Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, July 01, 1800, Image 4

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Of-»he Ship Critsi ion, B V ickee, fcn. com
mas V H»«« Wt-al,
consisting OF
A complete assortment ot
SUGARS of At fir f <juality,
No. n, Penn-ftrect,
iflty 5.
This Day Published,
T'y J. OitMß'W, No. 4i> Chefnat Street,
(Price ij t'cnu)
Death of General Washington.
rt l-O li M- .
In imitation of th* maaaitr of CftiiQ.
By Kev. John iS, Linn, A. M.
Mipiftcr cf the Fist Prdbjtcriao Cocgrrgatlos
*f Philadelphia.
0- Mr. Chiudroo't Oration will be pubUfheti
on Monday taoruiog.
Mnjr' l ' ( A.
JU6i >. nl>,
From tbe BOSTON Manufactory.
Of different sizes,
N. ft. Anyftzeor fizei that maybe warned cut
Ttrgrf thaq lS by it caa be bad from (aid manufacto
ry, on being ordered; aud auentio& given to iorwafd
on any orderithat may be left for ihat pur^ofe——
Apply at No* g, South Wattr-ftreet, at above,
july 8 dtf
Fifty Dollars Reward.
RAN-AW.'.Y from Get- Ri.dgely of Balti
mre, on the i~th inft. aS• f -ht coloured
r.egro : an, who calls himftif WILLIAM
Mc. DONALD ; H< is about 24 years of age,
ahojt 5 feet 8 mch<-s high, mat in hiadrefs, and
has a good fait of hair. H*d on, w! en he
went away, a pood heaver haj, a ih rt light
green cloth coat, edged with ellow, an-! yel
low gilt buttons —alight huff calTimer, d .üble
breaited wailtcoat, a pair r'f dark olive colour
ed ihickfett pantal ons—a white linen (feirt,
white ribhed cotton (tickings, and a good pair
of shoes with firing*- He took with him a
dark blueteoat, a pair of olive caffimer panta
loor.s, and j light tfvritOroy pair of breeches ;
all*' a g. M or pinchbeck watch, with a steel
chaji. lie ie fond of fpiritous liquors, i» info
ler.t, h:s a iluri.i look, and chews tobacco. —
He was bred in Charles crtiinty, Maryland, and
pirchafed of col. J>hn Phoina« by gen. Ridge
ley V." hocver apprehend* laid negro, and (e
cuiea him hi any jail so that t .t owner may
gst h-.ra again, (hall r-ceive the above reward,
with real- liable chjrges if brought honw, or de
livered to Jcfh'j' B. iiund, Philadelphia.
m;y 1 <!tf
Fifty Dollars Reward.
AN AWAY from 'he fubfcribcr, on the
]\ morning of .Saturday the 19th instant, a mu
latto Servant Man, namtd V°ilk«, hut commonly
called John, he i» about y ar» old, J feet 8
inchei ktph, {lender and knocked kneed; he ii a
dark mslatto, has thick buthy hair, which he
commonly weirs pl«ir*d and .turned up (bort be
hind ; his lace is thin, hut appear' more so from
having [argi* whiflters; ha had on when he went
awsy, a n urid ha< about half Worn .white muslin
cravat, a brown feeond hand coat with faibiona
tlc m.-tal buttons a black Cik waistcoat, with a
v/liit;: ont: underheatii, faliMlnom of a greyish
eldtk with i urtOD» at the anc!e«, striped cotton
(lockings and (hoes tie may have chatigei these
cluthes, but it is not llkily, as he has left all his
othersiehind him. lamt« .d a (errant of General
Ridge y'», with whom he w» intimate ran-away
on Sunday morning ; it Isn ut tk.ey
are together. V.'ilks is from Chester-town on tbe
e«fieri. (horoiof this (late, where he lived with a
mr. Jeremiah Nichols who fold him to me. I have
good reason to believe he hat gone to Philadelphia,
The above rewstd will be "given to ktry person
. who may lodge him in jail at that or any other
lihce, and give me r.r mr JosephS- Lewis of Phi
adolphia notice of tho fame.
Hs i« anvreellftit house servant. and if in Phi
hietphia will probably offer himfslf to hire in thai
Baltimore, April 11 —(»j)
A Valuable and singularly eligible
CONSISTING of two hanHfome dwelling
fcoufes, wfth excellent (laMing frtr frven horfei,
dou'h coach-huufe most completely fitted up; a
beautiful Urge and valuable* garden -richly filled
.with choice fruit, surrounded with high board
fence, almofi new. I'he premises are beautifully
iiruatcd near the middle of Germantown, sur
rounded with rich t>rofj>ȣU of the adjacent
country ; an orchard oi about two acres, with a
handfomc lawn at thi back of the house.
One house hasheeri recently built on an appro
ved plan ; tha oth-*r titsbeor completely repaired
painted and papered, and contain ten rooms with
nn elegant drawing-room, fifteen sett by thirty -
The new house is well calculated for a (lore in
either the dry or wet good line.
Thu air and water are unrivalled, and there are
!0:11c moil excellent fchnolt in the i.tighborhood.
the Printer, or of
May 9.
npHE Proprietors »f th« Philadelphia and Len
>. toiler line of Stages IDISPATCH, return their
grateful thanks to their friends .ar/tJ the puMic m
grntral, for the pad favors tfcey have received,and
inform them that in addition to the regular liine,
thiy arc p-ovijed with Carriages, sober and careful
drivers, to go through between the City and
Borough i" two days._ Those who prefer this mode
of travailing on be accommodated at the Stage
OlEce, Cgn of United States Eagle, Market flreet,
Slough, Downing, Dur.wocdy Iff Co.
Nov. 30. 2t—s
An Invoice of Playing Cards,
Conli'iing of 75 dozes aflorted—they wllbe fold
fheap forcafh. Apply to the Printer,
may 19.
Landing front the skip America, IValte.
Sims, Commander, from (.arton,
Bohea, 1
Congo, j
S.:>ict.orig, ift k *nd quality,
Caper icurheng,
I nkay,
Young hyfrn,
Hyf n, lit & id quality,
Yellow & whitenanlicens "J
Lutcftrings, back & color'd (In Boxes
S n "iawi do. faff ited,
Sattixs do. J
Lu'ettrii)g&, in?. blue & flark green .
S. fhaws (I . fit
Per!iaii tafl"t:s, dark green
TbtJ? bate also on band for sale, received bj
the fate arrivals from Europe, iSfc.
* "] Icfmai'pack
!triped and clinked I'inghatrs . a,"-s ad' i'r ,
White figured & color'd Muf- | ated tor
Hnetts jfthe Well-In
Afhiie corded diiriiries I dia market ix
lolor'd silk, striped Nankeens | entitled to
J drawback,
4 Trunks printed Calicoes,
5 do. do.
3 Bales seine twnf? (Ei.titled t ■
o Caffcs English China ware, fdrawbacn,
*•' <Vris
in tea fctts
> Calks mineral black,
i da. whire,
o do. colci'her,
3 Calks purple "rown,
5 do. nails a(T rted,
q do. L ndoH porter hi bottles
Jnp ifh fail canvas, No. I, % & 3,
t7 Boxenvi ite Havanna sugar,
13 Pipes old Madeira wine, ag!
w er,
Empty wine tattles, gf
jo Gons, f t prui iters,
II dn. <; 10.
18 do 9Mo with carriages, &c.
aßo,ccclbs. coffee, lit
(Entitled to
iO,ooolhs flack pepper f drawback
to L eboi y J
M y a ,3.
SITUATKD on i-cot's ryio..r.tain in Oxford
townlhip.couniy «f ati.i fta'r of N w
Jersey, eight or ten miles !ror.i I at n(» l oui ( ji
from the river Delaware, an ! lev my two .Ton
thila !el| hia ; containing •79 Acrfcs ; about ?cv
acres of which is cleared and utniir gro 1 fence,
including l» ac:cs ol meadow : tfct remainder i'
woodland, confi' ing mc ly cf ch. fruit and oak
On the preaiilca are t>» • log houf. San ou
buildings, a numbtr of fruit trees, and fj rings < i
excellent water, and a tlrea.ll rar.s through th.
trail. The premises is occupied by Chrillian an
Peter ?nyders.
LettersaddrefTed (poll paid) to the fsMcriher
at No. 87, Arch llreet, Philadelphia; or at Mr
E ward Mott's, Eafton, Pennfylvauia, will be
puly anfwereu.
N. T) No application will be Kec.ffary titer
the 14th of July next.
BY a dtcree of th« High Court ol Chancer) j
made in a cause. Jamis again ft Newman
it is among other thing* referred to Win. Qrav<
E. r q. one ol the matters of the said court, "to tal
an account of tht Legacies bequeathed by the wil
of the teflator, WILLIAM PHILLIFb, late
Neivgqte flreet, Lordon, defeated. and «lfo to i, ;
quit* and state to the court, whether Fram.
James, the brother of the complainant'* named a.
enc of the Legatees in the laid will is dead, and
whether he died in the lile tiine ol the teliator
Therefore all (ferfon- who <u:i give any inform?,
tion whether the said Framis J imw We living o
dead, and it living wh<*r« he now resile, or l»f 1
resided, and when and at what j Lee, an '. when
and where he was last htirl of at d if dead,* her.
and he died, ,re h»reby requefld t.> give
such information t«flfefaid wilium Graves,Efq
at his office in Sonthamp on Buildings Chancer)
Lane, London,on or !n'fore the firtt day of' lartl
next, otherwifr he wiil be exclud«d the benc6t of
the said decree.
The said Francis James was born at or near
Kidwelly, in the county of Caermarthen,. and it
living, is abuut the age ef thirty lour year*, am'
abouc the year 1779, wasa f rcmall man on board
the Milford, a merchant lhtp belonging to thu
port of Briflol, and failed tor Jamaica in Septem
ber, !78o,4»fterward« he returned to Briflol,
an : in November, 1781, was pressed in Kiwg
road, Briflol, and sent on heart the king'.*
called <hit Diomcde, in which M? failed from Hy
mquth an a crwifc, and on board oi which he .1-
terwards became a quarter gunner and drfert.-n
the said ship at Chat L'fton Bar in Nor'rh-America
in September 178 a.
Should iny "person in the United States bf Ame
rica, be etublfd inlo matter, nf the ahove
named Francis James, whether living or dead, they
arc nquefled to communicate the fame to DAVID
A. OGDEN, No. 69, Stdne street, New Y rk
0- The priatfcrs throughout the United States
are requefled to puhlith the above.
April 18-
LYING on the Potomac River, county of Narr
thumtorland, hate of Virginia; containing
about 1400 acres—-itk fituatiftn is equal to any o'her
in the Northern Neck, 1 ertiatk*ble tor evtry kind
of wildfowl, oyOefa, filh and crab, an:i none bet
ter for health. It i9abtut the fame ditlauce from
Baltimore, and Norfolk, and not more
than oue days fail from either. Th'-re are three
unproved plantations with.dwelling houses, the
one known by the name of Exeter Lodge, former
ly thfe rftfiSente «f col;' John Gordon, is an elegant
two flory brick house, with four rooms on a floor,
and a pal'fage firteen ftet wide.
The other two arcdommndious and eonvenient
ly fitted, with good and suitable out houses, at one
of which John Murphy, Esq. (now of Weftmore
land county) lived fcveral years; on this farm ther:
is a good grift mill, with water fulficient to turn
any number of flones ; also cooveniunt (lore hou
ses and granarit.t on a public road, well situated
for a country {tore. On each of those places there
a;e fine apple and peach orchards. The greater
proportion of the land i« of the firft quality, a>d
near the half of the whole heavily timbered. The
terms may be knownby applying to Wm P.Tebbs
Baltimore, Foufliec G. Tebba, cfq. of Richmond
county, Virginia, crt 9 Thomas Murgatrojd and
Sons, Philadelphia^
Feb. 5 —14.
RAN AWAY fron thefuhferiber, on the 18th
Viz a negro woman named Pat, a waiter wo
man and cook, of about fifty twe years of age
tall and well lhaped, ef a black complexion. She
has bad tcetl), those of her under jaw are much
discoloured and project a good deal. She h s a
full head of wooly hair—a very cross forbidding
countenance, ia very impertinent, and 1-ughs and
telks lend. Pat was born In South Carolina, aud
speaks bad TTnglilh, with the negro dialeA. She
has on the upper * ait of htr bread, two pretty
large lumps of fleih resembling Wens, or rather
with the appearance of the marks of a burn. She
cirri; d away with her several changes of cloathe,
ml gcvns of white muflia, and of coloured and
figured printed cottons iafhionably made up. Sha
ulfo carried away with htr,
CL/.RA her daughter—a very (lout, robust,
strong maJe girl, of a Ihort (tatui'e, and round
fliouidered arpearing to bn about 14 years of
age. Clura has large flaring eyos, a flat nose, an
oval flat face, her under jaw pri je&itig a little,
and good truth She is very artlul and lmpu
er.t, has agr it fluency of speech, uses good lan
:i: ige.andhas been taught to read.—She has the
appearance of ringworms on her left cheek and
chin ; the (kin in Spots appearing much paler than
rht reft ol her complexion, which is much lighter
than her mother's— er hair is short and wooly.
,hr were a pink grounded printed cotton with a
small black figure, with n;w lore parts.
A 1 o ran away, on Wedtiefday the Xlth inft.
June, I K and MELIA. Dick, or as he has
lately called hirafclf, Richard Weaver, is a houfc
l-rva't,—he sahru- 5 feet 7 inche. high, rather
fn .i l made is about if years old, of a
rm-'ith, black complixion —has aflat nose.
vry large open nol! 1 il' He carried his head
an ! neck a*- it he were ftiff in the neck and flioul
lers. which are high and tolerably square. and his
neck (bort—his l.g* are flriight hut small and
lily ma.'e. with scarce ai y call. He has ha. bad
t'eth, is left handed, and exceedingly awkward—
he has af'ill head of wooly hair, which he phits
and dresses to the best advantage. His voi<-« is
Imall, his lpcech comtnely mild and flow, and his
ma ner» appear extremely simple, but he is at
bottom an artfui ki.av , and when fpoktn to is
very apt ti h | alfionate and imperii ent. Dick
is a native of and (peaks bad
Kuglilh—he (educed and carried away with him
Amelia, who he called his wife.
Ad etia is a very complete, well inflrufled la
dies maid, tmi.h below the-common flature an',
of a small make—htr complexion is thar of i dark
mulatto or mellizoe, nearly rcfembling that of the
Lafcarsof India, with black curling hair, and a
very low forehead —her right eye has a great
W'-aknefs, qwing to the fmail pox in her infancy—
utader her «ye. very black —a flat face, flat broad
nose, w1 th Icarcc any riling at the bridge; a large
rtiouth, with thick lips, and good strong teeth
On the nape of her neck she has the marks of a
ieton. Dr ff « with talle, and imitates the French
>yle ; is very sensible, and rttpreffes herfelf well.
Sh, to >k with h'r a variety ot clothes, faihion
i-Slyri de—file has for mote than twi;juar< pall
•em liable to fits, which at times give Kgr a wild
refsin htr '-yes—her health is generally delicate—
(b' it at prtfent IHely to encrecfe Icr family, and is
about 3fi years of age —she can tlrtls hair, clear
larch lias a tadelor milliiiary and mantua ma
king; and as flic is very ingenious, ran turn her
and to any thing and may probably offer herfell
t<> fomc milliner or mantua maker as a work
woman At Amelia has heretofore been a great
favourite of a very indulgent millrefs and 'tis
beii'.Kei' h»< Wen led away by the persuasion of
her paramour Ui k, il (he will return to 111«, (he
will be torjiven and treated with the fame ten
dtliief she Ins always received
FIFT Y DOLLARS Reward for each will be
1 i 1 I. r the delivery of Pat and Clara to the
übfenler, or to a f l> v goal in the United states fa
c < at 1 mry get poffefiion of them—One Hundred
Bollar*. each t r Dick and Amelia, on the like
d liv ry. The subscriber warns all mailer
f vtff Is, from taking these Runaway servants
Irom the United States, and requ;-fts such
of his friwds and acquaintance as it may not suit
to arrest them, to giv. information, fliould they
hear of either Ol the fugitives, to the fuVfcriW
by letter directed to the post office, Philadelphia,
which will fi-d him, wherever he may pass the
fnmmer, or to the Printer of the Gazette e-f the
United State*, who will communi.ate it to a
friend in Philadelphia to a<sl on his behalf.
Of South-Carolina, corner p( Fourth and
Union-streets, Philadelphia.
KAlil'i'AN FARM,
eo l tf
AV ALU A BLR and desirable Ettate, situated
on the river Raritan in Jersey, near Somer
fct Court-Hcufe 16 nilrs from Brunfwick, and
»8 from Prii.ccton ; confifticgof upwards of 700
acres,, vqualty divided into meadow, arabfe and
wood land ; the whole within a ring fence ; the
tarn, ttuh'ei, .See. arr fpaciout, an<fadequate to the
; lizc ct fhi Farm; there is a plenitude of game,
'with find fifh-ry. The effate is now is
the h.a-d ..f Mr. H :iry U'orley.
Further particulars may Ve known of
Merchants, Philadelphia, and of
Or of the Tenant on the premifesi
M»y >
AN attachment was lately iflued out of the in
ferior oeurt of common pleas of the county
of Essex, in the (late of New Jerley, direfled to
the (herifTof the fa'd county, againfi the rights,
credits, monies ami effeils, goods and chattels,
lands and tenements ol John Cltvci Symmes at the
suit ot William Wills, in a plea of trefpals on the
cafe to his damage threethoufand dollars; —
And wtereai, U<e laid (heriff did, at the term of
June lad pad, return to the (aid court that he had
attached the defendant by a certain bond given by
Matthias Denman and Samuel Meeker to the said
defendant, to the aaicunt of near, tr. o thousand
dollars,and alfoby sixty land warrants
AW therefore, xnlrfs ihe fai„! John Cleves
Symmes {hall appear,give special bail, and receive
a declaration at the suit of the plaintiff, judgment
wili be entered against him, and his property
herein attached, will b; fold agreeably to tfce
flatutein luchcafe made and pr«v : ded.
Aaron Ogden, Clerk, 6fc.
sjli?,aheth-»own. fuly g t-r ('l) ■iw
ALL perf ns v ho have any demands again!)
the estate of V. FlSHEß,aredefired
to bring in their accounts to tlie fubl'criber. in
order that ll.ey may be «'ifi harmed j ard ill
pcrl'or.s who are indebted to said ellate by con
trail, bond, bi'l. f»o k lebt, t<>r rent or other
wile, a>e required ti difcTiarpc the fame, oiher
wiie they n.ay txprft to be proceeded sgai:;ft
accoidit.c to law.
Adminiflrator to the eliate of William Fifber
June is w tta
300 Dollars
Marshal's Sales.
District of Neiv-York. fT.
BY virtue of a writ of alias fieri facia*, and
venditioni exponas, ifiued out of the honor;'
He the DiftritSt Court of the United States, for
the diKridt aforesaid, and to me direiled and ,-Vli
vered, I will to public falc, at the Tontine
coffee house, on Thtirfday the firft day of July
next, at 12 o'clock, all the l ight of John Lsmii,
Efq.To the following lands and tenements, to wit:
10,996 acres of land in th£ towcihip of Louis
ville on the river St. Laur-nce, surveyed
into lots, ii of which are on the river
from ioo to 150 acres, the remainder
are 640 acres each.
11,159 do. in the townlhipof Stockholm, adjoin
ing the abovp townlhip.
16,0c0 do in townflrip No. 4, of the old milita
ry trait, surveyed into lots of 640 acres
10,400 do or thereabouts in townships N0.6 and
7 of do. fumyed into lots of 640 acres
each—there is a considerable settlement
on these townships,
7,900 do in Adgate's eastern purchase,
5,080 do in Jonathan Laurence's purchase, ad
joining Jerf«y Field and N»bleborongh.
1,013 do in oownlhip No. 3, of Watkffls and
Flint's large trafl, to the westward of
Catherine's town, being part of a loca
tion of James and Robert M'Maftcrs
3,146 1-3 do id Skinner's patent, adjoining
Colabkill crrek, surveyed into small lots.
1,050 do In the firft allotment of Skinner' 9
patent, which belonged to the children
of Mrs. Delancy, surveyed into small
t,816 do in James Watf.m's purchase, adjoin
ing the Seneca lake,
834 in James Watfim's purchase adjoining the
above and the pre emption line,
3,100 do in townlhip No. 45, fotten and
Croisfield's purchase,
1,050 du intownfliip No 48 do.
1,097 do on the north fide of the Adiquatangia
creek, being a location made by Elna
than Fitch, surveyed into small lots of
150 acres each,
3,370 do an the north fide of the fame creek
adjoining the above location, surveyed
into (mall lots,
3,037 do in townftip No. 13, of the twenty
towninips, surveyed into small lots,
3 Lots containing too acres in townthip No.
10, of 30 townships,
1,765 3-4 da in Fonda's purchase, on the Mo
hawk river, furveyeJ int j small lots ot,
jso acres taih,
Lots No 80 Cincinnatus, 63 Virgil, 63 Cicero,
77 Pompey, 90 Hannibal, 8 *4 19 68
Manlius, containing each 600 acres, 69
Lyfander containing 550 acres
4,4®0 acres or thereabouts in Doujlafs' patent,
on the Sufquehanna river, surveyed into
small lots ol from too to zoo acres-
Townfoip No. 15, ol the twenty towßftips fur
vcyed into small lots—confivierable fettlemei&tt in
this townfliip
1,79 ado i« the nc>'rth east of the r : ver Che
nango, hfiag j art of a trait granted to jaftift
Clinton, Esq. lying on the river, a '.joining laccls
of!, jay,Efq it is marked I. Clinton in the full
(heet of De Witt*# map,
2,123 do in th«? fifth allotment of Skinner's
patent; which belonged to the children of David
Colt ci., surveyed into fmill lots.
12 lots in block No 3, on Delancey's ground.
9 do in block do* bounded by the east river
2 do in v lock, number ■■ *
2 do in do. do.
One filth part of 192,000 acres in Macomb's
pur chafe.
One 7th part of a tracl of land in the S. W.
part of the t*wn of Chemang, being part of
rra«fl owned by James Watson, Hfq. quantity
One ftiare in the theatre, and one (hare in the
city Tontine Hotel.
The terms of payment, one fourth in cash, one
fourth in two years, one fourth in three years,
and the remaining fourth in four years, to be le
cured by mortgage, with interell at fix per cent,
per annum.
Marfca! of the New-York Dillriifc.
Marshal's Office,")
May 7, J
Valuable Estate,
KHOWN by 'the name of the Booceton Iron
Work*, fitnatu in the county of Morris in the
flat* of New-Jersey, confining of a Forge with
four fires, a Rolling and Slitting Mill, a Grift mill
with two Run of fiones, and Saw mill, all i" good
order and n«w in use, together with an excellent,
large, and convenient houfc, with out houf s of
every kind ; among which are an Ice houfr, and
(lone milk house, with a remarkable fine spring in
it, a large Garden, and an excellent eolle&ion of
Fruit, a large Orchard, and *SOO acres of wood,
pasture and arable land, and a great number of
(lores and workmen's houses Immediate pofleffion
will be given of houses and stores fuflicient for
providing flock the prcfent winter, and pofleffion
->f the whole in the spring.
For terms enquire-nf David B Ogden at New
ark, mr Peter Mackie in rnr. David
Ford ir» Morri* Town, or meCrs. Jacob and Rich
ard Faffch on tfcepretnifes.
January 11
Notice is hereby given,
THAT application will be niaJeto the PWfident
and Directors of the Bank of the United States for
tfce renewal of th« following Certificates €>f Shares
in the said Bank, which were loft on board the ship
John, of Baltimore, Hugh Davsy, matter, bound to
London, Viz :
D. No. •49884') „ . t
19885 | Each for {bare, in the name
29886 of Tho's Holy, Sheffield (G. B)
*9887 I dated id January, 1800 ;
49888 J
Of which application, all peifons concerned, will
lease to take notice.
Baltimore, sth i>piil, 1800 law^m
a three ruircr Share of Bank Stock of the
r United i-'tate's, Na. 38i« >n the name of John
Holmes, Jun. haj been lost or raif'ayeJ and for the
Renewal of which application has been made at
[fcid Bank, of wbich all concerned are desired to
take notice.
May '9
OF abilities, ir.tegrit" and experience in
mercantile buf:nei», would wfinngly fit
page a CLERK to a merchant or public oi
e, or t.-e concerned with any pei o-i fs F a *'"
i er, S3 I e has an interelto! awut ope themand
pounds in real ettate in the city . Pleale t."> ip
wiy ro the PrinfvT ; • r a line left at the oruce
or H. Y. will be Jttcndsd totane.iiatcly
May io n:& & »
tooo TJoxe* bert marbled Soapj"|
80 Boxes Swc .t Oil, j Ersm n ,
aoo Halt chelis-Lucca Oil, 1 L
7 3a!es Paper, j fbv
P,irmclin Cheese, J
300 Pipes best Bordeaux Branny,
200 Claret superior quality,
700 Cal.d i : rench Swuet Oil,
60 Cases Catherine Plumbs,
6 Calks Prunes,
400 Boxes Capers, Olives, Anthcviet and Cor
iqo do. bed aborted Cordials,
tW. / GOODS aflbrted for tfec Weft-India
Twenty Dollars Reward.
RAN-AWAY from Spring Forge, in York
CouCty,a negro man, named ISAAC, other
wise CUDJO, about ai years .Id, the property
of Robert Coleman; Efq, He is about 5 feet 8
inches high, ha< abletnifh in his eyes, snore white
in them than common, by trade a Fefge man ; had
on and teok with him a drab coloured broad cloth
coat, almost new, a tailors jacket and pantaloons?
printed fancy.cord, a Iwanfdown striped under
acket j a roruin hat j one fine anil one coarse
Ihirt' one muslin handkerchief, sprigged, two
ditto firiped border, a Hue Persian under jacket
:nd two pEir cotton (lockings. Whoever takes up
saM negro aad lodges him in any jail in this or any
of the neigabouring dates {hall have the above re
ward or rcafoi;able cxpencesif brought home.
Spring Forge, Ofloberij t 1799.
N B. As f»id negro formerly lived in Cheftcr
county, it is probable he may return there.
November J
Such of the Judgement Creditors
AS ire included in the aflignmrnt made by
him to Ihcraas FitzGm ns, Benjamin R.
Morgan and Jeremiah Parker, Bfquires, on
the tw«!nty-fevehth day of January and the
twenty-fifth day of April 17971 and mean to
rely on the fartie for securing their debts, are
hereby notified that we the subscribers, by
virtue of. the authority given to us by a gene
ral meeting of the said creditors) on the ni
day of March last, do require a contributioa
of seven and a half per cent, on the amount of
their several demands from each of the said
creditors, in order to reimburse the monies al
ready advanced for taxes, to pay those now
due, and about to become due, to defray other
incidental expenccs, and procure a suitable
to dilpofe of tJie lands to the bet) advan
tage. Any of the said Creditors r.egle&ing to
pay tl e fame to George Thomson, N6. 131,
Thitadelphia, on or before the
'filth (!ay Sf JuPy next, will be excluded from
.my (hare of t!:c m"nies arising from the file of
the lands mentioned in the said alignment.
Samiiet M % 7 Trufttes on behalf
William CL'incellbr, > of the
George TbotnsoYi, J tforefiid Creditors.
May 11. uiwth&stiJy
WITH a liable, earriage-hcufe and lot,
situated in a plrafdfit part of Trenton. The
terms will be nfoderale, and pofleflion tin Be
had immediately ; but the tenai.t will not be
wante., to occupy tie premises after the leth
of next November. For terms apply to tha
printer, or to AURAHAM HUNT, cftjoirc,
in Trenton.
June 14. tuthfart
w. f 1 tt.t
ABOUT 3o feet long and 18 wide—lt lfe«
been so conitru&ed that it con be taken down
and put up without ii jury. Any person defiroui
to purchaie, by applying to the Printer will re
ceive iurther information.
June 17
Claret in cases of a superior quality,
London dry White Lead,
A fruall invoice of Coffee,
6 & 4 Pound Cannon, mounted.
Thomas Murgatroyd &>' Sons.
May 10. tuth&s tf
i % - J
WITH an excellent Orchard, Barn, Pump,
&c. &c. The jwhdle containing 17 acres,
(ituate on the Wilahicon road, between the
third and fourth mile Hone—May he purchased
on reasonable terms.—Two thirds of the pur
chase money may remain (secured on the pre
mifesand on iiitereft) during three-years.
No. H4i Si-uth Poßrrh-ftreet, ibe'Sub
firiher, at Moiint-Pleafant, adjoimeg the
pnimifee, or at No <ts> Walnut-i'rett. -
June 13.
\ *'■-> ->tS>. * -»* • v
AN insolvent debtor, furv'iving pirtßer of
Cooper & Davidfon, are requelUd to take no
tice, that the fublcribers tiis irtiftees, will'meet
at the house of li fine, iiSnktrper, 111
Mifflin county, on the ytlrday
of Aiiguit next, for the purpose of making a
( dividend of his ellate. The Creditors ot laid
I Roben Cooper, surviving "partner of Cooper
; & Davidfon, are informed, that unltls they
produce ;o us at or befbre that time their' e vc '
1a! dtiriinds'prfipeih' ititbemicatod, tf&ey will
be tarred irom any share in the dividend.
JaWs Cbriswell 1
£IL:, li. Hale > Trustees.
William W. Luird J
Lewis-Town. MlfHui county, I
a 4 th>i ; ay, 1800. 5 June 9. nuwf
A SINGLE M an, capable of ihthu£ting twelve
Boys, ir the Latin, Greek ai>d French lan
euaves, aifo writing aad arithmetwk. Suth **
ferjon coming well recommended, for his. abili
ties »Ud good behaviour, will receive f..ur hun
dred-dollar« per annum, and be accortmoiku >l,
muck to his ht»®iioa,wit!l meat, drirrk, , _ v "'- n ~
ing and lodging ; t.y applying to the lu
living near Bet r j >.-*iiiv-, in Frederick cot.: 'i v
l! ate of Virginia
Ji .Ui Milton,
June 50 tur!.