The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, December 01, 1838, Image 4

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tre. iiitew 9 rititi•Nant 7 ,34nia rcitot e k o c t
itiiinktrici hit fneadstindtheit*lle is
•• • - the pattonake be Ma haretofoived,
• from the ertarbe•basetadie and will 'continue,
'make, to gratify allistlnsline,efhowinewholataprio
martyr} continunneeof7oitr patronage
s . g.VS4 hash ldoarn!figemeatt ., ritit Mt
.i j it*: of the "Cornuca:Ate." - Npri4, ,Nortit
ini street; Philadelphia, Tor a auppli the
• tinaiies which the Philadc)phia market afraid
the WinterWtawin.. •
Ilan of Ogre. •
mope . • . . • ..
gilanined do "
Frled Oysters, per dos.
Ctodie Disk. ••do
, Attested. . •A • di •
;Scold p.ot ;.. • - . do
...,. 4! ..-:( ''
- ' • do
1 WLNES. ,
ad Madeira Wine.. per bottle,' ' 200
Old Palo Sherry Wine, do, .. 2 00,
Old drown v •do do , 200
Old Port do , do . 200
Old Lisbon ' do . . do, 100
Champaigne. (Painikito,) do 200
i-• do ', Napoleon. di .l 00
.: do WOodooelt, do ' . 2 op
.. do ' • Victoria. do . 200
ratiper's.Sm-ttes .I.r. Sentient fXX. Pale Ale.
'Apartments are always in readiness 10 Supper
Ptlee.&n and those who call may expect to receave
ety attention. ' i •
Pottsville. Oct: 17. 1030.
TtE cuation
Perehatineor the trite! of land elated
into') Tract; on the It:a:t N.orvrt.g.ian rail road,
Elittbetli Spohn,or 114ri Morris for her.
'he the unders4ned et.titni tire ilieretn, end
.II institute snit op:atm.! any person attempt
to Cake the, pnasessiue thegrol., '
iorrs. p )TT.
Manheite, April 28, 1838. 32
• .7,1i4-64rs S aUors,
NFORH theii friends ant the puhh in gen
eras, that the y f . .lllllfe' rein ed to their former
and ip etntre Siteet, Opposite to Miller & 114R
:rty'i Store,) where they Wiwi on hand, a gen
tt assortment of superfine Broad. -Chill's - and
irneres of the most faith nimble colors, with
-elegant aa,mrtinent of
tqlt, Valencia, Marseilles and Velvet Vestings,
linen, Cotton. and Chintz SIC Fie, Salle, Silk and
hitzeen Stocks, Linen ant ''hints liosoiris and
liflars, also Linen and Chintz Bosom* without
I.llos,Silk, Cotton, Thread, Beaver and Hoskin
Closes, Linen and Cotton Huse u>d Half Hose,
no , / Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs and Gum
ttlactic Suspenders. Tiicr alai> have on hand in
legant stock GentlenteuN and Boy'. wearing
.parel. Nuch as Fr ,ek and gives Coats, Round";
. ute, Vesta and P.ltaloone, lade •fter the latest
ehion and the be.t wortnan hip, which they in
nd to self at rea , ona blr pri . •
P.. S. Wanted two or three good Journeymen
.adore, to whom constant .ba oak will be given
L ronghout the ' , ammo.
, - r.
Pottsville, Supt. 15, 1S:38. ', ' 72
Resiunption of Business.
BMW DRUG storm.
HE Subic' iber returns bii grateful.
edgements to the riolzpos of Pcoboollo and
hers, who stepped forsoard!to his assistance of
't -r the loss of his property'by ere iii December
I at, and would shin aegiusiot them and the Nei
-1 generally, that he has again commeticed the
lirug Bosinesi in the hoOse formerly deciipied by
hinges W. Clemens, in Deptre Street, in the
rough of Pattsvilit, whereiniay always be : bad
s i tcoms! assortment of •
- Drugs, -t- llicdicinpi,
-raints ) ' Oils, •
' .0140, . _ Dye Stufirs,
And every other article in the above line, whir+.
bb is distip/eii to sell pn vdey low and at:coin:no
dtting terries... • .
N;I:K. tr Physiciane prescriptions carefully
govoplit•the shortest notice. .
Potts•ille, 30,. -
, • NOW . GOODS.
1,4 MOB LEWIS, Respectfully in fo , nin • his.
..., friends and the public generally, that he has
jilt received a general assortment of Fall and
i flier. 000d5..-a along whiih. are
I Superfine Cloths and I:l4tlinett%. Grade-Nap.
Merino, English and French do. Lii-tring Gro
4 Swiss, Puult de Sui.Grti de N.ip and Seuchew
Bilks, Foreign and 'Dnmes lc print., Black Bum-
Basme, Pupalino,Merinn She wle & Rh kkfft, Thi.
heddSilk and Cotton Hhdias. Jaconet, Cambria;
Barred Muslin. Bubinet, Bishop Lawn, We& %,u.-
n. Swiss and India' Mull E 4 ging4, luseriings,
uklimeA.c..tioakin Ead, Silk, Cotton; - Woolen;
iteAittitherilin Gloves, Mcdsti , , &lit, Lambs
, I I con
' iid,;,eilii ,ritrini ant 1- idrzinlep •Stockings I .
lli7 Velvet, Vitiltrartele, Bever.
n, )?uatian, Genoa Cord, Washington' Jean,
proPn, and Blached. Muslin., Linen and Cotten
lanar, Bird Eye, Linen and Cotton ,Ettapera.
Apron and Furniture Check 8-4, 9-4.10 4, I 1 4,
*id 44, Rose Blankets,Silk Flag and Pongee
0104. Black Italian Cr avats, Satin and Rumba.
*inn Stocks. Collars. Bosoms,, Gum Elastic,
Worstita and Cotton Suspenders, Silk and Cotton
Suspender. Silk and C..iton Umbrellas. Lamb,
pool Sbirtn, &e. &c. All of which will be sole
it ttin lowest prices.
POBSSIII B . Sept. 29, 1,839.
Saving Fund Societ y.
liE Port Carbon Saving , Pund Swiety, is
now open every day room 9 to 3 olchick at
'the Otfiep of Discount and Deposit, for tho pus ,
lapse of receiving lei , to any amount nut ex.
Ceeding $5tlU, from. any one krson, alum which
to intereatof4 per cent will be.paid un,esery $5
and upwards, but no interest will be . 8/towed on
imy fractional parts of $5. Ti,c while at any
•rt may be drawn out on givice notseaofrom two
eekstu four olimtb4. at the office on 310nd4Yk
rl'he Mistime in the Society will bemonducted by
idle RillowinglotEcers and managers, unto the first
!Monday in May next.
President—AQUlLA BOLTON. ,
'Joseph Carroll Samuel .J. Potts
. !Ed ward-Unison E. S. Warne .
!lamb 91411 • rase Turner
L. Whitney. Secretary and Treasorei.
Article NI-oh.the . lChartey; 7lio-mitaturnent
whatsoever sfiall ,by 4,e Presideni
StibrattVi l %fci,lheir marsh:as; nor - shalt any
Manager bb h i lairrower from the unaitu.
!twin. --* ' oct 3' •.016t1
the 'flew' Stdre, •
cheap Gonda. •
their Fall 14111 Winter supplies' nrAlr
L Goods, and vrOlseil Wlialassie and Re at an
tail Y
.11 7 4,00 cob . , ,
, •
- 5L101111.u....,
I , . ^ • • I* -- " - -
Nu - Melee recomthenotory,eertiScates might/bed
~ giverf, but the Ipg. which briefly explains
the Flopertimi Orilla Fore,iir dmmied sufficient
Fuse•supersedel-tho Prime( needle;Pit
,-r inal an& Match. - at ' '., i .. --
• WifING sees the teal Safety' Fosent Blast. l
int, tested to oar ' istaction, we cheerfully
- Certify that we are convinced it saves much time
and tailor—adds to ilielfcirce of the blast—ensure.
certaj n,. end rende blasting. perfectly islet--
Besides; it is , we thin ' cheaper than the COMltiOil
.straw lose. .For dr y filasting it is a great im
prrrsentent; but for blasting . in wet is,
invaluable. Messrs. E. notching & Co., eontrsc- -
tom «tithe Erie cattail. certify that they ,have
bean engaged in the ' rush mines, England.
where th e Fuse is ex naively used; and th.t it
hesrimier; to their ku '*ledge, caused a iniscar
riake. 17They•ecinfirmi ur above expressed opin
ion tif iti value. We peke no doubt that ti will
semi betin universal lute.
ri. 1
. 4 Superintenßent repairs; Erre final.
W. . Mc %I..PINE.
Assiitant Engineer Canal enlargement.
J.- ouGy - rox,
Er*ineer Cohoes Company.
Con4w. N. Y. Dec. 11837.
The „fupe ip stliho very low price of ONE
N. 0 :rile commiin Fuse answers for wet
hlai!linir,,bilt for blstiting under water, or where
a toiwinrriske woolOe of serious consequence,
• W A , 'am Foss" should be need, made specially
fursia4 •plices. Pridi, two cents per foot., cur
reit:wilding with the llicreased cost or making.
Fue,ptle % i ; B. BASUSTAN.,
• Sole'Ageitit fur Schuylkill County.
P9ttimille, Oct. 17, 183 g. 81—
'A74l'O Story Frime House occupied as a
- Sqlre,_ a 4 frame amide in rear and - lot of
frontekin the Ulan or Nominia, in the township
of llns:Ving Crecie,__in the county of Colombia,'
connit4ing in flout 79tfCet, and M dept . :E .- 910 feet,
or therliahoht
u. No. (34
A lotpcgrotiud contkining, 4 acres 134 perches,
part o 4 larger trictfealled Nathan's Farm, in
the tongit of Nomidia, ia toresa id. • '
An r Ondivid, d eigllth partial a tract of Coal
Land, iti the townshiyaotgloaring Creek, County
of Colitnihi;.. untairling 195 acre ' s 68 perches
and alldwan c e 1,
_Lot qf Grou d Nn. 3 in the town of KA Carl
bon, sitkatcon e Niaith . side of Pottsville) street,
:25 feetpront, I 0 feat deep. i
'Fwelitints of (troon'iel situated omahe east side.
ol MaiiVst feet, Nos. 41and 6 each, 70. feet front
210 . -kel; dc•p. tr. the'lown of Numidia aforesaid.
I d4;•ad r ioming said tcrtn containing 6930 square
Met. ''.
Tratit! or Land in Cherry iownahip; Lycorniog
Couilecontaming 99 acres 9 perches more or
less. 1:
• .
The o rr redivided moiety of three lots of ground'
otuate I•sin the town otritinersville, in the town
'thin orPherrr. Limnn Ing Count, hilt acre lots
Nos. 2.1;96, 27, Pot AIM lota.
The lMdivided inpicfr of threolots, In the town
, iforesald. known as the Pot 'Ash out lots Nos. 25,
26, 27. 'knnteinitig. six `acres.
'PliejtOdivided moiety of lot No. Is containing
64 p, :N . . !, , it.
'PlfrOndiyided moiety of lot No. 46 contaklng
59 aerobes. ' ' _
'Fur tdrther psrlicilers and terms apply to
Attorney at Lair,Ventre street, Pottsville.
00.0; 1638. I . Bl—tf
p N. 'Yalta' ns 41: Co.
Ofor sale at thtr wholesale and - retail Fam
kir iy Merry Store. C 'ntre. 3 doors below Market
street. al/time assonmosit offreshGrocertes,constst
lag of ..... r ,
.rilva. Rio, Laguira. Coffee
s4l).mongo and grownrsl
N Orleans, St. Citors, brown and i sugar.
tote Ilavanna.ldafand lump
New Orleans, Kett Mo l asse s
fjnita and sugar httuse
Ltnperial, Gun Powder, Young
ryson, Pouchonarrange Pee-Teas
eis.Souehong and i
_., ._ .. . .
gaiters. Chai'es.Simmatt,Schmici
Ilk.i.l.inggli, and sweet spiced
Prep : tired Cocoa. Cocoa shells
eading. Came. Harvey.
Atha Bulls, Lobstr, Anchovy. • Sauces
Canton mil and Ctirrie .
Gherkin, Tomato( pepper.
Mt ai,d,Onum. MMlgoe, IPickles
Lemon and French J
Oliver:, ca pres. Anchovies
Cayenne pepper. allspice and Ginger
' Gloves. Mace, Nitmegs and cassia
ice. flour ut riestarch
Sri ants, Figs. Raisins. Prunes
weet and bitter almonds citron
live Oil, wine billets, lemon syrup
• . .
Weser ved ginser, i Cheese. codfish
/Khrrimii.. mackerel , salmon
White and color wits. sperm 1 candie
Muolded and dip . tallow -
el l
?ion,. variegated
! Wawa and yellow snap
Old Madeira, old i
ry, claret .
{{own and pale .champaigne . Wines
Icl hock, Lisbon : dry enlaga in wood
Sweet malaga. miis )
casal '
& bottle
lic`ibi lin RPV, manse' flies & Sicily Made,.
a ' . Scotch, Irish, motimgahela & coin whiskey
A hniante. minist4id & peppermint cordials
' cognac. champagine. Spanish eV coin brandy
liplland ar. 'coin. Gmak . E Rum
t*mama spirits
trot ''.'itra sup. span. ipferior do
itilf spanuth and. summon cigars
•ut *Oahe and Guided gl all Waie
'bins and
. ?.
a general assortrnerd, cif Dry Goads. are &e. an of
which (hey are disposed to sell on the most reasona
ble tents. Heads of Flunilies and Tavern Keepers
are particularly invited ite call..
1 Iron Works Ware•
•.' kO -use. . .
No TliSmith Third S'ireet: S. ,E., corner Tra4i
: . PHI LArni.Pilal.A.
. ~.'.'
-71 Orris, Tanker dr &Morris,
IRgli Funinder9. and Minufacturers of Coal
Gritte.. Fornoces..Kochen Ranges, Bath BO
.ro. - 1/-nrpilual Oveni., &c. Welded Wrought
1 1
Iron tains, for Stpa - , Gas. Rot . Water, &c: .
.- HaVrtt S fety_Laops
of th e bist 3 einiiirtietion. . -
. ,
Pot'erne for the Fo4ndrrreeeiaell .and . eastlap
dvilveted at the Wahouse, Third*. Walnut St
Philmi!lphia. • - ' "
Sirplaniber 26, t
. j . Wets Books.
, rap au
bscrAlle s r '
.alai!ip! an hand : and for
wnote"'' - .iti
, -- --.-,- -
- Mae cheap; Well .
Pelme. -1;
Will be Sold at
'Bibles, Tesisineii
E- "viMlnitzm
Insurance Company .
4UTITORiED EY LAW, $25000.
1114 ASE both limited and perpetual Insurances
/vA en' Brick. Stone or Frame Buildings, Sturm
Hotels. !Villa. Barna, Stables. blerehandize, Firm
tore and Property °revery descripticia, against loss
or damage by FIRE:
-The tlelawaret County Invurense rompanv vol
also insure against Ins* on all kiudi of marine risks
and against the damage or Inn ;wen the trans' firm
lion of goods., wares.and metreftdise by water, or by
rail tray,opon terms as favourable as any other in
Far any Anther information n the subject of in
annince, either minima Fire. marine or inland risks
Apply tq; RY G. ROMP:SI/N. Attent.
July 15 34—If %I Schuylkill Haitem
At Orwigaburg.
Fire • Insurance Company.
AIQE both limited and perpetual Insurances on
SAW Stone or Frame Buildings.Stormlioteht
Mt Is. Barns, Stables. Merchandise. Furprtmeotrid.
Property, E. of every description.againsuloss or damage
by FIR
The mibscribefbas been appoifitePENT for the
above wientionrd Institntipti and is tow prepared to
makeltisosta NCO; alma every descnion of property
at the lowest rates. BENJAMIN BANNA.N.
Podmille. Feb. 27.1836. 15
• The Philadelphia Fire
PfLhthi ini
perpetualns ura ns lnirintoneorFratt dito rea gte
Mills, 1 . 7. a ma. Stables. Merchandise. Furniture, and .
orevery description, against loss or damage
by I'l RE.
The subscriber has been appoinied Anravv for the
above Mentioned Institution and is now prepared to
nuke Isamu ?MU upon every description of property
at the lonvest'rases.BENJAMlN BA NNA.N.
Pottsville. Feb 25183 , 7 15-
Pottsville Institute.
%IDE. undersigned, Trustess of the Pottsville
'a Institute, have the pleasure of announchig to
the public ,rfiat they hive engaged'Mr. Charles
W. Pitman,a graduate of Dickinson College, as a
Teacher in the said Institute, which was opened
for the reception of pupils on the Sib inst. The
trustees' believe Mr. Pitman to be well qualified
for the discharge of the duties which trill devolve
upon him, in asmuch as they have 'received the
strongest testimonials And assurances from the
President or the said College in favor of his
skill, and caimicity. • The terms of tuition will be
matte knowit. by, application tell° trustees or the
The 'following Gentlemen here been Chosen
manager, for the emoting year.
Pottseville, Oct. 13. 1838. 80—tf
For Sale.
Avaluable mesauage. tenement and tract of
land, minuets in Wayne township, SC'buylkill
County, adjoining lands of John Snyder, Daniel .
Berger and others, containing 50, acres of which
are fourteen acres wood land wall timbered, and
five acres excellent meadow, the remainder is clear
in good fences and well cultivated, the improve.
incubi are a two Story Weatherboarded Dwelling
House with a Kitchen attached, a Barn and a
Weaver Shop, and a never failing Spring with ex
cellent water closiat hand. Posseision & a good
title will be given on the first day of April next,
Terms of the Sale can be hear of by the owner
on the premises.
()otnher 13, 1838.
BBANYAN has commenced a Book Bind
-3-P• cry in connection with his Book Store,
where all kinds of Books will be bound at the
shortest notim' et low rates.
Blank Hooks &c.
of every desenption made to ,order tit the lowest
rites—and the trade supplied wholesale at Phila
delphia prices.
• April - 27-
Mong Book.
r) UR TON'S comic itionemer,
0 .- 0 Singer's Own Buok, Turkey, Illorroccs, end
Do. Plain,
Western Songster,
Uhiversal Songster, •
Downing Songster.
Nava and Patriotic Songster,
Parlour Companion,
Milian Harp,
Niekersen's Songster, &c. iSr.c.
Jost received and for sale cheap,
Nov. 1051
Floorings Boards. j . •
AROLINA worked flooring boards, o°oo
ed, tongued and grooved ready for laying, I
14 anal-Ouchesof different quality and prices
constantly on hand,.-and for sale in lots to sui
purchase - ra, upon application by letter to
Plsoini Machine Wharf, N. L. Phila. Co.
spriV2s_3l—tf Pottsville.
To filers and Colliers.
WROUGHT Iron Tubes with Screws Ind
Sockets, from a of an -inch, inches
internal, diameter Stiiiable for Pamperer sale by
3d and Walnut St Philo
Sept. 12 .1108. • .71—tt
' Irish Whiskey.
EAL Ennishoweri Irish Whiskey fiom. the
Ko celebrated (Penny born ,D,41867.) receie.
ed rod for aide be.
MILLER & IiAG6EIII 4 Y. - ..
October 9T, 1938. 49-3ole
siy . " FAL
-.. :. - ...IL - . : - :',•-,, • - i
_A - 43111Ei , :;':" . ,'s'F''
-.sty - • • - s.
re t 3 Tble; eitriatiruntrion that Di.Spohn's,
. Ter this 'Clistreisierettinplatat is every 'day .
lain ugly ecitainly , a . Anatter 61 mach itstanishinent`
The to much =Loring should hatreezisted for ages
witilvatany dlitentery or ma cfretteal •roveretrtive,•:or
cm( is only tientatict otmacb'regret.lien Du S. now
a_ the politic that atich.l remedy his been in.
ven t
al will convirce the Mon credulinis. The
1 pfi . phmEttlion which it acts are simple ' Indplain.—
It i a n adinitteo fact that dna complaint; whether
I cull sick 'Headache. or Nervous Headache. arises
1 priMartly from thentonanch—those who think they
ha at the Nervous Veadarte stay rest asatired . that
tint organ. the stomach, is the first move. that-the
sr in has become vitiated or debbenited. through the
modsch, and, that only through the same channel
mutt theyexpect a restoration of the neutral and
by ctions of thaoystern. This object. Dr.
SP te e remedy is eminently calculatedSO attain , —
Th truth of tho position cannot beeontroverted. and
the nereuMpers with the headache become CI.II.
vineed of it. the iteeeter will their sufferings, end in
reinratirm to health. Dr.-Spehn pledges hie pia.fae
si al .nerintatins on this fact. The retiledy may be
ba of apothecaries.
redwie and Retail by Com•teelt 411. Co No.. 2
Vie cher St. l't'ew York, and Huta , i by
. .
Pottsville July 21. 18'S. be— -
Stoves ! to4toves!!
CALL and examine for yotorsihres„ the under.
11 -- 4 signed would respectfully inform his then&
and the public in general, that he has constantly
en '
..hand a general assortment of the latest and
moot apprdvcd kinds of Coslad Mind Stoves,
that arc. to be had in the place, togeher. with
large quantity of Stove Pipe, Sheet ire ware, Cop
per and Tin were, as good and as ci.eap as ea.
be bought any where else.
1L3.A11 kinar of work in his line- done to or.
der at the shortest notice.
Pottsville, Sept. 29, 1838
Bishop White.
AFew engraved, full length prints , of the late
BISHOP WHITE, suitable for frames, just
recicived and for sale by the subscriber. Price
75 icents. B. BANNAN.
"lig. 22, 1838. 65
250 BB". received and for sale are
doced rice for cash by
• eelebei 27 1838. 49
• Storage.
rtiliri Subscribers having tented tSe wharf on
Fairmount. dam; rota ot Willow at. ktil Road;
joining the ono occujOed by -A. J. Bohol+ -45 z, Co
rrq prepared to receive Coal. Sc. on
wharfage, and commission.. criqiiire of ili•
-ictilxra on kite premises. or at ..1 , 4S iil Wls It , VC-.
47-1 N
iiine 20
:Cloths Cassimeres and Sattinetts.
LARGE and oplendid aAsortenent of Clot h••
Cassitneres and Sattinetis. .4'oll c)) ~ r- ni.J
prices. joot received and twill 'to eol 1 10 per
cent cheaper than tbe Baffle sualitv Lan Lie bought
SAMUEL narcrz.
Oetoboi 27. 1838.
E subscriber has now on band at his Siam
and Storehouse on C. 311 fP and Rail Rn ,
streets, a full assortment at Goods, suitable fur the
Coll region viz . :
• Barr Iron ot assorted sizes, '
Band. and iloop do •do
Nails and - . pike Rods do do
' Steel, Round St. Squaro do do
Nails end Spikes do do
I Coal Shovels do • do
Hardware. a general "asseartment. .
All of which ha 6 sellsng at reduced prices,
Jan 13 ' 2 J CLAXTON'
Reading Nail dr. Iron - Works,
HAVE on hand boiler Iron, sheet of various
sizes du. and also, all the different.sizes s bar
iroh; also, round and square iron from. up do 3
inqh Railroad iron of the various sizes, ptinched
and countersunk, and cut to the angles ready for
use; and band iron. All sizes nails and spikes—
alsp, run iron of superior . quality. All of *llich
argil offered for sale et the lowest city prices.
Reading, June 25, 1838. 50-tt
Miller & Haggerty,
Dry Goode,Grocer y, Wine 4. Liquor Store
(Next door to Mortimer'slet)
Tll El ft connexion with a house in Philadelphia
enables them to Iteep'on hand a very eaten.
iverassortment of goods, which they will sell at
shiladelphia prices. Store and Tavern keepers
Pd . riv.te families, would do well to call and.
jud a tar themselves.
pril 19 • 31
21 by 5-8 inches Railway flat far iron.
2PY I do do do do do
1 v I do Suitable frit Serernine Coal.
II the Iron hue sunk hole., nod is en
at n anpie of 43 degrees at the ends. Splicut
Plies and Spikes to snit the v hnve.
A. & G. R AI„.111T1 & co.
I N 0.4 South Front Street. Philadelphia
Philadelphia. Match 15.1836. 21-.. f
Swaim's Panacea.
AL S the intemperance and luxury of the age ere
rll. hastening, the ravages of scorbutic • cot
evil rendering the blood .more impure; and as thou
cans have destroyed their constitutioneby neglec log
to e i l
pply the proper remedies—to such, Swarm's n•
ay. must be, and has been, more than doubly valua
blejaa a certain and effectual means of restoring them
to erfect health and vigor. Few families are whet
li empt from ecorbutrc affections which' exhibit Va .
'ions symptoms, as . eruptions, ulceration,. debility.
loss of appetite and dejection. all arisingfrom impure
blood, and if not properly attended to, produce tlie
greatest injury tothe constitutution. and May be jut
parted to their offspring. Swaims; Panacei is recom
nted et this season of the year. as a valuable resto
re Of the system, thereby invigoratingt he constitu
tion. apd enabling it to boar the debilitating effects of
the simmer season. It is conveyed by the circula
ting fluids. and correctetbeir tendency to all thlWie
ilisewies whichoriginate in vitiated blood. &stewed
liver. depraved appetite,or preditipositon to affections
of the lunpoSic. No rine, however, ismthisedlo nee
It without convincing themselves ofthe troth of whit
is here stated- . • •. . •
This medicine is now used with eaccesit in ell parts
of the world, and isiaining great reputation in Eng
laud- ..
A feeshsupply of die Medicine just received and
1 for suit by . Et BA NNAN
-1 Sole Agent for Schuylkilicimmy.
i • Who eaa supply the- above medicine Wholesale to
them who.ish to sell again. at Philadelphia prices.
Mayl4 26-
Books 41' Stationary.
BANN AN hes" jtesteebellied a fresh sup.
. - ply of
. Books . and Stationary,- which he
wt I sell at very low rates; wholesale and re. •
em • . - •
fkre. 10
.. .
ik:lr A CONTAASr I t " t i t"-
tanagers, ' have hoe slo 1 bus•ot...
out Mae 'ratter Asairli a e time t.,
gnaatSpantsb naviganir, ,- re only enabled .
Paddlestitioll!! the /hells: -Just an wi h the Life filed.
' seines It is but two:abort yfears si ea I first •van.
Lund upon an unknown oceaci r and I via discovered
the precious object I was in search itf-11EALTH.
'Vegetable medicines are nutted tno qt when I com
menced my search. but •theif, sar - w a not. By the
Illie of them. I- have nail only passed f m the dejected
mvallitile the hale heatay lino native nof buiincssi
but. comparativelg speaking : I bate rruewed nay
t i ,
youth. I can thus, with con irrce i my own expe
rience. advise with my teller -cur ins ' Does the
reader w in iiicroftliatihiN'e:Eler.a. Llr: LIVE:I4ED
ICINES are -unable to his groin ca.* 'I have on file
at my tailioe.falri B oar , way. hie dr of letters, final
grime •.I th •at vat ,e„kittotabi .watt • ot tin. In • t,a.•
I toe lanai. vatitut ray riaPriro. tit. ,gastit •of the air.
tricl...if A ii. rCiD a i Die.' A Itri .1.. wt: IC 04; ..
I ' . ratlti, Wlau.e ..omalliillois - aye' .I,Weis ' Lead) , it
ed y the -all inferable r peal ', rr peal l'ac,.ariit on of
tire day. "i d b Cr in.. wet in. rig. Brat Ihe Lai Mei i
gales, an . 194C111.4464. ,i.e lye ' la.,: da'ivt 1.. e Mauerir
i oniu Ivaltli Jr•rli:\ 11:01 4 r.aT .
NE' AL- II: . XIA %Tit% 4 " Mt-E •
1 .,. S LIFE 111.3... i A.NDI I al: I X I.v:T
hew• me.i.c net.. n Vv. leing!hg klikoW. and ..pyre
cial,t. f o r I w.o
it extrnlinien a. 6.19 . eft.aly e
01 ret.t..ring tor; rrr /MCI tr
pearly Pre , y kin.l to ,13,ch luituait
frame han.e. . • : • '• •
. .
In ra.iny h•itioreds a pf certificated; instaeces, they
ha ere rescued en ererii A•oin il.dvery vel,re of a
untimely grave, aim: iii the; dereolve n 'strum. tit
the day had utterly faileshs ild to many thous.neils they
have perniz,ently secured Mat ui;thour ei jnymelit of
health, without witiclillife its ell is bu a pnrtuil- bless-
tog. So great, in. sM h.s their e cacy invaliabls
and infallibly prov‘d. that . it :has at pea red scarcely
less than miraculous te thm,e ;who wPre unacquainted
with the beautiful plulotoPhiral principles 'lron
which they are compounded, and upon which they
consequently act. It was to their manifest and sensi
ble, action in purifying the Springs; and channels of
life a 'id entitling theta with icnewed tone and vigor,.
that they were indebted for theirname, which was
bestowed upon them at the Spontaneous request of
several individuals Whose bits thdy had obviously
The proprietors rejoice in the opPortuniry afforded
by the universal diffusion of the daily press for. plae.
nog his VEI..:ETAIILIe. LIFE PILLS within the
knowle Igo and reach,of every individual in the, corn
, mundy Unlike the. ost of pernicious quackeries.
which boast of vegetable ingredients, the Life Pills
hte purely and A01.1..LY VlKGErnm.r, and contain nei
are, Alercury, Antimony. Arsenic nor any .other
; mineral in any form wtuovaer They are entirely
composed of eatrai is. from tar and powerful plants,
the virtues of which. though long known to several
Indian ir,hes. and mi:eni , toisothe eminent pharma
e.(^3...CZ1 i ' lIC 11/.. , . •I r e sitogetlfrr u- /.314/N , 1i ii, the 'ant.
i INI it ort-trtid ery 'a al"giCi! , sta:t ;;,,i , “l t% ~i. .. tor‘er
torfnrn anni.nii , ierecl ;Si so hapili, I .i C,-Isi
b.a.kt.on 't
- file,‘ first opetatlOTl 18 terlOr•Frrt 1, °in' the cimts of
ihi• etulikil ii .a - d
trowels. toe yariwile Ililaari'llie mid
Celia:a...B ColieiLiiii It siettatig dy.willid 111.114 al di b, re. the ii.ryetii d liters ~,, iocht.i..l , “ i 1.. the rui`:
V +lli. ilee of Ito.. siiiitii intesiiiii if,
.(11111,r linClite.i,eg
II i.t . ) 'l.llla li) Cie.llBC Cheat. a t,i.l Amt.!. such collecteti
in .s. es belt, al, as iii renilliee Italititat t 05t.41.110-14.
Willi ail lis li.iiit 01 evils. or B . ilkleli . (liartl,eea,W oh ,is
ontioneot dangers 't 1118.1.ier le sill kto,.. n' to' ali
re,utar a.m....tsar, who exunone thi human bowels
.ttier death; aun hence the prejuchee of these well ot
, formed men against the quack medicines of the age.
The set-oad Abet of the VI-A •ETABLI.: Ph F:
PILLS is to cleanse the kidneys Jilli the biadder,.and
by this means,the livei an i the lungs, the he#lttiftil
Mini, of which et rely depera's Mani the reollartly
wthe uri nar y entails. Tit, Moot I which takes its
real color liens tilt -sr4eury of the I.Ser anti al,* lit 1, g.
uelore it pamics mt., the heart, hell % tht.e put rticti by
them mid noorished by Mod eotillbg from a clean
stomach, courses freely through die veins, renews
every part of the syStein nod triumphantly monitor the
banner or health to the blooming cl,Fek.
Il r
The following ari, aiming the d stre.sing va iety of
Immo) daseases, to witch the Vegetable LB Pills
are well known to be intallthle--
. -
DYSPEPSIA, by throughly Cie/teeing the first and
ai'cund stomachs, and creating a lloiv of pure healthy
bile, instead of the stale and acruf kind ;-- Flatulency,
Pal*tation of the Heart. Lou of Appetite, Heartburn
and Head-ache. Restlessnene, RI-tenPer, Anxiety. Lon
ga°, r.and.Aleiaadwhy which are the, general symptoms
of Dyspepsia. will vanish, as a nate tat consequence of
'its cure. Costiveness, by cleansing the whole length
of the intestines with a solve* process, and without
violence; all violent purges leave the bowels costive
within two days. Duirriluza and Cholera, by 'remove.
mg the sharp acrid fluids by which these complaints
are occasioned, and by prometinthe lubricati ve secretion oft he mucus membrane. 'eters of Akinds,
by restoring the blood to a regular ci ciliation, through
the process of perspiration iti nom cases, and the
through solution of all intestinal obsttuctions in others.
The LIFE PILLS have been known to cure Rhea
realism permanently in three Weeks, and Gout in hall
that time, by removing local inflammation from the
muscles and ligaments of the joints. Dropsies of all
kinds, by freeing and strengthening. the kidneys and
bladder; they operate moat delightflielly on these or. hence have ever been found a certain reme
dy for the worst cases of Grimed. Also Worms, by
dislodging from the turnings of the !rowels the slimy
matter to which these creatures adheee; Asthma and
Conaumpio.n. by relieving the air vessels of the lungs
from the mucus, which even slight colds ifnot reinev.
etithe. omen hardened, and produces those dreadful
discuses. Neurvy. rrerliatid hveterette Sores, by the
peril-et purity which these Lich l'ills give to the blood
and ail humors; Seorbale B.rrptionse, and Bad Com
vcrurns, by their alterat.s. • tWci iii On the flit ds
moth d state of which occasion i Ili Lriyort r rem
pfamts. Nalloux. Clohd 4 . nod other 4saa ratable t 'ont
plexians The use 01 alt . se Pill,, for ato IN short tune.
will ctfret an entire Cute 'of halt rheatn, Erysipelas
and ,i strektng inirrovement . Mettle Cleo. tress of the
akin Cornown -Colds. and briimenta. w D aiwals le
COO 41 by one d,n.e, or by two oven to the wOrst cases
1.,L,...- -a. a re. tbptl)i for this nine , ' diseresinn e and ofi
Inmate malady, the Vegetable Lfe Pills deserves 4
dint nct and rio t 1431i1C rec. Mine, dation. It a well
1,,,,,,,,, t o bandit da. 111 thin city, I i,se he Prat fil . f..f
0 1 invalinti . le l'illii, viiiii himsavil afflicted with
hirry fire seers. and that.
this pia lit for upwards tit i
he trieifirs vain every rt medy prce , cr•bili Within the
whole compass of the NinteriaNedic a, Fie however,
at length. tried the merliine *both he now offers In
the public, and he ores cured to a very, shOrt tone
after his recovery had been pronouticexl not only
improbable. but absolutely impossible, by any human
means. ' .
DIRECTIONS FOR USk:.+Tbe proprieters °film
Vsairrasts Lin: PtLILA does not follow the base and
mercenary practice ofthe quaCks of the day, in advia•
sag persons to take his Pills in large quantities. .No
geed medicine can possibly be so reqhired. These
Palls are to be taken at bed iime every night, for a
week or fortnight, accord,ng to. the obstinacy of Abe
disease. The meat doie is from 2to 5. according to
thee...institution of the perion.' Very delicate persons
should begin with but two, and increase as the nature
of tbe case mayresthose Inorik robust. or of eery
costive halitt,may *n with 3, and increase to 4. or
-even 5 Pills , and they will effect a sufficiently happy
change in guide the 'patient in their "Other use.
These Pills sometimes oceasibn aiekneseatict 'sonny
ng. though very- tieldirtn, tetWa din stoina'cli is v. Jr
foal this, leweter...elar be 'eofisidered a faverabe.
symptom. as the patient. mill and himself at once rit•
tiered, and by perset 'cranes will soon recover. q They
* usually.operate. within 10 or hour* , and never give
pain. indent the bowels ate very much enciunbered.
They may be taken try the lariat delicate females an.
der any etictimatancesir le': :.h*owever, •reerenmend.
ed. that t hose in later periods of pregnancy shonld take
but one eta tht, and thtisoistfrineld keep the bowels
open: andarrrn two May lire:taketi here the patient
is very cospre,. One pip. in la' eel ben ot two ilble
spoons feller water. - may4e teen! au 1111 - an: int the
following drtes-.4 tea spoierifull cy 'r) to 0 h i ii ie ,, t u)
it opPrpteig Inr Al child from tine to ve years Drage:
halls tell—and fromfivelo rep, ore ill.
rim pricE,MX RI'PTERS. are o ealleff,beennen
they possess.thepowerefing he earning e m ,
bers of health. in a Willi V IM . tbrougbeut • the.
constitution. in. the P WA "aid: Valle restored to
life from tbeilikeirefiti bi-ndisiolntion.
The . Phan.
) - -.1-
er, •
„aka root
-..setrAir tOuntry
irTeini f tp . oTtitri -7 -i. - i Olt alOlO
tratiensvr• rsiipsiti lied ' tinitne
iete:rmination of .1.430T0 THE
iii in the ~.- -
.. :taloong
II beti-tottlid ill • :lit:. ... ,
~Y .:;!A 14 1
" S ” oirssrerin. detil and ~--. • • oftknitnatt itm
pawed constitntions.
.s. s a re ...• yfor Mnoicantil
Isflaractiory Matursatistm he e..• 3 , .. of the Phmaia
Bluer, will be demonstrated toir.. ' • 'lble iinoinet
Soule. The usual dose o these bn emit *WA sitti
glass full, in water.ormin , and th ...quo *ty may hi
taken two or throe timee a day. .tst h Iran may
before niealr, or-a less.qaantity .. y. be„ iskept,tak . I
times. To those who a e sfflici wit phallist' -
eller meals, These Bine will pr Ye invaluabk, se
they : veiy greatly Mitres ttie4lCli.' Of th 1- prineipo
riscenkhelp themitir," Antilho Tune ' iilrsMillP
shin the stottiarlcto dtscharge, in:. the . ilia:WU&
'ev. r is offeimirie . Thoti Irdtgest on is easily an#
.ceedly venture-4, avvettle resme . ,atld 1t..• mnutha
of the al :corbel,' 'l , Pihiell , ?wing el • used .fitt,i.oo la
Inedra-ed. 04 d toreogth of tidy a - eene N of mind
are the..lmary result.. :For. rut et 'f , iiiiildr. o f
Nlo} F .vi"S 1,111: Pll IS, and Pi iii 'BIT,'
Ti.:l-0 , . a ply at Mr. Muff is office No; 64 Bitelway,
New York. where the. pittit ea,tt. Arlo; trrd for '4%
ectit, ho crate. or $l 1 er , b'or ; at,. th.:111 , eti- lot SI
or . ..'t .er Mole Ara, Nium,... .rtiOr• 'tea of the
woot!ettoi efficacy Iv both. may Iv here" ri.Tetett. .
In ~,,m e eh.' mme a ;kid rrtnvittatt ;el or chrome
and tt fl larroa(oiy libeymat,em doer . Centlittaa't.
r ,.,„, and A c ue.l),spe lm l4: Palry. Piles rdury-frnia
the use of ose• r,r . u. quinine: ord of er diseases of lvit
staud:pg. it malt In' ne ett.a,ry to ~k e
_bah the Ltfat
l'.ll' id the Pb.' i ihr
8311 f
1 ,
, thot .' he dured not di e
ariily the . henitil untie kno
jeci," uod he therefore begneat i
oiendrott Solomon Heys, the
•It is now used in the princi
he private practice in our . 1
moat certainly for the cures of t
so extensively affil effectually a.'
ty. unless wherehs t ffeets are .• •
uully in the fulluveliag crimplain,
Fur.• Dippry.--ergoihg ext
Lion ni once. •
4,// Stet/ ings.—itcdOcing th
Rheuratitru.—:- - 4cute,orl'Cli
Siire Throat. = l3y cancer', o
Croup, and Whoopiag CougA.
over; the chevt. .
All Braises, Sprains fold :urn*,
few hours.
SO es and U/eira.—Whether fresh or'
ing and fever ?OMR.
116 operations upon adultratid chit
dacOng rheumatic swellings, 'dkloosen
and 'tightness of the chesL by ?tint%
parte, has been surprising beyond co
Thelcammon remark of those who h
m rite Pi/es, is "It acts like a c arm.
.—The PlL.:—The price Si a refuel
r ib
person who will use a bottle o Hay's
for the Piles, and return em ty bet,
being cured. These are the. - tive ors
proprietor to the Agents; an tof r i
sands sold, not one has been an access
We might inserteertifichtes o any I
prefer that. those who rich the it tide, t
hi bit the original to parchaaers.
CAUTION.-r-Ntne can be g some
spleudid engraved wino r,, it whi
name, and also that of Me ge I .
. (11.1 MON
. .
S.llO wholesale ..a rein' bj 0.115
VO 45..1e Agent., 2 Ploet., r ~. ere,
a ikil iroail by W. T..„PTI NG. l - entre
%idle A's
.._.• ..—_, *
Wetherill & B
' A . T f,,>7 L , - OL A 1
No. 65 NOlrell IRON'
. > E tsT SIDE
rIIIL ra Doom. Fitton THIC Colt!
0 i ill. A lIELPI-1
11• AN UP .t CTI7 It
W hite Lead,dry and./ Calm., .
g•rhind in Cit. I Red Pr ipt,
Red Lead. 'White .b
Laho t rge,• , I Vitriol lb
Chronic Yellow. ' 4 Snip. , Mine
do Green 1 Tart. h metic
do Red' . Ether Ether ' ph.
Pateht Yellow - ... 2.•• r do uric
Sugar Lead do * cella
Coppers. Lunar amnia
01. 'Vitriol ' ' • .' Corn. do
Aq. PortiaAtret. orphia
Aturiati v-AIM 1 '
• ISalph. do
Epsom Harts' '- , . Lac. Su phur
Tart. Aekt: • -• . otii. de meat.
Su p. Carb. Srida A. .. Miner
Corms, Sub. Mere. , Ethtiop do.
ReffriersiirebamPhor, Sal Nit .'-
Ike. Offer for sale the suttee me
gather with, a r geseral astiorrrnem
and Dye Sulfa. and eyery Inherit
cal and Medicinal liole4 •• 1,
' SeingamenfactureisofkllthY
order the above hearLtheY pledge
ply theirfrieadisand- the Pubhc o
ble limit'- - ! • 1,
Windote aml - pietini Chee r fr
Oct tit lan. .
• • :•:.:rtliti6l,s
NA1.1.1 AIN ;:t< ON
11101.AVE00 hit* .
SHEET; dn.- - .
- - Roam).* Avtipts IIRON
CO AZ...SCREEN • do.
- R 4IL ROAD I. de.
.Btr Iron 4ny site ;.dkawo to. ord
tind 4piken'cirall nizeoffroeto it therth
pricots,..jCF.l,Mo WHITAKEF
Nendinr-ilay 21.18 - r ' •41
itioipt. giving to
ledge On this soh
ed to his friend
rvt ei I lA. •
/ 61 to
/ ountr
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Hdi .
pitala, and
, first and
a, and also
e creduli:
d. Etter.
few hours.
sing quick
m '
r colds.
r nally, and
cured in a
ong stand-
ren in re
ng coughs
ion of the
ye used it
ded to any
le without
dery of the
any tou•
eneih, but
.hould ex-
• ithout a
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CN h &
IW York,
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nudes. to
-111. Drug.
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