The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, December 25, 1869, Image 3

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in 9 tro Montt.-
.airrismair4 imestiiitat $l. Wm.
- ws aystri., souk ss Usk sawitimo
mad a maw coleab.od* larp Ua ad banks
valeta bare been In mr Donk Maki, tar • keg Wan
eatte of ibaat, and artdettae onion have keighcliato
can VI. and dill reind• woks Me ante of btadtag
',au!. We have decided to witiestlai MOW books
tat two weete. and If at the calamine! of Mt Una
mer are out tate 11111 7. 111010 1 sal them it melba
t•• toy lot the bindles. •
71 11 33:1111
XLVL —For 1870.
Now is the Time to Subscribe I
Wide folimas, , j
Few: Type, .;
. • • ' New Feature's,
Great iniprtiveneats.. l : .
.THE MINERS' JiiillßNAL•w4l,ctita•
'mence its forty-sixth year with , in entirely
new and handsome outfit 'of "clear-faced
type,l witht widened columns and other
new features, which will make it not only
one of . . the largest but one: of the nattiest
papers printed.' Greater' efforts than ever
will be made to keep its readers well in.
Waled upon all tho questions of the day, -
besides having a full repat of matters
transpiring in our county. The paper'
Will be made up of entirely new and fresh
' matter, and will not cimtain any matter;
_thitt.l May. bare Appeared in our Daily
4riOg the. week. Taken in connection
it s r iedem will have a complete and tin
surpaleed fund of news to be found inWo
other, paper of its character in the State:
It has now a larger circulation than any
other ; weekly paper in the State outside
of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, ind
SePOion. • - •
• Tends, $2.75 per AnnumHin Advance
FOR le7O.
• • Ealaeged Fero,
• New TYR. ,
Wide Celuiss, ,; • .
Latta News.
With the'-hear ; year, the -DAILY
)lINERS' JOURYAL will also begin
a new volume, and besides hiving an en
tire new dress:of elear-faCed readable
.type—will be Materially enlarged and
otherwise improved: We hive put our
ielves to this large and additional expense
in order that the DAILY' JOURNAL
ihaybe found entirely worthy of patron
agelnfl support, and we now desire to see
it receive' more hearty welcome, and be. ;
finind in the hands of 'every intelligent"
family in the county. So far its publica
tion has: been a heavy burdeti upon - our
time and purse; but we have not been
any considerations of this
kind, from ' incurring expenses, which .
publiihers of new daily papers in other
interior towns have not. hazarded. We
work early and late to make a good paper
and . acceptable; and having' MO words
of commendation and approval from many
:quarters, vre now ask from our friends
here and elsewhere, a more tangible and
substantial support. -
To establish a 'daily paper in this local
ity, requirei hard and unceasing working,
sad we have neither spared time, tabor,
or expense, tei make it a sueoess... Thus
will - we continue to . work ; and we would
excite to the Blithe end, the pride of every
good citizen, that POttsvitle ,and Schuyl
kill County may nor fall behindother sec
tions in their appreciation of a Daily
newspaper. .
Renewed and grentu exertiopii w r ill be
made to keep well up in all that tranlipires
at home and abroid—and the paper will
oontain . :" . •
the Latest.
' the Fullest.
the must Interesting.
. . c.•
~. To our business men mid the Oldie
generally, we offer the columns oer'
papersupon liberal terms, and recommend'
both - papers as the heat medium thAugh
which .to offer their goods ; or make their
wishes known :.
If you have goods' to sell—Adrertiie..
If you would keep your business ktfesie
the public—Advertise.
If you have lost anything—rAdvertik.
If you have found anything--Adrertise.
If you want help of any kind—Ad vertise.
If you want a situation—Adve?tise.. 4 .
It saves time; it saves wearisome
ing ; it saves money.
Judicious Advertising will Always
The pager will be delivered ,to sub
scribers by the carrion, at 10 cants per,
week, or with the Weekly, MINERS'
JOURNAL, 15 cents por week .To
yearly - subscribers, 85 00 per year, or
with the Weekly ML' ERS' JOURNAL,
57 50 Fier-year, payable in advance,','
"A Etvrtirr" bag been received, but t cm
avoidatidicrowdcd out. It will ripperir In
our Eric. . -
• Tat remaitie of tiel>rect Peabody left Eng
tlend in the Monarch un the
..will land at Partland,_ Maine, 1 from,, which
point they will be conveyed- to Peabolry Mas.,
by rail. Preparations are making to'reoeive
the remain; of the great philanthropist in a
beeeming manner. . .
COSTIWIT tonzpectation, the_floth•ilorsce
ii . reele3i replies to General Butler's sgethlitg
letter to Monday's Transue.
, It cbswicter,
istic of Greeley, but la raker tame compared
wit GeO - Sral Butler's reply to' his tint lei
ter.- , :We doubt whether It will call finds it
rejoinder from the Oeuersl.
let. A Qcsarron.— The eorresposo
deuce called fur by Mitt Senate,' between the ,
Lnited S.ates and Greif' Britain, - his been
published. Tue instructions sent to • our:, to present to the English Govern.'
merit setting lorth.our grievances, Is a very
able and most admirable document, and will ,
thrill the hearts of every American dam.'
It is %calm and &gloried, arraignment of tie '
Whist' Government fur its unfriendly' , sc s•
during ttui Rebellion. which enccored arrd
sueogihen.ed r dlove our- commerce from
the ocean, and cot/atoll Immense expense
. ..upon. the country, all of .which Was contrary
to the irecognised lama of Nations
friendly terms with each other. This ar
raignment of the Government goes as far as
iienswr lianineee speech did ott the rejection
of the Johnson Tresty—and there con be no
further doubt in the minds of the British
people that Senator Radium; did represent
the feelings of our people, as Well esthete
of the Government
_ot the United flutes.
We regret that our 1111:4 wilt not perollt 'as
to publish Win full—we, however, give the
following closing paragraphs, which shown
the position uui Government triremes In the
nutter, leaving it to the Berfoish Government
to commence negotiations whenever It WI/
them: . •
"Lit thefts ate Wan= of future Casederatton,
when the rimy for talon atoll- afar. be.
Prerideot vlll conacier with rt acre sod
sire that *lithe cod armors
the too Mantle
limy be orianted andrelay and censotibty with ibi
haat of. achy and the promalon of nacre Counted
lament Way
To Ws end be spent no efforts erblipi the Fun
b:a Inman duty tales slot sod Intend id the
Unlted but At the pens= istage of the,
a the one otlect alb* ?ardent la loaf= USD pa
.h= ant Seaman the alp (ode of Qs Vatted essea
u, the ee,i,,es misname of Int enateasny sea tent'
&l u d o Thu I toe obj,ct tub gaps; taken you!
ire Wail, to read Inlaid Clarrewleh to anmi.:
and dl•pamannalkyouad was a nese
dos tadu went be rued to ors dualf/tojk• Qum*"
striteranant , ens. too U mon =at aeon dy sodd
en lb* Won , e it h. adored, It a 'leet written to .
tau oaten of a clam, ix Ur Coned Wade now
nu rimmed adid.* , ne , li4"traidanar,_lignatit mtim
codat of ate .ajailea nary god Ilany,aarra esalabsed.
teacup the CUM MAW WO =djeolice,,,
on i *antral and 0 0 1 1 nionnnaitninaakl Of an tbetriTi.
none .nits own 'llamado' stria the anuety cordial
&clarions eh= thalltelall ed dada flax:,
ei.rrameeta. TWO 00 /la • Dos
to art say Use for Una
Up the rotten. tley pre.* to. Sas ALA
games, sod duo the - Irt•e• WWII/A gas& of
tS‘ Mini and mama a mantra the of
cateriblitt, of rastorterf the imatt-destred
wen= aordtaUty,Sad Oa protesting IA the newest:l
-v, a t to otteetand te the foam to the oamdtra
tine at Ss Wag • Gefeffallefd Thr7 writ. Ss
sear. tL tasty, wnenever Majdote. whir l,
snail oteAtbe proper Una hag came lot rate s
n.gonstan, to estasele ass orocendoe satith that
pt7 soveriaseri ball riiWs prow preent, and So ap
tvrear• propane:at leer eat= sod 'lrian
erl.hcal mad endeavors - tar a salad= boaarabe sad
Wairadiary to Writ coantriaa.
agh e?, turbot:• ~
ataa a*Nßs*t ca,. IF, 1111111 1 / 1 16
. olloiring tenor 10111 - betel written, br
Congfoomin. Nunn • to Gonna Thom* In
cklosequence of tha sodium W: .
Tannesto Lentalature rawly :
triosolowo, noLaw,
Mi. int. Ur. 2 Thai" des Asititoo,
Drat elmoret4 I but boot ebb *items 1151•1 el
par eller to p i tr , ao• bee ttot Ibsen at lessitio
ra irliato e pi a l rft olet
Sue to body cow low* llowwwwe Lit lra et. -
tiro of oarltame tit sued oretuktod to yea so 115
at a monootial d you eaviest WWI Weil Pie&
4. ternalb•tbna *PM einotto ,
Wait teeter..
learnt Mu ity insurtietet Witt Mos aims
oriel wad gOOO to site sum door ••••
staeoosetis to Wee a pail. set • L.
peote" with toßW:limisi• trey lei dot
tt.ta tt sieved wie weestir . t bet aopitibei
semi" ot. Uri eoectrY• 184 Ihe
pr,t,thrlio"wlikiwitbattawita. oth.
eel meetatrtion Um toalst. ',boo
I void fa tit opproteittorireettde. c at
Woe wb woke silk me sae .toms ItA• oesq
lobo/ sus to Timm& I bee re. Gattot• to et
viola WO Se law preprinsoot of Tommite WO
resei Iwo toe trots ot thoto wtho4stgle gigabit I
••• darbille ••• red ebb reseed to pee UAW
Sg e.teo it. eniseet 600' tap.* Ur mill 01 Uld
Tee woe mini of their &Int atillitagetio eighth*
and beamed be • saw sad emend , ' roO• diens",
Aber ertoo/1 eels Wend th e tatty pent ewes it is he
-to WWI t e a anctity, sod coanicee pop
some! fait ng lika . :e 1 aeenotalbet w remp,
ed stsm. n t bs demons. mks the WI
*Wen ("pores a lettlelose eat • petstot
hued ime mellow te t telleOrbell blelleet i rst
then treassa to Anweieen satioesri. beets
melt trainmen osier uses *bete eonetrzottlte o
otew inert rhea Luta of last* awlemo Warts.
ttilny nomad disitsedien sebroOte etee. end
'bmo Motes& earl tread gilded *PC
tee Seta itenrowe. II Ito eel youdeleet b their
- doleyst to menus sow to Wilt: re. •
iee ioripateyoa, Heaver. lbso wear . 'stand
os With tbe SHIM= sod edema of Da aim
at Tatecieesee menu soldier of tits eatkiwae
enisetsof Mettemmlie. sad Mims, ar , LL
Eger Meng altallat rebel venom - tad mites
to trust* over you by censpentalt las Ita
at Vier sands. the Poiret& ebiclb aal•laa. 0 "* .
alto ct Teosseee at anrotortal of yob[sepias to
;oar eougry roml oar saturtasate Mato- a
I am. iffeisand.,atost num 7 13. 0 111%.
.Tite biographer of es-Eceiddentikiktaluen,
Hoe. Wm. B. Reed. a citizen Of Philadelphia,
et-Minister to Cblaa,and statist ' for hi et suet-
Sion procibrities, has come to grief in his ce
pacify of "attorney and trustee," which he
has ocoupied fur some yinari pad. In this
litter capacity it Is asserted that conSideisi
ble sums came into his hands, none of which
are ever eipeeted 'to come Out *WO. An
Englishman, who was charmed with his ed.
mixable newspaper writings in prooLof the
nobility of Jefferson Davis, and the &Oneness
'of Abraham Linooln. and the ' inaiosilb i litrei
` ,preventing the eitablialment of 'the Snot hern
Confederacy,'placed considerable money its
'his hands foe investment; and now Ands
impossible to evolver it. Stocks.and cub
entrusted to him by confiding fensaleve4atiens
have disappeared. A mortgage given on . a
. dwelling house for mosey lent hint bir a de
voted friend, turns out to be a 'laird mortgage,
while the property was not-really worth 4te
Amont of the first mortgage.. Be even boy
, rowed money earned as wages by duinestics -
- in his house, which there deems little:iambs
•ltility that they will be'able to recover.
Whether be is still in the city or his gone
elsewhere in an undecided question.
What effect, if any, all this will hate upon
the Biography of ex-Pii-eident Ruchanio,
which by the terms of the Will of A A nti latter'
be we...appointed to write and publish, or
what progress has-been made with the work,
we have - no information 'whatever, I
terms of Mr., Reed's appointment,
contained in the last codicil .of the
dated August 2&b, 1867, are as ' follows a'
I ...I hereby direct my Executors, named iu
my last Will and Testament, to place ill the
papers, correspondence, and private and pub
lic documents connected with mg publio life,
in the hands of my friend, Willtun B,j Reed,
who baring shown to me in my retirement
great ,kindoess, and in whom-I bare; entire
confidence, to enable him to preparesuch et
bionaphical work as I desire. 'With this
.VieW,,l direct my Executors to pay; to the
L : order of _William B. Heed sums, i in the
aggregate 'not- exceeding one IS - Donated dol
lar 4 as may be necessary in his opinion to se
cure the proper publication ofanch bidgraph-
Mal work ; and in case it, or any part of it,
is riot so used, it "hall go 1313 . 10 the remainder
of my estate.
"As 'some compensition for the work which.
Mr. Reed has undertaken to perform; I give
and , bequeath to his wife, Mrs. Miry I:, Reed,'
the sum of fire thousand dollars, which I di.
- . rem to be a legacy for her' Separate Use and
benefit,- and in ease of her death, for Lir
. children ; said, amount to be paid tattler on
the completion of the work; oe-in thoj event
of her death before that., to . her childien." !'
lACtra,lol: LA.B . OSINO: xs
When our mechanics wormer at the eCele
of wages prevailing. and would etuleiivor to
light real or imaginary wrongs by ine or
strikes, they should took across t hi water'
and note what pay is received •by their fel
low-laborersin Europe. Here is wt. Eng
lish meenanics now average per wifek for
their services, the prices being converted
to greenbacks. , ;
Helpers '.- -
Shinier's, (untlelletters) •
Slums - - - • 9 do
Furnace Fillers, (work every day 1 . i LO
Laborers,(graded) . .- • 4U
Laborers, (common) - - - '4 20
Ptn France the rates arc about , fift en per
cent. leas : and In Germany about twe i ty-nce
per •ostit. less, and with these lowwages
prevailing the prices of breidattiffit. and
&eat is as high in Europe as in this ciintri. ,
with free trade, our wages would Kara to,
:sortie down tenearly the same &Lenard, or
'the workshops would here to be-clostl--yet
we scarcely ft.nd a workingman's paptr, that
is clamoring for eight hours as a day'Ll 141)4;
advocating protection to American industry,
white some are clamoring for free trade, and
at the same time claim to be the advoilate3 at
workingmen's interests. . i
A sae race of people, supEssed • loi, be of
Asiatic origin,•and having telllures strongly
-resembling the Anglo-Saxons, has bean dis
covered' Iv the missienatVi in thei south
western part of Africa:. They atijAid the
Ilechtianas, and me known' iss the Mas. A
king by the name of Tjikongo reigtie over
them, They hare lung, curly hair, not
weely, and are characterised by
aldirable intelligence.. Th eir religio is; to
Mir& respects. no much like that oft e Per. ;
sees.'as to introduciEttle - belief that t e °vas
belong to that race, or have been eider ifiL
tuition. 'They are not idolaters, but believe:
in aditipt'eme Being, the Creator, whet is 0131-•
nipreseat, omuipeteid; and omniscient, and
whose symbols are the sun and tre,land to
these they pay homago ashis representatives,
bat offer-no sacrifices to them.. They keep
the sacred Eire cousisinly burning, 'nil the
Princes, who are also priests,' intrust c4heir
daughter's, and sometimes to their wi es, the
duty of -auperintending - theie sarredlires.--
.The °vas also 'believe in the existence of a
very powerful evil spirit, who is not, Nowev.
er, omniscient nor omnipresent, 11440 hit -
inierlerence they attribute their. misffortanes
and accidents, and they offer no macrOces to
WM. .They afe said to be an honest,! Indus ,
tnous, and temperate people, far afore rev
gardful of their word, and more observant
of good morals, than most of the plfriems
natiuns. - -
ir is'given out at• Boom that two! . of -the
vacant Cardinals hats will be filled with the
bends of two distinguished Amerioart Arch
bishops—the Mast Reverends Mama John
Spalding, of Baltimore, and'elohn•McGloskey,
ot :Sew York. In the entire hierar hy no
two abler , or more deserving rest could
be selected for this distinction. .4 .oros, it
is somewhat singular that the French !tishope
and more liberal of .the German Bisheips will
oppose Abe idea of Papal infallibility!, while
those of Great Britain and Ameries-the two . -
most liberal nations—are depended Upon bi.
the Pope to speak anti iota in unity in favor
of his certain vicegerency.—Tat Dig '
Not at all singular as .far as the United'
States and Great Briusin'are . concerned. In
the countriee named the Governments have
no part in suggesting the Catholic Bithops to
be appointed within their respective minds.
ries, and of course the Bishops are reipofisi•
Wei directly to the Pops and controlled by
him.• In'the other countries of Europe, thee
appOintmenut are made by the Pope its the
Majority of cases in:acquiescence Wit ° ibe
desires of the Governments, and thr are in'
a measure controlled by the GovevutMents or
the nespect'ita countries' in which:they serve.
• Ter SITCATInIt. —Oa,af tba y
ad =INN,
--• •
IA ~,,,,: i
of Oak Haul is re osotreit
liSt easily
..moseitbie from all parts of *itchy. and, frog all
the Depots and Boat-landings, and all jthe city
Railways, by means of esabange ticks*, carry
pmememsre 'UMW' fu doors. Even a ffebilii s
stranger In eh. city. eacreaely Sod Wauainaker k
:secines, and no we siap miss it. , il
Tea Uzi Houss.—We leant dial the lb.
Ames! managsteeet of the Poor/Imp b
/graceful to the County ; that the trisaimest
of the inmate Is shameful la the trueme.
and the the prmislimesta wbiob flow
14ogleixnaphilnt, an crest If one Calf we
bearis bye, ib management is a. disigrics to
th ° County. • We would 'therefore ?aspect.;
suggest as the Coen now. is Nuke to
appolat a Committee of Mies re+sedlia
[masons, not mere politicians, to baisitigate
these charges blots the Olken arelcho sea
for another year. The Committee mast bi
,invested with power to examine fi:iteeseeS
on oath privately, separately and spirt from
each other, and then the truth cans he fer•
rated oat. There is no tustpt mace the
Grand Jury or any Committee till is not
invested with parer to ezamloe on l oath OS
suggested above. No pauper will en say
Informatics for liar of the most a*l ' pa*
Ishmeot, tba', lib said, invariably 3ollows.
We do not vouch for the trnth.,l Mess
ffsek-hettherareint_such a diameter
that they demand investigatkafortilte credit
of the county aid on the score of himanfly.
To any responsible-Commluse, appointed by
the Court, who wilt honestly pets= Ude
duty, wean tureiih suusseese chairs that
have hemmed; and also the,sualpdir us
which they have beets wide. '1!
THE:-NA:110/14 401/98?
isport eflesmaiMiow W*in
• lb§ State el tii Can O 7 •
. ,
trod d 7l ratAratigill
- romp
• rim% ON 1 4.. • ,
' math thp'followist axi s ' rad trim Ilia .
report T M ipakts 1;1 "era is pis**
fors. irldeb), l ii aii oar liar4ts sin - .persd,.to-
Tha nitriet WO, evirittai I
stile se lho
Tedine *hi pelatisio butiontaisoucska. wow.
ps.• old eantry Omagh Ms
Cwitisfhp.Y k rams! maiinse aid as tar
esettplit tt issol estiorpilie la tie pm*. Is
ta ssrett is4mpastiast yr lowans., lel of
tip ftpo , ad illsesilor
- _ .
. ,
4••• ..... _—...imi•lMSS•lllll
.01 • lug 44 iserrimll, enerskrelL. ! -
ensue ' poBil i a : ar a v
" Ali l ai: •! 4 "" r ig ga
rat idlaail Maw la Ur Sift I fat email Jim
1 1 1 . 1 1 111. was WlLlwilog 11. tale sidimial
two at Ike flisiat.Ward vim SOH mar to.=
.. maw waning* um. sposiaine al 11 111 111.149 el.
I. ; ll4l s ll mtikt Ulfia above al Media at torelreas
exundisum gat 1•CII SW fiat alimallo loalsolcs
at go wai; ;:f • .
•-: ! . •
Rama V
, , ,
' idere. - ibeepti. ' iiimitaters • liwoffs.. :
Mel . 'at 61 11 11. 1, 111000 N Star 010400 ••!6•14111 fa
NIL ilt. 4 / 1 411114.1•• IT lid IlikUll SS sum" 14114
19Stot9; eaLaniess II nt.amtsinii 211,1111.1 N 41
us , * roa,sa.:4T il, 14.0.01 Is 0.41440 .
uselrlen it Ant !ague No& ' '• •
-110 Mud= id th• Wale dot be slis . onmedir
ender um Um Sees "SLUM'S!' N. and ranee Um 114 at
Srpteuenr. UNS, 111306.1214141 N. - ..! .
twarcome arii:?ai. .'• :
ansaaalatiosas galas lOW gala as oat
-Abe ttrs. Loa sides alassall Us Imo wawa%
a foam: • '
asamal Ismisasdams lints lal:..aa.11111.010
ilitrapts a as Thaw, tree apt
I '3lllO -
thakramaa tasrf.*
Pfolll mama' • sa atm a
• -
Paim laid& ' UMW
Pit= abed ' 4.0a1.1 &S
Feta .
lalsallasca auras • Til„takal IT
Taal leadtra ''' stmt
Slam lab tram Mara L, lo,;11111)
sser• es falkosest • . .
Mrig la:11W leans gismo? at a
Kiva' cosuass...:. taiga.= Pi
Vita Issets. - ten,Ml4
Frog ants tsz. • • . ta1.11710
Pam mace • asnas....' 114.942,al 11
Total. , 1141(11,11STAI 01
Amount ot pattrindebt lame ask and
pink ng lad 4 terminal% Joao 30, -
lOW "0:4 - • 4031ilaniAli IM
Defaatng *elegant at Isaattniont
or war .... T 04414.11111 IS
. . ..
Leavfog.auxiborrinni for wer,p¢r- : L
poses sad shoCrl on of Lbws
vic5id1e.....,..4... IMAM Sell(MI
To whirtiefia nr.Oto al ab0r04..... 7.104114.11 TAU
Robin* Wel Umbrahum .SX • ,
yew. or ofor rod ft* arc% *0 14 . 014 .4 0 .%
Deduct idol but tur wir would have
then avewsw nrceadnere at Oar--
- emmttd. sal SIPASS. 6OO lut”eam Mflofo,eoo Cl°-
Leal*" ,:....- .... .1. .. ..: ... . ... 1 .... $1.111.914 OS gl
to nveiteot the tea dila vat: to tts Uottid &atm
Goy romeat dolma to lion 110.1,1111. 1 , this h Meyer.
ahem,' Da added-the 1.40 e et' the onalaaa soar ad,
tithe isms were caolulrte.l.- . _ ...
This at eight pate pa:Oar the * Otestat anseal
psymettoetalti anottat to at sloo.ool,eoe. Bat
to Owee s ee ASUMN !Promotive tab tte cost lo
the Nalhate9 1 34 1 •Inaillin. the eatalettahet adds:
I eeresse. or atite ; tlater. unfair ea Vat
WA= - SIM - atom
1.1 - u-my. city. so loom issaludars is- . „ . -,
creed so Woitatut •Ide varies has,
tot), I. - f ' • saktocss9
5z0...4u... of Stales. coamtlea. ettlea
• - -
end teem QC etcoant alba inv. 0 , 1
ra reward bit farad detreaa nal 111‘000.000
Marta lm W the loyal Boors Pee
the dicrieue end ontlenetob of tvder
try,.t ti N i t m he racetice rf Na lunerican
evertrade— I 2fe,OLOMI
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.•Tea gala truth is (says the NeW York
Times) mar the spectacle of people jeueney
ing trom:'.oite State to mother In the hope of
pain rid of marital obligation, by finding
some local driorce statute law teL enough to
suit their needs, has Meg beet' a scandal iind
Margin coabs country. Tie fide.of public
opinion will eboaaet strongly toward a ea
trona' diroico enactment.
wr,isa an
The . above is correct. To shack inch evils,.
we ought to have a general law - on the sub-
Sect, poh!4iig out the oily mode by which. a
divorce Catibe obtained, and the grbunds . o n .
which etc aPplicatien for divorce can be loads
by sifter party., We would include dianken
nue ai an. of the leading canna for divorce.
, •
TIM- ;midis and unexpected death of
Judge E M Stanton, leans another eacancy
on the ShPrune Bench, 'which will so doubt
be filled iii.ladge Suck: As there , bulbar=
eh much loppadtios mulfeeted Is the
Senate to judge Hou'a nominatke, we pre
sume it yin be withdrawn, and . be will col.'
thine as Attorney Seined, which patina be
bas not jet nelgeed. , to ibis cue tie Prink
dent wlll p no doubt. select sone Southerner
to.llll the recancY caused by the death of
Judge Wavle which Jodgs Hoar was ap
. .
• Da: Araireusa, a wealthy Jew, whir dkd
some Claw atom In New Yotit,lch mast of
bit fumes to charitable Instltmions. The
will to now molested, sad a Com of Tolaity
mast define what the testator meant. There
are thhty lawysrs on nth side. taeledieg
Hoo. Charles O'CotwOr, Js4ge Oodetdoob.
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rfth C
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Ord TaP
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The decrease for the year so f l r a 307 r 4
110121, wh!ch telly be reduce:l.a utile test
week. . . •
81:11EL7 Of . ' Co*T. 'IN BOSTOX.—A dater
writes to tax ander - 4144e of Deo.:10, as foillinr.
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so high that dealers were unwilling to 14 at
largaly, r faariag that they Julght. b. caag4
&pie, as mirky were last Spring.,- The sue.
ply of Cumberland eoal lo this market is .
largely ahead o(lset year wbi a Anihr•c a
babind.ihe supply of last yeas?"
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NEW WOOL Ronal V. 'Malty Building.. and oil the complethet of • =ail 1 perou ' or. the
- PROVIDEN.7II, - To Weyluaact Street. / any UmerreakeSoad, it tee De 'otolldts but' to
BOSTON, 11l Pomo 8i / . • Coe el el 76 pre wit - That u. la sauna dty tree
February VI, 15/10
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'caring Sale
imported Fabrics
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Oct. 80. 41.7 t. of
Embroidered Piano and Table Corers;
Window Condors, in Gilt, Walnut, !Lod Sole.
wood and Gilt. • •
Window Draperies from latOsi French De.
Fiaa Window Shades. Etc. * „
Agents for Bray's Paint Sp `
n 6 Balance
Shade Entire, which iequireieno Ooid:
Carrington,. De ZOuOlie . .&: Co„
S. E. air. Thlneeeth At Chestiets.:
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WE ARE mota.mei .0•1711 FIST'S& StOCK,
(mum° A PIKE DISPLAY OP NI 00L1.N..1,
8. E. oor. Markei; Ste. •
Oct -
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1412 and • 1414 Ohentunt Street?
Dlt !S*3 4310 a l ij
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Tulips shag iza ot grzat;dianagai
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Eimions ReductiOn
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RICH 111 ft ri)PLliiB, Sick and Wool, very band-,
acme goad., T.
!RENCii RoiIPOPI,INS, 1111 . and Wool, 371 i-t.
Drafts, 'r moor, . . 5 ', •
Oct ., 3et 23,'6) '
4.1 d and Estill
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'N's Vette Celt as, Utnontllss,llle.; No. Ili centre Bt.
Dec. 4.'0 , . - • ; -411.-4 t
• .oLivrars POWDER... --
re brtom~ Ajtents , for this Prord.r . , malinfortarrti
bJ.tho l,irr.a• rorrallror litoillrorle. Ps.
.1):rt '6S— tsar -4 I 41* • •
Merry Christmas ant a
• , Happy New Tsar.
111 - ESSE S L OW'S
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to viett this Store, where tan be [nand the Israel* see
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EL F. Wblttum'i Poe French Illstartwe
fk P Wintramre Fine teeiored tltleta, "
Whltmari.s team CAreiolate and Caraineli.
ghrogra (lisp* Drances,Lestons, - Ap, Mee. San.
anis% Almnadai Cream Arra, Fib
acne and 'English Walnuts. POO./ Cake, Lady
Cate.-. Citron Calm Small Vita, of the
• Pmeet OttrellOiss Also, our telehrated-
FRCI C CABS, which we make a. '
•• ..-• %Amity. rersinas wishing
• . i Large Cakes will please
• scud lo their orders In •
. Toys i Toys!: Toys !-
A enniplete stock of Toys rt every Oteriptliss, at the
lowest prose Foreign- aCd• Domestic Invegistr Birds
-and Boor eirea,, P 1•11 Globes and Arstarinaith
suitable Jar Ilettday priowrits.,
IlAr Don't tall TO pay nv 'Avian; It It Is only to sei
old Baits Clods:llSr else In onr window. as be ham
smile fob all yrho • chows-An , call. Don,. target Ile
,P 4 `" ° • ,
No. 9 17 Sion Hall e. Yrittantatign St.. Pottsville.
Do: 19, 'a9 . • a Wit
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- , 2Srelentre Street, •
rimy Tut. alJed to Air airmly brie , amortment 41/'
Heaters, f,Ranies and
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depared, Gin" Wood and -Willow Wand Bottom and
Hardare. ADO, Brune" Browns, Olt Clott=t;
Cloth. Door Mn.. Clothes Wrlogers. Prays.
and Bearaet }WSW, Coal or. Lamp. Entree sad
and alt kind et Onumorsze. Also. Ortilliona •
limatles Caltdreq's Steigra and llama" Table,
Tea. and Bette Soma" MbSa and 'ltst.'graps. Patent
Nutmeg Orators, SOttorne, Lemon Squeezers ana
Railt CAger. Table Mane Table Mars. CleajeZ
.- Wio; ' Bultiag Pineg Potato , Msbers.
Bands. Waelt 11 , ards. Wo ol en Boras, Pat add Tailor
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'Fate, Bala • Tabi. Splco Boma% Chamber Samna.
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Boat! Boxes. Motu Olen" Meat Sam" Onffee Wil
' Com enemata ye (alma Donna" PAnry Toys, Lard
Cann Wail Taber, Want Btatde..MtsM Zinc, Mallet
"end Panee Beekete;Cestors, Knife - B nal" Ettorrolh
Puke,. To •nii; Coat fltratets. Tee Betters, Stove Mad
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• No. Ceerre street.
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By Telegraph
Very Latest - Ua 11~diigtti
- iteutuiatos. Dec. 24.—Hes. L /L-111tee •
towed takes place Katy. TM ime..
The Wowing Irejbe pat Nanien.O.L
DeDiaap sad Ide eteseeeLl. :
the eebhmet ; I lauktoti 4=7 l.llBt hirpea ll S,
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oral Bernee ; Adjutait, Deairar Tommie__ Li.•
D. IL Attiormy Pierre**. tNW
fork ; Gee. - 1414, end ewe meibbees dui
Dense - Depeeeeetatlvee . yet : te miseled, ;
Pamicatewm. Des 34.—Iaaar Lam*
aged 47 yaw, am matted Weide lb=
soca by alltftg linautam. NIL
was tan aft th b
e stanza:44 by a. bone ill;
and Mal. • - .
flaw Yam. December ta.•=4lkaii* ' -
prase dosed *aim._ .
Thp . regimes 13: -. L:
.Tadtaitoe,__lgLik •
Vighsgtos Atone. wiacatated
glare'sad robbed of jewelty clotlargall
valuatiakto a large adtatat
liorleort, ' Times, pee.- at id
elected by 800 majority, end irW an Preoi•
&anal Governor is fair
A sp. .11111a8
Newt not bsie,an &calor. Eppel.
J. W. McDonald, Secretary. of , RepnNitaa
Executive-Committee. •
Irma Weba.
Br. Lonii, December 51.—Three yens. -
eels ',Wised aly ay from New Inds Wat.
Monday; by , a man named , Roan , - and
broogbt to thls City( von taken out of a
Waled ell -fens yesterday, and win bat to
turned to their parents. •;
, 4 1" Arwmc CA111.4. q
.Lopeon, Dao. 11.—The Ma u in'
torlat this morning pintoes tblt the Irish
Americana bate abandoned their 'kb/meter
a forcible establishemeit of ;Republic or
Erin and advises the Irisb people t Tea
to totally abandon all ideas of Repebilaaa
This holders of Brie shams Is
England have.htida arrangessents.through a
aemteitteito test 'their power of obtaining
retries In . ihticatirts of. tilts Ifeitat'lhatea
GOTIIIIIIII,IIA s e. 0111oers - hese 'Ailed 64 the
noon reineitil of arms wsa
designated u I prenitio ',phut's Pubis
outbreak. - '
Ttte weather lielear. cool leg defigtithi -
with e prospect of so remaining during the
bondage:, • , • • . ,
Later whims from Rio isnetrit.bsys - bee. •
received to-day. -The flight' of Letpez la htit ,
ly confirmed. Nothing ; certainlj hewn to
`to hie whereaboate, however.
AiiTICOII from Madrid report that Minister t
Mates has entnnitted a pr. teat to the Sm..
hh Government for enarenteefaz neutrality
in the matter of the °MD able... Weida
Sickles previoudy Dented the Britlitt GeV- '
emment's tppmyal of the scheme.
The Death of Judge Stanton
His Disaselreogit ea byeviimitic
'Last Momenta of the Great Mn,it
His Qbeequies to Take . Place co
Weeernratox, Dec. 24.—Tbe ROIL ESWIZI
H. Ettecton. ex-Societal y of War, sa Weir
eppoloted Julies of theldaptitee Court, died
et I o'clock We morning.. • .
• Ireurtbeir rertleettnee...
W.tertieoyox, Dec. 24.—tion. Hiwla
Stenton died suddenly this , morning at 3
o'clock, of congestion of the heart,. at Ws'
residence on K Street, between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth.
.Mr.Stanlon has' kivi* -
bad health far the put year or tiro, but on
Thursday, the ltith inst.,:he was sudetil , ng io
much from MI sneak of the dropsy Chat he
wu unable to leave hislroom. OSine• that
time be has bun confinett 7 to his house, bat _
not to his bed Continnally.
Yenterday he-wu comphnning a good deal,
lint it wen not thought that he wu in it dan
getout' condition .untikabout half-put one
o'clock this morning, when he was taken
waive, and begin to sink rapidly. - 33 'upon-
General Barnes, hie attending.phytician, wu
imniediatel.f. with him, hitt found it *pour,
his to do inything for hid relief, • •
•-ftev..Dr. Skokie, of ,the Chunk
. .
Epiphany (Episcopalo of - Which Me&ante 4
was an attentive member, wad summoned
but, shortly after big arrival Mr: Simnel Wt.
conieinusness and wail able to
,res with
nohni. la this eonclitlon thelite of the great
War Waistsr poised quietly away.
At his bedside in these last moments ware
his fatally, consisting of. Mrs.- Stanton ; t 4,
eldest ion, Edwin D. Stantoa,l9lla, his eldest
daughter, about 12 years of age ewu, lie
second son, 9 year. of age ; and Bessie,las
youngest child, 5 years - of age:' lits last as
merits were very calm, and he:appeared to: ,
suffer but littidocithough. speeollssa and en
able to recognise his friends.
The Dough ef the-areal *tamale.
Wainintoros, Dec. St.—From Surgeonzr:
general Barnes, who has been-Mr. Stankon'a
physician for many year', yottr eurridiptu
dent has obtained the following paitionlare
In regard to the deith.of the es-Secretary, ."
this miming: , Sines Mr. Stanton's tetra.
merit from the War ate% hie health has
been constantly In 'a very precarions um&
tion, and belies imlbsted greatly from a coin.,
plication of diseases resulting almost entirely
from, ovenrork. . : By carenti attention sad
entire ~ r est from all labors,
• his health
menced to improve, until Dr. Bunn cut* , ~
'tabled to= hopes of his ultimate recovery.
On Ttteaday, December lath' he suddenly
beeauie worse, and wasipmpalled tore- ,
meta altogether In his room, lytait most of
the demon . lounge; tint pulsed,- able to
walk for a few moments at a time. -.leo se
rious malt of his prostration was enter 4
tainted, at least at the present time. -
Soon afler is o'clock last night another
change for the worse took place, lind It tbui •
became apparent that his Ours were mum- _
bered. Slowly his life commended to' ebb -
away, and at o'clock precisely the heart
ceased to beat, and the great Stanton was no .
more. Until two &clock ; he was perfectly
ormecious and able* to answer all gawking .
propounded to him. After, that boar
strength of life forsook him. and- no words '
passed his bps, although Dr. Bunn believes -
that be understood every word sate by theme - -
aroma his bedalde... -
Mr. Olt was peireetly swarm &al he
sou on his dying bed; end be -spoke of
the ;molest manner 'possible to his famirr.
hie request, the Bee, , . Dr. Starkly Vas
exiled, and administered the aaorament (islets
the EpliolopsiLaiivice), as hie lite dwindled'
- The' immediate • if. WE Steatites
dietth l was ooripstion of the heart. ' Q61211[41'
Barnes says it was remaikable that after the'
heart had ceased besting, the brain seemiel
to be, still alive for some time, and was, tai
floe:the last to die. •
The funeral of Mr. Stanton will probsbly
take place on Tuesday next, and the highest
possible military honors will be pritd to him
on the-ormulon. •
-' The body will be,interreitla Oak Half Om.
titer", Georgetown. •
r When Jolla Wayne and Chief Jos*
Taney died, the timiteme °Oust claimed t
right to trary them,and aid so, sad
Improbable that they will' also Main a alai:
ler right In the case of Mi. Stitaton. be betas
one of their number . This pint
ever be dee t.ded dni eh@ day. •
The whole city .he affected by his
death . , -The hotels are crowded with people,,
who talk about nothing else bat •the pia
event, and even.the.departments are aldost
entirely deserted,. Hundreds of people In
cluding many Senators and members of Wa
ves; have carted. at the ex-Secretary's reel
deuce tc obtain Iriformittlon conoernleg hie
desth, and tti show their symptibi.
faulty In their mid bereavement. •
The President has issued the following or
der. relstlie to, the death of et:SeaUse,
..Stehtint :
fßseentiveifansiod, Wubingtoti. _II it,
Dec. 2t, 1849.—The painful duty. detoleas
'nista the Pniident of announchowto.the very
ie phhe Ceded Suites thedetrit of. one of
lus most dittiOgnisbod chimes and_. falibrol
serfage; the' Hon. Mein IL fitantollf, widelV
*wined in this city st• an early hour is
morning. Be was diatlngulsbed in the cisaiv•
eila of the ninon dating the anCre perfaVfolo •
Its recent struggle for national- existent!.
ant .6 Attr , roey-cieneno, then as Secretary
pf War.. He was •Uneesaing. In his labors,
earnest and fealties in the saaumption of the •
responsibilities neeeissey to his ,countryh
'poem respected. lll OA man, sod
fared by wroog
dom. ,- fared . In his dea ththe
Be. the Batch-sad the Nstkni instals a
peat Icor, which will be tenanted. by aIL
Ass lurk of maned to his memory, If !wt . '
ordered that the Executive Ilkeston and •
thostrentl departments it Washington he,
prepped in mourning. and that all holiness
be aturpended on the day of the faunal,
tr. S Gaarr
. The Piesidnieend Cabinet offline
to the residence of the late ex - Secretary as
soon is the Cabinet shall adixtrn to-day. .
. Mr. !Pantos wu barn Itr Itenbenville,H
Obits. Ma mottle:la IhtCg In that State.—
lo lEEE twarre admitted to the, bar. and la
Iges moved to Pittsburgh. An• 1800 he be
'came-Attorney General In the *Ablest et
Jamie Boehm:on and subsequently •
the great War .11Mbn u
ernder Lincoln. _ became
la the death of rafts Stanton This •
American people Iceea statesmati,.• Intik a'
devoted patriot, and ea honest raw and the
sonnet- as the event will he as Mama es
profcrd. • '
NBW TOILE =rim .
IFILoar. Doc ta:-;kkiky k sad iimaysted as
wit God *Ma fikirectanak oho
rite: druL •
/Wein girtkukt• attwas.
s ac k s din. sit viem bony id kitticht delku,"
Lanni. DoionntOi; I P. IlLiLOconls mg Re 1114,
on osil VW oxoloW W. o. Onofinot WWI
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Lon:01i, Dec 14. 11, si - -ownit - ZZ.
piton ot this mutate 101413.W0 (w
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yam. w=wrot
hem ibelksior.
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