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The Ii&JioRA Oyf /lis?
Or:-, L-fh, ami R ds, T— C--e t
vfniling. I't oik* appears a tace will
Spectacles. on which there is a perpetual nni
a'ghaftly smile ; this countenance appears a
■cf- 7uv c iRJiIERS of this Gazette, ,a melaml. 'ly -attmv.W by a
/. Atricth forbidden either to on winch lie Paint's Ai>e of ileafon, Vol
have been sWVy Prmwef # A Leuew to EtoU
sell or give away, any oft,. f P > an j the ccon)p |ifl,~J U-tter writer ; his n^i
and should the Editor detect, or re- tab , e , I)is , m a «r»fp.
ceilw information of any person at- • wiU) by which he was nominated tK p ">*
urntrng #«*» <W™»*£» «*f Vf grg^S
(?/ lib# wKiyh ,n «u* 5 this entry leads
means for redress. —It has become j pn j ulll . w]k . r . t | ie ohj<a of hisadoratim
serious inconvenience, and those who j work _ Diun.e throws his head back,
ire friendly to the interest of this i i\ M k cs it violently vith his k-tt hand, and m
baher are requested to give such in- a plaintive t*»Rng«;
/• V f mnv hfi 1 n their t)oiver 011 Whene'er with love iVuck rye* I view,
formation as may oe in wyij r« l h)3 r , om wt ere %«,«« firft drew tek,
>he subiect, and they ivta confer an , thl ,, lt ,„- t v e my w,.i..wir«e.
ibligation on The Editor. Aad WeToVde^s.
gVj" It is requeued that Gentlemen « n' to's dark and dreary fliade» of death.
fte oerkfted by Garners, wt not ptr AliS i my |, )vet my fwe-tcti Jew
mit teveral day« to elaple without giviiv- n - u wor , : y „ u d , aw your breath,
formation of fi-ch noaledt ; but iir.mechate.} Vja lwll; , w ro .„y :Mi »u
---rive notice. Thsy shall I* ferveu re- ,'ne. a»compU ui'i|<«f thy «u
- , ' ' - I .It*, he journey. Uft tow'rt.Plu-^
;ularly. i;) j t ; rc . ir y ui death,
to'i di- !c, &c
Gazetta of the United btates.
m'tAT KV»sliaG« »C'OO»X
At the piefent 101-irm and momentous
epoch,! the only question y> be a feed y ev
ery American, Lying his hand on his heart,
is, " fhsll I continue in to
Or iitipioufty declare for
To Reavers and Correspondent's.
The well written and serious Efoy, with
the si*. at>l re of « A Baptist," has'been re
ceived, and' Vead with fatisfaftion. Nothing,
but the throng and press ot our communi
cations, h« prevented its insert.on. Ihe
author may fly on our attention to his favor.
Duane promised, long since. to fay fame- ,
thin? about several ihoufand dollars, belong
ine toth- United States, in the hands of
P.°Edwar s, Attorney of the United
for the Dilfri-k of Connefticut. Pray,
i Duane, do you omit mentioning the lnbject,
becaiife F.dwards has become an arrant Jaco
bin ?-Do you consider plunder as law ul
in such a wretch of a Democrat, ot theft
monies as being to be accounted for to 1 homas
Jefferfon Sc Aaron Burr ?
For tbe Gazette of the United States.
One of th« intended revotutionhry S cretaries
of the Tre-fury qf the United StEtes, &c.
&c. &c.
AS 1 am (till at much at variance with j
my quoad ;m friend Tom the 1 inkei asever, (
T ,f.i> lad to fe= your aniwer in the Philadel- i
phi i to Tom's attempt at an epi- j
cram in the following 1"V»> which to the
disgrace of the prels have r;un through molt
ot the papers of the continent.
Says Duinc to Coxe,
Sir, y»u werethe 1 «x.
Thit led us fcoth into thu trouble,
Wh<n Hating the amnu its
Of our hiumiering Jccouhls
By Jove you ware tlruiik and saw iloub.e.
ThU w»t a nc like yHi.fclf. »"<1
now onty one more to do, lo / llr ''"
Ten, forrvcr. Pr.y do .w,y ibr foohrt.
Ycrte which ht rn»dc tor >oo»t the K ub by
dcuying i»* "" lh ol " cm,,rrt * • n 1 d thf v "
yc o**l] have the Doj comptruly under the
fetch w»y><
l'irft I fct to V*afting-00,
Then rroflinsr o'er to Howe Sir,
I figu ed 10 w''* l Hamilton
Ana with Hit honor now Sir.
After this we. will obtain a I;,w t0 P revent
the little rascally brats of Children from sing
ing i< about the and th.n O how po«r
Tom will br mortified.
Yours as much ns ever,
Tbe Chirping Cooler.
For the Gazette of tie United States.
MR " CAS I 1N T G my eyes over the paper ;
few days fmcc, I difcnvered » Proclamauoi
llr.-x xo the !, ••rr.itfliip. Having. pei>u .. t ,.. people think thee void of fenle
like.been long in feirrK of an office,and not unfit Vor pu hlic confidence,
having (\"K*n ce.t:fieates, nor been conwftec
at theft. I had tender tf[ T „ worth and tale..,, fooTs are blind
II" »y
iijniM * , r mi no
the opportunity which p«" c umn ' 0 ,j , rt ..) feats, my abolition-lc>-emes,
fer.-d, , . f . .1 .vin, Mofonry, refute luch dreams.
•i A-.'d though JII e . f , i , tro< l i'ie f j'u-ndid field-, of war,
M , f .," i w... '">■ •*« s3^v ji..v. e
fTo tell i -er Ta e m Rhyi-e Friend.
relying on the known and acknowledged f , v hy didst thou drav
. mercy, jufV.ce and humanity ot a great man B»*. »
toove 1 >"k t!:e err us "t tnt ; poc. ; c,h fn.fion b , et , o f t he Wl.i&ey-howlc
bv on:, den grea:r.eU ot the atte-ipt. do more than call their rulers
s he f bjeft Have chc ten and the Hyle I
have ad; pte :, hear some resemblance to the tht . e , r jfc the government t'oppofe
foil-v.'ii g pathetic ditty, _ Bloomji ld.
„ u' h ,, e ',-r with ' 1 v,eW . Twa < p0 o U l«r then to check fedition'sgrowtl
•Th'« dun,;*•>«*" 1 m rol u fc-n, , 1 j t . ( violate ny
wSftudird' the U- 'Twas flattering also, Jerky's lons. to, le«d
If.u,.ht tiie honour, right, oi .vio k,
niverfity of G u r.gen." <k<d.
£ xc ,(|eniy will finely not censure me p.i'd with the hope tuat this »ou.d plac
. , ■ „ «u„ted un odd for mV effulion,) niv name
' ' 71 eft tint my IW and manner 0n CongrcfsMift ;and rrfe me high ,r. fame ;
nt T y,m W>V . ,„ r y Mw . his ExceHen- j c ) aw o U r'd loud Vamlt Gallatin and Co.
fI,C r H W-niflratioti has formed to him- A „d c*H'd each Whiffeey-Boy a deadly foe.
7' l h ' i "'■ |...t J know ol',) hut has ;. , M Ealt-juiry, a. whirH a
! an oiininal yet he wiU trcus pr , C effion was made in honour or ..-is
rA " that few minds are formed like his, po !i u , a l weathtr-cock.
' u' in the formation of original f A feat in Congress.
Thi«e ey-s are of an atom hue,
They fparkla a« the morning dew .
Thou'rt ch*ftr as Queen E izabeth,
Thou'rt gentle a« *ld ivladam Ju
nq— air a» (he vho reigrsin P!«
to's d irk an 4 dreary (hales of deatn,
to's 'iark and See.
[Looks at tbe Wall.']
I'll bore a hole, like that one thro'
VV'nic.l Pyranius felt Thifbe's breatb,
Thro' thin, fwect Widow, I to you
W .1 ligh an 1 Sng. " Ah! love me do,
'Ere iWp despair fcnd» me to Plu
to's "ark snd dreary flladts of deatn,
to's dark and &c.
If yu will li!l«n to me thro*
Tim Hole, I'll waste my Irift breath,
Tn telling how 'hat I'll be true.
How pleas* d thy Benny's tridc pWfue,
Tiil time ftiall lend me down to Plu
to's dark and dreary lharfe* ol deatn,
to's dark, &c.
Rif.-s, from the Table and beckons to the
figure with Spe£Ucles, wt.o brings him a
For tbc Gazette of tbe United State'e
Mn. Wayne,
If y u thing thi following dialogue worthy
of a place 111 your excellent paper, pleale
to publilh it, a n d oblixe
AC then of West-Jersey.
Bet#reti Geucral B- 1 > *»d hil fiiend
SAY, fay, why art thou folly's
(1 \vc •
Whv in the 'dens of fa&ton dost thou rave ?
The fiend ambition has my fowl poffefT d,
And all the J .co labours in my breatt. ;
On Howell's downful fcladly would I rife )
The means regard not, so I gain'd the prize.
F' tend.
But «hy recur 10 falfebood's dirty ways,
And Ihun the road which leads to honell
praifc ?
The p*th of " uth I,vr trml ts>olon & 111 va,n
And hone ft fame have long defpairM to gain
The popuhr favours hart thou fought with
And F® v " d by ,hy c<rt,rteootl,r ?
Far more than this : I've with ev'ry
With churchmen wordiipp d, and with
Tinners finn'd,
Chang'd with opinions, swam tbe downward
And 1 bo'vs, and kisses, S ifts, and cringe* 1
try'd. .
BloomfHd* will vouch, how nobly I repays
Procflfions made, my glory to d.lplav.
But vet, I've fail'd a f.iv'rite goal tto reach,
And Slab-Town's rostrum bounds my jjitc
of fpcech.
i Or.« solemn question more) and tlien t
done. r,
How doll thou hope the public wrath to thun t
When by thy wiles, the restless *
Have the State m d.fcord aid
Have rent die charter, which our T 'S llti
feeure, » >
And- t'mg'd Anient* ■with '
Bloom field.
If all theft ills from niv pursuits flionld flow,
The State, not T, must aftfwer for the woe.
In Cong re is seated, had I been their>
For honour's caule I (liould hate raifa my
But four'd by grof? neglea, I've quit m
frr"d», , ,
And t'rrk in faft'.nn to obtain my e.ids.
Better lite E.roflratusJ i;*i» a °' ln,e
However I afe, thai. Tint unknown to fame.
Rrttir to iVir ti;c ob)rc\ ot (h^race,
Than live ilrvoiJ of p''wer an pace,
<5 The injury wV> h-r.-t rte ® !
piam at lphcC«f.rJ»at hw name might be hai
down t?) \ ofler.ty.
For'the Caxette of the United Slater.
—No. I.—
». The ore of this preat nation i, upon my min
i.irt «icatinn» »>e >« ucl ' *"* ist y ind jhrm
AT a time wWi the melancholy tru.l
has become indubitably cvideat. that Frencl
politics an J philosophy arc gammy; g,ea
afc.'ndancy over tl.e minds of I pori.on o
our deceived f.llow citizens ; when the fp.
tit of fafti is becoming more and mor,
prevalent and .he feeds of d.fcWd are W
Linging up amt-ng us; it behove, ever,
man Iha has the welfare of h,. country a:
heart, and who does not defi.e to behold tin
overthrow and d.flruftion of our prefen
virtuous government, to come forward anc
exert his efforts (however feeble) to aver
that blow, which will eie long bettruck a
D ur constitution, our, and our na
tional hapci'.ef*. '
The dif. ontents which have been fowl
with such malignancy among ou
deluded countrymen, render every exert,or
necefTary, to disabuse all those, whufe en
joyment of the unexampled bleffipgs
America has long aff.rded them has bee.
trail-formed into a f»ur fp.nt of d.fatiffafti
on, by the mufi unblushing abatement,
and the faffeft theories-
To conjure ufi fidtous grounds of com
plain, in the boioms of those who confef
then happy and content ; to enerval,
the principles and fp.nt upon which ou
government was originally t
Introduce into our couutry French fyttem.
succeeded by a Ungthened tram of revolu
lions, infurreftionsand n in fhor
to affeftatotalfu verf.on of the Atretic .
government, are the man.feft ...tent.o„. o
fhat party, who have long annoyed on
country with extravagant and
theoriVs, which if 'educed to wonU
be attended with the most fer.ou. and awfu
consequence*. Unlefa V<u.r view, are frttl
trated, unless their base endeavours are pre
veiitid. "we (hall ere long be «£«*•*«
" become
to which we have only (thank God) bee,
distant witneffea, we (h»U behold our coun
t« imitierled in blood and carnage, our con
dilution and liberties trampled undei _o
and our families and property wrested fron
ns by the-hands of bl od thirlly and mer
cilefi ruffians. That this .s no exaggerate,
description, let us turn our eyes for a mo
ment, to th t revolution which hasdelugc,
all Europe in blood, and which has bee,
effefted by the infernal schemes of a de
tachment (if I b, allied the expreffi
on) of the fame party who «c£fcjk»o un
detmine our government. What
there brholi ? scenes which at the bare re
cital thrill the foul of every man whof
heart i. not of Adamant, unexampled sana
ricifm (H so mild a term can be used) whid
has marked so many threshold. blood
which has been fo.tiuitful Uhc^d
and street butcheries, has diftated .
lengthened ftrie. of cruelty, wonderful so
the unanimity with .t was c!,.rafter
ifed, and the spirit of dehberat.on witl
which it continued, and to finifh .he view
which has ended in no one eftabhfhmen
which promises any continuance, but_whic
may be truly said to have produced from ,
good and virtuous government, an tm
pire of Nothing." If we fubj.A to the let
examination, the aftions of that party wh<
now infeft America, we (hall quickly per
ceive, that they are founded upon pnnci
pies, and aftuated by motives prec.fely th,
fame with those who were the leaders an<
in It i gators of he French revolution- The.
views on America are only one link, in th
chain of unbounded ambition. If therefore
'the evil be not fpeedity removed, the con
[equences must inevitably prove fatal. Mod
jfluredly then, it is the duty, as well ai
interell. of every good citizen, to com.
forward and endeavour to divert tb<
threatening,ftovm which .. o'
, ur political horizon ; to expose to the
riew of infatuated ai d deluded men, the
.llieit means fy which they have been be
auiled in to the wnmg path, and
(x tear away that turfed mask ot hypocr.fy,
.vivh which the Jacobin party have ewfca
foured to conceal their aftions, and to
i*:ter themlelves itt theT vile art.ficev and
~t , ocious caluinr?. Aft'iated by tbsC.
• c r,ousCo:-ndeUlio, A I ft»U tn frbfijWlU
lumbers punue a propoled wh "-■'] » «
► tends to the reform:, tmn of one poll ica
inner, »iR bs to me a l'ource of much hap
By this Day's Mail.
NEW-YORK, Oaober g.
Capt Atkuw; of the brig John, fail d
from Lisbon the 10th of Augult bound tor
Philadelphia. On the .sth ot Aug. fell m
with the Hup Orion, Bunker of and tor New-
York from St. Übes having on board Mr.
Gib ton, wife and 2 children as passengers
and the veifel Uden with f»U-c .pta.n Bun
ker informed capt. Atkins that his vessel had
darted a butt and the leak increjfed very
fdfl ; (liortly after capt. B. and all hands
left the Orion and went part on board capt.
/Vtkin's veifel and part on board ot a orig
bound for Newnurypori.
Nothing material occurred till the ljth
of September when laying too undei a dou
ble reefed main fail and tingle reeled main
Hay fall, the wind blowing very hard from
S. E. W. with a heavy sea runo+flg. ? 111011
tremendous sea (truck the John, and imme
diately feparawl her ; after recovering h.m
feif capt. Atkins found he wa* on part ot
.the main deck having about 2o fathom*
rope fattened thereto the greater part ot the
crew were seen on various parts of the wrec
floating about at the mercy of the wind and
waves, captain Bunker and one boy, and
two boys belonging to capt. Atkins Jalhed
themfeves to the deck ana Tm'iext mor
ning could discover none of the crew.
The next d y fe'l in with the pslfenger
Mr. G.bfjn, who was floating on a part
or the wreck, and who joined them ,mme
diately. Seven days- and (even nights, did
theft'unfortunate people continue in this
dreadful fixation, a prey to ftarvat.m. ana
niiferv, to the chances of the ocean, and
fubfifPng on nothing, save the ir own urine .
Hope now cheered them and almost exbau
| fled, they were taken up by a schooner from
Portland to Berbice, and 2 days subsequent,
fell in wi.tlv the llup George, Rice, of and
for Philadelphia from Hull, who kindly took
them on board all except one boy, who wenj.
to Berbice in the the fchr. Fou' days be
fore capt. Rice n ade the Capes* capt. Bar
ker and Mr. Gibfon palTenger with on board
the fliip America, bound for New-\ork
from L verpool—among the unhappy fuf
ferers, moll fear is entertained .or the lately
rf Mrs, Gibfon and 2 children and the mate
of the brig. Out of 18 fouls on ooard,
, only the above 6 have yet ueen heard ot.
RALEIGH, September 30. _
ExlraS of 4 letter from a g ntleman in IVII
- to th- Editor, dated Septemb r 1 7
_» I do seriously and foUmnly con
fidcr the appr achi g struggle for predom- 1
inance. a tremei.doua sera in the of 1
oor cout.try ; and as such, it fills me *rfh
sadness and drfpondency. The pubhc j
fafety or the public welfare is cot at the
present jundure as it has been, the f le causa
of popular heat and agitation. Ihe great j
qnetlion, now, with me a question- full ot
terrors, is, whether we will yefld without an
effort to refill, 0. what i» tantamount, wheth-
I er we will acquiesce through .rdolence of
exertion a.uWaffiiud- of fpiriti in the ascen
dancy »f an unprincipled faftion, whose ex
aggerated malignity and whose lawless v.o
lence will crulh all opposition and denjohlh
i every obftade t» lhe gratification of their
I ambition, their avarice and their re^, n g e
•« us has latter y exhibited
more of the afpeA of fyft.m t .en llhave
ever befor ■ obfer ed. and I think be ins
, gradually to unfold some portion of th- lg
. otry, the vehemence and afper.ty of mure
I turbulent seasons. What the exa* pol.t
1 at this time be precueiy <■>
Little d»ubt however, is entertain ed tha
a very refpeftable majority will range under
the federal ttandard at the ensuing
notwithflanding the infidiou: (tempt of J Ja
co in Club in an adjacent dijir.a to create a dt
vifwnof the forces »f the fr, ends of oruer and
CHARLESTON September 24:
Yesterday the brig Comm«ce, Bowo.,
anchored at Fort Johnton, from St. Mar
un s; wher: (he had been earned in by a
French Privateer. _ . .
The D uphin captain Wallace, for th .
port, failed from Gravefend on the 20th 01
JU cV Rogers, of the khoon.r Hiram.,
which arrived yesterday ; Ne^ Yor f'
informs, that on the evening °fSunday, thj
, 4 ,h being then between the Capes oi
Virginia and H.ttera., a gale of wind cafcc
on fU northward and ea ft ward, and after
wards changed to the northwest. whtch -
led until the T,efday tallowing, t« oMock,
He represents it as one of the ™ j
dous he ever experienced. Ibe whole o
his 1 wer fails were fpht to, pieces, and he
thought his only fafe y would be m endeav
oring to reac'n t lie Bahamas.
On the 17th being then wlat 34 £
lonp 72 he fell in with a Swertilh brig har
° P in tow the brig Eli.., Bunker, fuom
Savannah bound to New-York, 20 day. out.
In the above-mentioned gale, capt Bunke
had been entirely difmalled, loft two me«
f!! p plied W him «ith beef, bnad, and oihe.
Ze , which he was depute of. Jbe
!wed lb brig was bound to Norfolk. where
Jintended'to take the El, Z a ,f the we.
her would admit of his keepwg her
ow. <
for sale,
OLD Long Primer,
Snail Pica on Pica Body,
«#. SO
Apply tc the Printer.
Of the City and County of Philadelphia.
Gentlemen, ,
HAVING at a former ele&ion met with
considerable encouragement, it induces me
again to offer tnyfelf as County Commiffion
cr at the next ele&ion, in the room of Jacob
Souder, whose time then expires ; (hould l
through yaur fuffrages obtain said office, it
will be my endeavoilr to perform the duties
thereto annexed for the public advantage.
| Green Street, Northern Liberties.
I oaober 9. 3 l th - fr - fatr "
Of the City and County of Philadelphia
Gentlemen, .
On a former occasion I experienced a tei
timony of your confidence, and friendfhip
by your votes for the Office of Sheriff——
Now in a more advanced stage of life, and
encouraged by a numerous body of refpeft
able ciiiztns and firm fr ends, I again apply
for your votes and interest at the next elec
tion—Retting my charader through \}fe, a
i security for a faithful performance of the
duties of Office—Should I be fuccetsful or
not in my application to your friendfhip, ori
the uccafion, 1 (hall remember with gratitude
yonr peonage. Wm robiNSO N.
Oflober 7. dtE
■ 1 ' f ■ ~~ ~
October 10.
Will be prelented a Comedy, called
The Road to Ruin,
Mr. C">oper,—Sophia,
Hp E Wrftriy -Goldfinch,
Msfr. Bernard—Widow War
ren, Mrs. Shaw.
fu which -will be adde,d, a much admired
I Grand Dramatic Romance,,
Blue Beard ;
Abomelique, (Blue-Beard J Mr. Wu
ren—Fatima, (bctro hid to Blie-
Beard) Miss E. Wcltrey.
g? B*x, ore dollar. Pit three quarters of a
dollar. And Gallery, half a dollar
The doors of th" Theatre will open at halt
past five and the curtain lif« at half pad fix
o'clock. ~ , ,
$y Gentlemen and Ladies are requeued to
fend their servant* to keep places in the boxes at a
quarter pad fi»e o'clock. , _
I Places in ihe Vies to l»e nltenat the iffice in
| the frost of the Theatrf, from 10 till I o clock,
and from 10 till 4 »n the days of performance
! Ticketi to be had at H and P. Ric shook store,
I {Jo. 16, South StcondStr et, and at the office ad»
joining the Theatre.
On M nday, Ihe ORPHAN ; or t
TheVnla' py 'Mariiage, in which a Young
Gciitlrmaii wil 1 make his first appearance on
tbis, and seco-J "J Stage ; with the
Just Received,
And for We at the Office as the thladel
phia Gazette, and at A. Licims's Book-
Store, opposite Christ Church, »n ifitereft
ing iiPmjihlet, enticed, the .
Voice of Warning - -
President of the United States.
Blow the Trumpet in Zion—Who is ou the
Lord's tide?
[Price 12-i- Certs.]
Oflobe' 8.
* Landing
At Wain's wharf,
The Cargo of the brigEnterprize,
Surinam MokifFes,
Of an ex..Ue«t quality, In hogfceads, tierce a»4
And about 40 quarter casks
Fas Saie bt
Wharton fc? Lewis,
No. Us,(outh Front Oreet.
tu tn la ti
oflober 9
English Grammar,
an appendix,
[Has this Day beenP^j^' b b y
Dickins, opposite Chnft-Churcb,
[Price One Dol!ar>~\
Oftober 7.
\ PRINTING PKESS complete,
iV OKI Long Pr|r< ;r,
Small Pi" on pica body (>¥'* inc
I p ta a °'
j Engl'ifb, (two fmill founts)
F-ar c , &c* f
Iro h work of apr nfmg press,
& They will be fold cheap
at The office of the PW ° f l * e Un,K
-• *
'■ -yj
i \ . .i.