Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, December 23, 1800, Image 1

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    Numbfr 1571^
Tbt price of tbis Ax at tit# is -*Vj
Dollars per annum to Subscribers residing
in tbe city of Philadelphia. Ait others piiy
*ne Dollar additional, for enclosing and ik
reding ; and unless some person in this cttji
will become answerable for tbe subscription,
it must be paid Six Mor.tbs in Advance.
*,* No Subscription Will be received for
a shorter term than siit months.
December r 1799.
From December a —to Deceniir 30.
T*e{* r
►- '".rday
Tuef j»y
Landing fro.n tbe sbip America, Walte.
Sims, Commander, from Canton,
Souchong, ift & atod quality, I
Caper i'nuchong,
Tmkay, J
Young hyfoh,
Hyf-m, tit & »d quality,
im penal,
"Yellow n4>ite nankeem
Lutcftrings, black & color'd ( In Boxea
Sinfhawa do. f afTbrted,
S-rt ;►.« do. J
Lmeftriiigs, maz. blue k dark green ,
V VoL'
Persian »*ffrtu, dark green )
Tb tr have also on band for sale, received 6v
the late arrivals from Europe, We.
1 lufraaltpack-
Striped and checked ginghams i agei aflVted,
White figured fc color'd Muf- I rijculated tor
' linens the Weft-lr.
White corded din>itie« | d'a market l>
Color'd silk, striped Nankeens I entitled to
•*"* if; ■ I drawback.
14 Trynki printed CaViie*,
f do. do.
3 Bale*feir.e tw'ne (F.r.titled to
10 Cat'«k Eaßlilh China t»aie, I drawback,
is tea (ctts J
6 Cases mineral black,
I do. white,
10 do. calcother,
3 Calks purple brown,
35 do. naili aSrrltd,
q do. I/ondo# porter in bottlea,
Eng ! ilh fail can va», No. 1, 1& 3,
Buffi* duck,
»7 Boxes white Havinna sugar,
13 P!pr» old Madeira wins,
Empty wine bottles,
i» do. 9 do.
15 <To. 9 do. with carriages, &e.
ißo,f colb». Ceribon coffee, lit
quality ( Entitled to
iO,opolb«. black pepper Cdrawback,
jo Lrgs
Of the Pittsburgh Glass Works,
FJ.WING prorured a fufflcwi't number of
A themoft approved European Glass Manu
fu<fturers, andhavipg on hand a large Hock of
the heft Materials, en which theii workmen are
now employed, have the pleafurc of alluring
the public, that window dial's of a I'uperior qua
lity and of any size, from 7 by 9, to iX by 14
inches, carefully packed in boxes containing
100 feet c» h, may be had at rbe (horteft notice.
Glass of larger size* for other purposes, may
also be has!, fnch as for pifluvcs, coach glade*,
clock faces, 4c.,Bottles of all kirds and of any
quantity may also be had, together with pocket
flafks, pick'mgjars, apothecary's Ihop furniture,
or other h»llow ware —the whole at lead 15 per
cent, lower than articles of the fame quality
brought from any ef the sea ports of the United
States. A liberal allowance will he made on
sals of large quantities. Orders From merchants
and otiwws will fee punctually attended to on ap
plication to JAMES O'IIARA or ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Stnreof Mefl'rs PRATIIER
and S.MILIE, in Maik?t-3treet, Pittfburgfc,
Min-h t, tuthtf.
2Q Dollars Reward.
RAN away* fyo* tht frigate CoaMlation,
capiain Mtrriy, U'Mtrcm Hook, i mil*
)ut« William William*, buj
ticker known "by (B* - oiim of JOHNSTON.—
He mm* 6f<r to the miriney ori bitted fikj lbip,
ihfit a* |(iri <<( ap-, j t'«i, 7 or H- letfie«
a llH'epock m:rtied, and '.tr.t,
4)Kit (lout hair tied in
a H a -.l <>n when he w<«t a»*y, a«
oli*f-<o.ur'd jiaitti and piftiilfOßf, the colour
of *hitJ. ii uot rfttlltAcili Having befo K-
Ckllomtd to the Ini il baa enter*
ri,'toJ failcA, 011 board lomr mmchantdhp.—
Tea will he piven, f r certain inform*-
tint, veflal It Ka» Oiled no board of, or
»h$ »6<Jre reward and rtidmb'f rxpcoce*, for
in |ny part of the.Unit«d State*,
g|vilt{ iflii&fdkte ihfrtrtnailon thereof, to
RiCittzd Co****, Efquirc, of Baltimore,
JaMKtStTdM, Bfqr. of New-York, ee the
luotcrlbera in Pbiladefpkii,
Tbetfiat {3" Ptttr Mmtiu,
rU.114, f»»tfc team' fire«t.
Diceai'jft S
Gazette of the United States, &
No.'lss,louth Water lirett,
White &brown Havanna Sugars
Holland Gin
• Old Canhc Brartdy
London particular Madeira Wine
Pale red ana yellow lefuir's
A large aflortinent of CORDAGE, &c.
decrmhrr ' 3 mw.Vfa tf
For Sale
Souchong ant) > TEAS.
Bohea J
Mnfcovado sugar in hhds.
Br n'ly ilt proof
Lilbm wiwe in quarter caflcs
Madeira wine in pipes
ChiNa,-<aflbrted, and a few bales white and )
ysilow nankeens }
A few boxes choerdafe and dipt eandles
Spermaceti oil and candles
Rr ember 11 3ta«3w
Gideon H. Wells"
Has Just Received,
By the late arrival*—a large and general aflort
mrot of
Hardware, Cutlery & Sadlery,
Which he offers for fait, fr cath or the
ufu*l credit.
Market-Street. No. i; 5. 3
H. M.
9 ie
9 53
10 36
IX »3
" *9
0 35
1 »s
-trill tiT>
7 15 «
7 *5 4 3 S
7 »5 4 35
- 7 iy—»4 35
- 7 »J 4 iS
7 »4 4 36
1 l« 4 36
I'H (s* Co.
Becmber 8 fod.lw
Spring »nd other Clocks ; gold aud filvc
Watches; Tools, Files and Materials ; flee
id gilt Chains, Seals and Kty» ; Springs',
&<t. Bsc.
Repaired as usual.
r 7 u " e t, takftf
Modern Europe.
THE Second Voluu» of MODERN EUROP3
ts now delivermgto fcricera, ani may b
had of
W. Y. Birch,
No. 17, South StconC Street
Ofloher 15.
Philadelphia Academy.
& Mr. Francis Gallet,
A N experienced anil approved Inftruflor, hai
A undertaken toteacr. ;be FRENCH I. AV
CSfAGE in thi» Seminary, to such of the Young
Qcntlem#i: at may cfiooft to place tfcenjftlfca uii
der hi» care
£T t'are t« and OtiaHhna ar« requeued
make im«ij(< application, that all the I'rhohr
may begin at once.
Samuel 1 Directors of
James Abererombie j tie Academy.
Ofloher 11. ;tawff.
tnftw tf
EVT ' £1 SJt^OLi,f.CTION,
Imported hy lundry arrivals from London
ID.d Duhltr,
How nr»i»?ri and rfadv for hWi
N*. 319, Marlet-firttl)
Wbtr* Caul j£ic» will be dtlr-rid on ippli*
HC take* »l\i» opportunity ftf r- turrinj lit fiu.
cert ukntwinliiiiknti ro ih; Cciul«im of
the Bar, and (b'ir Ou>lrtit« in iLc Unr.od Etatn,
tar (b* bl»W'n« kumet wilfc.fT (f
---uMiO»ing s ■tor«,f*dofi»tlf lor thr £»'e of i *«
Benin. I>» * :Ti"t:gc« whidi otf.r <>?mlU*ca
i" the profcSoa, from ka»irrjf such to spcVf t», kr
irnlb are ttodeni ohfioiii by the lutiliiWi'.ion,
that conftaiug liii«rr/-a(ioa ((the hqwrWlM o'
nook I, only in that Line, *•« Ki» it io Kh Co
keep conliwl; Wy him. i g<u>Mal uJ aiol) iJu
iblclspply at la<«4 lu« hell EJitloOt, aut
lr««i hia raJy Mt». to i]ifp"(e ol :fcrn», m irrjii>
fomoJeritt at in jrwJorte the rrtefluj of jftntlf
tarn impfoing their o\rn Libra tiei.
Any jrr maj be with, from
a ftngie fotume tp Jtiy oir«>b r, (ball ituqilntlj
■>d promptly lie ati«>n]e-i i®.
rawinur >6 tm
20 Dollars Reward,
DC«« renilrt rvaning. JOSEPH PARKIN.
SOW, priv«c ip the marine Corp* „f the
UnlUd #**!«*) Ifc inli4l»tnf, ii abouO)
fart <44. & feet i anJ a hajf incho higk, d»ri
rftm hlarfc h»ir, and fellow Alia,
JEkEMMH Ct.AiiltSON, born in KnjtatM,
town of " 39 yean of if«, J fce« j
iocb» high, pry eJYt, light browa hair, florid
and by trirfe a Mattar; Un ttU ap.
practice of Hi* ftco the mod evident Mi>L< of *t
tacNaoent 40 dri. ktnty ht traced, (fcuyheve both
(tr*e.l io the W«iV»» Army, and saw Hcfemd in
'all uniirrra. The j'<»ve amount will tw paid
with charge* to apprchrnd tb>.Bi j or r«n DoJlar
fur either by applying to
At the Office »f the Gazette of the United
Br Joseph SIMS,
A Genteel three Story
in Spnit* star Tlurd flrett,
Enquire of
Clock & Watch Maker,
To No. 36, Mahket Street,
Where he has for Sale,
Law Books.
Captain Commanding.
Marine Barracks, Nuv. 8.
By C. P. WaVne, No* 6s t South Front-ftreefe
■ ■ '' : V'.S- . J '-
The American
For rue. rejß IPOO.
Just Publiflied,
By JVilliam Y. Birch,
No. 17, South Second-street.
THE Ladies' Book contains an 'interfiling
scone in the lite of General Washington, ein
bellifhe 1 with a beautiful engraving.
An Almanac—ruled pages for memoran
dums and acconnt ot monies, &c. for every day
in the year ; Miliellaneous»- moral, and enter
taining pieces in prude at<d verse j new au 1 eele
hrated songs, and feve al ufefu! tables.
The Gentleman's Book
Coritasns an intercfling scene in the life of
General V\ afhingtori, with an engraving.
An Almanac, ruled pages for mem randums
and cash account; the Bankrupt Law complete;
Duties ou goods imported, (lamp duties, «!o,
on domestic
States, Departments of State, War, Navy,
Treasury, and Judiciary, lift of the army and
navy, fcveFal ufc-ful :abfc9, and other intertill
ing ma:ter.
V. . y. Birch hai jult received from London,
a general ffortmciu o.' Enplilh Writing and
©rawing paper* of the firfl qjality ; copying
machines, paprr and ink powder, fine hit pr-f
fed post ; an aflortinent us the latcft an.l heft
Maps on rollers, twelve elegant Atlaffes. fle
keeps always fur l'al«, a peneril affurttnen' of
stationary ; Ladies' and Gentlemen's pocket
books, with and without ii.ftniments; maho
gany writing deflss, pen and fruit knives, play
cards, &c &c.
December 4 we6w
Forpublijh'tng, by Subscription,
Of rfie .Law of Aftions and Trials at
By lfaao 'EfpinafTe, of Gray'= Inn, Esq. Barriftcr
at Law.
Tht tkird edition, corriAcd, with confiJerablc
»d 'itions Irom printed and nunufcript cases.
spes el ratio studiorum. Jur.
THE work is now printing, and in confidera-
Me lorwardtiels, on 2 fuperfinc paper, of
royal..fixe, at.«i oibvp f'um. It ill he fruited
page Ivr p'gr <*• 11i: tlielatcil Louuon edition,ip-1
;.o pain' will 'ic spare to render the work cor
.e&, and free of typegrapi ical errors.
It will h. neatly U'liiidanii lc.trr-.d ia (wo tn
'u-nc«.ray»| r>& ,»o, Irn! to fuMcribin will be put
»'■ I'M lut1»r« »nJ ftltr «n»t'prt set—to nunfub-
I'riWrt the price will bt fume what tnhancd—
The price of ihr Lonilox edvion i> Iftrji dnllin
Vho/cwho fu'ifcnbe 4cr eijfcl. 4bi» fluti has* *
ninth glKl.
fhc t»o *'!uairt will cutAA of ibntit nine
liur.(jrr4 j-ajp >, «f which the one annexed (o tlx.
>ropnr«|i II 4 fptcirn-ii. A» til* work u t*«r
fmMilinp, and will ha comjiktcd wtrh all cvate
cicot «ipediikm, tbufc who wifc to profit bf (lie
will plcaCe to (übtcribc Wsoiuiy.
N. ft. OruiUtrkoa (ui rVnpttau pa;>cr»
arc ro return (hem to IHu
n%S the publiflim, by rhcftrll ofjaouiry rext.
rhl hookfeHirnir. pt itilelfftia trr rafpeA.
faHy infarirxH, that <h«y will fc« suM either binitid
•r fathered ia fhett, hy Iho fiMrribm, tt (Kpr
afual low yiitm. ■ Thrfe who- Wife to pnrcfcafr
will plaafe to apply by Wctrr to in* pobfifhi rw—
Ttic wcrk will be out of prehfamc n«w h the
Wa'pole (N H.) Oc\. tBo-j (jV) c«i/
English Grammar,
Has thi3 Day been publillud, by AstUJl)
Djckins, opposite,
[Price One Dollar.]
Qflnt*r 7.
For the winter leafon, on Monday, Oflobtr
6UI, Walnut, between Fourth and
MP.S. GROOMfIRIDGE rcfpedlfully ac
knowledges the liberal encouragement
Ole has experienced, for more than feveu ye>rs
in hia, and, as the mpa expr< ffi«t proof;
of gratitude, will be a continuance of the uuie
miitinj attention, already pa t l to her pupils •
flatters herfeif, it will be the bell leci tnmenda'
tion to futnre patronage.
TS'e following branches (or ijiy of th<m sep
arately) may be engaged !or, as moll agr«eabie,
the Eng'.iili, French, aiid Italian languages
grammatically ; writing, arrithmetir, geogra
phy, use of the globes, hiftcry, music, vocal
and iiiftrn mental, drawing and dant-ir.g.
Plain work, marking, embroiJcry ami 'am
bour in gold, fflver or rolours, filigree, artifi
cial flowers, fancy balke:*, r.etting, hur, print
«loth,and m<>flin work ofevery kind.
AO- iq. daw tvetv
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Columbian, Harry the VHlth
and Mary-Andrew Playing Cards, fer sal« «heep
fpr cash—Apply at this Ofiice.
feptembet 13.
THE pubii« areher«V>y in farmed, that the Bal
timore Oouurht:e ie future start fr»m tha In
dian No. 15, ir-ut* 1 . S'"T-'h ftrcrt, every Hay
except "Sunday, t: 7 o'clock, v.'ili ai
Peck'. Tavern, Baltimore, thencxn dayat f>o'»lock
and the SUjjtm to New Yotk, will ttart ev~ry day
at 2 and la o'clock.
N. I)—A. book i» k'ipt open at Mr. Ely Chan
dler's Fratilili'i Head, where feats may aHo he ta
ken in the above line of stages.
oitober a §
r PHK Proprietor# of the Philadelphia and l/*n-
X caftcr line of St3ge» DISPATCH, return their
graceful (tanks to thoir friends and the public in
genesat, tor the patl favors tfcey have received,and
inform thenj that in addition to the regslar l.ine,
thay ars provided with Carriages,fober and careful
drivers, to go through between the City apd
!soro*g'i i.E two days. Tbof« who prefer this mode
nf travelling caii be accommodated at ti-c Stage
Office, of United Sutas Kagle, Market street,
Sitntfb, Do9nmg % Eunmodj V Co.
V«v. jo. f at-r-f
Gifford's Epistle to Peter Pi»idat,
(Price 37 1-» Cents)
Dutton's Poem on the present state of
1 (Price I* t 2 C«ats)
< Have just tun received by
A. DFCKENs, opposite Chrill Cliurch.
n«v:ml;er ?. dtf
American Balloon,
Vertical Aerial Coachee.
This new, curious, and elegant
Which has heen exhibited to, and a commoda
tcd'i houfands of Perl'ons in New-York,
is no v fixed »p at the
In this city.
Properties of this wonderful Conftruc
m- lion are as beneficial *s they are various
affjrdisp the m ft delica.e plealure, and at 'he
fame time operating as a reilorjiive to health,
and for which pnrpufe the »requent use of ii is
ree«mmeti"rf by th- faculty, to trie sick, the
weak aud those recovering
The rr.o ion of the Walloon is from four to
abaut twenty miles per hour The rats of tra
vei ing, however, will be res ulated by tfce
will of the paffei.gers eight of wlu m can hi
comforraby accwirtiimhred j but the Balloon
will set off with !wo only.
Sweet the air, behali below,
The city, country far around,
Ai.d then defcendine, quick or flow,
Vvu you move on ground.
Conftsn: attendance will he given, for a lew
days billy, when tile exhibition wtU clof. - .
Every rcfptclful attention be fiiewn by
Adini'tance to view, one-eighth of a dollar;
and for exsreifing the machine (in the whole)
one-fourth of a dollar
Any ptrfou defiious of purchasing the exten
sive privilege thereof for this city i.r State, will
be informed of the terms by applying as a' ove.
rovember 29
The following- Real Elkte 5 the property of
Anthony Francis Haldimand, Efqnire,
of London,
582 and an half
A.cres Patented Land
SITUATE on Vinfyard <?r the townfiip
and e-ur.ty of Huntingrfo -, is the (late of
Pennfylvauii, 1.11 a public roatiabcut .tmilctfrom
the town of Huntingdon, which is Gtuated oa a
boa table river—thrre are or the preaiiiet a wati r
Grift Mill and Saw Mill—fcveral Log dwrllir.g
Houses—ore of which is occu. ied as a Tavern
with a Diftiliery fwpplied by a powerful spring o
excel;, or wan r—a coufiderabte quantity of Tiaio
thy Meadow fit for the scythe, and fcveral acres
01 arable I.and already cleared—f hintraift wiU
admit of being divided into threr farms, with a
d»e proportion of meadow ar.d arable bud in cacti
At prelent in tenure of Adam Hall, lifq. John
Hicks, and others
187 and an half acres on Trough Creek, in
Union town(hip,a flotirilhing fcttlenKnt, firft rate
land, with a ftnall improvement,
'7.1 at.c! 3 Quarters acres adjoining the above
and the kmc quality—as those lal mentioned
trails are adjoining furvejs they would make one
valuable farm
In Bedford county,
acres situate on Ounnings Creejt, rate
lam), on a public road to JJe-rtord.
364 and 3 quarters acres adjoining tfte above,
and of (he fame quality.
388 acres called the Springs, fame quality as
198 and 3 quarters acres on half way run, a
gcsd improvement and now in tenure of Ucob
Terms of fale,M follows viz—One fourth part
of the consideration money mud he paid in hand,
and the reliJue divided into font or five annua! ia
(lalmcnt», as may suit the pt:rchafers— to he foa»-
red by mortgage.
Apply to J oil u F.fq. Oounfcllor at, in the town of Huntingdon, or to ci- fub
fcfibers in the city of Phil delphia.
Willings & Francis.
Oilober 14 tawSw
To Printers.
VVANTED—in Exchange,
A FOUNT of Long Primer, weighing 6
or 700 lb. or upwards, and a L'eunt ef
Bravier, weighing 400 lbs. or upwards.
Srptembai 2.
T^ B -
A w«w «ir*. n* * c<ww#r<Z -
fcejw vf<*>iiy tfik ,«K d*f ot J«4wr^?jL
11 *'ctjclc in thcjortaooo, to nlStt DMkM
forth* Mfoiag feu- f ■'*• •• '
i. JAMM J. CO*" fttiW.
Coffee and Cocoa
in b.igs,
Also, about 3j,000 weight
Black Pepper
in bags,
Of a Superior Quality.
All entitled to Drawback.
For sale by
No. 69, fjuch Fourth Ittcc
December 18. $
For Sale, or to Let,
Jn C/jcsnut Street,
Near t&e corner of Eleventh street, at prefeot I a
t.W tenure of Mr. A. M Cail— may he
!i*d the firit of November next, or fooncr if re
quired—— Apply to
Edward Shoemaker.
September 3 $
Prevention better than Cure"
For the prevention and cure of Bilious and
malignant Fevers, is recommended,
Hk. HAHN's
Anti-bilious Pills,
WHICH have been attended with a degree
«f fuccef# highly gnteful to the inven
tor's, i.i ievrral parts of the Weft-In
ditSjind the fauthern parts of the United Statei
particularly in Baltimore, Peterfourg, Rich,
mond, Norfolk, Edento:i, Wilmington,Charlef
toir, Savannah. Bcc. I*he tcltimony of a nam
berof perfonsin each of the above placet can be
adduced, who have reason to believe that &
timely us« of th s salutary remedy, has, under
Providence, preserved their lives when in the
mofl alarming circtmflances.
Fails of thii conclusive nature fprak nore in
fav.iur of a medicine, than columns of pjmpou*
eulogy, founded on mere aiTcrtinn, could do.
It Un -t indued profumptuoufly proposed as
an infallible cure, but the inventor has every
possible neafon, wbich can result from exteefive
experience forbtl-evingthat a dofcofthefe piU*,
taken once every two weeks during the preva
lence of out annual bilious fevers, will prove an
infallible preventative ; and further, tint in the
earlier stages of those Aifeafes, their use wiH
very generally fueceed in reltoring health and
frequently in cal'rt eiieemed dei'ferate iftii bey
ond the power of common rerr.ejk'6
The operation of these pills is perfectly mild
ind may be used with l'afery by psrfona in ever
situation and of every ag*.
They are excellently adapted to carry rfiffu
perfluous bite andprei-ent iu morbid ftcretiont {
to relSore amend the appetite ; to produce
a free perfp'iratiop and thereby prevent coldv
which are often of fatal conlequetice. A dose
never i'ailn to remove a cold if taker, on its firft
appearance. Tliev are celebrated f»,r removing
habitual coftivensfs, ficke.efi of the stomach and
fevcre head-ache, aivl ought to be taken by all
petfons.on a change of climate.
They have b;en found remarkably efficacious
an preventing ind curing molt fiiforders attend
ant on long voyages, and ftjuld be procu.ed
and carefully preserved for use by every Teaman.
Dr. HAHN's
Genuine Eye-water.
A certain and fafe remedy for all difeafitofth*
»ye>, whether the effe/k of natural weaknefr, or of
accident, fyeedily remcvir,- ififlarmnations, de
fluxions ol rheum, dullntls, itehing, and films in
the eyes, never failing to core those maladies which
frequently fucce».l the fmill pox, measles and fe
vers, and womier ally (lengthening a weak fight
Hundreds have expenencej its eicci!e::t virtues
when nearly deprivsd of Cgfit,
Tooth-ache Drops.
The only remedy yet dilcoverod whi»hgives im
mediate and lasting relief in the mut fevare in
The Anodyne Elixir.
For the cure of every kii.d ei'heai-seise,and •(
pains in the face and neck.
Tuhdliblt Agumnd Prvft
Tt>»» medkl»i tUrt' oe««f ift h»»j
trtdcifa not mie In* hLro<rcd'f»i i fc»<tec3UaW
t*k« m»rt cfrac botefr, 109
ibMtUr Tlmdmoct »*» if «•**#«'
bo«( fwfwui. >■. '* • *y •
South Second Street,
And no Mere else, in Philadelphia.
Where alfn may he had, Dr. Hamilton's Wcrm
Dsfiroying Lozenges, his Sovereign Elixir for
coughs, &c. Reftorstive Drops, Eilerce and Fx
trad* of Mustard, Sovereign Ointment lor tfceltch,
Dr. Hahn's inCallibie Ocrman C«rn Plaiftcr, In
dian Vcgetable Specific for the Veter-sl com
plaint, Gowland's and ycrfian Lotien, Reftorauve
Tooth Powder, Daroalk Lip tfclve, Church'
Cough Drops, Andcrfou's Pills, &c. &<
apriho mtf
• " 1 " " ' ....
War Department,
November 13, i£ o2 .
r pHOS£ Gentlemen who have applied tor roi
liiary appoii tin ms in th<r fci vic» or the
United Stitea are informed thrt their applica
tions wi'h al the reoron sudatory lettcis ..ccowi
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