Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, November 14, 1800, Image 2

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    By this Day s Mail
BOSTON November 7.
The Legiflattire of this States will meet
in this town on Tatfday next—and the
Elei\»rs of Prefidervt and Vice Pre fide tit
will be cbofen on the Thursday following,
by joint ballot of the Senate and Houfc of
Extract of a Letter from Santandar,
CSpain) to a respectable bouse in t&is
city dated October 8, 180 a.
<' I have this moment received a letter
from Capt. Crocker, i f the Rodoiph Frede
rick who is now in Paris, and who was cap
tured by the fame privateer that t<sok me,
adviling, " That my trial comes on the
13d of September," and if it cannot be put
off the (hip and cargo will surely be con
demned. It seem* that the Council of Prizes
v have afled far different in regard to justice
from what has ever been represented to me
before, as money appears to be the guiding
principle they upon. The armttures
h»ve it in their power to offer a greater sum
without running any risque ; the captured,
therefore stand no chance. I underfhnd
that our Envoys are to leave Paris by the
Bth of Oilober, and in all probability a treaty
of some kind or other, will be made ; those
cases that are not yet judged, are in hopes
of a better chance. '1 he next post will tell
ro« whether I am of that numher. Encio
fed you hive a lift ofjvefkls, communicated
by Capt. Crocker, that have been tried at
Pa ris, from which you can form an idea
how the Council of Prizes have afled :
" Ship Pigou, Green, cleared with damages,
Ann and Susan, Packet, compromised for
half ship and cargo
Petapfco, Hill do. do.
Peggy, Davidfon, do. for 1000 guineas.
Ann, Lord, condemned
Kitty, Norton, cleared without damage.
Hester, Morgan, cleared with damage and
Columbia, Corraii, condemned, letter of
Woodruff, Sims, Hotfden, do. do.
Beeby, Gizure, condemned
Frederick, Clark, do.
Ruby, Re ff do.
Statin, Steward, cleared without freighter
damage 1 , after being twice cleared with
freight and damages, and being m
France two years.
Polly, Tiifts, cleared without damage.
Union, Lunt, cleared with damage and in
Republican, Simfon, condemned.
Portland, Stoddard, dn.
Pearl, Latimer, cleared with damages. »
Nancy, condemned to the Republic.
Molly, Bardoll condemned.
" Some of the abo*e (hips have been con
demned, when their were acknow
ledged to bt American. The ciptors of the
Ruby, Capt. Keef, has been heard to boast
that file c ft him but 5001. The greater
part of th» velTels cleared, were not worth
more than from 6000 to 10,000 dollars, a.nd
none but wbat their cargoes and mod of the
ships have been fold, and after they are
finally cleared, they rauft comproinife with
the captors for 30 or 40 per cent."
3 Capt* Young, arrived from Lilbor, in Jt
days, acquaints us, That the Poitugude
still entertain strong appretienfions of an in
vasion by the French through Spain.—A
large Spanish army was upon the frontiers
of Portugal, .which was feared would co- 'pe
rate ; but the Spaniards have been lately
laid under an obligation by their neighbours
who have protr&ed several Spanilh v>-ffels
to Lift>on ; —That the Brin(h expedition
fleet under Sir. j. Puhency were at GihrnU
ter ; and it was fuppolcd woiild proceed to
Portugal if that nation fhnuld require af
{illanCe ; —That it was generally believed
the French would hi Id polTefiion of Egypt j
Snd that Klcbrt- had fallen a vifliin to hu
determinant n to evacuate that country, a
gv.inft the advice of the officer w' o has suc
ceeded him ;—That the British cruizers
have lately sent several American veflelsin
to L fbofi ; and miong them a brig belong
jng to Mr. Kimball of Borton.
Capt. Ellery, from Malaga, and who paf
'fed Cape St. Vincents; only 19 days before
his arrival, informs that a large Englilh
fleet from Gibraltar pa {Ted up the Streights
about the time he came out.
V Yesterday el-ftions were held in this fhte
for ele&ots of president and vice president of
the United Stats s. At the close ofthe poll
for this diftrid the votes were for
' T. Duckett 152, ] F. Deakins 138.
At the Court-House it is said Col. Dea
kin* had three fourths of the votes.
On Saturday evening the citizens ofWafb
ington and George-Town were alarmed by
the cry of fire,it broke out in a handsome
three (lory building, the property of Mr.
Joseph Hc*lgfon occupied by the war De
The fire caught in a room on the second
floor and raged with such violence as to
render it imprafticable toextinguidi it. The
papers in the lower story only were sa
ved. . .
The loss to the War Office is, in feme
refpefts, irreparable. Mod of the papers of
the Accountant's Office were saved. Mr.
Hodgfon's loss is more than 4000 Dol
The Adjoining honfe built by Mr. Jona
than Jack l'on alio fpll a prey to the devetir « feene ot gr&f and ter
ror which ass. &Ed every feeling heart. Mr.
Jnckfon after feve-rai weeks illness died that
afternoon about 3 o'clock.—ln Ids than
four hours after/ this aftii&ing, this heart
rending fevne, tl»e family arc alarmed with
the cry of fire, the corps is hastily removed
and the widow and children are hurried out
of theij'houle which can no longer be a home
for them. Thus iu one? day are they depri
ved of a hufbandand father whose a&ive in
duitry, while living,-afforded them a compe
tent support, and a valuable house, which
would have prcferved them from want, is
rendered of no value.
Such a loss, with such a bereavement,
surely calls for public aflifimceandit is ho
ped, fonie influential and a-Ctive citizens,
will set on foot a fubfeription for tlieir re
lief.—There can be no doubt of liberal con
tributions if the bulinefs is commenced im
The remains of Mr. Jackson were inter
red on Sundav afternoon—l hey were at
tended to the grave by a very long procrffion
of citizens.
" A Novel, a Poen», a Drama, which represents
Virtue in lively colours, models the reader
the variou» charaitrs, who ait withouc Uis per
cieving it; they become intereftiinf, and the au
thor inculcates morality withnut fe miug t»
mention it." L* Mercii*.
yujl Publijhei,
(Sutceffor9 to the late R. Campbell)—No. 30,
Chefnut ftrcet,
The Beggar Girl,
And her Benefaclrefs ;
Author of the We!lh Heirrf., Jovenile Indiscre
tions, A>gnes de Courci.and Ellen, CnUntefs of
Caflle H iweil.
In 3 volumes—tbret dollars.
November 7 diw
4th Novcmoer ißoe.
THE Pilots of the River Delaware art
delired to take notice that after the 4:':
inft. all vcflels from foreign ports are pernn -
ted to proceed to the city without comin
too at the Lazaretto, to be examined by tb<
Resident Physician.
Nov. 4 2 "
Law Book Store,
No. 319,
GEORGE DAVIS hat jufl imported p.T Ac
ti»e from London, an exceeding vilusblc
afT rtuent us BOOKv which, added to thole r.
ceived by sundry late arriyO«, and to oth rs <laly
expelled fr«m Dublin, wil. r-nder his c >i!e<2i 11
tk« mod important of any offered (or faie id this
In a lew days he hopes to have his Bnolu oprr
ed and arranged, of which notice fliall Ha
and hit annual Cata'o(jlic» diftrihu td
november 8 emt
Philadelphia. II mo 6. 180
ALL Pcrfons indeUel t» the Eflate •< l-c*
Reeve, decease I, are requested to niaVe|>a;
ment; a*«! all pcrf->n« having demands agaiuft hi;
EfUtc are debred present their accijun.'i I.
fcttlemeD: to
eo6t SAMUEL CO A I'ES. i F.xtc«or»
Gifford's Epiltle to Peter Pindar,
(Price J7 i-» Ceuu)
Dutton's Poem on the present state of
(Price 11 1 2
Hit* just been received by
A. PI KKNt, oppnfite Chrirt Church,
november y dl/
Take Notice.
r **fW Suihfc ibcr Intend# leiviug the United
* Sratej Cwfly in December Therefore a'l
pt fnn« who are indebted are requeued t • make
imme hate payment, am' those haviHg any de
mands to render their accounts, tor fetlcment.
As. 3, South Front Srtet.
Nov. ta. e-'fit
Philadelphia Academy.
0- Mr. Francis Gallet,
AN experienced and approved lnftruftor, has
undertaken to teach the PRBNCH LAM
GUAGE in this Seminary, to I'nch of the Young
Gcntlenvn as may choose to place thenrf«lves un
der hi« care
gjr Parents and Guardians are rcq»efted to
make im«o«di»te application, that all the fchoiars
may bsgiaatoncc. •
Samuel Magaw 1 Directors of
James Abercrombie 3 the Academy.
O&ober si. 3tawt/.
Dancing Academy.
No 64, f.uth Fourth flreet.
ON Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the hours
for Ladies are from 10 in the forenoon 'till
half pad i» ; and frsm half pafti 'till half pall 4
young gentlemen are from half pad 4 till 6, on
the fame days. On Monday, Thursday and 9a
turday, for gentlemen from fcalf part 6 till 9 in
ths evening.
Mr. q_refides at No. 50, south Fifth street.
novembcr 1 * mthfa tf
Nurse Child
A HEALTHY married Woman, with a frefli
Brealt o! Milt, would take a child, for a few
month», to suckle. Apply on' the louth fide of
South, near Fourth flreet, to
n»vcmbei 3
Robert Smith 5c Co.
~ No. 58,
Sovrtt Fxqxt-S'trek?,
Have JuJi Received,
Per the Attive, Captain from
A lew bale* of white and trown
Russia Sheetings,
Also, agtneral assortment of
Suitable for {eafon.
novirmbcr 11 diot
November 14,
Will be presented (for the second time ihii season)
a taverijc Drama, in 5 aits, called
The Castle Speftre.
To which will be added,
For thefirft time in America, a n<w musical en-
St. David's Day ;
The Hone [I IVeljhman.
(Now performing at the Theatre, Covent Gar
pen, with unbounded applause.)
Old Townly, mr Warren ; William Townly, mr
J. Daney ; Owen, mr Prigmore ; Peter Plim
limnioii mr Bernard; Dick, mr Francis; Wat-
kin, air Hopkius.
Ellen, miss E WtHr'y ; TafHine, mr« Oldmixon ;
Gwinnesh, mrs salmon ) Welch Girl, miss Ar-
Welch l.aJi and l.afTei, ineflri Daraog, Billy,—
mn OtrAor, mri .Varteo, nri fiiuait, mr*
Soiojjtet't. tit. A.C.
gj*Du« notice will be jfiven 01 the next rejire
feutatiou of PIZ-iRRO ;after which it will, ou
account of new pieces in necelTari
17 laid aside or lomc cvnfiderable t : me.
*|* A Tragedy, never ac\ed in
iv in pr.-paratlun and will be j'ptrcdily pro
Bi X, one Dollar. Pit, three quarters Of a Dol
lar, and Gallery, half a Dollar.
Hie D.tnrn of the T1 eatre will open at 1-4 pafl
J, and the Curtain rife at 1-4 past 6 o'clock
Genrlemen and La lie< are requeued to fend their
fcrvant« to keep plac sin the b«xcs at a quarter past
five oMock.
The Vntery of Wealth vi»« receivrtl
iafl evening with the nvrfl flattering marks
of M>pribitipn—li will oe repeated on Mon
d jy.
Wanted Immediately,
\ SERVANT MAN to aite id in a private
i X family in N-w Yo k, to whom good wa
lte« wi 1 i t j-iveji if Ur produces an imexcepti
on»He charaifl-r.
*** Apply to the bar at the City Tavern.
Nr>teml'f ' % djt
To be Let,
rHOSE Laree and cnmmcJi- ua, .seller? under
the U iverfU Church. in l.umbard, between
4? and sth 'trcets, Lately occupied by Mr. Joha
avajre a; d Co
& qwjre ol John VVnefs North Fad Corner of
*Vjlnut iu *ater£>t r or E. How«Jl No. 14 North
6th Ssreet*
N v n diw
Post Office,
tbilvitiptia- Nyv. i, 1800.
Plfi KIHI Far tbe Pofl Often mi die Mail
l.toci batwe#o Philadelphia ao<l New York,
«ill In be (Med tlrry Axj, (SuodayvxcepN
rt) at S o'clock, A. M. u. 41 the Mailt for Poll
Oicn tiranehiag brttn them will be cloM 00 the
•Tual dtyt, at 8 in the morOlrg.
Th« Mail to* Ntw Yck, anl the Post Office*
ciltvaid «l it, »HI eomihue to be closed at the
uTiuJ hour, la o'clock,dooo, J daw
IVanted to chatter for Madeira,
A good Vessel,
Of 1000 or 1.100 barrels
Nq. 1 >5, Souiii Front Street,
tiotrembrr 10 §
For Sale,
is built of the best feaf»ncd white
JjgSggoak and was fal:ed on the frocks—
will car: y about Ijoofbarrcls ef fbur, and may be
sent to sea at a small tipence. For tern s apply to
No. 115, South Front Street.
November io §•
3000 BuflielsSt.Ubes
100 Barrels of beef suitable for EalJ India
ico Do. of fliip store do
jo Boxes containing each dozen
best London,muft»rd
tor SALS Br
No. I, Fenn Strtet,
Novenher 15. to#tf
English Grammar,
Has this Day been publiflied, by Asßi/nt
Dickins, opposite fihriit-Churcli,
[Price One Dollar.]
O&ober 7.
Lofl: this morning,
ABOUT ten o'clock; in Walnut flreet, or in
fourth near Walnut firect, seven Bank Notes,
amour-ting together, to One Hundred and Fortj"
Dollars. Any person that may have found the
fame is requeued to deliver them to the owner, at
No. 117, ii.uth Front street, and fhail be rewarded
for his trouble if required.
November 10. dI w.
Thomas Wotherspoon,
No. 56,
South Fjioni" Stusst,
Has received by the late arrivals from Lo;i
don, Liverpool, Hull and Glasgow, a
general all'ortment of
Suitable for the feal'on—among \vliich are
SUPERFINE and second cloths,
Do. plain and ribb'd Cj(Timer?
Do. taQnonable Swanfdowns
Coatings and Backing Baizes
F1 inn<-ls and Plains
Plaid and ribb'd Caliinancoes
Durants and Joans Spinnings
Black Ruirels and Bombazetts
Plain and llriped Wildbores
Cloak Carsbletts
Velvets, Thickfrtts and Farcy Cords
Clieck'dand flriped Ginghams
White and brown Piatillas
Checks and Bed-ticks
Purple and Chintz Shawls
Primed Pocket Handkeichiefs
Black and col'd do.
White and col'd Satins, Peelongs and
Twilled black Sattis Florentines
Wide rich stripe do.
Queen's Grey Luteflrings
Stitching Thread, and Scajf Twist
Dimities and Marfellors Qmltings
Black and white Thread Lac#s and
Rich wide patent Law Veils
An of Ribbons
Carpets and Carpeting
Tapes, quality and flioe Bindings
Shirt Weires and Moulds
Plain and Fancy Buttons
Plain and ribb Cotton Stockings
Fancy Handkerchiefs and Cotton
and cotton Counterpanes
Thread, Leaders, Ferretts and Gallocwu
Britirti Mnllins of every description
Ounce Thread in boxes
Coloured do. in do.
Suitable for the Well-India Market,
A few boxes »f
Mad raft Handkercbic.s, a few do. Fancy
Mufliut, a few do. Gingham*, entitled
. to drawback.
O&obcr it d|.t
Imported ,
In the ship Dispatch, Jacob B.nner waller, from
Coffee, Sugar and
Of the firfl quality,
William Safi/oniy
James FiJfjer,
Joseph S. Lenuii.
novemfcer 10 diw
Robert Smith St Co.
No. 58, South Front Street,
By the late arrival* from London, Liverpool,
Hull and Glal'gow,
A general aflortnient of
Suitable for the ltifo,n—among which are
SUPERFINE and second cloths
Forift cloths and plains
A variety ol ptain, ribVd and embossed cafli
merea of every colour
A variety of fafhionable fwanfdown
Kendal cottons
Bocking and Colchester baize of every color
7-4 to 11 4 roie blankets
ail and J do
White fergesfuitaMe for fadlers
Ribbed and plain ciliruancoes
Rattinett and (balloons
Durante joans and bombazeens
Bombazetts, fltiped and plain,
Wildbores '
Velverets, thickfett* and fancy cords
Check'd and ttriped ginghams
7 8, 4-4, i>-8 cnttoYi checks
Bed ticks, Scotch (hirting
Brown linens and cotton bagging
Plain and tambur'd jaconet and back nfufUns
and handkerchitfs
Coloured tambor'd ditto
Olive, load and blue muslins
Cambricks and lawns
Lawn,and printed linen handkerchiefs
Blaik and colored Barcelo»a ditto
Black love ditto
WortUd, yam and cotton hosiery
White and coloured threads
Tapes, quality and shoe binding
An assortment of ribbons
Sewing (ilk and twist
Ivory and horn combs
Shirt wires and moulds
Plain and fancy bsttons
Knives and forks, penknives, fciiTurs, nsedles,
They have also on hand,
an assortment of
Coloured Mid black Senchaws and
Sattins —Garrahe, Geffas, Sana?, Bai'tas, Guzeenas;
oSober i.j
Gazette of the United States.
The Ss.nate of PiwnsrLVANiA
Have negatived the bill, from the
House of Representatives, providing
for the choice of Electors of a President
and Vice-President of the United States,
by a joint vote of the members of the
two house*. Whereupon.
Mr. Gurney read, inhis place, a new
.bill, and with the permission of the Se
nate, presented the fame to the chair. —■
The Clerk having also read the bill,
the Senate, on motion of Mr. Gur
ney, seconded by Mr. Johnfton, re
solved itfelf into a 'committee of the,
whole, for the purpose of taking the
fame into conlideration ; —after fame
time, the Chairman of the committee
reported the bill to the Senate; and
thereupon, the lame was read a second
time, —and, on the question—" Will
the Senate agree t© the fitft feet ion ?"
the yeas and nays were called for, and
the question carried in the affirmative,
in manner following, to wit:
1 Matthias Barton i Wm. Fi-dley
2 Ab'rn. Carpenter 2 J. Hamilton
3 James Ewing 3 James Harris
4 Francis Gurney 4 John Kean
5 Thomas Johnfton 5 Christ. Lower
6 John Jones 6 Saml. Maclay
7 Samuel King 7 T Mewhortcr
8 Joseph M'Clellan 8 JohnPearfon
9S. Poftlethwaite 9 Wm. Reid
10 Zebulon Potts 10 W. Rodman
i x Richard Smith 11 Benjamin Say
12 Dennis Whelen
13 John Woods.
The bill was then ordered to be tran
scribed for a third reading, which it
was to have yeftercjay, and is as follows,
to wit:
An ACT t» direEt, on behalf of this State y
the manner of appointing, the EleElors
of a President and Vice-President of the
United States.
WHEREAS it is declared by the
Constitution of the United States, that
for the purpose of elefting a President
and Vice-President of the United States,
" Each State fh all appoint, in fuchman
" ner as the Legislature thereof may di
" reft, a number of Eleftors equal to
" the whole number of Senators and Re
fi prefentatives to which the State maybe
" entitled to the Congress To the in
tent, therefore, That the State may not
be deprived of her vote in the choice of
the Chief Magiilrate of the Union, but
without meaning that the provisions of
this aft shall hereafter be drawn into pre
Sec. i. BE it therefore viafled y by the
Senate and House of Rej>refentatives of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in Gene
ral Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted
by the authority of the fame, That the
Electors to e'.eft, on behalf of the state
of Pennsylvania; a President and Vice
President of the United States, at the
next ensuing Elettion for that purpose
to be holden, shall, on the fifteenth day
of November instant, be appointed by
the Legislature of this Commonwealth,
that is to fay, Seven by the Senate and
eight by the House of Representatives :
Certificates of such appointment in each
house, lhall be made out and signed by
the Speaker, and forthwith presented by
the Clerk thereof to the Governor of
the Commonwealth, who shall declare
by proclamation, the names of the per
sons so appointed.
Sec. 2. And be it further enaEled by
he authority, of ore/aid, That the Govern
or (hall cause a notification of their elec
tion to be delivered, in writing, to each
and every of the E'lcftors appointed as
aforefaid, on or before the twenty se
cond day of November intrant, the ex
pence whereof lhall be defrayed and
paid on a warrant, or warrants, drawn
by him on the state Treasurer; ahd the
said Electors shall assemble on the firft
Wednesday in December next, at the
court house in the borough of Lancaster,
and shall then and there perform the
duties enjoined upon them by the con
stitution and laws of the" Ujiited States.
Sec. 3. And be it further ensß'ed by
the authority afore raid, That each of the
said Elettors shall receive three TioilarS,
daily wages, when-travelling to, remain
ing at, and returning from, the pike of
meeting aforefaid, the fame to be paid
by the Treasurer of the county in vhich
the said El colors refpe&ively '
>,' V 'A.