The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, February 16, 1839, Image 1

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Of : ' titbiiCaSZOti.; .- -'": to '7 , f , ' ' 4-1 t1 1 •4 . !:.V. ", 4 1 —A:4 0, 7./k 4 r1 , 1 1 / I ' , / ' 4, ,.".- "/ -,1, t 5-I 'a‘-e're/f.e.!6' l lV -. 06:4 7, Vitra - A41041 1 314/111; ._ ' 7- 11 q: -:- ' - AL -1111 4 4 " 1 / 1 / 414- A. r..‘• : .- , .• - * •, - -
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paid wiihi . . the T ent, V 4 fio zip be • - , . - , _ y , . , ,
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.. " ." .‘,. , ..-- „1.., ~ . too.
to t onus in .rdixjvq93h Us errs • \--
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-p-ua. _..„... . N o i . ? . fi r '.• ? ,6* ...-AY,PaR , ' ' 45 16107L . ' I
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:F. r.: , 4i' i $,.. r,... , .., .. / 4...- , ,Tu_ , ;g• ,-' -:=... -,4„.•• -.•-• •.„,..,„.,_•‘' , o , --1 - W 4 =‘, '; • , 1 ,- ... -4- '
n eap will h• • iitsarted
~,,_ -: -_, : . . ..• -. ,-:-: r - ' ' -: • ". • , ` '.- : '
~ '---"-." •"""• ' Ca . • ._t=.;,.. ' ,___,..% -' ::,.. VIP
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• - Ivor_ • . ac , , •... ----' 4 1a . ..9 - •:.• f: fr , "'a 17:C4,MT . .24144 1 1.; of , i ' *lrt , f.jt ' ,, ibel•it taw '14 .- , A 1 `:%":l 4 '-ir'' , ^.' , .. .4 4r ., 1 , - - • - -• ' ta ir w.--13,,r 1 -4,••• •--,•-,•,. ..:.• -- •• •la •• '
1. - I 0.. proler;
lubel MI6 l,.,_____ _ .4 i4Bl l' '
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..-- - 1• it "q cr-iti. 1• i• .T.l. .-4 ri,t , .: , ~•. AND , 9 • 1 113MMSVI Liam ,luir ... "2,1 L "DYE ~ IS ,-,,... , ~• .-. ,F -.-.,, , /1` 1 44,4 1 :
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. • 2 r :• • *' 0 1° / 1 - 1 . , : - 1; 1 -... '!, .int A- ~..... . -...,1 1,. , - ...1., ,i,l-,-.
&donee, If o
c harged.
-I,..ivertisere. 4tretiftesiwaltbe
charzed 31 for id•so' centsfor one
it> .•
asleitloq , L "
;All advertisoc '0
a111;1 1, pi er ii I ' d
unless the tiine . . Obe ' 6igtrailed is
specsded oand tt ill be ct. tccordiegly , ;. .. - 7. , 1• '
VI .ri y ii; .iertisers will e charged 11112.1ietannam
ia,11011.11,4 Sllimcript to 4to th paper—with the privilege
of seeMlig one advert isms n inot exceeding gsqoa red
.ixa hag .1 ! nag the ear, an the insertion of a smaller
owe ,a each 'pape r for three..necosstvelitnes.
111 letters addressed to tt e•Cditor mist be post paid
Otherwise ao attention will i e paid to them. ~
Mi n ot icescorinemings, c and other notices which
have heretolhre been lose ed gratis. will be c h arre d
25 ..iirits enclt.exc'no Marsi ges and Deatlig.
-- • -
11{1. P./4041,1$ (.:hef_h
, very Icserri.
,0111, 1..111.11751
, ~.
Eidulnee ❑.t Nag
ci-per ccnt. pr(miLll7l
Anr,enl Chis,(tr.— -N. It
titok place; rt-i•entiv that
5 4 ,p1,,, I INU ROI° agIL
h" , IJ 1110 ,1 'I &,f. I
I.ltit Lae J 041.11. Uy tUL,
o 1
tv 'at-en t ;elgv.t-rt'Af', Itrtti
re,tot. teat
A utour at thd tit.torr ut
e." Xll Flmu.cß II litl.l I.
co,yitig 11 111 liln eVit•
t•, the 1.)roogli at tt,i,
gratJeNutir u. tm• pr,.•
10 the twiner ”fi It
only Ur IVintialter w
tri.o 1111 1:..e
the lindwg 01 the ("riglt)
result. IL is LL•ver) britA
foul Air.—.l remarks
at 4rad2lie,ll..dr Rot,.
nv:lr aril
kaki Ott' igtiLlcd, and CAU
close by.
which prevailed to -melt..
Norlolk, and .tarSUVCEC
ecutiorpi, and
mentemg - m t.w a 1 t
C4l to
of Novr!rn , 111(5).
bArLI retie,/
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t.,1: 1111:.4 , ,1. 1 . 0 gi ht rte. , )'
Lyric :y.—ctii,ttier,able dt,saltt-titeliuts exislit IC
' " r ';'' ^ " „+.'r ;"'" ; ''.!••• g • ,r,.11 4 ;.., ( 1,1.1: 12 .: , rt the public warlitit belonging
•.- ~, ~., .....1;l li.
it, 11. c •t•irttettts..t;•, wlitc•li is tree of toil; blitl the urn
'ttitt.t2ll.—:olit.• (~,t, e :l., of L , T. 1,,,, ..,', rivtitett her the pr•Fperry 11i 'Air. Qttaitt
'- ''''.'- '4' '' lii t.t" , :f.ter,., Wi)l64 lute ;AC (1.1),411 41.../50 per 40-alll 1 it,
ill'w -• .ii'. i'.• -' , t.. •;1Z , .. , " :.1.% ‘. r,. Lit. li,. ii to plaktt 'a tew 1,k.:0 In coube
/. , .•.:, ~ Ily ~I, e p fI-
I; ..V
...,u.i.. ,, .t. , 1 trl—tittat..,
Ovi t. forinrr or,
done in uit! !
dpiclll,l, Ilt .1( 114 1,,J1
%%lit •, it )711 t
1 . ;i • IQ 111 t I A :
t ,r 1) j o is'ot. t,:ut
111.111 ".:
Is• =1 I/
i. uprt, u
t .tt t :ty,tl
r and
(.111,...11.1/1 1.11 ({J U
purp.,.• .11T. if.
t:uuk , ra: 'fl 11.
to pf /swifter
Tax uui o?Englan4 has had liar Coca and n,,s
Jac. rio Ft! i.i 10.
hr bur rOa rin r k
0: IC Of V.Ol ;,-1,1
Duci.e.s .}1 v, d.tugnter of the king
of in, Frem_ii, a U., r‘
The stoppage nt%the liaok ul Bolglum had made
quire a st.h , to Eulrup.. The cuoip,ny was
cnintig 47.004000.
THE Mi . TINFIERR ~r !11-az:two. late of thi4
t , 11.11 f)
mh,r, oh .. jarliLfs,
Fran. ts, Lir N. iv
.11mtaitty in or t , t - ,
r 4 ).14 a a 1f,1 , 1-41,011:ald
.I.IS ,ever 0 1 11 r eitHieWiCi•
f . it, Zvi. rt
1111 N. 1%.,
I.PT .111, r•-,11,1,
tor. ttr t
, al, •1 It% hio:1
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1,0 .1
, ', r 1 ,
f I.llJt
39;1 , 111Crd I i t• r
i ;noir rse r•t
t rt,•:.
If c:rl4-1.11,it.,
—1 ~ dnr+~
•111 ItC
1., pr,•> , tit b.
1:; 1tt.1.1 Nteritt,-,
•.Iro.r, ft,is bt:4l
("is pc-Cl e aio,
qUattiltV Flo - ovion ti
6,lllJetti • :'.•l a
RI/ken,/ —The Rea
(lie Ir'arocuy 1 11 N
sc yl
On We t tn:.,,„s !h-t Itetnvtn an
Opinion (I ~ )141.5t fOW t. I.:1; , 1C1
General, t the ell", et ulai. Iptr4.l of ii,ra dts-
iranchihed, in cons: ,i,k.i.t:e of as ItliCalaailly regal'. i
Mug the election id ina..NLI a et'—'• I
Itr The following song w nth n In horn's birth':
N, day, by Mr— Adam 1./prican, Sy a s hung wall much ,
milet by Mr. G tltic rt Cu ow t on.
Air --,• 71, IktitAx of The Decon."
0 harp of the ininsu:ei. how, s, eel iii re - - to numbers, I,
When feelingly rolled on, the L,0..., ..0 toe Ayr;
N ~
Into hand e'er a,llll shill awaken Illy sturnbers.
..I,.ke loin SVIJOC.e lured rnetnor, ~ haered and dear : ,
And shall he no more from yon Idess'd s,lhercsdoscendmg
nesame the loved lyre, a the ilose of the day
Our h,, es. gr .efsettrl joys, 5n sheet harinuny blending, ,
Or sing of them 110 W 011 ha t land far a vva ) .
Still *a may reyoiee o'erLi e treasures he left us,
A ah n that now !inks a whureesru we go:
One seiiie,ie, immortal fro an him can cement us.
Bid feel.ogs of friendsfuji aud chatey glwv ,
Look blytbe h.mni,Scot
• Add oloona Lc, thy imanti and ,g,rece tq thy,twaw,„ „ ,
irntadlhg for aye and etri *kilt i.hc,r bkonfh be,'
'Whale thy mountama age ad andthewaverreotinckhle
I, .-.- ,- , .41.
' tknortihire and Reniretnehifetiontlfined4/04
The 'funning Milner Oh; Mullin roW* * Deir 6r
all ages 11n , the IJArriley §ta liinkr Imo tilt? Mfbv
_ er Woo h !Ogle 'kiln; er 11-
‘ tike place on sir John
MaiTeirkestate i/tPfilloe., l on ThAradny 10e Wth
V, 6 i
Hants, Lathan and
Itton, newly ',rutted, I tif
L:tt. etµ uiabJed. y j +utotiu_our, reidlijs and the
pulnie,..that 11r. Miller, the engineer to tto Glasgow,
Psi-ley, Kilmarnock, and Ayr Rallwayl has been
antis:wised to edvertise the rettiuniitte 4traels be
tween Johmtoti and ; thus •Comtketiog .be
forty miles from Gla-zuwLe Aye, di be
ready to u, en tni the i•aitte day ar Lot jtilint line to.
ta , „1„4:,), P tlie.snting of tit. toe helmet& from
Ktlntir nook under ecittsideration
and w e ll, int lilt p nn.rbihtr. he'speeddr itut in hand.
York, on London 9 a
end eiscovery
rter grefileti by
end whielt
.-Metter wrtlleu
illie eli
• •••1., kauLlaut ul the nhuLt
• drll ap,l , a3 !Until/ Or-
I,tch nt d 11,!,t to til,
fires-+ , 'i to Dr. 'AllOl.ll.O', , ,t .
llanOneuter.) to whom It Lqle Gales. T —Grea: bUtubt:r ul ye ~ . tilt have been l
, lebl, ior tio• i0,,,?05., oi,' los.. alai are at. i r ! -orrV it) Nay iltietltied %lilt) 'USN ul 1
.d w rA. '1
lc it w. elet u hie. .ill the vont. on tile eo.u.t.• ti:c fOltiturieustio. 1
pep i.i NI us a Alf. those,' either repairing detdaztot, or wa lung , torlia fa vora Die 1
it NI , . t a tut'', law Licrii, l, wind. 'Fite lossas austaintd by these distrplers Most ;
„,,, ~,L,,,, i t ;11,t 1 ,,,,t, be.tvainenar. ! It Is probable that roars i!tertuou ac-
! pt ii.,:c txturried it. tto ' r iunts may 14 reach ati as Lae detalueit've&sela gel
I a:, to.ureti o :t• made, and : ruts Por t --
I cAardir is . tilo iurtunatc 1 High Tides:—An extraordinary hi 6, tide cie-,iitiit. , curved ut E'vellheli Which occatihmed smite damage
i at the - A bereteb emharikment bridge, 114 ship-baud
le circumstance occurred
:.,,,,. ‘,',„3,t . ~ b o y ~,,„ i ing y vas, told at the vast cull o: me town, the tar- I
vrith a lighted ria nil le, the ` l , native, &.e., inteetVerari hou.ea were tluatt l pg.
i with a barn 1 Storkport.--; Ihe extensive viaduct :across the
• I
Mersey and vailLy at titid..yort has boeullcootrimcd
e iu: breaking !Irl.rvidnes, I .or by Tompkins acrd Co., ut,rpowl ilt. .ptis,llOU.
.1 extent pi it
county of T:ti , vt at foriiipartol Inc AittitcO.estel attlit Birtning.
ct h.. siuck•nuri.m.l. pro,. , tin to line. The lowest estimate was .C 62,000, and
it, { /431, i s a ' c ,,i i , e,,,,,, , ti, highest above ..£lOO,Wil.
Art at the ( oiniiy. Near i ./rOO - Trade : — At the meeting of the Welsh Iron
l• • , •i.l 4.. ie1 , .. , -eri ,i r e minig ' crs, it Nd- 1.. It,rittint t: not to advance ihe price
' 111 vll 1 . '4' .1 " , ""1 • •• •-f - , i , - 01 ir‘inotaholigli We tlutuat.d wan very gieat. 'there
i been put i..rt vn at li.e ,i3pciitr ci ii gr , r.. , 11 0,1m:1 , 114110.i to receive lbrelg.ll,
,/ ~ i'te ittlloW , w4 ti.t? •—• ' or InSct,tt a Ltittlcr ord.. t at int.t4 UL
.41,1 ,4LI. ./Ilige, .111
What it !rills- i n 114 Delcware
Yu, of 1:1, 44 4- 4 1 1 . 4,4 J 1,131.11 -
a L.hrst r,"the bit.iip friend of
,it o s „,„ , Tinititas Painc, h note that &eat 4rldt.l
11 hit •,. la-I, —anti tor 4 hll% 114118 leader a
' ; 4 1 . 4' 4-11, 1Z 4 1 1, e.nnt car.. 1 ti,ong the F‘rutly \ , l right Agrari..ns .INest York,
It a. ,t,tu , itt.t. l',o—otty tr.l to lire ,trt els vt Oat city,
14, .1.4 . 1", of a .siati ia( utter demi.
hit mi. Ile 0ia..4 tai.en to the Alinst oiler. Ile It
1 , 41 1 . 4 1 141$ 1 4. 1 d )cat.-4—lll+ agrarian and infidel as.
„ 'V_ cat 44, V14,,1111, ,44.:1 4 111. 4 . 4 , 11,11Ve 1.111 . 11111 , Cd 4 _ 11 1 1 1 1 It/ par.
I It, tan in Om street , . * 1
hey would putt down all above
e.t is tt,t, lt,cul; out silty take 114 , 1.11411.1g1 ,1 UI use pour and
141 1 , - 4 4 rNe tt, int it Iva , ttl . o.urtrtly. ttreyurtly.
1, tr..lttidasl (1I pu
14- Ihe tr,l4• wow fib 411.-Jan:ll4l,H. lndan the Cant ,
4,l .‘cr, there is atfordt d an dot - pH - tit illtistralind
1••••.,:1 411 i•-t.telltt..i ,tit tI,S•iC 121.11011 N
I 11 4 t J4 4. 11r1 , 11 Nib() that ''411.01 Varier was
' Altu.huotte..-hell,ll-gc.l hard tr liber
t) i,r a I_4 holy, Ilt tt he :oh.:lt ellthr,tie tht•
, utt•trol; retut• ct, tlq unetnolcit
k,i wrstiti who iutli hint to charge, and also
ha tul Ins oWiti throat. Fort ly he
111. ', / \lllerl3'hll Wllllll , l a .ll 64 .
111,11 gated :or, ” :"Lici, are the pitiable itltl.:l'3Se4
and ewes destitutiedb ti, ,i 111.1.11
111111 way la . httlr.t.ti ur r' o' ...tced, whiSsit vision of
the Sound( d lay Ike horivin or: this lower
earth:—(fait t,
, Flail , l
;.a. ln•cn ceitra tat( d
, Io , s —it aptovarW Ir•nn a
..,110'1, that in 3'o yt arS,
I I -tit 1.1 :I ! lice e „ )_ .
1,1 bl,
IN ii.
' lin:• 14i yLiler'
r gct h 1/./11 , 11
r '• I r ir• r .11, a
out Ilallll .11, ...a
; id (;“,) ,„.
~1l•. ~urrii.~i
11 .
lir I)
I,MI oflq
;•.r, tOll,l lit.
I V(' lit
11 'ln Erri , ol T . ,•1
Cl . 4,qc. pr•c.t .$: a hart
1 , 11 tridg , 11 ;
a eq. roped tot
I i
it I'l '.l‘) htl been sabbtrila
k urdtip to
to the arnuunt of
Si and
.r-ady ree,,ver , d oy
i.( ked 'near
:1,111 L Liverpool:
h Ric-. an lama wool,
of Works his mosetlied
ry to adv .£211,000 fur
y and
I iNlt
r: • '-,`3
1 Val teach you to pierce tha-botOlit Gabe Earth 'and bring
VOL. XV,i,
T 1141-n).
:\ I'N..t'.d
_ .
Mr. Pretstigs, mitts ~peeeit on the atinsts in the
Treasuty Department, tett rred to the tact, that 1111,
u Ctellif y Wole . ,sre the Incestieuttuzi . l.jotttutatte.
trt trt , .7, that he Knew ut doaleation.
III: II It taa Cllfft .yOlll.ll/5: 1/1,51111:
-Ilia' NI,. \\ did klaplV 111 i t. .A.C5),11 5
1.,05 jo/14j . > act a. I. Thi , rOtiS,lo , nd
I ill, iss
,S Si NN ISS. Hann,. , 5 recatcsrtit polite
‘1 at,: 5 ti,• , ..tnt,er tutee attkoun
~t (.0 ~ r and ;hi r w ert.tary of ti,e Irettaur y,
; ; a., 5 ,41 a Ila,t. and 1.1/541/,
ti I J III• .'t r ,‘ 11. 1 . 1 h,
ri•zmd 1,1 er,..!, 'Oen:
Ts soj Imaaa r. fia• so.ntifing tgsui Mr. V.
Nt• •,. 1..;••, , II : 11
11r. u..dhtkry to Harris:
••IJr. II .r: tou."l,
12. t. ••• Ii r. 111 tot it ott..d to iwar from you."
sdt- LI ,1 ot, %\ NI• I. tile thuttOr !"
4tt. —)o m0..1 stool ydur monthly
•rt. tall. 1.1 111 r.... 11!? 11. I Portows,"
stll. " oat COUtliS are !Mt sat sfac:o
, •Nlr. Harris, 1 VII grieved and pained I.;
htar It, II tun "
7th, • \lr. il.,tn yolr tviorns ought to Ilan,
ft , • d. •y Are 11111,41110 rel.glid.e. ill )UOI
Int, 111 Ilids .1; 1;1111ar.. "
Oa:tm ShOUid haer
• 1 , . a Cr , ' A t•chlk .
or n nirng are inn , imrd , id. and show a oeti , :vetm,
11110414tiOtir. Of 4‘.loirs.'-!
lilt-. "Air. jlatrt , , w1.1.11.thl have a I.CUICIIICFII.
[nth. 0, du I.old guar r..ipriir.--1170
' I. 1.01,1 s .all Knot
1111 " )larr.:, tun oave dot, wpin2 "
.12th " Harris, do to any flute; that's
a aood ykrn.".
131 h "Mr.; Harris your returns . are atin
I), ,trio."
I tOt. N1..r."1aj0 , , wit. have you nor, ‘t roten
prirrts. I non fkKry to luoir toot your
rotor 11. are ul.t net owed. ‘l. ud Are a vi.try, vcry itaked ; .10411 br ari,%, , d nod d
I. 11 • Cdr.. I t Ilk 10 )(Ail/gain aooot
t!.e the department."
Iwo. ..Vlr.illarris, you are In debt to the depart
ment. and void pay what viDO owe. or br) retnovvil."
l ti ".Y.'l4l.larria, tun lallre not sutt.lcd your oc.
couci-7 •
-Mr.lflarris, I leevb received your letter of
",\il tup riorrespmeei.ce—tile righleets)
frrip S -ert•ary .if I'r iffy to ti,irris-,-emi
.l,l 1.. e. rWn yfjiti and F , X rniffithi , of the laft..r part
.1 t i. ~t l .,,p94trat ion or r;erk. J 3 ,lo,rin. Ti.'- Sire
Lary ti,e.l*4asury stAff3l.4 in February 11 4 37, mit
lie kun..vs pl it., denciourio.r. rly l 0 PP , . the
Suere,..ri itru hundred and Sixty irtlera;
, 1 if/ d rep int,--110aP Ili AN TWO' 111.7NORF:1)
N't .11i 11 I• .i 1.71 .11 VI 11X 1,11,0 i Of d , ey lot the part of
rs A Ale Geri. ral!Government 7 Let the.
~1 1.11. lhondbury tecourtle these facte,
tiler can."—Portland
Old Scraps , : .a. the Likr - n — no4tcut Rue ttife —Cheap •
silk pm .._l, )1114klItiliCIA, qr common Opium ed cot
tons, u di nut ode it dipoedlinio strong salt and wa
ter whil , nest. An oats Kit II will set ;any colour,
silk, citron oti woollen ; the all can be got for a tri
fle.. Get opt all the liquid dnd cork it up tp a large
phial. One liiige spoon /01 of this kite gallon of
water is A.Orl ient. This 'slats. excellent Jur tak•
ing nut Ilte. !Tots from Morriba.iai &c 4 after bong
Washed in ibis they look lile3 new. It Must be thor
oughly stirreri into`the watdr, and riot pia upon the
cloth ; it iv need without soap. After being ‘ wathed
in this, thtngtyoo want to ',Clean Eihn.lid be washed
in warm sudsi'xvithout usink soati: -Feathers .Irrl
bb thoroughly dried before they are nsieL iFor this
reason they aliould not be paokod sway kitboteawben
they are first dacked,, they ishoold be le - Ad iigiglY ill •
a basket or old box, and stufred up ofteij. The gat.
ref is the bestplace is diltitheriar. It is: spoil to pit
the parcels :004 1/90,i1/}-P.Annk,'l4:l?l° to t time in
the oven, afto. On Aye r eyed koo bread, and
let them stan a diii. , : iff tikbeds''afen badly,
or become he ivy fiWivi - of eitikv. rearvation
of the feathelia,,oriftiontvid4;#wgetedipi wthem and
wash the leaterwthbrimghlitAsta ,l obl l 44 l6l P re44
thew IA your OM i.u t da,so4 ant* „bp i Mjirlst
and as good er s newme4 . In winlltr... a M e ',vile
handle of yoti pee* ha IftWas pckssildirsbefoie you
• ! '
t .
A Pnbijightd W 4144,1)
1. i
a: 010 INA• Kltot.,pt m the most rigid breairier, this
fins -keeps the ins de woitka from freezing. When it is
extremely col throw a rug -or old JusitiliE over the
pump. - A fr n pump is,a sorry p t vpirralion for
a winier's br • kftiat."—LaLaul'er's Frond. .
The tollov+ig extract front Bennet's editorial
cearespondentiof the N.Y. Herald, is perfect in us
way. There IS truth in every line, and shows how
absurdly party nanew are transformed and abused.
'Flie'extreter icutrimendes with a Oi.e.ruiption of a
chntilt at Wtshington, and proceeds':—
1 •I do not linow the name of tin clergyman who
preached, butinainea are nothing. h was one °file
drollest seemits illative yet heard here. Ile made
quite a hit a Fanny Wright, calling her "the va
grant woman going about the world, preaching in
fidelity, . yz.c. At this - allusean, - his Excellency
crossed his legs—stroked his perfumed whiskers--
and looked im to the gallery, witere...ard a couple 01
very beautiful young ladies. So did 1.; The pat
son continued: Ile enumerated the various produc
tions ot Qiiti4tantty siiice,its iutrodoctunt tutu the
world. "f 7 hrlatianity flea produced," said tie with
r real emphsrds, "greater statesmen—aye, and greet.
er generale Man any other religion in the world."
At arts stralaind anomalous sany attire preach
er, represen ts g Chreetanity ati . tnauuracluritig tqs
posite produchbus wee the same machinery, his
Eicullency rtyaivered his cue.posure, probably deem
tog the sonar of the preacher by no means person
al to his char eter end ealiacny. Nor Yves it—for
as to great st teamanstordronghty generalship, no
t is e!ve men of any degree of honesty, vi. ill ever bring
in a bill ofandiconeni against his E-xceliency. He
Is pert; .•rt ly stile from that calamity. ,
In this ways, ins iier vieee ptoceeded till the plate
waik hand, d rrotild fur the alaale currency. Li ibis
bus,r.. :c.:-, thine was to ir sett Item ore; s employed in
calea.tirig aid lie , pinz trate the holy trevitou'e. I
zsve a quurteE of a dollar, and J thought it cheap at
After theprayer arid anthem, the congregmion
rose and slowly depart'. I neat out wire 1,i..e-ow it
of yeutig hest and lounLed round tile earners with
the toting" ra,:atlaclisii, politician., other seekera,
saints. sinnerit, and tither loafers. atom parts en
hoovers. In il abort time, his Excellency mime his
appearance nob a lady on his arm. Us er lei
i•isoultii rs hoop a arty kph:mild blue Spii,-11 el-al,
•i-and around' hi- face 11. e -Rose intogl• denims-ma
of conceit ambito 1110am- 4 Si, whieh envelotv. 41 nlllll ion
made great. by areitterit. lon in" trel" , i'.it.. , '• II;i
drove a very itplendiii earr laze, Mateo by two be l ie.
tirol blood Moises. their heads and iaila toil in 11 great
deal more ot tlitellecl, p ,,,, iiul. srvline, and sold/tot
ty than their' owner. It was a floe study for me,
Iwho am seriteltithig "lit painti r, to mark the spier,.
dor and zraetsl, if the hor es, and the calm, paastom
km, atino , t sil;y expression of their its-ter. I have
nn doubt but it was two slid; atom:kis taut the gai
peror Nero of Caltg ula— I forget winch—elevated
to iti, Senatorial eignit‘. .
Bet, to ri i tirn —tiro carriere of Lis Exreneney
was the ntii-t tala••rh Ih:n .r I h a ve cc' s e . n. 1 t wits
of a dark ram, hoe, with ornametits elegantly di..
nosed, shintrii as u
Lriglill/ t use burn;-hid gold. When
I was in Paris, ba I.IIIIIS re di ripe !ref - lucidly
drive out to, Jniilly, and bark to tlii. Putts rack—
wie n I Was ill 1.1111‘1"11. I sow 11w (4.11. ell as fie
/manly drivel tint from Buckingham Pahre round
Hyde Park--Iwhen I was at Windsor, I have also
seen the samd royal personage driving from the Cas
tle to the Chapel. I have seen all these, yet I must
say, that the leairiage and horses—the ordinary.e
ri ei page of Get chief democrat Of this land of toed°.
en eq :Orr, ii 4, far more elegant, superb and splend
id than i litter of the 'other great and 'royal person
' :Iva. The sdr Cant dashed op the amps, hanged to
the dos—pipped. sip bchind, and away rolled the
lead of the rrtiainhaatt party, with .zin air of stj hi,
li it ran r Tat and surpass hat of any crowt,ed head
to Earnl , e.
; All the other •rarriagea, and the greater part of
'tie 011111,011v,liad left it •.sceoe betore I had-teeny
tired from the deep reverie Into which I flail idea
' iltiog Its I ;lt• hem's (/'llll. , 'A r..t a 11 - 11,-
. '.le is iSits ' i,;; what a butititc is de n terai ) ! 0"tal a
' hobble Is 'nab !-L . whial a mom! bobble i 4 a pail.,
'et in! hot. oh 1 what a helitnitql nublde is woman
. Titese were the thoughts , that tilied my meet. I
sow emu,• ial omit ne Sr roe that I had a shgt.t tic
rptaiitianite m, tit, lett I st.ttoled ltatiii—'tor I was tail
it, the 11100 d :Or gall uory —and ta into you are hot
in the mine!, What a liasilstl but endearing ttong'sfl
a m ails and lively v.t.unari Is. I wa, mire disposed
to w cep—to We, I ,:aitlerly at the I . M:y of }mouth um
tor, —or taut 1.--) , a, Lug. 1./I.ld at the 11141A141. /nati
o,: it in in abnif.
, I • iiroler d also; the •st real re. f ei aly a t ran d om ,
' like an hisWitited mot ttrif mg down the tzieat tote
sit e.ernity. The., said I to iiiyself. is, them a sim.
coot 0 M it. mocrary —regular, out and Out dense
set—of thaltilentocrst I tit in its-u v e hear S./Wan-II
111 I re !..1 'or h., ..., ~1 i N, 5. Y/11,1, wilt 111, la:i.r eel•
I ire 10 I'lli 41.101.11113. If Ito is fleallw .:et—:lnd
0110 t o allialles Melling 10 It man the l !) ICI tio.lfast,l,
I 11. tall, I prey I touid have a glitit t ..e ot a ristoeraCv
—1 single platy a t oaie tit ilin a' I/1,4 tibis , c1 ...1,,,,,,i.
t., iv, have struck.. tin i horror li,is -Am-hie- , all:I.V.
py i ituntry for the last ten years wi 11 the pouts 01
cholera t: self.'
' El.-even seemed to hear my prayer, for I soon
stumbled by accident upon the very object of which
I NU" 151 aCljell.
I passed the 'freasury buildings returned down
. the Avenue, and agate reached [lie Omit. I went
to the, bar, and inquired fir the New York mail i
There was oboe. As I turned round i min the bar,
I met a tall, plain looking man, peat the noridian,
of life—w Oh k somewhat large mou' h—a slighyurn
up in lira no,e— a ealin, yet keen, piercing, brilliant
eye—and one of Aoke foreheads of such ample di
inensmov as indicate the breadth of the Fool within:
, He went up to the bar, took a pinch ot snuff, nodded
to one or twos persons as tie pas s ed, a nd ih ri r, qo p.ij,
• ~,,,a l „,it uwari da the door. Here he emuuhlered an
o ld g entleman, whom he accosted tiros
' Any news to -day ?"
I "Notleng,r l replied the other,"that I have heard."
"Who is that person •who has just gone out?"
4 asked a young gentleman of me.
I looked at the querist. . i . c ommo d ore r,ll,o/,—Several unsuccessful attempts
" l'hat perkbii," said i, "is a very atrocious' char. I
*. have been made in Congress to call the attention of
rider—he is Ilie,grcateA
at wanciat of this country
The yours man looked me incredtiously. : the House, to the charges of grass.cruelty made by
"You'may believe or not as you please," said 1. . Charles B. Barton against "figure bead" Elliot,
"but it is nevertheless too true. That person iii Ulm- 1 while in the Mediterranean. It is due to the navy,
ry Clay of gentuele. lie-has just walked trout i end all concerned, that this affinr• should be Cho
church, and is now walking to his lodgings, as you
! roughly investigated: there must b# something vvrong '
or I would clii, without blue and gold carriage, blood
I or tabs thsramodore would be mor6 ready to give a
horses, or liary strvants. ' lie is the most f ear f u l
and dargerons aristocrat that this country ever pro. !fort; offiair a chance to vindicatehtscharecter (torn
duced. lie Walks on his own legs, and goes_ to unfair aspersion. ' soup as the bell ceases ringing. Pray
youyou avoiallia example, if you are not also an aris
tocrat" ~ . .
Thi t young man stared.
"As fur mine Own poor 'self, I intend to be a de.
mocrat bud copulae:4p its fast as I can. I moat
get a.splendi carriage:A:we:ad with blue and bur.
iiiatird, gold, and 4ra viti tty ,two hlood,horses, worth
I.looo—aqd Iwivft go to church txlieb the, service
is b4fover. tliat''s be Vie. detio4Va l t,' • . '
f,Mltlithill Vtlitatt . ti'f*if - apitriineftf-LAte a bid'
dinder,isadl servid,hp.r.ortatedhiarbiliterhyr-lnol
Macau to dri a gentle glass of whiske toddsamilid
;heti FAO*? eiRAVIY-alialirAzNOVAlOrlt el fY
pilgrisitag,e )10 man life.
' "OV. vi dl"Vietga f firtiiiiiTlGG ''' '11 . 1 4
pltifillo'nfri iktfr*.'"Gth -1 litilYtt Ptlnilrlllig•
alit 4tolandiat!' . 1
- *WIT/ 41# ,!.$4.90,(44111)-116aiditat'SitAPIls .
liP l ik's., I WTiPt r k IL M t hr i -•-'i l V-ij
~c 74.1: it d rate!b!it' .1. 411 .!. Mar &
Map ' littltii;' of EigUth' '• fr •
Mint' th 6 Mc ! 11 21,4 1 wiriAive ' lloFerig* to our Hands and subject ail Nature to our use Aoki p1ett511113.....04010/661
..,•Ost' 911,- ; - elt a I r
111 Schuylkill County,- l'eunsyrunia.
1.0 .
-r , / •
pilijfke;her t ,duado iato nue dose, and labelled ea
tha,bacii•—this it t Martin toe Ruren..- 1 1 porn dew
1-44it:cif Wilibeihrmitf- , -uturill out of the way of his
sldeddiditifaiibikand 'blued-nonce, and be d—d
Wye:" '
t ,4ll7. *— . l 4 he Whir press generally if. bestow
iii4l; [lnd dear rve.l euiteein nut ton u Linn M r. Wisr,
Oidefitikable exertions id the.cso , e
i•of t otagressionsi Inquiry: He has fought the eond
fight Whet' ho entered upon it; the task seemed
ltotteleps. FOVICI/$ and denuuciations met him et
elloty turn. !' required no small de,yree of moral
etioraie„ . sod physical too, 'to persevere. He was
inirroonded by bullies, end his heels were dottrred b.
the ale* horde, whose tindyinz hostility he had
recurred' by his efforts to bring their In
11ig,4 4 ,11e hail to make an arsenal of his body to
proterit3ll. person from assaults tlir the discharge
of itts ptYblle duties.
-tßtf pursuing to exactly opposite coarsepa that
which he has—Sy flattering power and defending
ciarruption—his career, if it had nut been so brilliant
and nimbi to his country, had been one of much
moreseaae, and "fnueh greater personal profit.
When one thin sacrifices personal considerations
frit tlie , gtiod of the country, he merits and should
roet"ve the plaudits of his fellow citisens.—Rich
mad Whig-
ris We11.—.4 3ltier's Reflection to Affixing his
SVnainre.---Bccory using it, however, hr uttered
ddepdetiwn sigh. or rather groan, and exclaimed, in
a sturrowfal voice." Gott ! is dis all what a
long life gomea to 7—For dirty or fiirty years, sums
1 arrived at Bristol, I gave mine time, and labours,
and judgement, droatigiug like a shbrve, brit deny
ing mineself all 'holydayq, lugs..ries, and gomtort--,
dat I sehrape legedder, by hook and by gronk, a
hand.mme broberty; and now, in von fiddle moment
vid von single avatar of 'nine pen, itshall all pass
vroru me for aim am: giber, And minder ahul
it ! Ilmises. and stocks, and ee.its and bills, I u.,n4
I. eve des what makes it su bid
der to dirt'- 1/r. Smith's New Novel.
Stet errata) Aforning, Feb. 10.
(' i,wda.-Ate I...ondwa Couri,r, a atroitg none..
terial parr, la iptaitlin; ut the l'restuenes last Ines
snge, .•the hul l ; u...4e used with respect to Cana
da tuu..t be retei‘e,l as a satasfaCtory reply to the
charges raised ttgaitt.t Mr. Van Buren by party lau.-
1. he same paper pronounces tho correspondence
betwerU Col. Worth and l!ol. IJuridas ..creditable to
t 1 c feelin4i of boat officers."
.It likewise gives au outline of the plan which it is
App.:std. Lord Duihain intends to propose in Par
liament, in relation to the British A inerican l'rovin•
CRS. `file principal feature arc the
abottoli the name of Canada, and divide the
two pro‘uices into tout. with the names el Quebec,
Mmtr, Kalil, Lou and Toronto—these, with the
provinces of New Brunswick, etc, to bear the gener
al name of British North America.
This British: N. A. to have n secretary and office
for itself in London, and be governed hy viceroy.
• Each province to have it: own Legislature, and
the whole country to be divided into municipihues,
the people thereof electing their own officers.
The clergy reserves., Jesuits' estates, aid all funds
for education to be thrown into one ILenerel fund, and
distri!•uted among the school
Each province to send one or wore members in the
British Parliament"
Of the policy of these arrangements there can be
daubt —of their practicability however there is
much. The French Canadians are generally oppos
eel to any charge; the extension of electoral rights
will bring taxation with the priviledge of represen
tation, and they now are free from them in any shape.
•lint Canada alone—the ferment of the few di-con
tented has aubsided, and -we may now be certain
that nn intestine -disturbances will be agitated, if our
rash citizens can he controlled.
Priv:l,ga ,of Citizenohip.—ln the r3enate last
week 'AV Clay prevented a memoriatfrom the Cl
midian Patriot, Dr. Theller, o.ho wapell from Lille
bell last fall in company with Dodif,e. The memo
rial wishes to ditiw the attention of Uonz-,ress to a
decision made bb a British Judze in the Bntish
C , Mrt, Theller says lie V.": 1.44 born in Irelard, but is
a ..N.tairalized Citizi`n. 'When up,:i trial he was
eliarg.,l %tali treason, and it was -decided that, al-
Eiou;11 a naturalized S - iiii . ject of the Vnited Stales,
he had nec.•r ceased to he a subject of Great Britain.
Mr. Clay stated that in regard to the morns of the
question between Great Britain and Canada, he had
nothing to say.- But in regard to the twat, r
of the ls•tiUon, and the ground Liken .by a Waist.
tribunal, he rose ni his place to pretest against an: , ,
such decision as that made by the British Court. It
was due to the natural/24d citizen that this sub ject
should be considered promptly, and that Congress
' should signify some opinion on this sutject, which
should he understood by Great Britain.
- Expi ngarg- —The Keystone hives every thing
coonected with the appointment of the investigating
r3mmittee, will be coungrd from the records of
Congress. A much cleaner way will be to expunge
the Federal execuuve, and the. people are getting
Tidy to do it in 18,40.
Bell's services in the Senate will long be
remembered," says thelieystone, in which we coin.
cide. Bia.vrant of corona:dr modedy,in holding on
to'an office, which he knew did dot belong to hrm,
will never be forgotten. 431 y the ,way-- Mr. Bell
has had a dinner gicienitim tej (friends in the
Legislatorer,.gmongther tents givenlereqrrestune was
the following.
Thai 3 Zie; or Phester, l adll, partiotc
James M9RITe. -- ne °Jobe reimitlythOtti t ht to
g izig.
i w a .q tria 0 .--,.. 444 . s n i a tit y4 ----; I t o ot of
,- Z76iesa, e-:.44l4ti.ktie it ` '1614;
4 f!:
040611 4 , rViiV. aw; Kik a i Cl4fivet4
r: -' :•''',".l62iVittifirti f tii'
A m r ti ~ artide ix*il.'• r c • •• V ',v•
1 ' .
I "It
t ner's Admiltistruflan.-'4O. PeurOse, ih *a re
jcent speech, thtis indignantly relkshi the 'acetatiti,
chat the Administration of. Got. llitnet
1 rodaktive ed no bencit to the State—
.“ The prOsecntion of the great : improSernerit
tem was not alt that was to be credifetl
ner's Adtainistration. Tne moral and infellecitial
as weliali the Physical c mdition , of 1.1/e. 'people halt
been improved. The Briarian Omar had Ivan suc
cessfully attacked. The hettr.r itart,ofignan—tLe
ethereal substance, heretofore in MlirlYt.instanc"
darkened- by prejudice and scanted by„....itfame, uad
been radiated, enlightened by the „imtriialactiou 01. a
common blessing, the common schoiilDstem.
said he, the picture of urrelleetual.dat4a. present
ed by Gov. Wolf, could not be looked upon without
tears. Thousands were growing up better prepared
to be subjects for our jails and penitentil!aies than
useful citifena But the picture had been thang...d
by the Ilieral and enlightened policy Pursued by
Gov. hitter. The spirit of Gov. Weltlienetnind
the thick dirkne,ss—a committee was raised in that
Senate of which he was one. Mr. Biegk then a
Senator from the county of Philadelphia, Mr. Ste
vens of the House, and himself, met together anti
decided upon the bill that was afterwards reported,
and carried through rife legisleture. This bill em
bodied the system ; but it was yet an inanimate
mass. The spirit was not there. -Means were wan
ted to give ! The law was almost a dead let
ter when the Administration came tato power, alai
breathed into it tnehreeth of life, anti it has bovine
a gizantic Isgttg. lie stud. When gentlemen Argued
11 , -re that no txrtcfit had been re, civet] I.) the people
from the late Administration, let then lank at that
neirul improvement Whit h rcigns, and in a few . years
will be felt throt;hout this coninionneal:ll.
fire mF r e he Fn-nch ship Veloce
arri+ed at Baltimore from Havanna, for mpairs ar.l
Aln , snrhfitrettft.—Ancther eli ction in the f6urth
Conuessional district lia.4 clT•ytrd no cbwice ; fz,SCO
votes were polled.
C,mamencluble.—T be ci up..nsof Nashville, have
putiltily tendered their thanks to Mr... 8. F..Runriric
of Philiulelptua, for his intrepidity, at a Late lire ni
that city.
Resumption.—The Tencssee Banks resumed rp -
cie payments on :he 2d inst. Pt tter rate than nevi r.
Wi,/ ring al eady.—The 1. Y. Era speaks taus
of tlie investigating coaauittee- - •
t•A committee of this sort is recommended in the
President's message, and Nlr. -l'ambreleng -brought
forwaill'a resolott )11 to appoint this %cry committee.
The Dent wratie party arc universally io favor of tl e
in veAlgation, and wish the serutiny to be thorough
and complete. But Choy are wide an ake-to the trick
of the Fed( ralists, and know very well already on
nine!' horse the sa d dle will he placed.`'
The Era 15. mistaken ; a “committee of this sort . '
was nut recommended by the, President. The ad
uthustration wished to blind the pallic on the sub
ject, and would have been well pleased if Mr. Polk
could haveMontinaual the committee. It would have
been of all "sorts" then, and another . year of pcculu
mt would have btxii secured them. It will uct do
—these aueuipts to prejudge the
the present committee of tiality, and the assertion
that the “Jetnoemur partj," want an investigation,
are ton thins, pretenses. I:hey would n..ntore dare
exhihit all the Treasury accounts to an indignant
people, than one of the Editors of the Era, went,' his
accounts, when Clerk of the District Court of few
York, to a jury.of his country.
babel de Coutcy.
Lovcha, it tts.hour—a radtant spelt
littig aiNtund the 1ie..1 t and brain,
Rottaing deep thought from feeling% well
To gild ita warn and glad domain.
Oriel - bath Its hour—when muamg hack .
Ot iv buds, bloom is fled ;
Of love that g.ladcieut d clidcittomrs track
. V 1 Inch alonabere with the dreamless dead'
It was, a lovely night in Juue—the rhoor was
gtruggling through a silsery crest of cloud/, now
momentarily übs . urevl, and now bursting from be
neath the . tivecy veil, liLc the ti pe of virtue. Which
though adversity may • awhile dial ,its lustre,
tivalh shine out resplenitaut on the vi orll. In a
holAer which was trelliced Withiusuriaut gfape-vtniki,
n hu=e blossoms gave pertume to the air, as the dews
of evening fell upon thew, sat Isabel,de Cour" - , the
orphan iluugliter of the bold Count of Alatena. Her
iittionle was that of InediLitinu, for as her right hand
supporusl her dieclr, her eYi , Was fixed on vacanc),
and sometimes her lips moved, as if with an inami
untary erpn'ssion of her thoughts. She remained
some tune, thus apparently absorbed to contempla
tion, at length arising, she exclaimed :
.•Oh never! never ! lam vowed to the grave. I
seek it, as its bride ; I have loved_ once--alas, too
fondly I I cannot love again !' Oh no, a woman's
heart cannot expand at every riling sun of Manly
beauty, like iloviers, that close at eve, but to each
morn again unfold their charms r •
As she spoke, a figure habited in pilgrim weeds,
glided towards the bower—she started, but he restrain
ed her gently, and said. ~ .Fet,r not, my child, I•
overhe,ird thy coy ; but trust toe, you will never
keep it ou are too young, too beautiful to nurse
the pale phantoms of memory 4 hive, Whig' fives . on
hope, or banquets on a present Smile will suit you
better. Believe me, fair and lovely girl, hope is the
min of spring —"
' interrupted Isabel; 'do enjoy the
blessedness iof hope—l have and strong, one only
hope—that I 'nay die ! There L a borne in 'heaven,
in those hright'starry spheres, where hearts faithful
on earth, shall mingle in thrif glory and their Lode f . ,
I have often wandered at night, when the rue ski
shone above me, calm and cloudless as the, algep . of
infancy, aril I have dept with joy While 'gaffing on
those stars . ; 'and is they shed their purity '
of liglit'
upon Me: I have thought my .. !./itliin 'woe diet,'
watching &hi his earthly have; :Willie& sing 4
over the mortal objects of 'flieirthlitid A ills
vOO than seemed. to float in nrWx:4 - ttim * tti.ltn
nr-r:l* i n c iN l * ll . krlrilluP l3 l 3 ,.
e!91514 1 9 1 : 5 i n tt li. ° 4o l t#l, 9 . l oVit
have so t na r y pill97p i a*. ba,kna #otmargegh,
Almems I
lave th at visiled my • p.,',,,,,, ... 1 ,,,,
~, 1
L:Vi.--Irifv, '
m 4. 24 . „Tik: - YEMrkt-' "'2.. , .. ait . i,„, , ',:. •,.
--istfr e i Eteri, iihei it . , 91 sz*v i ,
~... fair 84 ever Souris rift* ' 7 -
in you 4 voice. that .adotheir% , -* aorta&
dy of long jentic t i4o . :q Pi.a!Ltqte
hath 4ia~itnd "up most fwifGlttil~yli'
r . Thdi 4b4y,
isabel,and mumuired in iin ruder tones 4
loge's uieuior:: is !" a• ;.". r I
lie turnediaMi tank hOrpacciva baud:
tinned, ..The hunter turus tw,t i4t devintir
the deer flies his 'puitait, orOut4ixp'
e . ..s:se--every ciattacia siillB btit-tiOnvim- to
-6o trust rue 1 will ain.F-thie yet; if -tritest I
h win thee! I will -vintchveutti 'step, as th
Mon , er c4tr hes her . findiky . ; in totte7 dg
your rathislui leadthrouettiave“Mixt.wh < -
le*tq stouts, perfume
so - softly sweet, that evety.brtattk you chats.
enjoyment—all your waking boutreahall:F,
in harmony al pupa ticAt:oh:a Music wti .:
tune their golden lyres, before-Idle rue,ray
linaven—you dem to:this 'fit ullidg
breathing harp, whith flung fingers vihi*te;
shall - pillow on a heaitl:# lll # ero.9. bent i
This is your native vitlisgc, is it den. ba,yo
"Oh very, very dearV!.exelaimstLthe mt
girl, "I Immolt no more Of:' the vrideartif d, tin
the ey c can how enconapasnovidnita
rmeattlightell sky; my heart bay i
/! .tot thin
quite desolate, among the - 3214ny. alf i ecti
Las 'tilictitied. Yoil cement
silent city of the deadit'4e, s; its sole inhatiti
;Itarnny cypresses,,blendtng theif vviesting t
with the Hark yews, I,iiiii:t . h•ci e. g cvifilo
venerable church staa4ln tho Rip
present vision—there, Oar the solemn,
whee the living sla the
,thaul oft meet
stand the tombs. The 'trice so clusely Sprat
gleen luxurious canopy, that the Moom eau
shed a ray upon them—there sleeps zn,
my Either's side—Moit quietly and sweetly I
died, midi in the other - fl MIDI; beuth was t
disrbbed of every terror,..foi the hope of en
tr..t to die, wehout the panraT dosing the 11
%%hose kindly beam acts ranee allof haj
They never knew, that more than agony
-Alnch prays f4ir kath, and yet ri4ms on in .
Oh.viat my Julian's grave hatlbtien by the
es tes then, had finagled in the cold•dt
••Cease! cease !" exclaimed the pilz•iiro, ttl
eur tale of grief, dwell on those lips, fo
fur love. Look at yon vine-dad: hilt—the
Mg moon shines in full glory on its , tinted
amt topaz clutch--.yon rill,' that in its
flow is bright and colorless like cictstal, now
in silt en lmme--and the deny glade seems
sp.a.gled mirror of the sky ; ju,st, by that s
Gadd a bower, a magic lit,aer—:iny Limy!
bente l"
Isais 1 es she replied in hurried
—••oh no ! ,no ! no !—not there! my Julian
Le returned to claim his ride, that he
i .1 our nest of love and happiness,
sliadcd• lkitct r
'The p.l liii cast a look of intense feel in;
her. as he t-poke thus.- , -Fo.ol, deloderl girl !
y, on thiok it 1, the grave that hotels thy, Jtsli
our arms ? lieu' me. I bate mune CFOIII
lad ia . aI ai I doujosictiS the gra% e that seperatei
- K now you toy fulian, , then----,ha 4 seen)
o, i 3.11,..d0l as"she fell et the pilgrilufs feet, ai
tied his kne, s; with streaming eyes fixed lute
his tare. she loitered out— ,, soy.--say, that
live , , and I w ill worship y . ort r•
--That he but lives !" re-iteratrd the at
“and host thou then, no fours ofJulian's,eom
—these lover's vows are fragile things in a
like the I ree•e: which !ware -the rossf , 's perf
without its range, and then dispenses equally
it, grutead balm ! Thy Julian May not otl.
fond C ehtv ."
-I doubt Min r.ot !" . replied Isabel, whi!e
smile irradiated her poliid features.. t5.1.:11 t
how we loved, then ask, if I dare doubt hi
grew up together, and our youthfel love . ,
tioi.ed by the hollowed blessing of the fonds
e; .t —I do not count upon tale partiug,vow,
Julian gave of Inner ending love, but .ort the
ad ties of many years--ties,wlLich have bo
to this heart so Jinn, iliat if they. break—oh
flu H bre.,l, ! it cannot be ! each tender, any
,manly feeling still will guard his heart I-- I.
; 1,,k a jealousy...4C is but a.shudow cast' fro
ity;whieh would take the shape of love to I
, on n selfish defirmity r._
, .
-:Lo%ely girl !". exclaimed the Pilgrim strut
grisve to le the rroalting"ruaen of ill news,
ninvt Lndc 'tON 0 ) our Your confidence sit int
placed. for I woe present. whcii . your former
your furgeiful Julian-wedded 1" -i
Isabel toiterml, towardsf the seat, which i
abandoned eta the first entrance of the strarq
soon recovering betself; she replied in a Yoi
tremulous faintness of which, but ill acconba
Its lissti !Tied composurz,
.tiricions heaven ! and Aloes he..lise
thee holy Nary !-- but Vogt vclto bear up: ,
tongue, =u. Ii felufol omens of drepa . dr, wh
t.aduce hon I never can 'he yours—then : 1
he is - inuo.:ent, that you but slanda him, fo
file us surely in his truth, as In to) hopes - 0
bliss!" -
• .1 tam would spare that •grlitie het a •
I must vindicate my truth—see those,' said
grim, drawing . from his bosom a lock of •
from his finger a ring, "your - forowell gift
g‘ilktio trel•s— this cotertlil circl4--krumr
toV:cils 1"
The eyes of the unhappy LAW - became
the fatal of jcetq, her boon reeled, lind a des
on her pale check, BON. wptindtd,
had dude:oil ona Oidw, drift. "la is—it
st , e, "my ri me , braid of bah I gate !
I,ut this, oh God 1 I could have horn :"
She sank on the ground. overpowered by
ting feelings—The pilgrim haistily tore otf
and discovering a knight'i splendid dress
exclaimed, as be suppoiled her inanimate fo
"Ch my own babel,-pardon , me! look
speak to toe !--it is thy lovi"--thy' Julian h
to hit hmtrt, mill calls to thee! helms net
even in thohOt—thonqutst belie stilt his
his solace! Bang not my lave, stl motiord
tny bosom--one lodt, ci
-- to say thou con.eforgive a'ittoritent'sd
She raised herself with the titniost effort,
ped one arm sbont.lthetteek,i4Oithtiilt
him a sweetly metertAtidolt, ,
can die happy!--brit
more." ' Ilerhohlrelstedt-Aielriftnts gee
she *pia fellitackiwiti into 41-tittproorftn:
Juban gasifdltparteherAfrithhorititto*,
mai stifled itis , ifmettoolhelt . -shekels--
Prim& d' kr nv‘kiiittl - '4,l4ekeil/Lm: I
feel the twitting of her heart ? —lioVvhieler
.. lif greL i gM u L l.* Ll 01
have suoin
, vas 4.•
t i frti t6
M i1i, ,,r 4114 4 14 4 44' , ' '=l=
tia n", l " , "7
e meld
..' .e GOZ
he con
til the
Ve can
seat of
gat the
, h i s
o ft4i
.h here
is the
d irofft
e er,
d thi3ir
i . `" FOX:
n ttIIF-sr
1 ,1 was
11 eye,
f soul,
I isery !
i= eti but.
I beam—
like a
or thy
said, if
rid do.
n froni
him r
d clas-
ttly. on
he but.
I tancy
• ii
to all,
a thy
a faint ,
t you.,
ill ern,
t, par—
d Jinn
God L
In van,
ide it+s
sir, "t
but r.
e had
er, but
— why
ay that
g, but
let Bath
tip and
Ids thee
I. erred;
e' word'
t !"
r. 44 . 4