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    XUMBFU ?440.]
The price is Might
Doll ads per annum to Subset ibttrs residing
in the city of Philadelphia* Ail others pay
ent Dollar additional, fir enclosing apd di
reeling ; and unlessiso;\ut fierwa in.(his city
mill become answerable for the sribseHpiioti,
it must be paid Six Months in Advance.
%* No Subixription will be received for
m shorter term than six months.
December 1 1799.
From JtUf %l—it *9>
Mian V*T|l>
©n WEDNESDAY the ajd.dr.y of July,, at
o'clock, P. t.i. at the Merchants' Coffee House
in Second street,
A of Ground,
CO NT AINING 3 acres, 4 perches and .j-loths,
Gtuated at the upper end of Germantown,
oppolite to Mount Airy, about 8 miles from the
On which is ere&ed a good convenient new
(tone dwelling-house, kitchen, piazza, &c. alio a
good (lone barn.
It is an eligible situ ition for a family who wish
toretirefrati the citv daring the funnier months.
July 14. <Jts
36 BARRELS, of
Prim* Port-au-Prince
Twelve Tons Logwood,
JUST arrived in the Brig s'ufannah, Captain
Smith, from Port-aU Prir.ce, and for sale by
July 14. mw&f tot
Just Arrived,
Theodore Bliss, Commander, from Seoga
co/tsisriKG or
An affouinent of Piece Goods.
Sugars of eke firft quality,
And 100- qr. chelis of superior quality
•klyfon Teas.
Willings U Francis, and
Thomas & John Clifford.
March 17. d.
In the Pomona, from Liverpool, and fo,r sale,
Ironmongery, Sadlcry, Cutlery,
Brass fc? Japan*d Wares,
Per th« Brutus and Penelope, via N. York,
t , attuned in cases, and
PINS in Boxes—Br
No. 3Q, North Front Hreet.
June 16 dim
Just Arrived,
• tS cargo
Of tbe Ship Q a irroir,
Richard Dale, Commander, from Canton,
Bohea \ _
Souchong J
Hyson Skin *FEAS.
Young Hyson I
and Hyson. J
Yellow \ NANKEENS,.
Sugar of 1 ft.quality*
China Ware.
An affbrfment of Silks.
Nip. al, Pcnn Street.
April 14- d.
A falhioriable
Horse and Gig
The Hor(e young, and the Gig as good as
new. Appljr to th? Editor.
N.B. NEW WATCHES will be taken in
payment at'a fatr'wholefale price.
A PERSON pofifcfling some capital, a coHfi
derable rtiare of industry, and desirous of
engaging as a partner in a lucrative business,
may hear of a fiujaii.m. All pmpoia!» oft this
fubjeiSl to be in writing, scaled and diredted to
W. R. J. New York, and left with the printer
of tbe Gazette of the United States, will be at
tended to.
A Frister would find it to bis advantage'
Junes* dtf
Gazette of the United States,
H. M'
t • *
4 S3
s 38
6 21
7 11
8 ' a
- 4 49 7 "
4 49 7 «
4 '4o—7 to
- 4 41- 7 9
- 4 42 7 8
4 43 7 7
4 44 7 6
Que of the Afliftaqt Minjflcrsof Christ church and
AN Engltlh School, a Cbflical School, and
a Mathematical School, in which all the
branches of fcier.ce conneiled with those de
partments are taught. N. B Ibe Mathema
tical Department is conduced by Air. Pftfr
D eJL a mar, formerly Prtfrfor of Matkematic*
in the Royal jlcad-my, Dublin.
June 6
an apprentice
At tke Office of the Gazette «f the United
July 6
FOR SALli—a cOHPLsrg
• "i r
Newspaper Establishment,
In rhe pleafanr and healthy town of Newark, flew-
Jersey, about nine miles from New York •,
Alsoy * cotitplt'e set of
HPHE above is worthy the attention of any,
1. Printer wifliing to fllabljlh himfelf in a
country town. The rapid population, and ex
treme plutfantnefs of the t«wn, and it> vicinity to
New \ork, is a confukration which every pert'on
will kaow how to appreciate- It will be,fold
very cheap for cash ; or a liberal cwsoit will be
giv;n for one half of the purchase money, if
Further particulars tnay be known by fending a
line,poft paid, to
July 19 tuth&s »w (i
lhree Cents Reward.
n UN away from the Subscriber on the evening
IV of tha sßth irjft. a bound Servant GIRJL,
named Elizabeth tfowchel, had pn and took with
her three different changes of garmiait and money,
procd.bold and impudent, a noted lyar ; any p»r
fon apprehending her fhallhe entitled to the above
reward—no cbfts or charges will he paid.
ft: &,.sUhad ? years and some months to fcrve
Go(hei»Townfl:ip,Cbe{lflr County, July »<>.
augiifl K *awtf
A VALUABLE and dafirable Estate, Gtuated
en the river Raritah iq Jersey, near Somer
set Court-House, 16 ciiles from firunfwick, and
18 from Princeton ; confiding of upwards of 700
acres, equally divided into meadow, arable and
woodland; the whple within a ring fence ; the
barn, stables, &c. are Cpacioui, and adeqnate to the
size of the Farm ; there ii a plenitude of game,
with a good fliad fifhery. The estate is now in
the hands of Mr. Henry Worley.
Further particulars may be known of
Merchants, Philadelphia, and of
Or of the Tenant on the premises
May 9 t . S tf
A SINGLE Man,eapableof inftru&ing twelve
Boys, in the Latinj Greek and French lan
guages, also writing and arithmetick- Siu.h a
person coming well rccompiepd<;d, for his abili
ties and good behavipiiT, will receive four hun
dred dollars per'annym, and be accommodated,
reuclr to his IstUfadion, with meat, drink, walh
ing and lodging j by applying to the fubferibers,
living near Berry't-ville, iu Frederick county and
flateof. Virginia.
Jobn Milton,
Warner Washington.
June to tith&f ipjtf
WHEREAS my wife, Margaret Cennor,
has abfemed her ft If from my bed and
board, without any just cause. I hereby for
warn all persons from harbouring or crediting
he/- account, as I am dettrmined not to
pay any ( dcbts of her contra&isg.
July 17, 1800, eojt
AN attachment was lately issued out of the in
ferior court of common pleas of the county
of Essex, in the state of New Jerfcy, directed to
tne flieriff of the said county, againfi the rights,
credit*, monies and effefls, goods and chattels,
landsand tenements ot John Cltvti Syrnmes at the
fuitof William a pjea of trespass on.the
to his damage threethoufand dollars;—
And tvbsreai, the said fheriff did, at the term of
June last pafll, return to the said toi,rt that he had
attached the defendant hy a certain bond given by
Matthias Denman and Samuel Meeker to the said
defcpdant, to the amount two thousand
dollars,and, a| sixty land warrants; —
AW tkcrefm, unless the faitl John Clevei
Syrnmes {hall appear, give special Sail, and recejve
a declaration at the suit of the plaintiff, judgment
wili b» eriicre-1 aguinft him, and his property
herein attajched, will 1>; fold agreeably to the
statute is fijeh cafe made and pr«v : ded.
Aaron Ogclen, Clerk, &c.
Eliiabeth-town.July 8,1799 (11) tawrim
Philadelphia Academy.
Reilor ol St. Paul's Church, and formerly Vice-
Provost of th« Uijivcrfity of Pennsylvania,
St. Peter's,
At No. 24, Spruce Street,
By C. P. Wayne, No. 65, South Front-street,
■ : V ■ —, —:
-Trr" i mrH«*[WiTirffr
In the Jbi[> Mary Ann, Francis Stewart,
m/ifitr, from Haft burgh, now landing,
Jacob Sperry & Co.
No. 195, Market-Jjert,
or white rolls of yt | yards,
Decanters, cut and common,
Fiafc Cafssand failed dilhes,
Glass pearls and beeis ier necklaces of all colour)
and Dies,
Black and whits cdgiDgs and laces, " "
Ribbons and Up<;s,
Coffee mill*, Quills, and
351 Boxes Bohemia Window Glass, 7 9, 8 10
9 11, 10 n, 12 14, :» 16, 11 18, ii
18, 16 10, 18 14, 10 24, JO 26 h
31. >
Also, via New-York,
6 Coles white rolls,
6 do. Creas ala Morlaix,
1- do. Coatils.
On hand," which will bs fold reasonable to dos
3 new Cables of 130 fathom each g &10 inch
July I w&f 3W
William Young Birch,
Abraham Small,
Of tie-City of Philadelphia
Modern Europe.
Witb an account of the Decline and Fall of
the Roman Empire, the Rise cf Modern
Kingdoms, &c. ijfc.
1 > HE great applause which tlii« excelled
boo* hat received, is a sure proof of it*
merits—The vast sale which it hat had fo r
Icvcral years, is a fair criterion by which the
( opinion of its worth can be known.
During the life of th* learned author, it went
through the annual file of a very Urge impref
Con—every facceeding edition ruceived some
improvement the result of his deep researches
and great judgment—he lived to make it as
perfect is in tb« nature of things it sould be—
he is dead ! Whilst the Engliflj language is
read, the History of Modern Europe wiH re
main a mounment to his fame ! It is ai enter
taining as initruftive ; as interelling as pro
found. The plan of the work i> copious, but
by ax happy arrangement, the readers at'once
prefentcd with the extemporary history of
every part of Europe. The b»*fc-m>w offered
to .the public is from the tall and nioft dorre&
copy, to which thi> fliall be no .way inferior..
IT CQyTA /Wfr—
An history of thg deidjne the Roman
empire. Th« r;fe of modern fcinjfjdcm;, ge
nerally. A particular history of the French
monarchy. Do. Spam from the dominion
of the Vifig»ths. Italy, with the "rife and
progress of the Temporal t\iwer of thfe
• Popes. Britain, from it 9 relinquilhment by
the Koraaps. Ireland. The German em
pire, from Charlemagne. The empire of
Constantinople to jts overthrow. Empire of
the Arabs. Rife and progrefj of the Turks
•nd fall of the Greak empire. History of
Portugal ; View of the progress of Naviga
tion; Conyieflsin the Eall and Weft Indie's;
Discovery ofAmerica.&c. History of Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Ruffia,Poland and Prui
fii: North-America, ae coontifled with Eti
ropein history. A very cimiprehcnfive. amJ
highly ufeful chronology.
I. The whole (hall be comprized in five large
o£lavo volumes, printed in the best manner,
on a fiiperfme paper.
11. It is intended to deliver ore volume every
two month*, at the price of Two Dollars per
volume in boards, payable on delivery.
111. As it may be inconvenient to deliver them
to distant fubferibers in (ingle volumes,
who wifti it, may let them remain with jhe
publiftiers until the wholeare publiftied.
The work is at press and will he printed on
a beautiful new type cast for the purpose. The
endouragers #f this undertaking may reft as
fured, that nothing row forefeen (hall delay its
regular procedure ; so that in one year at far
thrft the citizens of the United States (hail be
prefewted with an American Edition of Doiler
Uuffell's History of Modern Europe, equal to
the Englift copy, aud at a lower price.
June 14 tu^f
Philadelphia Lancaster
July nth, l%S>Qr
THE President ani Managers havotkis day
declared a dividend of Eight Dollar* on sach (fyare
of stock, of which, fix dollars per flure will be
p*id the Stockholders or their representatives any
day after the 34fli inftano; the reniaiuiog two.
dollars has been retained and
pleating and repairing the road agreeably to a
rtfolution of the ftoekhoMers.
Wm. GOVETT, Treasuer.
J U 'T '4 m 4 t
*. Old Long Prin er,
Small Pica on pica body (pew slid i-fd
Pica, do.
Englilb, (two small founts)
16 Line Pica, &c.
Sundry Frames, a»d a great variety of Office
Furniture, &c.
Irof. wsrk of a,
w tf
<£s° Tliey will he fold cheap forcafh—Apply
at tfee office of th« Gazette of the United
" x u
WHEREAS by an aft of Cdngrefo
pafied on the feveoth day of May,
in the year of our Lord one thoufatid eight
hundred, the Prefidcnt of the United States
is authorized to borrow, on behalf of the
United States, from the Back of the Uni
ted States, or from any other body or bo
dies politic or corporate, or From any per
son or persons, and upon such terms a»d
conditions as he shall judge most advanta
geous for the United States, a sum not
exceeding Three Millions Five Hundred
Thoufaod Dollars, so however, that no
contraia or engagement be made, which
fliall preclude the United States from reim
bursing any sum or sums borrowtd, at any
time after the expiration of fifteen years
from the date of such Loan. And Where
as it is declared by said ad, that so much
as may be necessary of the surplus of the
duties on imports and tonnage, beyond the
permanent appropriations heretofore char
ged upon them by law, shall be pledged and
appropriated for paying theintereft; and
also for payiog and difchargiiig the princi
ple sum or sums of all the monies which
may be borrowed according to the term or
terms which may be fixed purfuaot to the
authority aforefaid. AND WHEREAS
by the said a a the fa'.th of the U. States,
is pledged to eftablilh fufficient permanent
revenues, for making up aqy deficiency that
may hereafter appear in the provisions b«-
fore mentioned for fxying the iotereft and
principal sums, or either of them, or any
monies which may be borrowed pursuant to
the said ad. AND WHEREAS the
Puesident of the United States, did by
an Aft or Commission under hi 9 hand, da
ted the seventeenth day of May, in the
year one thousand eight hundred, autho
rize and empower the Secretary of the
Treasury to borrow on behalf of the Uni
ted States, any sum not exceeding in the
whole Three Millions Five Hundred Thou
sand Dollars, and to make such contrast or
lontrafU as fiieuld be ncceflary, and for
the interell of the United States, in pur
suance of the aft cf Congress above recited.
NOW 1 HEREFOH E, theunderfigned
Secretary of the Treafuvy, in pursuance of
the aft of Congress and the authority from
the Prelident of the United States above
mentioned,—Doth Hereby, on behalf of the
United States of America, contrast and en
gage in manner following, to wit :
ift. There fliall be created a funded Ca
pital Stock, to a.i amount hereafter to bede
fignated by the said Secretary, but not ex
ceeding Three Millions Five Hundred Thciu
fand Dollars, which Capital Stack shall be
divisible into shares of one hundred dollars
each, bearing 'altered, at eight per centum
per annum, payable quarter yearly at the
Treafijry of the United States, or at the
Loan Offices, where the said Stock may
(land credited, until the last day of December
in the year eighteen hundred and eight.
id. After the last day of December in the
fuid year one thousand eight hundred and
eight, and after reasonable notice to the ere-
ditors, which (hall be given by an-advertife
ment in some public newspaper printed at
the feat of the government of the United
States, the said Capital Stock (hall be re
deemable at the pleasure of the United
States, fey the reimbursement of the whole
futn dr Aims borrowed and which maycon
litu.te the (aid Capital Stock, either at the
Trsafury of the United States, or at the
Loan Offices where the fame may (land cre
dited. 1
3d. The credits for the (aid Capital Stock
(ha)! and may bp separately certified in (urns
either for one hundred, four hundred, one
thousand, four thousand, or ten thousand
dollars, and the credits so certified (hall be
transferable by the creditors, or their attor
nies, at the Treasury and Loan Offices re-,
fpe&ively, in pursuance of the rules which
.have been or which may be eflabfifhed rela
tive to the transfer of the funded Stock of
tha United States.
4th. A fufficient sum of the surplus of
the duties on imparts and tonnage beyond
the permanent appropriations heretofore
charged upon thein by (aw—together with
the faith of the United States, are hereby
pledged for the fulfilment of this contraA,
in pursuance of, and according to the terms
and conditions of tfie act of Congress herein
before recited.
GIVEN under my hand, and the seal of
I' ' the Treasury of the United States, at
(£7!) Philadelphia, tiiis second Jun?,
ww ) one thoufancl eight hundred} and of
the Independence the twenty-fourth .
Secretary of ibc Treasury.
June 21, iSloc.
Proposals will be received until the. last
day of July inclufivr, at the Bhdlc of
the United States, and the Offices yf Dis
count and Deposit at Boilon,. New-York,
Baltimore, Norfolk, and Charleftpn.j for the
purchase of One Million and five Hundred
Thousand Dollars of Stock, directed by
the Secretary of the Treasury, to be issued
in pursuance of the abovenientiar.ed. con
trail. The proposals moil advantageous to
the United Slates will be accepted, but no
Stock will be issued at less than five per
centum advance, or one hundred and five
j dollars in money for one hundred dollars in
I (lock/ In cafe the funis fpecifled in similar
I proposals feaU the alr,i»unt flack
offered for sale at the places abovemeiKionedJ
they!! be f&djeft to. a propor
tJcnial dedu&ton. ♦,
wf G. SIMPSON, CWJj'c.
■' ' -
3 Go Dollars
RAN AWAY from the fuhfetiber, on the I Sell
ofjmne inft. TWO NEGRO SERVANTS;
viz a negro wuuun iiamed Fat, a walher-vyc-i
fan and aboiA ftty ttve years
tall and well flut'eri, of a black complexion.. iSin
has bad teeth, rhuu- yj her under jaw sre H' u cf'
and good deal. She his 3
Full head of wooly hair—a very crcus forbidding
countenance, i- very impertinent, and laughs and
j talks loud. Pat vms b;orn in South-Carolrea, and
fpeitj bad Eng:i3i,'ii'ith the negro dialect. She
has 011 the upper part of her breatt, two pretty
large lumps of flelh r< femMing Wens, or'rather
with the appearance of the marks of a burn. she
carried away with her Teveral changes of do«h»,
and goatns us white muilin, arid of coloured and
figured printed cottons lalhionably made up. aha
ally carried away with her,
CLARA her daughter— a very flout, rolu/li
ftrpng made girl, of a {hort Mature, ?nd round
moulderedappearing t« bo abcut 14 year; of
age. Clara has targe flaring eyos, a flat nose, ari
oval flic face, h'er under jaw projedling a
and good tetrh. She is very aritul mid impu
dent, has a great fluency of speech, ul'cs good lan
guage, andljas been taught to read She.has the
appearance of ring worms on her (eft cheek and
chin.; theikia in ("pots appearing much paler thv>
the reft of her complexion, which is much lighter 1
thau her mother's—tier hair i< short and wcoiy.
Shtwore a pink grounded printed cotton with a
small black figur , with new fore parts.
Also ran away, on Weduefday the ntfi inft.
June, DICK and AMELIA. Dick, ot as he in
lately called himfelf, Richard Weaver, is a hotlfie
fervant,—he is abcut 5 feet 7 inches high, rathci*
small made, is about years old, of a good
smooth, black complexion—has a flat nose, witti
very large open nostrils. He carried his head
and neck as if he were ftiffin the neck and (houi;
ders, which ate high and tolerably square. atU his
neck ftort—his I-gs are straight hut fnfall and
illy made, with fcarte ar.y calf. He has haJ bad
teeth, is left handed, and exceedingly awkward
he lias a full head of wonly hair, which he plait?
and drelTes to the l eft advantage. His is
small, his speech coromoly mild aiid flow, and hi*
| manners appear extremely simple, but h-: it at
bottom an artful knav.-, and when fpektn to h
! very apt t > b-paflionate and imperii; ent. D;ckf
is a native of South-Carolina, and speaks bad
Englifli—he ferfneed arid carried away with hits
Amelia, who he called his wife.
Amelia is a very complete, well inftruAed UA
dies maid, much-below the comfhon. stature and
of a small make—her complexion i» thw of .1 dark
mulatto or tpeflwoeV nearlyrefembling that of th«
Lafearsof India, with klackcur'ing hair, and a
very low forehead—her right eye has a. great
weakness, owing to the small pox in her infancy—
uader her «ye. very black—a flar face, flat broad
nose, with lcarce any riling at the 1 ridge; a large
mouth, with thick lips, and good llrowg teeth.
On the nape of her neck ihe has .the maflts of a
Seton. Dri ffes with taste, and imitates the French
flylej is very fenGble, and cxpreffej Jierfelf welL
She took with her a variety ot clothes, falhion
ablymide—fhehasfor more than two years past
been liable to fits, Which at times give her a wild
nefs in her eyes—-htr heal this generally delicate—
fhe it at prtfint likely to encreoje Icr family, ar.d is
about ai years of age—(lie can dfefs hair, clear
Ilarch, has a taste for millinary and
king; and as (he is very ingenious, can turn her.
hand to any thing and may probably offer herlelf
to some milliner or mantua maker 35 a work
woman. As Amelia has heretofore been a great
favourite of a Vify indulgent millrefs. ait 3 'tie
believed has been led away by the perfuaCon of
her paramour DLk, if she will return to me, (he
will be lofgiven and treated with the fame teo
dernef- she has always received.
FIFTY DOLLARS Reward let each Will be
paid for the delivery of Pat ar.d Clara to thd
fubferiber, or to any gca! in the United States, so
that I mr.y get pofT'ilio:; of then;—-One Hundred
Dollars each lor Dick end Amelia, on the like
delivery. The fubferiber warns all maftof
of vessels, from taking these
.from the United States, and requnls such
of his friends and acquaintance as it may notfuit
[ to arrefl thorn, to give information, should they
! hear of Richer of the fugitives', to the fubferiber
[ by letter directed to the post office,
J which will fjnd him, wherever he may pass the
summer, rii to the Printer of she Gazette ef thd
United $:)( js, who will'communicate it to S
J friend in Philadelphia to adl e;i his behalf.
Of South-Carolina, corner of Foarth anti
Union-streets, ia.
wScs 5t
June 2j.
No. io6, south fid', of Maiket H.
(Price One garter of a Dollar, J
Pleasing Incitements
CbnrcyCd through rb« Medi*tn of
Anecdote, Tale, and Adventure j
Calculated to entertain, fortify an ! improve tho
Juvenile Mrfld.
Translated cbxejiy from tie German.
Kj" Said Humphreys has just rtceivcQj
awl is now opining a hapijfeme Collegia*
Jn-y JV
ALL persons who have arty demands agaiiifli
Chelate of WILLIAM FISHER, are desired
to'bring in their accounts tt> the ftibfcriber, hi
order that they may be difihargtfd ; and alt
persons who are indebted to said eltate by con*
trait, bill, book debt, for rent or others
wife, are required to-difcharge fhc fame, other
wile they may e*pedV to be proceeded agauift
i according .to law. '
Administrator to the sfistj »f William Fifoat'
Jwiew wit*
f Volume XVIIT.
■. . *
■ » f'-H-