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    Wiro is Ga.vr.n.iL ?WCKNEY?
Is a 511efti.n1 frequently 'alked by his ene
hiies, As we have but a poor opinion o:
their knowledge, we will endeavor to in
for;r. them who he is and what he is.
1. General Pinckney is a native of South
Carolina ; is the lon of the chief juflice ol
that (then) colony ; and is in the 54th year
-of his age. '
z. He was for many years previous to the
revolution, an ardent and patriotic Mem
ber of the general aflembly of South Caroli
3. He commanded thefirft corps of uni
form volunteers in Charleston, in 177-, & c .
4- He was major of the firft (kte~ 'rrtfii
ment, ifter the comnifncemeiit of the war,
of which the present Gen. Gadlden was colo-'
5. He was aherwards promoted to the
command of that regiment, and assisted at
the defence of Fort Moultrie, in 1776,
again ft the Britilb under Sir Peter Parker
and Gen. Clinton.
6. He was aid-de-camp to Genzr il
Washington, in the battles of Brandy wine
Germantown, &c.
7. On the re-invasion of the Southern
Stites, he resumed the Command of his re.
gimcr.t, and headed it in the assault on Sa
8. He was engaged in every important
aftion in Georgia and S. Carolina previous
to the faH of Cliarkftot).
9* He was intruded by Gen. Lincoln
with the defence of the important pafe of
Fort Moultrie.
10. He was made aprifoner bvtre B.i»
tifti, st the surrender of Charleston.
11. He was kept prisoner until ne4rly tire
close of the war ; aiming which time his
beautiful feat near was burnt to
the ground by the Bnufh.
iJ. He was made a delegate in the fede
ral convention in 1787, and fignei the pre
fect constitution ot' die United S- ,t.-s.
13. He a friend to the French revo
lntion, until its crimes rendered it the ab
horrence of all good men.
14. He was commander in chief of the
wilitia of South-Carol; iMj 1794.
15. He was offered the office of Secre
tary of State, on the rrfignation of Mr. Jtrf
(eifon, and ? feat on the bench of the Su
preme Court of the Upited States, by Piefi
dent Walhingtwi ; but he declined them.
16. He was appointed by Pfefident Wash
ington to lucceed Mr. Munroe, a£ minilter
plenipotentiary to the French Republic ;
which he accepted ; but the infdlcnt repub
lic refuted to accredit him—The woild well
knows the personal dangers which he then
braved while unprote£led by the law of nati
ons, and abandoned by a profligate govern
ment to the regulations of their own police
ag*inlf foiriar.eis.
17 H* was nominated at the bead of
the second en,bs(Ty to Paris, in co. with
General Marshal, and Mr. Gerry. How
well he then behaved none but the moll ig
norant are unacquainted Giles of Virginia,
ronteflVd that G'Oeral Pinckiley had con
ducted " with dlfcrution and ability."
irt. He was Major G'tieral of the pro
*ifionttl army, of which General Wallurg.
ton died commander in chief.
19. He iiaperlon it vlwm the Pn si.
dfrt of the United State* io thr lli.cerity
ofhii heart, lui -.bit he know* of Uo
getWmiD whose charaAer tad conduit it
more drferviny of Confidence.
a*. He it a mill who alwiyi- foliated
thr port of dinger i~ a mail of
kiowk-dget « mtfculine and nervous .>ntn ;
*no a tpinj)f pun» inuruli aitd of im-ffccVd
nky, who has been voted for by the elec
tors of P fident *ml V ce-PreGdent. Let
the world fliew a man in whim gre ter Cer
vices, and better qualifications are united
if it can. \et this is the man, fellow citi
zens, whom Jacobin fcribbers has had the
impudence to call " the creature of Hamil
From rut. AURORA of tbis morning.
To the £Ji:or, received by express yester
day, dated Washington, Thurfrfay •even
ing, December 1 i, ißco.
•' My alEi ranee to you yesterday, was not
too confidently made. This evening's mail
has brought letters to the Executive fioni
South Carolina, from which the Secretary of
the N»*y has i'urnilhrd to one of our repre
sentatives, a lift, in the Srcieury'i hand
writing, of the Eledors chosen in that Rate,
on Tncfday, the ad inflant, in copying- it in
a hurry one name h;s been dropped, whitb
1 can't i'upply, but the other seven are as
General Bavie ; has arrived in the Ports
mouth, at Norfolk, and brought th? TjSflTy
"with Fiance. Chief Justice Ellsworth,
is gone to England, Mr. Mukkav to the-
Hague. (ibid.)
Two negro (laves were ccnvifted of inur
d-;r at Chailifton on the 3d itifhnt, and re
ceived lenience to fuflk'i death [>y being
burnt alive ! One of tl.ein to be executed
theday after his trial, and the other on Fri
day following.
The Count St. J'ulien has bee* exiled by
the Emperor of Germany for signing the
preliminaries of peace at Paris. His fate
is similar to that of Count Lutz.m, who
■was dil'graced for having signed in 1641, in
the name of the Emperor, the treaty of
peace of Hamburgh, the conclulion
«»' the thirty years war.
Si i
\ report
•jOf the ddmniiffioners of the fund Tor navy
peufions and half pay, paifv»it'nr to the
a£t tor the better government of the navy
j of the United States. R/ad r.) the house
of reprefe'nutives, December' 2, igbo.
I In purfuaiice of the aft, entitled <' An
aa for the better .» ivenirtient of the navy
' ot the United State*," the lefcietary of the
■' HAvy, the fee ret* l*y of the Treasury, »id
1 the ice retdry ot relpecifully repart t'J
! Longrels—
j Tilt on the 30th d y of June, 1800,
■ 1 . had oceu received into the Treasury,
> ths turn of 23,859 dollars, 88 cents, being
j the proportion ot prize-money, lo far as the
account had been rendered, then belonging
j to the United States ; whith sum they have |
I canted to be invefed 111 flock of the United
! States, through the agency of George Strop
-1 cafl of the Bin ft of'the United
j States, (except the sum of 32 dollars, 76
cents, {fill remaining in his hands.)
1 hat since the 50th of Jane, and prior to
the lit of October, the further sum of <024
aorars, and 32 cents, has betn received at
t e Treasury, and is now to be invtfted.
Ihat other lums have been received at
the Treasury since the lit of October, (which
will be applied in the lame manner as direct
ed by law, as fuon ai the forms of office
would admit.
Oil behalf of the board,
ben. stoddert.
City of Washington,
Nov. 25, 1800.
Mr Fen no ha? been fined by a 'Pennsyl
vania Court two thousand Jive hundred do!-
lars for t lje publilhing what has bren con-
Thued into a ]ii d upon a Jacobin. In
Jiiissacbusetts, a Printer was only amerced
200 dollars, for a libel on the LsgiAature I
W hat a di.Terer.ce there u between the
chance of a FederslHi among Jacobins, >nnd
of a Jacobin amojig Federates ! The
bo tiled friends of the liberty df the press in
fii&a teufold more feverepuni/hmeiu, when
their chnr*dler-> are canvafled ; than those
who are charged with being the enemies of
newlpsper freedom, do, when libelled in the
most abominable and iuexcn&We manner.
Boston Mercury.
The dinner lately given at Paris to the
American Envoys was Itrvcd upon three
tables, in three large raonis which commu
nicated with each other. The firft was the
Salle del' Union ; the feconcj and third, which
bore the names of Washington and Franklin,
were adorned with the bulb of those great
men. The three rooms were beaut fully or
namented with flowers and emblematical re
premutations. In the frli of those was seen
an Eagle and Lexington : In a second, The
4th of July, 1776—American Independence
Har.cock : In a third, the initials F. A.
and Warren ; In a fourth, 9 Venderr-aire,
year 9 [the date of the Treaty] : The fjftl>,
F. A—Putnam : The f.xih, Ville Fedcrale
—Trenton s The seventh, 17 th of Otlober,
'777 —Saratoga—Gites : The eighth, g:h
of O&ober, 1781 —Yoiktawn : The ninth,
the (bores at' France and America j'epjtrdted
by the fei—a vefiel quitting H.i Vie am. fail
ing lor Philadelphia, and the nanlf of Green :
The tenth, repirfeojfd, a French artd an j
American vessel failing in company with :
e icli other, (
j Shun Z.-.m:, (hua that dullcy feathcr'd queen,
I Prud ncr t!ireft» rich danger toforfake ;
*" Ff less expoieil through yonder tno ny brake,
c - Where lurks the rattlc-lr.ake or hideous mei;.
,rt Ha, ere he lt-ikes, may give the wuningfign,
*• Or lenient plant m»y mit.gatt the wound :
d, But never aught to cure a pain like mine,
:i- Was e'er in w »■ d» or wide savannahs found.
If Yet wh«>'d fufpeft a form likelier so fair.
1- S ) hard a heart in such a breast could bide ?
Or that such manreis mgrt'd as defp .is there,
i hat ev'rv feature, ev'ry grace bely'd?
Smiling fii; moves, as undelipmsf ill,
N"f gifts a warning, though (he mean* to kill
The American
f Gentlemen's
i Fob ms tlaic )Soo.
s Juit Publiflied,
By fVitiiam T. Birch,
No. ij, Siitnh S.-cond-llrtet.
| I IIL Ladies' Book contain* an interesting
scene in the hit of General Walhaigton, em
belhfhed with a beautiful engraving.
An Almanac—ruird pages for memoran
dums and acconni of monies, &c. for every day
in the year ; .MifLellane-us, moral, and entei
lairjing piee» in pn.fe and verse j new lad cele
brated iongj, and several ufeful tables.
The Genlh man's Bosk
Contains an Intercfting fctne in the life of
General V% with an engraving.
•in Almanac, ruled pages lor mem raudums
andcalh account j the Bankrupt Law complete;
Duties on goods imported, fianip duties, do.
ondomeftic articles; Congrds of ths United
Slates, Departments of State, War, Navy,
»rtali:ry, and Judiciary, lift 6f the a my anj
nav.y, several uJelul and other intertit*
ing ma ter.
. Y. Birth hasjuft received from London,
a gencial -.flottiiicnt o' Ewglifh Writing and
Diawiog papers of the ft. ft quality; copying,
inarliiiies, pap r and iiJc piwcier, fine hot-pref
l led polt; an alTortment of the late!) Jind belt
Maps oa rollers, twelve e'eganr Atiafi'es. He
keeps always f.-r lala, a gcn:rjl a(T rtment of.
ftafionary ; L;:dies' and Gentlemen'« pocket
books, with and without ijillrtimcnts; mabo- i
gany writing deftf, pea and :ruit knives, play
cards. &c. &r.
December 4 . weiw |
Al! De.
mid who
-will vote
I'.r Jrf
ferfon k
A'RRIVEDj 1 -days
Slcop CirrfiDa, WvM Bermuda 20
Ship MilTouri, VicaYy, Canton
Amiable, Titfirif Ijilll Liverpool
onow George, Walt: Limerick
» • w ary ' P izh Norfolk
Sch r Maria, Wallace Havanna
iiwmas, Stanley Norfo'k
Be:fey & Pell/, Smith do.
Sloop Harriot, Brown i do.
Eagle, Hart Havanna
Ship Wapens, Hi\»ly, from Batavia, and
brig- Minerva, Archer, from St. Ssbaftians,
are below.
Ship Si/uthCarolina,Garman,for Charlel'.
ton, is alhorc on Wilmington Flats.
I> L-iinbert, Statefoury, of and from
this port to Gibraltar, was captured the 4th
S«ptember and condem»ed at Algefiras,
by the Spaniards
Snow Robert, from Londondsrry to this
port, ucaft aw/yon the Irish coatt—people
The (hip Little M.irtha, of-PfeiiadeJphia from
Uurfeftoe, for St., haj been ftur
into New ProVhfence, by the Andromache,
»'»d the fchoner Poljy, of Norfolk, by the Li
on a Revenjr'-.
The ihip Smith, from Philadel
phia has arrived at Chariefion.
On Saturiay evening, irrived in this city,
Captain Archer, in fatty-nine Java from St,
Scbaftian .
i Capt A. in lot. 0/37, 44 Kt long 67, 00, W.
! '?o*e the brig John, from New-London, bcund to
'hi «Vest tidies; Dec. 6, 60 leagues E. of the
Cap*s of Delaware, fpolte the Ihip 1 homas Wilfoi.,
Smith 3 ch-s out from Philadelphia to AmfterJam ;
D«# 7!h, in ht. 14, N. long. 73 >v spoke
tnc.hip "•upcrb from Button to Norfolk, 38 days out,
m:jen maft'gene. supplied her with 1 caflosof water
Dec. 9 h, offChincoteague, spoke the brig David &
Georgr, ul and for Norfolk, capt Abeal, 66 days
from the Isle of May, fupp'ina hi« «uh a calk of hid been fcy a French privateer, the
wind being N. he b»re away for Norfolk.
The following velfels were at St. Sckaftiau*
When captain Archer failed
j Ship A.lknomack, Akins New-York
Matildj, Trayerie do
Thomas, Higgins Charleston
Argus, Main N.York
Eliza, Brown Charleston
Orlando, Smith New-York
1 wo Mary's, K,ichardfon, ilo.
Hope, Stephens Charleston
Brig Trial, Giliord New-Ynk
Hiram, Rice do.
Two Sifters, Watfou Philadelphia
Mary, BaicJay New-York
Lydia, Roche da.
July, Stone Norfolk
Amiable Creole, Eldredge, Philad.
Fiiendlhip, O'Conuor da,
Nancy, AiirAall Charleston
Scli'r Sally, Forrelter Philadelphia
Bitbca, Perkins do.
Betsey, Manloti *-v. -- York
Miyerva, llabi'on Bollon
Woodiidge, Lufkin Grand Bank j
BOjTON, Dec«mber 6.
Peregrine, Poller, Gottfnburg i 0
Planter,, Demarara 44
Left there the following vefleis
Little Sally, of thAon
McriimJ, of Poi tfmouth
SiiLd from Toitiia tSe fellbwiiv t
SK.opli.dullry, f< tr Bolton
! —» ISUritingt f T Newburyport
Mefey, of Keiinebunk
Parted from the couv.»y November i %
Lying at Liverpool ao ;
Fox, White, of Portland
ready to fail.
Cleopatra, of Boston
IJctfcy, of • Portland
to fail in u or 14 days
Ma; tha Wafhi.igi.ia,' for Charlefion
Warrington, for Savannah
Prelidcnt, for N. Bedford
ready t* fail.
NEW YORK, December 13.
, ARRIVED. days
Ship Matilda, Fan"., St. Sebaffian. 58
Brig Polly, Boyer, New Providence 23
Ship Will,am and Henry, Japit, Madeira
1 Penelope, Cougar, Iktftot J0
Morning Star, Hobfon, Malaga
Schr. Phoeb« Ann, , Ri€hm.»nd u
Sloop Nancy, Ho>t, Cbarlefton 6
Ship Fortkade, Cofiiti,
Goliah, Coffin, Trinidad
Schr. James, Austin, Leghorn
1 here is reason tu fear, from the violent
wind and ftarm during the 1 last forty-eight
bours, that we flull i'osn hear of wreck* on oar
coast. . -
VrDelf fpokr :
November at, latitude '43, 00, N. longitude
43> 00, spoke brig Hoiifon, cightcen-d-ivs .ut
Irom Liftwn, bound to Bolton lud Uift his mam j
topmast, quarter boards and caUoufe j n a e <ie
of wind
November 24, latitude 42, oc, longitude
55, 00, spoke a brig from Jamaica for Dublin.
Dec«mber ». latitude 38, ij; losgitudc 64,
30, spoke a fcliooner from Wifcaflct for Trini
dad •
December 4, latitude 37, 4 t, longitude 66,
00, (poke (hip Brutus, from Algiers, iatt from
Oibralter, twemy fix days out, bjand to Sa
December j, latitude 39, u, longitude 67,
00, Ipoke Danish (hip Pscenix, fro.n N- York,
' to .Vfad-ira, all well.
fame day, bri t r .Vior.iinj Star. Rolierilon,
from Malaga, (faded before the 'Union,)
Same day, brig i'olly, B-wyer, New Pro
vidence, twenty fix days.
Same day, ship William and Mary, Jappie,
fifty-four days fr-.m Madeira, via Tetieriffe
Left at Tenerifie, a ftip for London, and a
fchooncr for Philadelphia.
Ship P*Aor, Captiin Keiip, was taien by 1
a Brit.fti privatetr off Madeira, and re taken '
by rhc Captiin and part of the crew.
The Snow Robert, M'Kectsc, London-
■ Ship Hunter, Liprjfl, from j)/adeir.i
Lett there (Oclnbej 25tli) the skip I d,vard
Uaird, Philadelphia, to fail in 5 days ; Hup
Abigail, Williams, do. for Ille of May* 2
days; fclir. Fourth of July, Tylee," for
New-Yo 1,, 3 d;>yj ; and Charlotte,
Morgan, tor north-writ coast of America,
next day. Two largi ftiips hnd jnll arrived
from London, belonging to Khod'-Mand,
bound to the F.aft Indies. Ssptembei 2111
on the pafTage out (poke 111 in Alliance.
Gardiner, out 8 days From Nantucket,
bound on a whaling voyage, had lolt ont
boat in a heavy gale 3 days before. On
the l.omewa u pilTagf, iN'ov. J sth, in len ■■
50. 10. W. lat. 25. 10. fpokc IMp t)U>«.
Duval, from I.iveipnol,|bx>und to .Savannah,
out 63 isl ij o, »{J well. ovem .er 25,1 i, in
lat IT. ioijg. 66. (poke sloop Ehlfcrprifc,
Miles, bound from New-York to Jamaica'
o:i: 12 days, all well.
torpublijhitig, by Suhfcribtion,
o.' tjic Law of Anions and Trials at
By IStM 'ElpinaflTe, of Gray's inn, Esq. Barrister
■y.. at Ij3w -
The third edition, corrected, with considerable
additions irorn printed and manuscript cases,
i Bt spes ct ratio studionttm
Tin two VoiUMKs.
HE work is now printing. and in confid-ra
ble fcrwardiiefs, on a fuperfinc paper, of
t royal nze, and o& It will befrirted
n page for page with the latefl Londrn edition, and
e no pains will be spare to r.-nder the work cor
rect, and free of typographical errors.
: It will he neatly bound and lettered in two to
lu'urs, royal uit.ivo, and to fu : icribcrs will be put
, at five dollars and fifty cents per fct—to uonftib
. J Icribcrs the price will be somewhat enhanced
I i he price of the London edition i.i fevtn doilars
J Those who fubferibe for eight fcts (ball have a
ninth gratis.
Ihe two v.junies will conSft of about nine
I hundred pagrs, ol which the one annexed to 'the
propolals is a specimen: As the wnrk is ns.v
| puhliihinjr, and will be completed with a!) convv
irietit expedifior, tbofe wbo wilJi t* profit bytise
j fu ' firiptian, willplcsfe t.. fubicri-e (eiifonaMf.
| N. B. Gentleiurn holding fuWcription lepers
are requeflcd to return tin m to ' hotnas „nd l'ho
, mas, the publifliers, by the firU of fuiuiry r.eit.
j fbe hookfellers in I'l iladelpi.a are rtjpcd"
I fully informed, that they will keloid either b. unci
or g..thired in flic- ti, by the fubfcrijxfs at their
: nfual low price. Those who vtift to purttala
j wilfpleafe to apply by letter to tht pulililhers-
The wurk will be out of press fume time ia the
: wkifer.
- . * •*' ; . . t • *9 « -
? deny, hound to New Caiife and NW ¥o r k
was cast a*ay near Wcftp ,- t , we :| o fh\-:v d
I all hands weiC saved, aud part of the cargo.
L Th-b-ig Cagle, M'K e, f rom Kew rr vi
s Qcncr. is Jaid !o'be tn tlae s*r>tißd.
No em'erir, Captain T avii, in latitude
4», 10, I 45. (pi Ice .he brig Horizon,
18 days *rom Lfbtn for Boftb , had loft her'
camboole, and quai ter gal!fcrjes ; her
wuh i!(joking apparatus. On tVe 24th in lati
tude 4J. longitude 55, spoke a brig from Ja
ma ca tor Dublin. December 4, in latitude
> 38, longitude 64. spoke a fchoo cr from Wif
caflet to Trinidad. On the 4th, in latitude
37> 42. longitude 66, spoke ship Brutus,
Br wo, from Algiers, last from'Gibrtlter, out
twenty-fix days, for Salem. On the sth, in
latitude 39, 12, longitude 67, fpiilie the Da
111ft (hip Phcenix, three day> from New Yotk
for Madeira.
November .7, Captain Japp e, in latitude
24. longitude 4?, lpoks the British Ihip Amer
ica, of sixty tour gun?, irom Halifax, for Mar
tinique. December 3, in latitude 36, jo,
(puke the schooner Polfy, from Indian river for
Philadelphia. On the Bth, in lati r ude 19,43,
the bri j Dolphin, from Ne » York, for J mai
ca Received a fupplv trom the two last vel
December 5, Captain Rwzier, fpokethebrlg
Polly, ftom Turks Island for Bpltun.
New York, Dec. 12.
Ship Neptune, Lane Newry 62
Eagle, Thompson Belfaft 53
Hunter, Madeira ~
Waken, Parker N.Bedford
Olive Branch, Dotjr Bolton 10
Brig Venus, ■ Antigua ;
Union, Malaga 54 ,
Race Hoi fe, Whittlefay, Jamaica 36 I j
Marj, Latimer, Coii 49 ' 1
Schr. Three .-ifters, Penny Halifax 23
Polly' Walih Virginia 6
Brig Friends, Andrews Jamaica J
Schr. Virago, Fuller (.urracoa '
Venelia, , Cape Francois
Sloop Cato, Darrell ' iiaibadoes *
r Q
'1 he Ihip Washington of this port funk q
among the rocks at Cadiz, audislwft ; part [j
of the cargo will be preserved. j.
Arrived since ourlaft, brig Peggy, Lati-o
more, 49 days from Cork. Pafl'cngers, Mr.
Gordon, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Howe.
Ship Eagle, Thompfon,4Bdays from Bel
faft. By this yeffcj We have received '1
Belfaft News-Letter" to the 17th Odobei-,
intlufive, but no news. In the Eagle catnf
103 patTengtis.
Brig Union, Packwood, 4'J days fr»m
Malaga. Came up with 4te i'chooner L'a
bella, having only one man on board, jbhe
had beensirovc off the Capes cf Virginia ,
the people were on (tmre, hhe parte/ hei
calne in lat. 37,
h-r the mate and 3 .en from the br>{ , and
made fail tor Jamaica.
Schr Paragon, Clark, 22 d*y« froili Cape
bhip Phcfenix, Bray, 56 days from Vfala_
ga. Lett tliere lliip Relerve, Mac/h ,11, &
brig Morning Star, Robert fall, of Ne»-
York ; t'chr. 1-anny, of V'hilr.dclphi!:, to fml
on the 15thO£lnber. Nov. 9,lat ( 29, Uj
north, long, 41, 10, weft, spoke fli {. Didn ,
Duval, 5'2 days from Liverpool, l(ili from
Waterfosd in 44, bound for SfVatv.aii, ali
well. The captain iiifomied tiia 1 rafter lie
left VVateii'orj he was boarded by j, Frenrl
fiigate, and treated politely, KqN. SSrhj
in lat. 28, 10, N. long. 70, W. was boarded
by the Enjjlj/h iluop of war Lilly (had the
(hip's papers examined, and broke open a
number of letter.--.
Wilpolc (N. H.) oa. 5800 (18) t<atf
' I 1" •>.** .s
d Sales PoftponedL
!. [HE SALES of t prnp«fty of Robert.
- Morris and foha Nichoifen, a ivertjefed tf
/ tj,C ' u*"I'* 1 '* * )avc Cen P v %' or * e d Uuri! Molts
l, L c#y the 22t lullanr, „hen th-y will poficiveltf 1
■r j ••-Hitrence t the Merchant's Coffee ffcuft, ii»
rj be try ol Pii idelphla, at j o'doci in tlfct
- prcctfeiv
JOHN HALL, Mar (bah
e Decern'er fs. ±/\
\ Coffee and Cocoa^
; : v , 'IN BAGS, - *
Emitted to I)ruivkock, I
FOli S A- L E B T
William Hujtltr,
No. 69, south Fourth flWret
receiver * < &
r - ; x *- * -
i nomas Orr,
No. 52,
Sooth Front St#3et,
HAS received by the latfft ah h 4 |, fr«m Loa
do«, a well ch< fen aflorti At ut of ihe i'ol
lo*irg artic/J^!
G ALIO »ES and Cliintz ej, (a great v*riet7 I
Corded Dimities for gar- ,/ n t 1 and furniture
Durauts, Joans and Cal ii&ancoca
fWnh«zettf*nd B im'
Printed Linen zad C it'jn Handkerchiefs and
Lavca bordered ('
Jac. net and 3pjk W u'iin handkerchiefs
Shawl*, Cott.n and Chintz, a great variety
80. Camel's Hair
Hosiery, Worsted /id Cotton of all sizes
Do. China White ,nd Black Si!k
' able CI iths, fror r 5 4, to toby 16-4 with and
without Nspk .hu
fjiread, Gauze , Lawns and Cambricks
| Jaconetnd La Muslins, coloured and plain
White and Si; & Lace, I*ace Veils, Cloaks and
Handktr. Jiiefs
Black Mode 1'e?long? and Satins
W hj\c and p ,'mted Marseilles fur vcfls
Swfjjldown., ftripedand plaid.
Coftnn Che>;ks (five) 7 8, 4-d, it-8, and 6-4,
Bhck and ;oioured Barcelona handkerchief*
Jfdia Bar. ianna do of superior quality
¥v hite, P.ed and Yellow F.anuei*
f Jucrnfry 'Worsted Frocks
A few d /Zen bed elastic Snfperwicrl.
He has Alio
Just R.ccriv-d, a well aftmed Invoice of
RerbYiom Gunahs r tna Baftas
1 Alahabad Emertie# Do Gurrahs
, Corr* r any Guzzapora Janaa Mamoudjcs.
: ' Codas. By the ,r Piece.
, Bank ot North America.
NO ICE IS HE.'.EBY GJVfcK • to the
ders of the liii.k ofNorth Amer
ica» that v»r the fecoud Monday, the 12th day
o; January next, an Eleftion of twelve Direc
tors for the cnf'iiiig year, will he hfM at the
P-lVk at Ic of the .do*k in tke f irerioon.
H■ DH Kj ]<, j ß nr Cafcier.
I/ecfrTibcr 9. laariw&dtia j.
Infura'nct Company of North
1 HlioC/ned, tHat a stated Meetini? ot C.>m»
j pany wid lie held at lUeir
dayofjmuury ext. (being the fecotid Fhurf
day in the Month) ft tho Election of tweniy
five Direilors f r the enfmnar ytar.
CHARLEb PETTIT, President.
Dwemher >0 • f&tti 3 thj
For Sale
Sooth ng and C TEAS.'
B<di, .1 y
."•uf ovado sugar in hhd».
B- ndy (I! proof
Li(bnn wme i , quarter caiks
N".a eira wine in pipes
China, aflo:fTd, and a (erw bales white and >
ye low aankefns C
A few boxes choeola e mil dipt candies
Mpetmaceti oil and candles
!,J _ _ 3 ta^3w
Tv ANTED, ~ •
Genteel Boarding
lua private amily tor
Wnh the ateomniojlatjon of two Rooms.
<iPPLY to Mr. Jjfcpli Anthony, N - o
94 Market Street, or tj john Ma\h.n, No. S'
Chtinuf Sireet.
' wfaer 1. jijwjw
no i 1 c i:.
Bank of the Unifcd States,
. A'ove«BSß ISO .
e i HE of obe Bank of '. United
L St it# s arc in:#i med, that to rh-
Jl.tu'i of ii-eorpvati.!, .1 Oeuerat Fd,a. n ior
twen.y- five Dir.dor,, will he held at the Sank of
the Unitei states, in the city ~1 PUIa U ibhu, on
Monrtay the sth of January next, at ten o'clock in
the t .renoon. I
And pursUant to the eleventh foilion of the bye
the '1..-ckhviiJcrs • >.ijo laid hank a:e aiio no*
tilled to aflemble in g-n ral meetitig, at Ihe fame
place, on fuefday t*.c 6th of January next, at fix
o clock in the evening.
G. SIMPSON, Caftier.
Second Fundamental Article,
Not m >re tkat: t .rpe ths o the Dircilors in
office, exclufiv o/'the frifidect lhall he eligible
for the next nfuinir year, but the D. telor who
Slall he PreQdent it zbe tirnn of an E.. i9;i<.n may
altvays he tu.Jjy
War Department,
Nov.mber 13, tßo o .
'T'HOSE Gentlemen who have .pplied for tn!-
I A lirarv appointments in the fe, vita of the
United Stales are informed that their jpolic
tioris with al the recommsndatcry letter-acropi ■
panying were confimed by fire in the \Var Of
fire, on Saturday eveni.-.g lafV. Id.oh- w h 1
continue to dc-fire to te c-onGacred a? can! da'es
will fee the propriety of relieving: their aptife
Secretary of War.
0" THE Prir.tsrs in the different c utes are .j- |
requelUd to give this a place in their Gazsttsi