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    Gazette of the-United States.
■ ■ LrTERARY Annunciation.
A new political pamphlet from the
German of Gent!:, and recently trans
lated by an American gentleman of rank
and learning, will speedily be published
,by Mr. Asbury Dickins. It is entitled
" The origin and Principles of the Ame
rican Revolution, compared with -■ the
Origin and Principles.of that of France."
It is said by judges of fufEcient accura
cy, that this is no ordinary pamphlet,
but that it will demand anil- deterve the
attention of the American politician and
philosopher. 'J, he preface states that
the work in question was originally pub
lished in the Mjforic 'Journal, a monthly
print, which appears at Berlin, antl that
it is written by oue of the mod cfiftin
guifhed political writers in Germany.—
On the publication of this pamphlet spe
cimens shall be given, and remarks
On the question of the propriety and
good faith of revealing the general recol
lections of prUnite convcrjation or of pub
lishing the frank and unstudied commu
nications of a private letter, what is the
language of a Lord Loughborough, a
man not taught in the new school of
French Villiany ; what is the universal
language of our r.nhjlors ,• what is the
corr.mon sentiment of all men, except
dpoftaies, traitors, and rebels ? " Private
correfp6nder.ce has hitherto been held
Acred, jn times greateft party
rage, not only in politics, but religion.
The betrayer forfeits all the respect of
society and of men—lnto what com
panies will he hereafter go, with an un
embarr wTed face, or the honest <ntrf.-
pitmty of virtue, men will watch him
with a jealous eye and lock Op tiieij?
efcmt aires."
• A large and respectable -number of
pcrfons adembled at the State House, in
Trenton, on Thursday laft;the 13th in ft
on tbe most suitable cha
pters to reprelent N. Jerfcy in the 7th
Congress of the United States—The
Hon. Isaac Smith was chosen Chairman,
arid General John Beatty, Secretary—
Afttr mature deliberation, it was refolv
eeJ, That, in the opinion of this meeting,
it will be :noft conducive to the intcrelt
of the Federal Government, and the real
good of the people of New-Jersey to
promote the election of Anron Ogden,
William 'Grxe t jun. "James Imlay, Fr,mk
lin Davenport and Peter De Vroctu, as
their Representatives in the next Con
The above gentlemen, poflsfling
splendid talents, integrity and good prin
ciples, will, we doubt not, command the
combined fuftrages of all the peo
ple of New Jersey.
The citizens of Albany have addrefled
Governor Jay of New.York, they speak
in high terms of his administration and
earnestly entrekt him not to decline their
futfrnges. In his anfvvcr, to them, he
fays, that " the period has now arrived,
at which I have for many years intended
to retire from the care? of public life,
and for which I have oeen -more than
two years preparing." • Speaking of par
ties and of our governmefit, he fays,
" It ought not to be expected, that
parties will never be inteifiperate ; but
overbearing intemperance- or violence in
individual leaders, ought neither to ap
•pal or inflame good citizens—on the
contrary, such violation of propriety
Jliould be met with temper and modera
iron, as well as with encreafed union
and Srmnefs.
* I hectare tp yon explicitly,*that in
my opinion, we ought to refill innova
tions, to adhere to our Constitution and
Governments, to give them a'fair trial,
to amend them from time to time,
according to the dilates of experience,
and not according to the views of dema
gogues or the vilions of theorifta."
The October Packet Weftmor eland,
for New-York, left Halifax the i ith
LAUNCH*—On Thursday afternoon
last, at about 2 o'clock, was launched
from Mr. Jed. Willit's yard at Middle
ton, (Con.) a beautiful (hip called the
bout 400 tons. j
Friday November ;.
Mr. Neil foil from committee, Tiiade
a favourable report on th,e petition of
Mr. WiUiamfori and others', for an ast 4
to incorporate a company to turnpike
the great road between Philadelphia and
New-"York, and that the petitioners
have leave to present a bill for that pur
pose on the 2d Thursday of next fitting.
1 lie result of the Election in Mafiachu
fetts we cannot ascertain, by this day's
mail, it appears probable however that i 2
Federalists and 4 Democrats will repfe
ltftt that State in tlvc next Conprefs.
■>- ' . ■
By a gentleman wlio arrived lafl evening
from l.ancalter, *-e learn,that che couimittte
of coiiteteiiee did not make report to tlie
Legislature on Monday as was ex-petted.
To the Editor of the Gazette of the United
S 1 R,
AS I was muling this morning on the
liffeiriice in the Atlembiy the
.hotcf of Electors oi Fielidenc and Vice
[l<- I ILl*' i 1 1, 1t i t I'ltC k 1)1: tvl i' !'! Viii *C t it.' Ilß' -
hod propufed by the floute of Ktprefeuta
ives (it' appointing Electors by a joint vote,
* in direst oppplttion to the I'pirit of our
oiiltiuition. on will remember, Sir, thai
Alien the piefent form of government «ai
>rop >' d, it was aguated whether the A!
etnoiy tliould Contiil ut one or two linufvs
• he re.:lons urged in favbr of a legiflatu;
it ;••••o branches were, tint each house \v. til:
luunally oe n c -ik on the other, „,„| :ht,
Tfvtoi any luliy and imprudent meatures
i"! .litre •.• the vie wo of intrie uiir{ in
a a - nil-. -In a legitlati re ef tin; kind
10 it't of on.- house can b- oi«.,- a law or hi
Jindifig oft tfh» people without it meets wit!
•1- I: \-tmrf ot the otr r houfc. c • r
ather .voids, Til t he- laws whit'li are i-.,ar'-;
*>■ -l.e legiil iture, are by a com w !'■ 'll
vo?C —and this U tile ralo with every aft o
!c ( : ilia l .i n Now, lir, if the .»!-•: pr. -a
fed by ti>- I l ime .f H ft t lives ' f el 'on.
ling the ! ii : 1 . i i ;i .j
it would, I c lovnd. ia: in .!(.•.y cpnolitio;
"> the •> ir ■!'t: e r l; f or the;
tile two houles wouid tmt not as checks <i
ea: h oti :r. (i.i.-e th.- tw 1 thamhen v> .uld
reduced into one, aid \herrby th- vrn
words of the conftiiution which exprrfsh
requires the content of bulb bouses c j ewn
act n; t«•.h in ouier to make trie act i, i- a.
■vonlti be complrtely viol .ten; i .>•, -,s in vote the majority governs, <nd as t!,<
S- -v:f IS coaip. led cf f- V, r 111- r |. rs ; ' -
the Huife nf Hepie'fe. tntivt ~ it i .-r'ii' ih
follows, that li; iuh! the two houses differ ii
their sentiment, a: t > t'-e :> en pr ;:~i t . b
anp -'nted F.leftnrs, (wucb is the cale ut pre
lent.) the H.iule ot utatives wouh
pr-Ail and c .riy their men without the con
currei c-Tif the Senate, the j- nction tl en
oi the two liouie-, tor t'ne pin ;i. i * ol appoint
ing Ekftors wo iIJ be a mej*e form and Cere
inony, finre the Senate would have no void
"1 the el, is a f pai „te it .life. ... i,.- r .
power of cootio;i!in t ; the Iloule of Uepre
lentat've.;, no •. Ik ir number is l'nialler. Ther:
is ' ■! -v, ;• ii i dill:nc\ion nndr in the vote o
a Sei.atai from the vote of n Heprcfentative—
the rt fait will then be, that the -pinion c
the more numerous bra:uh will ■' e tiie ops
nion of the majority of the :w ■ houses le
i!;:ced -.j o:.e c .. . .-i —v. the Si ; at<
then have had a voice i:i cli.mling the Flee
tors ? Wouid tiley tiieu have exertifed th
r 'Kht which t!ie ce.nflitution gives tliem c
i - jffting the ojnnion of th.e.Heu-efcutatvv-s
/Ind it rI. -y hud e\eu; 1. the power, tlu't
indubitably pofiVfs, by f> v-ne so"
the men the lower bouse might have felecfed
would lucii a retjfal have prevented tliof.
men (the choice of the Ueprefentatives) fron
heiiij; eleded ? An : would no: their rh c\mi
then have been wit 4 ut tiie coneurrcnce
the Ser.ate, an 1 an act of nnh
one branch of the Legidatuie r i ake an.;- lie
rale, S r, — Had the men wticm the Senati
ooglit luve cli 'leu lor hi: con's I ■ e.•;i r-jc. i:
by the lower honfe, v. hir ii v. mild liave bee:
the cafe ; would this rcjeftion on the part o
the reprcfeiltative? have alf.-Aed tie- vahditi
ot the eleftion of the n: n chosen by th'
low.-r bouse r If a joint vote had been tin
method for appoint t>; th m ? ii is then tin
conflitution given moic power to the lowc
ii"ule than it has given to the upper—or an
the i not h .*,h eq.rilly component parts of th.
1.e.. idatnrc ? l hat a r | j r ion on the pil
ot the Ueprt leiitatives of tl..- men chosen In
the Senate, can completely oVerlett the Se
nnte's choice, at the lame tune that a refula
l.e the Senate to clioof*- the men felefted Oi
toe Reprel'entativf S, ilie; not vicakeil tin
Choice made by the Ueprefentatives ?
It is to me, Sir, clear and decilive, tha
the content of both hottfes us Ivji scharat
bouses, is n<crif.ny to every act—and coo
fetjuently that an election by a joint vote i
! not constitutional. It a conctirrtnt voti
liillfil tiie intention of the conflitution, a
it rclpcfts the check wh*cli each bouse lia?or
tjie other, thoulu not this method be prefer
Some influential J robins, have made the
People hclieve ti at the Senate have unlaw
fully depiived them of a vote lor eledlnr.s,
hy not confe-nting to a joint vote ; thefr
Jacobins are Driving to work People up to
irb'-llion againil the Senate, by. threading
fuch falfeluods—-but I bnpe, and believe
tlut when tlie People reflcdt on this buti
nefs, they will be convinced of the conltitu
tionality of a concurrent vote, and the illega
lity of a joint one. I have done all in my
power to Ihow them the true Date of the
DIED] —On IVtday nig'it ■I • If, Captain j
John Steel-, of the 3d regiment of the l'Jmte4 '
States and on Sunday his remains
were interred with th* honottre <>t war, by* the
Cumberland troop-os horfs and Cariiile
infantry In Captain Steele tWfrivice has loft
an intrepid, enterpriling and a.:l ve officer.
i he fallowing txarJlatbrt of one of Th.- mcfl
tiry odei from HoJl iVI is from t:»t pen of
Mis? UROOKS, the 4HrU.. r of
" jn her la.'t open; M a .
riaiu" (he puts i;it« the K.u'ith of Sir Philip,
as a forg to a Srifphe dels the •' Vitas hin -
nuelo tns fimdis" of VfoKact- . W«-do 'not
rememt>er t» have peruied a «n »re faithful or
fpiriied verfjon.^J
Pa ttv fl»es me like 3 n
Which, through [ fequefter'd lawn,
Panting fceks the mother desr
Not witKout a panic fear
Of the gently b e»thiuar kiieze
the -mrtirtti or tlie tree«—
.O'er the co.nj frqiitflc'd awn
Patty flics 11,e hke 1 fawn.
Ift!-« curling leaves but flnke
If » Lizard ftirthi bake
frighted, it begins to i'ref ze
T'triybiirg, both atjjearj r.n.l knee's,
rfcsrtaiarm'd with ca.fvlels ittr,
f icy p;:rts j lover near>
Whilst along the dewy lawii
Patty Hers ii»e lilts a fawn.
We ydienhy announced the arrival
of C.oxt from Lancnjler ; as we expetted,
the Aurora, of this day, contains one
column in juftification of his base con
duct, written by himfetf; it is signed A
DEFENDER. His objedt is torepel the
charge of treachery, as it respects Mr:
Adams, advanced against him in this'
Gazette.—He commences his EiTay by
a quotation from this paper, which bears
no resemblance to the original. The
article alluded to, was infe'rted in last
ednefday's Gazette aqd was introdu
ced thus—" IVhateven improprieties
Air. Adams may have 'been guilty of,"
See.—this is confirmed in the Aurora,
thus—"The Editor of the Gazette of
the United States allows, " that John
Adams has been gfi.b •: of improprieties."
We did not fay we aljopMd the fa A, as
any candid man will per :e;ve by reading
the above. The base hrr.i cner in which
the paragraph has been mutilated, the
deceit endeavoured to be palmed on the
public, by perverting its meaning, are
worthy of the treacherous Tench.
Extraft of a letter from Liverpool, dateJ
6th ultimo.
Capt. , jult arrived from Virgin
ia, fell in with a vcflel, bottom upwards
coppered, apparently 80 or 90 feet Keel*
and llour floating about her—He toiik
up one barrel, which was Philadelphia
It a Lonl.m paper us tie lytb September
last, I'Jt fini tie adttrt:smrnt.
| PEtfNA DUPLEX.; $ bi» .rAjedy's
| Royal L"tter- patent, .newly in-vented
| machine f«»r writing «1;1j TWO i'KN.S,
pioducibgat ' vo QuIGIN
ALS, according t« the tonn ion mode i f
writing-, is »/T red to tli< (Commercial, pdJ
luteal, lem.l «hd htterary. world, a l , wrll a$
to 'ail perlons driirous "I fifpfcrvinp; authen
tic record? of their .1 orrefpapdence, flaie
meim.'coiippofitioiis See. inc.
1 his Invention, which is reduced to a
practice both ealy and tree fioin every defed
lias been lauclioned by tlie patronage of fonie
t the murk eliaractrrs m the
kingttom and of levers! loteign atiib.i!7.idors.
Many pei Ibjis who have been oblige:! to have
recti 11, l< to the copying or father prefljng
111 ichme, have experienced the 1110 D com.
plete I'atisfa&ion in the use of the DOU
JLK WKII wU. The trOtinlc md inconve
nience ascending- the former, are totally fu
perfjdt d by the latter, which is so jiiltly for
med that there can be 110 in its use,
and conlinu'ted with luChr nircli uiical exaft
nels and I lidity, as topr .elude the lieceffity
of all repair.
fly this machine, on the tueiits of which
alone tie pr>.ieiui"iis to £en encouragement,"tiff merchant and tra
der, those concerned in Abe various depart
fliesu of tfie public service, of
alnioft every description in the law, and all
persons engaged in an extcniive and
tant corivl' ; . mdcnce,will be'cnaWrd n.n enly
to the great trouble and expe; ce but
also to avoid the possibility of incorre£l
; nel's, tojwhioh the bell copyilh are too fre
quently liable"
1 hj Double Writer will be found pecu
liarly ufeful in copying Drawing ; and to
Gentleman what, travel, it mufl be
Juable in point of accuracy and fecrrcv than
the mott able and amantienlis.
1 be execution of the Machine is l'o rxaftly
minute, as to render it impofliblf to discover
the (lightefl dilTerence in a hair ftioke, or in
the marks of punfVuion. The fynce oecu
pied by tile machine is very trrflinp, *s it is
contained iti a final I sized pjrtable writintr
Manufaftured & fold only by J. H.
I'jw thing No, 43 Cirnhift, LonJon, Poc
et book intktr, and Portable Writing desk
manufadlurer Wliolefitle, and for exp >rta
C\KLISLE, Novembern
OLD Lort£ Primer, ]
Small Pica on Pica Body. 1
Englifa, Chafes, CompoHng Sri' k«. jmi aprea
viritty of srticirs neceflary to rarry'.iH the Prill
ing B'jfinpfs. Xhty tvilf he foldf iitap tor cafli
Appir to the Printer.
Prices of Public Stock,
Par amount
tf a Jbeire
percent flock—a 9
Si* pit ctnt. flscic 891-4 gc, i-i ■
Navy. dittp . 89 ;-i a9O
Ueierred 6 per cent. 88 14 a 88 i-i
7'hree percont. _ • 55
5' » per cent. > rt
4 *-i per cent j none at market
jJAN'K TJ. States. 2,1 h " 38 p. cent ad, >
Pennfj Iyania, 131 ditto /
—N.America 1510151 ditto C
InfuraaceC« Fenns'a ditto J
—N, uh Anicri:* 80
rurnpike - a;© a 160 dolts.
Schuylkill Bridge - - - par
Water Loan, dolls.
fcpnd Wprrantstt a 30 dolls, iw acres
St Augujline Church Lottery Ticiets, 95 dollars
On Londo" at 60 days a 75 "
On A,uilter<2am, Jo 39 a4O ceutO
[per Florin >
On Hamlmrgh do 36 a 37, cents V
[f>-r Mark Banca
'Rates of Foreign Coins and Curren-.
rencies in the United Stat*?—par
act of Curigres for payment of Du
Dolls. Cis.
EngKfh pound failing 4 44 «v
Irifli cl - do 410 /
Dutth PI Tin c* Guilder o 40 f
Har.Mirgh Mark Bmco . o-- 33 ifj
the fiibfcriber having frequently
heard complaints of the want of accuracy in
*be pike current of public slock, lias conclud
ed tofurnilli the Gazette of the United States,
occalionally (if called for) with what nmy in
his opinion be confid.-red the Market Prices
of Stock, and the Hates ol Exchange.
tjittnut ttreetj No. »4J.
For Liverpool,
To return lmmtdiatety.
The Copper bottomedJhip
moll Y,
'i jatfflg Richard Flinn. Commander,
~ Will fjil in a few days, three
fourths of h,tr cargo being ready to go on board.
p or freight of rhe remainder, to the
f .blci ibr • , or for to the captain on
board at Walnut flreet wharf.
novembrr 19 *|jf
Robert Srtiith & Co ;
No. 58,
South FitoNr-STRF.F.r,
ll.ive Just Received,
Per die Adtive, Captain M'Dcugill, from
A fe» wtuieradtraitf a '
Russia Sheetings,
iAttn, a federal <w>rlm«nt <j
G 0 O D S,
Suitably for tlx fofon.
Mtnbci if
To be Let,
THO?F. Large and commsdi-us, •'cller* umfer
the Uriiteml Church, in l.iimbard, bttwrtn
4tc and sth Street!, Lately occupied by Mr. John
lavage and Co.
Hi quire of Jhhn V<-nifs North East Corner o f
Walnut in water St, or E. Howell No. 14 North
N.jv ij.
Employment IVanted.
APERaON, who bas been many years cen
verfint in Trade and Ronk Keeping, will
be ghd of fuller employment witV the pen ; ei
ther in po.'tin>; bo. ks, Hating accounts, cr tran
fcrib up; other writing*. hfifineft <>f th'ia
description, thi' -nay be done at th- applicant's
own hcufe, will suit his present circumlfances
belt. A cort directed to A. B. and let'tat the
Offire r,f thi'. Gazette, by at y gentlr man want
ing such affillance, will be rc'fpeafnlly attend
ed to
November i». sawaw.
Crooke Stevenson
From Ko. 4 S. uth to the Aorelately occupied by
No. 11, North Water Street.
34 Hogihsa ls Antigua and St. Kitts rum
to Do Mufiovado fngar
,jS Do. Snrrinam ; sugar house, and Havan
nnh moljfles
Coffee in hogfljrads fnd bags
Hyl'oll ftin and bohea teas
Jamaica spirits
Cojntry rum
French ai-d Spanilh branny
White and brown Havannah sugars, &c,
November 17. mw&f2\v
To Creditors.
AT a county court ot common pleas, held at
Uninn town, for the county of Eayette, the se
cond Monday »f September, jn the year of cur
Lord one eight hundred, before the
honorable nlexander Addifow, Esq. President of
the fame court.
ON the petition of Thomas Pew, an info!vcj>t
debter, praying the benefit Of the ad of
Afienibly, palled the fourth day of April one
thousand ieven hundred and ninety-eight, for the
relief ofinfolvent debtors The Court appoints
the f«cond Monday of December next t-» hear the
petitioner and his creditor-, and orders ihat he
giv; his creditors notice thereol by a publication
for three fucc JTivo weeks in the Fayette Gazette,
an <in the United States Gazette. priuicd at Phi
ladelphia, the last of which publications Ihill beat
leail three weeks before the day of hearing.
By the Court.
" r "
OAobcr *4<
London, 1
d iOf
Gazette Marine Lift.
, ARRIVED, day.
! s chr - Mehitablr, Mahan, Norfolk 16
. . Tobaeco and coal
Comet, Poffin, do 14
Sb.p Pcnnfylvitifa, Yorke, Hamburg
Bng Nancy, B,,rk, Mldir &
lofciui, Hi.tihifon, Barcelona
Rover, Brown, , Norfolk
Sealer, Rogers, Edentdß
Scbr Fair Eliza, Childs, Surinam
XT BOSTON, Nov;raber 8.
November 9, arrived, Briti/h brig E ar ( Moi
ra, Fawf «, Halifax. A gentleman patTneer
acquets us, that a coasting veto! has just ar
rived fro.nHhelburne, informing of the arrival
y.eroftw" American brigs, from New York,
for,ftp. ilavaonah, one of which was lad.n
with dry goods-taken by the private armed
P Dllt ~9> ' ven N about the ißth Otfober
November , , arrived last evening, ship Un
cle 1 oby, <)f hew York; irom Gibralter—
lor.g paflage, ,
Arrived at, quarantine, Captain Rice, in 1
lchoon»r from the Havannah.
Ship America, HuOey, fpr St Sebaftfans
fitv I' 0 "' for Liverpool
Bng rothill Bourn, ... . f or St . C ' roiK
Schr » Brokers, Lymburner, for Tobago
Schr. Succef,, Ihomas, f or St Barf..
Schr Couner, Staple, f or p. R epub .
r e frcm P oflon ' {or Venice,
was spoken October *, latitude 40, longitude.
26, -twenty-two days out.
ClouAancU of Boston, f ram
Norfolk, for Dublin, was spoken October 26
latitude 38, longitude four days out.
NEW YORK; November 18.
Ship Jamaica; Sherry, J amaica _
Brig Dove, , Newburyport
Ship Potomack Chief, Allen, Hull
Brig Brandy wine Miller, Fram, Grenada
Schr Anny, Larkm, tlo
The BritHh picket V'eftmoreUnd, f or thii
port, left Falmouth the nth ultimo.
. . , NORFOLK, November 8.
Arrivedl.aft evening, brig Eliza, captain £.
vans, 54 days trom L Ibip.
.1, 0 h ,; tV n ' ?t " ,7 ' t ll ' 33, S3, spoke
n ? Mjri * cipt. Livingfton, from Charles
ton bound to Malaga.
A airift'Kij of Tfe; ful»«trifcer*»tha
rhi]jdtlphi» D*t»ciiig ilfcrably WiJt Se WM
tint Evening kt 6 o'«locfc«t fussii'i HmL
Nov, to.
». • . ~ .'«
Philadelphia Academy.
, No: 24,
A Night School.
TjETfR i)FL .MAR, profelTop of Mather
4- m»t»c» ip, thisl 'Academy, refpeftfully ,ri-
the p«l,i, c> that he will receive a fmJl
ntm b,, o»>, lt le n ,en (from hair J.
ter fix nl, 9 o d .clc each night, Saturdays and
Sundays exapted) to be inftrufled in the fat.
1 .wmg Stanches.
Mercimile, aiithemetic and' accompt. on a
new and approved plan-me. YuV.tion, gatigim,,
furveyu g and navigation, according to the best
authors—Conic fedti r, s , f, rtifeatione an ■
..ery as iheya/e taught in th, Royal . c J cm
at WoolwicK Eiichds elr me , !tS) plaiD a „J
ffuxY'nt tr ' S ° no ' ,,ary ' algebra ar.d
A coirfe of leflu-es on the use of the Globr,
Geography and ,he fjftem of-thc umverfe,
,H P? ? > Prq ; jrt ' l ,or the " fe °f indents
- 1 V I ''! adcl P - 11 Academy will be delivered
Gentlemen of the Navy, and other,, who
wtlh .0 acquire a fpe tf d> knowledge of Lunar
' V'tnqs, may have an pppertunitv of be
ing tau-htary of mrthodi, and hear
ing the i increiit Th-ories explained from firft
N'.-r. f „,her TQ.
Sor Sale,
-ymg betwosn Mmket and Chefnut Street.
3urthen, 94 tons, carries remarkable well hav
ing excellent accommodations, If nut so d in 3
lays, laid BiUG will take freight for 'Bolton
and IWburvpert, a'fo, cnt hundred barrels of
be t", No 1 and 2, of tile fir ii crdcr, foal lea
ther, candles han !fpik.-s boards.
*** Frr freight <:r palfrge or any of the
above articles pleal'e 10 apply on board.
November 19 '
AtMrflrs. Wain's wharf below the Drawbridee
The Cargo
Of the brig Mentor, direfl from Malaga viz
M ALA OA WINE in quarter calks
7jokegs frefh SUN RAISINS
40c hemes MUSCA TEL Do.
Sco h'xfs BLOOM Du.
Soft (hellV ALMONDS in ba«-3
GR in jars
FIGS in kegs—jud
A fin ail quantity of SHEET CORK,
Apply to
IS r o 149, Souu Front Street-
November 19.
Wanted to Cha
|||p: s V ESSELS,
Drawing not more than 8| feet water.
Apply to
WlLL'ra G.'fc? i'iiOß't C. LATIMER,
Pine street wharf. |S
nsveir.Ucr 19 d-t