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Gazette of the United States.
■ rtio:
In one of our London papers we find the fol
lowing interesting report of the Trial of
two men charged with Uluminatism.
Wednesday, September 17.
' (Concluded from our lad )
Evidence in Exculpation.
John M'Clure, jun. in Ki.ikland Hill—
faid he was a member of the Royal Arch
Lodge, Maybole ; was admitted a Knight
Templar along with Quinttn Stewart, and
took the ortth, which was " to conceal the
secrets of the Knights Templars, treafoli Si
murder only excepted." John Andrew
sdminiftered the oatla. There was no poli
tical conversation in the meeting; of the
Knights Templars* Wm. Hamilton wai
under lodge scandal of having a child in a
dultery, and lift the lodge after that. Gave
an account of the ceremonies of admiflion ;
does not remember of a pillol being fired at
his admiflion, or any pistol fired that night ;
and nothing was said about putting him to
death ; saw a b.ilh and a caudle burning in
it; was delired to look, and fee the candle
burning and the buflt not confunied ; foine
piece of fc-ipture was read. viz. the third ;
chapter of Ex xltis : was led round the room
—-and after that the obligation was taken.
Qfleftioti by the Court.—Was any thing
done after he was led round the room ?
Anf. A human fku'l was difcove,red, and all
Knights J emplars were to drink out of it. i
He put it to hia lips. He was dubbed in the i
name of the Father, Son and Holy Gbost.
John M'Clure, Schoolmaster at Craigen
croy. Said he is a Knight Templar ; was
'made in Maybole, along with seven more,
'wai present at Quintin Stewart's admiflion.
The witnefa took an oath ; remembers little
of the obligation in it, and cannot repeat i
it; Murder and treason were except
ed in iti, the fame as in the Mailer Ma- j
sons oatfs that is to conceal the Mailer
Masons secrets, murder treafon
'excepted, and that he fuppoled himfilf at
liberty to t'eveal murder and treifon. He
did not rh.iil: the ceremonies had a tenden
cy t'6 Vidicute religion, as the observations
■wei'e I'uch a- ;t giod Chriflian migh: make ;
and he heard nothing hoflile to religion or
Croft questioned —Said he was a Royal !
Arch Captain and Hig') Prielt.
Gilberj SadJer, Msybole,
iani lie vvSTadmitted a Knight Tcfmplar at
Maybole, about three or four years ago. 1
William Hamilton was alf> admitted, and
the witness was present at his admiflion.
The Knights are bound by an cath, but does 1
not reTe.uber the wurds of it. He w»
b->und toconceal agi eat many things,"tree
son and mwder only excepted." The fame
oath was given to Hamilton, afid he ne
ver heard any difference in the oath. Vari
ous ceremonies wefe praclil'ed, but he can
not give an account »f them.
Queflioned by the Court.—Said he does
not recollect he was dub'd in the name of
the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Crofs<Juellioned. —Said he was Treasur
er of the Lodge.
Many other Witnt ffes corroborated these
Mr. OfwaU rofc and addreflTedihe Jury
<sa the part of the proiecution ; after ma
,fcing some judicious remarks on the nature
©f l«dition,he next adverted »othe proceed
ings and ceremonies which had taken place
as proved "by the evidence which had been
adduced ; these he conlidered had a tend
ency to lidicale religion, and as the Jury
had the fa£\s before them, they could
therefore well form their concluUons on
their import,Bt as religion ispratedledby the
law, and is a part of the common law,
therefore the ridiculing of it is an offence,
for which a verdift mult be returned
agamft the pannets, of the Jury ate latisfied
that lhey have been guilty of it—These
and many other other oblervations. Mr.
Oswald stated with great force of reafon
Mr- Clerk, Counsel for the PanneU rose
in.reply. He raid, he considered this cafe
*s a very extraordinary one, as near five j
years had elapsed since the fa£ts charged
were said to have been carried on, and the
prosecution had originated iu a dispute
which took place between two Mason Lod
ges in Maybole.
Lord Justice Clerk Tumined up the whole
evidence with great perspicuity and candor.
His Lorddiip cbferved, that he cauld have
wilhed that this prosecution had been bro't
sooner, but this could not be imputed to
the Jjrofecutor, for it did not appear that
lie had delayed bringing his a£tton after he
got the information. 1 hough this species
of crime may not have occured in our law
before, still the law may be applied to re
medy it when it does occur, ihe Ipecial
law eaided in regard to it does not infringe
*B'n the law as it stood before. Thf*oath is
not innocent, even as limited by the wit
ncfics tor the Pa line Is, and though there is
to proof that the Pannelshad entered into
a dtlign of leading the perlons they admit
ted into their focicty to lections praflices,
- yet the oath may be employed for that pur
pose. His l.o.dlhip laid,, he could not be
lieve that any such ceremonies were em
ployed in other Mason Ledge:, becaale
they are £o abominable and itP«'ious j it ra
ther appeared Uiaj this ivas a new oatH In
troduced by the P&iinclt, and not in ule be
fore in admitting Masons.
Verdift of the Jury.
All in one voice find the t'afts libelled—
Not Proven.
Tim Paanels were therefore afioilzied
and difniifled frorv the bar.
The following ciuious letter appears in the
Moniteur of the 9th of September. It
was written by Menou prior, to thole we already publilhed oh the death of
Kleber, and we believe has never appear
ed in this country.
J. Menou, .General of Division, to Citizen
Buonaparte, firft Consul of the Repub
Rofetta, 28 Ventofe—Feb. IT.
C'li:en Consul,
The Englilh do not adhere to the capita
lation. The folio Wing is the pi ejent llate
of tilings.
Lord Keith has taken the command of the
English (lation'in '.he Mediterranean. He
has tigiiified to Sir Sidney Smith that be
.till not observe the articles of the capitu
lation, *hd that if any capitulation were per
mitted,it flioulti be one by which the French
were made p r isoners of war, leaving behind
them their cannon, their muikets, and ge
nerally every they brought with thtm.
S'r Sidnev .Smith has communicated this no
tice to the General in Chief, informing him
that he whs exceedingly lorry his powers
were withdrawn from him. Far my part, ]
believe that M. Smith was half in the lecret,
and that the Englilh know no other than the
jidt s punica.
Events conspire, however, to prevent us
from abandoning this execHent lettlement.
Citizen Consul, I can assure you, that it is
infiniiely more valuable than we believed it
to be. From information collefted with
great care, it is proved, that the U,eys ex
pended here more than 60 millions, ulaurad
and Ibrahim Bey alone expended ann tally
20 millions. There were 22 other Beys,
250 Cachefj, and Mamelukes, with
out reckoning feme fool troops.
The firil purchase and equipment di each
Mameluke colls 1000 Spanidi piastres, and
his annual maintainance amounted to be
tween 1.500 and 20 0 francs.
When they warned, ji house, Haves, and
al 1 their furniture was given them. You
may judge from this what the Caches. mull
have received ho were proprietors of Icve
ral villages, and alio what the other 22 13< ys
mull have expended.
It u proved that the Cophtt have deceiv
ed us in the mod (hocking manner; tliey
have always divided the levenuc of l'-gypt
into three portions. One thitd they gave
to the French, one third they retained to
■ themlelves, and the oilier third they tr?ni
; mitted to the fugitive Beys, (.ittlirfs,,
f Mutni'luVe?., kc. I have this inclination
si o.ii ihe bell source.
It is true that the customs, which railed
15 millions, before the war, may now rec
kon lor notlniig ; but there was a revenue
of 45 millions, of which we never received
more than twenty. On tfiis revenue all
the depredations of our administrators have
fallen; for you love truth, Citizen Canful,
and yon mull be told that our Admiuiltra
tiou here i- d"ie;iable. Avarice generally
prevails, and nil principles of Jijhonr and
morality a:e forgotten, l ime was necelr.iry
to ture this evil j but eiicumftances have
placed you more advantageously tor our
h.if pittefs.
It i> ceuain, then, that the Colony ol E
gypt is a moll excellent acquisition for
France, that all the expence ot its
tratimi.and retaining it, need coll nothing
to the Republic, since tint country has a
territorial revenue more than fufficient to
cove" every expence, and all the produce ot
its commerce would be a net profit to France,
but fliould we abandon it, the would
take polTefllon of it, and entirely deltroy our
commerce in the Levant.
In conlequence of the conduA of the En
glifli, the General in Chief has resumed a
warlike attitude. Th< Grand Vizier's army
is molt wretched.fix thouland Fieurh would
I put it to '-he route, and we have more than
I triple that number to eppofe to it. I am on
j lyafiaid >elt the Englitli difccver iheit eiror,
j and become lenlible of the nvi.xnL advan-
I tage which the evacuation of Egypt Would
j procure to them. In that cafe, what will
j tfie General in Chief do?
General Galhaud has arrived at Darniet
ta, -.vhich was previoofly i,n the pofTefiiou of
the Turks. He was taken ihere and con
duced to Belays to the Grand V izier,
who receiveH him well. In the audience
the Fiench General tellified to the Vizier
his aftonifhmcnt at the coalition of the Porte
with Russia. The Vizier observed, that
about two months after tlie mvafion of F.—
gypt, the Englifii and the Uuliians propoled
to the Grand leignior to enter into the
coalition. He replied, tkat he had no
ground for declaring war again II France;
that it was true Egypt was invaded, but he
required two months to fend to Fiance to
iiiQtiire into the motives which had induced
the French to take poflVlfion of Egypt.
The Mmillers of England and Ruflia then
declared, lhat they .would only allow him 24
hours to decide on w*r againfl France, or
war againlt the liuffians and the Englilh ;
then laid the Grand.Vizier, the Port was
j obliged to vie Id. Fhe HulTians had confi
de raule forces in the Black Sea, and there
was nothing to oppoie them at Conflantino
ple. It whs, therefore, necessary to declare
war againll France.
I have this important -anecdote from
General Galhaud htmlelf, who was lent by
the Grand Vizier to Damietta, proceeded
■thence by land to Roletta, and let out the
day before yesterday lor Cairo.
F;Soi a late timiWi P^tr.
A gentlemnH who lias had the cunofity
to Cep and convt<|r with the raw llesb
Eat-er, has furnilheu us with the following
fingnlar anecdwte, which he related ol
himl>lf. About five years since he fell
desperately in love with a butcher woman
at Brell, and having plenty of money the
produce of a fuccefoiul cruize in <* privateer,
he made np scruple of paying bis addresses
inform, not did he think that he had, at
firft, any reason to complain ol his
reception. But having, on his second
visit devoured two. raw bullocks livers, his
niiflrets expreilcd fomu.h dilguft, snd even
horror, that he absolutely interd.fled hit
*p|;ro>.tlitis for the future. Inflamed with
love and stung with difappointnient, he
made a foletnn vow to ablfain for ever from
raw fiefh, and thr.tigh it was then dinner
time, actually kept his resolution for the
space qP hours. After the lapse of
that period, his hunger was so raging, and
his love so ardent, that life became, as he
thought, insupportable and he went down
to the lea tide with the intention to dellroy
" Silent he -»an<<erM by the lhunJeiing roar,
<< Of billows tumbling on the founding ll.ore
Whilfl he was ruminating on this despe
rate purpose, an accidental occurrence gave
a different termination to the business ; tor
a huge field rat crofling at the time, he by
an involuntary impulse, darted, caught, and
bol'.ed it do*ll at a mouthful. From that
moment he has never felt any return of the
tender palllon, thought no more of his vow,
and returned to his accuftonped regiyien.
The above anecdote funiiflies a Jifcovery
of more importance than the Keader is per
haps immediately ayare of. In days,
when to mkny Damons are burning and
Chines melting with amarous sensations.
the example juif mentioned promises a total
cure without any other trouble than that
of swallowing a live rat
Sequel to Murray's Reader.
Sptedily will he pubhfocd, by B. & J Johnson,
ar.d J Orir.rod,
Eleeant Selections.
In I'rofe & Pi etry.
■DiT/gned to improve the Highcjl Cla/fes of
Lcjrtiers in Heading.
To cdahlifii a Tide lorjuft and accurate Com
position, ar.d
To promote t e Irtterrfts of Piety and Vir:ue.
i Author of the Eugiifh Reader, Graxmar, &c
november 14 3t
LL thole indebted lo the Efiates nfV/i!Son
A and Camer m, Stonecutters, dt-cjafed, ;re
rtqutfled to nuke immediate payment—.Bid
all those lhat have any demands on the El
tattof Cam Ton will please give ii> their accounts
for Settlement b fore the 3d of February next,
oihtrways forfeit all demands on said Eft.te.
JAM!?S LOGAN, Admitiiara'or.
November 14. eod3t*[
War Department,
November 13, 1800.
'■"• HOSE G«ntlemen who have applied for mi
liary appointm n.s in the fci vies of th<i
United States are informed that their applicj
tionswiihal the rec6minendat;iry letters accom
partying were consumed by fire in the W»r Of
fice, 011 Saturday evening last. Thote who
continue to desire to he c-:>nfi Itred as candidates
will lee the propriety of renewing their applU
Secretary of War.
£5" THE Priptsrsin the diff r,:nt Stites are
req.eltsd to give t.iit a place in their Gazettes
This Day is Publi/bed, _
And to he fold
Second flroef, oj»pofite Chrifl Church,
An Essay
ELvcutb Chapter of lie Rcvtlatun of St.
In which is (lirwn that the woras " And in the
fame Hour was iherc a great Earrhquake, and the
tenth f art of the City fell, and in tie Earthquake
were slain of Men fe*en thousand," relate to'Je
iufaiem,and n< t to Hom« or France
Bj Charles Crawford, Esq.
Lately pubWha) hy this author,
Observations upon the Revolution in France,
&c. &c.
1 oA-Wji
HAVING parted with Margaret Brocks by
mutual content, J do hereby forwarn all
persons from credit ng heroa m> acc< unt, as I
will not pay, any dcbt9of her contracting.
Odober 30 fiaw.n
TH\T WE have applied to the Honorabls
Jur ge» «t th< Court of Common Pleas of
Burlington County, for relic! as mfolv:nt debtors,
and lax Court have apf.i&tert ihe day us De
cemoer ucxt, to hear us an . our Creditors at tfce
Cou-rt Hoalc in Mount tlolly.
It 1
November TO-
OLD Long Primer, !
StnaU Pica or. pic* Body,
Englift, CUfes, CompoQng Sticks, snd agrea
variny of articles neccfi'ary to carry oh the frin
ing Bufinefi. They will he Told cheap tor c?fti
Apply t? the Printer.
By this Day s Mail
BOSTON, Novembrr I y.
Why are lint fomtf of the American cui
fers lutioned ofF Cayenne ?
The Warren lloap of war, of 18 guns;
Capt. Birron, 011 Thursday fell down
to Preiident-Roads.
The ships of war in our harbour, are, the
Conllitinion, of 44 guns, Gipt. Talbot ;
the of gyns, Capt. Little, repair
ing ; the Warren of 18 guns, Capt. Bar
ron ; and the HeraU ofao guns, Capt, C.
C. RufTcll, impairing. The Confiitution
and Warren, are ready for sea.
On the ilthiitll twenty-eight (liips, thir
teen brigs, and twelve schooners and (loops,
were preparing to fail from New-York, on
foreign voyages !—-and yet —New-York is
represented in Con/refs by an u!ui-f«d;ra
iia ! !
Marhlehead is now fuflfering a heavy cala
mity—Three thousand of iti inhabitants
now are, or in a few days will be, under the
operation of the Irtinll-pox.--- Bulinel's is
wholly at a Hand, and the p*ft fullering of
the town render it ill-calculated to I'upport
the privation, The season is inclement.
The cause of charity is the caule of all.
Wc trult, therefore, we need only fay, that
a fubcription for the relief of fuffering poor
in that town, is now open at the Bo(loi)
Muri lie lnfur<ince office, to insure a dona
tion worthy tl.e liberal capital of Mas
A fubfcrijaion of 600 do!M* was yrfter.
day filled at Brooka'i in a fcv» minute* and
th* money traofmitted to the Hon. Judge
S« w .ill.
This day the Legislature of New-Hamp
fliire meets at Concord, for the jurpofe of
choosing eleftors.
The people of Rhode-Illand meet this day
for the choice of Ele&ors. The federalifls
were yrfterday, wc learn, taking effeftive
meafurcs to Secure the SjcceSs of the " Adaius
and Pinckney' 1 ticket.*
The favourite toad of s he day, if> New-
England, is, '• and Pinckney."
The Editor of the Portsmouth Oracle, in
troduces the lift or Electors, with the fol
lowing gratuluory parody " Mnny States
have done virtuouily but thou, MalTachufetts,
excelhrth them all."
NEW-YOKlt, November 25.
On the 13th a Gentleman palling, by
a small l oule at the lide of the Kdlatc river,
in liergen county, discovered a hog in the ad.
of devouring an infant ; it had already des
troyed both the arms. Peoplr in the neigh
bourhood were alarmed, and the bods being,
examined by a coroner's inquefl, they foiind
that the child had been murddred by its mo
ther or Some other per lon unknown. There
were marks of violence on the childs nccli,
and there Was other c.use tor fuppuling that
he had been defhr.ed, before Ins birth, to im
mediate d.-flru&ieu. The mother, or lnr
affilUnu had covertd the child (lightly in a
small Hack of corn-tops in the garden, and
the hog, trefpafßng in the gaiden, had found
it. Suspicion fell heavy on a young woman
who had lived two 01 three months in the
houfs ra-ntior,ed. Herfkupehad attrafled
notice ; llle had lately be.-n lick, and had re
moved. But the witnesses who had observed
her IhapeP could fay nothing certain ; for
the fafhionable dress eludes dtlcuvery.
BALTIMORE, November 14,
From the North CarolVtia pipers it appears
that in the county ol Bladcu, Wilmington
diihifl, general Brown the Inderal candidate
for elednr, had 341 votes and Samuel Aftie,
the republican candidate, 6 votes.
In Newberildiftridt. William Shepperd,
the federal candidate, has a m-.jority of 70
votes, exclilliis of Wayne and Joluifoncoun
HAKRISBURGH, November 24.
Can it be true, »fks a Correspondent, that
the two nten who were convifted in Cumber
land courtfy, of whipping a poor negro so
death, ai.d whole crime the Court declined
to believe wss murder in the firll degree, have
been pardoned ; have escaped all punishment ?
Though such a thing is afTcrted, I will not
believe it, until 1 am made acquainted with
a cause adequate to this more than humane
txeicife of the pardoning Prerogative.
On Thursday morning iaft. the 20th of
November inlt. two fliocks ot' sn Eartb
Quake was sensibly felt by the inhabitants
of this town and neighbourhood. The firft,
took place about 15, minutes before 5 o'clock,
and laded about 40 seconds ; in l'ome houles,
the etfedls were more vilible than in others
the knockers on some of the doors, rap
ped as though they were moved by hands ,
and in one dwelling, a set of china was
shaken from a table and broke to pieces.
The fright occasioned many of the inhabi
tants to rife from their beds.
The second fliock took place 5 minutes
..fiter 5 o'clock, and lafled about halt" a mi
i Bte , it was not fofeveic as the other, but
was also very sensibly felt in alinoft every
dwelling. In both in fiances, a rumbling
noise, accompanied the treiubliug ot tie
V w N
Prevention better than Cure.
For the prevention and cure of Bilious and
Malignant Fevers, is recommended,
Anti-bilious Pills,
WHICH have been attended with a degree
of fucceis highly grateful to the inven-
I tor's in several parts of the Weft-la
dies,and the fjuthern parts of the United State--
particularly in Baltimore, Peterlburg, Rich,
inond, Norfolk, Edenton, Wilmingt n.Charlef
ton< Savannah. &c. The testimony of a oSm
ber of ptrfons in each of the above places can be
adduced, who have reason to believe that a
timely us« of this salutary remedy, has, under
Providence, preserved their lives when in the
melt alarming circmnilances.
Fails of this conclusive nature speak more in
: fav.jur ofa niidii ine, than columns of pompoul
| eulogy, founded on mere anerti"ii, could do.
It is not indeed presumptuously proposed at
: an infallible cure, but the inventor has every
! pofiib'.e reason, which can result from e*tea(ive
| experience for believingthat a dofeof these pills,
: taken once every two weeks during the preva
{ lence of oui annual bilious fevers, will prove afl
infallible preventative ; and further, that in the
! very generally succeed in restoring health arid
frequently in tales citecmed desperate and hey
end the .. of common remedies.
The operation of these pills is perfeilly mile
j and may be used with fafety by persons in ever
situation and of every age.
— j
They are excellently adapted to carry oft fu 1
>erftuou4 bile and prevent its morbid fecretioos ;
0 reft ore apd amend the appetite ; to produce
1 free perfpiraticn and thereby prevent cotds
which are «fften of fatal coniequence. A dqfe
fievcr fails to remove a cold if taken on its
appe trance. They are celebrated for Amoving
habitual coiyvenefs, fickucfs of the'ftenaich and
severe head-ache, and ought to be taken by all
perfotfs on a change of climate.
They have been found remarkably
an preventing and curing itfftft reorders attend-'
ant on Idfig voyages, a-id (hould be procured
and carefully preserved for use by every feamaii.
Dn. HAHN's
.Genuine Eye-water.
A certain and fafe remedy for all difcafas
eyes, whether the efF*s of natural weaknef>, or of
accident, fj eedily removing inflammations, de
flexions /of rheum, duUncf*,*itching, and films in
the eyes, never failing to cure thofc maladies which
frequently succeed the small j>ox, mealies and le
vers, and wonder ull y strengthening a weak tight
Hundreds have experienced its excellent virtues*
when nearly deprived of fight.
Tooth-ache Drops.
The only rtmrdy yet discovered whieligivesim
mediate and tailing relief i» the most feverc in
The Anodyne Elixir.
For th? cure of every kind of head-ache, and «f
pains in the face and neck.
Infallible Ague and Fever Drops.
This medicine lias never taited, in many thou
sand cases not one in a hundred has had occasion to
take more than one bottle, aud numbers not halt
a bottle. Thp money will- be returned if the cute
is not performed.
No. 17, South Secund Street,
And no where else, in Philadelphia,
Where also may be hail, Dr. Hamilton's Worm
Dsftsoying Lozeugss, his Sovereign Elixir for
coughs, Sec, Reiterative Drops, KlTcncc and Ex
trait ol Murtard, Sovereign (Ointment for the Itch,
Dr # Hahn's infallible Herman Corn Plailler, In
dian Vegetable Specific for the Venerial com
plaint, Gowland's and Persian L<*i-n, Reflorative
Tooth Pow.ler, Damaflc l.ip »lve, Church,'
Cough Drops, Anderfon's PiUs, &c
The following Real Estate ; the property dF
Anthony Francis Haldimandy Esquire,
of London,
582 and an half
Patented Land
SI ■■■ITUATE on Vinnyard Greek, in the townlhip
and county bl Huntingdon, in the slate of
I, on a public
rhe town of Huntingdon, wli.'i is Pi:uated ou a
boatable river—there are on the premrt'es a water
Grift Mill a. .1 Saw Mill—l'everal Log dwelling
Houfrs—one of which is occu', ied as a Tavern,
with a Dilliilery supplied l.y a pow'erlui g 0 f
excellent water—a coufi 'erable quantity of IVno.
thy Meadow fk for the scythe, an-t several teres
of ara->'e Lund slrcidy cleared—l'histra.9 will
! admit ol being d.viicd into three iarms, with a
! due proportion ol meadow and arable land in e.irh.
! At pi efent in tenure of Adam Hall, Esq. Jehu
Hick*, and other^
I 187 ai daH half acres on Trough Creek, in
Union towufhip, - floorilhing fettleai.nt, hill rice
land, with a small improvement
171 and qmrters ..ere: u ij.'ining the abovtj
and the fame quality —as those lad mentioned
t'-.iiU ire adjoining furvsys thty would make one
v.Juablc farm.
In Bedford county,
•P4 acres fuuate 0:1 Dur.nmgs Creek, firft rate
land, on a public load to Beiford
164 and quarter acres adjoining the above,
and ot the fame quality.
388 acres called the Springs, fame quaiity as
198 and 3 quarters acres 011 half way run, a
good i mprovement and now in tenure ol Jacob
Terms of fala, as follows viz —One fourth part
:>f the consideration money ruull he paid in Irnnd,
ihd the rtfidne divided into four or five annual in- may suit the perchafers—to be feu*-
■ed Vy mortgage.
Apply f> Joha Cadwallader, Esq. Councilor at
,aif i . the ''i ■ii of Huntinvdon, or to the fub
cribers in the city of Phil .de'phia
Williams £# Francis.
O&ober 14
OF thcfirft quality, fit for India voyages, now
putcw.g up,and for sale by
No. 168, High ftrtct.
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