The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 27, 1869, Image 2

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- ..y.! -an u....;.. z i . " d;.,.,,,t 1. fr. I , hti ,
• Thy- (;.-J.. ota t,- u'. . " .4 , ' :' ''
Raitl2.,on Metuberß Pongfel2:.
et, luu ticiwo to W ' few' t.lsV*
.:.go to tAe. Ei olteervolion orlthe.
MAW:of allitirs there:. IVe wc;re there tmat *
. . .. _ .
. tew-bogra thh , e xv . e were folly entifild that
Li. legialatith except I he • Llnifrbing of FOrile
of tla; Wit that ,Inked at the Owe of the heel
-. . stesaut could be ex peeled. ' The methlkert...4l,
' . Cuogreful are almost run , lo death by apnli•
' mkt, for (Abet, a h.'' elem to I ocrcase in.
,'• • • niitcher. ever)' 1 e,r. rind , Pit , cin aPsure cult
Ter“.leraV. is too, .ii.eettie to be .11"
• •• mL
m-1 oft - 7. - rui.P - , es. 9 at Thal time. • The I,)llowing
leketch ad. the ailnation out affairs by a Wash
;,:gton enrresp , ndent of the Philadelphia •
1 . 11 overdrawn, but in come rt.:-
c:Eta lalltPaborr of the reality
Ea ery t an ne.t r be. a mixte of op-rating at,: .
hor Ws 01 t toallty. and whir ii
t.duto - toff-take It easy nod sareenaftd. a..
to.nernt tinatkkor,tuac'ittlier Italian:, -hall Ming
••• tr,poitant tatotte thlnlii himself. A mein rao,
.• . a-. In a totality kilos( in his Ititle
11- neat yytthiett as a' I/toll the:1110, koala:Lama!
: bran: root tkilfaz titan; a bitatik appikatakh
Iwo t lean...elfrts ; belie,. Lis proud wife
otspbye, 40 iodide post eranter. trlamphant aover
Ot,ren totapetltnol. h. I.lardast himself for ant '
higher. 'tf tiraot ouly ktoretr worth.Le,.tho
'pub. - ant, would hY a (It: Tenser .of °Mc, Cote.
hundred Miles from borne. tieltills spew.: Indtkaabluk.
Inn he In lost, ne,tlnd himself mole atcatete
ly. be foam for I.:. • Lances, din end, that tiract 10111
131. el mile; lent Ita..nialn. and the Poodaumb.or
tiakenal glee hie applical: lf.s coutalntur
• .r thaCatittoe place. ~111 n nterkber of Idorato..: b. 1 .1
the Mesta. had Oti committers. hen not made up. tote.
mind.aa to tha proper mail tot inotmanta r.
tonaly the oil thdatt. calls at los int t 0... at welt. to eat
abet:two:herAss t there an. tat only R, Int
. --.l.frftratat-Inralilnpr anon then, woL trearrarina , 119,
..trawrtkelar intimence f. k 9 WO:Ifnl 1.19.; lowldekthia.
• • there are IA of Ids tivain ietlent; a 4• beglu• to
.glut et no mean thinks he er..r did, and wonders
:title) will tn. Oki red In evidence, a:al:dd. him, Ike
rldoo all the kir:tors t . annoy Ito, be looks on Tarr
llear of lettere pathsl,..tut,,, t s tante, anai 'tie le star,
r le.f wbou tle'litenther ' Ide u ea. h In an tap
...pd. bdan .411 e, to entalti which the liestia ol
Or ttartsmadot and Ibe Pree•itent Mont MI lulled no, and
the analuts tut Litton , In the igttern are, as a rule, •1.
.o t o a, t ar cot td IMMO. 51,1 s lard tar yon 040e0" dal, ..„•
or throe tim.W. as the CR9e may Inc.- The, ag.lklate
for pow muter frlitersh l s Vane - away to NTashi nylon
Aortal:Lk rowtiallOns t> tire 9116 prow tin claim+ hie
he Occ u r rarrie• ..ut. al. I,' at 50 1 , ' illhort
t rie clean shine:tire thorborhky enlla,l, .errs theadult .
at dew mnp•T aiyetl, be vainly... to hl ra lake 1.41 little
wirer or bytor. Soon he becomes rain amain. and. by
'V a torrent o har:crabs lattbrs, tries and sectirea what
Lc failed to do tea.:l,m, •
Tour rorrwpoladent has cal late been i f te4nently
the rooms 0(a (Mend whore mlnfortnne it Is to be In.
ronr reseal' this time, am to . bourat.thniklng , men'
. tho henetofote may hare tall Ile stirtittd by
all Eat rej.l.ithg In theme lent tn, 1 will kirk W.kott•lor
the matnirib ortoch Op rent!, man ala.scs ten ittlarr:
-rollthe same maybh said of.nearly every man In the
'Noah, and COngtetait, anal In It they Can 9. - e an O/c:3,e
• for apparent 110eIrrt, , E l glot do, lin 1. dr not late to 1 ins
whew a- hard worboi'man •Osii_up or two tu
' the mosoltua FTIS tn ‘ the else with the - ksdtd I. min re:
tarred too who rin. tar tied snnlo hall don n soya:ratite
sialtlnk for.tdri Ind ounce IO tore hi . ... . Ile rushrl
- 'sooty from tL. mlu time to meet the nit.. ta.rancr at
of the tottakfaal r.oni, the 'tPtimn el ear h
impottant as to rum etre Ito- no - oher , immediate plea,
• rt.) at Ono all the dehnrtyneute. aruerwellr:lo
Ong iu 10 breakfast, London and . • Pal. A Po orlah
la a 1.01 . 61.1 'leer, lint Ir, gio.wk be hanrat
nnnaltr_be • Vrnall I rather steep 'pot nee. .0i th e tabl e
arid. Maud( attacked. ...wale aol the an.prauts beee
.014101 atlmi..etee, and lb...wretched member mein,
• down 1,1. food while he ro
of 9r.cia.pann tater, Slirranlrli 110 :..•t in tionllflr
belt in tut bait that be has boon %Ain° ennatiti (Dente
wlttlhe party he alactit. - d rotto. I ,
taretokleasa veer, tl , 1(619 the Trr 'TM
‘alth an tothae-atatker an carp artrl, One • Win, him
tr. pa 14 the Nagy Iglearrm• gt. the .0111' pororthaeut
.Paslong that be 'tart for Inc lulrnk Ur partint.Ll at
.arnee . ol . Mir C 914.1 In loin, at..l.ltrin at comp unlit by an
.nttui iti.,ti that la case et Calk. thra Iar,.4I4ICJIL '
. ty lose • vote, mate Iparticninf:y the manila, ti
g ...Mo. At the door the trample auin4mted try fresh
',la ilia, some kat alien] an Or Illantallar loon. still big.
at. it,or le, It Importance Vic C0te:n..1.... mart ko
to the Treanonv..and ',none Lilt llarrirdatlerni Idle no el
on, of one of lain rommlttge, ITr fk.11... Treenail he
an doraed. and alter he Inane it he Is arraln followed
The oneuralttoe.inout is eta. 1,1 sof he tiallarerra lu it.
till ladle .• clink, Whet, the sescion bead:, and
stilt It another rttatk trOln the army of tithes necks,
btraillrhsil in the lobby. 'Letter after feller sutl CAW
eank are'sent to through the tint. keeper, Ile IC
pethape Integre:id' quart log 'wises the 11,1 4 e, sad
bets -it Important alai ,. Zile clown 51...0.1 rstotti. d ,
I ,110 and nonmed by theleaderWHO.. hr -
c~nall.ln are some man Whom hr leer. It (pare trio ra•ay
ner llanrl in the lobby en olbtr am.rk,r made from
men sittl, Vlec of papers and ktdO to ael rllf pa ratl9l,
vista . brat lons .Ile pate theittoOtr- orall sr hl+,nertti t•
hu will nee them nod do la hat be ran
adders the hall ill 111-, flriaac ae.in9o I. ,ea-erallaral
rt. r 1,1. aid! I or a ,V.111.1111r1410. an,l
1 tnior. • • • , •
Oho" thell....,_n t ielekea he ntit . , to his 0.0 no -,
,IL a laudalti....noon a. 041./. tent to reenre
iad ton Penona t aahla mere, the rot.-i•
. I r.tvalr.l, 1,1 It, • ..warm it the platfdint, and the
way It. you tcld .
no the sin:men( Lis aux
. mot:net:ln Rod wonder.. if 'they ote teat all alter
.rttlear ht. rdata-t• I e reinstated M. ill Warr, poly'
tr rtt , rir, as . ti , al.l 0 the trine a/I
r . ;r• 119.1. th „Orr arrlrnr. and Pertain
njto hatinti , .oi r....nt0: there Its te ivera Oral
. totalled .lar appltraidst. my of whom with a tarns
Atderlran faint : watts, are smoking ct otintrllll4 ' blew
1.0 I t.l Ids aso 1. all :Ilion 11,,-perponn
a' qt. Itaighilate nitentionn they. a't.
.roared" ol t0..1 nut ~..1 oil
..I.le fate, In tuldlltr.n trettnine . 91;1 a Yetrinar
- 1116119. ourbl..iart he, lire t..i.t.eanin for his
Ito ...1t..., and hear. their stnele.. 1 1 10
toich a tendency to prolixity. snit I.set .an one lea . en'
Ilr• 119.01 the 11 hor Is .11 - 091'A ell lire roll art another,
and eat the I in/a 1...., lilt 11,tdute111 In Width,. to
the tr - trylorn'e 0•1. intertll.llll,lo, IheM art' Mites (ann.
orltalll.l9r re In ALA ..111 a.l. I lie :It 010 I r r.1.10a,
be alai , lot.i.od, Union tut earty Southern
Slate are anthill Pr, 1.10 sad, at. lake other °fur ,
seekers. their a ruts run 'trek: 10. 1, 1. appointment..
In slrfkN,lie . Amon. - 010, PYitirna of ractr'lki•te art
scoria. able nod but I.or low worth ones:
tuck f !aims are nos. tt
-tre,..ik hyilh,
as are 'the lot the ' pot ha a arnCOLren.
in whose a.utp.wltiet. arrAlroly fritairr 'tea 1.11tt.. YOltif
Intl ly. the tell,lel.r i lar acreln neetOon of energy,
emady. 1411 .1,15 1,1 and the corn lord lartfarel
t with no tardll tar band on. tLato maid, (ham.
In my La at latter I will im_to ri,o an Idea of the
•ta,,odtioall. and .piet r detlere our prtarilw cal Inch; are
dt e
ne l ia of. and nhow 1a Mose whon.e 1 I atan•
may de r0...0hy 11 , ...;«, , r)h!.. It at tar.aullt It al
lend to theta. 'I ea te..l tso latwenet, that
it dm. Ohm they ` wii.....lrei.liy ...sidereal, nod .1
n Tara. be 1,1 . 1 11l ca•
Thr 1...10,: I nc , uNerdrunC, Itor tg it
upplirdblc Ja 1,1: (011,..1,11
scan ninny . 01'011: I'A,r 1. - ... err.• 0 004 tico,lool.. tuttlynl.
spe. work., It. 111, mnre o.oy 14•.r x h. the 601,01.9 r.
rocns ... otr ttr..ner
ern In r% cry dcpsrlla. lio 0111 m• I ,lt••n In, 11n..A
hteleltiar of i,er, tail.. i Tt....'two erila
w*l6a,-.11e4 a eltnet. nail ..1.111t) fe , r,ite rind
eemiely. a o I rrr If 0,4 ioitriol hour of
the Liatiph'. trial. '
- A member .•I Copii t riaa; - wile and Wast4imr.l4). Fin Ling nil bin time
. ta6en uit•mit:h.iu4)r - tuti'itievtor (dice, 10) nett
• 116 .` coula ' pay no a1 , e116/11 NavlieVer
- * he e...Delad‘acto lake them bile hr
was pUtting "11;emlo the.earriaft; he w,aahe
.liet,etl.. IC flow: UP; 111 e
to step irilo.bis aint he Nfou!l
minute so. IVbile rettitniug to,tbe
- 'office to see the partyl,•lea‘ring hin wife and
daughter in a earriag, , he was betated
another set. They t0,,1r up ft . ll.the ime be
Lid to Fattre. Ile forgot the persona whom
had sent into tore room, ( of whom WEIS
;:Senator .Fessemletff: brother, jumped into
the r eatr iage and ‘troye otf, leaving them in
•ji the room. Shortly after anotfat . metubi7r. of
Congress who fleettpi4,l the game mike, eatne
to,. and imind the gentlemen there. Arier
,:waiting for some tiMe. they iii cited how'
soon 'Air. 11 would .be ia. 'Why: gentle:,
meni'are you waiting for Mr. )it ? ! Ile tufa
gone h tale his wife and daughter homtk'anil
'Must be near Baltimore by tide time.' "Ile
told us to step in and that he would UP
in a minute or so. This•is rerv. singular con
duct..' "Mr.•M has tto tinitvi,lly forgotten
'you.' lie doitit anything id
- the kind purposely: lutes. Ole reply, And
so it turned out tote. i>ir M did not think
'.agaitl'of the Party ho hod sent into Lie room
untirbe strived 'at 1341timore, and of
took-the dig oppOrtunity•to apologize for b'
•s6eming neglect: one menaher intiirmed
itnathe has frecittentiyleet tipail.nhfid, and io
compelled to employ, the whole tit fiatelity in
ainwerh3c letters. ' -
rio it is with the P l feildvid and
. tlte men,
hers of !be Cafilnet. They are crowded during
the hours of binineng, 'slid all generally hav e
• 4appointMents in the eier.leg, also. Through
the poliieness and ititereenhu of our mom-.
,borof Connti.sii, we met-Gen. Grant for the
first unse, aPer 4 o'clock ; P. M. He remarked
that,They bad Periormed n hard days,' work,
and he lobkcil so tatioied from his arduous,
duties; that the party forebore tinkling into
corifersalion, bet mete'lrpsii their reepeat
and retired. 'I •
The Taritt hill well lot taken up during the
• I sellseizion of . t'. nfzrc+. owir g to the knoti-
lcdfe that Fre.iilent .If , hinfOn, who roes wilt ,
the Free Trade league, would. 'veto it, and
that therewere nit tw4ithirdsin the liouse
, in favor of i'roteepop.lto pan it over. a veto,
-,,wt_ts thoughthet'ir;-wait ?loth
the — nifty - Administration Carrie into power.
'We have a majority in , both t4.neb t4,,
• of the'rJeW Congress in lavor el Protecti on ,
- as soioniss they ciltstie united 'on some bill,
-- rind theriew Comrnitlee of Ways.and Means'
hive tt Majority- fili , nifire active 'friends 'of
Protection than the old l'orrpittet.. Ai ILL,
&'141.110 . ;10 legislation looking towards addl.
tiondhotection can be obtained, bribe
reasons stated before, land Congress la ana-•
ions to adjourn es quickly as iijibible. Mr.
Morrell,• wha ieeli:eirMan of the committee
- "on Mannfactura, dated that he might powe
bly sneezed in puling through hie new
Warelionse 1101 at role aeesion , which he be
. 'Level would be equitil to ithipit five per cent.
additional Protectioe,on mannf s etayss. Ae
- we have been cOmmenthig pretty freely upon
_ the conduct of CoriguEss in not acting
upon this - question- at he Ism saffron,
after a limey of the Whole ground, we are
• s atisfied that any general bill that Ctongreas
. would have passed would have been reused
by the Preddeat: that itwould have neeea
sadly fatted, and we . nlbehave been a
. Worse 'eoridLtion than l s are ;now. W e
therefore, addle Irk 'turf to despair,
bui to continua In thewodi, and prepare for
~,i'determinedeffotr=rhster, wben 'tenon
. • etrudien. will have. climpiefed, and all
The holmium', legislt giowing . out id" he
,t Rebellion will have 41thott eireid*
-posed of. :Costes+ 111 been ha *o fur'-
titer immure' fnr delay, au I,,we li , :tve a Plat
dent who will uotlhatart thew itt of the,P4si
pie cfprissied through Cvogriesee by a Irdo.
We re akin, iii . Secretary of the Trear'uty
who likewise !avows the Protection of 'oar
;Indititritil Interests, and whose iitticienee ?rill
&Kt fetid In tiro. tight dir e ction) e Wc have
'not lost any ground, but are gaining every.
day.l Out of about Itm,ltepublicen rnemhcrs
in b4th Homes of Cot:ltem !we do not lbei
lieu!, there will be 110 Repnblicene , nppcise4 .
to Pirotectiow, while an the t'opperbet:da;
is tunltertng slibout 80, with theres Option of l one
or two from Pennaylvanta,• will .vote for
Frail Trade,. so that the only hope of Over
procuring adequate Protection to ode flume
IndtistrY. Is to - adhere to and support the
Itepdblican piety now in power •.. . ~. :
While all interests lo - the conntry;wili he
grapy , benefltted by . piotectneuto our 'll'Ctue
Indaatry, roue will be 60 much benetitted
as tide labosiar glasses; yet attrilte to say.
that 'with the exception of at two or three
Pclute, the infitienee of the tinting plashes, '
at Alt at Washlngtou, knabsointely imaged •
ao l
..nt Nola-lion, and this,han been one of
the greatest Itawbacks against ;our success
:The ,Coppert&Td ' Mei:fibers, with. tiChreeli Rh
excisPtion, ate Chided by' the !roses col the.
1 I . •
working elapse% They profess to repre
sent !their interests at Washiegion, andl:le
onine!, that these ciente are tuit, tile to Pic
tection, because Projection *lies them. It
ie trite thatllity are taxed probably 10 cents
actiO by a Protective policy 1 but tr . odA.i
this ilex, their wages are incrissed at least
forty . to tiny. cents a day, - Making a net fiain.
01 riot lees Than 30 to 40 meta ia day, which
for 'lir; working dayikin &Veal' would make ,
inelear gain of !e2 TA) a year, n , wages' for
each band. . •,
Af couple of ardeet - Tenlana Arrived in this
&unity lions Ireland last yearl, and to their
uttrir amazement they found !heir gouStry•
flied here; and profeiried Vex:ll4ls iiii., 'voting
' in IltivOr (1 protecting the work , :sbope of pig
larl in opposition to Ametkin r iodustryi and
,helping to build op - amt stterigthin !fog.
land to oppress Ireland. Thy idcelsitned
at rlneenagainst encti`a suicidaJ'and ieCtirisist
"'cot! polity on the part of Irishmen in! this
coo t try, and the effect has be9to open th e.
'ey of the more intelligent portion, who are
beginning to cut Incise from-the demagogues
wit heretofore have beretofoenntrolled them. Iti was
etst il at the meeting held ItrUpisibuielpliis a
tow iweeks . ago, for thipurexise of forming an
lndustrbd ; National League, bygone eit:,• these
Iris men, that , already -ONE. lIUNE4ItED,
TII VAND IRISHMEN 'in the Milled
Sist s firrd enrolled themselves In favOr 'cl -
Pro ection ,to American Inthistry, a large
port ! on of Whom bad pledged themsetvhs to
use !no British goods vl4tever. These organ
ciet °on,. we learn, f t .te rapidly increasing,, ,
ieuisrly in the 'cities and. the ' West,iand
many are nutting with the Republican art
as the . only party thellivors :Protection to
oun Efomellndustry..' .., f
;While m nyoftlee,-seekers have been (lir-.
appointed at 'Washington and
.feel iore,l the
poticy,:'of General Grent's.AdoiluistraticiO as
ferias developed, is not only purely ftvehli
c-.4 but ea some term ir,. Radical. !The
Co s. man y of whom hoped that he might
be me Johnsonlzed, ale setting up a terri
ble owl, over their dissppoiutineut aireSdy.
We f, let them bowl, alibi they are: tired.
'line members of Congress, lo holding toil:t
russes f r the purpose cal controlling lithe
onsge in their districts .- and in this State
~,ex naively, bash committed a great blinder,
and they will wind find it out. They bilve
dote'' NJ heretofore. to' s very b great eitent
privately, but having it proclaimed
thrtleit.ttie nesw e ' ' '
ch: antagonistic. feelings againtit surge a 'poli
cy and the people Will take the matter into
-their own hands tiy adopting whit is called
the "preivfoid County System,' in taking a
vote a in the . ilistnas for all the otlireis and
no inating only thOse Sao receive dl ma
jority of votes at the primary usserr,blire.—
, Tne veoplein electing members of Congress
to irepresent them in the National Assembly,
. did not confer upon them the additional I duty
o . f tt ;selecling all the per/Onsap fill the i !bees
li heir district/1. Air:th'e early periiidot r u e
coUntry, Congress ninmieated'llie eandidstes
fo/' the Pr4idencyi - iii ealieup, but they tno•
ine p t they claimed it as a right, the pi,o t ilt
reverted their sir lit s, and r 4 jested
cord Ivr tie Pt erideury who wrib the hpl'iati
cai candidate put forth CutigreE2 I. the
eptyortot the peopit; Tnete . can
helno Oho . ction to nimember 4,f Concrdss
opi:rsting with )I.le pen& in c.ifiyirTii ode
their WiEr.lte° latabir Of t fl -
grAis iitteuipts to Fectite • au elites for is tool
of Biis owLi lo direct - opposition to the will of
thditinpley_ his rccommewhitionsi ought to
heltdaegiftded by the sPpointiug pOwer,
?. • ;
Whatever it is satiactidtorily ascertained this'
such is the CAW.: •
I - _
s Coolness, Bravery, GOOll J,
intent, and Modesty under Tryi
Circumstaaces : .
'(''n (Geroge ff. Thbmas le gene of the few anent
w , we name will pane mach of the bletory of the late
Cl . -Taking a:prominent partat an early day, al ,
tin mhe gained W go t ten boringly by hard Milting. -
Tbi, Corladetricy wall Hang cud attnne In Its t•otho.
pint o , nuMbet, and mourn • Recognizing the tweet
; • elty of an army. talent - Wino oditer, be Inc til led Imo'
110 l goon the military' OM that comellofdlnipilor,mil
red Lolly held is own ltMlutt gicen , my, hot went far Ic -
win d prepat leg Inc malt dal othen flux In inagnornt
1,110 care nab nee r.. lure le In every community a
c4talli *mount of anknal nonage co plonk Mat to loy.
nr t Le font nu the Matron to arme, It Mt. re (liken bold
. litecipllned. and drilled. are army to to band !bet can
I.end with sone.. • II el la te wonted the eremnt M
e Moral menedlo the find with lean of the necessary
• ,•m•rtll. Gen Thomas raw thle at le end, day , era
a.4if be am only partlallysticne•g n ul. b fall tiremu.,
f .
lle Attrlbeted to the Inane Idea that wwwwww tee. the
01 we have to do litre create an .Wiser, led oat matt
_ in army. - • .
I IF h
, attlea and cimption at e vtudice, fr,imithe lac'
' !bat we we rentlinr Monett then, a thoughtle`heng tin t
oLtn. to r teen,. and niket eyent• Ile pally oisrator,d
tiel.eyNted, of aft who tinseled, planned. end I much!.
et, me ti, b• the only. coo that rood appr,lnte,thet-
Ttlott, and edit on hisown frigiurce• Unmihdfa of
I A' 1111;14,1
Ire In We rear. ne•of the ev,acertat lot • at
t to Mod, ho moved newly, het lately. en to ttrtory.
n .., hone e ;eaten. Wan WOMlettn.. It ~ , etnel It il 0,0:
• IJ 11 I ti,-.31.1i1im that solintte• rind l
men. end it tom
It under a tense of dale. that win as quiet ata we.
.. r..e, In this .111,1,1. tn.. Thema i• oot only rho
111 ,, , temntkehle Man of our late war; hut Inc dab , -- .i .
R udy avoung the Men of alt time., It I 11rd torn disc
the petty Intrigue" awl lettlonnall 41.1 the army ', It
eaved.bho fraeopenottal like's and Maine, that - kr o r.
lea Impair tne uselidnein of eminent wire. It mane
• tom calm, cool, mid =mond In the mina of batik,
.inl at the moat critical momenta of the mild.
I I beer on the apart nor ir there need. or on'ilwel.
gni 1/.. big errat.deedn &Men the war: bat line to.
tie bark of teem study of the mental plover and
~i'soutl"- c haractcybilat that diatinenh b this emcee
Le itialmanner ig which lee took command, when,
athe awn judgment_ ep tweed the teleeltoe , wt.
nt more remarkable 'than the way In when be du
• lined innmo , lnu that came' altl..;et tn e t e.... ny e ._
T11..i, when Stanton came to the coedit/lOn Mud Imo
:grills Mien could loot be trotted longer. and tendered
the command to General Thollll% the fletwoil who
tied not yet reached that points!' dilitmit, moo -golly
tire Vint -This did net eame,from an execs,. elf mod.
etc i.,. of any doubt of hie own tawny. Mg from the
genteel duty that controlled amhhion, and made hint
Invelo Others Moir neer I pun, wtgle be Yellowed
nit hie own.' . r .' • • . • I
d,:aln.. the success of Sherman's celebrated march
to the runbong cm Thortstll grzetti at Waybetlic be
ige all Mat was left of the Conledecare Penn order
durst. ' Borondaing Mb, fact the Wee Thlpaetteent et
I IlitettlWltton grew newish and impatient. Week utter
' wet k plowed ailtbrot a metyroc. a b o v e attl, or
' 'elltnalrla to dart, threal• es en con: not n
the man whonw Ida eneriyerimtlep away in Pp fawn
oc winter before fortientlorts be awe not atnolr. P
wke dining Mita
_period Mat the report / ra4ed the
army th at Mme General war to be sent to PeOwnwle
Tetterm. 'lb. mew mid oaken, anineletine the tan
tome and srineng their Gametal, broke one to ? c de.
nano,etlou that threatened istara. Gen." ; ion
fi,emly ntproned MU, and Ina neat friend mildl The
Gov, engnent at Washington bee a been tan oci heal
-- lmuch alit can dapper ewer. It la doing; and hie .
dime, the beet wider the elrenmetanes II amyl onset ^
ache" on here 14 superinde me. I shall ebeerfullii report
,L•intir, and my olindirtnise d', the dame' ' ~ K nai by
Cy, Me tannin meet not toll to note be I hue Ii oar
rtmhy of tier late Proryldmill Abraham Lincoln. hie lee
ono, d. through Batiste. Backe to enneteedo 4 trent
it Tlekeburg, cod toque to 'concede Themes et
Naetwille.; • -
I could 111 my Inner wlth trotbf al Motto' loin of. Le mast traits In thts eemarkabie man.- tome
4 ill Partin. told In We day of ntientlOneble e to finer
tattioti• oficeneekere, It le well tenth trending.—
At the dote of the war the entbneiaalte wit W. of
Wen. Stumm made spa punt eta hundred Moaned
dollen to pruchno for ham a home. Ina pint, mod
In Mirror. to gala end fro me' elect that enrol nun .ct
; et hold enter ot the - refried to marls popular p go ..
or, hi declined the eft. Tho 'tardy lboneet en,
of telt reliance and. aelfweepan ebenak Irmo • tbe
:tlautietlon. We car Welles) be la the ooblestdioccian
Cif them all. --
j! knew that MP Wirt Of Minn tenet whet vonrrniy 'Me
,tee write from Wathington. Boat infointely Mt
• YOu. r rit 1 /tided On lookinp kite letter Ge . ,Threnin ,
pawed my 'nation. A. my eye followed by portly,
prism, in eta blue military ape and peaked broad
Warmed wagtail tuaLisbe Wilitedsliniv tradition& -
folly airtne. my mint rook - noble 'neon:it peak, and- I
Chold.not help raying what the weed would edy, were.
1 0 Weddle pane and Mink. . Doer., Purr.
We find the above tribute in hlej..tleneral
6eorge 13.'Thotnas in one of our crehangk
lad ill produce Ifin;our coluMns this' week ,
rith.eincere pleastire, - and bop* to see it pub- '
balled in every papnvin the country.
- We had the honor as well as the pleasure
of nerving very -near Iliii greet and gone.
°axial—this "noblest Roman of therein .. —
.111 We campaign against Atlanta, said the'
kubsequent operations aboutHashvilli, end
hog in thedhorongh end utter,dentorallzttirn
Ofth e rebel army of the West under flood.
It brae then as ttow, one of the great misfor-
Itunes which betel the people of the United
States, that-no trout* orpen of any ( , 171: ,
,pendent, 'bee over BOUnde3 the name en.l
praises - of this grind old chief. His (ante
il v fikil kr.ure by noble deeds—and whithetter
. - -
aim 'ci spealoare there than:BlM, spring,
~,..„._,. . .
dtektirftiver, Chickamauga, and Nitiiiiiille .
Games 'hose very me &inn willcause be ins
la' are: the land to ,swell and beat in silent
admiration, and we can almost nay pfonn d .
adoration,' tor larti whose .prodoocr,, whoa?.
4Wermbiation. sad. aoldierly ability , .l lf e d the
goudaof doubt and fearful anzieti, I which
hung taw 'dead weights- upin'the Imre and,
hope. of * ,the people of, the. North . . With'
./P llB fulaii. - the iirst decisive !Western bal
-1 tie, in which - the army was dentroyed
And their leader Itriedli'eame the firer/at or !-
bope--and Thomas - ova the_ ionotr4 that
victory i anti lbws the dread ornigiii, al Stone ,
liver, where irlth•defaat ritaittriathe Milani
Orme iii; the faerthe, t
*dory hrinb'
, ~. .
. .
Thomas came lesthad, net
. seoted upon low
brawl. And how shall wig:teak of Ctildte
'anger That dread PO' whose dark are
tat surging era and ansin stailmt our W!)*
ken shattered Ulm; 'above &Mae gloolli.' to
all the days of raltnage /tad death, moiniii°l
daringly led by detestretned and 'ex
!oedema mud supported only by his ownai
little band—that noble Vourteeirth Lrmy ,
r,»-with the scattered remnants of thole
Who had teat confidence la their own tend
ers, rose the -majestic form of hlm:, whose
nukes shall live in history arid - make bright
the page which speaks Or the terrible scenes
of that more than terrible day of battle.
, It Is Well. perhaps ,, to sneak 'hero of
'pail General Thomas playa] in the.campaigri
.againat 'Athintir. as a subordinate, quieSly
'tarrying out the well digested Watt his great
tend • had thoroughly , slndled-cenclutiuns
arrived it by patietitZsteidy, not the erratic
and "
unreliable' sirockings of a dim: Mitred
mind. • '4e'the operations of, the• cOmbitied
armies under Gen. Sherman were Within
'the Department of which Gen. Thomas had
Command, it Boerne as if the burden of the
work and care abeinld fall upon him, and en
tt did. With a etude line of rallioad of over
mites to tirrniah supplies of every kind to
an army ol 140,0(10 men—and every mile to be
guarded - against guerrilla attacks, not only
from the rebel cavalry, but the rebel citizens:
• in the rear—beed,:pork and hardtack for the
the men , oars end hay fur the animals ;
hrilhance fur the artillery, and. Medea'
at - ties for asicir. and Wounded; to provide
these,, were but a part of the duties performed
und s er his personal auperlision by till staff.
Hy him seas eoeceiredThe. Wee of a lighter
ant! more useful pontoon - boat, to take tbo
place ot the einistieldy barge Used for.bridging
•ricers, lied a delicate bat strong filmework
with a canvas covering, took the place of
the cumbrous wooden .strrintitres i'and with
there were the bridges that carried the grand.
army thrownicrora the streaMina they were
met, by a regiMent detailed sod trained to
their work by.his' order; fly Lis diftCliou
Wia owiti . zxd the regiments of engineer
troops who 'replaCei the railroad trick
and bridges destroy& by 'a retreating,
enemy. ' Through tie foresight the roads and
streams were 'daily mapped out, and PhOto
, gittplie copies' distributed to the generals 01
the army. Under his eye, every movement
and operation of the telegraph, -the sigord
corps, and the varioneptfier departeneats
were held carefully and effectively. in opera
tion. ..linibingesesped him, and everything
seemed -- dependent upon him. We . know'
this is tint generally the. imPreision, but
we were there,"' and in a poll. :
tiuo to know the truth of what.. *el
here report, we hesitate not to write !there
ec many can corroborate all we and
yet mare. •No officer-or soldier In all that
grand old army of the" Cumberland but silll
respond to every, wfftd.• and add what we
bate here omitted. The close of the cilm,
paigo against Atlanta, ending in the capture
'of that city In September, 1864, .after a roar
months campaign, gave - the a:Mies a rest—
but it was ot'short duration, and but 'pre
ceded the desperate effete of Hood to COIXI•
pel armies t „ Ohtindon„,their victory
in osier to sloe themselves. - Then came /he
breakieit cif 'the railroad t the pursuit of the
telieleby tifferman, and the crossing of the
Tennessee by Hood, in hope' to capture and
destroy .Nashville.,. Thither had • <Sentra!
Tteimas bVeneent.a ehort - time before this,
but withchit any force save that:=gathered -in
from the outpoits and a cavalry force of net
over men, until after Sherman batt•de
ternained upon the movement throdgh Geor•
gin to the sea. Taking not less than 7U,U00
able-bidied and i!ell -, IACttrrinea troops
ffoql . tlie 'depleted. columna • that moved
against Atlanta, 'with ample supplies and the
th9taighly oreitiired and well-drilled regi
ments' ol pontoUniers and , engineer?; Gels.
Sherman began his march 10-. the set.- At
the very lateitt rnomeut, and, after Hood had
begun in earnest Lis nio,yeateofs towards
Thomas received accessions
In his meagre - force, by the addition of the
two sofailestaudlesst cobfldeut pf the corps
of the main scaly.. s , With Ittie force, small
Indeed, with,convaleaceoUt, new reeruifs and
colored troops, almost untried as yet, in it's
Department, pen Thotrisi was - to A {Tope
the maul, of the boastful hood with his in--
I,,reea. And nobly wan it done,
a ided it in true, by the PrOvidentlally uufa•
vorshle *Whet which. lef ded tri; retard
II sort a operatione.. It was ei terrible 'But..
peuae. and while the little army awaited the
reinforcements, from- Missouri nuder General
A .1 Smith, of about 14,000 men,
,for more
than fill6olti, it called forth all the enerilea
of his great . uaind to avert the threatened
dangei, and 'plan the . finat overthrow of the.
liinemy. , We, who etwthlm every day, know
how loud waa - diis work, and. bow:patiently
and determitnidly he treCabout4t. Here was
h istily gathered -together a motley form, vet
erans, new 'recruits, convalescents, ,and
gro troops ; strengthened December tat, 'by
the 'snivel of the ioug-eipecled ;Add from
)t.ssolitiabout Kahl men—and of a truth,
only men and muskets for,they needed ev
erything Ito either mike itipm efficient or
even comfortable. y Withrillt ammunition,
Wood camp equipage, 'wi th out' medical
stores or medical officers; there they were.
T. was work indeed to tie done, and has
tily too, to get stictea force as title • into a
condition that 'would warrant .a Movement
agelcott the Rebel, loyal, who was daily
groWing more bold end - inereleing in num
bers. But there was a noted at 'work whir
Answered the problem, and when theday,.set
for the-,ateaek came, it came with such' a
storm an prevented Movement either of man
or hewn. The whole country was like a mfr
'roe cover4d„with - sleet and ice. But preps
ratioe,werit ou, awl the breaklng , ip on
_the .
14th 1.1 December found the General-in-Chief
yiiet y and calmly -- giving his order and
plaining hie plans tp , those under hie 'cum-.
could. •ficeenMler 15th the battle begun, and
on- the 16th
,ine- followed up closely the
success of the prieeding day, and SO C/o, day
by,day, till there wan no more enemy to
tight. WC venture the assertion that no
other ()Meer ju any of our armies was ever
do critical a imaition, nor fought and
so completely gained) a battle with so.,few
troops; and egaluat such odds. Not se was
it silt
I ti raut ia Virgil,hi; not ai± with Sher;
a • Georgia, The lamented Linebia,
1 at. noble War Secretary, Staten, gave
rirmri• odstiou thin, with the Pao-,
the whir darst, and emir aucceading
et pr. 'yes how, riehlY he hal sleaarvell
al! his tterriOr., there is noriefeat, ritw
r military - 13'31114er; or Roy improper
tuu b hi : toilliaut 1 - cori. -
'sr ni . iintlia after active - operatic:en ijn
.'q writ. doer),, and the mar in every
r telithaated, iwtiu an had been
with other. officers of the army,
pa , frietAs would ' preseut him
oine stohat Avila!, !pkeri of . thetr regard
teem - ai a great ysptalti, and thisfroil•
w.. 3, In recogoiia his service", how
as the iteritiruenfol his- letter declin
ligift, god rv••moiending the donation
• such furid ' t it). the widow" ittrd 01'-
1 of the brat e min who had sacrificed
yes fir their cOurttry." la this e wis
red, not only his high regard for the .
• ;oldie!, hut that firt sense of honor
it it au olii wr's' prides to tie% that
keen tutored by hisaavernentarith
1 41.1t,i,y C., dereloriog - his Mind and
y tileut, it.A aS Litt right that all:that
• vol.ulibtary taledt should be at' the
of bin :lanvernro Mt in her
,bl,llr of
. lu : nut was !wallowed pp ip
I; • 1
. . .
. .
IZeal * Affairs.. .. -
and it
. ple o
It. I
cm 11
act tc
•Tp*.ro' ,, rf for (0
or t'te Thermometer ate the reek mut Mg Thu..
1,1 for Ilhasaa. ,krattat„ by a !tin&
lq Fri
Rs ' I 'u
Y 4 ti
tlt Tr•
dow rt
, '9B ft
1 4 . 41
.27 39
ea 1-4 ,
, 'l4 't
146 1.6-itl`
F 3. if enbt between th e . twit 45
brne.-T. eel the, mania time to Iweb,
at to be 16 (twine lower in Muth than
Weekly Akisksiaie.
—NM. 7 ' t ' boors Gilmour
1 , O OMB
........--.1-....... •
•. 6..,. 1..69 6 19! • n. 4. 4.
lu, I 5 N 6 1011.441 Q.' 60 AT 260
6 41 6 1 . 114 aw N. 12 1 •00 • 1140
~,..... ( 4, 41,6 1511141141Q.21 . --0 06 240.
I I 4•444. 1 5 .40 6 66 11 , 611 Y 21 4 411 • 401
II .... , 6. 666 ..t6, . .
1 (1r 1 6 42 . 6 961 •
2 . 1
.1 bee
1 101%.
31 War,
141 w
2 ?al
'O4 are st,wo ß seiy low at tiallitura:
• •
~,T ie.—Tbirteroth Stands] of the Tear,
ter Sunday • Darn heeirs
We*. .
tract is beizads bY the T a pt.
'lions to est nab a publle
room 100101101- -
PolP. Nixed ardetant 11.11.
Liu been". iirdatibe ib 126
oti tie lab of April tar 0011samr saes
Po KAften who 14410:0011, a *hp '
by falling 6112 a strp of tho 1114 maw?
pUhytoisig n awati to book 18 4 to T r o ll i
, . 01 )iiii;ePribit t . ItrilliAii
1 1 ...tagtillty •. - '-- '''' '- ; •
. ,
s 6 ° t 4 4411.. re. Tb•Drununir DAY
,louW'so ibis roolog. Meow* your
to•day.l'. -
- if . at; dams , * Oottittri itoP.
Clonoty,lbal=fo ltib work, to use Ito Drum ,
vair of
- .
—We ere sulineeiceel. to dale that r'
wA Y the appeesehing, Bervagb
giloaille of
Chief pagan.
....13aoledoil will pitch for the
sbytnian chorcb, to the Coati&
riot aireet, to-motibermoreitig
• 71 o'doeit. ' . _
co it. Tsmaqns wu . salami meter.
• burglars., sod
titan from &
the stamp,
lateral &boat
_ ter part of
:13(7 - T.otrod — a - v taw . oilit; out bills were
• rObe of putt; and rptities *bite, and
armies use quite wintry. Elam y6ll to
Ity of 'bloat etz. Wellies on a level. ag
ttko of
the al
the de
er Deinwagera -Wleefar b. Trouoir
sy it John Dormer, collector of State,
• ty,fnue, fra Ernt Norwegian lowoehip,
fore ithlntee Bose Ball of Port Carbon,
etabezzlemoot. .Dormer wee,
?online; held in . SO3OO to moaner at
On it ,
and I
ski& just remind ae,o4llUNie, 2
Ere . ?AD . (Ili. if Invited to attend the monthly
tetra • Reunion, at Tbomproo'a Hall, owner
or Seeded andllarksreireeta, ea Friday ereonsg
next, (I pell,2d). lierabees et the d~n:reat tan,
peranminisstionm are Nyman? requamte
to be, am Important badness will' be laid
before netetron.
. . .
Morris I? , : , esatessor to Jalapa Slaws,
No. coops stioe. !Aeon hand a large assort
meet • f mape'_ sad bop' cloOdog of his own
.1 41
math clare4 7 Llrtifetlisells et the kiwest oily .
priors: He lbws's*, tt eplentine of clothe
nl cs • rag; which Vole preps to make' op
to or to lite Meat an Pat taxies.
A iiie iliwr:lteithing prarlObree tboosatid
peon was ozbilsted to Owes s treet ott Mon
;ray .t le the prcrity .ot If r. ',Costal Seltzer,
and use islard lu Lebstou Comfy. 'lt 1. Liss of
the welt brioltlfel 'animals of the Cod weever
73 4 11, rr sa t * ta a 4rt g ett e :% o m tle= "; t°
fOrgl.t to call at Pode'.Lidies Rid ftentli , .
lee .f tears atikliining Saloon where hot
oa: OYskys io eV*" alyle. , se whirl as other
etas can be plot:Arad at all balms
alit vs , forniabtal with lOyalet. aupprra
tno ice sad 13/i.der-I. ginned. No 191
/ zi
Si., d door *tom, Hatrnyssigo. tf
Fir l'ircebyteratu Chorch 'of this flui ,
k or,
as ogiPrd the serviced 'of a miseirdlar4
ny Irotrbont7tbe Coootv. To interne
my . awl*. therevlisr,' a rte.. ..tiaval eei.
It be, bald-an the Church, at tbit cornet of
tough and 'Third stroels,' at 4 o'clock,.P.
wbi4ll the mitei...usty will r•ftictate. The
rill all be free, .and every person will did
y WE10011:111. •. 4 ' J I.'
ralraab ,
Part" ,
it ebo
for at
an ,1 el
s 6
. .
(0,011 fineek's • Maegeerade Parro.—Thle
'hle4 ,.. hu been vr t o on m tced Ifrr
t ;: e n
m e!!!
t pity of the ktrei ever given In Polo-
It dt . II 00780 00 OD Toren). 'I % nntng tiR At
i . BPI. For the infOrmattott of those oho
plate appearing to munderade meteor,
tit etete that on - the day of the perty.•
i er from Philadelphia sill be at the Mut.:
' Hotel: Prom him costumed may obtain
. -
'Ming Ballot tble Good Intent. Fire
y, ott.the nth of April. the anolrmaary of
I render 0r..1.e0, will tsi - ssnisatiripst., thn
yrs hivtiti by this 011 , 1W - A Ooroparly. The
%Dent* ere In • theYhmela "of tompotent
re, and inbse wholigh..e&they depend up
t Weyer!o have aleligiitteil time. Der
" dat there - wOl be •• parade of the Fan
en tit Tattinilleyin which ibis sal in'tpa•
I Uirll4l . Of -thll.oo6lpliglite from Adimming
.. . „._ ,- .
,otto •
brill' •
coat ••
we mt
The ]
ou it
ntq tb
i tra
4be oel. ..-
Pre.• der. , jPre..plinot-4.
Hoehn an ;I[Trraertrer-11. H. Fri : S wiatary -
T. J. effei, Dirertnre. 3. D. Ils.leaty, 3 snare,
J. McCorma Ck, 3 peva, H. Parton, l yeara, .1. H:
011umwin; vamp, W. F. Paine, 2 cram, J. Totty,
2 year*, P W . HulTruas, 1 year, W T. Jobneou,
1 year, .V. I . Da - übbart, I.year, a •
I[ * .-•-.6.0.....--___..._ I ,
. ' t g BPript CkioA-ofeallacatl3.llaud'o.
niptorenttat , - now passim/sr oar nes
t eta nn Moll* Hill Ltd Had, ehon.L
will new slake the train manias daily no! teen
Fail:l,l , lW jaw* and Glen Cuban .400816 ;
awl anted by Sr, more enterat and convenience
to trak*WWyy Ibrin.lerstofore. Mr. John C. Har
land laeooNOdO 'Of this train. and no daunt ft.. , it
prdod ot. Y inquisition:to his nal% as It c oo
now wa ' Mal* anther lieclummodate hie
plumes* • itally.',llrslnid kaa always tweco
holed far AIIna+COVVIIII rath °ad
c Quoty—vbeam allege l o
NI the belief stii:Lbe Vtettitadt accsmtnadst
- train? ,
II Pi l ate solliog %1 low a v0t,.13 it
, ,
Uthiring las lira of letters T em lining in the
Post Office March 29, 1803
telehissou,,Johu Brahaly. Joseph rijekiy,
' I
~ i i. ear ti lkarizi L an cn yni ?, 74l4Fl. ya„.l . ,z ):
, Pre Lacy, William Lipikinfe, Kate
B L. McOolicepha.dward Meager. B. C
fah itsUAls,, hum L. Nattkik;
, Nal Olkonsil, Karr O'Caneeit,
i Ihiek Basiael Randle, shipßush fitei.h.
I ,r . SAM. LneY 'MUT, bens grl,roi,r,
i ui4p, &kegs Thnline, V. alum Tlinmae,
Witinford, J. ,i , %Heir, P 'M. Wink.
Moldten, Mrs. M. Ward, Misa Mary
Kra. Miry R. Walter, Carrie Winters.
Mrs, F.
H. Kr
Llz •
Am/ 8'
•••-U ,
Armi n Titptet
_Shert(r ni r• ( P , len Trlne, rzettriv
ICk. 4 Lei . y.PPiooololl2lllol2.lo/11 I/ riej..lls
ailes f' theiolloariug h ' ' 't
A dty Sheriff In Schuylkill Count y', /...rat -
sylvan a, in the old times when twelve etriVa.
balf ts was caned a levy, wetit I.) the p!scos fa
l aw
• fit yo farmer with an execution .. Be rabbi
him is the fi eld sad Old him hai bad an elect'.
tan's limit hirn. The farmer told him be Could
not pa it then, but would pay It before court
-day. • I bode you may; said the deputy sheriff,
'hot I what maim a levy, before I go sway '
Tbo Is tat art& potato ald said. 'lf that
. .. .
-es aaveaoroasa apt, the battle
team" I have shoat me ie
. . .
Ail iholildoll tie tome of this
.at the word "Junior" has Seal
tlnare of the Ligialattnw, and
iCITTOOL no Order win now
%Wale Order Soto of Anieri.:•
composed • of person, be:
end 50 years. An hivitatioo
4 to.thicOrd et to partioipalw hi
„ay& I
am itinithreetha 26111 or M i y
Dept. willful o nionth a Awn, already eI gni.
flia fti kr intention of accepting the 1111Q16: kla
we beL . 14 amp Brew of this Order in Schuylkill
,Conui 4. is expented that at ieuvcoo member.
will p tteipsto. ALI Campo oftits Comity ors'
r to ooknoitutioata with Capt. Janes li'...
lie with a view of lathing arkWelliala nizialtr ,
woo. kiitalwildiktukitakaing.ilailltood
.Co., tO Mit. Harrithurs by way of Dauphin and
ret the aim day: ~
brate,d Hickory coat at Pottsville coil
Fi to Übe Traieent Local News of Tburedar,
we e t rty the %Hawing
The keitica /pc Borough oilleara last Friday
read to the clicks of the arta" Hamlin .ain
ticket 'I o*p tssicFliy. Th e tolarnekar it ilia
retrultl r 4 - , -.
- . 8..2..-003. IL. Beams 't High Omuta
ble--yi i Munich ; Ton Howa7-liir.bnrl
Fade.; - IMAM*. Filly Willeillay. JollePti
V. - ; Beam Focal : Sul miroctom-
Wia. r -. Wins W. Worm. 41.1... H. De-
Cb sat • ' Tiq . .. D. Drake.
. liie ' . . of l' in ibis plain. arecapid.
L ai • ;,.4 t litl i t uci al
a im menhir somal
8 or • .1--WaaMagtoo Camp, No. 70, of A.
are • • UT requeetei to epee nut in fail true*
an 8 ..... , arreav nazi, to make '
For • • atilettl*MT. On OM MI liTZP ' ' lll
* _ _ :7 og farriant iat - t re in t..
hei " alitligillialead goiellgVar li Z,
bmg•, .
crer .-tine of the mat Wall* math
h tnlir c: l ll ; SieMC .lll *" 7 4 BEir s. 11l
ex Ma% ite i d e g g y ele vas caught bpi
kllo7a lank y. and *um ' la g
tK47 altieleirlicalingAstaarilr act he ***.
' , alp : etimid,
.. . I
‘11,14 i
TH . E miwvarts . JOURNAL, IMAr
the Meet of the Coethetotal
,per of New 'York, before Wl
rise &Abraham:lent ina tlurit
• -134 f
appointed P. if . d4iads4 Ear.
Nualututlnctiand county,
Pulling, rim illoilint4 to
tber4t.l cfictuty, it 1.4 tiara a
to inoorporatO a eampauy at
•k.-erJ . the Ltipakitaro tut
I.oy roDus-
D Darr Do =auto at 1.: , [111111
se Us allegory' will to pro-
do of Dr. Witidam, rmithog to
Zorotgb, koul o awoke. of pal
Wt, from Ws ideate of which
• Claming M 2 cidocck. tike
. Mater h duo sip next
tin shop tu the corner:a MU .1
rents, mbar& they will ran►tu
en in Centro attoPX; now oceW
tan. in !ugly for Went
cede. luyeti styLe4, Opeuitig 'at
A Lorolusontooo ootpotry of
. Is say toy cosmoctod wall Loy
tabor Itfe of firs. It to thortooLt
(ootganco Company of Ito ago.—
t of third pace. 13-if
•UooJ C
t<o, til r.
our. I vlt-e
vaulted 111
was what Michael
altar, collector of State aed
At *ace, =dub° la a defaulter
11847, So 1b amonntof between'
lhanght It adfieitbie to do the .
Aft the nlatkof the 21141 feet ;
ctnesidentble amount of mousy,
'af of hie sareties. Since whieli
risible to his creditor.
tat in a short time otbEia tfr,
and who are defaulters, yid
tre scratching their ears now
olniog Patrick McKenna and
a three year,' residence
to *took of - Dre.ut Good. So
it Osiland h 0.5,'5, 210, Cab-
tog of the Board of Bohm*
°ugh of Ilahatioy City; held '
?lamb 23,'1te19, tho
, :eolut ion:rare • nneelmottelp
stleerilD system of Penman -1
.or school, hsa gyros.
eteteMated, WA - obi dot Pates
hupmereneot I thetrertiting
101 l of the Speo.setsti; thsu
le use of other eystems, we,
wntild be Injurious to the'
ae . schools. thistsfon s belt
letteetisa fintleto of red-
earth Is the eqicoole of
+um the =Weise.' ,
tpottenfe , •u1 yard. if
Ne,Npriag Meek direct tact New Yoh mar
ket, Mee opals, et CMltasere Nev. York Dry
Wahl osqmaina, 110, Cann stmt. •
Lad t TWA in Use early prat of the prtemt
wart from unir genial Mood kir. Y. U. Hann,
one of the troecocding •peansore of .U.n.Wni. B
br &dimity in the miumfaetare of Uo colelbeattd
itrethtiry Pram" in New York lady.Ur.Balth
Piet_peipoul to oo us direct from Waehtagton,
where hatted berm eating uP IMO of their melt
nifient()raud &mare name to the White
Bones, by lbtilitent'il aelischugh &wet a one"
of the moat more in the Preekleo
tied mania. We are - glad to know that while
Poreideoll Omit umet es a public malt. submit
Lt atuicekunandarible annoyance - during the 4 •Y
from ofilocewskens and ethers, that Ute-tirant's
rood twits to the selection of a nicerical learn.
mint, will tend to drive doll care away when the ,
'evening time has eons. and the President can
listen tithe sweet rich tones ••• they ere brought
oat by her skilled Angers.. We feel very, much
like telling our frimda ceildentially, however,
that for moms =Mho past we hue had Just rah
inalrnment in every put, as wo hare referred
W attire `, in our own dieting, and can mom
mend it not only from our own ideal of vegetc
but upon the beUsr, judmiteut of inch a dietto
,niatied pianist as Carl Schnitz, who gave It a
tDoroegh doting a Ida Malt toPottmilha -
Ste Smith Miaow na that Chief Justice Chase
and Commodore Port r. have also ordered Brad
bury Planes to be pat in their houses. We don't
I write this to couvey We impreesion that the
Roos will he inipromd - any from that fact , f , rea
really we can ecarcely see bow they can be made
The..,lore Tilton cud of them Pianos -
-1 have Lad the h. an Sid p too en hog trait
now to ask me Low I like it, is like asking into bow,
I like one of my at:/lama I In fact, if yon Mme to
iek the child:o44 I'm afraid they .onto say they
41144.1 it nearly ae Soltes they like WO 1 It speaks
every Jay the yeti 7 routid. and .Darer knee lie
coke. I wear us owner could do half as Mech."
F.r Superior Soda and Sattpsitro Powder, can
at tiu. ISB Centre street. Potlavilles Pe.
The follosiug coaninutication - roceirod by wi
for publication, explains itself ;
Prnamemrsta, March 22.1669. -.
Memos Barmour A haws v. reoerantes or
Jore.saa, r,rrnortus e..—ti,itume. :
Oar attention boa been directedlo the cud of
J. J. Owner, Eeq.. in your paper of 20th Inst
The facile of the case are. tutee: Mr. COLltior •
made applications for 110,000 Maniocs in our
Co., in which he slated. that during the- last Sea
ea yea, she reid toed no kickatese or -disease, and
Ow/ hie /raids , t f lift rmt oorrect mid temperate.
Oo tbe atmooth of 'the ahoy. snowier. lire policy
wag tattled bearing date Feb 6th, 1669.
- Mr Winter. the erotical agent being sequin-.
led with Mr S. It Whitney. thepolicy -was sett
Wm for calliotion Ito 12.6 Iffacch, Mr. Win.
tor idippined to be in Palatine - oil tontineers, and
learned of the *mime Moose of Mr. C. through
one of yonePromirient ploatc.lana. Oa "a visit to
Mr. Vibitosy the policy ant demanded and sot.-
rendered to Mr. WakLer., who refused tieettkttog
pramiumiekeatoo. tar two wined remote :
Find. Non.paymeut of premium at the proper
Second. An there tia . Omitted= of farts - in
.application in regard to .'bea.l. l„ tti, which by 'the .
terms of the policy Oakes it TOL
Now, JO justice to nor policy bolder*. morally
rod legally. we cotta riot consistently deliver the
If by our action .in {hie case, while guarding
the interests of our insures, we ere to be attacked
by oppoeltion luminance 'girt are willing to
abide by tbe'resalli, baying lbs cooeciousnees of
knowing that we bare simply done our duty.
Pardon us for troubling you thus, but in justice
to ourselves, and the very popular acid proem*.
ous company we hate the boner to repreitent, an
explanation on our part seemed necessary. .
We are with great reepact,-veryltuly yours,
Vinare ,k JEWELL, General Agents
for Perms. and New Jersey, 425 Chestnut St.
7 he "neatest isdneeirteeta to buyers offered at
Galland'e Nay York Dry Gonda emporium.
Prpc:o - -rfter of the Porre - cire Sdooi Board —
The Borough School Beard met on Wedneaday,
evening last. Freon*, Meese. Hover, Darr, Fox,
Eimonde, Heebner, Hotozinger, Littie,'Etnyder
tthasferp Wens, and Etrefth, Pre sident ; also Su
perintendent Patterson.
Tte Itntlding Commlttise reported that , the
desk& arombil aA be pot' to Jatappe !School Bowe
this ma. • - -
TIN itp9k Committee reported thallhey sari
no retiree at rrteent Jn'tbanglng their runner
decision in regard tolAn_Knopy books, and !bat
-they had been Informed by Mr. Fred. Benner
that be wluldnell maid books at 15 cents per copy.
•, The following bills were :•A. tr - Fatt:t,
for rises 5c.. 115 CO : J. G. Hewett, vela- rent,
thimat-iodibe Teacher.' Institute was etuipen
ded.for this week.
An application for tbo axe of Jal•ppa School
House roc Sonday Scbool purposes was hid on
.Ithe table.
, Two teacher.-were dad one dollar each for
ipraciicinic on v01 , ,c1p,-dee at Union Ball in ;dce
ci,il4; to Trictiir,' no HD, h just.
Tbe Book t)! , tomittee was icitracted to procure
f• copliie of Wobetet'a Gointing Moen llktionarp
fa tlbe orrikof th.• Iretwols.
. .
Oa motion d man reeolved that SAO ebordd - be
retained as a Llriedure fez the non.eoinplealoni
contract, 44 the J4tappa Sch4.lFlocte:
An older Ni. directed to be ilk.116(1 in favor of
Min•ra. Hamm A Attune for the amount due
theru,hwe - 1900, provirlol they would,secept It
as payment iu ,
An order weWarewn in ray..r of Me Uhlinger,
Ine 1249, the balance doe ..n deems for Jelappa
t9chrx.l-blimpe , •
A Spcfh.ll3,,entiistee or three wee eppoiuted
„to - obt•ln e room for the .el,od pow in Third
'street, be(11.0P1111.111wl
Proopeki , l", Corent., spring Balmoral', Em
bmideries, White Aster., Percale.
estabrge", tele., 116 Ulflet 61.0gairt varasy al Ge.
laud's, 210, Centre street.
Fain.. rf 21sicerst J.tror,, drawn to attend •
toort 'Cummon Tit a., .ire holnen in right
vine, on-Monday, the 12th ofApril, Peel .
Matthew Shaw, nor*, Tintiiif.
Cleo. P W iggao, (mentor, Illahinoy City.
John Drill. werehmit,
Morgan W. Fehr, tuner, West Brunswick.
B. WaSrvr, Merchant, Illah-noz City.
the IL Heeler, tanner, Eldred
tertel eolier, touluseper. North
James OYU*. operator, Tamaqua_
Daniel It antuer,iyer man,. Bench.
saunter E. tirt.ic ma, rapt, Ilatiatioy Tarp.
Oliver Ilietevni, batter,•Pottaullls.
John NS 41.-4 am Ictork.
' John R, FAA. r. Copt ractor,lltahanoy City
• Lafayette Hower. yeoman, Eldred.
Ilatarman. engineer. Tanouia.
FoeJ K 11, ollt, Lhankamitti. Tremont
Simon Wencich, miner, thrter.
F•trmt, lannetali-oeth Manhole,.
tc'm Ttownpam, yeantan,
Hiram Kimmel, tanner, Robley. ''
1 -1.4 Dnaltittertyi carpenter, Cremona.
John Poore, too t ed pee r North Union
Ileort_thayder carpenter, Blabattoy Twp.
Geo. Kanner, yeamiari, i•noter.
Sonnet ROptIO4 hurter, Regina.
ca • '
John Luca.. coal inert Id, '
John H. Madam, trampler. New Cantle
Dant K hinter. termer,. North Illattheim.
l'atri. IC Vol. tort), cooper,
Franklin Hew:, merr_nant. East Hum., oh
basal. Swaim, lArmnr, Regius
Win..W. Pogo., onloon.keet rr, Pottsville.
J Mllirr Raub, lamer, Union.
Berl H tiaidln, yeoman, Pottntge.
Nahum H Ntebolia, merchant. •Pottertite
Jaw Drees, taws, Itattanny Twp. •
. •
:*ainoro of Traverse Juror. drawn to attend a
C mrt of Common Plonk to ba boldon in Potts
sine, on Monday, April 19, 19;9 -
.Simon R Kepler. f ranee, Rnatt..
Royer. yeoman. Wayt.• • -
Jac Wo-d. Innkeeper, St.
Wm. Spencer, yeoman. Mlnrreville, "
Hoop Lunen& nine, cabitoi maker, Mattanoy
Jacob Britt In, blackam'th, p o tt,,,n e
John U Brown. lunkeeocr, Wayne.
firltlith 7' lout., Iwo!, St •
6.11 a. Reed, farmer, Wayne. -
Daniel Laren, real merchant, Pottpvine.
D. Z. Day* LiwnLßUrtc , v l U , •
Thor. l'artin, ty,w,lerman, rotteellie.
• Dint Carry. tura. Rahn. •
811 Dittman, engineer. Matnumy p •
J., !let& miner, Si Clair.
_ -
Danes Kmlsr, fanner,. l'oper Natant limn. •
John Wadling,r, me chant. lainermille
Henry W. Holmes., merchant. ScbuyikslPHaven..
Henry Le-her, farmer. Eldred. '
John J. Parra, tanner. South Mantielin.
0..0. W. Been, merchant. Po(t vain
'Doe K filammod. Plasma. "
'Jae liaztaty, ttnnnith. Tammna. •
Frni Elennei, blokes, h.ttranne.
' lh DM D 1 [ember, Norseman.
henry Waleak mschinlar. Tamaqua.
John S. Bbesk, mama, rolkyllle.
klitchaal Ketner.4lBl,-Ilatusnov Cite. '
&M. F Kobe, Bp...Schuylkill Ham l
Jar H. Dark. merchant, Pottsville. .
Wood yeoman. Tamaqua
Henry s Ks , IS abanoy Tsp.
• ..I.seph ir.or wyerger. innkeeper, T.emoot &so'. -
Hatay P. S t hoe, inerainnia, Tarrimma.
' Daniel 611) n. Wayne_
•- .
:rord:ips La Spring Sbawla and Drees Gorda, •
Gillind's. I
. .
• Th, rh - iimmer Boy nY Shire,— Decidedly, the
local event of the week, at Mast as far sa Potts
ville is eoneemed, has been the representation in
talon Ball, under the alma%
, 4
7 te of Poet No. 23,
G. ..g ,of the military a of the Drum
mer. It.iy of 'hilnb It Is a vivi and iopras 'To
tepreeentathm of some. which were ecaated der.
log the late war for the preeerratice of the Gaon,
familiar to tie citizen and the soldier.
La the fitii e. of the ellogory Wiraill the gel
defog of • North, and the daputere of the
regiment accompanied by the tears and pr=
of friends sodM Th
athes e tibiae
gloom this fe vary effective. - - •
• la the sec ind act tbefiell of Shiloh byeight,'
This opeoa with a tableau—Home. The soldlit's
dream Vein the incidents and sports of camp
life Art three to the Battle; teltichle the
stoniest scene hallo piece. - The foorth act to
the listile4eld by night, with the dead and
wounded intormlrgled. The incidents of this,
scene are very tooehing- The tableau . , strewing
dowers on the waves of the ilead;;liibeatttitnt.
AM fifth is the meet harrowing in Me Mew - It
epresents the Andersonville snicks/1a prime, and
litallr the murder of the DrannilP. Boy. The
' Calker', Goardian Angela, la very effective. The
tritth and lest act shown theilvryll home On fur.
kugh ; the Batriawr'e march . ! ill!' Uncle Joe's
spteiii, and a really grad 1.1 , ' ,loa. participated.
to by newly all the char,, to ni the piece, some
eighiy per. as.
Of the tin Les and gent Who havitaati
put in tide mititary' , allestery, and. their
spratexert' tot rendered it • enetwea t we mooed
!prat took ly, cepeelalty *ben we eationter t hat
tame of the eveibefore personated a chanter
on a pabl stage. • With reel and interest, for
which Post 23 will peer feel tinder the e --
Aicalion thee. '
ir re.; five
, 13 has on
town till
Wh rr
a .4,
__ay. Z.. 3 %...... under 1,... genitor;
obligation thou 1 - 141f11 and gent tale
their reed dent parte, and to a mustier
which has on not only the highest eithosesiome
of oar own titling, hot of from a dbl.
node base withreee • the representation
hire. Wb re all dzi , au well, it would be Weld
ions to cm a any eingle performer of the ame
tour., as a cially'worthy of "praise.
Of the g oedemas who earns here to &roam*
the piece th the unistance of the Post, we cur
only say their i Sots to render the piece a
earnee as higtity appreciated. Their manage
meat is while the excellent acting of.Nr. -
B. J Ifa t, the author of The pie" and of
Nester F • Wm, cannot be too , highly preload.
Ws/ these gentlemen to the goer.
teey of the citizens of those plane they. may
,vbilt after lowing PottsesUe. • ....
....4 tre
• 'Po-night Owes *Ol be the caul performance,
oomm • at a quarter to 14 o'clock. No per.
eon shoold neglect to see this beautiful military
Mint? WM finale withdrawn, for then
boo Pu b bibly th at it will seer be tumplumt
. • 1..
_- —7
fiy the fulMilagit vill be W
ooded thull h has base to produn Ms
bunt: Wed hitheit7ohen for siding lint
week, ocamenchtgon W evade& Thin
sentsgentint itiligive those whe was insbio to
attend this vest, se opperhoi a ewe* it :
, Permute. Mara 113, 18.11.
To Me Cassailart se ,arressinwenteDonnew all
of statet: I hisainuies:—The inxlendeptit iota le a
tiled ban the all of 'one Dimmer Bey es
allow dug* 1110_ . ...m5d to
aloe Ger dame se opportustr se ewe.
nal pollithounclist to penthouse to shied lthe
misrepresented by cam (halm flawkstall7 legill•
iiiiiiiiiiiia - - hi irenetztt s w,
' . IL C. Gam, • A.D. Dalberatorl‘ IL D.'
DM. V. Wieer, . IL BoloWods.
wa. L. mitoory, Jon. T. Coopooror IL D.
*Po OH L tots. Joe. k %flux%
11., R Boni*. liNkothow.
.... ,
• //:•.1 . to. IthinD i ti. 146.
To' /Moro Bober, Huottioor. Bothrroatt mid
upon: CptCrit.toso , —Tons or Ma 11541=grit
lior s repot Woo ate alleirory al "Mot sm.
loweehol, seeds otply toe on boa* tootle& too sr.
rogoim.r. woobeg elected to modem BD ale.
wry Coley orn - wok attamancttc on WeBoo&F,
oventog nett mot, fur Um otirbta Very rotoott4l4.,
O. C. Boobisbell. D H. Seibert, .
Fteakll. Let', F. B. Wal/sto. ' •
, D., B. Elesua. Ltd Huber. .
. .
W. V.
Kraal Owlet; Od In.
CalmlL on% W. F. Brstrlnger.
- ..,:Dooloi Dolor!.
Dr. Chotio T. Telmer. ,-•-•
Qtatotoor of Onsoccomara.
IbisLt totoopoquiooe of tali than t rill Woo Maputo
Outmode. , • - : ,
Capt.'. a flantageT fortb• Ws of
111•84ibratat siniaB saildutteg 88a8m *Yr
Midland by L. 0. W. aA.• J. Wikb. CHM%
So 188 0110810 - 11111‘06 4 IMO AIM 00 glikilitiarl
Olant INWlsteclar,loolllM. - St
'Clo,Aep init.--Onr rt white,' I lite Mrs cepa aim
to ULU pieta ogokterat their Wars et tbskonao-
Malian, will toiled M fear of an britWozadMOT.
lag ink; which ea bil amid minim Ms* of •
=Bash eliew lot .LI
OM oteca of . . ez of
Purawdvieed Mil ' of
azi Arepated
whose* et Milloi lib d
vowel, with sigh& seem ' Weam e Ind
Meats 'win lie liquid &deep sod
coke, and . the Mierset M imitpistelyal & d.
The mestiethse te ims Wise from Ms Or
atembes of aiii of shoat IZi
h. thenameMy Wired in, ' , teateilme lli Ver= lad
grains of neutral olireatals
Of of potash Meeleid
in wain and two drosbm• AMMO
gam arable, which hie lissim i:elefinUl=
Op ta a mucilage in • link end water. Tba iak
is cow ready (de Mq andnu* be its in Miami
mewls .for any length of time. LI does out of:
l'imateil pees in-the hawk; mO win %Saw
whim, imeminmay be mooted the
nes of any,prrei, meeting the man fp.
with • ash , tideaMMtog PlP•o l 7.4'n
a mooch sheet of addi• 'Mend Poem NMI LW.
and then going Met the whale web a commoi;
peer foider, or, in lack Of -AM with tho r Aunib
nail. It is & little maims aliatmeiling tad
;with this ink memo be °opted by - mew of the
ordinary copying pram 'Whether' this.* be
dooe biome* Me simsktetessa refireirmi is
agreed, has hot yet base toilet ' r ..
Hoer you ono pallitod's new Spring stork at.
- reedy 7 ' . j , •
- Irnic 'PEOPLE'S COlintlqii.
• LADY 11/110ZZIDL
Yam Mortmam-1 in' to thine:4M of the kiln,-
Mg letter. whist you will do abeybe tavor sol keembsy
to -Me peoples azure lavabo. with the itscOMpaby
use reply.
"Yr. XX - You will Owe mums lady tot venter
tug to stklrese Too by WWI MP as los bate had •
largy arporteter le.voclety. awl ass iso doubt, tustlllar
wuh the rake of good tarealiom I tags this oo nt
propostog (*you ovary cotton Mehl quesill , ..a. ram
tweatrekrbt reMe are, and tie *Wort lot th ree
cbdates..alt Midland 1. Memel) addkted to insetting.
and at warty all bows. odds ma medially sagged to
bustler. Indulges ts tUO or or bit ;ape of t. The
mutant, yeerenee of Wm:Coln Mt bowie. beam In.
macabre , • love of the hd.rO ime eves Loottiell me lbw
• I ke oar of the Witte. V have emend Mors been
ranee to the art of my buirballdj oho re
t r, wiser am for the halse. sad Nye that bo lady of
prqpts selkerper., Will petrel?. Lovell to lodates to
rt peetdeloO. a (*.mkt. Nao 1 as not perpoed„to
my wtetber each Meals mei Mot la hot reptetitoslble
1. • ray. Whytdu 700 Wet afar alvelote your
oplMors Oil the sabot; aid coach obliga,
A Latitiksicisza..
to reply to 'Lady Inquirer It May be observed that
Do d .od reform maim addiered either pbUrermh'c illy
ter morally agalest tnitig bee. piopesely. There
le go more moral Capita& la =Maim gelger than In
eflog a pudditc, and the biblrOf smokiest= rely
become soclaily offensive when indabed IA to the an
noyence.of Demme amused to tie habit; Mil male
to of to bacco agree that there Is exctalaltit pleasure
it, emoting, and Met the Indatornea Is_ prcnllarly tuna
qa11171.141 to the mud. tilting the habit, be attended
with both pit owe 'and trantgallity, no rattan*; moo
would withhold the emir tramaillend lorMent meo
'lady, hod wet eimettally should a ha-bill refrain
from r, troy chlag hie the practice slier baring
ePeu4ers In irdnestlng bet palate and °Meiotic* to a
doe edition of swot* &rigida.
As lids Dot =atom far Wilco to enniceita
eome 'petunia Infer that it tanoot be frothiMable'; fiat
termer the msjority do not indulge, Is no reason • ht,
all should refrallt Fabian : hut rarity, to the
matter. All Idles do not eat apple dampllntre, and yet
quite behionable ipartlei 01 lbelteX welictinhe quake
that lawn to private. Mate and berth ate all to all
wh, re tobacco to comemed. In Brazil, In Mexico, and
to Mate portions of France and Evilo. It is NailF mm
moo for,ereff the most repot-Wile Amster; urf mike In
public; arida& a late soma green by the Mamas No •
tauten of the Aseirlaw Conti, Mt' Moe ',cilia /Mr
weed the `dots? ironed among the kWh games
with the content= tharectivichet Amerkaff lathes
tenderhig fruit and reverent/hi at like Catherine.
WI th each camplr bane begin tho f ebioulthle w0t14,,
...Lady Lapel:et . need feel no beritatled tinpalling
away at the bitumen:big coMmodlty to Piet Inure
Ma only eubstantlal question invoired It' Retitle
of -Lady_lnecilrtro le. whether the me ofi tobieco In
114113t104, or humanist Leber Demme stitcts. Bat hate
le after all, amities to he settled between lk tariff ant
her family phyelcilitt The pliy-LtlmeM enbarquences
likely to • mem from the baletue am Of nano t
stimulants I Mall not attemp. to Magus et large
Wff too are =ltem' for herbal and titr,pbriclian•
'teat the toe of tobacco, as wet im of ardtef petite,'
exerts a deleterious hilloeteff opal human loam lag Is
actuerly to be doubted; bat each members are per
haps of too remote a Mame to opeMe age rentralnt
opm present (contort stet reJoyaient.:p o tteddter
lichee i:Nam seldom nvinifeetai Inch, beftwe
the appreech of poberty. Men ars ,Dev "twerp..
daring Met: childhood; and though we now and then
her of one bleier heel bona' with a et river imam it
toe mouth. yel I below Mere (DO MUT on Word
of one having c 'me Into the world anomie a Elavana
elm: Telenet Mat . LW, led et hatband
may henceforth snare Mel; frogatial. weeds to Mattel
Mefferd. I roulade byeabicebleynysell her lady
stilva most Otedtect sod hutted geervant XX
Portairtm, Y 23,
Emmen Miens. Incas... Li—hi looklo orer, your
minable papered the tub all, my rowed on the
''''Clatego meg snug th Londoit'' The ertastfon I ex.
periebted at the time, will Dever betegot ea. %Tomti
t° mad that every dreg trate ter email bete read It
saga them creed go through It wlttemt chi
Mug sensatlno or watery rye; be at she mart tf.)ii
bid person, trot to all mmpatby. Usdeed. When I see
a_ pew soul rending hie wilfrom the Were door, I
Mich to myself, maybe tha t
poor fellowils going to
sub *borne sa little Mary meg of: ' I .
wOur Ire %gone oat-oar Mese Is all darW, •
And mothers been indchleg store.fet,
With pm, little Benny eu ogle in ber erMif ; •
And no one to help her bet me. • t• • -
code home, coma Moe, toms bane.,
Prase, tidier, dear Omer, cow baulk "
Ob. Mat every moderate drinker, every drunkard
rimy Marken* maker, woe/arced that set Ida /Ind pow
der pew It. O. ye heedless, nathinking sinal trafficer,
that bre be o the well of marry • pmer dip; • badly a
bealeet and belt Maned wife ant, mother had to en
dive it ..1.• Maul a father Me beam betre4ed, lad de
Wei , 0 seal end bed/. by year nefedioula prictkre.—
Yam ....t. hoe teen le-I mares by the alituemente eel
h rib he 7.10, that lira might take. Wit money to ex
cheap toe-year villalnerui edMIKWIDd. SOIIIMII a In^
chart...a edmoolly, do yak know that e g 'ad pro. .
ermine. ofmor pew yoe• tram ta• work-hem. Mead .I
their evedicirial no to midatubt la Mulenerouattersse.
phyla: et elude. and other reStilthElMatma WHIM.
pnl, r forfeit 10 vita enders! robe and the keepers
o f d e e. , eoer e ndo miry on their work on tiandlyn,
e. well .. O'her of the week f If paw was en
furred d.-re wall bate. to MUM& Id could Wet
der I I.e.'s%
llottev, where. stele:ra If the tavernm would
bat wtdroct In some of soar curl, Meld 01 Career of
tame shoot ) ott {ova, the story taid•ar mad the
n .
bkitsl hack tel your bout& Yea, if they 'llddirales
what they tam stoat tembasda. egad hers. tbe
Mork would paralyse you. if you eancultrealtrettdc
Men po.Prourti the main streets of this Borough el
Ike boors of 11 did 12 ceckock at alebt otter all respec
table nosineci plane are dwell. and Sod will dod the
destroyer bury at Id. work Too ref w hat be
rim to d
e ire thl- , iroul-destmylng, art neglecting.
children-Meting cone from me midst Bflertathtore
mn.t tr. done to rheec It The prang atee. after be,
try; nonmed to i Mir pareulte during 'het day, will not
he kept at home in Ike evening- Tar. mind mud
bon rebesstion and Mange of eletclee i after the re
straint. hl the .I.y. they distinctly reek II place of en
tertainment. sun .escrl'esn del go„ id, the steam
of a he tier pliseaf Ili . lager beer owlail 141 Mecoont
likely. I would ittig, ,et a library, a *tare, reading,
and debate room. Apr ACZ , where ening *en ran heir,
and be WOW Illidiertlift lea had ImMtbriestracure
entertaammit, VLII. Matikbit ills 4 3/4 4, WIT
not tame of oar asatteIaPICIIIMI et latn ir leof m 4
eh Oar 114 fakilla SO ail bet
Mark, and Wag Itatmet.. ' Imdattot the
iota id
areittisetlem fflei: mat lam
am tea efeeelliese the ' - of am Itflad thkaidem
area al mama, had 40 Me m of auaty . discar•
solids faldlita . , i - . i R O 4l O O JIMA.
[Nem the Pitesdept•tlftres Up - -foire s . 1 1 1 0 0 11.111 3
Gamma 8. Triteasia.,Ze*;2be4reee et ible 'OW-
Sella, exiled made kilted br tate tatalateMa:aot
fatama berame-et Ilei` . llt.or tate cr.* ix,
ale be blil bon aflasemsek.buttliaaMstbeieae
bath a MUNE date , Melee ortbere— mike.
Sift* asthma to • it i rrol—Ullit . myscskii
=t sigo Ms beei beitrsti* tha Ur 'Moiler
=ra=al tbo d ais
et e ejrirre l Wl lli Z
cm Pawn bat et *telt tb!'" 81101" law
1,...h0we...,..1 if
Ones ilditlePrareasaftis 11•1110/11Ch
ea sotemoreelblerlat mot Vy , et
his Welted eddies. wm-tal
ether et Ma allettle, Milo r ld matey talaletlit
Irlth 1110 thodatklii It Chi to nal
nta the disCarithinabit Ida . ' rearees
ree OD bashle Weat immit.
len la hit Aran tableau re
Mead hie milkore mo Vfilie
_travelers' *rate
peer were es the der or 61Nimp
lamas zed eamppewe merest/ Am .
Eatery left Slow web Ike Vera yra
teak Mai. be Mimeos lbe Okay. lett IS A IWO
of illeafttlinglol:l, audit *e ße parekee
tatty Ise min are..' Dada* MINIM Ht.
Benignant bent pm) fue ore, him, the 'ativemb l e man
was drenched with sweat drawls fella by agony of
mind and bervono carrot meat. Afteo a terrier it. at.
gle he grew e.lui and, dashing the S. from hie
Maw s ex.l tided "It la put. The mete is etded .
It it be for the Om/ of God. that I here, co J
'innocent min cundemed to die, • I cottent.'—
He th. n Muriel( offered up a Iteestlelt and
wife privet. ft, Me
;, ,arirerston of 1M Whet and of
Ws . i r
Aimee tbat lime he as teamed to bare nesitmed
himself to God's MI, behevisg that hereafter his in
n fence will be made aputreat and ids memory re
lieved from Megrim and (Atom. lie, however. cannot
conceal the horror be kale at the idea of an imettuthi death. He to berm:lC} appalled. at the thompt
el the walk itimerb the loo( epettdole and thmagh
detail yard.' surruanded by gulping and ansympt
thaw crowd; of secluding ea WM.*: orbiting the
dreadful cap pulled neer bis tam and the brutal knot
sdiwited. There terrihle secemenies of death he Mad
der. at; bat of death boall and the bereafter turban no
fem. believing himself to bare been Wreibee el.n in
the blood of Chriet." He prays nmeriumtly and ear
nestly that he rosy be enabled to meet hie doom with
adman, and twilled', He Is reerteed the veva
moats of the EpLen.pal dumb, and d'remirded by. hie
tairitnal adviser se being a truly meddled men. He
• has been Instructed by this thei sere mthe amertian of hit (ea en e'a c t elarilt Arta his
coodemastlan hereafter I.f he be nodded galley; stmt be
amt declares 1011120010•Imms bt eo sizede and gamest
a manner. that es my Mat Mr. Bringtiord
teem& blict esthete 44 Mel murder of Ira
Hill. The unfortunate criminal weenie to possess meat
=Kamera ae he Cm the esteem and after •
elm Wail litho eldrosch him. Bb nature la shmulatiy
liel l%ardefre of I c rem i ftsplspett timed a Itta by
the... to alma he shoal .l be nearest and dearest, teas
awakened much latenest and eftbps by for him
amongst strutter*. Premise: to vantinne. pme , ame
ere allowed to realm treda Heir tam& aim hod •
other articles conducive to their comfort; bar - 9p ,
mama these out door atteaftans mod rev.., mano
alteration tan berried.. In the /amp visas fare, PiTet
albs will and by the ban& of the Superintendent. of
the. .on. nom him thre aximunrd any, if behave
ovine proem re a ddi It mareim forts and' I more re
011110d1M. When there whose right It Is anh whore
Alested Pleven. It eamld be to mead to the mama
!young Twin-hell were .sfunnet of tad
they Po'll
lively rl ford So ftimbet bleu sayer:eery for extra,.
sayinv. "lee mien.. foe It q 111• enOrigh, The
mop Is eleellent r•
. _
After the reading of the drath_wargast, some, of the
. gentlemen prearel embed him if theyepakt famish Msn
' with any comforts. not prohibited by primes rs yule
-4311110. Be repited that be woallet 111* Whams a little
. money in order teraire i toll t Id hiLthater and to
other maim .ktrelly ,Atea tor 'Mau wterenpon la.
:extort. Ite.'ollyrne. ded Mu VA This to Was
ttu had 'tom b% dWolinTi. assabliseat him by a
• loggaleb Mr. Helsel' . • ; . • ,
IN on* •ults bnehanti fat awe a
week Mrs. Twitrhell /seems to tworMa great dread of
a tosfearion which *he frua mey he snide by her Mo
bs:M. and masibeled exemstire etsatilla atontestoing
that !epodes will be present ell thevreattattes. : Her
swum whet to ermrossy with Yr. ibliortirgettievery
remiss= and Demme. and rb. dm. Pot arm able to
congeal himself for a moessept 'beim.. ovem the
woo of tte
hues de an r It to ken Area.
enacted by
not bee - bate to nuke as bayartombee.
ekgpe . yews ego a fate was killeclile a nrighharinz
Mate. sad thret,men.ehreekom ty w e reeet . m a..
might—were arrested upon enopleiow of tomtit tie a
eoorerrod to the murder. They degnusded. vedarste
whale, and attn. the Met bad been blot and aripltted,-
i be Mated . that be adebt to plateaus tbeertteree mind
.to tire ethane, oo behalf or the 'came ?h .''M
1. 4 .
done;; wed upon being
i seised , m ip what he
t i t '
men bmit :obebem:a4said ..-nr,,,,,,
„„,„,:,,,,,..: "corder. The bilked gSr.
• with wee to make Ida Veil&
• Waimea no mandila empathy iiith-rddidOlga s bet
Me thelian teregmpliadze wia.vitataidAnwal
teals* recoant rather lbw with thelr ~.
Thurman ass. ihirsiik, we mai as the
' base lloods .01 Otheot. allot - *AS Wit a Mod
hi this matter. That rhe was - to the mar
. dge t Ise lore '0 doab bat ileorsiti tut otts
' ere proJeohed It. sod bare idlladly . - . 0 the eons.
aote. ,
. .
MostiM. &NM . • •
,• SU ...=:' . to nogg gm.
vast, witti vickad mos, swat amand
a ia
,lo se NOP Olean and hayseeds"' •St yel
Fs erg leboalled
e allitiolli t. 0 yelldbben
bed *ISM to lbw words at my i .
.1 slot eat
thy bout Ilitakebber I.go sotamay.
As bet paw i • 1 : • • .< . • -
. : 'Yom 1M billi aril lows v otalpit pi, 11=1 .
'etrong wen bare Wades ..,
, Elitism' Isthe VW la grit d
!chambe down Se UN, •
em at eall,.
reinsea rrilaur. ~
''- - . IC 3i.. o .o•irijaiiiie:,.ituke..
, „4,,triLdeißg...o4lll kV 111 Pak'
;la dr am t
here..lpm Vs Mk"
rme leike : =ATtes igt .
IT no de ,
,es olui 01 11. k mak inerrilig
reo tbe MOON AiiidighllL la cratlllars lake
mmisdi" i • • . - \
Ct io
r . -- TYVTIN'S Irl ionectios of
•iiiiiiiiiim kaiosti7 Valli-
Alai its 16 1 1 0 10
awe of btolu betseie . .. ....... new
ANN evisteeke 1 4,_____Aateallulill lan pip,
*old lk• ilb Dirl ......apri. Iterate. .
!. , . ipso* aiiii Ana i Witt Se 1 11.'
. • 6 I Mot . WM&
.k• declass tluo psiih9L .... _ ,
MIMI tothe fa
ir an Writi =s i tigini %Mar
i wiiii tieertmgreff.atlislimiC wiz
elmille gamy bfi I *nod *Aso
Ali, lIIM Mr In imprimist ON
litot brims 111 WIN Paw
, -
„ 1869
- •
'rue Prinixsa Ilipt!rnllol.s3nliati9l.
•• • • Alb "ilktes mean" b theler.
• 'ubsu refugees omen Key West.
Sksi C 6i4g to Coubsetyt tits ha.
...Great Britain now bw 13r4 newspa
pers. , •
~ .:..The ieradon papers an 'praise ll'tas►'i
inaugur.t. , . , . • .
~ .
.... K
-The gnimboppes int igala Impairing
—T . King eißlvatis •
II I.motuar. al)"3. ' j°
without or
Valenta has tts itpisc.onsl perishes
rects... • •
The ,
.Lsufartine waist the
esueros of the State. ' '• •
In Clricapti . birs. Scott Siddi;i2S was
givi..4 morkieg bird
..... tiro Muni is suffering trout a ensure
attack olthe results.
A atic-wheeled veltizipetie twelve feet
high Ii the latest vanity. • ,••
.•• tiro. Friabell Train is, worth 1;4;000,
et his ow* talitallon,..' • ' • -
Colol*ll people gave-an inaugural
- billed Omaha, Nara 4th.
...:: - .4oston claims to have the largest ve
locipede isrliool in Awyrica. ,• •
Briic.l ailtuoifishul by the 'signs of
'the times to abolsh flattery... . ' •
&veal tonne irkliett; Wand: Live
elected lady aebool ddeedore
,• • Strawbeniii are maid ' to be quite; a
drag now-In Perla motet.
• ' Two dollars inr , five le sc.l4 ia. be the'•
price cif strawberries in thstor . L •
The noire pre .of Louisville is, 'mid
to lie owned by Mr. Haldentsn.,
• . Cheeepeeke end 9hin 'Canal wan
Upt.11.,1 I.IF navieation 2 r.
tier!. S'oten lwrtner n•sidenrn at E iz,t ;
beth, , 1110 been sold inr
—Colored silk Decker, biers "nr:e•herotn
inr "the thin( with New York swells.
vim killed oil three , rhouadn•
at Sao Franeistrie toes:and daughlere.-
Whin it st,ceeent New II unpalkire
inerrlace win a wittow.of •WeetaiXfern.'
Sewing mgehines and crockery" are
among the prudent" of &kit L*ll.o
.A man in Colorado was ,refrntlY
lyn..q.ed on 5 uSpiaiou of n
A. lady . 0i It ,i.eor, Me , Ler he.niseat hod
Cor,a ' lions in that coy ,
Lu Parts a large patty are said to !Oro
est.! ILo Lt nnan fasbicra of hurtling dead bod
ies. . •
. Milt!! Gt tbn Fratirc:Aini.r:enn
•thl..are aircaily uu bcaud,the Groat Eg,-
.Tµe tAif to • Streng,theu the Pab ti
Credit wits the first signed, by I'rc•ideo
Grant. -
Ferman chemist ibitika he bta
entered trie..4l prus* ic acid it tobaceJ
smoke, • • .• -
Treasure City, it the White Pine; N . c •
vulg. silver oantittolistrict, to bt.itt above the
_Califon:its is lattiorking Chinese' burg
lars, who briairogtog on4i,imiliviremeats le
Frenehmin.winto to blre/the Finks
of ttus Baer Clansl lo•plicard 'advertisements
hu Item. •
•t3ammer is coining. The Isboters ou
the Pacific 'railways. ars being annoyed by
jackit§i i. R livorhe dish in the
Saqdwich anti is said to teserShts
rout iurk44:.
.......General Samuel. Ve, q , mien, father of
Senator Fessenden; died - at-Portland onTri
day, aged 85. -
Cn exchange 'says that Johnson ban
a fit of the blues beCause he caul veto
Giant's inaugural. '-`•••• ' •
.1 •
...The IVI/o. palter boots madulnr
Grant In Buffalo produced a letter of ttutuks
from their wearer. :
,•••••••,esnford. IL Wiley!, • hank clerk,
seed IS, committed suicide, et Northampton,.
Maa... on :Worthy. .
'Pomeroy leen, ed in Detroit,
where the People; rirmso decent that he did
niit pay his expensee.i , ,
A man in Sin Francisco recently
gashed his wrists: end held them over .a Ni
eto Until be bled to death
.:.A tire in blaionie Ilan block, at
N. S., ha Sa , M..tsy, destroyed shout
itoopon worth f proprar34sr
In New T. , rh, on i;attirdsv evenine,,
Prince Lmis. of But:emu was nitrified to
Miss Emilia Ham% or Cabs. •
I Waverly Hotel Mel stshle..
Waverly Park,.,V:l., were burned, on Sat
urday night. Um. 1, 50 ,fm• • • •
..A. laurel bn.h seven.ymitie feet bleb
and eighd inches inOlemeter hike recently
been cat down in lidrissachasette..• •
• The London Telegraph ralla.Amia
Swann; the giants?!, a •:damiel of bermoni
ouv and I:oar - Tel:won!,
, thnugh. irtmendous,
• ....The revenue offleials In Tcnneagee are
seizing illicit distilleries. 49 the mountain
Picts, With ilorgl9sigtanr4 of lJnited•Aitates,
- ....The Comb:Mali Council' bee repealed
an dr,dinanCe requiring maniacal travillets
to takeout a Menge before eelli goods in
that city,'
Seveaty` atm dollars *re recently
paid for a dinner fog loug. periwigs at Del
nionlco•a. New ,Tort, the wine deem- be
Ink ea' ra. , ; '••
..fart of a brewery: at Morrisanis N.,
.y., w,9 erti9tte.l on Sitritday, by sC.C. t-tr
•thousand tons of suck and eartlx , tmlink upon
it from a bill iri the rear. • I.
....... Alight bekween while and 'colored
troope, in which .several were - la re
ported id lisvc occurred at'Fort Lynn. New
Mexico, On,Tueslity..night. .
• ...... Hildriguez. the itnin who, in 1.- , ;1.
tewp{ici to ay.estonte Queen Is .1,i.113, of
Spain. tits lacen in
.gaol rur i a yea r,, tut
has recently. bean liberated. - '
Scott corotnitted suicide
at S4u Francisco reeently by 6italic:both
Wrists and holding them Oker a water plot
tr sod basin until ho Weal to death :
1t Tallahassee, Fla:: on Sotuday, the
Peniseols and (Jeorois T &shots.
roads were sold by nuet ion. Tnuitirstbrought
*1,220 M . ), 4ndyt he Fecond
- - .
Dr. Isaac I. liiya is fining prepare- .
lions do go btl- on another North
ditiou under the auspices of the 4,llcm:en:
Geographiesl and Statistical Society:
A' deleguitel 'of Penesylvsnis Gt
gressmen,headed by Senator Pitnebta,
an interview with tbeTresident on Sitursley,.
lit relation In the.dirributiuti of offices.
.The President hessigned the bill !Tor
the security of equal Sege': In the District
of Columbia.. I I strikes out the word - "white'
tram the laws and chwters of the DiAiict.
.Venny," said • Scotch minister, stoop=
Wig from his pulpit, have . yq.uot • peen
about yet ?" "Yea miniater. "Then stkk
it Into that bruie o' a man o' yours by your
- A train ran off the track of.. the Great
Western Railway, near London, Canada, on
Sgurday, and eight passengers were Severe
ly injured. One of•thent.ds not expected to
recover. - • 7 „, • . •
he the Arkansasi.Rense of.Repreenta'
„ffiea'on Friday. 'reSidttlious were, introduced
v,itestinir the ottirsi of Speaker on 'account est
notriinesidence; and 'deposing, the; Clerk for
ma k .
. le is . stfid ‘ ' that ' the . Bishop of New
Rey refuse, to confirm young ladies . who so
adorn themaelves that he is.obliged. to lay
his halide upon a pileof false hair and stuff.
,log instead of their heeds. • •
The nhmlnations,ed, Wm' A..., If ichar.l
- as Assistant Secretary of the. Treasury.
and Joseph R Smith is itsvenue Aeseasor
for the Second letinaylvania I)istrict, have
been confirmed by the. Senate.
The Western sea from New York. on
March IGth, 'arm partiu'ly horned, near Ulf- .
thin, Pa.;'ou "the' f; b. The Caliliirnis' mail
was uninjured, and many of the oilier letters
were saved in. a damaged state, „
• . ..No wonder, the British (iTrerrmen ,
is tired of the colonies, when: it (weals
$0,000,000 e year to support
~ the Military
force in them of which the colonial govern
menta pay back. buta .Itltientore than 'one
, /:. - Addrisites from'Cuban ladles In'New
Tont asking aid for Cuba, 'were read in see,
eral of the chorales in 'Washington, among
them the ble , hoilist Church. et' which' l'res--
dent Grant, y lee President C'olfts and,C6ltt
.1 intim C nasie,'Sratt present. • ' '
Tue Duke a Ramliton, the drunken
and dissipated con it of the Empress Euge
nie, has hero ordered by the Emperor to
leave Peris, in consequence of theyocturnal
disturbance which he raised some time ago
la front of one the •Parishallsestrea. •
An Irish girl rmramded the other day
to the imptiry of a. ls;ic
,01.Brs.ton. - as' to
whether , he could make bread. by .exhibit
ing her a Iger Haar full ht'.ll onriienh the sar
istied remark, " Shore then,e the'
marks of me i makiug it two dove ago. '
lirtrOTl at Cale . , is in j ail at 'Chain
hamburg, chereed-ayiih 'an-itealatts' assairtt
.1:1POD thrte young farties,,netr that town (to
Erriday nicht,a mots surrilun•leil this jail, and.
tbreatene4ltio lyric') him, but were induced
to ditperse. The pilsonia now. on gem].
is saidN
intents that the Emperor
FrorbgolOsepb. - Of 4.ota. has 'meetly he
icoaa6 en nervous that he Fannot even bear to'
hear the report of a pistol. The same
fortune betel tbe Empert - ir's•f.4her at about
the age,which his august son has reached
now. ' •
The Ruastha Governor of Warssvishaa
forbidden the Inhabitants of thlle . city to . pot
stonettmitAri. Ike doOrs it.thitirtemisc
These 001111111:11111. said -to bit , tlitr-eubletas
agreeff,prion by thine who are tdetennined
neveigfo spbmtt voictutarity. - to the Russian
.By a recent estimate; the Population
AI Chicago will be VlOOO,OOO in 190th,' And
Toledoitterktielina tiaire ertlisaled that In
1906 that place will ,be double the sire 01
Chicago, which leads the Alston Po..r to
Ml* thartelareetrabe twos theoriser of the
country will boa bewlisig wildernisa.
are you. Imadanmer mid tine
=iss -to somber in • ;sable Own to
. Tbe peseta siddomsed tented ha
aulrtniely Into the face of the water, ins
suer stranger, wbo saisilosak , yon ate
banOaomms eta yoni not r said the
abet 'waging and rather puzzled ito know
wise Ida salerloentsot ins aiming at. "my
friends tell NI 111011NOINS that I amnia bad.:
leotlegi" A loam Wulf followed' ibe
planatorijamwee—lt was am a boudaonie
ems bat 4 lose twilte pawl of Hansom tbai
was wanted.
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lure. • The Noma of the elate) is $1,..i2k A
bill has also' passed Denning the deinor;
Leans *may ai•gersaturatratieltir for
ammo done -1040- grown* to hammy tn
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•P. V: The Wm lit betides
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A. note. used v =sic, whS:h time dotli pro-
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Their rit=t - atittoected
That is Joie/ratio dtre of theair married
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Woo toss ticirr Cursor Sr. boost- 1 ten you
oto lobe. Cot orb can be roSicolly Cured. 1 U..
Wateurf• Aostsfi.trus. Plat bottles,. 111, le
while wrowsro or sent to Dr , Woloott„ 17J
Mitsui equeroi Si. Y., SS, for sLi pinto, sent free
of expreeor !Arse* : or one pint of WolootVe Pus
PAINT, If You outlet soy polo.' - 1 -
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Weirotarit,c -flicery Him, 116..49 Wset
Ilt'b oirseit,:whlta am a visit to the Week, was at
tuked with Notice Weems front drinking impala
ester: Life truc dinged/ad tif, land d was
thought that binned ilia, Ma wife arse tonnes
distety sent tor:, and to a day or two Ira* at Ids
bedside Ilivhis herself area the,bOneadal
salts' from the it ot l'urrm-to* =mom. au
iesotted. epee their being adminiittend to him.
which Cu doe tt; in quautities prieoritted by the
+Waning physician.. The null *as almost u
if by magic. and to one-balf boar from the time
tiwv were kiien her husband was oat of dangle,
and bl., zoodorole - ine of them !Joel, or four
times a day, b Sias goon We to rcgoms Majesty
ney to his• lice*, This fa bat ono case Of many
tbouianaa Wet siie know of.
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imported tierrosn Cologne, and sold at toil(
the prig:
"1 weltered et . ..rename id Batts ikons rowed of
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Tbb thi delay period nf tie pter bat alai',
la IA remedy
al oblettle odoeta:Erctirm plaid the
diodes diode ;It was y tato the &ear
006 ^ti biobd. axed the e* tubelike rot
oeto tbt du rft ale whited; ranee/sal lbe qoF
.11J etied - iitiii blot b/od • rebottles -Hie deeptl Pd
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”ITOP , -iunimlTAG • •VETTIAIr
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Arua.P. ; " 0 . 00 . 6 1 Carr, Itching. Piles.
Se.lo,e'e:Oiatreriar •
, Carne Sold Bead?
51.N.1 , /ne , 14n •10 •
4."'!"." C"4"." 1. Cams Butleriliett!
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hiwananieditiperly cnre. Pelee 50 cants. Ely
wit, peat paid, GO eases. Prepared try • •
• DA SWAMI 1 BON. Prettarmarura.
Sold at MaylorNa -Deng alliere,.
and all leadtnaDectgaliaa and Storakeepert
Jane, 21, %a, r.,..
gem wit *OTE PATCH IM .rittir.
eL.Es lcd•
T Tab Smth. W, abe emus's Itirra Pbacbmb
• Lomb. Preribrell poly by'Dr. B. C. Perry. .tioid by
ID Drurzleß. 11 1 *era SO.
Fou eraLot t :touND AND PINFIXII - ON Tut
F.e. ac say , t4Cmatioxv 'awn Pions Rm.*,
retro' 0,1 1 , .7 Dr. B C. Perry. N Bond etrent. New
soeU. :leresyweerc The trots supplied by
,Wtrlesee 11rdi,Ve Dedels. March SO 69-12 Sm
• .
il...ilatatiosis 1111wii alas • • . •
.March, Mattis t s 35 II new Presldeet. LLSlsti the In
auroral Wiest b. of Mani tisentiMsg.: &Orders: 'llO.
• • Clad taltsfenMare I beissedsot toast* toads;-mad
oft • Alout.ttlokof higidltr oil Ai.e. more widely
how b tfito,ldeutred, Cla .4.reier ens er.ce. 'the only
MS? IP 1" 5 41 , 04553 .'llttlo u wieseeintoessess.” la
to reader I beMeWtins ereems to a ght, off the
e171.001.Vh IV' 05 all kodoeni them, and the best
war to endoa It reLth this remltent! power to to tone
.t With lius•rtbr yes?, srotisii rrnput
ii a was( ~,ir Is - lye eiviihly lutatUal„ aliat • rutilliti
a ieS we Itlzet ttit ttoi ueel rotifer, be weTd doubtless
lent It hf. tesitts, sett tats la "du reale it, hteed%ftls
cation. j% it, Suit :thou the muse =mot of trod
the attacks .1.! discpet yeavateat at this Smarm may
he ere bul. - • .slay, i hi' [rt' usle wbi be lees, fcrdrog
el lea lie II Oyeri out's iodic., and evofy respectable
diugglatio Ulit U lon keeps op land Bosisrnrws
13ITIEHS. • ,i,rl4. ar,l 14 is a Staple a trade, axial It
would bi.aa iti•ttic d - and a gmeery Without putrar,las
the .tars ol am apr.ll.boAry without this popular tome
filmes/Y.-,l I .
la New of the, experience of tbir nation with re.
gird to . the article doting the spade of twenty years,
It seem. eilmMit upneestasuy to rempltulate It! merits
4,'Atturlialus; lint its our prpolatioo to Locreaslng at
the rate of a kauille at Mtillottiti year, to the natural
wet and by Itinalre'auen, it may be no well to, hint to
theog Ktt' erailottatid new artivalsb• (the old sett
lers knew likabnnt It,) that 3•Hosrierralri Troli,..
ACU BITTIt.I Oritte mat whohtme and potsit
s , ~....tatile toile weer tasaatactarif Vaal. It Ls a lope,
.cilk lordaglitYs illwPepata,• btlhaustiesa, and mho'.
milk fevei, , t .i that it peevente, as well is eases, these
numplainli. MA ,'ltiett cOMpitesilair ; that It is 1101
-bad to like;' hays Is atwolitely harmless. 114
. - I ' CatlitUM, eZrith, ISIX.
Joe ‘lll,Ol tirod.rn—Dear It ake diltY
to lon and the altalettel pabllc, to stale the beeedt I
. feet on taking pia valtutble TONIC or BETTNESt
Lave beta itnicted more or less with the %sapid;
Liar Complelot sod IlloraMe of the Lanes. with bad
coairb„ and with pain. In my dada and body fat the
last nine or tatyears, and bet,'S tenet:tall hinds amid
tcloathat I et.utd bar of, bat woe seemed to gtve
me mach real. till E beard at your sablibk ntedklae;
wh , ch I birebeta taktnitatout tom =raw, sod ate'
WITT yln •olthittlam now mdaying Xord health. KT
utud was 'nottuurit ht Mau that I could wartely get any
Oratb. sad hare. Was. been ohlwed ,to stop When
r, al bnat from my work, bat thank Clod and your
rateable makeup, I am - new able to walk and ran at
my Ettelare‘alttioat any teaterectlettee. I am now
my tatty ,rocva4 )1,4 nt aRe, and bawl not tea so
wel) a.. at for,-the .time mated- above.l'am
ipsildeg,deni and strength. and my (demi. all say
Ors: they near expected to are me no well idea
tor ore at Obertf toCtublitib tat* to the community at
Orr talc haat. Ala to uw my flume. aa refer
em to the good etrectwot your TONIC or lIITTERa.
.1 halpelt, joure truly, &r., a. U• 11...
Mr lippethe and. digestion was weer better.
tor Vitol .dlditi I eat. pave'. of without any llntdiVaa:-
I pc! . nod 1 Oat eVrtythft that I eattritet-4Thitlnds 61
1:,11, fat nr.letti: vegetables DI all blade: they all
err.. , n,ur tgrsystem now, , May:Ct. Te,-21-ly
N orm c*.--tilo piloroduevas of the RAND-.
somest libel totthe Uoitedlelterreent post.plid
for Twenty-ire rents..l R116W164 6 Cu., No. ti
.I , la.laan e.l. Isimt , York rity. ttan 30,
Headactie-;;•4DyspipSla— festiveness..
I r jog some with Ileitliche try itsaselect.'s ItLi NIB.
and be fon:vibe:Wl that althonyh other temedlea been
talletl to rnrr yoce, atill give you' bottnt and par:
mancnt •- t . I
dl by overjesettennyul and halgui your maven have
become e,Lwielluned that lloidachle actmonhbos. you
wnilethlng sahreAabren/1114 illay happen, rufb we IPal.
eve Disspotio sit stislht, and other abuoulog now.
- 00* affecttoti. Mew blanhallur•ltastr, by &by tons
and etrenyttgto 'her system. Teetotal volt: to Peleheel
ru altta. • Wbeereyer food rata *oat be dignsted
endue le tbe ittaloseti. canslng pain: and unesetnai for
s be wont ot - VhsVprinolpi a winch would raider newer
of clinahlo%tben Was Ilasshilft Elixir yon will
6 44 11 Y ctldilx7 and prevent 'lts recurrence, and
rot* radical etise4 of Despepida. Thtt' Masa
clee,het•d - from an unhealthy to,a healthy ron
dltron, costlYout* and thel other attendant ellsonktv
of thenowels ltd of neeewst7 pmeated. '
Price of MI anitgara war. sa 415 Per battle. - Pot
sale broil Ibuotlete. Depot,llol Market street. M.
AR80.414L Qo.,:Drothristu, Proprietors.
• ine•Sold lie Det H. 110DINSUN, 26.3 Cenine
. Jemmy PI, 69 449
Needles 43ornpouad Hea&sat Plasters
Pierer tall la4fira'ralief, sad Often perfect radical =led
Id acute cmdl oiren, lanaismation or %Wters:
they pica:aptly Wave Ramatliw Lambam BLing'
dletwee, Weak ct.e6 InnaaantatlZat of Langs. hen
t tt t a:. largo:Beat of
N. B —The a.
vadat, ama sad
in yanow m eneelopei with
petnrld nu* In ray trade *Bit (an Introe3—.3 Axes
--anallotedlnat. part largo.4lnaliaß.. at Bt. IA Udall
cents each. ,Ilfsda by
• at. Iflnaltalla.
Par bespannfiata .
?agar/901n e. • • n.loat
• ' • '
AYEIVIMAiIt vireo .
.:.r aim • lea;
Ai/illicit* is at once
At;bet/tl7, and alto.
.. 4 1 , 1 WWl.* 11003 k to
affir....coecked.kiaad bald
w item UM a
INV Or It e ittads
ems ßrtt
Raged km
eEL appliattkro.—
Coley tedloont, it
toccipontil nee bat
eta= anbittancit Which make alma random
datuntrona atm! WWI= tit the tudr.l tan
only llioneat taltatithirot It. If wanted =Alt a
11141:111 , DialllllllNll. •
non:dna &mina Ito !band an dcatrable. Contalntne
neither all mit dya. It dam not Mil white canttoin and
ret lasts law* an the hair. itivlnit It a rich %km/
mars ands gratektlyertnom •! •
fPrepared to, DT. J. 0. Ayer ft aii.;',l,l—
race. SI 110.—Iltild, at ~INnay. More,
Poll/rine, atiff kua overfwbnou
Y. Kellar 'tarns,
atltt , ll.ll4` X-17
iglu. Cold. 'or - mote
Throat, . •
arnierrtem; •ND
micotroSt• lr arseorra
ro roarcree, . •
1444 . 04 Am LenairV e • per
la Melee Agrees en. sr
vise Dleesee
, Bionabial Trochv,
direct iftlisatai to ti; pro,
tve Imasdisse :War
twellawa.. Catienik., Caw.
_,.. _ , . Ihuretaat elatitette, /
mean ika ratia` VMS /11.*ATS• 0001:1 !POMO&
sissaii‘ we l a sumac arzaineas
'will arl reerkat : I 11 , elearlettlwrake when
_takes Newt, o and rblietizt the
'Woe* efteeJla mow n
as at the Total Nte.
-; Tbe Naiad*. ma peaseribed be .
a „,.. uta ban tad testtaaaleit Int* eiataiW awe
. am weft- BoolatuittMeoltris aril;
eittrUart *met titer &Seep try a tad at me,
yen% seek par taaethas bt amilatalltkiela "Wean
. pate of the trorld. and Ilie Trod... are aztivermilly
praosaaaal Wier ikakotketlelietee.
Omni Chip ' - aso.r.e. liacacataa. Teocaav iad
elheet, l I z aat take 'arca': the Jermlifieseinitelicas that MY
be ' . .
. , , . 3.
echo ruhrttlitta. ' •
• Dee. le..M . ", t L =
"*. PArdatipz'B-
BIT rieEll ep uill itaris- DIA L: Clair
r s reliable satrUtoce Ow lbw may warttas caw
PQM. ~Om Mad limosgr. ,11ftssuar ro t .
-411ble.tormil4ird fr,
' Anna. above liasiV
!Ms. lowa 1 , 4 00*;
liras. • 711.
19OUSIN paut..".
~ . ,
. ~.! • LONDON . RAIZ COLOR, '
rcl . II - TI-IL HAIR!
Tr. OW/ Itoarrie Itenseerr - otAtfatai atati
Iltrefora alai/ Dratalaa Coombilsfrie ..
”Ixadaa 11/1r Coter Ream/ wit Dtessing." .
ILIPMVX • London Re* Restarot. ' PLOW . , •
. . ' • • LOOdall Bar Raitona: ' 1
//4/ tura Landeet liar. Beatarar. trziitial• •
i - - - • Irendua Hs* Rartam:
/Pp MSS ea Loodau tlalr ttesszw. pims s /a/
.1 • -' Loacteut RAU Itartorrr. , or rue •
• 9 riovr.r. Lealoo Hate Itestamer. Gamow or
1,.,, . - 1.....14.4. Hair &Maw. -au Pirrark/t.
; 1114LAbillart. L.flt
'WC Mar 1.4.-starce. Ceuraut.
If 01C THE' HAIR:!
si it wa saart• aids laipart 114 growth sad vigor to did
HAIR, sad dope its falltug, asid
id produce ft WV growth of tialr, In its origifial
odor, mead It to arm that and straw.
poiatkky, and has so dingier aide odor bust sad
issasplaloadof ta all other prepostkine
' EVERYBODY 08E5'.4ar As a Erasing i mud"
.I.oatira Rau -dr : l fal ait tor. kik gesVl ic a
dia Mei Of the
vow'. Rfafem . u isg SWIM -balz to Esk
~.aatdral O' o Deist • l'O
Bidet luxury
Orli& ciorlex — Piew sarertat. '
ddrroi ordain. to IR. swarm a B3S, PElLadel- '
p -gold k BATI.OIOII Jk Blom Pattortde:asd
N Efragfitts and dealers to Platy sod Toilet sn icks
he re Llama ST, VW- 11, 7
ITCH .f • ITCH ft ITCH 111
1314/I.2ITISH I fiCIILLItrif I I 11112811.Ta1l II I .
, - In tram lee, ee boom.
"riIIISSIMNI 04111111110111 S ' CAM The KA.
.4hestel , .• Olieurese cuss Sale liebeesei,
hes #
'S 011eammei . COMM . p
`e 11A u ak NI 111 Z. Sus seleseoe Reek'
.arse 01.1 IMerseo - - --,
Aril ...01suesess tarn item Wise
,• of a s
Übe magic. • •
• thine. iti tests a bur :Ai rlehg 8 e tIOUL MOO.
*4l.S.t PpiTill, 51.. no Virtopticakilsoe.-
I . oda In .11 Dnutahag. • • * , la t 21.141-10-1 y
• 11111..11..... uA Vitsrith , tuned
th the utipuit axes& tojk.j.' laws. D . PG. .
& r . V . Ai.... of as ZO' sad R as *I the. Medina
Ciakr of p.....0.5m4, yetis atpreloata. fkrnafitY
of 1 41a03. teges.l.l:6o. 506 Atilt stmt . . MI6. Trr
titsGo4l6 te emu it hit 011i..11: ittediCal
ete to lad tOuteerp..7 thelc patio* our has Do
" Dslootko. Astillefal eyes whbou ,
pein: Nn %me for ....usdasttos..
.91 theiraddrkie lilt Ceuta Iticl.scd, wltl real,. 1,7
tqc title tome Rod vire de-iiitte of thOr totnr
of 111 , 6 bad. MaIIYES A C . a. i 9 Magna et.. N. Y.
,Mrl, .19 1, Z. ' Sam
REA* LIR NIS inirimits.—Drwierig or wo:'
otiro'lkoreo.fully coma by Fooling to I3AU ELLA MA•
ylA.ti 40, :with Ilw sArost. Plitotleljohio.
• Mote TY. la, VMS • ,
•t . •
I 'lt
i • .
111 - Pitist Predbyterliga Oburgeb. Third and
litabiunatiret Stmts. Rae. J. W. Senesce. Pastor.
Solent Servidre—lionalng, 111 x o'clock; Evening.
Ili ttahltdb School-2 reelect. P.M. Prato
tig,dialitath Morning, LeCtitre—
Tpurd47 eTentire. lie. &clock. • .•
iP sloes residence, No. 7O, venire street. • .
1 tilr Strangers and citizens tordledly limited. and
alwiys• heartily 'welcome. fiesta Will be provided
Onlayely tilt all who wlll be pleased 1d attend sty
I.Darrow Clinrelt—Rev: D. Sway
an—Sabbath Sovicee,—Prevel.log manner at
10 o'cirick r - eve_tung al t. Sabbath School 1.4 o'clock:
Thursday ereatiettlectore sad Prayer at TX o'clock.
Tile's:l4Y eve:dint. lading lur prayer
amt.:Ann' religions elicrelees.
-• (Strangers and the public generally are invited to et.
tend all these wiener.
lneheninegn St. Rev. •A.
SnintOwli. PIWOr • Rceiderice 'lO4 Nnrweglan St.
tim,thinit every babliarb at lti,tgorckick rt. M., and
Tio'Onek P. M.
&Willy &boot eerily Salitialli afternoon, at y o'clock.
•a dm Prnyer Meeting every Wednesday evening, at Lk'
•Ilitels Mat every Friday evening. st 7jecrelock.
!An ire cordially tuvlted to att:&4. Beats tree. ' •
IW - Byastrelleal. Iltweeb, Clllowhill street
Berl L 8. a.m.". Pastor, win preach Berman ev
ery Sunday moron* tr. 10 ctiock.and the .
liteeolter at 7 lector*
its; Velars restyer °WI=
tacentug, bolo spry, Oh( e trams
oh Serinnl Strret, between illartetslad Noriembui Stu•
.411 ire !netted.' I - •
Okettend Pritablrteriwa Chorea. of Patti.
,ltoralllP *Pauly ere* Sabbath. at 10,16 A.
P. Y., In the Council Chamber, (old Sorend.l
Gh ltltt ee. WM 'Market AMC All are invited.
y School, ' •
Zarltbe ., Prlultgen b c,7lChurch (Sheilah), hark.
& ent between. and Fourth stmts. Rev
Prams. Pattor, -mites every Sunday at 10
A, x ,l f ind 7 2 Pests Irerl -
1301traqw4 I ) ; P. : and Prayer Wit
lie nlu y evetono 7 o'cloclF
„schetteal Clare
f e, at 7.We/orb. study to the
entnia of death; fro, 'Toni
1 P east•Pff line.
" " . 18( " P 44 .fir at taw
ICIIILLmoN—Bn the 22411a04 In Palo All o. drover
.141 , 11.11.10,1, oars von in L. Sarah B. 'Clithana,
spot 5 tears, • .
, •
thi 21st loft: Sown Wrrizars:
blotber opirs..Clol Z. B Boyer, aged 41 yeses.
• IWIIPDSOR—On Prlday;, Wars blab. ( mater, wale
or , Wale Windtor of Pottatillo'cdparaltsta.
Tbd relatives and !dander ot tbd4mlly are respect
folly Invited to attend the Inners& train her rest4tnee,
tieorge street, Pottrellle, at 2 0.210t1e, P. m
; AAla
' eNi 9. 0. P. BCCElTlll.o3tiorocy MLA'.
119394t0 44 to. New otiko. giterlll9 Bulldlog. Ct.c
t arljootre sod 111434nt00g0 Arse* lima No. 4 too
p, baolediattiy.over la., Goverammt Ntuouti 13a9k.
Nutt titb. 1969 '
~, *k. . • .
Cli.—The rtseretlip . beretokire
etlntitog- iatwetn dame* .1. Cannot uLd
üboiniw Bolmtiosn, - undo , * utidor the ilrm cmne of J.
Ji. Clitilg.F.kt &Cite., Astillutd. 'SUM day dimolred.,
i• i ' [ '. JAMES d. 00.1p i lli: .- -
1 Mlwrit vim 180 . - •
_. .1111. SAYING. Wl l lllll.- , Owing to toe
"' ,100 . 0111 tholog of the old Potbioille blving "Ftll li,
the laskrayment baring been rrute'utt the Urn ilt.n•
iFl'rtfiliarcb, end a climate to enter tutu a new run r.
~ I . l,laan, orichr elticens not heretofore contireicti
I •l . ll llbsslttic fund., 1 number of cltirenii roucet ed on
l t,,l "d s f le e vr " ,:: 'g "t In
t i t he . I,: l er:ter• P •ti!:• *' : , !.t7r;
, it.4.linlftlaviri t ylcutd. , A constitution and by IQ."
elmila to that of the uld Savicc Fund was !Wonted.
Stull the oiqui i[Wm] comulttict by,tbe clectlon of
• lebteen blreclors, se follows, viz: .
I-Orite Stoffregso, John W. glebe], . . •
Ai tbittermereter, I.ltariris Wont ljeu,
ultei F. Kotntech, IL H. INlcholle.
?wive W. St ter,. Dszdel ticberel.
[Charles T. Bowen. John W. Weber ,, '
Onetsv Woollen, 'Charles floCrire. . • ' ,
Jrieviii Schntother. Adam fichertely .
i Ill.; R. Jlllllkllll4, . Joreph Knecht, A.
Jaceib Diener.: , , E. C. NeMt. • : '
t ThOneont hi), put menta will commence on" the fret
puny in April. between the bosh'ol tw., and sever
relOelt lu the afternoon, and will be received monthly
uMe fret Tuesday of orrm month. All wain.e do.
tug Ito tike Rhares mu COSI do MO by calling on uny
It tbesbove stied Directors; wtar will glee eerelpte
a moncyno acce nt of th e same. This. ts.'s rare
to a member of[otte of there popular
Astitotime. weer lbor and dye hundred rbirrs.
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All ;whirr, arc (intim:l6A against Inteifering
1 "me- - WY. GULDI24, Pt. Clinte.n.
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1 , 11,14t0p. 1. .4s —l-tir - DAVID CLARK;
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the firahbV i rciNallit ttsiklietaylki
County:AbsupBolllll9le" ifenda_y °faith moutt.
0 tee yos- r.? Address POoAL. Directos' of Ws
Prr r, Sputyllell f.N.astri,Schrqlkill Raven,
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, IIL.W ITEIR.I Wesson of
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lITV.II 110 f, IVAN TIV.D.—A CaLaMe and re
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Ty- Nn, 6 60t6ud streetelieti Merkel, roitwolle.
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TANTED ttm 7 4t. Caiuml Xvial Caeopenr. ose
good Patters Maker. WediWiaras and ittab
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'. • 'WPM* tad , . tAt itme• 7at litiatioll iDt ow
sate of dirood Coil for Ilms Tlollidelptila market. • Ad
dnios ' WilltiFutt, 92i Dort, Ith St, ?mac
et r uir, 91. '69
silll m~ tl perflafiridest..--Aifetperletced
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Zll. Auditor.. siipotttb.d by the .iyt.bia•• thrzi
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'auditor, rilesitteit be. tV4r.'
tbe sersoot sod wit& dietributtoe '
:ttur tittasol Plerco LeugAlto, 00,
Argon of Vito. C. 12q1. , Authrut.
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Centre Street. l'attertlW.
Tharrday, the 214. thy , Apttfte A 'll I , ut. t
eechek A.'211 AYA , ' l l , teeteutet -- 1.611'. - V a ECI7TRL
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A CUT= Alt WrATA: O I • 'I4 Plan F. r n
platirlti of Prwaail nimbi, '_
Joint lIRLIIIB or, florworeel z. li:. thr •••,t.,-,
Ilanyltilt.Banicrupti: harbor polip•n••1 To 11:F. 'a •
dllifT%-, II Wetly,: of credito.s* Lilt , : held on Ilutha,,
ihelSAday et April. letit. At.,Sit,:cskric. A W .n.
Age . fleCliter .It4kls 1.• twitepr, .a ~...-. •
youppotr, Pa, 111.. 1- ).l . titriiiii&ri 'of 11, •
h e s' , . I. .
MS, tie . anintff - e• hoe," any • heft tip of I :,," vt,t tv, - if
oieetiotor, nytitrel bettp• Pt Lb &1.412:`th. ....* . 11. - i.i...: .:
Au , I Cohen., tru m 0m.4...1. , ' ir t ' . •
The 1104., Atil i (priity•*t e th.: , l. Ow Riot ;i:* • :
e*fwo, ad to hip Our!. • .A hpf,,,,,verin ,i,., n.'•
Wdtheada, Aptlf 2 V.h. 1 , 6‘.. t,-1 , ..n. th, i', d_ ,
Pliltadrtotda. Nto n•ilock; A. It t't , i•vto•i• pa , iv, .=.
"tot". klf sh , ' , .!l..o4i.P•minst ttpf..4..• b..c,..
r..Wittier:y:lfoot fable 4 0 1 1 1 re;t1M.V.:41.i. 4 /•• :'
i L ILI J:hige.. and Weal :of the elt at Xfi11.1.30/ e h L. •
4 '.1 ; -, it it, FUT. CI, t t.:
Alt** -J OHN P. lionAltr, Rollo '
r .
Ie in ih il, %O. : , ri i 1...1f .
U, S. te-t Ittittel:S uPell:lekrAtlST. i t' Pe i •
Pronkomf ere; ill Frirrhta, t'l'vtt• I ble is le give okwilce , "pht on the ;At!, o,
of Kira; d. U.', lit, a ,WPP,gpit in litrkrtoo. •
w limed agAktft the Oster( WWII I. J. r
OWAntletriebla, Mitre Coon ty..J.Pt.l:lJa *IA t: t It, .
PoesPyllenta, whohasv be, n • vt.itiO,,l. ,if •vvt.t o, t ,
les Demi epiJoutl. th pethr,eil oNo, ,vr in i tt, , ,r, ,
dam/ 0 1 In) proPeni 'brim. Ifstt,•...), ii,,ikr,,,..
te Wet or for bhi v rt•P PLO the , t0,0ti.r .. .4 ma 1.:15p-:, ,-
by bin srefurtbilfdral t taw ; tt.."4„ ft. inv.:ter! of th
-Creditor& of Maestri ith. row, t.t.rntr,c• I belr ~1,61,,'
and to ciawee Oi.e at in, • AvihrcA "w I hi. Ico,t,
will he held Al I Coon Of ' 'Au, to In, hnlOnn ~,
(Al %Lief et..• Ptalthdel .better A IL! LAU it ;-
agleam'', Req., ftseter. nn tint', Voth vily tq ~,;,
, X liv,
A.l). IAtIN 113 wawa, P. M. -,.:. .
; - . P c ,kl;li V:K. , ' .•
*web V!, xn-11 . :1 t" ...4. - 11. 7 dY,, , . sr, -,, • •
obi lii.iirictremri
1. - for MA Dlislrlq .if- Pion. j.l A
itin.• 'IN BANK
UPTON N NE‘t (1311iN And apjlis: Fm t;E,SI
11;11.1e , pt.11$, late' of A•lllixo,kfikt.•y , kri•
I'r•lhoe'vant.t. tusititi ;1 , 1 • ! •
mretiort •!1' ceditilt, !tilt he be - thel.pli
Apr It. 1,69. r"
Jt tti.N• P. IIOSAIrr. En,' Lem
FA, this t - rs=t}.'li . tt4el t,f ttr 11,,,t '
'rup . topsy . to iZonh.-A. • , •. -
The lincl.T.* w ill whiltiP,f,the
n.bytnnl Im•ttle:r A Lettriftriefil 11:` , ,l he Lack • !,
WtslnhAmt;' Ayr I :Sal,' .I' , 4ltetun, t . t,a,l • ,A
to la &inet., A. tdsn sn3 1 . •
'phrtieti rtip7 ( .!•
Atteded by Ibs'nd at , -ter Lt•
the Jude. emdo•Abb Nue of th4tittt' --
- blarcbtl, `Li •," '•
If it the Dierelet Collie ells.. retitrAeir“ a..
• fee Illgelfeartiers.Digterey oy Petro., 1 A ~.
Ittio• • -
. wit LIAM If 911” /..41• rf 'II rt...t., - ...
• thel,butt, ••fVertor •Ibci Stal , . 4 2,4"Punri3Ovitr,„..: %.
11,1 dtetrtrt, s ElenkrAt t. hiyhti. lam(,,u•fi . tor 4.. •
C,Acturz;., a Intvtirg, nt Creittittp gellf he he - ,t tr. i!
Trii , nly•Afrt dry of Apr% A. E.r,1 • 56 . ... at '1 J., irch i . .
hf..-Y•qoer . RettleYer.N. Mell:berti,,-nt Itlg fillt, ~ :A ,
• te-nkori h Sixth atriVt, Fteedlng.PA.,thAt the valc”l •,'
tkut of the Rani:7o;4 mgt. be•flelibri. The
er itect4
4111 certify wbeth. - tbe Flank! . r Ong.evntorm••
CH duty A bearing grill nire. ..,bad en WeAr ,••••., ..
the Fifth dag of May, A. I). L.,t , ~,biflce_the t'. , l•t" .•
• rhlletielpttfa, AC IlEo•cicdt. A-_lo..rrhrt tirtt•er : ..1
Mkt um thaw canoe lambast rt.?. dirrhyr. e ....' .
• ' Wan,* the MAW: Jot• rrat ', L t.,. ; ,
rf the trgldDlotrt, t Cog.en.tAlt • r. al ,L. - 1,
Wet Pt Iltdetore;ito , l9tl Any of M. ,, ,...... ,1
1 " ..V " "'' • . ' • Z ia. R. nIV ( 'A ' ; r. •
ititro. t-11. IA .11 , :nArtetti,'Rt4Aztr. -. • . •
M4r Al '69 ••‘ • • ..-:•.P -. . - 1: •.•
is ohm DflotrietAllivirt eflihr 11;ink,
far the Illwotople, iron
=fa. s SP-iNfiLER of , Tilekrho toornetnp,l
Penn3ylvarite;.'l4 k hs.enne
hi- ..l'orharge. t nlvrinu: et W.,- •
otk :It, 1 uh dayot Areh.4. - kt
31, herarclttvleter. John P. /i.ju:urt,. ttio •,•
NON VALLEY:HOUSE. ,in Dvinon, P,,nr • '
that Ihere<MlLMlollpf the.64lNr;;pt , i‘f
Thu Reznpu,f,vrill cOtif.y"iiht
cou , onle,l to 16 duty ~ A trwipor will ,al ,o ~i •
Werinroday,.April t!ith, 1?-'4:)..heede I •
at iveloek. .1V u Iwo pi- .
teriudid tutyauhir cuunkr, fig , lin•Z'. the'
lialVitnet• the lion Jufii;
trA Peal of the, Court uf, , Piiil si
71141 , 1 M: • - P. Ilui..i).„llrlEreu :a • '
'Mur,27 19 • ' • • a 4- .0.
T! rho Diittriell (;otter e7rlte 117Atity.1 Ott At: 7
.1. Car the ti s iestetirtA pa. 4of Pena.yl iit -
7110•NIAS:II: .911:)11:ZNI - 3 ~ GE I!. Utuktqa...:
In g , paorkt! his leo.t T tutlnht,, -.r ~ , q t fa ps:, .. r —, A clioeltaike beitie bow 4. , ,..ttuw.• ;: ..i.,t t i..• ..
- he bad 13en is rOIeITI,4 rail, E.;! t r .4. 14 At 4 ie.Pr. , . .,6.. , •• I
',error'* ( . .;;•Atiff 10. H. 'A (ii, - holletkbeq , „•,. , ••.
tirm. , enrop..ed,of 1 . 4 n,. if,triP. , ..r , tr , ' I'. 0 . ."-•
'llll/1 tad 13(1t he,' 111 A I de. , tirw,i ol. : I twdoLl,cz ho-fl t.q tr.• •
pa Ultebcd; thpre.toirti It. to ortleeli thst,ble dui!' ,
Inatunt Kind Alrrr rtptiT Wedrtg,lty,lhe .1. v. z,tll .‘ . 1
of Aprll. A. l 450.1 At itto'el, A: Ll.,.in ardrtr , h t ,
notice he. r(112 td' alt:prtiti"±:rtt Interoptrti, .to•
canoe. It nay they bare. why-le obnul..l - rim ~•• ~,
- chttrueet. • 4 I, ' *-- ti. it..teoX;-11,rti:',
. Atitxt--t•rtin P. Itart - Atr, , lt. ,, Ai•tet..• ' •
March to '69 .:, .: ." " .4. - 4 1 '
Qistr let:toot. Boiled %tore,
Co INF!" Eaolg:en 11:11.o04, I. of 1'en.,16.,y -
JolIN: • • i„ EMT: Town etip,
t•••unlt, Garin]. etit)one4 for , fle e',ti 11, •
of creditors wifl • 'tell, •,,pirreNy the :1,1,t,
AptiL I , t", at Ik; hefAcfe I el.ier .1(
.110 BART. at No. tro t 4iet.
the.extulusittee'of The. nisi he eniet,
' -The flepleter •tt cert;lfy I;ilher. he 4, Or •
conformed to Ws: getv A. , 1103,0•F k.,
on Wedurediy, A pelt At'lly s t,l, rt..% 5t
helmet the Court, oiled pattiOr lut•.reo not)
cause egein.t the die:twee.
Witnerio (',(ft'' 17_ ,
and tied]. ur ILL.-C00:1...a •
.Iphts, this 11th dAtigjr INsrrh..A. It I J
• R. Ft 0 ,
AtLe.,t; 7101 IN PJlTOBAR:llRe'eleter. •
'JtuchlY t - - • • •
1 1:1 1 414:a lft te 'r ,,, ,. otio4for tin' .4111.16,1 h
13 1.1,10 ice Pesiereyll•
trading as .THOMAS ROLL CORPANY, of the
City .of Fbiladdpitla . ben V• beitutt pelltlneed
for h'.. olftlittre• "trf el , ditAlF r . Oil t
held on' Be.dtlr, the!. tht dee oritpril. A. , 14,,
IL o•Noek A. M.. ReetepettfrA Clf
EN.. of hie Nl - 41 At
.uheu not where the eseottnlK.e.o.,
1 he
.cont..rehe t d tolls only. ,
A he ].err to NO.It sip= • W6.1nc . .„•,1;i. Ai. ~
Lit It, . A `11.., 1,4.;11.1 10 .46•1•rtk:•;..i. Nt.
ti talon toot rrrt.ldr.te, whetvrart;po Interested no, &bre::
itiri lege the .4111 k Het etinelo net he tti ohey,.l
coli*Wave the FlonOrettie JOHN I'ADWALLt
Dgit'Jnkg or the ' o • l oit•t , tr.t.Ct,urt.eno
root therte!f,At. PNlOlphle. the •elli •.1
31011 Cb, A, n • )5e4. i : FOX,-ek,4
Atte•t—EnwiN T. ctIA ,. 3 - icilpttr. • •
Moreb 13; 'e 1 •
the Dlotriet Coin's ak,she unite,' Pimp, ll •
locihe,lßeeteeo, •1
nln.' '
In Ihe•multrt* or lIIIrTIAMWOMAN... Cmhrnft -
To ttbotolVlllgy
H. CY&Ter.,,,f h4l.
~ ...velitiottre of 'IIIA 'appoinunep. 01.3)1e
td+r.nt MICHAKI4,MonArr.,I; t , itstduncl. In :1,•
Casty nfFrhnvlki Fl , lu Kt:d79l , rlcl end
Li a4t n the th orty of 3shifiry,...:A: I). 1 , 0. 41
jnileed trAtd‘rupt ZrAP.llO ,:n 01 hi. /red4on,
the Dietrlrt Gantt nl t¢e Ep tares far the E:at,
l)h.trict of Peutl&iNutiUt: - ,
nt.Aehlfiler, , the EOM day fir Yeah.
I) 1 4 0. • tz 4ICANE/t, .A/Pint,
n the illiatriCi'eadre et&the Cached hin La.
fee the" Enemas& Illiaaal t at of rev:tuella o-t
-, •
JAMWS' SMIT/r.. of the groohh poto,,p
'tette ylkill. County. 'Penn Aytt vhepo, !Bact:cnt, .I.nt tt,
petitioned for Mot t•dtgrbor -~ ! •r!, , , (',.!"/
VoTit will be held thrWeddettdah t 'the 3 (Pt Mil' of Nl' •••
1;4,9 et In o'clock; A. M., htinrci Hrpi•u•r, .lull
P. HOBART, At Ntz:lSa (,*cn* - itreet,. ! Doll!,
that th e cumin/01nd of the Ltp.ltrnitt mai 9h: -.b..1
The ReoiCtter wilt hentry , ther the Bonkropt
confortteed to Lie duty. A r loitak ti •ozwilraant be hOo
•Weineadey. 'Aphlt I , httitterpre - the
at•ld welock.coon mid t tot ,
and certilleath weeh'partles•liteenthdmey.rbow.i,.—_.
atattuto the da,clutra. •
_ Withes.4l.l.• corabra.l4laat re. 1,01141,, !••
). eo 1 "KI *Sal 4Cr the Court..g Phllstielithtto ! ' • :!t'; • . •
-i, - o R. Fr,
X. I
Aiteat—toile -
mitaot 1; 1%.0. ••• •- . r, r : •
- - -.-. • -.
A ArnixtroirititosliisllroTs (11:7. - I •
tfrkil In pr been er.,L, :‘? :1. •
"."'gned upon UtfreleereefillENllT
e . red.—Nottecle'bereee et - ill -Y.. ,
ed to mid eetate to roeke lotreelitre pe):ll. , nr. mot
pereoneletelne delete ertl4,ll , tlie e.t.k, to rn•-•-,
form ror eettlemere!o . euked.,l SARAH' BOYFM
\ JOSSPII 11. e
or I. their Attoleey J. RILinO..EI34III:I - ,
Patin:Die, Mirth I, rwit
D:niirtioTitATOßll,NoTiCa.—Lett el d
of edmtn!•trather oc the ittateef Pcirr Seltxtm:
re, of the 'rownrhip Of 13ntier.i4onntv of :,,, tiny is ql,
?PARS . clever...A, tur 4 llethecur uteri. the undcrerc
-011, executor of the I;et wIll" "ti terLanieut of emu,
'Atmore-It —el • pereen• leech: to .11.1., wroten ,
herebrnottfle:l"to tuake,Aly nt, .soul thcAo 6/MN,
channwegatort the rain, to .. rut3r=ot • th r ee Id, exit!,
~,, .
rea 't&TilAßikki SiITZ ING.il3.Frein alit Sprlaw.• -
. CHAS AIIUATJ'S 86ITANO&H, c.- • o ,
- JOHN hMITZINOEIT.H.ASt. Clitr. '. '• ' -
' Few - m. 710. '.49 ' • ' - -J...... .- - ' ,: •
. . ___
• ' FIN . t. Cif ERRit : lakES. -.
_ Peke,d hchire:i t hie 3- 74- at - CHERRY T li IL S+---
a Ten fine lot,A t•I hip K.1 .- ',J by t Ile IP% nf ,r , V
ma. .he 11 . trinve.,1, .it .53RRh, , - C101) :SUR ItiZl: 1 .
n..? lee tueceed ard II In Ihi : rf.,7tr.p, aiii I/i r.. , .. ,;
r .
tine p;.portnnlry tp,getn - ortyk .2 , - ' 11!-
' -
"pouslN riDAUI..."s
F." r,ll
- .
Dealara tvlll be supplk at Branufac
13 .• ri• 48,V ,
•tteothroproo*Fi cr rleo.. he
cri,,*.4 1 61,04.1 )
'a..1 1 HMV", ticNen (loft.; snit'
CCia WdhfitioClar,bp "1111 1)113itrl
Rper Makers. Wjeco,At-jes bpdpon
Cloth Sleios, Prohoeelghrecca, thhesnehial Vilre wmr
lagormitto, blk.addrossithe the iheofolaeOFeee t
• WALK alt ..e
No. I hliorhk, e hihe!....•
t 6 141 i • .
•- • T.llErVir . c 4-- .
' BOutitril.Act . .,l,
BOLDIERS.wbo Itore:l2on6r,oblioctoiret. an., t vv ,,
t.rll ettoorcoti 4 , , o r n - vko and to , r heir, of it: e.ll tl .
bOidfiiril Wilo We d:“.I oincr.theixdikp arre.
. loformatton eotirelittve thlan!e!ttt r t given F: .
S. rattl t •
t*LLwttqappl/. 4 ^ , 7 sql ,, -. ;
..,, ;„
. -. ALEXANDER .. was .
sovniir, ARD riailorit Astarcr,
. ~
.. forp 4trtrooirt 41,mi ' ' h
' -
Atliktetlibllffige,ito ip...4.,
Nam 1t4 , 01 .- : •' '.
, 47- ' '' ' • '
TrilTodiegoal *es othe)4t.i.ersti..k. .f. I -
wo Aar a en= iof yea# or . sell 11. .Stalui;
wow tad ea te or ulaceAr 4abel. , , f ;.
g.ithear la& ... - -•--
,; ' ' . ,
TM% arcs toiNFObli' dr ttg" .
2, , n0r A traec r , ,:' 1
t_w_,..Wft3lppi,p4nrould net an excellent opior ;
Intint WY Enodilkikto entcr..,Ato burin:* when '
Menlo nn stabile run hi' crr.U.., . ,5, ' •
TOAD !W* **no q.e &WElllt , I doh . ° t 6 .
sirMilikitan. Si ilMet, Taut Mrre . n Ali Oa •
kw Run i tine k Mho% Con. Heutil.,,
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