The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, October 02, 1869, Image 3

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i time ytt •to be a heavy &sit; tin our toilets.
itt 'al. :n:settlerpenee of aublitthie g L a
* flail! , paper
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grealf.r than we anticipate:el—bat netwithetaid
tee there conildera . tieha, we clestiyaito enlarge It
t half the else of the Saturolay *mega' Jetarual,
by the firet of Jaautry, when tt will atiezr, in ,
t,w ; and beautiful form, with entire now type.
The elite of the enlarged form, of course,' wit'
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receive la the meantime. — We have never . ..Oast '
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give our treadora a greeter Tavely of tiliecelta
wqe raiding' in the DAILV JOE - Aga!,
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T.. Men the views oc, rrnz readers, the Salnr
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ir the Bret of Jar vary, and it Oro will appear
4 . -13 . 1!.2 wsth the been:L.l2lo4 'it the year.
F.. 1.110 lour names as rapiti:y as 1.3 for
Put i JorIISAT.. Wo .1113.1 t hitCr , pub
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uero. ,All who !Arial • Ilse
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Tug wont. . •
For the information of tbaiyublic getter
ally, ri announce . ilt,t from and affor this
It tiLS NI/XLI2S . Jla L 1 1 .7
:‘,; the early Morning trains both to and from
Fas cngers by thaup niorning
[min to this place rill find the paper at Phce
.'saille: where the newsagent Rill r ceive it
tiiLe it through the train.
iArrangements'icill be made as, speedily an
fOr the circulation of , the'llaiLy
Jovalsr: on all traiusi ruoning out of
this -place, 'as well a! in (bore sections we
f. tve not yet beeirible, through want of
t.. reach. , ito.arioN from Mahanoy . City, in
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,cot i.f ihritreatment of an ) honest German
I.y .littlge hacker, Rill he realwith tiatereat.
It It• n.a par with ht.; refusal to pay, bin
and rhos saddle them upon the poorer
ttt, honr!kt tai-flyeri 3 Or the State.
T,. I . • • ste,ttx fo'r eactrinhibEsni of New
1-1 k city in-?C 37.,
Tk. , i.i , et, once the renowntd'datiseute r f
yßvl dying' et BrunDrG
1t , ,1.\1111. a, woraingtLen,dtmt Gov. Gerry
1 9.•0:d dr: bill Tasking eight 4 bnars a legal
d.y'n VC,rk, 'while .3.1% Pekes's Comilsay re
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au x Ttra.-, Teo iimeriuiri Shoe Ttp Com-
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tu,n•al. • ;It., metal tip, idgved to drat amt.
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uot•tt 014 demand, azd mart cn,cie
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tho,ii as 'the copper tips have on the com
mbu Journal. _
• JACOB J. WPM Eat...
learp tbst MrJacob J. Webn; the
vl,l7oroerr caadislee for - the Legislature, h
very popular, and will oodoebt be 'elected.
Prr is very favorably known to all the teecb
it the county' 111 - 131 latelliient leacher,
awl lic : oestinse; and Nine number •of
• Pnet.t Dealocrats,Vvbo are dlitr , ted
with the norainatlerrs made ttylbeir owe
party, will vete for film 13 111 Independent
clekitive. t _
Pxox 1,.313t016 , 18; when Judge Pae)ter was
is ~f rlcer in ilwLehigh Coal serd r ;eeigetion
' 4• " , ' , PBrii.; he dent"ohatrated hiarkle 'for Fork
hy paying hit employes in the coca
-10.3.s scrip at par, and redeeming lint forty
r-r rent. .tlisogunt. The poor :ten Tore
to subplit. to this iuitous •stisvn, as
coubl buy nothing gitli the scrip, And
Eel nett ing Ilse to buy itithf `Thus Pecker
it -tile Iby their necessities to the extent of
f uf,cnts on every dollar, and in this wey
Leli.e..l to bnip up his colorist fortune. -
TAM lalloalog.awela tLu mgb
lepiA the W: 81., Clair District, No 1.
held on Moiday styling, hu- been handed
no fur PUII4IOIOO . •
Lee.sed. That we Si e didriet OA% !lib@ &emboli ;
'of Lq;• n amities on wivw and work on. AM kwan
te.. matter of Axing. wave In the future to than
eneenase enakintnee. ta4 toneoet not Mile.;
wecitons tatty to get tbill 01.1 11,11ettit that 11 DWI
Co: 1211111 . 1pr0 - 1 , 41k tU btu week.'
, Joan T. Jos" &TWIT/.
Thi a is right, and; the true position for the
W. 13.. A. to take everywhere. for Its own
reputation, and we hope the example of 2•iv
1. w6l be followed at cam wherever any di*
election elute. : • •
Anna estractsig • :tha knouts' Jolll 7 '
rat. an article la refcrentia'fo the rowing
power adverts to the inteiresieof the people,
orincorporated coal 4:Kollp:tilts with mining
mid transportation-riftifilleo lol the
`any or checking It, In the interest of the peo
- or Penneylvatda and the amatiners of
coal everywhere, The RapnbUeof New York
nye : • I
• . -
Coq tobrament eritivehas Will be pfd' to
that the palest anetttoest of Poemlnnis le Wog
anua.e Ito awe of ours:este medal 'weft
0.1 of the eoeteeseseat of the teal tetweWs et
teat moo A dirk Wane reweave the bar wows of
the eetsmoswevtla, and begone ber blander" the
people of eh entire eel:amine of BNB .ledettfe
bawf tact boy }feeblest of ipleafteue *Voiles. .
tat tie Isteottwutee voloweett both. Pesweeteweis
be proleosid. welm the settesettr 4tber axis
Lifts , etere. _ 11. tlei greve steasetkes falestaated
andnit NThollopelei Mooted, II Wirr "Tait., are
tooss gees, we stud bed It wit: to Bop tete, tbe
prate will be Weed Oat
I, is a pismire to mil the AIMS story ,cwer
end over again. Uti se good etory..loer
story now b. d the ntiattetioe 'copy io
in WOOiDR the Oloillos which they =Wit
'the qtau artitro etU, Petiedelphis. ITira
f set is there an : We °Uwe° bee..stade the
there, 'hit loot bier is, sell er wearlildrill
Meg se the /Roethill" , * Wilson ciutbee
The immtere end waled aleortesent of Ike
cotes Dr F.O *hick &eohWl & Meow
sow dispist is worth streituettoe el,:ett who
Eo to the ofty. lee 1104110 4 Wilmos's 44.
Milkman la sadist Gahm.
To floe Freebobber* of the Come:-
- ea ottoreattts of Peitasylvasta
024 the 12th instant, will be your
privilege, in coalmen with - year fellow.cith
ma, le elect a Governor for this great Can
lth, and whatever may be yonr prefer:-
ende Son have but two parsecs to select. from •
the 'Ron. John Gently and the . Ran. As;
Packer; representing respectively the'Reenb-
Akan ; and 'Democratic parties.. Pciso ally
theta can be no possible objection to either of
theie . gentlemen, and - hence
,it is for you to
decide whether you will entrust the govern
ment of the State to the-Republican or NUM'
MG" pirty, and as you decide this question
yon will cast your votes for otte of these gee
derma - Rader' these eirelirostances it be,
amen our duly to examine the record of each
during the time they bare hail control of the
State government. I shill net enter into an
inveettgition of their 'actions La !lifetime to
'the many great national qnestione that have
agitated the public mind for the last twenty-,,'
tree years, but ...the more dear-mail one.: Ron(
heivrithey 'managed our own household ?
On - the 80th of Si:member,' 1842, the debt.
of the Commonwealth had 'reached the min
of $87,987.788 24, led from this thousantil
'January. 1861, the Deneenulo party bad al
- oatlithinterrapted control of the State got
ervoneitt--twiee only wera ',they defeated in
-the election Or Governor; and during the
whole period , they had a one. Or
the other branches of 'the Stets government,
and, no measure could .peas that did sot at
least Meet. their approval - They levied taxes '
op Peemmel property, permitting nothing to.
escape front the toilet to the stable. ' They
placed taxes on oar corporations, discrimina.
tiog against those built by our :own citizens
and 'for the, purpose of developing our Snit
mineral and agricultural reaonrcee, and upon
.you,,the frettholdere of this Commonwealth,
they levied taxes On your households 'wholly.
tuthecesserY, and only -to be squandered
&Meng .their -panusite' The single item of
taxes on your real estate daring this period
amorthied to the enormous erne of threty.fier
aiFWptit of dolor, not one' dollar of.whlch
world 'hey') been heeded had they properly
bestal:4ml their other resources.
they de with Gast—builtrailroads and canals
—no! they were already completed; on the
contrary, they permitted cute' State works to
go to rJestruetiou, so trinch so that when put
up forsale, they Were disposed of at one
third their original cost. And others by no
means: Cheap a t that Did they fay off-toe
iodebte.ineas .of the
. Stat e t .wor deuce; for
on the first of January, - 1801, when the lee-
publican party came in poWee they found•the
debt of the State 5:17,969,84t 60. Thiry
wo thousand dollars in excess of what it:wat
eighteen • Years before. The- trnth is these
Test' tie s were squandered for the purpose
ining power,. and not until after an
indign t constituency had hurled them from,
..poitergid we ever hear of e Dentokret mho
refine-an economical Slate adininistration—
burlet us pass. to the other tide. •
' The Republican party came fully loth power
in January. 1861, with a State debt hanging
over us of, $37,069,847 50, and_ ere three
months had' elapsed they were compelled to
harrow $,.3,00q,c100 for the piirpose of timing
and equipping our quota to aid in - eiiiihing
the elaveliolder'e rebellion.
. Since the inauguration Of GOvernor Curtin`
"ni4 years have nearly expired. end these
have; been nine years of Republican rule
tn.tO 01 tiffies the Democratic . party have had
control of one or more branches of the State
governtrietit, but have never held sufficient
power to enable them to dictate the policy of
. the,Sote. What has Demi the result! The
Stole debt on the 80th of November, 1868. lees
funds in bank to pay overdue loans not then
presented, was 532,798,29325. • I
Tire State Treasoirtir ie,nbw proposing to
psi off one million r 51.006,961) dollars, of
the. debt due 1, 1870, Which will be done'
as soon as presented, suit for all practical •
purposes can be coneidered paid, which-leaves
Ile with a debt 0 . 331,795,293 29, or $6,174.-
554 21 less - than when the Republic-4p party
. Mune into power. •
Debt of Commonwealth, November -- '
Stl; IRO4 $33.282,453 08
.I.sae oaf nitio loan, r..ot, then '.
• noted, but *bleb hays shoo. bran
paid- --r 487,189 79
• ' •"t•
A0t11•41 dr , bt• 20v. 20, 18118 132.793 293 23
Izetnitt 1870, ighteh• the 13.etii Trest
tuer is now proposlog to liglidati..l,ooo,ooo 00
• -,---- -
Stile debt as it will end 'at the r '
expiration or this year - 33 . 1,79293 29
Debt November .31. ' .137.959,847 50
1)t November 311, 1659. .. .. 31,705,2 5 5 2 ,
. ,
.Re,'lnction of 'debt • -16,1U.3.1. 21
Titus much hare the Republican Party done
totitd-ds reducing your indebiedness.
fn addition• to this weihare•psid extraor
dinary expenses incident to the rebellion•
amounting 056,012,45 . .1 .74... Six million and
twelve thoutiandlour - handred and fifty-nine
and amply-four eents„distributed as
• '
Darect tax levied by tba United Stsie•
- o..veroment against the ootzene a • . .
r e mnsylvaniA, bot ueume4 by her
eon' 1 II %KM ;9
Equipment , pay of eohliera, and an
other mints rrexpeoees 5,300,153 55
Premium on gold to pay Interest pie-, •
turns to ).3,15 463 ri 90
tine inn at Oetneteriee - • 16 00. Q 0
co7nty draft rot
niitr to Chatal..orebtire
Bt, orphasa
. .
' ,
'' . V 9.15 • 719 33
. ; - . .•
Thidact military sultanas refandaa -
IPA *Wm.] In ...Wawa with -'
- flatlets! Guraiatualat ' , ' 9' 1 93 433 99
• ; egt,hl2 459 74
Akiotwilh.:tanding this enormous expendi
ture. and -the steady reduction of your indebt- -
edneso, the- Ilepulditean party, in MG,. re
pealed the State tax on real estate, leaving it
to pay the ordinary expenses of eounti and
lonal government. This relief, amounting in
the past four yearn to seven million one hun
dred and forty-seven thOuiand one hundred
Oree_ &Harm and nittejy-two cents:(s7,-
117,1 , .:1 1)21.
l,slty the
~,ay tom. ..epnblican t‘irly •
it well known that the Dernocracy on the in
troduction of the bill by Mr. Quay, chairman
of the Committee of Wayi ~ and Menne of the
Iloune„now Secretary of- the ftennblican State
(..i.otomittee, used; ev err means within their
'nOtter F o defeat les passage, one and all pre
dictiue that the-State government could not
be carried on without it ; but on its final pu
rage hat not thecnur age io.recor.l themselves
against t.. The magnitude of this relief -ran
be hest nnderstood by'. the annexed table,
elloating the amount natedto each counly,: -
6d.toS •• •. .. 165,65fitonstmanter 114,39,1511
Allegheny 318,47 Larener....... 49,372
Armstrong . 36,324 Lehmann 113.688
~. 0116' . ... 125,448
Bedford. . 41.496 loraerne 179.636
Betts ^ 215.0161fymissing - 58 776
Blair 57,800!Me46er... ..... 53,872
Bradford. .... . sis,9s4 , llteßeut 90 1
Bracts . • .211,676111di1t0 ..... •411 180
Stiller - 52,128,11mir' ne ..... . 19.164
Cambria. ...... 25.968'11fordnomery.... 233 940
Cameron.:.:.... 3,7561 M0nt0ur........9 2 . 992
Calton 29.448 • ,Northimptoe... 161 576
fleeter .291,276116oreromberi'd..;. 65719.
Crotr• ...... 53.4o1Perer' 40 . 464
.... .. 20.9441Ph1bui1e1ph1a...2,09 6 , 592
Clinton 36 792 Pik* 8.424
Clearfield . 19.500!Potter 11,256
entomb's ...... 39.120iSchnyllthl• 1 81 , 883
Crawford ' • 65.172'800n ..... 32 239
entoberland 147,420 Sonterset 35 940
... : ... 348 3oHiyan 4,992
Delaware. —.lll 641,8nactzebantin... 39.z2
Erie... 29 269
Ek. 10.123.V0i0n . . 46 440
52 089 'Tensor 13 4.0
ftant ;in ....ic.... .152 0119 - .Voinnuito -
;Falun, 14.244 , Wa1tin.. ........ 21 552
;Foray& ...;......... " 2,100 .W i pli in atoti ....'. 124868
Greene 87 548 ;1440; Ewa ; 20 929
,n roll ingdon,.... 57 000 ylittiAttoortiLand .. 95 288
I,ljana . 29 852,;Wyt - mbug.i.. -*
.. 14 5%
;,Pfl:orwel 18.912;1°2k L 54,980
;Jun late . 35,8161; '
''The actual reliefAa teal estte has- been :
Redact Pia a $7 147,103 02
Milted States tax assumed and paid 1.916119 83
To the taz-psyers of •Philndelphis this re-
Liefis equal toeeneelling One-fourth bar entire
indebtedness, to-wit
Annual State tar .024,148 00
Littlest on bee &bars or, Vatted Stitt,
Total • 4466 00
*elite interest ou nine' millions three hundred
and thirty-flee thousand e i ght busdreddollars
Such are sof of the results froM 141Mbli
can rule &Win nine ines, an setae' saying
.eomyered with iDentoondia ascendent.
of $10,831,094 78, as follows . • .
LP:auction of Male 466 i 48,171. 554 21
Ezra's' incident to the 4 065.719 33
Dim tax paid IJ. 8. Governante 1:346,719 113
SO* by : septa of State les ow rail
4µ4e'VIVO . 92
Teta ' $19,331,990 79
Fellow-eitiseas, pia have hen eighteon
yeanrof - Detwieratic and ates years of **pate!
liege governioi. asixise you between them.
RespectfullS -
• Fos Governor of feemiytesels thepeople
want a man whom, hiti tout sod was toys
„to the Government when lie very We naii hn
„ pained.
• /10.11.114 \ Dna oft la -Dll Packer ban
a poor min. er in indifferent tirenmothethes,
do Tod Oink that he:WeS.l4 have even receiv
ed the nomination for Governor at.thadtandit
of your party leaders!, Ton know that be
would not. Then why eapport nominee,
who. palpably oblalaed the nomination
through MI wealth:. !Are you ii hair oroell
tog the *Matto the highest bidder.?
Wan everybodyiknows that Awyeaspet ,
bagged ao.Philadelphls to pt rid or paying
his taxes in Cub onus% why will the
Dereocialle papers Persist in hem* at their
heads—" For GOTLIZOIY Les Packer Of Cu
ban county ?" Bow 'the ion dolt, Diming
imait Pamela, indoor, bleak d perpetrsling
inch s . 4 V/hopper Y• . .
illanworati—Thai a yletoty show f or so
ealkd Elgmoesado party will sheltie all the:
heresies _debated "Ws the tall Of the rehea
lea. -' '
. . • '-
That the psymeat of natloast debt lad
the reduetke of tuition, ow ealy be awes
pthhed by • ecalhtithhee of Ilepebliela eaM
Ttiat wow meta ;that, ever Is It trse that a
fall Tote Is a 8104111ns vietcal•
Tat itepublteed of the State r -should to
That le doe reePeclil lbs 0111111 1
sheiks is one of Pestles lmportance. and
evesvrout should be Wed. Par . hoetseee.
to 1871 the Legislature xlll leave devolved
upon It the duty deptiordoelld PaSinlVlr
Itia bah far COlllOl/1401U1 sad Legielethe
represeerstloo. Both of dim appsdosi -
soots have se* Wee AI seaseper elms
Mt. and trill tot hill of the ewe epia
MI PM. This plishiendem is sae d pm*
10261111SPOMMPI , ,
i''', , ''.. '', , •:'r! ' Ti'...,;'::t••;l:,-r.7',:if,
NAreiTruare!Muurravroz."—l heir triad
ed ofl nit Pot *Eta ink ml pay in Plants.
shdo I • Flaps ye ma y be-suppr zAll to here
We cat re.lnattshta ml tilirenAkt Olt with'
aid lis glory. In seeb a aim , . • .
Bete lite font then ledge biro .
teed thessiselyr I was °mewls thee
Idaerme* Flee for ovi fiedewry &
the Peet Oftlr enkrerkuit. io thet laud we
rover Dell* I link a swag- • • $ •
Thee Fever Agt tab me, th 'bee Chilli I
&Shuts shut tow-iihnk me lake a MAIL**
• button on a Shakily awoke-hour doer: ill
mi fisire as 40 ei ptumers, Inkd Ola
raid oat hum on a morato when b's Gin
12 SO , Ibe ,can't *lt no morel IP: • •
(N Tnb Is not eh by .E Id. 4. Powe
but it COCIUVFO titellred new to It the% yen.
Wooda'i to be difoutoe is was dark).
In thle anfal egivremuse•• 1 Fore at.
wools Us a Npld lady fora! ay . /den I weld
bur rat trine:het peer ghee-bet, acid urea
bong / Feed meg Wel & sirs eswla ire Pet
Nancy. ‘•Tro'y." Ks Bbee (real is the
Potful kalknOreen uy ml Atwood) "tear tr ,
talk a go d Darts at Ptairtmos B roar
I've lied* Balm} -In 'boos swaawriii ever
seus the 'Myers wits iturd I I tat v 3 a dad
scerthitya thet rierretici Emma 'JOU@ on'y
reel kewer far the Sheiks," `ll—o—oei
thee 1-I—:oystel drlak r inked I. shivetw
net?, kola+ Les* I Mitt bee lacturldgir,
lathe :en uv sintbere Nectar. ••Eneat
'keened, Trn!y,* mild*: the tridents:l D&:
ruts. Itat lie hield qy eglittieyll4 a 1.--
X 6r thee Ferry 'wrestle kw at Btmy
Crews Rom.' pelts bein renewed dint
Veers fur thee Post OM smtrived I ace au
poite Yw 'll.serasurn" Oh yn beat
hrutherfe, it made wee Wel - 1 int amber
in 21 °wiz dr, of shots Wait I may /IN ills
"pitied. In their Checks I" 'lke got! ' Not
wno nee= Untold ton sly gool bt: I war
a Nutre keened; s Petroleum wet I—wet I
west Now :I :eta a PLAIT/MIMI me' ae
ery ; I gp above premien ti'e co 3d. Win'.
to Awl en elnire.(& 'alms reqoirrln a Jerre'
atimmirtew." ye• swan hi's.) I bey welded
off mi Post Ora: 1 twy Now be found talkie
Ptsarrseireer &WIZ io the Wes , : I thee
vez truss Bey Norm till Dewey Err.
What sinein; sada; &hellion brother I'll heir
thee nett Raid/ • •
idactimpui, Wanoi —Superior to the bete
Imported 'Gnaw' Colognr„ anti NOM et kW
the price. .
Oca old hlends Road/11l & Wilson are as
hard at; woth is e'er. lorniahing every de
re/lotion or men's - attractions to the way of
elltant and illlnlioll3 litisettithe appArel.
Their sidemild Ifth urn. S one. 11111 Is better
fa rubbed thauevti with everjthtag that man
or boy can • Want, for warmth, health, and
comfort, All that, oar frlettils need to do, la
jut theta] in and kamlne fur themselves and
comoarn the - pikes of this aol_endid clot Ing
with that of any other In bPhiladeiphia or
- elsewbOre. , tc.
tHE PCMILV:i SIAIOI.--All Bummer lone.
Winamaker & Brown bave been prepared
for tben FAI and Whiter Trade. Tbty have
had manufactured at berme, and Imported
firm abroad, such a stock aa no han.e *yet
before ;Ihnneht of possessing. Thi r y have
employed fully one thrummed bends - making
up this stock In new and beautiful pipits and
patterns. They have impenved every depart
.ment- cd the Crest Otk HQI, cad new an.
ttkinet* the openrorz of the Fall Trier. No
hours, ere bell( ve preleuds 10 COMMIE! wiftr
them any morn. bat Wsnsmaker & Brown
are determined this season to make the dis.
tame betweenn - themselvet and. their farmer
compedlt era igrewer .ban ever. We will
spatk ;hair “openle-1 In our nest. to
MIR BIIC A VTI Will.. It you Otstre beauty ion
should ate Ages. despoils dam."
It ele e e a argt, relined, 1416.111 e testnee to the Cots
pleitioe-toutrot It •sehues , dedntee. c he w Ron.
ho. Tilde; Ma attle.s thine of Pear s Moors to
e 0.1 lest tt Mt*. .be Worse 4705 It ,Ne
(Atte elret tine thsee•-• the rodle Cen.dey
a reettueehle Itelle:
In the hat of the 'banana Balm nee the One Ster.i
or Brute. No ledi need temple!. of her net plut„ton
who et id' Ineset 5 cents la thle erldte
Lecole_dedtudont Is Ike but Ude Ike:Alen IntJe.
- Sept V, %II - • • .$4•.•--4.,
Saab Yid, 160.
Kemal Entreat : —The daieot my lettet•reintnds
me that "watt bosaotifalmantnir L dune,. and amt
mach mate ta;;ldly than @mama were wont tax, la
the dayaof bad ago, Tee abiders Car, batty cf IA!
twill Mita.= trick, fa dist the year NA beta= a
diem tibial of time. Can It be poodti'a that radmaa'a
at...tun we sad telegraph, bare anyibtas to der with
tbasaibtarristlob of Matt lint I mud button to be'
pralicati and Icf em you that I •bire beta ot . , re. a
trip, and Hitt all calico *bode tba utak tbliii i ittnat
noarrtarity isldt a neimpamit article mato . ttolititad•
;',ll of lb* Jiminil
Being ;id by arricalty. nods (Acid well pared:
into be thee Poles of NO York City." 1 will e •
dearer to ere yogi a feir of the inpmeidons nude
open mYnathd tills and to we-tee
newt peotalakkg among the label fropowentinte of the
city, is Ole openins of Worth street, from liar'er to
CbaleatiSitaiire. It pets a iiie'fart orm this maim,
of the Ply. lista Sew wrolti; is months it most, will!
be rt.:pilled t. line Pm raw street with stately coree,l
and to etibetitste the Moyle! Tiede of trade and di.
errsilledliedditey, for the di la of rioter's debauchery
and anble well calculated to Make ene akic at heart.
Onathaeri• low Its =met tut Well se Ctuistiailty;
voim to the wilderness etklt atm !Prepare ye the ,
way of thS Lord, make Mraight Is' way... The Fire
Pole., which a few Sire set was s
,f.oll bk t upon
the ethillistkee ani ebriathuiltr,of a great ties
Oared been irdMinsd and as l' passed - *tweet the
plessentballit, whit arriaged ethookooess, sinner?,
dieing Tr omS, teautifel dispel sad free library. of tbn
Women's Wietion lionse," allwell but 'imply fee.
misted. site edinteshly adapted to tbe perpme, it
therreed alarsatneree.tie that this bobie ellice, dedi
cated to Omelet Chesil= cbsetty,'oetuiled the very
Site of the iiOA Brewery" !Conn ally as the Olathe
OP the niantrokt debanderice_ and morays of that
the one gust weer! er Missies robbers.
-hrgtare pnetitotag and ramblers. Oh
. teem= 01 New Tech, grretledmll Wes been the good
. .sccompllebed ly yea/m eg lb. sloth : bed and de
'ended 4f piny own Pip'. Daring tie put year, 11100
athrdmalsee twee isegto dilly, and fernithed with
• one meal eseh day. Vesele 600 pieces ot.
hare teem eetribeted Madre the ycu, Religions ret
rieve are held wore Sabbath saotte , ing to lairs and
deeply Into:iota teedlenco. - nevt.y evewi'e Mods
the .11fre pole t• Howe of gadgetry," =ober mono
] meatbi de! m nest of New York.
Deem hi Yr. Pease, asbe the primip'e that pooch
kg. enema std feeding tboald tor,e2plemented by
porle mod; mace, foe OM nee rianste Whom be
Aught tri - ireae, be oamase eat ha 11350 with 'lO
waseen,and feu gone =Step by Sex until for the
rest year el me there' tow bas .reeefeed to'o the
family 100 renuas Rem as
. deorthseper, John
Videsman dawns insse-Yea,'halbe Delems of
Chisel* boy,ttrevelf. converted end replying to
trod, fee the taitaltry. TIM preeml Superintendent;
'Ref. Ye, Betide;. ware Athos I beds short (reverie.
flak is edentenbig attain,. to 'the deltas of Wanton
Work.. tie is asiisted by feusm'abLe wife end Mum
log ilthithise, like spire us stints to make the
s'Elonsei cfledinelp. In emery respect. a Clatisetaa
bows. A t>as Mat the nester of ea% wept'
thews platalylial pitacely 1.- eel w thi amities of
Pkw Tort
1.081 41
fa 7 cos 7 4
did this. for it
Now ko Vail from Ms Seam to Me Vidleit'oos.
I baMmhed tonotlead bito 1L vPdalers' tintoo,v of
Itaw Yarn PE as tbso wren knout span &molar:sr
Boats B. /Mammy. It was a mod etifyins Spectiel•
Md./ d rvettomt of ass klmeleg dirt at one poor
"nowt lilletAlatbosy and ' , silted ly, his he. butits •
bit a ottmd eliFest, boort, , tralli4 Rine wants does
'enter :she aul polortimisky abomt notions cf
Warm SuOl imptsetirshle Mesa of worn Cats rights,
bat abets Iris to bet esovittione of tat/- I - do -not
tont rill ter theories, me bra mums of odor:cation ,
_teem: hat I Mimi bar ai • coot, brave, Christian
orb° lahori boson, sad patiently, with rest mil de
aid for the resgfra of direblllties which abe Worm
binder ibi mopes and trot of WORM.
Axed nosh like to tail lea (I my visit to Coney
Idea t.' the seekteg prophets Newport; who, Moo
hove alt tto booed a of mud fid mom, hrittmat rtny
of the islegloce. dopier. liankorirm ad mpardOlty
I for wterit; tbe latter I. 8W . .celebrated; bat I bar
rirolooMie below' the Ibells of UM Malone of top
men tipt-retter t and Mal randde. • Woos
$9,095.R22 as
, • .
"K , mm shall be Immo by
.his coutpstiy"l
that is the Life Imam= Company la which'
be le Interested. • ,
For ti Mid to be In the darcriess Vfe4..
SUMISCO Company of .PaUsde!phle, for le
etanerciimplies that hp - is a min who bat a
proper regard for tbe interests ^of bk. own
city and State, a becoming confidence In the
leading bushiest, men of his own community,
s . good pound judgmest In the matter of In
settlings, sad so eye to the welfare of his
family., 0 Lim" Oen( for this County.
Lie n . I Irwindale die As. 1,4.1 a.
. . .
zlni Tanu a Ocarrnanz. Coons: .
alloio44lsewo yummy ha boas loft
by the lleombliese Omtvestletroo tb• have& ty
Tette, for an, craodllate to no tad." , paint of
• pull naminstior, I We berm pnavalled Immo
by my Maeda to cllm weal! sa • mealtime
far that .allas. • I am a Getman by. Way,
'bay - bap arrival Ist Ws • wear, la 1858, wale
tee year ha • °ahem aid eaves yeareat Kok &
hasm•• barker, amil I met with ea sasidair,
and wee disabled from ' porfavosieg out
door' work. •My SSW woo - • Was r and
was , killed la the mime I. 1851. - 11Dialag
the dangers to "bleb those trortaror — la
the Mime are orobJart, I will, if elected,
dash to my power to aliniata their coadioloo, 1.
Sus laud tmat hale with paidoisse, shame'
I am • It. supporter of ilia beet Interests of my
adopted coustry, sod I feel socattrot tha I era
latataisla tar the good of the pendia! ill partisei
TlMoit bang homened sakes tor *am parlp
• Eire: ; I am atedigly th favor of
ora florae hathlateS, walla the low Liar ef•
1 .0 0 1 1, rod"® fame all measures tit
advance the Wends a tabor Sad Ike Pallait .
tea Whaley of the earimffey, sad Ira Sodesvor to
sbet so op to huntroffse them intomet& behoving
nut there ma beam proapeoffy *hare they its
brought into aatimosiad •
' I am pow, - sod Imam WS lOC firs rue,
trammed IS treble[ • yobbo school is Bt. Clair..
and beta& disabled from smolt* stool mark
I all set bode take "hat is tamed
asavaye of - the soon% es it Weld be too ex
plode• for sof mark bate& otban deprodest
upon ary.ezartione foe support, awe there
fare emoooffaity tbe vote% of Ss ; people
at the omeelag a/off" oledpleg &quaff, ff
eluted, to fiat tomastly, falibtaly, mid to tho
best at ay araitre. -
Is hallow album, • -
!• • • 1 • J. J. Miss.'
eiltUr. Sept 21,181* d&•-lte
' 110219111.
aopetimmii liatlerl rim to imam
_ •
W". 11 Oarlitis Wiles laesrausi..,;ms
lemma mars Torsisser Math Wass Om sic
' Ms 111 i Is rot - tom& Ms Lows •
' Pos.
••••••ain, ANN Au* Pats, Weddle far •iles
imildrvell ten*. . t
ae.. •
X sagas se • gatles..l JOBS IL AM
NIS 4101/Soomer stilogni • me nadirs : tur
M esti.
liew11.•• t •
Pews ?imam Lassalimy, • %waftlintal* s ;
111.1rilimillft Clops West, - ,
ifilidtriendreitattiruilffyiNsi t ,
apply lo DOZIER,
lIS Oahe *NW rm..
a limo WM** Rim tor inie it tea:
o i roosi pme l4Mlik?r. 1. Ott •
isii=tme!sor iratimiaLasi
mom 88000.0.0•002;01.00k
4,00000 a aimmb 0080.60
- : . : - 'w_kai -- Er'. : :1k - r , t4I'''-'*-0:iE4*,..- -, 3 - d -- XY[:' - 0 -,- *: - 'A --l t --- 4:6,r1 , , -- a .. .F.. -,- Et..;:::::-. 1 lie - -:0 - :ii , ! . , ,
Aimltsominam" I.—Tbi Registry I:4
reamed OW all wares Mouldbe radillhSrad
before doe 4 , 1 t tay of October. MOWS 41 1 7
therefore, mid ois that shad be rsataraars
areadsdlo. is us are tloSt ever 'RaPabjleoll
reea'ered. ; •
Tbseenteeby sent by Relieved this weiek,bi
98.617, Ownel, 001 . Mrket. tb
week„ 1'24.155 00 tom spinet 14,0,94 i Wilke
cewrespootLeg week Wrier.
The Ueda . . continues dull, bat since 410
Scranton Auction Side ;hits taken place; it
mill no doulii improve to somsestest at least.
as the ,lecilne was not ail great as - matt hip..
posed it would
The committees, of the coal operators tad
'Workingmen's liestevoleat Association mot es
Saturday last, lad the mdt•cosaiittes Mho
visited Pkilatbelp,hla made esport;tlist as fee
'as they amid kin from the dealers, the ens
ui price at mkt's* coal bad Sub/ for 13440M
ber, up to that tin* hut hies 112 BSi. As
this pries was Below the basis agreed upla
by the Workinginea'a Coal. Association, -the
committee of °waters Proposed paybig bails
prices of wages as agreed upon at the time :pi'
4sumptlon, . which . is -$l4 for miners; $l2
for. inside laborers, and $ll outside laborers,
and the rates agreed upUti by contract at Lb.
differeateisilieries. The follokag is the sit
port adopted by ths emantittess
&pi . 25, isso •i
The C061311“011 simulated, is obtain p•ises
from fin Waloot stook Acme, who bay sad son
oast, 'mooed at a metier of the Essentive
Onmmbuts held at Pottsville today, that lb.
wrongs prices obi tined for this moot! am Slip
per too
Oa moth" the following !rat reanimosaiy
adnord: '
Itcsuladd„ That ma rettort of the Citzelattillalta
.Cour, and bait, W
V. ill. W age. be pord firuuuto,oe &punkt,
Giro W
' J. X- Stumm Oro Amur, .
11161iIIT tltrrrsaasa, Jsaana 1100tIn t
P. Forum, SEG.' Iluvaisonorod,
J. H. Yates, . Jor:Butr.'
This report gives some dissatisfaction at
the collieries, and at several of them the men
atopfied work, on the ground that the prices
•given were not eorreet, and that the committee
of the Workingmen's Benevolent Associition
was bought, ke; The bop majority, however,
accepted the report and continued work. and ;
at several plafrs.where they had stopped,
they resumed again. he far u. we could
learn up to yesterday, the mines + all la
operation except one atlit.Laffee, aad about
:Olathe upper , end of the Mahanoy Region,
where the greatest dbMatishetion seems to
prevail. It was a little difficult of emirs', to
come down froM 35 per eint. above the basis
to thebaels prices, bat! all Zulu must wink
both ways, and by the members of the Week
inirmen's Benevolent !Association rceepting
the terms, and those non out going to work
quietly, it will do morn to strengthen their
organisation thatrall other means combined.
The coal operators paid vsper eeat. advance
in July and 35 per Cent. advance in August,
Which tba miners and laborers received for
thOse two tacintimi. ! Although the price of
coal was below the holds, the offer of the op'
craters to pay basis 'reign shows that;lhey
do nocilevirato deal unjustly With 'those in
theirAmpiny, and instead of the seal-eentents
abusing their committee, they alight to stand
by them and uphold them In their actions.•
The coal operators grumbled too when their
committee agreed to the 35 percent. advance;
but they adhered to itland paid the ad ;
for Autpast..s.itheuglimauy of them ;lost mo
ney 'on their bnsiness during the month: B.
has always boeu charged that the mss would
notaubmit!to a reductiod.of wages—now will
you prove the truth of this assertion by your
acts? ; For' if you do,!then farewell to your
organization, because iOll will drive ail right
thinking mesa out of It , andt it - will then dire
soli* by its own - action, hiatus. ail' eon
deuce will be withdrawn from it.
Tits t!ecline in-the priees at the saction
sole of Scranton coal; witch took place 1i(
New York on Widaestlsy, compizeti with' the
previous Sate three weeks ato,was u follows:
On lOrnp, , $1 OS; on steamboat, $1 17; on
grate, 24e; on egg, 27e; on stem!, 43c, and oat
chestnut 91c.1 per top. AU' the prominent
denten In Nes York ',rime preiant, sal the
bidding* mereattendidwith no little isfitd.
meat. Annexed an the price& in detail,
compa'red with those it the, beginning 4 the
month : lP
IlepL 1. • anti TO.
Lamp, 14 000 $1 IS TO 45 11.101
8 esetboO. 15,000 4 , lit(ail 51),( II 80 40 dill
141.01 dSO el tor dOO 44
get. la. O 0 sic at $3 d4s Is as i.
11,000 145 at TS 4N. at litt,
Cbestent; %OW fl 4 of St ,11 45 ob 11T34
Oar New York coreespesseleat writes as rd
lows : : I •
ins s twig attiadaneo. 'ens Up cool els
writ sold In matt lots to Melt destets:l the *etas
In trepsetd risaiwas sot 44 Iszte as woo gebelett
tletesta4 ts to be bated tbo bible wilt mot Wilts
Isr - asble tarn.: *Met ban been toteattably
creel dartret the wk. gloat 4111nalty baths, Wee ex
p• fenced to Wier, al. ems t r Iftboyll3o:4l.4=Bo
of to e Ties bed tilde 't •
• .
.Tbe trade sum, up Ills wilik
comptred with Int year: '
,Oi D
.._ t 51,14 N-1
It 7111,Z d till,Ilk
35 Mt,' ON arc es WI li il iiKivo
VIM 1.713.mA Stoiramaxiststomis
AT fill .11.54TT51 31.1eiN 1811411.1.4115.1 1 /
'l4 Mil 110,1%, 11511. sii-i,1191 ULM
Tlttea! 04,0* rketr , litsiti 111.1111
13341 4111,2111 i 1.6,41Nt ' 11111,1191111.136,5 P
1 '
ant fa ill 4-41 till SW CI OD
• sasi St. IX 4.04 II UM
RAM 1,10.3411 44. 21100111,4US,Tin
. , 11111.11131 i MI 1/0
t 1 IN la - MX0.1_14515
eikier ~ II 41Ikd 11.3117
1 14,117 11111,4111 111:1tti rt alri'd LIAM,
' 1.111 • . 4 1 1 1,11 64 1 I.I O M n t ilitt 11 4 •0 4, '
' 1,4 51 h, ei r4l4' kin 11,414 110141
. -- Il
l kW 3411 i
, la SSD
2,11 l Pai Cfls 1137y-,tl.l4olustil
LIM STAIMIAIW 9 • 7 • 11 . 14 1 .
1341464 11,7116 , 1•• • t
--,:.._ , ...,.. ....-- -,........- ,
..: quail* met by Lebter a sweisiiiiiiin
, tie west - IleAll teem eel kit tbe rev,
I tem, SU Wass Is milessii tll 0e Lidgli
Nik. emu ,
kraal, RI
Nun Qr
By IL R.
By emu]
Wrieg •
Short In
L. V. C7o.
are vio
Wi have again this week estimated the -fe
high Vallealtailresti shipments, not- baring
received them for this week. Whit is [be
Olaf ?
The shipsients eompared, with- the corres;
pouding wart last year shows s felling of , of
89,229 tons, all of which is from the Selnyl•
kin and Lehigh Itegictni, and the supply for
the year ie short so far mass toss. ;he
increased shipments of BituminousSoal from
the Cusiberland anion up trithe 24th of fiSp
timber, shOwed an increase 9f 441,40 tom.
This would giie au ismease io far that you.
'of 832,911 tone, &Labia salsas's* lest year
to date of about 1,000.000 tens from thesis*
regions 1867. , This is thalami of the
trade, showing an increase so far this year
not greater this the isersase lit population:
One of two ooselssiono are certain, that if
the demand does mason bowel mera.brisb,
there will be higher priers at lb* clams of this
sewn, or there *lll be but Stag increase la.
of cool this year.
If ibef4icbuylkil sad Lehigh Itegioniwork
in full operates Ire coed. Ship - as much at
ws did last year for lie bassos of tie
son, sad perhans a little -moss, but cm the
Lehigh a bap portion Of glit . collieries' are
still standing idle, end about %his Sehuyikill
County were idle yesterday. Welters setaray
two months of lb* shipphig isistr- laft„ : !aad
all the istticatioos sew to"poist to ea 404
winter, .so say tics* who profess to be /food
lodges is such matters.
Wit bate bout hi' quested to pitplish the' 61-
lowuig notice. W. hope that an the opera
tors wUI Quito in I union for the& own pro
tection and for the protection of the tins.
A gran aany question will arise is the
grade Dorian= whit& will rani= do exited
action at lbe prodaeors here, sid tkis Satin
awn only ;be **lan hy latenir' enntioa.
1 =ion Oars is stringth,aail wo litt= patty
&ding orWansije ought= preen that from
Asitist nnanisausly - is Utak nen dithisiee.
We nigbi stitalias that .no Co.! corpora-
teat la the &ate keeps a mit Harrapars
dorimithe melon of the lositaistak
w ad i their taterasa. sad 411 t I Caat 7 -9illlll
also to take the lamsi=mas tie protest
'their, Latinists. • An d 11,-proisses
hare are 'seldom esaialtsil is the regalathra
of sons, he., beamse they sat *violist sad el
coarse porerlass In satershag say neatest
wade la their Interest. Osli let Asa salts
sod they l soon feel the beitellts of minis
;t4o'• r • ••• •
.11mrso lit Ciwaherusosts.
Wieemie. tee area eieesilly silty of: aim
;name al Nal ta ftieVAIL MAW was spowilt Os ow•
lOW% ay •••
••••••• JO• ts Oa -OM to get • MI riling et
all Ito swam.* tall• tots Ski Pow
tot situp GI do oat ItelloSoll wit MIMI lesed-
An wee ehme miehleepsisbeemil.
al_ emeNsee re . aureseey woo It MEM • iire.
he woe 'eloped is lleareee,
tie Tab atuouto• Mt • Gel b•
' L • -;' - .1 0 4 1, •
• Tie Swam= Baias.—Thst folhlwiag
Ler ghee ibe basis 11.4 spelt he lope he
his sweat ,
~~~;`~ ~
Itsinors MEW
Mem yonmegt Led dr plot Alf Oatr alts
mom am st 11001191 VP MM.
IL 1. sassdassaa
MA/ ii!e, Ilsbar poi la Sibs*
.11111Cosaq: bee iry belie" liiik#himitio aI
wagiljad sa,010401110,0 41 1& 61 0t ,
biil sisear*e Akipase. islEttbip frimi I lie 744 .
net: higbitilif I; tie, kw* la
Sisialds 111.0 a, via eta 11/ jar mei.
adueaaea beta dtrfejtaabir
I , 6,l;irotmei; iataislolisid6Otthe
ge.idllllll4lll. s. ;
Art For OW Piosomisis it As Limes
, , - RUsiris-41oleirlitemeirs. •
.'tier that Sinalst,Rastioll somplaiss of
'e'ressemi slug the'kruthig Act . *drat
passed this Leghdatiro. :11i mai& so ease'
opts kin. Ws moseely Moto& thittiMilmdlood
voile themotios to Mead it tO. the ether
imithraidto morattisorisich is cot** 'sem:o
- to the Legielati! Rrneerd., lfe old noth
ing abut his motives foe, declining to vote. -!
IS is slab Mated "tiattli motion mods by ;
aestdor ColUmato stead it . to the other
esideountlee was fetes the pursue; of killing
the bill. this is alit cured. 7, - W. speak
inuridsgly os this sodded. Omit peruse
was =ads apcm flosator alemsti defeat
ti. btll, Sid he !So led to - betties that it was
eat sessimary, sad that the bill? is quition
*as sot rt geod sae. As soco*as we tourisd
the posities of Resistor Colima, ars addrese
ed a biliiiohist hi whisk we strongly urged
tie pump of this bill, and requested him' to
submit It loomed. coal operators, who wasp
them at Banisburg, for suit amendments
ought to be isode, Lf say wotild bp deemed
&Usable, and thou. push it through; which
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The el. et're i t tbe boroeM al bicolor will bete
theft menthe lit Me Itasca el. Doester. %amid
, 4h etni . oes . the toeMelila of Eldred'idll'hold
Aar eleeiLon- et "Ilie hone Of labs Weasel. te
townie*. -
- The elinole . of tb+knroblp of PON, MI bald
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town of Pontlthoe. to 443" tows
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The whttain'of the twnwhill of Betts. will MY
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Wroath of Nowt Corbin. iv It holdlMk ehuntim at,.
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Tbo ainote of North Neebilite toint4l9. eut em '
, Wein% in the teozoing ~eta will bold their elec.
Wu at the harts of Mgt & Kohrt, to raid towartip.•
~ The elertars M the toirmalp ell boat! lEnthebe odd
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The e'eetcrs of the Etat Wean of Ile haeounto of
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The elec.ors of the Wert weal of the boron.% of.
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blot-hew Amebae. to aid berteatt.
The eleetort or the toweehlp IftMeaor MI . bold
cledica it th e Illapla Onta Ifeene, ald
The eactae el the Met Were of Me taartnutt et
ner.rtoe hold Abelr teretton at the Ware al
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The eleetara of the West Wed of the teem% if
rtterreate will bort Men larrthai at tie. b 4,e 'of
Mohan la end wed. •
Cato e of art %lomat* of bfladlentert will bad
thtlr cdtClon at the lowa of ,acm, Ides. It a•sa be
The eke'ors of .hr tortptlalp ot New Calle will tol-
Mier elee be War home of rfelMA. i abode lavabo
Trt electors-of the tonattafp of IlUnregien • will
hod ertroan atthefahat of Mania lbsnea. la
;eat t borrohip.
• The rlettore of the toonehip of last Norireilin will .
hem teeli *lenient at the b ewe of Jobs Danner, to
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The eleetort of the Iximnph M Iqdre Tbll n shit writ
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The *core of the - borotigh ,of Owirtgsbant will
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eleetore of the borragh of roar rove will bold
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their elfriaa'at the bonnaptJecoh Barr, la maid tows
, Tim elelMeeif the baronet al NM Alto wif bold
th it eleellou al the house of ?bones Nollitaartha to
edd botaarb. ' .. _
The el..ctoi of the borough of Port' Clinton will
• hold elei4on AL its house of Joseph Weikel, In
• '
raid borangh.
._ .. . _. •
The_ cleors of the byoub of Tat Carbon will
held their tinkle at the Poi t Cohan Eons, In old
bfroagb. -. • , , • •
The egatiM of' lbe toelnblo it Porn( will, hold
Melt stale:et the Mom of George 4pm. Ii said
le .►
• Ttrentabbe elector* of its boroseb of Pantile, Is lath
- Ward all bold tbeir 'bake at the One af
0 ,1, Y.
Fear L r0.,t0 add ward. , -
_, .„, , •._
• Toe entail of the boraterb of Pottnille..lll ath
Rut Ward. obi hull tab election at Ms Ilnerlesa
How, In odd irstd. . .- ... ;- , . . -
'• Tber elector, ra teg bineure of Pottsville 111 WM.
Wad will Whither Onion at the bons ot Aold
Ilinntericb, in al I ward.
• The Crewe of the bonnet of:Tannin, In Huth
"test Ward. ell bid. thee elation et :Me Moose of
litre Wes Carry, In ed ware '
, Tim W ard,
the banit of /fata in
of ; Woo Ward. olltbdd th4l- election at ti t he Mere of
Illsoldu Greets is rid lea. - `
Tbe thrall of de taw ablp of Raba 101 bold Mete
i stett,it at Mt &boil Uome_of *al Dale, to end
township. ' !
' TM stators of tho townbl .. of Rash Wl ' 11 bold Melt
election at the knee of Philip Geuther, ta all tows
aa ' t & victors 111 the togre . al p of 111111yallteold User
Calton at as loan of Man Comely, in said
townalp. The f, • ' -
elan* it the tiontebtp at Ilya ode bon tab
_stenos at neon Hoses No.- 1, to eta togrugles,
TM Manse of the borooM of debsyllell lies" le
loath Ward. Will hold thele deans at the hare a
J. ro!d word.; -
TM *traria Me boriegb of kebnyUdll amen I.
Tat Weed. will bad their election at :Ms based
- final Water. la sad moll. - , .r
Tbe eigetare of the broad% of Sineln I ann. to
Weft Wirt, will hold tar eleetion' at .tbe. loses at
Ite. Jobs C Stanton. to all ward. , . •
The etedgmc of the avow.: I IllebankEl Haven, la
Nab Wed. will bold their Weal= at, the. Mom a
Hertuna Teter, is entward. , •
' That clue alba post of Ilabankill In.
in/ north a slim to Vie tap of Warp btoestaln weft
h Id tea tr eleatlas at Ms Mess of Burliness*, le
The nectar atrial pin Of Ikaltylklll Mudd, ty- ,
tee mak of 0 Ins a tattoo of nap Illoestite. will
bold their Weaken the boas of Jrallet Imer. le
Ispelatoge. i • . ~ - • -
The aeon of the Itsneel efilbiossMakerill
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tbecentlon at Ms bonen Wee L'llitell. 111 d
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The nature (tribe b womb of dant Oak, Is Well
Wird, nil bold tbeir statist st the leen of llama
came, In end ward.
TM anew , 6f at terositli of Oda Cab, la Math
[ Ward, will bold their glance et Um boa" of all
firm.; In wad ward- - .
The electors of the baronet of knot nth, is Wattle
Wud, walled; tbelt iiisetnea. tbe 140011 01 Jebo
Banc, la ran mete.. • ,
The Owns , a In booed te Tummies rt lb. Tat.
If xtd, esd all Mom residlag soak at el arolloael ea
in oleo Terra towneurt, and ala taelsdat all nese
wbu man 'thin the 4alte demerly a pat or Wee.
- Poe townalo and sow sneezed to Me boson! a
T antis toatt: lenntag at a ant In UM .Ib
eon as mkt boruagb ad teat terisese Me semi
sorb hr , decree ere. finds to a .pest : asset et Ilk
1 deresse oat Is rots tio a watt data by a el bet
Ma *web T 6 iheremerest 1111 ode to tbeterseher...
I will bold Mier eleatra imm t a tbe brae sttnela Tom.
1 4.4 7=^ 1 ; t11111 or o el i al Hansa. ta ! Botha
Wall, alined dolt election all Ma base a Sleben
lkenkla said word. _ ._.
.- ' _ ...-' i
Tee =*. sof th• Inenie at 'ratan. hi amt.!
Ward, all hold th lanti= pi the lame a nen
The Itlectis at Montt baronial OM bold Elskr
elaertob at Ms Bess ofiJsetek Ere messges, to said
. ' Tbesitekin of Treason tonsedp Will bad tan
delta at Mir Iron: of Jamb • IleselleniTlet *
Us homers at Tennant.
Tbeelectors of tbeloweebtp of Upper
OM end Mar shake a the bare af & M r=
dt Brother In aids ...
Tles, elan, of nis togrardep . of tralmiaill bold Mak
.eleof la at tbc_bease at Jabs lona U na d will
Tb. else dra of th• tioniblsof ra will bald
tate tioction Otto boas at Jae P. Cneste,,M ad
of tde lownido di faith Vans nth
-bold Meti ekettoe at Gisloolo of. Joke Iken,bit end
loosen •
TM - theme of the tonne n Wester will bola„
theta soils at Me Issue of P.. - Lately. Is add
" g l ttiort.t toi tittosat ot litaibtathat la 'MO Ps* election at, Me dame of base Beineftla
eats Ingrains. . ~- , -_,.. •
The electors of emi tonna of WPM edll bold
their eleetion st the bass of Job Cad is ma carte ,
thla If: '
Ise eirtdori of the' bortient al Tann* Add bold
thee irt,..on at, the borate Waal Insibler. to said
Vaasa fate% la ail the WatenTernenps,
D cod enosehe Of tbe thral7. 1111 10 be °Mose
- bet l lee boon adz Warm anon la Mt lbw
Imo, • • tbaibeatahows *about titsomatoo so sib
eetzepres ook, te Ms Iseinee, TWO ,
all Me cone shall be closed Wal •
The General Election, In all Me Wards'
Dhaka sod cornetts of the eacet. I. Or=
bet Ween tbanars a em and arse ono* Is tati tone
-'noon attcLehall tonna whbint karropidoe a ad
tanoneernottl Inge o'clock la the eanee sea all
Ms Sala Mall be elated.
- VerypriSt esorpt Justkat at the Posc•-st•
*ban b. any cake or appentitsid ot peon
1 inner Me go a t
erne Raked fen" ha
Bou4 or ally door lasespantimi dlesiet. -*bather ,
• toolindetkroal... - efr or othernse, a saboalaste of.
Senor atern;wbo lea shall be orpiusd ads, tbO
Legillstielo, Cuadra of tends* s•M-iinetot tbe
pianos the Voltelletatea. or of any ay our bearpo.
Med need.
and ale ereryisember of 013=1 . r
a tbe State Legislator% ate of Me Meet an
Candle Of welly. or Commiseasetle eta min*.
rated dark& is by law.Jorepined Beltm
ding at Mg sone dote tbe ales reat,
lads% lapse= or. Clerk ofcl
nu an derdes at Cie Caw
nate=lth. end no unpeaboa aimant'til
nano sane* steins Wanted for
: 1 16. impede,a re attune des idedene sad meet
.at me nemsaler pleat sopolerell fa 11=a
Onto* le tbe dean. to wild tea
rabetas sensonadt. he Pe '
iled Mopeds, nee *POW f:N= d•
nab te a q 10411.4 taps dam* CMS, .... ~
.2a or*. 'Win* 'Waal lees miestiortla
astand Wait amen splreabe Jo Ibillicat "lit ,
- boll'ima as Use tat of eurneribier Mew ta yea. -
- sol,oluttioll lint otilarttlasalobi lidelest lOW
, toot aatiallat Jibp. at tbsirst piasslog slisHart
' Abel a r t Si tweeetor Mln nem An ts - lella lbe
pastor ale OMB Mee eastired Itle bleeeneembaref
wake t a losaostat altilkaotattoll, Ups Doom do&
as taiga Stoll appslat, _
.as haostoor Is ale plot—
Aegis imago tows MOW •Itiappritalt mot sasal.
*lmp tip rameeat vets nahirt the Memo, soar
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ey Malnela Me beettartleallate
ay.* kat ',Voodoos tiollby tot Ibt The mat
Moat Mi eleseas. as es Mita woo sof Me ears.
sammeed ALtam S% .kifft MOM nee Moo atop
use boot wee& pnresC•it suift Adeenal, Fiell
I#llloooolllier ember til Olsen gessem.
diell be tie Ode at theemend immeen at
Abaft to stood astir plot at
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rid dastios is Olt yam Ike SIS roam al 111 =
Istatmetiaa to Os lopotors sod sisakvbas
'spa. scppla tor Ms st sop pool sorost
Spasm truss is soltaiwahrs. as 111111 ate oasis'
- -lei Wootton is tbs ostsmoot et Mier rte
as Ispossrolt U Wert alsO tom dos. la
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as ponnal. w t
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saWls tbs Salta at Imams poksatts its elsitos.
. 1- ftrioarttoe basin Ms sift IMO als
all Aboi to
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roma AR lee .. dye Was Os SOL •
Odra* Os Wood Ittptor bats •
psi Sailvesatot Oft. Stor mawsssal Slosess
sat storalat lattra• Ara Islaspublei le Oa Otts•
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obig to aid ss 0 absomil t bus&
tet sob Om Is Ws Alm obi
~ pat Mt Opt Oa WOW talledpidillsOtatt=
oes asse,MbeemeeveleaseimittabstreelePalll
ellobieendieltibe skeemilhenik 1 0.
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est ooldsot ta. SOt at I.ollli Bow
skirello es Mottitissaaai Isis Mitt, Is "ma
Saw 11 tottlapassoo stOlstostolis• at a
Stattatartotplailoosal 1 4Ostaal *Am are
lois% 'al otse olltibtasty opts Ng
oak fff 'mai stow
Otos Aetna pal ow* us, of as Moe ila pa.
si E k%
am a 'MU 01111.01111_,!lbot 1141•10111•10.
se, *kV la obis ammo lamosby baby Is
- MOW Oa to .at Stasstt ago old tataitta
pas rpm Os WWI *Rpm osaalb or allbobelas OM
1•• •n ti Lt t o ren lift. intro` MO to
4bms -01 l Osama sob pada od.
AIM* dbelltaa laitigitisa tip OSA% Oil
Uri la ass OM
Nib 11101011.741
doss se le rapatted by thte Momper. the seem
K thee *Mated to wt. , eletty be, tamed
la Oa belied lisi try. the o.opm-Jant soda tree
ie appalls theme bemtrise. tea 'teeth
k•duel he Wawa to vatv by teavalWitt Dom . of Mt Mee 'oetit^ If be testi be : etiolate be
JIM by remit a. edea sea Staab, tared cat te tai
shaltieake the has Lola the of
Mae kept by ttmo. - •
la aku pa
the ewe of the psalm detrital:
On Me Is Labe pa the list foretthiaby the Cote:ate
slams aatimemes, or blatietth to vote; abetter
Mad Mama oe sot, leetlerad, to be eay• Azalea
MI a *all be the est, et tbs. how*" to
Woe Both poem 03 oath to hie qaelleattouP,
tai It beetateet to bum reeled within the loge to
atteyear as sem Ids Mb Mal 08 Marta pita
Mao& Mt Mat wake woof by at lem etq mope-
Mt whom. st )1601 be • guided steam. tbet to
Ws maid tat the dattict .ta more than tee data:
seat hateedittely treeeeleg *ore el-e....teekatel abaft.
Me Muria sear tlat hi. hors -/de • readesta fo
liestatutos aMs heat Mho" to to ve'd ago*: sed
that be dd see lam late said Mara ex the rarp, - es
Weeks Mesta: . ,
Sven pima gained se aLlepthi. sod IMP tbal
who tee teal, if replied, of lbo rrnSenee aid pats.
tad a tam sa ameed, atoll be emitted to .vie
41 Its lairaelem went or ebthlet. to whke be Lahell
U o person .ball memo' or e Moot to
say allow of say electorn ander this act tram t=
saris elation. or use ue Omit= say, eiciteren say
pea °flew, or sh Al Interrupt or Improperly hanlfere''
with bim la tbeozomtioltaf ble army. ar snail Mori;
ap the irladeor or amuse U. Any 'miaow where 'the
same•mor be boldiny;. or shall tiotocoly ttlsorb the,
peace et each elertbal, or sbnll nne onyntntimidsent
Moots. force or riolcire. watt the ‘holgato iotlaence
=duly or axioms any elector, or to prevent WM.
from ratllagottorodfoot the freedom olleteidee. iarh
Panom o4oalrtrtion slut be Mao' to soy sum meet.
reedms the baudrof &ab» amt fropeeoeed for Any
lama ftma thoe nor more than twelve onantfis,
nod If it sets , ' be Stoma to ru m. where tbefrbal Of 44011
apace shall be had, Ummbe person on cfressding. was
rr+ta imktent of the cfcy..ward distEct et loweiblp
where the oriente was collo:MOO, and to 4 entitlol to
rofe.theretn Ahem art conviction be .hall ho reoterge&
to ma Sae at Dag :Inc. roe - bundled a y name
than me IlMasaad G., Ism. Sad' be haleomM
hen than en Malik; nue mote than two...years.'
If ;any per:oaoe roram• sisal m too any 4 40 t or we.
ter opals the teed , of toy rye. time o
stoevresitta or .1141 °4-r to ha: - e• stay arilf tat r we.
gee. abhor by vernal treamaVon ttorn b r 4i any
writteno, plated ed rot tionscor. chollot ire: . contrite
bey penes cep. •ULAILO mate an, audibly _
wet Conviction theretf, he or they .hall fortrtinspey.
I tea them the smon-t era to t or anent t lobo bet- ,
It gay wane. Ity law qa XII of, Atoll truant rattly
weal any eletolan or this tannmonoeol:b; et being •
lather/Ise qeilinrd than vole cat t St. tt - ..p t al:tier..
ff any •vsarene lame log the neat et hon via asttOr.
shall aid re procure mph prune, 4, 11.144.,22. one,
alMondtal abdl. er et faille, he deed In - alsy7Wou'liet
enscdtea two tattered dollarr; had be traprnotard
any ter= not eamedlng three mouths. 4 . •
If any /ball Tate at more I tan' our election
-district, •onto. otherwi - fraudulently vote an thawa
ere* on the same day,m stall '
deliver la the inswetor two ticket. Inert/v.
-taent tlleatalls to vote, or obv.:l rocaro
he or they ofternlingkall, c a , 60, !ha
An any rem
tem than Aft/ ndne that Ave herb
And dollar*. and he WO learnt"( a alarm cot basi
n:roe tor more than tee vs •raht.- • • •
flan, pane net ittabliod to eta tote toilsome
wealth agrtnably to law torrent th t Ww.
Minm a). shall anima at ail ylfre of Are t oto for !lib
minor* at irlbacncing tee 24.222.22 goal. vl ' to rut,.
he shell. on too* et. a, Leer, and lay any ram r nat ,
=corer it cats bawl ral d gle r tot art ri to 't 011E:422;
oiallia be Impritaradd Le any term riot recr:dtkritr thtce-
. •ttYf I ET L&W..
I&I give ollclol 00 , lee to the .q.e..(0 . 4 or &Soil
bill coma, did, by All ha oralthd"Ao bet '
mapplementla to U.. %Ctn.:olre U. 1%,,,
tEb tkonunuairealtb; 'app - orel April IT.h. A. D;
leak it Is pnuvided as :
FiKrems I. H. kfmaem./. tor M. &null, cm _MAW'
V ., Reeprom,tattop of the Csmaanntensla qr Perms, r.
iniilfs G.airral diseubluiaset, • act ft to 'Aireby
&tot by tit motAority die osay. Tn tt It el;t
deli el vett or the Modllakstik 10 thi c *mon
yeah& cm the Int to Jane rent fear. • t'
taka aptha thusealpt hshlnkvle, com;
!LIMO 81406111111 lender Ma eighth oettlott Inv art •
11116ect elf kr-we ha cdtedarti t.triny.t“iir. 'nod
proceed to ati Islakeritatr YeTbibnk of t o by
tluartmal-e.or 'mate rrf orrery ot 14 to, le
!Memo try Mat to tufa Clot or 'favored Giro, the hurt
. . . . . .
previous arseuvuest, from tan &Aria or .rsica hp LE
the sairesor, or whose &VS or, scot from, the'
puss *WI bt merle Usti*, I Na, sod to thid •to the
inane thenime (.4 any vtue- who , b
!buns by b 1 In hive meal it Itta W,trth
thill Isd pn ILwi nemrma - kp!.r gawk.. ressord
UN IMMO Mat 03 or eo.l6osvo 0 •o s ms , l44' kao Ins ".
Ida, lad oho the name. of ad *no atoll m tie 41 , 110
to Ma to Oa quilled Toren. ltooeld. *tto oo
this nodal= to coasolegod be .kol .tort orerrd • eldot
holm tti tiktdlstrito and oak, outfit t garp 1f too'
prom Slots trdiso, le oil hto I I II has dkd or tratomt
Opts tim diotelct. sod If mo to take the tome. there.
VCIZ'Ort ilusllll,ll vo•of. re.l.ldrik
whcar mate 44 wane the het. aret'ith . t, to hid thh
samettotteto; s.t.d la all ta... litt*rt • r not • as Idol
to tbe 11.4 out elan toth•rob. be a!ssKl
toe peorn ; and inn oterotor lamb la *I! et.. *g.tis
tido. Or), upon tp.t cotand tbs petiOn no
sitettott eat= to be voter. , Upon um nsturplotlon
of this watt. it shell he the-deny of each Ittesewirti sr
atonesidd to proceed' to pate out a kilt, In alnhatettnal
order, of the white Ertintien ettoro tte ptr. oue yeses
ante; eisialls to oy be entente:l voters la' the wad, bo!
irtt torn stop or district of .13:01 be lithe s,saossor.-
ernittandin meta of acid name. state Wilttiltt iota
freemen le or to not-ft houseneeper and it he is,' the
umber of Ws residence La towns where the same ere
',unbend, with the meet alley or ..court In !welch *if,
ested end ton where there ere no teenliera..
the nine at the meet. alleyeer court: ost:erlekbeald
_ _
home frosts': also the occupatio nof the Vermin t and
where his is !ISt a hosisekeeper; the .oCcupatlon pi of
of Dowding, and with whom and if working foe str ,
Other. the suite of the employer, arid wrt a
. oppoeibs
iota of saki la:mime the woyil ••voter ober* SU? per
son el-Urns tavola by nissito of ristoralls-aksa, he shp
exhHhit bisect:Se:di there,4 to me st#ltseo?r. valeire
ha hsaforen for eve eon...hare y vat! bezt..
a %Air la told dbrtrkt ; sod lh all caws where the'
aoo ttas beau hatarallml •tbe name shall -he mar
With the letter 'lie where thepenh4 hoe merely - tie.
clued ids letahtiOns t, become a a 1.1161 "mid' deekces'
to be astorallsed before the next election, the salmis
shall be matted ' D. L 2- ^ where the 'claim le to rote
by raison c beltig between the afros of twenty free
and twenty-two, u provided by Law 'the word tug
Yell be be entered; and if 'hi pereau hear moral loto
the eleetee dlstriet to revide the - tut general
election. the letter -R abet be- placed. oppovne Abe
name. it dull he the further duty of each
informal& upon the rompletton of tho,driee; haireht
Imposed to make out a.repural a Hat of ail new canoe...
Ap.ats made by bkrkami tho amonma 10..61114 lipol2
etch, and tura& the came Immaltutely t, The county
cammtselonem who she.' immediate y add the acmes
Oa the itc..b,tag
sorts toads is atomaSd. the. same itiall Tutfterlth tr
returned to tb• eettoty e numbelikters. mob
- - . -
&Ow. eapkr of said ilsta.•1111 the observaLlooli as2l
explustkftift gitred tO bp naked on aforekild. Jo .be
*ado oat is woo at vagtionitiki and pher.,l in the ULIVIII
of the wawa. who shall prtor to toe tint of .inignit'
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Ow 11. - After the sesetestenti have beat eedePirral
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haloodintolitto lies led. nude s teta•a to the onaii•
eemakieconers of the Ramer of rail persons Si 4 , 101,
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':shall thersapan wee the sees tI. be : added to the rte.
1 tau regaled by the awed section et this sct; Mel a
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Ike UM* of alt peons eh ?allured re reddest tags:
• him is add lord, tormigh, towable or it wine, sad
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Marko to • the rakers of the 'election. in raid ward: •' .
berosgh, towsidap or tincture. at r rhefore sic dirket.
Is the norstrit et tas meal Tames, of Octber, ird
so mu *tali be parented to rare "at the leads . a
that day whore lama la sot on slid Ilet.".salf•th be
-shell asks proof of his right to vote, a badrta ter
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• Ike 4. On the day at election , any person ebbe.
awe Is sot on the add OA, era'elelnidad the right
cosies at saki steel as, shell prodeee at teat, oat
varier voter of the district es a wltoein to the 'rest. 1
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putty pissed, **limit to tbe lies staled by Pm
sleek afilladt shall delve dearly where tbe red/lace ,
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pa c e a s elehelegihs rietato vote AM she -. telte •
Yd aided* a arses, or pertly Woo and partly
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manes of Ms edisioavrealth olPenneylvesis Auld et
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mend tats the dlertiee for - the prows GC teem ,
thesis; that he be paid a state or calmly tan tinkle
tea voted rewa rased a teat ors dIP at *es
Wader. • end, It a erteralixedeltisee. atoll •40,
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boa citierte OW reined Whet* ittorn eledwheire,';
a eo woe that het 1* he slidarit tad shallpoises ,
evidasee that be has been' naturalised. or that he ii,
entltisd to Citizenship by num of his tutees- eater..
east= 0 end shell further elate is tile atildidinha
m d e, et t h e th i n of to the affidavit- betwel* the
spa at twenty one aid twenty two years that be
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dhertet ten dayettexX pig eteh Orttlen .he sun
be eatitled -to vote a thoogb to , : shall•
not have paid taxes ; the add aildirits of ttwaVilitutui.
Is to their neldesice be preserved by
idea bowl, and at the of the eltwtion they , Viol
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be esetbsed with the I ot voter. natty list to Alia
papas repthisd b'y law ate shed by the return - lodge
with the . shall rowan op tile dare
with la a oat*. entoect to ehthesi.
nab es other papers aced ig the ' slot hs .94V.
cos shall fed tharthe applicant or applicant, power
all tbs kat itaanitestione men, hs or %Sr
s halt
be l ambed to an d d
the new or -nook hall
be added to the V aas a atVie by thee eakekodkwes,
the mad lax. beto here the detrain Cabo
to vote oa tat, and the " • oge e where be: alidato
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law skill so able', aide and acted Oa hells et-:ides
bard. oaths vas alsehted or relented. wadi s Jo,
-staidet irory Woe eyeholes to tel ti. _
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dam Ash he esiOlied to peeled We V - I
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=re ea the sew day, by vtrtoa af Oh ow it*
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be sisered .eta. rate" . . .. "t o nipo , to oto ,
tab mare: o r Li ropored tu be asap or blotted
'lnto by my of said =true this act sod an'
=Us! false certeng Or s thy to ,law
truer or Weir etsellatillf le they shall
• toil, tnotemnitsd 407 NV* rem= Shan be yen.
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mayiete** said Oka* a** scullot Nl=
41(1,2004; aed Ito came et aid Waimea
to Med=al l tootoologo iolik Not
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jecuct" sue tyletreatryby, 1 gamintimeereebY dee
(ol,, ,Pr**loe. ?bat ao peen *Ma - Ihe Wl**
iekai be apporded ea eestare=.- - -
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Itut 12.• - ittliVottaiT 4 Tntr e at ths :Maly
ntartmr. or lanYotWiwarria; ihe jef
nlot entAatiuntlainkintlaeer.ritionall . the Woe
to DeWitt& or etre wanes et WWI tite sante
to be rtren not Wok; mbar/am It Ray lw hands
precy need or fatimiiii stallnatiqtfterillesento any
ewit yor., shalt mot Mn dsity ittanY4ed mei
nat. In open tacit lalb• telaWane ai Mins the
ledges atria; itenedkag in tba net of
rhi aid to. reunite ts, bete, we, p er =t i i...
. et any frandahnit netaraltembib etrillaite. -be shalt
tit eni iy of a bleb inledenteennt I et tf any ma shalt
}: l 4l 474l7 ,litai l :4 l l=ans a d in t, la st=
rilstempt to vale thereon se lf any au ALI irate. yr
attempt. :4i:tuna, or any Certfltitte•of iwtenileattast
not bkirtal in blot be shall be gal ty of a, Mel aloe*
meaner ; and tither et any a the w.p.m thole aids.
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aforesaid ohs 4 on.coneirtkw, ba lead he a sum nag
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proper- - etifianitary tar 4 period not, wcomenteg those
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tender] GA not wore Man two yews. and pay aex
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dirc•ed bythla sC4. et levy dare or reword lite
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tistreb Whole st tail MEW Asti WO th••• *es at'
the •r,) , rat no of the Levu of the ee was hoWilm the
',ow st the time of fob elentlee r bat no 'hellos for
tht ,diee of sesolear or rebus]. lowneor eball be he'd
und-r this set. atallthe yttir . ose Meow& Webb bid.
deed sad WOW
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Flo. O. la - at Wreaths bole mem Obi
!see of the Oienseseweetth. Ike polls shill be aimed'
tete gni the lemma( stet apiiimem getNili t ii.... em
• ekeed stones Web at. t• se: . _ - • - 1 , -
.. Etao- 1T: It ebeft be the iletrot thief CriortirtirtlOO
cnetootmeolth women' roost far. ell the It'selcel thisset.,sidleenlals . oaths of tees
to tbe scanty ontemitekrbere at the merrall
mantle, dl the•costetrawealtb I mal the feint, eon ,
minima's of einb a loot, Waal, to ewe as .ftete he
weeper, alter the noels of the eue•,_at the proper
.:pears nt the .i 'arty. prom+ sod teraleh to ell the
election d'euiets of tbeh eenietile empties copies of
web obtain,. Ineneh quedittee se. Inv be rendered
weary fa the dbe"Airse of their "lie mks , this
Oct.' •-- • • ' ' ' . .
Ike. 19. Tut eitismt of this • llts'a testeotarey to
ihesereee of. I be,Stels or Ust Voutipi etstee game
mouths oa e .spot at OthtT tate. sad who do sot vete
whore than ereplrged. eh AI sat tistetor Oa deprived
o[ [tie tight to lan Is Matt was] elect* Meth"
If utlierwbw dole oestelet' • . • , • ,
• inszwriB9..psnawcat9[na
Oaten directed. taloa glee edictal Bette* td tier
following omega= of an act approved Jaw 4th,
1060, et• Ole• • • %ramie toOalleseet to the eke**
law.rd ter meseleatreePh.. •
anemia, !Wire as ear Oaressi of this rattail
States; eath
Delolnd .tai art to rand the' .eseiral seta
bendefore d to porde fee Nes coolltsa an
etAng or a toe tad hoe, rd Wt other frarrela.• d
and approved Ilareh litt,lllll. all prose err have
dr therlitary and real s rine ot the I:Tatted
Starsshaker see heastlaskaited se Mired
bons tbe purity or disability , War •^
dart art tars to ban _ eel
'al fretted tar tights Of %eta
lights% berre elttnese, sad an &prat of !La
dling soy Aram rears* *Marfa antli t
Weer.} Penes oat either art he Itad Fier,
are not ander the tonettourt end laws of Peasell•
sr a: quilled starts or this Creenostroilts.
rotor Be tfaurrd by tis - Seeer ond lbws
or Wpfleciallebixelef the Corteemerth y frartes
sla is theret4earrly ma, and r St hereby eared
hy...tairaleray of she err, That in aft eh rose
bereater; to be held le Ws Domusionelit h. rah
be entrfol for the Mir or taretoes of may sees
• efeeike%p more my lit tot or hada be, any arr•
ion or pennon rarer Nth. porier ad tab.
tee' to tat &Woody boar by add set of Crrest
arr. mod Oath third, one tbonesal rift Mord sad
arty. Ara tad It Stall he antawfsi for asynoth pros
to offer to oas ay ballot or belloto ,
. Pro.'l. That If say earwe, ! imnitteri at
retro, or eay or either ..&r urea or tower
terra sr reit atalaral ballot or hallo% f. rot um
each Moir' Ant pers. he or they se orresellef Hall
ireety et ated•reanor, aseleenteaeteloe °Wet
N say Owtoy.Qtarter .endeell to ats coilawie
wealth, he shall be isiS oboe, be natintesti to lay
Ape of 04 Ides the aN brined dollus..and to on.
drib an, %termer le With et tte proper coma.
ty ar mt arra gay ttald •
fad P. 1 , 211111 saypref . ellltu , ive"Qied
equalltlereeld; any Median lord'
I tar to Se he Ats this , wealth, ler. or bar
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totek il es be parlied to hks rause ss is ported
he preding astir :4 this set la our orOakits
of elan to reodeteg seek subtotal b diet or bettors.
Sm 4. That if ILty poem shall Ilireeer peened.
et SOW est penceree Weft= tr i lll4lo Ci Woad p
sad &garb* as soy ballot or
. late to the afire of say ruction braftor Mid
to Ibis Clotamatiresitli; or shall yousads or Weir
icy ana dhow to
say WM. or
say pesos Order of dttroh p sed s hattaess as
aft terid voach prat to arks( shall VA art% of
• rette, rad epos cork% thereof to soy
ear of germ seseres of %Is Coriacamottlb, he
br, orbital lattke war al Is prodder la Ito sus
or orlon of tide ad to the err of came rf
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eals, b tooth and sbeelal Weeks% re berity, bore
stletiathorisei and niqilied to The. by Octets
orboad, or orates or panty seated sad pot'y
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eaters* the imam dell Wale of-emts "Mad for,
tad be hosted beteldb ONO thew.
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Mai TOXIC. Oa.- I.—Jobo Behttrutfor, -
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"'Read Quartets' Camp SuPply SPt. IG.
have the bettor to reptile that the Indians who
Crossed the Raiiroad at Greetarille station, on .
the 9th et Aviv:64-10ne arrivinrat title Camp. .
and silted - Ear- puce. ,They-number about
one Imadtid and thirty: -They report, Asti
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Blocks. The : White 3loree thy report gener:4.
Nokth. They tartley have enough of kilt.
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11sarusatrao, Hotelier I.—To:day Claret" : •
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Agriculturist Society. Everphing weed og
pleasantly,' and- the officers ma'am us
mutually pleased,. Hat. Ass. Packet's Irtsia
to the grouuds was the, great tontine to-day.. • ;
He was roci- at rice depot • by a lama
tee consisting of Hon. IL B. P. Haldeall. • .
mace, Hon. A. Boyd &mating; and Geovis
M. Truman,. eat was escorted tkrough4bas .
grounds. after Click he proceeded te His
Bolton House, 'rhino be received Ida. awe.
rocs friends.- He left for bonis.tirli ar:rew.
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WAszmaros, Oct. I.—There le rums to
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IMO between the Kiyatotte of Phtlailetplis • .
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Olympic 11, Sep tone 11, being e victory fbe
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P. M. between the
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