Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, October 29, 1800, Image 4

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    Thomas W other spoon,
No. 56,
Sou4n Piiot. 1 !" Sweet,
Has received by the late arrivals from Lo>v
don, Liverpool, Hull and Gkl'gow, a
ireneral aflortiiient of
Suitable for the season—among which are
SuPIttiFINE and ftfeend cloths,
Do. plain and ribb'd
Do. taSiion.\b]e Swanfdowns
Coiiting'6 and Bocking Baizes
riann»h and Plains
Plaid and ribb'd Calimancoes
Dnratrts and Joans Spinning's
B ; .ck R'filTets and Rorob«z<fttg
Pfalu and ftriprd VVrldborts
Cloak Cambletts
Velvets, Tbk'kfttts and Fancy Lords
Check'd and (tripled Ginghams
• White and brown Platillas
Checks and Bed-ticks
Purplraud Cbintz Shawls
printed Pocket Handkerchiefs
Black anil col'd Barcelsna do.
White and col'd Satins, Pcelongs and
Twille • black Satt'm Florentines
Wide rich (tripe do.
Queen's' Grey.Lutestrings
Stitching Threads and Scarf Twill
Dimities and Marfelloi* Quiftings
Black and white Thread Laces and
Rich wide patent Law Veils
An affjrtment of Ribbons /
Carpets and Carpeting
Tapes, quality .md (hoe Bindings
Shirt Weires and Moulds
Plain and Fancy Buttons
Plain and ribb Cotton Stockings
Fancy Handkerchiefs and Gotten
TabLe-tl*ths a,, d cotton Counterpanes
Thread, Leaders, F;rretts and Galloons
Biitidi Muslins of every description
Ounce Thread in boxes
Coloured do. in do.
Suitable the Weft-India Market,
A few boxes ef*
Madrafs Handkerchie.s, a few do. Fancy
Mullins, a ft w doi Ginghams, entitled
to dra ivhji k.
Oa -ber I 6
Robert Smith & Co.
No. 58, South Front Street,
By the lite arrivals from London, Liverpool,
Hull and Glasgow,
A general aflortment of
Suitable for the season—among which are
SUPERFINE and second cloths
Fnrcfl cloths and plains
A variety of plain, ribb d and embolTcd cafli
m<-rej of evry colour
A variety of f ilhionable fwanfdown
Kendal cottons
Bocking an<} Oolchefter baize ofevcry color
7 4 to 11 4 role blankets
1 1 4 an 4 3 do
White fergesfuitable for fadlers
Ribbed and' plain calimancoes
Rattinets and thntloons
Duranu joans and bombazJens
Bnmhazetts, hriperf and plain,
Velverett, tSicVf ttsarid f3ncy cords
Check'd and striped ginghams
7-8, 4-4, H-8 cotton checks
Bed ticks, Scotch Ihirting
Brown linens and c. tton bagging
Plain and tamb r'd jacon« ani book mullins
and handkerchiefs
Coloured tamher'd ditto
Olive, lead and blue mullins
Cambiicks and lawns
Lawn, and printed linen handkerchiefs
Black and colored Barcelona ditto
Black love ditto
Worftsd, yarn and cotton hosiery
White and coloured threads
Tapes, quality and (hoi: binding
Ari assortment ol ribbons
Sewing iilk and twi.*
Ivory and horn combs
Shirt wires and mtulds
Plain and Uncy buttons
Knives and forks, penknives, fciflort, needles,
pins, &c.
They have also on hand,
an assortment of
1 viz,
Cobured and black I.utcftrings, Senchaws and
SattiiiL— Garrahs, Cafias, Sanaa, Baftat, Guztena*;
edobtr 15
In Sheets, Bottoms & Still Patterns,
LE*D, Brazier's Soltlcr, Tin in boxes, Steel
Sheet-iron, Sewing twine, and a large affyrt
mcnt of Ironmongery, Cutlery, Savllejy, Brak
and*Japann'd wares. For fa eby <
Elisha Fisher & Co.
f.m'j'w Im.
October 1
In the ship Atlantic captain Waters, from
And for sale by the fubferiber,
A great variety of articles mostly suitable
for exportation,
among which Aite
Blue cloths
Sort Unmal>
Madras Long Cloths
Ditto HanJksrchiefi.
2000 bags priijie Sugar,
Hyson ftnd Souchong Tea,
No. tfo, Bock street.
JKwf tf
October 10
jufl: Received,
By tlie G«org«, Amuble aui Alhcr Ute »rri*a' » t
On low tcrm«,by ti« pitkige, at
No. 48,
South Front street,
I © Bales Rose Blankets, 1
< biles uffiil ditto »
15 hgi" Kendal-Cottons z_
4 bales low priced Broadcloths
4 bales Lon ion fuperfine do. . r?
% balfs Plains and Fore ft Cloths r
l bait fftfliionablc fine
» bales ladiionable I.ionlkin do. J
3- {mall bale* low priced # Swanidowns £
4 b2le« ifi*gr*iti Yorkcftvire Carpets and 1 .
70 hhd. Sein TwiUff. J
An and choice afTortmcnt of
o&oher I
9-8 white
Russia Sheeting,
DROGHER JUWENS, fine 4 4 In.h Lin
ens, Clouting Diapsr, Cotton Velvets,
TliickfcHs and Fancy Cord*, Printed Linen and
Cotton Handkerchiefs, Silk Handkerchief*, Sat
tins, Pdonc«, Modes and Perfiaris, Calhmtn
cocs, Wiliib >re9 and oonibazeen,Fine and coarfc
•Bobbin, Tap:s, Ribbpsa, Ferrets, Scotch Oz
naburgs, Threadj No. 7 to 64,|coloured Threads
No. 8 to 16, Pirn, 3 l-i, 4, 4 i-» and 5 'h.
London Pewter allorted ill catks, T.ii, ar,.' ha>
just received by the lata arrivals a general afljrt
ment of Woo lens.
TO ro 8
Just arrived.
Brig Perseverance, ~
Mr. William Bell's Wharf.
80 hhds. Antigua and St. Kitts Rum «nd
10 ditto Coffee
No. 4, South IVater St cel.
Oflober 8. dtf
Landing frn n tbe ship America, IValte.
Sims, Commander, from Canton,
So'jchong, ift & and quality,
Caper souchong,
HyS.n-lkm, ' WEAS,
I nkay,
Hyson, Ift & id quality,
Imperial, J •
Yellow ft white nankeens
(.utcftrings, back & color'J (In Boxes
Sinlhaws do. f alTorted,
Satt'ms do. j
Lutestrings, max. blue k dark green j n
n' rr j ( !»o.\f'
Persian taffetas, dark green )
Tbev bave also on band for sale, received In
tbe late arrivals from Europe, isfo.
Striprd and choked ginghams i ages affrted,
Whit* figured & color'd Muf- | calculated t'oi
linefte the Weft-ln
White corded dimities dia market ft
Color'd (ilk, flriped Nankeens | entitled to
J drawback,
14 Trunks printed Calicoes,
5 do. do.
3. Bales feme twine /' (Entitled to
10 Cases English China «"aie,
in tea setts J
6 Calks mineral black,
I do. white,
10 do. colcother,
3 Calks purple brown, ,
35 do. nails alTorted,
9 do. London porter in bottles,
Engiiih fail canvas, No. 1, * & 3,
Kuflia duck, j
17 Boxes white Ha»anna sugar,
13 Pipes old Madeira wine,
Empty wine bottles,
so Gans, 6 pcuoders,
II do. 9 do.
18 do. 9 do. with carriages, kc.
iBo,ocolbs. Ceribon coffee, ift }
quality (Entitled to
jo,ooolbs. black pepper (drawback,
ao L«g» ebor.y J
May ij. n>&w tf
Ten Dollars Reward.
F3OM the fuhfcriber the 16th inft. * servant
man, named JAMES, aged *7 y«ar», aiout
5 sett 8 inclus high, of a yellow complexion, and
of a bold, (} rightly appearance Had on when
he west away, a pair of Fullian trowfert, a veil
and failori' jacket of nearly the fame colour ; on
the Isrtcr of which were large black buttons ; his
hat black and abont half worn. He is accustomed
to the Farming bufiucfs; but may perhaps endea
voar to enter liimfelf »n boarxl some vertcl that i»
fea. Whoever ficures said Run away
and delivers him to the fubfcriSer, ihall have the
a'nove rcwaicl anrt nil rtalonable charge? paid.—
All matters of vclfeUare f. rfiid to receive or har
bour laid servant upon their peril.
New Brunfwi»k,oa»O ,„y _
her so, 1800. f
Of the Bank at the United States,
NO. *y>S% to 15963 incluGve, in the came of
Thomas Mallstt of were forward
ed about the ill of May 1797. fro " New.York,
by the (hip Onfiaa for London, \*rfiich was cap
tured by the French, and said Certificates 101 l or
dedruyi-.d ; therefore application is made at the
laid Bank for the rescwal of the £tm«,<of which
all j ci sons concerned ate deCred to take notice.
Clement Diddle.
B'hilai : September 3, 1800 d3tn
AL. S©,
djttu.&f. 4 w.
PbR fax
Twelve Shares
Horses to Winter,
HOUSES will he taken to winter at PrcfpeA
at the l» mile (lore on the Briitdl road,
where they will have too l Timothy and Clovur
Hay, he well nken care of,and have a field to run
in when the weather is good ; enquire 01 William
Bell, Philadelphia; or, of Joleph Bunting, on the
prerrifes •
Thsjj engage to return tha» in good order in
the fprirg or charge nothijg for k cping them, and
will not he anfw rable for accidents or elcape,but
will tak t every precaution to prevent cither.
C&oter I■> mwf tf
THE public are hereby informed, that the Bal
timore Coavhee will i» future (iatt from the In
dian Queen, No. 15, south Forth street, every day
txeep buaitUy, at 7 o'clock, and will rrriye at
Pec k** Tavern, Baltimore, the ntxt day at 8 o'clock
ahd the Stag** to New York, will start every day
?tt and ii o'clock.
N. R —A hook is kept open at Mr. Ely Chan
dler's Franklin Head, where feaxs may also be ta
ken in the above tine at llages.
o hotter %
TUB Proprietors of the Philadelphia and Lan
cifter line efStagelPlSPATCH,return their
grateful tl anks to the.r irumds and the public in
general, for the past favors tfcey have received,and
inform thom that in addition to the regular Line,
th»y are provided with Carrip.gei.fuber and careful
drivara, to go through between the City and
Bbri ughistwo days. Those who prefer this mode
of travelling can be accommodated at the Stage
Office, Cgn of United States Eagle, Market flreet,
.. Slough, Dowttingt Dtinwoodj If Co*
Nv*r. It—f
Marshal's Sales.
Pennsylvania District,)
BY virtue dfa writ to nie dire if ed from the
honorable RichaH Peters, Esquire, Judge of
the Di(>ri6l Court of th. United States in and for
tfee Petinfylvania Diflri(sl, will be expofedto puH
lie sale, at the Merchants* Coffee House, in tfe
city of PWladeftthn, on Tpefday the 4th day of
Novemt-fir-ueit. at 7 6'clotk' in theeveuuig,
y*T,-l Tb? armed Frerch schooner
" flle to t^ie Unitea states armed ship
Patapfco, Henry Gcddes, Esquire
in miii commander—
The faixe having been lateiy condemned by the
said court as forfeited, &c.
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Marshall's Office, }
Philadelphia, OSo. 25, 18003 niwf tS
Un 1 ted Statks
Pennsylvania Dist ict. $
Notice is Hereby Given.
"I"^AT in purfuaiice of a writ to ate dircfled
1- frcm the horor~ble Richard Peters. F.fquire,
Judge of the Dill nil Court of the United states in
and for the Pennsylvania Difirid, will be exposed
to puMic sale, ac the CUSTOM HOUSE in the
city of Philadelphia, on Tuesday the 4th of
fJ'.vemlcr n xt,at 10 c-'cl. 'k in the forenoon,
Of th« armed Frerch (chooner J_,a Dorade, prize
to rhs United States fbip Petaj sco, Henry Gedd»s,
Ffq. Coij:manJer. coufiftmg of the following ar
ticles, VIZ
I calk of Hardware I I cafe Hats and Calico
I csf 0/Dry Goods | I caf eof Hats
>0 Giind-flones I I cafe Shoes and Hard
-50 Buudirslrou hcops | ware
; Iron Pots I I smalt cafe Cutlery
I cafe printed Cotton | to reams of paper.
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
October 15- m w&f tf. _
I 'HE undermentioned Certificates of Stock
of the Bank of the United States, viz.
No. 3804, dated iftjuly 1796, for ten shares
in the name of Charles Lovegrt ve of New-
No. —No. d»ted ift July,
1796, for five fliares #ach in the name of
Sarah tVedgewood of Etruria.
No. 2 )8c8 —No. 19809, dated ift January,
1800. for tjn shares each, in tha name ef Henry
Waddington, Merchant, London.
*■ Notice is hereby given,
Tha' application is intended to be made at
the said Bank by the lubferibyri, for a renewal
of the fame, of which all perfont concerned
are requeued to take notice.
Philadelphia, July 30, 1800. mwl'jm
For the winter i'eafun 011 Monday, Ofloter
6th, Walnut, between Fourth and
MRS. GROOMBRIDGE ref P e<afully ac
knowledges the liberal encouragement
(he has experienced, for more than seven years
in Philadelphia, and, as the mod expreflive proof
of gratitude, will be a contisuanct of the unre
mitting attention, already pj d to her pupils ;
flatters herfelf, it will be the bell recommenda
tion to future patronage.
The following branches (or any of them sep
arately) may be engaged for, as mod agreeable,
the Engiilh, French, and Italian languages
grammatically ; writing, arithmetic, geogra
phy, use of the globes, history, raufic, vocil
and itiftrumental, drawing and danci j.
Plain work, marking, embroioery and tarr)-
beur in gold; fiiver or colour?, fillagrde, artifi
cial flowers, fancy baskets, netting, hair, print-,
cloth, and mufiin « ork of every kind.
Oct ij. dw»jwtf.
A Young Man,
PERFECTLY vevfed in Mercantile accounts,
and btought up in one of the firfl cosnting
haufeb in thi» rfity, ivifhes employment at Clerk.
He is at present ahfant from Philadelphia, but a
line left at tfoeOffice of the Gazette of the Uni
ted Stages he will receive, and it fliall be imme
diately attended to. Salary a fecondaiy object—
Employmont his metive.
af dtf
An Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Columbian, Harry the Vlllth
and Merry-Andrew Flaying Cards, ferfale cheep
for calh—Apply at this Office
september 13.
IVaJhingten. September \JI, 1800.
Public, Notice is hereby Given,
In pursuance of an a3 of Congress, puffed on
the 23 d day 4 of April, one thousand eight
hundred, entitled "An aS to ejlabli/lj a
General Stamp-Offiet,"
THAT a General Stamp Office 16 now
eftabliihed at the feat of government, in me
city of Wafliington, from whence there will
issue, from and after the date hereof, (upon
the application of the SupervifoTS of the
Revenue, under whose management the
collection of the (lamp duties is placed) any
quantities of paper, parchment and vellum,
marked or damped, and duly coupter-ftamp
ed, with the following rates of duty which
are- demandableby law :
For every (kin or piece of vellum or parchment, or
iheet or piece of paper, upoq which {hall be
written or printed any or either of the inftrii
ments or writings following, to wit,
A Dolls. C. M.
NY certificate of naturalization g
Any licence to prailice, or certificate
of the adnifflion, #nrollment or re
gistry of any counsellor, Solicitor '
Advocate attorney, or prodlor, in
any court of the United States 10
Provided, that a certificate in any
one of the courts tof he United States,
for any one of the said ffices, (h-dl
so far as relates to the payment of the
duty aforefaid, be a fuflkient admis
sion in all the courts of the United
States, for each and every.of the said
Any grant or letters patent,under the
leal or authority of the United
States (except for lands granted
for military services) 4
Any exemplification or certified copy •
of any such grant or letters patent
(except for lands granted tor mili
tary Cervices) j
Any charter party, bottomry or re
fpondentia bovd 1
Any receipt or discharge for or on ac
count of any legacy left L>y my
will or ether teftimer.tary instru
ment, or for any fliare or part of
a parfonal estate, dividrd by force
of any ftttute of diftriUut'rotis other
than to the wife, children or £rand
children of the p?rfon dileafed, the
amount whereof shall beabovathe
value t,f fifty dollars, and ftjil not
exceed the value of one hundred
dollars »5
When the amount thereof (hall ex
ceed the value of one hundred dol
ors, .ind (hall not exceed five hun
dred dollars 50
•Intl for every further sum of five
hundred dollars, the additional •
fuin of 1
Any policy of insurance or inflru
ment in nature thereof, when the
sum fur which insurance is made
shall not exceed five liUEdred dol
lars 25
When the sum insured shall exceed
five hundred dollars I
Any exemplification of what nature
l'oever, that shall pass the seal of
any court, other than such as it
may be the duty of the clerk ( f
such court to furnifh for the use of
the United"Stites, or some parti
cular state jo
Any bond, bill single or penal, inland
bill of exchange, promiflbry
note or other ncteif other than any
recognizance, hill, band or other
obligation or contrast, made 50 or
with the United States, or any
state, or for their use respectively ;
and any bonds required in any Clf* '
bv the laws of the United States,
or of any state, up n legal process,
or in anv judicial proceeding, ®r
for the faithful performance of any
trust or duty)
If abeve twenty dollars and not
exceeding one hundred dollars 10
If above t re hundred and not ex
ceeding five hundred dollars 15
If above fiv« hundred and not ex
ceeding one thoufmd dollars 50
And if above one thousand dollars 75
Provided, that if ar.y bonds or
notes (hall he payable at or within
sixty days, such bonds or notes (hill
be futije£t to < rrty two filth of
the Qu.y aforefaid, viz.
If above twenty and not exceeding
one htind.ed dollars 4
Ifabove '"He hundred dollars and not
exceeding five hundi ed dollars 10
! If above five hundred dollars and
not exceeding one thousand duils, »o'
If above one thousand dollars 30
Any foreign bfll of exchange, draft
or order for the payment of*noney
in any foreign country s 20
The said duty being charge- >
able upon eich and every bill of ex
p change, without refpefl to the num
ber contained in each set.
; Any note or bill of lading or writing
or receipt in nature thereof, for
goods or merchandize to be ex
ported ;
, If from one diftriift to another dil- '•
s tiiiit of theUnUed States,not being
in the fame state 4
1 If from the United States to any fo
reign port or place 10
The said duty being chargeable
* upon each and every bill of lading ,
' without rsfpeft to the number cor- *
tained to each set.
Any noles iflued by now
eftifelilhed'or that may be hereafter
established within the United
>, States, <.ther than the hues of
such of the said banks as shaH a
gree to an, annual composition of
a one per centum o:> the annual di
-1 vide>.de made by such h.inks, to
thefr ftockh ldeis refpeflively, ac
cording to the following'fcale :
On all notes not exceeding fifty dol- '
lars, for each dollar 6
On all notes fifty and
not exceeding one hundred dollars 50
On nil notes above one hundred dul
h lars and notexceeding five hundred
:p dollars t
On all notes above five hundred dol
lars s
DM. C. At,
Any protest cr other notarial acl 15
Any letter of attorney, rxr pr f-r
an invalid peOfinrf, or to obtain or
fell warrants for !r I granted by
the United States as bounty tor
military fcrviees performed in the
lat-f war
Any inventory or catalogue of any fur
niture. g«®ds or cffedls, made in any
cafe required by hw (except in cases
of g^edsand chattels 'drained for
rent «r taxes,aiid goods t'ken in vir
tue of any Ifgal pi eft by any officer 50
Any certificates V>f a flu.-e in any insu
rance company, ol a fharein the bank
of the Unit E d States, or of any state
or other bank ;
If above twenty dollars and not exceed
ing one hundred dollars 10
If above one hundred dol'ars 15
If under twenty dsllars, at the rate of - i
ten cents for one hundred dollars.
That the power of the fupervlfors of the
Revenue to m„rk or ft.imp N any vellum,
parchment or paper chargeable with duty,
will cease and determine from and after fix
months from the date hereof, to wit, 01) the
last d.ty of February 1801.
That, if afiy persons fliall, after tbe last
day of Febrtiary iSci, have in their custody
or polT.-ffion, any vellum, parchmemt or pa- .
per, marked or (lamped by ih? lupeirvtfors of
the Revenue, upon which any matter or
thing", charged with duty, (hall not have
been written or printed, they may at any
time 7vitbin tbe space of sixty days after
tbe said last day of February 1801, bring
or fend suCh vellum, parchment and paper, .
unto km-: office of iiifprdliqn, and in lieu J
thereof, receive a like quantity or value of
vellum, parchment and paper, duly (lamped ■
in ptirluanpe of thjs adt herein before lecited. ■
And in cafe any person (hall negtejlk <. r re- "
fufe, within the time i.forefaid, to briffg or
caule to be brought llilto ionie officer of in
fpeftion, any iuch vellum, parchment: or ca
per, it is hereby declared, that the fame will
t hereafter be of no other effi*& or use, than
if it h d never been marked or (lamped, and
that all matters and thing's, which may af
tei that tune be written ©r printed any
vellul, parchment or paper, authorized to be
exchanged hi maurer aforeiaid, will be of 110
other effiitl, than i£ they had been written
or printed pn paper, parchment or vellum,
Hot marked or (tamped. r •
And for the convenience of those persons
who may be inclined to have their own vel
lum, parchment and paper damped or mark
ed, it is hereby petlared, that when Miy per
fdn Ih II depjifit any vellum, pa-chment or
paper at the office .1 a lupervifor, accompa
nied with a lift, fpecifying the number and
denomination'ot the (lamps or mark?, which
are desired to be thereto affixed,/the fame
will be transmitted to the General Stpani-
Offic'-,and thjjre properly marked or (lamped,
and forthwith sent back to the fune fuppr
viior, who will thereupon colleil the di.;ies
'and deliver the paper, parchment or vellum,
to the order of the person fW;m whpm the
fame was received.
Given under my Hand, and the Seal
(L. S.) of the Tresfnry, ,it Wafliing
ton., the day and year abjve men
tioned. > '
Secretary of the Trcafuryi
september 29. djm.
A CERTIFICATE, No. 1J.V19. dated jft Jan
uary 1797, in favou; al Robert Lindfay, of
(> harle(len South-Caiv.'ina, for one fharc of the
stock of the Bank of tl e Unite-! -nates is loft—
a duplicate of wbich »111 be applied for at the fail
August 7. mSct^m
For Sale, or to Let,
In Obesnut Strut,
Near the corner of Eleventh, at prefent'in
the tenure of Mr. A. M'Call—Pe' -ffion may ba
had the first ol November next, or fooncr if re
quired Apply to
Edward Shoemaker. 1
September 3 f
s) PAR I i\i: RbiiiK 4
A PERSON pofieiTing some capital, a consi
derable ihare of indultry, and delirous of
engaging as a partner in a lucrative (hifinefs*
may hear of a fituatien. All propoialt on thi#. i
fnhjevsl to be in writing, sealed and direiSed to
W. R. J New York, and left with thq printer
of the Gazette of the United States, will be at '
tended to.
<JT" A Printer would find it to his advantage
lane 5• dtf
OF abilities, integrity and experience in
mercantile business, would willingly en- A
gageasCLEKK to a iperchirrt or public of- « P
"sice, or be concerned with any person as pait- * '
ner, as he ha 3 an interefl of about one thousand
pounds in real elfate itv the city. Please to ap
ply to the Printer ; or a line left at the office
for B Y. will be attended to immediately.
Mavio , d n ra'Vrh tf
A Valuable and singularly eligible '
CONSISTING of two tendfome dwelling
houses, with excellent stabling for seven Itorfes,
double coach houie mod completely fitte 'up; a
besutiful large and valuable garden richly filled
/ with choice fru-.t, surrounded with high board
fence, almost new. The premif"s are b. atifully
fi:u*!od near the middle of Oernißntowi/, sur
rounded iwth rich profpsiSts of tiia adjacent
country ; an orchard of about two acres, witfi a
handsome U.wn at th« back ef the h.-iufe.
O e h-'T " i h. s-bcci. -.-cently built on an appro
v 1; f-ati; < 1 'other hasbeci: completely repaired,
paint'ed jv! ra .erei'. ai>! enntain ten rooms with
an elegant drawing-ream, fifteen feet by thirty
thexiew well calculated for a store in
either the dry or >v»t good liae.
The air and *ater are unrivalled, and there are
some mo!"! ::t ; ent schools in' tbe. eighborhood,.
Kor particulars of the V'r ; »*.. or of
on the premifei,
May 9. dtf