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[No. 28 of Vol. VJ
To the Public.
For ,Eiigfa\'iiig in /Iquatutta,
Four feleft Views;
Three upon the river Siiannaniloah, in
theftateof Virginia ;
And one upon the Schuylkill, 111 the
ft ate of Pennsylvania.
From the paintings us IV. H'mjlantey j ,
, Vo: i. A ♦«*'), by moon-iight, on the
SKannandoa'n, near jbe 'Great Cliff, frum
thefoitt of SBsrtnon Hill.
HJo. 2. The Sun fettjng-—a view of the
H<>vfe ifroiTi Sbannorr HUI.,
Ko. 3. A morning view upon the Schhy!-
Ji'irt, novtr the commencement of the Canal.
Nn. 4. Tlx: Siin di/peifing a t og l — A. View
lipoo The from a hill oi
the Old Rlporaeiy. ■"
Tie Qoii&itmt 4ft ttsfdlciv t
The Price to Sf^bfcrilvr will bfe SIX
DOLLARS for the tour Views —O: ha.i
of wfcich to be«paicl at thx tun? ol Jfiji''fcnn
ing—-! he other half on tHe -delivery of the
Frills, acconJing to the priority of thp fui>
ret«V«i at Mr. Dobfon' ,
faOife'.lat,, dl Ihe Stone Honfe, Setdrid
itedf, ,?nd lit Mr. Joseph Anthony's, Silver
Smth, Markei St'Mt.
AmV- at Mr. Jitfin M'Etwee's, N'rf. 7 J
fAslh FVont
Jn!> 11
Christiana Mills
For Sale.
OH Monday the firfl day of September
rcxt at 8 o'clock in the evening, at the
Coffee Houle in the city of Philadelphia,
tfrifl be fold by public vendue, two tracts
or puce.l of land situated in \Vhite GHay
Cicek hurdrcd.New CafMe county and (late
of Delaware; one of which contains about
sixty acres of highly improved land, on it
area large two story brici: dwellinghoufq 1
convenient bfick barnj with ftabling«nid a
<arriage hoiife underneath, an e celleu r
kitn/or < rying corn ; and the well kuojjfi)
Jrnilk called Ghr?ftiaoa Mills (late Patter-
Jon's) which being the" head of the tide
on Christiana river-, and but about bait *
miJcfrbin rl.e landing, is convenient!',* f:tu
ated {or carrying the articles njanuhic/ uu d
• at the mills by water to Philadelphia—This
property tfeing close to the road leading
from EJktonr to Christiana and at
the head of the tide, with many other at
tendant advantages, render itsfitttation for
the milling lo very
be equal ed by ?ew and f by none.
The latter tract Containing acresj is
about orie mile frolri the mills and is ehif f
ly woodtand, which being contiguous to
water carriage to the city of PUiladeJphia,'
must be of increasing vaiue, efpeaally as
there is d quantity of large timber in said
tradt suitable for the purpoles of the
The trm* upon which the above men
tioned elates will be fold are—one thou
sand pounds tQ be paid on executing the
tfeeos, and seven hfmdred and fitty pounds
per an nnm, with for tfte remainder
or proportionally for each part.
Inciifpu table titles will be made for the
property, by"
au;x. foster,
At fame time aiid pljce will be fold a
laroe BOAT,
July 2
One thousand Dollars
Srmr tew Counterfeit Post-Notes of the
Bank of Maryland, having been Jarfclydifco
tesert in circulation, and on tracing ihe fame
•were found to come fiom ck parts of
Virginia, whefe they probably ftrft irfucd ; to
avoid imposition itisihought jieceffary to
giVc the following description of theft), by
trhic» rhey may readily be dete&ed.
They have thfc letter D, for their alphabet}-
eal mark, at the left hand fide of the Note.
The paper on which thev are printed is
*>ore foft and fender, the strokes of the letters,
in the engraving are in general ftrouger, and.
have a datker appearanceJhan in ihe Mils.
The figiMture William Pattepfo'n, is badly,
dope, the strokes of the letters, are fliff and
labored, and appear to be painted over With
the pen. as well as the flourishing of the name.
The value is left blank in ihe engraving, to
he filled up in writing, so the sum rnay be
ir.oreor lels at plcafilre.
No tine Post-Notes of the alphabetical
itmk< above d< feribed, have been lately if
lucd, and very few we now in circulation.
Tht above reward of One Thousand dol
lars v»ilj be paid any person, or petfons,
ivbofhall discover, or prosecute t6 convi&ion,
the ftveral offenders, or any of them, of the
following description, viz.
Theptrfonor persons, who ertgraved the
Tht prinrer, or printers of the /aid bitls.
n who ha* aOed as principal in
• aryvcy , n .foe counterfeiting and uttering
the fad bills.
of the Bank ol Maryland.
. I- urmrf, April 8, 1794.
Havaimah jfugars
Landing at Hamilton's wliarf, froth the
Brig Induil'ry. • t ' v
Boilrdcaus Brandy,
Red and White Wine,
lii hogsheads and cases*
Landing at -Walnut ibvet wharfj from
the fTiip Amer \c<i,
John Vaiighan.-
July. 7
I '
Efierice for the Tocth-ach
Prepared and fold by Dr. Gotdet
Square, London.
THE public are offered one of the moil
efficacious arid fafe medicines, tbat ever
appeared, for tbat moil excruciating pain
the tooth-ach. The rurserous instances
of its happy effefls in relieving the afiiic
-ted, have riow brought it into univerfalif
timat'.on ; it nqt only relieves the tooth
ack, but is of the utmost service in cur
ing the-fcurvr intke. {rams, in'preventing
the aifagrecable fmeti fliat proceeds from
unsound teeth, arid a fwect
breath ; 4t Mtcwife prevents the teeth from
and will be found a general pre
server of the teeth and {urns.
Sold in Philadelphia, pn!y at Poyntell's
Stationary Store, No. 4.1, tftcftlid Jifeet;
July 14 djt
dl 'fy
Iftfurance Company of North
THE Stockholders are informed thaf a
dividend of fix per cent for the Ijft fix
months", on the amoujit of the capital paid
'in, has been agreed on, and will be paid
to them, or to their legal representatives,
in ten days from this date, agreeably to the
charter 6f the c
By order of the President and I)irtc
_ July 14
THE Stockholder's are hereby renjiiicki
that an instalment of two dollars on eacl
(hare of the ftdck U to be paid on the fe'cont
(being the Sjuneent.h clay) ot Ju
ly next ; and that according to ihe charftt
of Incoiporatioh, ai>y |)etTon or pcrlon, co
partnerships, or bodies politic neglecting
or refilling to pay the fame at the time p e
scribed for paymtnt thereof, (hall respec
tively forfeit to thfeufe of the Company all
the monies previoullv paid oo account of
he {hare and lhares rcfpeftivelv, in pay
ment whereof, such (Tefaulvlhall be hiadi
as aforefaid, together with all right, ti
tle, interest, emolument, profit, claint
and demand, of, into and out of ;he fun3s
of ohe fair, company, and the piofits aiifing
By o r dJr of the PreGdent 8: Diie&op,
Ebenezer Hazard, Sec'y.
Office of the Insurance Company
ot* North America.
In the Hoiife of RepreJentalives 9
/December 21it,*793.
WHEREAS the Commiflionersot pub
lic Accourus.H.ivc reported, that they
cannot proceed 10 the invettigation of the
Irealury Accounts, resetting fpeclal In
dents, without knowing the outstanding a
mount thereof in circulation —Therefore.
Refolptd % sThat all holders of ipeciaf In
dents be dirc&ed, and re<juire<J, 011 or before
the firft day of November ruxt, to deliver the
special Indents in their poffefiion to one err
other ol the CommifTioners of the
who are to give receipts for the fame, and to
report to the CommifTioners on. public ac
counts, on or before the tenth day of Nov
ember next, the amount by tWero refpe&ive
ly received, and alio to the Leg-.flature, at
their meeting in November next, and that
all fpecijfl Indents not tendered imp the
Treasury as above, on or befote the frrft day
of November next, shall be, and tire fame
are heieby barrdd. _
Rtjolvkd, That public notice of this resolu
tion be given in the fevefal Gazettes in this
State, once every three weeks, Until the {irft
day.of November next. And that the Dele
gates of this State in the Congress of the Uni
ted States, be requeued 10 catrfe this rctoiu
tron to be publifhcd in one or more papers
in tht cities of Philadelphia and New-York,
ard that prbvifion will he made for the ex
pellees attending' foch publication.
Ordertd, That the refolimon be sent to
the Senate for their Coftoirrence.
By order of the House,
In the SENATE,
December 2iff,i7o3-
Refdivcd, this Hotife do concur with
tht Houfc of Reprefcntativee in the forego
ing rcfojmions.
Ordered That tfc-e resolutions be lent to
the House of Reprefentaiiveii.
4 K
America .
by order of the Senate,
sDAYj JULY 15- i 794.
For Sale of Charter,
*'" r " Deveiikaux,
SHE is well found, and ivady for Tea ;
■wonld take a freight to the North of Eu
r p:? or the Well-Indies, and carries about
wp tlio'uland barrels. For terms apply to
Deblois Brcck,
Between Walnut and Cht fnut-St'reet
Wha'rver—-Where may be had the ibUow
ng articles
iooo lbs,
New Orleans Indip-o,
O 7
A Few New Ric»,
Sugar in Hhds. andean els,
Coffee in Tierces artwl, do.
RuiTiaDuck, and an Aflorrnfcnt of
EngiiJl) Earthen Ware.
July 1 rh, 1794-
or Charter,
That rsmarlMe fajl f/ul-
& O W r Ningat CutHbe r t's bur
then about barrel",. and in compleat
order to receive a cajgO Fo'r terms apply
John Cj-aig,
• Nc. 12, Dock Jtrcct,
Antigua & Grenada Rum,
Hvfqn and .SoiicHoftjj' Teas, N
Roll Bumftone,
Brillol crown Window Glass of dilfe
Athidncls iii fc'gs, -
Lampblack in hogfnetids}
Co'ton in bales,
Rich Pdrt Wne in* pipe*, hhds. and
quarter cafk%*an>}
A few BOXES bf
Sugars, fnuff,. chocaiate, &
Latelv received irdirt tlie H.;ivanfiah
Jnfy 3 <k
■ j
About 10 months old ; a strong double
decked Veflel ; burthen 116 tofts. Enquire
Samilel Cioatqs^
No, 82, south FrontJtrect.
Jtily 9 " d6t
Claudius Chat,
No. 4, south Fourth street, four doors
from the coftier of Market ftreetj
MAKES and fells all kinds of Jewellery
-rrand has now ready for ftle, a general as
sortment of elegant watch chains, seals,
watch keys, lockets of various kinds and
sizes, gold beads for necklaces, ear rings of
different patterns, rings with devices an.3
plaited hair, &c.
He gives the highest price for old gold
( and silver. ,
Two or >hr£e apprentices of honest pa
rents, are wanted.
July 11
Carolina Rice and Indigo,
Gurney and Smith;
May 14. d °
Ndiikeens of Superior 'yality\
Long and short pieces
■Long and ihort black fattins,
Black Taffetiesj jmd Senfhaws, \
Black and coloured I rnlia sewing Sjlk,
Ornamental beakers,
And a few long sets of Tea China.
Coloured Sattins, Lu/lrihss, and
T 0 B I N E S,
No. 40, north Fifth Street.
July 7 mw&ftf
Nicholas Diehl,
Attorney at Law y
INFORMS his t'riends and the PilWic,
that he has o|>ened an.OFFICE to* the fate
and purcftafc of fyeai fiftates at No. ig
south at re be vvfll cbnnJc
fliriy receive. Uieir co manrfs. fle also
draws Deeds, Mortgages, jmcf other Writ
- June 10
At the STORES of
jeffe & Robert Wain,
POUT WINE in-pipes, hhds. and quar
ter calks'
LISBOiSI do. in pipes and quarter calks
Souchong and Congo TEAS, in qiiarter
g. chests
A quantity of LiCbon and Cadiz SALT
Soft fhetied ALMONDS in bales'*
Velvet QOKKS. in do.
Kyflla- MAtTS.
j uWe 9 d
: Tbe Ground Plan
OF» THE . -
Citv and Suburbs
Philadelphia. <
jrt is with plea fine ibat the publiflier has
ro inform his fnbfcribers and the public iri
generaU-tjvat tlie p'ate is how under the
hands of the e'ngraverj find in greater for
wardrfs than was at firft contemplated. At
the fame tirrie l?e begs leave to remind
them, th-'t fnbfa ijtfion papers {ireftill o
pen at inoft of t!»e nbretl book-llbres in the
city ; and that he hopes from the whole
of them to be enabled to #o■ m Jitetf a ref
pe&abte rfitatagnp of names, sswiH do a
credit to trie work', as well as afford a
reasonable encouragement to the under,
taker. 0
Theft who are desirous of further infor
mation are leq'uefled to call on
Benjamin Davies,
No. 68, Market iireet.
LETTERS on the fubjeftof the WaOi
inetuh Lottery, bcin'j by miflake repeat
edly addreJT-d to the Commlffiotiers for the
City of Vv aOiington.
Persons concerned ire hereby in form M,
that all such ihould b< aildrefied either to
W. Deakins jujn. pf V. ifhiflgton, or to the
Subscriber. The r m • nTioners never hav
ing contemplated any further concern in
thjs bufiiielVj than iri their afTent to' receive
flu tojicli aiid •approve the names of the
managers. The prizes have been pai4an4
are on demand by W. Deakins,
Wnfhir.jton, Peter' Oilman, Bcftcm, and
by ;he Subforiber.
For the Lottery No. 2, the fectirities al
ready given will be retained by the com
miiTioners, or transferred by them at their
option t;o the l >auk of Colurfibia ; and the
coitimiffioners will be eonfulted refpedHng
a judicious and equitable difjsofition of the
houses tr> be built thereby ; their treasury
or the bank of Columbia vyill receive the
money intended for ike National Uhiver
fity, and will be eonfulted in the no
mination of the 24 managers ; but all the
refponfihjlily rdpedting the general dispo
sition of the tickets, and payment of pri
zes, will reft as in the Hotel Lottery, on
the~perfons whose names a,re and may be
hereafter published as affiflants to forward
"his bullneis with
N. B. Mr. Blodget will be particularly
obliged if those perfpns who poGefs prizes
yet unpaid, will apply for their motley as
early as pofiible. „
June 7th. d.
Bank of the United States,
July 7th, 1794.
NOTICE is hereby given, that here
will be pai&at the Bank after the fixtenth
instant, to the Stockholders or the r re pre-
duly autnorifec?, fix teen Dollars
for each flu re, being the dividend declared
tar the l»ft fix months,
By order of the President and Directors.
JOHN KEATvJ,. Cafliier.
Philadelphia, July 7, 1794
Whereas James KT Gargle
of Cheltenham "lownfhip |n Monigi mery
County in ihe Commonwealth ot Pennfyiva
nia, b*y his Bill exhibited to the Judges of ihe
Coyrt o4 Common Pleas in and tor the said
CbuntV, let forth that fimdrv Title deeds by
which he holds a certain Meffiiage & fixty
four acres of Land :n the fa:d Towu(hip, were
greatly injured and defaced by Occident; and
prayed that examination of witndfes might
be taken in order, 4 that their teftimoriy of his
jtie to ihe said Parnj should b"t perpetuated,
Wheieupon, on motion of William M, Srfiith,
Efquite, ol CounfeJ lorthe fa-id James'M'Gar
jtle,' it was considered by the laid Jqfjgtf in'
the said Conrt, that th 2 prayer of the (*aid
Bill of right ought to and George
Campbell aiid Jt>hn Danaldfon, Efqutre*,'
wee appointed Commifllonfrj to take the
said eJfrmitWon, to whom a Corftnikilion
under fdrm of Law hath been issued.
PubUc Notice
is hereby given, th it the laid Co'mmUTioners
have appo:rrted Wcdncfday, the gO'h day of
July* at 3 o'clock, in (lie-afternoon of the
fame day, to meet at the house the laid
William M. Sqiith, vthr fopth-6aft corner of
Chefnut and Fifth-Streets in the Cii-vof Fhfla
dclpliia, to take the (aid examinations. .
July 11,
[Whole No. 578.]
Choice Si. Croix Sugar,
And fer Sale,
A!fo a quantity of RUSSIA Matts.
Jure 34th. d.
LANDING tit Hamilton's vhaif, a! ove
the Drawbridge, out of the ftiip Bacchus
Ccpt. Vaknt.max, I'ioni Jamaica, "
May ii
Stock Brokers Office,
No. 16, WalUfticct, New-York?
TH R Subscriber intending to confine b'm
leit entirely to the Pt'KCHASE and
leave to ofi' r hislervices to his friends and
Others, in tbt-line of a Stock Broker. Those
who may plcale to favor htm with their Bufi.
ness, may depend upon having it traniaflcd
with the mrnoft fidelity dtjd *ii (pitch.
Oider/tfom Philadelphia, Bcifton, or any
other £avt >*t the. United States, will be
ttriftt)' attended to.
By Thomas Dob/on, at the Stone House,
JVo. 41, south Seco J Jlreet,
'VOL. 11. •» .
Medical Inquiries
WoU lTor of the Inftitutcs ol Medicine, and
I. An itiquiiy into the influence of phyfic?l
caules upon the moral faculty.
2i An inquiry iuto the ®fle&s of.fpiritous li
quors njictt the banian body, a.tjd their in
fluence upon :he hrippinefs of Totiety.
3 An ihquiry into the caufts and cure of the
pulmoiiaiy confuppnon.
4. Obfcrvh/iofis on the cure of
dropfics. x
5. An Inquiry into the caufcsand the cute of
internal idiopfy of the brain.
6. A.n account of Irie rtteaflcs, as they ap
peared in Philadelphia, in the vear 1789.
7. An account of the rnfluenza, as it,.appeer
ed in ?»t»i ladeiplua in th<r yeari 1^89,1
and 1791. '
6; An inquiry into the taufes of the increase
of bilious and remitting fevers, in Penn
An inquiry into the c2ufcsari<l cure cf foie
I gs. : (
10.-Art accoun: of the Hate of the body and
mind in old with observations, upon
its difcafrs and their remedies.
Pm,£ orte dollar and a quarter i nbound, or
one foliar and a half neatly bound} *•
Medical Tranfa£tions
College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
P'iff one dollar in hoards.
A Tf-eatife on the Diseases of
With general tor iJ-, rr>anagemt»nt,
ot Jnfanis from the birth,, adapted for
ibeuTe of physicians and private fair>ilics*
. Bf SfichAel JJnderwobd, M. D.
Licentiate ot Midwifery m the Royal Col
lege at Physicians in London, and
Fhyfic ian of the Btitifh
Price one Dollar*
This is a< know led ged 10 be the Left booi
which has bcep.pubji.ihcd on the ftfbje#, auC
is calculated "for the w .ule of parents. nurfrsj
and private families* as well as for phyficir.r.s
—The two volumes handiomcly printed in
one, and ihe p» ice only about one thiid of
whafcihe imported copies fell for.
t . , )r > ~ .
The Edinburgh New t)ifpenfatbnr, two
System of Sofgcr.y, extrnfted from the
works, of Benjamin Bell, by Dr. Watcjs, 2
dols. ce'nts.
System of Anatomy, extraflfd from the
■ with I 2 copperplates, 2 dols.
System of Cbemiflry, extracted from the
Encyclopedia, exhibiting a: view of the p ■)-
*rcls of the fcicncce,'and the different lyftems
which hav£ been ptibli/hed, 2 d<4s. $0 ten's.
Krown s Elements of 2 dois.
67 cents*
f * Dobfcn has in the Press■,
Ari edition ot the Medical *nd f'nrlofophi
ral Commentaries of Two vfc|-
unjies arc printed i» v one at 2 d*»lUr4 r®
;et»ts jSrr volume ; he has nearly firUfhed tfie
ivr fird volumes, which contain.the tint »en
'ojumes of the European edition, which fell
or two dollars each. Nine vo/tmics will "m
---lude eighteen European volumes, which
v ill bnog the publication up 10 the present
likf zvi/e for sale a cqnjtd'erahle number of
Medical Books, viz.
Practice, Materia iWedica, Fliyfi
and Sfyoftpfi's. Bell's S.irgtiV, 6 vols
or 4 vols, dp. o* tjfeers, Buchair's JDcmdtic
Medicine," Lfrf/an's Surgery, Chefeidvp't A»-
Hwnu'r on the Venereal, S*c<lc< jf
vef on do* Rollo cm Weft India DHeafc? ;
Riaßy on tJi«»ine Hemorrhag', . H?ro»l , on , s
<mw lines of thcihrory and pra£fic Hf M.d
witcrv, with or without plains; do. of. ti c
tran*£?mcT,i of Female complaint*. Mcaiie
of HytKopfrofru,' &c, SIC.
tar. 13©
Medical Bobks.
of Clinical Pu>6tice in the Untver
fityo* fenrifyjvania.
C K t. A I N I NC
V oj. ' I.—p ART I