The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, December 25, 1869, Image 2

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rorrsVILLE. PA.
t444 '7' .
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~~ ~~
Local. Illktiza.q.—ln -consequence . of•-a'
number of our subeeribers complaining that;
they de not find the focal newe in the Sear,-
- _ day JUra7AL, we now inform them that ail
• local newir-of importance to our readers, .will
be published in the Saturday Jouanat. here
after. •
TAM Iklllllllllir MOVIIIAAL.
7116 6141E6 OF THE FORTT7II6II7 'OLEIC[.
iVith 101 numbeg closes .tbe 411y -fifth
'• 40 . 01 DC Of tbe Moans ' Jogniat.' In closing
Age year journalistically, we will* aside
.• the old, worn, and battered suit of type
• • which - has served us since the year of the
opening of Ore Sliveholdem' lisbellioa.
is an iteolnie necataity for es to do this, bet
we part with our little leaden Rename with
regret: • la the cause of loyalty, of instals
ing- the Government agates' armed trance,
of the right,: they hive becoule war-worn,
' like Our brave soldiers of the 'Union, won
- bear honorable scars inflicted on the battle
&lds of the Reptiblie. oar country
emerge:l from , the Rebellion moil" glorious,
stronger,! More powerful thaw ever, so the
• ,heaxat .will - appear op the first of the tom
log:year, in a nee dress of beautiful type,
one of the Most attractive paper,ele
since. in the country, tad one Of the most
, proaiierous of the J inroads publihed la the
Intrrior of ikatesyllinia. •
/t is our desire to make the idritial'loca
, nit a model piper, typographically and.
edhonaly, and we . are therefore spang no
ispehse to reach_this consummation:,
We think that we wdl present a paper on
the first of the year, of which not oily
selves but the community May feel proud.
To-day IS,Christuths, All from the high
, eat In the lowikst, bill the day with those
. lee Tings i•f delight which-always character
:. liethe occasion There will be • the usual
amount of gifts distributed; fare!
and - gree , lega, social gatheringiki- dad la
te ,nehange of love ani affection around the
bond altar ant fireside, and all Will be hippy,
.we truer, In the enjoyment of peace . and
plenty tinvlay. Our churches will be open
atxl saleable discourses delivered from the .
. pulpits, sad Christians will bate an Cippor
: lenity - of tpeaking with more than the usual
warmth upon the great subject which lies
- nearest to their helm. '
Christmas Is made a festive day in all
parts of the civil world, and in this there
Is nothlegla tong as long as the amusements
are Al an innocent and harmless 'nature.—
( iatiq sal daub, restrained-by the , rational
coreaiderat•nO that we are, at the same time,'
e4eteriel, enlightened and responsible. 'People
~ whose duly is to *void excess and I . knett
sionaness, are perfectly consistent with the
proper observance of the day. Drunkenness
'and Jryic ought by all menus to be kept tint
of the programme. •
Christi.n•,.Cnriattets la always wel
_ kcometnot as a day ttf festivity, bat u one
of awe et recncmbranen As' the andiaersuj
of the S tyioufe birth, it .is associated
with everything sacred and attractive;.
belled as the dawn the world's tedemi ,
- tem, and.eberished as the falrthright.'
Mortal and imperishable souls. The Star of
the East has to them a immillar attraction.-
- 'Tee story of the manger af. -- Bethtehem ; the
visit of the wale' meo ; the flight Into Egyp•
and the i - seasion that brought it about. are
bg wi h interest, such u invests ntS nth&
_events In : the lustorrof the world,,antimake .
the ri of Dm:unlit r a day .. q . peculiar In
terest to them. Wnen Furrtilanded by loved
Fines at home, their - tips will grow eloquent
'”n she tcrett theme suggested, and the bill.
quit. red words and sentences of artless inno
m nee niers:Mil tattle 6weet name of Jesna—t
ilesiteriemiles upon a scene like Ibis. -An
gels look doa'n [row the the
Celestial illy and gee their &pup:malt The
-crucdits.l bui risen (Sid hallows a scene Oki"
thi's with hls unseen preunce, mid love
etitweit it with the sweetest lifwirs Of lite.
Tn all
wiah:s. Melly eeileunes, ape
that will iot have the dhat!aw of .1 regret
bchle id•er it Lidd pawed sway.
C621.21118910N1at WELLS , aI.W.PORT ;
.• - •.'l.ietieut nit r readM•s with an abstract
t9rl - 044, Auutua oflCetumissioner Wells
on t e•ltevonue and stetedf alse.isouniry. It
contains a large amount .oestatistics; which
.will prove interesting to ail the taxmen of
the country, at frail- if not to others. The
`repot is Wells all over again. While it con
t•iosta")arge Wont of information,
,temly fair in statements with regard to
4he effect that filmy of the laws have on the
1 Willa ryut tl i country ;he winds up is
usual in drawing inferences directly opposite
Ito the real teaching and bearing that all his
statistics so unmistakably show.- We lime
' never known any persistent in eon
iradicting himself ac Commissioner Wells
and this is the reason why .many unthinking
- members of Congress claim him as a' friend
to Protection, while the Free Traders scatter
his' duCuments bi r Oadcast over the country as
arguments in livor of-FreaTrade Only two
winters ago we heard Mr. Wells, in a meeting
of the irimida'of American Industry„denontice
all those who dared accuse him as being op
posed to piptectire principles ; that he learri,
ed A .. ., principles of the footstool
of the great friend' of protection to Arnerici e ri
industry, Henry Clay .. After-be had encl.- .
1- ded,xlie Hon. Wro:•11. Kelly exhibited to the
- meeting
... the. Sew York FrO Trider, almost
filled lulls the conclusions drawn by Mr.
Wells, front his own report, in favor of the
Free Trade doctrine._ No other/P*4 of pro:
iection has been so tinfortunateas 111 x: Wells,
iu having his liniments - id - favor of a mea
;aurequoted by the opponents of Mild Measure,
as favoring their aide or the question. And
- as Mr "Wells is mild to be • no fool, we can only
arrive at the conclusion, under' such circum-•
stances, that he, may t something worse a
He start. out by reiterating•hisdeclarstion
t-uf last yeit'i; but in a littie more modified
• term, •tthat the r busittesstuf the country had
.pryspered the same 4 regardless of the legis
latioaof the country whether trO
fsred pro
tection or nut." It is true that with tbeiner,
gy Of the people to a comparatively new
country, with a great of eMigration-
Punring ,Anto it, our' cobotity will progress
under the most damaging-legislation; but wits
wholesome legislation, its progress and pros
perity would bane been . doubled, if not tech-,
fisi, consequently ditch rirgoments -are the . .
mere asse.rtlons of ons.who is more,:intent on
perverting the truth, than stating i& fairly.
filis'itiwn figures show, ample aeltnowlsulges
the tact, that we Lave not only !inst all the
'coin ,we have produced it home: since 113.18,
but also one thousand four hundred r and eqs-,
ty--fire million of'dollari in ,i3ond3,
'added to about Vd80,000,10.1 in coin, mikes
-the immense sum of .12,945,000,000 of bonds
and coin drained from the country since 1848,
fur the want of adequate protection to ear
Home Induitry4" 'The . interest on - thie tre
':utelndous indebtitiness abroad, :mount anise.
_alit' to upwards of tSb0,0(.00,1.)00 in coin, - whia
ie mere than all IA com"' WOW- produced an
nually from the iil4nense coin yielding dis
tricts of.the coonv:y . :. Bufthis is not all. 14
shows that the Italic:Cc of trade against the
countrY , was last year no less than $210.000,-
. pia), which he attar is about the annuaNal
- ape/. This is much greater than if was sop--
posed to be, and 4counte for our enornioni
indaLtednesi ahroul• after Isosirig about'
$900,000,000-in coin In addition.
Ilia remarks • tout the ".demoralisation
caused by nn inflated curt-cul l dm:, together
with the diversion of capital frotit the produe
ttre indhatry of the country, are is the math
coirect;butthis was nearly all oattied-by . the
want of adequate protection to our Home In
dust.ry-r-athicla diverted capital front produc
tion-tospechlation in stocks, Sc., where it
wee feud more profitable than its/invest
ment in developing the country and bout*
manufactures. Had ?di: korrill's Tariff bill
pas44. - tiingresstlfre years ago, which wu a
at that tithe, our foreign indebtedness
41 nut now be one-third what it is, and
theltrenltis of this country would have been
incgased at least IT A ti actual:la millions of
dollareunder iteoptiration. NOTHING CAN,
TO OUR `-tion • INDUSTRY. And the
'Revenue Commissioner. Member, ofCongrst,
or any Government officer, who favors . Free'
Trade with Europe under existing elrennt
stumps, Is no more - fit cerceonsmand, or lisle-
Wren the business ttitireete of the coustri
these This cosy . be call dime"-
pectfil,„ language, but when the-hderests of
- forty wulliens of people are thus trifled with
14,41.0 f Muds and purchased tools, who
1911111.11/11 to obtain ; pulls in the goremment,
for which they are either too ignorant or too
dishosient.ta bit, it is time to use strong lan,
gunge. No other country on the face of . the
globe could lan stood VICh 111: policy for tin
years in lammatUn without hiring leen Otter•
ly ruined;, It was nothing. but .oar immense
resources that bus sand the business of , the
country from Mtn destruCtion!. , -
We bad eomparstirs Frei Trade from.lB4o
to 134& Daring that period our Importations
weretra valued' as follows, in round numbers :
Inl tn 5,563.
In 1M • ' I.V.,cce,o ooo on
In 144 L r.. • 96,000,000.
Oar mutation, were considerably less;
end the balance of .trade was inereasiog
epithet cut. In 1842, a protective bill, was
pealed, the lout !effectively ,proteetive , one
that the country ever had, It took *diet in 1843,
and it in well known that, although it was re-
pealed in 1846, the impetus the butineas of tire
country bad gained under its operation; 104
the famine that occurred in Europe, and par
ticularly in Ireland, in 184? and •1848, which
drew Largely on one breadstuff, to pay for
habitue, instead of coin, we did not'feel the
effect of this bill of abomination, passed in
1848, until 1E49, when it fell upon }lie coun
try in all its destructive induct:cm
Now mirk the effect of the Tariff of 1E42
on our foreign coanzierce. During-the period
of 'di years, from '.1849 to 1849, the imports - -
natal:is and esportstlons of the country were
as follows In the aggregate t •
arrosianctu. MT/MOM
51.978.03.339 13.121.z15' toisontrie
• 49. 4 ;37.0111 1.975,4483 S
. •
slll7litt e : 519,749,411 •
These are all' official figures—pro
tection threw the balance of trade in ihr favor,
and we gained largely in coin instead of
loosing it. The country was lifted up from
utter prostration to a degreol of..proiperity
unexampled in its history, while both our im
portations and exportations increased, under
saes operation.. The importations of merchin
dise, do.; 'lied during the viz years ,
1.179,706,056, andihe exportations $186,836,,
621, independent of.coin, which was a much
larger average thee . had ever occurred under
s _Fret Trade policy. This of course' was
natural, because the foreign commerce of
every country is in - proportion to the increase,.
of its domestic productions.
• .From the day tks*.Tariff of J 842 ceSsed to
be affective, the business of k the country has
struggled on against every kind of disadvan-
A as , fe, and the official records of the country
from 11i49 to Did?, does not exhibit &single
year in which the-balance of trade has not
been r. largely against this country, - arising
altogether from the want of adequate protec.
tion lb Home industry. It is true thit we
had ample protection during the rebellion,
and we increased our weilth, tremendously
during that period, because ill our work' ,
shops were running alMost day and night,
otherwise the flimsies of the country wool
have' collapsed,' the Union would bare
en severed, and it would bare sunk to
o .
IC e repeat. that since 1849, the balance of.
trade-hu. been spinet the •country, :Wet
the policy of out Oeternment ; and- Commis
sionsr•WellsteHtCus that it now reaches, with
the'intereat added, no lesi a slim than TWO
LAIIB 'ANNUALLY, and is `on the increase,
notwithstanding our', immense Ireton - roes for
home manufactures.
The Free Traders declared that the Tariff
-of 1842, would ruin the ciiiinfry. It lifted it
up and sand its busineislfrom hopeless ruin.
British gold destroyed that Tariff, by buying
Government ofit'eers and members of Con- -
gfesa. If we fail to. get s - Protective .Tariff
at" this Coniresta, itiwillmrise from the name
causes that destroyed the-Tariff of t 442.
'Me theiefore say to- the friends of Ameri
can Industry, keep. a close watch upon your
public men, and the Press of the country, be
cause presses Are perched is well as public
men. And alio watt: some of yonf mean and
selfish manufacturers,. who'. wonld connive at
the destruction of some hotee , inteEests, to
benefit - - their own selfish pur poses. These
men are worse than Free Traders. We learn
that there are some such in Cengresi. The
Free Traders, it irmst recollected, afro quite
"as attire now in trying to defeat ample pro
teotlen to our industry, as they lwere.,in
in destroying the Tariff of 184:2'.
That some of the salaries of
►t Washington are too Iqyr, and
increased a little to secure goof
them; may be tine. Pat the It
large, and tie idea of increasid
time 'ben prices ►n falling,
soon come down tot gold buts
extraordinary proceeding, 'end
ed closely by the people who
-these inc u sed, Pillories of pu'
they haveTiieti through the lasi six or seven
years with the high prices on heir .present
Salaries, it does not show that
c iheir salaries
are so very low, after all, t - an particularly
while there never has been any di ffi culty in
procuring. competent men to fi ll them. We
would increase the salarasof the President of
the United States to $30,000 a 'leer, which is
ample with his perquisites of house rent, free
and furnished, and mizoi l er 'articles free.
We never r erstat to see a Went, of the United
States letting so bad an example to the pee,
pie in winking. an extravagant ishow 'at the
:capital of the country;, which is ho mush ear
clad- by the trifling and wealthy fashionable
people, Orho - congregate there ddring the win
ter season, while Congress is in session. We
would alsoltreresse the salaries of the Sp
prom; .'edges, from - 0, 00 0 - lit„So.o?3 a year,
and SB4OO, for the Chief Justice, the same
as Cabinet Officers now reeeive.l This is sta
ple. The Judges can reside in their di s tricts:
only a part of their time is I occupied on
the bench, and this salary is ample, parties
tarty since Congress has provided for the
continuance of - their salary during their life
time, if they became superandated in the
service. It is well known.that the 'astembers
of Congress, who are the advoCates of high
salaries': are generally those who lock for
word to filling theta offices at a future day:
and therefore the press and the people, op
peed to. all such foolish extravagance, must
waheliNthe.actions of Congress closely on this
ittithiectt. With the .present immense debt, and
heavy taxation, any ,unneeeisary increase in
eateries made by Congressmill call down the
indignation "of the people, and. those•who
vote for it may begin .to prepare for private
life. We make these remarks is connection
with the following, which we find in the N.
S. Tribnne:
"Already there are thick-flying rumors
from Washington' tlet - Zuring Ate present
session the salaries of •everybody, from the.
President down to the dOorkeipers, are to be
raised. These prognostikations are set afloat
with a purpose: 'They are intended to pre
pare the : poblic for a rise ; and they will be
followed by distressing:exempts:of the slow
starvation,which is destroyinglhe health of
the Washington clerks, who cannot, BO mea
ger are their stipends„ rake land scrape
enough money together to go to market once
a week, and who are in danger Of perishing
(with their interesting families) in the street
In consequence of the altitude or the Wash
ington house-rents. • Well, gentlemen, come
on with your pathos ; .we are ready for it!"
- •
READING EVAILICOaD 161YDDs.-1.14 fro 4 the
following somewhat different statement from
the one pabliihed in the New Yuri' Tribune
of the correspondent of the . Philadelphia
Ledger: ,
bade 6 •
The- Reeding Railroad Onwaany bad, ronnaily Do
Clod the Mort Itodua t ,e of tta parr., to boor $
00DOOD: err,courorOblr boot.. lo the gamine DM at
the aura Rdlooldir $1.1509 SOO ..lsouarr. I S 7B . sod
111. M.lOO Jolt. 15Th. coovertiblo mt Uwe after mos:
noon soCOD/ SO Janney 1911, and $1.601010 1111 or MI,
Os daye marks, Dot coorertOr p le delft
aunttheft bands, Skalneee are tares at ar ld-V
-aunt Rroubent, o!Linelow. lad Sr rirosurder. !O also sr
as by aldlica,-Borls Cu.,,of Madeira'. Ibis
IMF LIMP la t , provide fur the bandlpg 61 an, Minch
milk *wainscot', eto,
Costume', on Wednesday list; adjourned
over unlit the 10th of lanutii: In the Mean•
thee the various Committee rill sit and . pre for Utnir action when they re--
arneemble. lbey state that it will not cause
any delay in *time neptirsi4 but rather
facilitate it, as it ka,Laaposabla for the impor
tant-committeentifinature busiiiess;in their
rooms, and attend 4" their ditties also during
the "notions, of ConOrsi •
Paarrn Tnlcn.--A- correspondent from
Cass TOWI 2 / I hlpc_ acids us the =ties of LlM
ty-tve.prims who keop taverna and grog
shops between the upper end' of Coal Castle
sad Cireenberry. V alte y, iri;; a distance of
Arab-fourths of a- (If the twenty-two
Isu than fifteen are widows. The Writer
says it is ifsavarows to peas , this road.,
sad that the con/tablet do not d their .duty
la suppreariaaaas grotahopal
• •
In the Beasts to Wedges*. the Wow
ing easteszkes for the Mesh Wert ledger.
•u t►tm op =A ratified : .
• Rat drab. George P. bagrary. et aral H ia . • •
framed - Lomb IL Warble. of se* Teaks,
Ilded e . 11 /. - 11dCalaai, at balabbaida.
rem, w. B. Waal% ar Abbas. •
" L L Maw,. al Wirdipa •
derrialr 'Thaaar Drasaaaad. ar
Leak b ra Juts P. Übe, af kora. •
T. aararba al George Paws. at iiirrybarL - br
tom ..LTaarta Cam% aad bat al laressoalarm, at
br RUM Matpoaal. rftatba..sad
ladr eamibialaa
to par
Aglakilidad d Jadp . Haet irss bid
as ibi table. If pcommed, b• would or bait
ben isgsaisd by e issleetty of it it.
on Legislature trill meet on the first
Tuesdity Saturday, we publiith•the
tog correeled thrt or_ the mothers thane!:
sunisrLicirue isoni.extras.
• She following is •a , complete list of the
members of the Legislature elected at the
last electjoi. ' la the; Tsreatisth limmtarial
District two certificates will no doubt be
presanted.' and it Will devolve upon the
of the Senate which member is legally enti
tled to his seat: - • •
1. W W Wilt, 8.. 16. David Mamma B.
. gunk- • 117. E 1611ingfelt, R.
. 2. A W Heasiey. J 11 Warfel R.
3, D A Nagle, D. 118. A G Miller, D. -
4. Geo. Connel, IL • 1 111. C M Duncan, D.
6. C 11 Stinson. R. 12). Elbestrd Small, R.
H J: Brook.• R. !21.3 K Robinson. R.
C. RJ Linderman, D. C.P T hielatire.D.
7. R 8 Brown, D.., - 1 ,22., Harry White, R.
8. J D Davis, D. W A Wallace, D.
9, W M Bands% p.'24. AA Formai, D.
10. AG Brodhead, D. "25.18 L. Graham. B.
11. P(1 Osterbout, ILI nos Howard. H.
12. 5 G Turner. D. S Ratan, R.
13. AG Olmstead, 8.. ' 27. Kerr, IL •
14. .folut R Berk, D. -•2S. 'II Allen,
15. C it Buehalew, 31 B Lowry, It.
IIOCIL or serassitarivt l es. .
.Pldladrlphia. , • Centre. •
1.; L B Thomas, R. r -. Jacob G )leper, D..
2.'G Maairel/,11. gain Ci.lwabia oad.Mondnir:
.3._Bem Josephs, D. George Scott, D:
4. Wm Elliot, R. ' amber/and
5. Eder 0 Carlin, D. ;Johti.*Lehlig, D. "
G. J F Mooney, D.
T. Rob Johnston. 1L• L.A C Smith,
P. Jas V Stokes, :It Jolla E Patscis P..
t. Sam I) Dailey, U. '
10- ERA& ia.R. , Tkcel* Cooper, 11
11. Wm .
12. Alex , Adaire,. . I, CO 'Bowman, R.
13,11. Forsyth 1 2. D B McCreary. R
14. John ‘'l R. • -
13. Adam A bright.Xi T B fiekpriatterly, D.
16.•11areihall nn Prrry.-=
B , IV Skinner, D.
17. Watson Ciimly. R. j Milliken, D.
*JanceeMiller; R. ..Greene. • ,
Allryherw. ; • 'luniald
1. M B Humphreys: 1.. II 0. Mcttoer, D.
.- R. t - 1. A Royer. D.
.2. -Mei R.• Indiana old Waim..ore
3. Joseph Walton. R. • laid. ,
4. Jas TaylOr, it -1. 15
3. 1) IV White, R. - 2. A M Fulton, R. '
t. John'll.Kerr, ? !acob-F grope, R.
AMAITOrsy Laiiewief.
M M Steele, R. ; 1. A theinehelk. R.
Bearer and Wa,hing . : 2. . C Reinohl,
° ion: ° ref E, B Beer.. -
1. W C Shurlooi:- B. 4.- John E. Wiley. R
2. A.l Buflington It.: ' te:4anon.
R H J Vathkirk, R.
Bedford, Fulton and
1 I:.%dim Wu.olerer,D
1.',1 II Longnecker,! 2. DHCreits, D.
k. I • Lircerne.
2. F It Lon . R. I.•s W..keenec 11:
, • • /krt.. 2. Johtl Wlgalkon:
1. Ilenry .I.lrob ,Di R. ' •
2. AT C Keifer; . 8. George Cory, It.'
3. 11 11 Schwartz,, D.!Lyeonsiny, 'Union and
Blair. I r Snyder.
Jos Robinson, j'.. .-1. Theodore Rill, -R.
Bradford and Sullivan 1 2. Thomas Clinrch,R.
1. j F•• Chamberlain,i„ 8. 'Andrew 11
R. Afontgassery
. 2. Jae II Webb, It.l. James Eschbaelr;
Burka. I' D.
1. Joshua Beans, D. 2. JohnJ Hersey, D.',
2. EC lloginstry,D.i Northampton. '
Bader, Lawrence and 1.-Ramyel Boilean.D.
Mercer. • 2. 1./arid EngleimaU,•
1. C W McCracken,' D.
R. .21 — arthots4erfand.
2. U Craig, R. R - Dlontgomery, D.-
3.. E A Wheeler. R. Pike and ;ifayni. •
4. TSlei Ley 'e, It. l
Wm II Diinmick,ll.
Ca, Potter and 21.0 Pa•
John I' , .! 1. .11 hitros , ll. R.
Canieron,• attd J. It Niles, R. . .
McKean: • .. I SehuyikiM
A D Aruistiong,, D. 1. Jas Ellis; D. •
Carton and 1f0nq,... Y. JlrvinStiole, Dr
Wm B Leonard, D. F W Snyder, b.
Cheater.r - iSoirteharma and Wvo
1. Jasp Roberts, It Thing. •
2. Joe.' C. Kneela, R. i 1. Geo S Faieett , R.
Darlington, R. 2. A.P' Stephens, R.
Clarion and friferson. l reitanpo and Warren.
R B Brown, D. 11. J.l! lleicultha, B.
Cranford. 1 2. Chas W Stoup, 8..
I. 11 CJohpsou, R. •1 .
2. F W Ames, R. pork. •• '
Clrartirld,Elk and .F 4 -•
rest': 1. Orli R Ilursh, D.
Jon' G 11111,110. 1 :,! 2. B P Pomer, D.
Democrats -
Rep. majority
t tbrtelyondeora of 11.11111eors'
-Caving is of. Two Rocks of.liouses
,uhlic officers
I. ought to- be
Hlmen to fill
lumber Is not
Two Whole Iftsieolles Phorepl iuia Hier
shy Vitalising Warsimit•
g them - at a
ad we allot
is rather "an
ill be watch
bare to pay
lie men. if
Abotat-ti o'clock yesterday morning a most
terribly calamity ticenrrad in Stockton, a midi
mining village of acme three. of four hundred'
inhabitants, on tboL. V. B. it, about two miles
below Hazleton, by te caving in cf the mine*,
taking with it two Linea' of Loners. Four lam.
RINI lived in the L nue, two of shun were saved,
:the eielnd block,,did not go down immediately,
ottierwiee four firnidee instead of two would have
• The' houses have disappeared soe4mpietely
that nothing can be seen - of them. The hole
left, in about forty teat deon,one ham bog
and fifty wide. The alarm wee given im edt
eteJy, and people, frc'm an parts flookid t he
SCOW of diauder., The homes lmmrd • ly
caught fire, and mirke tamed frozo,the month
, of the cavity. - 7 The Pioneer Steam Fire Elgiiie
' and flow Coaipaay, of Hazleton, were taken to
Stocktoti en almok, and all day long, through
rain and anowj did oar brave fire boy, Cork in
trying to pat oitt the fire, and othcreienhelping
to-reecne the nle buried beneath.
The famtll t e at were George Swank'e end
heed Rough's The family of Swank congaed
`as follows t .
Gorge Swank Br., Mre.,ftwink, W dtiam Swank ,
aged •18 yea ; Rasa Swank; aged 16 Years -
George Swank, Jr., aged 7 years;
a babe, aged it years. ' •
That of Bough ...wers:lsaie 11 , nah,
•Beugh; acid Ababa about 8 month old ;
Mn. Eliza4thliough,. mother of Isaae, aged'
about 80 yeeia, bb d , whq wai ATiog with the
family—making tea Jo all:. Nothlog L left 01
either family; ill last.
The caving in was canard by robbing the
mince—that taking.the 'pillars from under
where it had been worked.' Telt has been tn - it
great eatent Meat everywhere, and olmost every .
day we Jelikay be milled upon to record other
oaring. in, and perhaps lou et life. • Thin 'affair
be. canoed great excitement, and today people
ars continually coming in from all parts of the
°orrery andgolngtx the sceneef disaster.
Work is going on Irously to get mit the
dead bodies.' Three ha , been. italien . out very
badly tunised-the wife' of Mr. Swank, with
daughter sod child. The daughter and of ild,
when found were 'together, tits little . orie in its
andee's arms; almost flat. gums two `nr three
liPlodred dopers have been found ; alanthing,
The oompany say . 'they mast be got ont what
ever it'may 'wilt." They have working eight
stufts of moo-, three bands each shift; There
are seven pergolas In yet, and no rune has any idea
how pooh they may - bare them out..
Many blame Abe, company for working their
place is ernMa maims meaner ; bat when Wit
itridenttood that this preeent• o =pally did tot
arork-thoeeplates 'which have fallen in, It may
titer the cage. ktemirs. Packer It Co. vorkyd ,
them sod might to have the blame, if anybody.
The bodies have all skim, been mu:rayed, and
a number of females have deserted the tames
in the neighborhood, fearing that they may cave
In also.
FLANK LEI FIRE Istramtec Co.—The U.
8 monomer Gsz2tte, cootalier _the pro
ea:tidings of the Fortieth Anniversary of the
establishment of this Compsty in Philedei•
phis. Mr. B iker , the Presikkot of ths Vom
piny, after giving a history of its origin and
progress, spoke of 41 onesstnnled prosperity
daring the forty years of its 'existences as
"The company pail over tr , ,:ioo,oo' in louse',
joined with the current enottai exponent of,qhe
Oleo daring the same tt hod paid to
the stoekholiters an annual average dividend of
over stamen par tent together with taxes them.
.e °vsrl L a l aggregate ltcadnowanca 500 i 0 Oef the cooni withseeeete
of nearly 09.000,000, invented in the
most retiabis disearitiee."
The Met perpetual policy; No. 1, wu loud
Jul x 0,1829, to Alexander ileum on a two'.
story house fit Second street, at 3 per cent.
The policy 'lt add running. on the house.
The Sat temporary was Waned as
"Tempiliry- rolky Ha, 1: laded' July :1,
18V, to - Matthew Camy, order alifned fur b4m by
W. Carey. arming - ewes anguished 'WI&
buildings on IL W. corner of PAirt,hi sad Wigan'
Tne'Franklin Is one of, Vein the melt
prpeperoui Fire Iniurenee Company ,
lo the
eoentry. Mr. Henry C. Roue% Mahentoa.
go atnet, II the Agent for ISobuyiktn County.
Tug ALABLIIIA geltS:ll ~ -Inkrmation his
been reeeive at %whiny"' from Misdate"
Motley, that the British Boyestefees his
consentedlo canoes negotiations loc4he
settlement of this notation at
This is certainly a tontemdon on the part of
the British Government, and our °Sven
meat seems disposed to let them Lae the
Inidetory step ehearaer It salts their can:
"entente to commence negotlationa
. Crru. SCIIIIOI Ein.c.—The bill bit/valued
Into the United thole* Senate by the .Roo,
Cal Sham; tom even further to setae al -
dent calmay In the Government Goat that
of the Rom' Kr. Jackal in the Roam. Tee
sicerdiy of web a bill le ha' ca n men
l im a s any day, and the peopleda r a
some kgßiation 16 secure • nun ~competa t
ad boat dais of merithai have hereto
amoy at the aim of the aoii
trl z
T 7 nE. ' - M - iN - E‘iZ Ss .- . 1. 13 - oit
a.y:ea aa...
J Bliiinger IF
19 . 410 • 79.
-14 : 40 544
. 5 YU
U•ILICIYM, Drc. If , 1.669
• Ws examined yesterdie to the eecool story o
Hcfrman's new banding tgo sari ane pianos
ece a greed lat e. brought up by Mr. Stank°
witch. of Po li adelphia.. Either ODA Or theta
would make a vriagniddent holiday present for
e'mebodr is somebody. Go acd eft
tbein. Mr !I: will remain until New Year in the
prostentiwi of his busineas hem tunic' aed re;-
pairing pianos. - •
to y ,Pviert4 to get a _Fortune . —Last
tat, jtr. tietere ' , Bothwell, of Cremona, an
E inind,Litn„ about 70 yea/stilt% sailed for his
.dative 'sod, for the purpose of to:Cetus a for
tune which •ttq have heard stated at 210,000.
The property boa beim to chancery for upwards'
of forty years, and &division Le now to be made
sumo& tome entitled to tt, of which Mr. Roth
well is om. Fortunate Mr. Bothwell. -
Ton Principal of the Male grammar Schml of
tole borongl, was 'erten:lay made the recipient
of a bandsmen elms bell with his name engraved
mem; and Um following not* final the pupils
Ina , it : IM a l, . W. Bradkij: Maas aeospt thie
a Hbristmas gift from you friends C. Bogen
mitten, John Christian, Chatke Elliott, Bar
Nagle, Henry Btittinger, T. B. Stealth, E. 8
Boyer. Y. Ortlx, A. Weston, J. H. Zerby; Charles
Oen, W. Berger.
.7 • 44.olknitig O s flit of noelaimel letters en.
ta sluing In the Pottrink Pont 001" Den. •
IkrtripDolan It Alm NeDeee
Be, k B Downie(
Orelekensok [Nebo Joe W
PeteepoPezteilJ • n
(Whir AMN Harahell‘fJ R Bebbsen
OkAppen II Bunke 1. Anima; .1
annum IJr icyY Rem* '• .
Crostsell W • lonePeng C
Clapp BWe Kennedy T • I soma
Menem, V., Innen Illektunarber G
Bonakne Yam J WeeekUer •
Tie fakaritii named Usto es . have each
donated ►a car load of to be dwpaesd of for
bsoellt of the Atlereeiatly held la lUD
&Was, for the papaw of oontribating toward
the toad remdrtd to witablieb a . Homaophatia
Caopltal to that elm :
Boa. B. L. Cake. Sou- draws
g.,Ere.; C3l. J,
Ocemor, Geo. W .. ...10awk En Tam
fibothw=r at iteq_ mem Oureface Beatty.
Tbs UMW Clamtway delivered the
awl bet of &Seg. as Pbiladajtak GO that the
mu In m :or the fair eameated some
MO. C. W. Ralweler , cattedtated . la eats
Masse SIM, Dr. P. W. Boyar, SU. tubed
an sures of NOS time Dattaylklp lusty.
To Cbdrieriesit cepa tans liaol4 .90parr .
adadag a madlor—Gmego Metter—t, be la
Panora Toil. Mily„ lb* laci. la. tam obesity..
!Mat luny sayttiltd about the tin at &suers
nom or banal, sours day attar be bed died la a
Demescolc boas altar an tome bed Loa Mid by
a Domaceatle Comm, aad alter e Destecolic amber
taw el yen Met MOO naked, m. o. arm bused.
Win about e'dod beam of mil mMier%
ttdo rabble cot tbe etaam.. aif optapere
Moo WWI 150011a7 lbomalitslil. - •
imam bar* alma Mad. Odom Peet. at tide
o Mesta OM mobilo
iD aurelas sod
clai M be
Mod Mat lo Ino tba ants so med, OW
our arm r dblitamodiad be bidet mw Medlar
tab and Pallor Comm
crowd empty vita ocadlen, dead Ce albs
Hamm (Wires Cisa , —Tolooday Thome numb
etaval with elkoothor *MOM NW*
ttrr thraltvlW, on Xaoap idea Wit, wit New
swaisto 1111 wot a ink of b•twe tt z
The *Mem Wowed that on Ito WOODOO tbo
how la WIWI' Cksabor• wardild was • by
1068001 lat OR Mist& of Ow Ambit rot betas betas two to • widow Attie sow ot !MOO
sOdooommotil WW2, it a et , doon that Chasms.
ate lboie4l k was ma Mad la swu' stoollot
tbel •••••••••• tboo weep albite cutddir: Mei be ,
one wo prow at tft +nodal' orbit Wripaat•O. mid
*mg oo moowos (Wm ma otttnitirstwfti
it t e
ol mtaVr •= l l oi l er W.
tosottyrbir gle. : Ctialwa ts 84. 14 " &i= si to
TM Ws Mot 11/041.14
11100 .0 1 0 1 rOhlINOW 111" '
EDrfoß l B TABLE.
• • •
Tai Mimic Xerrruti..i.:-Itte lathers ,
ter or thie mumble le es war table. Thllo:ek
testa are. The Oattudral ; We Ides of:
Charles—lL • Joiept: sad ; U
Gelds Itteptitasi The Shady of History •;;
Asetteraissr Is Literature: •I'iatthatighr, the:
Deacon ; ”The Woman nos *sleet isb me" :!
What to de with the Surplus ; do 800,.
ties: Wash* dead?' Under the IldniXht
U. Tbs Damsel GI Neptwre braid the Chub
By Ectree.Cei Ilb Bestoe ; Wedeln sturLitereryi
/WOOL Barre :Yl.ide,asaoddrOs Ltattli
itterariptiou. $4.
Oss of the prettied cheap publicatiens .
the day is just pandas& by, Turner Brt,th-'•
era a co,. 608 etiestuat Bared, rhiladelphia.i
Firstly. kloore's "Night before Christmas ;"i
woody, Waison'a—Author. of "
_Day sad tugi.l
Punch's droll parody on the 'former. entitled;
`•The Night after Christmia." These fibs ;
poems are on tinted 'paper,erith a beautiful i
illuminated cover of holy berries, with Sada'.
Claus. enwreathod, and altogether makes the
prettiest Fifty tent Book of the season. To
be hu4 at Barman , Ramsey's.
Tgt LADY" Pet zoo raft Tuitazi. —The Own I .
bet for January, 1870, la • truly splendid Newt
Year's gift A thrilling pletturs—"ln the Rapids"
of Niegara.te the drat steel plate. The nesoniV,
ia a besatift title-rap for the sasgizios. ton
obelad with the flowrr.wreathed pothole of
eerie of Jul lady Onitributora—the bridal bi
talleetnaljeoe of Mrs. Henry Wood matronizing
, the youth's" lake—Ere. itoultoo.. Etoreoce
Parry. Elizabeth Prearott. His Donuts* , Aortae&
BA, and Etc Homer. Every adourer ottbeve
Worded' led* will desire to re ebb beautiful
plata. : • rti. Colored, Fashion No" as bail.
shoo the latent ,etyleal and there I. betide*
page of rifkli adce4Pattenti for !brio Week.
The amide le the "Rockaway Schottlech.'
great variety rot artloke torlealee' dimes, arid
for the work table; are illostritted by mood earl:
A beautiful story by gra. 'Mottlton—"Did He
Porgot Her t'^ is -bursa try this number ; and
Chore Is axiom by Donna racy. sad modes'
bY Z. IL Ittipley, Moe Dough., 4. IL Hera, de
Tbe • pahlistalt •ctla great'iodnOttatota 14 new
subscribers, sod we veoonsorod ow readers to
too!ooe tee Otte - tort sample copy.- to Deacon
patenioo. SIP Wirant street, It/Made:3We.
Prim S 2 SO a veer (which 'oleo laded.' &large'
,steal erigravitur ) Four tppkr , SO • Five Copies
(gmkuueurritt.) $B. , "The Lady'. Pelted" and
.The . ial ardor:Ermine -
row Sapid cum
$ 4 OP ' "
• 'l* - 1 - 041.45, for :Tenuity, conirt-to as replete
witti...telovesiunir lartial a, prows. and4oxtry.
younsblf In Hie Pleas." ,Charleinteride's
dramatis dozy, will centime during the-greater
put of 1E570. To' iambi, noe'readorli of The
Galaxy to follow-this Earl, the publisher kill
gavot° ill new nthseribervgnowynt a handsome
velem. of shoot 44 ones, omtalning all of
•Put yoursea la hie PhmtP"that has been gab.
11slaisd up to the.ihnuary trilmbilr. The Gaiety%
progremme for MO iheludeare clef story from
Kra. Edwards, the &tabor dt "Susan Fiehling.".
.treble Lovell, ste. ; a 'lrks of - .Editor's
Tales,* by An Trollope ; a when of mite.
worthy snicks oh Itiathcial rati-cts by Parke
tiodirin: etitkal ;Ind social essays by hichud
Or White"; critical. analyses; of prontinest
itotividuale In politica, eples ce ar.d. letter. by
Justin kfretriby • a series of a late
Eoeeefaette of dm Bamah Catholici Coutch; to
which he will give pe smal reo.4leotioo• of the,
interior Woof Boma ; a unique reties of papers
;dealt ir trenchantly with the society of to=day ;
admit* artio/m by Dra. J. 0. Donor, and J. 0.
Delp3r, atk4 °than. 4 hew &attire will be a
comprehensive monthly review of the literature
of the World. Address Sheidort 4 . 00., 498 and
500 B ro adway, Nei York . •.. •
Mcrarvat roe 1870. —Batileaabllome
by War Mary Gretadraf Datlioe, attic Lit), of .•
new serial.story. It will begin - in the Janus,;.
nnber. agninuelbrnagh the' year.: "Battles at
Solna" omuse to strae4b repimuatinded by
Mfrs Alcul , , and In( Predict bar •lt a oopulatPy
equal to that 'bleb her attended .“Littie Wor ,,
frsq.v •
Io "Detles at -fl‘ re- ,, ." the 'halar tells the
-story °flour boys and tier fight they 'made. •Tbe
iatereat of the reader he closely mnintalzied-to
the etd, and we predlot that "battles kt. Home"
will be Toted to be - the irroca or ter seta, by the
yortoepeople of America, ,
Itute , Louim 111. Aleottorlll continue to Tarnish
abort 'torte' led eketclica. Other contributions
hart; been tenured from mazy Lithe best.writers
for the vennu. ' -.
P% -Dr ewer oohthmo to be e- -moat
Privy will be given every tgarilb tq ititiao
.cesoful -solvers of the peace..
The nouttily.Ottsf will receive reherwedittea-
Bright, lively, .and justrrit live, in lam - Wee
where more lbw,. one Magnum for the young is
taken, Museum is the favorite. • -
Bubserrtere for 1870, whale rime. are reer Iced
f Jeener7ritt.lo4. rewire the pectutaber
number free
Terrus.-41 50,a year, in advance. Throe cop-.
ion, K ; dye copies. SG ; ten copier. $11...! . .
110111tB B. Fru-an. I'LitAivber.l.-
Bronaleld street, Bo•tois:
Xocal (I),ifaiyo.
Weekly Aliuknae.
Z,l'.aar =art gaia.n.
•1 U 4 123 • 6 11!"
Sex., U. 4 19 .New Y. 6 6 44190.
1 26'4 -Sr First Q. It• C pr.:
Streaar..... t 23 4 40T611.116 15 C 64 Cy.
eirnacenu. 1 14 4 '424.414,14. it 2 U. it,
71:curty ... I'4 2ln
FaiiNkT 1 24 4 4.2'
kiTzoaoLoolculLL TAnr.z.
State of the Thermometer for the week ending Thom
day. kept for the Mum• Jammu. by W. B. Luther
Dlnperattire jin ate ;Vet.
;8 A. u., !cum.:6 t. M.
Prtaty. „
It Tuesday—.
2 8
; 311 , ' 33 00
, 34 Si 33
j 94 1• 31 i
Id 29 3:
' 34 44
14 21 , I 41
td : :0 !
Thr oelebrsted Hickory ooa I it Pottsville coal
Zud• 9 ., 18.1 f.
- ticw finut F*ll Store at Ytggie 11)land's
122 Centro street, bJbw Ameriain 119usa 47104
Tb-morrocr.—Fifty•en mod Snoday of the year
sixt &A after Cibristaiu. Data leogtb, 9 boars
and 1i animate.
'Tux Committee of Arrenweitoute, for the re
;m:e.toetioo of the Drarnm.r Wry of •Shil , h, will
Meet at M. H. Pordlre oQlro , ou fifooday erasing
i' , J. (lata..iNp A - Cu, dry gaol. ira
&roe a largo tntaimsa at tb«lr:boatitifal Dew
place cf buiocas, 264 Cautre Street, Efullmaa's
new '
Tag Ikv. Lyman Coleman, D. D., in preach
in the Scoop& Yreebyteriana - Cbarch, II dig , t.
&pare., to-morrow marukta and livaning, atlOt
and 74 o'clock. All are icatted. Saida Irce
A FEW eVeDifigiviliflce, at Middle) Creek'Wbila
IL mac named Edward Barry waa Satins Ida sup.
:per, be died suddenly fruria ostraiurn!ation,
caused by a place,of moat lodsing in tustatost.
Tat Fair for the bluff; t . .f fi. 'Patrick's
Church, cotonw;uerd in Union Hall proterden to
°mamas ten days. The dipplay good/ to
Itrge, and we bare do doubt that the Pair u
usual will be it great atiocue.
Olre Moat am Ft ger, colleotor . ni State
and Coasts tales of the Byttiasti of Pinergoye
fur 1849; Yesterday =nine 0.3 d 'at Cott ad
otos and the amount of hie dupli
cate fo fall. Ufa mikes No. l for 1809. 'MO
will be No: 17
A rifFsen at - the upper end of gfaharmsge
street, ensaccd • .serranl gul one day ',deli,
Ind within forty-eight boars thereafter she de
camped irith &photograph Chi= for which the
owner would not - have talm one hundred dol-:
lan. Oh, the delight of housekeeping, with bad
"Delp." .
The beet &haul's ptesmt a husband can
make his wife Is to boy a good Cook or Parlor
Store. Also persons wailing to make Macula
to their sacs and daughters will find a splendid
smart:neat of Skates - sod Sleighs, at Solomon
lloor.t's Stara, Tin and boom fornlahing stors,
No. 283 Centre street. 50-51.
THE follaering members of Astbradite Lodge.
No. 2.4.5, A. Y. K. of dt..Clatr electxl
ene to 'serve for tbeeneobag ,M 600 121C Year. Com ,
memoirs, co fit . Joba's ' ; •
W, M.. George W. getter ; S. W. Jopetbsti
Wesley; J. W.. Deihl .1. Price; Trims., John
Pollock; firo ,Tbomu A. Nichol,.
• • itiuwavee 7 oeagre &et.
wta.. alto, ow yaettatrd lbe
lota at Na Montan Base,
. 1
of of the Oeigny Coluatedoe
Tomitup: Wit name
etwoenter Win UN menaer.l
ropelling. Ow awes thee to r
we yeas sliekta taw
demitiiittiam7irmg noiNr
W dottiest as Getlet
apes the Illanimur Hama
mumecuers ailed epos tie
Penick, Molter to hemp aia
told Map width them prevatliet.
itmLly of the bather motor et*
tea laterview Pug& imus guilty
0 10 9 01 0 OW, *atinettWmeV am I
et.l.e.ohtre. • '
The iohowle PIUS* meelt leStye
mad Wpm Bout tea ti Perergh, elms he e
somewhat Doled Patna Mem of Itatelamste
wwY. Mt ere Patrklre wee Poe la
Awl VON , beesaders bed eel tateitmei as Mew
them. there immbe bow bets a nerelorldthemey
• liter Ms lath tree be ad Xt. 1110.110.",ths
Wet /1 thew. Ma mem atmemthtile
'Mt tlelphahle medal MelenMeld, • I
esL•eltdahe far 'ammettmehie tat the tear be 'Nor
A Awe. slot* a foods, last nadved at Pooh!/
Centro and. ' " . • ..
• • _ •
CIWFOIC or Fuss sea resew Oa Ssuunit Raw
mote—Forth" awnwniewer end tstonsatiow of
oar readers, we Date the following obartS;
the nannies of trains es the berates Its
wain Lee, Ned he branches ll46,' 1. N.,
12.11 node for Port Carbon, Bt. Pair, New Caw
tie, bead of reads and Praekvills 7.16, P. N.;
for Pert Carbon and Si. Clair ; flatardays an
,ztra trip as 445, F. K.,for . Port Outwit, St.
Clair. fluid of grade sad Frackville ; 8.15, Al.
and 5.15. P. foe Harriebwg 'and pia rs iov e .
It weld be awned armies* sod secostmni
dation to tbetravelltes public, these thaws
we r,„uss• tem: by ths Railroad Cksapee7
-symbol' none, of 1101130 kind, when they are
• wade, as we an tnlcirtaad of several inetaiess
where sullen bars, wised the tastes entirely
sbrcssib a wad °Nest inch informaltoo.
The twit Nadel Present 'polio, In the
New I".irk lit onnaos Oarapany. Assets
tis,ooofion. APpgr. Mat. Potssettlii, Pen
/taunt your lifti,ta the North itaitriesolfataat
pie Imam:tee Crocopasyktf Phila. It Rettaeoatc
:a anbatantiat capital, $1130,00) of 'hi/thin 0 iv-.
ttrotosof &Athlete. itith thilcuthof
Ociterft-of Pouttailvitit to aectutty for policy.
liatta.low - tatunial.
farther attormiataa apply to Labor & Llama;
.oaoofal AsetA, fratemAls, Pa. , .2640
ALT Gittnivune r —Al &Sat half
yea. one Weittek. 'Sunday moising, a Mrci
Boni; ranting Oleardvitki, weeshot by one
Ttiomu Chambers, with a shot gnu, the entire
charge entering the left 'breast near the shoal.;
der; fatally woonding her, eb that it is quite,
prihable she will die. t ;
The cireronstanews of the *booting, eo far u
we are ale to leant, are se follows : Chemberw,
who bat - a few month* shim cum to thisucept
try, wee boarding itithstrdeills, and the,boese
to which be boarded rug Go Monday night at
tacked by several mini; 'and a number of the
pane. of glass broken. Supposing the attack
might .he renewed the hut night, Chamber,
.prepared a /ceded gnu,. mad it eco happened that
Rm. nun, oo Der way hone, It to supposed,'
anima the boime Chambers was in for her own,
and began rattling at the shatters end door. for;
entrance. The statement of Cumbers is that'
be thought .It wan a loan dressed in womouni
clothes, renewing the: attach of the phrvious
eibeiliig, and with that/lea he Sued as above.
Stated. • chambers surnmihired•Lbinuielf ti to
Noire Lovell, mad wee bronght to Pottsville to
onset, Where Zeno w
! Pw•cu rxo cr ens Pornrimts, &soot:
-stated „meeting of the Board was;
ibeld Wedoelidsy umiak_ _ .last Poseent,;
Itlyrordmfned, Darr, BilmoudiAtars,:
X. 34, Hooter, liconmer, pasemore. tiosafer, Bop;
der, Hutalnger, Hodgson, and ilitukti, Preel,
Aires, • 4 .
; . Biotic& ailed u tem.
• Om:Mose orl QUALiffiC•tioo4llepollell in E4TO(I
of nOrradarettie moiety of J: J. Hake to SLID.
r month, and the salary of -Str....fitildiey
100 ' • :.• -
• Hogroittae on l o ose for building ..keposes is=
potted in !Star uf the sppolotmeirof:a com• I
Minim .40 obtiin legislation to authorise 'Wel
_Board to neirottati a ban of 1 50,000, payable,
within twenty dye years, co coupon tiohne,;to be ;
lamed by the Board; and bearlorgelts.Par neat.'
hit/, payable semiannually,
_and .td he re .
Owed to the order in which they are designated..
The tore no the adoption the repent resari
!Drivers :
Yca•-,:-Idreere- &grace , Ilodifnm, Hoy
dtr; trkeveti-Plialuout fiesfer. E d monds, Lim
:• - -
Iloyet,'Pos, Derr, Hutalzinger,
• • •
. - f . :The President ippolot.4 on the Clainistitte4.
*rears. Waded. Ittieafer ind
Oa 11141140 at Mr. Higfrie4 it woe ordered Mai
tits number of ftnol boors be ay.. pit ditie
tintal the drat of April. . , •
Mi. - -itheefer 'paled ittait/on to tbe maidier of
tboptunebmeot of ebildnon to b. schools. and
eheitteted :bar the whole natter be referred to
r i : l 3 o zs p mittee oral:VI! , 10 repo t
rt a thereoL d t.
On raid committee, Besets. i3beafer,
and Boyer.
The fulloiriei bills were road, and ordered to
be paid ;
Boyles Lard,. . :04. Derr,... :,
Lease bloyer...L.
Adj ,orced. I
only 211.oenfik for a Savaior Oyster Alm al
i'lotten Lidiuolliants Ileatacuaat. No. 191 Mel
fee street. Pekes reduced to salt lb* Caw.
Call and sea folyoarealsree.
PACCLILDINOS is nut Lloaoron Colnitotr.?--A
mated 'risottos of Council Tali beltilingnetiday
meting bat. Prestat, Illieeere. 'Dtruthslier,
Ilistris, Christian, Russel, Littber;. Efelfner,
Cootiran and Brown, Presideut.
Committee ou Puma& reported bill of Mr.
$l2 32, ooriso f, aid moommerided pay
ment of lb, same, •
r; Committee on Fire Apparatus reported • new
phut platted aornerof Centre and Illsb streets.
Committee on Lamp and Rata reported lam
to Centre street opposite Clsy Monument Mt- p
Room Comniittee reported the hater on west
aide of C , oneeti , Bodding mettle, and lh, t they
Lave a new Llvhflaid heater to be p1..r.• here.
Committee nal Construction reported en.vert to
Fairview Street ;fitiabecl; . • .
A pint COMINIMICait:OD from the severe) fire
companteeof the Borough sating Cauca lo ace•
iome,tbe payment of their gem bilk, wu read
end termed to the Committee on', Firs appals;
The Bcpcinigh:Tremor:wart staisidad For read
and gird.
The following oolumenleatket wits read 'and
Sled :
rsCounett rf;rht torovjh Of rottorn r
1 1.1! , e to take notice th at the Fast
.P.tabytalan t bomb, of the B•icigh of Pottsville.
_.elattos that the bonds :me held by thanes Rent;
}Ad siren or beard towel chnsib7osid Cooed],
are wroestolly withheld by Mahon sstal Chock, sod
that the bond now doe and 'the lutenist ah the easse,
the p 0 .4 Ping Pnwhytertan Muth. of tba Bwoerk of
potteville, Is !malty entitled ta and they do hereby
Shin you not to my the amount of tall bond an I i n -
Vaal now dna to the eahl Thomas gassel or any
ions t pawls, no los de/ antbotteed by the aid ?test
Presbytettee Match, c( the Borough of Potte,rthe.
.(elved) Jose Watree.
. ?inert', tor the Pra.byterlin
rommka, Dec ii. ne riot e:. •• •of Pott akar svi & lle.
I The followtoil bills were Seidl and Misted to
'be paid:— • -
Morgan 'Reed
treet hands.
M. Zwetbel..
• . .....
Edam Dery
H. J. Headier 14 Co
U. B. Smith
%V. H. Davi.
H. 3./L1011011.., .
8. Ilawley..l.
W • tik"Jer
Previous isine;
fruit Jors, .1.1:y Jar', . -ay linable* he
Pt . P"""ing ?i'leou, ben be bad at Trogelii
Sins and O's.s attire, 256 Centre street.'" tf
i Pierrxsiul Code.' Mr. timid Berger wbo re,
iiidee.t bctinylkill Raven, we us told. le fattier! In
so uofortunate emunict. He ...reed faithfully
lea soldier in Co ? C, 50th Ps. soh:deem and ibt•
ten It bite butte Perimmome of bits del, loaded
is ins woe with hi. sceontrensents, be kce 10011 .
Way and he v.. tined to yield fora tint. tff a
tree that finally ended In :hen-present slate..
Christ commanding the 201 b, freoneutty
5 .1 Mr. Berger to mter Me be plied, which be
k e
ever ref a nd to do, bat staid with his reel
ect and b lir ,erred out hie whole tam of
tmlbdroont. Os' retumbig boots Mr. Berger was
employed by be Banyan! Navigation proupail
Oa • oak tisaisoeir, and be wim hers noted for ire.
•ofitistry, and it Vol; only when his disease cam
pelted hlm • Mod he finally yielded up io it,
had laid to his Mre
Mach to main Mors until the
LPi . .... , day. Mr!. Berger bait raw bon coedited
ie bed stone August, 1666. and is real' y fn •
lorible copditicita He Is suffeeing free •
double enmities of the spits, bail paned out,
dictum and cartilages of • ribs loft, mid the
tine stint is natty compressed. - Mkt hover
intent is weaken, while he is deprived of Me
entire nee of ids legs, he not being able to get
cat at all, eitber yob's" witbmit enactor. His
spinal affection and . triv.kso frame we. Induced
by expaturo incident to army liffe, mad hit condi
Uou now is indeed pitiable as well se helpless.
Bis disease isinettrable, sad theyoktk
My be may this :Ilium snanzie. Re le the
Either of four interesting ob mil with the
sonotanee of the citizen of sold ace the foal
llytave Moe far been kep ,at of—
Poet No. 26, O. h. II Um now a= l,l t . a
Or fOlaribli (MS of distress on the
permits, in Maw arab*, a fund to mean Ibis
sere • bonze, and they now appeal to all to ties
Monty to gin' but o little in order to
Mb brav e onbt whet but kroksebbeuttat soldier. Ve
t his dr y t
dher then greet of
seff,ertog In tble County, and le
tru oo ss Mat o
oor oug
anis Will remember the soldier, and midst Poet
26 to their editta to plass Ude istsa out of want.
ChpL Jame C. Helm, has ben outbatind to
motive oontributions, and all . each will be
.4...... 1igu1uPt1/ abkom M bralgil W d. lad tbe sottosotto'mo'mowsat Mr. B' .
UlnWhis apical MU sot cobsmmand is vain, cud It is boped
tbois whir desire lo give stir get to mr, belgb- -
Mboroceir it Ought ha WI M. cell lied see ,
eer, as bia Median VIII offset tit' strong.
in of the Moog.' •
Ocetinaitii Ws Insurance 00eepeay ter
Fine York,e not la asq wey OCISON4IIII entb rug
oduer exeßtny either life at , lire, dat Is the man
saall We lemma ceisvez4 of tia..aittc
, /AM
vomit to
Mbewowobor Tel* 1.,...-dos ;,
lLimner, Dacembir ftbb.—lbo Mott wooed at II
WOIOdt; la the bittrniag thit (MI cwww.
known ea "door cameo Oott two owl win WWI
Ibis lust WAY. s. katino .
San' ?Woe TO. CO' Xszehafter Com Oemplar.
tbto was so Nike ItHreowor woos Ibr Work dope by
POW for no disodut..t ke eons" at Iradao,
vale ts iepiesibereists. lloftetno. Vontlet to
11 . 011 IT,
Yam* L PrbnYbr,, to the * nee or-the Iranolief
Beior et itboyUCLU (*by b. lbw* I *frt. Tilt
.It a Ahmed taste to detreedsebldch et the perdue
Ink tai Rs . spa dint 11, yak hbreoert by
bites tr. bake la U. !babe oohed be Baser.
deb! bobby. clod to be great et 1311:iertab cad
wrens Were &breed ea the presdars. Did br
bum, webbed Ceepectboy by icheyter sod by
wail do raa.ussdimani Ai k Peaseltbh- babe
disibed Wog cederii sairlis ad ebbed retesed
to Yob libber pity. I lab - ebereiriaathadiv
U. Wird 4.6 , 1 AitiP, Jai owauy mart;
liiimpea to tail b mulatto. as bee bed
btreol at robehdbuy ! =s. dada old be
obbi bto at 1
~Mid thibyter es pekoeb eb
Übe to y
britideb besteier; bad Iltbayier allowed thog irks
buiritiale host blab, aubliet eltroiesn a
mkt bele 1,11 orb lathe** betled..d thet
atherinoth bdeg tbst hi *own be hocked I
•he *be of theta lobo the Debbi abs. OWE.
tee* der blicobers bawd Uri Mob tst. y,
Otii beam amber Ihr ahem !km
said brhaist M hbetr - bcrybdet el be
tote led the amtill fir. ND the kitima gbh betbd.
thc , *mom to as tlqDdif amsl IL tam ia. ewe
sows WAS flair 11111 i elatiau
wow; -
, - ot. • IlitAWks.
*Wary don by nlitiod.
4 ddl.. a remastild view
eraddlas of die .dtvideat
-t vs br Iplibitle' 4
rldallild• "FM* Vat to ,
itertoty root Wil e a
• didarld to *OM, t
Itaati.kid lkodter
tat erred to' testate
di Ice Weir don on Ids
eplatoUlt, Odd. I
11,41•••• Mod ad
na. Tao *kW wa• bottled os
fee rail sod' the tall of rat to raw'
mad* • lam Mottos Widen fraa its Ireat e ,Cio.
did leer iimiaamillo iaa Isla imam Ws; tans
vielettide me nod t blb elmot. Me Compute
Mod tie W. iM dos liar* bar lie malabar
Ntet lastaaa Um Wu •11.04 ay mania bar
gob. bed* so Nast EOM* MOO Of RalOseadr
8114,424 Pia We Ltaalsa isb ea maw the
oda vas la anima, damps kee the
laid' &Ulm*: Mame isaa,thot, as anima
- Maki% P bad abooloond iaet. ttot all tad'
daubed hot dam ram a saws at at eerily to tarp
Alit la santiedet eteddlan. Ma air um
adeormilta abed slid ispaloot the bad.sad tendered
ONO *Wilt In as pad ecetataoraa abe es beam%
sobjtet. "MOM Of their eanatelauges as and
caeca.. Verax lot 64outast; • • •
Joe. Father°lt. Adalithartdth
_of George Moe es.
Joke Sire sad Mai Sthiraits. Ids was as action to
resew to a 'therewory moth dm la the Staab"
nothber ponableto pest."4le,) sold try the tthe
thcfassisilta, lace maw east.' bed Ildhwerts WEN*,
&tad Ili* INS *SU las.. - to theater or George
RSA tor Beef'. Gorge Lai to by name wee a
dblete 111215. d tatensethiss habits and ear.the hula.
who kr emu:Asa [Text:, years Issil mode his home
etlth bb brother Jobe. sad Is WA:a wife ,demo bunt
to draws Cut Whale= be had left owe Wilda world
Mould go toe GUIs boa of Jahn% Ti. dame! AI.
lagad thet title ows sash a tosteset so to reseal 'l*
eoteei both .I.rho Ines, law stud Is Om puittot of
Triggs' for With= %M. TM Crut Med that
"ea madam r honest egged both pestles, could mot
be assiatabsed oa moth a natio described. sad Sheet.
ed.the Joy to lad ix the didadanNh, which mar es o:watt Or Shoe:
Teirsoulr. D.V.n Wishes e S
Ch. I%
Schroeder* CatL This was sa altaatneat resection
to otiose. the mated to phdalito al ins • ea a note.
is the iljietrrolhele glees by George Laser to the dd
itaa;lut t . 114 daioniams alleged that Laois bed
ghee twos halm* htadvethep war Mt alb* cote.
behec the ittiebasent Gesiod. The Cosset' rulei that
the Ouractroa ate Its Um Was 10e01 that rqular,
bat! lee AutraCLet 'to bee It huh ategadcw; and
thenekeee.)reeted the hog to And So the pitththils.—,
Ve4tlftritetattar^^ , lVl. '
both 8 . lelLese 04. S. Yentst.— knout ow a
gshmirry nag :sin° gins tithe pries of a sou
.iouns . staa by of theST to desksdaub The bast al
leged that the wars .wes sot hood and that ► altewae
Wtt~j is haosarsyeSottery td p'ethtliTs go manse.
rtieetlee is ,e mermen Welled kaird to 'darn 1..
stia, who whet to nears let, ;and she Itself.'
tcreeeide pubilely sold as as tatray. • •
Ve,thet fat defeediat.
. .
h,ene Me ney.,Arnatait: the petit dlickwirel sit
the jewel, of einputneled l the due ock trial. which
Inn 0CC,407 allk liglit Or to ll 012 IMday:nnet tag :
-We canal tbs. Om irbetbei the Sally sessions of
Us. Cast maid net be bald $1 dZaeat boas bon
the Oftent.eo es batter to assieluaod Ma all outlet in.
There la noir Ora datlj. eeielnen Sr=
olt3 ioclosk and has 1)(to 14 Il lenp.Md to
Itibor,ltate Heiler; boat 91'0 9 or 2.
'The fatter arrainreamnit would save we eras walk '
and Aga o t: o oeib,tow ifferY doi; It would at.
- font the lawlerklolellttls Un. at' least for sake
w , , t. (which* pan; le eat ot, the question); end:
;Doti teenycnter4.linecionettet:e 'and *arm woad
the qsq tae , beedt 9f 1 3gUlget to treyel tons 11. at• •
ter 24 &11l ;
Tne t ET: noune ta.the city e*ts, we benne,
are le tnA sad Aoene. wieeneetkete ate
ano3 1!" - lteh stench. Jcaireit end lawyer.
sifyiitedsallatd ended the pear
• •
wastimiroToift, D.
'... WoutteevostAt C., Dec P. isc&
: • Iteieob..penor iireitux: •Di a Jet toptialott
derltitt4week tetittoe eafeelatt was doe -tad for the
tzi.' ettisioo of to ccisferatan'ltshie of den. Grant.
to be; ted on the cloth temp.:4 the Tretsam
• Tit thee of Vtrianti will . hi ettLied,' Map" had.
dt7 le%
sr ' our' treed prompt harm ape the bll In
re.facch to {clever,* emaituflosttoes *mei the
unlltt ihttlee sad forettit 'eoutatits. • dlectuoton
fotkna as to the proprltty of &tag this meteors
preot o'er otters. and micas attempts made to
yottp U.' Itr. flattote. %owner, eiteeKty poueol
the to of ble WI. WE heroic Beasts has
the hetind highest letteetta of the heart,
and 7 1iii let he, tf he is tot b ter, the grand otetral
kat (.1 the head& ,7
.114 51
. 424
. 26
5 22
9 01
. 11 93
A 1.7 11vely de'/ija la the Hem' the Geore Is BM.
was mhedu We apidatedU Im Teadey tty &ewe
of ttWel. Omani Beam the chic:plan of racie
st/14 to the Roam meettetel Ita Itimahh 10 spite of
movable erePeelthet.
prince Committee matdmotety detenalead to
Pmt *.,10611.10n thiutgli the Basso warm sparteme
day .4 mouth for ettlaidmily Dialtzlekbadated
.. . .
•Te hr . lamed a ' s t risidnesei
the nen. In viewed the maati 0 quake • et th
MLA* r th lk V . th at all kw . =SW leaving 1611
en; el the next stz months 631211 be i ed. • S kis
Is Wipe the cost to Um tout* of lass . Salim{
Instillon. i. - . • •
Y.lerdit waa Intadpill7 &Wald bdhcunionsln
gas* tad • debit* on the lit: In wa , af. w sea
• wpm to this alp la SRL • Tie time me
c br in aft Dina* Illilleddt
of opposed the bIU oe t►e BMWS of bin&
ae !rote anneunlattion with nu
rlot &Intent' ware curly& Lodi the bW rotund
• tilos on the Laidect, • •
Wt*,2 mover thµ W prner aomaltbare
aelid le Inquire lota the entialiatel or Irh
'a ithi..ninnher at L!eutinint Gleorimp, 'ape, '
• and Midi we to hi tin) eidpienti Ale
it+ , • •
. pip= ware yesterday r Itantlinicated 1 ;1 tjtio
of l tefennee to the pe4rwis at the &Ishi&
at falai. Senator Swaim .rostoileat Man
inhke, maul and etividell fa trte:rclunet
bite adjourned 'wad Jilt. lah, Into: A
11, • !ibex of, fienald,s Lott nitubsta bin airrady
At their homes to rued idle goUdar4,l •
' pci . acinlag ere 1 *pike of tar tyro diunitud
t irldsmea. ; • • .
Indleationt an now that wb will late sae/W.
home* In point of wirb4; •
hat all die opened, inn the ins is doing his
makethinei egreeib!► S. ti . p, .
1 It • 'J • t A .-0. li• • • 7 . evantog, I*.
• larh, antrum of a ?Of genteel appearanoi, •
' • • t ill years of age, came to Cantatas Makes
1ot• •„ to Ilithilagest, and pet iti; tot the idltht•—
• Ai be pretended to be . photographer sod went
•• .to haul In town sod Made Magagements
I;ttouionitam, offering Intake them rag ~ 1 0 1 ! rt•
rue cams glad th e mosey la advance. Nom ,
. • mate his headquTten at; Bosalart Hotel to
E; time. -
• • ads, Itr. Bowler butchered, anti did not get
... unit omits hoe. In the nieimilma to guy to.
;the key to la boatoten,:rana tali toln he
M Mien whiaator .be am. AL WI Darla was
• lag to bed Iltil ananitig,ittareiuce I Le_ Cu nut .
..._• . tak a harry to rise neu miming; ',bat tem
son; was ready ha treat to Oa mutat room to
•• and liana the doer locked and racelont no
. • trom eitaln: lie tainaged to gat the door
• ud.lo his utatuanuott b kcis , d :go " KIM
Illitiuffer, he baehig &unapt! use time
eight, taking 1,4 boo a Tamable shawl be:
to K &slit. sad two good mints
• lk% Bookie. ! be scot bad ii l eg en..
nuoldelog his tantrum ile would oats IS.
moranduril aU the dr tolk be' took. .andi up'
~ • mu ins maals, te.„ btu weer' yield pay oat
1 -• I ' ! '
412 39
... 44 50
.... 100 45
. 4 Otio
.. 84 86
... 45 - so
2 oo
.. 2 00
. . 25 00
... 18 92
to for the Meet of the UM. led
lON Itha: He Y e Oold , eacd-rojaing, well
nerd: LIM swim Kee dri:die Of blind:ese es
iteek,Sad a crippled aortae ble i'Figtelsaed. '
etekii he men a 'Sid winc'he wan . suck.
l to tell tie MM. *me lisoini lam 'Donis
Yours' tml,
yr. cws.i
`, • !••••••
I• • • • Be : 4a-4* D.l:' wink
• Maier hat 'throws tar
• Stiosod is. wad . hattimieof antillat
r talc cone atth lie chastise sok* vs
beaks of as's, tag et Itethhog oath Us
Cold guts, easttsg atm to the ;has of
- Mad hs b the shrill *Jahr
Iha alid,otztatilog felt% tas *es of the acrd
balls. sod Wt.. bet sot : kitsti 5)&4/. Is 7. clip •
alts—that masa has taltailts totiost atlas".
• ad that cold utstatlasSe "tiittla icageavars,*
• • Naos lo be paha; ready for the holida*
esscondloos tocidsot to taw: kitty' flaps
oar isfacts,try , ;
%Math gawk thaersAf t _ .h to ' h i" 4411 / 4 '
Swig the holidays. atthottlet Stplattotal
• school win CSra thstiestadslaataat an Ist.
Mloisuasej edda4 Deassatigi'lith. sad as
Ilortos Yoaday rands& D:csaitssilath. le it;
MIL She fealstlaes, Mike*, ste:, arc pr*
, ay. Thy, mad Orator Osiliskip, tent,:
iati will ewe to all isa °p r eload? to Waal
Sasebo. Tbdt aka. la the pat b a wail
• • urt,timry le I. sod war.
"arcilft• Mad.. The oyes Iki
• to mint* the Mvary•—in i=
yelleenlrenrcark OM Mob of ,
• • . Sal vell.bilas of thti fltUdne.
Pilattre Ilabodis liebbasS mewl gittl
to* ase.o anueigeft; i . maw
ai New 'fir Witt, Win VT, Pa 1 , 11 0 41136. p0l
- • ti Woes list am;
Woodsy eyed.", • Iry slisittie of ti;/ DYekt ;
Al to Clatr ; Ada PM,
Oslo, totk d 11* iikidlay, • sill prieseL
:nalstis mind UN. ernine
Ihishadatka of a booth& gold void' sod ;
lo "sot Du& malt . swim radon. z
nes .a.. .a..
- Pasidni at *nom . it lona Par.
ai la. Olatt Diantata. l. Om sonat• la
at Us annals/aft Paputi
:. Conn: stoat la WI. in& a no=
. 4 .
pppanbas. art
. .w . di NNW to tis aaciaita. .
. VIM !XlMtpl •illoanal.... B. brag . al
y at sawn raw a etkossa wont
, ii Nauss* sins canbage WIWI
• • .aura .& OS sasap.dal sad ispossias
.L . Is a inn strs• *P. alaal mini
Sta. sal, I oassas Is bp *At Ibao atm a •
• .• to Pm. A. • taifyi" adipose hi sass as
• '. .. . , . . -.: :
arr. ma. mama i •- .
lba Man% at tia Hair Aputbakibiptp•
1. Ws amino. Ise immerial nallealk
taaatt.aideablabba blab ban amitabftr.
Nt. Rama% bp kb Had.: mid imaiskiiia
the NI ma at amer Mies Mlle Ma. rad la
Nan Wt is Wm, MI at Mar. air Min
acalla aral Trawairi..aoraMmerbir
ablatilliapbpaitteladb*lai IWO; alb.
81114W ollftalko*V. lark It'a let Om 4
lidr w bs hit++llsltrtt dzupchat
Cierib!lo siaimeisoca• dm* %bag
'-'316E . 8 . 1t - ..: 0.'5 1i3:60-.
Wiwi the 'name of M. Rochefort • 'wait
called the other day, , in the, French titalle'des
Etats, the Prince, Imperial was observed to
laugh; wheritipon the Rercil f next morning,
In replying this 'behavior of the heie,pre:
sun:pave to the, throne of France, salted his
tutor to,point Out to the Prince 'the page in
history which tells how Marie Antoinette lost
her life throtigh:a smile and bide the Prince
to beware of a gesture of contetopraitned at
one chosen in plaeo through popular suffrage
The Joutwil (tar Paris thinks it would have
been setter had the Prince' repressed his out-
wend" exhibition of Joviality, 'but says that
Rochefort, is a ; severit pedagogue' to at once
take scaffold' from his pocket in order to
Peprove the smile of • Prince. • .
' A New Cones, .it is &isnot:ll'okt, has been
discovered at Marseilles, Prince:, by the:W.
tronpmer, TempeL It was first s observed 'at
9 P. 14.. on November 27 , 94 in the Constelli-
Aim Pepsins, -Right ascension, 811 degree*,
16 minutes, and•declinition, 14 degrees, .16
minutes. The comet has no nucleus, and,ap-.
pears like le . 'nebula, measuring- 15 minutes
an diameter- It ativanices froln west to east
in Right • Ascension, it this rate of one del
gree every twenty-roar , and in: the
same time, hanges its,dealinatlow at the rite
of ,filli-five mitiutea.
. Dec. xl.ll
- .
Arran sU the attradkos. and. induoments to
Wt drawl
l isother end taw *thing homed
Phil ad coweelp we notice that therold establish I.'
rs Itocurca. *taw not 'foldl
bolds its own. bat tape padt with the niod.
urn improredeuts, actually taking the. lead In
dust of them. Their; "Great Brown fieli" hi
staked trod beamed to root, with ertitything
that ehn be Wild for, he meat and.bors wear.'
their s lPA aterials, es they'd°. ,in
masa quantities, fuming tba entire du i
dud of wails Ofinikon oortoto Quito atom.,
!Lets failitke for huniebiag their antra with
supertin tidies ere undapaseed. . There is no
had a asr Pbgadottthis at say other city, obi&
henna emoted arragements for , Mailing Up
he gads; sad trimming tam In the mat es,
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Brown's Brocelial
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Gave the Mee of midday triableite bekhr
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I loati la /Mama It on* be *AM. •
Md,ilwa eighe We coanwei they maw
Wad * wlle ed eied llama all called thaw bl
• - .
Begatl slats, Itaticest Passel and
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O.** emt. CaPtill es. Do:0W eadillitabi I
To the tep of thiPasebt.ta th e top at, itail . ! •
dash 'env daik•wq, l dish away, all!
. dry letteri that Were the wild Maltase - •
When nag m ti t•writh o abetiele moan: to the sky,:
lb tip tothi'hoine-teptlie ttersent they dm
With a aletggtklt of toys and Dildsida• too
And thin lota twitikhl I being as the spot
the pese dd and *stag tt radb mu' hoot.
Is I &elite my head sod use busing atoned.
Down the chimney R Nichols@ tame. wj h a kound.
He was dressed all Ede Wed to his toot,
fad hie &doe venial Webbed irith•sibee sad Pvt..
• tempo of tats he had dug an Ida bsck, " •
Lad he loolad llke • was:jilt *Wig Iddpatk:
Hid eyes, hoer they i"in)thtil bleed/bp*, tune wary t
Rhi &tots were llti roes, lue saes likes them
moat! vii down *alike • bir.V .
Led ail bout of his elthemie r white se the wow.
The memo at a Pipe he held tight la blebs*. •
had the intake ft setheled his bead like • wreath., '
He hod abroad ease sad a little pond belly.
Tad shootterhea he leashed like a bowlful at Jetty
He was shabby end plum a right lolly old
'AM I luOid at" I n • Ida to Dolts of myself. , •
A sink ot hla ege atii true. of i , laut.
Bow gave mos to ka4w I had aotlilag to dread: •
Rat etrolin'acd • woc4, tat went etraigat at 'hi jot
had sled all the stocklege—then . tarned With a jerk.
dad Wing hi doges; addle at tee 'now • - •
And &tag a the e'4laiaey to Sam • , •
Re !prang to hie alegta,Lei his team gals • "blotto,
Lad slay they all !fir lik the d ion at • *LOS—
Bit I heard him ettiella. late drove cat of 6.161,
. cbiaelaa• mid sad to al lived :ft,dAt
• . ,
, . ,
auk a buret of beresuly muatc, - • '
' Fism a band of awsphs;blight, •
' Hodttettly to catih desponding,
.La the Oahu sad anent night ; •
To the shepherds of Judea,
Wetattial fa the 'wittiest dawn,
' Lo„ they,bes; r the Jolla! tidings, -
Jeans, Ptioos of Peace, le Donal •
cuoars.-'-ftwest lend char that's angel wok*,
' Echoing tbuingh the starry AY.
they - ebant the heavenly charts, -
• • • "Olori bete God
Slumberingfa I lowly entager .
Lllsthe 'flighty told Of all, ,
• 4iid beforeetheLtly, Stranger
Sat •thie tree - Allow shephecds
. „ hail mos, the long especial,
Tull of whidoot, lore and grace,-
redeem Els ruined fuseattrik
To eastern bur fetleat nos. ' • •
ingelit-wake ttie °kaiak
, Bo lel sensoneed m.a reply.
, Chisstlag the ciekedeitiathem, •
' ' be to 130 d ois hlgh.*, ,
LW stab Mica itorning
itteaklegef'sr the world below,— •
-Tells agate the waudroas !wary .
43heotertb! heard 110 long eau. .
Who shall eitfll crurleinethl
Who the tide of pealed
• Wkteb Ile blessed angels taught as
' In the fields of betltlehem?
Crotra.—Ha* We beer again ilia dom e
through the atom ski, •
Lod am Son the toomorly - Awtbecci, '
• "Glory!), to Gad oo
• ,
lir Oa Amt.-110,00 God fnSas hfattest 1 .
Glory to God, Glory to God,
Miry to God to Use lastest I .
BhIU be Oar 1014 to-olght,
L,l. Another yeses deb aterotes prove '
. aws, and broodier IrrN ;
• 110 tat tsw•toitdsat voles' rate .
• Oar haPP.T.cart4lawi wig of praise.
than Czoays:--GlOry totlod tattbe highist
.. Glary to GSd io the h ighest! . •
' POMO am Berta, good will towards area,
• • • Glory be to Gad oa,hlgb.
httatottoL-014, to Clod la the hicheit.l .
, •
1. The Bong that wok* the 'lmitate morn
'When Davkra greetie son vraa bona.
Snag by an heavenly host, and we
' Would joltrtle angelic eotaYanY.
111) Coottet:—Oloi to Old la,Che ttlybeati,
ROME= 41 -, " = 1
BRADT atilt : the iltheatanct
fleicaaia la moil - Fa gully . 1
1 •• : •". " 4 : '
• o . l7 .barga/11. Clad: menaltaa an. ; • l ecat.tag l / 4 -
: ;. . Akilau I.2icilicac • ''
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Illoatig : at the • •' • . ,
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411,91 asdlllll.l ' Lia.Acaa : - i..
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sit: . - - . •laNsgao •
ash nla.! Dialtorat D.. .
, Wirer; Milan
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jar emir. tot.aad -
Lowesiicesix*ht, 64a;it
. ilisiratiiit treta seficseti :, . '. ..
len;cits ar:satiani 4,iinici, i '. . .
New is the O l af to lay mrtaA water *thee ;
tb; and s mai, • :- I 't - ' -
Bat the nab. fa treater. . ; A ...
FrOV3 an puts of this SIMIL .. 2*
Tao bait
arm ia .1 ! . ' .
Be thaar It; Clo th s .
AJ the Gnat Bevaralimil.
• ~
• '. , . I i ..
• . .. ' '
Ph' Udell Ws
603 and 605 CH TN L UT Street,
Sept 918d9
DeafleAm. AllimiseeeCialerrh' treated
mlibeaccese. by J. Imam; N. 13...Py01.r0f Iftemeed
Nye and Bar: We varlut,i le the Ilidkal chalets et
ls yearsammiesce. _ jot Layee. Idol
laad. No: 606 Arch le, PIOe TeehleaMiM it Idea.
dm The medical famine arCjinittd_ eatlMPara
ra= tise l eyes mimeo vitioni pale.
Joys tii—it~
!aims Styles PO sad , Meteor Cloutlig.
'Oar frock Is,aanstiall7 and cittra!,,Mitlng
any nttrdy ant ad &Stab!, sty Mot
gestured lido .1 . • - • • '-
'ileteo, Youths ' 4. * Boys' .Rmady-tifarie 4artneßts
of all ktads. stales aid ski. Tao tam atyllaa goods
; eat lu tae latest Ista'os. as well as phases sad mon
=dente area. -matted to ail Wats,' aid belles la
'attle. Pit ead Wodusaaskip. tam MI other 'stock of
tead74made Ololauag to Pal:adelthles. Also? a stoke
aelectloa of
Nem Pa . •
'ult'en will be ludo up to ceder In the - bestead teat
;imam for tame with prefer. Alt'Prlma guaranteed
. lower than lb. lowest elsewhere. md amlalactloa
guaranteed army perrhawr la all Min* e! Ono !wig
ameelled and =may retmaded:
lar llazapien of material seat by malt wbcp desire
Tat etEleUla etthP , read74 l olns_!!__BUda to Order. '
mutt, between Blrabi/LTT M CO.,
. • • MUM and 1. • r
• • 1312 4 MAL. ' I Te are
!Iret Wee..
And Win BrostinwNliw rack,
'ea - . _
; - uovasse Axo•ce Ifriii:'
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Tara are DURO perioes dl. crew) from Mutual
000 huts rasa tram askrbthac Cigla. • In.', ono
aboo'd•reco:l4.3 that 4 orgloo: 4 .10:4241 or cold oft= to cuestasptwa. —l=oosponad
.Byrop of 'Tir. Is th e beet, rehab o ankle kouvra
for lb. care of Caubs. WA'. A•thlss.
(Itlrottic Catanai and bore Throat. Fortg nalef of
Wboophz Corio Wee I. acgivair equal W IT. rrite
pr : p l ff.
fi Ci aro. l. l 7 =l• l l4.ld i ll g°
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iltlnerrWle. and the aeWelpilL4ng larostahoor
the toostry. • : ••; , , •.. , . •
RtroaiLL & i. 4. 1 .041. ' i n Pallid*. Not n ,' d7.
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• ; Thus threat s Plicibettialli . • ,
Bastetaw's Vatted, &at* Alm •- for tea, i lbr
iiktribtition. maitellitleglicint - trui USlod &tato and
0 oyilludcosintries et the Western Hemisphere, is
tow ready L..r distribution. and ill sibs) isehiti Orin.
,damtanit the true philosophy of tempi °should red
sad ponder the rahmtge suggeatiotia • ebritiina. In,
addition to an adrolizbie ined:rx , '"
• :
.. 4u* , preventing and care of - 'C A ,. Jo of ills•
eases; It embraces a largelairoon M
ien:ruing to the toorchani., jttie minc,'
iv ,
the tanner, the ranger , asillig nal aim,: mid
the calcliations hare hew for w t ileilaw s
0 " 1 " 1 " 1 " " Iry meet :table Lii.ll mini and
etaatitatanalte Nay statmati,,,p . a . .1 . - • ,
,: - .
The mason, goes, 114,.,xtre,xd.771:71 irlisets
Of B 4 O37IiTTOrd ffimucu g i tie maid.
sink and. a` evader -
Lore, th" 7 th, v ,r„.u.,
74... 11. 1"
Mil at t. forth iti. kir .. wham. We li *9
I—e r e r ee d ' , A pletr,rtar tlinstrigem . , yalisia MC..
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Li" f 0 th e be flitaold tad tan; Ittnn taNdatel.
" d O *l h ratratt'.4 and actuary' e Rawer.
001'4,4 eli d,iceeted.' ' ,Amon g the At Sala imptaring
watt The euitag of tit's . rat, Ma la ma of Oa mast
theft , . t..d may be bad tas.the astir Tbrpreprts
lors, *aril Hostetter & Smith.. on Ipt of a two
teat emp, wi:l f avant ,a my bY ma I to MO petite
the ranuot, procure one to his pa! hood. no
&Mud untold Mairery eily,tioirii d stank aced
are eirtemilirali need Ihreaghoat !Hai entire ittrilend.
004 y
Illegleerstre ii4eisee ipiJsaispilga eillegae,
of doable naeletth. sad the only me tomes o
Janialca ginger- the•maket, therefor the only sr .
,to be relltd co in cues of Colic, Moine Melba*
Mato*, Diewti lndigestion, to geta o
eVeonesser, Wes, At.
ror Holloway's and Lete no *thee , A half tab
@Meerut of is =re than Keg to a' libel. Sprortitil
of any Other. Sold by druggists, sat 'store
Plily ruses pa bottle., ; Johnston 4 goilovig ; 1 111=
den, ad Arch hI, Phitsdelptda. . • • •
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ckiiireai Cry far •111•11earkly.sI i Tersjsyese
they Mr ao &Mode. tee doetoriland moth," ay
they are the monads end eating Peeled? Mt thou
puma furleggas. The grantee Lae ;the slosinnis
oldie peprletors Cu the +lnca areal box. Tinn
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Arelt re- Fhb& , • Jane elt-131-Irtf
411 Ramage
JOu Sakes ewe._ sasoiviankml . mail 111
irate,to eivesT a• marra. . •
aditta., by the
'Rev Dlckertoo,Yr, Wmman flakier; IA Pah
A1414:10 Mile krae . a . 1 1 !.....C1.11: of PUbbadt. • •
ADDUCE —DOIDON- Oa tho Slat Dee, by Dee. W.
&bletipy P arts.
J. li•estaa t 111940,4174 A-. 'hors...,
Ouitt!or Yuit s.ole. • •
_bNDarrgpuP—On th e- lett; Ma 4. by fbe Dee.
Wm.. P. Lterta, u the residence f The endow pa.
new, Mr.' r.hica 'assiorrr ‘ to. me 114.4 .
-aanyttles .leaepti D. Wasp. all Of Pot MUM: '•
• BONWER—DICEIS—Ity Aar. bk.ble Patna Oet•
aota.laate, Xt. Joao Boarra's to Mks Mr 11./1 , MTh
110 M of A - temente. Pe. ,
EMI lII—SIIIPSON.-:By Parr. Nobl
124 lA% M Jamas ititro to Nes. Hu
sox, Oath of Port tArbou. I •
-1(.4111ILS-LitUf384.—By Bev. Noble- items.
December fttd, , ISM 114. Jam cell Aram% Illattiony
City, ; to MumAlmir Witour; of Pon vairbutt,, pa. •
ix*P maims - •
aww" nis4 e.viu «w"""4".°""&c:Iltuad""kb. h . " - • '
IMir jfac :odd Iwo ad
1/1011“.3- On the ITI Inst., la Ws Beenagt; ZUNI
JAVOI, ehlteL deagetea of Wm_ .1. and Agnes dUnkle,-,
meld 15 lee",l month ant 3 defy, •- , - 1 -
EATIILNIMACH-01 he 'ten Inst., latirryleP,
Dr. A. lerammten, it neuve of (lannaia . , • •. i
D/1)1: 1 0W=At ithentidash, on the satinet.atemeM
,Of dpOth and Ler Daddmr, aged' I jean, 11/
woos a" 7 doe. : • • • y
, . riteet to petal Item mile tr.gst; f . .
al/O.W 01,4.*
Meals Me thai Mitteliod MIMI: - • .-. 4 •
- • I MU ead lore It
~_ t . .
_ ..•
u A il
5`.111J5V-On the 1 inst., in Tetn*At 'lnwrshlP.
MOOT doff, dugs I&94.leerr ead lapelle ream. ,
aged 3 Teem II swag. d adept.' • , .., .
.. ; edlLed,li-On 0)0101 Inn ,to Washineloa .114rp...
' Oeesuateig, Ink 01
.bea . fi\leatlioe, anxtv no pin ? 0
Moab IMO T dare,
Kg ifs-On the 10th Instant. 'le Pelt COMM
Perim f 101 1i114.11, off° of John II: Ham% toed 30.
yea* 5 Months OLd at Aim • ,• , -
Clllllblos. the 10 th Instant. et Phlitgetten owe
Melt. AIL :KM; yrial, 10 nroetts ' e#AI 15
daye.l i , •.l •• . .
OrlILL*2lll , -On ' ;114 10th Itlet. lir lotieellle.
JOWIO Oreeeme, In this abet year of hie age, •
01 8I1'NST.-44 the gist inst., tons; lo;t of WD.
.lam L. Mltltta7. god layears. : .1 •• '
Ara Meting of that Oita:Mem of the Pottsville
Wan &bur.. tuilowing•menaticata abd prenitble
ware asobloady &wood •
Wrisam. It has fiereesi Alattieltty God la 141
wise Provdett.o.. to eudnenny ham oat MU
aur late Wand and aryw4hay , rem Wsnatat ; fame
foto, be' It ,
osetvot„ Tbstobile tab lasabils bow I. abode.
Mn kerne will of Clod, len will etor cherish als 'tom
er, MI 111 it etNI aPit SC110,40,11•14 vae Manta sad Me
nicolsetball opus wut *ter pd as outs tb our maw
'• • r
ftebotveta„ That la Na loath the *boa los , !ea •
Gomm oboe pace It trot he ddelealt to ad; add his
pouts a datiml zoo, 'oboe maks; thrums h its an,
&ova td , .
SMOLT* That will as a lam takes of ear ses.
odd q.a, ;, ittez i t the Moral In .
soft a =l / 1 to..tie Dammed KM Maud
mad that trag t 7,77
/Mid la •tail UMW • .
Jon. P . Zmr, rased fl.tastroatql
kap ItAtstruirei. ammo* G. Dans. •
; • . rArrllloll, •• : CusgsgattaiLY
pi aro thealkantei Vatted awes
a tor tali, soma Dlearisit eo/ leshaefleeo
teht. BANlDtlert."4. • , •
mats 4. eAd ' nutritua & na.•
julhahn. thalettoelly. sod he members et the-tale arm et, Elatitiat NALUIDitiBII., weep: old or the
Ala CYRUS J. HAILER 'sod Jkktryag.. PAW
itINGSD. , Intag eateceily Nand Melt eahreta.
atteth sad
. I Ppeartair_a thatr appdattlotalor
dieetarme, DNA/ ParlisehhW bad out
Pita peolkatiort. the hoortiq, ettbenteitt
ut WlWedey the MA Asko:Jhelum A. 4., lee, at
le Vetoes A. U. '
Rodeo la.hereby . Wei t ' &111 the cridateft et. the
We arm. that discati-itie *lll be greeted h 3 the.tutd
penmen oe , the sod ill dal Jemmy.' A. D.
Mt% t Woe ease be shown 'to the costreq.
, RJ enter of pre Chem
O. IL PDX; Caeih.
' Attost—lOHN Pt HOMY. haghter .'' .
. Dec IN, Vat • at at . 1
A attnantasmi• rgincs.—r.a m i
XII laming to olhe gene ot Boort OrosfrO tor a
pokos Trout * . Oreeirod tioteg-broo mood la as
rororetiorr. Woo be/truer ;to Ur sato of MO rlior•
dilit ore *Voted to Aoki! Intooliato papoest„
all Parlors Carlo • or Slid
ii W
oft to IWO knows Ma ours wttirot
10 It* ottloot
IttO l7lll LlMUnalt;.•
' . : • lOolltit /L ItrAtlPalt, '
Or to O. r. Boadd. *kr Lititra—, •
ik sik, vs • • - -
- -
Ur BOTlClL—lattroi or MOOD
4 6 1, k 'num um Ur ea* at IMMO Sher. trOir of
Mono Nraimila Tornolow doroorott, Intro len
rated to LW Woof %am *nor Maud to Um *ROO
of old drostia. iroorited coma tmoottoto py.'
Ira% rodoll Doran barboitehomordwomdr obtoor
sot MOW ora rurosoot or sake Imam Or -row
intim Odal to Or molorkroolt. . . ,
• ittkasirn Rua* i
• - • AdirrobWom
Or op a 'Kimmel astel6*a. •: i •
Die MAO • • ; • •
ETAC: We nillilrllO ii. , ...Lativei tato.
serne e t
monip a . nolcsol OOMPH ft
Is v ti. 3010•01 fsL f
lai i * t i
0 01 I I I ON Miklilitai
M a
dodge' at. tapall*.sgramt 12111 ilk4l 41014 .
in ninon ;WAY* Inns AM ono notion
Wi g L: WHISAST,i,
. .. - •
-• nttntin Anti, le f :• 1 lisfti t
_ ,
AMMITRA , _ TORII NOTICL.6 Letters d Admia.
AMOS ON um. OC Cjimik. Blopt iess „
lataaTalionk sit lone Plh/Is4 Csarsid. balitie -
by* grested to as salwit*l. theta lalattaitim
dads el said dvadmil ari veginited b 0 Nub
asak 140N14 sod art trims MT*" darror
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order, eatteb , ex Store, 13otther or Ile Apt.
Irsecm, ' Apply to JO , N Wait% .
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.Doe 43. Yr! Belt De V!
PiAole 11011111 /OS SALE. —A Petra.-
// .51111 lerrirword T Wire. ormetztery-
Ono Tame. *prod trarr.Arld Ira Awed • In ' k •
Ire Ado 'at armlike Ihr each: Apply, or awns
111 1 .11046-1111 ' • •
TIMMS LAND.—The 'anderiegned
islet private sale the following geetribcd tract or
p!ece aimed, la - Breech Tomehlp. tchoy Or. not y,
Wawa between West. Ram and Ilitemirdo,
three miles west of Pottenite. The lug llee td. the
jentliao . or the Llewellyn and newel( Railroad.
teed . nowlbrangh thlalacd Ingo/ itiaettoq eon
team Oar bitintred owl thte• Senta., • This ts one of
Itorloodi estiialrat bad, of Umber- lad lo iil
030 1 d1. lot all Wade or hear, timber and ea/Rabic
beildnagatone .11mvenlept to etzt: timber to all di
' novae". This tied wllt be aold 11th the timber or
Porobaroto to un irlUacott deosy;fro the property.
the riodoratred . to, Wert Brroarttk
Tovertarchnlatues fist !tom _
vl the Ptofoogb Oro Iv,
Ws,* , . urr. • .
z 1 MERM IN.' • '
• • No, 1171$ PotOr‘J'e.
1,1 et
rOlll 11111111 Mt is ArrMOTEßcraw.
L. Amis i . e —wub ekes M th e year, ere anti offer
to 411 e MN aniered /ea COM. COI feet lomey,
sat Oyettr Salado fn Sckailkill Comfy, for e term or
Ire or alma yeanFo - rttlt tale et tel sad are of Mr.
attune and dttarar. Beteg as ett tbli.brd *mud of Si
yeara, and kaatag =We zoom and mural, trace for au
esdandatt son of
44 maim Poteeallaa Apra t$ ltitu,,
.141 110
I JOHN M. 0 803Ldltb.
• • as Ur r,aimlses. No. 113 Centre street:
• Flltarldei
• St at
Dee le
AT rptivArs rims
iv *WatsWag SS havh of wood Bbd Skala Lard, rft,
soda to Parka Towlalth. Carbon wooly, Pram. with
twWwwasisods, eceodattog of Two • Dwelt= Bowes,
Baak 'Barn. Wagon abed, Swing Howe acid Wash
Howe, il!pdnif cd hewer fillirg water col:review
to ace
house; Nabs; of Etestrri of LeN'gh Wiry
pawdrg throne; commie:lu • to acbcol ; rccd
Iltailtata Within two at d thrro tat Fur paructi!wil
'polio of. - 4:I2ORUIS BODLY. on ibe rrem!s.*
or to, IL P. BODIN,
pottrcire. Pa.
OD ft
Doc now
von Nuire.--bemesqmaici of an a:rrly
sioTal to oar ore atom We ogre , for rent the .tare.
at pratoot cceoVed
il ISIS. bras. /or the oriesptrad t term out Apr ;
11. mare St:. Town Esti lfalldicty. run", I le. AL
atoms SI. •irr : '4441
A .000 D . OPAL LEASE.
Offer to LUSE . a pmtim of itielx Locamt ,Dale
Myet asnosawe larmAlbtaad hadn't)! the
eaatenlng MAMMOTH, irlia
the anderpt . aa lad ovvrlying Y EL NtS very Atte eaa
anida/Aliai tei Ee reds to dim: H. POITB,Baq.
Prodded:, !o. 1110 Broadway, Nov YOrk, cc to
. . .1 I. C. SULU;
. •
eiveir-Aireat. at Patiletne,
* Jai 1. vt •
••• FOR SAI,R.
• .* Large Let of Illeehileery..
1 tievntty hone niece :.1 s'ity hone regime
1 fitly do '• do 9 thirty do .do
11tronty ber do do I.tweire do do -
1 eight h
1 foard9psomlr.giar.Poreddi !ew.
• .
. 6113114" aff Inch. dfam.422 fo t torg.,
4; do •30 do do 4.20 do
1- do j 30;110 do-z3O do do
do 30 -do do - kW do do '
I -do .do • do-412 do do
do ' 44:' do do x 6 do do
1 twel4e hove tobtlar
165 jerdi of 16 loch c.Oamo pip.., • :
240, do do 19 do Ito do
. Lot '324 itch .
r 16 heh polo-pomp, •
I f 4 do do do
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1 , 11 do • .30
1 8 do do - - do
X 3o' 6m911 16. do lin MDR •
lift sad twee 2 4 14.4.
90' tour dot , . vattotti doer. •
1' 10 feet loitottzg dram with -- tif.:l4' .04 14=tr.3
1 .11 lest hoisting drain.
.40 loth bellows, savlb 2140, sad drew cutting
- took.'
herding sod. • , • '
1 ' 4434,0,1 Mug; 3 ibet dime , '
Alt 3, a large lut palleye..shaftleg: ‘tr..
AN the Xtehtnetyllvot on •.;,' trees.
• J. ol'
Nov 13;40
•7" -- "."
ILVARTED.-111 snout= by a . • *ell (vat]
11 • lad ea 'Jerk a/ a 0 1111no.A, ar
Gird referents,. Aildream 81., caw of • • pr. •
~Dee. 21. 43,11341-32-It. .
iniroanciTient ssrA fir r R D.-B' IL D
U the hard& at* matched& trtetk-i taro craw of
land abpat the rev Ins rt John Dlsmad , rt the
of New Toth, cr Alexander Stardern, septa:Nod to
be at that time Wild Landr. bring a portion , Of a tart
of 19,1805e/eh eanyeTed to Jana Laanatte ad recorded
st WOhrobama la 18st If it. Carty or , /hoc . ..helm:a
aoPrroll holdtagany deo& of erwarcara,o,frux r a W 1
be rewarded for any rerafaretton of ow. Pan 01 the 4,
larcis now de fn tba towasalps of Plvtotinth, Bed E-d,
and Sonboreberland. Addreee SAM I.' EL IL LEON.
AHD, 888 fth !sienna. New Veg. r
Dec 15,111 • 51.1 m
- • -- - - •
DOOKIILUE PIER —Waisted, a &bastion hr an
eilert need Bookkeeper, well 'Nonfatal 'with 'routine - of the coal. badness. Addsca 1100K
KEILPICIL Box RN Ash'ands Ea.
Dec 111,
ANTSD..—A .altaal!ou xontlemau who
aleal 1 in work Itisoy ai r patity that Debera.
make blaweif wd I. halwy riot Kt lunch au or! t
Is employeutut. &Nitro Bow- 3.14 'kw!. (Tim,
PottaWlte. Pa. I 65-2t4 uw• •
WAITTIIDI r tn Attie: tLIE Man liot &fried of .
Trek, to tett In • Nip App'y to
V WMALRY' t • •
Nov IR, lialleny City,
r. wit
IfteIGMICULITTRAL , VAR&.- I —Al meethigof
itre Staab:Meal 041 Agmaltar3l Nat
Amoditke, will be helir► at the tericiloa.e. Morgr
day; Jemmy 10, et s weluck P. M: ;er tt.e;per-.
pose Al Omaha Direciots of the Aastetti 1.. 1
L WONELSt 04F, Pre<
P. Et /lamina, See'y.; 1,- c,
• 011 lee of time Fad.
IP2R :b. lllavei • .
12th Si. eMA, ISc 9 :
The ,Iltrimal Ittneticn to's acd tru 31136..
'Was will billed At tbe Office the .CI - nuruir,74,,,
4 1474 (Voad. th e HAS of I.t m-mtrt. Iv - , 1
0111,sull) A, A L
Viri/L/A.AI 131V-CL^•: •••••.:-
' Dec LVIZ
be tkett liten whe Petv, (2,1
Lambe; Cesattaar pf VientVrgitoe, ee 11..41 at
the t d hltee et F. P. centre Nett..
!Pte. au Thereby; Jaen ay *oth. IVO, at S'oclock P.
'I.. foe the e:eetloo of Dlreetors to Deere to the &i
-nlet pet. - P. PATTIIIISON. they:
bo lt
Dee tek
nwygiviliailLL crunch. AND mum K . R, Comap•oy.
, . • Paattsrmor, Dorearber4, P. 49:
Ste ann . of Ho Iklers, of (141 r
Company will be held on IiIIiXDAY, I,XemrAtr eltb,
Hot, st the 'Ake of Hu, Ormpany. Ni. 4.0 T LArary
Woes. at II o'clock, A X , at time nu c't - C.n
fritoOllcera *ems the muting oar. %fa alto take
Pine. , P. C. HOLLIS, Venturer.
/AM 8. if.--XLMM 8, pato-•-w-am4s .• . .
traioe, Dee
Jul.% thar
nwrzesl scavviumiLL vALLEv.
h.." Play/tallow anal Rattrioad Compstos,
• PALLAELMA. Member 6.
The antral meetlyst or e the stockholder+ of this Com.
paiyi ortll bo 4td at the
DAY Me tkitepaty.
107 Library street, on YODec. 2T.h, Mr., at f 1
o'claelt. A. Y. at winch elect:kw for celicas to
save the tak eleg year, trill Mao thke plate.
Dce• P. C. HOUK Treat erer.
tt, • lel —Ol aee s, 13180_wdee 25
O •
wricat or THE 311 T. ittA BMW
- - 1 . 1112.11.1.111tA, keei.mber
• The wareil meeting id the st*Athoideee,,d tide
Corneae? wilt bit he'd id that:Cot of the Company.
No. 407 L'brary etrcct+un MONDAY. tkrellhor ?Jul,
Mk at Ilirelock. A. N.ettkh t!n, an. ekeann
hR oglaanr to Mita We matting )ear sit! Mal take
P. C. DuLLTS, Tivaaver.
, Dee S. IN-a-dee 9. j 3 830 -ar•dre :611 '
A iItEITIMG of the Stackholdcra of the
Llfe lentraace Truot
13 7: win be keel 02 Aotaggy. the NI day of January,
12241, between the hours of 1 Led 2 o'clock P. M ger
Um election of Dinctorg to gene the eencog Tear.
B. P..TAY Loft. Eery,
Ll It.
Dee It,
Water Iliewspwww.--11.4
/awful Mc etlon fiw inawwwcs tif this Cum
quay will
held at talc Mt; NO. %SI r. litre meet, os ZaWday. Juilawy 10th, 1910,tierwtta the br,Ors of 3
am 4 Wthick PAIL
• MILTON EON Streetaey.
Pottsville, Dec 19,,gg ; 51.34.'
;LTA ruirrisyst.LlK.
, rorts• ore l,
The entail meeti n g 'some° &reVihno
bibic will be held at tbi Banking Mode on TUE 4.
DAT. the Ike day 'Jninsly next, heteren it o•
M ilt erkel IC k and aP. ~ to eeit nine Director,
fu barn theca's:log year 3
Dec. 11, 119.;-111-dee 11411 . 3-nt-it -
Ism., Din sok. 11691 •
' TILI ANNUAL DEETLNO of tba Stonkholdrra
of Wk Dud will be held it tae Hanalei Done rat
Tumidity the late day or Jaartary, 'berm en the h•tos
o// A. AL and .11 P. ekes Nlz ore, to
Baia the ensuing year. • F. B. Wllett.t DT.
Dec 11, at je- • .
276 oentre St., Pottsville,
Timm Alimmumr op- ': • •
• •
• •
?Nnariau °r m. wrier. trrnis wawa
MI 1 - 10ESTIC Ellin
TECLI7OI3(I 411101461 r COLUTIO.Sr
Black sad Oo!oral Silks,
Laces end,Emroiderixt,
- Linens, • ' •
White Goods and Domestics,
Gloves of illidunds t
Cloaks, dlb..' dro., dr,o.
trzwcotmiz.arrairrro.v raoussroca oi
arbeeriet t . i4neetu* are. acc ! ,
• •
'AMU limy . lamb eta baigaild tainikoot
atattak ". Ito laaci eatbasist atiaman to
antatable *bat sable% bat ta Itea.atata
Dry Gatalt ear* Om.. am be at ail. st ,
. 2 011 • .• • my
Ofinslast 1110-011114• Lot Ct.
•• W 4 811101111
MAGGIE, - BOLAII/ 122 . finite.. tic
• •
• , Amperlea.
atva tor i• operrrll a WSW Mork . or. , and
I tiopata suitab'e. tor the itrrsara ratroo, suq l
FRINGES. TRIIr4I.I3iOS. twrwis, 4%.
_ Haw an/um& et ' , wet kg , :f . • '• ' v
Lgdl.aefokkll4l:o4e to twilit -:Nerv--.Pattrrr.. '
re•zeired. •Oa SO; 'l9 44-
lewellera, and .Silannnith . s,
w iftb Et. ) •.
I 12.1 cotircur xrim E T ,
. . •
. .
pQare acw rp m:wing :lake - Mork ofOSEW
for Fill ride aid Iloilday Searoa:.c.ortur :mac
Amekican Sur,bas . Matcheq„
JriWNLAV,3EVERI.I3'f4' siLVEh EARN. Fish,
ALEV2ECi-P4.4 fhb ir•ARKs, :rAftiat• •
~ 4C. ' ' '
• • ,
Also, a arecaarcatruat of ' , .••• •
• .
Wrench Muriel CloWks. iltrunisro:
/Naha, 11-ruit A • Fle!ma, iniihry' invv, aFtiwi
Of our own ortecOoti the put Somme* hi Europe..
all of wnluti WO,souLutering st wort roodorairp,i
.(WITH DRY/1111A%) '
Awarded the P liedrOs at Ze7Orldk . Palr. I.Le..torq
w e ed., PAZ, Nay" York. ikcpcoteloo . ,
Uoteereeirk Pada- .
rARREL,I3I .. ERIN . G. &- CO . ,
• -
;629 Chestnut 'Street' •
UEO. W. WiffiliS, -
Wirrttisg. Farrel & Ice*, Inn*.
lierrlag Cluesase
Ilerriag, Marvel ac,(7o.."Nyw Oviedo.,
MOM Ulla "-IVO taittl hini,beeri
Sod are now In nee ;, sold over in liznwan bare
owed therelogh heettkwal flrr. , teuserelstli , .tbeir CM•
tense fn emu.: toirtanr.' vrtiere many other% Calfed.
!row. Sane 0f . 041. one WI tatter maker.
•havir.{: ern neelved•lt..p.A.rt pay for the 'lmproved
nrnilyes "ale arlow prices. - •
Jane 11. 4 G5
•. • .
vAll . Dll,ft, Jr., •
1362 Chestnut Street, Philndeigihfn
au co; eml
ewt *L tbe.rfew rtifes rf
, ' 3O WELAAr,K3. "
Alio, a 'full.
.I.lAlti./5051F., PAPER I'AITERN .
I V ) RgTEt t ..PILI; '
. .
titIENILE. and BEADS,'
Monog'r. E,te.., •
douo to order.
GAVE OBTA (sty 711.1 r, ..!,(ItiNCY [sr ate
the liesileat and Etw.L. - flilpren of Bi."l"ltßiri:Ornaith
Ca , N. V., and'ath fe . e.i.elted to ell "Work," promptly
with yINZ IyTTRIt. ard et thw.ver loTattaark,:.
nthen,' ordarthg esn'ileyend open hewing g0..141
sclochms Matte Ii them. . . •
and Whoter.Ve
your 12.11v4,140/1 tr:;cs,„
.„ a HUB et s ,,
1.. v
V <
-2 : ‘\ . , L 4 y. ..**,..
0-1 -- - , --\-- ---''
o .
~~ ~'.';
.~ ~
~~ ..
to • • -
r.R.'<ivi E 88‘;.-
Ncry 13..60
.. •
•GL 0: 0 j)
L-W Tlt I, If.yC Pc'r _ • .
140010 AL- AT 111
ld ItsPe n!terit4ql to 'our ' ineseut ,
u t , ortso. - e.l fTr ghetto We.. 1 ) , , , t1
. .
..K.ttSee. I,evest vnte-ty._ •
ITLE 5.71 1. ICI . •
• riA: tr:;()%11:1)REss GOOkr, •
cAtisLMEttEs,'CLO [as ; LlNl'B,
, Oar rtetntry fdetbts erslll.4' , este thrr.
Our store nc d ss. e ;SlotTy,.. for We d o se
rd Cap iAlr elpetan Ore tbt • '
1 1.:1T/oRNIEY. •
Late. r Wer d Ctlitnj
N. IL (7,1 r, Riztdb And tisreed,Rte.. Pb.d 2 d ll . -
• N. 14. 'del!verodist .1.0.,;,ar...•u-t
Claris Ott 70,
I) EMOITA.L.—Bdward *Y.leosi; 'limit...Whine i 4 •
51 ta ai'a iird. rihrie . ,. 11% , r•mhrei.l tilp tyirill wtorii ",.3'' '-'•
[nits Rai ti . a.a ea . tr:v..l4 C7Crair a _nearly oytinoll.
lisietlia e iii
In vitt re will li.. Bisimt /Tar, kiwi - ....
of sriwiell In bln Heectitirtnalls., r hie own man- "
ntsc'ure. adopted • expert slPy tar *to reeiiin. - iiwil Caw . • .
ii tall Wociitit light - and lux!, goods froceNthisileWiliii -.. • .
a.r.‘ the !law. at lew rides. . • r‘. • "'. . • :'• ~
Oct lst. MY .
-•— .
FIRES CtIPIRM" to J.clestrs I. 1714. so
- . . . .
- . , • - •
FO 16 - 70
, -
. ..
• • ---
“The Peal rf all Attrlefigural WerAs In durerlevr
ary• the Ilurtieu•rur r, 'New York . . " . •
• Is his no .arriltl In i ho ./Itzrllre'.Plt Id f,f, American.
Agt, figural .1 uraulleine.••-l-,Mafiiie Partner, - .
. •
The riitfrato; and, CoMary Cieottrata contains.
from tlitern to twenty litre- q to . ;kiwi* to es ti.
ect . er Nombar. and to/drmlot e d to loolaffes•Dot tm
.arm hat •to fir% cr 7 Deounro at of Aooeltiffe.
Owyk Rstrirg. Ilorrirattore end Drinertle irounmy.
Irstract, the/abore, ottith• eorok tLe tuitional
opinion of Hiroo . best.qualted io gofer, might be
mu:girdled irdeflofte'y, to IL err that N ;so au Olprroolftt
rot Jmtraal for the Amer:con Former, lit en,
or hitittultylt Is .
lin.feinallnl iri Vulue rind
"It Extent6.:oi l t : r.ficnidc . ne.e,- , I , •
• . l'ractieLt' I tiforntatiort„-•l2_
• .•In Agricitlimirezl—N en i,
—TuAr 1T Is Tar 01P,Itle • •
The Bert Furriers of 111:e :Whole Cowitrt/
TRIMS: The tetmi are tower ;than .ttaue . t f any
• other 1, mir ot 'landing ; flte met, #t be pee
Peers Inght reOre,,fl6.
Mir All Pr. e am" - bero ti the Dultritter Olen:
t .. yftentleman.t. r AN7O, pa,lez In adieu*.erime
to ei.h.e of 11itt, will receive .bb pr
e raper W00k.4.-
from rearlpt cc rema.tatet to!lnintiary te r , 1476, MM.
eat charge. r •
rer Any prrama artahMe to try • the paper eilbvriblop will be intent with melee riga tarty front
date of altOtnation J.1..11; 1811 t. tor AO nOtnth4
print or 25 teat. - ne for tee mulatto( Derma... eon.
for ten cents ;Mingle manlier. as epeeltoelk. I •
For ftlither Illfortnatton, adilreele , _
•• • Lurii Fat TUCK lift S. soy, rnbitibery,
Albany. I':
tTbe ftnenniQeotiemen 1011 be eleblx,dwit N.. e
ieaMcribers to the HlMesleJ(rellseet fur 11701er $4 -Mt
"Nei 17 •
Boot and Shbe Emporium
la now In fell operation. and She &Standoff of toe
ladnas of INitteellie b mortally Netted; to the Unto
stink now lo *ore and arrfrlng deer; the angst
them of geode, Feaster. for lad's.' ...oar ; sad sib/eel
to Ude marker. Mr—erine hr' mode keporialty of Mb
breeds of fneenere. •el pled tli. partterder adoption so
racorlog *e te,t ace of lotto' friar' Over ,tefragfat to
tbe dry.
Dret7 ottootion pad cor.ionoilhouid
cordial imlution M rit• ed to all.
. . • -
• . FOR:
A Valuable Lease on the
Prilarese and. Skldatere Vela, • • •
WILIk •;tad of •ow lee to tbs i o
yaXW, Joinlng Sr. Nichol" •
, Amy up
CEA kr *Oa
Oct . •
Bood Slugs 44.4 &1,,m Tortseeinlin
•4 1 j• 4 4,1 4: 4
TOTEM WO INti a sztisowsupervf • .
to larnish all clamors sitti •Ivitstast smplorlosst
Some. the who of the thus for opus yet •
Ilastnev assr..ilettt sad prcelishf... I YersonSof State
sox easily ists trots Wt. to Ire S r le 7:ittitlf.• Sal I
C="lll7fi''s3 i=c g ittri;! l e l ikt t te n : p sa i Tiuti.
That all vim this socks slay wad their scleresi.'. 4 ".
mad test its badness, vs maks kilsestaralleSsi ale,: " •
•To moth es see not well sistirtled, we stn. refof L, : .
ply Se UV Soaks of team. roil; Pliell i Zcs.
Namable sizopte. inlet litre° to mimeses os.
iSte • sow of ?as Nephew
of the largest psi best Emits seviSscsobffskMaim CcesPassiss."o"
ed— .
511 sent fee by mall. Reader, /Vs •
pssitisti:e work. aktriieW IC
I :l4nota atkt amathwih l l are tba imit 11 40-te
the reatioes, 'yzekahla Ownwicon s and WU bite
anoaahie lecutsebe. boutbon; and attain oinsall
diaesani. MOOtall'a Ellin. has Nei Inepund arttb
coati raftTetob to than toottkOintal tOlatdowo.l
so many of oat countiymenand no •pr Mir prooner
tko has gavred adoaded mimeo. ! iftw motto=
fog that to recommondlegit now tifiar. the Wad
perforce of mra. May ; are ; joy.- Inflator a hoops
ditty towards the general coatOlaili.:-4Nnwra Pim!.
- . Ph14.40N1; DOLLAR flit BOTTLIF.,. •
' . MAMMAL& 9/ Cliki • .
Mt raisin . 'wait PIIILAbIILPEIZA: •
awsas by iw. a. ioani4or, mickaa ,
1111V010 VIOL—The Assail Itirtbig "arir
Stcelb lien of tire fbet Redoes& Beek el 4
Ittaereellbe, Fovea teet - cfriew pe.letore b wane tot
the ambit Taw , wlll be Med b 448 ItoetrOw HOOK
as Me *mood Shade of Jammu, *eat. !Woe!. tbit
Ivanale 1.1. a
101 *ak. •
40414.14 EY lOLA odd* •