The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, September 25, 1869, Image 3

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porrsvm4 PA:
rATUEIDAT. 1113. p4Olll,
T Gest Ws o, parNtlisUllscum" ta the
aely.uorl while:et to ttatted tatate. that Ow a
tall eath:Too bl SCRTICjTjip ypsts ha t t hi
ar u roTtiutir tutariaul use PI tfafeepfy
cheapeuthe a vial OW? =awl aualltattnu. The Lob
&tors.ow Arm!! awl% have up stogie valaska
Kull m l• tdtaeMf. 'SI Cetus Nu. Uhl al .
Is aOn 3 aye Zaa msnftlaot IMu f 7 to
, 13,33 lee 1 y Mead , ettlpt ce pica:Addregia
Balllat , ll #IIIIIILIST, Pottrrills,
. .
We desire as many offer teadsni, who sapre
:vt, the peplr, puttee/illy In thin Chanty, to
1.1.2. the Deur tlexa.ellottreat..:lt is coy tan
eel het rreavaell, at our ageWie
vivrt enh.ore Melt es*blebeff. Where 'tent
no vaVIV I they eel Kiceire tbe'paper try mail
rue ar poetene wllLfu ttb liqUe of the County,.
'After this ie.& we IntentfrAlletting but little of
t Le news in the Saturday:a foilmer, that swam
inthe daily ken*, corny gently it will be *Port=
••ant to t rke the Daily to keg, posted op with the
beli Intelligent*, h. 1., at home, and - they will al
so meats the West telegraphic neweabout
half day *War than'they eau • nieelve It tram
any **we setup. "Me is kapott**, and
rat* to appreciated by end,' Chisel to the
• •
IkJ Daly - Isoetablished. The patronage has
not oily coma up • Jo, bat erase& oar *pease
Clots en far—bat ft is .till tar fronapayiket ex
penses, 'ant must oontiaus for a emaidera-
Ms time yet to be a beau drain on oar pockets.
The labor andexpeose otpublishing a daily paper
hero is trrecollette to make it semptible, witch
greater than wo anticipated—bat notwithatetd
nig these constrlcratiena, we desire to enlarge it
to half ikon** of the Saturday Ifittere-lonmtl,
I,y tho tint' of /anneal. when !twill appear .1n a
now and beautiful form, with entire new. type.
- Tie *alto! the enlarged form, of mute, will
de . neri WWWie Meagane on the patter age we
receive in the meantime. We bare never called
upon the people of Schuylkill county to which
tht.y have failed reepotnlink, and we do not
tellere that they wid do so cow. W. can then
Rive cur readers a greater varisty of reltreella
-orme real ling in the Dane Jammu, which will
commend it farther to theft support. When it:
ie taken into tiooelderal ten (hit it will eat only'
-ton Cen . P a week, or fifteen cents, including the
Saturday Joranaz. also, hat few persons are
too poor 10 take boat,' and it will-be of great
benefit to all.
To aim the eiedie of our readers, Satur
day /orates'. mill' be made Into a . qaartn tom
T arter the Brat of January, and it also Will appear
in new type with thehegtnnitla of the-year.
Bend in your names ae rapidly ae peasitte far
the DAILY ;Joiawat.„ We mast Lave 3,000 sob •
scribers by-Um:l-Brea of January to make ft pay
expenses.' AU ilia feel a pride In hiving a lire -
and creditable daily in the county, ought to
patroeiio It by taking it and in it.
Detontehes boast New TOOL eve &telt of the ex
citement to Net York yertMday Maimg the gold ism.
b'en. The mice of nod wakened tip ba lit' and it
fell again to Ili. Fortunes were Met to s moment.—
.Seeretary MT : twill Asa ordered $4 000.000 in end to
-herld to day, and $400 4 ,006 of bands hotted. -
ln We Ington there Is it good deal of endttement
.over the Cale-SPlllb L 7o3 ble. ban it to believed it wIl •
Jetted,' without ar y Material malt !mond an adman*
Is g ad. Whaterer attitude May be manned by Kplatl,
whether forena *Chnote. or In earnest, there will be
to Mtn donee frnm the porblon oar florernmeat
has taken opts lit. time on the Cbbln qaestion. In
tr. ?metre the irealdent himself Meade fireseet, and
to I. it, cktrirLy trarly el the CabrOttexcvpt Secretary
I eh who le dreadfully alarmed Moat Men sweeping
ror Ml= ter , frthrt the Bra. Ito 'remake appointment
w,'114 reed, of a enererror to the late General Raw'
1t0..., Secretary of Wm. nova eller the annual report
of thenepirtment kw been made up— c. . • '
The Grand army 41 the lleviblie be, ordered a ape.
<lsl rt,ino'itf the National Connell of Adadniatratioa
to be held in New Yotk,, at Itmetwa . 1110./' tbestrp, oc
the fourth Wedneedey of Ochiter. A number of ton'
partant enbierta 'Millie antenatal for seines it thlit
meetion. among nhlell will bran etnOlosloo of the time
for the 1312.1fi r brit ni the . of September, to
old coniradetr.l
The Penney:earls State Fair will op e 1 partial:dry
.li ,
on Tat 'lrwin
The rattler are mere LUDITMIIIabd
v aried I an ever re'ori• to the htmoryof the liitenty.
tieverat enin otibe erre cattle In-Arne/1M are al
readyeee•tered. anera cumber more am exoteted.—
The fruit &wit:cent wilt be evytetally mem.lfenatt
and'lhst of agrlmilteral implements will ha one of the
grette.t leeway, as entenßlve aecamarelationa bare
ten omitted far thiti dleiley. lark, Mae on the
Monday enmlog preelone to the fair.
rt....chile. the mw Muslim minuets. iteompuiled
by the See eterj of State. repatral to Me gmentlye
Maroon to Washington, and pretended hie Medea.
Vets 1 iMe Preeldent, who replied to , the Ilibileter'a
adder% end zetiproested the biendireentimmita ex
prereed. ',_,
__ '
eun ael t. SlayOnigtit and Jabs Prtnkturd eveoped
from ite Laneaster,Ta , coltuarsdAy night.
TL. NO/ tber4 Callonds tre
na wy—fret page will be-found aereral
. cotaa,onicatlona, which were crowded out or
.1194 - Wee:4( JoLtxii.
Tor several months aru nor es been al ~t
amorg the lilitholiste of Neer.rork
that the denominational Mlok Concern, has
by the mismanagement' of several sub3rdi
nate', beep losing - large sums of money.
An investigation of the case, not yet eon
cludelabes established -4e foliowlng facts;.
'The Rev, Dr. Linshan,t_who hr 1863. was
elected by the enema Coninence, Book,
Agent, dlscOvered some time after his Op,
polo:Meat that the material of the printing
and b'ndirg deparlments of the Concern Was
not porno sed directly from houses selling
tUi ma'cri , but indireetty through other
ortie who for their services received a
curnmission, amounting, it Al eupposed„ , to
from $lO,OOO to • $2O 000' a year; and titat
thif IM(4' '?l ' corigicting the business has been
goirton for a period of at lout lILL and per
bars of ten or more . yew, , boning to 'the
Concern a iota of about two hundred thou
und'dullare. The headi of the two depart.
meets mentioned have subse:quently been
dism;asad. 'Sather or:them Is charged:with
haring derived any personal profit from thtae
transactions ; bat the perso,prirout whom
the material was purchased, state that they
were rrenered to sell only through the third
*ties who have 'obtained the heavy eem
mitalutia. • ' .
The reasatlon In the Methodist ccnamunity
Las of course been great. The lirkkeipal
(laminas now naturally asked, are, says the .
New York Trfbane, did any employers ceche
Book ccmcern have s share in the coneitt
along allowed to the third Parties f ' Wee Ibis
way of purchasing Matt:riga unknown to the
former lS,ok Agents, and why did It reseals
unknown for so many years to them and to'
the Elaok Committee sari meet bece.a year.
to submit the 'Nils of the 8001 - coocas to
an effl revision tAnd In wide . circler \ pf
the Church this other,queition;oftendbcitss the deliuminstional prep, now forcei
itself naturallyepon the consideration of busi
ness men.' 4'hould not the Book Colleen' hq
'condoeteri lo l a more businews4ike manner?
The further 4crclopment :of the cue may
have a cefkiderthieletinence upon the future
mtuagevent int ibis, and perhaps of MI de
nominatio4l ircok concerns.
Ws are glad to Bab Oast liss E44lsits lei octi
cities are Writing a littlik ',Odom frsmi oar cot-.
strida on ltis c o al The falkyiniviccreai
the N. 1": Su*: • -
• Coo/omen of opal _
oelurally boetwod..ll
harbor to
_pay at mach wore for it tide worm
than they d 4 a your ago. and We we not dielwerd
to blame thew for feeling as they do. Bat we
',renew to Jce.tioe Job in i • ileannedatioas
freely leaf the 1111.0411 and denten -111. QS Ir.
tide. A WO ham sold, again and sob. tan •
card la ahoy, every row 'bp km to =a tit
.ell has a right to try and get the lag Wei
it he we, and owl to co rweeptiao to the race.
The only remedy the buyer but le to renew till
bay y more tbltD he eta be , p; It the detnande
of the beide*e are not hurdled by the oesethwee
of the supply mod the cost of proaccuno, the
price mace sooner or later come goon. It they
we so *stiffed, 1111.1110 v of so wen! pliedp-1i
on which they ought to be eeenpstleal. to sill OF
coy Wel lb= thq out welL
TuslOtn Fessus.—The Iw-called" Demo!.
erns in all the other States tn. making fun
of such old testae as P. W. Hughes, Judge
Packer and their associates. teen Brooks
of the Espress,--yss, Brooke, Who can
''`swallow anything.— says:. . <
1... , The feet Is'we are full'of ilre 'lssue* of
great Impoilsneo l 4 The cony an
it Pe"
profit to oar putty; :Ind the qateiter wed's"
all really dead ones, the bean. There is no
nee in flying to taco with deat4 hones. When
\things die; bury them" though Win, user.
_ saris bar/ great principles, for, in them Is
tunnel resurrection."
That's it boys: . ''Srosokif says bury suet'
" devihorset,".rind you cal do u on . 1140
nand Tuesday * sf .October, so' deep that
there will be .no political ressitenstelon for
each ....,11rieer-Wedhinge
Ores U .—We are tied to tee la.& the
Republicans of the Hafferd re43ol,eltniitt,
district - Tams* Nret Voila= W
althdrim as a candidate for the Bestett. TVA
right. _He rut one Of the comp
ae Harristrirland ought not Lola re-elected.'
The ireatt.pvrtioa. , byte been . ro,
jeeted by thipeapiaind*ticahlseeiri Iwo"
Tin _Cobb Eamon.— rinserier
Watanabe& Bross bear bra pagoda" be
Mak ran and Water Tad& Thor teMirell
stanntaetbs4 In tam, bat hiperta4 ban
abbe, ea* dock sr De knee air been
the ew Pt gisiseetlit: =WO 81•111114 4 41
fatty ono ihoustad to& villas Bunk
In flaw end tatatadtla nab patierra
Kara lambi bay . ftalbella Ai
o.* a 41. awl anat eamaines olooosolhmt W Part Tradt NoDgaaa. N trolark bantar
gnaw witinitew nay ems, larWrentstatar 4
Brown are dateratord ate eamb 1116
&caw baby aseenariNvelar ttlea tango
I.taors. g =e lima ow. Ws Ta goo*
of mar • WWII* *
41;) LIZ)
Tremendous Excitement in New York
TM sessas waltßoLe moos:
1 14 * 1 14%.11 ague iraris tea Yid irrii SO i
. .
, .
- tfair Yoe:. Slept. 24.—The: scene • '
Wall. Erred and Nair streets 11 day ass oat
-of unpualleled rioftemenc. , ..._
• lfiiMusees havibeew swept away in i mo
ment feast ren•uresome speculator; who
!ail, outside it. ttia oliqum, and boih the
"'bears" and "bailer themselves have been
severely punished le the tussle. . •• •
Tlie balls were baying it all their CIAD way
until noon. ShortlOefcre thle time a pro
mlnent broker milted into the Gold Room,
and VA 160 loretay Part - of five millions.
'Thli was followed by bidding% the price
being raised to 62j, and nosily.
_it readout GS.
'gene followed a WM. which wu . stereeded
by, th e appearattee, In force, in the room, of
the foreign brokers.; who threw topsider/lie
gold on the mirket,eansing the prlee to tweak
from 64 to 073 . •
The excitementat this point was of the
wildiel dlePotiPtlott, itteing represented that
Peerelary"Boutwell 'would 'sell four million
gold tomorrow, ; Mad four million the wet
day. '
This triumph of the bears was not of tong
duration, for the balls rushed madly to the
mien% and hnmediathly jamiied the price op
to M). At this jointers the bears returned to
the snack. arid the benteit ins very hitter
fors short time ; bat theta:ill army was final
ly 'forced back to jits - • entrenchment, and
pricei tumbled o:..:!
Thebear fratenittY could not be restratur
ed at this point, andr,ctiter after cheer . went
np la New street. S'addeutrthe ball gener
als ruled their fOreei and up went the price,
and the cheers steie cow on the other side
of i he honin - - •
The excite tent rnn so Web that some of!
the bean thtnifoned tattoo% the leading bro
ken on tbe One of ettose brokers
they stepped toward and dyed anyone to
shoot him. None °film bean accepted the
This excitement bad scarcely subsided be
fore In rushed the bears once more. Another
attack was madc on - the market, and down
matted the price to 34, but quickly rattle-I' to
34, and then tumbled to 34. At one
It was quoted at •
Ireons Itasblentea.
Wasurstoros, Sege , lit,enretary Bout
well bas ordered tbei darlatant Tterantref at
New York to 5e1144,000,000 of gold to-mor
row and to parettasa 'Acnoo,noo of hoods.
One of the era teas of tho ;dosed of Managers
of the Awindele Belief,l Fond was the appoint
ment of a. committee; _ , headed by lir. Draper
Elailth, of Plyinordh; tWvisit each family and an
cortsin the name end age Of the •idaw, and the
ousts., of thildres, On TinseanY Wit NEP 'be
'Republkan, we received the foanwtog host Mt.
Smith es this reaalt idOis •In only a hit
instances •u the seine of thosakin the old e Con.
try °blab:ltd. We pabliah It beams. many of
them permit; have hiltSde in this Cooney:
Luz. wind,-
Mrs. Jam...lsmer; (old t.ortatry)..., --
.Marj Ann Manaus, (wife of W. N. W) 31 " 3
Jane Ilardim• '
Esian. J..oes (wits of . 11 ' , L. J. 13 2,
Ann Ltiml , -y - • , 2e; • 2
Esther Morris 22 --
Atm Junes,(wlfs of T. D. J 2G
Kargarot Ev.u. r ' . r,B 4-72
Mrs. JuhuD IM9I • ' ' - .."- , I
Mrs. Evan Meshes. i ..':
Margaret Match., '.• .
Lrdi. Williamr:isifsot W. . L. W.).. 2re ."' .
Malkin Pryor .. . ~J - At
Mary Garton - ' -,' ' rea
Sarah-Smith ' ' 22. :3
it Frothiest's= • lis
Mrs. McOurck . 3
Mrs. 11..har 1 -- , 1
Mary Osrea...;•- 'f. 49
lichees. Alnbagh.... ' ' . 21 r 3
Ms. W. Besse (Wri.e... . 4
Try Harris. 21 4
17.18/.551. Clark._
Martha Howell • .• ' ' . - . 4
Mrs, Halloo. ... ... ..,. i ,e4o
Jioe Wuod 21 ' • 2
Sire. James Wdllam4 ' • -15 _
Mrs. Naylor, (so mote!. f .1. America) 4
Mrs. War. Tr J,km (Walts)...• -• . ••• • . 4
Mrs. W. S. Miliaria •' 39 4
Rachel Williams t' • .a: 5
Mrs. Edwsrel fitimphyV
Mts. E. D. Jones 4. ' 25
Mrs. Wm. Allen.- ' .h 1
Mrs. W. L. Wildrieb.. - i - • 19 5
Mrs. W. T. Wiliam t ,
&'4 1
Mrs. David /coal ..... 4.
Mrs. El ward Owen
Mrs. Woo. Davis
Mrs James Phillips... 4
El z.h•th Daily... • ... i
BBrrdits4 Murray I
Lilco B.=
Itach!..l E ey nna
• 1
Mrs.lWen. Evans
Mrs.lGilroy .
Amanda Powell ~'
Emily Steele . . . .....- ,- -1
'lll.ey, Jane Edwards.. .l .'
M. a. ;ones _
Marmot Bowie' (wife cr Wm. 11 )... 20 i
ADO Musa 33 ' 4
M...:Wrn. Jones (old country) r • .
Mary Evan , . ~. 27 r 6
Reinert 13maki. ' ' 28 5
Ms. P. tar Ocalsagb ("printed ' , Con.
1141"—Iti England • -
1111ffP:Tbre. Davis end osiint")
Car h. rine Morris... .. i. .... ...... ..... 45
Ann Thrnou . ; • 30
M.lina Mosher ~ 36
Emily Johnson, (wits of Davoll.).. 22
.- .
Emily Johnson, (wife of Peter J.),... Te.'
Amelia Pax&
Mtn. Ikeerm, (yd. of D ' av)d . R 1......
45 . 6
Mrs,. WM. Base (nll conutry).... . , 1
Alfos Edwards 25 1
Sophia Hashes, (wits Of John 11..)... 26 • „•.- - 1
Marts .1 moss • -55 ' 2
firenney Lewis ' , ' ' 19
Margaret Morgan . ._. .r . ..,... 46 2
StraiEvan llessit (oliconatry).. ..... -
.11acipitalattoa—vidava! 73. Orphatta elle
, ..
.dran 156.
1111 BEA you desire beady you
'lonia ow Iltana'a M nolla Item.
It ghat a aon, mud, .araalte texture to tbstSona
irglat, remove, Itatighunt-, %dom. Illoti2er,.Bcut
ike.„, rid add'L tic nt Peal, Skala to
. tab pianist Mama. I tbtm.o,be Witco of yotti To
tiding cheek fad thanit4 the n,.tlt Conatiy G7llllnta
a Fashkoabla Clty Bello . ,
la the ape or the Ilsweedla Rahn H the troceeeret
or Beatty. ICo twed . compiato at her couple:low
who will barer 75 Pete in this dellehthst setklei ."
I .
pob's Itstbstros Is V; best Mk Deem!az Itt Sue:
SCSI% • •• bs St.
Fqr Merin. rs gourmet
• . Arraamaa. nem, Teta
Mean Zenmagt—Trnic piper of the lath lam{, Fees ,
a pnr.loe of en settee pub .0104 In Ms rade. U. S..
Reamed aid Xiang &Warr on the evoidale cal
aunty Is which the maim of maim In' the anthra
cite cod detects ef Peercylvinte claracterlad se
.semt-leitearous.` aided° engineers are midis of
es these emel(e.mcelo , d. mining esdneers who Co
Ming a , UM 4-1 S Patna amt sat_ the lags of
el tame, became Item G co law 11 net
`which they feel thenevetwor unable to d sober. , It le
'trudging that a gettliaire cans teleMeence f Mr.
Lesley. the centre of the psper:—who dem. to be ea
eneceet. , —ehottld write es sends the effect of whir')
le to
d odo all the age
*S aside Ireidgeweep.
lag coodealtakm negate , ' mated be amnia with
the colleens of Schn)lklll C. nom whiter. notwita
standlog heir greetdah, the extent of the ettedie
. Was. sal the tdtmltiet free the waldelle
tithe dice and-the mlnteg einaltageonny of reweril
ectst.beds.-...are gaserally will westlated;,sed thecae/
le mamma ha a asteasetla ek.Uhul ail .cceenalad
farmer. Ytnlag ea rtneartng to rill -ta la childhood
Ade coattqacut the Cledsollie d thasylklll Cast y
of to day are eery edema from Woo of MANLY or
1111 YEWS WO. Thar worse lacer any rue Mt.
MOIL end a mashers( noes eses eds.
cation. tetalllssote ad Jtass. who esan•shidei
1 of altar, veuttlet'un aid d•shoem who essalsa
chesty the reoleateal structure at the welted. end
the acaltsrilles death ladled's] coal bed Ibsen
gentlemen are Dot the erestareeof e erpnrationst They
pawed* the respect turd emidetwe of the ndeers,
.operators sad lambi/nem. end it Is moat • rag am.
tense roe a sew colfferyto be opined or any impart..
eat moddctilan W ha -made • haat- Mar sarbee.
Saute of,tbers aesthetes am endeavoring uln a o
tbe meant of mining eminent*" la We h',
and se creates to tbna Ka SO Jae kW. se an.
kind end stanched asperates fads reeves deaden
to be es esteem, mad abase peened (sod peeled*
Yields thenrehad krawbetis of Mahar mak sae.
agesd," be bartior to trectra
As to their heist "so kw of as slab User .(the
mann) .11uellbeseeledvel gad* to danhey,e Is.
tartgaler Ma the edbor of thic ladder ebeeld beat
=ute Edgar lea IMO wee pissed for the
of Scheyattll by the last Ingaboara Tha
lea to In hill lonia and tine lea c gepvtatt Mire
laseedor wborem lhalifprortekne arecesested but
end obeyed. : .
Bum Wass Baran Ws: "Oise lb, gitles•
tide eras. %in • Cluistiso rasa sialstalty, seek
lire romp-saes I' That day. is pursed-4ov the
asertiss. le, 'eta s Obrtsmiss main Instils blu.
•serriestins mar Istraty r.
If It it ashity Wismar,. malt esitafrify 4 . 1
ere have ro . othes plaid= tar the Inters, it is
also a Asir to set.isto some toga reand
eb the Asterisms Ads Insascar astepany
PttitsdeitAgs, 13.1.hi1e. Dia. nest IF this
Ooontii. a.
' Pon a ken time an twee waked e et in.
!AIMS Is the nember ef mei is
ear teighbarkled•
beriberi— The etwille hose es me
to be .abject for wernal ammunition. wale
Mt“Moy,is Ude tame Venal the angler Sto
ba, that almost &dl ow Iblkur-olitmen a» van
ide the wielxsteit noon= & Waxes” flock&
Die w• 11 two este , Plefoko who wear - the
Mathes et 'Ude mate *minuted the Attera of
thatt itillastweetWee. 111 onl. mann Mimi
whwilßOClChhi, Moos% V. TM settmoth
Brown Ober Cobbs IN A 603.sed COO Ma&
oat BMW, nitidslehia , ; „
ladliepeadiest Cat dlitase Ale tbe. I.
.4 pers.
Tel am Yarns ay' Q._.... .= Cavan.
rel4=tiress t—ali a uitsay hu bun lett
by tat Ursa Caavaallaa ao Qs haitubly
mast; Tor say roodldsts to us hatropadau at
'a tudy astliestloact bastr bur plus%
Who Muds to Mae awn WI a UP
tar the Mos . • ,t Os s ..
Isrtsgssolvel Wads soastry a e
ass parts s aollary, sad suss ad Kirk
Ilstash brisker. sat d I oast sr ins g utast*
sad ass ,dissbat .._tasa. „perbushor cub
door wit." -11,L.., ..„,. - A, lame. sat
irse . kaisd Is • roam la ladl 1 Ksovb
thik dude* Is *Web Oar aulL . _ , A,
611 1•1111111 ire 111 1 . 1 11 1 6 I 1100 if '
lio an is set prisr IS alloshal amar atadtaMTA
ha i l ut.bosasto mak pslalaism siNasult
I arra travasigortor ud tbs bre bansitt ot my
mama* osaatry. oat I tad outisal Lea.
tar Us good deo plebe,
biss=lt itursnot sltittlY I. n filljar 7 i
. . I sm. tr o ngly la tu t rz e oL u
otalffous ladastry,
II Issas a r ig a
WW asans, to
ihs tstsnuis of labor, sod tba
he bidastry at Uto soutry. sad trill to
.atom. tobsturelas 1b Istrulak Waft
Gat Sao out la as PIIIIPdIt. Ow the an
Umta WS saustsaiat -
As I us so% awl base Ws fir in yarn.
sareglahmsbieg apobb arlaillallt. Gair.
dbablell Mat baulks shoal=
I wit sat underseas übst Is Issual a
swum .51 air .AIS It walla be km az.
PIM* faun law% bwtst Mims
sacs Ea atom for aopport oho./ ll=
temussputtatly NOW tbs Valor et tba tad*
or lbs ussidair *aka. parbrait SOOPUe e
oil . wow. me
=ego Sr, Amu
' .. - . ;..; fun "a:wok irou .
- • • tr., J
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92 Its—by 2 canal, 0.533 10for the
week, illi 3 On'enorti, signet 1...".),46/ for the
correfiforld:ra week last year.
Tile ;trade contlnet7 dull, but there are
-some eigns ore revire mind some of the col=
4,terieelbtt were stoppid bare star ted again
abut there are no changes in prices, except
that they see drat at the present rates. There
are still 4vetej, cateres standing kilo in this
D.tgicni4-.ltAilso a large number are stand
leg idle :In the Lehigh'ltegion. In all the
other IP:glens the trade is in toll operation.
We ag:in advise the consumers ebbed not
to bold hick:any longer but to lay in their
oo doing they will keep the trade
more testisr for the balance of the season,
and - it *III also tend to keep prices }niece for
the poorer classes during the winter„ who
can only purchase as they want
. 4„,jfi:ices
willnot be lower—and speculate riitinty run'
ep the prices *gen at the gambling siti
.ea'cs of ,the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western '
'Com'pany, who advertise 90.000
tons forvale on.Weduesday next. The prices
then obtained will lix thole:whet f.rx the en
'mien Month, In all probability.
Oar hisizleton txaxespinsdent tarn
Itionaus Epsrpas :—Noticee eons posted op,litr
the latter Old of last week, at. all the Midas
where noon bad been previdly.eotlfying the men
that aftertilathrday. the:lBtb hat., their works
would stop. The coticre read as foliose : - ..1n
omistqacoce of the reaummice of work. In the
garialAan lecke the company will Dot be able to
pay the present rates for mining and laboring
after Itsteresy, the -fla w's in ,the'
Lebigb renion look very bad now, and toe — hen
will end It. will take a *hie man to tell. This
men are still determined to have a per onstage
on all tolls that go over 1112.23. from Wench
Chunk &ant and operators sap they wire never
pay it, if4.heir works have to. steed idle all
rler; hie seems to be oar only trouble now.
The Witkesbarre Record says: .. •
The De std Haitian Compuo were tiler at
wank tb4 pint two went It Itatanoted that • tut . re
ot . radar Oats ol wage. bit wads • dal rendrmi atother
tart-out Itonlam. Old alums and °mow. know
what atop tote b fait, and rhoold armee the hwle
without , • atrite. Fora ralueinal, la way tte kola
from On CloppooNt Cale.
, Olit'Neir York correspcordent write" u fol
owl: ' .
• - liaw To., 94 IL
- Darted Abe past week the coal lneked,ats la the
7t , cha:ktil Canal Is past_
at Its daft atten,,and
behg dlstilbatol assonest the 'ride. It. fbrelhly
nrtola to the mode 1 - 4' both ham. and petters the
Frost change Mashes taken plsee to the value's!' cool
lentils the past sewn tomb. • Coal then .wan stints
at from in CO to ll' 0 white to day the price Is ranking
fihm fT to to $1 TO Ibr the stow coat
of the flittrton clicalar for Ocal'ww, t eastraetois
Lama Lad istaauacat..s4 bokara. SS Da: raw.
ST IN stare, $1 Au: aut. IG-Ou board at Newburg.
This coaltria co minty to Ito Wed.. Alma au att•
anateciant az aaalou silo next Wediseeday of
Sematell, 00.080 tato% weld arid be a better. teat of
the market. io It actually la than the Tltlabla ctrcular.
lichuylkllk anti are seilng slowly at ^/rtraalar
!ulcer. ILA larger Oa , . um very Eul of vale. ;amp
wd mcataheal haa told we low it $4 W: broker,.
to $I ts; ege. ST to IT Set store $T CO to $ It,
alai chetahs'', Si to $6 '
Thit wall trade Will mealy@ dal, idtho'cl4h It le
re, 11 bather thaw lad wank, Lu still by ao means as
Tile apettly et the ammeter; with the
e 1 , 4161 64 Ircckty. Mal tic &Vole wain: away.
ladoeti wma.-kablet.
Our Pkipadelphl&catrespoodeat . writavas
There ben teems no Improvement In the leads the
{MK week, hose ipqa!rienfor awl bane ream tr., bra
few Inaba/me have ormanide. Tile ammtaremcnt
of ammo tows at Matta male by the El:canton Co 00
the tilb hat. hes gate ntwettled, the New Tort mar
ket and microbus declined there ;imam holding I ark
foe the mann of the gale. To keep the Trade Monolog.
.stlimads Mee been mode on the market With the
;Mgt maw of toile sad transporation serail •
rmonly depend opal cod w Ether fee any I irre
trade Ibis mom. Prices or. Mord range IMMO . Ti
to Et
and freight/stow lei according to quality. Tenets ant abuntsat
23 1
31 5
26 1
The Wide sums up this week u faller,
compared With lut year :
92et9 t 0999. r wart 9.r2ni.• .191 D.
• I— —_
p4,4t BSI 110911 2,179 t 1 1 ,4 99494 9,117T.092 . 496,219
T 1 1T9119 1 1%9 1 MV,. 999,771" 77 1169: 4 4 2 n 4.4 di:2 221
ILYR Pi 69 9 - T '1,696.919%' 44.90 h 1.964.49 4 'd 16, , ki,
L. Vaint 21:.995 22 939 025.581 991 911
LA. it R. 1•114 914119' lt,plm . sot F. ni.rat
lktant 927 742.194. 79.965! 949. • 9119.159
! I*TR. 5,542 223 •• 1 7 d 193304
reEll C
By R. it. ,2.e. Nix. 1017 422 22; 39911
By Cana., 1,143 Wei 3 506 12.30.0 a 7. 0 1 T
Da H IN , 500, 1411,934. 46,5113 . 741,4304333704
D k 41, D, 0 1 , 11369 4911,19
Wyourl• - • ' .' 1.M103 - .'. 1104,61114 6,618
Wyeavett, ' • 1146 r 19 410 4 11.451'
8ba544414'. 13. . , WOW 11,114 D1. , 00 d 09,049
Trevortos, , 1.14 , ` 19,40. alO VMS , 4,113-
, Nbart W.:: Ifflit,,',, 94,744 r . IMP 4 0 414 4,190
L. V. 00. i %Ix se, Eire 1. 0 ., 40.1 A. 4 19,441"
wnortan. : 112.1 n, cis& 134 tit . 04106 .
are ivp.; , coo , • inuso 8,110 233,514 76,1124
- •.'. i—.- 1 --f-- - "-- _
• ; '
064,011 - 9,401 913 901,474 11,3:6,44:
• , 409,44, 9.11711.11111 i • - . . -
• , •.•••-- . •
t WE. 15,704. i • •
Tee . Wig_ gangly geed by tablet • Marqiutuais
1 0 , UN Week was to gey 1.4 and
et,LTID taw, .ii Waseca =bawd la t i de Letrigi
We have not received a report from the
"Lehlti Valley Raid for the Jut thee weeks.
What le the reason t We have estimated the
quenttly this week sgaln; which= will vary
but little from the actual runtitt?ent.
• The week shows a loss of 33,131 tone com
pared Wlth the commanding lee* of lan
yea. • So far we ars behtnd the shlpmenu
last year 2.5.704 tons, after very full rtp3rts
from the Companies, ice , that were impend
ed up to the present time. This is as correct
stateliest of -the trade to date u can be
made, from all the &anti, and the ship •
meats foe the Wince of the shipping season,
with all the regions in fp:lope:ratios, cannot
be Increased leech beyond that of fast year.
It is also uncertain when the Lehigh' Nee=
will be,ln fall operation, no the difficulties
there min to be rather ea the remise than
• •
411 . 2111 4 1111 4. • •
We Would suggest to the edit ora l it;•t the
N. Y. • Engineer . and Journal of Yining to,
correct their coal tab'e. It to calculated to
mislead. Instead of the shipments .being asp
wards 'of 200.000 ions ahead, they ate now
behind the quittfttsent to market last year
to date. Even if they do embrace the 51,215
to sent South by the Delaware and
lon Company, It will still be far
.from befog
correct. : •
Ta-drir enrentittees of the coal opentom
and Working Men'. Bailee°lest Mecreisttoo
meet'tet 4x the rate . at wages for September,
SD per agreement.
Wig tube received a very angry letter tram
s coal debler In Roods Island; but becribleg
a lade itidtarced:of bla owit eplatle, be. wbb
holdiAli name . `
fie dna fault betzuso we
iloggiNdril *at the canylig companies ought
to reduce the but 'dung: in tolls, after we
had ft:slimmed the &darn 'an Ind to lay in.
their studs, al prices would sot be lower.
Waido not believe they would be lower, eves
if the Advance was taken Oft because every
mad Ottbe advisee Wu takes, off of the
operstor here , and tuts regdentd the mono.
dew go seprodtable that Stacy bate
. stopped
Melt Collie* is preferases to millet at the.
pdoli ogied. 'The last edema of tolls did
not Sikulie rims st Pldlitikaptle, sad the
Willi .gf ltr a mould- sot lower thea at
Philadelphia; bet it would ielkyre the ope
situ ,to' some utest is his present difficulty.
Weird! ralfrout correspondent by stating
that , it void& bilbed.'Solley for the trade
abroad doer recommendatke was eurted
out mai priessmaloced at the 'hippies pm*
Vat M fair Jounudistrodso view the whole
field; we we frequestly compelled in ma
colts* to tread on the. toes of some
bra*. - of.• the made' riot! at home ' and
ahrOgd. o.
. 'We do sot dein to. be then repr
seetstire of. my one Maack of the trade.
bat • ottliii whole
,tistle Its all ile.hrsegber;
while's* eta alwar be hard through oar •
colas*, ts martioal learegge In opposi
tion-0w aims* ma axis* . Zell is
oar patrine::; Ife era sr of* dimmest
=MAIM* by dagger- lateness; as we. ars
*mit; Bet Who oar psalm Ils ander
etoOd. we dank the sus of oar readers will
be MOW with oar amt.
i ~ ;11.** table was aide ego ire *OM
ItterMseast of -coal gist to medist by the
DellWitrey;Sdraweasa ad Winters . Cow
Pe** the weekeedieg os fletuday lit,
sussulthug to - s;ear, lam lb* mut be
eibled, to the .gbove *lmage. Will the
41res, oblige, es hereafter broad* theie
rat taley soebsit 1 ". " - . '
~..4.eirtes ' iliac—lhe DdIVIIII,.., LOW
missal* Ifemlern Wreak Omepairy offer
for fallal ensues, a Wedstaideyi BMus
bee :21k - at . X 11 11 .41 1 4. 9 4 006 tali SMlllicli .
eza,io.iii ale* biddy. ' Fifty moda psi
tell : lit be paid drilli see the fiki of -Tale.
_This .1e doggerel , mesthly_ Maseatty , mei
diriat t y lie CastraYsi Itatil--- - • '
~ . lila* flefewpdflettcsalliskCards
111,11poslosi at POOWilla hos Me,
Irsai Iwo at iberAfts
balm Oa bit atria pow die mew
. ,
tercel the !atop* at!! 'ars pined it without
guy diluter, thus proving her sosvieg cut-
Iticstloas on her first Image. She is eow
leading, sod will ullwarly to-morrow wtt
COO tons of Coal frr Salem. Manch so
doubt that this plus - of trauspretkgcoal h
doer an eatablshed roue*
gas following comiatudeiition wu out to'
us for 'pObliettlon at the inscluest , of I:l#Zier
-004 miners: •
toTomas :rni lontott-ibe
beta et:W a ei-ma tay a blibtased-tato atom.
rommeme el the eager to which tee ere mmetwall
Intim& The lets treble met .great atetblanta
the Layodele mliii UM toad epee Gtr intaatqa the
neeetelty- the Imzenact hamerviamemetty etf war
innate memo at mmthetlon, whelettetba Ma of '
' mem aid aoarronee bat, coma ter Waits ham dare
At beet eat moat to an atempber• of Its awl en
tilts ate &peaks:. ae a-bait-a rpet 1-ail elate
tabs: mom oFeestliaroo, MOPS tfadwerl,
Ethel. Bit whore the aun orates ad ptagarbta
trumes Irsa! auk& Is KM la pm tics. the d , 12.0t111
ten rata, at It, In ex tact diem of imam if
ot istetti t: •
Mb thy, we all boa heentlell ati iontatiptse.
thit the t• arena vex." as toletchmed
Locaeo Boodle. v. cr DOW Aailiala 1 , 36/.1111, is
every ma sopettor to the for l
et earmany. eta,
mound mad. Ws sale nt h
ailadis kue sow
cool the beet of tea ymes; sal ha cot rem howl
ematent to ay of Om re qoltemeaMe its neltelY• *tee.
law sterna propeey enclled. kte trite a few ars
Woe the "oomtlho,^bot comaseet Wend by Me
meow I. aothaty too meth to proady meallita deep
cad tatetatee tens: toe au ate mode le kr me-
tier to the minas tangs
We say dune, in tee generalbad empssiessive
ituenset. lest eine tenths of Moe great Webs( snea.
dents. ebkit neelYlynaby stanb, tee nesdizie tonsil
*ft.:Cowl end twintetly tweed* to the .leCittet..
We bate net Onetime earepees nti wow by key nib
sbayisent;.tbs wattles be enaleleW rape.
rented; bet the tat Ibat the Aveatiale Illartrt A ebir. by the verdict at as Wel lawn jety.
the Wears vs test pltt tbat round lye hi 01
Its Coboa HMI pica. - at WuremsbsT. Ibload. min
(mood by lb. fame% V my stony Maser &pint
ve , t. of ventilation.
irtreinsiitaattal *Mem Li rot %sneer to enirobo
rat* Use facto. mit —the Ortnisco—am Vasty liable Intlita
&aro, partleslarly when Um sit la 4 y sad daiies&
In mica OtIPII *be wool b pnevarod to Witt. •
.Dart, widths wester boll blow w oneat_ad oft!.
oar Item q ottoi sad on law: otos ttio amnia an.
oci. aigalsot oik nd %t loco wooly awes lir
art Mi.
We Met feetbehetnaga to the hams mods of neg.
Tattoo Indirectly. la santa erect (MOM? dm elt& and
ailernitaos rroy exAteirmn from the imam., WM
Ineulanigney of the current when foamed by agleam.
mom thrums. tortleaterlY Motel the merherneel
ebonies Mite temperate" ottu tot e day le rum.
On sad In whew, and the nest Yr •of . the at.
mosthedolafthemesdaringt by segotoirt- ; (Mott
the berg of SMOOT ree the told of *beet
also theMargre of Ignition of tie gams by direct
canted of the an oftambus. be th e nirogroodeta
cello edema. nr the • brattidetthler ermusital
eating. by care'esrtesa. which to prointhe Unbolts mon
strariert Itorners. inlwe needn't. no fartherrvidener:
an so 11,r1 , 1s Woof ethindes who are fertlealarly ems,
ftut •WI Ws sanject. and need no pro, ( fens as.,
wklte we a t wwb W old, sbe bre r b tbd thresh
ode to venerate nor Mugge' form those rf • a. em•
ploy* Mare thla I. fel. . 4 .. e Ig rot car With to
see on. maruol ar d Menthol, that any coat , . Mast re
ggolu Ini•ey; gill as nor r tarhYM trma to be
ty Intent oa tae rralmlghlt d (he, and orredeldhr
-selflobly rear &stied -we an b. - n.O
erargles. to • reasonable way, tboagb the ft.
that we. Ilk. ear enthe yet., ere drifting oat go the
mast flotthernest and nearing tre gutrthatinstbat
bottomiaie ehmw in which al oat hydra-heeded green
p ghyrseletrothrng We atm well *ay bee.r• ?-
and pert aril bar.. when *eat. Politwthir to Metre
to cut moo. es: tber.tote •et no be nagrasole and
vaggeetorstber than dem md -Ingo; the ursuttero
for the &rater roost.
WI eannes resist 'boggiest the oppotirdry their
Oren On el ,rtf rife to the C005117%6011 Inlnntion of
many of our eg.ntora to not only • Whig th e roam
to spite tbefr fie . ,' bat in acrolatng entetly., wOMP
101 l and aboorruhy adrasilkilosmae• Mae net of
the ring nitro and wrest the ma Inds tram m
ktg. g tbe thdemstleum end Isrannoills• of a tore
aunt, .
We refer mealy to the grog ,Ilth ales dm* In Is.
matam god marmot. men to rbe stabraelta eml es
gime. Nn con oddly sptg4 Me or emery . Is
,Itnftethinln.mrtllll.llf• Slatting °pew! eta hantia
oar wealth. onsltmereirel ess enerb:r e agdget the
fronsted We do sot my they dom. ,but mtbet
be. bms tl a nee to lb. MM. ith Is melbas WON%
own renbahts. In the figure. • I
We all bump that Rohm swat We Maenad MOMS
totesht Wee, sorbing can be our e eledtht tirditlgt
ht. rombtaglontf brthlun, mere sossittee; . ,
and far Moir demrettur of p Sent rtthu.gwa • aroma&
drains/4e frittetli DOM in.e Often& Tbetwondmihre
of that •lumatimi moin the Wins. Its p.a.. one
f the great le . ettthw of lb •• age; but It ord. !WI to.
!ream woe: 1"..t to .ob' w low oath a abort Melted
and ottatnal optic, worth, se mid gale eogorsblow
Firth thy( f.w every k Aar • f pc,t 's's UdmM,or
inyol red. Oni eltalthySflrmerd.res tor lea Optima I -
by *ter =Mi . ,. •FM Dearly m o s e
w'stherre tiro"! In To the-0d figt.4 knakeeyy
"olio one rassobl - ent blank di mg.& bet
mane Own Thus% • a &on. It foaled. the Mine of a
.t.wy I plroe low en I re. me • , t• Ist*.
di ...a es b e ovt of the to trot a Vend* ea .fterd
India mu; " hte od's *orb erg Meets) risen 1 , .."
menet whin% ro,lncred the Mbar tint be vriur 117
gemu•gi his aground IMO Itandled.M small emodoillt
the Wow '.l a Wormer. st ('0 Plumtime,ereisleuag,
that he 4,dmeredionorois than ail the Rat
This mar not el •a' ty point &Meld ed aMc.
but iyf'l t , V. ir VICO dinnirte, of cog
Coder lb. Cl , coM,lll. , fr. w pally eared to
s end time or m may , n thugetuelrg anyththg bitten,
Mulch we kw. &M.A. as had a kite en-,
'germ, but mail tecontly„the hub= but little lea.
p - mmoter fa oar b e erer - tortitterf.
It may b• said rild oar wend opostnis are Isom
liberal Wm the u'd bird-b.:deg men rat the Met ant
Ibis ma - owed bore Mel prrpued to beliete. lad we
hot pastime 'gages to the ontestry Tee at this
Mora Mononit ams of tt.eaaim e eablahre Foe ibk
par*, sf reestleg the jo t ant horrid noniron of a
most meaty mob. he a tone meettnrktragad *l.l
ihmet r gait-one of the greatest turannarree to the ml.
Mug drotairy old the r J twee Wetheia
deb ReiTe'r, MAI. a Pan Vestitetrt. It la la enthral*
'thatther.-• the and to make tit. Innis a glrtladose.
earthier Ith7.tre el en he Ye.. roam, end Mr try tel Ma
in idnUolg?og If. hit malti Le, arc!-rod on t fie do, Ito
biro the etnellt of lie tagotuetion to the enthiscita
El, tit I'M frog roll bts Made re got le.frag fen are
rehmed. tad the vowed'', ((tut we mpg/rel.
all no t bars e:aahlueo, •It is mondelt to Mid Ida
Clem, . .
Ile 'n irinit»Weed tn - lo a woe' 111121..4.11M,
timid aloe— rood 'pothole, and ono Otto not hi
toe and ISt mitl.ft vainly, loodemeno, ret. boo luottt
tba ottbricto meow dlognot. In order to vitae
moo, to *et roe rheow, red roma doe! not
WI! • .dat!e - tar We" !POO, .be to likely to boor,
oeol. • •
Under rn^b efernmttaaret boar to men bo - y
raceme ? re tom owes e tint eit • late NES la lt e bands
of sorb men ?bee le pea her ,Awl• mow COMIIO4I
her este d . rgrent In tolleh a• In fl , e , 000 r 011,7.
We ilwrsiont pr" ose that every a's* in low Water
• 'ere Mail he 'welded at% .1 L win Pe idle' gallon
'Pan \'e-viator. =erred In the won a pawed tore.
and won 41 mwt orepref els hint that we wait attar
pups its sae carreives that the lawatos rhsald be
dorsoded a tools to way fas doltar
That-sear Wee shall be pr widest wilt two distart
crania" its that we ran pas oat of cal if the alma Is
• °Colated by gm yaw, or er her canalttea
That the has of ono of the °pada. at pia 'bat h
at a ale Wawa ban saes eared hew* breakers,
or wooden bWidissq a contaanly corer air sew.
. That ciestratte shill IN, Nei ow at r d•kbtr. tea
cella sad blasting. idlawair It cat Ins nraaaleally
wade an oti awl that hasoanaaato to Saban ablabas
Nun be nereiis late. nssci. sail prcerisehe ma model
rod solsow
That trivia St reds. or . sew sill ion ewe.
Pons aim of fryer and egress anti Se be ;rends*
ter our Sees Sim
That a mlnees hoeptil slaslit be boded and ea.
dowel a seeed'a as tors ads. on tja piaa proposal
me Mame &maw., as Use tea tent lndy beerees
pfieb tbe
That a rhool for Wore Antall/ canalva and f.e
matted be opine!, Is which os' rim aim amid
oasis the pOSPer.schatits and practical tra'shdr
gs them Poeta dates of aktiv sooortateadaste sad
etaiseers. Inuarrb es bat lea of oar mean WOW
miasma an. pesettel alms tikes asses enreelne.
oar loam or coodect adobe wentlese essildWelly
eroodabally is Moss Mao jeacrany ivailentrat,
. ninth& . Zoo=
, .
• •
in= intantarrON.
-T M...sista% Sept. 13,1869.
le.sszts. EDI TO RS : When Saturday ecimu
feel n kind or pride in thinking that shortly
141.111 get my paper, the JOPuax, and , have
• treat, which seldom fails; but this week I
get an exits one; in ltiokieg over ita bright
(.M=111'11111:4. theretti something which warms
up my begirt end makes the blood run through
my %nisi quicker, for 1 bolieee the dayls not
far distaat nerw . when very many of such en-
tel and hotrible accidents u that Which
happened last week at s•Avondale" will be
done away,with. Now, I said I had an extra
treat in the last Issue, of which I will tell you
the cities ' You say "it is. nowtonceded that
the appalling accident by which 1013 brain
beings petished in almost the twinkling of a
moment deep in the bowels of .the euthi was
coused . by the system of ventilation."
You have been told that you should get a
"general description of some of our best len
. 'list ed'collieries in this:eras." I think he;
Might have Said. in this county. Now air, if
:men were to try for one year and do nothing
,elm but - to tell the Walla : you could not tell
anything truer than the sentence which you
have uttered; and however any one, any
:quibble about that it will be' the truth.
'No doubt. but that many papers which belong
to s terrain this, may try to make it appear
that your remarks are not correct, but toter
roborate ii I 'will tell you what I knew to be
R. fact. I have been In • real many miner
around this county, and paid amity attention
to all I. toed see, sad her, fecal the woritiug
men therein, and I can assure you that there's
one great Mistake emu la ventilation in the
mines op here ; the gangteau wh eh tarries
the air to the workmen are on en average 10
feet wide, and 6 feet high. All will admit that
such • spate will tarry alt enough to supply
any colliery if rightly managed • but the out
lets are mere dog holes. - Yo ' Mistrust it:
fence up e large asild on a bill side 'levitate,
leaving a very null pussy; tale into this
deli a snow ball about the sits of the oaten
gateway. , and then roil it dews tba kill about
two hundred yards, and arts it arrives as the
bottom roll it up again and try' to take it out
again in' the same way it Wu timid lu if
you can. , 'Now what would any sensible man
think, if be eau such work ar that just , de
scribed, and yet the system of ventilation is
on this principle hero. and Ist seams one onattle
diet it - if be can. Wiiiii -Ike guagways;4lby
10. as stated, on used ' - to wavy oir in, the
little gangways or dogholes, as eallid. to
carry It eut,.are only al fest, same ii little
more and many *little Ins • and you seldom
see any of the.eotaptny mei ,OR very yew Of
them here ; now bow east year expect to inap ,
such small pieces as these open without - some ,
body tai look after them ; you may say there
are Use Imams. chat's their "'lrk- NW*as
bosses hive very little more power data shy
other man about the plate; they typo& to
be mere Irmo heads; they camel employ'oe
diselarge any person, and have to ,isle jaa
like say other employes for anythiag they
may Want. You am, think!' am not idling
the lbut . as I said before let may One
eontr it if he can. Onto t tier bet bunts
for ion in this county told .me himself
That there is the worst ventilation around here
that be ever saw ; and It coal& be ladle the
best with but little eipense. These air Ways
et deg, boles maid seareely peradt - tii bed
-of a mesa to pasoSitrengl MO. And yet they
are to wry all the air out, larded as itla pa
orally with powder-mak essettoaliacid and
Mb N er ow illtielL otr, it irar &Una to viola 'Tau! . pa
such us'argumeat is Mee it batter'
lieu fa the mines, not ooly is your aunty
but beri In Lanese else. / Mir ens will Ali
enthrall to do all that tan Ii sayleonet to
get better untillailon in our tam, aid
vnlit your enistesso I Mir bares it ant be
secured. , Thoreau* I any ink Yaw cadet.
uses is, locanso if we hats to wait until may
,eflissit preluded warbiagmea's plinks Via
County tabs Is up, It van ad todone wail
Nra bare had sward mars at -thrill Avenida*
insilera Just laving thi lid* did - 10
by 6 f Aiwa aid the eallat, iiiimosi - tor .
4 ftat Wl* Ittwlß aistipswit de pa
call that.. tai It b so. . Aid la it _sat
Enna; lbw to many . yaiwk . e . wow.
atentaja , • , both iti,Abi ,sisloity
and'llasops, lira will paid to eadltanana
sicattileas on Omar , mita& - Iron 1r limy
more statitland piewatiai. 01 •70,t ti be
pat has miss Impala sasybuii. ewe( yes
will wit *sold tai for lakleg lye/ Wm* wpm
la-your 'skiable paper ills- dui, I seirl - is
Mara hasp within proper lima, — •-,, .
Reapiwi/'ally year 4; —L.
oi adagio* aniooloo.
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10 tante p w tow will be allowed. - -
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Rem& of tbe orate of Madan Bottles. late of Ilse
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Booneed by bends of Williams- Huesca, S. C. p.
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oance, a meeting of s Termatma Leg Deeiltr.a noose
awl s Iv., Bank Darn, 60 t 415 feet; wl!h 'her 1q
proirtal itts. tars tae ertiuri of f1UCC 4 0 . 24 AfIUGLINS,
&ceased, Thetas and C. otfilaas wde.axiiiins at tbit
the tine and place of sale by ; •
• WILLIAM u.luracoant,
By order oftte Cepkane Of euti Aebialeeratof;
• •
WW.RUBN, Chyle.
' 1(.,,t0mr. Aap.•11.,1111111. &vitt Q mut
Greenwood Ni4sery, Pottsville
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to be totoralized before the next electron; the name
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and twenty•two, as previdol by law, the , word'q age
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notary tor the illackargs debar Ogles •
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tbe..19.. 'het clams ilts's iliatuiry
the terries of MI State or uMitts/ Stara gamer
-melts, on c •tlcal or other duty. sat who dorms rot*
'hearths: anployed, 16%11 sot thsedby be, theyshisd
ants right tootTe la tbetraerand Octant dartrkta
if otheourbe drily hellifitd. " •
1:16381tti89 Duintalsicatelim LAW.
. . •
therein directed, 1 slob pen dada! idle* tithe
following Provisions at za at amoral Jan tta-
Mt entitled • A further oalloleseat to the elestloa
lairs of MU 6neoacoweartb.f
Wotan.. Igo the as oh ne Clearest eit Os tatted
autos matted °ha ad to_ alaeod fano reorral
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had approved . March ad, IBA aU moss woo hays
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Mates aOI who hove alt beta dlocturged ee opera'
am the man ty or distantly! thenota spoorithid are
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and forfeited Wok tights - of ebtaseeldp sad tbeto
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tereofter to be held to thLe noonoosseolth. ll Ash
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to recelve aattotett anla ballot ar billets balmy
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to any .ffturt of Quoit. adesloge of ea Commuter
.orealtb, be shall
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By Telegraph
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Very Latest: 4N to Midnight.3. - ,-
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ttimt enbteet An drought, • that' lket'
oi• , the • Misaiiippl sad Ilissollit Itt-'
etas, has had the most :ageing Op:
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the Etrent-Sta‘ee Oa the &unbent Allah;
tic auticard,tbe beat has bees' greater this
leer than is 1868.. and the r* b l 'fen . .
North and eat ot New York Melnik hair,
fieen less, as alvethe rein fan. In tits one
case it fns too hot, la the other too wet
can and 'Oar Runner enolle , which suffered
accordingly. While the drancht - has •
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Taira. The comparison between thhi yitir
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la every section of the - country. The only •
State. that noir chow - an average ecrodltion„
the Nehrs. , ka, F.orlds, LoSitalana, Texts and
Arkansas. Elamite° rates refolded Ploeilog
aid meceseltated replinting to. thi spring
throughout tbeoyestned Bluth. Cold, wet •
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growth to &Wart every State, Oil In tin' • -
wawa of earUlog and maturing, geriona
drought affected ,that pithy Atlanti6 MS c
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favorable reduction .ot ,temperw ere In tks
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49 per erns to Virginia; from SO to.
iola •Maine; • Tramool,_ ifiaryland;. :North
Clanglink; South Oarolitia. •Tenneloie;.
lucky, Illlttots, -Idlcbleset arid Wieconsl6; •
!rosin W3O In New Hatarebles, Comedi
c:l47 New York; New Jetseri n De c entui :
Geduld; Ohio. lows and Nine Mint
10 to 20 In lianacboesui and Panztaylranta._
sad from 1 io 10 per cent. hi Rhode Istend,
sad 9111-
keels. i r l• •
raleii the clogs of tbe 1662011 b volt
sombN; thew:mica be 150.000,000 of Whigs
tee than a roll crop. - '• •
There will be e reduction In the yield of
Ocatriii - frost the Carolinas to Alabama,' sad -
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Georgia, ruble and : South Cerolbse The
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vest. Bet I ooesiderable pontos of the
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Fruits as intle have yielded abundantly,
apples Inc' less degree than ethertspecdes,
Sew Y ork ,
_ Pennsylvania,. Weal :Tirgiele i ,
blieligan cud Maas, 'en apple DO M,
have nearly • fell supply, abbe New Bags.
land shim • material reduction.
Uwe is redilleUo4o Us sum.
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Missouri, Nebraska aid Df.innimoln,
rapidly 'Owing States, baii made an ink
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em Stales..
Te',imamate Csav!ailles:
so Yuan. Sept. 24.—The Annuli *Con
tention of the Netketal Telegraphic Union
was Deld to-d 4 st the Western Hoot. The
Tressura's report showed s goad 'Amend
coediting. The Armco council of ell the
Wm of the Union was otrAed hi sit esenn
qn commit* which* composed of the
oflcere end pribliaberoAt The Telogrsplfer,
the ago of the Union. The foliowing oin
ens wets elected 1 Provident, W. IL Young..
Wrobingtos, M.0.- ' run President, W. O.
Lowis e Few of 14 - cording fiseretsry, W.
W. Berbom, !few: Tort; Ocorespondlog
isnri "Lqw.ltrs , Yorks Tnire
-ret,4) L. Whjipple. Attiony. -J. X. Ashley
trot varctcd re i blisher and editor cf the Tele'-
T. “aoli alithassat •
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roalorioo. Sept 211.1'tio
Red Bta~et
laaa of Chminnail raschel tiootaliwuto tg day
and will who to this eltt to-slew ? r Tbi7
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ofilito Central Vooillailload. to take
tooth* MS Elositoialter . • •
rao oraa STATE. •
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itat4lll. 134: Waits County
fair will tas held on SasedaY Wednesday;
Thursday and Friday asst. It to sapeoted to
be i my Iles TL• prouissa Hat
ie sausually !Astral. Goy. Geary and Mr.
• alter base serreptad larlanlons to be pre*.
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Wiurantirox, Sept. 114.-41. MI .
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cat' October, orittrsts of tftsriscallkirati
Slyer Patiell Car. tow bstosterlit bare*,
the Paola* railroads. .Xr. .T. X hellion of
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Sept. 24.—ilight ofte
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