Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, October 10, 1800, Image 1

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£ r i/jrop'i 25Q5,";
Kj* The price oftbi' (iaeette is Eight
Dollars per annum to Subscribers residing
in the city as Philadelphia* JU otb'.>~? f i?y
an? Dollar adiitii-tiil, for encbsitfr and <.«•-
retting ; ami unless*some person in this city
mill become answerable for tie subscription,
it mil jI be paid. Six in Advance.
*** No Subscription will be received for
a shorter term than six months. '
December 1 1T99-
Fr*m OfUf+r B—tb OjlArr 14.
> hich water,.
ThnrFdty %
Saddling Business*
, KIXSEY, jfl|
8.1 r. '
. it'll that lorn- c-ftablifhctl stand
ot Chefr.ut and-Thirtl St eeti,
f- It it public patronage, and pnrticul .rTy iuv«ie
a cotitimiaace of the (,» ur» of the former
friends .m i cuft orncrs 0 Hai es £ Jones, and
Shaipiefs k Kiufey, to w'aofe buQrjcf» they have
They offer for sale a large and general afT rt
merit of elegant Saddle- and Dridle*, all kinds
common do Plated and Bras» mounted Harness,
Saddle-bags, Valir* *5, Cart an 1 WaeginGear#,
&c. Tni k3 ot all kinds, particularly hard lea
thcr P irtmanteaus.
They ilfo manu'aiSure at! k nds of Silver
m uij'ed ar.d P.ain Whips, having ferfral ex
tellcnt W<> k en in that branch.
They fhtt<r theinfelves from their united ex
pericn c ir.dthe arringements they have made,
611 be able to fell any of the above artirlts on as
2 > ; terms as-any Uherp in the United States.
A liberal ance will be made to tWe who
p' rcbjfe by the quantity
piiilad. Sept. s?
Book- Store,
"Jfcrtb Seuttd Street, opprii e tbrist Ch r:b.
Vfith lllwtrati man J Additions
Desultory Reflexions
K£W political aspects
©» .
v public: affairs
In'lHr Unitfd Sutes of. Amniei, Guce the
of t>>« yMr.1799..
, *l. T; ttAwLF, pui«Cdrnng Uut in
tku uoliptry thfnr/» *f fr e prrft, it decermi
ffihii Bjok-Stott* Hull vfijbjp fr* topub
liwioM ofcvrry iteiM>«i»ioi»tion, whether po.
lincl of fjrlißiQa*' The *""1" of Whig*
• 'at -Tofir* V- *»r Mwrdt.iftt )
. Ariftucritt or I>rrottfr»t*'; fedcraliM or
AaUi-frieraWU 5 . Quiftiaqv J* w *i Hea
or Turk*, »re rqudly ffe? f<»r file, |
an 3, whstcwrr m*y be hi* prm* opinion*
it reCJved, *i I IJiV'kfcller.,.and in thft um
fjwrit sf.l)t« pftf«%inn, **' T* be open to al
gff»*it| r tnflusrcfa by lysiici , .
N. B. "ift kwf.7\fk&, thrlattkbo
INDEBTED to the Kftaro el" Jofepl" En?!e,
• late of'he ortherih"l.ihefl|<», flCceiff"!,V
rtquffled to m.ike immediate and
tli >:e having any drman \s againlt the lame, to
briiij' i« their A-co'inrs to
R2NJ AWIN ! HAW, Ad • inilrjtor.
si o v tv. t. Wiw.
WHO -fjp-r\ frhiitle l« a FtJiral'/l
to upaiertat ' the arduous tafc of. eiliti- pot
* paper and enemies <f .Vniff icv,
may heir of a I eligiMr fitua i >d in the inti rior of
Maryland -506 fitta'crik- > c m t»- c wucjl 011 he
torehr Cpnfnienc~, -* A Nat v Apnr'tca<i will he
prcfcrci ; —But if is not so li.ui lerltoy.! thar well
ffrincipled persons though not natives, are 'o t
*,* PaTrifcvb'rs tniyhe learacd on application
to the Editor of this Gazette.
P 5lo?-er 3. __
An Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Cn!uin!>nn, Harry th«* Vl'lth
an<l Meiry-Andrew Playing CarJa, fer sale cheep
for cash—Apply at this Office.
jeptennber 13. ,
Neatly executed at the OJjice of the
Gazette of the United States.
Book-Work-—Pam pli lets-—Hand -Bills,
C.irds—Blanks of all kiiitis,
&c. &c.
Wil! te printed at the
Shortest Notice.
august 23.
Gazette of United States^
H. M.
6 IJ
1 6
7 57
8 49
9 41
10 J9
it 16
< »c j 40
. ' a'-ratf
- ft m— 3 ;
- t> J 5.5
6 17 $ .1.1
a »8 < .11
oM TH*
V '»
Marshal's Sale.
f/Vited Stats*; } r •• •
Pfifntytfania ' Bisiiict. 'y' '
Li, > "»rtue rf 1 writ M; vei»d,i:.'»/Hn »>r~
''' 'f'• lTee'! rt'.it :if't!re Cifce'iit ' rr
®..' r ' e nr'!t«l ; S»avp(iv • ki^nr! %• die Perihftl' a
ma D.fti-ia. wjji be exp.ifel to -)h': f.'ir *<
Coffee : .oule'l* ' the ; Ciiv rf
P..i'ad-ldl-,rj, 0.1 FrW»y the 1 bth Hay of o'd>-i
oer next at 7 o'clock in the;, Ml the
r! "^ r » esa> snri tr.rere!) of Oliver Pollock, | a
and so t«vo thoufdnd acres of ch :cr lincls fuu?te
on Fine Creek in tia county of i.ycnmmg.--
" eized and uken m ex"eu:ion Jud 10 be fold at
t.'ie, property of Oliver Pnlhck by
JOH.N MALL, Kti'shall.
Marshal's Office, 1
Philadelphia Sept 29, 1800. f >iw tS.
Just Received,
And will be Sold Very Lo<*. if applied for
imniediitrly, hy tlie only 4
S B*)C* "roid-tSothj, offjrtcJ, "*
1 Foreit clot hi, - .2 j<
1 Do. npHßig|i, iitiii j, ! ■« •
*-■» Do. Kriuiall "Cotcoßf, I'i S
V> Hc»flira<l» f-'ein* T»i:ie, . J 5^
4 C«lu London Pewter, J w
W«. 48, tioath Front ftrcft
Vpcnjb/r jp. l - .'at A \ nd. w.
| tor S;?|e,
V" >
, " : f ST. TAMMANY,
LYING at Say's Wharf, above
Market Street, burthen 70 t-ir.s, fu;ip<>le»l t» he
a remarkable fail failing vessel, a.-4 may " ",t
---ted for (eain a few days, Inven'ory to be leeti
and terms of fa!e known by applying to,the iuu
.A'Om 4' South Wa'er Street
3; Hhds- Mufcovid .Sugir.
White and brown Hava • uah.dit nirt h< *es
hart India do. in bags.
Welt India and C m-.try Hum.
100 Hhds. MolalTej.
Holland Gin
French and Spanish Brandy.
Pepper, Coffee, &c.
An nilt p. fa ni&th tf.
Charles Marlliall
No. 46, Cbdsnvt Street,
Per brig Liberty, crpt Hendcrfun, from Amlier
dam, arid other ariivi'p,
A q-ianrity i f the foilotrinp artirlrv which they
fell far cash, or the iifual credit—
Amimoti crui Ol Anifl
AWenica'.b Juaiper
Sac faturni >'u-eini \
Vitriol alb Riolii
Brrax Ci'jiphor
Opium CoccinneUy
Annctto Gum Benzoin
Merc Dulc Arabic
Troecip rub —— Myrrh
Corros sub Kino
S.ilC iu)ier j Marina flak
Rad gentian i | Com
FloSuljihur ! < i Liquorice ball
S<vcct <il 1 t,n Peru slav
Sem aniS ! jj Hub
Kheubarb J L
Ami b. fwtntitf tf
forolwre. forjeor it N w rrw<, pMmt.
medicine*, fce.—Mtdicifc <%A«. »nd of/titJjiir
ike cpunlrf) put up on moderate •crmi.
ij '• - *" •*":•:•
*or Sale,. .
THB following property Mongiiijt (b'ttie Trof
M***& ifc* Puq4[ provided for t|u
'HyitKß! Iql Rex
r tojl! J^axterecAtapf.
* • :jOI J Mo*4aj t/y GlirOct'cber inU-
Vthe Cily !
1 »f ii wiiaii tlar»if I
* ill' be. exfttffcd « PttHir
, .{Audipg ait «uiJ)*na VKich irf
*i>> i(i,or» fjij
fawre No }T3, » luti Hn fqnirr 974, yt Intt
IT'"* 1 '"•• 9^J" k Jf "*M i* Of fquit r
' K>i«t 19'kxun t»r lo
. y lo« ; io (yiara 1 c*ii, 7 101 l K ioyj. 4Mt
m 3 lot 1 iii '■•"1» •in
rtjyjrt $046, <f fct» in- t%Ju* ia
'ot*Al4'in vnriuii<4>irt> j Jin
turf ttcmr acinyifi fly Mr tVtiloiif
«a^^rT>fl*c^rf !► W{<&'
,eitX miln lio«n [he f Ofow»C);"W AilkH 1 IA.
'tamer it fqblre 4f: jTeCzqo Ijjlrcn,
tat'; <nd4« ItfctuufeuLhX) Sr«a■itOttm&dicHjt
: n«", ;Jkc.pusniAjsj[ .the 7a«TK"
in«. jfcbJS* fr»<P, r cpjti»<« f>daf£ >h(t.
hay loft jo f«jt I>T ji,' Mid » (Mttip. tfyiWdent'
«tir ilii oPinc Vi(UK"» the Jo*
nm i jr-fl*«tf, «jl* 139 feet 1 hifch
'of i«. gt'tht iwira. '■'
»• fe*tre*ti«k
rflif'£jrgig«ti. "."' '" •*■" ' '
" IIV ''tilkr'tiK* W4rrf>'-itt
WWt r"<lcqtls»tU b<i*ieebK-tNrr»m*ii>-
*>'• ttioVy * (<•«.-)(*«>,. ptfm—*
,B*t rhj, cj«Jir«jr,.iTi
«te>Tlfipvl*rn»f -*i IkVcF pig
ment of vhew l>j jof
.itK-lniltjci 4t lh« «fcrp#flx|;
Jiviitriirf r»ke
»*pk»qo«> U
die lor*l v v 4 fe ,crtlfi
■*nt« rrlnrbcd Ui t*wjjinc pryjwrtfen. ,
r- ■Htwvtfwtl.Ji ." 'j -.
Thelnfe W.F/aflcii |- - i
luhn Millet, jn». < | 7
ohp Aftrcf ' ,? r , ' / ;
' 1 %***
By C. P. Wavnk, No.
P 1! I I. A D R LP F;<lb/Lt- SVSM\*<V OCTOBER i;, 1800
Ma. ,v h ; 4 r „_
pi * uud'he pub! •; in v.. : c: j.I, tha* he intend%
tohcr , t hisnr-arafl :n!)'y room, No, 64, f« ui.h
Fourth "net.
Mr. Qjjefnet •- tr, the La 'ir>. :u> * Gen.
t'« mf.n, lor r.\; !;hct.:l c he* h""- rx
peiu.-nccv! < v, ry v as us !' r Come
time to raerr with a g -title-nan of whom the cha
r -v!V- ,v• 1 rait nt-, coul ! I'lircl t'yr-I.r r -I'IV-v-;
tlv confidence of the public •. deprived of fu ! a I
v \; ,Mr
v'.ivi • i r :X ':> ' r.i:n • r ... t u;♦ lUbir f|-i :\- f
• n 1 - i.h > ! c! ' e v -'{ o: ,• "?»ir \ in-re
liavi '•> 1 itr ).!i:co -Vir i* :io : , a« ;t: -.fliflant t >
hm. > a - er! •• of .Vuiiity, Jhe Ic'.c' I P.ia'l
1 •• ittepde 1 three tifoe* a Wc* k n« ufbal—La<he- in
r h 'rn '•".•7; yotn i ".t(e r -i> r' in rht :iltt r.n'joti ;
a:..! t»--.wn Gen'lern* r in the eve:-i?:g.
N. '■> • .')•! ' r'l pr ;G. 1 bah i" ] ri\ntc for the
. s, wi!i ff t- \'< vv »!*iys a'ter ti r <■* , nir.g ?>i riu.
fch. <>l ; v 1 rhehr't I: aI i will be nn J'huri.J:.y, the
1 sth 0:-lv.bcr next.
Mr. AURIC)!- lir.'iy arrived Pari-, re
fpeft uljy in!oros the f üblic in general, that hav
1 v- ' me tin e t"> dif;-.-)fw 01, t>v -v)!J .'.ttm i 1) rf
1 if - a'• Ocntl , wll -> wiih to be f;.ug t
* r;v 4r» r!, ir own huf <•
His are a' N< .32, f wth Third Uree*,
where direction* can be l. it witli his lady it he is
Out her r. th&ftf
, Of tie -Pittsburgh Glass Works,
HAVING procured a ftitlicitn.t number of
the moll approved European Glass N'ami
j fuJWers, and having on hand a largs (tock of
I thf Mntcriili, 0111 which their workmfnarc
! now fippidved, have the pieafure nj' aiVurinp
the pubi-ii', that window glaf»ot'a f:jpeiior qua
! lify and of any fiz?, from 7 bj 9, to x 8 hy 14
1 inchfs, earefully packed in boxes .containing
j 100 feet i-i h, may be had at the fborteff notice.
Glsfs ot larger fizti for other purpofo, may
i also be hj !, fnch as for piiHures, niach glafTc-i,
j 1 lock faces* icc. Hotties of ail kinds and of any
! 'pantity may also he had, together with pocket
| i;afkspic!: ingjarj, apothecary's Ihop furniture,
j .r other hultow ware—the whole 31 Itall 2; pel
cent, lowrr thin artijes of ihe fame quality
J ' rought h i.m any of tjie lea ports of the 5 'niteti
! '."tf:.. A liberal allowance will he made pt 7
ji-ik ol I.\yteqii4ntiti( s. OrtJtrsfrom merchants 1
j iid others will fee punilualiy attended to on ap- I
! plication tf» .J-IStES O'HARA -r I-\*AC
CRAf<5, drat the S'oreofMeffrs• PRATIJER
and SMILIE, in Maiket-Mreet, P tt/burgh, !
March 4, tu-htf.
Journeymen PrciTmen.
I t XT ANTE]) JwmeiHalaiy three or f)iir J >ll mc y
>' / -!; HRii ; th> je w!io <a \ brm:-•
1 ,>h}pu»ai>i- r< c T;dj- r .i< ir cf their beiMg hoc,!
" fltrncn.. ■;' , ->.» T'r-nc-t, r \ay fin 1 i&onftant
• ■ ployui: t the V-'v * ' v g office of
Ifdiah Thomas, jr.
'.Vtr-crVr.feptctr.beJ- 17.18.-0 (11)
( *
' •' /' j
I binding,
Prcri th- ftio r nmcr c.t r u n from Ham
■'"'■?• a -irfci,
* n invoice of j, bales
?!' r e,ilfre-H-h HritjnJj. (, p n <t 4 , which are
oj vd fcr cn
piper, or ><i hmtt for '.'.'eft-India produce.
Pritaniujii,. reil Vrerec'i, ' Beee-^'iHos
f Msd 7.* Bi ')»felJ Lißens
r:t l "i r « i.aees
Plattilliai.V r.ya>s fivinl Jtinds
l-.ftopi!la« -i 01 !• r v ri ? - p canters
„ ' ,mls an ! pint tumblers
Or»»s n la 'rHv.,;iing Cases
Chvckj Mo » ft 'i»rips» tteada, violins and .
fioj Aorr> of Pntieola
White Window Glass,
Ol ** firft <i,ulU r , rft 9 , Bby .0, 9by d,
'O by 1} and ttyttaMt,
Ol !jtr loip'Tration :
Eftofi.'l*.. Bi r.cadiMov, Quadruple Sdifias, Dow-
JJ*» C; t! *ri.'lJl fine Check.,
He. parchet, Flinders Bid '' icks, Tapes of all
drferipf.'.rs Co*er IWfJI,, Scythes, Decanters,
'II Tii«l> Trave'.lir.jf Calcs, Selling Wax,
Qnids and Demijohns,— "pply to
.oajhri- 6 diotwSte im. ■
This mori inj on the WifTa&ickon Rt.a' ;
CXec*. Mor.cco
CON I AIMING I'unriry paper? and letters,
of bo cuuftqusnc;-■wh-uever to any one but
t'le owner Whoever may have found the
iaine, and will return jt to the Pr:<:er of this
pap r, (ha!! handloijiely rewarded.
N.B.— !he .wners' name is mentioned on
10 :itr 1 s direifled to him.
OAoSer 8. d
Mary Beck,,;
RESPK-rFHLtY Frien* mrtthe
Public, that Ate totfendt u|>aoicjr Wr
5C H'K)L oa th* Oa«!>et; m Fifth' n*ar
Waluut Street, oppj(ftt the- T«fd,
wtcrc fte wilt ufof). t«a4 Wf po.
Ihe in I «'efur Utenhiiw. I4clt&<n|r «*ngraphy.
rlilrjnoT- , Writi»<, *«ery ac
(omplithment neteffuf t*f«aw* a cdi*{>ltle liberal 1
- < '• .
Yo«i:jr Ladiei mj)« • with
Boar I. Ac. in Che
NealiTtf. .(
»J*.O Btce'«Dr*«rw|a»| ( sig i9S \
will eommcucaar tfee Xama liof.
, fipumbcr m tu th* (ja r\fc, '
Dancing Academy.
Daily Advertiser.
ji South Front-fircet<'" —T'- -
Russia Sheeting,
rrr ens > pooling Diapsr, Cotton Velveir,
I hickfe(:« an-! Fancy Cerrfs, Printed Linen and
Lotton t anfl'-erchicfs, Silk Handkerchiefs, Sat
tins, P?lor»(T«j Modes and Persians, Callmian
; s, I '.ViMborei and 'kmbjzeen.Fineand coarse
f.-p s, jiibbons, Ferrets, Scotch Oz
naburp., Thr ad, at 7 and 64, coloured Threads
i 6' •' ! ' 1 ' •». 4 '-2 and c ib.
Pewter afTorted in casks, Tin, and has
jutt received by t e lata arrivals a general adorn
ment o) Woo lens.
10 mo. 8. fdiifaj
to wit ;
BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the tad day
oMuguft, in the ajthycir of'the Sndepaa
dence of tbcT'nixJ Sutn of Amrtiti, William
Voomc {BeokfeJlcr.) of the bid Diftria, hatb
depobrsd in thii Office, the title of • Book, the
right whereof he eiaimi Hfnpridm ) io the word*
fallowing, te wit. _
IN CONFORMITY to the aft-bf the Con
grelsof the United States.intitnled *' \p
Aft for the enceuragement of learning
[.eaj..] by f..-curing the copies of Maps, Charts
and Boi*!;y to the Authors and Propri
e'ors of such copies during the times
therein ment.oned "
Clerk of tbe Diitrict of PennsyUanij.
leptember iB *aw 4 iv.
District of Pennsylvania to wit :
BE it remembered thit on the Tenth day of
July iri the twenty fifth year of the Indepen
dence of tiic United States of America', Alexan
der Addiloa of the l'.id Dift-iift hath dep ifited
•n this office 'he title of a book the right where
of he claims as Author, in tho words following
to wit, " Reports of cases in tfee Count/ cour!s
of the Fifth Circuit and in the Hiyh Court of
Err >rs and appeals ofthe State of I ennfylvania,
•u»d.charges to Grand Juries of those Cour.ty
Courts. Hv Alexander Addifnn, Hrrfident of
the Courts of Common i'ieas of the Fifth Cir
cus of the State of Pc-nnlylvania."
In conformity to the aft of Corgrefsof the Uni
ted States ii* titled 11 An aft for the encouragement
oi learning hy fecurine the copies of map* ckarti
anl b iokj to the Authors and Propriety s of such
copies during the times therein mentioned."
nrered to Ittßuftcra. by Mr JbplW«A iookfrlkr.
'• -b l r -»j ~ ■- . J .
' HE commanding Officers of corps, de
tachrrients.pofis, garril'inj, and recruiting
parties, belonging t the military eftablilhment
"f the United State', .ire to report to, and
receirc orders fmm Brigadier General Wil-
L .iw(t:n, in the City <-t Wafhingtwn,. and all
officers on furlough .re to report themselves to
the fmie offic:r with all poffi'tie difpatth.
Secretary of War.
•£?" Ag Printers wihi/i the United Slates
who have pubiifherj invitations for contraflsof
the 13th or March last are reqiicfted to insert
the i~avt in their refpeilive pipers,-once a
week for twi months.
To be Sold
THAT Handfjme and healthy COUNTRY
SKAT, ct 1 c'! Laurel Lodge, the late
J r?fide-tee of Thomja Riutu', Eiq. fi.mte in
j Poms G ov*, M mgomery County, 'hirty-l'x
( roil« froth Philadelphia, atoowt 106
twenty ©t u'l.ich a.e ptirce WffoJU
fift ;u -xc -il -fit w iterc'i fti£a<ioW, the rciHuc
divided in n vole 1 t9. On the pvemiles are a
hrgt !)a::dr.nneßrick H-ufe ami adj< ini- gbgild
>Hg4» contains two parlours, a targe dining
ro. : m, and a ii;!l, twelve feet wide, by f..rtv
lo:;/, a large ki l.en, house with a pump
" : • c <•'" •• t V at>ri.» it, fix !.an il'otne chamW ».
two li .rt .01:, v, son- j'jr.-rt chatn.'vrt pla>fieml
a doublelpiii'p house, with a (Tin ke ' oufs ovu
'lie fame, wiilonli'M' yards ofthe kitchen—The
spring, in t!:e dritft fcafon :,c>t. k-.own t . low
ei i!) Ills lea':, and from which the meadow is
watered ; a garden containing about one acre,
li cited »i ll the molt delicious fruits, Rich as
pradics, y'uml s, cherrbi, pe.-rs rafb.-ri ies. &c.
leveral aij)'ragu> beds in great prrfertion Alio,
a young bcaring appletree orchard, inntairmi.'
fietit parts of the 17niied States, a conveni
ent barf? with i threfning floor, with couuriodi
rHis llabling for h-'ries and c us, carriage ant
bouses, grain room, &c. A.'so, f'-ind-y nut build
ings, Cor.fiftir,g oi a iart;e frame p 1111ry htjuf
and corncrib, f<c. Alio, a tenant's hiu:fe, g»r
cen and flab!-, and a pjrnp of excellent wjte
! l, r fnmii'in ol Pc!ts Grove is rentirk
heslthy, rei-marly lup.lird will CiitehcrVu
n'l pnnltr? in ionndaiy". to K-e p ;rc!; 11t '
low i ate, and t'e Sc 1 uv ic'l affords .1 ;<I -r.i•.'
si- ply of rxre'lc: ft!h T-vo prilt ini;. i>.
! rear of ilie to'vn. Perhaps fe** efrtiftt'r 1 ' to'.v?
or ba\e mor> I. .I adyirityrei tftJn Pot(
Grove. The several pij.-e<- puM:r .»,-r Tsip
ilie fllubrity ol tW ail-, rcntr.l j;,»:
ch#jpnef« ot living, are am nj the !ew
t*.; « it pofl'i if s.
Any per son wifllinaf to view t'e prrniC's,
will plcafe t> a; ply 10 Mr, Win. OTTS,
in slid for teinii io tile itlbfcria
Sept. 19 iawtf.
1*• •»
and f<jU J\I,U BY
EBENF.ZER large,
\ 9-5] wide
■' Essay on Political Society."
D. C .Li)Wr.U„
> V
e . 4*gvtt 4(6, igco.
To Printers.
t i ED—in Exchange,
/ of. Pr; ms r, welching 6
II , or '° '!' or "" w - r -i>» a Fount of
wig.h'Wr 400 lbs. or upwards..
revention better than Cure.
For the f rever.i.'j/i end cure of Eittovs and
Atjlignani Fetert, is recvKmencled,
Dn. HAHN's
■dnti-Uilious Pills,
WHICH hive been attended with a dtgree
» v of fttCCff. hiuJj'y grateful to the inven
tor s feelings, m feyeral parts of the Weft In
dies,and the fgnthern parts of the United Stares
paiticularly in Baltimore, Prterlburg, Rich,
iriond, Norfolk, Hdenton, ilrr
ion, Savannah. &c. * lie tcftimony of a ntitri
ber of periods in eacfi o'f the above places can b£
adduced, who ha<e reason tp believe that a
tireely use of th sfalutary remedy, has, under
Providence, preserved their lives when in the
mou alarmipg circHmftance9.
Fails of nature jeak more in
j favour of a rriccfic;ije»tban cnliunns of pompout
: eulogy, founded on mere afiVrti n, could do.
it s n * indee I yreiumptuoufly proposed
.in infallible cure, hut the inventor has every
poflib.e rcafon, which cati result from extensive
experience for believing thit a dofeefthefe pills
taken orce ev ry ivo weeks during the preva
lence of or annual ! iliot.s fevers, will prove an
infallible prevents ive ; zr.ri further, that in the
earlier fta,/<3 of tJ.ofe diseases, their use wits
very generally fucceerl in refloring health and
frequently in cases ef!e;med dtfperate aRd bey
ct:-' the power of common remedies.
1 he operation o: these pHls is perfe<SHy mild
and may be Ui' u d with fafety by perfjnain every
titration a< !of every age.
They are excellently adapted to carry off fa. ;
perfltious bile and prevent it*'morbid fecretionj';
to rcftore and amend the appetite ; to product
a free perfpiratJcn and thereby prevent
which are often of fatal consequence. A dtfe
fails to remove a cold if tjken on its firft
appearance. They are celebrated r r removing
habitual coftivenefs, ficknef- £ the ftaneicfc an*!
severe head-a-he, asd ought to be taken by all
persons on a change of climate.
1 hey have been .ouud remarkably efficacious
in preventing and cur : -g most disorders attend
atff on long voyages, arni should be procured
and carefully prcferved for use by every feamai/.
Dit. HAKN's
Genuine Rye-water.
| A certain .mrt fafc reniejy for ali dftafa of the
j eyo, whct.Vr thr- , foil of nasllr.ll we .knef., or of
I acciikut, fjerdily removing infia:iai»ii.nor's, de»
I fl»xion» of rheum, iullncf., itching, a.,d films in
; the eyes. never failing to cure -hofc maladies which
\ frequently faccecd th- small yox, an'] fe
vers, and womler'nl!y a weak fight.
lit virtues
Thoonly remedy yet discovered whichgivesim
mediate and tailing relief in the mo!! severe in
fiances. . <
The Anodyne Elixir,\
For thr cure of every kind sfheid-attc.and of
pains in the face and neck.
Injalhble Ague and Fever Drops.
i h's medicine has never hMi(4, in rr.iiny thou
sand cases not one in a hundred Tias nccafion to
take more than pne bottle, ami mincers not halt
1 bottle, 'j he money will be returned iftfee cure
s not performed*
SOLD, BY Wit. V I, |
No. 17, South Second Street,
And 11 a where elsH, in Philadelphia.
V. r.CT' alfrt may be I'.ad, Dr. Hamilton's Worm
."toftfoying I.ozcng«<, hi* Sovereign Elixir for
cough*, icc. Restorative Dr» ( % Jjffeuce and Ex
cf Muftcrd, Ointment for the Itch,
Dr. Hahn's intallif-le fierman Corn Vlaifier, Inl '
dian Vegetable Kj cific for the Vfcftereal com
t'l'jirit) Gowlmd 8 a lid Ptrfisn Lotion, Re^orative
41, Chefn'ut Street,
General Wa/hingtdfs.
Mimt c i t«)c Fit ft Prsibytcrian Congregation
* f r. Chaulroti's Oration will be publifiied
ON Satnrdiy the 7.3 ] AOguft. rin away from
the fubferiber, living in H.rrifburgh, an
uGnefjk named Ber.ja-
I min Murr'fcn, a li> ; ol about to y:ari j?[ age,
'''/ J 1.-nail of ft at 1. re and very \a 111 .rt'kir and of
j a foiling countenance—Had on an!i took "with
' j him a calico coitef, a pair rf trowfart si nearly
•! j the fame, a pair of CTtmon nankeen (jitto, an \ a
':t I homefpßn ly« calnurec l ftri; ed ditto, aid a Ih.-rc
- i jeektt of the f«m°, with a -isw hat—.l,l perfcnt
I are forhid harb luring said apprentice at their
-cril. Reasonable charg - Will be p i 1 for feca
rin£ the boy, so that his Jiiay t'et him
John v. y;-:th.
Karrifburgh, ?ept. I
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he United States-,
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