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    Foreign Intelligence.
LONDON Sep. 8.
We observed in our paper of Saturday,
fhat the Cabiuet Minifteri held two very lohg
fittings on the preceding days on the fubjefl of
a dispatch received from Paris on Thursday
morning. It may be thought hazardous to
prettnd to any knowledge of the contents of
this dispatch, bat we are giVen to understand,
by the moll respedUbV authority, that th?
terms demanded by the Chief Consul, as a pre
liminary tp Jiegociation, were of a nature not
to tie complied with, it wi; therefore expefl
ed that the intercourse would not proceed any
further. His iVlajefly's Ministers, however,
with an anxious delireto remove every oblhcle
>fonegociatiGis have perfevercd in their endti
voqrs to obviate ;tit ftrfl impediment! tli:t hive
befeir thrfiu'H ih t>e way ot it , and late on
Friday night, a dispatch was sent off to Paris
from Lord Orenvillc's office, with the relult of
the council held on that day * The public may
implicitly rely on this information
* This intelligence is confirmed by letters re
ceived y'Jlerday from Dj-ver, tu/sich mention
that a dispatch for the French Government tuds
received at that place on Saturday morning at
five o'clock, which nvas'immtdiately forwarded
'to Calais, by a Britijh Flog of Truce.
AUGS3OURG, A*g. »6.
"Letters from Vienna of the 20th slate that*
courier had arrived froai Naples, bringing the
intelligence that an infurre&inn had broken out
in Scicily, iij cenfequence of which the king was
obliged to take reiuge on board the English fqua
(Iron. A body of the insurgents had marched to
Palermo, and demanded that the king fliould be
given Bp to them .
It appears, from the Naples Gazette, that the
infurrcilion had very much increased both io
Naples and in Palermo Since the Fruuch entered
Italy, between the 13th *nd 17th, thare w«re above
400 pert ns arretted.
Positive news has b«n r«ceivel here, that he
gociatiohs have been begun in Berlin, be'wren
citizen flnurnonville, and the Ruffian minister
Krudcuir, ami that good hopes arc entertained
that a tteaty of peace will be immediately con
cluded between these two poweri.
FRANKFORT, Aug. i 5.
We ytfterday received fever a I letters from Vi
enna, dated on. the iSth, which asnr.uoce that
the F.mptror has obliged M de Thugut to ri.fign
his place of firft minister, which he did with great
rcluSante, that the Emperor was resolved upon
it, a« thi' people of the capital w»re very much
against tfhat mini'ltr ; that he wifficd him to be
otit of office before the arrival of the Qjetn of
Naples; that Thugut is ging to Venice, to as
f»ms th,< office of commiHary for his imperial
majesty, and that %C. De Csbentzal is to replace
him in former Otuation-
The <fle&or of Cologne and the archduke Char
les hw4 expressed themselves decidedly against
Thugut, wliuh induced the emperor to dismiss
him. Tbofc two peifonagri are in favour of
peace. The courier bearing orders to denounce
the armifUce and rec-mmence hofliiities, left
Varis oa the morning ®f the aid. He was dis
patched by Moreau to the chief of the etat major
Delolles, and hostilities are to recommence 00 the
Tbe following letter ii>e find in, the Jour
nal des Homines Letters :
" Pfrmit me,citizen editor, llill to doubt
the de.ith of general Kicber, which has been
announced almost officially. The remark
■which »»as made 011 this Cubjeft in the Mon
iteur "is very lenlible t that th? death us
Gen. Eon.iparse aJfo was announced in the
fame way. But what gives hopes to the
true friends the country >3, the improba
bility cf the dates affixed to*the two lettets.
That nt' Gen. Metvxi is dated 19th June,
and she atifwer ot sir Sidney Smith, is da-
ted June 221!. Now, calculating the difl
anot .from Cairo, the; place fr.>nv which Gen.
Menfu writes, to where Sir, Sidney
Smith was, it is to believe that
either by lea or land, this space could be
travelled in .three days and a half. Ir. the
arfwer it is ("aid that a Confutation had
been h?ld with the grand Vizier. It could
not b* in the fpaie of two hours that fir Sid'
ney Smith could speak wilh the Grand Vizi
er, enter into details which requiied de
liberation, and writs to Gen Menou the
aniwer which we have seen. ,
u It is necefTary in going from Cairn to
#Joppa. to traverl'e the l)efeit ; four days
at lead are neceflary for this journey, and
half q# the road is travelled with difficulty.
Make life it'you think proper of my reflex
ions, »nd give to the family of this brave
General some consolation.
For tbe Second time in America.
October 29,
Will be prefentcd, a favorite COMEDY, (in five
ids,) called
(Written Hy the author of the Rage, Dranniift,
Clt«:*p Livinp.Howr to Grow Rich, Will, &c.—
aud now perl swung at the Theatre in Covent
Garden, with diflinguifhed applaufc.)
CiVitl) miv.scenery and decorations.J
An oceafional PROLOGUE, writen by Mr. Mi
chad Fortune, to be fpokeu by Mr Berr.ard.
Captain Lavidi, Mr. Bernard; Wi s nel!
Sir Harvey Soutberland, mr Cooper; Stop
gap, mi. Illiffett.
Mrs.Dazzle, mrs Shaw; Betty, mrs. Do&or ;
Juliana, mr 1. Merry.
The EPILOGUE to be fpokeu in charac
ter by Mr. Wignell.
To ivbicb will be added',
A Comic Opera, (not afled tnis ftafoa) in 3 aSls,
Highland Reel-
Box, one Dollar. Pit, three quarters of a Dol
lar, and Gallery, half a Dollar.
The Doors of the Theatre will openat 1 4 pad
• s, and the Curtain rife »t 1-4 past 6 o'clock
Gentlemen and Ladies are reque«ed to fend their
ferva:H» to keep placcsin the boses at a quarter pall
five o'clock.
Gazette of the United States.
The frigate New-York, R. V. Moris,
Eiq. commander, we understand left
the watering place on Monday afternoon
to proceed on a cruize. She will touch
at Old Kiln rojids for the purpose of ta
king under convoy such vefiels as may
wifli to join her.
The hon. Levi Lincoln, Esq. Federal
Representative has received 146 Out of
170 votes, in Worcester, Mas. No
other return has been received.
On Monday the 12th of October, the
election was held in Charleston, S. C.
for a Member of the House of Repre
sentatives of the United States, and 3
Senator and 15 Reprelentatives in the
Legislature of the State.
Gen. C. C. Pinckney 623
Col. Wm. Lee 387
General Pinckney was consequently
chosen by a majority of 236.
The votes for a Reprefentativcs to
Congress and for members of the House
of Representatives, have not yet been
counted over. Mr. Thomas Lowndes,
the candidate for Congress, will without
doubt be unanimously elected; and
enter as honorably into public life, as
ever so young a mail did.
There can be no doubt also, of the
Federal lift for reprefentativcs having a
handsome majority.
This day's Mail furnifhes the follow
ing return of the Election in Georgia,
for Congress :
Jones, 791
Tallifaro, 748
Wallis, 55
Jones, 334
Tallifaro, 296
Wallis, * 80
The Eleftion for chofing Ele&ors of
President and Vice-President of the U
nited States, takes place on the firft
Monday in November next, throughout
the state of North-Carolina.
Riotous aflemblages of the people
have taken place in various parts ot En
gland, in consequence of the high price
of bread, corn, &c.—The military were
found necessary to quell them, which
they diif, with the lols of the life of
one person.
Buonaparte has required of the Pope
that the Catholic Clergy may be per
mitted to marry.
Extraft of a letter from on board the fri
gate Philadelphia.
" Our ship fails better than any of
those on the windward station, except
ing the President, Commodore Trux
ton, with which we have not yet had a
u On the 6th Sept. we discovered
three fail to windward of us, a brigand
two ships, we were then cruiling to
windward of Antigua—we chafed seve
ral hours until night came on, when we
loft fight of ttem. We have not since
heard what they were.
" The crew is in remarkable good
From a London Paper.
A curious aftion was lately tried in
the Mbrihalfea Court, to recover com
pensation in damages for loosing the
use of two fingers, which happened in
the following manner :■ —A Mrs. Low
ry went into the shop of the defendant,
a butcher in Gofswell-ftreet, to buy some
meat, and while Ihe was pointing out
the place where Ihe would have it cut,
the butcher, in his eagerness to serve his
customer, whipt off a great slice, but
at the fame time wound:d two oi her
fingers in such a manner as ever to de
prive her of the use of them. —For the
defendant it was contended, that the
butcher was not responsible, as the aft
was not proved to have been done ma
liciously or wilfully. The jury, in con
deration of the butcher not being in
opulent circumstances, contented them
lelves with giving damages—thirty
j F*tra<ft of a letter from a Commercial Ko*fc fa
• to a/efp«£al»Je Merchant qt this city,
daicv! September 3, fßo©.
I 41 At foot we quote thv present price of produce:
J the demand for Jurrarsfor the Dutch market?, *n<l
through them fcr France,is pretty brisk, ancth-y
• have lately advanced coßfidcrah'y ; c, ffce b rather
dull, except ths iine which go offrcadi-
i Havanna white sugars pis « 88s
ycllew do 65s a 73s
[ blown do 51s a jjJs
1 • Foreign Muscovados 4as«6ts
Coffee 118s a I|Oj
[up to 1598 for extra fire
Cocoa, common 955 u isjs
[to rios
Do. Curracco lojsaujs
[up to I ios for very fine
Cotton comm W. India 2/4 a 0/8, to s/9
St Domingo tfh a 7/9
Georgia a/8 a 31
Dt bowed 1/'9 a is\
I ndigo, Miflifiippi a~<fb
Carslina tf(, a 49
GUitimala >
Caracca J * 8 « 115
Cochineal Garbled 21$ a 25s
Carolina Rice 4la a 135
American Flour 6js per barrel
Extact of a letter from d'zcntlemcin in Ver
mont to his friend Albany city, dated the
2 ist instant.
" Our Legislature, which is now in feflion,
has convinced us of its tederalifin by again
eletting Mr. Paink to reprefcnt us in the
Senate of the United Stfetts. Gen. Brad
ley was the demscratit candidate ; Mr.
I'aine obtained a majority of 34. Jefferson
will not receive a vote in Vertcont at the
euiuing eledtion of Prelident."
From the Baton Commercial Gazette of tie
The Diana, captain Breck, who arrived
here on Monday lad, from London, has
furmlhed us with papers to the 8:h of Sep
tember, SIX DAYS LATER tliall by the pre-
Vi6hs arrivals from tllat quarter
Thcfe papers, furniOl nq events of great
pith arid moxent; their contents, howevet, ]
will be found lnterefting to tlie inquiring
liintd. Oil th- fubjett of the ditlerencta be
tween Denmark and Great Britain, a patiSc 1
and triendly accommodation has taken place.;
of the political affairs of France and the
nations contending agpinlt her, much con
jecture and opinions :<rc fu/nifhed, but no
thing to afford a cleyy, whereby the real
motives of either power cnii be developed ;
(hould the event of the negor'atiooi, which
were carrying on.duiing the arnnftice lefult
in peace, it i» hawever prabable that En
gland will be inciuded in it. Of .the nego
tiation with France and America, nothing
official has transpired ; nor any information
on the fubjeel, that can lead us to form an
idea of tlie exaiil d or extent of the mil',
fion—'l'he folic letter, is from a very
refpedtaWe fourw, and is tht latest en that
l"ubjec\ :
" London, September 8.
35 6
" A Gentleman of my acquain
tance has jurt received a letter from
an intelligent friend at Paris, dated
the 2d Jiifrant, in which heexprefl'es
his fatisfauion with -the fair profpeft
of a success fuliiTue to our negotiati
ons at Paris. There will be, he fays,
a treaty. This is certain that the
Envoys have not left Paris, as re
ported in the Englifti papers."
Extract of a letter from a gentleman in
France, dated August 27, 1800,
' As the Envoys of the United States
fend difpatclies by this conveyance, 1 per
fume it fuperttuous for roe to (late an op
inion 011 ;he pre lent juril'prudencc of the
Council of Prizes, which appears to be much
changed since the decision 011 the Ptgou's
cafe. But I transmit you a copy ef that
<tn the Portland, by which you will petceive,
that very little juilice is to be exp-:6ted of
this boiled Council of Priz-s.
" The-gold dud and ivory pillaged from
the Nancy, of Bollon has been coufifcated
to the profit of the Republic, but I under•
(land that the captors entertain hopfrttif re
covering it notwithflanding'.
•' 1 fend for your perusal three numbers
of a paper publish- d here, one of which con
tain? a letter on '.hi: fubjed of the pending
negociation. I am difeoAe-d (if Mr. F's
publication of the 131b Therratdor, in the
Bourdeaux paper, thould be lent to Ameri
ca, as is thougbc probable) to inclose one,
and that fays that the negociation is not
broke olFnor fiifpended, and never has been
—and that the Statira, Republican and
Portland have been condemned since the
Pigou was discharged—-Role d'Equipage
and Sea Letter again the pretext—and the
whole of one of the cargoes, though part
only was contraband, condemned—the veflel
set free, ; the Statin, the Captain ps which
advises from Faimpol, that Hie is a mere
wreck—no freight, damages or in tc re ft are
allowed him.''
" The author of this letter is generally
believed to be Mr; F. and the subsequent
publication in the paper of the 27th I'lier
midor appears to corroborate it. As Mr.
F. goespaflenger in this fbip, it is reasona
ble to presume he will carry his publication
with him."
Extrad of a letter from Bourdeaux, of the
'» Genera! Berthier palled through this
on the 15th instant, on his way t» Madrid.
His million is thcught a very inij ortant
• lie, and it is conjeftured that its objeft is
to induce to the invasion of Portugal."
The average price of Sugar in Lon
don, computed from the returns made
for the week ending the 3d day of Sep
tember 1800, is sixty-nine shillings and
three-pence per hundred weight.
2sd of October, 1800
fame date.
" ' •" . " ' ♦ f . . ~,
For the G/zyf-re of the United Staves.
To eafc folks' curiofiry,
I'm about to tell a ffory
' l is the life of Tench Coxe,
From a Calf to an Ox,
An 4 here it is before ye\
When Howe came o'er to conquer ue
And turn as from bad courses,
Thinks Tench, I've a chance
My wealth to advance
"If I join the British forces. '
But Tench was out in politics
Fur, fays Howe cne foggy mortiing
" I (hall surely go frantic*
" On (his fide the Atlantic,
So I'll e'en tbink, of,returning."
Thus left in the vocative
By thV gallant invader,
Says, Tench, " ft yvont do
'' This course to purine
So I'll c'ciiiurit Tffldri"."*
But as she Devil would have it
His ill-fortune never rrfled,
For io a year, or more,
He (hut up his Store,
, And his Bills came back.protested.
Then away he went to Wafljington,
As an humble petitioner,
Saying, " Goud Sir, believe me,
" I'll never more deceive ye—"
So he made him Comnaifiioner "-f
Tench had got so used to queer tricks
That quiet gave hira the vapour*
So he cried out " Odd-Sniggers,"
" I am tired of Figures"
And took to fcribbliig in the papers*
When Adatns heard thefedoingsj
Says he to Timothy Pickering,
" This Tench is a disgrace .
•• So turn him out of place —
" Idont care fix penfe for his bickering.''
Now T£ncH was very much divided
Wfcether to turn Patriot, Jew, or Pagan,
But he wrote for M<Kean,
And as you fee very plain,
He has gut another Office again.
But there's another story goes about,
And I'll tell it ye to pleasure ye
If he writes in friend Thomas,{
He has got his solemn pi omife,
To be secretary of (he Treasury.
*IIe was a merchant and failed,
f Of the Revenue.
jit isfaid he was turned out in consequence
of writing some political eflays ag'ainft Adams's
$ JcfFci son.
"" "" ' " ' ' ; ' ' ift
J Last evening we received tlie difigree ible
news of the I Is of the (hip Charles, Captaia
Hall, from Bombay ; (he tuu alb ore on Sunday
"ijlht latt, near Nantutka ftoak; veflel will
be loft, the cargo is thought will befaved with
out receiving much damage.
Brig Cyrus, Lh'ggctt, of Bs'ftonf thirty-eight
nays from Philadelphia, arrived at'Falitiouth,
The Ibbooner Iris, Captain 'Gf'ffirt, of Bos
ton was off Alg ers, 25th August, bounj to Na
ples, all well. '
Ship Cornelia, of Newburyport, was spoke
Oilobrr f, in latitude 41, 40, N- twenty three
ays out from St. Scbaftiaris. "
Ship Howird, Frame, fram Amsterdam for
New York, istaken and sent into Halifax by
the Eacl of Darby frigate.
Sloop Sally, of Providence, twenty one days
from Jamaica, for New York, was spoke Sep
tember 19, in latitude 19, if"
Tlie following marine information is furnifa
ed by Captain Caflidy, from Rio Jeneivo; Cap
tain C- lrfi ,th«rr -he nft Airlift; in thel.ip Fa
hius of Philadelphia,• whieb vessel be left 13th
October in latitude 14, longitude 71, and went
on buard a vefle! bouid to Newportviz. the
(hip Catherine, Woodward, from Boston,
arrived tVcre and failed for the East Indies;
(Hip Alrnonac,' from Newport has arrived aod
tailed for Mofam'-ique, fcboonerßambler, Bar
ker, of New York had arrived and failed for
Pacific Ocean, and in co. with the ship Hut
terfworth, and faded for River Plate ; brig
Fair, B wler, j(f Provide had- arrived & fail
ed in co. with the Gladiator, failed under con
voy of Spanilh armed (hip. Left at Rio Ja- , >
neiva, brigs Antelope and Aligator of Boston.
Alfn, left there the Bellereux, Briii'h 64, with
a convoy, of seven P|ift lodiamcn, and one
South Se.imai l , from London, who had taken
and carried into Rea Jeneivo, the French fri
gate Concord of fifty jruns, and Medusa of for
ty, the above French frigates had previously
taken the (hip Mentor, Shaplsy, of Portfrnouth,
andfehooner Rambler, Barker, of' New York,
who had left Reo Jan-ivo a few days before.
Murdock, Stevens, of Portsmouth, had arriv
ed v River Plate, and failed from thence.
Spoke (hip Wilmington, of .Wilmington, Cap
tain Blair, from River Plate, for Philadelphia,
all welt, the latitude and lungitude not recol
Arrived, America, Pike, Charleston ; Junfr,
~ r»« Nickerfon, Edmton ; Pdgrim, Woith, St.
" Marys.
For the 24 hours proceeding Satur
day morning, there were no deaths in
Baltimore.—The Board of Health have
invited the citizens to return to their
10th mo. 20, 1800.
On motion, Resolved, That the re
striction of trade be taken off from Pro
vidence, Rhode-Island, Baltimore and
Fell's Point in Maryland, and Norfolk
in Virginia, as fatisfaftory evidence has
been received that the danger that called
for the reftriftion has subsided.
Extract from the Minutes.
P Peter Keyser, Secretary.
Health-Officiu 10th mo. 27th, 1800
On motion, Resolved, That after the
firlt of next month, all coasting vefiels
be permitted to proceed to the city with
out coming too at the Lazaretto to be
examined by the resident physician.
Extract from the Minutes.
Ed-ward Garrigues, President.
Peter Keyser, Sec'ry.
Gazette Marine Lift,
Ship Old Tom, Mortdn, St Übes, 38, btlUfl
Ship Farmer, Gibfon, Hamburgh
tirig Cyrus, Dagget, from hence, has av
iyed at Falmouth in thirty-eight days.
Ship Chailes, from Bombay to Boston, is
wrecked on Nantucket (hoals.
Sept. a 7, was spoke the brig Amelia, Cal, from Philadelphia bound to Leghorn,
la days out, all wlal.
Captain Morton nntket3thof 'fpoke
the ftip William Forrefl, captain Curkham, trom
Charlellon to 3t. 3e!>afti«ns, all well.
On .the I7thiuftant, spoke the (hip Charles, cap
tain Halt, from Bombay for Boston, all well.
The ship Criterion, captain We.ks, faiW from
St. Übe6, on the 13th of September.
i-ist of vessels taken by the United States
schooner Experiment, lieutenant J. Sha'.v,
January 13, American schooner Vi&ory, i
guns, 7 men, recaptured.—January 14, Ame
rican brig Androfcoggin, 8 men, recaptured—
May 5, French Utter of marque Mil on, t-*o
guns, 1} men, captured —June 17, privareei
La Sign, 4 Runs, 57 men, 13 killed, it wound
ed, captured—July 9, privateer L* Eagle, ic
guns, 7ortierv, 4 killed, 3 wounded, captured
—June 13, privateer La Flambeau, ) 2. guns,
98 men, a-kttkwt, wounded, captured —Au
gufl 14, letter of .narque La Pollin, 6 guns, aP
men, captured—September 7, letter of marque
Guadaloupean, fix gfcris, 33 men, captured
September 33, fchoaner Brothers, 7 men, re
captured—September 14, brig Algifiira, 8 men,
BOSTON, Otfober 21.
This day arrived, brig Joseph, Noles, S«
matra, lißdays; spoke nothing, nor left any
vettel thero. Alio, anchored at Quarantine
Koad, brig Dove, Lambert, St Bartholomews,
eighteen dayi ; Vi&ory, Hlacknan, St. Jag >
de Cuba thirty-two days ; schooner B:tfev,
Pratt. Sf Andrews, (Spanilh Maine) fifty
eight days; (loop ■ > Chacc, from Balti
Coasting Cra/t, Cleared.
Two Brothers, Hawes, Augusta
Chatham, Paine, Alexandria
Federal George, Arnold, Fil.timore
Lucy, Hawes, Philadelphia
Paragon, Appleton, . CFiarlefton
Lydia, Luce, Philadelphia
Mary, Lawrence, do.
Minerva, Lombard, do, 1
Friendlhip, Gage, • Richmond
BALTIMORE, o<Spber»7»
Arrived, fehooner Caroline, Bsnibn, fifty
one days St, Sebastians •
Lift of Veflcls, left there on the 6th September.
Ship Matilda, Traverj, of New York ; Ar
gut, Mann, of do. Dispatch, Ward, of do.
Orlanda, Smith of do. brig Abigail, Mathews,
of do. Mary. Barclay, of do. Horizon, Young,
of Boston ; {hip Minerva, Hend.trfon, of ditto ;
brig Minerva, Archer, of -ditto ; Amiable Cre
ole, F.Mridge, of ditto ; Two Sifters, VVatfon,"
of ditto; Paragon, Ant of ditto; Frieitdfhii},
O'Conrer, of ditto ; f..hor.ner Sally, Furrelter,
of ditto ; (hip Thomas. Hijgir.s,of Charlcrfton ;
brig Nancy, Marlballj of di!to ; feiioner
Charles, Fader, of.Gloucetter; Rog,er Willi*
ams, Alpin, of Providei c: ; {trig Julia, Stone,
of Norfolk.
Oiflober 17, in latitude 36, spoke the snow
Remulus, Captain Fa!l, of Charleston, bound
to Loudon, out ei. hteen days.*
BrigM'ria, Sarenfeti, 77 days Hamburg. -
NEW YORK, Odlober'iS.
■* ■ I •
ARRIVED,' . tiays.
Ship Wafhitigton, C >ffin, Liverpool 56
Sh-phcT iris, , Savannah
Schr, Two Brothers, Thompson, She!- '
R v. l ' ! So.'l, ■ Viroir..a 4,
George Ci ntor,, , New-Orleans
Ship Franklin, Wickham, Copenhagen
rti'r>, ri-!..nircphic, Gurham, Martinique
t\i*bec.c.t, , St Clvirtcplicrs
Schr. Fair Tracer, Neil fun,
Sloop Isabella, Browr x St. Thomas
The fbip Commfice, Lnuton, t'rofri Am-
VrH 1111, h i : arrivedat NewpoV , tVotn whence
lie is expected herj the firll fair wind.
>chi. Nancy. D-ianr Nafius/7
Ship South Carolina, Pelor, New-York 15
Schr. Little John, Stinfon, Greaock, 59
Oiinber i'.
Ship Montezuma, Liverpool, 70
Schr. Betsey Holland. Webb, Philjd. 11
Philadelphia, sgth Oft. 1800.
£j" LETTERS lor the Bricifh Packet, Prince
Ernest, for Faimouth England, will be received
at thii office, UDtil Tuesday 4th Nov, at no'clock
uoon. N. B. The inland poftageto New Yoik
To be let;
That large and commodious four flory
Brick Dwelling- Hcufe,
No. 345, HigV-flreet.
IT'S fituatisn is peculiarly pleasant and healthy,
and it ■•muimut for the
accommodation of a family ; a ptjmo in the yarA,
Ice Htufe, Stable and Carriage House, &c. &c, Pof
fclUon may be had 011 the 15th of next month, sr
sooner, with the consent of the present tenant.
(On very low terms for the enfuii winter and
sprig) a large and convenient
Brick House and Kitchen,
Coach house, Stable and Lot of Groined, pleasantly
fituated'in the Northern Libeyties, a little the
westward of Fifth and northward ot Callowhill
(lreet», and within ten minutes walk from tt e
center of the city.
Apply to
Attorney at Law—No. 16, fcuth 4th street
o&ob«ri? mwf3w
■•»>•*> V