The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, December 18, 1869, Image 2

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Dim? ON . COAL
;-• The New York Fret T'cd-t fur December.
edited bY an Englishman, devotes no leas than
web knit altalf column, to the.coal trade.
The editor. has gleaned some . information
from our coal statietice—hut be has bungled
it up in a terrible tatiner, mid shows that be
• is totally unatinainted with thesubject .11e
wrires 00 if the three tnc••rporated run] Min
ing and? Transporting Companies locate•l in
the istikatritritta Coal Reglon. embriteed
the whole coal trade of the country, an•t that
all the carrying companies and Coal Operators
we equally interested in transportation nnd•
mining ; well known that at kart
two-thirds or the anilitacite cop! is mined by
those who have no ingereAt .forever in the
fratitar , Orting comp./28e,, and cahoot. eonlrol
I dfie . tratspnrling charge,. Tu. how that we
do nor mit4u.rte'the editor we Make thi fol
e' :tract:
[canoe. froth, cl crew, the fond on which
',Mtge ml re are ;teat d yo one ran' t•ndd o :r I,ot
u*owein. - ur their friend. , Of morn , , 1.01.1
booaa her their_ wdskoarn.• They , d • n. 4 eonatel the
moire to thew, but they tat:• g etel . c.are that there
are to other tonne. har N,: that they eh rge en•
travaithtly, hat th. yin Ike It pay. It *lye time with
the ott , ree The 1' !cu.*. y or vow - the entattah).•
l'fro ad& open a store near the wine •The - m,fl am an.
c ,rowited to dell there, bat yood rare I. 'eked that no
°threat., resit he near Let u. not he thleorti,
II weed. the men air gene-ally very fairly dealt .wi L at
iLhereeture.".• bat evo, d-sungfairly rh owe a very
tatdeome yr. fit for aomelod). -
Another wary. of rrAt vett, r ohothlre, or the
Ipereoliv emelptsthor them. are the rallnatdl The rolr e.
meters own tee ratroad.,'or the ra Into Lerworra own
the ww. When the =he owners bald the rain - Jut
; they ens eer.eally oar mons) etarOgS on th e b mt`o.
1..4 the mad m halld nod tto , p It, and they th .n CI
;vide the entire rock of tie rout sting thentael.o., ,
!yet; eh; of [l - 41: Pr. d e. tat woe , among the otra,hl,l
'darnie.Ld. to the m . n , n; -toinptLy*. etrekbol/evv.
Tel. 111 reef roos , y the eam with alt tt e road• recently
itt In 0 , to the canine -region. Whet thetillrrovf
coothertire own the rota., Wheaten., attil owe dIfIL
101 to etannate the petit]. of the
I wan...Luta warina, and We. ern 11.11htsfl C convey,
:we a try. W,Pliest and 'lnflat t• Itheutivl (Jerers
Oozy irtere,el In cotl.ottntne, (lan to the'onfolle to
it. *alto& role nents an a, met yr Ha: railroad trots
'tea f a.y 'For year. put thrae,have eh, we • regular
,oetleth bli n tha aprettly / b hoz Itie company ton,
?hantroi Ley. The tornpanr, neverthel sa e matron.J
pat saranel..4 rd. often. Of ecC, aLtt teem' per
per rent, toe .t 1$ .-yreir err frsu In the mar
ket Itherttth ft{trte•t,t • brute are relethted thong the
eafeat 'aid 1404 reliable re , talltes in the VtilhlJ
ft de,.
The eaii.r.tontiuues > •
I. well that we beer estilatnell be I an , L , w tell
twatelt lb.. antennas 01 the railroad. nal feel Minn
are ihitedloirether. bow they a • virtually air-hit/al.
-Wahnut that mar:Allah. :1 would he impawaae
tiodtunhand Innw utterly and en•lrely fuhullnive the
, re•t. !hull interests ewers to the vet at anf
ea. em Port twrboti, in ftetierikti- county, to
; iir jet
rittchnoom. the coal port of Pthlado.plaa. 1. th,
/ miles. lon which the Retkileg Ranlersi cannon SY 44
, neniolh tol fonicbt. or equal w t e 9 yenta yet ml
j.tliow we !Mould like to know whkt amcual
Of stock the coal eperators own in the carry-.
companies leasing from this region We
do not helieve they own i;i0,01el - worth of
iu g le in "-the . Stito, inireste , l, if that
• I T,m
writer 'dol." - not even item to kpost
from where we import Oat c'oal. fie puts
'down ilie - whole import, of cool as having
dame froin Neva Scotia, as' follows
1,100 crtalowly ealel that, In sa.te of tie
detviete 'far Imported feat lincred thousand
• ton: of Soon Bentla_c al ; and Oat 1,11 when It
time to int Goo, Iba.lleetwity Tttaty, renewer
vtatanted over tax I united. n•wad eh , winK
teal the date ha. tot exclud mote than try hun
dred ttkonrand ton -..• .
Now - Orr troth is that z - we never imported
- oier Lorio of - coat from NOva Scotia,
Sic., it. any 'one year, which wale in 1 - 2.15
, an 4 n0tti ,,, 1.000 ions ns stated. Our iniiport
ailet, fron, all iburcps wa5 , & , 4.550.
' f.a , o year we imp.orted only 1:24,132
C.oce,front Nova'Scotia not 400.000 . tons
. cl . a - rincportafiens for- the 'jest - were 4!1 . 1,999
"-The whole article abounds/rat Ditch
- niiestatemens•dhroitg,hou't, and ' hit- , eerns to.
write a , if our people were a let of ign ore-
motto. like the so-' alle-1 peninratic fenders
treat !heir, follower , , of which the tutor of
11;e Fr." , Trader i; no doubt Att • nlttilinry to'
op-their ranl.c—but we think be will
lit. aken in the encl... .
a 'al been received al,Washio❑
amount to g,
...mann Confederation , hns
• . •
n; 'Pr i v i le ge which hod
1 •` • Ilie! ;
--Whahs :ratb cry
N . ; ' iv the 9:t1.,
cc wealneet that repentah66 - iz
-I.,th 01 'Lon are cr,, to our nattirt4
% Innt, ..‘t it Twit friend and worst
coemv •
( , :aily•trwaf's, if it. is
hr.i.eti it Lun Lr. minded : hut loveds like
tnirror„(l:e broken ends it.
1;1111. tti , IL no tittle an evidence of is
theta e.ov ill maim .
Tile r tl,O nisn
-.. ppeal,. le, !its faults. .
:i rally riiv- r.
lion t thr wit thare is
thare i.a between
hichtning bud , a lightnitlg bte.. •
eviir undertook few. alter his
suloprititting autu inrenshun
hi;pan, Lott .I%hat'lnade a botch jobny it
lioliuiun in tbe..t darn la caSnponeJ of
piety. and ravii matt and and
man it a l•ttor . .a.! :; ,
than 1 nal .
, thoy a,re;,raarrietl, an p
d the!irk mid 1.?4n2
thry hav a fair chine. , ; ten
t',t the real titudityol their appetights
'An iilt to-dne titan is an insult few
all, l it may be our taut iI , LXt
I iloo . t know ov that would
tlm %lulu uv'tis up nm;t3;„tl. , ,rotigitly
than, w Lay all f,ur wiAes.gratified.
There I- tlx)*1:11',1, ow ohstinacy—oh:
unary inthe•right, end obtAinaLly in die.
i rang . ; 4 , 71 - f 17 thr 14re gth
. aa a grate
nod t.ther to is - the •stren,:thi of a
cf p4ryzite..
eneinre VIV,b in the ynune-tbet
v s innl,l klP,Thiee in the
ta - filr 0 n't rhellowf.
I, Eliza's rALII.ft ri.tatmo %O:—NA
. ,
at;t' INlt ON
iljttCn I U Y
A PAI k- L 4 29% 8 ] ) .41 1 ?.
will run ehuneellon wall the' nereral nods naming
New York and Phrwlelphia. no Sulkiwr
• DOWN '
: 31
• . Lrevr K:4 ~2.4 •
• sAin' 1.30
11191551 Onrami . .... 1.60
91140300,'Cit7.6.40 • 9.35
- Kim& Chant, - • 4.30 15.35 4.2.5
4'.00 13 43 8.56
91018131195,5 1. 1 15 2.16 111888 ,G.lO I'o4
MAC=........ 1.14 6.44 12f.125 - '6:40 9.49
ftlladelpili 0.15 6.80%5.40
Sew Turk.; ...... Ip.lo 7.1510.15 5.70
ttlif Inuit! ExpreTj.
- 1.1 'e* * 7d zO.
New York.. 1.:.0 12.00 1.00
1111:001eIrs ..... 7.4 s 1.10
=am • ' 1.0 11-.611 10.04
• 10.90 4.00 0.10 19.114 11.00
:10.4 4.10 83 , 100
. 111406 0.10 1036 •
. 0.00 1.41
, P 4.0- 1.
0.01 . 8.43
. M.
PM Lime' INtiEtta:e.kno..dly.
mien:own .
ie. Omilk . 7
)(racy (..1:y" .
Xt. Carmel
• • ONWIMUL 1L LOF MEM ,ranee.
Vp azid• Demi ankle ccw at Luton with the
gWawa the Central tiattnia4 otNew Jersey to sad twa,
nit York •
.on MT EMI sananan. . • '
Dam Oahu; N. 1. 11 and C, and op tralna Na. 1. 4
matl4 counam at Salami Irlth Mho of the Mann ,
a/14AM ftalhaid In and from New-Tane.
• wow remoravuni warm>.
Dom Dana Naa. 1, 6 and I. and 619 Nuke Na.
sod 4 tanauel at&pleb= with Mina. tai l =
Oda. Trains tram Plllladelpllla anmon
4110140ri train No 7, and with up natal Noa. 0 • 10,
. • WIT 1 1111MITLTAIllt• L. la
Daft mill Nca. and 16, and up tritto NanAm
Allonown Na
sod litarnumor. Traits ham wiab Nano
Elannumor and Realms
ammo at Allentanni with all - down talus.
11111.11:002 MAIN= • -
it Nca. and 0 ammo at 1M Phil
Nano .PNNedutptda. Item trom POl 1
dolma m Phaliabmi wilgott tratasNat. 111,
sal todal It*m IMIA4m comma OIL op - tram
Mos.' ad IL •
0•11.11,1114 MAILIMAD
. I)Owei ism No. r
. out op 4111.til mood
WRlolo Lusakawith toOn. Um Wanton R.
amosio outoon..
Odds Illao sod I, end
11110 tutus at Its ilaidasos =thug. • •
*Doom trans Nos. =trap taoso Noe. • ay maid a Mao Ram leta [rotasum Leblia
got Ilto Ilotkosd to sad Leos or ooman,..
OlOotol amp of ow bemoan Vithosbm. 001 l Now
Mmeept am Detre= it ones.. oull
',co winds No. flood doon toga a.
WSW H. tie.M
___sortoondoof itod Notlsoor .N.
B. ItraNg.iir (NNNININ. Aim% CRool
am. 1. •
Pllai LA DaLPIIIII Ik 111110111111410 R. Ilt.
—ottani attoille July 1*16: 1111111114
so earl Inas lin leave Potte;tile at 13 410 A. 3L, mei.
if A 111 , mad retortiltet teen
a ult ttedelptde et OAS P. IL, reschtsit Pottsville 4 SAO
P. W.
- TM; tram wiroooaset with the 7.111 1.. X. train
hots litaval Holtdag.
and with tram' .tof Col
.ao coasted oa Mt Feldman Railroad. =.•
Wad, good tor Ma train haly had tor
wow all hlehadc•l4 toad ottsvills to
Oda lad thwah.
• Honest Avast
B aste mos of the yeti hat cdiLltr lUD stoat of
all asst always oa Wad! tetra y to amid gaga
alms to a la. All due et rata dad Thy boa al
fa sock , -- Hama sad You Mos lem, DAM ways
, .H.X6
Asa% Halt aw* /Uwe GrJoTed. sad. ovary oatia 9 4.
tie at ha; road tot whia Chap v_
G' MAR. ClN2sdk4rar baking cob! rap pear knit , in nurce ' oast gad b
wen &ma You/ twig.. Pa W. net* bY
01.11.12; &MUIR Awl SILTiII -PLAT
9, W +WE tvsry 'duftri•laa aad haa4
ersalted* t•e• Bria.l , ollt. Taaanoao s,
••••• .Pridas lower. Oita lloa Tardy market
.10 27=iadoestastaalto pa chum.
>u,l 80. TICAt•Ji Etat,
gad latalekagdll4,l4 • Pldlackapitla.
, 04,7
of die thiie e d Same art . ? nation of fools,
and adopt free trade piinciplen, and the
other_ European
hat now protect
their industry, are also fo ls. When all is
l'il,ns are on an equality w th regard to labor,
'cipital mid 'machinery, l would hail free
trade as a bleising- r -but tit would prove a
curse to all others,' ex pt England under
casting circumstance', a d they know it,
hence their tremendous fforts now being
made to bring it &bent, 'IDS particularly in
tit United States, which if their greatest mar
ht. - We contend, however, that the shortest
route by which the adrizdages arid disadvan
tages hetwecri nations' can be equalized, Is
through protection to home industry. ,
The edit, for the DlMmillournal is evident
ly a freetiader--mid 's turf attrlbates"tha„iie
cline in to the '
t } ant of confidence,
eausellbjihe'explosions of banks, corpora- ,
tione, fie., a few years ago, in England, aid
edf by the conduct of , the rades Unions tl
. - e
hOwerM., r - emarks 11'80.7.. i ree trade is a bless
ing, mi l d if the present gi!mtors would ez
liend their efforts in isroaviso the principles
. .(of fret) trade) upon cube" nations, inducing
reciproitivith England' they woulTbe do
ing a rat deal more to Olive British indlis
'trY.'''lllere Is an honeat confession by the
free traders in Englatid that they are
enforciig free trade . principles here,
'bi-- setiding • million of money over—
'buying rup : the . hole Copperhead
party Press, find members of Congress,
and a portion GI the iti•Publican members
'and papers also; forwe r4nnot believe fot one
moreent'that any editor of a paper, br mem
bers of tongresi elected fo make laws foe the
• people; are So ignorant s not to know that
the maintenance of our dovernment depends
- upon en couregimeal gifin touts domestic
iodbatip for support' tatid/advaricement.—
They tare also purchased Professors in col.
lege.,and clergy Men frig{ the pulpits, as itin
erant leturcre, isain / er tie productiv." indus
try yf this country!:, indict tarot of British in
tere,,,ts `Tbewlice - liit) ltootiitig'tlie ,. .coun•
cry fronb o,e'extrernity t the other, with all
ainis of,documents isi dirierent languages, to
poi•,,u•the minds of the igzioraht and unthink
ingin. fa'ror'PC ibiummin i iiritieh in prate--
she, to American productft. -- to this may the .
English and Later European free trade MUM
faciun;ro, ere."e'nforciol' the doctrines of
free trade 111 Ole lie States. ' But, with
all this ~e nforclog - business, we do not be
lieve that it majority of toe members of Con
gress will . themselvis either so purthe.
aable or ighoyant, as to stamp this country en
a LlAllioLl ofi fOula in' the egislative halls of
• I
-*. YORE TRIBUNE. , . 1
e" find, the following %Miele in Monday'e
N. V. Tritanr: •
.111101 coal be placed in that (free) llri t
. .We hope it may, for reverie spite other than these
room( ply erred by the &dwells* of " Free OW."
New I:striated wl+ obtain Busse c-al from Nova broths
a little cheaper than she no z saaes i our gm romper y
'elies..wYl make ta little e money out. of `their
Noviericolit coed minis" than they now do; but that
err will glee to their one tomes!k eithezehesper or bet.
tergm, this deponent. me th, / knowing, real My.
So uthward-10d wetter-2rd of Delaware, ••F. Ise Coal"(
sit 1 amount tis' met nothing at alt, sate the lord
1706.060 per &Drain to the ent,. ?rel -
Bat no moostrons.has been he misstatement, and
..00dnisr deustonsiniith regard to the ((fret tf thiedn•
tier nu cod (40 cents per long Inn on Anthracite. SI
on Biumtnrios) that we wont them taken it to order
that the Flee Tiadies may he toinetd to confitaks.—
When theylcduce the people of a ell 'Basted aa
Rochester Ls to tell (beeves' (tu.Adhey could be sup
, plied with cbest.r tool from aeroad B were not for
' Ditre &tinily, want three cochlea aesertltes brought.
to the tourb , loneed Impaneled, Mut:4mm coal will
be cheaper, pen dower, to itqu'ure as In the part,
and (sealers will sorait(tun Whence the price rdr the
ellepla maker that they can; bk. ottlaide if New Eng.'
Lull, and intna mole even their. the mice of mat In
this come ry , si 111 tei to more beret. d by the retention
Or tepee/ of-the dates than (14 price of corn or earn
' stood. Inte(hirent men know ILIA; baneit men admit
ft : keg:* tome it, nod w./ what torus, them exixosed
t r Ibe If dictation of their dories.
We c cell to resell arreei to a redoritos in the
(111;i a LlFlglrun, tboash the Way. mud Meone Cum.'
. reported as lavotiog 11. We are now march
ing to ad .cheap Iron ttr the right road—that on
which We 'rims no Ball Runs. • on furnaces are
•prlr g us op all eremite county 11:toolr, In Indi
ana. to Mil Ontl, In old and to West V rtlrita, In Meet
Tenure', mid North Carol oo and we heir of par-
Os!, id Ore nod Coal lands with totes to commence
retnirg,and..eutebug to Alslituut. The Free Trade
sounp•l. si tin making le a motiopyle, and that
t. re promo anabred theme de not. tombs to the
eCetment of re ra and more capital and chill In the
ins•leies,sate, cuiorsdicted by 4cto of the widest no.
u rlety. We titter bet ye sulde 110 mock Iron In a
are we dd In 1,41 bat ochre making oatia:dera
rlyntov Atli In 7 , 59 We stebonfident the. its new
to , one, ea, 'et bare rune moo hlart thin year number
ant hundred', while neury every onCr preempts'
he. ancreased fu eatcryity, or at leant its pro-
11, Were It retied stud understood that lb • duty ou
0 no would stand unalteird; fur ire yeast , . tend it
n.l blotter to-day t banitudar ;the thdts un-Lownuea
Told of I 1.(11, we need not OLD, es(' that limo-for an
alo :ndence of American iron It a price at net $5
prr ton low( ((him the prmentl We ebouid no trig
er be. obliged to c•, entreat the Erna traders to
mate trtn—ltsey wool moth headioug luto the bulb
nice Li s ntl old feel reasonably ace of a ir,•flt of
ovon 55 l or rou our three yearif the deity to on thr dial—le warning uto
people off from holding Moro Ifcenaeta and =eking
run(e Iron. bolt no each, backward Wit will be
The. ,im i e arguinenta Piave been . made
and in fact ilvery. other 'satiric
hot 14 in this cl.uiry. It admits
the'. cliarge4 made }are false it
• E .14 4. rd./.lalf million of doll ars
•' -4 Treasury ; that "
S - EW I N G i41e;::!
493 Ilito*D4444%•ftir. we w3DI- to
• i 739 their.
POluts of tteelleoce v . of
kl.outo nod giesticity or ii.r,o.•rniert.rin and
•, of kf vhin, en Un!nOt,h -end, ly
•144• hi o nizie proapo t y bell,ocd no
',root.. 4.1 Wife rent 04 opOn,floh without
L... retalLo' :to beted!y
sik.l C•lllL4rn ef1e...14 :14 Ltd,g. Idenkle. do.
fog kilo Wolk. dune , t,y other dewing
- there diltebloro exuate beautiful tad perms
limhroadrey and Ornsennotal Work. '
For rein t.y '714 E. CEIAIIIICHN, FMrtfanille.
314 y
an -enerny
31ANTLEM, 11/111011 AND
1,.: .Id :or M.A.. lAL - • AT THE L 4 WEST
(Azll PA ICES.
J 3 UT IS Nt ITD grp IR ET. Mow domi
aN.,e Unp:-.04 awl
O. 143111 CHICioTNUT
. CuL t1neta.111.1...(0 ram LADMIL.
tieuber it, 1,43,
feagtiful Linen Summer Corsets. ,
ill Protest hi Philadelphia.
r .G 3, 14113,
Centre %Keel, Pottsville, Penna.
try 1. 't , 1-
. . J..t EArfirrAt A lieridp AU.,
No 270 cENTHE DT., , Cor. Malta.
111.L1i01sALs. LADLES WATI2L OS,
NER.S' FI.kNNI/111, • . .
4411 A W1..4, •in •ittley. p. a;;41 GOODS, WHIT@
tiogni, INDIA Tu%, s lA, FRENCH LIDS: •
If LE ELL —AI gees ael 0 huh wk. 0I T. COTtlilr
11. C.
bpirf t, the er , rly tpll Mork or Dry Doorts,
weamlll FAxd amt PrOTiPlazul
Joan w. Mows dr denim.,
no CRS/RR-Sr/a* comer IiARKRT,
septal. 419 rt.. •BeW =o.'d9-11`trd,
' FALL 1t) "ENING •
-, 811 A Lk ,
. .
iirtv<...or c l ..‘lltyshf BLACK S. • .
C•01.141.IID .11.N.t1 In (ter new 'taco.
'F411'4%1.0 A "At'AS no all tombery
PAI•ILZY SIIAWLS, (Scarlet and Work )
- ' A er dld due eit
New Anilines
!iVALYINO Start made In : entlet.
. . . . ,
11116 ..fetiall Sortir Second Streel,
Its ondeiglened Myth/ ly !waned lielllff4ll
to the aeldltinti ol tl• tassel nr seery beAdltes=
tag Ms Mime Mama beMeem offers imat
t• mall medusas* at famttare to Etta %d\ 'NUL
km asoadma or bete: . 7 h to 0061 Ms m
1 all Mo Lip
Ma• MA thete me eeilatoe of
over lumps la bestom • mememe al - Ma Mehl
to Ulm oat the hest et met Ha peromally wpm
elm Ws lime ~Mom WI ars sirttrAt Mt all bud
"ICI b• nose is woke el IMen tome. • - ' '
Meta MIA or MI Veda of 11:rittiltni Mrs
MIMI 7 aa MA& °?-•'
s - ' D2 . II ARINCEIIIL •
to 1, '69Ttot•
ILIIV 41, liffiffiliffff u ffral
'IF • . • i I
. .
Scapular hoillih. lam ..4 Client hi.
- '
primer. ~
.. •
Igo Wraps mist the Siriu, . Pieria s epadOrt 1111 4
tar* nuacteed.: MI .11ateu SWIM el t, %WOW
At, IldisciPlittikh. Trilise. a =s. /Falk
Quire, it, tad,
.perh sieekeesph la* CC Oft
et may Pump' ea =Deft
hese; besse st. met, in ay verb* pas
=us so the exact at Um kw. •
I bete Meaty anetemeett ealleniest re ,.
mad sill peotheabe ell ghee
M um eerbaq m bin Vtilt - TiElaratabx•
Ot• yaws
en by teet as or tooggesso et NOM
I •
• MUM _-. ,
- " reaskite boa lib* PM ante* FL
L Jima.' 111
&tante, lad while Jobe Love, •
year g men beluagleg le (heerdvtile, •ad een.l. , yed ea
braltrula to ibe rout betvrem *sham y Planet and
.BtuesedoetiCliy, wee at elapillag to get ea f tittle •t
Glra nit Ille, be fell ei."lg . It aaa - had we of We arm
scvertd from 111. bi.ty.. •
013 Selazday ilea list tbel raddeare ol Col. B
Ramsey wae du:Dived by are,
Gant! nt..4 La.nitem
mut All., 7./.
litlonrici cem igs
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211011 MON.
The N. Tribunerakes ground stains'
the income Tax, and beset one of Its objec
tions on the ground that this tai is deducted
from the salaries of Government capers, who
have to lay on the whole amount Of their .
salaries, "therefors, have no opportunity
to deduct the $lOOO exempefromlaxatina.—
If this is so,r, in rexpodelling_thelaw, it Is •
very easy. matter for Government officers,
!hos* sole income Is derived from their sala
ry, to 'for the exemption of thi $lOOO,
by makings* affidavit that tied: 'airy mined
tut/elixir whole income, We faukthowever,
that the principal objections to the income
tax, .come - film- the wealthy, principally in
our cities, whose object appears in be to avoid
paying "as tale tax as possible. Another
objection urged is. that a great mealy rich
people do not pay it. That may be so—but
this Is more - the fault of the officers In not col
lecting it;' and this 'objection will apply frith
equal force rio all taxes. :The jactle that
there is so much toadying fo r: vet - ad' in oar
cities,, that rich mei who, demi° to _cheat
the OevernMent or the. State; are permitted
to do pretty much as, thej .ples.•) If the
press were to do its datjin mit Ulla*, this
respect, there would to but little difficulty in
collecting the income,. as . well as all other
taxes. If the. position tenable„ that all
Government taxei thaCetnnot be collected,
ought to'lbe abandond, it will not be long
fbeforiall taxes would have to be dficontin
usilon the same Principle. ,The CoMmls-
Sipper of Internal Revenue, In lie recent re
port, completely refuted ill the flimsy argu
meats urged .against the loam, tax by its
oppOnents. life, however, would retiaciel the
law as follow.:
Exempt all under $2OOO and exclude house
rent paid. •
On $3OOO up to • $4OOO 3 per cont.
(00t up to . I.o,tatO & per cent.
On' 10,0t01 up to 20,000 C. per cent.
Oct` 20,004 up to 14,000 E. per cent.
On 00,000 up t• - 100,000 10 per cent.
Ou 100,006 up iv 200,000 12 per tent:
On 290;01atup t0,.000,000 - 15 per cent, ••
04. 600,000, ant iipwartia 20 percent.
All large estates amllarge incomes are con
trary to, the ,spirit of our institutions, and
haireither been inherited, or limy are in the
possessida of monopoliste r who have eaten tip
the small fry- - -and al the Government is
.called upon to protect these large properties,
they are boun'd to pay in proportion for said
protection. In Pennsylvania; a may
;bait ids property mortgaged to its foil value,
and he is taxed end retied to-pay on the as- -
'eased* value of that property,- while In -reali
ty it ienot.worth a dollar to -him over.the
mortgage. The income tax is iMeabed on
money actually received and made, and
therefore,„ as far as hardships are concerned,
it is one of the most equitabletales that can
be Imposed.
01 is a rery easy mattir , to reed' these who
not mike Correct, or any .saturne. Au
thorize the assessors to assess those who re
fuse to make returns; the same as assessors
are authorized to do in Peaneylrania, When
they refuse to „return personal property,
such sum as they Suppose would cover their C
iiicome, and proceed to collect ft the sae as
oker taxes are collected, unless they show by
their books, Ac., that they hays no income
shore $2OOO, or that their income is less than
the amount assessed. In this way they could
reach even the' rich
. liensocratic leaders in
New York City, who:refuse to pay any in-
come tfi.l -
The Tribune irevidently getting a little
Muddled lately ior lometliag worse. It is
eternally prating about keeping up our iire•
nue to maintain our credit, and then clamors
fur removing in item of titration that put,
last year upwards of $84,000,000 into our Na
tions'. Treuury.
goad pairs.
Week!, Alma Rae.
Dee.— , lllll. I
'l9 eta nninat,.
Scow. .
ti AV e 41.44 . 4
a Cu u 5.044
:4 v 441,44
7' 19 4. 34 D. s K .
7SW 4 141,97 cw Y. 8 44 1:33
T 99 , 4 /33 Pint 44.10 16 iv.
7 3r4 Si Tall Y. II 6 64 ev
St 33 Wt 4. SS 9IS in
7 17 4 ST
7 11.!4 37
Mate of the rliennometer bribe wet end Mg Than
day. Lept fur Me Itiew' JOCZNIAL IV W. B. Lather
2lnveratune jor the • Wiet
1. 4 4
9 4
1I lrlmaay,..
12 Ncind...
Monthly, ...
14 Tot:adv....
16 Wedneklay,
piet.b.b.l Yelper.. Hall - Avv.cletioti of illueravUle, •
puraelet the actio.lng trAex—loi the
flirt' of el! 1 .10.2 the be 1, sb'eti stlil be coo,
CAD Weds is the eyries. att imp.o.stoest
Wpm:ode tC • •
In p xz wi tar tbe bentat of the Pottsville
Potterllle, Jar wu tumettiarsd ynteroley In
roam, ou found jar et be
THE ig( ) 1:, ill hruch ti mior
IRON ()Oki .41.t.tda ha ibM
MOUNT ,OAW/1.° 44.4 '
Ossainzo Cionas ,de Lr or.lct;ipm:K l
Innen' ne, Screen, kind Car Shops
1 1 131,1 Compity 1, esmposerl Pi - nein/1 Meehanlm
to sO the houots., and wilrfalthfally all slimier, ix
work entrusted to therm ,Sc ire wins .104113 Lasts
=WM! Patent for:snaking Nave-1m Worm
T. C. Bows t4csl..
• ' , 'l. !,\____•-•
- .•.• t?V:t --- 1 4 _ . - r
frz c int\
. 1 ''''.- 1-,: - . •
-iii -1 1 r•
. .
. . 0 .! 141 1 . , ,.
, ri 1,, i •
• 'f. IA •1 I _ /......24
impliovso PATIV.FT
Tbe abort pan Improwment oar L. P. Garnet's
Patent nt ]ban J itmaticeb as Ma grooves Inv math:ls
om &mood Ma atmen. with a groomed nt d mod Rol
ler and Hark mating In them to keep tha &man from
Owing whoa MP coat II wet. h mowers Me par
mac aa toll comes oat dry and elan of
,Wa also braid I
whk l b we will guarantee to make IS per MIL lets
Irma. Man anf taker Breaker bow to w:. '
In srewn
, • •
which m he plarrl on' every pitch, tor/Otero It the
slope.,. No dio4t of drowning dot —po NM for cm.
'Ulm.. Aldo,
eirruted.ta sin IS percent. leis fuel Van icy Muir
emetic now In en
AU r of 'ITEM& ENGINE-9, and al Mad! of
nutlclrt. do , that am made altewbere. ate mile at
our show : GARNER & 'CHRISTIAN,
Laly P. Galway., W. A. Canaria!,
J al, Ita
- •
. P ..
dilir ri H .
Conker Priem sad . illallowlhill stamen.
. 1
A,Tull IA ISM, , ' 114 t -
THOMAS POMP'S, Jr., Proprietor.
Rernellie•—aam Beni • natan. Oct 40-404 k•
SEND. roR olcuLArts 'c i tatsirs
,rf .
7-" - ttiVe(CIIIK
A Sin !MOM?.
Cheaper;. thaa the.. anapest.
sELL AT ALI. Tllll3
op ALL KU D9,-
dt .LOW
PVC= SEAS LIT anti; soar
Dzazia . nr 11,nTirriZiat NO NA n'ar
a. yeas reftedealreela term*:
sir Am) COMPARE FIRM anis'
SAM TIM OLP Plll l llll6 . -•-•
. 111 Pod pia bs; Mao am/
alei= fi ftioloy a M -
1111.1 NO II WEIL •
~.j y: 1" &arts !Wed Ith pis. ( 3, sae M
Nursery. &mks Casullas ass DOW
.../ontker ars Cbtavdair &Wed .—War an
=to state Gal Area red-
Mete sad Cuomo taus for the Boreoigtt
Oran Choosy for MI, yesterday einted op
hie &olio*,
Is tun. - The le No. 2. Whit win
to tette. N 0.417.
Meson. Teller .13res. isms jut% aitossalf at.
atiesake at Haliday Goode at 193,0satre attest.
Call sad mad= oar. stock . - 48 it
Lter Saturday% Mow than appeared •
Autounualeadort horn ,Aattlead esti 1 . 6 Ham
to arbors Woo, to Der." St *WS Elm nano
Y au do's ad Wig; OrdiVitatratattat, into
Yt b• • Bap Shilater.. -
Par qf th'e P. 0. , 8. qf A.—Than vUI
also Uto
tafkry peomo of this Fa A ,
Pair. I
Goo'arloin CCODeetioo wlth
gam oat ostooaro masarlo. Latest' his
torian= of animals from al coma of tho
Moto: Doors Oa* at, bolt put 8. Go ad
as G.
• New Style nu awl Winter Stets, Suitt
Clatb, - Veivettess, TrimmLtirs, ete., at Mutts
Botta% 122 Omar* street, Puttatialt..
Ale Its meeting ofCremes Lod g ik
42d,. FT. Y., bald Pa Thursday exemlac. Dee.
19, I9t 14p tonowtog Alma were sleeted Ito
aeree datum" UP eammied Mem& year, oonamea•
elm on Pd. Joares day D. It :—Watabiptal Mu
ter, Buda Sizel; Motor Waedeo, whet B.
Keefer; Jaalat Warden, Antboay Proud; J.
Howard Ttearipeon ; Troalprer, Joao Oreee4,
Otay 20 meta for s Boptaior 'Oyetor Ant ,11
Potto's Indigo* Onto Boesotsta, No. 191 Coo
ts stmt. ?noes Woad to mat the limit.
0411 end iso to "pitmans. •
Insure 70113 Z life to the North AIIIIITietn Malta
Life Insuranee ampule of Plats. It possesses
a arnbetentlal capita, 11100.aV of which in m
erman& Boo* is deposited with tin Auditor
Gement of Peaturylvanla, u .comity fat policy
bolder*. Batas low and dividends alma/. ' For
farther information Opt} to Luther d. Kauffman,
Omani Agent, JlLlnereepie, Pa.: 2e4e
Another Rix Duplicate Smar.l
ficuroung sits thi.Col boor of Btate, Cmaty,and
Bono taxes of the Borough of Ashland. for the
"year Ha. :111 real estate vas recently sold by
Sheriff Wynkom,,aod on the lit h Iset., be pant
over to the Treasurer, Conrad Bokser, tlei bal
aneSdne the county by A. lionnwg, anionatiog
to two thostand eight hundred and fortyifire
dollars and fl4y tour oats. The tax 3 1 711,1
Schuylkill County, are greatly Indebted to Hr.
Etellz , i for *atrium( the• payment of these old
anearigee of Taus, that ought to have tees
-paid years ago. •
' A Ladies' _Farr •ill be held In Net ()Whoa
for the bentllt or lb. wow Methodist Itoleet.pal
Mauch of that place, to eontmence on %panel
day, the 22odinet. and motions one week
tlo.2ter t Old tlce.M.s •
Birthday Orlefiralios Tbsinday evening
list a number of friends and lashed - Roosts, -sr
*enabled at the resbienne of Lion. Myer gum*,
Second strut, for the purpose of cshhirating the
44th anniversary of the birthday of Mi. guru..
Several preasol at Woe wets made to him. Mr. B.
Bryson McOoot presented him with a spited/
carriage whip ; Mr../ F. Altatadt presented him
with* beautiful back for the pocket, to cutato
inemestanda, papers, etc,. The guests were vo
tertained by Mr.- &rouse with • fine saPpat.
Touts seers drunk, sod speeches were delivered
by Marra. guests and Maio& Atm meteor
string band vie In attendance, able an Italian
harpist..' Them was dancing, mosio, sloghig,
ce. no wetile affair pseud off in thei
pleasant manner. . . -
.Workingimu'es Benevolent Antexiaiions—Toke
Nttrs.—Page,l4tinen and Ratatula, made to
order at the shortest Dotted, it
. Figura BeLe ;. 493 °mitre 8t..1
if miff Brki —Nona to to bid with cold ae
damp feet. Is going Into a colder air. keep the
month resell:101y closed, that by competing top
air to Meg etrenilOpely thy"
! Ms- Wows and
bead, It may bonnie gunned fore it reaches
the lenge and thus preveot t use shocks and
. middeo chills which frerneutly end in plimrlay,
poenrocada, and other tame of Annexe. Nbret
sleep with the ,bead ' in the drangbi of an- oPoll
doer or window. Let more covering be on the
lower limbs than on. the body. Have an extra
covering within eas7 reach in taw of a trodden
and great change of weather daring the night.
Never itand 'nut a moment ootof dean, rope.
deliy at streetsorners,, after having walkcd
even a abort distal:ea. Never ride sear the open
window of a celibate rot a single half miaow ;
tepeetaliy if it has been piemded by a widk
valuable lives have. thus been Wel, or - good
health permanently destrcyed. Never pat on a
new bout or aboe in the beginning of a walk.; ,
Will be sold At nubile sale, on Monday, be:l
amber 18th, $BOO, at the lionae in Norwegiati
street, the following household turnittue.l
Carpets, Oil Ciotti, Matting, Mattresses, Bed
C/01144, Red Steady Tape Chair., 'Brasi
44, • • p. dune .. 4.9 2t
Fine Arts.—A day or typeface while at Bonn
dy•ta studio, we bed the pleasure of seeing many
Tel 7 excellent piothave. Buindy's , portraits are
Earticularly fine, and. am worthy cf admiration.'
Whin looting at the vitiate }ntrant, and
other subJuta, our stteutiou was drawn to a,
Orrttralar_picture which we became much inter- 1
10 The Subject is very pleumg and highly.
untereating. It represented the Baptism of our
demur.' The *rust has setzai upion the aut.
meat of representing Bt. Jahn to toe wt of por-
Leming this sacred rite to B un'who said, • stif
fer it to be so Dow, for thus it booomeut us to,
fulfil nghtootteltus," Aqd this is finely par.'
may ed to the &awe. The general harmony of
calotiza• and a:lnman:l, trullpumat tra•i
tar and drapery, etuuuner:z 3 it ua very street !
Winos, muked Stith the extremesi care and'
Thu picture can now be seen In one of the Win,'
does of our star .. •
The best Bolide; Pleeerd is • policy In 7 / 3 i
New York Life Lokoretore 13...reptoy. liseewel
719,000.000. F, F. liau•r, agent, Pottsvilln,Pa.!
Fine Portraits.—Hr. &tautly has reiently
finished *oven' portraits, which hare elicited
isle cuiquadfled somitation of thou who bile
seen them, Ns their lifelike, natural appear
ance, and the general artistic dueliatice of the
wort. la this We of !dean Rt. Bondy, °cep
plea • foremost pteition.
There is now an exhibition at our shire a beau.
tidal picture by tr. Bondy, probably the most"
meritorious of sly which has come from his
easel. It bu jut .bean completed. It repre
sents the Baptiam of our Saviour. The artui
has seiaktd upon the moment of repreeenting
John to the act of pet formiog this sacred rue to
film who eatd,."entter it to be Rd laver, fcr thos
alt C.ttuetti to to lath all ',gib taanisuou. " duo
this is noel) , µ,Hayed In the pietaN. The gen.
oral LattllULy of. coloring and arprec,ink and
the aran•pangul water Cud drapety,_ctkaxectarizl
It 44 • obey sweet picture. mulled "nth the cc..
truhuet care and a11111.1..'.
f 1 - . • N 11.0.. • I
Always on howl; the erdebratr d Haman & Hain:
Uri tlabuiet and Matrupolvan Lbgans, winch in
are selling at reduced prices, at Pedlar kinie.,
192 Centre atreet. to 41
Tla Continental Lafe iiistuance Company of
New York, is not in any way connected with any
other company either site or tire.- It me the mot *noceesful Lae insurance COtilptiy of its -ago,
. .
lira tot of aneliatial talent fir:
3 tar Pottatille Puma Ware., lAA. IT,
pOil A..
a' a Dtrt Du, ••
1, 0 .4 t o m u t 41staltit Robert Ryou Y.. John' •
Joon D Istayerlortalarkla
lt Alba' licuwat.yr
• 11J boatman Jima'
pose NALL—A baw, %imam
fneY fact . inge tollatle t elk.. •
lcla.cOol cod coal Mit &? Tombs., Catrail
co. Apply to 011:0. VI. wy ;
Jul 1 la Ulric rilcaoas •
Locomodires . fir .
ntrousee Cinder. I :
AM gl a sses tonooded .ea tao itamemato 6f
mi aro adapted to MMus Amin I YVI
MT WAY sod QM, thetas mat
sod tanned. Tha Two of t osoyanoM, tastrA voommast, past
'pow, medi ant, sod gran uoviav, easassig, nab
tacos a Coolzala a sad kat salaams li2r Waal
=. moor to to •tbe onakoamto of
Itk tO VC dose eatablamon with Oak Par.
avo. Lomoviftra Um are prepared to comtnet
AE faCY.—wit art
,aubletaid to ad ea dim
• =rta at
Paz O ulo ziots.. .lmo m at e4 T in stor e M t
hmith gay talonadlaa amts aid la
au Ooal9maim at Puma akea aba may make ta.
qdry, clll sad gat a dimly. sad atazda•
•=B. 411 • [ • [ [
. -
Tim vorypopa
isikartog al ch la e tapetior quotas rill
.. "1 . 1 . 11611 . • I t
• • 1' I
nippy cum. PIAN
By Ur nal Paget of oar losatilll aetlra
Sod Ito Umbel:0010w Molgo oraMal rimi
LW!. bate peniootoi unmans loonomo. I. 1
Prrsirrizzal.. *mats.
smicaT ar - te. Assist
•.••• • • ••
alaTrazirli "tel
• timmk_ l num
-.llll44lllaitsi diem Nee
savalows, omeingssiwise.
(111~TO rne:ll4l.,,allni2ll J 0.1144
. COSlN9nual I '
Nomad. Des. 13:—Jobs Lim was lodated for: em.
twins de dwentag bone lire,t. Setts. , POW
vele, as the slot o oc4ar test. seek
to oneaelth Maw H. Saba `MI • Sao
metes [sandier ahem tol Modest the ad*,
sal &boded caelock a dliesmedl is lbs bale** at
id Babes sbadrah lope Plisa3 allAtb
&etre owe lamas idg we, up ea the tidal OFT.
The slam betas rya by aos at Da ettedlasak, tM
Mbar esobed dews sass to fops. bat Sid Delta .
oolsid ma lad now Ida tows. pi ad* 61 .•
oatirkbor, ftte7 tied hew =e.7 he a Joel be beaded owe
[other pike. • The deists Mewed tbah Ys
=reel lass. be hid be= Outdid braid to
the proseesseee deadbeats be aoloe bid ameba wee
tepnewattag WWI ea a etiegbl se Allender Lber ere
isat4 sum at Chaise 'Mbar ; em [tier aueoed
diet be ono too drink that Idea e%e Deem abse, be
wee about Mee Dm abet ala at dellbenahm,•is•
tamed a verdict at guilty.. .
Andbea Lead, &Part Cabot, me convicted e
easeltecese adaeldetlo Amin elm pallet De tom
de:beat * stable bekattlet Med bladanee Delete
red otbanrise,tebateet the baddlod. The dabadai.
(40 ID dregs sas maw didahnrUng be IFAI
paean up • bmlidles& Id. owe slag Ode We Del:
lull 'WAn sedUkat the dialog oconOtolsol ot le ea
aconite,: bet iLe Jul maw! to Week Dere au a
good dad of odelittn" Amt. It, and do rendered
;belt Terdlet lieeardtikt
tilemullt-Italletbe /tette child tsar lea.
I shoat le yasde team mad. Dike Ms
there'll a path foe chile to ea to water
the log. The mid la 'sot meth, trawled ;
no oh pima peer for a whole week.
thee- P. It. a aria sad a quaver trona
a% I low them st Moe lace, ant w Okod
'a with Into lie 840111 I knew tiny one
lake the child ; ,thee ball chl'd with twat 't
world take a walk la tan Mkt : said he
env Peke lolt- taking ears of thethr4. the
J. They showed ma the child. It wee a wa
it wee thew living. Allen 41111 yards then
it: thw Musa LWOW* walking aloes the •
raid the thatralla Intl: that win nearly nth*
ban boor after I bad erst wee them; I our
t the inewei; could fro that the noes was
the lower part cadencing looked as though
in. theWhi now J. Chet eh down cheeks much;
'l athed t . -The path went round • the bra.,
ad sad creek. It rues he the liwe on
Awe Is • wall cloyed "pace of Sandi hy
need to go lo certain work by th at pa: -
ran rat to toad;. wed to bane IT oat
ten fullowed it. The Mt I.
a start' from toad and Inns Into woods
...tea lag and creek. Necker:am had the•
mit itclucilyni termineires,
if ter carrying It. when be showed it to me.
- ' e culler...tan be wthethred whether Bea.
Oa Tuesday maiming last;flitatiel J. Nuke Ili he take the child. '.
„Warr J. giliakernik Mlllac Xa•Y A 'Dna.., were mak-Cut wood he ether tress last year, and
ar, waged nom the charm of amerce/the (brie Want; ' hat pdh.
child, near eitolve in Vale s fowl:whip. on the 4th . tie earthing were emmaink . Including. Rm.
of Nvember tea. The ludldateint rout/deed two Leib,. keeper of tie Red- Tavern be
coon one for med. and he other for Bola n • kineuthe and ;De i rtralia„ willirast . h r e milt
o u = of L. Coen In i be tral m aro U nn l . l7 and erintintiol b i er 'they t wad renVail no ' lnge wit; thertn. 7'
di tog ib` e '••• hemer a l iniCne' pas ii4 l2, •“•l‘4••• e Ll n r: illoaribie Stauffer, Squire Davis a rrest her, ewe also
- -- a r .. 0, Jury retired, - ullel es us
tarots at aon Saturday
'4 th e name night • " I ' 4 " a •••4I•• " 11111• T shone g. The miles und4 an roithllace or athlete
of murder In the a - st deems al th'ibill othe a bat ileglth , --- ...6. - .' - moo t 0•••=0 The melt InrOncd, en - hp
led the with. The Pthliwit"•°•oooll4thw•th Iii "" 1 , ja - telleve his conticathee. na making llsetabileed.
ke a bele trial .
' • filth eras throggliont at derelthel through the for.
Weekends is airmail stator. sod, null ailipk•alon.
ounce,. and tI. the tthemlotut axed him there
b fo u• Z i orfoo . th nthr,•„,ffafththathoftleo.f,aab"lfff"fo..• Iterate,
fm f . o .••Cen• 30....b..m. by d !relent Parties, he made the same
sha h LI - - X - tax tracker. '
e - te -- saki -
a l o - l i to.i r ' In, he etlly 6 '1.1. steal that 'Meow ha wile,
•11 a ••••• - - s' ' bar me:rime 1w Signed bat beam tiandeethni , that
yews old, and to bare been preibabthe Wine be wile az - b - 0 „b., user eh th ee he cola- roe; nos
ch. ban been Jo the country only some n th anent. ten
the lain in thia country they tad hien no.
h ' ; " M and " l " Ce4bills.C " na o.. bil 0,...." un ,„ 4 .... an - d IfiltMed ni fibakettinnyt his conieoratlon end not
ethnity a 4 lieptenther law. which ooth— he •-a. ;bet be was •
• single mar;' he ems afraid of
wed chetah a reonamendathey levier of the Pro.. '
cud ta
ce • tad he did not la I the ng ballet!,
log /Id "' " •3•••••• •• Min "8414 ' •4°••• • ' b " se' bi a la some meta and take cm. of tae.
I ' d •• •""Pilr7 "I• I• 1••••• •" "••••••• 1/- stated
th . ht• stated that thechad kit I chd In the wood
s he i&
thaple....l won th eir collide, ere an d thated bw tom the r . d . r.d . c u m ,, i . for ... re of her b oo.
110 • 1 4, ate:reser he we. kudos. ' ha , tr
himself, a immediately at the titer of the aeon.. that she
Ras alleged wile Is CIO well, Ching% Land/ SOUL t en want to eye n101.'11.1 ; she wanted to kanki
as neat and wellsproportkoted pernin :'ha, of frob b b b i d faith h away ie. her. G. with
a seenek, d not ea ,pretty the, with as thelluant• I br ibd bra% Mil samtnat nor will andjademeati.
exereadon of coanteuace, extrinneiy rethitive, thet she hat told him Maw It would he. referring
of tcpclea labairlor, and apparently gond manner. la oft . 0f . n . 0.
(nitwit. and altleither 01 PrePowelne alienthrew • " - h ,61 Simnel In wtith the Mild was found
She had attired in Mb country only imp ten days hr ' aft Ad. tea ham keit 1:00 the woman.' petticoat.
fore ohs ith• "•••••• ". •• rthn" wi th PLich th ey wire V{ thanffa a do &piny menet. aid
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pee of the peace in Union Township; held an in •
The loth b . and 'piety Steaks of the ptiewere. ton the body of • child, on 4Lti Nwerelree who
their 11,1.11kis simplicity of ethearalle and latex- ame there the child woe eater the kw. hid to ;ash
or. cohpled with whet was Lama of theft dalualkanimiloorol bah fr,
ye. i f , 1 b 0 „, wen blood on ft, rob .
c f tnethence. end of the sad gluey of the young tif t :••
oat of its r. e we. 0,011: tree pace Me' I
....tord.,-, , r,-;pr.!'ad 21 1. 1 1 4fr th g th AWth ; f. • ,1 - tad i, yid Wide by a I: t od d le Netthe troll die
omet both - a l ma menthes &batten.. Le attend I,4,,, •• ,l4 lP F:bril •l f b ill• o h g hi deer •dir;
ewe at the Owl, Roam each day.
FY liked nom the lace . the Gotha were Gear r the
Tut ITIMIOI2. - Well 'espied Mind it wag drip itheriA etere th e
' Mind 141 O. it 1 It appestat to be eta et two weeks
•Nat camel:domain, n o w condense limb of the eat he a 0 r ebtld, hart, and fishy, a mate: It ase.
deo. gii trig outs la detail the Lestheoby of the neatedd and cad when we were there at i or 1 o'clock oe
material Wfinesitt, on diffareut paints, as taken at tbeeliday. lith or November; It au shoat a rod from tee
trial' . t hick, a goal dial Manor in It ; the MIX was on the
William N. Tablet ewers -I Ilyeat Rapert glialeults side from tile creek{ DestArthea the gusted.
Columbia county., ClUengslass the preconerei Th
lady tome to my balms on liatheda r y tier Leto % h ir.. litessninakten.-7111. uller motion of the
rate leak and remained (11l the..." w 0 041.7 10 etsgebthirg ass ',Met to the 14 ICI le heath of fir
ha they let " for Centralia qn,thea II otleakmoreleg lattoni. the quash was wee bunt thaklnie thruluth
train. (be ?seeder. at AP. L. *la these back to guar Ince shirt, white woolen pettkeet 6r.... all the
boom with the sea. They parsed la othe bar roam. hider clothe. were wet through to nib Ala.
the lady shamed to be dean I discovered what the , ITtese facts were forrotioneed by :other winnow,
"trouble las. I then secured the doors. mid wentlekladlrg lien). Lindeman) Who wane rat the wet
lot this Wm Ranch. When Ike X. time, i*ehm.
Thou. Mc. mil. Of :tae 'pot 01 Wore), Or
'placed ler in chase of the pinks. pat Per :In That appeared tit, ha b cad, olt thi. skirt lif the, dee.
the bar max I remaked fro until Xis. Beall th it...A lc had bane taken - lig lo nips the blorale
- ead the is coull ie newednu stairs. . ' • Ihhe, RR Mtn lad Vat that hall, ilicceit there wse
I then called - i cabaret. trial tie hetet
_dereir he n stealth boa , " 1 e
who with Nathan* wiefatedi by Nes. Ranch, caret
~n, the, sanest Berle thy swore-Ileldt a Plat Wile*
the lady op Gans. The text day Xr.fibakeells owl remittal. of a child*. body on th e etc orillti tit
to lady
ha Th e
a Hate, ae be • aid, a idea ovembir. le an eattailding of Mr Ilattenneton. In
°Maas; be reload Mat wag crazing. Next de aloe township. Tiand the bead had be. epee.
Tenn day) he wan about the ache in day. On Pet hi presione occasion (ooronsga Impart) by pr thii ,
ditty to went to Centralia. On liatoulay he w ote mi le r, *lll much blood hut the belle Itself
or I received a letter t. um him &tad there. - (ti tines L I : 14-01. on moult( tte. cheat I bound GM hags
=lu the latent De Ikeda_ i. Nov. I. ifin'llia meletely Infiltrated with "blood throughout th eir
a returned at 4P. X. On Watt) be was awe ' Ire pun, one of the ventricle* testi,. heart also
between breakkut and sapper; saki he had b-en L "attained roma caroler blood. Tae atom via.
Iflot millet On Nreshy the men, irtleand chn eery and whole of the abdomen were been ky and free
kit together or. the It A. X. Mtn. I know ofnothl • rem art injury abater. • That was the extent of
more, exc. p: that they raid they wore going to Rite ay examinatke. I came to the comelninon that the
town giallo.. Ther, rad a bag or each of clottioi atitio . caw to in death from irelfasechh. whetter hos
baggage. Mak. Tracer... Tata was awhile I '
as ennui beionisraing ova the Month, kr by drowning,
of th e pa th s til Ima Cane here lode,. Th , 1 couldn't deierrep) It engirt heti. boo Inkimile
roomed together ohne at my berm. (The Dinar w physical- fewo. bat there area nd I
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Tubbs etiond take tare cf hia wile. *Thabla coegt Ton. When t he limp Infiltrated with
gallon had
edambeeting cm the night Wore. on Li *NM that is IL aware] &cape. Death
euiject of pr foe him and his wife : tiny we. 0•1. have been produced ',drip% from ; We ample
unwilling to pot with him, and that linty weal , . to i Net that there wan to cententstion of blood on' lie,
anther meanie the Dell dalko Dinka coalder in. No other wens of death will Pralithe the
matter ) , me einiptons. Bad the child died from moans',
Cthee-examlned -The led; raid stir came fr. r .the aim mores would Oct have henn the GOAL '
SidthithiliwY. and be mid he wa, from Centrals. i The main p dote flicked on iho tree re imthettoe
When ate came from ithichableny she had loegotte ,The
to the alien that a eiwerkg over the fox meat
the name of It,. place she wee eon( to, aid tel. be of tad • character and proled so des.' no to ex
legged bark:and when the answer ame."CeztraU'bade alauterherle air. to produce soffollition ;bey.
it was too late to go that day. I lamed then hi. rine ett in ef that would not produe that Myth a '
tante war tee scents a Centralia. Oa their rein hat th • elebarre from tip head wnatd take pls. no
they were on their way heckb bbleirahtnny. Peale, he ellrinest moccnnnAl Of the body hake* or altar
gee s hare to change ears at Rupert, tonnes Centro)
. drath. To a quetka by UM Cour, the factor re
tied Shicketiony they hal e to wall an tear and
_pled that If tbh process a' death, went sloe, then the '
half. 11.ra...that he had been In the eonetry t • !blond would have coagulated; O ut this we. 'toed/.
or 'ix maths. cod that she lad solved a day or, O. . De. Renniner, a pheklan, re-Ides" tathe mina
before herconing th Sheathing:. aid had mace. 4, Woad, and who was pthrellat thletecanther's Ins
rthckallney Um Pliday night helots ala came to of ,apewt and Dr Saylor. thereat:ay Comfier; wee pam
pa/re. 3 oein ex the pookenortete by Dr, garinebt, sod teethed .
lira gar. Rauch, sworn.-1 live at Itithert tR 'to the amt e tillable •f the lady air described la the
engin., the prismaa.) I .th than at Tebbe heti latter'. testmony. awl mecum! in his conentathe en
gln was act itt tbe bar-room Tbe aim we. bo. 0..14, {men ci*MIIIi• Pcar iccdog. Etch we. GU° en
there. I was there to tar ears of It. I washed -Mined at mime lanai as to the scientific authorities
three times. It was a =alp child. It was healthy et ire fpm the watt Dr: Karelia hada:Ms .
largely developed. I was celled ea. by Xr. Tubb j !rent adid !rent bb math lids; 4 the Isqleet, that
The was barn on the lath otollober tut: lla +death wee caned !rah some harm tin the ULM,
Rine back the bulb time to arseb it, bat atm ha ilia had anew Ikb 40.1114, star wittnembhgth 1 more
waded It her tilt (Bella quertieged, as 14 ,10/0.... '• 1 11tm•M - I . Y•00.01•0001 by De Barbarity. '4U Urea
the mother was kind Le tea child, the witi e. r, . theta° tweed that thee was nothing remarkable
plied.) she hien ny anything. " 'aunt the app...ce of th r eye, and that the Meath
• Wright Yates. even. -I Jive egNinittown i toe Wm empty.
ha ticket heat for the Chtwelma Come.). haw U See. rat of the witness-. - Tel, re tied hot entitles
primates there stout the id of November. Th-y br , .ew ai • el.; god. 'lke ii Intel 0.1 dniftibth a.
: hat there wince he irked me to send txtr C.v.. Mewed Cte a !edits 'bawl envied the child. not
• • rem that thatiou they Ira,. ie./trek to go peed tonic than mer - sed lap,
thaw/ Wilthell.Plltoin the (hawk. Road -that "
savants the f .ce bet ea the moll the bell
etwiterrarily. They did not tell me where they we k As before strek the prisoners hod' no lealenony.
Ong. They got off at Rirthown atistit lik' ti doe "eneept to call two wttemw, taco Nankin.? di ust-
The WY ate Tarrying ii ...thine ; don't tether win 'ler 06 r nit cr.-fence al Oentralia. ' , . •
gorinewinr to. Regina. is not the direetthe t 't The p'.. me , ' cannel reoett.ed that, lessettheh as
tea. C. ntrel a They wen abet - i
be Con trawrillith bad tooted th em tieinch ad
Jowahan IL th r lotus. sworn-I Urn nom kit *h. * he coald ee• Or cm , VIMod nob 0 the leg 0 pre•
le., In l I.i. 14.1‘ UNIT, in tbg mutt/ (Limon: ion , 1 tie ice !tent*. coercion 01 his er fir. In .
the igloo r.s .1 Go the ad •of Sloven I,', lot. go ta frrnoncr, no de r..botio.l b . y preen.a evidetee of
nano at my bun. they stay. tier° alk.ulaht. T r own independeit ectron. Thia MEN Ile conste..-
Wardell...e t c I raw th ine saner up the re., gel hie mirol...n by the (-fart twit* chart to the ;WY.
toward. Cen mix, saw; they wa iced pet the how 'Tee (lotto- contended that Ibil man, alder alt the
and sal down fur twenty relenteo or half sac hour. 'evidence inlaid net 'be °aerated 001 a grade ilif clime
bra down at my whoa hone .learkereis cam e ' {l her tiaak mat elattbter. 'Me Coon's chugs our'
.Ma md asked who e they thrill stay ell thin. it en hay pile. &Annie . clearly tha Cowl in, the latch
getting dark, a lithe at Sr. wejeck, Ile hid Newt. and the-proof neceseuy to mistake them. hod to
was t
h e late to to to Centrana thatxtg I fold bit E stTlittl• CoalitEttha of
or b ith f 0. murder in the
I Might keep teem over night. When t he, hey ant eke . OrnetOnd (legion, or ter MionlangliPer.
r f .
Op to the hers with me, my ells Was butt tualdx The news of the Jeers were es blow 'Willi=
sapper, I axle them law the rank shut op th e stow. Rehm, Kline Illorril. George Ilditow, ( t o 07, , ,, Phz.
tee lighted a light. They Maid over Meat I we, b. Witham Potney; Jobe thearier, Mon b fists,
eff early next meanie:, they were act sp. Thee o 6-tourer . Bur. t. Bodaretilflaina.' Anna Arta,
Friday I went oat
easy -(Interrupted j- Interrupted by Dlatt Ire • , Joofd ifdlithath Nathan tient.- . .
torney ) They bed "Y /0 • •• I " ••••• two ' t Tato. Dee if. -- thannialtwenth•VeThotalle, 001 th
SW had • child cane a ll be hitib. handle. -Tar si." •
Ulna to bid about 9 o•llock that hooka. I that at The examtee'lla is th e eilth of Thomas Cochlin
know that / heard them talking logaith
tu Belr. she &kit , dlafe , l situ the murder of Patrick, Oxman, a Tee
very little 0 any rate. • About IX miles le
dug op Ud 4,, , ,, 0 . uf,
on. mood. ,
not, ~,,, , n ninen 15, wn . ennui ,
Leith:mutes km. MY bole. I , Few a -thy
afterwards, when it was net at U
.yeeterdw, op to l.otnete In the Wien.= . The
don% Lo
'eraveyard, ot' sal '
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was d claw
whi rtatalnal I npitonlnal km malnly rrlalcif 10 Ito Ceti Poet' matte m
wheth tbe o Mild or no c
ma atm' isations had emerelli by Dre..lialtehy; Brown
question b
to y Disc Attl--Wbere ths linid Wilco
°Welled ey worthier.' oaths!, until Um death , Jed 47 irr. These gentlemen were ex Atned at math
the child tit w ld Li tliera be woe, it, and sustained by lb length on tar au:we, Medical quarto.; eta.. -
Cobol.. I mll/ prisoers ea Meanie/
. 'At 4 enthcir, P. 11. the midenee Nthed, and th e
to "Nov ) In Centralia. Ti ny kft my home ail Thu -
day. Go Saturday morning before dayilght the Con Obnithei for the respettne rankle promedel to addrele
rubble ad wore Dade wee li my loom: . I wen .111 e j try. - .
along wi th Loran end we anent. Dove people In
trails; the Inane I . 11thaing gatmday morning. WI !•••••'...."--
kuok them uoini got.. W e GA. d • lUDs 00
way. I coked Naneenis if be ktew foe and he all
-- , albeit we got to tit Rat T Wera. when t. leii
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Tie Iffnierldenni hating babe at Li *mac:
-B c l T B . l / I Mo ratltinsflOn. 2.14111.0 6 child at the
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!allele' ••• Adolph a Some, ma, Ee1 6.1.. 111, WA
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' Mr. Kilgore b lag • sled sear% armor to town,
all the way how H. all,, ruled to thedusle ne , g,b
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DECEMBER k•5...1,869"::;
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And so wt. and all our reader. cOntluna ll y do
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• Ualted States, et dad leo total to he 639,5 hi loom
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heaths of the city of LeavetwrortM, Weasiv.; on
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meet econtoolesdy and ecist4llll.s'y resat Iti destlus.
tioo DIDD via Leavenamth, by way, of tie Xtemnri
River awl Ile Parallel ratlrddlo 1111tialipttnaj.
' . Asa railroad et atta,imetenwarth le nOir me of ibe
:wood Important In the Baited Bunn, and Self cely Sec
sled to Bt. 14M; (Ingo yr Charlinasti Tbpre are It
:Mooed tines oratorios at Leavenworth, of which al I
~.exc4t one, me now Mther:sompleted - or to criirae o t '
rrosttoctli n. Thine rialimid 'Wes salls'e from thla
common loge in all dirvetio n on lied eyes or., Leaven. 1
worth Is cue or the most thrtirlaLlat and itcori!slble 'ut
oar entral titles, wost of at L at". and-iston AD the
railroad flow propiewd are Mantilete. It will bo-prrenal
, only the metrowille of tai Missouri, if not there.
tore rtpltal t I the lialted Buts. , '
iii OM= Is the molt littraellye 'and beim UM of
I any city we ',have 'Ter etsileal 11.. th Bayard Taylor
and Prof. ' Amblela, Mlle liii giving taste woqualitled
main lu this respect: Both Banns eity (u sad td.
Joseph claim to be rivets' with Learemirrth, but they
'reset ouly Interior Illosciarl t4wrta, tributary to It.
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The Port Leatenrcirth Slitter) , theserralloa • ady.lo.
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valley to thireet. trebly restadlng a Pee:wryly&
elan of Me. view.fteld, Prospect Rock, over the WO-
Wag Valley; Wore* Oa* of locomotives end deep
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To the Iraseoworth car and Yartole Compay It
cahoot Lail to bnome a sollitat of ram palLMelace I
-can he obtalan with !man eeCßlOelf and to.acoa by
titer anion is all the ! great race iii the Wept, where
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Laayanwoith, • el:y cd :40:4k9 lattotatonts, le •cr, lag
sad lininotusate. WoOal set il at, $lO to •la tor and
to tko *tater, ltd Cull Specie; to Ilk per ton, de
pen4inic oa quality. ' ii;)ed CO.! lo totally w, rill from
Fe to 110 per ton, and skater, at 'that. Tido CoMPlol7
lea prelims ear mad Ill.lnathot at • wet et fl '5O per
MI. and ran now uhtate 1110 he: ton tot It ; but aa ft ia
their thleution to bon* the Poolge ant the emstinu
oily as well he ttiOtoul4.l. obey Chi/ WI their roll IS
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',,,,,,14, the Wee Who to inamtrate that dam
'lad , tuaexplonol oust. , • Were 'either po.ioandly
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nitric" wOuld broltato lot* add meal the Mot many
times, before Alta ' an chimp,* Omaha. be undertaken
even here: ' , '! ! - '
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I..mongonb kr ireverl , o , ,4nrring" fir fuel, and the
!Cod to drrelop the raid *8 in NE beneath it, 4.0
much the rtvalt tt nectimlty sin! esletTrine. •
• • • 'B. HAnan.
Be. Cuta,' . lllec. 19G9i
READ Y With Me rkl4l:angz•erest ; •elyles':
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erv:bit arc Coatings
Labe. ! Kloto4 ! Kletbei Wee !,
Heigt4r4 ibe*cei ! •
• r redeedyea - villl be Pleura. -
1.1x4 leg si tbe
clothes! T eta or fleg~el
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Now Is tie 4ste 4-10 la'rut vlnter.elethen I
Tie cold Is glint, • -I
Hut the rub le -cream, • , . . .
/Wu ell torte d 4 tae
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. The Wawa some to -
' Ent their Bin Clotho • -4
WeaderfanOF* ' ~ •
' AI the g nat Bum nap, •
603 and 604 eIiSSTSUT Street,
- . :
18 E7A Is Bd9
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I Ceigi, Cebt:Or sore Throat
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9.!.) , v'' , ' bob ono" Malts to is toestsbis Lan
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Smut Ponoltial Troches.
snit east bertrobly Ore botast
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coasinoorri mad TlLltin Iheadosb *ay Wm a:
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Vow be 'newt tt. Ittetwet 'the WM
by CIL UV 00.721Ut. og nu.
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arsinks. A. US
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Deintotoo. llalladlotoon de Ca/sweet bided
=Mk bj.J. /111.0.011. D.• Pref. of Disconnect
ossi DAN - IPlCiotty) in the Yolk& ODUW .
Tors Consoischos, tfotiosely of
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. SIM-111s
Nevi Niko ' Via sat irlaiser Almada".
Oar littidt to unusually fob sad pijorpieta; owsprlidieg
- 11 , 1X7 M, lirr mad bed
tat4s styles of goods 11111Ih
ufectomed ,
Noir, Youths 4- Boys' .174eady-lidr Carom!:
at an loada atplaa sad dna Mr mot iteldtgoods
at la ter harm Weed aa wm am par and mars
imadirito rarta Wad la. ad tadaa and batter ta
aaplit. RI mad Warkaaaash tp. than any other amt of
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anr Tan old Timor Goo:LIU tie Prom' •
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lartassoles of modistal Imo by mall tilts delhellt
for osressrhe etbor readymide wr 'midst* order.
Halfway bet.,* TLII NTITIIOO...
Fifth sod Tower Ball f
• Illeth Sta., all *Moot wanlot.
Oct u 4
troadisy. Neat Tort.
pecans AND ef.f.DIL
t There me more omegas die =Malty from Memo
Of Due lags thou 4.tua ascr oar ewe. leery ems
Ovoid rocottect that a neglected cough ot wit often
termlostea to . cimenzastioa: Hatemre Oompoatal
'Ormit , of Ter. lathe beet, most, reliable azettiolutotirs
gar the core of Coughs Oh m Hastmeles. Avt.tmeik
atomic Cskudor std !Zee't. • -Ifor the lege! of
Whooping (bosh there Is matzo mug to le Prise
SO mite. geld only at W. H. ItODMOIDS Drag
State, Pottnine.• MATIVIIWIS. Drug Storm .
lilsemeale, tag t ae petticipsi WIC Pam . 000 4 1014 ,
the .
• Not ST 11111LTYL t LANDIS, Itopasteirs, MINSK.
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TS* GreaS-Pl!upirlal
. Huehalals .United mats Abnanee for 111711, for
ditributlon, gratis, tannigland the pelted Mime and
all cleaved cosurries el the Welton Iteinirritieri.
now reedy Aar dletrititition. end ell tabo ieleh tons.
• dereland the trei pbticeoptiv of health eboold nad
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addition t) an ashantble onolleal trodhe on the
Coulee. pieventioe -sad etre of e great trarieti of Ow
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tenietina to the riteithiuk the loodiimir,! the Weer.
the turner. the philter. and rolesional. an ; sad
hie ealevialbee bare bleu sob thi each meridiem
and latitudes as arc /oat imitable he a teem% and
rOmprebesisive *mow. CatUreu.t.
.The enure, twee, and extraordinary anglify etrecUi
of IIOSTRTTRR'd RFORACR =Mt the staple.
tonic kid, ilernthe of more than half the Chrioilan
vould, aid hilly set Corti in its pegs, vslitrb are aln
lidersperied wlltipictortal Most ritlori,'4lnah'e reel.
porftor the , hoesteliekl.and farm, honorees anecdotes.
a^di stint Inatnictite and aniaatint resditntinatta,
ott'xill sad islected. Among the dcniala appearing,
.erifilibe Opening of the nar, this Is one of the:mon'
eiehil; 'Ltd may be had for the 'skirl,
.The peaprie.
tole, Menne. Hostatiar a Smith, on receipt eta two
centtune, will firwardli copy by an!' to any person
who not , procure one Ist his 'neighborhood. The.
RI , .erilre/old In every-city, town sad village. and .
ate; entevely Lied throeshout the entire tilvlrsedi
. .
rligtoUf gnte . i : , u at.
. ~.,
TH't L atitip.ooln of. am new Difethodl4
C`busTh, of Pott. Cuban, will be °pried for' =vim
Ponllay.,lfnh' int. Uri. J. B. iced.
Rev: J. D'iteiTon, Iln.ll..Herrood,and
Wmthytopla, ire exp. cliA pnseoc . and olDri
Lip 4 'the axaslop . . Elertic.:ll , 3, P. Y.
.33a ti P. M. ' • ; to It
NOTICES. • • •
ISTlfirst Priabyserlan glboreb, Third sad
Itahantongd Streete 'Bor. J. W. Scan s. Pram
Sabbath Betimes—Yarning. 101(' o'clock; Scrota&
Z: tb,e vaidag. Sabbath &bool—ll oaken. P. Y. Preyw .
--asbbatb —' Naming. ' 9 9IC - o'clock. LoOttlre
Tbrolday eventag, ya? aloft,
Nators ratlike/A No, 70, (tetra attest. •
• Fr - gong= and cads = on:Sally Invited, and
.twin bfanity welcome. I abets will be prorklai
pnitaptl=l *to will be pleased to attend goy
or . tbe
it &WWI dostbernat ebareb—liar. ASnot
Prior.—SabbaUt laartSece.--Peamobtog k
tO. o'clock : analog at I. • Sabbath lithooli=
Thursday Craning, and Twin at lx otlocla
,Piriday craning. Young Senn Matablit tor Parer
lad otbar tensions marble*: •
Strangers tux d tat pattitagleassally are beet to ea
tend all theestnesdapps.
Sisk ielics7 Vbarela eilloart . all street.
Ser. lasenaca,hake, will preach German et
ro7 Bontlapr .4 = L at 10 [Nock, and Zogliatt in the
gar' Endow Prayer' Sleratat. 'l=
niondng,•froat to t% weluck, to tba b ern? nd
011 danced &roc Women Xarltst and. Ploraeglag Stn.
All are invited. ••
ilrilecand IPreso7lerlud Church. of Potts.
,tharl poperlp reirewrlpesery Siete/M.ll PI( A.
IL. and Iji P. IL. to the Comtell Lteteaer..(olllesood
Church a1110r..3 Head street.
All ere Invited.
Seete tree. Handily &boot, IP. IL
larlrbes Trinity Reilormed Quote (15igrieel, Mut.
et arse; between Ttitrd adPtier' West; Rev. J.
A-norms - am Puler: iierstrie every Sunday et te
L. /Load T SeeU tree,
It; Isciztre sad rover Sea
a t t ar* . • Ci ut t ri rchetlcal
at e t l t t a
(Inure bundles,
1 - 9
IDWIRD-13.t11113—At Et. Clain us Friday even
lae• D•c- 10 th , by lb. Semucl itoraretl, Mr. Taft
ituerenoe to Mae X . /.lti ELL 102.91.1114 St. Clair. - •
ObLJeft-: GOrtEt:— eMlLßoottgli. on Tosedeb
the tab lost by the Ater. tietebottee.: Joel. rt•
-0 , 41.2 end gees. G otta, both of
. •
am - mm. 2 Eat --ersovrig --(S3 the 1614 laid-, it
the resilience or the brioe's bob:, by the Rt11..10•11,1
116 C 0 0 1 :lit:Cili.111 es. to ; Mies lifeeL C ,
dAeighter whir. Devidetautler, of PotWithi. • -
•Mapie seaeleuroseate deaile.. free. Thew a
anapeated seak eaters, aa.oamalpada sie
af le may pw lbw „ '
~, tning- Us the atalast.. at Tattrortott. Flocthumbs!,
41 1 4 canal). Wra. Aar Was, la Mao aal paw of Aga
•11% I
Mar remains were interecd at Intaawliiia cak., Batra
• .
• ,
flAY—In . Palo Alta, seataiday etortilne. Rowers
Bums Ramona of Wtltiant and NI albeit' SIM ,ate
3 leash g litoktlts and II days.
110,F1AAN-61 the 10th of December. 'omit. in
berevire. /Ink, narrate, e native of fiennany.
ued 43 ;mt. ', Itsceaped was • member .ot the Iliad
of 34th Heat. Penna. VU:11 1 / 1 1Cli during the 'WWI,
eattoa Tuesday after/sou tarn was Infested In
Agtheran Cemetery at 11 torreville,iarlth4 minter,.
hoes to. ,
nOBll,lllll-011 thiclih-of December, at ffeckeettee.
etlle, near !Corneille, Downie., iiatiktder. of Fred
eric& mid D..rothes Itoetolg,' In the 14.9 year of her
Mos: audhas the llth 5 1 December; Tohie, dariehter
of - Of Frederick and Dorothea /Webrig s In tbe oth year'
110880 W—Do the
en,. la FtoeFrore Fordo
ship. CaMstan a, wife of Daniel nomenr, the 11th
,ascot 1161 . age.,
LEGAL • Nikki -CRS
%trial/tit apnt the e tiara of Henry Stanger. late of
,t r ekrotTorrebbsaSteeased taring ham 'ranted to the
raltserlbera. tbuee Indebted. to the estate of maid deee
dog are requeed to who lmmedlate payment. sett
ill persons calm. or Cs sands - *gams - ewe
!stage are requested In make ezoorn the gams without
delay to the madei sloe&
. , .
• A*9,ll,l4.raton.
Or to OP. Itfettel, tin! Attorney. (
Dkc Is. :• C9 , ' - • • ISt St
*.n.. titration own the estate of Daniel /Me, late of
Walla *sabot= Townettlp deoweed, burtaff hoes
Ryszted to Uwe intseri ewe, the ee indebted to the eau e
of sold decedent. are legurtlted to =he howerPht• ;my
meet, sod all palms tinvlog claim or damn* 'phut
stud auto are reqtteste .1 to suite knows the stato
without de likr to the uudentgrrei t
h.LIZ ULM la Mk
ttIihILLIVI El tn. •
Or to 0. P. Bechtel. thetr Attwthey. AeloVnotrekee,
Dec IS. WI
VIECIVTOIND Ir II W..-4eti ire testa-.
meetarr nor 111 the Rotate of JOBMI It. PAT-1
-TIMM oaceseed,,hivirg lekuk rioted the lob.
embers, who reside: Irr the Borough of Pottsville. r-
Thane Indebted to the Wets of the .deeedeet, are re
gleeted to make Imetedtate pvmeat, and MI permit&
hut* Odor or demsadr egtteer. the _told eetata,
ere r.tpurted to =Ye known the sane witherat deta to - y,
, RAUH Y PATTeIi9ON. ••••
bodt .
putriine. Dre ii , .to
.4 01 11 INISTRAT60ft NOM& :-Lero oo ef Ado',
istro.loa upon et - Foliate or Cyanid Bielfthitan,
Islet! the Borough of !err Ptdia , deeeatterll haring'
he.. granted to the shbocrith r, time Madded to the
tal a e e p a i l t
m ad t d nd d ad t '
taerem reru ha edt g o
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Centre Street. Pcsbell wises uld wbereill ter
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be regraded tor say tafornatkal or an. reel ot the
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tad Northambetlaud. Addern nahltlll. U. yews !
- ADD. Ma 7th Aittatte. New.tort. , •
Dea,tt. 0144 ' •
t allitTirritia _Wan a eitaation ! by as
the Bocedrae=l. Imidateet • with
matins at mid ne BOWE-
Kum Boz 191. rablemd. Pa.
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MN Mane, Pe. Aida= .- 8001 -
13Inv Box'
lartbir with $116,000 mad, so tam
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ry, *ad Jo sell tbir coil. Ctalory sow ts.ipocomeal
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. WARTED—A Mastics' WS austiamst "Ito
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! Dee NILSON 1160 , 111". &entity,.
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bel. et tee ethetheleere re tartarßeek will IWO Baaldait now at TUIS.
ULT. the no day it armee INXS tedweelf Vid
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Se de* Os eesethe year •
D.C. ii, - ;11.-1 . 17 Me 1 413- 1411 1,11 t °id*
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lißT` I. 111:11111141 al the Illaakhodenr
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Teaday um lab day at Anus?. loam Or Immo
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sora lafr oissiiiryist. ,', . 7. II 1111Micirr. , _
111 1 4 113 TAT* tat•r..-VALV/1111Llt
THRUM I...4l,llll.—Tbersed sin
mast pints aw. use tasogrisa
4. erscrll e) oal Ince' or
Vera IX lard, Wallach TIIIIMII Mk ill atm .",
about midway Wows W.. t Liam sad Illisear
thr n ee adhe a rnmot PothenDa... 6d Tbe lead DILI the
read num throash land id Ibajoictlos.Tee d !
alas oae beached aid three acres. mi. a ova of
the taint retest* tracts of Umber laid Is bcbsylhia
Om*, kir N kinasfi hem Maher sad radeahte
tatkUss tams_ Casrealent Wood timber Is all dt..
lactose. lasd will be MOM meth the thew or
thither hare.
li=ete he call babe* dam, as the Fopettr
ill be told Its Ile sadeadvaatt la West Dranaehl
p, aro Wei east from arenarooo edOretp•
Der 111,
' . - No. 1175 Coal Was,
el Pottrrille.
• '
■ *WM 'se gam •rimitirse WIEN.
ANT.—With the ekes of the team we stain often
Ip leas tae .heel MIAMI Ice emus. Comfectiomerry,
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.on the ;Octane, No. 131 Centro street.
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Carbon county, Peva. with
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Bank Bata, Warm Med. gyring Saar and Wash
Hem, alea
low apWse c7 pall*, ae Ewer tall leg water cotreenimt
tot& ; 11 branch 61 Lathign Valley Itilt
ROM Webs Womb: ewenewient to school •• gaol
marble metals two and thews tad ea. • Iter asetlenlaes
In AD, of . IaRORCUI 1001)1T ow eh* peetalsor
• , 1L F. LIDDRT
• Pottering,: pa.
Dee 11. 1111 Nit
las 3 r VOR SALL Banibred Canary • • trail 1
an okl— singers. Amty to • i
• G.llO. .382•1%KA.D. Mt Lifts.
Ac{: KS 110.31.•
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CBA& ROLVIN a no..
II Cadge Rt.. Toro Halt Ital/dlcl, PattretUe. Ps.
steset 14 Yr
—The undelielgned orate lue milkman Hotel
TM ninny mimmt sale. It le touted
the most piewsat pen a Ue, tionriatime .boroogis
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R. Pepota to trirold.the now without being. dlfrvlt
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For tenha and peilleatars apply to or eildrate
". JOHN B. DOUTY, Shamokin, Pa. •
Nov. 27, 'G9 48 41
VON 841.3.—A Thret-titoty Brick ,Dwoltloi 110(1.f,
I:llccated oft Centro r root, to ttif botouti of °mfg.
Euit: .For lenses apply to ' - • .
..„ . dANNIL t/. NADOLNI.
Nor K. 1111L44.4t1 . ' •'Orwigsoorg.Z
VON SALE. D/111AP—Horkumost Blgh Preronm
as 121411 m. 190 Hame-Pousr, Tt r‘o Boilers Cylinder
29 sorbs. dlaster. 'fret Woke. With Sentry Bea Flats
Fir Wheel and "Shift For price, .te,, Incialre ,of
JACKSON BRYAN, Shineonvilis Rotitgomerf
or R. H. RICKARD,- 19 Nosslo street. w Yak
city. Notrll2. 40-4845
, ,
FOE RENT.—A Cottage and Thies Aetna at Land,
on raatonabla term. on Balms Hill. oppoalta Pala
Alto Depot. leinedlate_poranfon even.
IStov 1N:49 PIP° Alto RINIEE min war PottavUle.
47.1 m
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the eadertyfor Ovedytog VSLIS. to very fine too
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or .T imq..
rmtititot.• So. 11. - Broadway. Nom Tint, to -
, . 11.' KW.% • •
awls Alves so lin..
• FOR S-4.1E• . •
• . A Lally L• 6 of Illwelbisol,7. .' .
I •iy horse mem : 1 Olt, Nowt etighte 1 •
I.fitty .do I do' I thirty' do do ,
1 toady do . do' 1 twelve do do
1 Gl at Sono login,. att Mole Portable raging.
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Ido 4 N 'do do xlll do s d 01.,. '1 -• '
It do do,
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1 /WON bowie tabolav b.diee. _• .. .
1115 rde of 16 laeb column pipe. . ~'''. • .
NO. do 'dol4 do do do ,
- of 4 Nett ppm:
• 16 Web pole oop . --.
14 do do .do ' - . • '
11 do 4) do
5 do do do
6 do 112 0 1auep.
- 1 email Hit Awes pone. ,
00 Nee thole. 'whom slaw.. ' •
' 1 NAN hoisting dram with -, Dolts and lioarlos
pleta. , • ^
. 1 t feet NNW' druel.
1 60 treh bell /re , anvil, vbs. and t screw eatttnie
tooL .
Dbuptel Pak 3 feet diem
• 1 • 1 10 , lot cf pulleys. etaftleg.
Mite Ilutausery Depot on Coal Btteet. ,
`2/ Centre 8t.,. rottsville,
To CALL ATTirfrios TO Tama Ex-
"ovraii, utast STYLIP3 OF TE; r
zurnisv A xg.ra nur coz,LEcrio.v
and Colored Bilks , .
and Embroideries,
White Goodiand Domeatias,
Gloves of all kinds,
Cloaks, &0., &c., &o.
.4 iiiistroAr'ro orft srocx-or
s, Queenswire, dr4,
lute had ieloated with We itlaast /ire
' WeiLi mat coaddar Daeasmar7 to
we aitrii, bat arardlai to lat.. climb
sad °mai Stare, .eas be Iliad at "bur cos
. _
'CP , . - • i 144
Round iron and Enna Wing Mops kr Ml
lorpord planes, .Darrloka, lilenitorr
Trit deicriptirs . aad Ora kit Abe trade.—
iLar./11.1) 11 111.NlE b thdTMING
llama Clunk Oerboa '
ISTND Emits to oar general aorta for
than wbota etrealire eao be at.;
lag all Warman= talatdag to pace. strength.
• iambi at ropes. Apitus, •
IS H H..
zeti sievazitzEraus!
ie: !I:t i tan:a 'tack of
(a; um . ord°'its.".""l. WON* Olen
at the Badman at I. P:611111161:1104
, to "oat, orflt mato@ prompt attention;
114, pAzzaint ye.
h Za. tie
an Umi
• '
Olden lad at the Mao of C. Y.
rea. yin M prompil,7 attkadid 10 .
19 tt
IGH! a co., Akalotis.
YURI 00•7111111111 CONS CUR.
TLIII •ot every &mittens id roamed trim
slLpa vlo All 00l Omen 149 d Tam gorytod.
sack ma _man* st_llt !Woad at le IS;
• • T=RT. $Y lad smolt to lii iwW' els*
sad •
. 11 •77111 1 1OlLiluf • -
LACS: Mt?„g
Paretoped st pt ?aim sille
•014 aut.
Alm; lostpllsts alert erwinow 511•Di21,-
selkoctoi Onsrik ?ea. •WI mortmelli 'Ppm
Ittaglmei• I
J. B. iCE.LTY-6:
Jobbers mad iltaftigimm
7;ellee Hawaii Street New Wier.;
Mt San at OR Illemederke. WM, York
TN_ cLoOI,IITS, -1:
W comanolas ', i. llfish.
JI 14
uma i es
"T .—. ltaarmaa at Jaiilia, lakcialc..
L al elaabiba . Nadal* ants cr'
oat, cal
=Cialle. -
' billbpatiola [ lab 7111r*
, N Wier. lA . ball taia
s "Ma comma
MAGGIE ROLLA; 123 feigre • St:,
American illawiae;
Hl , O aow Opened i row 14 Pall sad
Li saltab'a ttw inestat wawa), each ail
RINGDi 1:111111IUNCK NonoNs.."&z.
• i1i14.414 Mad a 2ww -
PALL - Alga VrIATIII3. 60.17%.
Ladl•• Cloaks lade' to' order. Neu Psttn.r.r
O• lt 911.1th1141).1}L,E
Jewellers and
boon &Pio* bt.'
. •
Ems DOW Opened a "stock of.-NEW tanJl:ol
D. imide beesoq car; Nnine
Ai-Aerie= Si Swiss. Watches.,
JEW ZLRI - ; snutu.vo fill i'Nft Kd fts,• FINE
Liao, a the asiortment, or • • •,• •
. ... . .
• .. 'reach Illisesiel Cldeths, nreezre. ' '
• Erehek, Preach -.. V‘rota' Lestaei..e•P:ser..., ti,.',.,
Of oar own, selerthla the mat Mani thOf In So r,,,,;•
W et wlttch we Ire utltripg im sag *Mena* PO: 6
PATENT clumunem
s A. F_E - S ,
(wita fral , FILLiNlia
Awirden ilia Prim Medals, at Nouithir i`str ; L. 2.1,;;:.
World's Fain Nose You*. Wrpusidos .-
I.TolrersudlS. Palls, .- .. •
FARTg.4.gpalNG ; •ttibo.,- 7 f
.. . . .
. -629 Chistant.S.tieet.„",
EARiventizaw l i ._- ± ~.5 • . . -.
cat& b
W. ue M riunve, :,. •• 1•111 1‘ 1 1 3 1611.1P01..1.
Illforriar, Farrel /a Ilareeasolr. !Visa Cork;
111 erring/a C 0.,. , akeneffo. -• . ...
-110 . 21 .1. War i t & C,i., Fear g1,.1,.....
mom Au .0.10 "LICHING".4 4,4737.1 have tura
Sod-are ,now la 4 :rd ova ill-- knili , iat.. lift,
pealed throoo we
i ld tot Age, Imathervldg their r,,u.
tent. 111 sums lneau,"where=ay cihembliklll.
.00wn ••3101.1•VIJI a Dar Oar a au I ate/ _ mak er .
Saving been recta wed in Pli; Pe/ t , the iml,,orma
Reeling% latent ChAMPI ^ O. roc km pnrea.
JOU* 1 . 1 Vg) , 1. _ . 21.17 .
A.- a, lANDIFILF r.,
.. 1
1302' (bestial !Street PhiladelOtila
-' •
Abici s_ rmi aya• •
• •• „ WOR6TED,
cllEilLfi; and. BEADS.
1, • Dirt.:4 wrsa ON CA NrAS.
Nor*, %9
Wit WAVE OBTAINED iIIWAGENCY. tor. 1:1i. r:,
the Heat tea autti Beet thlKete r.f inirrpt Oreet e
Cst Q. zed Ate preyetea to eat ell ortlert4ittOpty
• 'tette FINE EITITER. and, at the very loseet market
,etter. Paitute °ratline tap depetld: opal: herlottiote.i .
eelicUttes leads foe thetia... • . • • " '
• .. •
• .
' A. P. CatElinitouon ', .
Port Packi at; and Wholerale Dealers In
NOW lk N.4/41m1. ' • Bauer, tlowipe ? 1 , 10 , 11, de
NOT 13. VM
D. R. y: p 0..0 ixs :
- : cßaraPELAeowg}killo . . r 4
We gra' old lair. 24 trotion to our pier,rkt •
1r hrch run t t i 414 'pi. 6.4 Pr:' eboiFt r' 4
.o , *. 6 •••••• 4
1' trle..r.• 11,arrst v.t.r4. ty:. • . • .
ol"'ON .Ltd , : $H tW.r.a.
- •
laticoantry blends welf do well to come dueet to
oar stare and we Time and - Money; far we do've I
Warp amour expenses are Veto ' -
`• - JOSEPH .11. - TrIOR::LiS.
" . Tbornley llama ,
N. R. ere. Ifiehtteenfttring Clarlen - Ptei. Elpaida. •
N. tt.—Goeds delivered at all es, ore dc. Gee o f
.I.tet 40. we-,14:m
RKIIOVAL.—Edward irisoa: sist at 'Otte' ot
tows ud oboe., has etistcved :his' .tern
trots Rattrosa , torio.°Sll ecton ol;issoto
Knentee ti Breweny,Arttere Wilt b. found Frrry kind,
or goode in bts line +.T bastor. 4 l,, ch. e t
his own mao
htfartam, adapted t specie!, Tnr this reem,
tpll stock at light and flaw goxts lictsciPhiladslottis
and the Mut at low prices. ,
.. • •
Oct. 16.
FR" "17,711:4,..J.'""m
•1 FOR 1870,
"Tke Beet if all AlietkoltrirsllVrekrien
6 4 4 le . kiertlceltore., Now York
it hat 15 0 equal to for Sortie EMU r t American
rirricultarel J,unaelbreck.'—ffeloe•Ykrmer.
The. Caltirator and .t.l.ountri tientloman contains
froin rirteru to twenty large oils to perm in , each
kle Seidler. midle-dealened lorlude, not to
nom , but In. fact, Parry Departmrutair Aviculture,
Stock . Hatairtr, Horticulture and poplortjc-l'oliomy:
Hat:lute Ilk& the
. .11.: whlich.aprak tte unlfiem
opinion of the baina - li - drot , tri. ledge, ;ellen lie
mialtiolled In dean! teiy, tore%iwtbat , wan d yricolt
rot Journal for the American Farmer; In Coy locality
or latitude, It Is -
in-11.11ne - (in4
In Etknßa/'CurrGellfontlrnrf,
In Infatmatic,n - ,.
• •
In Agrieulfureil
—"BA? .7 is rim os.i,sx it's riot Or--
. •
Best Farmers. of the. WVole Cotinfr.
TIMMII: 'limner= Are kAreit Atom- Shore r.f eq.
other pwr of Outlier stateller; Ode ropy, it 50 pee
Ur All ma
Maew:/ 1. 4' 5 * colder*, SP3,, . ' •
rtian...then to Me Cult sad Coun
try Gentleman 1.,r1910..-treiteg.te iutrueee, Pr
W elloo*
to the close of 18 4 9..ur11l reerire4he",paper eekly, ,
froie ree..elpt et reinittarce tofiathiry lat. to o, 'with
out surge. . •
• •
IrW7 Acty peinan whiling to try the paper.nairo
subscribing will he suropliedwith amiss reguise, Sum 1.
Sate of m.plicethe todase /st‘ll47o..hw Ibe medusa
prim of ffi cents or lb" the mouth or beh:nnter ulnae.
'Mr Wet cents Stogie numbers u opeeiromo. Pie •
For further innormation, ramplist.',P.L., address. -
LUTIIIM WOLIN SON , Publishers, =
• A. N: Y. •
The Omar, Gentlemen will be clubbed tha
"r tq
ub :we.,
subscribers to the Illlvrear.J6insm. for ISIO fur $4 75.
• Nur 27, . •
icik=" INE6ORTA3II%,-IDO'
Eoot , and Shoe Emporium
. .
. .
14 um la full operalkla.". a nd Abe — sttiodlea of the
Urea of Pottsville IvepidaUr, invited : to the largo
dock sow looters Sad &relator' daVy of all the dust.
aids of goo
s N Crus alubbs l Us r oes,
wear a
ol.• sad adapted
to Ile sn. t. e e aollalte of Mil
brooch of horns., and glue ble pargeufar attendee to'
meVim[ die bed du bf lore.' wear arer breagtd to
. .
.. _
• inn attagitni VIII be mid t o mattiriers, sad I
ardlal lay . tiati9a is ritoW.W to 111. ' • .
October Vitt
A Valuable Lease ea.ilit
priairese , aad. Skidmore b r elaS,.,
Mtn a Ban nir ova ittis to the litahanol-Vallsol= }datng se •
Apc/71zo •
' Mane Agent, intiir Wanes,. Nagdllll.
Oct 30. At.? en •
• •
sal 'kraal:SO ClA3B.—Weitninow prepvcd
to Undo& all Were verb orostaat esiployessat at,
Comp. tbearbole or tikete or for the spsrtmoroests... _
ft*am new. Ityatiusd prodeibb.. Persons or ether
Ealizar. tom erv. $0 per Mid
me be deputise their .1;61011ms to the
aid gals airs ss to
That ell *OO see tbis mice guy s ad taWaddiusi
sad toot ibblasabial.loe soaks tats turtaretleted offer:
M r iss are sot well tere *
ted, yrs IP Nod $ ll 9
pa th e trustee' d enable. roil pirticulue. •
"bleb will do to oteezerece soak ork, • -
sod s copy Ih.Peoples Literary Ceasprake-ems
at the forest Sad but Wally sesepaperr
ad mat bee by suit leader, If toe rut prsamm. .
b lO Mb, IL C. ALLET, swats.
• Oet. la, at‘e4-tos •
Ogisspda ifsd esostlprko the Booty Wl' ot.
Ibb o reAlai. =task= sad mirk Ormicasas
assosbis• ,
tiskleksv And strut et small
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torrid narrows So tbsse romagtaßoosyLoisbiss of 5 ;
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psrirses or rasa. they. Sri b3O. 10111221•16 Lsaass
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DruiBBIK itoisk . kors. ,
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spew by zw. br. ofulacips; ambit/bet, •4.
bum rue • • b•bs
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to toilet:sr
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mint/ Et Oa hada Bee Lodi" will be'
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oft mow tie *l7 et himore. 167% shisliti Illattbart
lotattlldtolle renet.. !Rm.. to Imistrpt tM
Ldp.pp. T. NtOllool.,ra
Dec 4.
(*7/ ) 1k
ni mai • DL new
elach as all the 'new itylreol
Monograms, Efe:,
_ •
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