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    fAt a timo wheti a moll infamous attempt
to deceive the people of America refpea : ,)g
th« Debt of the United States, is made by
Genevan Sophifl, for Eled\ioneering pur
poses, we believe that a Statement of the
Report on that fubjett, as submitted to
Cong re is by a Committee, fron: their bo
by, one of whom was Gallatin himlelf,
will not be unacceptable to the communi
ty. This Report (hall be followed by an
invefligation »t the Pamphlet, lately writ
ten to " stop de veels of government.
The Committee of ihe House of Representa
tives, who framed the Report, was com
poled of Mr. Grifwold, Mr. Wain, Mr.
Nicholas, Mr. SheafFr, Mr. Gallatin, Mr.
Sewall, and Mr. Samuel Smith : And
yet a member of this committee, Gallatin,
lias fjuce come forward in a pamphlet to
prove the fallity of the report itfelf, and
with the mod unblulhing inifieprefenta
tions refpefting the a&ual state of the
or THE
Submitted to the House of flepresctitatitcs
on -tbe Btb May, 1800.
Al»d ordered to lie on the table.
The confimittee who were appointed on th e
twentieth of March, to examine the law 5
oT the United States, relating to tlie pub
lic debt, and to report the amount re
fpe&ivfcly incurred und extinguished, and
generally fach fafts as relate to the in
' crease or diminution of the fame, Cnce the
efht>liniment of the government ot' the
United States under the prcfent Conlti
THAT for the purpose of obtaining every
Jlatenient from the Treasury, which could
elucidate the lubjedl of enquiry, they addref-
Ted a letter to the Secretary of that Depart
men t, OB the 24, of March, acopy of which
is fubjoincd to this report, and on the 29th
ot April they received his answer, tratil
initting sundry flatements, numbered from
one to nine ir.clulive, and exhibiting in the
most clear and fatisfaaory manner. the most
important of the Treasury operations in re
lation to the debt, from th? commencement
of the present government. These Hate
ments, together with three letters from the
Secretary on this fubjedt, are now fubmit
tcd to the house, and although it is certain
ly polSble that some trivial errers may have
taken place in the details which these docu
ments contain, yet the committee are per
feftly confident, that the general results
which they produce must b« correft.
"1 he order of the house having particu
larly directed the attention of the committee
to the increal'e or diminution of debt, they
have thought it their duty to bring into
view the amount of debt with which the
pre lent government commenced its opera
tions, and to contrail the fame, with the
balance of debj on the...firll of January, iR
the present year. In dill uging this duty,
it will become necessary to explain the prin
ciples on which these ftaiettients reft ; which
thr committee will do in as concise a man
ner as polfil'le. But brfore they enter upon
this detail, they cannot forbear to express
ti)e satisfaction which theyjfee! in declaring,
that the documents which have been obtain
ed from the Treasury, will, in their opinion,
folly demonftratt the precision and ability
with which the business «f that department
bas been coiiduiled, and that by the fifcal j
operations of the government, the public
debt has been diniinilhed,
In afcertiuning the amount of the old
•debt, two different principles Imve been ta
ken by those who made their calculations on
this fubjedt. The firfl has been to include
only the interell upon the debt to theclofe
or the year 1789,3s theneareft convenient
period to-the day when the government
commenced its operations, and after deduc
ing from the aggregate of debt the amount
of funds then in the'power of the govern
ment, to confiJer the balance as the amount
of old debt. The second principle has been
to take the amount of debt, as the fame has
teen liquidated and funded under various
»C\s of Congress, and after dedufting there
from the funds acquired or poffefled by the
government at the close of the year 1790,
to oonfider the balance as conflicting the
true amount of old debt. The difference
between these principles consists in this: by
the last mode of computation, the inteiefl
which accumulated upon the debt, subsequent
to the close of the year 1789, and until the
debt was funded and provided tor by law, is
sonfidered as 4 part of the old debt, whereas,
by the firfl mode.of coit/putation, that interest
is totally excluded.
lii consequence of a difference of opinion,
which it is underUood Ihll exists in this
point, the committee have thought proper
to state the debt in both modes, that the
results in both cases may be- perfeftly un
The Rsminal amount of debt Dolls.
on the iirft of Jan. 1790
as appears by statement
number nin*, amounted to 72,237 3®! 97
The funds then in pofleflion
of the government, and t«
be ded ufted. were,
Qafh in the treasury, Jan. I,
! 79°«
Cash in the hands of collec
Botids at theCuftom Hou-
Debts due to the United
States, under contracts of
the late government, col
lected at sundry times,
Debt* paid in specie during
the year 1789,
i rocceds of the sale ' f land Del! Cts
to the State of Penufvlvit
liia, made by the late go
Amount of debt Jan i,i
1790. j'7 »#3OJ J59 6<4
By the fame document i'tap
pears, the debt con
trasted by rhc late govern
ment, as the fame has
been liquidated and fund
ed by ails of Congrefi),
amounts to
That the funds pofleflfcd by
this government on the l It
of January 1791, and to
be dedu&ed from the debt,
were as follows :
Cafli in the trsafury Janua
ry i, 179b
Cash in the hands of collec
Cu ilom-Houfe bonds uncol
Money collefted from the
credits of the late govern
ment, as in the preceding
Debts paid in specie during
the year 1789,
Sale* of land to Pennsylva
Debts purchased and dis
charged during the year
1793 1
True amount of debt Jan.! „
i, 179 1 j ?4»'85»59®82
By the fame document No.
9, it appears that the debt
exclusive of temporary
loan*, on the Janua
ry, 1800, amounted to 76,651,820 30
Temporary loans wiihout
deducing bank (hares
'!? Nominal amount of debt, 1 „
Jan. i, iBOO j 80,291,82030
Funds acquired by the go- \
vernment and which may
| be applied to face the fore
! going debt:
Calh in the treasury, Janu
ary 1, 1800, dedlifting
therefrom the amount of
unclaimed registered debt,
and debt due to foreign
officers, which are to be
considered at all times as
| a charge on the specie bal
lance in the treasury 2,061,683 49
Remittances to Holland,
beyond the sum necessary
to meet all demands on
the foreign debt, to the
close of the year 1799 548,955 84
Cash in the hands «f collec
tor* and supervisors 552,247 61
Bonds uncollected at the
Custom houses estimated
at fix millions payable on
ai< average of fix months,
dedufting the intcrelt for
that term, leaves 5.826,214
2,220 (hares of b«nk
Hock colt 888,000 I
Advance twenty-five
per ceat 222.®0©
I True amount of debt,) „ ,
January ~ 1800' J 7©, 2.2,7.8 16
For the purpose of shewing the rapidity,
with which the public debt wa* dimmilhing,
at the time wl en the hostility of France com
pelled the government to ineur those great
and extraordinary expences which appear in
the Treasury statements, and to enter upon
that expenlive system of defence, which ha*
resulted in the security of our commerce,
the cojnmittee have thought it necessary, in
addition to the preceding ftatementg, to pre
sent a view of the debt 011 the id of Jannary
1798, remarking at the fame time, that the
reduftion which at thst time had been made,
proves in the inoll fatisfattory manner, the
ease with which the debt may be extinguidi
ed, whenever the government (hall be left
unembarrafled by disorder or foreign
\Tbe nominal amoutttofdrbt
on the firft of Jan. 1798,
in tht hands of Col
ic ft ors,
LVfl) in the hands of super
Value of bonds uncollected
at the Cullom-lioufes, Ja
nuary i, 1798, estimated
Bank (lock at its value,
True amount of debt Tan ? r , r.
1, 1 79 8, J 5 67,627,338 46
83,127,84 <
From whence it results, that if the
amount of debt on the firfl: of Janu
ary 1800, is compared with the debt
of January ift, 17 91, the debt has
M B6 74 diminished by the sum of 3,972,878
15,927 , 3 dollars and 66 cents.
Value 1»11 o,#oo 1,110 000
10 079 ioz 14
76,366,618 82
to be dedufted were,
lie trtai'nry, Jan. I,
1,0:1,889 4
z6 S' 3 J 9 3
8,739,280 36
' The deem it imir.portant to p
•i-'t the- exttaor inary expense which (i
arisen within a few years, has fwallo'Ved i
i large sums of public wealth, and divcitc
- the application of ihofe monies whic!i mig!
J otherwise nave gone to the extipguifhrnei
- of debt, to obje&a conne&ed with the honoi
and in feme cases with the immediate exifl
ence of the government.
lu thisclafs of expence will be included
' ar K" Ul " occafioried by the Tndian war
one million two hundred and fifty thoufanc
dollars, expended in quelling two infuriefti
ons in the Hate of Pennfylvania—mbr t
than one million and a half expendeJ iu oui
tranfadlioo with Algiers and the other Me
diterranean powers, together witii much
larger expenceoccafioned by the unproVok
aggreflions of F'rance upon this country.
Had it been polnblc, Iteadily to have applied
those various futus to the purchase of flebt,
it is easy to conceive how rapidly the fame
might have been extingui(hed—The Cofn
mittee have likewise noticed the large films
which have been nertelfarily expended in the
ereAion of light-houses, repairing fottificari
onsin parchafes forreplenifliing our military
and naval arsenals, and in the building, pur
chase, and equipment <■{ more than forty fail
of Ihips and armed vefleli, together with a
cofiderablc loan of money
ers of the ciiy of Washington. The money
expended on thel'e objects, it is well known,
arte to a very large amount, and the proper
ty thus acquired by the goverment, and
which is now on hand, cannot be eltimated,
on the most modera'e ialcu!atione, at a sum
less th;nfour millions of dollarsi
i he value of this property might be con
sidered as compofi g another item in the
credit of the general account of debt, but
the committee have not thought it necefla
ry to include it, and have nati ed it partic
ularly at this time, for the purpose of exhib
iting a more general view of the extraordi
nary expence incurred by the government,
aud for the purpose of presenting all that
xh ormation, in relation to the debt, which
will nable the house accurately to appreci
ate the great and increasing resources of the
country ; and on this point the committee
cannot forbear to remark, that the progrtfs
<>f the government, in its financial operations
mud afford the moll flattering presages of
i'S future fucccf, if the fame fyftetn is pur
fuea v. hich has hitherto proved so fuccefs
fu!. It caonst certainly b<t unworthv of
remark, that ten year: have not at this
timejelapfed fincc the government fairly com.
mcticed it operations ; that during that pe
riod it has been neceflary to liquidate, te
fund, anrl to provide for a large capital of
floating debt which has grown out of the
diford rs of the confederation ; that during
the fame Ihort perod, the government has
been compelled to contend with one expen
live war an the frontier, with two inl'urredt
tioas m the centre of our country, with
depredation & hostility from the nations of
Europe ; that these embarrafTments have
nevtrthelefs been faced by the goiernment;
most of the difficulties have been surmoun
ted ; the debt has been liquidated and dim
inilhed, and the nation has ftili continued to
( increase in wealth and poulation beyond all
former example ; and alth«' the cpnteft in
which we are now engaged, may, for a ftiort
period, retard the further extinguishment of
debt, or perhaps produee a small addition
to that which already cxills, yet it cannot
be doubted, that whilst we maintain order
at home, no exterior circnmftances Can ex
haaft or great'y diminilh the iucrealing rc
fources of the natiou.
[A lettet to the Editor of the Aurora,
dated Danbury, June I was published in that
paper on the2eth of the fame month,tefpeft
'nB Jonathan Rohhns,alias Thomas Nath,the
pirate and murderer. The author of it wah
one Samuel Mt'fe, Editor of a Jacobin
newfpsper ; the letter was written in an
artful manner and the intention of its au
thor was to intprefs a belief that what the
feledlmen had certified was not entitled to
any credit ; that since giving the cerlifi- !
cate, they themselves had ackuowledged
they were wrong and that a perfbn by t' e
name of Rablins once live<J*lhere, 3cc.—This
letter was instantly published in the. Auro
ra, with some nonfeniical prefaritory re
marks, and from thence it was published in
every Jacsbin Gazette on the continent,
doubtless doing a great deal os-injury by
misleading many honed worthy citizens.
What credit there ought to have been at
tached to the former letter, and the base and -
villainous means by which the Jacobins
support their party will be best underftoud
oy reading tfce following epistle to the pub- i
lie written by the author of the one to the
Aurora Man of the itt of June:
t ? 1.392 41
93 r »74 2
76.781,953 , +
510,023 88
225,786 95
1,052,215 13
62,58 6,7.
, 5»9*7 >3
1 5 1 >3Q 2 4
518 44 8
3 640,00*
Frout the Sun of Liberty, of 4:/g. 20.
Danbury, August 15
Since writing my observations con
tained in a letter to the editor of the
Aurora, dated the lit, and republiftied
in my paper No 4 —and the address to
the gentlemen of the town of Danbury,
who signed the ccrtihcate, concerning
Jonathan Robbins, I have become con
vinced, from futher examination of the
fubjeft, that the laid Jonathan Robbins
was not a native of this town, nor ever
resided here—and that the gentleman
who so certified Were not only honest
and candid in giving such certificate,
but certified the truth. The said publica
ations in the aforefaid papers must there
fore be considered as erroneous and in
My intention in publishing the obser
vation in the aforefaid papers were not to
32»9 C 4 39
? the cTjiraitcrs o£ thole gentle
j | men wlk) . certified, but the inaccuracies
} ; therein contained originated from mis.
L take,
Uiofe Printers in the United-States
> wll ° haw printed the aforefaid«publka-1
tions are rlquefted Yfl ' publtfh the
Gazette Marine Lift,
• ARRIVED, Davs,
Ship Hannah, Brown, Greenock, 4 S
Merchandize—W. Young ]|
Brig Little Maria, Thompson, , Lisbon 50
Wines—M. Wharton
Arrived at the Fori,
Enterpnze, Langdon, Surrinan) (re
taken from the French, by the Congress
Frigite)— Mollifies— Wharton & Lewis.
Schr. Maria Matilda; ShirtifT, Havanna.
® u^ ars » J* Leamy.
Jane, Toby, Havanna. Lett it 7th inft.
Sugars and Huney—R. Valliey.
Refinance; Man, Jacquemel. Left it
[zd Sept—coffee.
rnosnix, Donnel, Havanna. Left it
on the 2d—fugars—J Bosquet.
Sloop John, Beale, St. Bartholomews. Left
it 7th inft. Salt & iWar.
Ship Lavina, Thomplon, Lifbin
Ship Hannah, Brown, left Greenock the
h7th Augufl ;on the Btnks of Newfound
land, Fell in with the Brig Nathaniel, of
Newburyport, for Jamaica, in diftrtfs, and
leaky—lupplied him with a torc-top-nnit.
Arrived, Brig Little Maria, Thompson •
left Lisbon the lit August. In that port
remained the fli.p G.unaliel, Bnrliurd, of
Salem, from Barcelona—had received fojne
damage ill an adtion wrth four French pri
vateers ; brig John, Atkins, of Pmladelpma,
to fail Ihortly ; 3<ri. s Sufar,, Sper.ce, Charle
ftou and Sea NyUiph, M'Keever, of Fhila-
I dclphia, the captains of the two latter ves
sels had repaired with the fu per cargo, to
Gibraltar, to await the d<cifion of the liri
tilh court of justice. On the 2J August,
ofl Lisbon, fpuke the Ihip Riling States,
Tatem, 01 S.ilem, from Barcelona, to Lisbon,
with a pil*t on board. The Sih Augutt, in !
' at 37> '9' ' on g- 17> '6, was brought too
by the Catharine, a Guineaman, of Liver
pool, who detained the Maria five hours
and then difiinflrd her.
On the 8:h Sept. paflea through the Ja
maica fleet homeward out 7 week,
was brought too by the Barque Drifcoc,'
rapt. Webb, a private armed ship, then in
lat 41, 47, N. long. 47, , 7) W. amount
ing to 80 fall. On then Sept. in l at .
41, 1? long 54, W. spoke the lbip Samp
fort, Coop-r of and from New-York, 11 d ys
out to Liverpool. On the 22d Sept. in Ist.
40, 29, N. long 68, 57, W. spoke the brig
Waters, from Dominica, who in
formed capt. Thompson that four days be
fore, he h»d fallen in with the lliip— ,
Bearfly, of and from Baltimore, S out
bound to Liverpool; had 101 l her sore-top
mast and bowfpru in the gale of the Bth
m(t%iit. On the 23d Sept. in lat 39 19, N.
long* 7 2 > 3®> 'P ok<: 'he schooner Favourite,
Broomley of Norwich, 20 days from 1 urfes
Island, had his waist and boat stove in and
his main-malt cut away in the gale of the
16th mil.
We observe by a Halifax paper of the
i6tii inttant that on the 22d, the brig Mo
ses, Myers, and the sloop Geueral Gieeo,
with their cargoes, and the cargo of the
schooner Nollra Signora del Carmel, were
to be fold at auction at Liverpool ; they
were pnzes to the Duke of Kent and brig
The Cleopatra, Pellew, had arrived at
Halifax from a cruize.
Hit Britannic Majesty's 24th and 26 h
regiments of foot had embarked on board
of tranfporti, and were to fail from Halifax
for England.
The Packet failed from Falmouth the
9th ult. we have therefore no new» by her.
Ttie armed schooner bir William Parker,
had failed on a cruize.
Brig Lark, Wallace, fro-n hence, to St.
jago de Cuba, was spoken on the 2id
inltant, latitude 22, 00, N.
Ship Old Tom, Moreton, from hence,
has arrived at Cork, and proceeded so
The arrival of the brig Peggy, Cotton,
it Coik, from hence, as reported a few days
since, is supposed to be premature. Ship
Prosperity, Jougham, from hence is sup
posed -to have ..rrived at Cork.
Ship Charlotte, Concgfon, from hence,
wis seen going into Liibon.
Schr Farmer, Richards, from to
Havanna. hid her trial at Halifax the i th
inft. vessels cleared, cargo condemned, freight
paid, owners to pay cotls.
BOSTON, Sept. 18.
Arrived, btij Ruthy, Goddard Dublin,
53 daya. Left there, (hoi mentioned by
the Venelia) ship George and Harriot,
Loring, of Bollon, brig Moses Gill, Watts,
of Hefter, of Wifeaffet ; with [
several others. Sept. 1, lat 44, 17, loi.g i
Bilboa, and a (hip, 15 days from Alexandria,
for L iverpool. Sept 8, lat 43, 17, long
57, spoke a copper bottomed aimed fiiip
56 days from Falmouth, bound to Halifax.
Sept. 9. off the Cape Sables, Capt G. felt
a severe gale and K.ft the main top malt.
Paflenjers, Mr. and Mrs, Sparrow.
W day. Ship Sarah, Gray, Liver-
P a r s °, V n - An? IT ' ,at 4 8 ' iS < lu "£
j>B- ; , .poke fh.p WaA.Rgian .34 days from j
ap&scr m -
Sfpt. 15*
Arrived, fl.ip Oneida, of New York.
- earions 37 days from Falmouth. Sh
wnB bpund to Charleston, but on the Bth 1
mft m long 63, in a severe gale of wind, w; 1;j
i C , m P !ctfe, y 4>rmafted ar.d otherwise much !
njurtd—and m confequenee obliged to put
into t u port for repairs—in the Oneida, j
came pafieogers. several of (he crew of the
<•- pi. Frederick, of this port, faptaio
Lrocker,,captured and carried into France
1 hey complain of ill usage from Mr Dobr«.
at Kantz, and Mr. .Vails, at L'Orierit ;
.Sept 1, at 41, 57, long' 50, spoke fcjj- 1 J
Hope from Liverpool, for Virginia- Sept/, 1
1 3 J r F f ': lle br, S Lyd«, from Liver
(pool, for Virginia.
, . NEW YORK, Sept, 26.
Arrived here,n fix days from H a lif ax ,
j e Britifli packet, Prince Ernest.
By her we are informed, that three days
from A ft j' fp ° ke the fti P Howard,
■ H Vf Amftcrdam t0 th >'» port, bound to
, Hal,fa *. » prize to the earl of Dublin Dr i- ;
vateer. It i» well known that the property
and .T £ Ward ' is c!ear 'y American,
and the probability is, that she will be
cleared ; thig is the more to be wished, as
noinfuranoe it done on her— It is natural
to feel more for individual, than for com
pany lofles, but we always regret either.
i euerday came up from below the Hook,
the ft p Hercules, Captain Breath, from
Batavia having parted her cable, and was
very nearly on the breakers before she got
under way ; a mbft fortunate and valuable
elcape from deftru&ion.
Arrived brig Recovery, Campbell, o
W ,l • a "°, Ck ~ fpoke nW & in g- On the
9th mtt the Recovery experienced a severe
gale Irom the N. E- which crried away both
cr top masts, quarter boards and railings,
walhed two guns overboard, and loft 1 maa
during the temped : iBtb, saw a black A
merican .brig with her mainmaft'gone, and
no perfoji ou board Sasled in co, with the
.'P Aurora, capt. M'mtiri bound to Vir
Sept 2i lat 3954 long 65 30 spoke ship
| Rising Sun. of and from N. Vork for Lon
donderry, met with a severe gale of wind on
the i Bth inft but all well at the time of
(peaking. Sept. ia spoke brig Fanny oF
Newbury port 46 days out from Lifoon to
Bolton, who had a few days before experi
enced a very severe gale of wind, being ia
want ef provisions, &c, which capt. H.fup
plied him with*
Boston Beef,
Linding at Breck's Wharf, and for sale bv
No. 1, Penn Street. .
ieo Barrels of
rember 27
German Redemptioners.
"\TINETEEN ef those, who came in the lhip
±y Anna from Hamburgh, and are willing to
fervc for their paflage
Apply to
Jacob Sperry £s? Co.
Who have on Hand,
Remaining of late importations, and which are of
fered ou reasonable term*, and the usual credit,
30 cases Eftopillas,
Forming a compleat aflorcment ul Uni, Rays i,jn and coloured stripes.
33 Clka Cjff. rillo.,s
5 caffs boccadillos •• ■
2 cues quadruple filefiaa
l caiV fuperfine dowlas
* cases lautilsand 1 cafe liftados
a cafe# fuperfine Elberield checki
3 eifes bed parchet
1 cafe Flar.deribed ticks,B-4
10 cases coffee mills, Nos. co, to No. 6, as
a cases Scythes
J cales ot double flint cut Decanters quart ane*
I cafe gill tumblers, and i cjtfe of Travelling
I cafe of quills, i cafe of cammon fealing-wat
and 4GO Demijohns.
September 27. ' d6t. lawim.
Saddling Business.
HAVING entered into partnership, and ta-
Kin .that lonj> eflabltthed fland at the cor
ner of C' efnut and Thud Streets, refprafuliy
it»li<it public patronage, and particularly invite
a lor.tinuhace of the favour* of the former
a»d cuttomers of Haines * Jones, and
Sharplela & Kii.fey, to whofc bufioefs they have
TJlcy offer for sale a large and general aflbrt
raent of elegant Saddles and Bridles, all kind»
common do. Piated and Brass mounted Harness,
Saddle-bags, Valicces, Cart and Waggon Gears,
&t. Trui.ks of all kinds, particularly hard lea
ther Portmanteaus.
They also manufa&ure all kinds of Silver
mounted and Plain Whips, having several ex
cellent Workmen in thai branch.
They flatter thenafelves from their united ex
perifnce and the arrangements they have made,
to be able to fell any of the above articles oa as
good terms as any o'tSers in the United States.
A liberal allowance will be made to thole who
pirchafe by the quantity
Philad. Sept. 17 4 w•
: i|By
On Monday morning
The »9th instant will be landed on
Hamilton's Wharf
7S Pipes, and )
95 Quartereafksof-
Apply to
September diw.
; • •