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A Recorder Cnrl'on anil Ill.1Ta.ted Hrfcems.
lu th. United States.
SoAe of the obscure facts of our
history relating to the formation, the
speedy rise and as Rpeeuy fall of or
ganizations that promised to become
prosperous and permanent States, are
iuu or interest. They have, in iren
oral, no place in the current histories
or the country j and only the dclvor in
original records and out-of-the-way
documents Is likely to find thorn.
Now Connecticut included a nnni
ber of towns on both sides of the Con-
necticut river, which, in June. 1770,
attempted to form a separate covern
ment, but the effort was short-lived.
New Albion was a grant mado In 1G34
by the Earl of Strafford, lord lieutenant
of Ireland (the only American grant
unaer the great seal or the Emerald
isle),, to tdward Tlowden, of the pres
ent tract of New Jersey with all the
wmcent islands, it was not utilized
by Tlowclen, probably on account of
in .Dutcn claims. .New Anistel ws
a grant to the city of Amsterdam, in
lt50, by the Dutch west India com
pnny.'of that part of the same terri
tory between the Christiankill and the
Delaware, In consideration of a large
payment, it was named from a suburb
of Amsterdam. It was successfully
colonized, but so many difficulties were
experienced in the administration of
its affairs that after eight Years the In
dia company was asked to take it back.
The beginnings of government in
Kentucky were made by a party of
North Carolinians, headed by Colonel
Kicnara Henderson. In defiance of
the ancient policy and statutes of Vir
ginia, which ruled the land, they as
sumed to purchase from theCherokees
ii,uuu,uuu acres, oetwecn tno Cum
berland and Kentucky rivers, unon
which they tried to found "the Colony
of Transylvania." A legislature of
seventeen members met under an elm
at Fort Boone, or lioonesborougii, Slay
to, iuo; tne nrst jvngio-American
government west of the Alleghanies,
Bundry measures were passed during
the five days' session, when the assem
bly adjourned, never to meet again, as
the movement was squelched by the
Virginia legislature and the refusal of
the continental congress to receive the
delegate sent to that body.
The post-revolutionary era was pro
line in schemes tor extending the
American empire. Congress looked
wisely to the early settlement
of the western country and
to its subdivision and erection
into States. In 178-1 indeed, before
the cession by Virginia of her vast
tracts in the northwest to the United
States an ordinance of that body, re
ported by a committee of which' Jef
ferson was chairman, provided for the
subdivision of all territory acquired
in the' .then west, from th
frontier of Florida to the
north line of the union. "With
the growth of population in eacli pre
scribed division of 20,000 or more,
seventeen States in all were to be suc
cessively created eight between the
Mississippi and a north and south
line drawn through the falls of the
Ohio, eight between this line and a
meridian through the mouth of the
great Kenawha, and the seventeenth
between the latter and the western
boundary of Pennsylvania and Vir
ginia: Eacli State, in general, was to
have a breadth of just two degrees of
latitude, without regard to natural
boundaries. A nrnvisinn. rlniihr.lra
introduced by Jeil'erson, but which did
not pass with the bill, anticipated the
ordinance of 1787 in declaring that
there should be no slavery or involun
tary servitude in the States formed (in
this case after the year 1800), except
a3 punishment for crime. The pro
posed division was found impracticable,
and was superseded three years after
ward by the ordinance just named, for
the government of the territory north
west of the river Ohio.
In Jt fferson's original draf t of the
act of 1781 he- provided definite bounds
and titles for such of the States as
might be formed north of Ohio. .That
betAveen the forty-fifth parallel and
the north limit of the United States
was to be Sylvania; next south of this,
Michigan, east of which, in the present
lower peninsula of Michigan, would
cjmo Choronesus ; the two States
south of these, Assinispia on the west
and Metropotamia to the east ; below
these, Illinoia and Saratoga; between
the latter and Pennsylvania, Washing
ton; and between the Ohio and the
fortieth parallel, Polypotamia (from
the old name of the Beautiful River).
But when the bill was sent back to the
committee the elaborate provisions for
these were stricken out.
r In. the same year (1784) North
Carolina ceded her western lands to
the general government. Among thera
were certain counties of East Ten
nessee, whose people revolted at the
cession, met at Joncshoro in December
and formed a separate organization
calied Frankl.uid. Sevier, brigadier
general, of the military district, was
mace , governor in ' March, 1785,
and ruled alter a fashion for a
year, or'., two, until an armed colli
sion occurred between his militia aud
a force under Colonel Tipton, leader of
a party favoring allegiance to North
Carolina. The "governor" was de
feated and taken to prison in irons;
and with his incarceration expired the
embryo States. In 1788 North Caro
lina passed an act of oblivion in regard
to all persons concerned in the matter.
The republic of the Kio (Irande was
attempted by General Canales, a revo
lutionary Mexican, in 1839. It was
created from parts of Tainaulipas, Coa
huila and Durango, and included a
t-trip of the present State of Texas.
Canales was made president, and a
party of Texas troops assisted him in
the capture of Laredo, on the right
bank of the Rio Grande, where he es
tablished his capital. The next April,
however, he was driven into Texas by
GenQral Arista; and so made an end of
his short-lived republic. Detroit News.
A Missouri doctor reports to the
Philadelphia Medical and Surgical
tSochty the case of a fanner who has
nine children, the eldest of whom Is
ten," and the youngest two years of
age.'. The list begins witli the girl of
t n years 5 then comes twins (boy and
Kiii) of eight years, another pair of
twins of six years, a girl of four, and
finally triplets (all girls) two yean
old. Father, mother and children are
in good health.
A tin mine said to be the only one
in the United States has been discov
ered in Clay county, Alabama,
Eastern and Middle State
Two shocks of earthqnnlte lasting ton ie
onds were felt at Dover, N. H., aud othei
townlnth vicinity. A heavy nhoclc wai
also experienced at Contoocook, N. II.
Thomas Dotlb and Katie A. Mortifm gir.
Ing the names, rerpectively, of William Latii
and Katie A. Latis who had been board ins
at a house in Rochester, N. Y., were suffo
cated by the escape of Illuminating gag in
their room. They were ft runaway couple.
A riRi in Boston gutted the five-story
brick building occupied by John r. Lovell
fc Sons, dealers in firearms, powdor ami
sporting goods. For ten minutes after the
fire started there was a perfect hail of bullets
through the streets, caused by exploding
cartridges, and the firemen were in great
danger. The lop s is about $125,000.
Herb Most, the German socialist, who re.
cently ended a term of imprisonment foi
views expressed while editor of a socialist
paper in Ixmilon, Kngland, arrived in New
York, and was thera tendered a public recep.
tion by his friends. He now proposes to
make a tour of the tTnitod States f r thepur
poso of effecting a thorough organization of
all the sooinlists.
A hue in l'tiiladelphtn rtestrojea a six
slory brick business building, causing losses
aggregating $:tOO,000.
Much excitement followed the announce
ment that through an appropriation of about
1350,000 of the funds of the City bank of
Rochester, N. Y., by its president, C. E. Up
ton, to carry on oil speculations, the bank
had closed its doors. The amount of depos
its was stated at $i00,000, and the amount of
paper held by the bnnk nt $800,000. Upton
was treasurer of the Western New York
Episcopal diocese, and had its funds in the
bank. The savings banks of the city had
large sums on deposit in tho bank. The city
had no funds in the bank, but the county is
badly involved. The William C. Moore
banking house at Victor, N. Y., suspended
payment in consequence of the failure of the
City bank.
Alexandeb jEFTEaaoN, a colored man,
fired a shotgun 'at a number of colored men
and women who were holding a party in
Brooklyn. Then he entered the house and
stabbed right and left. Henry Hicks was
killed by the shot; Ella Jackson, fifty years
old, was slabbed to death; Anna Jackson
was stabbed in eight places, and others of
the party were wounded. Jealousy was the
cauBe of Jefferson's crime,
j Buffalo, N. Y., has been visited by a
costly conflagration. The flames broke out
in the new building oAupied by the Com
mercial Advertiser, and then Bprang across
the street to tho new Masonic temple, ten
anted upstairs by seventeen Masonic socie
ties, while downstairs was the liire whole
sale grocery house of Miller, Greiner Co.
The newspaper building was completely
gutted and tho Masonic temple was partially
destroyed. The losses will aggregate about
South and West.
TnE case of Mrs. Scovillc, who was re
cently adjudged insane and then granted a
new trial, has been stricken from the docket
at Chicago by agreement. It is reported
that the unhappy couple are reunited.
Flames at Corsicana, Texas, destroyed
seven brick business houses and l.L'CO bales
of cotton, causing an estimated loss of $li"i0,
000. Grand Forks, Dakota, has also had a fire
which bnvned down about a dozen business
places and resulted in a loss of over $100,000.
Atlanta had the great exposition of last
year; Louisville will have it in 1S83; Balti
more will have it in 1884.
Lieutenant-Colonel George W. Scho
field, of the Sixth United States cavalry,
shot himself dead at Fort Apache, Arizona
Territory, while at reveille.
August Nast died in Cresco, Iowa, of
trichina;, from eating diseased pork. His
wife, three children and a girl visitor were
all taken sick from the same cause.
Two of the boilers of Globe mill Mo. 1. in
Cincinnati, exploded and killed, two men
and wounded nine others.
A collision between two trains near Fos
ter's Crossing, Ohio, resulted in the behead
ing of an engiheer and death of a postal
'J en illicit distilleries and 14,000 gallons of
beer, low wines and whisky were seized and
destroyed in the Atlanta (Ga.) district, and
Bix illicit distillers were arrested, during Inst
James H. Wilson, county treasurer of De
Witt county, Illinois, committed suioide by
hanging himself in his barn.
DniiiNO a severe hailstorm near Hunter-
ville, Texas, Dean's milling house was blown
down, instantly killing Albert Driden and
four colored women who had sought shelter
in the building.
Two young ladies Bettie I.inlell and
Frederica Peterson attempted to cross the
river on the ice from Lake City to Stock
holm, Wis., with a young man named An
drew Johnson. All were drowned.
Tiiree children of John Clark, a farmer in
Linn county, Kansas, were burned to death
in their father's house.
Through the defalcations of J. J. Fuller,
cashier, and H. L. St. John, assistant cashier
of the Second National bank at Jefferson,
Ohio, that institution was forced to suspend.
Fuller, who had been using from $50,000 to
$75,000 of the bank's funds, fled, and St.
John, on learning that the defalcation was
discovered, had a stroke of paralysis.
From Washington.
Toe constitutionality of the law under
which General Newton M. Curtis was con
victed and fined heavily in New York for
making political assessments has been af
firmed by the United Stute3 supreme court.
Dubino the eleven mouths ending Novem
ber 30, 1882, the value of the exports of do
mestic breadstuff a from the United Stirffcs was
$15,30C,494, aud the value during the same
period in 1881 was $18,025,880.
Hbnbt H. Jessup, of New York, was
nominated by the President to be charge
d'affaires and consul-general of the United
States at Teheran, Persia.
A bill introduced in the House provides
that when an officer of the government de.
teots frauds upon the customs he shall re
ceive one-fourth of the fine.
Ta House committee on war claims has
agreed to report a bill granting a pension of
eight dollars per month to officers and
enlisted men who served in the Mexican and
Indian wars and the widows of those dead,
excepting only Jefferson Davis.
The number of United States pensioners
on the roll December 1, 1882, is estimated at
291,656, with an annual vulue of $30,013,000.
Clayton MoMiouael has been confirmed
by the Senate as United States marshal in
the District of Columbia.
The annual report of the publio printer
shows that during the past fiscal year the
total expense of tiie office was $2,635,159.08,
which includes the expense of binding, $580,.
510.5j of paper, $492,527.80; of lithograph-
ing and engraving, $274,154.99, and of the
Conyt esownal llecord, $150,902.19. The ag
gregate amount extended is 1419,719.81 larger
than the expense of any previouYciUri
I' FrnTBus nomination h iht, PrMMt.
- n .... u, n Ayj UUllOU
attorney for Nebraska W. F. Rowland, of
New York, to be consul at Nice, and George
r. Mosher, of New Hampshire, to be consul
at Sonnobnrg.
Thb Senate finance committee du re.
ported favorably a bill proposed by the
tariff eomuiissiou, which provides for a com
plete revision of the methods of appraising
and assessing imports. If passed it will
make a reduction in the valuation of n-nnrl.
subject to ad valorem duties of from ten to
thirty per cent.
Foreign News
At a fire in Le Tuy, France, nine persons
wore burned to death
Bt an explosion in a cartridge factory at
Mount Valorien, Franco, thirty women were
seriously injured.
There lias been a great fire in Canton, China.
Eight hundred houses wore destroyed and
many lives were lost, including firemon who
were burned to death. The viceroy visited
tho scone with a body of soldiers to prevont
robberies, and fiorce fights occurred between
the thieves and citizens. There were also two
fires at Foo Chow on succeeding days. They
consumod each about 200 houses, and five
lives wore lost.
Three vessels were wrecked and the crews
drowned in a storm off the coast of Scot
land. The greatest storm in fifty years Iibs been
experienced off the coast of Newfoundland.
Twenty-two vessels of different sizes wore
totally wrecked in Green Bay.
A lateb cable dispatch says that fifteen of
the women injured by tho explosion in the
cartridge factory at Mont Valerien, France,
have died.
Alien vel Fltnn, the last of tho three men
arraigned in Dublin for the murder of the
two Huddys at Lough Mask, was convicted
and sentenced to be hanged ou January 17.
A uand of forty brigands made a sudden
attack upon the town of Ahuacatlan, Mex
ico, overawed the inhabitants, who fled terror-stricken,
and seized the mnyor, tho jus
lice and the aldormeu and carried them off
captives, intending to hold them for a large
While a cage was descending a mine at
Dortmund, Prussia, the chain to which it
was attached broke and the cage fell, killing
twenty persons.
Prince Kbapptxine and forty other men
are to be tried in Lyons, France. The
prince is charged, first, with belonging to an
association of Frenchmen and foreigners,
the object of which is the overthrow of social
ol der by menns of pillage and assassination;
and, second, with having been the chief
mover of an anarchist association in France,
and with visiting Lyons for the purpose of
organizing a conspiracy at secret meetings.
Mr. Pugh offered an amendment to the
civil service bill, providing that persons now
in the service shall be subject to the pro
vision for competitive examinations like
other citizens ; also that the offices be pro
portioned among the States and Territories
and the District of Columbia in proportion
to the population. Ordered printed. . . .The
Indian appropriation bill was taken up. Mr.
Dawes said the Senate committee had added
154,200 to the bill as it came from the
House, making the total appropriation
$5,362,200. .. .Mr. Brown roe to a personal
explanation. He had the clerk read a news
paper article stating that the committee
who attended the funeral of Senator Hill had
traveled in a special car, had been extrava
gant generally, mid had incurred bills
amounting to 3,800. Mr Brown said the
committee had not traveled in a special car,
aud had not been extravagant, the whole ex
penses being only $1,025.
The Indian appropriation bill was passed
with amendments as follows: An amend
ment requiring the secretary of the interior
to have the approval of the President in set
ting aside bids detrimental to the interests
of the government; an amendment provid
ing' that the appropriation for the educntinn
of Indians at Carlisle shall cover also the cost
of their transportation; an amendment ap
propriating f :,uuu to enauie the secretary of
the interior to complete negotiations with
the Sioux; an amendment directing the re
moval of the Crow agency to some point
east of the Big Horn river in the vicinity of
Fort Custer; an amendment providing that
the Sominoles still remaining in Florida shall
receive their share of the money appropriated
to pay the interest due that tribe under treat v
stipulations!; and an amendment providing
that any disbursing officer or other person
who shall present any voucher, account or
claim to a United States officer for approval
or payment containing any material misrep
resentation of fact shall not receive payment
or credit for any part of such claims.
The consular and diplomatic appropria
tion biU was considered and passed. ..The
Pendleton civil service bill was discussed by
Messrs, Vest, Allison, Barrcw and Call.
Mr. Saunders offered a preamble and reso
lution to the uflect that the right to large
tract of land thut had beon granted to rail
roads ha been forfeited by the non-com
pliance of the corporations with the terms
of the grant, and directing the committee on
public hiiids to ascertain what steps should
be taken t restore the lands so that they
may be opened for homestead settlement ;
also that it is the sense of the Senate that
the pre-emption laws should be repealed,
and all government land held for actual
settlement only.,.. The House resolution
providing for a recess of Congress from De
cember 22 to January it was defeated by a
vote of 36 nays to 25 yeas The amend
ments to the agricultural bill reported by
the committee were agreed to, and the bill
was passed.
The death of Ma, Orth, of Indiana, was
referred to in a few touching words by the
chaplain of the House, and the desk of the
late representative wbb appropriately draped
in black A resolution by Mr. Kobeson
lining every member absent without leave
from December 22 to January 3 $50 for eaoh
day's absence, was adopted by a vote of 111
yeas to 102 nays.
Several members applied for a leave of
absence for various reasons, which, after
some objection and debate, were granted.
In reply to a question by Mr. Robeson, of
New Jersey, the speaker stated that there
were fifteen additional requests for leave,
and thereupon Mr. Kobeson offered a resolu
tion for a recess from the 22d of December,
1882, until the 2d of January, 1883. A point
of order that the resolution was not a priv
ileged matter was overruled by the speaker,
and the resolution was adopted by a vote of
127 yeas to 101 nays. The House thus re
scinded its action of the previous day ... .
The army appropriation bill was reported.
The total amount of the estimates for 1884
is $28,044,143.44. The total amount of ap
propriations for 1883 (exclusive of $592,
685.90 for signal service and $249,860 for
general service men in the department,
making $842,545.90), $26,415,454.10. Amount
recommended in this bill for 1884, $24,681,
700. Decrease under 1883, $1,733,754.10; de
crease under estimates, $3,962,443.44.
Jn committee of the whole on the post
office appropriation bill un amendment was
adopted directing the podtniaster-gennral to
make a thorough investigation into the rail
way mail service of the United States and
to report to the next session of Congress
what is the reasonable value of the trans
portation of the mails and w hat difference
there is between the cost of transportation
of freight for private parties and the cost of
the transportation of the mails. The com
mittee then rose, reported the bill to the
House and it was then passed yeas, 163;
nays, 21.
Billd were introduced and referred as fol
lows: By Mr. ltich, to place $25,000 at the
disposal of tho National board of health for
the inspection and protection of the health
of emigrants; by Mr. Cassidy, proposing a
repeal of the act of the legislature of Utah
conferring the right of suffrage on women
(the measure is intended to aid in the sup
pression of polygamy, and is not aimed at
the principle of female suffrage); by Mr.
Beltzhoover, a resolution calling on the sec
retary of war for fall information as to the
measures taken to secure the arrest and trial
of li. W. HowgaU,
Dnst in the Air.
There Is scarcely a solid, however
compact It may appear, which does not
contain pores, and these pores are filled
with air. It is to be found In abun
dance in the soil; Indeed were it not so,
numberless worms and insects which
inhabit the latter would cease to exist.
The most compact mortar and walls
are penetrated by it, and water in its
natural state contains a large quantity
of air in solution. The atmosphere
was formerly believed to extend no
higher than five miles above the
earth's surface, but meteorological
observations have since shown that it
extends to a height of more than 200
miles. Owing to the force of gravity
the air is much denser near the
earth, and gets thinner, layer by
layer, as you ascend. If then the
atmosphere were possessed of color,
it would be very dark just round
the globe, and the tint would grad
ually fade into space. There Is
no absolutely normal composition of
the air we breathe, or, if there be, it
is not at present known. It contains,
however, in all cases, unless under
purely artificial conditions, two essen
tial elements, which are nearly invari
able under nominal circumstances,
namely oxygen and nitrogen, and two
accessory elements which vary ex
tremely in amount, but are practically
never absent, namely, carbonic acid
and water. Without either of the
first two air could not exist, and with
out the last two air is scarcely found
in nature . Their combination, more
over, is not a chemical union but a
simple mechanical mixture. 13ut
beside these constituents the air con
tains an immense amount of life, and
small particles derived from the whole
creation. In the air may be found ani
malcules, spores, seeds, cells of all
kinds, eggs of insects, fungi, and ele
ments of contagion, besides formless
dust, and sandy and other particles of
local origin. Tor example, no one can
travel in a railway carriage without
being surrounded by dust, a large por
tion of which may bo attracted by a
magnet, consisting, as it does, in a great
measure, of minute particles of iron
derived from the rails. The purest air
has some dust in it. There probably
never fell a beam of light from the sun
since the world was made which would
not have shown countless numbers of
solid particles. Good Words.
A. T. Stewart's Snpezstition.
Workmen are busy making altera
tions in the white marble building at
Broadway and Chambers street, which
was once A. T. Stewart's downtown
dry goods store, says a New York let
ter. Judge Hilton could not get his
price for it, though he had vainly tried
to sell it to the Herald, and he is hav
ing it fitted up for offices. With the
interior change other alterations will
come which will blot out the memories
of the shrewd merchant who created a
fortune in its walls. Stewart never
had a sign upon the building, but by
spring it will be covered with gilded
lettering. When he first built there
the lessee of the central lot, on w hich
an old two-story brick structure stood,
refused to sell out except at an exor
bitant price, so Stewart reared his
white marble walls on each side of the
dingy edifice and quietly waited until
the lease had expired. The man's trade
was killed in the meantime. I seldom
pass the building but I seem to see
sitting on its front step the old
wrinkled woman who crouched there
in a wooden hutch year in and year
out, with a basket ol apples by her
side. She never seemed to be less
than ninety years of age, and she paid
i.o attention to her sales of fruit.
People wondered why Stewart toler
ate I her there, and they little dreamed
that l.e allowed her a pension. The, with all his hard-headed
craft, was very superstitious and be
lieved th vt her presence brought him
luck. v In n he moved to his uptown
store the old woman, with her crutch
and basket, was sent uptown in a car
riage, and resumed her watch on the
front steps. One day she was miss
ing, and soon after it was learned that
she had died and had been buried at
Stewart's expense. The schoolboys of
that day had a wonderful reverence
for the wrinkled beldame, for they had
been told that she was a cross between
a witch and a detective and never for
got a face which had crossed the
t hreshold of the store, though no urchin
had ever seen the color of her eyes,
The Mew Partnership In the House ol A.
Baltimore Herald, October 14-1
A most important chance in one of the Hra-
est enterprises of the city took place yesterday
aim imiuiry was ousy m garnering ino runs.
Immediately follow in tr the death of Mr.
Charles A. Vogeler, the surviving part
ners of the house, of which he had been
the moving spirit, issued a circular to
the trade and presB, which appeared in the
columns of this paper. It made publio an
arrangement which in the exigencies of
the moment was deemed necessary, and an
nounced that it was the desire of all concerned
to continue its affairs as they bad been pre
viously conducted.
It was learned, late last evening, that cer
tain changes affecting tho permanent estab
lishment of the business had been resolved
upon, and a reporter of the Herald was dis
patched to the office of Col. Charles Marshall,
attorney for the estate of the late Charles A.
Vogeler, where it was ascertained that nego
tiations had been concluded, as follows:
That the interests of the surviving part
ners had been purchased by Mr. Christian
Devries, a member of the old and sub
stantial house of William Devries & Co.,
and president of the National Bank of
Baltimore, and that a new firm was
about to be formed under the firm
name of The' Charles A. Vogeler Co.,
this name being in honor and perpetuation
of the memory of the late Charles A. Voge
ler. It was further ascertained that the new
firm will be composed of the widow of the
late Mr. Vogeler (she retaining her late hus
band's full interest), Mr. Christian Devries,
as executive partner and financial head,
and Mr. H. D. Umbstaetter, who, from the
first step in the initial venture of the house
of A. Vogeler & Co., was the manager of
the advertising department and oonlidential
adviser of Mr. Charles A. Vogeler.
By this arrangement it has been fully de
termined that all the plans and business
mrposes of the late Charles A. Voge
er, the founder and executive man
ager of the late firm, shall be developed to
their full fruition, and that the popular
preparations of the houso, prominent among
which are St. Jacobs Oil and Dr. August Koe
nig's Hamburg Family Medicines, shall hold
their high rank under new auspices and the
new management.
There is one feature of this commercial
episode which appeals strongly to the kind
liest feeling and points a touching moral.
Mrs. Vogeler holds her relation in tho firm
with a wifely courage. Her wtiole future
is centered in the resolvo that the fruits of so
valuable a life as that of lie:' husband's, which
was freely sacrit'uedin his zeal for the welfare
of his native city, and that the aims and pro
jects he pursued shall not be permitted to
languish, but shall be revived and strength
ened to its credit and to his honor and fame,
and that she will strive to build for him an
enduring monument in the enterprise of his
own lounoicg,
Loss of Confidence.
A Shepherd was eating his dinner
beside a Spring when a Wolf walked
out of the Forest and coolly in
quired :
"Well, how ia the Wool and Mutton
" Pretty fair," replied the astonished
" I have come to tell "you," con
tinued the Wolf, "that the Hyenas
have formed a plot to break into your
Sheepfold to-night, and to offer my
services as a Private Watchman."
" You are fever so kind to give mo
this warning."
" And you just leave the gate open
and go to bed feeling perfectly safe.
The first Hyena who comes fooling
around your Mutton will find his heels
breaking his neck."
After some further conversation it
was agreed that the gate should be left
open and that the Wolf should stand
Darkness was scarcely an hour old
when a great outcry was heard at the
Fold and the Shepherd ran out and dis
covered the Wolf in a Trap he had set
witmn tne i'en.
" Is this the kind of confidence vou
had in me?" howled the AVolf as he
struggled to get free.
" I hart plenty of confidence in you,"
replied the Shepherd, "but more in the
Trap I Prepare to die !"
moral :
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Dairy iil ()
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Sheep Western 4 25 (i 4 "75
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Barley Two-rowed State ... 80 Qt 85
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WATIiUTOWN (mass.) cattle maiikkt.
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hlteep Lave weight a'fu) fit
jjmiiuo !(''' ()
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(di B 25
(tu u
Cheese M. Y. Full Cream. . . lHlfce
Petroleum Crude 6 (tb
Refined 7 (t
Fof niaitr&Ud 0tv
'- - - loguA tddrui
UK. HAU0CK,WittWintf9d,Conn.
Rmmbr th&t
ftimlDr, rital mer
gf, thft nO-princlpltj,
or wh&terer yon tnny
ohooMtooall then
lstnnt power which
battlot igaiDftt the
caufwB of dtaeaM and
death, la tha grand
aafeftiard of health.
It la the KAfrtflon of
tlis human fort reps,
and whn ft trnxnfl
weak, tlin true policy
in to throw In reln
fnrreniHiits. Jn other
tvnrdfl, when auvh an
emi'KPncy occurs, ft coursa
nf the HittnrH. For
nnln ry Dntjwata
and Dotilera, to whom
ni'piy fur our Alma
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consumption can tie uureai
Cure) C'nnfMirnptlon, Collin, Pneiimonln Tn
tlnMi7.n llt-uiM'hial Ulfllciiltles, JirfinrliitiN,
loiirttirN, Aniliina Croup, Whoonina:
('niieti, him. nil OitaeaAea of the ltrrnlliin
Oi-tfniiH. Jt Mootltea and lietils the IMrmhrunc
ol" the liiniUN, inflamed nnd oiMonid by tlm
ilirtcnNff tiiKl prevents the nijrur gent nnd
ttghtnrnn nrrnnn the cheat which nccotnmi y
tt. i'oiihiiimiiimi in not nn Incurable uinlittly.
II A 1,1 m V, AI.SA U will cure you, even
tliiiutjlt prolcxHinii1 nld l'nil.
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other American t irujxnh having been fuundequal at any.
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Hie manntactuie of Uj'KmilT
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itttj,orttiut itiii't tii . mem ; adding to power aud beauty of
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Ulubh oltt-rs tho mm'st menus ol niukniK ri'Kiilur monthly
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Etu ti nu'inher khk the lit iu'liiot'euinlmifd capital of the
Club. I ic porta sent weekly. IHvltleinlB ptuu monthly.
Clulit-i piililtjlmreholtlerB hack their muticy In profits in
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Sgj I laa a Pad differing from al 1 otbwt
yP b cap aba po, wilE Balf-AdjaatlDg
uai l in cnwr, awiapul tati i to au
poaliloaa of tb body, whiU tba
Dal h q tharaptpnaMa bock tba
Villi tb riagatr. Willi llgnl
lay and right, and a radical core certain. Ula awj, databJa)
Wi chet-p. Seat by meJU Clrcnlari (raw
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lhave a punitive reiuudj br tlte .bore dlgtae; by Its
Bi-. tuoiiBsnus u( cases of ttie woric kind and of luus
standing have buen cured, liulend, so strouv Is my falta
In Its oincacy, tlil I will soliil TWO IIOTI'l.Kd l-'KKK. to
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urns aae than iiave thvni return acaln, I iiienn a ri':.
eal sure. J have mado tlio dlaoaao r FIT8, Kl'ILUlV If
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Called Is no reason fur not now receiving a curb. Sur.J at
euce for a tresttse and a Free Uotn ut my ItiinUit-ie
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allBia V
D fl I C A RJ
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retrnlar and Painfal lUenarruafion,
Inflammation and Ulceration of
the Womb, Flooding, PICO- j
IfTPloasant to the taste, efficacious and Immediate
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Uotc8 pain during labor and at rcgralar period.
riiTsiciASS rsE it and rnEscmriE rr fhkelt.
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of either sex, it Is second to no remedy that has ever
nrrn neiuro tuo Jiuuiiui puu lur nil uwwwcb vuv
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I ir-KIDNEY COMPLArSTS of Either Sen
Find Great Relief In Its Esc.
t.tii n. pimhiah's BLoon prmTiitn:
wl!l eratlirnto every vestitro of Humors from the
Blood, nt the enmo time will giro tono and rtrenph tft
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tyl'TOTA B. Pinkham's I.tve Pn.r,g enre Constins
tiou, BUlousnesaand Torpldily of Urn Liver. 86 cents
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Wo other diseaso is bo prevalent In this coun
try aa Constipation, reined v hns ever
cquaUod the celebrated KIDNEY -WORT as a 3
ciiw. wnatever iiifscauao, nowovor obsunato
tho oaso, tliis rcmody will overcome it.
ii 792 Xi-iia aistrepsintr complaint m
It ia vorv apt to bo oompUoated 1
, with constipation. Kidney-wort strengthens
, the weakened uarts and auicklv cures all kinds
1 of Files even whim physicians and medicines J
' nave Detoro xauea.
BERFUL CUR-R. as it Is for ALL, the valnful
diseases of the Kidneys, Liver and Dowels. 1
cieanses me cyeiem oi tne aonu poiscn wiai
oau es the dreadful sufibrinjf wliich only tho
Victims of rheumatiam enn realio.
efthe worst forms of thiB terrible diaeaso have
been quickly rolieved, andinanhorttimo
tTlt elconscs, PtrcnRthons and pelves Pfow
liifo to all the important organs of tho body.
The natural action of tho Kidneys is restored.
The Liver is cleansed cf all disease, and the
F Bowels move freely and healthfully
nnt Acts at the same time on the HTDITETfl.
f UVER AND BOWELS.jeJ MHJ bj liltrUtirSTS. f
Is unfailing and infalli- 7
bis In curing Epllsptlo 1
Fits, Spasms. Oonrul- 1
sioufl, St. Vitus Duoe, 4
Alcononsm.Upium cat-
nm. Soroful &nd all
Nerrous and Blood Dia-
mm. To PlnrirvmaiTi.
Lawyers, Literary Men.
'Mariihant.B. Ra.nLrssra 1
ladies aud all whose
sedentary employment
causes Nervous Prostra
tion. Irregularities of
tk blood, stomach,
bowels or Kidnsys, or
who require a nerve
tonic, appetizer or
stimulant. SAMARI
valuabis. Thousands
proclaim It the most
wonderful Invigoranto
that sver sustained the
sink Inn Kmltun. Par
sale by all DruMitts.
Bole Froprlotorat bt Joseph. Mo.
lnrN(ti.M' r.iru ntlve Pill make New Rich
Flood, and will o-mipletoly change the blood in the en
tire ttyAtem in three months. Any parson who will take
one pill eieh niprht fnmi 1 to 13 weeks may be restored
to S'miid health if such a thing be posnihle. Sold every
where or sent lv mail fnr eiriit iMtterstamns.
1. N. JOHNSON & CO.. Bolon ltaM.tfor
iiirrly Knuuor, Mr.
Publishiuc Co., Lewii
A43n1d WntcliFrce. Forpar-
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nmU hu HilMNh I.I.KV l,( V ) A. ( . i:4im&jrn
iikia nrAKK i . . a . wniuin ir. vr FarmH. a.
M V B-K I 'I 1 I 14 V . Kl MIWH MM I !I .1 .1 . H.
iV poor. Db. Kbuse. Arsenal St., St. Louis.
at nnra inra rrir r.m hiirv nr una in a nnnni. r
LHlllli.sslstslsWHsW' B
irnit U!IRN('R OF
l.lFFt OR,
Is s medical treatise on Exhausted Vitality, Natrons
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M...A1 mr nA Via 1 1 - .irrtlllll
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4 Buiflaeh HtrssL BoMon. Slaask
m mm mm
Tt J
81 and 83 Jackson St., Chicago.
i. W. OsTtuxurR, late of H. Hortl A (.
UtA. Huts, uf 14uke A HputoW.