to be as private as they please—
Where may be had, at any hour, Soups,
Relishes, &c. See.
He has on hand, and will keep a coiftant supply of Spi
rituous and Malt Liquors, and of the best ijua]utie6.
Breakfafts provided—Also Dinners and Suppers cook
ed in th.- most approved manner, at a !hort, andPaf
try of all forts, made to order, ih the Hos&fe, or to f*-T-d
out at any hour.
He has several well furnifhed Bed Chambers, for Board
ers and Lodgers, by the Week, month, or fear.
P. S. The large, convenient, Stcres and Vaults, under
neath the House, with the Office above, to be rented, either
foparate or togeth r-—For terms apply to the Subscriber.
June a. dtt.
~~R~T DTN'G- iS CHo oL;
Horse Academy;
r ~7~HE Ladies znd Gentlemen of Philadelphia and its vi
_L cinity are rcfpc&fu'lly informed, that a Euildhig of
the above description is intended to be immediately ere&ed,
under the sole direAion of X. l.adics
and Gentlemen willb- inftruAed Ln Ridir.g'and managing
the Horfi according to the eftabliftied rules of art, and
Horses will be properly broke for every purfpfe. But as
the fitting up such buildings will be attended with a h. avy
exj ence, he has publilhed propofak, soliciting a fu .fcnu
tion to forward this ufcful Seminary, particulars of which
may be feenat Mr. Ormrod's printing Office Clicfnut
ftre ;t ; he will be happy to wait upon any lady or gentle
matt inclined to honour him with their support and fully
exp.ain himfelf on this fubjedt, a line addrefs'd to him at
No. 63, South Third ltreet will be duly attended to.
Thoie gentlemen &c who may have horses labour
ing with diseases either sick or lame lie will attend 011 them
if dcfir.d and immediately explain the nature of the com
pla.nt ar.d what can be done to help and relieve them—he
atfo engages to cure and make found horses wlitich have
the following complaint?, viz. canker'd feet, contrast.'d
hoofs, sand cracks quittors, fplents, wind galls, curbs and
spavins, either bog or boney, if in their firft stage*. I
He periormi a curious manual operation which takes
awa;' the cause of blindness from Horles that have bad and
weak eyes. The above he has experienced on more than
fix hundred Horses, with Angular fuecefs.
N. B. Any Lady or Gentleman who have Horses
that have been ill broke, and very and un
j handy to ride, he will engage to give them lix suppling
[ lessons in his temporary manage, at the irnall expense
of only five Dollars, by which their Mouths and aitioris
Ibalibe more altered for the better than is pofiib'ie to be
conceived by those who are unacquainted with the art.
The Lectures 011 Horfemanlhip published by T. Swann
are to be had at Mr. Orir.rod's, eheinut-ltrect j where
in is contained more concise and genuine inltruflions
on whi.-h the art is founded, than are to be had in any
publication, ccmprifcd in so imstUa compass, now exr
July 6.
James M'Alpin,
Taylor y
N>, 3, South Fourth Snir.r^
Reti;rri h" grateful acknowledgement i > hU friend,
and the Public for tiieir liberal iMicontagement, and
Wegs leave rw'peftfuily to foheit a Continuanrc •!
th ir Favours.
A f hi* Shoo Gentlemen can be f urntlhed with the best
ma.erials and have them made up ana limited in
the r.eatefl aml.nioft fafrionaUc manner.
will t'lankfu'ly receive any orders and pay a
prompt asM panitual £Uer,ii/i. t' U*'tru
*4» *795°
THE f p.' a Stout NEGRO 1.-iD, who has upward#
'd f si ye etc forve. Enquire of the i'nnter.
Jar: d
Treasury Department.
RxpfttuE Oencf, /ip'i! 10, 179 J.
Will be received at the Office of,the
f Commi/fionsr .of \ the Revenue
For building a LIGHT ;I O JS E
At Mowtaik-PoiN'tY in ttie C< unty *rf ■SufT^Tk,
and Stati New,Yoi:k, • «»f ri>c following Ma*
terials,' Dimeufiuits aud Def.Ti^riou.
r | ''HK form is to be O diagonal—the foundation is to be
X of Stone, to-be funk thirteenftet below the 1 ottorn
of the Water tabic, or thii furfoAt of the Earth, mid to
be commenced of the Diunutcr of twenty nine feet From
such commencement to the bottom of *he Wset *r able,
the founvlatioa Wall is to be thirteen feet higfa, and niutf
feet chick.
The-Diameter of tB» * bafefrom the bottom of the Wa
ter Table to the top thereof* '(where the. Oiljigonal pyra
mid is to commence)- is to be t\v:i::y i c; iit ieet, and
tbe wall i» there to he f veii set thick. she w<ui of the
OcUgo.ial pyramid is to be fix feet thic,k at the Bu&
thereof, on the top' ol tjie W .ter table.
The Height-os the budding, Irani the bottom of the
Water tuule tiriri from tht* I'ml'.icc of the liarrh, -obc
. ehty feet to Ac top of the stone work, under the floor
of the Lantern / -where the Dimeter is to be fixrcen feet
fuinchc: ani the wall three feet thick Th«- whole to
be built of Stone; the W ttt tabie is to be capt vith
favved stone, at inches V."idc, and Sloped at top
to turn off the water
c l'be outfde of the walls is to be faced with hewn cr
hammer drafted fto«c, having tear windows in the* East,
and tlue« ia the Weft. The 3.r.]hes to be .huag with hinges t
and each l'afh to have twelve panes of gi-us, eight by ten
Op the top of the Stone work w to be a framed tier
o r Joils, belied therein, planked over frith Oak plank,
eixtending three feet beyond. the wall, thereby forming
an eavc, which is to feeftnifh.d wkh a Coi'iiice, the whole
having- a dcfcent from the Centre, fuftcient to throw off
the water, aad to be c©v.*r?G with Jopp; A complete
and fuHicient irox: la', tern, in the Oit-gunai form is to
reft thereon, the Eight corner pieces or Stanchion* of
which, arc to be built in the wall to the depth of ten icet,
Thei'e Stanchion* are to be nearly 3 inches iquarc in the
lower tea feet, and 3 I-a by 2 1-2 indies above. The
hntern is to be ten feet and nine inches in diameter. It is
alio to be tan feet high, from the floor to the bottom of
tii dome or roof, and to have a dome or roof of five
feet and n :>e inches in height. The whole fpa:e between
the pofis or upright piece* at the angles is to be occupied
by tlie Sa&es, which are to be moulded or. the infidc and
flruck Solid. Each sash is to hive twenty eight panes of
glass, f urtaeij fc,y twelve inches, a part of the sash on the
South well fide is la be hang with hiii£Co for a convenient
door to go out on the platform.
The rafters of the Lantern are to be framed into an
Iron hoop, over which is to be a copper funnel, through
which the fmokc may pass into a iarjfc Copper Ventilator
in the form of a mac's head ; capable of containing 10©
Gallons. This head is to be turned by a l:xge vane ; so
that the hole, for venting the smoke, may be Jways to
Eight dormant Ventilators uc to be fired in the roof, a
large curved air pipe it to be palled thro' tin floor, and
* clafe Stove itto tie provided and fixed in the Lantern.
There arc to be I'tvtn pair of Stairs te afccnd to th(t
Lantern, the exitr.inae to which is to be by a trip door co
ve, ed with ceppcr.
The baildirg is to be furnifhed with two eqmplete elec
trical Conductors, or rods with puir.t* The floors are
to be laid with plank, of at least one inch and one half in
thickness. The entrance to the Light-Houie to be well
focured by a strong door hung upon lunga, with a itrong
lock and latch complete.
Alio a Frame house to he thirty fourfeet in front and
sixteen feet deep, -with a cellar under it. The cellar
•w ails to bw eighteen inches thiek, and liven feet high.
The firft story of the house is to be eight feet, and
the second, seven feet fix inches high, the fioors to be
bid in whole lengths nailed through. The Rack of
Chimneys with two plain fire plactjs on each floor,
one of them large for a kitchen ; two windows below,
and three above in front and rear, each faih to have
eighteen panes of glass ten by eight inches. The dcor«
tJ be hung and furuiflud completely.—The cei!ing»
and fides of the house to be piaiftered with two coats,
all the wood work inside & out to be well painted St
the what to he finilhed in a pi tin decent manner.
An oil Vault is to be built twenty !>y twelve feet
in the clear ; arched over and covered with earth or
laud over which a (bed is to be built —It rs to be fur
nifhed with nine strong ctdar cillerns, wtih covers
each capable of containing two hundred gallons.
| The entrance to the vault is to be ftcured by a (Irong
A well is to be funk at a convenient dinance,
artd famiihed with a curb, bucket and rope completely..
I'ht builder lo find and pay for all the materials, la : ior,
wovkmanfhip, provifioirs, and other ebjefts of cost,
charge or expence for a sum to be agreed upon and to
execute the before deicribed work and every part
thereof ina trood and workmanlike manner.
Convenient payments or advances, on security will
be made tu4t f t
THAT large Grazing FARM, now in the tenure of
Mr. John Piffaat; containing about 471 acres, m. te
than *00 of which-are msadow of the bsli .quality ; tiic
remainder consists of cedar and maple fwaaxp, upland, aad
ou'tfide marft, mol'ly fit to be takes in. It i, lituatc on
the river Delaware, with a eommodiom aud cxccUoat
liißding, dire& y onrofite to Chester, and between Rquu
pa and Racoon crceks, in Giouceller county; •from whiefe
creeks public market boats go every waek to, the city.
This Farm may be conveniently divided ■into two, leaving
mo dwellings in fifjationi; has barne uid tabling
for feeding 6• head of cnttle; sad, from its uaiiy ad
vantages, r.iufi. b an object for my nnc extenfm-ly in
the gracing or dairy way. For terras or more particular
information, appiy to Richard Whitehead, ■
June 30.
62 punchcotts Tobago Rum*
Juit received by .the bri» Netitraii y— By;
m* ha.' af'j fir SAL Ej
A Quantity of Bviftol Window Glass,,
Qf the /Cloning Jtzcs s
7 by V
S by 10
9 by it
TO by I*
July «
1 ■ J
Vdiviik mj.
OP LO*£ I&oitl,
No. 62, Viafr-ftreet.
/<' 0 R $AI. £,