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Of the Cbutity of Philadelphia.
HAVING at a former cleft ion met with
con filterable encouragement, it induces me
again to offer vnyfelf as County Corimiffion-.
er at the next deftion. in the room of Jacob
Souder. whose time then expires ; should I
thiough your full :igea obtain said office, it
will be my endeavour to perform the dutic3
thereto annexed tor the public advantage.
Green ?Ireet, Northern Liberties-
Odtober 9. 3t th. fr. & fatr.
Of the City and County of Philctdrlphia
On a lormer occjfion I experienced a tif
tirnuny of yau: confidence, and friendOiip
Jby your votes for the Office of Sheriff—
""Now in a mere advanced tlage ef life, and
encauraged by a iiuraernus body of refpedt
able citizens and firm friends, I again aplply
for your vsteS and ir.tereft at.the next elec
tion—Reding iry chara&er through life, &
security for a faithful performance of the
duties of Office-r-Shpuld I be fuccef&ful or
not in my application to your friendfhip, on
the occalion, 1 (hall remember with gratitude
your patronage.
Oftober 7.
♦ October 15.
Will be prefvnted (nQt atled these 3 years)
A TRAGEDY, called
The Orphan ;
Caftalio, (by a young gentjeman, who* pill
make bis first alpcarance on this and se
t eond on any stage. J
Chainont, Mr. Cooper.
Monimia, Mrs. Merry
To '.vlicb will be added, a (Jomic Optra,
(in j cftr)
The Spanish Barber;
if? B >x, oye doliir Pit three quarters of a
dollar. And Gsllery, half a dollar.
$y The doors of the Theatre will open at half
p«(t five and the curtain rif» at half pad fix
■ % o'clock.
•<r Gentlemen and Lalies are requtfled to
fe«d their fervaut* to keep places in the boxes at a
quarter pa!t fiy?fi'cloclc.
Places m the boxes. to be taken at the office in
rfit front of the Theatre, from 10 till I o'cloek,
and from 10 till 4 on the days of performance
Tickets to hehad at H. and P. kicc'sbook
No. 16, Sonrh Second Street, and at the office ad-
th; Theatre. , I
MarfliaFs Sales.
Pennsylvania District,}
PIJS.SU ANT t» thedire&iontaf the Honorlkle
Benj.wmo Stoddard, Secretary of the Navy,
■wil' be ex poled to public sale, at the merehants's
coffee houfe.iti the city of Philadelphia, on Moo
day the 19th djy of OSober instant, at 7 o'clock
in the evening,
The tioa French schooners called
pg Now lying at Brown's wharf,
rnW 1 \Y Together with all and Angular their
taikle, apparel and appurtenances.
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Marshall's Office, ?
Philadelphia, GBe. 10, 1800) mwf ;S
Loft or Stolen,
A white Spaniel DOG, marked with large liver
coloured spots, large ears and (bork tail, and
aufWers to the name of Carlo. Two dollars re
wa-d will be given, if returned to No. 30 north
Front real, or if flolen, Ten Dollars for Thief and
October 10 d,}t
Houses to Let:
ONE large conven ent three-story Btick
Dwelling-House, with four rooms oa a
floor, and two Kitchens ; there is a pump
of water, and a rain water cittern in the
yard ; situate 011 the ealt fide of Fourths
Street, one door above Race-Street, lately
occupied by Solomon Moroche.
A convenieut Three Story
N;xt door, but one, north of the above,
No. 57. —It has a Pump and ,(*>;flern in
the yard, &c. For terms apply at No. 1 116
Sep. 16
Auguf* 4.
This'mourning on the Wiffahickon Road—a
Red Morocco
CONTAINING sundry papers andletter*,
cjfno coßiequsnce whatever to any one but
the owner. Whoever may have found the
iame, and will return it to the Printer of thij
paper, lhall be handlomely rewarded.
N.B.—The rwners' name is mentioned on
some letters direded to him.
Oiftober 8' , d
A Printing Press.
... ( Apply at the Office of tbt Gtttttc of
the Unrted State*. .
. Jtfyj* 1 a -
Mary Beck,
RESPECTFULLY intormi her Friends and the
I'ublic, that (lie intends opening her ,Selc<St
SCHOOL on the firft ef October, in Filth near
Walnut Street, opposite the State House Yard,
where flic will a=r ufiial, teach the branches »f po
lite and »fcful literature, including Geography,
Astronomy, Writi»g, Arithmetic, and every ac
complishment ncceffiiry to form a complete liberal
Young Ladies may be . accommodated with
Eoarrt, &c. in the House, which is very airy and
healthy *
Mt. G. Bicic's Drawing and Paintihg Sthool
will commence at the fame time.
faptember 20 tii th& fa tni
'Dancing Academy.
MR. QUESNF.T, wrh r.'fpeO informs h'n pu
pils andthe publii In general; that he intends
opening his Academy, on Monday the 6th of Oc
tober , at his new altehibly room, No, 64, foiith
l uurth ftrcet.
Mr. is thankful te the Ladiesahd Gen
tlemen, tor the liberal encouragement he has ex
perienced every season he wai desirous for Come
time to meet witk a gentleman of whom the cha
racter and talents, could, united together defetve
th". confitlertce of the public •. deprived of fueh ad-
Mr. Q_ hat always thought proper to
divide and fix the number of puyils; but this seas
on the school can be improved one third more
hiving to iutruducd Mr. Auriol, as an aflillant to
him, and a pcrfon of ability. Ihe scholars (hall
he attended three times u week as usual—Ladies in
themjrniag ; Gect.emen in the al'tcrtioon ;
and grown Gentlemen in the evening.
N. B. The lirft prafliGng ball in private for the
C.iholars,will be a few days after the opening ot the
school; and chefirft ball will be on Thurl'day, the
Ibth Oitober next.
Mi. AURIOL lately arrived frem Paris, fe
fpedlfully informs the public in general, that hav
ingfometime to difpofu of, h« will attend thofs
Laiiies and Gentlemeo, who wifti to be faught
private at their own houses.
His lodgings are at No. 3a, south (trees,
where directions can be left his Jady if he is
O&oUcri. tk&ft?
Just Received,
And will be Sold Very Low, if applied for
immediately, by the Package only'
5 Bales Broad-Cloths, alforted, "J
I Bale Plains aDd Forest cloths, i
,t Dj. fine Coatings, aiToit«d, ■ U-2
»o Do.. Kendall Cottons, f-§ «
»o Hojrlheads Se't* Twine, I q
4 Caflts London Vewter, J
No. 48, South Front ilrcet.
September jo. • diticeodiw.
For Sale,
r the new pii.ot built
St. Tammany,
LYING at Say's Wharf, above
Market Street, burthen 70 t >rt«, fuppofedt»be
a remarkable fall failing vellil, ai.d may befit
ted for f«ain a few dayi. Inventory to be fe«n
anfl terms of sale known by applying to the fub
■No, 4, South Wa'tr Street.
jf Hhds- Mufcovid > Sugar.
White and brown Havasnah 4it'» in boxes
Fail-India do. in bags.
Weft-India and Conntry Uum.
100 Hhd». Molaflc*.
Holland Gin
1 rench and Spanifli Brandy.
Pepper, Coffee, &c.
Aui'uft 9. fa tu&thtf.
Charles Marftiall
No. 46, Chesnut Street,
Per brig Liberty, capt Henderfon, from Amtter
, dam, aid other arrivals,
A quantity of the following articles, which they
fell for cash, or the usual credit—
Antimon cruj OlAniG
Arsenic alb Juniper
Sac faturni Succini
Vitriol alb Rhojii
Borax Camphor
Opium Ccccinnella
Annetto N Gum Benzoin
Merc l>ulc ■ Arabic
Frmciprub —Myrrh
Carrot fob —— Kino
Sal G auber , n ("Manna Hak
Rad jrentian | | Com
FlaSulphnr !< j Liquorice ball
SxVeet oil '' u ] Cort t'eru slav
Sem anifi I 2 RuV
Rheubarb J"" L
And (i quantity of'
Shop furniture, furgcom instruments, patent
medicines, Ac.—Medicine chests, and orders from
the con--,try, put up on moderate terms.
- - />)
Saddling Business.
HAVING entered into partnerlhip, ind ta
ken that long eftaljlifhed Hand at the cor
ner of Chefnut and Third Streets, refpedlfully
I'ulicit public patronage, and particularly invite
a continuance of the favour* of the former
friends asd customers of Haines 4 Jones, and
Sharpltfs 3c Kii.fey, to wh'ife bufintfs they hare
They offer for sale a large and general afTjrt
mentof elegant Saddles and Bridles, all kinds
cominpn do. Plated and Brass mounted Hjrnefs,
Saddle-bag», Valieees, Cart and Waggon Gears,
&t. Trunks of all kinds, particularly hard lea
ther Portmanteaus.
Tliey also manufacture all kinds of Silver
mm n cd and Plain Whips, having several ex
cel! Nt Workmen in that hranph.
They flatter themselves from their united ex
perience and the they have made,
to be able 10 fell any of the above articles on as
good terms as any ethers in the United States.
A liberal allowance will be made to tho/e who
■urchafe by the quantity
Philad. Sept. a?. 4w-
Book- Store,
North Sccoud Street, opposite Christ Church.
With niuatracionsani Additions
Desultory Reflexions
In the United States of America, since the
commencement of.the year 1799.
|Cr* Ri T. Rawle, considering that in
this country there is a frrc pr'efs, ?s determi
ned his'Book-Store lli.ifl also be free to pub
lications of every denorfiination, whether po
litical or religious. The works of Whigs
or Tories ; Republicans, or Monarchies ;
Ariflocrats or Democrats ; iWejalifls or
AntV-Federalift* ; Chriftiatis, Jews,. Hen
iheris or Tui-fci, are rqually free for sale
and, whatever may be his private opinions,
i» rtfcilved, as a Book&ller, and in the true
spirit of his prcfteflion, " To be open to all
parties, aiKl'infhiemed by none.
N. B. He has for f.ilc, alt the l«teft po
litical pdblibations, and every article in the
Stationary Line.
O&ober J.
Fifty Dollars Reward.
RAN-AWA Y from Gen. Ridgely of Balti
mere, oil the 10th inft. a light coloured
negro, who calls hirnfclf WILLIAM
Mc. DONALD ; He is about 14 years of age,
about 5 feet ti ;hchet I'.'gh, in his dre*?, and
has a good suit of hair. Hid on, when he
went away, a good heaver hat, a (hort light
green cloth coat, edged with yellow, and yel
low gilt buttons— a buff caffimer, double
hreafted waillcoat, a pair of dark olive colour
ed thickfett pantaloons —a white linen (hirt,
white ribhed cptton (lockings, and a good pair
of (hoes with ((rings- (Jc took with him a
dark blue coat, a pair of olive caffimer panfa-
I loom, and a .light c«rduroy pair of breeches ;
[ also a gold or pinchbeck watch, with a steel
chain. He is fond of tyrirkous liquors, is info
ient, has a flupid look, acid chews tobacco.—
He was bred in Charles couuty, Maryland, and
purchased of col. John Thomas by gen. Kidge
ley. Whoever apprehends said negro, and (e
---cures hitn in any jail i'o tkat the owner may
•;«t him again, (hall receive the above reward,
\ylth reasonable charges if brought home, or do
livcre !to Joiliu iB. Bond, Philadelphia,
may t dtf
THE owners of unimproved hmds in Wayne
county, are turcby no'ified, that Taxes are
become payable thcreoo fer the years 1 '99 an J
1800. Those who have not already paid their
taxes, .re hereby required to discharge the fame
•0 JOHN BRINK, Esquire, Treafiirer ef said
bounty at Milford, witluu three months trom
his date , otherv ilo proceedings to sale, according
0 the ail of Aflembly in such cafe-provided, will
■\had by the Commiflioners for the f. id county.
.•Jrc Stsntot), _ 1
John Carton, > Commiflionevs
"o/tnnnes Fan Ellen, J
E, Kellogg, Clk.
July 9,1800
• i
Of the Pittsburgh Glass Works,
HAVING procured a fufficiunt number of
the moil approved EuropcaH Glaf» Manu
fufturers, and having on hand a large ft'ock of
the belt Material!, en which their workmen are
now employed, have -the pleasure of alluring
the public, that window of a superior qua
lity and of any size, from by 9, to 18 by 24
inches, carefully packed in boxes containing
100 feet ea. h, may be had at the (horceft notice.
Glaf9 of larger size» for other purpofea, may
also be had, such as for pidlures, coach gUflci,
clock facet, &c. Bottles of all kinds and of any
quantity may also be had, together with pocket
Balks, picklingjars, apothecary's (hop furniture,
or other hollow ware—the whole at least 15 per
Cent, lower than articles of the fame quality
brought from any of the sea ports of the United
States. A liberal allowance will be made en
l'ale of large quantities. Orders from merchants
ind others will be puntflually atrended to on ap
plicatinn ta JAMES O'HARA or ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store of MeflVs. PRATHER
andSMILIE, in Maiket-Street, Pitifbuigh.
March 4, tuthtf.'
AJI Persons,
INDEBTED to the Estate of Joseph Engle,
late of the Northern Liberties, deceafed,are
requested to mike immediate payment, and
thole having any demands against the fame, to
bring w their accounts to
BENJAMIN THAW, Adminiflrater.
C'oher3. eoiw.
WHO from principle is a Federalijl and defpofed
Co undertake the arduous talc of editing ot
a paper and combating the enemies of America,
may hear of an eligible situation in the interior of
Maryland, joo fublcribers can be counted on be
fore he commences,—A Native jimpiitM will be
w fa 3W
prefered ; —But it is not to ba underttood that well
principled persons though not natives, are to be
Particulars may be learned on application
to the Editar of this Gazette.
O<3.ob<r3. .
An Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Columbian, Harry the VMlth
and Merry-Andrew Playing Cards, far sale cheep
for calh—Apply at this Office,
september 13.
Neatly executed at the Office of the
Gazette of the United States.
Cards—Blanks of all kinds,
&c. &c.
Will be printed at the
Shortest Notice.
augulf 25.
Gazette of the United States
Prices of Public Stock,
Philadelphia, October' 13.
The par amt.
. of a Jharc.
Eigh>. per cent, stock—loß per cent.
Si* per cent, and") „
Navy ditfo } 87 or 1 7 / 4 pr. »c/
Dcft-ri'ed 6 per cent. 85 17/
Three per cent. J3 io/"7
J 1-2 per cent. 85 17/
4 l-a per cent. none at market.
JjANK United States, 34 p cent advan.
—— Pcnnfylvania, 33 ditto /
N. America 50 ditto (
lafurance Co. Penns'a io ditto J
North America is p. ct. below par
Turnpike - . . 131 do. . do.
Schuylkill Bridge - - par
Water Loan, none at market
Eall-India Co. N. A. do
Land Warrants do
St. Atifrujline Church Lottery Tickets 9 dollars
On London at 60 & $0 days, 71 a 724
Ob Amsterdam, do 39 a 4O centO
[per Florin >
Oil Hamburgh do 36*37 cyits\
[per Mark Bancs-'
Rdtes of Foreign Coins in the United
Dolls. Cts.
English pound ftetling 4 44 >
Irilh do do 4 10 /
Dutch Florin or Guilder o 39 f
Hamburgh Mark Banco. o 33J j
|C7» T lie fvlbfcrihir having frequently
he?trd complaints of the want of accuracy in
tte price lurrent of public stock, has conclud
ed to lurnifh the Gazette of the United States,
occasionally Ms called for) with what may in
his opinion be considered -the Market Prices
of otock, and the Rates of Exchange.
Cbesnut street, No. 14}.
At the preferit falemu a 'nd momentcjus
epoch, the only queftroh to be asked by
ery American, laying his hand on his heart,
is f " (hall I continue in allegiance to
Or impiously declare for
To the Editor of the Aurora.
You have impudently and falfely aceyfed
fevtral gentlemen of bleiiding the honorable
natianal chara&er of loyal IRISHMEN,
with the savage ci-devant peep o'dajy Bo.s, or
Right Boys, or White Boys, or United I
ritbmen who were recently conquered by the
gallant Irilll Ypomanry, when an attempt was
m;<de to felt Ireland to the French. If you
do not explain or contraditt this, you must
exped -to incur if poflible, additional con
tempt of all those who fee through such flim
fy pitiful tricks.
d 90t
The followwg extra& from the Anti Jaco
bin Review and Magazine (feeappendix
to vol. 5) will Ihew, on a comparison,
with the falfified paflage given in the Au
rora, the malignant view» of that- facti
on, which so undeviatingly pursues the
ruin of this country.
41 We had frequently heard of men, of
variotik descriptions, being hanged in effigy,
but to bury a man in effigy was an aft of
original ingenuity," &c. &c.
In <he Aurora, it is aflertcd lhat this
pa (luge is concluded in these, or nearly si
milar teima.
" We have often heard of a rebel's being
hanged in effigy, but we never before heard
of a rebel's being boried in effigy."
Besides the wrong done to the Anti Ja
cobin, by the fubllitution of t}ii« Gin Sbop
style, in place of the resj text, the obvious
design of the perversion, cannot escape the
molt careless observer.
From thi New England States, from
New-Jersey. Maryland, Delaware, North
Carolina and Georgia, we hear the mod
flattering account of the approaehing tri
umph of Federalism Let the Perinfylva
nians da their duty and the Citadel of gov
ernment is fafe.
The Federalists of the City and County of
Philadelphia and County of Delaware, are
earnestly conjured to make their utmolt ex
ertions in favour of NATHANIEL NEW
LIN, Esq. a genuine and tonfiflaat Feder
alist, who is eminently worthy of the high
dignity of a Senator of the State, and who
will infallibly fficceed, if the efforts of his
friends and thfc friends of government be not
Niw Maoaiini at Boitoi.
Mr. John Weft, a young bookseller at
Bolton of great merit and enterprise, who
has himfelf by industry and
zeal in the publication of various ufeful and
elegant literature has projected a magazine,
called " theJCabinet," the materials of
which are to be furnilhed by many of the
molt refpeftable of our literary characters.
The profpeftas not being yet received 1 , we
only announce this well planned miscellany
to the public, and rtferve for a few days,
a more minute, and copious account ol the
authors and nature of this literary Jdurnal.
Mr. WAyne,
IT is an undoubted fa£t, that the Jaco
bin Ticket was originally formed by a fo
reign Cooper while in Goal, and h»s un
dergone no alteration since it came from him.
An American Republican.
j 00
T* 1.
To tiii: following extra&s from the Election
Law,. -; ~
Qualification of Voters.
No person (hall be permitted to vote at
any General or Special Elettion, or for In
ipe&ors thereof, other than citizens of this
(late of the age of twemy-ene years Or more,
and who have redded therein two years nexc
before the ele&iou, and within that term,
paid a state or county tax, which (hall have
bean aflefied at least fix months before tie
election ; provided, that the sons of citizens,
qualified as aforefaid, betweeiv the.ages of
twenty-one and twenty-two years, (hall be
entitled to vote, although they (hall not
have paid taxes ; and every citizell having
.paid taxes and resided as aforefaid, and claim
ing a right to vote, shall make due proof -
thereof as follows, viz.
First, That he is a natural born citizen
of this state, or was fettled therein on the
28th of September, 1776 ; or having been
a Foreigner, who since that time cam* tp
fettle therein, he hath taken an oath, or af
firmation of allegiance to the fame on or be
fore the 26th day of March 1790, agreeably,
to the then existing Go'&fiitution and Laws ;
Stcondly, That he is a naturaljjorn citi
zen of fome,other of the United States,
had been lawfully<*jdmitted or recognized as
a citizen of some one of the said Rates on or
before the 261b of March 1790; or
Thirdly, That having been a foreigner or
alien he hath been naturalized conformably
to the laws of the United States.
Ncn-gu:i ! ifiedpersons interfering.
If any person who is not qualified to vote
in this flute, agreeably to the provisions of
this a£t {except the sons of qualified citizens')
(hall appear at any place ofele£tion,'for the'
purpose of ifiuing tickets, or ot influencing
the citizens qualified to vote, every
terfering in the manner aforefaid, shall for
feit and pay any Turn not exceeding thirty
dollars for every such offence.
For the Gazette of the United States.
To the Citizens oj Philadelphia County,
. AS it ii the duty of every good citizen
to examine into tlrt charafter and conduct of
every person \vfio may come forward to serve
the public,' the following fafts and observa
tions relating to a candidate for a feat in.the
Houfc of Representatives of the State of
Pennsylvania, may be very serviceable at the
present period, as the mind of every friend
to his country rnuft be considerably agitated
refpedVing the event of the ensuing elec
tion..—J, K—r t who now folkits your fuf
frages, has filled the honorahle office of
High Cunftable of the Northern Liberties ;
with what degree of Satisfaction to the pub
lic, I fiiall not prrtend to Rate, as in that ca»
pacity no doubt he is well remembered by'
many of you. He afterward* obtained the
colleftion of taxes for tlie Eafl and Well
Northern Liberties, and in his duty as col
leftor of this tax, we shall take the liberty
of reviewing his conduit. In the ftrfl place,
can that person be considered wortTiy of the?
public ' favor, who, regardless of all moral
obligatiens by taking advantage of the dis
tresses of tbofe who applied to hirn, retailed
out to theis the public money at the enor
mous discount of 20 per cent; they having;
at the fjime time orders drawn by the proper
officers upon him as colkftor, but obliged
by neceility to comply, fomr of their families
wantipg bread at the time. Secondly,, is
he who can a£t thus to individuals a fit per
son to hold the office ot Legislator, or can
he, who so barefacedly imposed upon them,
be supposed capable of doing Jaflice to the
Public ; certainly not.
Fellow citizens: these are fa£ls—be no
lowger the dupes of such designing charac
ters, whole only objedt is their oww private
intereft, whose only claim to
patronage, is the impudence -and aflurance
with which they have too fuccelsfplly impo
sed on that fame public. CIVIS.
To the Mctbodift Ehßort in the City and
I call on you, that you come forward on
thedayofthe general Election, on the 14th :
And as God in his klndnefs has strangely *
made us free, let us fhflV our brethern of
America, and the Delaware State in parti
cular, that we are determined to support vhe
Federal "ticket, as they are men that will
support the government of our cpuuiry, the
best now in the known world j and are at
tached to a religious Pfefident.
A Federal American Methodi/I.
/ _
For the 24 hours preceding Friday,
morning, there were 17 deaths in Balymore.
Total number in the hospital Cck
with the prevailing disease, 3.3
Cenvalefcents, 18
Discharged cured, 3
KT BookfeDers, Prinfers, and private
Gentlemen, holding' fubfeription papers f»r
the publication of The Fakrago slid Lat
Pkeachkh, will please, on, or before the
mjddle of November next, to forward them
to Philadelphia, in a cover, open at the ends,
in the manner iti which newspapers are
u&alty transmitted. It is requeHed that
they be a&Wefied to Asiifiitr Dickins,
Bookseller, Pbiktdelpivia. Gentlemen, in dif
feit-nt parts of the Ignited States, and in
Britifli America, who h.'.ve r.ot had a.ll im
portunity to fubferibe to botij, or either of
the above performances, may addrtfs as above
their letters, P<j} paid; their willies be
complied with) and their names-, il sent
fesfonably, fliall be added to the lift of tub
fcribers, to be prefixed to the, toluß'c?.
c( '