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    eed with the utmost a&ivity.—All the
troop 3 Hill in the Hereditary States have
received orders to repair partly to Italy, and
partly to the frontitr3 of Bavaria. These
mealures however, will not prevent the
Beg tiations for peace from going on.
Count Lehrbach arrived here yesterday ;
it is said that he is to preceed to the Tyrol.
VIENNA, July 6.
According to every information, our
Court, in adopting provisionally Jthe Con
vention concluded in luly.has anfweredthe
proportions of the French Government ;
"That his Majesty had never been averse to
concluding wiih the French Rrpublic an
honorable and solid Peace, tending to pro
mote the welfare of the States finking under
the preflure of war, of whii h France had
received repeated and sincere afTurances ;
tut that his Majelty would fail in his ob
jeift if he mada a feperate Peace. He there
fore leaves it to the French Republic to
irnke proportions for a general Peace, in
which the. Crown of England (hall be inclu
ded "
It is also said, that in this declaration he
has protested against the establishment of
th« Cisalpine Republic, because the dif
trifts which had been previously annexed to
it are necefTary for the security of the States
of the Emperor ; and besides, that the lia
bility of several Provinces would become
very uncertain by the cftablilhment of the
A c-urier was sent with this answer to
Gen. Berthier who had made 'he proposi
tion, and couriers were also immediately
dispatched to the Courts, of London and
Berlin, to inform them of the resolution »f
cur Court.
Just Received,
Via. New fork,
And for Sale by
No. 48, South Front Street,
Vkhy Low,
By the Package only,
About thirty Bales of Woollens as fol
lows :
Blue Broadcloths "2
Brcadcluths aflortcd !=
Cafliiner« alfarted g iS
Plans & Forest Cl 'ths 1 u.3
Fine Coitinps and Naps |j? j*
Low priced Coatings -Jj
London fuperfine Mroadcloths
Fslhio.iable Swinfduwni. Jf-
Septeniher 15
A PAIR of well broke, found Hnrfe«, and a
handsome Phsctoo,for sale at Thomai Allen'i
Livery-daMe, in 6th near Arch streets.
feptemker 13 d6t
W anted,
BY a small family cjding to the Weft Indies, a
Woman, who en he well recommence to
a& in the capacity of Houfe-.Keeper. To f«ch an
one a very handsome compensation will he allow
ed—ipp'.y to No 56, north Fourth ftrcet.
feptember 13
An Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Columbian, Harry the Vlllth,
and Merry-Andrew Playing Cards, ferfale cheep
for calh—Apply at this Office.
ieptemher 13. . _ _
and Co.
No. 39, North Front Strret,
Ironmongery, Cutlery, Brass and ?
(apan'd Wares, 5
6d B<i rod iid and aod flat point nails,
German Ste-1,
Hats alTtrted iu cases,
Piitols, guns and flints, &c.&c.
September 11
Neatly executed at the OJjice of the
Gazette of the United States.
Cards—Blanks of all kinds, •
&r. &c.
Will be printed at the
Shortest Notice.
augnft 23.
At his House, Nn. 136, south Second
Lisbon Wine,
©f a good quality, in pipis, hogsheads and
quarfr caflcs.
Bottling Corks, in bales,
Women's Shoes, in trunks, &c.
September 15. mfw
Simon Walker
To No. 79,
South Fourth Strekt,
Corner of Union Streef —wh. re he has for sale
Afforcerl for exportation or home markets
<Slaf, Ware double flint, ia cases.
Fr' fh 01 ' tcs
Nutmegsatid Mace.
July 24.
Puu.*n«LPuiA, September 9.
Old 8 per Cant Stock for cafil too per cent.
Nkw 8 per Cent Stock do- 10*$
-1* pjr Cent, (net amount) 87^;
Navy do. do. 87'
Three prr Cent. do. <3
Deferred, - do. 84^
U4NK United States, do. 31"
—— Pcnnfylva'jia, do. 26
North Aroor'ca, do. 48
>ufuran>s comp. N.A. Ih arcs 10 per cent, be
low par.
Pennfylvania, shares, 11 per cent-, adv,
Turnpike ''hares, to per cent, r.tider par.
Bridge (Schuylkill) 3tock, par.
E»ft-fn<lia Company of N. A. 7 per cent advance
(..and Warrantt, %S dolls, per 100 acres.
Water Loaß, 85 per cent.
Bills on Lon. at 30 days for cash 170 per ct.
Do. do. 60 days do. i6B£ do.
Do. do 90 days do. Ib 6 v
Bills »n Hamburgh it 60 days 36 « 37 cts.
per Mark Banco
Da. in Amsterdam, 60 days 39 « 40 cts. per
At the present solemn and momentous
epoch, the only question to be asked by ev
ery American, laying his hand on his heart,
is, " shall I continue in allegiance to
We can upon the best authority as
sert, that our Government ha? received
explicit and satisfactory affiirances,
that the Ministers of his Britannic Ma
jesty have given no authority, commiflioti,
inftrucftion, or promise of support to
William A. Bowles, and that his hos
tile practices among the Indians have
been without their knowledge.
When M'Kean and Rofs were candidates
for the chair of State, die Jacobini laid that
no inan, except a religious one, ought to be
placed in any office.—What fay they now ?
JefFerfon's their candidate !
No man ought to be Governor of Penn
sylvania but a Chriflian, said the Jacobins ;
yet fay they, a Prelident of the United States
may believe in Twenty Gods or no God—
thus these fellows deceive the people ot
Amerisa ; at one time they are christians,
the next day infidels, one dnjr tlv y < ring* and
flatt-r the people, next day they abul'e and
insult them in the person of their fellow
citizens whom they have chofc t» rule thim.
A letter from the American Consul at
Port Republicain, dated August 12, states,
that the whole liland has submitted to Touf
faiHt j that Rigaud and a few of his officers
have left it in a boat. The Bite is now no
longer infelled with piratical barges, And
there ns no neceflity for vcfll-ls bound to
Port Kepublicain, to touch ?.t Cape Francois,
or the Mole, for convoy. A quantity of
Coffee is said to be in the Mountains of
Grand Ance, and a large colledlion of pro.
duce at Jeremie ; the result appears to be fa
vourable to our Commerce, and opens a new
channel for trade.
G.izette of the United States
Or impiously declare for
The Editor hat received a letter from a
refpe&able gentleman at Snewhill, Mary
land, requeuing him to Hate that the ac
count publilhed in this Gazette September 4
(refpe&ing the brig Mary, James Taylor, of
and for New York, from Pui t-au-Prince,
(banded on the 17th July la(i, on AlTi
teagne lfland, about 60 mil<-j to the South
ward of Cape-Hcnlopen, in which account
itis said " the moll siumkfui. pursuing
took place ! although an Inspector, ap
pointed for the purpose by the Collector ef
ibt Revenue, attended part of the time,")
was very erroneous, »113 that in juflice to
the gentlemen, whose charaders are implica
ted, a suspension of the belief of the ft ue
ment is requeued, until thole who mad the
chargf, (hall prove it. The owner of the
vefTel and cargo, denies being the uthor of
the paragraph and is called upon, if he has
any thing to fajragainft the cuUeftor, or the
person appointed by him, to do it, that a full
and clear inveflisfation of the bufineis may
take place in a legal way.
Wm. Hamilton, fen. of Derham, Bucks
county, was way-laid on the sth us July
last in a piece of woods in Derham town
fliip. He was knocked down and beat,
threatened with death and was robbed of
some ba k bills ; he offers a reward of Ten
Dollars to apprehend the villa n whose name
is John Landers, a man between 60 and 70
years of age, about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches
high, dark complexion, has a long nose
and thick lips, had on a fliort dark colour
striped nankeen coat otter colour veil and
breeehes, white (lockings and coarse rorum
From Sunday, September 7, to Wednes
day September 10. there was one death at
Providence, R. I. of the Fever, and teven
new cases, one has recovered and eleven re
main lick.
For the last 7 days there has been 56
deal 1)6 in New-York. 3 of the Fever as men
tioned by Dr. Tillary.
, From Friday evening, September 5, to j
Monday, September 8, there was 8 deaths
, in Noriolk, and 34 new cases of the Fever.
' For the 24 hours, preceding Saturday
morning fun-rife, there were, id deaths it !
B ltimore and Fell' 9 Point there was then l
64 in the Hospital, 8 convalescents, and 5 [
had been discharged, cured.
The writer of a letter from New-York,
clearly traces the origin of the Fever, in
two inltances to foreign causes ; one a car
ter, who died, and who acknowledged he
caught it, by hauling a load from on board
a vessel which had evaded the quarantine re
gulation and got up to the city and was af
terwards ordered down ; the other was a
boy of Mr. Warner's, the fail-maker's, who
had a&ually been on board a vefTel at the
quarantine ground ; and which vefftl had
lick people 011 board ; the latter was a very
violent ca!e.
Report fays, that Demarara was lately
re-taken by the Dutch, they being diffatis
fied with he rcltri&ions laid upon their
trade by the English. It is expeded Stit
rinam will rife also.
\For the GAztTTt: of the UsiVed Spates.
S 0 N G.
The trifling maid, who idly vain,
Contemns a faithful lover's pain,
His torments all her joy ;
Who changeful as an April day,
With captive hearts drlights to play,
As infants with a toy :
Deserves of Cupid's bittei draught
To taste a drop and from his (haft
A flroke or two to feel ;
Then tremble, nymph ; for, taught by ine
Strephon lhall soon give wounds to thee
No vanity lhall heal.
In a new pamphlet by Gallatin, it is as
, ferted tliat the Committee of C tigress, in
flead of matter of tact, impcled the " pii
vate opinion ol' a few individuali" on the
people of the United States ; that the llate
ment by the committee: of th aniou t of
bondi receivablr, wis improper, bt-caule the
people, i. e. the United States, lhll owrd
the money, the amount of thefc bonds ;
thus if what people of the United States,
owe the people of the Ur.i»ed States is a fal
lacious item in account, the public dent
due to our own citizens is not due at a.I
Hravo Mr. Gallatin, you have wip< d away
the d-bts at once without intending it.
But how d<> you prove that the mere ar
rangement of an old debt, by the new gov
ernment, makes the whole a fair charge to
the incidental expence account of the ict'e
recs only.
Wh/ tell us, how much it colt us to
prepare for our defence againfl the mifteis
of your country, and conceal the aniomu of
the lavingßtheieby.
Are not the arn s purchafcd dill on hand ;
is not our Navy entire, with the addition ot
a line frigate taken from jqw masters ; is
this the galling thought that mak •> you for
get your obligations *9 Amenta; have we
not taken and re-taken SCO fail ot velVels
from the enemy ; has not the couviys, Sic.
by ihe navy saved twenty per cent, on tbe
imports and exports, and 011 the (hipping
employed by our commerce for 3 years pati
Answer these queltions if you can.
A True American Farmer.
[Let every Americau rend the followiii"
account of the bravery of our Countrymen
and whill), he iympathiles with the brave
but unfortunate Capt. Bra f >rd ; lie will rr
collett wi li pUafure his CfikUutry, and that
ot his Crew—and wiH pav julf tribute ti
the generous and brave Bri ilh officer, wlk<
gave affiitance and comfort to wounded A
mci icans.]
Mk Cutlf.k,
BY publishing the following very ho
norable teflimonies, of the unprecedentrJ
bravery of Capt. GAMalieh BitAuyoitD
and Crrw, of the Ihip Indufhy of th.s p>rt,
and the humane condu£l ot Capt. Hsllowrll
of the Brit ilh Ihip Swiftfore ; you will ob
lige, Yours, &c.
L. isf C.
Extract of a letter from Mr. Charles Ihu
ley, 011 board the Industry, dated Lisbon,
July 2j, 1800.
" I have the misforture of Having the
painful task alloted me to communicate the
very unfortunate accident that Capt. Brad
ford met with on the 8:h of July. We tail
ed from Naples on the 15th Junr, and ar
rived fafely off Gibralter 011 theSth of July.
Conceiving it not iafe to enter this port hy
reason of the annoyance given by the Spa
nish gun boats, we proceed tar Lilbon :
S>"on after entering the Gut, about one
league there came from (hore, a large ttench
privateer which came in fight of our gun%
but did not like our appearance ; Hie hauled
Ler wind, and went a (tern, the then fired a
gun andhoifted French colors, with a bloody
flag ; and began firing at us ; but was at
luch a dinancr, that we could not rarh her
without' (krn guns, although (lie from her
bows was throwing her grape fiiot into and
beyond us. Capt. B. laid, all we could do
was to wait until Ihe came nearer, when he
hoped we should be able to give the rafcak
what they deserved. After firing above an
hour at that diflance she came nearer, but
finding tl ere was danger in the attempt, (he
again returned to her former distance, where
(he continued firing her bow chatcs. Soon
after three other privateers, one nearly as
large as the firfl caine out, and allot them
commenced firing at our (lern. Conceiving
themselves much fnpertbr in force, they be
came bolder, and approached nearer lo that
we were enabled to keep a fleady firing upon
; them ; bat tbry had much heavier gv.ns than
; we, particulariy the two i»r,je privateers.
Th* wind blowing frefher, the twol'malle(l
were not. able to do much harm ; a ftro»ig
current against us, and having many of our
fiil,and spars Hiot away, we could not carry
fail, except before the wind, and in that
courfe,moved.flowly.through the water.
After engaging these pirates three hours,
capt. Bradford was unfortunately wounded
by a grape (hot in the thigh which entered
the I ack part, a little above the knee, &
Went nearly through, you m.iy suppose this
was a great (hock to us all, that he should
We the firlt wounded. We tonk him into
deck he addrefled the crew, bcggjng them
not to be alarmed at his situation, but to
keep Ready firing, and to prevent them
from boarding the (hip, uhieh I have the
pkafure to fav they did with determined
cpOrage Mr Bradford, mate and brother
to Ihe captain. sighted the (tern guns during
the whole aftion, which continued two
honrj and a half after capt. B received his
wound. W hen the priv tfer sheered off,
and left us to proceed 011 our voyage which
we were poorly enabled to do, from the
(battered condition of our rigging and spars
Capt. B. then ordered us to (leer for Cadiz,
it hopes of meeting with some Briiifh vessel
of war, which we very fortunately did the
next day, and received from cap. Hallowed,
who cotamanded the vessel we spoke with,
(the Swif(fnre) every mark of attention
and humanity. On being i formed "f the
melancholy iituation in which capt B lav.
he tf en ordered his Chief Surgeon on bodrd
to take care of the wound, and adminifler
every relief in his pow r
It was the opinion of the Surgeon that
the ihigh ought to be amp'ita'ed as soon as
poflihle, but finding a high fever had set in,
he recommended and folicitcd the removal
of capt B. declined, as he «idled to reach
Lisbon, and the wind then promised a
speedy passage; the humanity of capt.
Hallowell however would not allow the
veflVl to leave him until! he had supplied
every thi- g thar was wanted ai;d feut - n
board, his S'-rgeon's mate, (which wa»
the only one i>b board) to accompany
capt. B to Lisbon, and furnifhed an order
for his being admitted to the Britilh Hos
pital there.
Owing to contrary winds which enlued
immediately after we left the fwiftfure, we
did not arrive at Lisbon under 10 days, when
we landed our unfortunate Commander, and
this day he underwent the amputation of his
thigh It is now 3 lioud since the operation
was performid, ami I have the high grat
ification of informing you that he is likely
to do we 1. He bore the operation as he
did the agony of the wound with t'negreateft
c Imnels and fortitude. Except capt. B.
there but one other p rfo i wounded
on board the (hip, which is a Mr. John Bay.
ler, who receivtd a grape (hot in his bmc'y,
and is now lo ged in the fame hospital,
w'>tre every attention is , aid him."
It ought to be mentioned here that this
is the thiidtime wilhin 18 month* hat
capt. Bha 6 a fimii r force in
the fame fess a.d h seach time prcferved
the property of his owners, through his un
daunted skill and bravery.
Gazette Marine Lift.
No arrivals at the f rt.
Ship Pame, Griffiths, for the Havanna,
le.'t NewCaftleon Sunday Lft.
Brig Harriot, Hubber, to Batavia, left
New Callle yesterday.
Brig Nancy, Brufter, from hence, has
arrived at Capt Francois.
Fr m Lloyd's List of Augns' I.
Arrived at Biiftol, ship Luanda, ,
At Liverpool, (liip Friendlhip, Ward,
Philadelphia ; MiiTiiTlppi, Cullaghan, Phi
At Dover, Criterion, Weeks, Philadel
At Hamburgh, Farmer, Philadelphia.
At Ainfterdara, Harmony, Wickhawi,
B \LTIMORE, September 13.
Arrived, ship Fidelity. Weems, fifty one
days London. Left there ship Halcyon,
Captain Wife, of Baltimore, bt fides tbofe
mentioned by the ' merican. July 23,
{poke the ship President nf Salem, to Lon
don. July ?t, '.attitude 47, 18, longtitude
17 W. spoke the ship Mercury, from Lon
don to Chirleftrm. August 18, lattitnde
46. 23, longtitude 26, spoke (hip Mary
Ann, of Bolton to London, Augufl 22
lattitude 37, 43, longtitude 58, 20. spoke
(hip Two Brothers, from Norfolk to Fal
mouth. August 27, in lattitude 56, 54,
longtitude 66, the fgow Robert from Bal
timore to Rotterdam. Next lay i'.i lattitude
37, 21. longtitude 68 5 spoke ship Re
becca, from Lifeon, to Norfolk.
Ship Stafford, Shaw, 76, days Rotter
dam ; (hip Juno, Willis, of New York f r
Philadelphia, a: d brigs Traveller, Lee, of
Bolton, for Lifb 111 ; Hayt, of N. w
buryport, and schooner Washington, Ro
gers of Bolton, failed in co. with us. Left
there the snow Java, Nice, of Baltimore,
Ready for sea. ,
We were boarded by the Kng'Mn
Latona, and treated politely. A few days
after in latitude 59. K'i>gtitude 10, were
hoarded bv the Lyn* Hoop of war, whose
tiv uaient was very different, though polite
enough to inform us, The was cruizing for
American fr.ips from Batavia, and that the
fame day (he had boarded the fliip Manches
ter, Jacobs from Amsterdam to Philadel
phia. In laititude 41, longtitude 53,
spoke the fliip Lucy, of Boston, from llif
bon. . 1 ' ,
Schooner Scorpion, Sarenfon, twenty
ore days Cape Nichola Mole. •
Left there the febooner Two Brother?,
Captain Monro of Boston
Brig Eliza, Waits, sixteen days Cape
Francois ; brig Dispatch, Noble, of Bos
ton, failed four days before us, for Balti
Loft this morning,
Thomas greeves'r note, in favour
ofThemas Mifflin, uated September 17,
1800, at 60 days, for 1750 dollars, uot en
dorsed. Any pe. son having f*>und the fame,
and will re urn it to T. Greevet, No. 73,
Walnut flreet, Jhall be rewarded,
fejtember 16 Hd3t
For Charter,
Burthen aboat 1400 barrels.
Shr fait* wcll v
Apply to
Moore Wharton,
JV'. 18, Dock-street.
Coffee, in bags,
And a well ass rted Invoice
(Vptrmb-r i 6
Ship India,
Burthen 401 tons; now
laying at tlie Still-house wha>rt.
For terns apph to
september 16 « diot
For completing St. Augustine's x
The second or iaft Class.
r T"'HE few remaining Tickets in the above
A Lottery, which may t! >c hands me
prizes of Ten tb uf.ind dollars! F"ur thou/and
dollars' Thre' ihoufand dd'.ars ! &c. Ac injy
be hid if called for foor., for f e imall sum of
Nine DJlars Sh.uld any remain <-n
hind on theJSrJlofCßober-, they will be railed
to Nine and an half Dollars.
■Apply to
GEOKGE TAYI.OR, Jr. N0.39? Cbesnut
M. M'CONNELL, No. 143 S street
fepteiiiber 16
Houses to Let:
ONE large convert ent three-story Btick.
Dwelling House, with four rooms oh a
floor, anj two Kitchens ; there is a pvmp
of w&ler, and a rain water cistern n 'he
yard"; situate on the ''>( l tide of Fourth-
Street, one door above Race-Street, lately
occupied by Solomon Moroche.
A convenieut Three Story
brick house,
Next door, but on?, north ot t'.above,
No. 157. — It lias a Pump and Cilt rn in.
the yard, &c. For terms apply at No. 116
August 4. Sep. 16
Remaining Tickets,
In the second or .est Class
of the
Go. lay lor, jr. at No. 39 Che j nut
AND > „
M. M* Cornell, No. 143 j
AL vRGE p. rtion of the ) I_KE VS beins;
alrea y I'■ !.ai d the fir-t Deo-nber
positively fixed on as the mojl d'ljlar.t period Jor
commencing ibe drawing ; the p. ice h - with
r he content of the Maragtrs, bi'en raifrd to
nine dollars, and will be raised from time to
time until the drawiag is smithed, according
tii circu:: fiances.
It is to be obfcrved that by taw, the M:mpers
are obliged to fiiii(h the rirawi-v in thirty diy«
from its comineticeraen' — nd to pay the prizes
wirhin thirty day» after the drawing is finithed.
Philadelphia, Sept », 1800 tuthfsiw
tO-Tbc friends of the Federal Govern
ment are requeftrd to meet at D .nwoody's
Tavern, on Thursday Evening, the 18th.
of September inllant, at seven o'clock— oa
business of importance.
Sept. 15th t '4 t *
KP THE PU3LIC are cautioned r
gait.ft having any commnnication with the
GANGES Sloop of War, (now at New-
Castle) or any of her ufficers Or ciew th re,
as they msy depend on being prevea ed fr< m
returning to this city in less tflan thirty
days. And means will be tak=n u> pioic
cute all without diftin&ioofor violating the
Quarautine Law.
September n.
4 tf
• » '(
in flew tX