Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, July 18, 1800, Image 1

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Gazette of the United States, & Daily
By C. P. Wayne, No. 65, South Front-fireet.
«bk>wf -»■ n. tr aaQMNBHiI a®w**' Ti-rrrTMin- -rnT-r-r yw^Mr " ,, 'WTm~v«ißT innrmr— an an mll irn u i iniMiiifMiinii nm ■" TT ir--- : r-- ■■■■ i TTT--i-rt~T^ , nr-i m ■
Cr.7° The price of this Gazette is Eight
. lloLLAiis per annum to Subscribers residing
i the city of Philadelphia. All others pay
o e Dollar additional, for enclosing and di
recting ; and unless*some person in this cttj
will become answerable for the subscription,
it must be paid Six, Months in Advance.
*„• No Subscription will be received for
a shorter term than six months.
December I *799.
From July IJ —to »*■
men watkr. H. M'
Wednesday - « 9-54
Tbarfday - - 10 41
Friday - - * II 39
Saturday - 0 9
Sunday • - • • o 50
Monday .... t 42
TucfJay • • 4 3 1
Wednesday - - 4 43 7 »7
Thursday - - 4 44 7 16
Friday 4 45 7 »5
Saturday - 4 45—7 '5
Sunday - - " *4 46 7 '4
Monday 4 47 7 '3
Tuesday . * 4 48
|B|f Roebuck,
Bernard Rafer, Matter ;
His a oui'iderab'.epart of her Cargo engaged,
and will fail with ad expedition.
For freight or pillage, apply to the Cap
tain, or to
Jul" 12. eod 3t
' A fathionable
Horse and Gig
The Hori'e young, and the Gig as good a 9
new. Af.plj to the Editor.
N.B. NEW WATCHES will be in
payment at a fair wholesale price.
Fun" 1J
70 11HDS.—AND
36 BARRELS, or
Prime Port-au-Prince
Twelve Tons Logwood,
JUST arrived in th* Brig Mufannah, Captain
Smith, from Port-au Prinee, and for sale by
July 14. mw&f lot
A 2-story brick house
TWO rooms on a floor, kitchen and wafh
hcufe, all built ol the best materials, and in excel
lent order ; cellars under the whole, one paved,
and has two lattice closets with locks, a large gar
den and yard, several fruit-trees in the garden,
two pumps of excellent water near the premises.
Enquire at No, 39, Arch flreet.
July \$ tu*f6w
Baltimore and New York Mail
Stage Office • *
IS removed from No. 13 South Fourth flreet, to
N'i. 18 South Third Qreet.
An Office for those stages is »!fo kept at mr.
Hardy's Inn, No. 98 Market flrctt.
General Post Office, April aB
- Arrived,
Theodore Bliss, Commander, from Benga
, An assortment of Piece Goods.
Sugars of the firft quality,
And aoo qr. chests of superior quality
Jlj l'on Teas.
Willings Iff 1 Francis, and
Thomas is' John Clifford.
March 17. d.
A Valuable and singularly eligible
CONSISTING of two handsome dwelling
faoufes, with excellent (Uhling for seven horses,
double coach-house moil completely fitted up; a
beautiful large and valuabla garden richly filled
with choice fruit, surrounded with high board
fence, almost new. The premises are beautifully
situated near the middle of Germantown, sur
rounded with rich profpeds of the adjacent
country ; an orchard of about two acres, with a
handsome lawn at tht back of the house.
One house has been recently built on an appro
ved plan ; the other has been completely repaired,
painted and papered, and contain ten rooms with
an elegant drawing-room, fifteen feet by thirty
The new house is well calculated for a (lore in
cither the dry or wat good line.
Th« air and water are unrivalled, and there are
some mod excellent fchool9 in the neighborhood.
For particulars enquire of the Printer, or of
onrjthe premises.
May 9; def
iT'MR a three quarter Share of Bank Stock of the
. United States, No. 381S in the name of John
Holmes, Jun. has been let or miflaj etl and for the
Renewal of which application has been made at
laid Bank, of Which all concerned are desired to
May 19. <*3m.
William Young Birch,
Abraham Small,
Of the City of Philadelphia,
Modern Europe.
IVith an account of the Decline and Fall of
the Roman Empire, the Rise cf Modern
Kingdoms, l!?c. isfc.
THE great applaife which this excellent
book has a sure proof rf its |
merits—The vast sale which it has had for |
leveral years, is a criterion by whLh the ]
public opinion of its worth can be known. ,
During the life of the learned author, it went
through the annual file of a very Urge irapref j
fion—every fncceeding edition received iome i
improvement the result of his deep researches
and. great judgment—he lived to make it as
perfeil as in tl.s »ature of things it sould be—
he is dead ! Whilst the Engh(b language is
read, the History of Modern Europe will re
main a monument to his fame 1 It is as enter
taining at inllruiftive ; as interesting as pro
found. The plan of the work is copious, but
by ax happy arrangement, the deader is at once 1
presented with the cotemporary history of 1
every part of Europe. The book now offered !
to the public is from the last and molt correal
copy, to which fhis (hall be no way inferior.
IT contains—
An history of the decline and fill of the Roman
empire. The rife of modern kingdoms, ge
nerally. A particular history of the French
monarchy. Do. Spain from the dominion
of the Vifig»ths. Italy, with the rife and
progress of the Temporal Power of the
Popes. Britain, from its relinquifhment by
the Romans. Ireland. The German em
pire, from Charlemagne. The empire of
Conftantinuple to its overthrow. Empire of
the Aribs. Rife and progress of the Turks
and falj of the Greek empire. History of
Portugal ; View of the progress of Naviga
tion ; Conqtiefts in the East arid Weft Indies ;
Discovery ofAnier ca,&c. Hiftoryof Sweden,
Denmark, Nor* ay, Ruflia,Poland and Prus
sia: Ncfth-America, as c6flu«fled with Eu
ropean history. A very c«mprehenfive and
highly ufeful chronology.
I. The whole shall be comprized in five large
odlavo volumes, printed in the best manner,
on a fiipertine paper.
11. It is intended to deliver ene "o'ume every
two months, at the price of Two Dollars per
volume in boards, payable on delivery.
111. As it may be inconvenient to deliver them
to diftar.t fiibfcribers in fitigle volumes, those
who wilh it, may let them remain with the
publishers until the whole are published.
The work is at press and will be printed on
1 beautiful new tvpe calt for the jjurpofe. The
enrouragers »f this undertaking may reft as
sured, that nothing r.ow forefeen shall delay its
regular procedure ; so that in one year at far
theft the Citizens of the United States shall be
presented with an American Edition of Doflor
HuflVll't History of Modern Eur-pe, equal to
the Eug'ifh copy, aud at a lower price.
June 14 tuSs'f
Schuylkill Permanent Bridge:
A DIVIDEND of 8 per centum per annum is de
clared by the President and Directors of the
Company for treeing a Permanent Bridge ovfr
1 the River Shuylkill, at or near the city of Phila
delphia, on the amounts paid in on the i(t day nf
. April Uft, (the time when the fubferiprions to the
(lock of the said company were complcated, and to
be from thence computed) payable to the stock
holders «r their legal reprefentativesafcer the 10th
day of the prefetit month, out of the profits jri
fing from the F!o»ti- g Bridge Ferry and Tavern,
at the West end of High Street, on application to
the Treafurrr, No. 13, Church Aliey.
July 1. tuthsira
1 -
To the Inhabitants of the 3d Col
lection Diftritf,
r Compreheiyl-d by the Ea.'t and Weft Northern
Libertirs, and the towr.fhip of Biockley in
fiiftdivifion, ftifeof PcnnfylvVnia.
YOU are hereby noticed, that the tax
which has been ass fled upon dwelling house],
lands ind slaves within this diffridl, hy virtue
of an ait of Cor.grefs palled the 14th of July,
17 8, entirled *' an aiff to lay and colleA a di
red tax," becomes due and payable on the
12th day of July next, and that I will attend at
my houO>, No. 363, north Second (freer, to
receive the fame, (Vim and after the nth day
> ofjulvto the firft day of Auguit next, from
1 10 o'clock in the morning till 6 in the after
' noon, except Monday the jift and Frid»y the
! 15th, when, sor 1 the greater convenience of the
' inhabitants in the township of Biockley, I »ill
attend at the house of Mr. Wil! : am Roads, at :
1 the Cross R ads, of which all persons ctjcern
-1 ed are to take not ce that on tie t the
delinquents wll inn: ediately be proceeded
again!! as the law dir. <sts, and fubjeA them-
I I'elves to an additi-nal expence of eight per
centum en their refpedlvie taxes and oft of
, In conformity to the 6th lecflion of the a<£\
aforefaid, a full and corre<ft Ccpy of the tax
; '.iff remains at the < ffice ®f John Browne, No.
. 368, north Front street,' Northern Liberties,
the surveyor of the revenue for the said aflels
ment diftr : <sl, open to the infpeiflion nf all per
fons'inclined to infpeil the fame.
Colleflor of the 3d colie<slion diftridl.
Northern Liberties, June 18 w 1 \
; A Printing Press.
Apply at the Ofßce of the Gazette of
the United States.
Clock is? Watch Maker,
has removed
To No. 36, Mauket Street,
Where he has for Sale,
* Spring and other Clocks ; gold and {ilve r>
Watches; Tools, Files and Materials; Use'
and silt Chains, Seals and Keys ; Springs,
Etc. &c. (
, Repaired as ofual.
June 3 tuStf tf !
A Summer Retreat., 1
WITH a stable, carriage-houft and lot,
situated in 5 pleasant part of Trenton. The '
terms will be moderate, and pofleflion can be 1
had immediately ; but the tenant will not be '
wanted to occupy the premises after the loth ]
of next November. For terms apply ta tha <
printer, or to ABRAHAM HUNT, esquire,
in Trenton.
June 14- tuth&stf j
300 Dollars >
RAN AWAY from the fuhferiber, on tiie 18th 1
of June inft. TWO NEGRO SERVANTS ; ;
viz a negro woman named Pat, a wa(hcr-wo
man and cook, of about fifty tw« years ofage— '
tall and weil shaped, of a black complexion. She 1
has bad teeth, those of her under jaw are much 1
difcoloure.l and project a good deal. She has a j
full head of wooly hair—a very croft forbidding ,
countenance, it very impertinent, and laughs and
talks loud. Pat was born in South-Carolina, and
speaks bad Englilh, with the negro dialeiX. She
has on the upper part of her breafl, two pretty
large lumps of flefli resembling Weis, or rather
with the appearance of the marks of 1 burn. She
carried away with her several changesof cloathj,
and gowns of white muslin, and of coloured and
figured printed cottons fafhionably made up. She
also carried away with her, I
CLARA her daughter—a very float, robust, 1
flrong made of a short stature, and round {
Ihouldered—appearing t« ba about 14 years of
age v Clara has large flaring eytf, a flat nose, an 1
eval flat face, her under jaw projefiing a little, '
and good teeth. She is very artful and impu
dent, has a great fluency ps speech, uses good lan
guage, and has been taught to read.—She has the
appearance of ring worm» on her left cheek and
chin ; the ikin in l'pots appearing much paler than
the reft of her complexion, which is much Jighter
than her mother's—-Her hair is short and woolyi
She wore a pink grounded printed cotton with a
small black figure, with new fore farts.
Also ran away, on Wcdnefday the nth inft.
June, DICK and AMELIA. Dick, or as he has
lately tailed himfelf, Richard Weaver, is a'houfe
fervant,—he is about 5 feet high, rather
small made, is about 2; years old, of a good
smooth, black complexion—has a flat nose, with
very large open noflrils. He carried his head
and neck ai if he were ftiff in the neck and (honl
dcrs, which are high and tolerably square, and his
neck short—his legs are straight but small and
illy made, with scarce acy calf. He has hai bad
teeth, is left handed, and exceedingly awhward—
he has a full head of wooly hair, which he plaits
and drefles to the best advantage. His voi<-» is
small, his speech commoly mild and flow, and his
manners appear extremely finiple, but he is at
bottom an artful knave, and when spoken td is
very apt to be paflionare and imperti ent. Dick
is a native of South-Carolina, and speaks bad
Englilh—he seduced and carried away with him
Amdia. who he called his wife.
Amelia is a very complete, well inftrufled la
dies maid,'much below the common stature an 1
of a small make—her complexion is that of t dark
mulatto or meflizoe, nearly refetnbling that of the
Lascars of India, with black curling hair, and a
very low forehead—her right eye has a great
weakness, owing to the small pnx inkier infancy—
under her «ye» very black—a flat face, flat broad
nose, with scarce any riling at the bridge; a large
mouth, with thick lips, and good flrong teeth.
On the nape of her neck she has the marks of a
Seton. Drcffes with talle, and imitates the French,
flyle ; is very fetifible, and CTpr«ffes herfelf well.
She took with hrr a variety ot clothes, fafbion
ablymade—ftiehaifor more than two years pad
been liable to fits, which at times give her a wild
nefsin her ryes—herhealthis generally delicate—
flle it at present likely to encrcafe her family, and is
about 12 years of age—(he can dr«ls hair, clear
starch, has a taste for miHinary and mantua-ma
king; and as lie is very ingenious, can turn her
hand to anything and may probably offer herfelf
to some milliner or mantua maker as a work
woman. As Amelia has heretofore been a great
favourite of a very indulgent mistress, and 'tis
believed ha- been led away by the persuasion of
hi r psraniour Ui k, if (be will return to me, Ike
will be forgiven anu treated with the fame ten
dernefv (he has always received.
FIFTY DOLLARS Keward for each will be
paid for the delivery of Pat and Clara to the
fubferiber, or to' any goal in the United States, so
that I rr.ry get pofleflion of them—One Hundred
Dollars each for l Dick and Amelia, on the like
delivery. The fubferiber warns all master
of vcffi-ls, from taking these
from the United States, and requests such
of his friends and acquaintance as it may notfuit
to arrest them, to,give information, (hould they
hear of either of the fugitives, to the fubferiber
i by letter direfled to the post office, Philadelphia,
which will find him, wherever he may pass the
summer, or to the Printer of the Gazette «f the
United State*, who will .communicate it to a
lriend in Philadelphia to a& on his behalf.
Of South-Carolina, corner of Fourth and
Union-streets, Philadelphia.
Junesj. wßcs'st
A SINGLE Man,capable ot inftrinSUng twelve
Boys, in the Latin, Greek ami French lan
gftages, also writing ajd arithmetkk. Such a
ferfon coming well recommended, lor bis abili
ties an I good behaviour will receive four hurt
t'.red dollars per annum, and be accommodated,
,wuch to his l'ati'faChoti, with meat, .irink, wa(b
ing and lodging ; by applying to the fublcribers,
liviog near Berry's-»iile, in Frederick county am'. I
.tateof Virginia.
John Milton,
Warner Watbington.
June 10 tuth&f j 9 tl[ |
—Tfl 1| - ---Viirnrrn'MWll'ilillllliiMMaMlMMlMtfMLMlllllllMMLilJLMMl
WHEREAS by an aft of Congress
pafled on the seventh day of May,
in the year of our Lord one thoufnd eight
hundred, the President of the United States
is authorized to borrow, on behalf of the
United States, from the Bank of the Uni
ted States, or from any other body or bo
dies politic or corporate, or from any per
son or fierfons, and upon such terms and
conditions as he (hall judge moll advanta
geous for the United States, a sum not
exceeding Three Millions Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars, so however, that 110
contrail or engagement be made, which
(hall preclude the United States from reim 1
burfing any sum or sums borrowed, at any !
time after the expiration of fifteen years '
from the date of such Loan. And Where- j
as it is declared by said aft, that so much 1
as may be necefTary of the surplus of the 1
duties on imports and tonnage, beyond the ■
permanent appropriations heretofore char
ged upon them by law, shall be pledged and
appropriated for paying the interell ; and
also for paying and discharging the princi
ple sum or sums of all the monies which
may be borrowed according to the term or
terms which may be fixed pursuant. to the '
authority iforefaid. AND WHEREAS
by the said aft the faith of the U. States,
is pledged to establish fufficiejit permanent
revenues, for making up any deficiency thgt
may hereafter appear in the provisions be
fore mentioned for paying the interest and
principal sums, or. either of them, or any
monies which may be botrowed pursuant to
the said aft. AND WHEKEAS the
Phesident of the United States, did by
an Aft or Commiflion under his nand, da
ted the seventeenth day of May, in the
year one thousand eight hundred, autho
rize and empower the Secretary of the
Trearury to borrow on behalf of the Uni
ted Stares, any sum not exceeding in the
whole Three Millions Five Hundred Thou
sand Dollars, and to make such contrast or
coDtrafts a3 (hsuld be necessary, and for
the interest of the United States, ia pur
suance of the aft of Congress above recited.
NOW THEREFORE, theundeffigned
Secretary of the Treasury, in pursuance of
the aft of Cor.grefs and the authority from
the President of the United States above
mentioned—Doth Hereby, on behalf of the
United States of America, contrast and en
gage in manner following, to wit :
ift. There fliall be created a funded Ca
pital Stock, to a.i amount hereafter to be de
signated by the said Secretary, but not ex
ceeding Three Millions Five Hundred Thou
sand which Capital Stock fliall be
divisible into (hares of one hundred dollars
each, bearing interest, at eight per centum
per annum, payable quarter yearly at the
Treasury of the United States, or at the
Loan Offices, where the said Stock may
(land credited, until the last day of December
in the year eighteen hundred and eight.
2d. After the last day of December in the
said year one thousand eight hundred and
eight, and after reasonable notice to the cre
ditors, which fliall be given by an advtrtife
roent in some public newspaper printed at
the feat of the government of the United
States, the said Capital Stock fliall be re
deemable at the pleasure of the United
States, by the reimbursement of the whole
sum or fuitis borrowed and which may con
stitute the said Capital Stock, either at the
Treasury of the United States, or at the
l.oan Offices w here the fame may (land cre
3di The credits for the said Capital Stock
shall and may be separately certified in (urns
either for one hundred, four hundred, one
thousand, four thousand, or ten thousand
dollars, and the credits so certified shall be
transferable by the creditors, or their attor
nies, at the Treasury and Loan Offices re
fpeftively, in pursuance of the, rules which
have been or whicfi may be eflabliftied rela
tive to the transfer of the funded Stock of
the United States.
4th. A fufficient sum of the of
the duties on imports and topnagc beyond
the permanent appropriations heretofore
charged upon them by law—together with
the frith of the United are hereby
pledged for the fulfilment of this contrast,
in pursuance of, ard according to the terms
and conditions of the aft of Congrel's herein
before recited.
GIVEN under my hand, and the Teal r.f
the Treasury of the United States, at
) Philadelphia, this second day of Jure,
one thousand eight hundred; and of
the Independence the twenty-fourth .
Secretary of the Treasury.
June 21, 180 c.
Proposals will be received until laft
day of July next inclufiv.-, at the Bmk of
the United States, and the Offites < f Dis
count and Deposit at BoOon, New-York,
Baltimore, Norfolk, and Charlcfton, for the
purchase of One Million and Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars of Stock, direfted by
the Secretary of the Trenfurv, to be issued
ra pursuance of the abiveniejitioned con
trast. The proposals moll advantageous to
the United States will be accepted, but no
■>tock will be issued at lels than five per
centum advance, or one hundred and five
j dollars' in money for one hundred dollars in
I (lock. In cafe the sums fpecified in similar
[ proposals fliall exceed the amount of stock
offered for iale at the places abovementioned,
they will be accepted, futijett to a propor
tional deduttion.
wf G. SIMPSON, Cafh'r.
In the Jhip Mary Ann, Francis Stewart,
majler, from Hamburgh, notu landing^
Jacob Sperry & Co.
No. 195, Market ftrdet,
CSSERILLOS or tfhite rolls of it fa yards,
D "canters, cut and com-non,
F alk fallad dishes,
tliafs pearls and bee<is l®r necklaces of all colours
and sizes,
Bhck and white edgings and laces,
Ribbons and tapes,
Coffee-mills, QjuJls, and
351 Boxes Boticinia Window Giafs, 7 9, 8 10,
9 11, 10 ii, it 14, 14 16, ii 18, 14
18, 16 10, 18 34, ao 24, zo 26 24
Also, lira Neiu-Tork,
6 Cales white rolls,
1 6 do. Creas ala Morlai*,
2 do. Coatils.
On hand, which will h« fold reasonable to dose
2 new Cables of 110 fathom each 9 & 10 inch.
July I w&f iw
Philadelphia Academy.
RecSlor of St. Paul's Church, and formerly Vice*
Provost of the University of Pennsylvania,
One of the Afliftant Mini ficrs of Chriil church and
St. Peter's,
sat>e openeu,
* At No, 34, Spruce Street,
AN Englift) School, a Claflkal School, and
a Mathematical SchoQl, in which all the
branches of feiefie'e connefled with those de
partments are taught. N. B The Mathema
tical Department is conduced by Mr. Pftfr
Delamar, formerly Profrjfvr cf Mathematics
in the Royal Academy, Dublin•
June 6. w tf
About 2 j acres of Land,
LAYING on the east fide of the Falls
On the Fall it is bounded by property belong
ing to Mr. Tench Francis, fin.—on the south, by
n road of two perches, ar, j on the north by a lane,
wiich separates it from Mr. M'Call. It is propo
fci to divide this land into 3 equal parts in order
to fait the purchalersi
Also, 31 acres, situated en the weft fide oft
Germantown read, adjoining Maiters's eiiate,
being part of ths property of the late Samuel
For terms apply to Samuel Mifßin, corner of
Market and nth itreets.
January 24. <Jtf.
OF abilities, integrity and experience in
mercantile business, would willingly en
gage as CLERK to a merchant or public of
ti e, or be concerned with any person as pa;(-
r,er, as he has an intcrtfl of about one thodfand
pounds in real ellate h) tlie city. Please to Jp
ply to the Printer ; or a line left at the office
for B Y. will be attended to im eriiately.
M*o d f mfltth tf
'lhat large aiidVommouidus
At the corn r of Arch ar.d NinthJlreets.
And entered upon this montfi, the House, Sta
ble, Qoach-Houfe and Lots, now in the tu.ure of
M-jor Butler, situate as above. Enquire at No.
28, north Fifth flreet.
July 10. mSc:h 3W
Either separately or t geiher,
The Two Houses,
LATELY occupied as a HOTEL by Mr. Sa
muel Francis, No 13, l'outh Fourth llreet. For
terms apply to
No. 41, Arch llreet:
July 10 3taw aw
In the Pomona, from Liverpool, and for sale,
Ironmongery, Sadlery, Cutlery,
Brass Es? Japan'd Wares,
Per th« Biutus and . *.ntlopc, via N, York,
alTorttdiifcafes, and
PINS in Boxes—by
No. 3q, North Front iireet.
June a 6 dim
A PERSON polfelliiit' lomc i*pnai, a consi
derable tharc of mdwfiry, arid lelVotis of
engaging as a partner in a luctatiw biifinefs,
is ;y near of a fitoiiinn. All pr-pola's ri tjlis
fubjeif to be in writirg, fealfd an.i cireflcd to
V. K. J New York, and left with the printer
of t-ie Gazette of tlie United States, w ill be st
tended to.
•r A Printer would 2nd it to bis advanlwe
June £• • its