Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, October 04, 1800, Image 1

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    NuMnnit 2503.}
Tbe price of this Gazette is Eight
Dollars per annum to Subscribers residing
"t tbe city of Philadelphia. All others pay
en e Dollar additional, for enclosing and di
recting 1 and unless*.wme person in this city
miill become answerable for the subscription %
it must be paid Six Months in Advance.
._*«* No Subscription will be received far
m shorter term than six months.
December 1 J 799.
From Siptember 30 —to OflAtr J.
Taefday .
IUM 1 aiaaa tan
" * 49
6 *l—s 48
• ♦ 14——J 46
. 6 »*-—J 4f
- t>
6 ij j 4}
0 19 j 41
WUMffcy .
.llurfdlT •
Warday , -■
hiiJay • ■
Charles Marftiall
No. 46, Cbennut Street.
Per brig liberty, capt Hcudcrfm, from Amfter-
4aM« a*d ttk-i arrnrtia,
-A j of the ft>'l«'winf articles thejr
fell fur caih, or theufual credit—
Antitaon crud Ol Anifi
Arsenic alb Juniper
Sac taturni Puccini
1 Vitriol alb Rholii
Mere .'lulc
PrtEcip rub
Gorros sub
Sal G auber n fMannafiik
Rad gentian j jj? | Com
Flo Sulphur L< J Liquorice ball
'Sweet oil r - j Cort Peru fiar
Sem anifi I rr I Rub
Rheubatb J — L
And a quantity qjf'
Shop furniture, surgeon* iaftruments, patent
medicines, Ac.—Medicine che&s, aod brdcri from
the country, put up on moderate terms.
■ fcptemlur 13 wf« jw
Marshal's Sale.
Pennsylvania District. ) '
BY virtue of a writ of venditioea exponas to
me directed, iffutd "ut of the Circoi'. Court ps
the United States in and for the Pennfylvjnii Dif
tri&, will be rxpofed to public sale, «r the Mer
chant's Coffee House in the city ot Philadelphia,
on Monday the 6th day of Oilvker next, at la
o'clock, at door—all the right, etlat and intrreft
of William Cannon and Joftua Cannon, «i, in and
to two third partt of 117 acres of laud, firuate on
Chart's* creek, in Wafhingt n county, on which
is ercileil a merchant mill, few mill and other im
Alfh, —a Lot of one acre and three fourths, in
Connonfburgh, on which is trcdled a three story
ftonfc dwelling houfc, &c Siix«d and taken in
execution and to b« as the property of William
Cannon and Jolhua Cannon the younger, by
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Ma'tbal's Office, 1
September 20, 1800. j
For Sale,
YINO« '» above
Market Street, burthen 70 ton*, supposed te he
a remarkable fad failing veflel, ai<d may
ted for lea in a few days. Inventory to he fetn
and terms of sale known by applying to the fub
JVo. 4, Sjuli Water Street.
3J Hhd«- Mufcorad i Sugar.
White and brown llavavnah dit'o in boxei.
East India do. in bags.
Writ-India and Conntry Rum.
100 Hhds Molaflcj.
Holland Gin
t French *nd Spanilh Brandy*
Pepper, C"i Tee, &c.
Aupuft 9.
ing Business.
HAVING entered into partnerlhip, and ta
ken that long established stand at the cor
ner of Chefnut and Third St eets, refprflfully
solicit public patronage, and particulirly invite
a continuance of the favour* of the former
friends aad customers of Haines 4c Jones, and
Sharplefs «c Kitifey, to whose bufititfs they have
They offer for sale a large and gentral a(T rt
ment of elrgan'Saddle-and Bridles, all kinds
common do. Plated and Brass mounted H.irnefs,
Saddle-bags, Valieces, Cart and Waggon Gears,
£cc. Trunks of all kinds, particularly hard lea
iier Portmanteaus.
fhey alfe manufa&ure all kinds of silver
piounted and Plain Whips, having several ex
ccllent Workmen in that branch.
They flatter themselves from their united ex •
perience and the arrangements they have made,
to be able to fell any of the above articles on as
pood termsasany others in the United States.
" A liberal allowance will be m>de to thole who
purchase by the quantity
Philad. Sept. ij. S* 4W- |
Gazette of toe United, states, & Daily
Public Notice is hereby Given,
In purfuanc- of on ad of Congreft, puffed on
the Jay oj April, one th'iufand eight
hundred, e m it lei "Anaß to 'ejlihl ft, a
Gen ral ?tamp Office
1 HAT a General Stamp Office is now
established at the feat of government; in tne
city of Wafliingfon, from whence there will
i(, from and after the date hereof, (upon
the application of the Supervisors of the
Revenue, under whose management the
colleAion of the (lamp duties is placed) any
quantities of paper, parchment and vellum,
marked or damped, and duly counter-stamp
ed, with the following rates of duty which
arc demandable by law :
For every Ikia or piece of vellum or parchment,or
rtieet or piece ot paper, upoa which fliall be
written or printed any or either of the inftra
ments or writings following, to wit,
A„ v Dolls. C, M.
NY certificate of naturalizati in 5
Any licence to praclice,or certificate
of the adiiiilTiou, *nrol!ment or re
giflry of aRy counfell >r, Solicitor
Advocate attorney, or pro(sW, iti
any court of the United Sta e< 10
Provided, that a certificate in any
one of the cruris ti f he United States,
for any one of the i'aid ■ ffices, shall
a> re'atet to th* yaymei't of the
duty aforefaid, 1* a fullicient j.imif.
ficn in all the courts () f tlte United
States, for each and every of the said
H. M*
O j8
r 41
» >6
3 9
3 5.1
4 r, s
5 »6
Any gran', or letters patent,under the
seal or authority of the United
States (except for lands granted
for military fervic»s) 4
Any exemplification or certified ropy
of any such grar.t or letters patent
(except for lands granted to#- mili
tary I'er vices) j
Any charter party, bottomry or fe
fpondentia bond I
Asy receipt or difcharqe for or on ac
count bf any legacy left hy \ny
will or other teftimentary instru
ment, or so' any (hare or part of
a pcrf inal tflate, divided by force
of any ftatuteof diftri ■ utions other
than to the wife, children it trand
children of the perf >n dileafed, ihe
amcint where6t lhall be above the
value f fifty dollars, and Ihill not
exceed the value of one hundred
d "liars £ j*
When the amount thereof shall ex
ceed the value of one honored dol
lar*, nd thai! not exceed five hun
dred data's
An! for every further sum of five
hundred dollars, the additional
sum of 1 ■ i
Any policy of insurance or instru
ment in nature there >f, when the
sum for which insurance is made
shall not exceed five hundred dot
lars ..
Cocci rinella
Com Benzoin
' Kino
Wheuthefum insured (lull oxceed
five hundred dollars I
Any exemplification of w''3t nature
soever, that (hill pafi the seal of
any cou-t, o her than such as it
may be the dory of the clerk »>f
such court to furnilh for the use of
the United Swtes, or some parti
cular state s0
Any bond, bill single or penal, inlind
bill of exchipgc, promiflory
note or other note (other than any
recognizance, bill, h»nd or other
obligation or contratft, made to or
with the United States, or any
slate, or for their use relpeiStiveiy :
and any bonds required in any cafe
by the law» of the United States,
or of any state, upon legal procefa,
or in anv judical proceeding, «r
for rhe faithful performance of any
trull or duty)
If above twenty dollars and not
exree<ling one hundred dollars 10
If above one hundred and not ex
ceeding five hundred dollars i 5
If above fiv« hundred and not ex
ceeding one thoufind dol'.ars 50
And it above one (he ufand dollars 75
Provided, that if ar.y bonds or
notes Ihsll be payable at or within
sixty days, such bonds or notes (hill
be fubjetfl t<i < nly two si th part* of
the <iury aforefaid, viz.
If above twenty and not exceeding
one hundred dollars 4
If above one hundred dollar»and not
exceeding five hundred dollars 10
If above five hundred dollars and
not exceeding one thou r and dolls jo
If above one thousand dollart 30
Any foreign bill df exchange, draft
or order for the paym-nt of moßey
in any foreign country 20
The said duty being charge
able upon each and every bill of ex<
change, without refpetJl to the num
ber contained in each set-
Any note or hill of lading or writing
or in nature thereof, for
goods hf-merchandize to be ex
ported ;
If from one diflrifl to another dif
tifdlof the United Statas, not being
in the fame state 4
If from the United States to any fo
reign port or place 10
The said duty being chargMble
upon each and every bill of ia.Jina;
without r*fprisl to the number con
tained to each i'et.
Any notes i (Tiled by the banks now
ert itlilhed or that may be hereafter
eftaMiflied within tfce United
Sta'es, «ther than the n>'c* of
such ci t!>e said banks as (hall a
gree to an annual compofirion of
one per cetruai on the annual di-
fa m&
IVoJhington, Stptembe ijl, 1800,
By C. P. Wayne, No. 65, Sbuth Frotit-ftreet.
.. , bolls, c. M.
vider.d« made by such b*.nW, to
thcjr stork!) Ide s.refpetfi-ely, ac
cording to the blowing scale :
On oil notes pot exceeding fifty do),
lars for e C !. do lar 6
n al! note; ab ve fifty dollars and
not «xce*dt<ig cine bundiy 1 diihtrs JO
On ill nr tcj abov: one hundred dol
lar* and not exceeding five hundred
dollar* j
On at! notes above P,ve hundred dol
lars #
Any prot»ft or other notarial a<£t 2J
Any letter of jttorney, except tor
as invalid penlion, or to obtain or
fell warrant* for land granted by
the United Stetas as bounty tor
military fcrvicet performed in the
late war 1
Any inventory or catalogae of any fur
niture, g«»d» or effe<a«, made in any
cite required * T I, w (r xc - p . j n c -, fes
of goads a-iii' chattels diflrained for
rent «»r taxe«. *nd goods taken in vir
tue of any J*"gal procef» by any officer 50
Any c»rtificatff - f a (hire in any inlu
ranee company of a scare in the bank
of the (Jnit-d States or of any (late
cr orlicr bank. ;
If above twenty dcllars and not exceed
ing one hundred dollars , 0
if ah< ve one hunrtrrd dollars j,
tf uader twen-y dsllars, at the ra'e of
ten cents for one fcundre. dollars
- hat thp power of the supervisors of tihe
eveuue to m rk or Aimp any vellum,
|>»rc tfifnt rr • p"r chatfleable with ,'my,
* cei,fc #,d act. rn.inr fr«:n and -after fix
mooths the our ix-rfof, to wit, on the
lall d.y of February 1801.
r;iit, ifany persons fliall, after the 1,0
day i,t Kb r nary IROI, in their custody
or P ofr ,: ' on t v vellum, parchment or pa
per, nurked or flari|*d by th; fuper»ifersof
tin Revenue, upon whk'H anv matter or
thn charged with duty, fl.all not have
'eti, written or printed, they may at any
tine laitbiv tie space of sixty days after
the svdJmit day of February iSot, bring
o. lei d I jih vellum, parchm.nt and papei,
unto Im' c sitters infpedtion, and in l*u
thereof, receive a like quantity or value of
vrlum . parchment .i d paper, July (lamped
in purluJiire of the art herein before lecited.
And in cafe any person (kill negleft or re
fuie, within the time r.f>ref„,d, M brim* or
Caul.- to be .brought unto f, lire o ffi „f in _
fjiection, any fmii vrl;u;n, parchment or pa
per, it is hereby declared, that the fame will
thereafter be of no other effi-ft or use, than
if it lud never b-e«i marked or ft.tmped. and
that all matter* and thine*, which may af
ter that tune be written er printed upon any
velltil, parchment or pajtr. authorized to be
exchanged in aforefaid, will be of no
other ellr-ft, than if thry had been written
or printed on paper, parchment or vellum,
not marked or damped.
And for the convenience of those prj-fons
who may be inclined to hare their own vel
lum, parchment and paper damped or marl
ed, it i* ht-reby peclared, that when any per
lon fliall deposit any vellum, pa-climmt or
pip;r it the office of a lupervifor, accompa
nied with a lill, the nunihtr and
denomination ot the flamps ormark?. which
air uefircd to be thereto affixed, the fame
"■ill be traufmitted to the General Stpam-
Offici', and there-properly marked or stamped,
and forthwith sent back to tlie fame luper
vifor, who will thereupon Co He ft the duties
and deliver the paper, parchment «r vellum,
to the order of the person from whom the
lam: was received.
Given under my Hsnd, a».d the Sea
(L. S.) of the Krcafury, at Writhing
ton, the diy and year above men
Secretary of the Treut'ury.
feptemher 2q. J, m<
German Redcmptioncrs.
N.NhTEF>! remains -<ithofe, who ca-ne in the
fliip Anna from Hamburgh, and are willing
to serve for their passage
Apply to
Jacob Sperry £s? Co.
Who have on Hand,
Remaining of late importations, and whieff are of
fered on reaior.ablc terms and iheufual credit,
33 cases Eftopillas,
Foiming a compleat aflortment 01 IJni, Raye
Mauche«. pi in and coloured ftrip»s.
3 * cifes caffcrilloss
5 cases bnccadillos
a cifes quadruple file!ia«
I caf« fuperfir.e dowlas
* cases ioutil« and i cafehfia 'os
» cases fuperfine Elbcricld chcfks
3 c>fe» Sed parrhet
X cafe Flanders bed ticks,B-4
10 cases coffee mills, Not oj. to No. 6, as
» caf. » Scythes
' s tales ol double flint cut Decanters qmrt and
I csfe gill tumblers, aaid i cafe ol Travelling
t cafe of quills, r cafe of common felling wax
and 4CO Oemij jhns.
September 17. <!6t. aawrm.
i<io Baku ls of
Boston Beef,
Landing at Brerk's Wharf, and for file by
No« i, Pcnn Street.
September 3t.
Important Letter!
The following Letter was afl,tally witK-n to
a vrry member of the Society of
Fnenus. I ls contents are of the very first
consequence at this time. It c-ifains wlri,
is tr '-e, and what cugkt to roule everv man
who dees not mean to give ti}> his By ifntf rr ".
ties, ,nd perhjjjs Ins country to violence
and war; to step forth aitd matnuin the re
e'tilton of J hn Adams : It being gfn«-|
rally con by every fnber and i
rel'giong nian, that the dimiffal of M,.!
Adams will U the signal v] war and dis- '
union :
MY Friend,
HAVING long been of opinion; that it was
; duty every man owed to himfelf, his family,
nends and country, not only to give his vote
or the eledion of civil ruins, but also to use
uci means as his knowledge and judgment
iittatcd, for the right direction of others, I
:onltantly give up (ome portion of my time and
mention to this objeft, whenever an election of
my importance is made for public office, under
>ur tree and happy government; there is no
ither way for good citizens to secure to them
c its the advantage ot it, but by exerting their
ult influence in promoting the eledion of such
*2* as ' 10 their opinion, are best qualified
0 nil the public departments and to administer
i£ht ond iufi.ce to the people : It has therefore
lot a little lu!prized and grieved me, on many
ryrng occahons, when the friends t.) govern
ment and good order are exerting all their
trength to frullrate the designs of wicked and
iangeious men, who wilh, by means of deceit
md misrepresentation, to bring the country into
.oufufion by setting the people against their own
eprefentatives; I fay, it has given me much pain
o obt'erve how indifferent and unwilling many
eale v.-h ch ought to preponderate : What can
icter you from any fort of participation in mea
uri.; which directly or indircdtly arc connected
■vith war: Far be it from me to undertake tc
lfopprove of the sensibility which influences yoi
n tliat refpeift: Would to God, that every !.u
nan heart was actuated by a principal so gentle
ind so agreeable to the ipirit of that religion o
which lam a sincere believer : Wars, however
.vill come, and it has pleased Providence to raifi
ip those, who, in this refpeft, are infiuencec
o execute his pleafurej but, my tiiend, wha
s there in the measures which relate merely tc
•ivil gcrcrnment, of which you are members, anc
without which, you could enjoy no fecuriti
.ither for secular or religious pofTellions; I fay
what is there to prevent you from taking such ;
*>tacealte and jijl part in those quellions, as mai
n your judgment, contribute to the maintenance
-hofen by the people; if bad men we may ex
pec't the greatcit evils; it good men are chosen
we may look for social and individual happineli
and prosperity : Is it not an obvious duty, then
for every man who lias a voice in the ekiftions
to go and give it in favor of fucn men and mea
fuics, as he, in his conscience, thinks will be
most for his own and the public good ? You 100 l
upon this as right and neceflary in your owr
cumbent on you as members of a civil commu
nity ? We weli kr.o-.v that civil government i
ordained of heaven, and that God permits it t<
be a bleiTing or a curfc occording as it is adminif
tered well or lii : How then, any ccnfeien
tious man Hand by and when in his power t(
by indifference or neglect, loic the opportunity
and thereby be accessary to mui h public diftrel:
and calamity :1 f the life or the inter >- of you
child, your neighbor, or friend, were to depenc
upon your exertions, and your vdte, would yor
not use the one and give the other for their relief
and what difference in the cafe?— Your chi dren
your neighbors, and friends, nav, thousands o
your fellow creatures are all deeply interested ir
the fflitc of public elediions for civil officers
Why should you withdraw from rendering tha
fervicc which is in your power ?
1 know it has beer, sometimes said, that dec
tions are conducted with too much heat, tha
't is difagrceable to take any part in them—but
what good thing Is not abused ? Shall we make
crits r Shall we not countenance and support it
because it has occafioncd so much jarring, anc
violence, and war ? This principle atfed upon
would drive us out of the world; for, what oc
cupation can we follow; what intercourse engage
in, which will not lead us into difagrecable c;r
cumitances.and which have net occasioned much
misery ? My friend, I know that what I have
fuggclted here, mull' be quite unnecefTary for
your conviction : I know you take a proper in
terest in the support of civil government and faft
throw out those ideas for the perusal of any o
your acquaintance who are indifferent on the
score of eletfions, and luffer their best civil right;
and enjoyments to depend upon the will of othei
people; for, it is evident, that when bad men
or bad measures get a head for want of prop:
diligence in the eleftors— the electors who tl. i:
negledt their rights and interefls are /eally crl
The leading objeft, however, of this letter to
you, is to impref■ upon you, theJtngular imparl
ance of the ensuing elettion for a Prejident. I
need not tell you, that such has been the unwea
ried induflry, and so numerous the falfities and
misrepresentations against the federal government,
that it will require the greatest exertions to pre
| vent the peopie from overturning it, by the elec-
I t ! on r fhotTias JeJferfun y for I look upon it
that (uch an event vvill (hake the foundations of
| the confederacy; tl,at Mr. JeJferfon has f T
diiqualifications which render him wholly unfit
to-be at the head of a chrifliaa community, yo\i
will be convinced by the perusal of the if.rk' J
parophlat which is written by as pious and Je rn»
ed a pmiftcr of Jesus Chrilt, as perhaps »y in
this or any Other country, and which proves him,
torn his own writings, an unbeliever in cbriftiani
y , but that difquafificttioti would operate flow
indadiibelief in the scriptures, and desirous ol
feing a g"vernme,it m 'winch r.o religious opin
ons are held," (tins is his own language) would
'erhapsinlefstime than four years, by theinfluence
m means in their power,bring the people in this
:ountry to adopt Tom Paine's /Ige of Reafor, in
)Uce of the Bible. But what I mean to repre
ent to you as so formidable in his eleftion, is its
Political consequence to this country. You well
know the character and views of that difptrafe
ind unprincipled party which have unceasingly
and rebellion. Th -fe are the people (conncfling
with them some honefl but deluded men) who
arc advocating Jeftsrfjn, and who, if he is elec
ted, will direct him in the government of t!i?3
country: In one word; the government will
be in the hands of the jacuLias-—you know as well
as I do what chara&ers this drfcription includes;
to wit i French agents—Brit'fh and Ir'fh reO£-
coun tries—infidels bankrupts reliefs dema
gogues—the laty—the intemperate—the vicious
and ignorant of this country; that these ai"e the
tort of people who have constantly clamored
ifeft to every one. Only look around within
your own observation and you will want no
proof (it tins—rhat there i: heie and tliirc,
;,mr,n ;: them, a man of good clkratfer, mificd
by artifice or biassed by prejudice, cannot be dis
puted ; but such men will be thrown aside when
their unprincipled affociatcs get into power,
well know that this faßion have sworn ha
tred to the Euglj/h government, and are deter
mined on war with that power as soon as they
of the great men in the southern ftatc-s, being
deeply in debt to British merchants, are disposed
to a war as the means of flopping payment—l
am n:,t certain that even Air. ; Jrf n has ye,
paid off the great debt he owed at the peacet
and which he then offered to pay off partly in
negroes. Besides these, there are great numbejs
of French who wilh to fee us at war with Grest
Britain ; and mo ft of the Irifi and Enghfh fu
gitives from justice, who being obliged to leave
their own country for cr;rr>es are now detei iiiin
ed to be avenged, if they can, by exciting the
Americans to war. Most of the scandalous and
mifchev:. is aewf'papeis, such as the Aurora,
the Lxr.mmcr, U :. v.hich are circulated far and
wide are carriedon by these vet.omous emigrants;
as I (aid before, all these belong to the Jfftrfou
party, and will certainly drive us to. war the
lirft opportunity —an opportunity will readily of
!er ; tii ir jiartv has only to reiafc to execute ail
article of the treaty; or to fend away uie En
nation; restrain her commerce, or do some other
of a thoufimd a<sls which would be causes of
war, and it will certainly follow : Indeed, many
P' r ' "" >i • <xl judgment think it will be diffi
cult, with all prudent means used to avoid it.
The ruinous confluences of a war at this time
necessary for making good the engagements and
from duties of" impojl, on goods and tonnage of
/hips. A war with Great Britain, will at once
cut off these Sources of money, and the govern
ment driven to heavy taxes on land and houses
to supply the deficiency Lan I will fink."in
value, and the produce of it having no market,
will rot in the gran try, or, rather the farmer
will not raise beyond the confamption of the
country. Vv iiat difeoment tn,s will produce,
ind how bar 1 it will be tnon the landed mttreft,
to bear the whole expeive, both of the federal
and state governments, and also the v burdens ne
cessary to carry on the war, with wheat at 5/
a biithel, I lexve you to judge. Indeed, I think
it would be imprafticableto keep the confederacy
together under such circumitances.—Some of
the (bites would, likely, to rid themselves of a
coram-a defence wirhdraw from the union, make
} ea :e with Great Britain, and leave the others
to submit or fight it out alone. In fiiort, the
-• nfequtnett of such a war cannot be calculated :
Great Britain would be at little expense in it;
her flips are now on the ocean, at lea ft/•wj
hundred ftiips Of war—only 50 frigates, stationed
tribution, annihilate our commerce, ruin the
upon these states such an additional load of debt,
and so retard their prosperity, that a whole cen
tury might not restore them to their present happy
condition. Is it not, then, an object of the
to take no step which may tend to produce a -war
with Great Britain ? Now we are at peace—now
our trade flonrifhes our revenues ire supplied
our agriculture encreafes—wealth, enjoyments,
every civil and religious privileges are (howerel
upon us. If we would keep where we are, we
11111 ft not change our President Adams /If we do,
the French party, the Virginia party, the demo
cratic party, and the deluded. will force us ta
a war. i! no change takes place in the admin':*
Jlration of the government we (hall go on as
/fore, no (hock, no convulsion, but a regular
pursuit of those maxims of cultivating peace, ce
menting the union, and maintaining our indefen-
[Voi.VM* xvtii.
r- +,