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NEW YORK, Oftofeer 4.
Prom Glasgow papers to the Thirtieth of
August, received by the Brandy mine,
Miller, 31 days from Greenock.
The Court of Pet-rfliurg. letters from
Hamburgh fay, is very much dlffatisfied
with the conduit of the French in the l)ut
chy of Wirtembc g, and attaches more im
portance to it thin even to the poffeflion ol
Malta ; while P-rufiia 12 alarmed at the con
quests of the Frenph 111 Germany, and dis
pleased at their treatment of the Elector of
Bavaria. Therefore one of two things mult
happen, either Buonaparte mutt make a mo
derate peace, or if his ambition induce him
to continue .the war, it will be more dread
ful than ever next spring.
' The French mini Iter Baurg,*(ng, set out
from Hamburgh to Copenhagen on the 17th,
in order to be present during Lord Whu-
Worth's Oegociauon.
An article from Copenhagen, dated Au
gult 11, faysy " Lord Whitworth is arrived
from Elli neur.
. " Before his arrival, our government sent
off dispatches to Peterfburgh by a courier,
who proceeded i* the greatest bade through
Sweden, and duplicates of them were also
sent off by a I'witt failing schooner.
*' Orders were given on the 9th., to get
ready for sea 6 more (hips of the line.
Suspend Intercourse wi'b Brttair.,
Count Bernftoff, the Dinilli Secretary of
State, had a .long conference with the Bri
ti(h and Ruffian charge d'affaires on the 9th,
and immediately after a report prevailed,
that our agent Mr. Murray was about to
jeturn to Britain. Certain it is, that an
order was issued to suspend all intercourse
. *ith Great-Britain, and the several outward
bouud yeffcij were directed to wait tor far
ther inftrudtioni.
London paper of August 25.
We undcrftand that government received
difoatches yeftirday from Vienna, dited the
sth itift. containing the answer of the Chief
Consul to the dii JAtches which the Aultrun
Government alter the receipt of the d<-ter
nifnation of the Court of London, transmit
ted to Paris, In this answer, Buonaparte,
4ias expressed a willingness t<* treat with
Great-Britain and Aullria jointly. Upon
these d'fpatches a Cabinet Council was held,
and it is probable that a negcciation bet
wren the three powers may take place imme
Accord : ng to the advices received yeftcr,
day, by Mr. Baffico, tlir Mi-flenger, who
brought dispatches from Canft.intinopltf, as
well as Vi-'nlia, there is reason to believe
that Gen Kleber was dlurdered, as has been
before reported. ibid.
Piris papers to the *id instant, were re
ceived in London on Monday. The only
ad of importance which they contain, iv the
return to. Varis of Duroc from Vienna.—
Nothing has tranfpiffd of the nature
of the answer he has brought, hut the
French fußds having fallen eonfiderably af
ter his arrival, it is conje&ured to te un
favourable to peace. It is f.tid that cur
'■Government is in possession of the arfwer
f«nt to Buonaparte. Ciasgotu Courier.
PARIS, August >9.
TTie re*s from the North of Germany,
*nd the brft informed Journals in
ter, Hate that the Ri.ffuns are approaching
more ai»d more towards the AnArian frorh
tiers. The army which is now at Brezeck
and on the banks of the Vistula, confiils ot
four grand divilionj, each of men, of
wh ch a third are cavalry. The ft is com
manded by General Lal'cy ; the fi'cond by
General Reminder ; the third by General
Soltikow, and the fourth by Korfakoff.
Prince Pancration is finally appointed Com
mander in Chief of all thel'e forces. Betides
this army, a second is forming in Lithua
nia, and o»|the shores of tlie Baltic. At the
fame time it is nowcertain that the bed in
telligence prevails between the two JmperiaJ
Courts, and that Ruflia t»kes the moll livelv
intered in the com luCiong «f the war, ana
in the future destiny of the Empire.
Journal du Deb ts oj tbe 29 Thermid r.
At the opening of the campaign the effec
tive forces of Austria amounted to 380,000
men. They are not now 300,000, in spite
of the recruits they have received. Deser
tion is very prevalent ; more than u.ooode
ferters have gone to Prussia to offer their
services. j ■'
The c*traordinary levy of horses has al
ready produced above 42,000, though 40,000
v «s the number originally propefed.
The Senate of Hamburgh has implored
the mediation of the King of Prussia on the
fubjett of the .arrest of authors of the Cen
sor, as they did in the dafe of Napper Tan
dy. The King snfwered, that the point
did not concern the armed neutrality, and
he -would not interfere.
General Berthier left P..ris for Madiid
this morning. His mission is said to be ot
great importance to both countries.
The greatest aftivity is employed in demo
ljthing the entile of Milan, and the fortifica
tions of Turin, Ceva, Coni, and Tortona.
August 21.
Though there is no rumour unfavourable
to peace circulated in this city, yet the
Tiers Confolide fell yeflerdav with a remar
kable declention. We are not fiifficiently
acquainted with the myfterie* of the flock
jobbers to account for this fall. It is pro-
bably owing only to thisy th it some finan- ]
clefs htvitig fixed iu their own head the da;
on which a peace was to be ligned, and
having nrJ&e their bargains »tf consequence,
the ntieliicy of fulfilling their engagements
nude them fell and in this way redu
ced the funds, by nuking the number of
f-llers greater than that of t*he buyers.
DUROC's return.
Citiien Duroc arrived yelterday at half
palt five"o'clock from Vienna ; not finding
Buonaparte at the Consular palace, be in- i
ilantly changed his horses and carriagi, and
frt off for. Malmaifon. Nothing is known
of the fnccefs of his million, but his courier
being interrogated by some curious perfotis,
replied as he went along, " Good news !
Good new? !"
Citizen l3uroc, chief of brigade, aid de
camp 10 the firft Co.iful, returned to Paris
yelterday morning.
£ Journal ties Defcnfeurs de la Felrie.
Citiien Duroc, aid du camp to the firft
Consul, charged some time since with a
mission to the cburt of Vienna, arrived
y«lterday morning at fix o clock. He
could not pass the head quarters of General
Kray, whertt lie was obliged to wait the an
swer of the court of Berlin, which did not
arrive till the end of ten days. Nothing
yet transpires 'concerning the refttlt of his
[Journal du Dcbalt.
It was yesterday morning expefted that
the funds would experience some deprefiion,
because it was the day of transfer for the
(bares fold at the exchequer on the 29th,
but the fall of these funds was coniiderable,
and every one was eager to inquire into the
cause of if A variety of rumours were set
afloat, which all appeared to be without
foundation. Such as the arrival of l?uroc,
who brought an account of the rupture of
the negociation, the departure of the profTi
an min ster, &c. <Scc, The only ptobable
cause, however, of this powerful re aftios,
is the indiscretion of those who buy up thtfe
funds, without having the faeans of makit.g
good their payments, and are therefore obli
ged to fell out at any rate they can get ;
while others multiply their offers to buy at
the moment of the fall, to which they them
selves contrive to give occasion. The whole
I is only a flock jobbing trick.
The Hambutgh mail which .arrived on
Saturday, brought letters and papers from
India, which contain' the intcrefting intel
ligence that a ca fpiracy has been dif over
ed at Malacca, which had for its objedl the
delivery of that fettlecnent to the republi
cans. The plan had been arranged by the
goven merit of Batavia, whence a commu
nication had been for fomc time carried on
with the Dutch refidentsat Malacca Mr.
Terms, f rmerly firlt in ccuncil. has been
sent to Madrafs by the (ia java, as has
Mr Ruddv, ch- Fiscal hy the Eliza, those
persons appeari' g to have been principally
adtive in the plot.
We lament to have to (late, that the
Lnrd Clive, in her paflage from Canton,
which (he left on the sth of November, fell
I in with, and on the 20lh of December was
' captured off Cheduba by the Con(lance
French privateer. of 26 bras« 12 pounders
and 150 men. The Lord Clive had on
board a cargo worth 80,000 dollars.
Sir Alan Gardner is appointed C mman
der in chief on the Irish station, in the room
' of Admiral Kingfmill
A circumstance novel in the service has
taken place n the appointments to the (hips
captured during the expedition to Holland,
where, though the officers are British, and
receive their commiflions through the accus
tomed channels, the usual phrafrology of
" bis Majesty'- (hip " gives place t» the
worrii " Dutch (hip taken at the HelJer "
Since the Channel Fleet has b en under
the command of Lord St Vincent, the Road
of Bred has never been so completely block
aded. We are informed by ".he lad dispatch
«s, that Irom the month of May not a An
gle vessel laden with provilions has entered
that port. Yet Brelt, situated at the ex
tremity of Brittany, a fertile province, and
in the mod barren part of it, can only pro
cure provisions by lea. We find in confe
queuce, that the created scarcity prevails
there, both in the town and on >. oard th«
(h ps, t' e crews of which are in want ol
tvety -thing, especially wine and bran
Monficur and his Suite, with the Duke o:
Eourbon, and a large party of the French >
• NoblefTe, dined on aturday with the Earl j r
■ »f Liverpool, at his feat near Croydon.
i Cronberg the place which Admiral Dick-. ( f
; foo is supposed to ; ttack, is a forirefs in , t
Denmark in the island of Zealand, near El- 1
fineur, which guards the p;.flage to the c
Sound. In this fortrefs is a Royal Palace, 1 t
ill which the late unfortuna'e Queen Matil- j
da, filler to his Britannic Majetly, was im- 1
prisoned till (he was permitted to return to j
Zell. About half a milt from this is a j
Garden, calle 1 Hamlet's Garden, said by j
tradition to be the spot where the murder j
of his father was perpetrated. Frederick ,
11, King of Denmark conflru&ed Cron- ,
beig in 1577, and fortified it (Irongly. It
is fifteen miUs from Copenhagen, near the ,
town of Eliineur, and is the betl defence of
the country, whether against those who
would attack it on the fide of the ocean, or
within the Baltic Sea- It is here thu the
duties of the Sound are levied for the King
of Denmark. It has been taken by the
Swedes more than once. ,
August 27. j
This morning were received Paris papers
till the 24th initant, which were obtained
by a Gravefend paflage veflel that arrived at
Dover on Monday night. A paper of the
23d mentions the intended jcurney of the
&ing of Prussia into Silefra. On the sub-
Lon. pap..4"S• 2 7*
LONDON', August 2j.
of peace, we Sni but one j&ragraph in the
Clef du Cabinet, " It is fid (lays this
Journal") that the preliminaries of peace are
signed ; and among other articles, one is
quoted, which dated that the Belligerent
powers (hall remain mailers in Italy of their
mutuil conqucfts."
A young Frenchman, at Ma Irid, private
secretary to the French AtribalTadtir, haß
been fantenc d to ten years banilhment to
the Philippine Islands, on the charge of
iqfanity, he having lately elig iled a plan for
a revolu ion, which he tra:iftnitted to Mr-
Urquijo, wilh an appointment to meet him
alone, a d at midnight, upon the Parade;
but instead of the answer expe&ed, he was
there feize;d by . the officers of the police
We are happy to un'erftmd the heavy
rains which have sal en during the last few
days have nearly extingufihed the fire which
has done so mnch dainage to Radnor forelt
and it neighbourhood;
Yefte day, the Mailer 4nd Wardens of
Company of Bakers waited upon the Lord
May< r at the Mansion Houle, to set the
nffize of bread.* and it appearing* spon the
examination of the Mealweigher's returns,
that Wheat had fallen 17s. 4-d. per quarter
fincelalt return, but flour having risen Bs.
jd. per sack, his Lordihip after arguing
with tbc Company some time, found he was
u<>der the painful necessity, agreeably to
the aft of Parliameut, ef railing the bread
two affixes, or fofltpence in the peck loaf—
to commence to morrow. The quartern
loaf will then be fold for one (hilling and one
penny halfpenny.
August 23.
The Hamburgh mail due on Wednesday
arrived this morning. By it we learn the
arrival of Lord Whitworth at the place of
his destination. This intelligence is con
tained in the following letter :
Extradl of a letter from Elfineur, August
•' On the 10th, in the evening, his ma
jesty's (hip Andromeda, J. Bradby, Esq.
commander, with Lord Whitworth, and
Mr. Drummo;id, the future Charge d'Af
fairs at Copenhagen, on board, arrived a
little below the Castle, No doubt is enter
tained here, that every misunderstanding.
on account of the capture of the Danilh
vefltls, will soon be adjulted id an amicable
Ihe mail brings us advices from Vienna
of the 6th, the fame date as that of the dis
patches which government received by the
last mail. Count St. Julien and citizen Du
roc have arrived there : but thi» event,
from the manner in which the article speaks
of it. does not appear to have happened m».
Ny hours. On the fubjeit of negociations
we are not iurnifhed with any new light
. The report of the death of Klebcr, by
the hands of an Arab, is icpeated, as a
report from Conll niinople, but with ex
prcfßons of doubt as to iti truth.
Buonaparte, we learn from Rome, is
negociaiing with -lie Pope for a restoration
'of the Cattiolic religion in France. It i'
difficult to fay what could be the necessity
for ncgociaung on such a iubj-ft. Ihe
fame article adds, that it is the intention
of Buonaparte to march a force through
the EccleSatlical States against the kingdom
of Naples. Thi would be the lame error
by which the Directory lolt Italy in '99-
War is not carried on with impunity at the
fame moment, on the Lake of Gaida and
at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.
Thre morning a mail whs received in town
from Lisbon, dated 3d August, brought to
Falmouth in the King George Packet, capt.
The King George Packet, failed from Lif- j
bon on the 4th instant, and arrived at Fal
mouth on the loth.
Paflenge<s by this Packet are, Le Cheva
lier de Aiglee, the Sardinian Envoy, capt.
O'Keefe, lieuc. Plant and lieut. Dunbar,
both of the 35th regiment of foot, Mr.
Hunt, Mr. Webber, Mr. Vindrimnti,
Mr. Foster, Mr. Orr, Mr. Harrifon, Mr.
J age, and Mr. Brown, a Portuguese Mel
The intelligence which this mailings
1 is of considerable importance.
Extraft of a private letter from Lisbon, re
ccid by the Mail this morning.
Lisbon, August 2.
« I,aft week an exprels arrived in great
fpced from M idrid, and a Council of State I
was immediately called ; finee then two other
expieffes hate arrived ; and there have been
many Councils held. Orders have been if
l'ued to press every person that could be laid
hold of for the army and navy. The fr«n
tiers have been dircdled to be htld in readi
ness for defence ; and the Packet has been
detained till to-mori-ow to fend the result of
the Councils to England.
To guard against incidents, the other pac
: ket is to fail on Thursday next, with du
plicates., You will alk, why alt this con
! tufion ? I am going to tell you j Buona
parte has sent propositions of peace to this
goverhmefit> which ar< laid to be a demand
of ten millions of Crui'ades (about 2s. 6d.)
each ; that the port ffcould be open to the
French, and tliat they Ibould be here upon
equal privileges with the mod favoured na
tions. He gives sixty days for a definitive j
answer. after which none will be excepted ;
and threatens, in cafe of refufal, to march
60,000 men into Portugal. He concludes
by faying, " You know me well enough to
be fare that I never fay any thing I do not
jocrform." If England agrees to these re-
J| quifitionf, we may go 011 pretty well, but
J 011 her determination depends everything.
" The troops under the cammand of Sir
Ralph Abercrombie left Minorca fonie time
last month.
It is said that the blockade of Genoa will
be raised for the benefit of Commerce.
Price Current at London, August 26.
Coffee, fnir, cwt 71. 4s to 8. 25.
Good, do 71. to *1 ) 3<.
'Middling, do. 61. 6s. to 61. 195.
Ordinary, do. 51. 101. to 61. js.
Wheat , qr. 51. to 51. 18s.
Foreign, do. 4I 6s. to 5.
Barley, do. il to 15s. to 21.
Foreign, do. 14s. to il. 10:.
Oats, do. tßs to il. 10s.
Foreign, do Bs. to 11. Bs.
Rye, do uncertain
Cotton, Surrinam, lb. 2 1 id. to 3s. 21.
St. Domingo, do 2s. 6d. to 2s. tod.
Demerara,do 2S. 8.1. to2sloJ.
Jamaica, do 2s id. to2sd.
Georgia Sc S.C.trolinado is 2s tod
Bourbon, do 2s udto ji. id.
Flour, iuperfine, sack, 41. to 4L ss.
Second, do 31. 12s to jt. 17s.
Fuftie, ton, 151 15s. to 171.
Tobage,do I7UO i§l.
Indigo, Carolina Copperj lb 3s iod. to 4s 6d
Cop. pur, blue, do 3s to 3s 6d.
Iron, American, uncertain
Rullia, assorted none,
Oil, Linseed, ton, 52! to 531.
Saffafias, cwt. il 5s to il 7s
Staves, American, pipe, per 1200, 221 to 2 61.
hhd. 151 to 201.
bbl. 9I 9s to ill Us.
Sugar, Antigua, cwt. 2I 19s to 41.
Barbadoes, Mafcovado,-'do2l. 19s to 41.
Dominion, do 2! 19s to 41.
Jamaica, do 2l 19. to 41.
Tar, American, bbl. il 6s. 61 to il 7s 6d.
Timber, Americas, Oak, L jl 10s to to 7I 15.
. Plank, do 7I 1 os to 81 Ics
Pine, do 4I 5s to 4I 12s.
Plank,doi)l xosto izl 12.
Tobacco, Maryland yellow, Id, to
Mid. Brong, do 8d to 9 I.
Long Leaf, do 6d to 6-|d
Virginia York R ver, 4}d to 8d
James River, do 4s! to 7d
Strip Leaf, (j-J'l to ild
Rappahandot, to 6d
Carolina, to
S uih Potomac, to ssd
Georgia, 31 to 5 _d.
Price of Grain, Maritime, London, Aug. 1
Wheat from 90s to 118s per quarter ;
Bir!'y 25s to 401 ; Mai; 50s to 70 { Pease
4">s to 54s ; Oats 163 to 33s ; Flour 85s to
90s per sick ; American Flour 61 s to 63s
per fearrei of 196 lbs.
There was hardly any supply of Eiiglilli
wheat to-day, but several arrivals of foreign.
The weather having been very wet and un
favourable for the harvest for several days,
wit)' the appearance of continued rain, has
alarmed the buyers a good deal, and has
caused an advance -of -from 5s to 10s per
quarter on inferior qu 1 ties of Wheat, and
of 10s to 15s on fine, Flour very fc iree
and farther advance i. - Oats best farts ad
vanced 3s per quarter, and is to zson infe
rior. • - -
August 27-
His Excellency Vice Admiral Raini
er arrived at Bombay the Bth February
on board the Suffolk of 74 gun's, when
Rear Admiral Blanket, who had his
flag on board the Centurion of 50 guns,
Quted with 17 guns, and on the Admi
ral in Chief anchoring he was saluted
by the garrison. On the ioththe Ad
miral landed under military honors.
Sir Alan Gardner is appointed com
mander in chief on the Iriili station, in
the room of Admiral Kingfmill.
A circumstance novel in the service
has taken place in the appointments to
the (hips captured during the expediti
on to Holland, where, though the offi
cers are Britilh, and receive their com
miilions through the accustomed chanels
the usual phral'eology of " his majesty's
{hip," gives place to the words " Dutch
(hip taken at the Helder."
Since the Channel fleet has been un
der the command of Lord St. Vincent,
the Road of Bred has never been focom
pletely blockaded. We are informed
by the last dilpatches, that from the
month of May not a single vefiel laden
with provisions has entered that port.
Yet Brest, situated at the extremity of
Brittany, a sterile province, and in the
moll barren part of it, can only pro
cure provisions by sea. We findincon
fequence, that the greatest scarcity pre
vails there, both in the town and on
board the ships, the crews of which are
in want of every thing, especially wine
I and brandy.
The Portuguefc government have,
we understand, imposed a duty on wines
th.e produce'of that kingdom, for the
purpose of paying the interest of the
paper currency of the State, and for
gradually liquidating this debt, which
at present greatly embarraffes'the mer
cantile operations of the country. The
amount of the duty is not mentioned.
Monsieur and his suite, with the duke
of Bourbon, and a large party of the
French noblefle, dined on Saturday with
the Earl of Liverpool, at his feat near
The following articles of the Treaty
of commerce between Great Britain and
Denmark, relate to the present iubject
supposed to be in dispute : " Art. 3d.
The undersigned Sovereigns engage mu- s
tually for themselves, their heirs and
successors, not to furni(h their refpee
tive enemies, if they thould be agrefs
ors, with any assistance in war, such as
soldiers, arms, cannons, (hips, or other
articles necessary to the carrying on of
war. If the fubje£ts of either of the
undersigned Sovereigns shall a<ft in con
travention with the present article, the
| King, whose fubjefts (hall so a£V, shall
be bound to proceed againfl them with
the greatest severity, and to treat them
as seditious persons, and persons guilty
of an infraction of the alliance. Art. 20,
And in order to prevent the freedom
of navigation, and the free of
either ally and his fubjedts, from be
coming prejudicial to the other in cafe
of war,, on the part of one of the Under
fined Sovereigns against any other pow
er by sea or land •, and in order to pre
vent any goods or merchandizes, the
property of the enemy, from being frau
dulently concealed under pretence of
alliance -, and finally, in order to pre
vent all suspicion, it is thought fit that
the Ihips, merchandize, and subjects
belonging to the other confederate, ihall
be accompanied by passports and.certi
ficates in the following form, &q.
It is hardly necessary to observe, that
the requisition of theft passports and
certificates includes a right to'fearcn far
them, if such right Svere not fully re
cognized to be'part of-the .general law
of nations.
FALVOUTH, Augoft 24.
. The Lady Ii bart Packet, Captain
N cholfon, i» appointed to take <ut .the
Mai s of next month for Jamaica Barbad es,
and Martinrco. '-he is expefted to fail
a'K«ut the 7th of September, as will alio
Miry packet, capt. Thompson, for
PLYMOUTH. August 25.
This morning < number o! French prif.
oners to the amount of about 300 wer« ta~.
ken from the prison at this, .place, to be
remov«d to the prison at Bristol ; amongf,.
whi m, a Lieutenaut, late of Jus Majesty's
(hip Danae, ef 24 gu<s, rrcogni/ed an old
acqu intance that belonged to the ihip at
the time ftw was carried into Brett by.(be... §&
of <b jtn*i M ' < kich
■a Kill it ill ft«ted »h»t th.'t ■MATCUMfI'
live ritfg'tider, »mJ ite jafam tWo-fceWa
pi&ol to ihe b«*» of Lord Pfoby tlx C<**«
minder : b« w«i .isMMdiirtdy' t»k<« i*»>
caftodj. aftd &tart4.4i>4d«c«itot 4r(tflbe
cb»rge«l!«ijtd agtfiiifcbiarlM «*
Gocrnjcy ih^
Frcqch Uogo gc,, xpAj tfyaffr.
.iolU ..
HULL, August u. 1
The fle<t'no'w reaSy at this puri for the
Baltic, and which has been detained for
some "time by order of the Lords of the d
mirality has received pi*rmiflion to proceed
on the voyage ; and will fai froft) heoce on
Wednefday,'under convoy of the Prince'
William armed Ihip, Capt.'Richbcll.
MILAN, Augujl 2.
On the 30th of July, a rtquifition of
beds and other tjiingswas sent to many hou
ses for the use of the French and Cisalpine
officers qu rtered in the pablic buildings.
On the r.ext day. feve a) hundrea French
soldiers were lent to enforce military vxecur
tion agai- ft ihofe merchants that refused to
contribute_ their part of the forced loan.
These to whom they were fe»t were obliged
to pay five soldiers each 30 soldi for the r
firft hour, 60 for the second, 120 'or the
third and thus in arithmetical progrtffion r
for taeh fuccedii g h ur till the sum requi
red was paid On the 27th of July, the
minitter plenipotentiary from the Rtng of
Spain to the Cisalpine Republic the Che
valier Blalic dt Oroflco who continued to
a flume that title even after the late aboliti
tion of that Repub ic, gave in hi* credenti
als, having been appointed in the fame ca
pacity to the United States of America.
The miniller on this occasion addressed a
discourse to the President of the commiffiou
«f Government.
ERLANGEN, August in
Several of ihe Gazettes of the Empire
have publifhtd, for the amufiment of the
public, a new plan of preliminaries of
peace, which confifti of no less than thirty
one aflicles. According to these. three
new Republics, will be ere&ed in Italy, to
be called the Cisalpine, the Cifpadane, and
the Piedmontefe, which are afterwards to he
consolidated into one. To the King of
Sardinia is to be a£fii>ned a penfioi of half a
million of livrts. The Helvetic Republic
is to a new Coi ftitufio , accord
ing to die preliminaries, which are evidently
the invention of a romantic faiicy.
AUGSBURG, A'uguft %2. ,
Moreau, on receiving fonv* d f
pStchcs-brought him lall Friday by a Cou
rier, who proceeded on wards 'to Vienr.p,
exprefled himfelt highly falisfied, »»d said
" there is no doubt of peace ; the dispatch
es which Buonaparte hns fcr.t to Vmr.a
will enab'e tie House of Auiiiie to tjgn a
peace without England."
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